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Keep it /cgl/-related! Cosplay or J-fashion like Lolita/Brolita, Aristocrat, Kimono, Nanchatte, etc.!


ITT you may post:
- Useful guides that can be applied to crossplaying/crossdressing
- Questions, help, sharing advice to improve your appearance to pass temporary as the opposite gender (Male -> Female, Female -> Male)
- pictures of crossplay/crossdressing coords, selfposts
- personal experience/stories regarding crossplay/crossdressing

NOT allowed:
- Anything in sexual context/fetish stuff
- Anything related to gender transition like hormones, operation etc.; >>>/lgbt/ might be the better place for this
- Casual crossdressing without any /cgl/-context

Link collection:


Contact for suggestions or contribution: [email protected]


Affiliated Discord server: https://discord.gg/eBnVEtQ

Previous thread: >>10502682

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Previous thread died, so here's a new one. Hope I didn't fuck up.

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I accidentally pasted the thread name over the username. I'm fucking retarded

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Has anybody dealt with manually increasing wig cap size? "One size fits all" is a fucking lie.

I know I have to cut between the wefts and then sew extra elastic and probably a new hair weft to hide the holes, but I really feel like I'm going to ruin it. Anything I should take into consideration? Pic related.

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One size fits all bro

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I ordered a blonde wig too, it arrives like in 3 weeks, I'm starting to worry because it's the first time I buy one and it was "one size fits all" too

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If it's a regular wig you are most likely fine (unless you have a huge head). It's the ponytail ones that are a huge trouble since there's no hair flowing down to hide the fact that the wig doesn't cover all the parts that it should.

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Who are you gonna crossplay as?

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Just crossplay as Megumin Bro, and why is no one else posting?

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Probably because the thread was screwed up. I say make another and let this one sage to death, not like this board is too fazt anyway.

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Do it

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Is 5'11 too tall to crossdress? That's one of the big things besides shit like my shoulders being too broad and my jaw I'm worried that's what'll stop me from crossdressing convincingly.

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nobody ever crossdresses convincingly in real life without the filters and angles, except maybe a rare 1% who are probably transitioning.
just go for it and don't worry about looking convincing just worry about looking good.

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Thanks bro. Another thing, should I bother with makeup at first or wait till later?

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You can still pass when you're tall, but it's obviously more difficult. Most short cutesy characters will look pretty off.
Your face is arguably the biggest giveaway in crossplay, and learning how to use makeup to alleviate that the highest art. It takes a lot of practice and I reccomend starting as soon as possible.

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Get Shapewear such as hip pads and waist cincher to balance out your proportions despite your height.
Makeup/contour to downplay jaw and other masculine facial features.
And in general try to pick characters that play to your strengths. Avoid younger coded/schoolgirl characters or as >>10659537
said, characters that are known for being short or being cutesy.

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I'm averse to buying breastforms because I don't really want silicone tiddies with nipples and all that around my house. Does anyone have experience getting some bust definition with regular bras and some padding? I'm not looking to have a large chest contour, just something small that can be noticeable under clothing.

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If you have the patience and don't want to/can't buy another wig or additional wefts, the option that would be the least damaging to the wefts and would give you the best fit would be to CAREFULLY remove all the wefts from the cap (make sure you cut the stitching that's holding the wefts to the cap and not the sticking that holds the wefts together), and sew them onto a new cap that fits your head better.

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Forgot to add: once you've removed the wefts from the wig, if attaching them to a new cap seems like an insurmountable task, Ambre Renee on youtube has a great video about sewing wefts to caps. Don't be discouraged by the fact that she's using human hair and a lace piece at the front, black women on YouTube have literally taught me everything I know about wigs and artificial hair.

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A push up and some form of padding is totally sufficient if you just want the shape under clothes. Breastforms are only necessary if you want to show the skin of your nonexistent boobs.

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How is the discord in the OP? Whats it like?

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Terrible and full of agps. Sucks to be a female crossplayer sometimes

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I copied it from the previous thread but I've never been on it.

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I'm a female crossplayer too! Maybe a separate server for dansou crossplay? Shit about tucking and creating cleavage is totally irrelevant to me.

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Fetishists. I don't care if men want to cosplay as female characters or wear what's normally considered women's clothing (after all, I live in men's clothing), but it weirds me out when they're obviously getting off on it in some way
I would really like that but I don't know if there's enough of us. I feel like a lot of crossplay spaces that include men are sexually charged when for female crossplayers it's a totally different world.

>> No.10668365

ah, never even thought about that, i just love my waifu and i think its fun to cosplay as her

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As someone finally plunging into crossplay, there's some nice dudes who know a lot in the discord, very helpful

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Men will never cosplay women unless they get off on it.

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i just like female characters and i cant make armor or id cosplay dudes

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Just ordered my breastplate for my Formidable cosplay. Pretty excited.

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Looking for a character recommendation for my first crossplay.
- needs to be tall
- preferably blue eyes and/or wearing glasses (I need to wear either my prescriptions glasses or contacts)
- outfit should be simple for a start
- preferably no hip window or cleavage, otherwise my paddings would be revealed
- upper arms should be concealed, as I have quite the muscular bizeps
Well, any ideas?

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Doesn't fit one of the options, but I always recommend sailor scouts. Mercury here particularly.
Million different outfits at all sorts of price points, covers throat, shoulders, and hands. Outfits are stupid flattering and you have option of heels or boots depending on scout

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Is getting colored prescription contacts not an option for some reason?

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Just another female crossplayer checking in

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pics when its done?

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Meh, my arms are a dead giveaway. More than any other part of my body I'd say.
I think I'll do Lucina from Fire Emblem

I honestly didn't even know they were a thing. I hope they're not too expensive if I ever need them

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how can i dress like gojo satoru from jujutsu kaisen in my every day life?

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stop coming here to coom faggot

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you can find ones without nipples, you also need kinda of a fatty chest to push up somthing, the plates are still one of the best investment i've made

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No you are wrong, i do not jack off in crossplay costume at all, i do not get aroused participating in convention crossplaying at all, nope not me

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This is completely alien to me. I can't look at myself in women's clothes and get turned on whatsoever.

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true, or you cant pass at all lole, i get hard everytime

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I've never done a full crossplay but just wearing lingerie did nothing for me sexually - ultimately clothing is decoration, the body needs to be shaped/trained or it doesn't work

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i can relate, i a fat disgusting slob too with a manly frame

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>crossplay with only lingerie
how is this cosplay

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I'm not excessively masculine, just average and with a little chubbiness that needs working off. But that's enough to foreclose certain possibilities, no doubt.

it wasn't, just trying to make a point about "dress up". Though you do see a lot of photos out there that seem to just be gravure and not actual costumes.

