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Last thread >>10644113

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Someone offered to sell me a dress I really wanted from cgl but then ghosted me in emails even though I was more than happy to pay the price they requested if not more...I'm not upset with them because idk what's going on in their life but it does make me a little sad.

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I'm desperately searching for a matching tote to a dress I own to soothe the intense depression and stress I have during the pandemic and despite searching every Japanese secondhand site daily, I never find it...I could make an entire fucking dress with the amount of sugary carnival or baked sweets parade totes on fril and mercari but I can't find the one Lyrical Bunny one I've been wanting for so long anywhere.

I wanted it for years and got desperate enough that I posted it on cgl...I got the tote in a different colorway and it occasionally pops up in black but I want it in pink so bad.

It a stupid ass first world problem I'm just focusing on so I don't sink deeper into depression and sadness over more serious problems in my life right now...even knowing that I can't help but be upset about it. I shouldn't care so much about a dumb ass strawberry bunny fabric bag but I do because I'm lolita trash obsessed with being a completionist.

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Lolitas need FDS. Stop letting LVM scrotes use you and get yourself someone of actual value! You deserve better.

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I love how much FDS makes scrotes seethe knowing that women are finally waking up and leaving LVMs like them in the dust. The thought of some pathetic incel manlet raging behind his computer screen while I go on expensive dates with fine gentlemen of esteemed professions that are happy to service me makes me laugh. Nothing makes me happier than seeing scrotes experience the utter shame an humiliation they deserve. Meanwhile, I'm living my best life as I rightfully deserve.

Cope and seethe more loser virgins. Your tears are my delicious nourishment.

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Based. Bitter comments from scrotes used to annoy me but now I actually enjoy them. They're basically subhuman, so their misogynist ramblings are just an embarrassing cope. Thinking about how pathetic they are compared to me almost makes me cum.

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They probably never had it to begin with. I’m sorry anon.

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Women intrinsically have more value than men. Men have to work to have value. It’s always been this way, that’s why women have been protected over men. Women can walk up to a random child and talk to them and anyone will think the woman is a kind, caring person just making sure the child is okay because women are naturally kind and nurturing and place a high value on community. Meanwhile if a man walked up and started talking to a random child people would call the police because men are inherently lower, violent animals that are slaves to their base instincts.

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There's 3 IPs in this thread, retards. (4 counting me now) Don't be so obvious with samefagging. It's embarrassing.

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>posters (5)


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I'm technically a covidlita even though I've loved the fashion for a decade. Feel like I won't be able to join a comm because I'll be the ita there

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I'm >>10648767 and >>10648768 is my other post in the thread. Fuck off scrote.

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Yeah, I'm samefagging. What the fuck are you gonna do about it, scrote?

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If you're on fucking 4chan you're not going on dates with fine gentlemen of esteemed professions

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you're replying to an /r9k/ incel larping as a femanon retard
it's the same image hash

wish janitors could clean this board up and ban all crossboarders.

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I thought I would have lost enough weight and gained enough muscle to do swimsuit cosplays for summer, but as usual I am unable to meet my goals because of shitty circumstances.

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You'd be surprised. There are SO MANY hot, successful guys competing against each other. The guy I'm mainly texting now is a millionaire who wants to retire quietly. There's quite a bit of an age gap so I'm proceeding with caution. He's competing with another man who's a bodybuilder. I'm also texting a professional basketball player, several personal trainers, 3 doctors, one Dentist, and idk what this last guy does but he definitely has a Lamborghini and Yacht in his photos. These men are all hot & attractive, with the exception of the millionaire who's ... balding but still tall and rich. THIS is the level of competition that is in my inbox. I'm in my mid-30s. People on here and on incel forums will have you believe I'm over the hill and nobody wants me but that's ... not the case. I'm sure if I swiped more than 10 minutes a day twice / week, I'd have even more matches... I keep having to dump these guys because they want something more and I don't. I'm good with my life as is and I just want to have fun right now and be free to do me.

I just dumped my ex of 7 months about ~2 months ago because he suddenly realized he wants to have kids and wants to settle down and that's not what I want right now. Re-activating the dating profiles, a BUNCH of the guys who I was texting before I met my ex ... are STILL on these apps. Their profiles are still active and a few have tried messaging me. One of my dating apps is almost 10 years old and there are guys on there who've messaged me ... who STILL have their profiles active and are logging in and texting.

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Those pinks don't match.

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Those pinks don't match.

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you got this from Reddit you faggot incel scrote.

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I AM that reddit user, you faggot incel scrote. Wash your dick.

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yeah try again next time retard

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Yeah shut the fuck up you stupid scrote. Go back to /r9k/ or wherever you came from. This is not your fucking board.

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can we start calling sweet lolitas ddlg fetishists again and change the public opinion that 2010 AP is for itas? because goddamn do I want my cheap prices again

wish someone would tell the Chinese lolitas that OTT gothic is the next trend

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This is obviously bait, but what I love is how much the women of 4chan seethe if you know you’re handsome, charming, intelligent, and muscular.

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If the only local lolita you knew was an ita would you still befriend her?

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Does anyone else feel like their whole adulthood is two steps forward, one step back bullshit?

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wishing for the same thing to happen, but for old school

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>tfw pic related describes my sexuality


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coping scrote

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I feel like I'd try my best to teach her. I like studying, so I think it would be fun to go in that journey of learning and improving together. Everyone starts somewhere, what matters is getting gud.
However, if she's an entitled asshole who is unwilling to learn or even take criticism, no.

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same boat anon...it sucks

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>hesitant to ask this girl out
>realize a cosplay she'd be perfect for
I have to do it now. I need to dress her up.

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Didn't know the fear of commitment was a sexuality now, bunch of degenerates

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im lesbian b ut i hate hearing the straights fighting and letting each other live in each other's heads rent free this board sucks i can't believe its actually turned into r9k for females. transphobia included.

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Itas are all over the place at meets. You don't really need to worry, because there's normally only a few lolitas that usually do it well at a meet. At least from my experience, the norm is not everyone is good at it. No one is going to judge you like cgl. The only reason why cgl judges so harshly is because it's online and everyone is picking at it like it's an art photo to critique. Normal human meets IRL aren't like cgl.

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Seagulls compete for garbage at the dump but you won't find me hanging out there.
I'm not single, but if I were, I wouldn't waste time on mental children posing as adult women.

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Ugh, that’s probably because of me lol

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I want a lolita friend in IRL. Someone to go for tea and desserts with and do cute outings. I have a huge wardrobe and lots of brand and lots of outfits to twin... But no IRL friend :( I haz a sad. Living that lonelita life :'(

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Woman i was sweet on calls me "creepy and stalkerish" I wish i knew proper social skills so i wont be called that again. And apparently i'm not high enough value for her. I also wish i was white. Being white would be like easy mode. But then i obsess too much over race. and it's unhealthy

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Bought a second hand dress which was in great condition, according to the seller. I just took it out of the package and the thing was full of pilling and threads sticking out and parts of the fabric full of lint and dirt. I complained to the seller and she replied ”I bought it second hand, but never wore it. I thought it was in very good condition” like bitch what

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>Being white would be like easy mode. But then i obsess too much over race. and it's unhealthy

Is this bait? I think it has more to do with social skills for women, rather than race. If you got no charisma then you got no women.

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>mfw girl trying to sell me her USED OTKs at a higher scalped price than brand new ones.
Fuck right off, I don't want your stinky piling socks, especially at that outrageous price. Really fucking hate the market right now
On a more positive note I was able to find another listing where the OTKs were brand new and at a way better price.

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FDS is kind of a bitter shithole too but I do appreciate them trying to help each other

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i am not baiting, when i say i wish i was white. And i am a social retard which sucks.

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anon, your fucking stupid /pol/ to cosplay post (multiple posts, actually!) are so recognizable that you might as well be a namefag. GTFO and/or learn how to type

>> No.10649032

Get some social skills

>> No.10649059

stop chasing after white girls like a creepy race fetishist then

>> No.10649085

I'm not a moid, though. I shouldn't be struggling. I'm a catch just like any other woman.

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I put Icy Hot on my back, forgot about it, and touched my pussy.

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Icy hot hurts like a bitch on any genitals. There not made to withstand that kind of torture. The best u can do is wait for it to subside. And remember to never put icyhot on your genitals.

>> No.10649093 [DELETED] 

Even it out by rubbing hot sauce on your clit, it cancels it out

>> No.10649095

Put milk/dairy on where it burns nonny

>> No.10649098 [DELETED] 

Okay but shitposts aside putting yogurt on the outside of your pussy makes it super sauce. Or coconut oil.

>> No.10649100

That's someone's fetish.

