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Would cgl attend a female only con?

Personally I would love nothing more than to not have to worry about unwanted attention from scrotes for an entire con. It sounds like paradise.

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what if you want to make money from scrotes

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I would, sounds fun.

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God yes. A con without disgusting moids everywhere would be a dream come true. The only problem is that it would be impossible to pull off now that tranny acceptance is at an all time high. Scrotes in dresses would invade the con and ruin everything.

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Mmmmm yessss
Less competition from desperate dudes.

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I completely forgot about this and now I'm disappointed.

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Yeah, unfortunately the tranny menace would stop anything like this in its tracks. I want a moid genocide so bad.

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Do you know how happy it would make me to not see a single male, transitioning or otherwise, at a con?

Yes anon. Of course we would.

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>go to Japan
>all the cosplayers and lolitas and other jfash people are cool as heck
>the online community is decent and meme-y
>go to cgl
>disgusting femcels everywhere
>threads like this

Lmao fucking pathetic

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Cons are always not in my country but I'll cheer for yall

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I used to go to a small annual con at the women’s college I attended and it was pretty close to this. Men were still allowed to attend but it was mostly students, and therefore mostly female. (Though by now that school has been invaded by many trans folkcx of all stripes.)

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There are really not that many "scrotes in dresses". Maybe 1% of the attendees will be biologically male.

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men flock to female majority spaces

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I wouldn't because [nospoilers]I'm male[/nospoilers]

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Would cgl attend a bara only con?

Personally I would love nothing more than to not have to worry about unwanted attention from women and twinks for an entire con. It sounds like paradise.

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and a retarded crossboarder, it seems

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bend over, anon! time for your vagina inspection at badge checkin!

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So said con will be full of troons and sissies claiming they're women and we have to walk on eggshells around them. No thanks. I will take regular scrotes over that any day.

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How would you keep the MTF trannies away from it?

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Don't let the vocal minority that is cgl distort your perception

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I just like dressing up as fictional characters from time to time

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Yes but it's because I'm a separatist not because of my interest in cosplay (although my time spent on cgl directly lead to me becoming a separatist)

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The closest you got to that was dashing. It speaks for itself.

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Whoops meant dashcon

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yaoicon was mostly female

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honestly the best part of an all female con if it existed (no bio males). Is not having to worry as much about being assaulted, groped, or inappropriate photos of yourself taken (like upskirt shots).

And you wouldn't have the gross pedo males hanging around hitting on attractive minors.

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Spoken like a true weeb
Japan has its share of drama too

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Would be a nice way to meet a qt lesbian cosplayer gf.

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I fear the collective stench from all the unwashed beef flaps may be too much

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How about a con that had the simple entry rule that you have to be dressed up? Or is that too difficult to define?
I think just having a rule about no BO / have to wear clean and neat clothes (or a cosplay) could be enough screening to cut back on most problem people.

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>being triggered that women want women-only arenas
>misuing the term femcel
>implying femcels even exist
>not realizing many japanese female jfashion wearers in general hate men
how does it feel to be retarded?

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whats pathetic is the male suicide rate

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women have better hygiene meanwhile moids cant even wash their ass let alone their dick and walk around with smegma all day. raise the male suicide rate

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No they aren't don't fucking lie.

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>>go to cgl

the idea that /cgl is representative of any serious cross section of fandom beyond yotsuba...

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I would but most of my close good con friends are male and half of the female con attendees that i know of are bitches so yeah...

At least there wouldn't be creepy male photographers and male con attendees

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>Personally I would love nothing more than to not have to worry about unwanted attention from scrotes for an entire con

Yeah I'm sure you constantly have to worry about "scrotes" paying your greasy troon Pigma-Dengar-cosplaying-Angelica-Pickles cottage cheese ass any mind at all which is why you fell the need to post about on a board that's 75% dudes

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required birth certificate

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you do realize half of cgl is women you fucking retard. also scrotes are desperate for anyone. they should be raped

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no bl*cks and no m*les

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Kek Stay mad faggot

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Can we ban dykes too? Then you could be 100% safe.

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We sort of had one like this where I live (I fear Covid may have killed it). It wasn't overtly no-men but it was so small and niche and celebrated a specific genre of anime that men generally aren't into. So the con was overwhelmingly female. There were a few men, but they tended to be well-dressed fembois or cosplayers and their numbers were so low you didn't really notice them, nor were they obnoxious. It was my favorite con, I hope it comes back.

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predatory dykes get the rope as well

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Nah lesbians are based. moids should die. That way we cna find qt gfs

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Sometimes I wish y'all would fuck off to cc or something and be a femcel there

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Sounds retarded. I'm a woman. Sounds like a collection of the grossest feminists all in the same place at the same time. Probably the most cringe and most insufferable con to ever exist.... The only positive I can make of this idea is maybe it's a decent place for a terrorist attack kek.

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You haven't seen dating lesbian spaces and it shows.

Troons just want to be treated as a man in a woman environment by women, because those same women aren't that nice/ass patty to other women. I can promise you.

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A female only event doesn't mean only feminists. You sound like a trans woman who is mad that you wouldn't pass well enough to be let in.

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>attention from scrotes
But that's why you cosplay to begin with

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who said a con has to be about cosplay specifically? there are cons for tons of other subjects, and even if it was a weeb con, some of us are gay and want attention from women, and some of us cosplay characters that aren't thots.

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>i'M a WoMAN

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you type like a scrote lmao

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Reminder that genital inspections will be required at checkpoints and before entering all restrooms areas. By participating at this convention, you consent to any and all genital inspections conducted by our staff. Genital inspections are required for the safety of all con-goers. If you refuse a genital inspection, you will be escorted off the premises by security and may be issued a lifetime ban. Remember than genital inspections are mandatory for your safety.

Security guards are authorized to inspect the genitals of any individuals on the premises, so be sure to report any suspicious behavior to the authorities. If you are stopped for a random genital inspection, please remain calm and follow instructions.

Transpersons who have received sex reassignment surgery may attempt to gain access to the convention. If your genitals appear to be disfigured, a trained gynecologist may be dispatched to your location to conduct a further examination. Please wait patiently for your gynecologist to arrive.

Always remember that genital inspections are for your health and safety, and have a wonderful day!

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Genital inspections will be conducted by 'trans women'. Because trans women are women.

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There are women who actually enjoy the company of men... Some women even enjoy doing couples cosplays with their bfs. This thread is plagued with mental illness.

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You can enjoy the company of men and still want time with just girls every now and then. Men are entitled to their boy time as well.

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Women can be creeps to. I’ve been stalked (like literally tracked where I went) and harassed by women before, including straight women.

