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new kitties ed.

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Fucking UPS did me dirty and claimed they couldn't deliver my package today because there was no "receiver." Newsflash: I was right by my door the whole time, never saw a truck, and the package doesn't have to be signed for.
Why do postal companies lie? Give me my shit I paid top dollar international shipping for. Now I have to wait until fucking Monday.

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UPS is absolutely the worst offender out of the American carriers.

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18-24 are really the peak years of your life in general. Your life is basically over when you turn 25. Knowing you wasted all the opportunities you once had, and that now those doors are forever closed to you, is a tough pill to swallow. Now I know why so many people kill themselves in the 25-35 age bracket. Where's my fucking time machine? I wish I could do college over again now that I'm not a retard with severe anxiety. Fuck this, I don't want to be a boomer.

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I’ve been eating a lot of fruits and yogurt lately and my lady parts are starting to smell vaguely like tart fruit. I thought it was a meme. How much $ could I get for selling my vaguely fruity vag sweat bloomers?

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How do we deal with the incel problem?
Maybe ban singles from cons?

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Just ban moids. They’re useless anyway.

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>tfw an incel stare rapes you

Literally shaking


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these bitches aint even that hot i straight up dont believe them

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I actually kind of want a scrote to openly harass me, so that I can make a scene and get him in trouble. Too many people get away with brazenly approaching cosplayers, I'm willing to take one for the team to get one of these losers arrested by con security.

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Creepy men that feel entitled to women's attention and time are not exclusively singles. Last con I was at an older guy who was there with his wife kept trying to talk to me when we were in line. It was a deeply traumatic event and gave me PTSD. The only solution is to ban all scrotes for good. Either that or ducktape their mouths shut so they learn not to speak to people who don't want to be spoken to.

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I just realized that this weekend is the 8th anniversary of breaking up with my extremely abusive ex, which means it's been more than 8 years since I last dated or had sex. I wish I could go back to who I was before that relationship, but I'm 35 this year so I guess it'd be too late anyway.

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Life isn't over till you're dead stop being a pussy

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Nobody would ever harass your ugly fat ass though

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In general I've actually had good experiences with them, but every now and then, they really screw it up.
I have a feeling that they didn't even try to deliver it and just saw the apartment office was closed and drove away (even though it's all completely open and ungated and they've left packages at my door 100x in the past). It wouldn't be so bad if I could just get it tomorrow. But nope. My large urban area doesn't get Saturday delivery. I'm so tired and mad.

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Of the national ones I definitely agree. The worst I've ever experienced was OnTrac though, those fucks would write up a "we missed you" note before even knocking and then slap it on the door and fuck off, one time I was waiting for an important package at my computer like 15 feet from the front door and in the time it took me from hearing the knock to opening the door, maybe 30 seconds, the guy was already gone and I had to run out to the parking lot and catch him before he drove off.

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Your life is only over if you wasted those years. People that went out, partied, had lots of sex and relationships, and enjoyed life during those years have no problem settling down afterwards and are perfectly happy with their lives. What really concerns you is missing out on important milestones that you can't go back and get. That's not a matter of you getting older though, it's a matter of you being a fucking loser. You want to kill yourself because you're a pathetic incel virgin loser, not because you're old. If you had lived the normie up until this point, you would feel satisfied with your youth. You are a failed human, and when you die, no one will mourn you. I, for one, find great amusement out of reading pathetic posts lie yours. It feels good to know how much better I am than them.

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Not that poster but normies lives are boring and empty from my perspective anyway, I've always preferred the company of aspies like me.
I was blessed to have close friends who were a lot like me and we made a lot of memories through the years.
My life didn't involve much sex or romantic relationships at allbut at 27 I don't regret it too much.
I would like to settle down and have a family some day, and there's no reason to think that's impossible.

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Sounds like cope to me LOL

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Good for you, how has your life been?

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Please don't discriminate against asexuals like this.

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I swear I've heard postal employees say that taking packages back actually causes them more trouble than taking the extra time to deliver them. I wish companies would just give them more time to make deliveries instead of stressing everyone out over time.

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>18-24 are really the peak years of your life in general. Your life is basically over when you turn 25
In my case, my "peak years" were destined to be horrible, due to genes that I have, the circumstances of my life, and other factors. God dealt me a bad life in general. I'm not attached to my current life at all, I would very much like it if I died this instance, but the only thing preventing me from killing myself is the guilt I feel at the thought of making my family guilty.
What's the point of me living if I'll never be happy in my current life? I don't think me being alive is inherently worthwhile in and of itself.

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Not that anon but you definitely don't have to be some virgin incel to regret your 20s. I spent most of my 20s in one serious relationship and I still feel like I wasted that time. I missed out on a lot of experiences that other people had and ended up really unprepared to be back in single life once the relationship ended, dating at 30 is really different from dating at 22 and I never managed to make up for all of those years of lost practice. I also really regret pursuing the wrong career in those years and not just going for the one I've always really wanted instead.

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See a therapist my guy

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>18-24 are really the peak years of your life in general. Your life is basically over when you turn 25
In my case, my "peak years" were destined to be horrible, due to genes that I have, the circumstances of my life, and other factors. God dealt me a bad life in general. I'm not attached to my current life at all, I would very much like it if I died this instance, but the only thing preventing me from killing myself is the guilt I feel at the thought of making my family suffer from me killing msyelf.
What's the point of me living if I'll never be happy in my current life? I don't think me being alive is inherently worthwhile in and of itself

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I deleted the post because of a typo. I don't think I therapist would do anything to help me, at best they would tell me ways I can cope with my horrible life, but they can't affect worthwhile changes in my life, only God could do that, and he seeme content to let me suffer, he gave me my horrible life in the first place.

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Coping is the first step to making real change despite how much of a meme word "cope" has become
I highly recommend you seek professional help

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if one therapist doesnt work, you should try another. i used to have one that would yawn whenever i spoke, so i got rid of his ass and my next one was much better. like what's the point of giving up. that lets the shitheads win. there are things in life worth living for but you gotta fight for them and find them. you have to take the reigns of your life and make change for yourself. nobody is going to hand it to you

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Thank you for your concern. But I've got too many problems in my life, maybe I could have lived despite them if I only had one of them at once, but all together they make me certain that my life isn't worth me living. What's the point of me trying to live as many years as possible? What do I even live for? What's the endgoal? If it's happiness then I'm certain I'll never reach it in my current life. The only purpose that my life could have is to prevent my family from being sad at my death. So for now I continue to live miserably, wishing that I would die from disease or an accident, but I could possibly live for decades more, and I really don't want to do that.

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>like what's the point of giving up
>there are things in life worth living for
I can't achieve these things, if I could then maybe I could bare some of the suffering, but I've given up because I'm certain I'll never be happy in my current life, so I don't see the point in trying to live longer.

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Can you whiny losers shut the fuck up?

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Asexuality is not real. You are either a lesbian in denial (if female) or a coping incel in denial (if male).

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Just hide the thread if you don't like it you spastic

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What exactly is your condition that is stopping you from getting to where you want to be?

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I feel like where I live has been so lucky compared to the rest of the world in terms of COVID, but my city just got locked down and I still have to go into work next week because I can’t work from home fml.

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nta but the threads usually aren't depression and suicide-filled like this.

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Different anon but shit, I really wish I could do this. I have issues that don't affect my professional life at all but really fuck me up for relationships and sex (mostly trust and body image stuff) but unfortunately I'm in a career where getting diagnosed with any sort of depression, anxiety, PTSD, or anything like that would mean losing my license and therefore being completely fucked. I fucking hate the government sometimes.

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Maybe if you're a complete and utter loser

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Based anon.

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>It was a deeply traumatic event and gave me PTSD.

Please tell me you're trolling or grow the fuck up

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Are you in the medical field by chance? Shits kinda fucked there.

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Scrotes give themselves away so easily. You have no idea what us women have to go through every day.

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No, I'm a pilot, commercial but not airline.

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ayrt, yeah i understand that. maybe you can find an online therapist or some shit? my job is incredibly rigid as well because i work in a long term care home, so i can understand of being afraid of putting yourself in the spotlight per se. i just wish you luck!!! i think the beautiful things in life are worth fighting for and it's sad to give up completely. we can only try our best

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Yeah I've thought about that. I just wish I didn't have to be all sneaky about this shit at all, my problems are limited to very specific situations (sexual ones) and don't affect me in the cockpit at all so it's dumb that it matters at all.

