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Fuck everything edition

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All cancelled con talk, doom talk and speculation shenanigans go here since it’s kinda gone out of hand.

Lib-Con 2021
AnimeCon Arkansas 2021
Causeacon 2021
LVL Up Expo 2021
Mobile Bay Anime Festival 2021
Anime Impulse 2021
Anime Central 2021
Otafest 2021
Momo-Con 2021
Animazement 2021
Thy Geekdom Con 2021
OMG!Con 2021
A-Kon 2021
Kitsune Kon 2021
Anime North 2021
Animethon 2021
Kokorokon 2021

Kawaii Kon 2021
FrankfortCon 2021
Anime Frontier 2021
Fan Expo Dallas 2021
Comicpalooza 2021
Mizucon 2021
ConnetiCon 2021
Tekko 2021

>it’s a virtual con kek
Oz-Con 2021
Castle Point Anime Convention 2021
Kogaracon 2021
CoreCon 2021
FanimeCon 2021
Ponoka Fanfest 2021
AnimeNEXT 2021
Anime Expo 2021
Hazard Con 2021
Crunchyroll Expo 2021
Shikkari Con 2021

>Press F(?)
Otakon 2021

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Why do you always make these unfunny pictures? Youve been doing these for like 3 or 4 years now, you should kill yourself they're bad

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Why not post confirmed cons u fug

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Yeah, I was expecting there to be a section for that. I think there are quite a few cancelled cons that aren't on this list as well.
It would be ideal if someone made a google spreadsheet for this stuff like we had for 2020 cons. I think the sheer number of cancelled/postponed cons is too unwieldy for a thread on here.
Oh well. The good news is that starting with this thread we'll be seeing more happening cons than cancelled ones.
I'm not even trying to be "optimistic" by saying that. The fact is that most cons from here on out aren't gonna have the option to cancel.
The bad news is that most of the cons happening in the next 2-3 months are gonna have some restrictions. Hopefully we won't see too many with long lists that make them not worth attending (Colossalcon, I'm looking at you).

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Anime USA is homeless because their host hotel went bankrupt.

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The Wardman was pretty but are a million hotels in DC.

AUSA’s bigger problem is that it’s current date (September 16-19) is too close to Otakon (early August), AwesomeCon (late August), and Summer Katsucon (end of August). If things are open this summer, the DC area is going to get conned out.

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Dumbasses, I guess Gaylord Center is the best and last option for them.

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The Wardman closing isn’t AUSA’s fault — hotels in Northeast were hit financially by conferences moving downtown even before covid.

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Anime Festival in Wichita (small shitty convention in Kansas) was somehow cancelled. I know there;s some Kansas gulls on here

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I though Kansas was gonna be opened fully soon what's the hold up there anyway.

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Kansas is pretty much fully open. There is virtually no reason for Anime Fest Wichita to cancel until 2022. They're never going to be able to come back after a 2 year break

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Southfags, how confident are we feeling about the last Mechacon that still isn't cancelled for this July?

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Very confident. Also East Coast might opened up much fully before summer. Katsucon summer could actually happen this summer.

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Chances on Animinneapolis 2021 happening depends on what’s gonna happen in a few minutes


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>guilty on all counts
Nevermind, animinneapolis is safe

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This wouldn't have had any impact on Animinneapolis happening or not anyways.
Whatever rioting that may have happened due to that would have been over and done with before the con.
I don't know why people think that those sorts of things will shut cities down for weeks or months on end. Even the LA riots lasted less than a week.

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No. Marriott Marquis DC is way better from a convenience standpoint for AUSA. A metro station is right around the corner whereas the Gaylord your only choices to get there are either driving or a bus that runs every half hour.

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Blerdcon is happening but vaccine cards are mandatory in order to get in.

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That’s a wise approach

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otakuthon 2021 has on virtual.

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Niggas going to make bank making fake vac cards

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>>Press F(?)
>Otakon 2021
It's now officially cancelled.

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Source? Twitter and Facebook have that “hope everyone gets vaccinated so we can hold Otakon” post.

Fingers crossed for Summer Katsu.

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Or you could just go get the vaccine lmao?

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>get excited for kitsune kon
>it’s a smaller con and doesn’t happen until July so it’s got a good chance right?
>me and con friends will all be fully vaccinated by then
>con gets canceled

I hate everything. I just want to chill with friends in cosplay again

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A lot of cons have their eyes on Blerdcon to see how this plays out.