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>She doesn't know about man caves

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But anon, all the cute Japanese cosplayers said he was nihongo jouzu!

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ok cock breath

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kill yourself pickme slut

that's a good one, I'll remember it for next time

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yaoicon was shut down

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found the femcel

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I want a couple-only con so we can be free of incels and femcels.

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>what are poly people

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My bad.
I want a couple-only con so we can be free of incels, femcels and degenerates.

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kek there'd still be "femcels"

yeah anyone into poly relations are a red flag

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>Hundreds of regular cond exist
>What if one single female only con existed?

Same shit as always I see!

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even without scrotes or trannies there are plenty of women that don't fucking understand boundaries or consent just because "we're other women"

so this is a big ol nope from me

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You know it's possible to got too multiple cons right? If I want to dress up with my bf, I'd go to a regular con. If I feel like wanting to only be around other women, then I'd go to a female only con.

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>women talking about a female only space
>Scrotes can't help but get butthurt over the very idea of it

>> No.10629265

why is the kin thing so common now?
was the bullying not enough during the tumblr era

>> No.10629267

Because you're getting paid for it now. Just like pansexuals are considered a part of the lgbtq

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My #MeToo experiences have typically been from other woman. I gogo danced in a nightclub for 10 years. The men, more often than not, had restraint. It was the women who always groped me, tried to kiss me, put money in my bra (absolutely not where I want tips to go), talked weird degenerate dirty shit to me etc and their excuse was always 'it's okay I'm a girl'. And they would get pissed at me for not wanting their weird attention. I've had drinks thrown on me by unruly woman when I refused their gross touching and advances. They get absolutely nasty when rejected. Women are just as awful as men. In many cases more awful. I hate this 'woman so innocent' narrative. They are shit, men are shit. Everyone is shit.

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I don't mind women having their own cons if they want, but you realize you have an entire political movement that has forced every single male space to open themselves to women?

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If you mean vidoegames or nerd shit, women have always liked those things and they were never exclusively male. It's like how lolita (though it is far more gendered than gaming or nerd culture) isn't technically exclusively female and we have some male figures who have been into it forever so a lolita only event wouldn't technically exclude men, brolitas, people who wear ouji, or something like that.

If men wanted to make something, call it male-only, rather than "x-interest we perceive as male dominant but actually has had women interested in it forever" only. Also bc I know you'll bring it up, the girls joining the boy scouts thing was dumb, but the scouts should have updated their programming so that girls and boys both learn the skills of both groups considering any functioning adult benefits from homemaking skills and outdoorsy skills and the financial management stuff the girl scouts is kind of pushing with their cookie empire nowadays. Keep it gender separated sure, but teach them both life skills, not one group how to peddle cookies and the other group citizenship, respect for nature, and wilderness survival as if women never go camping.

If there was ever an event that was a men's only con for any subject, cool, I won't attend, I don't wanna be around a bunch of dudes. But don't demand men be allowed into a women's
con that's literally just hypothetical just because men feel entitled to everything (not you specifically, but the guys here trying to call women mentally ill for not wanting to always be around men at every waking moment).

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Do you realize that transgenderism is a political movement that's trying to force every single female space (including dressing rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, etc.) to be open to men?

>> No.10629388

When I think of men-only spaces, I can only think of clubs and groups for only men that would also bring in women for entertainment which defeats the purpose. Think back on male-dominated hobbies and then think how many models/cosplayers/girls-get-a-discount situations you hear. It's almost like men wouldn't want to be around only other men unless they were gay.

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nayrt but there are things like clubs that men start with their other male friends, but those aren't really public events. Even in sports cheerleaders are a thing and female fans exist, though playing sports on a community team or something could be made all male if people just didn't invite their wives/female friends, but even my dudebro pals on intramural rugby teams in college still invited me to games knowing I am not into sports just to have a bigger audience and made friends with the female rugby team too.

Generally speaking any space besides bathrooms or areas where nudity will occur is going to be somewhat mixed gender unless it is some privately organized event (like a con, which you can choose not to attend or organize one yourself).

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Don't you have terrible books to write, Miss Rowling?

>> No.10629456

Is that post wrong?

>> No.10629458

>you realize you have an entire political movement
>You have
Why is it that every scrote believes that every woman is in support of this shit?

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they could just bring in their birth certificate to confirm that they were born female

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>Would cgl attend a female only con?
I would, mostly because I'm a straight man.

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It's extremely easy to find statistics that show most gendercrits are men, and women are generally accepting. The way this shit started dominating the board when men flooded in here isn't a coincidence.

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>people with gender dysphoria wanna transition to peep on some dirty femcel
Yeah buddy, super accurate for sure

>> No.10629508

Astronomically based

>> No.10629509

Then why would they want to be around "femcels" in the first place? You make it sound like they are not worth it so why bother with them? They could always have their own space with like-minded induvials.

>> No.10629512

>people with gender dysphoria
You seem to believe that everyone that claim to have this, actually has this and are not using it as an excuse to push their fetish on others.

>> No.10629516

you can get your birth certificate legally changed now
its over

>> No.10629519

They really want to fuck up the system, don't they. That's going to make shit even harder for doctors, I can see it now. They get sued for prescribing medication meant for a certain gender but end up making them worse because the records for original gender is scrubbed. It's bad enough we already don't have accurate information on women.

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Why? To not make you feel unsafe? That's your issue my friend.

Why would you assume that someone would go as far as to go to the supermarket and live their entire lives as the opposite gender to just satisfy a fetish of what? Peeping on old ladies or average looking girls?
Their every visit to the female bathroom being an erotic experience?
Nonny, people go there to pee and poop, not peep on your crusty ass lmao

>> No.10629526

>female only con
Wouldn't be legal in most places.
Your best bet is creating an extremely female centric con.
Have the guests be unattractive female creatives and pure eyecandy men devoid of personality, then fill up the panel listing with feminist interpretations.
Course, then you'll only get 200 attendees.
But if it's the principle that matters, that's how you do it

>> No.10629527

As an intern in the medical field I still see gender being treated as a 2 way street and sometimes even questions about what gender someone was "born with". So I have to imagine doctors can still tell your chromosomes if they check the medical record correctly.

>> No.10629529

People can host a private event that is female only. Do it in TX. There is man or trans woman that would win in court in a southern state trying to demand they be allowed to attend an event specifically for AFAB individuals, and by the time the court decision happens the con is over, they can disband and reform under a new name, and hold the event again the next year even if the entity hosting did somehow get forced to allow that specific event to allow men or AMAB people.

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>> No.10629532

>Why? To not make you feel unsafe? That's your issue my friend.
That wasn't an answer. If they don't like other women as you claim, then why would they want to go to a women-only convention?