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can I get a free plane ride

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Shut the fuck up I was literally born with a vagina
Stop crying over ever man thing that utters a single word to you

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Heh I wish I could do shit like that, can't wait until I'm making enough money to afford my own plane. Right now I only get to fly company planes on company jobs, I really miss the days when I was building time for my commercial license and could justify renting planes to fly all over the place because I needed the flight hours anyway. One of the things I've been dreaming of for years is being able to fly myself and friends to cons all over the country, but I can't do that until I've got my own plane since most rental companies will only let you keep the plane for one night at most and I'd need it for 4-6 to really do a con decently.

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wait....you think you have PTSD because some old man spoke to you???
be silent ethot you don't know what actual trauma is
you're giving women who actually get harassed and assaulted a bad name

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>Uses e girl asuka.jpeg
Tell me you're toxic and probably bipolar without telling me your toxic and crazy

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>he said on 4channel.org
Yeah I'm sure you're completely happy and well adjusted kek
Notice how this anon didn't respond to >>10638149

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I have finally looked into starting a neocities blog and oh god it's the most perfect thing for me I can imagine. When I was a teenager I was into a hobby that involved html coding and blogging and I have really missed those things. I'm so excited to combine them with lolita. My skills are rusty af and logic is not my best asset so it will take some time to set up but the nostalgia is real. The few sites I checked are so cool and I love the individuality the sites display. Can't wait to fully dive into it. I feel like it's exactly what I have been missing in lolita community.

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Have fun anon I hope it proves to be the outlet you were looking for!
I really love reading lolita blogs especially on neocities so I hope yours goes well.

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if it weren't for the, like, ten people on here that want to wholeheartedly discuss cosplay and fashion and answer questions in threads istg i'd never come back here. You are all so dumb. You eat bait like it has negative calories and tastes like frosting. You're all petty and mean for dumb reasons and you're absolute hypocrites about it at the same time. Anyway...

I'm finding myself going for cosplays with pick a lot, for someone who doesn't generally wear the color. Since cosplay pieces tend to hang around in my wardrobe and get cycled into my daily wardrobe it's doubly weird because these ones just get skipped over and never worn again outside of cons or halloween.

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flying sounds fun. do you pilot yourself or do you have a co pilot that goes with you on the job? gl on getting yourself a plane

>> No.10638381

>I'm finding myself going for cosplays with pick

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package with my new op got delayed, not gonna be able to twin with friend that's visiting from pretty much across the country. rip

>> No.10638385

have fun anon!

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pink* gdi
got so salty i couldnt spell

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Nice. One of my dreams is to buy my own F-104. Probably not gonna happen and I might be yet another victim of the Aluminum Death Tube, as Canadian pilots called it, if I did manage to get one.

Anyways, it's absolutely worthwhile to go to therapy. I was completely unable to date or anything like that, because I literally used to unconsciously associate sex with death due to childhood abuse. I would blank out and forget where I was, why I was there, what day it was for an instant sometimes if I tried to talk to girls. My screwed up brain thought affection and attention from women was some kind of ploy to manipulate me into a position in which I could not defend myself and then hurt and exploit me. That might sound ridiculous, but it's the truth. You probably have your own thought processes and defense mechanisms that make sense to you, but are silly to others. It can be very difficult and time consuming to unpack. Therapy can be tremendously helpful in doing so, as are some other things, like keeping a journal, painting, or something else that helps you creatively express your thoughts. As far as whether or not you can really have hope, I'll say the following. I went from thinking women were hostile and might even try to kill me if I let them in, to now getting a date every weekend when I try. Keep your chin up and don't lose heart. Things can really get better.

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if one of the kitten is by itself and crying does it mean that the mom cat left it?

>> No.10638444

Can't wait to see your site! Don't worry about your rusty skills, lots of people on there are just learning.

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I have this adorable egl dress. but i look 16 when i put it on, somehow. And i verified this with a few ppl.while I can pull it off… I’d likely only wear it when I’m out with my man or same age friends. My guy is very handsome but looks every bit his 30 years of age ;_;
I really dont want to get weird looks like that kind of weird look, so i’m selling her :(
i really wish i had her 10 years ago

>> No.10638455

you look 16? keep it! Wear it with other lolitas so you look more mature in context. Or wear it with your female friends. No creepy looks then. At least none of the sort you're expecting

>> No.10638474

I have an irrational hatred of grosgrain ribbon.

>> No.10638475

Shit taste desu

>> No.10638476

How do I learn to love it?

>> No.10638488

I don't hate grosgrain but I don't like it either. It's very plain.

>> No.10638491

Solo right now, flying boxes around in decrepit turboprop shitboxes. Hopefully I'll be moving to bigger and better planes soon and I'll be the copilot for the first few years.

104s were cool planes, I actually grew up not that far from where they were built and there's one mounted on a pole in a park I used to drive past all the time.

It's kinda hard to explain my dating etc. problems. As long as I can remember I've always been surrounded by unreliable irresponsible people (including my parents) and I've always had to be the one who un-fucks everybody else's shit for them and keeps them out of trouble and it's turned me into an overly serious uptight worrywart who can never relax or let my guard down, especially out of fear of making somebody else have to assume the responsibility of doing for me what I've had to do for all of these other people. Add to that a bunch of bad sex/relationship experiences, including one abusive LTR I spent way too long in, that have really undermined my confidence in myself as it relates to dating or whatever, and it's made me really internalize the idea that all I'm good for is supporting other people and I shouldn't even bother trying to do anything to make myself happy 'cause I'll just end up being hurt or humiliated.

>> No.10638528

Maybe someone called them cringe

>> No.10638569

A LOT of people have lost a year courtesy of covid
give em a break ffs

>> No.10638600

I’m a recovering ana chan but I’m scared of continuing to wear lolita through recovery because I physically feel too gross to put on coords anymore ugh

>> No.10638608

i'm male, 4'11", balding, indian, have schizophrenia, schizoid personality disorder, BPD, ADP, BDD, KML, Klinefelter's, paranoia, type 1, 2, and 3 diabetes, multiple personality disorder, single personality disorder, depression, major depression, seasonal depression, low-functioning autism, aspergers, a 31 BMI, i hate women, i hate men, i hate animals, i'm vegan, i'm racist, and you WILL DATE ME.

>> No.10638614

What the fuck is this even supposed to mean
Learn how to be funny before making another incoherent post like this

>> No.10638667

that's ok, one step at a time. you can focus on wearing lolita later. don't push yourself to a breaking point.

>> No.10638692

this. fuck the FAA and fuck Transport Canada. I want to get my CPL but I'd either have to go without meds or risk getting found out and losing my license.

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I'm gonna be going to my first con next week or so, any advice? I've already practised my Junko posing.

>> No.10638819

Probably. Is it outside?

>> No.10638821

Sorry but that's stupid

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I found it’s mama. I think she forgot about it after moving the other 3 kittens. wasted $30 on milk replacer and a bottle for nuthin

>> No.10638974

I fell off the wagon and binged a bunch of stupid escapist fantasy anime for the first time in like four years and now I'm incredibly depressed about how much the real world sucks and how I can never be as happy as I feel like I'd be in the 2D world surrounded by the sorts of people who populate these shows.

>> No.10638986

my mom is a lolita and i grew up around the fashion. my dad always berated her for it, but he berated her for everything. i’m her son and sometimes she lets me dress up with her and we go out but i don’t take part in communities because i don’t want to be associated with fetishists, though i usually wear ouji instead. i don’t know i just wanted to say that somewhere and i don’t know if my mom uses cgl but if she does and she sees this, thank you for letting me dress up with you sometimes, i love you mom

>> No.10638989

Poor kitty, what will you do about it?

>> No.10639010

I started crying when I watched Eden of the East, seeing Takizawa and Saki going on a "not" date showed me how badly I wanted something like that

>> No.10639012

USPS will forever be on my shit list. They had my order on their shelf in my city for a whole month, the ONLY reason i got it was because I called them and sat on hold for over an hour to talk to someone to go take it off their shelf. Would they have just tossed it had I not called?

>> No.10639016

I brought it to the mom cat and she eventually dragged it off to the new nest with its siblings. low key wanted to keep it but I have a little angry doggo that doesn't get along with anything

>> No.10639022

I haven't watched EotE but yeah, anime relationships really make my heart ache too. I watched this stupid anime yesterday where the main guy was some demon lord guy that was really strong and confident but he was really sweet, supportive, and gentle to the main girl, who really needed it, and damn I wish I could have something like that in real life, but instead I always just end up with people who want me to be way more rough and aggressive than I'm cut out for being or who take advantage of my gentle nature and turn it abusive.

