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"Mom found my OnlyFans" edition

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I just wandered back into /cgl/ for the first time in maybe 6 years.

Jesus Christ.

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I hate kinksters. I really do. Not just the ones who poison lolita with their DDLG shit, but kinksters in general. BDSM is weird and creepy and I'm tired of pretending it's not.
A few months ago I was talking to a male self-professed dom about a guy who got cancelled for dubious BDSM-related shit. He kept talking about how he wasn't like that, how he was ~one of the good ones~. And I just bit my tongue, trying not to say "no, you ARE like him. All of you are like him. I don't care if what you do is consensual, the implications of it should be considered disturbing nonetheless."
We need to bring back kink-shaming. I have no fucking idea how men wanting to beat the shit of women and women wanting to get beaten up by men EVER became normalized. In any other context, a man saying the idea of brutalizing a woman excites him would be shunned. But for some reason it's okay when it's a kink? These are not normal people feelings. You should be able to get an erection without making your partner LARP as a schoolgirl or rape victim. There is no such thing as a healthy BDSM relationship. Literally every single person who is into BDSM is mentally ill and I will die on that hill.

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Yeah, leave while you still can. Everything that could go wrong did.

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How did it get so bad

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women agreed to being beaten because its the Cool Girl thing to do/like.
r/femaledatingstrategy is a good comm if you're uncomfortable with abuse normalization and sexualization

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this is just fucking stupid and untrue. kinks are a psychological problem, usually an indication of a greater one and they need treatment via therapy to get rid of them. men need it for their obviously sociopathic behavior and women who are participating in it either need it for that or to help with whatever trauma that caused them to let themselves agree to that behavior. i hate cunts like you who claim to be feminists but then blame "pick mes" and "nlogs" for shit without understanding that they likely developed that behavior due to their treatment by men. it's victim blaming and it's fucking disgusting. fuck off back to lolcow.

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God, it really frustrates me how spineless women can be sometimes.
For example, I always see TERFlitas in other threads complaining about how the heckin' trannerinos are invading their comm but they never do shit about it. It's like they WANT to sit around all day complaining about trannies.
If you really wanted an all-female group, all you have to do is create a private Facebook group and decline any male. You don't have to give them a reason. There are *tons* of private groups for controversial topics. Groups for lolitas who have struggled with EDs, groups for lolitas who have been abused, etc. I've been in groups that seemed to exist for the sole purpose of excluding fat/ugly people. But these bitches just want to whine all day

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anyways, I don't get why you are mad at other people's private lives. There are actually important things out there to get mad about. Also, some men are masochist and some women sadistic, its not just men beating up women. There is also a lot of people who are both, and take turns taking control with their partner.
bdsm is just more fun ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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>It's like they WANT to sit around all day complaining
You must be new. Welcome to the world of lolita

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Do you think all Dom/sub relationship are the male dominating the female? Or involving only heterosexual couples?

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I just saw someone censor the word abuse, and now I feel like committing "su*cide".

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Nigga do you know how risky it would be to make a group like that?

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we had girls say online that they dont want kinksters in the community and troons came in and said they'd IP trace the posters and kick their teeth in. It's unsafe to speak out against men, agp or hetero

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What are you like 12? I absolutely think that there’s a lot of sketchy shit in and around kink communities, but to say you’re over-reaching and under thinking here is a massive understatement.

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>You don't have to give them a reason
This. The truth is they don’t want a female space, they want to make a statement about excluding trans women. Tbh you could make such a space and never even have to address the problem head on. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure one of the private groups I’m in is trans-exclusionary, at least in practice. I’m not gonna name drop it, but it’s for experienced lolitas only, ie; no itas, so if there are any trans women they pass exceedingly well so at that point who cares.

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women are conditioned to be agreeable, anon. Understanding underlying motivation can seriously help with overcoming the issue and the thing is I am one of yesterday's cool girls. Its a low self esteem strategy, like I can't make you treat me right so I'll pretend that I don't care about affection/labels/etc.

I respect your perspective and I hear you. I don't want to blame victims for what they went through but motivation is motivation.

> i hate cunts like you who claim to be feminists but then blame "pick mes" and "nlogs" for shit without understanding that they likely developed that behavior due to their treatment by men.

I don't blame them, no one confident becomes a nlog, no one sure of themselves becomes a pickme. But it would be really unwise to assume that pickmes and nlogs aren't going to be the first that agree to BDSM or some other kinks, not because they are bad people or don't deserve better but because they are aiming for a position that inherently is exploitative.

It's important imho to call out the Cool Girl archetype because under that banner that nlog stuff gets promoted. Also note that NLOG - Not Like Other Girls is an abbreviation that is designated for women that throw other women under the bus for the sake of male approval. Same with pickme, which came from AAVE which means a woman who places her sole identity and worth on having a man, regardless of how much it hurts her or her loved ones.

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Men who just want to use women for their own selfish comfort? Yes we agree that’s abuse, along with their shitty, unsafe metal handcuffs and the way they choke to control breath not pulse. They don’t know what they’re doing and are acting out of pure sadism and I can get behind how that is abuse;

But saying everyone is like that is just…wrong. There’s even examples in mainstream porn like The Pope who dominates women without ever fucking them himself. He does so purely for the woman’s enjoyment.
Plus, women dommes exist too and generally are much more empathetic than their cis, het counterparts.
You can’t lump all of kink into the abuse that mainstream vanilla zoomer DDlg “kink” is currently perpetuating, most people are not like that in the slightest in the actual BDSM community

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My fiancé cheated on me and we’re breaking up.

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My rabbit passed away today and I can’t stop crying. I loved her so much. She would always greet me in the mornings when I woke up and get really excited when I got back from work. I always felt especially cute cuddling her while wearing lolita. I’m devastated that she’s gone.

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Moot banned the tripfags in 2014

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This. What happens when you give a man, already prone to violence, hormones that they're not meant to have? They become even more volatile and dangerous.

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what do you think estrogen does dumbass
>also literally every healthy adult on earth has some level of estrogen in their bodies

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I agree completely but it's mostly women that are into this shit.

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Tinder threads on /fit/ redpilled me about women hard. They're all fucked up and need therapy. Women get raped ten billion times as kids and become degenerate fetishists and act like it's normal. No! Your head is messed up and you need to be fixed. Fixed by a doctor, not a dick.

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nayrt but it really isn't mostly women. it's pretty even. the difference is most women into submitting are typically emotionally fucked up/abused and the men into dominating tend to be psycho abusers in disguise because the bdsm community gives them the cover of it all just being a kink.

female doms and male subs tend to be less interested in hardcore abuse than the opposite, and more interested in the roleplay/power dynamic itself, so while still degenerate not as abuse focused from what i've see of the community. it seems like whenever a man even in kink context is given power over a woman they just default to wanting to beat the shit out of them.

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I'm so sorry anon, that really sucks. Rabbits are way more affectionate than people give them credit for and she sounds like she was a wonderful companion to you. Really hope she's somewhere out there eating her favorite treats.

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Sorry about your bunny anon :(

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This entire post is nonsense. You have no idea what you’re talking about and no way of knowing how any of that would be accurate. Stfu.

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I really need to get the strength to sell all the frilly shit i have never worn, but they are so cute to look at ;_;

I just bought so much random brand as a newlita but i am not a clothes collector , i need to get things i will wear sometimes

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>female doms and male subs tend to be less interested in hardcore abuse
HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA you do realize that one of the most publicized activities here is extreme caning right? Like bloodsport caning? You are so fucking dull anon. The truth is men who are submissive are just as likely to be fucked in the head as anyone else and just as capable as being a totally normal person with some unusual sexual desires. Believe it or not, men too experience extreme emotional pain and can cope with it in kinky ways. Imagine that.