Record it and post it to the internet

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>I also wish i was white. Being white would be like easy mode.
White male here
Being white isn't easy mode when it comes to women

>> No.10649117

Are you a good locking girl?
If yes, I'm just looking for a cumdump, so no need for deep connection

Lesbian or the irl version of dude from My Dress-up Darling

>> No.10649119

>i can't believe its actually turned into r9k for females.
You mean, always has been

>> No.10649125

That's why I go to prostitutes


>> No.10649127

What is icy hot?

>> No.10649199

This board is just /r9k/ with frills

>> No.10649222

>r9k for females
There hasn't been any lolita related shootings so no. Also fuck trannies

>> No.10649232

They're laughing because I'll never be kawaii

>> No.10649234

/r9k/ for fembots is Crystal Cafe, not /r9k/ i know this because i spend copius amounts of time on /r9k/

>> No.10649267

>bf has been seriously depressed since he found out some guy who "worked on a ufo" was lying
>he only gets out of bed to piss, hasn't gone to work in a week
what the fuck am I doing here

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Nah, whiteys got it on easy mode

>> No.10649282 [DELETED] 

>only gets out of bed to piss

Why is he shitting in bed?

>> No.10649286

No. It has nothing to do with race.This is why you're socially awkward and forever alone.

>> No.10649303

Because you can pick up poop, you can't pick up piss. You're gonna learn that someday.

>> No.10649305 [DELETED] 

Why can’t he use pissbottles then? Hmm?

>> No.10649332

lmao it's the only good part of this board

>> No.10649333

>im lesbian
>transphobia included
Uh oh. AGP transbian hon detected.

>> No.10649334

I stopped using /r9k/ when I realized that every single thread is a bait thread. /adv/ is a much better board (albeit a slower one) that covers the same blackpilled doomer incel topics.

/cgl/ isn't really comparable to any other board here. It's most similar to lolcow if anything.

>> No.10649335

The 25+ general threads are good, for all my advice I go to crystal cafe and swap the genders in my question.

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People react this way when they are devastated by the state of the universe. He put all his remaining hopes on a UFO building project. To me this means that he was hoping something fantastic would happen. That he sees the world as dull and devoid of wonder to the point that it is crushing his soul. I suggest you take him to haunted places to give him hope that there is more to the world than we can observe.

>> No.10649412

Bob Lazar?
If it's who im thinking of, its a guy who said he worked for the government to reverse engineer an ancient ufo.

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Crystal Cafe is good for males when you want to feel like shit.Mentally it will destroy you if you're a man. Seeing how worthless a man is to them, is one of the blackest and darkest blackpills you can take.

>> No.10649423

What do you expect from crones and spinsters. Of course they're bitter and consider you less than dirt.

>> No.10649426

Maybe im just built different but it doesn't bother me

>> No.10649430

I’ve never gone on that site, but welcome to what it feels like on 90% of the internet and 75% of all mainstream media as a woman.

>> No.10649435

i just think it's amusing t. peenie haver

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I just have this unshakable feeling that the majority of women have those kinds of opinions about men, and that they just keep it quiet as to not be seen as hostile.

>> No.10649454

"Oh this dress looks cute-"
Every damn time. After taking my chances with a pure poly dress only to find it very underwhelming, I feel like I can't trust any of them anymore.

>> No.10649455

Don’t go on internet cesspools and start thinking everybody be like that because they don’t. Get a mix of both real life and the internet

Cgl is toxic like the rest of 4chan except for a few threads like the classic thread and maybe the diy board. Angry people just happen to post more

>> No.10649457

I think i've already been fucked up due to spending a healthy 10 hours a day on 4chan mainly on /r9k/ and /pol/ LMAO. One day i will leave the house.

>> No.10649458

You got the power to change your own life and there always a way back my friend! It never too late. If you tell yourself that then you are giving up on purpose.

I used to be the same as you and i would go on stormfront too. before i realized enough is enough, the real world isn’t autistic guys claiming race war. Now i have real life friends and i come on here to talk about frilly dresses and i’m significantly less fucked up than before. One step at a time just take it slow

>> No.10649461


You are disheartened because you thought the other sex would magically make your life heaven. Now that you're realising they are not the life-changing deities you thought you are losing hope at having a happy life.
Humans are complex beings. They have multiple needs that no single thing or person can fulfill. Remember all the times you bought THE ONE figma/gunpla/transformer/dress you wanted more than anything only to buy more later. Because it didn't fulfill your collecting desire.
You will find companionship among your close friends. Solace in your evolving perspective. Your SO is only part of your life and is mostly for babymaking. Get a prenup and divorse once the kids are grown up if you don't like the other person. Carry on living regardless.

>> No.10649487

>started browsing r9k when I was in high school 10 years ago
>nevee go there anymore but cant completely break out of that mindset
Confirmation bias can fuck you up

>> No.10649501

My SS still hasn't confirmed if I got the items I requested from the AP release 4 days ago. I even asked about it. In the meantime, I've seen the item pop up and be sold secondhand for a good price.

It's going to be extra painful if they didn't get it, because I could have just requested the secondhand listing.

I really hate that SS got so busy because of covid and can barely keep up now.

>> No.10649535

Same, I feel like a lot of lolitas who still buy AP's shitty poly trashbags and say it's fine are coping. Cotton is best

>> No.10649537

kek theres dozens of places on the internet where men go to talk about how subhuman women are but there being one place where it's the opposite scares you? Sorry you got your feelings hurt but grow some balls

>> No.10649542

>"turned into"
>transphobia included
say you're new here without actually saying you're new here, trannoid. Seagulls have always hated trannies, most lolitas like most women only begrudgingly accept you while ywnbawing you in private or thinking you're gross. Just take the femboy pill, nothing wrong with crossdressers who don't try to appropriate womenhood.
Yes and try to get her through the basics and at least wearing decent bodyline/taobao. Literally anyone can afford and pull off those and there is no excuse for not even being able to do that
You're right for the most part. Not all women think like this but the majority of women think at least a few of these things.
cc is half larping trannies with failed male syndrome anyway, unless you're in the gc/radfem/terf threads, where it's only a quarter of posters who are larping trannies

>> No.10649546

i'll give you a simple rebuttal.
go to /r9k/ and see what they think of women.

both of these camps are irrelevant, unimportant, and ultimately powerless.

>> No.10649553

>Just take the femboy pill, nothing wrong with crossdressers who don't try to appropriate womenhood.
This. right. here.

I'm tired of men taking away shit from my gender, just because they want to feel special as a tranny. It really is just trying to relinquish what women have worked for.

>> No.10649564

i would like to tell everyone in this thread that
You're loved
You're needed
You're alive for a reason
You're stronger than you think
I'm glad you're alive
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, please.

>> No.10649566

fuck off

>> No.10649568

I finally tracked down my ult DD and I don’t even like how it looks on me. This is the worst feel, gulls.

>> No.10649573

I can't imagine any women using this site for more than 15 minutes without becoming blackpilled about scrotes either. There's a reason that any woman you find here is mentally fucked in some way. Anyone normal would have noped out after reading the first post about beating and raping women.

>> No.10649578

Hey I never said anything about beating them

>> No.10649583

Anon. You're on the same site as people who ejaculate on anime figures, claim they're not gay but go after twinks because they just hate women that much, share their shiny Pokemon with their grandma's corpse, say that fun is a buzzword, start hating stuff they love just because it gets popular and much more. This is not the only site that harbors these sorts of people, but you should always keep in mind where you are and who you are among.

>> No.10649584

Eh, depends on the person. I stopped trading in TF2 after finally getting my dream unusual hat [a fairly low tier one, too] after nearly five years in the economy. I bought my three Touhou fumos, the three I'd always wanted, and didn't buy any more- and likely won't. Now, gunpla- and Bionicle-... that's anotha story. They don't call that shit plastic crack because you can just stop buying.

>> No.10649588

Wait until you hear about mecha musume kits, that's my current addiction.

>> No.10649604

I don't like them, and I'm glad about that.

>> No.10649610

At least your wallet will be thankful, I just dropped 90 bucks on one that won't arrive until my birthday next year.

>> No.10649638

I'm sorry anon. It's happened to me for a few DDs as well, it really is the shittiest feeling. I hope there's some way you can resolve it, or barring that, you're able to find an even better DD eventually.

>> No.10649648

Nah, I've been on /cgl/ as long as it's existed and for the first few years it was 95% cosplay/con stuff including a lot of what we'd now call coomer threads and the users were like 80%+ male. It didn't turn into female /r9k/ until the lolitas started using it as an anonymous drama dumping ground somewhere around 2010-12.

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>lurk in LJ and tumblr lolita communities for 10~12 years throughout school
>finally graduate and get a decent job that i can start investing into the hobby with but now i have crippling body dysmorphia

i usually feel a little better about myself when wearing lolita because i don't have to worry as much about parts of my body that send me into an episode, but it flares up a lot when i'm thinking about new pieces because i get anxious people will somehow notice my insecurities and point them out

are there any other gulls with BDD who have had this problem? i know there's a large overlap between BDD and eating disorders so if there's any applicable advice i'll take anything- it just sucks constantly being paranoid that everyone thinks im some kind of deformed freak for no reason

>> No.10649654

Can confirm. Also from that time era. Eventually tripfags took over for clout with Cosplay and bitched about Nigiri trying to clout dick suck.