>> No.10639047

This is sweet but like
You're obviously far too young to be here

>> No.10639071

it is possible to be 18 if his mom has been a lolita since the early days. I have been a lolita since 2003

>> No.10639076

Yeah, I've been in the con scene since 2001 and I knew lolitas all the way back then, some of whom were theoretically old enough to have kids. If anon is 18 and his mom was 18 when she had him she'd only be 36 now.

Also, holy shit, if she's been into it that long she's probably into gothic, and that makes anon a teenage guy with a young gothic lolita mom, which is one of the most anime plot things I've ever heard in my life.

>> No.10639114

I hate being the race and nationality that I am, I hate being ugly, I hate being mentally ill(OCD). I hate being from a third-world shithole with a horrible culture, I'll never fit in anywhere nor have a place I feel like I belong in, nor be able to have close friends. Because I'm ugly I'll never have a romantic relationship, and because of my horrible genes, I'll never have children because I do not want them to be the same inferior race that I am. I happy married life raising my children with my partner is impossible for me in my current life. Even if by some miracle I got into a romantic relationship, it would be ruined when my partner and I start having sex because my genitals are mutilated, sex would be unenjoyable and disappointing for me and them, even masturbating is unenjoyable for me, I can't even experience normal sexual pleasure because my genitals were mutilated when I was a toddler.

I've got nothing to live for and no hope for the future, I'm certain my life will keep on getting worse, and there's little I can do do prevent that. I'll never be happy in my current life.

>> No.10639150

So...you're a nonwhite circumcised male boohooing and blaming your race for your ugliness or inability to find a partner?

The only sympathetic thing is that you're in a 3rd world place which is like really unfortunate and I'm sorry you weren't born somewhere easier to live. And the circumcision is also unfortunate and not cool considering if it was medically neccesary it would have been done sooner to being born I'm guessing, really sucks that in some places circumcision is considered standard but if you're in a 3rd world shithole you have worse problems than "PP not as sensitive"

>> No.10639195

>blaming your race for your ugliness or inability to find a partner?
Yes. My ugliness is the result of the genes I have because of my race. I won't ever not be ugly with this body I have. I've visited first world countries before, and it is theoretically possible for me to legally move to a better country to live in, but I would feel just as out of place in that other country as I do where I am.

I don't share the culture of the third world shithole I'm from, I don't practice their specific religion which is a central component of their lives, I hate hearing the language they speak, which isn't the language I know the best(that language is English), and am generally disgusted by their third-world culture(in which genital mutilation of children is rampant). And if I move to a first world, I'd also feel out of place, I might be more culturally similar to people there, but I would still be a foreigner, and I would be racially different from them. Even though the people there would be friendly to me, I wouldn't completely fit in, I wouldn't have the childhood and adolescence in that country and culture which the people there experienced. What I'm getting at is that I don't feel like I belong anywhere in this world. I'll always be too different, even though one of the things I desire most is a place where I feel like I belong with people there.

>> No.10639263

them dang commiefornians ruined their state so now they’re coming to good o’ texas like parasites.

>> No.10639286


>> No.10639291

>good o’ texas
>not dang ol'

>> No.10639329

This might sound dumb but ever since some anon is spamming every thread with how they sold their socks with fungus on them I am scared to even touch some used socks I just bought. I only got them because they were included with other things and they looked very lightly used but now idk. Boiling them will completely ruin the elastic so idk if I will ever wear then and I happened to like them so I’m kinda sad about it

>> No.10639332

literally just wash them, omg. lol

>> No.10639334

Literally just washing them doesn’t kill fungus. Omg

>> No.10639335

I aint no good o' larper. we dont talk like that around these parts. I said what I said like a good o' texan soup

>> No.10639337

Nayrt but I do like guys who are mean to everyone but me, makes me feel special

>> No.10639338

I was going to call you a weirdo but one of my happiest memories is when my high school bf hotwired a car to take me to a Korn concert

>> No.10639339

Meant to reply to

>> No.10639341

I am pretty sure I am being extremely autistic and way overthinking one of my current cosplay projects but I just want to get it right y'know

>> No.10639343

Oo what is it

>> No.10639344

It's not even a complex one, and I'd rather not name the character due to extreme obscurity, but I just want to push the realism and it keeps unfolding into way more complex of a project than I expected

>> No.10639345

too late there's no taksies backsies here I'm taking the compliment

>> No.10639346

>extreme obscurity
Now I want to know even more!

>> No.10639350

as long as you're enjoying it, there's no reason to hurry

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My bf gives this vtuber thot $1000 a month. Is this a read flag?

>> No.10639412

How much of his monthly income is that

>> No.10639413

If it’s that shark girl then it’s okay otherwise dump his ass

>> No.10639415

Is this bait?

>> No.10639420

That you can’t tell it’s bait is concerning, lol

>> No.10639421


>> No.10639426

Doesn't matter how much they earn, a partner spending that much monthly on a para-social relationship instead of saving the money or investing in a hobby is a huge red flag.

They are heavily spending on someone they have an imagined connection with and they prefer spending on that fantasy over any real self investment let alone in your partnership.

tldr, homeboy likely doesn't care much about himself or you in the long run.

>> No.10639430 [DELETED] 

No it’s completely normal :)

>> No.10639441

What, you're concerned you'll lose your job at the local gay brothel?

>> No.10639460

It better be that polar bear

>> No.10639463


>> No.10639473

>guys who are mean to everyone but their gf
Those guys are horrible, and you're probably attracted to bullies.

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i'm going to a convention this december with my friends and i'm really excited since it's a con i love going to, but it's the closest convention to my rural hometown and the guy who sexually abused me 5 years ago has gone to the con and could easily be attending again

i was super anxious about this the last time i went in 2019 and i didn't see him there, but i'm still really nervous and keep having nightmares about seeing him in public. has anyone else had an experience about being scared to see someone they have bad experiences with at a con or do i just sound like a total schizo?

>> No.10639482 [DELETED] 

This is called PTSD anon, you’re not a schizo. It’s common altering being sexually abused/assaulted

>> No.10639493

If they're sweet and gentle with me, what do I care?

>> No.10639514

what’s a job?

man tiktok is funny af. first there was the crusade against white egirls with asian fishing makeup now they’re in fighting saying east asians have ea privilege. lolitas should be the next target. pedo baiting cultural appropriation clothes that fetishize the submissiveness of asian women etc

>> No.10639540


>> No.10639541

>Being this stupid and unable to realize that someone who treats everyone badly is more than likely going to start treating you that way after the honeymoon phase is over

>> No.10639551

You should feel empathy for the people your hypthetical mean boyfriend is mean to.

>> No.10639562

i’ve had it suggested that i probably do have PTSD but i just haven’t had the time or motivation to seek professional help - honestly i’m just hoping that i’m overreacting and he isn’t there at all

the last time we spoke (most likely 2018) he was extremely nice - i think he may have been overcompensating for what he’s done, but it makes me feel even more uneasy. like he’s trying to lull me into a false sense of security almost? once again, i could easily be overthinking it but he’s definitely done something similar in the past to coerce me to do things he wanted

>> No.10639636

People who are actually happy with their lives don't become 4chan trolls.

>> No.10639641

Soup they already do that lol

>> No.10639663

You didn't miss but I wish you did

>> No.10639677

PULL is dead, KF is getting stressed, I need drama!

>> No.10639682

exceptionally based soup
Other good options are the moth

>> No.10639685

Unless you're loaded it's retarded to give the most popular well off streamers so much money, especially HoloLive when the company takes a cut too, better to give a smaller one you like the money. But also simping for anyone online when it's clear they don't need the money or are doing well financially is a bit wasteful if you don't have fuck you money.

>> No.10639750

>bf stopped taking his Adderall and calls every habit he's relapsed into "sigma grindset"
Im at my limit this time. I'm sick of picking up his empty monsters and him jumping out of bed to get his phone to google word definitions he forgot and absolutely has to know.

>> No.10639753

After a bad year of binge eating to cope with everything going on, I finally got hold of a decent therapist and started healthy eating habits. I'm already around 15 lbs down and I'm starting to gfit more of my wardrobe again. I even ordered a new piece, first time in almost a year. It's so good to be back!

>> No.10639790

My on and off shopping addiction has started up again. I was doing so well. Looking for a new job, editing my D&D's podcast, even started to work out.

Now I blew money I had no business spending on lolita and weeb shit when I should be saving for a new apartment.