>they just want to default to beating the shit out of them
You clearly have zero experience in actual kink spaces anon. When I wanted to explore harder contact it was actually extremely difficult to find someone who was comfortable doing it. Most Doms have zero interest in doing anything that’s gonna bleed or even bruise and a lot of doms have no interest in anything in the spanking or pain category at all. On top of all that, “kink” includes everything from hardcore caning to feather tickling to your moms weird fire fighter fetish. You’re obviously not at all familiar with any of this space, and you have to be 18 to post here, go home.

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>You clearly have zero experience in actual kink spaces anon
I was in the BDSM community for over 5 years, and had a ton of firsthand experience irl at parties and amongst friends, and online. Just because someone doesn't simp hardcore for the lifestyle like you do or has seen people behave differently or have a different experience than you doesn't mean they're lying or underage. Stop being so defensive just because you are afraid people are judging you for your kinks.

>Most Doms have zero interest in doing anything that’s gonna bleed or even bruise and a lot of doms have no interest in anything in the spanking or pain category at all.
This is a huge lie kek, the majority of people in my community were so into rough play, inverted suspensions, blood, etc. that they held a special extra dark party every NYE just for people to do more extreme or dangerous/complex things they don't do at big mixed group parties but it was mostly the same people there doing way rougher stuff. I wasn't into anything rough but 95% of every fetlife person on my friends list (I only added people I'd met irl at munches and parties) was constantly posting their own (or their subs' if they were a dom) bruises as bragging/reminiscing about the pain/experience and most of the time they were wishing it was worse in their captions.

Don't make assumptions and pull shit out of your ass just because someone else had a different experience.

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>Don't make assumptions and pull shit out of your ass just because someone else had a different experience
That’s literally your entire posts anon. The lack of self awareness is shocking. No wonder you had a shit time in bdsm lmao.

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Why is cgl so much slower than a couple of years ago

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I can only vouch for my own personal experience. Lucky you if you lived or participated in kink in a place where the community wasn't regularly having to run off predators but simultaneously glorifying the most extreme brutal and violent scenes regularly. And it's always the male doms saying "well I'M not into this stuff it's totally HER that wants it, I get no enjoyment out of fucking up my girlfriend(s) at all, I would never do this"--except they are doing it whether it was their idea or the subs.

There are nice sections of the communities and kind people and people with less intense kinks, sure, and I knew and still am friends with those people that I came across, but an extremely large portion of the BDSM community is people using it instead of therapy and yeah both genders tend to do that but it seems the people who end up being seriously victimized by the culture and all are mostly women, usually young ones or those with huge self esteem issues. I can only vouch for my own community and experiences though, so good for you if things were better where you live.

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Tfw don't want to spend 50 usd on a frilly t-shirt dress but also don't want to buy cheap shit from slavers on taobao

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Can confirm I got into BDSM because of low self-esteem

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I admit I forgot to type the first time that my opinions on the community are just from what I saw and heard. I never accused someone of having no idea what they were talking about, all I said was the people into kink and being dominated were pretty even gender wise and gave my opinion on the differences I noticed between the way male and female d/s relationships tended to differ from what I saw when the gender of the top/dom was swapped. I could have worded it more clearly but you're the one coming out the gate with the "you must be underage" BS, I'm not a hypocrite and I used the word SEEMS specifically because i obviously can't say what's going on in every person's brain. You're the one claiming everything I said is a lie simply because it doesn't align with your fantasy worldview of kink as some perfect space that does no wrong.

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I mean.. it’s almost certainly made by taobao slavers anyways, esp if it’s cotton so you may as well save some dough

>> No.10628130

I don’t think anyone thinks any space is perfect and does no wrong. But I do think it’s really insulting when people assume that everyone else is as broken as they are, therefore anyone who enjoys the thing is psychologically damaged.

>> No.10628131

No it isn't lol. That's just something people like to tell themselves so they don't feel bad about buying things from taobao and Western fast fashion stores.

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The cosplayers left

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80% of the worlds cotton comes from forced uighur labor, so unless it’s US grown cotton it’s almost certainly slave labor. You’re the one who expressed the discontent anon, I was just tryna help but ok

>> No.10628137

You weren't trying to help. You think the cotton is the only problem? Lol

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Yawn. Try harder anon. Too boring.

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>r/femaledatingstrategy is a good comm
Only if you're a retarded TERF who nobody wants to deal with irl.

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I never enjoyed hard play or any of those things and never used kink as therapy, so I know not everyone does, and I'm not judging people for genuinely liking it but when I saw dozens of times people, mostly women with older men, sometimes men too, clearly in legitimately abusive relationships (compared the the fewer safe and responsible relationships) it's hard not to notice trends. I even met guys who were some of the actual nice ones that would give me a lecture about how 'kink isn't the only way to find a partner and that you need to have self esteem and love yourself and don't do anything you feel uncomfortable about just to try to find love/acceptance, etc.' because they had come across sooo many women with self esteem issues feeling like either all they were worth was to be someone's outlet for emotion and be beaten or trying to punish themselves or they felt like they weren't good or mentally capable enough for a vanilla relationship and this was their last resort at finding someone, trying to give themselves up completely and just disassociate and live as someone's sub/slave. I'm not saying everyone is a degenerate pervert, just that a not insignificant amount of people are perpetuating and glorifying abuse and mistreatment while using kink as a shield.

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idk who keeps recommending them, they aren't even pro women just anti-male. Most reddit communities are toxic as shit to be deeply engaged in in general imo. Normies are weird as shit and reddit is msotly a bunch of not like the other girls normies of both genders on every subreddit that isn't almost exclusively focused on being informative/educational or memes.

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Honestly this is true. Actually everyone is weird as shit when they start engaging deeply into incest-like communities …where anyone with different thoughts gets chased out and only praise is given to the hive mind or whatever.
4chan is a little different. But mostly because it’s anonymous and there are no downvotes or upvotes

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>wanting to find a guy worth a damn makes you anti male
Calm down

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>fuck off back to lolcow
99% of farmers would agree with everything that anon and OP said. awful site

obvious tranny is obvious

>> No.10628201

Puritans hate anything that reminds them that humans are sexual beings, that we reproduce sexually and therefore have evolved on a biological level to want to engage in sexual acts because they feel good, stimulate us, and propagate the species. They hate nature and anything that reminds them of it.

>> No.10628203

>if there are any trans women they pass exceedingly well at that point so who cares
The denial of biological reality and the performance of sexist stereotypes in the name of "gender" is inherently sexist and inherently harmful to women, regardless of whether the people doing it "pass" or not

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I'm trying a snakefast to lose my COVID weight after buying a dress that doesn't even remotely fit me and it sucks!!! I was doing well with CICO up until the last few weeks and I just want to be skinny

>> No.10628205


I think you're on the ball with how anon this is, but I also feel like at the end of the day 4chan doesn't take itself very seriously whereas reddit will, and the echo chamber will eventually spiral into a cesspool of negativity as a result with everyone encouraging mediocrity for each other.

>> No.10628207

that's not the anti male part. it's when people on fds basically take the incel arguments of all women over age 25 being old used roasties and just say the same about men, fetishize younger men, etc. they're just shitty useless men but in reverse.

i truly think cgl has less unhinged gender relations and perspectives on hetero relationships than the majority of fds posters. not settling for less is good and all but the other shit that gets shared around there makes me unironically say 'are the straights okay?' even as a bi girl who has dated mostly men.

