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I am spending too much on LM even though I don’t have a job. I spend more time looking for jsks on LM than applying for jobs. The rarer and higher the cost of a dress is the more my heart races with excitement. I am slowly burning my funds with no immediate solution for my income in sight and I couldn’t be happier.

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I sold my soul. I give a shit about my life i just want burando. I don’t even have events or whatever to attend it’s just for me to enjoy the items. Every month i spend all my money on LM

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>I give a shit about my life i just want burando.
You mean you "don't give a shit..." not that you do...

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Why buy stuff from LM when there's so much more out there on Japanese sites etc? I hardly buy on LM since its normally overpriced and hardly anything I want comes up there.

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because they’re new, retarded, or larping

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Like most people on this board I suppose, sigh.

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>blouse says do not wash
>wash it anyways
>it's perfectly fine

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afaik this is japanese clothes in a nutshell
it's happened to me so many times

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I hate Angelic Pretty. I know they're one of the most important lolita brands but their stuff just looks like shit to me

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Most of their stuff is just unwearable for me. I own a red Nostalgic lady jsk and a lilac wrapping cherry from them, but 90% the sweet and goth prints they put out look too kitschy.

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This but with Moitie.

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sometimes if i get a tiny light stain on a black item that i dont really care about that i cant get out in the wash ill dab it with a sharpie to cover it up. i dont sell my shit anymore so why not

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Mostly because i can buy in EU and save on customs fee
>>10625456 yea clocked the esl kek thx anon

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I love Angelic Pretty. it just so happens that only about 5% of their catalog is anything worth a shit

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I went to their San Francisco store in about 2011, expecting to fall in love with twinkle mermaid and impulse purchase it since it looked cute online. It looked like a children's disney costume, quality wise. I've been turned off of AP ever since, I can't stop imagining the horrible texture and the way it sounded when I moved

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KEK anon thanks for the laugh

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I honestly don't get this community's obsession with standing/walking/taking pictures with your feet pointing inwards, pigeon toed.
I get that it's a cultural thing in Japan but why are we doing it in the rest of the world? Most of the time it looks stupid

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have you... actually seen people walking pigeon toed? i don’t think that’s a thing

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Biased as a BTSSB slut, I only own AP OPs because I love their sack dresses over the overly stylized BTSSB OPs.

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I've become very disillusioned with neo-Moitie. I mean, for a guy with a style as a bitchin' as Mana's, you'd think he wouldn't be making clothes that look like something you would buy off Wish for 15 bucks

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Once I went to a metal gig wearing lolita. I thought it would be cool, but it turned out it was full of right-wing retards. I get very drunk and went with one of them to his home. There we fucked. He also ate my pussy despite claiming that real men don't do that in front of his friends. I woke up at 6 am with horrible hangover and went home, after sleeping with makeup and I had my walk of shame that day. I wanted to die

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I own 200+ Prisma markers. When I have a stain I can’t get out on an item I want to sell, I bleach it, shade match with the markers and sell it on lm. Sorry not sorry. You’ll never know anyways.

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this honestly looks like a cheap Moitie-Harry Potter collab

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Kinda based ngl.

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That's fucked up

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I have, yes

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I have, yes

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This looks like something hot topic would put out and then some ita would show up to a meetup wearing thinking it's real lolita

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This isn’t even a new print idiot. It came out in 2012. The only new thing is the green and orange colour and the sizing.

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NAYRT but still ugly as fuck

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This print only looked good in grey. The bodice is so just so awful.

Moitie certainly doesn't hit the same way it did before the resurgence. It's sad because they are the reason i got into lolita, but at least atelier pierrot and atelier boz satisfy the itch and at a cheaper price too.

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If nobody notices why tf not.

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I've been buying every Plus/Plus plus size release from Meta because I think it's important to show that there's a market for this stuff, and it's nice to wear clothes that actually fit, but truth be told, I hate most of them. Shit is too ugly

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Only buy the cute ones anon (and by that I mean the 2 strawberry prints mostly), they'll keep releasing the ugly ones if people buy them, but will probably release more of the cute stuff if more people buy those.

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I really should desu, at the very least, I know I'll be buying the blouses. I just wish Meta made plus size OTK lmao

>> No.10625798

I wish for the plus-size otks too and that they would stretch more vertically. I've tried all the big sweet brands' otks, and none of them fit me as well in length as IW's, which is annoying because I can't wear only ivory with all my sweet coords.

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I might have just sold an item to a girl I ran into a summer program in 2014 back when I was 17. I knew she was into lolita too. The name attached to the paypal seems familiar but I'm not sure. I didn't want to be creepy about it so I didn't ask

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If you're so fat you can't fit into otks it's time to lose weight

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I used to do this with J Crew suiting skirts. If you throw them in the wash once yeah they’re fine. But after repeated washings they start to pill and look like shit.

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If it's real wool you really shouldn't toss it in the washing machine (hand wash only)
But this is just some polyester IW blouse

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I watch a lot of lolita content on youtube and a lot are just boring, filmed in an unpleasant way, or way too long. I can sit through 5 minutes of wardrobe tours or a haul video. I watch lor cause at least it's visually interesting to look at and makes me question why.
Aside from that, the fear of owning too much lolita gets to me sometimes. I have 15 main pieces and I don't want to get to the point of having a whole closet. Also the fear of getting old too, who is going to sell all of this stuff on lace market when I'm gone and will they (who ever I'm leaving this too in my will idk like a niece, nephew or child?) even know how to price things?

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There’s a handful of lolitas who don’t like me that watch my IG stories on a regular basis. The main instigator has caused drama a few times, but I refuse to get involved with it. I do have folders of screenshots and evidence against them in case it comes back though. I don’t actually want it to happen but the sweet justice in over two years worth of screenshots would be really nice and sometimes I hope they mess up just to get revenge. I don’t want to actually ruin anyone’s lives though, so I secretly just wish for them all to move onto someone else

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I watch everything on 2x because my patience is null, but I share the same dress anxiety. I essentially told my boyfriend to sell every dress I have at the base of $100 if die. Guaranteed grand if even half sells.

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I bike and my calves could crush a man, not to mention some people are just too fucking tall. Stop being a dumbass already

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I wish you would drop the details so we can be wary of them ourselves. I hate toxic dramafags more than the typical lolita. Not all of us are drama mongering whores. I don't know if you're innocent but I'm sorry it's happened to you. They're probably just jealous.

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It shows off the sides of your socks dipshit

>> No.10625884

victoriasuzanne is that you
$5 that the main instigator is neorococo

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I can’t just come out with it because this group has made the drama up as if I am the one starting it, but I have never even discussed it outside of private conversations before today. I think they know I don’t want to be involved and use it to their advantage. Maybe I’m just a pushover but I see no reason to continue drama that means nothing to me

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When I was 18, I was chased by a man I didn't know while I was walking to a meetup. I managed to get away from him, but it's the scariest experience I've had in my life. I loved the op I was wearing at the time, but it had that bad memory attached to it and I had to let it go

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I hate interacting with children so much. I went out in Lolita today, and a little boy asked me if I dyed my hair brown or not, and I just politely answered it was a wig. His sister, maybe 8-10, said ‘I could tell’ in such a cunt voice. Alright little miss big dick.