I do have a gothic lolita outfit I tried on a couple times, I wouldn't say it looked bad but I felt silly in something with a tight top and a poofy skirt - it was unbalanced and cumbersome and I don't think would match my personality even if I had a woman's body

>> No.10675201

>but it weirds me out when they're obviously getting off on it in some way
That's retarded. My fighting game sparring partner, who is a tall muscular black guy, always crossdress as a Touhour character and i'm pretty sure he doesn't get off to it.

>> No.10675279

some people are ok some are not proceed with caution

>> No.10675759

Some people on there have decent knowledge to share on crossdressing, but imo it's too memey and with too much of a /pol/ aftertaste at certain times.

>> No.10675772

How far into pol does it go? Is it worth a visit anyway?

>> No.10675907

Doubt it.

>> No.10675914

muh /pol/ boogie man, you cant pass

>> No.10676019

>> No.10676445

>> No.10676624

>/pol/ after taste
Nigger what the fuck are you talking about it's a bunch of lady boys trying to look fuckable
Sorry the dudes look like a better woman then you

>> No.10676632

no he means thoese are nazi femboys

>> No.10676637

Why so defensive? No one was talking about who looks better, not everyone wants to deal with /pol/ tier shit.

>> No.10676839

What /pol/ tier shit, the only thing I've seen in the discord that can even be slightly /pol/ related is no talking about tranny shit
It's just a bunch of autistic waifu fags

>> No.10676895

No idea, I'm a different anon. Just seemed strange to jump to how people look when someone was talking about how /pol/ it is in your discord.

>> No.10676916

because everything is
muh pol
can you not be a baby snow flake fg

>> No.10677234

The only one being a snowflake is the anon getting defensive over the mention of it.

>> No.10677397

no u

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I'd like to start crossplaying. My face is more androgynous than your average male, but still clearly male, and I want to try to achieve max femininity. I already have a slim body type. I've thought about following trap guides like pic related but I'm not a tranny and am worried about long-term effects of estrogen having any sort of permanent effect on fertility. Thoughts?

>> No.10680788

That guide is horrible. Onions has plant estrogen, not mammal estrogen. It just takes up the estrogen receptors you have without actually turning on the genes that estrogen turns on, so it won't do anything at all. If you want to be androgynous

>get really low bodyfat through diet / exercise (80% diet, exercise is optional)
>have a good skincare routine
>have a good haircare routine
>remove body and facial hair (laser / electrolysis or shave, wax, epilate)
>wear makeup

Trans hrt does make you infertile for mtf, but it can be reversed by applying testosterone cream to your dick + balls. You'll go back to being infertile when you stop doing this though, and you can't do it longterm or you could get testicular cancer. You would do this only to have a small window to be fertile again if you needed to.

>> No.10680791

I know trans HRT will probably neuter me so that's off the table. Is there any specific natural diet that might directly help with looking more feminine then? Or will it just come down mainly to cosmetics.

>> No.10680800

Eating healthy and doing exercises to strengthen specific muscles is the best thing you can do without causing any laying effects to your body. Also skincare, shaving and yada yada.

>> No.10680826

If you want your butt to look good you have to do squats.

>> No.10680914

No, there isn't. Estrogen works by binding to receptors on your DNA. That activates your dormant female genes, causing the feminine changes like soft skin, female fat distribution, breast development, etc. There is no food or herbal supplement that will do this. Feminization in humans comes from a highly specific chemical process. If you want a diet that makes you look better, than you should eating a balanced diet centered around vegetables and unprocessed food eaten at a strict calorie limit. This will give you low bodyfat and clearer skin.

Squats work out the thighs more than the ass. You will get a big ass, but your quads will grow proportionally more. There are better exercises, ones that specifically target the ass. Although you should probably do squats as well as those.

>> No.10680974

Any FTM crossplayers that have acrylic nails? Curious as to what you guys do when cosplaying (cutting them down and painting them nude or getting them removed)

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Saw this on twitter

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women with big asses often have big thighs irl. just sometimes not the opposite.

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do you not know what acrylic nails are, bro?

>> No.10681278

My dumb brain read it as two separate messages. Acrylic nails first and natural nails after.

>> No.10681289

wouldn't this be a better general question? (also switch to gel extensions acrylics are trash now)

>> No.10681585

>weirdo calling other weirdos
Ha! That’s funny how you call them fetishist when it happens to females crossdressers as well the only difference is that males say it while females don’t but i forgive you for being female even if you looks ugly

>> No.10681709

Get gloves instead

>> No.10682070

Any tips on breaking into crossplay? There's an underlying fear of embarrassment and judgement should people I know learn I want to crossplay. I just want to have fun

>> No.10682071

Guess I should probably mention that I'm a dude

>> No.10682080

Shanghai some friends and do it as a group. Ezpz confidence. Once again I'll recommend sailor scouts for perfect group play, and flattering, easy to find outfits.
Also, a lot of dedicated makeup shops have girls that will help you find the right shit and help with what you need. Most will love to help too.

>> No.10682087

>Also, a lot of dedicated makeup shops have girls that will help you find the right shit and help with what you need. Most will love to help too.
Really? I've never been to such a shop, but this genuinely sounds hard to believe

>> No.10682090

I suppose the virus probably fucked all that up. Might still get colour recommendations even if you can't sample shit anymore.
Unless it's Canadian only thing which I don't believe, and mall makeup place, Macs, Nyx, whatev. Even some big box stores with a makeup section will. If there's a counter and a girl working the makeup section solely, it's definitely within her job to help you.
Might try pushing shit, maybe some you don't need, but generally they know their shit

>> No.10682095

Huh, that's good to know. I suppose I'll need to get my shit together and figure out who I want to crossplay as in order to get the best advice. The sailor scouts are a good option, but I'm more drawn to vidya than animu desu. I'd imagine crossplaying a character I don't have much of a connection to would only make any issues worse.

>> No.10682102

Regarding outfits, things you wanna consider concealing are hands, shoulders, and neck a bit.
Miniskirts in general are great, especially if short and poofy/flared heavy. As a guy you also might want to accentuate legs since you're likely taller than most girls. Don't be afraid of wearing heels and being 6'5" either.
Unless you're a manley sized Twink you're gonna be tall. No way around it.
Also coloured contacts are underrated. Big 15mm ones make your eyes huge. Big eyelashes too, but guys have thicker ones anyways if you wanna skip falsies

>> No.10682108

>tfw 6'1"
This all seems like solid advice. Thanks anon

>> No.10682150

If you are cosplaying a character with short sleves and you have scared and very masculine hands what would be the best way to make them less masculine and damaged looking?