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God I don't even want to have sex I just want someone other than my parents to want to hug me and hold hands.

>> No.10628240

The absolute state of scrotes

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Puritans are only against sex before marriage you dropout

>> No.10628281

Just stop calling it kink, call it a fetish.

>> No.10628283

What's the difference?

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lets meet up, anon

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>at the stitch and bitch
>try to say "I need to get scissors"
>accidentally say "I need to get scissored"
>mfw predatory lesbians swarm me

>> No.10628459

Thanks anons. <3

>> No.10628466

Nothing makes me feel less lolita than getting my period and letting a 10-second silent but deadly fart.

I'm sorry, anon. All bunnies go to paradise.

>> No.10628469

Do this many people really not want sex? Wtf.

>> No.10628470

You're replying to scrotes

>> No.10628471

People use kink to try and cute it up

>> No.10628472

Even more shocking desu

>> No.10628473

I don't even know what the fuck sex is like, but I know that hugs are nice.

>> No.10628476

> buy a dress secondhand
> it’s a little stained inside the collar so into a tub of oxiclean it goes
> water immediately turns murky as soon as it’s submerged

FFS why don’t lolitas wash their clothes

>> No.10628477

Coomers moved in and set up shop so now you're seeing more obvious fap and I need a gf threads staying up forever.

>> No.10628478

its just not a priority

>> No.10628505

Incels use "uwu i'm so lonely hug me mommy" to lure their victims in

>> No.10628515

sex is probably alright but I don't really see the appeal
t. virgin at 26 by choice

>> No.10628518

Sorry you got dumped by your high school sweetie because you refused to lightly spank her bottom. It's ok if you want to have a completely vanilla relationship where you make love with the lights off and under the blankets.

>> No.10628535

These threads are pretty boring and dead compare to 5+ years ago

>> No.10628538

Don’t. You’ll just break the fast and eat way more. I’ve tried those types of things so many times. The only time fasting ever worked for me was when I got dumped, then I didn’t eat for two weeks.
Outside of extreme heartbreak, the best one I ever did that I could sustain was the one where every other day I ate nothing but apples, as many as I wanted. It’s nice because you can feel full-ish but you get sick of apples so really you’re only gonna eat like 900 calories. And then on the non-Apple days I stick to 1500 calories. List a pound or two a week that way

>> No.10628539

Sex is overrated. Pretty much any girl could get it any time she wanted if she didn’t have standards. Companionship and cuddling and hugs and feeling cared for are harder to get. Plus most men suck at sex.

>> No.10628541

Just say you're vanilla and go

>> No.10628545

Maybe now you'll know what shame is but I doubt it

>> No.10628546

I tried removing a yellow stain off a dusty pink dress and it just made the area white...
what was that about you guys using sharpies to recolor spots?

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I am not living right. Is life without cosplay depressing me? I found a human poop in the cat litter box

My best days are behind me and they sucked

>> No.10628549

Tfw full body pics I take myself with a timer always come out good but every pic someone else takes of me looks so horrible and dumpy idgi
Wtf am I doing wrong I feel like the difference is worlds apart

>> No.10628551

because you know how to pose and take pics that flatter you. you know the right angles and things to do. other people dont

>> No.10628558

That's horrible. Good riddance anon, better find out now they're trash than later.

>> No.10628560

oh heavenly father forgive me for i have sinned. my body is going to get defiled tmr. my body groped, my butt squeezed and my big toe touched. pls give me strength to not ditch the class and not blank out when I do my assessment. amen

is putting deodorant on your feet weird? i'm gonna put deodorant on my feet

>> No.10628562

My mom hates lolita. She always tell me how ugly I look. I don't have money to rent. I wanna die

>> No.10628568

>We need to bring back kink-shaming
based but we also need to bring back slut shaming and gate keeping unironically as well.

>> No.10628572

Mid-thigh skirts in lolita are disgusting and slutty

>> No.10628603


>> No.10628606

i’m a female (female) lolita, and have recently come to terms with the fact that i’m “asexual”/sex repulsed. doing the dirty just isn’t a priority for me. it’s actually kind of annoying.

i’d much rather cuddle or show my love through my words, cooking for them, etc. but i do it because my partner is a normal red blooded person and i love them.

hypocritically i wouldn’t trust most men who say they don’t want sex. i only know this from experience but they almost always break and tell you they need it (which is fine and normal, but don’t lie and say you don’t). so i’ve given up on dating other “asexual” people.

/end blogpost, i wish i was normal tho

>> No.10628628

while i don't think not having a high sex drive is a personality issue (like some people) being asexual is definitely a symptom of an underlying issue, so you should really see someone about it. otherwise i want to warn you and everyone here to never ever date an "asexual" man. other than the fact that most men are likely lying, the underlying issues for a truly asexual man would have worse issues causing it. think of it this way, testosterone is what causes libido in men and women, so if a man is asexual they likely have a serious medical or mental issue causing it. either way consider finding out what the issue is. if it's medical, it's probably just low testosterone, which is barely an issue in younger women. but if it's a mental thing (like trauma) you should probably get that sorted out to help you in different and more important areas.

>> No.10628641

thanks for the informed response anon! in my case, i have a suspicion that my low sex drive is genetic (at least in part). i talked about it with my mom and her and everyone else on her father's side of the family just... don't care about sex and don't want it. then i reached out to them to ask (it was awkward but i needed to know for myself) and they said it was true, and it was like a running joke in the family.

i never see people talk about that so i thought it might be worth mentioning to get it out there. i have no clue how valid it is scientifically, but it's a satisfying explanation for me because i'm an otherwise normal, happy, healthy person. maybe we're all just low-test as fuck

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Those women don't have "kinks" they're just wired to like masculine men but they've been socially conditioned into publicly shunning masculinity + the average man have been completely feminized, so you get this complete overcorrection that makes them seek extreme displays of masculinity in the privacy of their bedroom.
This is why you cannot "kinkshame" someone out of it; you're just reinforcing the reason they're doing this to begin with.

>> No.10628643

You probably have some issues of some sort that cause the low testosterone though. There are things you can do to fix it. Low levels (and high levels) of hormones is an issue and can lead to all sorts of other issues.

>> No.10628646

I think humiliation in terms of name calling totally sucks. I would prefer to be embarrassed than to be called a slut. That's the kink i don't get, why would I want my partner to call me worthless in about context? I understand when people like being called a slut in a happy way, but not in the context of humiliation at all

>> No.10628654

Nobody on FDS is dating a guy worth a damn. Most of them are single. You are taking dating advice from single women, which is the equivalent of taking financial advice from poor people.

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I decided to take a nap while my coord was drying. Well, my period leaked into my buttcrack and I farted blood all over the dress. What the heck do I do??

>> No.10628674

Stop lying, that would help.

>> No.10628683

you're welcome, anon. it sounds like it's on the physical side for you, so like >>10628643 said, maybe a visit to the doctor is worth it. i know low testosterone can cause issues later in life for women.

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>tfw I got raped and it made me a closet degen
>tfw this freaked me out and now I can't open up sexually and struggle to socially

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Covid killed us all kek

>> No.10628722

G-d help us

>> No.10628725

I honestly hate myself from the bottom of my heart. I am completely unlovable and undeserving of love. I'm the biggest failure and a weak piece of shit person.