I do miss the cosplay threads, but I've been a lolita ...since a little bit before lolitas took over the board.

>> No.10649655

The biggest piece of advice I've gotten is that no one judges you the way you judge yourself. Whether or not that's 100% true, doesn't matter. You're projecting your own insecurities into other people and other people are more concerned about what food they are going to eat, what they plan on doing on the weekend, or etc in passing.

I had severe social anxiety as teen. It took me my mid 20's to get over a lot of it. What you're having isn't BDD, it's social anxiety.

>> No.10649658

i thought that too but i realized that most of my anxiety was revolving specific parts of my body to the point where i have to cover mirrors in my house and shower with the lights off

any mental help i've gotten in the past couple years have either told me i've had that or some non-specific eating disorder but like who knows

i'm really trying to keep that in mind though, every time i see myself in a reflective surface i repeating it in my head so i don't end up having a public meltdown and looking like a spaz

>> No.10649670

Lolita was a fucking mistake. I despise every single one of them and I'm glad the majority of them have severe mental issues that'll result in their deaths.

>> No.10649677

Are you Ulillillia? Dumbass just take the mirrors down

>> No.10649678


>> No.10649680

i cant take most of them down lol

>> No.10649692
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I'm getting a call.

>> No.10649700

based coomer threads

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I really wish more fairy kei coords where they wear short skirts are posted, I love those but they don't seem to be posted anymore. Also something about cute and adorable stuff replaced with more edgy shit.

I used to know some cam girl, she was so sweet, cute, lovely, warm... alive. A few years later, and probably thousands of dollars later and rich simps at her feets after that. She looks half dead, she is still beautiful as fuck, but you can tell she is not, like she swallowed way too many valiums. She still laughs but it is nowhere the same. I feel sad.
Yes, we scrotes are feeling emotionally attatched to paid camgirls, the situation is that fucked. I'm aware. But at the rest of the day I don't give a fuck I have another goals in mind 100% non related to pussy (nor dick, tits or ass, you fucks).

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when is crip/blood lolita going to be a thing? The patterns they use aren't that bad. Some creativity here and there, a little drive by there... Just don't smoke crack.

>> No.10649734

Just join them

>> No.10649737

crime pays after all, right?

>> No.10649846

wow, how pathetic that you still give a fuck. she's never gonna care about you and you're never gonna save her. kill yourself you degenerated socially retarded crybaby.

>> No.10649847

lmao at least I'm not a salty sour bitch, get well soon

>> No.10649854

idk man you wrote an entire post crying about how ""soulless""" she looks now that theres less of a chance shes gonna fuck you (not that she ever would) so you seem pretty salty and sour to me, king

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Dude i know the feeling, i'm so lonely that even a simple heart emoji sent to me from a female makes me think she loves me. Don't get attached to any of them because it'll hurt you bad if you get ghosted.

>> No.10649860

I bought a mmm skirt and The lighting on the pic was bad. the ribbon looked gold but the print looked black, so it’s either the black colorway and someone replaced the ribbon… or it’s the gold colorway. i am feeling nervous because i don’t have anything white with gold accents to coord it with. But maybe it will look dark gold in real life??
Anyway i hope i can coord it

>> No.10649861

nice projection though

>> No.10649862

I know better my dude, I have heart of cold steel, but I guess I was having a soft day or something, literally have had 0 feelings for years now, "serious" things have happened and I haven't given a single fuck, following my plan and that's what matters. Thanks for the advice though.

>> No.10649864

Yes, Female validation are a double edged sword, it feels like heaven when receive some, but it hurts like hell when you don't get any. (Apologies for the Vulgar Language)

>> No.10649867

I've realized that it's a bad idea to buy AP from lolitas in China on LM. I see soooooo many of the replicated prints pop up on LM.

That shit is the biggest risk of getting ripped off.

>> No.10649871

post the pic and let us help

>> No.10649889

The dress: Lolita edition

>> No.10649900

Is it well-known replicas like Melty Cream Donut? Or also unknown ones? I've seen some listings pop up that I'm interested in, but I always felt like some of those sellers are pretty shady.

>> No.10649903
File: 63 KB, 640x640, C87E6E83-B247-4E73-9712-1C69A3016DC5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thanks anon here
Listing says its the gold colorway but like wtf, am i colorblind… lolibrary pic seems like the gold should be a very bright gold and not whatever this is

Ikr right ;_;

>> No.10649906

Are you retarded? The lace is clearly yellow and it matched the stock photo.even in bad lighting I can see it’s a white with gold colour way

Also you overpaid for the skirt, sorry.

>> No.10649907

Jeez chill out i clearly dont have great color vision, ok cool it’s gold

And if i’m paying $300 for a skirt, i’m clearly not worrying about overpaying, but thanks for the concern. If i see it pop up i’m gonna get it and who knows when i’ll see it again

>> No.10649910

Girls getting initiated into a gang is a bit different from what guys do, I dont know if you want your burando getting ruined

>> No.10649912

it looks like white-gold to me anon, sorry.

>> No.10649916

It’s ok nonny thank you, i don’t have any gold in my closet so it will be fun to get some new things!

>> No.10649919

yeah, heard girls are getting fucked by a bunch of males as initiation, but think about the cute blood gang coords though

>> No.10649981

I’m taking my emr finals today wish me luck

>> No.10649983

I wish I could let things go, but I never forget an offense and that keeps on making me suffer. Pride surely is a sin.

>> No.10650009

I posted a reel and tagged it for lolita fashion, but the algorithm has fed it to a mixed audience with a seemingly local spread... I hate this. It has surpassed 5k views and 200 likes. Stop.

But on the other hand I don't want to take it down. I'm cute and funny in it. I just can't stifle this desire for only other lolitas to percieve me. Stoop.

>> No.10650013

>tfw the viewers ar 100% pedos
could it be? cause kek if true

>> No.10650017

No, it's a mixed bag of Instagram users, seemingly young people, more women than men. Normies. Yes I check the likes.

>> No.10650021

I guess they like similar things, one of them liked something and it spread like wild fire something along these lines

>> No.10650023

So my sister got married last weekend.
I'm sorry in advance for the book.

I have never gotten along with my sister and her friends. They made my childhood pretty fucking sucky tbf.
>I'm a bridesmaid
>day before, another bridesmaid pops her strap, nbd I have my sewing kit I fix the strap.
>they start condescendingly calling me "the seamstress" for the rest of the day thisisfine.jpg

>side note, the maid of honer has her kid there, the kid's name is I shit you not, Eevee, and I had to listen to a 10 min speel from her about "I made that name up! I keep seeing other kids named eevee! H.o.w. d.a.r.e t.h.e.y I guess its short for other things but like I was soo original"
>she does not in fact know
>this poor child
>I also have a lovely conversation where she asks me if having an etsy is 'hard work' because she wants to start one as a 'side hustle' and I ask if she has a craft or what she plans to make and she looks at me like I'm fucking stupid

>We get through hair and makeup yadda getting sister into dress, pototag is taking pictures of MOH zipping her up
>the zipper fucking jumps off the track
>fuck hidden zippers
>I take a look at it this fucker is not in fact going back on the track and I don't exactly have the tools to fix it at the venue but I do have pliers from fixing the bridesmaid dress and my curved needle.
>I have the dress on my lap accessing what I can do and sister comes over, sets her mimosa next to dress and knocks it onto the fucking dress
>we are out of paper towels
>use my genshin hoodie to mop the alcohol out of her wedding dress because yall have activated i fix it mode and fix it girl is hear now
>so sis I'm going to sew you into your wedding dress your going to take a seam ripper to this later to free yourself because zipper is f u c k e d
>Webber, i sew it up, I do good work you can't tell and I tack the zipper flap down for her too while I'm at it.
>there are so many pictures of me sewing my sisters ass shut

>> No.10650028

>the condescending nicknames change to a mixture of "the seamstress" and "hero"
>Pictures are delayed because I spent too long sewing sister into dress so they are after the ceremony.
>My parents know this
>the bridal party knows this
>you know it they all fucking vanish right after the ceremony and I run off to collect the cats so sis can have some formal pictures
>I spend the rest of the night similarly collecting drunk people to get shit done
>How do they keep escaping
>where is the wedding planner I do not know scream

>My mom comes up to tell me that all that weird sewing I do is worth it because I was hear this day to fix my sisters dress

to top it all off
>I haven't seen family in a few years because I moved out of the area
>My mother has apperintly been telling everyone I'm unemployed and down on my luck between jobs
>SO MANY awkward "how does the job hunt go" conversations???
>I uh, completely pay all of my bills for my two bedroom condo by myself from my AA/etsy stuff? I'm doing just fine? I'm not going to quit it and get a 'real job' at the amazon that just moved in near me thankyou?