>> No.10682211

Buddy I'm in the server and the /pol/faggotry especially from RoverRandom/Lily/3b and the creeps like Grafics can be very annoying to deal with.
Not to mention that otakuking69 schizo kid.

>> No.10682409

>The face
>The obvious blur
>The angle
>The still-visible belly

>> No.10683431

I want buy a school girl outfit but I don’t know what size would fit me since I’m not too sure if an Asian XL would fit me or not. I’m 6ft and weigh about 225 pounds

>> No.10683549

As the sizes go up, they tend to get a lot more wider than they do longer. XL might be too short for you. 225lbs does sound rather overweight, so I don't know if it'll be wide enough. You have to the shoulders/bust/hips measurement thing to properly compare to the sizing charts.

>> No.10683607

What exactly should I wear underneath if I'm wearing a cosplay with a skirt, boxers? Shorts? Panties?

>> No.10683621


>> No.10683627

assuming it's a mini skirt you should either wear panties directly under if you're trying to be racy, or bike shorts over panties if you're being modest/going for a sporty look

>> No.10683632

I always have underwear and a very short pair of shorts

>> No.10683884

Can anyone give me some information for getting rid of my body hair for crossplay? I don't know shit

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File: 1.95 MB, 3264x2448, 20191223_184826.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I get rid of a veiny arm and make it smooth and feminine?

>> No.10683968

Not everyone wants to deal with some retarded muh race bullshit or Israel conspiracies, when you just want to talk to fellow anons about how to become cute. I don't even care if that's your thing, just keep it contained to better places. These >>10682211 people are especially at fault for doing it.

>> No.10684001

Stop lifting heavy shit

>> No.10684178

>>10684001 Also stay hydrated.

>> No.10684771

As a normally fairly masculine guy how much can you reasonably get away with crossdressing?
I know it will be gay, but how gay and could it be too gay?
Carneval (european haloween) is coming and i like to prepare shit before the end of january, i know (normally masculine) people who have crossdressed for it before and nobody holds it against them at all.
Could i get away with it without it staining my life for the next few years?

>> No.10684848

Is there a noticable size diference with men's and women's clothes?
Say i get something size M can i expect it to be smaller than what i'm used to?

>> No.10684892

How do i become more passable without taking the pink pill? I got a fairly strong jawline and a massive fuckin adams apple and I just end up looking like some fag from a cringe compilation every time I try to crossdress.
I know fuckall about make-up.

>> No.10684924

>I know fuckall about make-up.
Maybe fix that

>> No.10684939

I would if every youtube tutorial wasnt a 10 minute long video with some insufferable woman talking in her insufferable voice. I can't stand watching them for longer than two minutes, and it doesnt take 10 fucking minutes to show how youre supposed to do an eyeliner or whatever.

>> No.10685006

1-2 sizes smaller if it's still American brands. More if you're getting stuff from aliexpress

>> No.10685031

Yeah we could really use a makeup guide by a guy who knows what hes doing instead.

>> No.10685053

Here's a bit of a "philosophy" question
If a man were to crossplay as a female character who typically dresses in male clothes, say Haruka Tenoh from Sailor Moon, would that mean he's crossdressing?
Technically he is because he's dressing like a female character, but he's in men's clothes

>> No.10685065

As a guy what parts of my body do i need to hide/exagerate with clothes to look convincing?
My face can look fairly convincing, but i feel like my shoulders could be too broad/hips too narrow

>> No.10685112

yes? the character isn't really crossdressing anyway just a lesbian, so you're still a man trying to appear as a woman. most of the cross part of crossplay is more the gender than their outfit anyway.

>> No.10685136

Get over yourself, it won't "stain your life" even if you started dressing feminine all year around.
Only bigotts care and their opinions can be safely discarded.

Sizing in online clothing is fucked up in every way imaginable, unless there is a table with actual measurements its a roll of the die every time. Generally female size M tends to be a bit smaller than male, but country of origin plays a much bigger role (US>European>Asian)

The search "mtf makeup tutorial" brings more relevant hits.
Also body language might be worth researching, from that pic alone.

Tired of this question. To answer it in any meaningful way you first have to answer "why do you wanna know?".
Definitions are useless in a vacuum.

Depends on your own body. Some men have huge adam's apples, some have barely noticeable ones.
Some have veiny arms, a square frame, boney knees, the list goes on.
Either have a long uncomfortably honest look in the mirror or throw yourself at the mercy of the internet.

>> No.10685156

How would I genderbend this cosplay? I'm having a hard time coming up with the male fashion equivalent of her outfit and could use some suggestions.

>> No.10685242

>I know it will be gay, but how gay and could it be too gay?
Get over yourself and toss away the idea of it being gay.

>Carneval (european haloween) is coming and i like to prepare shit before the end of january, i know (normally masculine) people who have crossdressed for it before and nobody holds it against them at all.
A bunch of friends and me dressed up as fairy tale princesses years ago, and it was hilarious as fuck. Many of them were as far from being into proper crossdressing as you could imagine and pretty masculine, but still did it for the fun. And everyone else included also thought it was funny, including their girlfriends.

>Could i get away with it without it staining my life for the next few years?
On carnival definetly. Unless you happen to acquaintance yourself with stuck up bigots or bitchy people who think everything is sooo embarassing. Grab yourself a nice costume or cosplay and enjoy the fun, anon.

You don't happen to be German, do you?

>> No.10685263

Eastern european.
I used to do shit with a bunch of football hooligans, dropped them because putting my life and reputation on the line wasn't worth it. They'd probably flay me to a cross for anything close to that
I know normal people don't care as much, even the "racist" ones don't care as much.

>> No.10685529

How to make my waist appear a bit thinner and hide my dick without it being immesurably painful

>> No.10685530

you're too ugly. makeup won't help. hell even hrt won't fix your awful features.

>> No.10685548

You're looking for a waist trainer, probably. There are a few on amazon for pretty cheap that'll work well (I use one with steel bones). As for hiding the dick, well, tucking is tucking. You gotta learn to hide the willy, gotta stuff those balls up where they dropped from and tuck your dick behind it. It's not as bad as you'd think it'd be once you're used to it, but yeah, it's gonna hurt the first few times.
You don't necessarily HAVE to shave your balls if you wanna tuck, but if you wanna tape, you should. If you don't wanna tape, invest in a tucking gaff.