>> No.10629533

Assigned female at birth
Assigned male at birth

>> No.10629536

Assigned Female at Birth and Assigned Male at Birth. So AFAB=anyone with 2 x chromosomes like women, fakebois, nonbinary but female tumblrinas, etc. And AMAB= Xy chromosomes like men, trans women, nonbinary but male.

I honestly don't care if female SJW fakebois or enbys show up at an all women event even if they may be annoying, I care more that men and trans women who don't pass or even try to and therefore remind me of men don't show up.

>> No.10629538

>to just satisfy a fetish
People are often not really in control of why they do the things they do, only THAT they do them.
Also, one bad apple spoils the bunch. Just because 95% don't have a problem, it doesn't mean 5% ISN'T a problem.
Only 0.1% of people might die from a disease, but that's still a ton of people, and we should still try to avoid the disease.

>> No.10629543

Probably the best way to reduce the number of men that attend an event is to create it as a club membership, and require new members to attend specific meetups in advance, with rules on behavior. Then if the men show up, and don't follow the behavior, they're voted out of the group, refunded their membership, and banned from future events.

>> No.10629546

>female-only con

Oh hell naw, women are the cattiest creatures I've ever known. Men are overall more honest and simple, excluding the outliers.

>> No.10629547

Honestly that's genius anon. Men can't help but break rules to test their ability to get away with things or try to be funny. You can just have a no nonsense hellweek for new recruits that doesn't directly target males which will get rid of dudes and pickmes immediately.

>> No.10629548

Because I was one of those people that was supportive and welcoming of transwomen and have bore witness to several fetishist and fakers, some who proudly get off to being a woman and proud to be in woman-only groups because it's a game to them. They brag about how they were able to sneak into female-only discords, websites dedicated to mothers, lesbian spaces irl, and actively trying to teick girls into dating them without saying they are trans just so they can prove a point. I have only met 3 people out of 20+ who actually had gender dysphoria, are transitioning and just want to live a quiet life and even they agree that this trender fetish shit is taking things too far because it makes them look bad.
>Nonny, people go there to pee and poop, not peep on your crusty ass lmao
I wish.

>> No.10629549

The lack of self awareness is astounding

>> No.10629551

>websites dedicated to mothers,
This is extremely gross and wrong to me. A lot of fake trans women are obsessed with menstruation and the way real vaginas work as part of their fetish and it's gross.

>> No.10629552

It's particularly bad with younger men too.
The one difficulty you might have though is if you want teenage kids attending your con.
Tons of single fathers out there who want to spend time with their daughters, but at least they're far less likely to act up.

>> No.10629553

The first mtf transgender I was friends with, back in the 90s, specifically persued married men in efforts to get them drunk, and date rape them, so they could ruin their marriages.
I stopped being friends with them.
But currently I have a mtf friend who's just mad about social views of gender, and regrets they had the surgery. They're not abusive at all.
Both were into conventions, which brings up a good point. Conventions tend to attract a high percentage of transgender individuals, so having sex-gated events will definitely have a sizable objection from that community

>> No.10629554

It really is. I used to be 100% supportive of the growing technology of men being able to breastfeed and carry children but after running into those people and seeing that shit, I'm not so sure. I'm not even against people having these fetishes but there is a severe problem I'm seeing more and more of people not being able to separate fetish from reality, end up trying to push it onto other people and get pissed when others don't want to see or be part of that shit.

>> No.10629555

I don't care if teenage girl do or don't go. It really depends on the actual subject of the con. The con can't just be "girls only" it'd have to be like a Magical Girl anime convention, a Women in Comics/Games weekend, or a lolita fashion retreat or even a giant adult (21+ for alcohol not adult as in sexual) slumber party or something. I wouldn't want the theme of the event to just be that it's all women, but for it to be something genuinely interesting that could be enjoyed more or in a different way by more people without men around. The same way men could have an event for themselves where they have a guys' retreat and chimp out with the bros and do dumb boy shit if they wanted but the actual event would need a premise like sports or music or videogames.

>> No.10629561

There's a thought.
Do 2 events, at the same time, in venues right next to each other
The manly one and the womanly one.
You can't attend both. Then have a mixer event Saturday night.

>> No.10629562

No teens. 25+ or bust. Better yet, make it a granny convention. See you all in 30 years.

>> No.10629568

Mixer event defeats the purpose of the main event for the women not wanting to be around dudes though. They can go to a regular con or nightclub to get hit on by men they don't care about.

Also you're assuming the majority of all the attendees of the either event will be straight or even want romantic interaction which isn't neccesarily true.

>> No.10629571

No, no, i mean like a separate mixer event. Not in either convention space.
To accommodate all types of people.
No one would be forced to be around the others

>> No.10629575

Maybe you're right. I avoid tranners and lgbt prides and shit so I dunno.
Me personally I take hrt as a cis boy because every single day I age more into an old moid it makes me wanna kms and testosterone is literal poison.
I never heard of what you're saying even when I used to browse /lgbt/ daily.

>> No.10629584

>a female only con?
Seems ripe for a lot of nasty and petty fights.

>> No.10629596

Anyone else can't take "scrote" seriously as a term because it just sounds like a nationality? Oh hey this is Timmy, he's a scrote, yeah from Scrotland.

>> No.10629598

I just see scrote as a playful insult to annoying maleposters but avoid using it so as not to trigger the whiny crybabies who scream and reeee about sexism and whatnot if you say it.

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File: 539 KB, 206x276, 1623362598453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

trans woman here, I'm just.. I'm really sorry that this has been your experience with "trans women" anon. Honestly it's awful and I wish more than anything else that the trans "community" wasn't so infested with creepy weirdos and fetishists because it's so harmful to other people's wellbeing. They make it harder for me to access medication and they make it harder for you to feel safe and comfortable in your own spaces. It stinks. And idk I guess I just hope that one day things will be better for all of us because right now its crappy as hell
>to just satisfy a fetish
Yes, and it isn't even that rare. Which frustrates me to no end because there's no way to police this! Like the other anon said, most "trans women" shes met aren't really suffering from gender dysphoria, so the community is mostly not for us anyways? Add on to that the fact that most people don't interact with trannies anyways and the creeps end up being the representatives of the "community"

I hate this ._ .

>> No.10629601

its transphobic

>> No.10629613

Oh hey this is Timmy, he's Transphobic, yeah from Transylvania.

>> No.10629618

Based tranny and hrt femboy to rescue cgl

>> No.10629620

Good luck to anyone who tries it, but I doubt it would be financially viable.