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I love having sex in lolita and wearing something pretty makes the sex feel even more spiritual, emotional, romantic, and personal. If that's even possible, since sex is the most emotional and romantic and spiritual thing in the world.

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I bought two of the same dress because I feel like that's my best chance of getting someone to twin with me.

>> No.10626024

is it in different coloways at least?

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every piece of japanese clothing. Either I go into debt from dry cleaning or I take a little risk, and so far it's paid off.

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wtf is this? watching someone's stories isn't illegal. what weird shit do you post on your stories to warrant that?

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I recently read the tag of my AP dress and it said "made in China" which made me cringe because I'd always thought that burando was sold and sewn in Japan. But it did make me feel a bit less bad about liking Chinese Indie brand dresses.

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I work as an webcam model and I often wear lolita to my streams. It makes men pay more

>> No.10626091

As a camgirl who only wears Lolita outside of caming, I wish you had the decency to separate the two. Like don't let ddlg fags and perves get interested even more in the fashion. Wear normal lingerie or a bra my dude, it's not that hard.

>> No.10626098

there is so much cute shit out there why not wear cosplay instead?

>> No.10626100

Pretty sure big Japanese brands nowadays outsource their dressmaking overseas to cut labour costs. Same goes for Chinese indie brands though, who knows where they're getting their dresses made - Myanmar, Bangladesh?

>> No.10626102

Isnt that dress from 2006?

>> No.10626104

There was a previous thread where it was mentioned that some brands did have dresses made in those places too.

>> No.10626124

I post my coords everywhere I can so I can end up on cgl and get proper concrit there

>> No.10626129

Gotta wonder what they think, the half-starving Laosians, in some grey concrete megacomplex in the middle of nowhere, breathing in the humid jungle air, their hands pricked rough by the years of needlework, while sewing
>XXXXXL Bunny’s Birthday Strawberry Creme Cake Tea Party Fluffy Bouncing Summer Romance JSK’s

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>> No.10626153

they probably meant Aqua Princess. Or they're lying. Both are likely.

>> No.10626155

Depends on the brand- from what I remember most of my baby, even newer baby is made in japan. Some met is made in japan, most in Philippines, IW and moitie seems to all be made in china from what I see. AP seems to be a mix of China and Philippines, older stuff was made in Japan.

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I think I'm going to leave my small comm very soon and just focus on hanging out individually with the few lolitas I've become friends with. I suspect some will think it's snobby - which would be true, because it absolutely is. I don't respect 90% of them beyond basic human decency because of their bad taste, lack of artistic sensibility, and tubby unkept appearances.

>> No.10626160

I really don't like sweet lolita. I have no idea why, I just don't like it at all. In general, not only on me.
Also a lot of sweet lolitas I met are a million times more annoying than the gothics and the classics too.
Also I think old school is ugly in most cases.

>> No.10626165

Anon, it's not an airport. Why do you even gotta let them know? You sound like a drama queen

>> No.10626169

Wa is fantastic. Style it like it’s normal sweet, don’t style it with weebshit. Then you’ll be showing off the print in a flattering way

>> No.10626170

>it's not an airport
seriously just tag the FB group in here, we all know that was what you actually want to do.

Why don't you upload screenshot a personal conversation or intimate exchange without the other party's consent and go back to the normie version of farms?

Seriously, go back to being unfriended/blocked by family members and friends for posting their engagement ring photos into Ring Shaming.

>> No.10626171

Who said anything about telling them?

>> No.10626175

Sorry, I'm not the person you're thinking of, I've done literally none of that. Sounds stressful! I hope your comm will be improved by her leaving. As for me, no one knows I'm going to leave as I'm not a dramamonger irl. I've only ever been kind/supportive to the itas I'm talking about, but it was through being kind and supportive that I've gotten to know them better and realized how little I want to continue to know them.

>> No.10626178

>old school is ugly in most cases
it absolutely is and thats why i love it so much

>> No.10626181

Pretty much all dresses from AP have been made in China, Philippines, Myanmar, or Vietnam for the past decade. The only dress from AP I have that surprisingly say made in Japan is RRL

>> No.10626184

find a hobby

>> No.10626185

>old school is ugly
That's literally what point of old school is

>> No.10626189

I don't feel bad for overcharging someone if i see they're from america

>> No.10626192

I want to leave lolita. I don't have any sense of style. No matter how hard o try all my coords look like baby's first one. They are bland. Even full on itas get more likes than me.

>> No.10626197

It's the one that had a glitter print, I honestly don't remember the exact print name it was ten years ago

>> No.10626199

oh thanks for the tip! I thought watching the videos at x2 speed would be confusing but it's not bad :) also what if I just say start every auction at a base price of 15-50, set it for 2 weeks and see where it goes?

>> No.10626211

No one is stopping you...

>> No.10626213

Cat themed prints are one thing, but baroque or other themed prints that randomly have cats in them ruin it for me. I don’t want to come off as a crazy cat lady.

>> No.10626252

I can’t wait to move to Japan in the next few months. I’ll be checking auctions and secondhand shops frequently. I’m hoping being there will give me better chances to find old sought after prints and making friends to help each other out during new releases.

>> No.10626257

Give me your burando

>> No.10626269

Lol you must mean Aqua Princess because Twinkle Mermaid is from 2006 and was never sold in the US store.

>> No.10626273

Yeah, it was aqua princess when I looked it up. My bad. Glitter+mermaid made me mix them up

>> No.10626305

All the dresses i want arent on japanese websites. Im not the anon youre replying to

>> No.10626310

I hope you have some special approval, because Japan's borders are closed and basically no one is allowed in.

>> No.10626386

Very aware of that. COE is being processed for intera-transfer/high skilled professional visa. Company is optimistic about timing. Outta my hands at this point but it’s happening.

>> No.10626409

Me too, anon!

>> No.10626497

No one said it was illegal, it’s just really weird to hate stalk someone like this for so long. They have to know I see them watching everything I do. You sound like someone who does this to people, and just fyi you look deranged to normal people

>> No.10626553

that's creepy af to do if you know the person posting doesn't want you to see it

>> No.10626583

Is it fine if i only own OP dresses and not jsk?

>> No.10626584

No one cares

>> No.10626591

Why would it be not fine? It's your clothes, do whatever you want.

>> No.10626646

"Wa is ita" was something that was beaten into my skull when I first joined lolita, it's so cute now but I just have a hard time wearing it

>> No.10626661

its your clothes, jsks are just easier for newbies to max out outfits in and ops are harder to have different coords in. That's why almost everyone owns jsks, sk is harder to coord as they require more specific blouses so less ppl own those

>> No.10626806

>That's why almost everyone owns jsks
pretty sure a lot of people own jsks rather than OPs because of the measurements. i see lolitas on youtube going over their old wishlists and saying about OPs that they'd rather have the jsk now because it's more versatile, but we can all see they don't have a choice because they can't fit the OP anymore. not to say jsks aren't more versatile.