>I leave after they cut the cake, earlier then most but I'm not staying at the hotel because its 4 min from my house
>its late I realize I forgot my hoodie
>I'm not going back b/c its late and I'm 4min away I figure if I ask my mom to grab it she can drop it off tomorrow on her way home since the venue is 4 min from me but like a few hours from them and on the way.
>txt the group chat "Sure anything for the hero"

>txt later from my sister she has it in her car but they are leaving for Jamaica now b y eeeee
>they are not coming back for a month
>my mimosa stained hoodie is going to sit in her car for a month
>i'm never seeing this hoodie again
>I'm a bit salt and ordering a new one
I just
Much scream very sigh

>> No.10650029

Don't curse us like that anon. Goths market is already shit and always has been.
Same. It's the same garbage again and again >>10649553 no one is taking shit away idiot. If you feel threatened because men and trans women are performing femininity better than you, go improve yourself. It's not even about the dress stretching or the creeping, because cis women do the same shit.

>> No.10650030

>It's not even about the dress stretching or the creeping, because cis women do the same shit.
Nope. It's about the creeping, idiot. The fetishizing, moron. You're completely ignorant to gender euphoria.

>> No.10650032

man fuck your family lmao good on you anon,,

>> No.10650042

Eh. A lot of covidlitas joined my comm. Some of them are kind of noticably new/ita but no one has shunned them. If you don't look good at first some might look down on you internally, but it will be outweighed by the people who want to help you get better.

>> No.10650046


You don't like these people and you are not dependant on them. Why not express your opinion on the spot? And tell your mother "Gee mom. I won't be looking after you when you grow old what with being unemployed and down on my luck."

>> No.10650057

pretty obvious. OP's sister seems like the golden child. as the scapegoat/person who always picks up after the others, OP is desperate for any scraps of attention she can get. it's a subconscious thing, you have to realize these fucking people will never have your best interest at heart. when the wedding was falling apart u should have just let it. like the dress thing was nice but it wasn't your job to wrangle everyone and by taking responsibility, it means they will end up blaming u if something DID go wrong. you gotta stop giving them the expectation that you care about their shit because they will take advantage of u every time.

>> No.10650063
File: 49 KB, 447x327, 1626912075301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just took 3 25mg of Benadryl for my allergies and feel like crap!

>> No.10650097


I know how it is all too well. This is why I advice snapping back at people cutting ties with anon's family if they continue to act like that.

>> No.10650104
File: 43 KB, 526x1139, hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I need itas and aliexpress girls to stop trying to sell their mass produced shit/their middle school arts and crafts projects on the buy and sell groups... seriously. I'm tired of coddling people because they "don't know any better". At least make an effort to learn and not be shit. I swear every second there's a new bitch popping up with a resin shop selling mediocre "jewelry". I'm so tired. You have to DIG to find bodyline or even Taobao, and it's rarely even good Taobao.
Bitch, I don't care that we're in the third world. There's lolitas here who hauled absolute ass to improve themselves and get to where they are.

>> No.10650131

Just got rejected by a woman i was talking to for about 2 years.

>> No.10650132 [DELETED] 


>> No.10650138

Waited two years too long, you need to ask her out within the week

>> No.10650140 [DELETED] 

This is why I hate scrotes. You don’t put in x hours and then get pussy. It doesn’t work like that. It also doesn’t work like putting in x compliments and then you get pussy either

>> No.10650149

I'm 3 months into my weight loss and I'm already so happy with how I look now. I fit back into my old brand skirts that have small waist measurements and I could not be happier. Anons, if you are struggling I hope you can use this as motivation to keep going. It really is worth it and so satisfying to look good in lolita!

>> No.10650150

How does it work ?

>> No.10650151

gib weight loss rutine bls

>> No.10650166

CLolita is not real Lolita.

>> No.10650167

You ask her out in the beginning if you are interested .then quit simping and move on if she says no…instead of sticking around for 2 years hoping you can change her mind by doing x y x thing. Thats How it works unless you wanna date a sugar baby

>> No.10650168 [DELETED] 

Be an actual decent human

>> No.10650169

kek, I'm pretty sure that almost never works

>> No.10650170 [DELETED] 


Looky here ladies, we have ourselves a Nice Guy

>> No.10650171

I'm not retarded enough to be one. But you kinda proved my point.

>> No.10650172 [DELETED] 

Imagine being this unaware of yourself lol

>> No.10650173

I'm sorry for your constant state of buttpain.

>> No.10650174

Thanks, I needed this. I lost 8kg already and I'm hitting my first real plateau right now. But looking at this post and at my closet full of skirts makes me wanna keep pushing through.

>> No.10650175 [DELETED] 
File: 52 KB, 764x526, 431CCC6C-DD1D-484A-A8B7-AAFAF33422B5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10650176
File: 3 KB, 447x378, atLeastItrulySee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>some retards sayng some retarded shit

>> No.10650177

I use the app Lose it! to count calories, and am eating around 1400 a day (as recommended by the app, it depend son your height). I also have been working out at least every other day. At first I did simple and short workout videos bc I wasn't fit enough but now I'm doing around 45 mins of exercise a day, mostly cardio/dance workouts now. I hope these tips help you anon. I've pretty much stuck to the calorie limit apart from the occasional day when I go out. If I don't feel like working out I do some stretches or go for a walk to the shop. I've lost 6kg and 6cm on my waist. It is a gradual change so you have to be patient!

>> No.10650178 [DELETED] 

Seethe & cope

>> No.10650179

8kg is amazing anon! You've got this!

>> No.10650181

woah I'm so mad now, kek

>> No.10650182

interesting, thanks a lot

>> No.10650200

I have had much better luck by not trying to make everyone happy and being more of an impulsive jerk, so being true to yourself does help a bit.

>> No.10650201

back when tumblr had reasonable posts

>> No.10650208 [DELETED] 

they still exist if you follow the right users

>> No.10650257


Everyone, do your best to find someone that makes you happy, and to be someone that makes other people happy.

>> No.10650294 [DELETED] 
File: 186 KB, 656x802, 1626727392226.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good. Kill yourself scrote. You are not entitled to love.

>> No.10650296
File: 20 KB, 373x446, 1487576982515.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10650298 [DELETED] 

WTF?? Dude posting suicide rates is FUCKED. UP. 41% yourself NOW!

>> No.10650299

What is this? Classic lolita?

>> No.10650316
File: 731 B, 16x16, 1625543711200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why has this board gotten so infested with moids and trannies recently?

>> No.10650320


>> No.10650327

>the gender war ITT
My dad could beat up all your moms I win

>> No.10650341

Your dad would probably kill you, your siblings, and himself first

>> No.10650411

i need to get off of this fucking board, the shit you girls/men larping as girls spew about others is genuinely vile and also fucking stupid half the time but it's making my body image issues worse anyways. staying on here is like self harm but i don't go on any social media enough to reliably get brand updates

>> No.10650419

this board made me start putting stickers / wearing masks over my coord pics, its made me hate myself more than i already do

>> No.10650432

Got a big tax return this year but there’s nothing I want to buy fml.

>> No.10650448

browse lacemarket for 10 hours a day until eventually something looks good to you.
buy it for a ridiculous price.
hope it will fill the void. (it doesnt fill the void)
profit. and repeat

that's my routine nonny

>> No.10650449

It's one idiot samefagging. You can see the slip ups in the writing style occassionally.

>> No.10650455

index funds anon, index funds
Don't forget to have a well funded Roth IRA too

>> No.10650476

Sadly all the good classic gets snapped up in a heartbeat. There's been a fair amount of NWT MMs on the Japanese market lately, I'm hoping a wish list item will eventually pop up.

Thanks anon!

I don't like taking risks so I've never really considered investing before. Might have to do some research. I did put a lot of effort finding a good super provider though.

>> No.10650582
File: 57 KB, 1280x720, 1607214252085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will thank you.

>> No.10650617

A roth IRA is just a tax haven, it doesn't require that you necessarily invest it into higher-risk items like stocks, securities or commodities, the only thing is you can't withdraw money and capital gains penalty-free until quite a bit down the line.
You can find Roth IRA promotions offering pretty high interest rates as well (for the times). I managed to get 3.5% at navy federal.

Keep in mind that there's a contribution limit every year that's set by the IRS (currently $6000). Again though, all the capital gains are tax free upon withdrawal, which makes it one of the best retirement tools out there (taxes always go up, and these are immune to taxes being the name reason).

>> No.10650643


>Mfw my tax refund and bonus had to go into the down payment fund this year

I'm getting house pilled and I hate it.

>> No.10650675

I appreciate the detailed reply, but I’m not from the states. Might be useful for other anons though

>> No.10650933

Why are people using the shit other thread with a scrote OP?