>> No.10629626

The point is to have fun not make a profit.

>> No.10629642

See, people like you are fine with me. As long as you're not trying to force yourself on others then do whatever. I may go to a women only con, but I would also go to a con for everyone next and if there is a men-only convention, even if it's themed around my favorite subject, I'll respectfully not try to get in nor would I ever protest it.
If there were less of these fakers, I'd honestly have no issues with MtF in spaces with other girls. Before covid, my office was filled with trans people (IT) so sharing bathrooms with them I was used to. I grew up around drag queens with a lesbian mother. I hope that this will pass in the next 20 years when trans is normalized and it becomes more clear who is faking and who isn't but right now, shit is too rocky and makes me and others hesitant to trust others.

>> No.10629670

oh wow the meme is true huh? IT really is just where all the trans women are. It must be kinda interesting to feel this way about the 'community' but still share spaces with mtfs though? Have you had any especially good or bad experiences with them in your current place?

>shit is too rocky and makes me and others hesitant to trust others
that's understandable anon, I feel the same way too. It's not very fun for any of us and hopefully the next 20 years are better for everyone! c:

>> No.10629681

The only people who would attend a femoid only con are rapey butch lesbians and fat chicks. Ie you

Any good looking woman would want to be with her boyfriend or be paid by simp orbiters.

>> No.10629692

These exist.

They're called lolita fashion conventions/megameets/brand tea parties.

You will see nary a man, at least none that will bother you. Had fun at the big ones I've been to. The most male thing there was the Triple Fortune owners wearing ouji like they always do. It feels good to have nonstop fun with other ladies for 3 days straight and not have to worry about getting groped, harassed, or bothered. If you're a cute girl everyone will love you and give you positive, non-rapey attention. It's so wonderful.

>> No.10629723

>It must be kinda interesting to feel this way about the 'community' but still share spaces with mtfs though?
>Have you had any especially good or bad experiences with them in your current place?
It's a complicated feel because as I've said, I was fine with them all until I actually started becoming part of their communities and hearing what they say in private. In the office, out of the three transwomen that sat on my team, (There are more in the office, this was just my team) two of them were fine but one of them, who all he did was wear a terrible wig and a skirt, didn't even try with makeup or presenting feminine and creeped people out as he would always put his hands on other women's shoulders and squeeze when talking to them. (He was an L2 that would help with L1s) There was a bit of drama regarding other things he did and I heard there were complications in trying to have HR speak to him because this job was very Pro-LGBTQA+ (There were pride flags of all kinds at almost every desk, kinda fun figuring out who was what) and they didn't want to be "transphobic". So there was an awkward vibe around the guy and since others were afraid to speak up about it since they feared being fired for saying anything transphobic, everyone just talked shit about him in private, even one of the other transwomen.

As for good experiences, I've met most of these girls through hobbies like tabletop, anime, and vidya so it was fun to be able to have someone to talk girly stuff with as more often than not, I'm usually the only cis-woman in these groups if not maybe two others while the rest are men and transwomen.
>It's not very fun for any of us and hopefully the next 20 years are better for everyone!
Cheers to that. Despite all I said, the challenge of putting makeup on male friends who were cool with it to make them look like girls is fun as hell.

>> No.10629745

>Magical Girl anime convention
LOL if you don't think there'd be tons of guys at that

>> No.10629756

I'm a moid and I love the term scrote. It's meant as an equal counter for roastie. This sort of childish back-and-forth name-calling is fun and very much in the spirit of the site. Like saying nigger all the time when you're not even racist.

>> No.10629782

Virtually no women would turn up, I guarantee it.

>> No.10629783


I would absolutely identify as a female and show up to a female only con. The air would be much fresher.

>> No.10629810

their appearance would be a dead giveaway

>> No.10630115

In your dreams, Karen. In your dreams!

>> No.10630117

An all-time high that will soon be broken and pushed even further up, you can count on us for this :)

>> No.10630119

We don't want to kill anyone, we want a gee-nuh-cyde, that's not the same thing!

>> No.10630127
File: 688 KB, 1900x1056, 1623353524087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10630138 [DELETED] 

I would rather have an all-female world.

>b-but my disintegrating relationships between m-men and women pose a serious threat fo-

I don't care. No good men exist. All of them are potential predators and you aren't fit to be in the same society as us.

>> No.10630140 [DELETED] 

oh god yes. ban lesbians and trannies and this would literally be my dream con.

>> No.10630141 [DELETED] 

Not people, that's for sure.

>> No.10630215

same anon. agreed, similar experiences. At a con I had a woman think it was acceptable to grope me hard enough my shirt almost came down.

Everyone is fucking garbage and i have no idea why people try to insist any group of humans is uwu innocent

>> No.10630222

women suck too but in my experience shitty men have posed the greatest danger to me in my life on a regular basis compared to shitty women.

>> No.10630223

seconding this. It's not that women can't be shitty awful people but as a 5'2 noodle I'm much more scared of what a 6' 200lb guy can do to me than what a 5'4 110lb woman ever could. Guys are scary as hell when they want to be.

>> No.10630224


>> No.10630385
File: 171 KB, 1080x1080, 1620391830600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The guys at conventions are all pathetic limp-wristed losers. They're the least threatening people ever. They disgust me and I wish they would all die, but that is all. Once you learn to stop being afraid of moids, you'll see how pathetic they really are. They don't deserve to breathe the same air as us.

>> No.10630386
File: 86 KB, 350x343, girl333.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>They dont deserve to breathe the same air as me.

>> No.10630408

I'd rather have an all-trans world.

>b-b-b-but we are za most oppressed my-noe-reetees in za world we-

I. Don't. Care. No good cis women exist. All of them are potential murderers and you aren't fit to be in the same society as us.

>> No.10630409


In my experience shitty cis folks have posed the greatest danger to us in our lives on a regular basis compared to shitty trans folks.

>> No.10630413
File: 112 KB, 512x160, image_2021-06-12_091123.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>10630385 Ok Mrs "we don't want to kill anyone we just want them to strip them from their rights to live"

>> No.10630414


>> No.10630418

You will never be a man.

>> No.10630422

Good, become a statistic

>> No.10630428

You will be old and worthless.

>> No.10630430

They are already worthless.

>> No.10630438

Seething wannabe scrote. Why would you want to be an interior gender so bad?

>> No.10630442

>interior gender

>> No.10630477

You have plenty of time to wonder about that, and everything else, when your face starts to sag. After all, simps move on to the fresh generation, and leave you to mature your thoughts.

>> No.10630488

You'll be a stat before me at this rate.

>> No.10630516

I didn't say cis or trans women, idk why you are using my post to make any statement about anything trans related. If I say men and as a trans woman you think I'm talking about you...that is sus.