>> No.10626812

nta but it's not sizing for me. It's the versatility like >>10626661 said. OPs get boring fast because there's not as many ways to coord them (I get hot all the time, so I'm not going to put on a cardigan or wear a blouse under the OP either). The only OPs I actually like/buy are for the princess sleeves.

>> No.10626829

I was born and raised in a small town. I started wearing the fashion when I was 14 and was a huge weeb ita. I was the only lolita there, and there wasn't much happening there, so...

Yes, local media asked me to make a short TV programme about me. Yes, I agreed. Yes, it was as bad as you can imagine

>> No.10626830

Thats my reason too. I love princess sleeves so much

>> No.10626831

your worth as a lolita is not based on how many likes you get.

>> No.10626835

I second this

>> No.10626849

I don’t think men in lolita is necessarily a bad thing, I know trans women exist and sometimes trans men also like wearing lolita and I can also understand being in an older generation where you had to hide in your closet for most of your life but are only now able to wear what you want;

I just feel that those people should have a separate community.

A lot of the girls in lolita are here for a safe space because they experienced trauma from a male in some manner and it’s hard to feel safe going to meets even if the men there are accepted.
Please just wear ouji or some other masculine form of the same style, you don’t need to be put into a dress and make the entire community feel uncomfortable just for your own selfish comfort.

Can’t men let us have even one safe space to ourselves?

>> No.10626853

Go to a rape support group if you need a safe space so bad lmao.

>> No.10626855

It's not nice at all being seen as dangerous and threatening by default. It really fucking sucks, I hope at least some of you can understand that.
As for fucking off, I'm gonna fuck off. Man haters win again. The lolita community really, really isn't a place for a man, especially a soft one to be.
I'd like to say that I also understand why some of you feel this way. It's not illogical to be weary of men. Women do get raped, men get hurt by men too just in other ways.

Stay safe nonnies.
I'm sure in Japan the situation is different so maybe one day when I move there I can finally have fun.
Before you ask why I didn't find a local community, is because there is none in hundreds of kilometers from me. And online is just not fun. Back to hangin out with the stinky metalheads irl.
I'll keep the EGA ouji stuff and the Silent Moon coord for now thogh

>> No.10626857

I dont really like how so many people play into this idea that trans men are men and trans women are also men.
Why should people be offended just by how others dress? If a man wants to wear lolita, he shouldnt face resistance for doing so.

>> No.10626858

It's more about involvement with other women, while having surging testosterone in their bodies and trying to use 'trans' as a way to get close to other women.

Women don't think sexually like men do, which is why a lot of you women project the idea that they can do no harm. Because you're projecting your thoughts, feelings, how you interact with the world on someone that literally has another hormone that drives their brain. (Hormones is what makes you tick, btw)

The majority of nerdy awkward men getting into lolita are also incels. You're literally opening the door for a lot of fuckheads to exploit women.

>> No.10626859

You know every single hrt tranny out there probably has lower testosterone levels than a cis woman, right? Those with their dicks cut off do not produce any at all.

>> No.10626860

the reverse is true for me, modern ops (i hate that im an apfag) are way way too big and the size difference is usually less bothersome with a jsk.

t. a fool who keeps buying new ops because the designs are cute then has to trade for a different cut

>> No.10626869

Stfu worthless scrotes. cry about it

>> No.10626870

Its funny seeing scrotes offended that women dont want them in lolita meanwhile women get bashed in male dominated hobbies (videogames) all the time and they still endure it. males are weak as fuck

>> No.10626872
File: 615 KB, 1139x719, DDB32F4D-504C-4279-8041-E52B91AE0119.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10626874

I literally am right now. Hope this gives you satisfaction. There is no sympathy for men
Not really resentful though. Do whatever you think is gonna make you happy

>> No.10626875

Befriend female lolitas and stick with them. Personally when i see moids and trannies i just ignore them. Dont interact with them. Dont let them make you feel unsafe. Dont give them that power.

>> No.10626878

>no sympathy for men as if men havent built societies and prioritize their feeings and bash women calling them emotional
males always get sympathy. I dont know what kind of world you live in. and for your information the women who are “man haters” are the ones who have been raped by males.
People praise males for wearing dresses all the fucking time and guys easily get sympathy. women get mocked for their feelings. I dont know where youre coming from. males are seen as the default sex. besides half of lolitas are libtards and worship male lolitas.

>> No.10626884

Thats right anon. Im surprised modern OPs are bigger. My ap ops from like 2013 are a lot smaller

>> No.10626887

I love being a lifestyle lolita.
Yes, i wear lolita taking the bus.
Yes i wear lolita while im at the grocery stores. I dont care. Ive went to mcdonald in lolita. People stare but i dont give a fuck. Whats the point in not wearing something i love?
(Mind you i wear hime lolita and yes i carry my parasol with me everywhere)
This fashion makes me too happy

>> No.10626888

I don't know anon, I never got that sympathy besides from a friend and I don't even want it at this point after reading these opinions on cgl for the past year.
Fucking off is alright with me. Have all the space you need from my end.

I can't speak on behalf of anyone else, but all my life I got mocked for HAVING feelings. If you don't understand that, whatever. This is the last place I would look in for validation anyway.

>> No.10626889

i mean im a woman and ive been mocked for having feelings too. Its never too late to befriend people anon. I just dont think 4chan is the right place for that. Theres plenty of nice caring people in real life. Maybe you just assume they all hate you?

>> No.10626892

Yeah, I might be a bit paranoid.
I'll hang out with the metalheads and punks again. It's gonna be alright

>> No.10626893

Strange. My baby stuff is made in japan

>> No.10626902

??? Men get beat to death if they're even suspected of being gay or trans, shit happens all the time

Get off Twitter and experience the real world for a bit

>> No.10626906

Women get beat to death just for existing. We can’t walk down the street in anything and be safe, let alone lolita because it calls added attention to ourselves.

>> No.10626908

I don’t think the original confession OP was concerned with trans females - they clearly state multiple times they understand trans women exist in this space and it seems to be okay, it’s purely males that, if they like this fashion, need to be in a different community. Trans men and cis men don’t need to invade our female space, but of course they do and get tons of asspats for their shit coords. Scrotes need to be exterminated from the community, they invade every space and then feel hurt just because women finally have a space of their own they aren’t allowed into.
It’s like a yt person getting offended they weren’t included/accepted into a PoC community. Yt people rule the fuckin world, minorities need to feel safe in a space made just for them; the same is true with lolita needing to be a safe space away from men.

>> No.10626912
File: 57 KB, 622x706, FF383441-2776-4C6B-A86F-7EA27AEBE522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thats homophobia not sexism you retard.
Lesbians get beaten to death too and women in general get beaten to death too even for rejecting males.
You do realize there has been a lolita killed just for wearing this fashion by a scrote?
Male violence has always killed women so how about you fucking go outside and look up statistics. Scrotes are dangerous and privileged.