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You don't need a source. A convention of Otakon's size shouldn't even be occurring during a global pandemic.
Good, the con organizers made the right decision.

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What's the earliest "confirmed to be OK" date do you guys think? I'm 100% on November (for ANYC), and like 80% August (for Otakon), esp with how vaccines restrictions have been lifted, so anyone can get em now in many states.

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>Believing taking vaccines will get your precious cons back

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I think every con from July onward has a high chance of happening. Not so much because it may be "safe" by then, but because most states will have lifted enough restrictions that the venues will be able to force the con organizers to hold their cons (or pay the penalty).
I think the bigger question is how many restrictions cons will have throughout the rest of the year. Colossalcon in June has so many restrictions that it's not going to be worth it to go for anyone that wants to do anything other than sit quietly and drink in their rooms.
Large cons that generally run at or near capacity (ANYC, NYCC) will likely have attendance caps, among other things.
Hopefully by the time we get into the late 3rd and 4th quarter of the year, we won't have any more cons with convention-ruining restrictions like Colossalcon.

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so it begins...
i really don't know what's more important to me: cons or not risking my life on an experimental rushed sketchy vaccine

i might give it a few months at the very least, see how things play out. anyone getting their vaccine now though is a fool. let other people be the guinea pigs.

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Dumbfucks, their attendence will dwindle.

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[x] Doubt. Blerdcon is the first con to be held in the DC area since covid started, if anything that con is going to be swamped with the folks who were cramped up at home for a year looking to get out and do something.

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File: 1.47 MB, 1767x1125, 9742DA48-812A-4F5C-98B3-F321BDC7D476.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>expecting any cons outside of Texas to be open in 2021

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Hold on now, why are we selling Florida short?

Guess we'll find out in a few months when the large Florida cons are supposed to happen.

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Lol no

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Oh looks promi-

>with limited attendance and other safety measures (enforced social distancing, mandatory face coverings, and regular temperature checks)

>The folks behind NYCC plan to ramp up sanitization between each event, as well as adopt a "firm" policy that discourages physical contact (i.e., no hugs, handshakes, high-fives, etc.).

Do people actually want to go to events like this? Literally to only consoom and not mingle with people?

This is in October. I don't blame anyone for not getting the vaccine anymore. Consider me completely demoralized.

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>Do people actually want to go to events like this?
The bottom line is there will be enough people desperate enough to go to NYCC that they'll almost certainly sell out in a matter of hours.
I'm sure some of them will have regrets about buying the tickets after actually being there a few hours and seeing how things are.
It was inevitable that we were going to have a period where cons started being held again, but with restrictions. These restrictions will sometimes suck all the fun out of the con.
I don't plan on going to them, but I guess I should be thankful to the people that are going and not shit all over them, since their monetary support is what is going to keep these events from going away forever.

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This is all for show. Do you truthfully think there’s going to be hoards of irl jannies scanning the halls searching for people who aren’t distanced enough? Or for people giving each other high fives? Nobody is going to ask you to step away from that cosplayer you just asked for a photo or that cute guy you’re talking to.
There will be limited attendance, panel room chairs will be spread out, they’ll check for masks, and there will be lane lines on the floor that everyone ignores. That’s about the extent to which covid measures will affect cons. And yes, while that stuff is certainly annoying, it’s not going to stop anyone from mingling with others.
The doom needs to end. Go to cons and behave like you would at any other con during any other time.

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Colossalcon east is "still on" for september but they have neither allowed ordering of passes nor issued any statement as to when they will begin to do so. They also haven't made a list of what if any restrictions will be on the convention. I really don't wanna miss out on booking a room, which ARE already being sold because I wanna go but I also don't wanna spend $700 only to find out that they cancelled it or are requiring daily covid rectal exams in order to go

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>Literally to only consoom and not mingle with people?

Me basically.

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What show/movie is this from?

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I would not expect any list of restrictions until a couple of months before CCE. It's impossible for them to know what restrictions will be like in PA in September right now. The longer they wait, the better idea they'll have of that.
Believe me, I can relate to how you feel and it fucking sucks. I want to make travel/lodging preparations, but if they have a list enjoyment-killing restrictions anywhere near what Ohio's is like, I have no interest.
You don't have to worry about it being cancelled though. Ohio/Prime is happening, likely because the Kalahari is forcing it, and you can bet Kalahari PA will do the same, especially considering that Kalahari PA does not have that great a relationship with Colossal, in comparison to Ohio.