>> No.10650956

Less seething about scrotes and fds in it

>> No.10651024
File: 136 KB, 493x740, astolfoswordbattlecostume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Seagulls don't hate trannies otherwise there wouldn't have been a long-running crossdressing thread. Seagulls hate people who focus on the D. Seagulls also hate sissy fetish people just because they always bring their stupid fetish into the fashion... It's the thing where they keep taking pictures of us in our fashion & putting really, really disturbing captions like, "Mommy mistress made me wear a petticoat & cage my wiener. I'm such a sissy princess slut." That shit don't fly with most here. (There is one sissy that shall go unnamed that gets a pass, but that's because they don't bring their stupid fetish into the fashion. They're also a really, really good dresser.)

Seagulls have also hated people grouping together in tranny threads for ass pats because we know damn well they have no actual interest in crossdressing &, again, are just focused on the D.

Because that's why, for the longest time, we stopped having crossdressing threads. It's because of people described in the latter making hard for people who just wanted to know how to make their Astolfo costume look good.

>> No.10651026

>putting really, really disturbing captions
I fucking hate this shit so much in general. I have a completely unrelated fetish that often gets co-opted and captioned by the same kind of people and it annoys me to no end.

>> No.10651029

Most people who "hate trannies" just hate ugly men
No one would give a shit if trannies all looked like your pic
Even with radical feminists, they still make fun of trannies for their looks

>> No.10651033
File: 179 KB, 667x1000, guiltygear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mind you, I use 'trannies' sarcastically as we are on 4chan. There are what you'd call "ugly men" in the fashion & otherwise that most seagulls have no issue with. (One actually has many, many followers. He's older so... you know, it's just unfortunate coincidence.)

Many a seagull would never talk about them because we don't wanna' send an army of trolls & men focused on the D their way.

And, of course, we're also not a hive mind. Not every seagull thinks the same, but some type more then others.

I have a lot of stupid fetishes, but goddamn, I don't throw it at people, yeah. It's really, really annoying. I know a lot block followers if they're worried that they sifting for images for that purpose.

>> No.10651037
File: 105 KB, 1200x1200, Mooorrrtttaaalllcombat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And by radical feminists... if we're talking about TERF-whatever people. No, they hate people who are passing. God help whatever passable person gets discovered by them. They hate the passing ones even worse because they 'invade safe spaces' because they have nothing better to do then whine someone with a dangly bit who does their makeup better then them & pulls off a skirt is a 'threat' to their safety & obviously rapists in excellent disguises.

>> No.10651118

This is a good thing and you know it you baka

>> No.10651119

Become a freedom
Alternatively, explore what tax free retirement options are available in your country

>> No.10651250

We don't hate trannies based on if they look like men or not, we hate them because they are men no matter how well they pass. Trannyism is just another way for men to forcefully invade any female space (like this board for example). Maybe we would be more okay with you if you weren't so obviously male and could integrate into the community more instead of ruining it with your selfish perverted ways. /cgl/ used to be more fun before the moid invasion but now more than half the threads are porn dumps and shitting on women doing cosplay and lolita while tranny jannies are deleting post histories left and right for simply discussing the topic.

>> No.10651255

>Made a humble 15k on stocks but should have waited a week for a 50k profit

Kill me

>> No.10651267

That's pretty much exactly what /cgl/ was before the lolita invasion. I agree with you about trannies and also hate all of the obvious /r9k/ trolling and coomer threads and stuff but the idea that /cgl/ was always some sort of girls only board that only recently developed a male population is total nonsense.

>> No.10651270

Also, gains are gains. Crying about not having diamond hands is a great way to lose money

>> No.10651271

Just made 8 hours of overtime while I also fucking torpedoed my Sunday plans

>> No.10651277

Lost out on a dream dress bc I had a kidney stone. Fucking pissed. At least they gave me decent pain meds tho.

>> No.10651303


I know, just dreading homeowner expenses and with my luck I'll probably get a home with damages in it despite getting an inspector for it.

Still excited at the prospect of having a semi permanent home though. We're looking at incredibly cute houses and we're in a relatively affordable area so I'm excited.

>> No.10651306

CCF sent me a really shoddily made bag.

Now I understand why everyone on here hates them so much. Was really hoping it'd actually be nice but nope, how likely is it I get a refund/replacement if what they sent me is different than what was advertised?

>> No.10651315

If you don't have a good chunk of change saved to fix or maintain the house, that's probably going to take all your money.

>> No.10651316

I don't get the hype but I've never seen anyone hate on CCF. what are the criticisms?

>> No.10651321

I used to own a hundred year old home. I ended up selling it bc the market I was in blew up and I could make money on it, but yeah there’s always going to be things inspectors miss or that you have to fix soon. But having your own home is amazing and if you can do it, do it

>> No.10651323


I always save money. That's how I can afford a house.

Yes, I have a retirement account too.

>> No.10651325


What were the maintenance costs on it out of curiosity? It would be my dream but my friend owned a house from the 1940s and had to essentially take out another mortgage for repairs.

>> No.10651326


Congrats on the sell btw, this is a great time for sellers and I'm glad you made money on it.

>> No.10651333

Not on meme stocks.

>> No.10651338

generally that the shoes are uncomfortable and poorly made pleather shit for the price, i've always heard the bags were pretty good though

>> No.10651339

What was the dress, anon? That sucks. Hope you feel better

>> No.10651365

Luckily the house had some recent renovations when I purchased, but I still had to redo the walls and ceiling in two rooms completely redone, the water line replaced, the kitchen gas line redone, countless tube and knob lights replaced, and a crumbling basement wall patched. Lawn services. I’m sure there are more things I’m forgetting. But luckily nothing aside from the gas line was urgent, so I could budget and plan for a couple grand a year in repairs.

But something can always come up, and you just have to have money set aside to prepare. My partner is currently renovating our old home, a pretty much complete gut job, and it’s taking longer and longer and more and more money. So it’s a lot more manageable when you don’t have to do everything at once.

>> No.10651411

No offense, but whining about using your tax return on a down payment didn't sound like it. Tax returns are literally pennies and I make three figures.

If you're whining about saving your tax return, then you probably need to do better at "always saving money."

>> No.10651416


Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to budget that in. I think we might be aiming for newer builds but it seems like where we are stuff just tends to break down thanks to the weather.

I mean I guess I could be better at saving but without getting into it I'm pretty comfortable where I am, but thanks for the concern.

>> No.10651446

Hate to be a bitterfag here
A lot of newfags are joining my comm and It's getting overwhelming. Some covid-itas are drama-fested and spamming up the comm group with unrelated. I don't hate new members, but as of late, some of them are troublesome to be around and embarrassing online.

>> No.10651449

>three figures

>> No.10651470

Yea, I noticed that too. How tf do people live off three figures? Isn't this an 18+ board?

>> No.10651473


Honestly I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt but... Yeah it's super odd. Maybe 3 figures per two weeks? But $1800 a month is still $21600 a year which is really nothing to write home about.

>> No.10651495

They're definitely larping, everyone knows when people say "figures" it refers to their salary. Shitting on someone else for buying a house when they make 3 figures is embarrassing on its own as well.

>> No.10651505

I think they are trolling, lol. Although more than half of cgl is horrible with money working shit retail jobs. Kind of fitting and ironic they give financial advise lmao.

>> No.10651513

Scales hit 59 kg today, feels good. Down from 67kg, goal of 55kg

>> No.10651516

I recovered from an ed but weighed myself for the first time in months and hit 105lbs today. I know it’s really light still but its the heaviest I’ve ever been even at 5’5”. I can’t fit into one of my old school Moitie skirts anymore and it feels awful.
I feel like I should be happy because I’m finally going out with friends and to meets, and I even let myself have a drink last night. But not being able to fit something anymore feels so awful

>> No.10651522

Just remember anon: you're not too big, the clothes are just small on you and it's fine to find things that fit better or alter what you really want to wear. Just keep yourself mentally and physically healthy and lean on your support network if and when you need them. It'll be okay.

>> No.10651531

Thank you so much, anon. I appreciate it :)

>> No.10651543

Good job! Out of curiosity which skirt is it and what sizing? I'm actually a bit chubby but would love to be healthier and fit into MMM.

>> No.10651548

dw anon trying to fit into moitie can be hard mode, you'll fit almost any other brand though probably so ur fine

>> No.10651616

spotted the tranny. You don't pass

>> No.10651642

Hey anon here who forged their own academic transcript and lied all the way through their interview to get a high paying STEM job about 7 months ago.

Still got it.


>> No.10651643

Trannies are not the same as cross-dressing.

I hate both but they're not at the same level.

>> No.10651646


tick tick

>> No.10651653

Lol, dating apps have the worst of the worst recycled individuals. Desperation intensifies.