>> No.10626915

Also its lesbians that are known to have been raped by scrotes to change their sexuality not feminine scrotes or even gay ones.
No one gives a fuck if a male wears a dress for fucks sake especially if youre american.

>> No.10626918

Hes a guy he will never understand that.

>> No.10626919

That anon is still right though. Being seen as gay makes you more prone to be killed, not being a male itself. Not sure why you think you did something

>> No.10626922

I guess its just new AP

>> No.10626930

Pre 2019 AP Is good but they fucked up everything after that

>> No.10626943

It depends. My most comfortable OP without shirring is one from 2006, meanwhile most modern ones without shirring are tight

>> No.10627023

Today I realized I might be a lolita hoarder.

>> No.10627027


>> No.10627029

by other men, retard. i am not a radfem by any stretch and i think that working together with men to destroy toxic masculinity is the way to go, because men who go against it do get the same kinds of treatment by toxic men as women do, but have the choice of blending in and keeping your privilege (like bi people)

>> No.10627048

You can block specific accounts from viewing your stories

>> No.10627050

Do you mean you dont wear most of the shit you have? If so then sell anon

>> No.10627102

How did them being right-wing have to do with it?

>> No.10627195

I'm sorry Fluffy Kawaii Jo, but you were wrong. Not everybody can be kawaii

>> No.10627216

Fists up bitch, I'll defend Enchantlic Enchantilly's worthless hour in any parking lot at any hour!

>They keep throwing cats into most everything though, I agree

>> No.10627225
File: 69 KB, 906x1200, D8PdXxwU0AA7j21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm going to intentionally let my bloodsugar run in the 300s for a week so I can lose 15 pounds
and I'm not k8

>> No.10627234

Omg just eat healthily you lazy psycho

>> No.10627245

because rightoids are violent and treat women like dogshit? why would you want to be around them

>> No.10627293

There's not enough time at this point

>> No.10627298

>bI peOplE prIvIlEgE
Oh shut the entire fuck up you absolute massive biphobic cunt

>> No.10627302

no, i'm bi myself (i'm in a ltr with a girl in my comm) bi people having het privilege is real, it's the same as having a beard, as a lesbian or gay man, it gives you privilege because you're able to safely omit your full sexuality.

>> No.10627305

how does this work even, you max sugar and then it makes you lose weight or you dont eat?

>> No.10627306

based, made him eat pussy.

>> No.10627322

'Diabulimia happens when you skip the insulin you need to treat your type 1 diabetes on purpose in order to lose weight. When you have type 1 diabetes, your body can’t make insulin. This means you can’t use sugar for energy, so blood sugars rise and are released in excess in your urine.

Without enough insulin, you also create ketones as a source of energy, which can also lead to anorexia and weight loss. This can bring on diabetic ketoacidosis, which can lead to coma or death.'

>> No.10627339

Nice shopping addiction you have there

>> No.10627349

Nayrt but bi people only have het privilege if they're in a relationship with the opposite gender, otherwise homophobic straights will say you're faking for attention or actually just gay but won't admit it, and lesbians will say you're not really gay enough and basically straight as a girl.

Bi privilege is limited, especially compared to the biphobic energy coming out of the queer community in general.

>> No.10627356

i'm not saying it's not, but you can't discount it because some people take it to an extreme.

>> No.10627411

Lolita and the doll hobby made me dislike the chinese.

>> No.10627428

fair. there are many valid reasons to hate the chinese, you just found one of them.

>> No.10627470

You're 1-2 years too late for that, the Japanese second hand market is dying.

>> No.10627475

"trans females" are also born and raised men with too much t in their blood formost if their lifes, so OP's description applies for them too.

>> No.10627583

Working together with men? The same men who think feminists are all ugly freaks, dead set on destroying their rights? You have to be joking..

Only rightoids wear racism like a badge of honour, at least lefties pretend not be racist.

>> No.10627585

It's not because they are men, it's because they are lgbt you retard. Men are not oppressed in any country for being men. If you are looking for a shoulder to cry on about it, this board ain't it.

>> No.10627586

>The same men who think feminists are all ugly freaks
no, anon, not those men. you have to be a moron to not realize that using men against other men is the only way to get anywhere.

>> No.10627603
File: 523 KB, 1381x1229, 439252DE-734A-488B-AC43-AD5D3F7E5795.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10627604

Omg, really, I'm literally shaking rn. In this momment I realize how much of a disgusting monster I am, just removed my genitals befor making this post. Let it be known, being a male is not ok.

>> No.10627632

Feeling myself a bit today, even though I need to clamp down on my buying habits.

I've spent a shit ton of money on brand and lolita in the last few months, after coming back into the fashion again after years and years.

I have enough money to buy it AND a house. My house closes in a couple days. I feel so elated.

>> No.10627641

Wait, is it? Why?

>> No.10627642

Omg I just sold off a bunch of my 2010 sweet burando to furnish my new house. Tbh I couldn’t be happier. Good for you anon.

>> No.10627644

You forgot the best part anon! Ketoacidosis also causes a slew of other health problems included scabs and skin problems, chronic pain, heart problems, liver problems, and joint pain. Hence why people who do this always look like meth addicts (to be fair some people do this cause insulin is ungodly expensive and I do really feel for them. As someone who pays nearly $900 for meds I need to not die I totally understand)

>> No.10627647

NTA but people these days rarely sell to closet child when they can just list it themselves and make literally 3x the price easily. Mercari and fril spell the end of CC. I lived in Japan for 3 years before rona, closet child offer insultingly low prices for second hand goods. They offered me literally around $25 US for new unused AP tea parties in box. I sold them later for over $100 on mercari. I’m pretty sure people only sell there when they either dgaf about the money or need cash same day no questions asked.

>> No.10627658

Man, dangerous territory but it deserves to be said: I don't care so much about "replicas" being bad because "stealing art reeeeeeeeeee" when literally the Japanese brands very definitely and deliberately stole Rocking Horse Shoes from Vivian Westwood and charge lots of $$$ for them

and now they're all over the place

Don't give me that "but it's just shoes, anon" bullshit. Vivian Westwood is haute couture and at the time she introduced her RHS, that was a statement and very iconic. Anons, you know you'd definitely rather pay 40 usd for used Bodyline RHS than pay 300 USD for new Vivian RHS.

>> No.10627660

lol it's "Vivienne" Westwood dude, and I'd gladly pay $300 for VW RHS BNWT that's a steal. They retail closer to $600.

>> No.10627666

Bodyline was owned by an old Chinese man when they came out with RHS and most people get the bodyline ones from taobao, hardly a "Japanese brand".

Shoe styles are also pretty tough to take ownership of, similar to know tea parties are so simple/indistinct and also popular that they are now seen as more of a style than a single design. RHS are unique and deserve to be protected but the closest an actual Japanese brand has ever come to copying them are some thick soled BABY shoes that aren't really RHS from what I remember, just thick cork or wooden soles.

One company making knockoffs doesn't excuse every other one doing it.