>> No.10630521

Depends, do you mean female only or do you mean trannies

>> No.10630549

Stop beating around the bush and fess up your own terfitude, Mrs "I am a goddess-given-vuhgynuh bearer" :)

>> No.10630551

Translation: "do you mean 'no cisgender men allowed' or 'allowed only to spineless people who couldn't acknowledge transphobia even if it occurred right in front of their eyes' ?"

>> No.10630567
File: 11 KB, 267x189, f7bf5ee320dd3d4e2a9c4c1f82333501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you actually passed and fit in you wouldnt have to worry about whether or not "female only" excludes you because nobody would notice or care
t. tranny.

>> No.10630568

Says the one who will later shout for an invasion of "scrotes in dresses" and keep on blurting the T-word like she just did in her latest post. Just... go and get the sentence "I STAND WITH CATHY BRENNAN" inked somewhere on your body, but... stop beating around the bush pretending you are "open" and "friendly" while in fact, you just want to accuse a minority of something they cannot be accounted for.

>> No.10630569

The only fandoms /cgl/ represent are Cathy Brennan and Germaine Greer.

>> No.10630572

i understood like, none of that lol. Go outside anon none of this matters. Its too nice of a day to be whining at strangers for saying tranny on 4chan

>> No.10630578

I said men and women are shitty but men are worse on a daily basis. Men in general are a greater threat to me than women, period. If you think I meant trans women when I said men you are too obsessed with everyone being a terf or as a trans woman you consider yourself a man which...means maybe you're not a trans woman after all? Because if trans women are women you had no reason to jump to that conclusion when the convo wasn't even about trans people but about men and women in general.

>> No.10630611

>An all trans world
So you want the whole world to be mentally unstable? Being trans is a mental disorder and tranisitoning is what helps them cope but it's still a life of suffering. Unless you're some trender that's just having fun flipping genders or have a fetish for it. If that's the case, you are not trans but a glorified crossdresser.

>> No.10630613
File: 289 KB, 540x540, 7ce45ade8cd94ba6d246bd881a19d718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ITT transwomen still see themselves as men.

>> No.10630631

Kek this honestly

>> No.10630640

> when the convo wasn't even about trans people but about men and women in general.

Says the one who doesn't want to have t----ies in her "safe space".

>> No.10630642

A "mental disorder" is not a choice. You, on the other hand, willingly choose to be a TERF.

>> No.10630644

Or not.

>> No.10630647

You don't have the brainpower to understand, just like all of your super-cis-ters, that's all.

>> No.10630657


>> No.10630661

>A "mental disorder" is not a choice.
Exactly. Yet anon says they wished the whole world had this disorder which is cruel as fuck. Actual trans people hate being this way which is the whole point of wanting to transition so they can feel normal.
>You, on the other hand, willingly choose to be a TERF
If disliking people who pretend to have brain problems just so they can be treated like a special snowflake makes me a TERF, then I will wave that flag proudly.

>> No.10630682

Oh you're just retarded, okay.

>> No.10630800

OP here. Annoying that this thread became a tranny shitfest. I wanted this to be a good old fashioned gender war between women and (non-tranny) men. The most entertaining threads here are always when the femcels and incels go to battle.

Trannies ruin everything, including my bait thread.

>> No.10630871 [DELETED] 

Real men don't bother posting on /cgl/ or care about female opinions.

>> No.10630897

half this board is pathetic moids

>> No.10630911

You're either a scrote or a pick me, so a scrote worshipper.

>> No.10630913

>people go there to pee and poop
Then why do you get so upset at the prospect at having to use the men's restroom?

>> No.10630934

Top 1% of onlyfans.

>> No.10630935

Omg you are retarded. I hope you're gay.

>> No.10630936

Men serious ruined the Karen meme didn't they? Fucking moids.

>> No.10630985
File: 32 KB, 320x320, 1622098509933.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>female only con
>dedicated panels to josei and shoujo manga
>maybe a fujo panel as well
>it's only women so I can be free to chat with others and wear cosplay that shows more skin
>less creeps
>a women's only space to talk about fujo otaku shit in peace from men
Hell. Fucking. Yes. I would kill a homeless for this to be a possibility. Realistically, how hard would this be to set up? If someone wanted to make a women's only convention what steps would they need to take to make sure it's afab/female only without causing a social shitstorm? What would be a good way to enforce said female only attendence?
I'd be willing bankroll and help set something like this up. Maybe it could be called something like Venus Con

>> No.10631002

a gay m*n wouldn't be claiming m*les are honest nor simple

>> No.10631023
File: 95 KB, 1280x720, 593482582001_6078905872001_6078914027001-vs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As much as I would want this too and if we did manage to get it going, it would be raided and protested by trannies. Knowing how violent they get, they'll probably throw bricks.

>> No.10631050

are you really this ignorant of history or do you not realize there were literal places women were not let into until they forced their way in?

>> No.10631052 [DELETED] 

On a civil rights level that makes sense for stuff in general. We're talking about recreational stuff though. Political movements mean little because cons aren't a right.

>> No.10631053

honestly you type like youre fat and smell bad, you wouldnt be wanted at the con

>> No.10631061

based trannies BTFOing the hopes and dreams of actual females

>> No.10631083
File: 143 KB, 298x206, life.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I forgot about how a bunch of trannies vandalized and revoked funding for a women's rape shelter. Shitheels, they are. You're unfortunately correct. There would be the possibility of trannies protesting and crying discrimination. I don't think I could see them stopping at just bricks, I've seen the shit they say. If it gives them a chance to put their hands on a woman they'll take it. Maybe if it were underground and invite only that'll work?

>> No.10631092
File: 59 KB, 300x409, 060709B6-3F11-4A75-855D-4928596C0E7B.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10631101 [DELETED] 
File: 1.06 MB, 1482x1960, tranniesbtfo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10631109

Of course she is a fujoshit.

>> No.10631110

I think you didn't read the thread at all and just wanted to post this comic because it has nothing to do with what's being discussed in the thread.

>> No.10631111

Not for you to decide. If she knows better, she'll wash herself and if she doesn't, that's for the girls at the con to deal with. We'll deal with our own girls, you deal with yours.

>> No.10631128
File: 398 KB, 780x776, cPCfLmT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10631199

There's already a Venus Con but it's a sex themed con

>> No.10631201

Shut the fuck up. You go to cons for attention.