I gotta relate this to cgl somehow so I'm gonna say that wearing any jfashion makes me hate myself even more for looking like a fucking stinking trashbag

>> No.10628730

Can confirm some of this. I forewent sex and relationships because of how unbelievably horrible my experiences with both were growing up.

>> No.10628745

thats a trauma response and it is valid.

>> No.10628756

>implying all kinks are some kind of trauma response

>> No.10628784

They are.

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>be me, femdom
>likes seeing guys in pain
>never been raped or traumatized, at least yet lol

>> No.10628794

Hey baby how about you put me in pain haha

>> No.10628857

It is mental illness. Gross and degenerate. The amount of those replying in opposition are f-ing creeps. Women who want to dominate men. Also creeps.

>> No.10628865

define "degenerate"

>> No.10628867
File: 43 KB, 400x350, stop liking.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10628868

Pshhh what a prude.
Sex is fun, buddy. You should try it sometimes. With someone you love especially.

>> No.10628886
File: 372 KB, 400x170, 6b1ace51-bf78-42b9-90d2-1bd83b25f459_text[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>With someone you love especially.

>> No.10628890

I dropped that comic a while ago, tell me, did she ever change out of her PJs?

>> No.10628900

Rope fuel right here

>> No.10628901
File: 223 KB, 180x180, 1533849601431.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trying to normalize e-prostitution

>> No.10628933

kinda think I made a friend and it feels very wholesome

>> No.10628977

If you have to think if you made a friend, you didn’t and you’re dragging them down

>> No.10628982

Nayrt but not true. Sometimes caution is welcome when making friends, stop being a buzzkiller

>> No.10628986

Oh no people have sex things I feel weird about

Grow up and stop trying to define normal for other people. If they aren't harming people, it's not your business.

>> No.10628988

until they start, which they already have

>> No.10628991
File: 75 KB, 1080x1080, armin tired.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>women pretending they're not the ones into this shit and blaming men for the creepy ass DDLG shit
All I'm saying is I've never seen a guy talk about wanting to abuse a woman for a fetish but I've seen tons of girls talk about wanting to be choked or beaten or hit or whatever

Also I agree 100% with >>10628784 if you can't be satisfied with loving vanilla sex you're mentally ill

>> No.10628992

at this state of the world anyone can get sex with prostitution, hookup culture etc. but not everyone can have love

>> No.10628993

go to therapy

>> No.10628995

>tfw hover hand over a girl’s butt during the butt check part of ems class

>> No.10628999

Because guys know it's not endearing and might get blasted for being creepy outside of a DM. It's easier to not be judged for wanting to be choked, harder to talk about wanting to beat a bitch up.

>> No.10629009

I don't know anon, these hardcore maledom things in fiction sell well amongst women, not men

>> No.10629010

Sorry anon, your mom is probably hella ugly on the outside too. Just try to ignore her, I’m sure you’re absolutely lovely

>> No.10629012

It’s honestly a blessing in disguise. I’ve never taken time for myself, I’ve always been in a relationship and had to “fix” other people. It’ll be nice to be closer to my comm and friends again.

>> No.10629019

Oh, someone owns a ton of copic markers I believe and they use them to recolor small spots. You might have a harder time if the area is too big.

>> No.10629021

See a therapist anon.

>> No.10629060

Sheesh class instructor call me out saying my blood pressure was gonna be 116/80. It was 97/76 I need to eat more and workout

>> No.10629064

Wishing you the best, Anon

>> No.10629066
File: 7 KB, 225x225, images (20).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I agree with all this. The casualization of abuse kinks is a goddamn nightmare. People can't help their fetishes but there's deeper underlying issues than "haha it make my weewee tingle :)" and it's endangering society and romantic norms. Now it has me thinking it may have been something popularized by patriarchal men a long long time ago to control women for their own perverse degenerate desires and signal the "harlots"; then they'd gaslight disturbed women into believing it empowers them. I know I'm deeply overthinking things but that kind of nonsenical hedonism is a major turn off for me and I'm getting really fucking sick of it. I happen to like pure girls for reasons beyond my control and somehow that makes me the toxic fucking weirdo.

>> No.10629070 [DELETED] 


>> No.10629072

No thanks.
This. Sex is just about the least of my priorities- I'd rather have cool friends to play TRPGs and go to cons with, and talk about cosplay and vidya. And while I can sate any sexual desires with a hyperactive, vivid imagination... I can't quite do the same for the desire for simple physical affection.

>> No.10629145
File: 13 KB, 228x238, 1613821204002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are men seriously incapable of appreciating lolita aesthetics? I showed this guy some pictures I'd saved from /cgl/ and he literally said it was "overstuffed prissy bullshit" and that it was probably gay for men to like it because "you can't see her tits or her ass". Like wtf? dude stop thinking with your penis.

>> No.10629150

the average normie man won't. weeb men can appreciate it, but weeb men are usually broken brained and come with at least one weird fetish.

we can't win unless we're gay desu

>> No.10629161

That's because men are monkeys, they just watch porn rather than read books to get off

>> No.10629166

I am in a long term genuinely functional relationship with a guy, and he’s always said he thinks some of my edgier gothier coords are cool as hell, though he doesn’t personally enjoy super sweet or oldschool. But like, that’s fine. He doesn’t have to absolutely adore every single outfit I ever wear - I wear it for me, after all. And desu I would feel uncomfortable if he found me sexy in frumpy ruffley ridiculous oldschool anyway, right? If I’m ever purposely dressing to impress him (e.g. on a date) I tend to wear something larmey and girly, or edgy gothic. The rest of the time I don’t care and neither does he. Neither should you!

>> No.10629170

I feel you. Sent a pic for a coord I'm super excited about to a male friend and he firstly complimented me a ton and was nice... but 5 min later in the conversation he sent a nude and then apologized?? Like dude... did you just jerk off to that innocent, modest fit pic and HAVE TO LET ME KNOW YOU JERKED OFF TO IT /end rant

>> No.10629181

also because the hardcore stuff in the books usually includes stuff like the main character being deeply in love but too shy to say it, or the guy being too deep in denial of his feelings. Men love quoting the romance books older women read, but the thing is, its extremely rare that its without consent. More often than not its part of the plot that the female lead and the male interest fugggg as a stage that legitimizes their relationship.

Not to mention, most of those books work on building sexual tension between the two characters. Of course they're going to go hardcore when they acknowledge each others feeings.

Men will deny it and the myth of "be normie and flush down your individuality or no man will love you" is heavily perpetuated. We all know it isn't true though - art hoes, big titty goth girls and other visually expressive niche interests are actually really attractive to men.

Many just can't say it aloud or its considered gay because the losers put normie women on a pedestal and they try to win points with normie girls by tearing alt girls down for it. It's a loser's strategy lmao. Never forget Elon Musk asked Amanda to dress more alternative because he liked the goth look, he's rich enough that he doesn't have to dumb his tastes down to the masses and embraces the position of a tastemaker

>> No.10629186
File: 28 KB, 620x372, e4a829e2-502a-42d4-898f-f3169442026b-bestSizeAvailable.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll take "shit that didn't fucking happen" for 600, Alex.

>> No.10629297

Stop making excuses
the only men into that shit are fucking creeps but tons of women love this shit, doesn't make it any better just because the man beating the woman has some """"""""relationship"""""""" before abusing and raping her

>> No.10629298

Ah yes, the consensual rape between adults.