>> No.10651667

as long as you do it well nobody should care
college is a scam

>> No.10651670

I've totally fallen out of love with everything I've been going to school for and I don't even have cons to go to anymore. I thought moving here would be fun, I'd meet people and get to go to a bunch of cons, but instead I just hate my work, my boyfriend is long-distance as ever, and I'm stuck inside playing vidya

>> No.10651673

For most professions, college is definitely scam. Most people don't even blink when I say I don't know something and they teach me.

If you're able to teach yourself and learn fast, that's all there is to basically any job. How quickly can you learn a skill and begin applying it and producing results.

>> No.10651675

She obviously doesnt care, she said she doesnt want kids

>> No.10651681
File: 88 KB, 1280x720, smug.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>she said she doesn't want kids
wrong, she said:
>that's not what I want right now

If you're in your mid-30s as a woman and you're still unsure of having children, you better make a decision soon. The decision is also obvious to have children, else why do you exist on the planet? Nobody will care that you ever existed. Nobody will want to know who you were. You will have contributed to nothing (inb4 noooo I'm gonna be an important person; you are not Tesla, you are not Jeanne d’Arc, you are not Augustus, you are not even Hitler). It will be as if you never existed in the first place.

Children are your contribution to the world, there's nothing worth more than to provide the world with good people.

>inb4 lmao I just wanna have a good time
Why? You won't remember it and there's more of a chance your end of life will be quite miserable given your friends will die, your husband will die, your parents will die, your siblings will die or will be busy spending time with their own children to bother with you withering away in an nursing home.

You will be surrounded by other old people dying and workers who can't wait for you shut up, die and vacate the room to make way for another childless geriatric.

In addition there's no guarantee you will live a happy life and given the trends in happiness, especially for women, it's more likely that you will be unhappy. So therefore the logically conclusion is that if you only exist for pleasure and it's likely that your life will contain more suffering than pleasure, unironically the best decision is to kill yourself to prevent suffering.

If you don't want children, unless you're a savant, kill yourself.

>> No.10651682

Instead burning it has ice biting feel and cool as mint.

>> No.10651686

What kind of mental illness do you have holy shit. Never read a post more stupid in my whole life.

>> No.10651688

>go to cgl after months
>open the feels thread
>get an idea
>ctrl+f the words "tranny" and "cis"
>get hits
Never change.
Your obsession on 1% of the world's population is absolutely autistic. You've never even talked to a tranny before, just admit it.

>> No.10651689


>> No.10651692

dont you have some dilating to do

>> No.10651699

I'm not MtF but there's nothing wrong with being trans.
All of this
>they're just predatory men trying to invade our spaces
>our sacred spaces
It's so silly, it really shows you've never talked to a tranny before and you're being super edgy based on some internet boogeyman stories.
Almost all of them are simply just trying to live a normal life and they can't do that as their assigned gender.

>> No.10651702

>Deploy coping measure #44
>Pathologise someone as a means to invalidate their argument through ad hominem because you can't form an argument against them

>> No.10651703

Gaslighting. That's what you're doing.

Trannies make make up a small percentage of the population but their support base are fucking ravenous. That's what upsets people

You think that people shouldn't be upset when women's Sports are now just becoming failed male athlete sports?

>> No.10651704

>women's sports dilemma
I really can't speak about that sorry. There are tons of arguments for and against trannies in women's sports. I probably agree with your point of view, and there are even a lot of trannies who do too.
Their support base are just trying to normalize being trans so people won't get assaulted and bullied... which you're really trying to prevent.
As a she/they feminist dyke I should hate them and I used to, but they're literally just people trying to live a normal life and a rapist tranny is just as likely to exist as a rapist cis girl. If we consider how few of the women population of the world are trans, rapist trannies make up an insignificant part of rapist women population.
They're just trying to go to the bathroom to fart, shid and piss, nonny.

>> No.10651712

I'm not about to get into a shit fight with you. But Transgenders are much more likely to commit sexual crimes, this is fact. The fact that you are willing to ignore this and play pretend that these people arent way more likely to harm others is telling of your agenda. You're willing to put the majority of other people's safety in severe risk just so a tiny minority of the population can feel good. That doesn't make sense, that just means your dogmatic and shouldn't be trusted with any level of authority.

Transgenders are not real, they are automisandrists, automysognists and autogynephiles who's mental illness has been taken advantage of by agendas. This is why they kill themselves at such staggering rates when they realise they weren't transgender but completely destroyed their body and they still aren't happy.

Curious how as how depression and loneliness amongst men and women increases, transgenderism also increases because people are so distraught with their lot in life they become convinced of a seperate mental disorder. Comorbity is huge for Transgenders.

This agenda also forces this onto children with the state enforcing it. https://www.city-journal.org/canadian-father-jailed-for-speaking-out-about-trans-identifying-child

The typical cycle of your agenda
>Hey we just want to be treated as humans
>Hey we just want some rights
>Hey we need to be understood
>Hey we want special privileges now
>Hey we want to educate your children now
>Hey we now want the state to enforce our lifestyle on children
Why do you people always seem to go after children? That seems to always be the end goal. It's never about just living a peaceful life, it's about indoctrination of children through state enforcement.

Stop with your smug "UwU just let people enjoy things" facade.

>> No.10651717

I can't possibly agree because the information you've been fed comes from people causing shitstorms and giving 1 example out of a ton to demonize trans people.
>Curious how as how depression and loneliness amongst men and women increases, transgenderism also increases
Absolutely, 100% agree with this one. There are soooooo many people who are terribly unhappy with their life and they believe a sex change will literally be the solution to all their problems. It's incredibly sad and I wholeheartedly believe that this is one of the main reasons for the 41%
Doesn't make everyone else invalid or a rapist or a fetishist or whatever though.

You already know what I'm gonna say about children, how it's not indoctrination and not forcing anyone to do anything and how being trans isn't a choice, so there's no point in arguing. Maybe you're just not very empathetic in general and can't relate to those people's situations.

Think what you want, but this board is horribly obsessed with trannies when they're literally 1% of the population.

>> No.10651723
File: 68 KB, 1022x731, 5126548671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doesn't make everyone else invalid or a rapist or a fetishist or whatever though

No it doesn't. But it is completely irresponsible to normalise a behaviour that has a 41% death rate regardless if it makes a very tiny portion of people unhappy. Especially when you cannot actually control who gets involved in the behaviour and even more, encouraging the behaviour amongst the most vulnerable (children) leading to innocent and vulnerable people being hurt.

>Maybe you're just not very empathetic in general and can't relate to those people's situations.
You think I'm just a person who just wants to cause harm to others? I'm not evil. I earnestly believe that transgenderism harms more people than it helps by a large margin along with being scientifically invalidate (read John Money's [the man who invented the seperation between sex and gender] failed experiments). It makes more empathetic sense to suppress that behaviour. I think that you are unempathetic since you're willing to sacrafice other people's lives so that you can feel socially and politically validated.

>, but this board is horribly obsessed with trannies when they're literally 1% of the population.
You keep saying that. But it's not them. It's their agenda and the massive, ravenous support base that justifies and normalises incredibly damaging behaviour because they want to feel like the underdog. It's another round of oppression olympics, another round of cancelling and another round of the victim-complex justifying further and further state enforcement. Those people are much larger than 1%, you are part of it (pro-tranny and pro-lesbian have common goals) and some have lots power. Left leaning politicians want more transgenders because they will vote for them, big pharma and hospitals want more transgenders because they are cashcows with the average transgender spending around $50,000 in their life-time on transitioning treatments and even more on mental health treatments.

I'm tired.

>> No.10651724

i actually have and i see them frequently irl. 90% of them are rude as hell and 98% of them are easy to clock. the only ones i don’t mind are the ones that date for each other and aren’t absolutely insane. one of my childhood friends (mtf) became trans a few years ago and i support her as a trans woman because she’s not one of the freaks that openly get off to sexually assaulting women and children or fantasize about murdering terfs.

>a rapist tranny is just as likely to exist as a rapist cis girl
anon pls it’s a matter of biology. even the peaceful mtfs are statistically far more likely to rape and kill somebody than a cis woman

>> No.10651729

>how it's not indoctrination and not forcing anyone to do anything and how being trans isn't a choice,

You know children learn through mimic? When you tell or show them something, the way they understand it is to replicate it. When you're promoting a behaviour which is dangerous to replicate and we live in time where stopping your children from replicating that dangerous behaviour can actually have you seperated from your child by the state. I'm going to call complete fucking bullshit. It is pure indoctrination. Children are fucking stupid and don't understand long-term consequences because they just quite simply haven't lived long enough to experience what they are. When a child claims they want HRT because they claim to be transgender because it was shown in a positive light to them with lots of praise, attention and positive affirmation if you are transgender (which is basically the single motivating factor for children) and the state forcefully blocks parents from interferring, I will never accept transgenderism as anything more than a perversion and abuse.