>> No.10627686

...... you sound like a fucking whiner. I'm not sorry at all for you. You're a man in a man's world. You can say or think what you like, but life for you will ALWAYS BE EASIER than it is for women like me. Sorrynotsorry, go cry somewhere else. You don't get brownie points for being "sensitive."

>> No.10627687

You can wear what you wanna wear, but when you use the fashion as an excuse to get closer to younger women just so you can speak to them, it becomes a problem, and you come off as what you actually are: a fucking creep.

Just wear your clothes and keep to yourself.

>> No.10627688

>Not really resentful though
You're resentful enough to post about it on an anon board where you can hide behind anon. It's time to really think about the kind of person you want to be, and actively take steps to achieve that. Just mind your own freakin business, and stop expecting things from other people, especially women.

>> No.10627691

It sounds like excuses. It's an unpopular opinion because it's the truth.

Stealing art is bad, yeah, and profiting from that steal is bad: but your beloved burando does it too, so don't be a hypocrite.

>> No.10627703

Just realized that cutsews are so popular because it's just fatties not being able to fit into regular brand blouses.

>> No.10627706

I've heard awful things about bodyline RHS being uncomfortable and I would rather get the original Vivian Westwood shoes since they are made to last and are apparently more comfortable

You could argue that they are stealing the design, but at the end of the day bodyline and taobao aren't going to be stealing any customers from vivienne westwood because the customers are aware that they are paying for quality. As for brands, i don't see the problem with their rhs because they do their own creative spin on it, so i wouldn't argue they are stealing anything, it's transformative.

>> No.10627707

Are cutsews that popular. Maybe it’s my unpopular opinion but I think cutsews look awful.

>> No.10627711

I don't buy RHS shoes, not everyone does. I'm not the hypocrite, you are for literally condoning/not caring about art theft because design theft exists at all.

>> No.10627712

I mean knock off AP replicas aren’t stealing customers for real AP either. The people who buy replicas are fat and/or poorfag that have no intention of ever buying from AP.

>> No.10627717

How can they be popular when brands don't even release them that much, unless you mean those little crop tops from taobao. Also, i don't think people that fat are buying blouses from brand in the first place.

>> No.10627718

They are being produced more by AP/look cuter and less like graphic tees these days, but I'd argue they're still far less popular than blouses. We just have one cutsew thread because someone decided to make one, a thread on cgl does not equal general popularity.

>> No.10627721

AP price points are substantially lower than VW and replicas frequently cost close to brand prices, and they are literally copy pasting artwork. No one cares about shoe design theft in lolita even for Japanese brands making tea parties, etc. because we accept they are a type of shoe, really just fancy mary janes anyway desu. RHS are just fancy ballet flats some might argue too. VW replicas imitiating logos and passing themselves off as the brand are shitty, but simply also making a ballet flat with a thick rounded front sole is a far cry from stealing the VW logo or a lolita brand print replica.

>> No.10627731

>so popular

as a (thin) cutsew fan, they aren't popular

you hardly ever see ppl actually wearing them and they tend to go for dirt cheap on secondhand market. i've gotten tons of brand cutsews for $20-$30

not sure where you're getting the idea that they're fatty friendly either. they typically are not and have firm arm elastics/seams, and are cut short to accommodate skirts that sit at your natural waist. if you have a substantial chest even as an otherwise thin or small framed person they will not fit you

>> No.10627733
File: 8 KB, 275x275, 1587203767600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy fucking shit this is so much more painful as an adult than it was as a teenager, never mind, abort, mistake made

>> No.10627734


This. Cutsews are often made of much stiffer t shirt material than you would think and tons are mixed with wovens like cotton, chiffon, etc. so only the center chest area has any stretch and still not much. When I was fat shirred blouses were more likely to fit my and my bust and cutsews looked like I'd put on a child's t shirt even though I'm short bc of my size and chest. They are far better nowadays that I am thinner. I do find them comfy but only equally as comfy as a cotton blouse really bc I live in a place with intense summers.

>> No.10627751

or because blouses are fancier looking and require precise ironing, where cutsews can just be steamed and worn casually. retarded take anon

>> No.10627752

Tea parties are not a type of shoe. Tea parties are an AP design. You're also confusing replicas with knock offs.

>> No.10627753

knock offs are just technically legal replicas tho

>> No.10627755

I never said anything claiming one was another. Knock offs and replicas are morally equally objectionable, knockoffs are just legal because of not using trademarks, logos, etc.

>> No.10627756

so like keto

>> No.10627762

Except that in a type one diabetic, it kills the patient very quickly
K8, for example, has survived this long by working her way up to higher and higher blood sugars over time starting as a teen, and by not skipping insulin all together, but skipping large amounts
A retarded adult diabetic who just suddenly starts running ketones out of nowhere is quite liable to die within a few days

>> No.10627770

k8 still looks like a crusted up carcass

>> No.10627818


>> No.10627823

If VW made rhs in my gremlin shoe size Id shell out

>> No.10627830

This is probably a troll since you can’t even spell VW right, but I’m dying for Vivienne RHS. I emailed them and asked them to make some in my tiny flower fairy foot size and they said they can’t, which is the only reason I don’t own any.

>> No.10627832

I miss the days when both cosplay and lolita communities reviled at the sight of thots and Jessica Nigri was considered the lewdest thing allowed on the scene. Now both hobbies are synonymous with onlyfans.

>> No.10627833

Japanese brands have done neither.

>> No.10627835

>lolita is synonymous with onlyfans

maybe to you

>> No.10627836

Never said they had. Someone else did claiming they copied RHS and that bc of that replicas of Japanese brands are okay.

>> No.10627865

Lolita's relative niche-ness protects it somewhat, it seems for most things the bigger or "more mainstream" it becomes, the worse it gets.

>> No.10627877

Ketosis is not the same as ketoacidosis.

>> No.10627878

I always wonder how many of the ruthless critics on this board are itas themselves.

>> No.10627886

Maybe you should stop being a whore in lolita then

>> No.10627889


Lolita has honestly made me dislike mediocre white people.

>> No.10627890


Lolita has honestly made me dislike mediocre black people.

>> No.10627891

Lolita has honestly made me dislike people.

>> No.10627892


Isn't that the truth.

>> No.10627903

Good ol Jnigger
Brought in so many other damn ewhores. Rip cosplay

>> No.10627908

it made me reconsider having social media

>> No.10627913

Pretty sure you can custom order them through World's End in any size or color you want

>> No.10627914

Well if the historical glimpses of the people who’ve been busted red handed making critical comments in here are at all representative of the sample then they’re 100% fat ugly itas. People who have a shred of self confidence don’t spend their time picking at and critiquing everyone’s appearance. Those threads always reek of insecurity and/or vendetta.

>> No.10627964

You can be conventionally attractive or thin and still have no self confidence. Ana chans are a prime example.

>> No.10628122

To make it lolita related, etc I'll start with saying that I love military lolita and classic. Also miss seeing good looking (to me) of fairy kei, the ones people post lately are pretty meh.