Why does my life feel so empty that I need to fill it with adrenaline rushes, followed by disgust with myself,
and then stocking my place useless junk?

>> No.10639792

I hate to be the one who brings up weight stuff in the feels thread but... It's my first time that I've cared. I recently moved out and bought my own scale. When I first tried it out I was at 78 kg. Today I noticed visible veins on my thighs. Today the scale said 80. It's technically only two kilos, but this just proves that I can't cook as healthy food as my mom, that I'm developing bad habits and that living alone is slowly building me up so far... I'll try to be better.

>> No.10639798

I miss when I only weighed that much

>> No.10639799

It could be a lot worse. Take a step back. Those complaints are definitely from being around each other too much.

>> No.10639800

Lol. I'm in a similar boat, but with a job and I just bought a house. I need to cut this needless spending on Lolita since I have a house to worry about. It doesn't help that I basically like a lot of sub genres in lolita. Fuck. I'll clean my closet soon lmao. I suggest you do the same especially if you have other things to worry about

>> No.10639811

if i were you i would give him an ultimatum because it’s not worth your sanity to watch him self destruct for what? being a “sigma male”?? i have to laugh
congrats anon!! i’ve been working out more and eating more seafood to curb my salty food cravings so i’ll be my goal weight by my next con so i’m with you there!
what piece did you get?
i agree with second anon - doing closet cleans are really satisfying and it may help you recuperate for at least some of the money you might have lost while impulse shopping

>> No.10639841

Strong agree
Some people view it as paying for the entertainment/fun though, which is fair, but I would sincerely hope they're not dumb enough to donate more than $5.
I simped for winning son after he did a call out to english fans after his jump king stream, I felt very moved. You already support vtubers by watching their shit though so

>> No.10639843

Just eat less

Are you sure he isn't shitposting? Is he self-medicating or do they actually have the itsm?

>> No.10639844 [DELETED] 

Your BF is based. Stop being ableist

>> No.10639863
File: 424 KB, 500x527, rusty spotted cat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>lowballed someone on a dress
>they actually accepted it

Anon, can you try eating twice a day? Also I find if I try new recipes it can make cooking fun, so maybe look for a cookbook of easy low calorie dinners?

>> No.10639872
File: 14 KB, 163x150, yeah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>discover and fall in love with a dress
>it was an event-exclusive from years ago that I will literally never ever be able to get

>> No.10639879
File: 63 KB, 1024x1005, 1612127780740.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thank you for your advice! I've already planned cooking more and better, as my mom did etc. Furthermore I think I can get on the right track with the basics such as portion control, a'la >>10639843 's advice. I've lurked these threads enough to get a simple grasp on the whole eat less, eat better, move more, don't be dumb regime. I can honestly only blame myself as my bachelorette living has been more dumb, in more ways than one... Woe is me, actually noticing the consequences of my actions.

>> No.10639889

You seem like you have a good plan together, I believe in you! Don't give in to temptation like I do...

>> No.10639893

Do you set savings goals? Do you keep most of your money in difficult to access accounts? Do you take time - even an hour or two - to consider something before purchasing?

Since I started doing this my impulse purchases have gone way down and my closet cleaning has gone way up. Honestly I used to feel a lot of anxiety about letting go of things even if I didn't wear them. Now my idiot monkey brain is more motivated by seeing money graph go up rather than owning more useless junk that I have to dust or clean

>> No.10639920

I posted a pic of myself wearing a black oldschool meta babydoll dress that went below my knee. and my idiot friend commented that i look like a cute schoolgirl. Um… In what fucking world, like ever???
i actually panicked that maybe i did look like a cosplay schoolgirl. but my friend is just an idiot who doesn’t know anything about jfash.

>> No.10639961

Stocking your freezer with homemade heat-and-eat items is a good way to avoid giving into fastfood after a bad day. Dumplings are a good choice imo since you can make a ton in one day and just boil or steam a few at a time for a meal

>> No.10639978

I'm so lonely.

>> No.10639979

I hope you find someone you can really relate to.

>> No.10639985

hi so lonely. I’m soup

>> No.10639991

Don't fuck up
Best of luck

>> No.10639995

Yeah I know the feeling. I just don't feel like I belong anywhere anymore, like I'm stuck in the middle of everything while everybody else has gone to extremes. I'm too normal for the weird people but too weird for the normal people, too conservative for the liberals but too liberal for the conservatives, too serious and goal-oriented to be around people who are happy to just throw their lives away but not successful enough to be around people who weren't, and so on.
Cons used to be my one place to belong but I feel like I've been totally displaced from them, I used to be able to balance day and night life at cons and find other people who were like me but now everybody's either super serious business official events and cosplay only, or they're complete party animals who sleep all day and then spend all night blackout drunk, lying around in a stoned haze, or out of their minds on harder drugs.
Even the people I was friends with for years have kinda drifted away, either they're still stuck in an early 20s mentality that I can't keep up with anymore or they've moved on and gotten married and don't have any time for a single loser like me.

>> No.10639999
File: 1000 KB, 418x480, 1558500461443.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone pls,or should i make a separate thread for this?

>> No.10640022

Have you considered just killing yourself?

>> No.10640025

I dunno it sounds like you should commit suicide. It's over for you.

>> No.10640054

Go to the help thread you mong

>> No.10640072

After 2 years since starting to buy lolita fashion and about 1 year of wearing it out every day (or every time I go outside my house) I’m already so fucking tired of “little bo peep” “oh that’s that cosplay thing right” *takes picture and video while looking directly at me without asking* god I wish normies would fuck off

>> No.10640075

Can I interest you in the word of our lord classic?

>> No.10640091

Don't eat anything that gives you gas.

>> No.10640092

Ignore this man and give me a whiff

>> No.10640151

>eating caloric deficit for a week
>Stomach stretch marks are still getting worse

>> No.10640182

Nayrt but I like hearing the dealers room gasp and cry actually.

>> No.10640204

I used to hate grosgrain too because I associated it with cheap children's accessories and cheerleading bows. My opinion of it changed when I saw an AP headbow made of grosgrain in person. Now I like it in the context of lolita and nothing else. Lolita brand grosgrain is much higher quality than the grosgrain you might be familiar with. Of course if you've seen lolita grosgrain and still hate it I can't help you lmao

>> No.10640205

Lol why do you all have autism? Is this website exclusively for weirdos, or something?

>> No.10640209

I seriously empathize with being the over-functioner and having to fill in and pick up slack for the people around you. It's made me an uptight worrywart too, and I am very careful with the people I let get close to me. I seriously cannot overstate the benefits I have gotten from therapy. I know you've internalized this sense of only being good as a support person for others, and that's going to take a long time to work through, but I really hope you can at least get over the initial hurdle of accepting that you're just as worthy of a fulfilled life as the people you help. Rooting for you, nonnie.

>> No.10640232

>normie mom got me michael kors bag for my bday
>going to sell that shit for delicious burando
it's not even nice, it's a dark grey metallic clutch. she could have atleast bought me a more feminine looking one...

>> No.10640264 [DELETED] 

Michael Kors is shit and you’ll probably get like $30 for it

>> No.10640267

How new are you to 4chan in general

>> No.10640268

Before developing good taste I liked Michael Kors and you’re right. There’s is like 0 secondhand market for it. Good luck selling it anon. Maybe the best place to try is poshmark though? It’s full of 40 somethings with more money than taste

>> No.10640352 [DELETED] 

I bought an item from a seller that was supposedly badly stained but when I started to wash it I found out the “stain” was just lint she apparently couldnt be assed to remove? The moment I took water to it the lint pilled and came off like it was nothing. I’m glad that it was such an easy fix but wtf is wrong with you lolitas that just don’t wash your clothes?

>> No.10640382

Hydrate that shit and if they are still red go invest on a proper treatment for them, after they are white it’s over

>> No.10640392

they might have just played it super safe on their sales description because they didn't want some scammer sending a paypal claim for it being "stained"? but also could be filthy

>> No.10640543

I posted a cringe ass coord in the coord help thread a few years before covid, and you know, sometimes I still think about the second-hand embarassment. Maybe I should look at it more in the light of how much I've improved since then. So much has changed, and lately I have actual burando in my closet. Only one or two people replied to it, but I'm glad I didn't get hugboxed.