>> No.10685693

I really meant more surface level what types of clothes could hide my body better,
Baggy clothes for sure, but i feel that's not enough

>> No.10685705

Women's clothing is also proportioned differently?
Say i get a women's hoodie it's going to have the shoulders a bit narrower and the bottom a bit higher? Track pants are going to be a bit wider at the hips, narrower by the calves and just made to go over the waist?

>> No.10686590
File: 34 KB, 594x410, 3D8559D0-D597-42A8-B1B1-EC6CE160D2A8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What’s the best one could hope to dress up a monstrously tall twink for ~80 bucks? I’d like to show my boyfriend a good time. I’ve got some experience buying reasonably well fitting women’s clothing for myself, but even at 5’10 I felt height made it tricky. What’s the meta for getting adult male sized seifuku these days, taobao?

>> No.10687007

What are some feminine behaviours that you just never notice because "that's how it's supposed to be"?
I don't mean some sexy/cute shit, i mean minor shit.
The way women hold things, the way they walk and talk, body language and just really tiny details that would make me stick out if i lacked them

>> No.10687174 [DELETED] 
File: 594 KB, 1920x2688, baseball furies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Where can I get a generic basebally unfiorm like this?

>> No.10687395

Walking foot almost straight in front of the other as if on a line. Good posture in general when you walk. Chin up and smooth enough you could balance a book on your noggin.
Don't spread out when you sit. Voice is too many things to even write about, there's whole YouTube videos for trannies to sound like a women. Short of it is tho, it's not so much pitch, you'll get up to female pitch in a few hours anyway, it's melody and how girls talk that'll make or break it. They use a lot of inflection and a different rythm.

>> No.10687396

idk as a bio girl posture and sitting shit isn't necessarily the case. i have heavy tits and shit posture and can't walk straight to save my life. plus i manspread or really do any variation of the numerous 'bisexual sitting' positions. sometimes trans women who try too hard to follow gender stereotypes just look like a caricature instead of more feminine even if they pass decently.

>> No.10687419

What does good female posture look like, it can't be the same.
How do women move their arms when they walk?
How do women turn their head to look at things?
how do they hold their mouth and face when they aren't talking?
How do they hold their mouth and face when they are talking?
How do women pose themsleves when they stand?

My voice is already a bit higher than normal so if i get a feminine accent going i can get away with sounding like a lesbian.
I want to be a caricature that's the point

>> No.10687426

Is the feminine intonation and way of speaking also the same across languages?

>> No.10687427

>if i get a feminine accent going i can get away with sounding like a lesbian
kek yes anon all lesbians have deeper voices mhmm

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File: 1.53 MB, 1618x798, ryan_gosling3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok so i have been snooping around and most of you do this shit to degrade yourselves infront of other.
Granted some of you take it real far but still.
How can i, if at all possible, spin this as not degrading myself completely infront of others?

>> No.10687693

this was definitely not written by a woman

>> No.10687694

if I ever walk across pic related I'll kick his balls up to his throat from behind and laugh while he collapses

>> No.10687696

>tomboys don't exist
>bi girls who like bi memes don't exist

i was just trying to earnestly offer advice but if you wanna call me a dude for acknowledging your stereotypical notion of femininity isn't neccesarily going to be more convincing then that's the last time I try to help.

>> No.10687698

no idiot i mean because you sound cringy. no one talks like that except autists. also get a good bra and fuck off.

>> No.10687705

Nope. Varies completely between languages and regions.

>> No.10687706

i literally am autistic. and i do have a good bra i just have shit genes that gave me monster tits. im a lolita and don't usually venture into cosplay threads so i will fuck off, have fun looking never passing cause you act like a drag queen instead of a real girl

>> No.10687712

i'm a woman, you just sound like a dumb cunt. autistic women don't count because you're basically a man at that point. also performative femininity doesn't make trannies look retarded they do because are just gay men so they look like gay men trying to be feminine.

>> No.10687714

>autistic women don't count cause you're basically a man at that point

Tell me you're a scrote without telling me you're a scrote kek

>> No.10687718

Larping as a woman on the larping as a woman thread

>> No.10687751

Ehhh, I know an autistic girl and she thinks a lot more like a man than any other girl.

>> No.10687759

Nah I have friends who are very similar to me with thinking but far more socially adept. Perpetuating the idea autism is a masculine condition is silly. If anything women get away without their autism being noticed or diagnosed more because some of the negative traits that might get attributed to it in men get ignored or rationalized in women/we are explicitly trained or taught how to behave socially more and given more limitations or rules due to gender roles and standards.

>> No.10687813

Find someone you like and cosplay as them and have fun, it's pretty simple

>> No.10687819

But why do so many people have a degrading elemet to it tho

>> No.10687850

Who cares if some people are degenerates.
You don't have to be one to cosplay, and even if you are, who cares, just have fun

>> No.10687869

Potentially getting my throat slit makes me worty

>> No.10688087

Any exercises to make my hips look a bit bigger and waist smaller?

>> No.10688162

>this guide

>> No.10688402

Where do you live that that's a problem

>> No.10688403

Exercise makes muscles bigger, not smaller. You can only get a thinner waist by losing weight, unless you are already underweight, in that case you are out of luck. Check hip/booty exercises. They are very popular among women so you won't have any issues finding then.

>> No.10688425

Is running good enough?
My ass is already a bit bigger and i just want to push it a bit over the edge.

I survive off a very limited diet so i guess my waist is as thin as it gets, abs are a little muscular but i can lose that in a month. Can i try to hide it by say putting a belt over my waist or something?

>> No.10688444

Not him but running is good for losing weight and cardio. Doing squats and dead lifts is will make your butt bigger along with your thighs.

>> No.10689369

Face and body language are the most important things to get right to be passable, right?

>> No.10689387

>Exercise makes muscles bigger, not smaller.
no, tard, lifting does.

>> No.10690121
File: 595 KB, 1500x750, sketch-1634912956565.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would a combination like pic rel look good?
Boots and jacket are not negotiable, i feel like the hoodie might not fit, but i can't wear anything tight.

>> No.10690137

leggings and tight jeans only work if you have the leg shape /ass for them. Worth a try to find out tho

>> No.10690179

My ass and thighs are pretty big, i've met women with a flatter ass than mine.
My knees are a bit boney though, but i feel like i could hide most of my lower legs with those boots.

What would be a better replacement for them that would fit with the rest?

>> No.10690233

work for...what? as a regular outfit? looks a little dated. nothing about it's jfashion though

>> No.10690247 [DELETED] 

Gonna dress up as a friend.

>> No.10690248

Work together, as far as i'm allowed to just go as a girl doesn't need to be some kitchy character, it's still cosplay.

