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Dark edition
last one hit bump limit

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First for putting cat ears on your bf

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I want to go back to Japan next year. Would love to go with someone but I don't know anyone personally who a) can afford the trip or b) would make a terrible travel buddy. Maybe I should just go by myself.

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This too


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Go with me, I got nothing going on

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It makes me angry when I blow a whole fiver on a pattern drafting book, then the instructions for the one pattern i want refer to points that aren't on the image, and the instructions themselves are given in some crazy moon logic order.

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I went to Japan by myself a few years ago and had a great time. If you wanna go that badly, you can do it! Also means you can do exactly the stuff you wanna do and not worry about anyone else.

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That's great to hear, anon. I usually travel by myself anyway because I prefer not to be restricted by anyone else's needs.

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What if you don't have a bf?

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1. get a bf
2. put cat ears on him
it’s that easy

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what about the litter box

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You came to the right place my man

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I think I'm a lesbian, I came out as bi in like February of 2020 but it doesn't feel right

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Why did you think you were bi? Why don't you think you're bi anymore?

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I had always planned to avoid getting into sweet because i feel like it wouldn't be very safe wearing a lot of pink to worse parts of my city but i'm really starting to dig some pink main pieces and i enjoy wearing the one i got

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>tfw no gf to dress her in pink tights with tiger stripes

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>EMS to resume to the US June 1st
IT'S (almost) TIME!

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Don't despair! Pattern books are exactly as you say, moon logic order, some sort of black magic, super weird, but you have the pattern in there. My advice is read the book. Delve into it as if it's an ancient tome desperately in need of decoding. If you follow the crazy instructions magic will happen. The pattern will come out, and be yours.

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Anybody else ever do rituals to channel the power and cuteness of past wearers of secondhand pieces. I frequently put them on before washing them and shout "kamate kamate kora kora!" while beating my thighs and chest and stomping.

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I wash them to get rid of that energy, anon.

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I’ve printed out their photos and ripped them up so they don’t feel cuter than me

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I made a couple of fake accounts to message them their photos that I photoshopped to make them look like a fat stinky Frieda Kahlo. I was in a bad place but I dont entirely regret it.

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finally got posted to the ita thread a few weeks ago. it hurt at first, but now i don't give a fuck at all what others think of my coords. i wear what I want and if i think someone would post me here when i post my outfit to cof or insta it doesn't scare me anymore, i kinda wish i could thank whoever did it because i'm so much happier now that it's done. i was so worried for so long about it breaking me as a person because ive been here for so long and am kinda attached to this shitty board but it turns out i don't give a shit and like my outfits even if others don't. huh. thanks cgl

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Just ordered the fabric for my first handmade JSK

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I guess this is a common feel but I think I bit off more than I can chew skills-wise with my latest cosplay project. I'd rather not name the character because it's from something both obscure and cringe, but I've spent a lot of money on the materials and don't have anything to show for it. Yeah I know sunk costs is a fallacy. But I want something to show off, you know?

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I badly want to wear qipao. They're beautiful garments and I've learned about their history. But I'm white and I don't want sjws jumping down my throat. I even bought a nice vintage silk one that's sitting in my wardrobe but I've never worn it.

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I'll wear cat eats but you better treat me like a cat. Don't wake me up unless it's for lasagna

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Sold my original grail after 10 years with it. I had to mail it off today and it felt a little bittersweet. It wasn't extremely popular but it was the first print to make me interested in lolita to begin with.

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I'm planning cosplays for the first time in over a year. Plus I finally found time to get my step sister unstuck from the dryer.

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Care to share a pic/link? Would love to see what people are using for their handmade stuff

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you should go for it if you love them so much, I know it's easier said than done but anyone who throws a fit should just be ignored and would probably get mad about some other random thing anyway. I don't think any Chinese person would give a fuck since you're clearly knowledgeable and respectful
t. chinese

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>refreshed the exact moment when that moitie dress listed
>apply to order with my ss
>ss responds almost immediately
>still sold out before she could grab it
wish I didn't become a moitefag but I feel so cute wearin it

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>because of kung-flu cons will never be the same
>all fav cosplayers gone
>no more touching/keeping distance from people and celebs
>prices going up

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This is the part where you keep practicing with the materials so that you can learn and refine new skills out of love for the character.

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>I'd rather not name the character because it's from something both obscure and cringe
Name it! It's good to see people cosplaying something that isn't seasonalshit, even better when its something obscure that they just really like.

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gone as in dead?

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Hey guys my lifts are going up :)

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Because I knew I liked women, and I don't think I'm bi because I relate to a lot of comphet things
But then again maybe it's biphobia and daddy issues (actually daddy issues, not the egirl kind)

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I got put on antipsychotics two years ago and in that time I have gained 70 fucking pounds, most of that during the pandemic. I was hungry all the time suddenly, and I thought that because before meds I ate all I wanted and didn't gain it was fine to cram chocolate down my throat. It was just that before meds I had a tiny appetite and one square of chocolate was enough for the day.

I went from 110lbs at 5'9" to 180 and I hate how I look. Clothes hide my rolls but naked it's awful. I'm trying to exercise and it's working but slowly. I'm going to talk to my doctor and try to get off the one that made me gain so much, so hopefully one day I'll fit into a size AU 8. (6 would be nice, but my shoulders are too broad for that.)

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Messaged a seller about shipping costs, seller read the msg, deleted the item, then reuploaded it a week later as domestic shipping only... obviously they can sell their stuff however they want, they probably have a perfectly good rationale, it just reminds me of posts here saying they don't do international shipping because people flake out if it's pricey, so shitty non-buyers ruin it for the people who are actually willing to foot the shipping cost. Oh well.

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The meds made you realize you were starving yourself, 110lbs at 5'9" I bet you looked like stretched toffee

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I don't think its weird to "flake out" if it's pricey? Like you're just asking for how much the shipping would be, that doesn't mean you'll buy it right away kek

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Lmao what a wuss is that seller than

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Sounds like anon only put on weight via fat though. So hopefully working out won't put them back to skeleton mode but will actually help them get to a healthy weight with actual muscle instead of being dried chicken bones.

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Sorry anon, but it's obscure enough that if I mentioned it here I would get cancelled on regular social media for being a 4chan poster because there have been like, 2 cosplays of this character. I do agree that seasonal shit is boring. Not looking forward to season 2 of dragon maid reviving lazy Lucoa cosplays

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I'll be your boyfriend
But only if you also wear cat-ears

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Just do it

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Did you ever liked men?

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It's nothing exciting, just some solid black fabrics. I wear gothic, so finding fabric is super easy.
(Shoutout to my sweet and classic sisters out there trying to find nice print fabrics, good luck and bless you)

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That's what I'm trying to figure out lmao

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Thanks for the encouragement anons. I think I'm going to do it. I know someone will always be unhappy with the fact that I'm wearing something from a different culture regardless of how I approach it, but it's not like I'm doing it as part of a racist caricature and I have read extensively about the history way back to it's origins.

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I mean you're right, asking for shipping estimated isn't a promise to buy, but I can see why it'd be annoying for sellers if they get loads of people backing out over it being too expensive when shipping prices between countries are usually pretty consistent. I sort of see the shipping quote thing as courtesy extended by a buyer who sort-of knows how much the shipping will cost and is already pretty sure they'll pay it. I don't THINK there's a huge number of people who are surprised that shipping a dress across the entire globe is more than $10, but I wouldn't be surprised.

>anyway. tfw can only behold dress, not taste it

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I had a jsk and socks mailed to me on the 10th, still not here yet and tracking hasn't updated. Wat do

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Can you elaborate on point 1 a bit more?
How does one go about doing that?

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> be me, czech in his twenties
> interested in cosplay since high school but sociophobic
> gain new drive to socialise as I get /fit/ and attend therapy
> Start playing genshin impact a lot and want to cosplay Zhongli
> Pay out of my butt for the materials buy worth it
> Show progress in a discord I'm in
> You can't cosplay Zhongli, that's whitewashing
> Argue that dressing up like a character doesn't overwrite their identity
> get banned
> Lose all drive to socialise in the cosplay community again

I should have just gone camping.

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nayrt but
1. go to convention/library/coffee shop
2. approach male

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Well, where do you live, cause I could help, or not...

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Just do it anyway
Your discord just sucked

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You're a free born man. Do whatever the hell you want

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Sure until
>Twitter do ur thing

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you don't have to socialize with mentally ill, look at the lolita threads, they're so often batshit, obese + vindictive or handmaidens for troons that the majority of gulls just choose to be lonelitas.

What you are experiencing is common and one could argue that it's an initiation rite at this point

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No thanks I don't trust people from 4chan and if you're trying to "make me straight bc you haven't met the right guy" you can fuck right off

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Aye, but I feel like if I go abroad and go to a cosplay con say in Vienna or Germany and have to deal with local nitwits bitching at me it would kinda ruin the experience.

What are cons like?