>> No.10640552

I feel you anon. I'm there too currently but going down. I have been slowly gaining weight since I have been put on meds. Hope quitting them will help finally losing more. I have tried really hard but hasn't worked well. I do really think it's because of the meds for a part. Maybe you can find something that's hindering your weight loss too. Hope we can both make it. We must be strong and resist the temptations. I find it easier when I'm alone though because other people can't buy candy and put it on the table. Try to always go grocery shopping after you have eaten

>> No.10640554

Correct. Now get out normalfag

>> No.10640560

it's never too late anon you'll live the rest of your life with yourself as you are so it's always worth and not too late to change or improve :^)

>> No.10640566

With lolita meets still not happening in my comm I’m dying. I felt some sense of belonging being part of the group, but now I have to cope with the fact I don’t feel like I really belong anywhere, not even with my family. I’m so lonely I regularly think of offing myself to end the misery.

>> No.10640587

Okay, thanks

>> No.10640622

>after they are white it’s over
What do you mean?

>> No.10640705

Stretchmarks turn white, like scars, when they are old.

>> No.10640710

They mean the scarring tissue turns a very light color, at which point it begins to fade
When red, they are still an active wound

>> No.10640885
File: 43 KB, 736x408, giyuu cry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>too self conscious and ugly for cosplay

>> No.10640886

Consider joining a discord or a local crafting circle.

>> No.10640920

Is being catcalled or harassed in public for wearing lolita as common as anecdotes online make it out to be? How do you guys deal with it?

>> No.10640924 [DELETED] 

I get cat called either way, just ignore it

>> No.10640926

I'd rather srrangers yell some dumb shit I can ignore rather than start a whole-ass well-meaning conversation with me where I can't tell them to fuck off...

>> No.10640929

Honestly this

>> No.10640930

It doesn’t begin to fade, it’s a permanent scar at that point and only expensive treatments can minimize it’s appearance, but never get rid of them completely. It’s not the end of the world to have them permanently, but it is inconvenient af.
When the scars are new and still red, there are a lot more treatments with better results available. I wish I knew it at the time I got mine from sprout growing.

>> No.10640933

It isn’t as common as it may sound, I will actually get catcalled more frequently when not wearing lolita.
You just have to be careful because people can be really obnoxious sometimes. No one would believe taking a peek under my skirt was appropriate behavior in my normal clothes, but somehow it happened not once, but twice while wearing lolita and I’m not the only one I know who had gone through this kind of experience.

>> No.10640949

I watched a guy try to take an upskirt of my ex right in front of me while she was in lolita, shitty old pervert geezer "cosplay photographer," pretended to come close to show her something on his phone or whatever while conveniently holding his big DSLR in a way that put his lens right up her skirt. I took a picture of my own showing him in the act and then told him that it was going on social media and getting sent to the leadership of every con in the region if I ever saw him anywhere near my GF or any of my female friends again, in retrospect I wish I'd just posted it anyway because I'm sure the bastard did the same shit to plenty of other girls and deserved to get blacklisted but my ex was embarrassed and really didn't want to make a fuss about it.

>> No.10640953

I’ve never been catcalled in lolita but I do get weird comments, nothing sexual. I get cat called in normie clothes regularly

>> No.10640957

>When the scars are new and still red, there are a lot more treatments with better results available
Do tell

>> No.10640969

I've been hit on many times in lolita but never catcalled. I'm also a daily lolita but only wear gothic so idk if that has anything to do with it.

>> No.10640991

They do become bleached though, and eventually, while they don't ever go back to 100% normal, they do look less "angry"

>> No.10641044

It’s gotten a lot easier for me since covid. Less random people interact with me in public. But before, it was difficult honestly. I’ve had multiple people physically grab me, drunk men harassing me and taking pics of me, upskirt attempts, etc. People are fucking disgusting.

>> No.10641099

Laser, microneedling and peelings have a way better result on red stretch marks and you will need less sessions, meaning less money spent, those also work to minimize the appearance of white scars, but in either case you will need a dermatologist to tell you what is the best treatment for your specific case.
Depending on the severity of the scars, meaning if they are thin and superficial enough, a good old exfoliation + scar cream + hydration everyday at home might be enough to take care of them and will surely make they look better even if they won’t necessarily completely fade.

>> No.10641141
File: 51 KB, 709x595, A3950BCA-1637-43F9-8E27-8D02C5BDE0C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just prepared myself to drop $350 on skeb commissions.

Cumbrain problems

>> No.10641152
File: 46 KB, 540x528, hair.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to get a layered hair cut like pic related because I think it would look really good on me but I don't think it would suit lolita that well and I'm so conflicted. I've also been growing my hair out for years so it feels bad cutting it short

>> No.10641154

why do you think this wouldn't suit lolita_ you could pin it back, put it in pigtails, braids, or even wear a wig_

>> No.10641193

>put on coord
>cry because fat and ugly
>take off coord
>get hyped again over the course of year
>talk myself up
>decide to try again

Repeat until death.

>> No.10641212

do your hair and make-up

>> No.10641224

>exfoliation + scar cream + hydration
Any recommendations for someone who thinks their old spice hydrating bodywash counts for the third one?

>> No.10641238

dw anon, as long as ur coord is good you should wear it out :] but if ur fat and ugly i wouldnt rec posting ur coord where people here will find it and rip you up for it

>> No.10641266

this would be fine for lolita

>> No.10641324

I feel the same way anon. Don't kill yourself.

>> No.10641325

Try wearing a corset as part of your daily wear, it makes it harder to overeat

>> No.10641552 [DELETED] 

Feeling extra suicidal lately. I’ve missed out on a lot of releases lately due to bad luck, and I know in the grand scheme of things that’s not a big deal but lolita is really the only thing that brings me any joy anymore and it just feels like losing out on the releases is salt being rubbed into my wounds. Thinking about poisoning myself with antifreeze and opioids

>> No.10641553

I can like someone romantically. I can like someone sexually. I can’t like one person both romantically and sexually at the same time. Thank goodness I made a rule not to date anyone, and that I like being single enough that I know I can stick to it.

>> No.10641554

hey anon! i missed out on a release for my dream dress all the way back in december and have been sucking any dick at all months later since then to get it, but finally i got it. if the releases you missed are fairly new, youll probably find it soon on fril, mercari, xianyu etc. dont give up hope!! also poison doesnt sound like the best way to go desu

>> No.10641557 [DELETED] 

I know I’ll get them eventually but the disappointment of having to go through hoops to buy from someone who never intended to wear it in the first place is adding onto my negative outlook on things.

And it’s not really the best way to go but it’s what’s going to give me the highest chance of death besides getting a gun, and I can’t get a gun. Antifreeze sounds nice because it’s sweet and I can put it in a milkshake and drink it. Trying to figure out how long it’ll take to kick in so I can take morphine at the right time to knock me out. There’s also a lake near me that has an area where you can just drive up to it so I was planning on taking my antifreeze+milkshake+morphine cocktail just as I let up on the breaks.

>> No.10641566

well uhh good luck w that ig, can i get your closet after ur gone lol

but in all seriousness if u really wanted to kill urself you probably would have done it by now nonnie, i mean you better hope ur cocktail works or else ur organs are gonna be fried when you wake up in the hospital

>> No.10641572 [DELETED] 

>if u really wanted to kill urself you probably would have done it by now nonnie

This is such a dumb normie interpretation of it. Anyone who plans suicide that thoroughly is probably serious about it and waiting for something to prompt them to pull the trigger

>> No.10641573

ngl if missing a couple of releases is enough to push them to drink an antifreeze cocktail unironically then they might as well do it lol this is 4chan not ur therapist

>> No.10641576 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but I am >>10641552. It’s very obvious in what I’ve written that the releases aren’t the reason I’m feeling suicidal, just something that’s dampening my one source of happiness. Work on your reading comprehension or something

>> No.10641581

People here occassionally complain about their bfs wearing t-shirts and jeans when they take them to gatherings. What would you prefer they wear?


Why not diet?

>> No.10641628

I may be ending things with my boyfriend depending on the answer he gives me for an important question I made him, but we live together and adopted a cat, the house is mine and he will have to leave if we break up, how can I make sure that the cat stays with me? We are not going to break up in a bad way, not on my part at least, I’m not contrary to staying friends and letting he visit the cat sometimes, but I don’t know if I could handle not having her with me.

>> No.10641629

You can register/license pets with your city/state to prove ownership of them. Just do a Google search and see the details where you live.
I know this because I had a friend who went to court over a pet and lost because their girlfriend had registered the pet in her name.

>> No.10641667

EGA or ouji if its an event without a plus one.
Funfact, you dont need to drag your partner everywhere. Id feel weird about a normie girlfriend hanging about.