And now comes the good part. I used to shit liquid for months, but then lately I started adding a single piece of fruit to every meal, and now I shit solid turds every time. Just that, if you shit liquid consider adding fruit to tour diet, it might qork. I just want my dear lolitas to shit solid turds, not liquid.

>> No.10628124

And yet all the people who’ve been busted tearing people apart on the ita thread have been fat and ugly, with terrible coording skills themselves.

>> No.10628134

>who’ve been busted

only a few have been busted, ana chans have enough self control to try harder not to get caught, we all know fatties can barely handle not stuffing their gams every 2 hours much less concealing their identity.

>> No.10628142

> implying that ana chan’s have any more brain cells less than two weeks after the theft incident

>> No.10628144
File: 315 KB, 1339x1995, 158351308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I lost interest in Lolita a few years ago but I still haven't stopped wearing it. I don't know how to change my wardrobe. I really like Jane Maple maxi skirts but they're twice as expensive as Lolita brands and I can't justify it. Secondhand the price difference is even bigger.

>> No.10628147

>I used to shit liquid for months
what else were you eating

I did carnivore for a while, and still eat mostly carnivore, but I also eat some citrus and it helps me as well.

>> No.10628149


Wtf were you not eating any fiber at all

>> No.10628151

Most ana chans are not as extreme as the thief, and I didn't say they were smart, just that they have self control/are good at not getting caught doing what they 'shouldn't' be (like starving themselves, hiding food, purging, posting in the ita thread, etc.)

Also it's easier to end up looking ita if you're fat even if technically it's just about coords, because on cgl being fat is almost an auto-itamaker.

>> No.10628152

I was eating literally everything, including veggies, fish, meat, you name it. I suspect it was coffee and mostly tobaco's business causing it

>> No.10628155

Despite being oversized, AP's dresses definitely still fit thin people better than fatties imo. It's the way it's fitted and makes the wearer look petite in them as per current asian fashion trends.

>> No.10628161

Can confirm, too much coffee gives me the runs/acts as a straight up laxative for me (and by too much I mean even a small sized cold brew from a cafe), despite a diet with a good balance of protein, fiber, carbs, and fat.

Matcha and teas don't upset my stomach as much though, even darker more caffeinated tea, neither does caffeinated sparkling water. Makes me think it's the coffee itself and not just the caffeine content.

>> No.10628163

Why aren't any of you talking about lolita. Stfu about your poop and fetish.

>> No.10628164

you sound very american with how health issues from not eating fruit or veg are a mystery to you

>> No.10628167

I was eating veggies, just not fruit.

>> No.10628219

> Anons, you know you'd definitely rather pay 40 usd for used Bodyline RHS than pay 300 USD for new Vivian RHS.

You must be joking? As a babylita I got Bodyline RHS for like $20, no way would I ever pay $40 for them. The shape of them is weird and awkward in a way that the real ones aren't. I now have the Melissa x VW RHS and am much happier with them. If I ever spotted VW RHS in my size, in decent condition, for $300, I'd jump on that. That's an amazing price, over a third off retail. I am thinking of buying VW RHS directly from VW soon anyway, as they're just very cute. As lolitas, most of us regularly spend ~$300 on dresses anyway, so one pair of good quality shoes for the price of approximately 2 dresses seems reasonable.

>> No.10628232

the same thing happening right now on the CoF thread.

>> No.10628234

The cof thread was just full of unhinged racists, everyone else is agreeing the girl one person shat on looks cute and normal.

>> No.10628299

AYRT. I didn't say they were "okay." I said don't be a hypocrite. You can complain about replicas all you like, but if you own a pair of burando RHS, then you're a hypocrite for complaining.

>> No.10628307

>I don't care so much about "replicas" being bad because "stealing art reeeeeeeeeee" when literally the Japanese brands very definitely and deliberately stole Rocking Horse Shoes from Vivian Westwood and charge lots of $$$ for them

You 100% said you don't care about print replicas bc of RHS replicas. Like I said I don't buy replica RHS and neither does every lolita. Everyone who complains about print replicas are not also all the same people going out and buying non VW RHS, most of us think all replicas are bad and don't buy any of them; the people buying the replicas of VW items and burando items is almost certainly a huge overlap.

But at the same time every shoe with a thick wooden sole isn't RHS; BTSSB makes some that don't have the rounded toe or "rock" as well as tons of other Japanese non lolita brands using thick wood or fake wood soles without the rocking part. Is a common sole material now exclusive to RHS?

>> No.10628309

Don't you need to actually go to the physical store to do that? I was told you can't ask for that online.
Trust me, if I am ever in the UK again, that's on my todo list.

>> No.10628312

If they're ever in stock in my size, hell yeah I should shit out $600 for VW RHS. But they don't make size 11 in women and men's sizes are always sold out.

>> No.10628326

You can get things like that from taobao

>> No.10628331

Sis we're humans, literally every single person in the world is a hypocrite by your rigid standards

>> No.10628399

idk why but you sound like someone i'd absolutely be friend with.
anyway please take care and try to lose weight healthily i'm restricting to lose 10lbs by july so i can be 120 again (and then maybe try to slide to 110)

>> No.10628422

I can't stand a girl in my comm and I know gulls hate her so whenever she gets posted I egg people on to insult her. I've been doing it for years and I can tell it bothers her.

>> No.10628424

Didn't tell someone in my comm that I spotted her DD on mercari because she pissed me off once years ago

>> No.10628428

tell her right after it sells and pretend you didn't know

>> No.10628430

How do you know it bothers her

>> No.10628432

I think I may have had an early miscarriage/chemical pregnancy and as a result bled straight through my underwear and all over my only pair of white bloomers RIP

>> No.10628434

Anon... Go to the doctor, screw your bloomers

>> No.10628439

I started making fun of a specific feature of her's and she started editing it in all her pictures.

>> No.10628440

You know, I thought about that but when I searched online it appeared that in the US the consensus was an early miscarriage does not warrant a doctor's visit, unless you're experiencing other symptoms. Which is pretty typical of US healthcare. Unless you're dying, obese, or old, they essentially tell you to sleep it off. I did notice when I was searching however that other countries encourage people to get checked out which is discouraging.

>> No.10628454 [DELETED] 

Ok nigger

>> No.10628487

Planned Parenthood should still be seen, for conformation and making sure you're okay. You can get new bloomers, nice cotton ones off taobao with lace and all for pretty cheap (~10-20 usd)

>> No.10628513

A few years ago you could make custom orders through Lisa (lisalivewire430 on instagram), who works at World's End, but I'm not sure if things have changed since then

>> No.10628517

Boo hoo, yeah our healthcare system is just so abysmal that people are traveling in droves to get advanced treatment here.

You sound annoying. Stop whining, go to the doctor and demand they check you out or shut up about it and go "sleep it off"

>> No.10628529

>Prisma markers
THANK YOU anon, I have a dress I had to attack with a bleach pen after it came with stains from a nightmare of a seller. Wasn't sure how to redye it, bless you.