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depending on how big they are, if you go to a big one you're safe because you could tell the volunteers you're being harassed and they'll throw the ones harassng you out (at least in Canada)

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Turning off your computer won't stop your job from getting called

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I feel like I've put on so much weight over the past year and it makes me feel terrible. I can still fit into my favorite unshirred jsk but it doesn't look as good any more, and I bought four colorways of the topping heart otks and they barely stay on my legs. I was really skinny as a teenager so I never kept track of my weight, but now I'm at 10kg (height 152cm). I feel like I'm all lard. I went up from a B cup to a D, and at first I quite liked how my boobs looked but now all I see is boobloaf. I wish I could get out of my house and work this fat off, but plague times and all that.

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You are totally safe going for a run outside, as the rona doesn’t spread in open air. Try to eat two meals a day, gradually limiting your calories down until your stomach is okay with a 1500 limit (or less depending on your goals over time) and take bi-daily walks/jogs. It’ll take some time but if you start working at it now you’ll find yourself back at a weight you feel confident in :)

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Nayrt but if you live in a dangerous or shit place going outside for exercise is not a safe option for everyone. I wasn't able to lose weight until I moved somewhere that had a neighborhood I was able to be safe jogging and walking around in.

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>You are totally safe going for a run outside
What kinda gentrified gated community shit is this

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Samefag, I meant 10stone, roughly 65kg

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This. COVID isn't what people who don't want to jog outside are afraid of. It's people. I'm lucky enough to live in a nice place that as a woman I could go jogging alone and feel fine so long as it isn't pitch dark out, all people don't have that luxury and the anxiety of potentially getting crimed every day is stressful as shit.

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Your discord fucking sucked. A white man cosplaying an anime boy has been done to hell and back. "Whitewashing" as they called it doesn't bother anyone at all, at least compared to blackface or asian fishing. Anyone who's up in arms about that is living in a distorted online world of extremes. When people are socialising in the real world at a con nobody who's in that headspace will come up and accost you. It's such a social faux pas to approach anyone with negative intent. In fact, all of the bitter gulls sitting here on /cgl/ being angry at fat people existing don't do a thing to fatties irl. When a sick person like this sees someone who's existing in a way they don't like they'll at most mention it to their likeminded friend. They won't hurt you. Don't interact with psychos.

Please enjoy cosplay for your own sake! If you go to a con you can enjoy the positive interaction of meeting more fans of Genshin Impact in the flesh. Don't expect a lot of pictures, just try to look your best and have fun with your favourite character. It's an unbeatable high to just be walking around a con in the outfit of a character you love. It's worth it. Fuck everyone who says you shouldn't get that high.

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Well, just wanted to be helpful

It should be fine

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Okay well I was really just referring to covid since that was the reason the original poster gave for not going outside. But sure, if you live in a shitty unsafe neighborhood, try doing the scientifically proven 7 min workout as many times a week as possible
The point is to eat less and move more. Don’t just whine about it. You have the power to make the change, it won’t be as painful or difficult as you think, and think of the burando that will look cute on you again.

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BAHAHAHA that’s rough anon. don’t worry you’ll find a gay lolita to turn straight with your 12 inch thundercock9000 someday

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It breaks my heart to see cosplays/coords or even just normie outfits that look needlessly frumpier just because you can tell she's wearing the wrong size bra. I hate to be so autistic and nitpicky about it but it seriously bothers me that many of my friends and family are this way too, but when I try to help them people are always stubborn and "nooo I know I'm a 34C!" even though no part of it looks or feels good on them. I guess that's my problem.

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as a fatty hating fattychans I can confirm no one will let anyone hurt the fattychans irl. If someone cornered a lolita with a waist over 100cm and called her fat, or said she doesn't belong in the fashion community, other gulls would take the fatties side (myself included) because irl behaviour is different from what you allow yourself online

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I am morbidly obese and desperately need some positive motivation to lose weight. I began gaining because I was so depressed from the sudden death of multiple family members over a short time, and having to work 3 jobs to get though college took away all my time and energy to workout or cook and plan meals. I have always had self esteem issues, even when I was a healthy weight, and body dysmorphia caused me to see myself as fat even when I was smaller to the point that I didn't even notice a difference until I felt my clothes not fitting. I hate myself so much not because of my size but because of my mental illness and just wish I cared enough about myself to do better but I don't. If any gulls would feel inclined to, I'd be massively grateful for some positive motivation to count my calories and go outside more. I want to one day be able to push myself to improve without external motivation, but until then maybe positive support from people who may be dealing with something similar or who are have been there before will help.

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1. realize you are worthy of feeling comfortable in your body, maybe go to FemaleDatingStrategy subreddit, they gas each other up 24/7 and they can take away your self hatred with pro-women memery.
2. try going on /fit/ and dont feel tempted to try juice cleanses or something rash like that
3. try just going on walks occasionally, if you can, right now lots of stuff is blooming, wear some sweatpants, get a fully charged phone with some podcasts and start just walking. When you get bored pop in that music/show and listen to that. Keep some gum and water on you and try to walk in shaded places if you can (don't get heatstruck). Don't forget chub rub can happen so the pants/ long sleeves are important.
4. try swapping some of your food, if you drink bubbly try drinking mint tea
5. know that you have this and every day, every one of your efforts is worth it even if you cant see it.

>> No.10615646

Happy to help anon. I have been slowly losing weight over quarantine and I want to help other people do the same, especially since I’ve been perpetually overweight for most of my existence. Post daily food stuff you eat! I wanna know what we should cut out and replace.

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For me what helped is to focus on small steps at a time. If you're morbidly obese you might have to commit to a faster pace but the idea is to work on small changes and not treat it as this all-or-nothing deal. I notice that a lot of people who give up on their weight loss do it because they feel like they can only succeed if they ditch every part of their old diet and stick 100% to a workout plan, so if they slip up they get super hard on themselves. It helps a lot with motivation to recognize smaller actions, like "Today I decided to have water with dinner instead of a sugary drink." Identifying unhealthy habits and swapping them for better ones one at a time feels like you're making measurable progress even when the scale doesn't change immediately.

On a related note, weight loss is often non-linear since random stuff can cause it to fluctuate temporarily for a day. So don't be one of the people who get completely demoralized because of a slight increase, what matters is the habits you've worked on since that's what will help you stay at your goal weight.

>> No.10615650

(disclaimer I've never been overweight) quick food tips that lost me the 30lbs I put on in college:
>sparkling water instead of soda (in general you should avoid drinking your calories)
>vodka soda instead of other drinks (1 vodka shot = about 70 cals). cut back on alcohol in general or cut it out if you've got the willpower
>zucchini noodles or shirataki noodles instead of regular pasta
>riced cauliflower instead of rice
>egg whites or extemely lean meats like tuna/salmon instead of other meats
>almond milk instead of milk
>soup and oatmeal (watch out for the serving size, it's always listed as DRY not cooked) keep you full for longer
>crunchy vegetables like cabbage, carrots, or lettuce instead of chips
>applesauce or seaweed salad when I want something sweet
>green tea to reduce appetite
>avoiding sugar and carbs in general because they break me out and also make me want more. easiest way to do this is to just not bring it in the house
>prep your meals ahead of time so you don't feel tempted to reach for easy, unhealthy, options
>give yourself an eating window and stick to it

As for making peace with your body, that's a whole other beast I have yet to fully conquer. My reason for hating my body is pretty different than yours; mine comes from the difficulty I've had accepting myself for being gay; and that my body is not wrong simply because I was born liking the same sex (invert theory hah).
Picking up a hobby helped for me. It lets me think of my body as a tool and helps me accept that my body and mind are not separate entities. My body is something I can use to create things. And when I think of it that way I hate myself a little less. A hobby also gives you reason to get out of bed in the morning and helped me when I felt directionless

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Thank you very much anons. I really appreciate the advice. I am planning to go back to cooking more high protein, low calorie meals like I used to when I was a healthier size. I definitely need to get back into the habit of drinking more water. If the weather where I live is clear tomorrow I'll go for a walk to my nearby park for sure, and if not maybe I can just do some strength related workouts indoors.

As far as what I eat since someone asked: In general I eat healthy when I cook at home, but my appetite is way higher and I end up eating way bigger portions than I used to, so calorie counting and measuring out my portions more will probably be good for me to start doing because it's been a while since I could intuitively estimate calories. Breakfast is usually migas tacos with avocado or some days avocado toast on spouted grain bread with poached egg and salmon, apple slices, and a smoothie, or sometimes when my bf is over I make us a parmesan risotto with tomato and basil, which is probably the unhealthiest thing I tend to have at breakfast. Sometimes I do a Japanese style breakfast with a bowl of rice, an egg, and some miso and pickles on the size. Lunch tends to be things like a special pasta I bought that has half the normal amount of calories, with veggies and chicken or grilled paneer cheese cubes and a pesto or tomato sauce, but I'm bad about measuring out my oil or controlling my portions on the meat and cheese and fats I might add, and sometimes I make a bowl of sweet potatoes, kale, grilled fish or meat, and nuts, seeds, dressing, etc. again, I tend to overserve myself there. Dinner is where the big issues are. I like trying new recipes and they often aren't always super healthy, like croquettes, katsu curry, pizza from scratch, etc. And that's when I cook, but even worse is my bf and I both often forget to eat and go out and gorge ourselves on fast food for dinner which is when I drink sugary stuff as well.

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>try going on /fit/
nayrt but anon out of curiosity i visited /fit/ for the first time in a while upon reading your suggestion and the top threads are multiple about how much they hate women/thots immediately after a thread about which type of qt girl they like seeing at the gym most. /fit/ does not seem like the place for an obese woman with self esteem issues.