>> No.10641695

fuck off. this is like saying it's fine to bring your mom as long as they're dressed properly. and western men look like trash in those styles unless they are waify and soft looking.
just have him dress nicely.button down shirt and slacks or a suit if you want. don't put him in any specific style or burando unless it's what he normally wears.

>> No.10641703

Did you miss the part about
>Funfact, you dont need to drag your partner everywhere. Id feel weird about a normie girlfriend hanging about.
If he can't dress within the fashion, don't fucking bring him. Why bring your boyfriend at all if he's not into the style? It's fucking weird.

>> No.10641707

then just say that. no need to dress any +1 in anything jfash related.

>> No.10641710

Again, your reading comprehension is astounding.
>EGA or ouji if its an event without a plus one.
>if its an event without a plus one

>> No.10641712

You also can't read. She's saying there's no reason to dress your SO at all in anything other than "dressed up". Don't dress them in brand or EGA or ouji or anything.

>> No.10641714

If it's not a plus one event, then they don't belong at the meet if they're not at least in an adjacent fashion.

>> No.10641719

Anon, the alternative isn't to dress them up in EGA, it's to not fucking bring them. Stop suggesting dressing them up.

>> No.10641863

I got myself the moitie special set and some other stuff. I'm really excited for it to get here since it's so wearable and the shirring means I can wear it now and also when I'm at my goal weight.

Another small victory, I managed to zip up scallop hem comfortably today, after months of being afraid of even trying it on.

So good on you for working out, I hope you meet your goal!!

>> No.10641974

me internet is down :( who internet tech here

>> No.10642025

I'm not enjoying it, I literally have nightmares about it

>> No.10642089

I would prefer no scrotes be there at all

>> No.10642094

Brolita, ouji, or ega if they must go. And a good coord too, not something half assed. Otherwise they should just stay home

>> No.10642097

Unironically, banning men would effectively end cons. Good luck with that.

>> No.10642098 [DELETED] 

Idk, yaoicon had a good stretch

>> No.10642133

What's with the pissy femcels itt?

>> No.10642134

Fuck off scrote

>> No.10642136

Yes. Just like that. What is your deal?

>> No.10642148

scrotes look ugly in EGA even the EGA meant for men. especially non asian men, they always look bad no matter what

>> No.10642162
File: 669 KB, 860x860, happeee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I spent most of my youth being fat. I'm thriving and looking hotter at 27 then I ever did as a teenager or even my early 20s. Living my best frilly life right now.

>> No.10642173
File: 43 KB, 500x859, 17809c6d5304456c22821a043d47d132(1)(1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>can not cope with weird people taking creepshots/catcalling/being assholes
>love outings
>can not be kawaii without weird people taking creepshots/catcalling/being assholes

>> No.10642200

What’s with the complaining scrotes?

>> No.10642202

Sometimes I feel really bad about myself because I don’t like modern AP or Baby releases, and only buy old school sweet or 2008-2013 era stuff (but don’t style ott). My whole life I wished I could be more average and have more popular interests and even now within a niche fashion I can’t even like what’s most popular. Idk what’s wrong with me really. And idk if it’s a good thing or if I should be sad I never like the most normal or popular things

>> No.10642209

i wouldn't feel too sad nonny. it can get boring seeing the same three dresses all the time on social media. so we need old school lolitas to keep things fun (also less people for you to fight on the second hand market!)

>> No.10642210
File: 34 KB, 394x455, 72C3784A-F3C6-4D56-8029-117C523E4C5F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw proxy got the dress I wanted at a good price and in good condition
Hell yeah

>> No.10642218

>An old man talking to you in a very public place gave you PTSD
What are your symptoms?

>> No.10642220

I feel like this place has eaten away at my soul

>> No.10642221

>tfw no lolita gf who's all about Mutiny on the Bounty to get thrown out of White Castle with
I got money in the bank; I can still get high

>> No.10642229

Saddest cope on the board

>> No.10642231

I really wonder how I would have turned out if I never ran into this shithole.
>t. Started browsing back in '09

>> No.10642233

This is so stupid

>> No.10642236

I don’t think it’s that stupid. There are a million more stupid reasons to feel bad about yourself. Not fitting in well is a pretty valid one

>> No.10642266

>been on /r9k/ for nearly 10 years now
I really wish I'd stayed on gaia

>> No.10642274

>Triggered fatty

>> No.10642277
File: 444 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_20210622_172419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate being female. Women are so petty and superficial and none of my friends like each other. There's ALWAYS shit to talk, and if there isnt, I get to be the scapegoat because I have boundary issues. I cant just talk to one friend without worrying my other friends will judge me because they don't like her. And then one day she will love me, and the next she'll ghost me for weeks straight. It's not worth it, I'm starting to think.

>> No.10642282

Join a rugby team

>> No.10642287

If you are over 25 you are past your prime. You wasted your best years.

>> No.10642288

okay pickmeisha

>> No.10642289

what the fuck kinda crack are you on

>> No.10642292
File: 315 KB, 1084x1400, post-wall easy mode.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

After 25 is when the first signs of aging start to appear. Collagen breakdown in the skin starts at age 25 and progresses twice as fast in women as men. It's gradual at first, but the decline has begun. It may be only a few fine lines here and there, but the will start to show up and degrade your appearance until you have nothing left. I don't mean to sound alarmist though, the fall happens a lot slower than you'd think. Most women who look good in their 20s continue to look good into their 30s even if they go down a point or two. For this reason, I would actually argue that "the wall" isn't at 30 but is closer to 40, which is coincidentally when your eggs dry up (see pic related for an example of wall=30 theory being btfo). The true wall is the point when your looks have completely left you and you can no longer coast through life on easy mode. You have plenty of time left, but it is a fact that you have less value than you would have if you had lost the weight at 20.

>> No.10642295

Who let the incels in here

>> No.10642298

Incels are retards that drank too much lookism kool-aid and have developed a view of women and the dating scene just as twisted and delusional as redpill PUA types. Don't associate me with them. I've read all their stuff but agree with very little of it.
I also have read and involved myself in a lot of radfem communities and places like FDS to get a taste of the other side and found their view on these matters similarly delusional. I have nuanced and well thought out opinions regarding these subjects related to gender relations and dating, and do not subscribe to any circlejerk community's stance on these matters. Also I do have sex. Do not call me an incel again.

>> No.10642301


>> No.10642302

I can smell your beef flaps from here. Take a shower stinky.

>> No.10642303

bait lol

>> No.10642304


I'm sorry your friends are shit. It's not because they're women though, it's because they're shit.

>> No.10642305

Typical incel behavior.

>> No.10642307

Christmas keikakus are the best

>> No.10642308


>> No.10642309

The woman in the reddit post is a real FDS queen. Don't settle for less that what you're worth ladies! Make the scrotes work for it!

>> No.10642310

>beef flaps
Can't decide if the ayrt is a tranny or a roastie?


>> No.10642311

Thought it was a roastie at first, but the male typing style gave them away. I've spent enough time on CC to be able to spot scrotes a mile away.

>> No.10642312

Idiotic incel logic.

>> No.10642315

Idiotic tranny moid LARPer response. Cope and seethe more.

>> No.10642318

Mmm, delicious incel tears.

I am female btw if you want to go back to calling me a roastie. Won't make you less of an incel brained retard though.

>> No.10642319

Your Y chromosome is showing scrote.

>> No.10642320

Yours is too incel

>> No.10642321

whyYYYY are we arguing in the feels thread !!!!!

>> No.10642323

You're not from around here, are you?

>> No.10642390

/r9k/ with frills

>> No.10642411

Those years were horrible though? I quite enjoy living on my own, having my own money, and also being able to take care of my body and prioritize my hobbies now that I'm not a child or a young adult that lives at home. Sorry you peaked at 15 or something.

>> No.10642413

People like you are really sad, not going to lie. Every year is getting better for me and every year I'm happier.

>> No.10642418

I know I’m a minority in this, but I don’t mind scrotes in theory long as they’re being decent and serious about dressing well and improving. The issue is that that’s incredibly rare to the point of being essentially nonexistent. I’m a bit more wary if they wear sweet though.

>> No.10642419

wholesome. i’m glad you’re finding happiness anon

>> No.10642422

protip incels don't peak. i always laugh at these posts because they think my 29 year old ass is 19.