>> No.10690249

As far as i know

>> No.10690262

If you aren't going as any particular character then it's just crossdressing, not cosplay.

>> No.10690277

You can gatekeep about it all you want nigga

>> No.10690452

This is a cosplay board dingus. Go to /lgbt/

>> No.10690520 [DELETED] 

/lgbt/ is for the mentally inept, i'm not gonna fucking crossdress every fucking day. It's just a costume that i am going to wear for the on day in a year where i can where a costume.
As far as i'm aware cosplay is just costumes, unless i missed something and there is some "awkhtchhually" nerd shit to it. I'm allowed to go as a concept, not just an already esrablished character.

>> No.10690521

/lgbt/ is for the mentally inept, i'm not gonna fucking crossdress every fucking day. It's just a costume that i am going to wear for carnival.
Maybe there is some cultural barrier here but you're just busting my balls at this point.
As far as i'm aware cosplay is just costumes, unless i missed something and there is some "awkhtchhually" nerd shit to it. I'm allowed to go as a concept, not just an already esrablished character.

>> No.10690818

How do you get a properly smooth face? Even using a fresh razor I still have pretty visible stubble.

>> No.10690824

1. Electrolysis
2. Laser
3. Manually plucking
4. Close shave, and then beard covering makeup

>> No.10691288

Any tips to make my skin clearer?
I really only need from the chest up and hands

>> No.10691382

Nah, cosplay is established characters in /cgl/'s context. Whine about gatekeeping all you want, the kind of thing you're talking about is generally offtopic to here. /femgen/ is more your speed.

>> No.10691553

Can't find where that is

>> No.10691633


>> No.10691670

I'd rather use this thread to ask trivial questions than make a discord account

>> No.10691678

Is my shoulder-to-hip ratio too high to get away with it?
My shoudlers are some 39/40cm while my hips are 32/35cm.
I put that together and i get 0.89.
Is there some way to hide it or is this something i can't fake?

>> No.10691908

Wear padding.

>> No.10692011

I'm already doing exercises for my thighs, but that won't change the fact that my bones aren't right

>> No.10692244

Ok i took look an my waist-to-hip ratio is good and it looks good to the eye, but i feel like my shoulders are still too wide unless i wear cropped clothes

>> No.10692589

I’m that 1% except I’m not transitioning.
4’11, 98 lbs, super slim/naturally feminine appearance and voice
Literally any new person I meet thinks I’m just a girl

>> No.10692644
File: 82 KB, 600x587, 1615519371221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10692658

NTA but women can have wide shoulders you just need to put big tits there to even it out. that's what an hourglass bodytype is, you need wide ribs to fit large titties.

>> No.10692668

I could prove it if you ever met me at an anime con

>> No.10692671

Come to ANYC pretty boy. Let's have a look.

>> No.10692676

Don’t know if I can afford it. Maybe if I had the money and open time in my uni schedule.

>> No.10692681

Cause I’m already going to a con.

>> No.10692886

Tiny as fuck

>> No.10692981

Makes me better holdable

>> No.10693076

>I could prove it, but only under very specific circumstances of my choosing
Oh come on you're breaking fantasy

>> No.10693093

I’m just not at that other con though? I’m at Anime Weekend Atlanta.

>> No.10693132

why does no one ever post their actual crossplay in this thread

>> No.10693172

Don't want to end up in the bad cosplay thread.

>> No.10693193

How are you that short tho

>> No.10693196

you weigh way too much for your height, eugh.

>> No.10693206

I missed all of my growth spurts, so I’m stuck at this height

>> No.10693208

ok whale

>> No.10693215

men should be skinny.

>> No.10693219

Go away ana chan.

>> No.10693222

I am skinny, neckbeard

>> No.10693225

not skinny enough. if you're under 5ft you shouldn't be anywhere near 100obs fatass.

>> No.10693272

Literally all of them?
Did you just not enter puberty?

>> No.10693393

How do i shave my eyebrows? Do women normally shave their own eyebrows, can i ask a friend for this? Or do they go to the barbers?

>> No.10693398

Pluck with tweezers to reshape them, don't completely shave it off

>> No.10693429

>How do i shave my eyebrows?
you don't
>Do women normally shave their own eyebrows
>Or do they go to the barbers?
there are places that will pluck/reshape/thread your eyebrows

please don't shave off your eyebrows, they take a surprisingly long time to grow back and both the shape of the eyebrow and texture of the hair can change

>> No.10693432

Never thought of shaving them off for a one-off thing don't worry

>> No.10693437

I swear they have too good eyebrows to not be doing it

>> No.10693460

Yeah, I never did. Voice never deepened/shoulders never broadened/bone development/no body hair/etc.

>> No.10693481

Do you just look like a kid? Baby-faced?

>> No.10693490

>both the shape of the eyebrow and texture of the hair can change
not at all, and is true of waxing/threading/plucking actually. also yes women do shave their eyebrows. god i hate men.

>> No.10693502

I mean, kinda. I still get asked if I wanted kid’s meals.

>> No.10693580

Is there a brand that actually makes pantyhose or tights with thigh bands? No matter how much I search online I can't find them

>> No.10693588


>> No.10693591

You wear padding to make your hips look wider, and your shoulders narrower by comparison. No amount of thigh exercises is going to compensate for your hipbones being narrower-set than a woman's.

>> No.10693596


>> No.10693627

Cool where do you get those, and are they cheap?

>> No.10694724

Are you asian too
I find it kind of hard to pluck to a good shape

>> No.10695363

I'm 6'3" and I've passed before, at a certain point it all looks the same to a dwarf

>> No.10695621

Is the discord a good place to talk and learn about makeup? Do they mind?

>> No.10696645

Anybody ever tried these type of tabi shoes?
They looks super comfortable


>> No.10696977

Can i make hip pads from foam?
I feel like it's too much of an investment for a one time thing, and i don't need that much extra.

>> No.10696980

Yes you can as a matter of fact. Here's a good tutorial on it, but expect it to take a while and get very messy if you do.

>> No.10697010

I know how to make shit out of foam, don't worry nigga

>> No.10697331

Does anyone have a solution for what to do when people get a little too "friendly"? I've never been groped or anything, but came dangerously close to some really bad situations twice now and don't want the inevitable third time to be the worst. I made the mistake of not trusting my instincts when this creepy guy locked eyes with me, then my initial suspicions were proven after he pulled up and sat by me when my friend disappeared. Was pretty scary, even when in a packed room. Apparently not scary enough to stop crossplaying at least, but I'm still a bit on edge after that and my next con is technically tomorrow. Not to mention, I've read about people having bad times on here, and it's extra surreal knowing "Oh, I was there when that happened."