>> No.10629300

I was the person mentioning that men watch hardcore porn rather than read it, which is probably partly why books in that genre have more female readers; most straight men just don't tend to read their porn. I am not the other anon and think the books are shitty too, and usually show the relationship as emotionally abusive like 50 shades. Idk why the other anon is defending books like that or saying it isn't as bad/piggybacking off my post as if I was in support of the books at all in the first place.

Men are more visual so they'll just watch Brazzers vids or BDSM porn/look at images on Fetlife, rape hentai or whatever that shows an image, rather than read a non-picture book to jerk it.

>> No.10629302

Im sure they'd read if they could

>> No.10629365

I appreciate the lolita aesthetic and i'm male, but half of lolitas think i'm lying and just a pervert or something. Just can't win with some people.

>> No.10629375

Don't feel bad anon; my bf appreciates the lolita aesthetic and fashion/being well dressed in general and he's not a pervert, some men out there are more than just coomers.

>> No.10629428
File: 842 KB, 1224x1412, tumblr_pmqb1mo9LX1y1vuhuo1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm so mad at myself for not jumping at Strawberry Garden Frill. The only two colorways left are white and navy.

>> No.10629468

Man hands typed this

>> No.10629494
File: 385 KB, 900x710, peepee.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got buck broken and my buckhole hurts.

>> No.10629511

Actually I got roasted by my own grandma once for having tiny delicate baby hands that according to her look like I haven't worked a day in my life (the irony of that is hilarious cause I work pretty hard)

My bf and I are just people in creative lines of work so we appreciate aesthetically interesting or pleasing stuff, even if it isn't our personal style. He frequently compliments women on their style or makeup rather than their natural physical characteristics to be nice and considerate/not come off like he's trying to hit on them, and he gives me good concrit on my lolita coords and flatlays, while I help him style himself in his normiewear when he feels up to wearing more than jeans, a t shirt, and cowboy boots or advice on the aesthetics of stuff he puts together for his job.

The vast majority of men are annoying at best, yes, but some men are fine and don't have ill intentions. I just want to be optimistic that not every dude is trying to cum on or to our frilly dresses all the time if they don't outright reject and shit on lolita because that would be sad. It's possible for some men to not be trash with minimal to moderate effort. It just doesn't happen often I suppose.

>> No.10629515


>> No.10629709

Replying with all that shit over 4 words has convinced me you are a woman

>> No.10629731

>>move to new state and join new comm
>>Everything's cool
>>one stupid lolita's at heart in FB group.
>>"I dont have a coord yet but I can dress up super cute and come to a meeting"

...like BITCH. Get a coord. I want to reply to her so bad say "well, it's much more fun to go to a meet up with a coord. Here's a bunch of links you can use to get a coord together." but then I'll be the new bitch of the group.

I hate it.

>> No.10629746
File: 58 KB, 900x640, bb3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weeb thots always saying they're yandere or tsundere. How about you do your laundere, stinky bitch We know you febreze your panties

>> No.10629753

;_; I have got angry red hives and eczema rash all over my body and this has never happened before and i'm putting eczema cream on like crazy. it's getting better but i feel so uncomfortable and itchy. I want to wear my cute stuff but i'm afraid anything that covers the hives might irritate it more.

It started after i got my covid vaccine but i'm not really sure if it's related. i haven't changed anything i normally do or eat. I dislike this very much right now

>> No.10629779

go to the hospital you fucking idiot.

>> No.10629787

Why though? it's getting better . and i don't have a fever. i mean if the rash is not gone in a week i will go but I hate hospitals and will avoid at almost any cost.

>> No.10629794

Your dresses look stupid

>> No.10629795


Honestly, so do you.

>> No.10629797

So does your face

>> No.10629798

I had a dream where my bi ass and my friend got together and had the cutest lolita lesbian relationship. It was great.

In real life though, she's dating a guy and seems to be happy. I don't know why I keep crushing on girls in clearly straight relationships. Oh well.

>> No.10629799


I'm not the one wasting time coming to a cosplay and gothic lolita board to say 'hurr ur dresses are stuipd'

>> No.10629802

I'm not the one who wastes time on stupid looking dresses and then whines when people say they look stupid

>> No.10629804

lol fuck off; that's just the female incel subreddit

>> No.10629822


Words cannot describe the disdain I have for the most popular watering holes of female reddit. They're so dry and boring, and are still catty despite having usernames attached.

>> No.10629823


I never said tho. Just that you're stupid for coming here scrote.

>> No.10629943


>> No.10630071

>tell girl I like her demon slayer shirt and that it's a fun series
I can't win

>> No.10630080

Reply with
“I enjoyed the sparse comedic scenes” and watch her shut up or agree
Literally step one, scrote

>> No.10630083

Not even for pussy would I say I enjoyed anything to do with Zenitsu.

>> No.10630098
File: 66 KB, 1280x720, giyuu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well anon?
Why did you find Tanjiro's struggle fun? The boy lost his entire family

>> No.10630151
File: 34 KB, 550x568, wyldlipbite.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 5'3" female
>mfw a friend tells me I have "big daddy energy"

>> No.10630155

Are you going to show them your big drill?

>> No.10630156
File: 875 KB, 2640x1488, stupid cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Illegal in America, also >paying for sex LMFAO
>hookup culture
Chad only.

>> No.10630165

I think I hurt my leg sleeping with a body pillow every day. Do I make it into the cgl hall of fame?

>> No.10630172

>Chad only
Cope. Im pretty average and I can find someone when I want to. Guys need to quit crying and try improving themselves.

>> No.10630196

Are you a girl or a gay

>> No.10630206
File: 2.68 MB, 634x384, momopunched.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ever get the farts that tickle your puss puss? Pretty hot.

>> No.10630212


>> No.10630226

That's pretty much what /cgl/ was for the first few years anyway, along with con room party people. It's probably just been more obvious recently because actual cosplayers and lolitas have drifted away after a year with no events.

>> No.10630232

I'm a guy and I love everything except pastel OTT sweet stuff, which unfortunately seems to make up 90% of what lolitas wear these days. If I could somehow conjure my dream GF into existence she'd wear classic or mild gothic (not into the really edgy VK-style stuff) every day.

>> No.10630238

Can you peg me

>> No.10630239
File: 25 KB, 843x903, cope.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10630240


>> No.10630241
File: 8 KB, 450x531, 4chan anon redditor.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hahaha >brrrr bloomer goomer moomer sneed and weed

>> No.10630282
File: 11 KB, 250x291, TomokoPinkSkirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i stopped shooping my facial features and just started focusing on doing my makeup better/trying to hate myself less. i feel like i'm slowly starting to realize i'm not ugly. i wanted to look like my favorite lolita models, but i realize now they were all shopped to hell. hopefully i can keep getting better.

i've already stopped shopping my body a long time ago, which was a huge step. i was perfectly normal/thin enough the whole time. mental illness is a hell of a drug

>> No.10630300
File: 1.24 MB, 3103x3915, pe78ym1klt231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why do women lay thirst traps on social media 24/7... how can you expect us to treat you like human beings in the age of social media?

>> No.10630306

>help friend start her onlyfans account since she wants a way to pay for new cosplays
>she develops body image issues and quits after just the 3rd shoot

>> No.10630310

I hate comm dramu. This bitch is telling everyone that I don't eat ass.

>> No.10630313


>> No.10630314

I'm happy for you anon, keep it up

>> No.10630321

Thank you. I think the same. Specially with ALL the "sissy" thing fucking over everything that IS male and not a orangutang. It is so disgusting, unhealthy and homophobic.