>> No.10615725

>the top threads are multiple about how much they hate women/thots immediately after a thread about which type of qt girl they like

>> No.10615727

yeah you're right, but the sticky could help.

They're almost all incels that got into fitness after college and high school and are trying to looksmax while balding, thinking it'll make high school girls attracted to them lol.

It's kinda funny I went on a date with an obvious /fit/izen off OkCupid once and he kept telling me how much he hated that women only wrote they like "traveling and adventures" on their profiles which was boring according to him since no one cared about their stay abroad, I told him it's a good conversation starter and can be interesting to hear about their vacation kind of like sports can be interesting when someone who knows about it tells you the dynamics and strategy involved.

Kid went berserk lel, he started screaming about how sports are for meatheads and only dumb people care about Sportsball. That's how I knew he was a /fit/izen:
The complex of being better than people who have been doing the hobby for longer than him + being better than people who did it less than him.

>> No.10615728

That's why I don't date guys who go to the gym to get in shape, they're all roided out and will start beating you over nothing.

>> No.10615729

>why doesn't /cgl/ like men????
t. every other board

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My neighbor's pit bull chewed off its own legs during a seizure. Finally it's safe to cosplay outside again.

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Yes those sound like calorie dense meals indeed. Do you think you could start fasting in the morning and drinking only tea, water and coffee until lunch? That would be a great way to cut down several hundred calories and also adjust your stomach to be used to going a while without food. You don’t *need* all of that food, and once you can train your body to realize it you’ll be better off because fasting also allows you to process all the stuff you ate from the night before. As far as the meals themselves, cut down on the pastas and carbohydrates above all. Fats (olive oil) and proteins will help you feel more full so you don’t crave another meal. Sugary drinks are also no good, so try natural sweeteners (I recommend monkfruit, WITHOUT erythritol). If you decide to do even one of these steps consistently you will see some weight loss, but be sure to pace yourself and be patient! You can totally do it if you keep at it and learn as much as you can about what diet and nutrition works best for you.

>> No.10615754

Don't spend time with virtue signaling, clout chasing psychos. Cons have never been like this, but there may be a brief time when they return that people with try starting shit with stuff like this and get themselves kicked out. They'll need to be re-acclimated into the real world while they cry on Twitter about "we can't go back to the old normal!"

>> No.10615786

tfw no gf

>> No.10615801

This is cliche, but I found a girlfriend when I stopped looking for one. I basically started dating myself - I took myself out on "date nights", ate less junk, spent less time on YouTube and Netflix and more time on my hobbies like lolita and sewing and reading, fixed my sleep schedule and just generally tried to treat myself nicer and make myself happier and more comfortable in my own skin. People can sense when a person is content on their own and that attracts them.

>> No.10615827

>I told him it's a good conversation starter
It isn't. It is a cliché. Even skinnies like Filthy Frank call it out. You are being exactly like the other girls.

>Kid went berserk lel, he started screaming about how sports are for meatheads and only dumb people care about Sportsball
The guy who hates the meathead stereotype and appreciates physical activity mocked sports and called athletes meatheads. And he overreacted comically in seriousness, which drives your point further that there is something wrong with him instead of you...

You sound like my uncle who claims you can't get in shape without roids. You're being sour grapes.

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>be me
>been into lolita since 13
>be 25
>finally have the financial independence to wear it
>feel too old to start
>don’t want to end up as that one boomer ita

>> No.10615832

>You are being exactly like the other girls.

There is nothing wrong with having things in common with other women unless you're a pickme.

>> No.10615835

If people's biggest concern on wearing lolita was pleasing the audience, they would just dress like another instagram influencer.

I'm sure you'll own it, plus 25 is not old at all.

Men can't help balding. Don't take it in a way that defends that particular guy, but it's entirely expected that losing part of their body that plays a significant role in their appearance breeds insecurity, and that they often compensate by going full biker from a somewhat androgynous style.

I can't help but disagree. Other guys I know who go to the gym are on average more emotionally stable, by nature of being people who pursue goals and ideals.

r/femaledatingstrategy is an extremely vile space. Just because someone has self esteem issues doesn't mean that putting them in a room full of egoistic, narcissistic psychopaths that get a high out of hurting people will fix them.

I'm relieved to hear cons are not like this, that was probably my biggest fear. Honestly it's always been hard for me to judge what people really like. I'll look forwards to the con season as soon as I get vaxxed.

Thanks anon!

Make a meal plan, measure your portions. MyPlate.gov might be a good place to start.

I know just how addictive comfort eating can be, especially if you're in a bad place. If you're really morbidly obese, you may want to consider a gastric bypass.

>> No.10615838

>egoistic, narcissistic psychopaths that get a high out of hurting people

Anon that's the majority of active male posters on most 4chan boards (cgl and a few other ones are exceptions though) And even if their high isn't hurting people they're pedos half the time.

>> No.10615839

This is a test run. I'm not in any financial trouble at all, but merely simulating it for... Reasons.

I had a basic budget, but it was busted when a comm member offered to sell me a dress from her closet clean out. I was more flattered that she thought about me than I was hyped for the dress. 100 dollaridoos later I'm way off in my budget. A couple of friends visit me, and I pretend to not be hurting for money as we go to get coffee, ice cream, whatever. At the end of the day I have the equivalent of 14 dollars in my account.

I feel thrilled somehow! I find something awkwardly fun about squeezing sustenance out of the food I already have at home, or carefully weighing what I could desperately need to spend those last coins on. I'm a phony, since my savings are plentiful and technically I wanted to pay for the dress straight out of my savings account. I've just postponed doing the transaction to myself...

Is my life this boring? Is This how I will find my highs in the future? I suppose that this would be officially truly bad if I started going out of my way to overspend on lolita, just to be stingy om everything else. That has been my feels for today.

>> No.10615841

Most male 4chan posters talk hate their own guts, otherwise they wouldn't be here.

I wouldn't reccomend 4chan to a guy with low self esteem either.

I wouldn't say most boards though. Most boards stay on topic.

>> No.10615843

Being responsible isn't boring. And people who struggle with impulse control or are actually poor probably wish things would be boring for them financially.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Stability should be envied, appreciated, and enjoyed, not cursed as something that makes life any less interesting. As someone who came from a low income and difficult background and managed to claw my way towards/into middle class or having an average amount of money, I appreciate having and sticking to a simple budget and watching my savings grow, credit score rise, student loans get paid off, etc.

>> No.10615844

Nothing wrong with it unless you're mostly common things with other women. It makes you replacable.

>> No.10615845

Female dating strategy can't be compared, it's a board dedicated to hating men and manipulating them into ruin for financial gain and or delusions of victory over patriarchy by annihilating a bond of trust.

Even 4chan isn't so toxic that they would want to do that to a person they're partners with. By comparison it's a harmless clique of bitter shut ins.

>> No.10615846

Fuck off scrote

>> No.10615847

How dare you assign blame to women. Hyennas, attack!

>> No.10615848

Calm down, labia.

>> No.10615849

Make me cunte

>> No.10615850

This thread is always comfy until the deranged sexists show up to kick dirt on men's faces.

>> No.10615852

Nah, FDS and 4chan are full of some equally deluded, toxic, and ridiculous people. Neither that nor /fit/ were good suggestions for the anon wanting to lose weight even if the intention was nice by the anon who suggested it.

She probably just needs to get therapy or talk to people in her life for emotional support. Depression and grief are no joke and rough to cope with. As far as weight she can simply go outside more and count some calories. She seems to eat 'healthy' foods, just way too much food, and has bingeing issues because of not having routine mealtimes. If she cuts out the fast food dinners/drinks, reduces portions to appropriate servings slowly over time, and gets a little more active regularly, she'll be well on her way to a healthier lifestyle.

>> No.10615853

Yes, women are definitely the only deranged sexists on 4chan. /s

>> No.10615855

The only ones who go off without reason obviously.

>> No.10615856


Your interests are nor your personality. Liking travel, food, or music and other normal things everyone likes does not you replaceable or identical to others. Again, unless you're a pickme whose sense of identity hinges on being different than everyone else and therefore better (different isn't actually inherently better though, and everyone obsessed with being different are the ultimate NPCs parroting the same not like other people shit, but pickmes unfortunately don't understand this).

>> No.10615858

Kek, no one tell him about men doing this online and irl constantly

>> No.10615859

Nobody came close to impying that, besides it's whataboutism.

I kinda expect bitter people, I'd just prefer to be pinged with something better than "reee u r moid"

There's also more than enough man hate threads on the farm and crystalcafe, so I don't understand why you hate to pollute that one thread that has nil to do with gender. You'll find more like-minded people there too.

I appreciate the complimentary femdom but at least add some spice.

I can agree with that

>> No.10615860

so is that what you are after? Your goal is to become the female equivalent of some 4chan incels?


>> No.10615861

I don't think that's what anyone is attempting to do, it just seems silly to equate lolitas who have very valid reasons to be standoffish towards men calling guys a mean name like scrote or moid to men on 4chan who look at cp regularly and rage at women for existing in any capacity that isn't being their virginal sex slave, or men irl who will literally attack and murder women simply for rejecting their advances. The entitlement and proclivity towards violence is far more proven for men in general, that doesn't compare to a handful of girls in frilly dresses being all "eeewww boys you have cooties go away"

>> No.10615862

Who gives a fuck. Did I do it? No. Why are you raining on my parade?