Keep the fuck away from children and you can do as you please. So long as you keep attempting to indoctrinate children, I will absolutely oppose your entire existence no matter the rationale just to make your life a living hell. Evil people don't deserve to live.

>> No.10651731

Mtf repressor here.
Coming to this board always helps me repress. But when you talk shit about men and call us scrotes and shit, it really makes me wanna troon because I'm an idiot and really care about what others think about me.

On a different note I'm happy I'm gonna buy some boz soon

>> No.10651753

There's no need to feel bad or ashamed of your sex if you're a decent human being, treat others with respect and don't creep on anyone!
When we say we hate men or talk shit about them it's never /actually/ "all men", that should be common sense at this point.

>> No.10651762

I kinda know but I already hate being male and myself in general and this just adds on top of it.
Plus liking lolita and other girly stuff.
Should take a break from 4chan altogether probably

>> No.10651779

We don't like troons more than we don't like men.

Today you learned? It's more about the virtue signaling, creepy, crazy shit troons do. Ignoring the fact that yes, most men are hella creeper status in and around lolita. There's been SO many creeps at meets. It just really doesn't matter if you wear a dress or not, but I respect a dude more when he's not on the top of the mountain claiming to be a girl, meanwhile, not passing and needs to only be identified verbally.

>> No.10651782

Just to add on, they are coming into an all girl community (also the MOST feminine hobby) to be validated without passing. That's creeper status and fetishy.

>> No.10651786
File: 604 KB, 500x278, tennis.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you come here to talk about cosplay feels, but it's just femcels bitching about trannies

>> No.10651787

>You've never even talked to a tranny before, just admit it.
Bitch, I wish. You guys are fucking hideous and obnoxious. Touch some grass yourself before you tell people to touch grass.

>> No.10651788

I've been exercising and working out and think fairly soon my waist will be small enough to fit into some brand, but my tits are huge and I will literally never be able to wear brand with a 98cm chest. And I don't want to wear a binder that will give me a uniboob or get a breast reduction, plus size shit like lady sloth is so ugly too

>> No.10651795

To be honest I really get how you feel about trannies and men and stuff. I agree with it
Men need better role models and to learn how to not be creepy and rape-y. Alphas and betas and all that bs about being hypermasculine and "scoring chicks" and pick up artists and the patriarchy itself really made men horrible and I honestly feel it hurt me as a man, as much as it hurt women.
I detach myself from all of that, but what's left is a pretty bad experience where I don't feel normal and accepted. When I stare in the mirror and see that ugly moid face it makes me sick knowing there's such a discrepancy between how I feel and how I look. The first time I got a lolita dress it was sweet lolita from Bodyline and I cried for hours and had a severe mental breakdown and felt like a creepy fetishist so I at least switched to gothic and EGA and it feels less bad.
I'd admit it at this point, but I seriously get no sexual kick from wearing lolita. All that stuff about AGP doesn't apply to everyone.
Just gotta learn how to be male and take a break from all of this I guess. My avoidant personality disorder makes me wanna kms for just reading opinions on a troll forum

>> No.10651803

meanwhile i actually got a degree in stem and my company’s background check office is being a pain in the ass/threatening termination because somehow my transcripts didn’t get ported over there

i won’t actually get fired but still a pain in the ass. ngl i’m jealous and a little salty if you actually get to do technical stuff, with all of my credentials, certifications, and years of research i’m literally just making PowerPoint presentations for angry men. 6 figs at least, but fuck me

>> No.10651807

I always laugh at the trans and men who come here and whine about not fitting in. No one cares that I’m a guy who wears gothic but it helps that I’m gay and that’s obvious so women don’t think I’m trying to hit on them. Troons don’t fit in because somehow wearing clothes seems like a fetishize for them or an attempt to find some lover.

>> No.10651811
File: 93 KB, 640x960, tumblr_a561b5f9b8e5de309524245ad5426df8_e88079d8_640.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm better because I'm gay
>pick me
All jokes aside you're kinda right too. My cottagecore lesbian fantasies are making me feel physically ill about myself. So when I put on the dress my brain automatically goes to
>you're gross and a fetishist
>you have autogynephilia
>you're gonna get harshly judged by everyone
>it's not your birth right
>kys now

There's no solution I guess. I can't be gay so I gotta learn how to be a straight man and leave all this tranny shit behind once and for all.
Too bad therapy doesn't work cause they're incredibly eager to give you the pink pills. I guess Christian conversion indoctrination therapy is my best bet

>> No.10651816

>Alphas and betas and all that bs about being hypermasculine and "scoring chicks" and pick up artists and the patriarchy itself really made men horrible and I honestly feel it hurt me as a man, as much as it hurt women.

Honestly, I feel like it's the "sensi bois" or "soft bois" that more often are the weird ones. If we had hyper masculine charismatic guys flocking to lolita, all girls would be all over them because it's *not* creeper status. We are just really well aware of who is coming to be around girls because they are a degen / incel / sexless / abnormal

>> No.10651819

i am getting quite a few dealry wanted main peices in the mail soon and god i am just so fucking happy the secondhand market exists.

>> No.10651820

The soft boys' biggest issue is they flock to alphas and try to be like them, hence they become creepers. A soft boy simply can't have those characteristics and trying to have them only makes them terrible people. I tried that before and only managed to creep girls. It's when you embrace who you are and learn how to be yourself and confident in yourself that you lose the creeper status imho. Then again, you know better who's creepy and who isn't.
With my AvPD, trying to avoid the creeper status takes prime stage and paired with my crippling gender dysphoria I don't feel any different or more dangerous on the inside than the girls in those cottagecore lesbians fantasies. I'm openly passive and sensitive and don't try to be ~one of the cool boys~. It's when I look in that mirror that death starts to loom over me.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think "wow what a virtuous guy I am", it's the exact opposite.
Gotta learn how to be all I am, but also confident in being male and liking normal things. The charisma is somewhere in there, dormant. Back in my teenage years I was the opposite of a grass-eater incel male because it was perfectly socially acceptable for teenage boy to be emo, angsty and somewhat gender non conforming.

>> No.10651821

really if you don't have charisma, women are going to think you're creepy, period. almost all the girls in lolita are socially awkward as well, so you pair awkward girl and awkward guy and then there's some weird gap in communication that is not good. I'm not in the awkward category because I grew the fuck up from my original lolita phase and worked a big girl job for years, but realistically I'd prefer to protect other girls who can't speak for themselves when some weirdo is trying to creep with shit communication.

>> No.10651848

Lol what is this, 2003? No one cares about Lamborghini outside of Dubai

>> No.10651855

Hey anon, I'm not sure if this may help you as I know everyone's genetics are different, but I have lost a bit of weight, my waist got smaller and my boobs have gotten a little smaller too surprisingly. You might be able to get a slightly smaller bust size with some targeted exercises and a bit of dieting maybe.

>> No.10651856

Really happy for you!

>> No.10651858

Your argument is incredibly egotistical. Why would it matter who will remember you when you are dead? You're literally dead, doesn't matter whether you had 10 kids or none at all.

>> No.10651860

This, Tesla is where it's at

>> No.10651863

Tesla? What is this, 2015? I rolled my integra a couple times and the body still fits better than a brand new one.

>> No.10651864

I got my dream dress after 7 years of searching and my arms are too big for the holes. I'm not fat, I fit comfortably within the measurements online and didn't even consider that armholes of all things could be small. Guess it's JSKs only from now on.

>> No.10651865

Just get off 4chan and go to therapy (find a normal therapist, not a gender therapist) to improve your self esteem. Get out into the real world and do some IRL hobbies and I guarantee you'll feel better about your life.

>> No.10651866

I'll do my best anon, thank you.

>> No.10651869

ive lost like 10 lbs this month but my face is as chunky as ever

>> No.10651872

Stop throwing up to lose weight / starving yourself, then. Your lymph nodes will swell and you'll look fat, even if you aren't.

>> No.10651874

>It's when you embrace who you are and learn how to be yourself and confident in yourself that you lose the creeper status imho

>> No.10651875

I have about your size tits and a 27" waist, the only issue I have is with unshirred OPs because they ride up just enough to sit on the bottom of the ribcage. And if they're higher than the standard waistline, you may get boobloaf. But all shirred brand is no problem at all. When I lose weight I hope to fit into absolutely everything.

>> No.10651876

But if you're a creeper, as yourself, it's not gonna work out around us. :^)

>> No.10651878

I'm similar around the waist but around 95cm tits and it fucking sucks. Also being 173cm doesn't help either.

>> No.10651879

Oh, yeah I'm 157cm which helps a lot honestly. Things hang low enough.

>> No.10651880

Worse, I post on /cgl/

>> No.10651882

God bless Anon. I'm gonna lose some weight so it will help. I could stand to drop about 10-15lb.

>> No.10651884

Debatable. Just use your brain when socializing.

>> No.10651888

Damn.. why didn't I think of that..