>> No.10698374

What exactly does someone think when they see you crossdressing?
What would go through the mind of, say, a friend if he saw me, or i told them that i am going to be crossdressing at a time/place where being in costume is acceptable?
Don't need no generic ass "stop caring what people will think" don't want to lose friends over something so stupid and trivial

>> No.10698376

I'd never be caught crossplaying infront of anyone who wasn't already okay with the idea, I'd keep it hidden from anyone who might give me trouble

>> No.10698377

Nobody would give any trouble, sure people will be faggots about it but that i don't care, i don't want to lose aynone

>> No.10698402

In general the reaction depends on how people feel about it in general - I've admitted it to close friends who have all had different opinions on the subject, but it is what it is, and more importantly as long as you're already in good with those people their opinion of you will likely not diminish too far, as long as that opinion is not too far connected to their idea of you superficially and not you emotionally.

>> No.10698411

So i should only do it around close friends?

>> No.10698442

depends on who your friends are. if they're the type that 'doesnt understand X ' you may want to reconsider, but youll probably be fine. Cons are generally pretty accepting of it too.

the only real answer is still stop caring though, if your friends are really willing to break things of with you over something so insanely petty you should fuck of sooner rather than just wait for something even dumber to come up to ruin your friendship

>> No.10698450

Man i've known them my whole life, there have been worse things that happened between us and nothing's changed.

>> No.10698503

If they are not close friends I'd never let them know, unless it's carnival, then anything is a accepted there. With close friends I've had all kinds of reactions. Some think it's disgusting, others think it's cool, some don't give a shit. Whatever their reaction might be they all accept it and none think any less of me because they are good friends and they don't let personal hobbies get in the way.

If you have doubts that they might not accept it or that it could harm your relationship then just don't let them know.

>> No.10698520 [DELETED] 

Well i am in the process if maming a newer friend group, certainly wouldn't want to fuck that up.
But like i said, close friends i have known since forever and sure they might disagree but they won't care, especially if it's carnival or some shit, wouldn't even be the weirdest costume i made.
I don't really like keeping secrets about myself, sure i won't talk about it with some people but i feel intentionally hiding it and making steps so they "never find out" is overkill and just disingenuous.

>> No.10698523

Well i am in the process of making a newer friend group, certainly wouldn't want to fuck that up.
But like i said, close friends i have known since forever and sure they might disagree but they won't care, especially if it's carnival or some shit, wouldn't even be the weirdest costume i made.
I don't really like keeping secrets about myself, sure i won't talk about it with some people but i feel intentionally hiding it and making steps so they "never find out" is overkill and just disingenuous. By the time they find out i'll probably be close enough with them that they wouldn't care.

>> No.10698730

Whats a good place to find male sized heels that won't kill my toes

>> No.10698804

Any tips to learning the girl voice?
I figured it's like learning any accent, but it's hard to find the feminine form of my dialect anywhere, all i have is a few local movies and like 1 ad. The rest is overexagerated.
I know it's not that important but i want to have the full larp set

>> No.10699116

Can you not find YouTube videos of girls talking in your language? Is it really that uncommon? There's less than half a million people that can speak my language and even that has thousands of YouTube videos.

>> No.10699169 [DELETED] 

None that speak my accent, and i don't really feel comfterable asking my mom or sister if they could record themselves talking so i can steal their voice.

>> No.10699171

Yeah, but they speak a very exagerated form of it, and my accent is just very specific to a small region.

>> No.10699223

As late as this is, I still need to commend you because I don't think I've EVER seen a single Lalatina cosplay. Still a billion Megumin's, still a load of Aqua's. None for her.

>> No.10699285

Probably because it's the only member of the cast that wears armor. Her outfit cannot be bought and girls with only sewing skills can't make it either. The only thing I'm missing is fixing the size of the wig, which is very intimidating as it was quite expensive and I don't want to break it.

>> No.10699315
File: 112 KB, 480x640, 50ca65b8-4944-5e6b-9468-42aa5f153180.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks this dress is ugly as shit

>> No.10699480

Ok lmao i managed to find one old ass tv interview where someone is speaking the feminine form of my accent. Honestly scary how close she gets it considering mine is a mix of my parents accents.

>> No.10699483

The bows grow on you.


>> No.10699614

You may just be a vascular man, but hydration can subdue them at least a little bit

>> No.10699617

Use a sizing chart and follow your measurements. Ultimately you want hips to be the largest number in sizing pants and chest to be the largest number for sizing tops, but consider shoulder width as well. If those aren't the largest of your measurements, then measure for your largest or start dieting.

>> No.10699618


Squats and deadlifts are great exercises for strength and muscle growth, but they also work the abs and back if done properly, which can detract from achieving the androgynous proportions.

There are a lot of isolation exercises that aren't good for building general strength but can help build muscle definition. Pinterest exercises for gym thots are good but you'll have to use more weight than they do, since most of them are just demonstrating for the camera.

Hip abduction, Hip adduction,
Hip thrust / Butt bridge
Leg Raises

You'll want to eat a caloric surplus with enough protein on days where you prioritize isolating the butt and legs and less so on days you do cardio and compound exercises that could divert muscle growth to manly places.

>> No.10699622

I like the colors and the hat but I wish it was less messy.

>> No.10699943
File: 1.91 MB, 1482x1482, zelda smash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I get over my fear of other people being grossed out or weirded out by me crossplaying? I want to dress as pic related

>> No.10699970

Make sure you are as presentable as possible: Clean, well shaved, fit, etc. Just like with everything else in life attractive people get a free pass at everything. Even if the crossplay is terrible, if you look well kept, the chances of people being grossed out reduce significantly.

On the opposite case, if you look like the otaku stereotype (unkept, fat, smelly, facial hair that look like pubes...), they're 100% going to get grossed out and talk shit about you behind your back.

Just to clarify, this is not about genetics, it's about the things you have control over.

>> No.10700076

This. It will still be "weird" but if you are confident at doing it and look good enough it will be a neutral or positive "weird"

>> No.10700125

I want to crossplay a female anime / video game character. I'm


Any character recommendations? I have an oval / round face that passes as a woman's already if that helps.

>> No.10700146

Consuela from family guy

>> No.10700175

I'm going to ask a friend if she can do my makeup, is it too much to ask if she can pluck my brows?
They already have a solid shape but i just need to clean the excess

>> No.10700321

I just wanted to point out "latina" is female only. If you are a male it's called "latino".