>> No.10630322

Links are nothing but disgusting patterns turnês into something sexual, It always disgusted me How só many Men and women prey on minorities and have no real respect for them.

>> No.10630324

*Kinks *Turnês

Stupid corrector shouldnt exist.

>> No.10630325



>> No.10630328

How narcisistic you have to be to think this is only unhealthy If a woman is the one being humiliated?

>> No.10630379

lets go queen

>> No.10630380

Misandry isn't real. Read up on feminist theory and then kill yourself scrote.

>> No.10630381

You can read something and get to the conclusion it is wrong, pig.

If you want to portrait yourself as a perpetual victim you should be the one suiciding.

>> No.10630382

The foul beast is probably okay with being a fetishistic piece of shit if she is the one doing disgusting things to a mentally unstable person. Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.10630384

Sure, you moron. New feminist barrier: Degrade people sexually as a empowered woman.

>> No.10630390

>finish Utena rewatching
>realize I was born a fool but don't want to stay that way
>wish for earthly riches, don't want no crown of thorns
>also want to be a good person and preserve what's left of my purity and nobility
I guess I just become a Vagabond of the Western World, sing my Cowboy Song, and Jailbreak outta here

>> No.10630392

I have been raped and assaulted by women and girls with no recourse, but according to feminists I am acceptable losses. Most of them would even tell I am lucky for having so much attention so young

>> No.10630393

any actual feminist would tell you that toxic masculinity is to blame for the belief that any sexual encounter a male gets is a conquest he should be proud of.
feminism is about raising up everyone regardless of gender against these exact kind of sexist beliefs.

>> No.10630394

This double standart is only uselful to women that prey on vulnerable people using their gender as a desguise. If they have nothing to worry about, they would recognize perpetrators of their own sex.

>> No.10630398

It is so filthy how women claim to care about men that were sexually abused while trying to blame masculinity for it at the same time.

>> No.10630400

>not being able to tell the difference between masculinity and toxic masculinity
ah so you're just stupid then
makes sense

>> No.10630405

No, you ill intentioned imbecile. You are the one lacking intelligence and morals, it is quite convenient to frame everything bad as "coming from and/or benefiting men ... at the same time it doesnt", if you cant see beyond your schizophrenic dogmas, you are on the verge of mental retardation.

>> No.10630410

>toxic masculinity
No, those to blame were almost exclusively women. Moreover, me being a football player had far less to with my unwillingness to speak up than the pervasiveness of feminism. Me telling my teammates " I didn't like it, because I said not to her and pushed her off several times," would have gone over much better than feminism would ever want to admit. According to them women mistreating men either doesn't happen or is somehow mens' fault. But here I was as a teenage boy, faced repeatedly with things like this, but the feminist culture surrounding me did not care about how I felt. I was ultimately just something to fulfill the desires of the women and adolescent girls around me
In fact, it would mock for feeling like an object. According to feminists, I was privileged over women despite them repeatedly using social norms to try to coerce me into sexually satisfying the, while they would also say I was somehow lucky to be pressured into being the sex object of some random woman.
Don't even get me started on my childhood.
It was retarded
Feminists are liars who take their hatred of men out on boys. They larp like they think about men and their station in society, but they don't care, just like they don't care that grabbing teenage boys is uncouth, or that using prepubescent boys as an outlet for their problems is insanely wrong. I'm drunk and about to pass out

>> No.10630411

>want to make a statement about excluding mentally ill men

>> No.10630412

Yeah, shut up you whiny scrote. I won't say that you're lucky, I'm sure it was traumatic for you. But it's so much worse for any woman that your minor issue isn't worth my, or anyone else's time.

>> No.10630417

This is like a mix between what a foul, dramatic and self-absorved cunt and a full-blown predator would say.

>> No.10630419

Maybe she is a self-absorved predator.

>> No.10630421

A woman from neighborhood repeatedly forced me to have sex with her and other people and gave me drugs long before I was playing high school football. Then, another girl forced herself on me. Then I was told how men were horrible for catcalling, harassing, grabbing women, and making advances on them without care for their age, while all of the exact same things were happening to me, many of them done by supposed feminists. Here I am now being told that this is men's fault somehow

>> No.10630423

Feminists are often the worst. It is pretty disgusting how they try to drag you in vomit-inducing details of their sexual life, what would rightly) be considered sexual harrassment if any men did the same to me.

If you are a regular male you are probably already having to experience that, but if you are not interested in women and/or is seem as a "pretty boy" they are at their worst.

No wonder they are such disgusting fetichists with things like yaoi, drooling over gay men like ragged beasts and doing foul comments in general, mostly running with it with no self-awareness at all.

>> No.10630431 [DELETED] 

Shut up you seething incel chud. This is a female board. You are not welcome here.

>> No.10630432

I am not even attracted to women you brainless sloppy sandwhich, I am complaining about the exact opposite, how retard can you be?

Besides that, you have no power to tell me where should be or not, go slash your bagina with sandpaper.

>> No.10630433

> Calling a literal gay man a incel because he is apparently sick of cringy rapey fem-weebs

Peak levels of stupidity.

>> No.10630434
File: 22 KB, 263x311, fatnigger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You are so entitled that I swear you think the board is your badly washed camel-toe. Filthy beast.

>> No.10630436 [DELETED] 

Misogynist faggots like you deserve to have their balls smashed in with a brick. You do NOT talk to ME, a literal rape VICTIM, like that!! Kill yourself.

>> No.10630440

Oh look, a homophobic cunt. How original.

Shut the fuck up, you piece of shit. Your rapist should have killed you.

>> No.10630441
File: 7 KB, 196x258, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Dont you kno I was "raped"? This will give me the right to sexually harrass any man I want hehe

God ... how disgusting.

>> No.10630443 [DELETED] 

Oh, yes, honey, I will talk to you in any way I want. You should actually be slapped across that ugly face. Do what your rapist didnt had the decency to do and off yourself.

>> No.10630445
File: 100 KB, 750x915, 1580061869477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>posts exactly one minute apart
samefagging faggot

I'm not homophobic by the way, lesbian here. I hate all scrotes and especially fags like you that think being gay makes you different from other moids. Your whole gender is diseased filth.

>> No.10630447

No wonder you are so disgusting and entitled, could only be a dyke. Regardless, anon is still right, and having a axe wound between your rancid legs will give you no right to harass anyone. You wont find any way to go around it, beast.

>> No.10630451 [DELETED] 
File: 7 KB, 194x259, woman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is not even a consistent time between the posts, she-orc. You cant even count. What a surprise.

>> No.10630465

stop posting porn.

>> No.10630522

I reported him and all his fagot friends

>> No.10630525

And it will be useless.

You are still the same dumb dyke fantasizing about rape to make up excuses to pass it down to the next person. Stop being such a creep.

>> No.10630535

>gf sees this pic
>'aww will you do that for me?'
The dichotomy of the genders

>> No.10630540

so anyways my dad woke me up at like 3 am yesterday saying he saw a ufo flying around the backyard. mind you this is the same day where I got my 2nd dose of covidvax and caught a tiny fever from so I was a lil bit grumpy. I got my ass out of bed anyways tho cause big if real and I could get me some super powers or alien tech ykwims’in. when I came outside my dude was looking at the sky thru some binoculars rambling about how it was dancing around putting up a show for him. It was cold especially since my body still felt weak from the vax, but I stayed and search the night sky for the ufo with my pops. I never got to see any aliens that night but it was the first time since as long as I can remember where we did something together so it was pleasant. have to ask my sis if it’s time to throw the old man into the loony toon bin tho

>> No.10630542

thank fuck i have an EGA boyfriend.