>> No.10600884

Well fucking said.
I mean, I do think there will be a handful of jannies that will try to rule with an iron fist because they get off on the tiny amount of power they'll be given. But they just won't have the manpower to enforce everything.
There probably be less volunteers per attendee than ever before, so they can maximize their profit. One less volunteer is one more ticket they can sell.
And the ones that are there will probably have their hands full with mask enforcement. There's gonna be a lot of arguments there.

>> No.10600982

Hey OP, what's the minimum con size to matter to get added to your list?

>> No.10601027

Looks like the new Suicide Squad trailer

>> No.10601088

>Kalahari PA does not have that great a relationship with Colossal, in comparison to Ohio
How so? I'm curious to know moar

>> No.10601095

The biggest sign of this off the top of my head is when Kalahari staff ended all cosplay and photography at the waterpark (and other areas of the venue, IIRC) at the beginning of the day on the final day of the con a few years ago.
There were a bunch of excuses for this, but ultimately it came down to some people in Kalahari management just not wanting us around.
There are a lot of other little things. For example, Colossal still has not been able to negotiate any sort of discount on water park passes at the Kalahari like they have in Ohio, despite trying.
I could go on, but suffice to say there are members of Kalahari management that absolutely hate the con and the people that come with it, and they'll look for any opportunity they can to fuck with us.
If there are still restrictions come September (which is likely), Kalahari staff will likely lean on those as an excuse to fuck with people.

>> No.10601211

Welcome to the new convention setup
>Do people actually want to go to events like this?
At first people will try. But with mandatory mask mandates and social distancing implemented, they will lose interest and cons will slowly lose popularity and die. Especially with COVID still rampant and you can still get it even if you're fully vaccinated. That's why online virtual cons will soon takeover in-person conventions pretty soon. I'm excited for AX-Lite being the 30th anniversary con of AX rather than a disgusting in-person con that are now labeled as super spreader events.

>> No.10601214

Because they'll likely end up having to cancel. No cons until 2024!

>> No.10601222


lol to people who think this

>> No.10601246

Okay whatever you say. I'll be here waiting to laugh at you all when cons that are scheduled to go on later this year end up canceling.

>> No.10601440

Not to speak for OP, but it's pretty clear that size has nothing to do with it. There are small cons on the list, and larger ones that are not on there.
This is nowhere near a comprehensive list of all cons that have been cancelled/postponed. It's just a hastily thrown together list with a minimum amount of effort. Not even a confirmed happening list, which should have been a category at this point.

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Daisho con just announced the cancellation of their 2021 event which would’ve taken place in November. What the hell is going on? November is so far off and most people are going to be fully vaccinated by then.

>> No.10601520

>confirmed happening list, which should have been a category at this point
In fairness, not much of a point confirming it until the weekend it happens. Case in point >>10601481

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>Hope is on the horizon!

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File: 1.33 MB, 2001x1114, 079685C8-D204-4450-ABB9-4A81EBDDF1E0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hope is on the horizon!

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>Hope is on the horizon!

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This is definitely a weird one. Maybe they just never signed a contract with the Kalahari this year. I can't imagine the Kalahari letting them off the hook, especially considering they're (presumably) forcing Colossalcon to go on as planned.
Regardless, it's a small con, so I wouldn't take what happened here as any sort of precedent of things to come.

>> No.10601730

That’s been my assumption. Typically daisho opens room blocks in May and they never even announced 2021 dates, so they probably didn’t want to commit to signing a contract with the kalahari for 2021.

By the time November rolls around, enough people will have gotten the vaccine that they would’ve been forced to go through with the con in some form had they signed contracts. But I’m guessing they saw all the restrictions for colossal prime and just decided they didn’t want to deal with that so they dropped it altogether

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>>>>>>>>November con canceling
This is retarded, given the vaxx schedule everyone should be good by like, July latest (in thread doomers be damned). There's no way their only reason was COVID, it's was too early to cancel from that.

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Didn't you read the news?

Vaccines are worthless. You have to socially distance and wear masks even if you're vaccinated.

What a scam. I feel like a lemming for getting this.

>> No.10601784

>everyone should be good by like, July latest
Doubt it. Look at the actual statistics on vaccination rates. We’ll likely only hit herd immunity by September. But even with that being the case, it’s still stupid to cancel a con in November

>There's no way their only reason was COVID, it's was too early to cancel from that.
Read the post above yours. Con organizers were likely just too pussy to sign contracts with the kalahari

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Not that anon, but the phrase "everyone should be good" is open for interpretation.
Everyone in the USA that wants to get the vaccine should almost certainly be able to get it by July, so we should be "good" as far as that goes.
Herd immunity is something that there's always going to be debate about since there isn't an agreed upon metric for that. But September does sound plausible.
All that aside, cancelling a con in November does seem like an overabundance of caution, to put it nicely.
A con as small as Daisho would likely have been able to be held in November with only minor restrictions. Possibly none at all.