>> No.10631205


>> No.10631206

Why would you show skin in cosplay if you dont want attention

>> No.10631230

>Would cgl attend a female only con?
it happened, it was called dashcon
it was full of chicks and faggots

>> No.10631237

Some anime characters that I like and want to cosplay have lots of skin showing. I don't want to cosplay them because I feel uncomfortable showing skin around men. I'm not denying that women could stare at me in a sexual light but I just don't feel comfortable around men so much as women if I were to wear such cosplay.

>> No.10631242


>> No.10631248

then stop idolizing 2d sluts you dumb bitch

>> No.10631253

>then stop idolizing 2d sluts
Stop making said 2D sluts so interesting and cool looking then? I can't help what I like anon.

>> No.10631254

we also can't help but look at a clearly sexualized woman, you shouldn't be uncomfortable at nature. you and i know that that's just how things are, you'd do the same shit with a fit guy doing a cosplay that shows a lot of skin.
again >>10631101 stands as the truth

>> No.10631261

I understand that it's nature and all that, but I'm still going to be uncomfortable if I saw some man leering at my body with sexual intent that's something I genuinely can't change because it genuinely makes me feel uncomfortable and disgusted. Of course, as you said, that's how things are men look at hot women and women look at hot men. I personally just don't feel comfortable showing a lot of skin in the presence of any men which is why I'd prefer a female only con to wear cosplay that features more skin showing.
>you'd do the same shit with a fit guy doing a cosplay that shows a lot of skin.
>again >>10631101 stands as the truth
Well yes, that man is choosing to show himself in such cosplay because he's comfortable with people seeing his body. If he's okay with that then sure, I'll take a glance or ask for a picture if his cosplay is well put together. I'd just be more comfortable wearing said type of cosplay in a all women's space is all.

>> No.10631317 [DELETED] 

i said "real men"

real men wouldn't be caught dead on this board, or on 4chan for that matter. they don't generally care about anything other than conquering.

>> No.10631319

>They're the least threatening people ever.
Until one of them snaps and shows up with their stimmy bought AR-15 to the con. It isn't a matter of "if" a con gets shot up, but "when". There are way too many unstable people that attend cons who are one bad rejection, or bad joke away from mag dumping into a crowd of con goers.

>> No.10631322 [DELETED] 

Honestly, a good idea.

I genuinely propose a male-only con, as well. I feel like it'd go extremely well. No guys peacocking for women who happen to enjoy anime, no incentive for (most) rapists to attend, an opportunity for male cosplay to be in the spotlight, all-around good times with bros, Etc.

>> No.10631351

can boyfriends be allowed
so they can protect you from the dykes

>> No.10631352

Male only con would be full of traps and trannies (they would identify as male as it suits them)
They would love to be the focus of attention without competing with actual XX

>> No.10631367 [DELETED] 

There are no good men. Your significant other is just another gasket case waiting to blow. He'll fuck you over eventually and then you'll be right here with us or on FDS. Don't say we didn't warn you.

>> No.10631368

>not thinking dykes hate feeling creepy and creepy lesbians
sis you're safe, just say you have a tumblr gf if you get harassed.

>> No.10631392

There will never be a mass shooting at a con, just like there was never a mass shooting at screenings of the Joker. Mass shooters don't shoot "their" people, they shoot up fucking normies.

>> No.10631394

fuck off cock breath

>> No.10631404

I like this. #FreeTheShooter

>> No.10631407 [DELETED] 

lmao what the fuck happened to this board

>> No.10631409

Imagine the smell.

>> No.10631433

we stopped respecting pickmes who bring predators to conventions and excuse their creepy behavior by claiming it's fine because "he is autistic" or in some other way underprivileged.

>> No.10631438

based and hatepilled
now THESE are woman i approve of

>> No.10631440

boyfriends wouldn't be creeps because they already have a girlfriend

>> No.10631442


>> No.10631448


>> No.10631454

let me guess
you're underage, listens to taylor swift and thinks a prince will come for you right sweetie?

>> No.10631456

The Y chromosome was a mistake

>> No.10631458

no but I thought the main issue with cons was creepy incels and incels don't have girlfriends

>> No.10631460
File: 1.31 MB, 933x952, unknown-4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>All these men still assmad about a convention existing without them

>> No.10631487

yeah right you'll post shit about each other online one week after said con and the con wont ever happen again.

>> No.10631488

That happens at every convention regardless of women. People like to talk shit about each other in general.

>> No.10631543
File: 91 KB, 335x329, 1525584444461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10631579

Pedophiles are often married men and members of the family. Having a partner or a spouse does not prevent sexual assault nor harassment. Access and opportunity are what predict sexual abuse.

>incels don't have girlfriends
incels don't have to be single to be incels. They can be mgtow, r9k bots, dating but thinking they deserve more than what his gf is providing etc.

Also you know abusers like to force girls to be lures for their victims right?

>> No.10631581

the literal definition of incel is somewhat who wants to have sex but cannot, hence involuntarily celibate. The rest of what you said is correct though.

>> No.10631582

I would love it but I won't participate in any "female only" hobby events nowadays due to the tranny pandemic.

>> No.10631584
File: 89 KB, 1200x630, david-katz-jacksonville-florida-shooting-suspect.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You sure about that?

>> No.10631593

>not knowing incel is a term used for a man who feels entitled to and obsessed with the idea of being denied sexual favors from women that are unattainable for him.
>not knowing incels are mentally ill and are not a direct equivalent to men who are going through a dryspell without intending on it because in one case they hate women and in the other they don't.
Your bf wouldn't be an incel probably if his doctor told you both that for some medically necessary surgery he can't have sex.
He wouldn't seek out incel ideology to justify why women should be mass killed or as the alt-right likes to suggest for girls to become "breeding stumps".

If you don't understand the difference then you really need to consider therapy because you might be getting pulled into something you cant pull out of later.

>> No.10631599

NTA anon but no, incel literally means someone who "can't have sex" (though often times this is a lie) but wants to. It was a term they created for themselves. What you are defining is the culture around incels and how they act.

>> No.10631608

I'm the anon they responded to and I agree with you. Yes, incels have a specific culture and behavior and anon is correctly describing that, but the literal definition is men who feel like they are incapable of having sex despite wanting to. If someone self-identifies as an incel, odds are they carry a specific set of ideas and biases, but it's got a literal definition.

>> No.10631634 [DELETED] 

FDS truly destroyed this board.
Meds. Now.

>> No.10631636 [DELETED] 

it's just salty dykes upset that I don't want them to talk to me just as much as moids, and rightfully so going by how unhinged and creepy these posts are.
just another breed of predator.

>> No.10631643

>First few posts in a t male discrimination thread are nazi frogs.