>> No.10628599

I like elegant gothic lolita a lot, but it's not my favourite type of fashion. I adore goth music so I prefer wearing huge platforms and spikes and leather/just a little bit of lace. I just feel like myself when I'm androgynous and decked out in chains and spikes. Lolita almost feels like I'm pretending to be the feminine woman my family wishes for. So I only really wear it to dinner parties with my friends, visiting my grandmother, and of course meets with my comm. I did have a honeymoon period with lolita where it was all I spent money on, but now I'm back to growing my gothic wardrobe again. It was a bit of a phase where it was the main thing I focused on, but now I've comfortably settled into being an occasional wearer.

Is that weird?

>> No.10628602

>i like lolita, but i like a different fashion better!
>teehee does that make me weird?

how would it, lol

>> No.10628605

>goth prints

>> No.10628607

Where do you people pick shit up like this? No it isn't, it's not meant to be ugly.

>> No.10628608

That's not high enough to induce the DKA you need to lose weight. Just saying. Plus you'll gain it all back after your sugar levels out.

>> No.10628609

posts like this warm my heart, so glad you're fucking off

>> No.10628619


>> No.10628626

Do they not wash out afterwards?

>> No.10628635

I didn't complain, anon. I'll be fine, thanks for the concern. It's sensible to critique something without it necessarily being a personal complaint. Find something to hug, you sound like you could use it

>> No.10628636

Thanks for the information anon! I will look into it.

>> No.10628673

I don't know if this counts as a confession but I'm not a Lolita yet, I'm thinking of buying my first dress and joining the local comm that recently reopened. I never cared about sizing, I'm not skinny but I'm not fat enough to start thinking about loosing weight without worrying someone. The thing is that I'm aware that most dresses come in one size only, so I decided to take my measurements, I have a big rib cage so my bust size worried me, I don't have the thingy to measure myself so I just used a piece of cloth and a ruler. I was shocked when my bust turned out to be over 100cm, I felt bad about it for like two weeks because I can't become skinnier since my bones are the ones at fault. Today i tried to measure myself again, the ruler is 30cm long, I noticed that for some stupid reason I was skipping from 30cm to 90cm. I'm actually around 85cm~. I was about to get body dysmorphia again because I can't fucking count.

>> No.10628754

I actually hit DKA at 280 if I run it for a couple of days, my endo says it's because I usually run (intentionally) lower than she wants me too
sage for drifting from topic

>> No.10628777

>I have a big rib cage
>bust measurement is 85 cm = ~33.5 inches
Is this... bait?
Where did you get the impression that your ribcage is big? This sounds like a very average-to-small measurement. Are you saying you're flat chested and your ribcage alone is 85 cm?

>> No.10628780


Bro you're going to die of a heart attack if you do that no stop please

I saw your reply that you did and I'm happy you did that but please don't do that again.

>> No.10628787

You sound like a retard, go to any department store and ask the person at the dressing rooms to measure you they do it as a service for free. You're probably still doing it wrong if you're that dumb.

>> No.10628789

I hate it when people are obviously onto lolita, then beg for money on social media.
Like, no, I'm not sending you $200 or whatever for a medical emergency, school, your dog, etc.
Maybe I'm a fucking jerk, but asking strangers for money is always in poor taste.

>> No.10628804

you aren't an asshole for thinking it's bad taste anon. most of the time it's a scam because the fuckers are too lazy to get a job or save some money.

>> No.10628811

Just say Lolita isn't really for you and leave
No one cares that you went through a phase

>> No.10628814

Just sell it then.

>> No.10628816
File: 6 KB, 215x234, tumblr_5f6cc4a2a98a1d592455a619595a7a2f_21678d98_250.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10628822

Thank god. We're overpopulated. I wish more women had these

>> No.10628853

I hate flashy earrings in lolita. I collect earrings outside of it but simply hate them in the fashion. Those puffy trendy ones have a special place of hatred in my heart

>> No.10628859
File: 72 KB, 1000x1000, 71JglXrDHNL._AC_UY1000_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

like this?

>> No.10628862


>> No.10628863

I wish you'd been one

>> No.10628892

I hate them too, they're so cute in theory, but they make my neck/ears itch

>> No.10628943

>not building a DIY liquid CO2 based dry cleaning lab in your basement

>> No.10629035

This is the default opinion I think. The only time I thought this was justified was legit at the start of the pandemic before there was any help at all. Still, I judge the shit out of people who want to sit on a vault of burando and leech money online with a sob story.

>> No.10629037

I kind of like the Alice in Wonderland comparison. It's a lot cuter than what a lot of normies tend to think.

>drive non-lolita friend home while wearing casual-ish old school recently
>go inside and talk to her grandma a bit and then leave
>friend texts me a couple hours later
>"My grandma was so amazed at your outfit! After she left she said you were so cute and you looked like you came from Wonderland"
> :')

>> No.10629038

*After you left
Am dumb

>> No.10629045

I hate really marine prints

>> No.10629051

I would much prefer if it was called Alice style. I would be so much more confident wearing it out if I didn't have to worry about the prospect of hearing/saying the word "lolita" and having bystanders associate it with the other kind.

>> No.10629053

Same. I'd be down to call it Alice Kei/Style and wish it had been adopted. Idgf if it has "cosplay" connotations to normies, it's better than pedophilic/sexual ones

>> No.10629065
File: 57 KB, 640x480, 217867_75728.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In Russia there is a character called Malvina which is lolita af, I wish the Russian community called it Malvina Kei or something because its very recognizable here more so than Alice

>> No.10629080

Alice - kei?
Why not Aristo - Kei? It's derived from aristocrat

>> No.10629085

This is exactly why it’s so much easier for me to wear gothic lolita out. Just say it’s a type of goth, everyone’s cool with that.

>> No.10629086

Yeah I agree, plus lewis carroll was literally probably a pedo so that’s also pretty yikes

>> No.10629098

meh normies will only assiciate it with the Disney movie, so I wouldn't be concerned about lewis carroll

>> No.10629102

this. Aristo kei feels off when EGA exists

>> No.10629223

Literally just say EGL, if someone asks just tell them it’s a form of alternative fashion. Stop trying to change the name of a japanese fashion that’s been around for more than 20 years, it’s not going to happen. Every time this debate comes up i want to squeeze the life out of a newfag

>> No.10629230

I'm not trying to change it (I know it won't change) just voicing it's a hassle. Not everyone speaks english so the acronym doesn't work that well

>> No.10629238

I just hate being associated with predatory pedophiles and having the fashion name be a form of legitimizing to strangers sexual harassment of myself and other lolitas.

It's different now that that egl died in Japan too. I understand before it would be mean to change the name and insensitive to the Japanese comm, but they have all but left the fashion.

GLB stopped being produced 13 years ago, if there was a time for renaming the fashion or giving it a normie nickname I think now would be the time to decide as a community since we are small enough that it can be implemented.

It's not a newfag thing either, it has been a topic of discussion 10 years ago. If we can decide on the term "nu sweet" for the new taobao sweet substyle why can't we decide on a term that we can use for normies without looking like fucking age players?

>> No.10629248

What the fuck is wrong with you? Grow up and kys back to twitter.