>> No.10700323

This is so basic that it seems like they're a larper or a super white latino

>> No.10700443

I'll add this for those who are scared what others might think.
Told my family and none of them thought negative, very conservative family too.
If people already care about you they won't care, it's not that much of a deal

>> No.10700466

just passing by but as a femoid i would be fine with doing makeup on a man, but pluck your own fucking eyebrows that’s a personal grooming thing and i’d be weirded out by it. or pay to have it done, it’s like $15. to me that’s on par with someone asking me to shave their legs for them lol

>> No.10700480

No, I've done some of my friends' brows bc they didn't know how much to pluck

>> No.10700517

Which is it

>> No.10700659

None, and both. Every person is different. The only one that can correctly answer that question is your friend.

>> No.10700938
File: 16 KB, 720x720, sketch-1637634774078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am having trouble finding clothes that are the right color, honestly doesn't make sense to me why they can't just print it in light pink or some shit. Is there some place that just has a ton of varied products in many colors that isn't just too costly?
I had to come up with an aproximation from what i could find, does this color scheme make sense?
Beige-ish pink, black, white.

>> No.10701200
File: 15 KB, 720x720, sketch-1637701692198.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would a silverish grey work better instead of white?

>> No.10701549 [DELETED] 

Sorry if i keep asking this, but the longer i get to know my friends the more i question if they should know.
On one hand they are fairly tolerant people, and i feel they won't kill me over this, but on the other hand they keep on larping as some homophobic football hooligan types even when they are clearly not so into it. I still don't know them that well, but the more i know them the more they just feel like they're lost.
There's still time until carneval and i'm puzzling over if carneval enough to lower the barrier.

>> No.10701550

Sorry if i keep asking this, i know the answer is to just not care, but the more i get to know my friends the more i question if they should know.
On one hand they are fairly tolerant people, and i feel they won't kill me over this, but on the other hand they keep on larping as some homophobic football hooligan types even when they are clearly not so into it. I still don't know them that well, but the more i know them the more they just feel like they're lost.
Like the people i most care about i think they won't care, but i don't know if they'll give into peer pressure.
Is carneval really enough to lower the barrier or should i just not tell them? Like my uncle was part of that hooliganism shit back in the 80's and he got off fine crossplaying for carneval, back then shit was less tolerant.

>> No.10702185

I'm an average height guy but I'm underweight, I hate the way my arms look which is why I always wear long sleeve shit, are there any workouts I could do to get some muscle on my arms so that I can be comfortable wearing some cosplay with short sleeves?

>> No.10702317

Eat enough

>> No.10702525

If you have low bodyfat, getting muscle on your arms won't do much to make your arms conventionally feminine. You could try adding some fat to obscure the manly veins.

If you do want to add muscle and retain the ability to crossplay effectively, you'll need to proportionally add muscle to your lower body, particularly ass and thighs, while avoiding adding definition or mass to calf muscles.

pullups / lateral pulldowns in overhand and underhand grips will add evenly balanced definition and strength to your shoulders and biceps. That is, if you eat. You gotta eat, twigboy.

>> No.10702555

My eyebrows are pretty straight, dense but not that big.
I can't really shape them into anything, right? The most i could think of is just trimming the bits that go out of line

>> No.10702614

Any tips on making lips look bigger? Not permanently, just for a day

>> No.10702627


>> No.10702648

lip plumper

>> No.10702687

Any tutorials for catching onto female manerisms? Sure there are tutorials for walking but i can't find anything for general bodylanguage

>> No.10702702

Mostly just swinging my hips, how do i do it good

>> No.10702704

You'll have to learn to force it unfortunately, the swinging gait is because of wider hips on wome

>> No.10702710

So it's about the mass, if i wear pads it's easier to do it?
I have already learned to move my arms right naturally, the bottom half is just too complicated.
how am i supposed to move my feet, how big are the strides meant to be? I'll be wearing regular flat shoes.

>> No.10702723

Is keeping the top half of my body straight and in good posture enough to appear passable?

>> No.10702920

Do most wigs come with the cap that holds your hair in?

>> No.10703083

could be posted on chinese loltia updates and not stand out at all

>> No.10703232

Are leggings enough to hold in my cock and balls when i tuck them?

>> No.10704044
File: 31 KB, 336x460, Walking Diagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's a diagram that might help. Just put one foot in front of the other- literally.

>> No.10704187

That's just far too feminine for what i want

>> No.10704211

A lot of female cosplayers cover their eyebrows and draw over them, so your eyebrow shape doesn't matter if you go that route.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aG64V-g1iHM

>> No.10704566
File: 255 KB, 498x477, C9EADA8B-8B3F-416B-96D6-CADD5CAECF8E.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gonna attempt Lynn from Alien vs Predator. I just ordered the wigs, going for an orange turtleneck top. All I am missing is the shoulder armor.

>> No.10704769

wearing leggings with no panties under is robably not advisable for a costume. Wear a bikini cut or similar underneath.

>> No.10704838 [DELETED] 

But why wouldn't it be advisable?
It's not that big

>> No.10704842

Can't really get any panties or bikini bottoms.
Is there an alternative i can hack together

>> No.10704843

Here's a better question for both of you. Forget "stop caring" for now and ask "WHY do I care?" You think people are gonna ditch you over something this petty, maybe they aren't worth keeping around at all. Or even more to the point, think about something equally petty that might make them drop you. Literally all I buy in the realm of costumes is crossplay, so someone's gonna catch on eventually. And when they do, I'm just gonna keep it nice simple if they wanna be imposing about it. "Oh, that? That's me, minding my own business. Next question."

>> No.10704848

Try to place your weight towards the front of your foot (on the ball) instead. You don't have to cross your feet, but keep them as close as possible and have your thighs touch as you pass each leg.
A guy walks with "swagger" because of the weight towards the heel.

>> No.10704992

Like toe walking?

>> No.10705268

Just more on the ball. There is a reason why people look good in heels - it puts your weight towards the front and forces your ass up and out and your chest forward for balance. It's harder to achieve the same with flats so you have to just place your weight forward like you're in heels.

>> No.10705304

How do i tuck my balls in.
It's not as easy as you guys make it seem

>> No.10705305

I'm supposed to do it standing still too?

>> No.10705329

Just use male underwear. It will be covered by the leggings anyway.

>> No.10705426

Literally just push them up from where they dropped. It is that simple.

>> No.10705476

Am i supposed to go directly up, or at the angle it would be if i had no cock and balls?

>> No.10705591

You gotta just kinda... shove it. I dunno really how to describe it, but if you keep pushing your balls up you'll feel them go back into your crotch. It's weird, but you'll feel when you've properly done it.