>> No.10615863

>it's whataboutism.
Not when the deranged sexists derailing feels threads and other threads on cgl are both men and women all the time.

>> No.10615864

Oh shut the fuck up. "My hate is valid because blanket statement strawman". You're a cookie cutter bigot and you derail every thread you appear in. Fuck off and leave us to vibe in peace.

>> No.10615865

And every woman on cgl isn't the couple that called you a scrote but you still blame all of us.

It's almost like making sweeping generalizations and assumptions about a group of people based on arbitrary characteristics like their gender isn't a good way to judge or gauge their character, hmmmmmm....

>> No.10615866

>And every woman on cgl isn't the couple that called you a scrote but you still blame all of us
Point to where I did that.

>> No.10615867

I am not even the one who called you a scrote. I'm one of the anons who thinks FDS is toxic af. But every woman who disagrees with you must be an evil bigot.

>> No.10615869

I wasn't that anon you were replying to either. I just called you out on your bigotry on that post alone.

>> No.10615870

>If people's biggest concern on wearing lolita was pleasing the audience, they would just dress like another instagram influencer.
>I'm sure you'll own it, plus 25 is not old at all.
Thanks anon :)

>> No.10615871
File: 236 KB, 1080x2248, Screenshot_20210520-140101.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First off
1. CP is banned on 4chan and people really hate pedos. I could go off on a similar deluded tangent and accuse lolitas of catering to pedos. I won't, because it'd be twitter-tier idiocy, but it's your own medicine of trying to throw the pedo sticker.

2. I don't care what you call me. I care about you shitting up the thread instead of going to a dedicated man hating board when I and all other attendees just want to talk about cosplay.

> men irl who will literally attack and murder women simply for rejecting their advances

Elliot Rodger is not an argument. I could compile an entire list of ugly women attacking male children due to their hatred of men. A toddler's face has been slashed this week in front of his parents in a random attack. Another had been decapitated for reminding his mother of her ex. Do I use this an argument that women should not be trusted around boys? No. That would be fucking idiotic and more representative of my own bitterness than women.

> The entitlement and proclivity towards violence is far more proven for men in general

70% of domestic violence cases are initiated by the woman physically assaulting the man. Of course, the man is usually prosecuted. I did not come here to discuss domestic violence, however, and it had zero bearing on this board.

This is definitely a woman-dominated board. And there's nothing wrong with that. I also am not going to judge you if you have to vent about having a disdain for men, but I don't come here to read about it.

Go to lolcow farm if you have to surround yourself with like-minded toxicity. It will do you no favors, just as it doesn't do incel communities any.

He wasn't the one who got called a scrote, I was, probably because I made long posts. I was also the one who called her labia in return. I think that's where that should have ended, a funny scuffle.

Wasn't him. I am making the same exact point that you are about generalisatons.

>> No.10615877

ntayrt but
>CP is banned on 4chan
lolicon is allowed on /b/ and ends up being posted on other boards even when it's against the rules, usually weeb boards. lolicon is still cp.

>Elliot Rodger
no one was talking about him, there are tons of other men all over the globe who do these things. a large proportion of homicides tend to be men killing their partners or ex partners (or women who rejected them) all men are not evil but to say only women get upset over nothing when men do the same if not worse is just false, anon was just making a point.

>70% of domestic violence cases are initiated by the woman physically assaulting the man.
sounds sus but okay ill take your word for it, not really relevant tho no one was discussing domestic violence and men commit the vast majority of all types violent crime as a whole, good and bad men and women exist, etc. etc.

>I think that's where that should have ended, a funny scuffle.
me too. just let it die then. people were trying to support someone having a tough time emotionally and you all (guys and girls) turned it into being pissed over people on a completely different website being man hating whiners because people can't help but complain about the opposite gender or they'll explode. tired of you idiots trying to say men or women are all big meanies and being way too reductive all of the time.

>> No.10615880

there's no reason to use 4chan as a platform to complain about sexist behavior. doing that makes you seem like an idiot. in fact engaging in any kind of serious conversation here is for morons.

>> No.10615886


That goes both ways. Imagine being a dude on 4chan crying and reeing over the meanie femoid sexists who called them a scrote. And imagine being a woman on 4chan and not expecting males on what is now the coomer ridden cosplay board to call you a roastie if you admit to being over 15 years old. Having standards for others on this board is retarded.

>> No.10615888

exactly this. people on this board get baited because they expect too much. both sexes who get pressed on 4chan are the real problem, they're both sensitive babies.

>> No.10615890

>Men taking offense is because they have thin skin
>Women taking offense is because people are unreasonable
Bitch, go fuck yourself and your narrative. And learn to lay blame where it lies. Nobody here ever says out of the blue that he hates women. It's always some bitch bitching that dicks exist.

>> No.10615891
File: 256 KB, 1000x1083, finnish man chases off beat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I already told you it wasn't me who was making inflammatory statements. I even gave you a screenshot. Leave me out of this jesus.

I wasn't born yesterday to be unable to cope with women's disdain.

I'm gonna tripcode.

>> No.10615892


Exhibit A of people looking for an excuse to get mad and see sexism everywhere in whichever gender they hate.

>> No.10615894

anon i don't think that statement was directly towards you in any way, just a general critique of the people itt and on this bard. no offense but are you on the spectrum or something?

>> No.10615895

you're definitely one of those sensitive brats we're making fun of.

>> No.10615896

Nice reductionism. Do you shave your legs with Occam's razor?

>> No.10615897

I don't shave my legs actually. Why would I do that?

>> No.10615900

Because body hair is ugly, Chewbaca.

>> No.10615901
File: 3.10 MB, 2000x1850, 183302900_2159848587647947_6553083359770469585_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> coomer ridden cosplay board
This is literally a 99% lolita board, dominated by female users. Coomers use instagram where thots use the cosplay tag to post swimsuit pics.

I just want to talk about cons and sewing.

> are you on the spectrum
Yeah. I no longer care when neurotypicals use it as an adhominem.

You're not even worth my heel.

All I did was that I laughed that girl who called me a scrote off. Meanwhile you seem to keep pointing back to that moment as if I plunged us all into this mire of shit. You're a nuisance that seems to have taken a strange obsession.

>> No.10615902

So you're trolling? Good to know.

>> No.10615904

my boyfriend shave his legs because hair is gross. but he's a twink with long hair. sometimes i imagine he's a woman when we fuck.

>> No.10615905

Are all children ugly? Is anyone not bald or who has eyebrows ugly? Are people with hair on their knuckles ugly? Your head is a part of your body so eyelashes, head hair, and facial hair must all also be ugly. Are people with pubes ugly even if you can't see the pubes?

We are all born with hairs all over our bodies. Is every human born ugly?

>> No.10615906

body hair on any human is gross. sorry it emasculates you so much to want to shave.

>> No.10615908


>> No.10615910

>Body hair is ugly
>Omg you just called the human form ugly!
Less mental gymnastics and more shaving, Chewbaca.

>> No.10615911

This. If you don't want to be bald and hairless on all parts of your body including head and face, you are definitely both male and afraid of not being masculine enough.

>> No.10615913

Yep, anyone with any amount of body hair is an alien. Fucking dumbasses thinking they can just decide not to shave when they are hairy space aliens.

>> No.10615915

you're clearly male because you're autistic.

>> No.10615916


imagine thinking this isn't a troll and that you need to be male to lack appreciation for the pure fully shaved human form that we all love and respect dearly here.

>> No.10615918

Anon, I don't know how to break this to you but autistic women exist in large numbers. Have you...never browsed /cgl/ before in your life?

>> No.10615919

I suppose you aren't cutting your nails either. You seem to think grooming is a sin.

Ableist bigot.

>> No.10615920

Yeah those retarded people who have long nails. I pulled my fingernails out so they would stop growing because I appreciate good hygiene like a NORMAL PERSON. Fucking gross gyaru girls and their unhygenic very long decora nails they clearly spend no time or money maintaining because they are not trimmed short.

>> No.10615924
File: 97 KB, 720x1018, cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hate this board but I hate discord and twitter even more.

>> No.10615927

Idk how I feel about discord but twitter is all porn, weeb shit, or SJWs. Somtimes with some overlap.

>> No.10615928
File: 171 KB, 248x460, 7a2112e2e2938fa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look. I found your picture.

>> No.10615929

this is peak existence and if you disagree you are a fully bald cancer patient meaning you're genetically inferior anyway

>> No.10615951
File: 31 KB, 500x375, 1617671872660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It really doesn't take much to set you people off, does it?

>> No.10615957

Go to hell

>> No.10615978

mad cause the lesbos can get a gf and you cant arent ya

>> No.10615982

You all are so dumb I don't shave my body hair and no one ever sees it in lolita because my socks and clothes cover it

>> No.10615983

Ive wanted to try crossplay for like 5 years now. I have multiple outfits purchased and fitted. But the thing that keeps me from actually committing is makeup. People are so toxic/nitpicky about makeup it's actually crazy. There's a lot of resources out there sure, but a lot of it also seems like muscle memory/lots of practice. And with makeup getting more popular with boys the pressure to do it well is even higher now. I already pass fairly well without makeup, but it feels like I'm not fully committing to the characters without it.