>> No.10629250

Last glb was in 2017, pls google before posting

>> No.10629251

>lewis carroll was literally probably a pedo
Literally propaganda

>> No.10629258

I mean the reason people think he was a pedo is in part because biographers futzed with the ages of the teen girls he was spending too much time with to make it seem less inappropriate for the teen girls' marriage prospects, but by modern standards teens are still children (also his nude photoshoots of children which is still gross whether it was normal back then or not)

By all modern metrics he was kind of a pedo

>> No.10629272

They were adult women, early 20s with a few late teens. He wasn't praying on teenagers.
Nude photos are whatever but I know muricans seethe at children swimming naked so I'm not surprised about the reaction.

>> No.10629280

I'm read and saw in documentaries (ones that were actually favorable towards the guy and defending him) many of the girls like Alice's older sister were young teens, because he was hanging around eligible young ladies which were mostly young teens back then (we now see people who marry or go after people that age if they're under 18 as pedos), and the idea was that if the writers made their ages seem even younger that no one would suspect him of being sexual or romantic with the 13-18 year old girls who should be virginal and not associating with men who weren't courting them for marriage or whatever. The girls were already young, but normal age to be married back then.

Nude photos of children were common enough in that era but it was for creepy reasons like them being 'pure' and 'innocent' in an artsy way. Nowadays we see that as weird and gross so he's weird and gross by modern standards. It was also creepy that Alice (and her sister) were his muse, given she was like, super young. And the one photo of Alice people see as being sexual isn't even a full nude, it was one where she is dressed as some specific maid or "character" with the clothes adjusted and posed in a way that was seen as kind of racy then. Nude or partially clothed/disheveled photos of kids weren't just snapping a pic of kids running around or a baby in a bath, they had to sit there posed for extended periods of time for the photo to come out so something like a nipple exposed or whatever in the photo of Alice was intentional and made part of the image on purpose.

There's no definitive proof and all but I also think 20 and 30 year old men who married 13 year olds back in the day would be considered pedos now too even if that was the norm, so I'm not holding him to a different standard than I would hold any other non famous dude.

>> No.10629284

Applying modern metrics to people in the past is a fallacy in itself.

>> No.10629293

People in the past did some things wrong even if they didn't know it was bad back then like not giving women rights, abusing children (many people didn't even realize they'd been molested as kids until the 70s or some shit bc no one discussed it or knew it was a problem), slavery, and whatever else.

Acknowledging that someone something did in the past is bad even if it was normal back then is fine to do. I didn't say he deserves to be "cancelled" or we can't use Alice motifs in lolita. He wrote an iconic book that people reference still today, good for him, so did Lovecraft for example with much of his work, still doesn't mean it was chill for Lovecraft to name his cat the n-word and write racist shit sometimes. They're dead and most of Carrol's legacy to the average normie is a guy who wrote a kids' book, admitting there is a lot of evidence to support the idea that he did things with kids we no longer tolerate or approve of isn't hurting him or anyone else in any tangible way.

>> No.10629295

>If we can decide on the term "nu sweet" for the new taobao sweet substyle why can't we decide on a term that we can use for normies without looking like fucking age players?

Who the fuck is “we”? No one uses that term outside of a handful of LARPers on cgl

>> No.10629303

its always newfags who care this much

>> No.10629307

I think people are overestimating how well known the Lolita novel is among normalfags.

>> No.10629357

>Wow, what is this style called?
>What does that stand for?
galaxy brain solution, anon

>> No.10629427

This, but also it's not that hard to dance around the question.

>My dress is from Metamorphose, it's a Japanese street fashion brand.
>I buy my clothes online.
>My shoes are from a Japanese brand, I got them online.
>My purse is from Angelic Pretty. It's a Japanese brand, but they have an online store for their San Francisco location.

I don't think I've ever had someone ask me "what is your fashion called" in a way that would require me to say "lolita" or "EGL". Most normies don't care what it's called, they're just curious about where you bought it.

>> No.10629431

seconding this, i just say the brand of my main piece or whatever specific item they're asking about

desu anyone who outright tells a clueless normie "lolita" is ballsy, new, or low iq

>> No.10629439

That only works on a polite person who is willing to drop the subject. I've had a nosy old grocery store cashier keep asking me the name of the style and I kept dodging the question, but she kept asking for more info. I don't particularly want to give her a brand name either because if she searches it she'll see the word "lolita" immediately, and I am likely to run into her again since I shop there every week.

>> No.10629447


Call it japanese street fashion. Even nosy people will stop unless they "know" what lolita is then they will ask you that specific question.

>> No.10629450

You're overthinking it. If she goes to any brand website she's going to run into a wall of Japanese text and weird engrish. Meta's the only brand with a concept page that really sounds super cringy. it's hard to find where AP, Baby, IW, VM, Boz, etc. even say the word "lolita" on their websites.

Moitie has it in their banner tagline, but no normie is going to think "Elegant Gothic Lolita Aristocrat Vampire Romance" is anything but crazy google translate gibberish.

And if they keep asking the name of the style, it's pretty easy to say "I don't understand what you mean?" Or just say the name of the print or shoe type or whatever. This isn't rocket science.
>It's a jumperskirt
>It's Moco Moco Bunnys
>they're called rocking horse shoes

>> No.10629457

You sound socially inept.

What >>10629427 said is true.

You don't have to talk to anyone and/or you can say anything. Christ. It's not that hard. Some of ya'll fucking lack social skills and it shows.

>> No.10629461

I've tested this with non-lolita clothes, it washes out and fades so the bleach stain becomes visible again.

>> No.10629464

>You don't have to talk to anyone
yeah let me just stare silently at the cashier as she keeps asking me the name of the style, that's not socially inept at all

>> No.10629480

I call sweet lolita otome and classic vintage when I'm talking to normies. Or I do this >>10629427 It's really embarrassing if I'm at a meet and some sperg has to tell everyone who stares at us the entire history of lolita fashion and how it's totally not a sex thing.

>> No.10629521

You can tell her it's none of her business. Or tell her the brand name and if she keeps going tell her she's making you uncomfortable that she keeps asking you so many questions.

>> No.10629524

This. Like once after a meet me and a few other girls went to a local cafe for Italian sodas and a kid called us princesses, and we just ignored them, let the kids be cute, and a couple of normie ladies in line later said they liked our costumes, we simply said "they're not costumes" and it ended there.

Sometimes you come across a weeb or someone who calls it kawaii loli and acts like a know it all or just gushes a lot over it or something cringe but even that just sounds like moonrune gibberish to a normie.

>> No.10629686

Ayrt, we are on the same page then

>> No.10629821




not the way you'd prounce it in english but phonetically in japanese right

>> No.10629960
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this!! I've been in the fashion for 10 years soon and except for my close friends and some weeb acquaintances who may or me not be familiar with jfashion, I've never even mentioned the word "lolita" in front of anyone

>> No.10629994

Just text or be on a phone call when you check out with her.

>> No.10632181

I absolutely have a shopping addiction and it is really hard to stop. I might have to block all shopping sites off my PC to be able to save money.

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