>> No.10631645

>doesn't say the staff who does the genital inspection has to be female.
Loophole found. Then again the vagoo is the one of the most disgusting looking parts of the human body and nothing Japanese technology hasn't already not only replicated, but surpass in sensation of using.

>> No.10631646

Tbh you can have it. I would also like a male-only con where there are no shitty attention whores and distractions for simps.
2D girls only con. Fuck yeah. Although the smell would be fucking terrible. Might be unbearable.

I already went to many underground metal concerts and boy do those smell FUCKING TERRIBLE.

>> No.10631652

tell me /cgl/, what kind of relationship do you have with your father?

>> No.10631654

I had a good relationship with my dad and a horribly abusive mother, but he died last year.

I still fear men more than women because they've still been shitter more often to me than women in practice.

>> No.10631658

Moid here. Pretty good but I feel very embarrassed about telling him about my ~feelings~
According to these femcels ITT, moids aren't even supposed to have em lmao
He's very supportive of my feminine hobbies tho!

>> No.10631659

One con tried to get Insane Clown Posse, so the dream is closer than you think.

>> No.10631667 [DELETED] 

excellent. he's everything I want to be and more.
i'm engaged to a nice girl and am excited to see all these femcels scream into the void and either commit suicide or settle for a fat, ugly bastard in 5 years.

>> No.10631674

>am excited to see all these femcels scream into the void and either commit suicide or settle for a fat, ugly bastard in 5 years.

>> No.10631676 [DELETED] 

because they pose a threat to society

>> No.10631678

Nayrt but very good question.
He must be insecure about something.
Personally I wish those femcels nothing but the best. This hatred is hurting them a lot more than they're hurting me. I haven't even heard of the idea female-only spaces outside of bathrooms and locker rooms and such until I came to this board. Maybe from some feminazi shitpost meme but I thought it was maybe just one or two vocal nutjobs.

>> No.10631679

I go to Maryland Deathfest as often as I can. It smells like home.

>> No.10631680

>because they pose a threat to society

>> No.10631681

Lmao I just looked it up. Not half as bad as what I experienced.
Imagine the smell here

I've been to this particular concert thankfully I'm not in the video

>> No.10631682

He's caring and a good person, but kind of ridiculous.
I could say the same about my bf. Whoo.

>> No.10631683

He's a moral role model to me, and also very affectionate. A lil quick to anger but we hardly fight (both apologize fast when needed)

>> No.10631685 [DELETED] 

Just as bad as any other moid.

>> No.10631686

>this thread
is having a female only space too much to ask?

>> No.10631687 [DELETED] 

now cry about it while I go shitpost in 20 other /cgl/ threads

>> No.10631690

yes because 90% of your schizoid whores dont actually want a female only space.
what would actually happen
>bitching and trash talking other girls' cosplay behind their back
>making groups and outing out other people
>spewing lies about other girls
>extreme gatekeeping at everything
>shaming people for being chubby and cosplaying someone slim
women were not made to be alone with each other, you can make any shit argument against it, but you and i know that.

>> No.10631692 [DELETED] 

you have lolcow and AG which are legitimately just as
describes, which is tragic. If it makes you feel better, male-only spaces are exactly the same.

>> No.10631693 [DELETED] 

Oh wait, Asherah's Garden is fucking dead LMAO

>> No.10631698

>I haven't even heard of the idea female-only spaces outside of bathrooms and locker rooms

You never heard of a sleepover with no boys allowed or a girls' night or trip? A lot of people here are weird and whiny but some of us just think a girls' only gathering would be fun and girly. Which makes sense as appealing to people who like girly Japanese fashions.

Why does the idea of girls having fun without men trigger them so much?

>> No.10631702

Yes, because at their best they're like this >>10631690
I'm gonna have to unironically "not all men" you because it's true. It's the weirdo simps you gotta be careful of, not men cosplaying with their girlfriends or even most single gamerboys,crossdressers and femboys. If we're talking lolita, all creepy sissy kinksters get instantly fucked because they will never be able to infiltrate and act like the cool boys. A creepy fella's true colors show immediately unless he's a literally diagnosed psychopath.
As """"one of the good ones"""" I can tell you with certainty that you can find a good friend bf that also shares your hobby.

Al lol yeah girls sleepover are a thing. Doesn't offend me in any way. Me being into a girly hobby and completely alienated just because peener-posessor would be horrible, but thankfully that doesn't happen in reality!
Can't say I'd be terribly devastated if some teenage girl hosted a girls only sweet lolita night at her house and didn't invite me, a 25 year old goth Mana wannabe wageslave. Fuck, I really, really wouldn't wanna go anyway.

>> No.10631704

cuz i want to jerk off to you wearing skimpy clothes

>> No.10631715
File: 57 KB, 625x605, ee8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I appreciate your honesty.

The ones that go on about being one of the good ones just make me think of picrel, no offense cause I know nice dudes exist but still.

Your post makes you sound insufferable which is probably the main reason you'd get alienated, not your peen. But blame it on being a dude if you want.

>> No.10631718

Thanks I do have a shit personality!
I don't like saying "one of the good ones" either which is why I put it in so many quotation marks, but it was for the purposes of the post.
Anyway, to add, I can't even count the times I told one of my friends to stop bringing his fucking gf for weed & horror games night, so I totally understand the need for female-only spaces if we're talking about this sorta thing and not an entire fucking con lmao

>> No.10631720

Even if it was an entire con why care that some women (who everyone claims are ugly fatasses for wanting to be away from men anyway) want it?

>> No.10631721


he prolly brings his gf to weed and horror games night bc you're so goddamn annoying and he needs a non autistic person present to keep himself sane

>> No.10631724

Check mate
I don't feckin know. Have it if you think it's fundable. It's more the attitude towards fellow hobby participants of a different chromosomal composition that makes me feel pity for them, and also makes me question my sanity because ~low self esteem~
>"What if I'm dangerous and terrible just because I have a peen?"
I know I'll probably be made fun of because of this post, but here you go.

But a girls' night with no boys sounds like fun for you and I wholeheartedly support it. It's very wholesome having this sort of time with straight, same gender people.

>> No.10631725

There's usually other boys there too.

>> No.10631754

you make me physically cringe
what's your BMI?

>> No.10631757

Just calculated it
I'm at the edge of becoming a ghost...

>> No.10631761

A female only con would have a fuckton of MTF transbians and FTM Enbys who would grope and molest every cisfemale at that con. You're better off with regular neet cismen at that point.

>> No.10631775

if it means anything to you anon, i wish it wasnt this way either. Nobody chooses the body theyre in or the way social dynamics play out because of it, and you seem really nice so it sucks that it has to be this way.
>~low self esteem~
but please dont let the actions of other people get you down, im sure youre a lovely guy in person and you should keep your chin up! I bet youd make a fun con partner for someone :)

The femcels ITT are probably going to keep being salty at men for existing but it is what it is i guess. Someone who comes to cgl to whine about moids is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways right? lmao.