>> No.10615986

Wearing makeup for cosplay should be standard regardless of gender desu

>> No.10615990

this desu

plus it's clear the person everyone accusing of being some autist is just trolling hardcore kek

>> No.10616010
File: 259 KB, 436x539, 1474661464.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>2. approach male
This is literally all there is to it.
Guys are surprisingly stupid when it comes to this thing. If you simply ask them out, their brain will shut down and they will automatically say yes.

>> No.10616077

Silence scrote falseflagger

>> No.10616087

Always bring your own condom, and dispose of it yourself.

do you shave your balls?

>> No.10616109

Bring latex free ones so they can't lie about an allergy

>> No.10616173

I made that mistake too many times, every guy says they can pull out but slam it in last second like "oh. Uh, are you on the pill?"

>> No.10616189

>Get outbid on an item I wanted in the last 3 seconds of the auction
>Sad. Lightly Salted.
>It pops up again a week later in a set
>Other people will buy the rest of the set that I dont want/need
>Paid half as much as I would have if I had won the auction

Sometimes mana do be looking out for you...

>> No.10616190

Are these men TRYING to get you pregnant? How retarded are these people that the feeling of nutting inside a woman outweighs the logical amount of reservation they should have about siring an unplanned child?

Men confirmed stupid as shit. And people who trust them more than once or twice.

>> No.10616192

>oh well you can get plan b at the store, ill text you uh tomorrow, im late for work at Arby's

>> No.10616194

sounds nice, but that will ever be just a dream...

>> No.10616200
File: 1.22 MB, 2039x2894, 1618791939761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to go get my vax shot. you guys can stop avoid giving me (you)'s now

>> No.10616202

maybe, they like to come inside

but yeah, they are assholes

sorry for defending them
yes, I'm a dude

>> No.10616203

I know some people are young and inexperienced but I would never in my life have sex with someone I didn't know well enough to trust they wouldn't nut in me without consent and ghost me.

I could just never be sexually attracted to someone to brain dead that they are casually shooting their goo into people with no regard for the potential that they would get someone pregnant. Anyone whose train of thought is that shortsighted is too retarded to even be attractive as a sexual partner.

How are you people ending up fucking these idiots? Did they never once open their mouths before you spoke to them and show how stupid they were? Did they pressure you into sex you didn't want to have? You can just decline to have sex if they refuse to use a condom and at that point it's rape if they proceed.

>> No.10616204


>> No.10616208

>woke up at a decent hour
>figured out how to draft patterns for lolita on the computer
>didn't eat that badly
feels good

>> No.10616209

Good job anon! Keep up the good work!

>> No.10616214

Look good and has a thick piece, didn't sound retarded in text. What am I supposed to do?

>> No.10616215

Fuck off demisexual. You don't need love for sex and vice versa.

>> No.10616217

You don't need love for sex but sex without love is a painful and messy path to go down anon, trust me. You shouldn't put yourself through that just for an orgasm or the validation of human contact.

>> No.10616221

And what about love without sex? I bet you think that's impossible too, as all demisexuals believe.

>> No.10616225

pfizer gang skrrt. dang forgot how much it hurts to get a shot. lady didn’t even give me a countdown or nothin before she shanked me. fucker

>> No.10616252

You don't need love for sex, I didn't say love, I just said a basic understanding and trust that the person won't knock me up because they have one too many chromosomes to know how condoms work.

>> No.10616253

Your shot hurt? Shit maybe all these sore arm side effects are from shitty administration of the shot, cause I got Pfizer and barely felt it. The guy who did mine was the head pharmacist at the place I went though, maybe he has better technique than most.

>> No.10616255

>thinking someone has to love you to request your consent before nutting in you

i apologize anon, we didn't realize you were actually mentally disabled.

>> No.10616277

Show me where I said I was ""demisexual"". I'm not even the original anon you're replying to retard. Some of us just don't want to have one night stands

>> No.10616278

Idk about you but all my joints hurt for like a day and half after I got my second moderna shot and I also had chills so bad I was shaking. I had a fever of 102 too. But it was all over so fast. 2 days after the shot I felt fine

>> No.10616285

As a previously fat woman with self-esteem issues, don't mention you're a woman. The only place where you should ever mention you're a woman on this website is on places like /cgl/, /adv/, and maybe /soc/ if you're desperate. Otherwise, you're baiting for attention because you have a cooch. Calorie in and calorie out are huge factors to consider, get Lose It or MyFitnessPal and track them. Drink and eat things that make your body feel happy, not the shit that's going to release dopamine and make you 'think' your body is happy.
Other people being retarded isn't an excuse for you to be retarded too, aspie.

>> No.10616288

Same here, homegirl just went for it lmao. I had flu like symptoms for a few days but I feel good now

>> No.10616289

It seems to be pretty random, my whole family and I got the moderna from the same place, administered by the same person. I got so sick I stayed in bed a whole day and didn't eat for two. I had a fever, chills and full body soreness. Everyone else in my family just had mild arm pain for a day.

>> No.10616298

I didn't get any soreness besides a little bit at the injection site that that felt like a bruise, but I did have a very low fever and a killer migraine that left me bedridden for one day after the second shot. My bf had all over soreness after the second shot but he was still able to get around even if it wasn't great.

>> No.10616303

>egoistic, narcissistic psychopaths that get a high out of hurting people
>Anon that's the majority of active male posters on most 4chan boards (cgl and a few other ones are exceptions though)
Are you actually fucking kidding me right now? Half of this board perfectly fits that description

>> No.10616308

congrats anon!!!!!! What a great feeling.

>> No.10616332


>> No.10616334

Did they actually start screaming gull?
How was the second date?

>> No.10616353

Miura is dead. My close friends are devastated but frankly I don't give a fuck.

>> No.10616384

Maybe I’m too autistic but I don’t really feel anything about it. Sucks he never got to finish his series, but I didn’t know him personally.

>> No.10616386

Same. He was good at what he did but I didn't have the connection to his work the way others do. Maybe I'm just not the type to develop parasocial or deep connections with people whose content I consume.

>> No.10616450

Hey soup, you're in TX right?

>> No.10616483


>> No.10616487

Gotta send the anthrax to the right address.

>> No.10616494

I'm immune i got my vac shot today

>> No.10616509

I really want to choke a girl with my thighs.

>> No.10616515

I'm pretty sure I'm FtM trans. I have had crippling body dysphoria for most of my life (getting worse since puberty hit and my bust grew) the only things that help are wearing men's clothes and being called by a male name. I want top and bottom surgery and male hormones. I cannot wear normie dresses without feeling distress, but for some reason lolita still brings me joy. One MtF friend told me I can't be a man and wear lolita, but I don't want to give up my comm and my frilly dresses. Another friend told me my friend is an idiot and that men can wear dresses now. I don't know what to do.

>> No.10616516

Hot if ur a girl
Gay if ur a man

>> No.10616520
File: 84 KB, 894x654, LdSUQCH.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why would anyone voluntarily sign up to be a man? It sucks. You're ugly, you lose hair, nobody enjoys your presence, you gain hair everywhere but your scalp, your worth is defined by yout exploitability, your skull is oddly shaped and if you wear makeup you're a weirdo.

>> No.10616525

AYRT you're exactly right. Logically I know it's a downgrade, plus I'm losing the female friendships I cherish. But my brain is convinced I should have been born a man and any deviation from that (excluding lolita) brings me distress. I don't want to lose my hair! And men treat each other like shit, unlike a lot of women. Sure, there are toxic women out there, but they're not socialised from birth to be unfeeling assholes to each other.

But there's no cure to being trans except to transition. I wish I was happy as a girl but when I'm not wearing lolita I feel like shit.

>> No.10616528

>But there's no cure to being trans except to transition
I know all the other trans people say this, but honestly, the only thing any of us can do, is to just learn to accept and love ourselves as we are. So many people have dysphoria and feel like shit about themselves in many ways, and physically altering yourself comes at a price. Deep down you will still always be you no matter if you get plastic surgery, shave, pluck, starve yourself, cut off your breasts, etc, you will always be what you are now. Hiding it doesn't change that, and never will. It is like the people who say that they will be happy if only they lose weight. Sure, it can help, but no matter what, unless you make vast changes in your perspective and work really hard on accepting and loving yourself, you will still be you, just in a different form. Happiness and euphoria come from mental shifts, not from mutilating yourself.

>> No.10616529

if you get bottom surgery how big are you going to get it?

>> No.10616530

And I am not even talking about only trans people in this. I am cis and like being myself now, but it wasn't always the case. I grew up neglected and depressed as fuck, and became fat at a really early age because food was the only thing that gave me comfort. It was not until I was much older that I realized that my body had been ruined because no one took care of me. I did lose weight finally, but it did not make me any happier. I was thin, sure, but I was still sad inside and developed an eating disorder.

You really just need to learn to appreciate and love yourself for who and what you are. It gets better, and it is much better to just love yourself than risk serious surgeries and hormonal fuckery that cant be reversed.