>> No.10651914


>> No.10651943

You really have had some incredibly poor role models if you think the idea of hypermasculinity is "scoring chicks", Jesus Christ. Pick up artists are widely made fun of by men. The only people who watch them seriously are those who already have zero social skills. I think your own lack of social skills makes you unable to see irony and satire. This isn't an insult, but are you autistic?

>> No.10651944
File: 75 KB, 532x532, 28072019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>more people fawning over Teslas

You know they're unreliable pieces of shit right? They have a few party tricks but they're horrible to own and mostly worse for the environment despite what Elon 'The Autist' Musk will tell you

>t. electrical engineer

>> No.10651945

imagine being so dumb you believe the fake bs guys put on their "dating" profiles

keep getting pumped and dumped stupid

>> No.10651947

And your arguement boils down to "life is meaningless, kill yourself". It does matter. "Immortality is the best recollection one leaves." - Napoleon

Why do you think so many great people were so concerned with their legacy? It's their way of achieving immortaility which is the ultimate human goal.

You think when we figure out how to resurrect long dead people that anybody is going to want to resurrect a genetic dead end who accomplished nothing and God knows why anybody remembers you anyway. You will be forgotten and it will be as if you never existed.

>> No.10651952

Thanks anon. I think it's possible for me to lose a cm or so in the bust but my whole life even prior to weight gain, I've been pretty barrel chested. I will still be cute it just might not be in AP

>> No.10651987
File: 1.73 MB, 1683x937, desert.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lul dude in 100 years when gas runs out what are you going to do then? your car cant run on farts that's a different kind of gas chemistry yo. electric cars are the future. you can find electricity everywhere it's in nature (thunder). you wont ever be suck in the middle of nowhere cause you can just plug it into an outlet when you're low. and before you go "haha in the middle of nowhere like the desert" I made a pic that would fix that problem. if someone like me can come up with it a smart man like elon should could.

>> No.10651989

don't you mean lightning? Thunder is specifically the sound that happens when lightning strikes.

>> No.10651991
File: 7 KB, 182x276, 3t40798g.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can't tell if this is bait or not.

I'm not shitting on electric cars. I'm shitting on Tesla fanboys who think that a car that has three times as many faults per 100 vehicles than the industry average is worth anything more than a novelty toy for the rich. Coal is also the primary form of fuel for electricity production. Want to know what the most polutting fossil fuel is? Coal. Your Tesla might run on electricity but it's fueled by coal which is around 7-10 times more polluting in terms of particulates in the air and 2-3 times more polluting in terms of carbon release than oil. That is to say nothing of the massive amounts of environmental damage caused by the procurement of rare metals needed to build a Tesla compared to a normal car.If you truly want to be environmentally friendly, buy a 2nd hand petrol car.

>inb4 muh renewables
Renewables are fucking garbage at the moment. I should add I work in the power industry. Renewables cannot function with the reliability of a conventional fossil fuel generator because of our inability to store energy. Battery technology is very complex and dangerous when you're looking at storing and distributing huge amounts of charge. The best shot we have right now is nuclear for clean, consistent and reliable energy production but thanks to fear mongering from both the fossil fuel industry and environmentalists (weird fucking duo) nuclear doesn't even get discussed anymore despite in the 50s it was the golden child for the world's energy crisis.

I hate Tesla fanboys.

>> No.10652029

I was talking about how a lot of "alpha" or fake alpha men have this idea, and then the betas orbit around them to learn those "skills" and "techniques" which is so incredibly retarded it makes no sense.
And yes, those are terrible role models that I refuse to follow by any means.
I never learned how to be a man and be ok with it, paired with emotional abuse my whole life and getting bullied a lot as a kid for being sensitive and bad at sports, and this is probably the cause of all the tranny feels. Dad was never able to teach me how to be a man. And my mom tried to fulfill his role and she became smothering and abusive.
Gonna try to teach myself how to be a man at 26 now

>> No.10652031

thunder sounds cooler heh
that’s what the gas people want you to believe but think about it. lightning happens naturally like in nature. can’t be more organic and eco friendly than that. stop reading graphs and research made by other people and come up with your ideas.
what’s your end goal in wanting to be a man?

>> No.10652034

Dude, I don't know how we came out so different. I was abused by my dad and haven't spoken to him in 6 years, bullied in school and I was extremely bad at sports, not fat just have abnormally small feet and hands for my height. In my school we HAD to pick a sport club to join, I chose chess that's how bad I was. My mother was absent due to shift work.

My life's motto is "Don't be a pussy." Just repeat that when you second guess yourself or are anxious about something. Lift some weights, do a martial art, go fast in a car, learn survival skills. Doing stereotypically masculine things unironically helps because it gives epiphanies about what men are supposed to be.

>> No.10652039

>what’s your end goal in wanting to be a man?
First of all not wanting to become a life-long pharma addict eunuch. The choice was never between male and female. It's between male and eunuch.
And second of all getting self-confidence and be able to touch a woman without my first emotion being envy. Not even sex is enjoyable for me, despite liking women. I keep obsessing over being her.
Last weekend I got mythologically drunk and hooked up with a club girl. Halfway through touching her on my couch I got up, smoked a cigarette and went to my bedroom to sleep alone. It was mostly a "I hate casual sex" thing but also feeling more envy than pleasure.

I'll try but I never enjoyed anything like that.

>> No.10652060

Almost seems like you just think women have it easier than guys or something, and envy that. trust me, being a woman is not all fun and games no matter what incels will tell you. I have no idea what it is like to be a man, but I assume both come with challenges, and it is up to us to learn how to be content with what we were given, and better ourselves. You can be sensitive and be a man.

>> No.10652066

Sometimes I do think that girls have it easier, but I realize it's all a lie, especially when I talk to my girl friends about life and even love and stuff. It doesn't seem amazing at all, but given the choice to become a biological woman I would not hesitate at all. Trooning is a big lie and a big cope though.
It's just don't feel like a normal man. That "woman trapped in a man's body" thing, while extremely autistic, describes how I feel pretty well.
And yeah, you're right, men can be sensitive and even like "that gay shit" too. It doesn't make them less of a man.
I think I just have to accept being a man, work with what I have aesthetic-wise and stop with the envy. I can probably be hot as a man even with bangs and a body hair removal and skin-care obsession.

>> No.10652068

Don't be so self-conscious. Live in the moment. Become aware of your senses and focus on them. Stop living in your head, live in your body, your body lives in the world.

>> No.10652142

There’s no right or wrong way to be a man, you were born a man and therefore you’re already being a “real” man. Just spend less time on the internet and pick up some hobbies in the real world like hiking, martial arts, beekeeping, whatever. You’ll meet lots of different types of men and women. If you’re already unhappy with yourself now you won’t be any happier if you chop your dick off and swallow horse piss pills. If your current lifestyle is making you unhappy take steps to change it instead of seeking out groups online that perpetuate negativity.

There’s no such thing as “feeling like a woman”. If you weren’t born a woman you have no idea how women feel or what it’s like to be a woman. Men can do any hobby they want to, even skincare or makeup. Liking “feminine” things doesn’t make you a woman, it just makes you a man who likes those things.

>> No.10652384

my picnic bunny by infanta OP is finally coming!! im so relieved. i thought it was lost, since it's about 2 weeks late, but it arrived at a shipment place near me. fingers crossed it's here in the next couple days!

>> No.10652391


For fuck's sake, please go to an actual therapist instead of getting advice from 4chan.

>> No.10652395
File: 123 KB, 630x420, BFFE30CC-DB1C-4D17-AC85-72195D627D06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So, a real man does… whatever the fuck he wants. Strength is knowing that emotions and showing them aren’t bad is weak. Strength and true masculinity is knowing, confidently, that you, yourself are enough, as long as you try not to hurt others and you try to improve yourself.

Hot take: alpha, beta, sigma makes is just astrology for dudes.

If that framework helps you be a better, more confident person, cool, use it. But if it’s stressing you out and making things worse, then don’t. Just like astrology for women.

A real man, and a real woman… they do whatever they want as long as you don’t hurt others. That’s saying you are sorry if you fuck up. It’s saying that you need support. It’s telling the homies that they have beautiful eyes. Its saying you don’t know something but you’ll learn. It’s respect towards yourself and nature. It’s radical self love and improvement.

I’ve never ever disrespected or thought poorly of someone with this mindset. And I’ve seen incels, self harmers, autistics, bitches, assholes, pathological liars, anger issues, addicts, crazies, and people who hate themselves get on this path. Every single one that learned to love themselves first are happy and strong as hell people.

You’re enough, by yourself. Not one of you is worthless or weak. You can always improve… we all can… but your souls are lovely. I know it’s fucking cheesy but it’s true

>> No.10652617

>Hot take: alpha, beta, sigma makes is just astrology for dudes.


>> No.10652618

Theres literally no such thing as "alpha males", scientists have debunked it a long time ago

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