>> No.10630557

cute. my dad does stuff like that too, and him and I don't really interact much either, so it is always nice.

>> No.10630698

Oh no, god forbid you take a photo of her

>> No.10630700

I pegged him

>> No.10630744

absolutely based on his part, but I can appreciate lolita, other than that lolitos/ouijs except for a 0.001% of them look like absolute homos

>> No.10630748

>ill intentioned imbecile
>lacking intelligence and morals
>schizophrenic dogmas
>mental retardation
Are you fresh out of a time machine from 2013 Reddit?

>> No.10630750

obvious bait is obvious

>> No.10630764

I dreamed that I pooped in the bathtub and woke up crying.

>> No.10630799 [DELETED] 
File: 499 KB, 388x520, botulism_city.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>take a photo so she can post sexual photos of her half naked bodies for other men to like and comment on
yeah, no thanks.

>> No.10630877
File: 30 KB, 500x375, 1618747241831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've taken on several sewing projects that are more complex than I usually do and I can really feel myself getting better.

>> No.10630878


>> No.10630893

No fucking cons reeee

>> No.10630895

Dieting is cancer and I don't like it
Anyone know if dnp is all that bad?

>> No.10630922

whats dnp

>> No.10630954

A chemical that raises your body temperature at the cost of burning lots of calories passively.
You could get skinny. You could die. It all depends on what your goal is.

>> No.10631020


>> No.10631034

I've seen so many zoomers call wearing any and all jfashion and lolita asian fishing and cultural appropiation that I no longer feel comfortable talking about it non-anonymously.

>> No.10631045

do you think larpers are wandering swordsmen in disguise?

>> No.10631123

Tfw I live with a bunch of fatties and avoid communal "family" meals because they always give me MASSIVE servings and then try to gaslight me into thinking I have an ED when really I just can't and won't eat a plate of two big pork chops, three fistfuls of pasta, and a fuckton of veggies in one sitting.
The side eye I get whenever I wear corset dresses or skirts is so damn vengeful. I'm hardly ana (weigh 120lbs at 5'3" and have a 28" waist) and yet they insist I have issues with food and worry I'm not eating enough when I eat normally and love food.

>> No.10631157

If it worked we wouldn't have 160lb whales clogging aisles

>> No.10631158
File: 9 KB, 183x275, 1621037005727.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've never seen anyone outside of twitter (and possibly the crumbling remains of Tumblr) have the kind of opinion and they probably won't say it outside of their circle jerks.
>Asian fishing
99.99% of asians are not wearing lolita. Whoever sees the poofy pink dress and thinks, "this is an attempt to be asian" is fucked in the head and probably needs to reconsider why they think this.
>Pop culture of the last 30 years
>Cultural appropriation
Tell me you're white without telling me you're white.

>> No.10631160

>crumbling remains of Tumblr
Everyone left tumblr after they banned porn, the people shitting up twitter are the same people who gave tumblr the bad rap.

>> No.10631163

BTB is good again this week

>> No.10631185

I've seen it quite a bit on TikTok/Twitter that you should not participate in east-asian pop culture or fashion unless you're east-asian.

>> No.10631218
File: 127 KB, 800x678, 1617700961316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is a really bizarre take when East Asian countries actively encourage the spread of their pop culture into the west. Kpop didn't spread because some white girls discovered BTS, South Korea's sprinkling that shit everywhere. I mean, this is just me preaching to the choir of course, but TikTok seems to be the new hot bed of attention grabbing takes, so into the garbage it goes.

>> No.10631244

Living with people that have an unhealthy relationship with food sucks, especially when they try to pressure you into eating the same. Coming from a very similar family, it's 100% jealousy and coping. I went from 190 lbs to 130 just by eating normal sized portions and my "genetically predisposed" obese family makes rude comments about my weight now and tries to fatten me up again. Crabs in a bucket.

>> No.10631257

Ok, I can’t deal with it anymore. I’ve never fought with any of my friends during my hole life. Things were always lighthearted and stop being friends was a natural process of growing apart from one another, but after I started to make friends in the lolita community I’ve lived enough drama for a whole life.
I don’t know if it’s because girls in this community usually have a lot of trauma or whatever, but even my friends from honestly fucked up backgrounds, who have gone through not having food on their table, aren’t as dramatic. Damn, those girls are saying they love you in one second and that hey hate you forever the next one.
For some time I’ve been wondering if I’m a bad person and an awful friend because of this experience, but after talking to some people outside of the community it’s just these girls being absolutely nuts and incapable of dealing with other people.
I just wanted to hang out wearing cute clothes on cute venues, but I got crippling anxiety from being a part of the lolita community, should I even bother trying to make new friends or will this always be my experience and I will have to go to the cute venues with my not so cute dressed boyfriend if I want to hang out in lolita?

>> No.10631262

people use kink bc the word fetish has a rightful negative connotation to it

>> No.10631293

By helping did you fuck her?

>> No.10631294

>Coming from a very similar family, it's 100% jealousy and coping.
I've looked for discussions on this and I can't find any, it's so isolating. My mom will throw a tantrum if I don't eat, even when I just don't feel hungry. She'll get angry saying I'm trying to imply she's fat, and when I wear cute things she'll talk about how frumpy I make her feel. It's so fucking exhausting, she'd demand I essentially baby sit her weight loss, only to make me feel like shit when I couldn't take care of everything in the world and count calories for her (she'd ignore me anyway.) No one fucks your relationship with food like your narc mom.

>> No.10631304

Fuck that's a feel. That's why I lie to my mom about bingeing chocolate or getting at the store pastries and eating them on the way and pretending it makes me super guilty.

She buys it.

>> No.10631312

Nayrt but I fucked her (he’s gay)

>> No.10631313

Which is why you should just call it what it is: a fetish

>> No.10631338

It's illegal
Also, abuse can lead to death, more so than any other weight loss drug. It's definitely the most effective, but steroids like clenbuterol are actually a lot safer. DNP works, you just turn in your natty card when you use it, and it can be very dangerous.
I only ever think about using it in the middle of the winter, since the way it works is by raising your temperature.

>> No.10631357

>you just turn in your natty card when you use it
what does this mean? Sorry I am a retard. Honestly asking for knowledge sake.

>> No.10631359

Same here!!! I moved back home during the pandemic and basically ate what I was served — moving back out and being able to cook for myself and do more sensible portion sizes (not ana, genuinely doing the recommended portion sizes in recipes!) has let me eaaasily lose the 10kg I gained! Luckily for me though my family are less crabs in a bucket. My mum even asked me for advice after she saw my weight loss and is now trying to get a bit healthier herself!

>> No.10631361

Kink is something abnormal you choose to DO because it turns you on or is fun, a fetish is something you don’t really choose but are turned on by, and doesn’t have to be something you do, can be as simple as seeing the thing (e.g. feet)

>> No.10631366

no. kys.

>> No.10631471

I have something to say. I kept it buried deep down because I wanted to keep an open mind but it's been gnawing at my brain for awhile now and I can't ignore it anymore. I think in my personal opinion to be honest I'm just saying that lolita is more cosplay than /fa/. it's too weird and out of place to be /fa/. the whole elitist brando vs ita is dumb as fuck too since it's all just dress-up. like bro who cares if the color is mismatched or if her dress is too frilly. so what if you're gothic and she's into sweet ap to the layman you're all clownlita anyways. and I don't know if you're delusional or what but you're picnics and tea parties aren't aesthetic. from the stores I heard here I was thinking they're some fancy classy victorian style events but bruh I seen some pics and shits more like my autistic niece's bday pt only with more clowns.