>> No.10616531

This is good advice. Thanks. I know that because I love lolita so much, a doctor may not think I'm "trans enough" to deserve hormones or surgery, so I may end up with no choice but to accept myself as I am. I think I'll still go by a male name, though. It feels too good to give up. And my friends can keep on calling me he, even if the rest of the world calls me she.

I know this place has a bad reputation, but you honestly made me feel a lot better. Thanks.

There are two types of FtM bottom surgery - phalloplasty, which takes a skin graft, has frequent complications such as wound separation and loss of sensation, and can create up to 7 inches of dick. Then there's metoidioplasty, which takes your existing clitoris (which will have grown one or two inches max from taking male hormones), snips a bit of the skin so that it stands on its own. I would probably get metoidioplasty since I don't fancy having a massive scar and a numb dick. Ideally I'd like an average/big dick, but if you look up bad phalloplasty results it's horrific. I'm not risking that. Besides, phallo is super expensive and not covered by insurance in my country.

>> No.10616536

Nayrt but I agree with anon that permanent surgical alterations may lead to more dysphoria and not less. Have you tried chest binders.

>> No.10616540

The scars are the only thing I'm worried about, and I have a lot of scars already. I'm getting my first binder in the mail soon and desu if I can wear it 8 hours a day (the max time you can wear one safely) I may just wear it every day instead of shelling out for top surgery. It all depends on how flat it makes me. Fingers crossed.

>> No.10616559

So are you into guys or girls?

>> No.10616561

nayrt but I agree that if you want to go down the surgery/hormones path, it's important to be cautious about it. I notice a lot of people who get into that stuff get really obsessed with their appearance and spend tons of time/money on it yet never become satisfied. Even if you looked exactly like a cis man your brain would find something to nitpick because that happens to regular men too. You recognized that your brain thinks you should've been male and the best (although hardest) thing to do is to work on accepting that you will always face this challenge, and that that's ok. Please don't rush into expensive/risky treatments as a crutch.I know this is kind of a repeat of what the other anon said, but I thought it was important.

It's not quite the same but I was thinking of how for people who experienced child abuse, one of the hardest and most helpful ways to feel better is to just accept that you got dealt a shitty hand that's going to stick with you. You're only going to exhaust yourself by fighting against facts that you can't change; for some people that might be the fact that their parents were bad, for you that might be the fact that your body's ability to match your brain is limited. Denying this fact by trying to become hypermasculine or hyperfeminine will just be more stressful.

>> No.10616565

>I notice a lot of people who get into that stuff get really obsessed with their appearance and spend tons of time/money on it yet never become satisfied.
because it's plastic surgery. some celebrities get a little and never get anymore, but think of all the botched jobs because of the ones who can't stop. i'm not gc or something but i think trans surgery is a fucking nightmare with current technology and that transpeople (and most people who get plastic surgery) are getting played.

>> No.10616655

>the only thing any of us can do, is to just learn to accept and love ourselves as we are
NTA but that never happens. You always hear this shit coming from cis/non-dysphoric people. I eat healthily, I exercise, I have friends, I've been on anti-depressants since a very young age (only got off of them recently), I try to avoid tranny shit, and I still want to be a man. I've read every fucking radical feminist author ever and I'm still miserable. If anything going to gender critical, female-only sites like Crystal Cafe for example just made me misogynistic.

>> No.10616742

Experiencing body dysmorphia during puberty is extremely common and just because you you are frightened by your sudden body changes, it does not mean you should be a man. Like i said, it's likely the sudden changes you a frustrated with, if you go on hormones you will only be putting yourself through more distress with dealing with more changes in your body and never allowing your body to settle in and slowly becoming comfortable with it.

Your problem is your tits? Maybe explore why you hate them so much, why do you feel so uncomfortable. Is it because of sexual attention? Tbh, that's probably why you like lolita because it's a way to be feminine and not be overly sexualised, which can be hard in western society where most clothing is designed to accentuate ass, hips, waist ect.

I am not telling you how to feel, i think you need to step away from the trans propaganda and actually try to understand yourself. Maybe write it down. Most people with gender dysmorphia do not need surgery and recover and learn to love the body they are born with. Don't let them tell you how to feel. Even if you still hate your boobs, you can always get a reduction in the future if it makes you that uncomfortable, better than taking T and potentially regretting it.

>> No.10616746

Sometimes I wish I was into furshit just because it seems like it would be interesting to make and wear a fursuit. I think I just want to wear a full body suit of some kind that would make my own body completely disappear, especially my whole stupid face.

>> No.10616759

I wish I could be invisible and just go about my life being ugly in peace. That's why I cosplay as Canti from FLCL, I have dark tinted plexiglass so no one can see me.

>> No.10616775
File: 62 KB, 635x1055, 1557820702258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to lose around 10 pounds but can't bring myself to start, mainly because if i do i know i'll just end up falling back into my ana habits instead of eating healthy and exercising, especially because i like the results and don't have to wait as much.
Why is it so easy to starve myself gulls.

>> No.10616780
File: 46 KB, 960x830, committing_sudoku_lolita_style2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want Mary Madgalene back. Please.

>> No.10616781


Me too anon, me too.

Prices are fucking ridiculous these days too.

>> No.10616783

I wish it was easy for me to just not eat. Whats your secret?

>> No.10616786

Nayrt but depression and anxiety.

>> No.10616787

That makes me eat and eat worse!

>> No.10616788

nayrt but most people have one reaction or the other to those types of stressors. For me anxiety and stress make me eat, but serious depression makes me not even have an appetite and I just lie in bed dehydrated and eating nothing for days.

>> No.10616790

>I just lie in bed dehydrated and eating nothing for days.

>> No.10616793


that sounds like me right after I broke up the first time lol

Hasn't been as bad since then but if I'm too busy at work I also don't eat.

>> No.10616799

The scalper scum, taking advantage of desperate people with good taste!

>> No.10616841


>> No.10616900

why what? I know you guys have high expectation of me being how smart, handsome, clever, cool, modest, soupalicious etc. I am but even someone as great as I can’t begin to guess your intentions with a question as vague as that.

>> No.10616927
File: 140 KB, 400x320, Koi to Uso - Ririna Sanada 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am so lonely

>> No.10616943

Body dysmorphia and 2012 tumblr giving me brainworms

>> No.10616954

I have a fat crush on milkfemme on Instagram and she’s responded to me a couple times but I feel too nervous to shoot my shot. I’ve considered replying to some gulls here and in the confessions thread but not everyone likes black girls anddddd I’m a little chubby, I used to be a whale and then I lost a massive amount of weight in the span of a few months and was diagnosed with anorexia and every since then my old trucks just won’t work!! I think the restriction fucked my metabolism up. But yeah anyways if anyone is looking for a Lolita gf hit me up

>> No.10616965

You deserve closure and you are a gay girl. If milkfemme is also gay shoot your shot because from what I learned from PillowTalk is that lesbians all had crushes on each other at one point or another in a friend group.
Its not weird.
I love you chubby black lolita, send her that poem you've been writing or Jenny by StudioKillers because you deserve a good love story. Unrequited or shared you deserve to know if she feels the same

>> No.10617006

Are you a guy or a girl? It doesn’t really matter, I just want to know what kinda ass I’m gonna put it in.
So how you doin? Where’re you from? What’s your sign?

>> No.10617009 [DELETED] 

She is gay! And I’m a girl! She doesn’t know me at all so I’m honestly just probably being delusional plus a lot of people don’t like to do the non exist thing. I currently live in NC United States but I’ve moving to NYC in mid august. I’m a cancer :). I’m a full time digital stylist for a big department store but I would name it exactly just in case you know

>> No.10617011

She doesn’t know I exist so it’s cool. I just don’t want to come off as some random creep you know

>> No.10617012

Shoot your shot! The worst she can say is no. Btw I really respect former fat people who have lost weight. That shit's hard. And what the other anon said about lesbians all crushing on each other at some point is very true. t. bi girl

>> No.10617013

Yeah to be honest losing weight is kind of hard but if you have a regular functioning metabolism you can do it, I just ended up veering too much to the other side and now I think I’ll need to hire a nutritionist and trainer if I want to take my recover weight off. Anyways desu it’s like 4 am where I am but I’m just gonna send the message now so I’d not have time to regret it

>> No.10617014

Alright sent. Whatever I honestly shoot my shot quiet a bit so if she ignores me or shuts me down I don’t her and I’ll get over it pretty quickly

>> No.10617015

Sorry for the typos wtf

>> No.10617028

soup, I'll give you this
you're a namefag, but not a tripfag, so not as bad as you could be
you're also decent at shitposting

>> No.10617030

This is creepy, anon.
Having a crush on someone merely from looking at a few posts online and barely interacting with them is sliding-into-DMs-dating-app-tier. And it's even worse because you're not actually on a dating app. You know nothing about her other than curated social media images. Have fun getting perma-blocked by her.

>> No.10617033

Wellll it’s kinda okay like I’ve slid into random peoples dm’s before and it worked out so I really just depends but I wasn’t to creepy. She can block me if she needs to lol

>> No.10617038


I mean this in the kindest way, please learn how to reply.

>> No.10617085

soup being a namefag means anyone can just be soup, anon. that's why he himself is shit.

>> No.10617094

I have larped as soup multiple times before on cgl. Soup is no one and everyone.