>> No.10642423

Idk what kinda nice green you've been smoking, but bill collectors do not take looks as payment. My life past 25 has been much easier than any portion of my life prior. I'd love to live in the world of illusion where all you need to do to survive is be pretty. To a certain extent, some people DO try to capitalize on their looks yet, but if you have a developed inner world from a young age you won't try to and people won't offer a free ride either. Most normal people can't do this. Even if you're above average, you have to really push to bank on your looks if that is truly your goal. It's not black and white at all

>> No.10642426

seethe harder incel

>> No.10642433

Same. People really underestimate how you carry yourself can make you seem older or younger. Most people can't tell I'm almost 30.

>> No.10642437

not to sound like a dumbass motivational speaker but age is just a concept and you can ALWAYS be hot and live your life to the fullest, regardless of how long you've been alive. why be miserable because of bullshit standards society's been feeding to you? all you're doing is ruin your own life, crying about how you have "wasted your best years" when you could literally be living your best life right now#

>> No.10642440

your actual life doesn't even start until you're past 25 but sure your life is "over"

>> No.10642572

Couldn't you have just found a rich or at least well-off guy pre25 though?

>> No.10642575

Don't kill yourself please

>> No.10642580

Yeah, if you want to give up having your own life and be treated like shit. At least when you have a job you go home, living off of a rich man isn't much better than death

>> No.10642638

Cope. It's literally life on easy mode. You've been brainwashed by feminism into thinking work is fulfilling, when the ideal life is always to be provided for by someone else.

>> No.10642666

Unless that person strips you away of your personhood, which all rich men do. It's one thing to go housewife with a man who works his way to a good job over time, which is my goal. But if you date someone who already has money and doesn't associate it with your support and care over their career, you're in for a bad time, every time.

>> No.10642735

>be treated like shit
This is pretty subjective. Also I'm sure you could filter for quality
>When you have a job you can go home
Why are you assuming it has to be a loveless relationship?

>> No.10642738

This is a great outlook to have honestly, but what are you looking for as cutoffs? I've always thought I needed to have money or at least demonstrate stability before I went for a person who was interested in that.

>> No.10642740

you're stupidly assuming that a rich man will want a young woman and keep her forever instead of pumping and dumping once she hits some arbitrary age, say....25. And now you're 25, penniless with no career. Men are vile.

better to invest the effort into yourself and your education or job than looks

>> No.10642768


>> No.10642771
File: 24 KB, 640x640, 1604884673139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10642774


>> No.10642776 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 460x259, F9771580-FDDD-4F1A-BA5B-67D22CE221F3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10642809

I just try to find guys at the same level I am in my life, basically. I can afford an apartment and occasional frivolous spending, so I'd like a person who can do the same. If someone feels like your equal, they'll treat you like one every time.
Every time I've dated a guy with house money, they'll respect me at first, but by the third argument, they're acting like they own me and I've got to suck up to them so I can maintain the 'lifestyle' they think they're giving me. Bullshit.

>> No.10642823


>> No.10642866

I just spent so much moneyyy on lolita shit but i can afford it now. I want to be a daily otome/lolita!
Bought my first metamorphose jsk too. I have so many dresses and blouses coming in. I am very excited!

>> No.10642873

Yay, I'm happy for you anon! Hope you'll have fun

>> No.10642937
File: 939 KB, 1530x1530, shulk21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you shart at the movies but your pad absorbs almost all of it

>> No.10642938

I got my dream dress. I kept missing it on several secondhand sites by one day over and over. But its finally mine and under 200 dollars too. It's just a not too old non print btssb dress, but I fell in love the moment I saw it.

>> No.10642963

Anon I feel like 75% of cosplayers at cons are average-to-ugly, don’t let being ugly stop you from enjoying a hobby you love.

>> No.10642970

I actually don’t think this is particularly layered, her hair is just cut shorter in front to frame her face better. You can always get curly extensions to wear in lolita if you think this hairstyle is too plain/limiting for lolita coords.

Why do people take their boyfriends to lolita meets if their bf isn’t into wearing any type of egl fashion? It’s not like spectator event like competitive sports or gaming where onlookers can just observe and enjoy.

>> No.10642975

Congratulations anon!

>> No.10642977

The rich and famous play pussy like stocks, get in while it’s good and dump the second it dips

>> No.10642987

Am I doing something wrong? I get plenty of matches and likes on dating apps, but most guys are kind of shitty and not really boyfriend material, most aren’t even casual hook up material.
I’m not stunningly beautiful, but I do have a nice face and body and even outside of dating apps I’ve had secret admirers, which was great until I found out they were hella ugly and had no social skills, maybe the problem is with my style? I wear a lot of black clothes and heavy makeup, I’ve been said I’m a bit intimidating before and a lot of guys match with me because they want me to step on them or whatever, but I don’t want to fucking step on anyone if they won’t give me anything in return.

>> No.10643069

>I don't want to step on anyone if they won't give me anything in return
Have your considered findom?

>> No.10643082

A lot of young women don't seem to be aware of two important things. One, charismatic hot guys with money and a nice social life don't grow on trees. There's fewer of them than you realize, which leads to the second point. The Prince Charmings of the world have options, many of which are going to be more attractive than you. They probably aren't available to you. If you're just another hoe, you're just another hoe. You being a goth or into anime, or whatever is just a novelty, not really something that sets you apart.

>> No.10643101

Yes I have and experimented with it with ex boyfriends, but I’m not interested in sex work of any kind or engaging in bdsm with strangers

I know it doesn’t set me apart and I’m actually fine and don’t really need a perfect guy with perfect looks and a perfect life, I’m just an average gal with average needs, but the anon I responded to posted a wall of text where a hypothetical woman was describing her experience with dating apps and damn, I mean... If every average or above average girl is really receiving this kind of attention I am doing something wrong because I’m definitely not bellow average, most people consider me pretty and or hot and this has nothing to do with anime or being kinda gothic.

>> No.10643111

Maybe try a different dating app. The more sex-centric ones are going to look at you like a fetishist or a novelty unfortunately. I've had decent luck with okcupid, although I've had much better synergy with people I met casually doing hobbies I already like.

>> No.10643131


>> No.10643166

Try hinge

>> No.10643192

The women on hinge are all fatties. The scrotes can't be much better.

>> No.10643307

my body is petite, but i have a large chest. this literally runs in the family
because of this i have a bit of trouble fitting into the chest areas of some lolita but my size isn't plus size, it's just my chest that is massive and i hate it
i hate that lolitas will see me as fat for needing things that allow bigger busts, not bigger bodies but they see "big" and go "FATTY"

>> No.10643386

Lob em off ye

>> No.10643517
File: 345 KB, 951x610, 14062021.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have no lips and im tired of people making fun of me ;--;

>> No.10643522

>How do we deal with the incel problem?
There is an easy solution, but women don't like that

>> No.10643523

It's better it stays with it's mom anyway

>> No.10643524

Are you single?

>> No.10643527

>nearing 30
>still haven't gotten my nerdy gf who cosplays
It's over

>> No.10643544

Milking tables

>> No.10643670

I was a lil chubby all my life. my horrible mom called me fat and a bad child all the time, which didn’t help. My dad tried to help me not be fat in a kind way, but my mom would ruin it.
Eventually i moved out. and wow, without my mom criticizing me all the time, i suddenly found a new will and ability to be healthy and take care of myself.
Today, my dad said i need to eat more as I’m too skinny.
(I’m not anorexic, my bmi is in healthy range still! )
Anyway i like myself now and i like what i see in the mirror. Fuck you mom. Thanks dad for believing in me

>> No.10643769

Sounds like a great dad

>> No.10643781

incel men are the only ones responsible for the fact that the "problem" exists in the first place, but men don't like to hear that

>> No.10643799

Stop collectively neglecting boys?

>> No.10643804

How so?
I was talking about pegging

>> No.10643904

How is it the problem of men, if they get rejected?

>> No.10644065

If you get rejected it's probably because you bring nothing to the table. Instead of realizing they're in the wrong, Low value males stew in their cycle of getting rejected and blame their failings on women instead of, oh I don't know.. getting in shape, getting a good job, becoming an interesting person, learning to have sex better than a dead fish, moving out of their parents basement, not showing up to the date in a clapped out hooptie, and most importantly GIVING ANY OF A SHIT ABOUT THEIR HYGENE. It's not fucking hard. I've dated plenty of guys, having a y chromosome doesn't make you this useless.

>> No.10644073

Anon, convicted murderers get dates and marriage proposals. This idea that single people must be losers or whatever is so flawed. Unless you want to tell me the boston bomber was actually a really cool guy and anyone single long term is literally worse than terrorists.