>> No.10631472

ok soup

>> No.10631477

>inb4 your***

>> No.10631478

soup's bored today

>> No.10631481

don't you ever EVER sub(you) me EVER again. we aint on twitter I'll end (you)

>> No.10631500

Most people use the words interchangeably, though, even people who use them negatively.

>> No.10631505

if you wear it all the time then its a fashion, if you dont then its a costume. anything can be a fashion as long as it has rules

>> No.10631509

Post it

>> No.10631512

ok soup

>> No.10631521

You won't be able to drink natural "natty" light again, it messes with your bodys jelq levels

>> No.10631524


>> No.10631528

I’m so excited for meets to properly start up again so we can get more comm stories and secrets and coord shots and the lolita community can erupt back into the delicious chaos it used to be… but with the addition of all the covidlitas to make it even wilder. I’m so excited to follow some of the actually cute new and upcoming lolitas because I can’t wait to see how they interact with irl established comms

>> No.10631575

Had to pass up on my dream dress because I need the money rn. Someone reassure me it'll come back one day, it was rare.

>> No.10631578

your safety and well being is more important than your dream dress which if it is AP will for sure get MTO'd one day. What dress was it anon?

>> No.10631601

Or you could buy it now and save later

>> No.10631603

Cry me a river

>> No.10631619 [DELETED] 

Obvious bait. Everybody who does that sort of thing is cancerous, so why are only women who do that are bad? If you actually cared you’d bring more attention to male rape victims instead of calling female victims liars

>> No.10631632

>rapidly losing weight
>lost 30 lbs since the beginning of the year
>still a fatty
>get super into fashion
>ton of stuff super expensive stuff I want to buy
>don't know if I'll end up regretting it if I lose a ton more weight in the future and they end up looking too big
Someone explain to me how wearing baggy/oversize pieces work. Are there any pieces of clothing that would be unwearable if I lose too much weight? Like I'm pretty sure hoodies and sweaters would look okay, but I don't think oversize dress shirts are ever a thing.

>> No.10631637

if you're a girl it will just make you look cute/thin for a lot of things, and you can get fitted stuff taken in or trade it with other collectors of nice fashion for a smaller size, girl or dude.

>> No.10631638

>be me
>have terrible mental health
>have time to go out
>put on a casual summery coord
>nothing can go wrong, just 1 thick layer haha
>things do go wrong
>faint due to heat
>wake up with paramedics around
>oh shit
>trip to ER
>IVs and tests, gets discharged p fast
>get home
>feel like shit
>self harm
>planning next coord around thick opawue thights to hide again the marks
Man I wish I were well. Nothing works to help me out of this pit.

>> No.10631677

Social gatherings are happening again, and while I was expecting more hangouts I wasn't prepared for 4+ a week. My partner makes these gatherings, doesn't inform me and it would look bad if I don't show up so I have no choice, however I am just not that level of extroverted. When I brought up my concerns (why was I not asked about this before they were planned?) I was accused of being mean. I don't have a dedicated best friend to run to, so I honestly feel alone within this whole context, like I'm just being dragged along for the ride.

>> No.10631696

>calling female victims liars
I never did that retard

>> No.10631699

It's a /fit/ term
Basically just mean you can't claim to have never used performance enhancing drugs. Short for "natural".

>> No.10631901

>Determines the scene/situation is safe
scene is safe
>Determines the mechanism of injury/nature of illness
mechanism of injury is a heatstroke from thighs getting choked to death by thicc opaque thights
>Determines the number of patients
we have one patient addition EMS assistance is not needed at this time
>Considers stabilization of the spine
my cat is gonna grab your head pls don't move around
>Verbalizes general impression of the patient
we got an early 20s maybe late teens anon, a they/them with a high distress level.
>Determines responsiveness/level of consciousness
hello my name is soup I'm with the EMSeagull
Can I get your name?
Do you know where you're at right now?
Do you know what time it is?
Do you remember how you ended up here?

>> No.10631903

Oddly useful soupposting

>> No.10631912

what did we say about sub(you)'in?

>> No.10631936


you're surprisingly not wrong, good job soup.

>> No.10631939

8) thanks. I got my aha bls cpr card yesterday so if anyone is choking on dem dicks I got you with that mouth to mouth np

>> No.10631955

>scene is safe
Scene is NEVER safe around gulls. Additionally proper procedure is asking their name and sign. Tell them things to make them smile, ask what numbers to dial. Pay attention, lives at at stake.

>> No.10632015

Your best day is always today , because only today is real,so make it your best,the past is in the past.

>> No.10632016

Get into law of attraction , i literally manifested money and a new place just by having the right mental diet,anyone can do it

>> No.10632017

When do you think your super powers will manifest into more concrete applications? When will you be able to throw your tiara and kill demons from the depths of space with it?

>> No.10632022

Such things will become possible if the collective concensus allows such reality on the planet

A large majority of humanity is afraid of even meeting neighbouring space races,even though at this point that is inevitable

>> No.10632024

>Getting the meme vaccine

>> No.10632040

>how he was ~one of the good ones~. And I just bit my tongue, trying not to say "no, you ARE like him. All of you are like him."
Thanks for this perfect example on how distancing from others and throwing them under the bus in the face of adversity never helps, because it only validates the believe the the adversity were fundamentally justified.

>> No.10632144
File: 29 KB, 400x300, e30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10632156

Law of attraction is for CHUMPS. Keep walking boy.. cgl is a The Secret board

>> No.10632426

Don't ever stop drinking water.
Stay out of direct sunlight.
Parasols are very applicable here.

>> No.10632511

>consensual sex
they could be eating their own shit in the bed, no one cares, stop trying to be the sex police

>> No.10632840

>stop trying to be the sex police
No I will kink shame you all I want

>> No.10632942

lol sure keep repressing, puritan

>> No.10632946

Rather be a puritan than a poop eater

>> No.10632949

>always thinking about the weird sex strangers have
>thinks others are the creepy ones

>> No.10633015


>> No.10633106

So misandry *is* real and is a major component of 4th wave feminist theory. It is *usually* a consequence of misogyny (men and women alike shaming men for acting "too feminine" and other garbage), but can also emerge as a main factor where a person (not necessarily a woman) is abusing someone based on their masculinity.

Welcome to intersectional feminism, chode.

>> No.10633187

If he doesn't ask you beforehand, you don't need to go. And if he does ask you beforehand, you still don't need to go. You aren't attached through the hip.

>> No.10633321

They never mentioned gender, deciding you're going to go to bullshit events regardless of what you want to do is very much girlfriend behavior

>> No.10633751
File: 27 KB, 128x120, ferret.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cosplay board more like bitch bored amirite

>> No.10633834

Anyone going to urban spools in july?

>> No.10635125

>men don't need comfort
Not sure if retarded or robot

>> No.10635128

> Plus most men suck at sex.
Usually because of a lack of experience. Not that you'll provide them with that.

>> No.10635285

Men need therapy

>> No.10635342

Therapy is literally a waste of time unless you're just mildly depressed or have a specific traumatic event you want to get over. They can't cure your mental illness.

>> No.10635782

I'd hug you if you're not smelly

>> No.10636220

I'm not smelly, but I don't want to hug you.

>> No.10641756

If incels cared only about sex they'd hire a prostitute

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