>> No.10617115

I knew I gained weight over the pandemic, but I didn't realize how much until I went to the doctor. Currently 5'8" and 158lbs.
It does make me wonder just how big some of these bitches complaining online though in that I can still fit in unshirred baby despite my weight.

>> No.10617289


Anyone playing the new mmorpg the swords online legends beta?

>> No.10617307

Last night I remembered the suppressed trauma of being groomed at age 14 by my biology teacher and I’m distraught and don’t know what to do. I feel sick. I have a very fuzzy memory of my childhood because it was pretty rough but I had completely blocked this out until it resurfaced last night and I’m really fucked up about it. I’m horrified because what if he did this to other girls

>> No.10617311

FUCK I was helping some noob and forgot I was heating up some chicken quesadillas and now they're burnt mfker

>> No.10617325


>> No.10617443

sounds like you got lucky with your fat distribution desu, I'm mildly jealous

>> No.10617455

>want to cosplay X character
>literally all cosplays of said character don't look right and have bad wigs
>no good references of what a good 3D version of anime character would be

I'm trying to pick out a wig and it's pure hell

>> No.10617549

I'm feeling really torn about selling off the classic pieces in my closet. I exclusively wear sweet now, but I'm so apprehensive of selling off the classic half of my wardrobe because most of them are pretty rare Mary Magdalene dresses and I don't want to regret it later down the line.

>> No.10617552

Wear them.

>> No.10617571


Sell them to me.

>> No.10617604

no one ages out of classic, sweet however some do. Keep it.

>> No.10617616

It’s been 15 years, when are we getting a new season of Ouran? Do they have any idea how many fudanshi they left hanging?

>> No.10617620

oi so'le, giz us a dollar for the bus oww.

>> No.10617632
File: 69 KB, 549x500, bitches_be_jealous.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>pretty rare Mary Magdalene dresses

>> No.10617644

I feel like my husband doesn't care about me anymore. We've been drifting apart. I mostly talk to my discord friends, and he talks to his. I'm awake during the day and asleep at night, while he's awake during the night and sleep all day. I have no one I can really talk to about it because they won't understand. If I'm in the living room and he's awake then he usually stays in the bedroom until it's time for me to go bed. He won't cuddle me on the couch anymore and gets annoyed if we try to lay in the bed together. Any time I say anything to him he acts as if I'm being irritating. I know he isn't cheating because his meds give him zero sex drive anymore. We used to have everything in common like cons, larping/ttrpgs, costuming, horror movies, music, ect. But now he rarely won't be in the same room. If I try to talk to him about this he'll accuse me if just trying to start and argument and just leave the room.
I feel alone in my own house and I don't know what do...

>> No.10617653

I saw a really cool old school piece on the second hand market and I asked them about the price and they said give me offers so I gave them offers and also the question of the bust sizing since it wasnt on lolibrary, they didn’t respond even though I asked it the minute after they told me to “give them offers” (mind you this was yesterday right after dinner time)
And now it just got sold so I said “oh its sold?” and they responded with yes right away (which was this MORNING)
Like ???? so you can respond to that the second I ask but not the measurements and price offer (which was really reasonable)

>> No.10617668

Samefag kek, I don’t even think it was sold bc the app always notifies you when an item from your likes is sold
Plus the item is never deleted right away if it was in your likes, you can still see it with the text “sold” on it, while this one was literally gone not even the listing was there anymore

>> No.10617670

If it's the dress I think you're talking about it was too overpriced anyway, probably some newfag/ekid cosplayer who paid fucking €210,- for a random baby jsk that isn't even on lolibrary kek

>> No.10617696

they could have possibly sold it on another platform. not trying to make excuses for anyone, but a lot of times people list stuff on ebay and lm and depop and shit. Had a similar experience as you myself, but found someone later on thanking the person on social media in a tag

>> No.10617704

I hate it when people do that desu

>> No.10617798

Is it truly that bad to be a lonelita?
I’m really *really* not good with people (diagnosed sperg), so there isn’t much to gain from interacting with the comm.
What I’m good at, is sticking out from the crowd, in a bad way. It has been like this, all of my life.
I draw attention everywhere I go, even when not wearing lolita, and I don’t like it. In fact I hate it.
Cue social anxiety blah blah.
What I’m trying to say, that getting treated like a zoo animal by the local comm, and never getting any friends, would break my heart. So I don’t even try.
I’m fine with using /cgl/ though, since we’re all Anons here and nobody can single me out, well, probably.

>> No.10617803

I have been into lolita since 2004 and have always been a lone lolita. It is fine, you do you.

>> No.10617844

Approach him carefully. Are you sure the medication isn't causing it?

>> No.10617845

Thanks anon, glad to hear there are others. I just like wearing the clothes.

>> No.10617846

tfw you have a beautiful vintage fur beret and have to lie to people and tell them it's fake because people freak out about real fur

>> No.10617869

I know, anon. I have this heavy duty old af Russian fur coat that works like a charm with classic coords, but I'd be damned if I ever left the house with it on.

>> No.10617872

I really don't get the disconnect in people's brains between wearing fur, yet they likely eat meat. It's still better to make use of that fur if the animal is killed anyways. I can't get over illogical sjw crap nowadays. I say just wear it anyways. Nearly everyone eats animals.

>> No.10617874

Also native cultures honor the animal by making use of all of the creature itself and not wasting it if it needed to die. I think the most disrespectful thing you could do is waste an animal that already died. But this is just my own logic. You can't make anyone really think.

>> No.10617924

I’ve had my dream dress for months but only worn it once because I feel like I will never coord it good enough. I love it so much and I just feel too ugly for it and like i won’t ever be able to make a good coord with it

>> No.10617961


From what understand though most animals used for fur are not really used for meat because of the way they need to be killed.

>> No.10617995


>> No.10618013

This. Other than some people eating rabbit in some places (which in the US anyway is not so common), fur is often taken from animals we don't eat. That's why I'm not opposed to leather since I assume leather is at least in part sourced from farms who kill cows for beef or use them for dairy, at least it's using all of the animal, and long term it's less wasteful than plastic which will degrade and flake and end up in the ocean and back inside us. If we are going to fuck up the environment factory farming cows or pigs, at least we should try to use what all we can get from the animal.

>> No.10618229

Tired of being obese so I’m on a diet/lifestyle change. Tl;dr grew up in a typical poor black family where being “thick” is seen as a good thing. Never had a healthy relationship with food but not really a binge eater, but very much an emotional eater.

I have “good” proportions so most of my weight is in my hips and thighs - I basically have no chest. I can fit enough brand (gothic) to wear the fashion when I want. But I’m about 300 and not healthy, even if I don’t look it.

People regularly think I’m a lot slimmer than what I am but it’s shameful to be this big. I like healthy food too I just also love trying new restaurants. :( anyway thanks for listening gulls, wish me luck.

>> No.10618245

thiccc goth gf is here and she wants to be a lolita.

You know you could probably ask some nerdy black bois into sending you cute gothic lolita accessories they'd probably do it because you're in their tastes bodywise + you're black panther approved + a nerd dream

get that bag

>> No.10618264

Good luck anon! I am close in size to you and also black. My abusive family gave me body dysmorphia bc my binge eater mother was a projecting bully and always told me I was fat and made me run laps around my house when I was like 8 years old (and never broke 120lbs or 5 feet tall until I turned 18) just cause I got boobs early and had baby fat so I never realized when I gained or lost weight and ballooned up over the years after having an ED in high school.

Definitely keep working on yourself! I am slowly getting better at resisting trying new places now that things have opened back up and instead like to make a game of making sure my meals are the best nutrition and taste and volume I can get while staying below my calorie limit. Dancing and going on nice walks outdoors are also far more helpful for movement for me than a gym with machines and mirrors that make me feel insecure about how I look exercising. I love to cook and don't mind most physical activity so I know I have it easier than most people, but things aren't always easy.

>> No.10618292


>> No.10618306

I don't know. He's be taking the same meds for years, but this perpetual assholeness is relatively new. I'm sick of being either unintentionally gaslighted and made to feel like a nuisance or just completely avoided all the time. I love him with every fiber of my being, but I can't stand who he is now.

>> No.10618339

>Tired of being obese so I’m on a diet/lifestyle change
Literally the same! Except I'm into classic, so it's only Taobao pieces I can fit in; guess that alone would be enough of a motivator to lose the weight, but it's mostly because of the health issues.

>> No.10618665

I'm fairly new to lolita (got into it during 2020) and have been out a few times in a gothic coord, but I hate the attention from old men. Never young men, or young women, or old women. Only shitty old geezers. They always want to know where I'm going or what I'm doing. Does it get better or do I just have to learn to deal with it? I wear 4 inch platforms when I'm out of lolita so I'm used to comments on my clothing, but it's always been positive and never from creepy old men.

>> No.10618679

You have to just learn to deal with it unfortunately

>> No.10618690

Im so sorry anon
You did what you could at the time

>> No.10618744

Learn to deal. If you've just gotten attention from old men at this point I can only tell you it gets worse.
I've experienced everything from creepy, curious, hateful, stalkerish, and appreciative from every age bracket male and female.
The world is full of disgusting people and this kind of fashion will make you stick out like a massive target. Unfortunately, thick skin helps a lot if you want to wear it out regularly.