>> No.10705626

NTAYRT I can push them all the way up and inside but that just looks like i have two massive tumors on my crotch area. Is that how it's supposed to look like or are my balls too big?

>> No.10705672

How hard is it to walk in heels?

>> No.10705677

Depends on how high, higher takes longer to learn. You'll need to practice for sure though you can't just put them on for the first time and go, theres a technique you gotta learn to not wobble and break your ankle.

>> No.10705723

So any heels are a bad idea first time?

>> No.10705730

You just need to practice walking in them well before the con

>> No.10705921

I have the same issue- I use a piece of carved foam rubber to fill in below my waist and smooth things out.

>> No.10706011

Wouldn't that hurt like hell?

>> No.10706035

if the leggings are opaque just wear normal men's underwear

do not attempt to wear heels for the first time in public. you will very likely hurt yourself. platforms or a low heeled boot are a better bet, but your feet are going to fucking hurt either way.

>> No.10706436

How do i make my square jawline look feminine?
I know a lot of girls who have a jawline very similar (if not more square) to mine, and i find it really hard to look as good as them?
What do i need to hide/highlight?

>> No.10706697

What? Why would it hurt to put a piece of foam under panties or tights?

>> No.10706724
File: 479 KB, 728x1200, 77007390_p0_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to get into crossplay and I want to start off with Jill Stingray(pic related). But I have never cosplayed before. it seems easy enough on the surface just get the outfit and a wig. I just don't know where to start and would appriciate any advice, I'll be reading the doc in the OP in the meantime

>> No.10707316

Okay, five pieces of advice:
1. Body proportion is important. Bust and hips about 8-10" bigger around than waist will look pretty feminine.
2. Practice your makeup. Watch youtube tutorials for help getting started.
3. Accept that you might not look great in your costume. Not every outfit looks amazing on every body type. That said, good job on choosing a shirt / vest / skirt that will look decent on most body types (that's why bartenders and waitstaff wear them!)
3. Accept that your first crossplay will probably kind of a mess, even if you've done cosplay before. Have fun with it and know that you'll get better as you do more costumes.
4. Buy decent shoes. Like from a real shoe store. No Pleaser crap.
5. The Flaming Moai is 1 Adelhyde, 1 Bronson Extract, 2 Powdered Delta, 3 Flanergide and 5 Karmotrine; all mixed.

Good luck Jill.

>> No.10707540
File: 587 KB, 720x659, 1612816111012.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bros, what are some cute crossplay ideas for someone who's short and built rather chonky/boxy? I feel like many characters I adore are more on the taller and slender side with outfits that flatter these exact body types.

>> No.10707566

That's badass. I loved that game. Did you get the figure for reference

>> No.10707580

I'm trying to find a good Shimakaze outfit for my husband for Christmas for him to wear. Where is the best place to buy the outfit? Should I just trust amazon?

>> No.10707640

Thank you so much, what can you tell me about wigs?

>> No.10708275

>Buy decent shoes. Like from a real shoe store. No Pleaser crap.
not them but what can I expect to pay/where to get a decent knee high boot that isn't shiny and doesn't have four inch heels

>> No.10708345

When making this, shape is more important than size?
I'm already short and wide-ish and i don't want to look too cartoony stupid. Plus the only foam boards i could get are 2cm thick

>> No.10708638

Wear a wig cap. If you're using a nylon one, give it a good stretch before you use it for the first time.
Most of the time you won't need to use toupee tape / topstick or bobby pins to hold your wig in place. I've only needed those in combination with giant hair ornaments which wanted to pull the wig to one side.
I've had good luck with wigs from Arda, Epic Cosplay and Wig Is Fashion.
I've personally never styled a wig- if you need help with that the general help thread should be able to give you some good advice.

>> No.10708639

Expect to spend $40-$60. If the boots are a more "normal" style check out Shoe Carnival, DSW, Famous Footwear, etc. For more costume-y or exotic boots you'll need to do some more internet searching. Just stay away from "costume" websites like Spirit.Avoid anything that seems ridiculously inexpensive.
I have a thing against Pleaser because I've bought two pair of their shoes and they were both uncomfortable as hell.

>> No.10708641

It's okay to keep the hip pads a minimal thickness- it all depends on how you want to look. The pads should give you a curved shape that widens as it goes up your leg and then narrows into your waist, with the widest part about the same height as the widest part of your butt. The pads don't need to be very thick if you don't want them to be, as long as you're happy with the shape.

2cm sounds a bit thin, 3cm would probably be better. But here's what I'd do- make a pair out of the 2cm foam. If they're not thick enough, make another smaller pair to go under them. The smaller pair doesn't need to be 2cm thick, you can carve them thinner if you like. Once you're happy with how they look, you can stick them together with hot glue or Super 77 if you like, but you don't have to. They'll stay in place on their own under tights.

>> No.10708745

Do heels always kill your toes by design of being on an angle, or can they be comfortable for prolonged walking with the right size?

>> No.10708773

I'll just get 2 boards and glue them together then.
My ass is already a bit wider than normal, and my feet are smaller so i feel like i don't need so much to make a difference

>> No.10708862
File: 2.80 MB, 3088x2316, 25FF5F40-C4AE-4FBA-A7DD-62A2D3C6AE7B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have spent around 400$ on cosplay this year

>> No.10709009

I don't know how much I spent and prefer to keep it that way. Even forgot how many costumes but they're 100% crossplay. Two more coming too, Erza and Haruko

>> No.10709145

What did you get for $400?

>> No.10709317

I have a ton of spending money saved, maybe like 400$ rn.
I'm thinking about investing 300ish to buy real actual clothes instead of some cheap shit, 300 is a lot for a one time thing, tbe shoes alone cost 150, but i'll be wearing them normally because they look sick as fuck.
I'm thinking about maybe doing something with it, maybe a yt channel.
Is 300$ worth that

>> No.10711397

Would fat people clothes work in making my clothes look baggier while preserving the other proportions?

>> No.10713097

Tips for walking in heels for the first time? Like pretty high ones

>> No.10713141

Umm...don't? ^_^

Tall shoes can be okay if they're platforms with less than 3" difference between the heel and toe. But more than 3" difference can get uncomfortable real fast. Great for photo shoots, suck for conventions. But here's some advice:

Lock your knees. Walk toe first. Practice, practice, practice. Think of the shoes as stepping stones attached to the balls of your feet- put them down and shift your weight carefully.

>> No.10714028

Eyes keep twitching when applying eyeliner, any tips to make it stop?

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