>> No.10631779

It means a lot, genuinely made me smile. Bless you anon!

>Someone who comes to cgl to whine about moids is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways right?
Definitely, lol. Thankfully I never met this kinda people irl

>> No.10631785
File: 2.63 MB, 404x720, 1571821457105.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

More women hate men on this thread than men hate women on this entire website. I have to go back.

>> No.10631788
File: 79 KB, 750x750, tumblr_nwpxqrOmXX1ue67w0o1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aww, im glad i could make you smile anon! Now go make the most of your night because you deserve to feel good about yourself tonight dude x

>> No.10631819
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>Someone who comes to cgl is probably not someone youd want to be around anyways

>> No.10631820

I say go for it. If we can discuss having a female only con, then you guys should be free to make a male-only con thread. That way we can stay out of each other's hair, right? I'll even start the thread if you want.
Never knew him, lesbian mother.
Yes, because men for some reason are just as much attention whores as they claim women to be and hate being left out.
Honestly doubt. The biggest issue girls here have with men is that they see them as threats and predators which...well, look at what site you're on. I browse a good chunk of the boards here and more often than not I see the call for wanting women to be turned back into property, beaten, raped, used as cumdumps, or just tortured. Doesn't help that incel shootings and attacks on random women had started to rise as well. Now I don't believe all men are horrible people, but on this site, a good chunk of them are too corrupted by /r9k/, /pol/ and porn to think straight with at least a 3rd of them are still teens. Easily being brainwashed by one another. That said, a lot of this community on /cgl/ used to welcome feminine boys until fetishists' took advantage of that and made most girls untrusting of even them.

>> No.10631821

This happens in any community no matter who's in it though. It's inevitable. Especially when it comes to hobbies like these. Like weird hobbies, attract weird people.

>> No.10631831
File: 228 KB, 949x678, 1618537272331.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AG constantly got flooded with CP and bestiality porn so it was for the best.

>> No.10631834

As someone who hangs out in spaces where I'm usually the only girl out of 20+ people, I can tell you for a fact the same thing happens among men. /tg/ and /fit/ groups specifically.

>> No.10631842

jesus fuck why did this thread get as big as it did

>> No.10631852


>> No.10631873 [DELETED] 

you would honestly be surprised how much the average normalfag male dislikes women. even the chads I've spoken to express the same thoughts. this dude who works as a model in LA is constantly going on about wanting to be gay and how inferior women are. this dude, with a chin that could cut diamond, perfect facial aesthetics and eyes, 6'4", was really going on incel-tier rants

i'm convinced that if things keep up, something very, very bad is going to happen.

>> No.10631875 [DELETED] 

i didn't know that what the fuck

you would think a female-centric board wouldn't be plagued by those problems

>> No.10631883

It was probably the incels being mad at women having their own space

>> No.10631884

Cool story bro

>> No.10631886

This comic is so true for so many things, it’s depressing. Im so tired of being pressured to be “inclusive”

>> No.10631887

How bout a girls only night with just me as the only male? You stupid little bitches can take turns blowing and riding my cock while you talk about your makeup or whatever dumb shit you want to have a gathering for. We did say no fat girls and no stinky fujishi right? If so count me in

>> No.10631890

P sure it was some dude or dudes that really wanted to shock/upset anons. You know typical image board loser shit.

>> No.10631891


>> No.10631892

I’m sure you will make a very good sacrifice to MANA.

>> No.10631894
File: 262 KB, 1080x1080, HappyPride.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'd be happy to blow you anon.

>> No.10631896
File: 218 KB, 1080x1061, 20d99202e5c1dc2f8b0d9_9b79b174_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Happy Pride month to Pussy eaters and pussy eaters ONLY

>> No.10631902 [DELETED] 

based nonny excluder

6 feet (at least)
7 inches
6 figures
and white

not settling for anything less

>> No.10631913

that's fine as long as you know you wont find anybody

>> No.10631915 [DELETED] 

my previous nigel satisfied all 4 and my future husband will satisfy 6'4"+ and 7+ inches

>> No.10631916

Okay Karla

>> No.10631917 [DELETED] 


>> No.10631918

Look, no one minds if you want to stay up under your BF because of the scary lesbos who look in your general direction. This con clearly isn't for you.

>> No.10631919

you can call it dyke con

>> No.10631921

then whyd he leave you dumb slut... youre gonna need to go ahead and lower your standards sweetie youre not getting any younger

>> No.10631923 [DELETED] 

Heck, why not?

>> No.10631924

Heck, why not?

>> No.10631925 [DELETED] 

what con LMAO
it's just femcel larping, you potted plant

>> No.10631926

are you okay?

>> No.10631929 [DELETED] 


>> No.10631930

i've always wanted a schizoid gf like the ones in this thread
do i need to have everything >>10631902 wants to make it?
all i want is a healthy bmi

>> No.10631931 [DELETED] 

I'm 6'1" AFAB and I want to date 7'0" men at least.

>> No.10631933

no these dumb sluts are just fronting you dont even need that. you can be fat just compliment them on their shitty outfit and youre in

>> No.10631963 [DELETED] 

i'm male, 4'11", balding, indian, have schizophrenia, schizoid personality disorder, BPD, ADP, BDD, KML, Klinefelter's, paranoia, type 1, 2, and 3 diabetes, multiple personality disorder, single personality disorder, depression, major depression, seasonal depression, low-functioning autism, aspergers, a 31 BMI, i hate women, i hate men, i hate animals, i'm vegan, i'm racist, and you WILL DATE ME.

>> No.10631964

you type like a woman

>> No.10632028

It would not be fun,not with this mentality.

>> No.10632050

Based con idea.

>> No.10632101

What we need is a con that filters out leftists and normalfags. Anime cons for centrists and right wing weebs only. No western shit, weebshit only, final destination. Would ironically have less drama due to the sheer amount of mental illness filtered out. The best thing is that you don't actually need to filter people at all, because they would filter themselves by avoiding and bitching about your con.

>> No.10632262

>Anime cons for centrists and right wing weebs only. No western shit, weebshit only
>due to the sheer amount of mental illness filtered out
ok, i've lost it

>> No.10633449
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Can I get an honorary pass if I'm a femboy faggot?
Kinda sucks that I'm a scrote, given how much I hate my own gender (no, I'm not a troon). 98% of them are disgusting in both appearance and personality.

>> No.10634323

Holy fuck based lmao

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