>> No.10644079

Don't listen to people here. You look fine most likely. Get therapy for your self worth issues

>> No.10644088

Just got overbid on something in literally the last minute. Having homicidal thoughts now. Is that normal? This is not good for my fragile sanity

>> No.10644090
File: 33 KB, 400x402, 1d8ad772_400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw listing I wanted got bought by an obese chan at the last minute
This is what I get for taking too long. How on earth does she think it's going to fit her

>> No.10644101

I wonder if we're talking about the same listing Nonny lol

>> No.10644172

>mmmm akushully
Thank you, you literal autist. Serial killers are interesting and famous, and I said “become an interesting person”.
If that’s your takeaway, yeah go ahead. The notion of “girls like bad boys/jerks” comes from liking guys who actually do things. Tsarnev looks alright, and he was on a magazine cover.
Go out in the real world some time.
If anything you’re proving my point, instead of asking what you need to improve, you start spiraling out of control and jumping to extremes “BAD GUY GET GF WHY NOT ME”. I wish you had the self awareness to see that.

>> No.10644239

>instead of asking what you need to improve
You don't know me, what possible thing would I, or anyone else, get out of that?
Why not just acknowledge that your claim is ridiculous than to try to jump through hoops to justify it?
If you think wanting to date a literal terrorist is more rational than wanting to date an average guy, then there is something wrong with you.

>> No.10644248

You're completely fucking delusional if you think the "average guy" is an incel loser like you.

>> No.10644263

Are you esl? I dont want to talk down to you if you are.

>> No.10644266

I don't, i'm not the one that said being uninteresting makes you undateable. By definition, being average makes you uninteresting. According to anon, its better to be a terrorist than to lead a normal, uninteresting life if you want a date.

>> No.10644272

No, being a fucking loser makes you undateable. You can compensate for being boring/average by taking care of yourself, having a stable job, getting in shape, etc.

>> No.10644276

>No, being a fucking loser makes you undateable.
Which means you believe terrorists aren't losers, since they get dates.
>You can compensate for being boring/average by taking care of yourself, having a stable job, getting in shape, etc.
I do all of the above. Skinny, stable job, a house, lots of hair and skin care products, etc.
Some people who are the absolutely worst scum of society gets dates. Some people who are overall decent people don't get dates. idk why thats so hard to understand, why you feel the need to insist that being single is a symptom of being a bad person and being in a relationship is a sign of being a good person since that obviously isn't true.

>> No.10644283

Male here. I don't know if I'm aesexual, I doubt it since I absolutely am still attracted to girls... but the more I know every girl I meet, the less attracted to them I become, and they just turn into another one of the "bros" to my brain. The few times I've been hit on, I've shot them down since I actively avoid romantic relationships or anything that could potentially lead to sex. I highly doubt that makes me an incel, since I genuinely don't want it. Why would I want romance that falls apart when I could have a longer-lasting, stronger friendship that doesn't have the potential to shatter my friend group? I've lost three fuckin' DnD groups to botched relationships among players. Not a risk worth taking IMO. Would much rather have pals to hang out with and play TRPGs than someone to bust a nut in.

>> No.10644295

anon, some people become asexual as a result of sexual trauma/rape at a young age. Have some dignity.

>> No.10644309

So then it's not a sexuality, it's just PTSD lol. No one "becomes" gay. Take your fake sexuality elsewhere

>> No.10644317

its caused by ptsd, yes. I'm not sure how you real what I said and concluded "it's not a sexuality". Sexuality just means who you are sexually attracted to. It can change over time, especially after a traumatic event.

>> No.10644318

*read, not real

>> No.10644367

So see, becoming interesting is definitely something, but getting socially involved in interesting things also makes you a more social person.
Even when I was a fatass, I could still go to an academic club or a D&D game and be interested in social activities.
That being said though, it's a lie that women aren't interested in looks, if anything they're more vain than men are, a lot of girls try to pretend they're not though, and too many men fall for that shit lmao.
>>10644073 The standard rules apply though. Don't be overweight, don't be a skeleton, go to the gym and stick to a routine. If you're balding try to get it back with minoxidil (assuming going full cue-ball can't work for you). If you're short, fuck it, use elevators, just be 100% honest about them if someone asks.
So many braincels unwilling to put in the work to actually be attractive ffs
Stop being skinny, start being fit, choose a social activity that's co-ed or majority female and go for it, personal favorites are dancing and sewing. Also, unironically, consider plastic surgery. You might hate your gf afterwards, but fuck it right?

>I've lost three fuckin' DnD groups to botched relationships among players
That's rough. Spill the tea tho.

>> No.10644372

>choose a social activity that's co-ed or majority female and go for it, personal favorites are dancing and sewing.
all my hobbies and interests are already female dominated. I'm in a board right now that is majority women.

>> No.10644376

Height, weight, lifts, BF%. Spill em
>all my hobbies and interests are already female dominated
spill some

>> No.10644379

unless being fit turns lesbians straight and couples polygamous, I don't think my body type is going to change much. Everyone who has rejected me did so because they were already dating someone or are gay, or bi with a preference for women.
Hobbies are basically everything /cgl/. anime, cosplay, artist alley, lolita/ouji, j-fashion, etc.

>> No.10644397

It sounds like instead of getting f/it/ you should have been pretty-boy-twink-maxxing and gotten into crossplay

>> No.10644437

It's complicated, since all of those groups had many members shared between them, including myself and usually one or two others guys I had another game with. And I say "lost" but it's a bit overdramatic, more like three instances where relationships have wrecked TRPG experiences. The first time was the least problematic. A year long game where, towards the end, this one dipshit who showed up to like 10% of the sessions decided to bring his GF, and they ended up essentially taking control of the party for that session... since they brought ANOTHER couple with them. The regular players were me and two of my college bros, and as it was 3 vs. 4, we got overruled- and conveniently, we were right at the cusp of this big boss battle we'd been building up to for the entire course of the year long campaign. The two couples had no concern for the gravity of the situation. What resulted was me and another one of the regulars getting their characters killed thanks to the couples flirting and joking instead of actually paying attention to the game. The fight was geared for 4 people... and we got shredded with 7 because they were all dead weight who treated the event like a goofy bar hangout rather than a legitimate hobby to care about. The campaign continued for two months after that, but was broken by that event, and of course the couples were never seen again.
Next was simple, in the first game I ran. Lesbian couple got in a fight towards the end of the school year. Planned to start it up after summer break, but because they each had their own friends who didn't want to play without them, the campaign ended on permanent hiatus, leaving the other two players behind. One of them was bi and underage, and frequently hit on a good friend of mine, massively creeping him out til he left.
I had another game die because a friend got a gf and couldn't play, and he was sorta the group's anchor holding them together.
I now ban couples from my games, and avoid playing with them

>> No.10644456

that what I have been doing

>> No.10644715

If everyone you're hanging out with is in a couple and nobody has tried to set you up with someone, you should probably pursue a different social group that has more single women. Which one? Well I don't know, but unless you're in small town USA there should be SOMETHING out there.
Also get more hobbies that aren't just fashion, get active! Try some mediocre sports, maybe a co-ed bowling league. At the very least try pursuing some of those interests above an amateur level to demonstrate some passion, if you're interested in clothes that much get into seamstering/tailoring, maybe take some classes at your community college about fashion design.
If every woman you know is unavilable, they're either lying or you have really bad luck. Rotate a few, but don't drop friends if you can avoid it.
>>10644456 Do not do this unless you've actually abandoned all hope.

>> No.10644716

>The campaign continued for two months after that, but was broken by that event, and of course the couples were never seen again.

>Show up to D&D
>Refuse to understand it
>Fuck up campaign

This sounds more like standard player drama, surely you haven't had campaigns end ONLY because of couples yeah?

>> No.10644806

Of course it hasn't only been couples stuff, but relationships interfering with the game have constituted why 50% [maybe 40%] of all in-person games I've been in ended. The other percentage is, of course, scheduling mishaps. With online games, that jumps to 100% games ruined by scheduling.

>> No.10644842

Not wanting to insult you but someone gotta tell ya. If all these things apply to you and you still can't get dates, you have a shitty and unlikeable personality or you're an autist who can't talk to girls or doesn't try. You can probably change that though with some self reflection. How about stopping to be entitled, self righteous and whiny for a start? Some women are drawn to violence and will date violent people but that's a small minority like guys who are into morbidly obese women, so not an argument

>> No.10650259

mouth and teeth look great anon

(Kiss me)