>> No.10618765

>zero sex drive
You should have dumped his ass as soon as he started taking those meds.

>> No.10618766
File: 708 KB, 1220x1515, 80E8CEBF-A43F-402E-B327-056CEA6BAE88.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m so sad the yes/no coin is only a gift for the luxury set. I have no interest in getting a dress but still pledged $200, I want that friggin coin

>> No.10618833

fwiw anon you could probably just rip the design and send it to a coin company for cheaper

>> No.10618840

This >>10618744
I have had literal strangers stop me and demand me to tell them why I am dressed like this, and when I say that it makes me feel pretty, or I just like it, they do not take that as a proper answer and get progressively more entitled and aggressive. It is usually black women who do this, surprisingly, not middle aged karens. Men are creepy sometimes too, teens can be annoying as fuck and throw shit at me, women of all ages and types have actually grabbed my skirt and lifted it up to ask how my skirt is so poofy, etc. It is annoying and not just men.

But the amount of good compliments and things definitely outweighs the annoying shit, and I honestly do not give a fuck what strangers think about any of my clothing, lolita or not. You really do just have to get used to it and learn to protect your boundaries. If that means firmly telling some stranger to fuck off and leave you alone, you do it. I usually do not have to get that far, and usually just saying that I am in a hurry or just walking away and ignoring them is enough.

>> No.10618842

I realised just how much I lie when this got discussed on fb recently. I will tell people some random bullshit. My favorite is that I entertain kids at birhtday parties and that I don’t take any new clients because I’m fully booked the next 16 months

>> No.10618845

I've been sneakily getting a normie-mode transformation, going more and more alt to work, and I've been planning to go in full-on aristo mode.
The only time when I'd have the courage to do it would be at halloween, but that would give off the wrong impression that it's a costume and would just piss me off more.

I wish I had someone to twin with or at least pair, but nah man they're all fucking normies and the only other alt guy is really cool but looks like a garden gnome (short and extremely long beard) with tons of piercings and spongebob shirts.

>> No.10618873

This is so weird because i have the opposite experience. Middle aged black women and men always know what i’m wearing and give me tons of compliments. Maybe your outfits are ita and they can’t recognize what you’re wearing lel

>> No.10618875

A lot of the more chill people who recognize I'm in lolita tend to be black women in their 20s and 30s. The cringey ones tend to be white women of all ages who are Tumblry or weebs/weeb adjacent who always refer to it as loli (well intentioned I'm sure but it makes me feel weird)

>> No.10618889

>his meds give him zero sex drive anymore
What pills and where can I buy them

>> No.10618907

nta but basically any antidepressant has the common side effect of nullifying sex drive

from personal experience lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, and abilify (that ones an antipsychotic but who cares) have all made me dry as a desert. ymmv

>> No.10618910

I need to get me some of those, sex is overrated

>> No.10618963

How do you know? You've never tried it.

>> No.10618970

I genuinely judge people who make no effort with their appearance. I don't care what kind of style anyone is into, but it really irks me when people just look like slobs and this seems to be most of the people in the city I live in. Maybe that makes me a shitty person.

>> No.10619017

Oh same anon. Thankfully I'm in a city where some people do dress to impress, so at least half of the population looks decent. I don't ever give any thought to people otherwise who wear sweats, basic clothes and the like because they're invisible to me.

>> No.10619029


I've stopped taking Lexapro because I literally could not get my clit to feel pleasure, period. On the other hand though my bf is on it and he has no problem with sex. So it depends.

>> No.10619038

Never worked for me, I had Lexapro in high-school and that didn't slow me down a bit. The brain zaps never stopped either.
Im very autism and I just want to not think about it.

>> No.10619042

wait is not wanting to bother with sex even if you like it an autistic thing? cause i love it when it happens but am disgusted by thinking or being reminded of it when it's not happening. and I hate that it takes up room for thinking in my brain....

>> No.10619052

same, I live in a city that gets a lot of tourism and the tourists dress better than the locals most times kek. Seems like everyone else has a sweatpants and stained t shirt uniform

>> No.10619059

Some people live in countries where there are no places that are so dangerous that people can't go outside alone anytime of the day. So they may forget that other countries are not as safe.

>> No.10619060

I do too, so either we're shitty people and can be shitty together or people are legitimate slobs. Somewhat blog post but I lived in Japan and people are so much better about dressing nicely and not looking like slobs.

I remember being shocked that my roommate (Japanese) never really wore jeans. Always skirts or dresses. She felt like jeans were really lazy and I told her that in America, jeans are default and skirt or dresses is considered 'dressy' / semi-formal / formal.

>> No.10619061

No, im too autistic to get any so I'd rather just not think about any of it

>> No.10619063

I take citalopram and it doesn’t stop me from being horny and getting wet. I still masturbate pretty much daily.

>> No.10619082


>> No.10619097

I think it is because a lot of black women in my area are seriously strung the fuck out.

>> No.10619160

My ex just told me he'd pay me $2,500 to not talk to him again all because I told him that my traumas are making it hard for me to find work

>> No.10619164

wow you must be really fucking annoying

>> No.10619167

Im literally not

>> No.10619172

I've done that a few times, I offer her $500 OR a mystery box. Dumb bitches always take the box.

>> No.10619331

I've been on accutane for two fucking regimens and every now and then I still get a breakout.
I know it's because every now and then I touch oily food, but it sucks because I REALLY like burgers and fries. No I am not obese and am actually losing weight week to week.

>> No.10619504


>> No.10619510
File: 366 KB, 998x903, Screenshot_20210410-154121_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leave your ex alone holy shit

>> No.10619517
File: 456 KB, 1242x1423, image0-31.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kinda like emotionally dependent crazy chicks, want my telegram?

>> No.10619611

I just got my dream dress... But it's a long sleeved velveteen op and it's currently 90 degrees outside. There's maybe 2 weeks of the year that are actually cold enough to wear it

>> No.10619839

Tired of fake woke lesbian cosplayer types with pink hair and 10k Twitter followers having BLM in their bio but haven't even mentioned anything about George Floyd today, my life doesn't matter to these stupid wypipo pandering idiots anyway

>> No.10619871

They're probably busy talking about the people who were killed this week

>> No.10619913

Matched on tinder with someone who i recognize from their kiwifarms thread.. I am desperate enough but do I risk it.. and do I feed the farms the inside scoop

>> No.10619927

Bold of you to assume they've tweeted anything other than their shitty Twitch link. You sound just as performative.

>> No.10619935

Sounds like you have someone specific in mind

>> No.10620026

No matter how many pretty things I buy, I still feel so empty inside. I think I might just quit buying unnecessary things altogether. I already don't spend that much on luxuries anyway, and I always end up being disappointed in everything even if it turns out to be good or it barely cost anything.

>> No.10620037

Sorry for being too much political, but weren't there people out there, who would have lynched derek and perhaps the jury, if he weren't found guilty in all cases

But either way, I think she would have claimed guilty anyway

>> No.10620039

Was his death a year ago?

>> No.10620272

Yes there were, BLM preventively doxxed the jurors lmao.

There is not a more clear-cut case of mistrial, but given that US legal system is essentially being supplanted by a pro-party lynch mob, it will probably stand anyways.

>> No.10620273

Apparently Americans are trying to usher in a holiday to sanctify the Saint of speedballing fentanyl and pointing guns at pregnant women in armed burglaries.

I'm just glad I'm watching y'all burn from abroad.

>> No.10620274

Even though I support blm I won't put it in my bio it feels so performative and fake? Idk as if blm is a cute little accessory for your profile

>> No.10620305

Any gulls who've been through anorexia here? I get a strange kind of dizzy when I don't eat. I feel no weakness or nausea but it is extremely hard to concentrate. It is like when you sit for hours in front of a computer but without the tiredness. Have you felt it too?

>> No.10620327

/cgl/ - Coping & seething

>> No.10620328

Get fucked.

>> No.10620330

Yes, that feeling you're getting is a lack of glucose in your brain. Try eating a banana or apple if you can.

>> No.10620344

I love lolita and cosplay I just wish I wasn't too fat and ugly to wear it more often desu

>> No.10620360

Come diet with me.

>> No.10625435

Enjoy the opiate high.

I used to not eat much, the dizziness tends to numb out after a few hours once the body starts pumping opiates. I was profoundly disappointed when I tried opiates recreationally as they provided the same sensation of not eating for 20 hours or so.

>> No.10627463

The biggest thing you can do is prepare your own food since that tends to fix portion control by default. Being good at cooking is both a valuable skill to have for yourself and something that makes you more desirable as a partner for either sex.
Cook big dinners every 2/3 days, but make sure to have enough for leftovers, you can toss them in a salad the day after.
Cutting soda/sugar water entirely or at least getting down to one 12 oz can per week is also huge. Drinking a can a day for 2 years is the sugar equivalent of eating everything in the candy isle of a grocery store.
I exercise for 30 minutes a day, 90 minutes of high intensity every other day. Sometimes you're stupid busy and that means for an entire week all you do is walk around the block before dinner.
The hardest part has been cutting fast food. I still get cravings all the time, but it really helps when you have some delicious leftover chicken that just needs five minutes of prep before it's on a plate

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