>> No.10601843

Just found out that my state (NC) will pretty much be open in June. like a week after Animazement. heh.

>> No.10601847

That anon, I meant that everyone that wanted the vaccine would be able to get it (in most places anyone over 16 can sign up for an appointment now), so we should be OK by that metric. The US as a whole is already 25% fully vaxxed, and 40% one dose (ie. in 2 weeks max we'll have 40% fully vaxxed at least) If we go by "vaccinated numbers" to be the metric as to when expect stuff reopening, we're well on schedule to reopen by July (aside from deep red states that are unwilling to comply). Because of that, I wouldn't be surprised to have vaxx status be checked at con entry, to deter those people.

>> No.10601850

>vaxx status be checked at con entry
God that’s the dream. Being able to just go to a con again and not have to worry about who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t

>> No.10601888

Plenty of deep red states are doing extremely well because they prioritized the at risk population, which meant a slightly slower rollout, but safer reopening.
Also, california was in REALLY bad shape because they have a huge anti-vaxx population (a lot of health care workers) and had (until recently) poor distribution methods.
Most states will be operating pretty normally in about 6 more weeks.
>I wouldn't be surprised to have vaxx status be checked at con entry
That would be illegal in most circumstances. Some places might still try it in the hopes of the legal battle taking so long the issue becomes moot.
A business can have the right to screen you for being infected, but screening you for being vulnerable is a pretty big leap. Especially because then if they let you in and you still infect someone (vaccines have different efficacy rates) then they're on the hook for liability.
I'm sure some places will try it over the summer, so some cons may comply, but conventions won't want to risk it and might move dates if that happens.

>> No.10601890

It's too late to even float the idea of this vaccine passport, good or bad.

There is no database that is meticulously logging our vaccines.. Just a piece of a paper with some dates written on it..

In Israel it's a whole different ballgame, they have a phone app and a national registry. So this idea of a vaccine passport to get into something mundane as a mall, actually exists.

>> No.10602024

Who else is excited for AX's 30th anniversary show aka AX Lite 2?

>> No.10602035

I don't get excited over twitch videos.

>> No.10602040

just you

>> No.10602145

Well yes, there's definitely countries that could pull it off. Like Japan, since only 1% of their population is vaccinated.
Or Canada because some of their provinces are straight up police states now.
But the UK is almost at 50% right now, so vaccine passports might work for a bit, but once 75+% of people are vaccinated, ir becomes more trouble than it's worth.

>> No.10602191

The vaccines are mostly effective in stopping it; keeping the restrictions in place isn't about the science as much as about politics autism.

Politics autism will be increasingly hard to maintain as more people get the shots and fewer people get hospitalized. Expect at the very least serious discussions of how to get back to normal, everywhere in the US, by June at the latest. Summer this year will be way more normal than last year.

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File: 1.13 MB, 1725x1125, 6AFBEDFD-A01F-4308-B189-FD66D0483A0A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Hope is on the horizon!

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Not surprising.

>> No.10602245

If their whole venue is closed makes sense they'd rather not try to coordinate elsewhere/nothing else would even probably be available

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File: 178 KB, 465x515, woah.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Huh wow.

This is for a con in September, do they really not wanna try another venue? People really have no faith in going to normal anytime soon in these liberal areas huh

>> No.10602251

There are plenty of hotels in the DC area that probably aren’t booked on a weekend in September and would love the business.

I think this has more to do with Otakon, AwesomeCon, and Summer Katsucon all scheduled for August (and Colossal East nearby in September). If the mid-Atlantic is open in August/September, people are going to go to cooler alternatives.

>> No.10602265

There's plenty of hotels in DC, but how many are metro accessible and have the staff to handle a convention right now? The hotels in the area are currently running on skeleton crews due to furloughs. Hell, a lot of hotels aren't even doing room service because staff is so short.

>> No.10602297

If the hotel cancels an event, the organizers are let out of their contract usually scott free.
But if they chose another venue, and covid restrictions are still in place but the venue doesn't cancel, the con has to pay the hotel money to cancel.

>> No.10602317

Pretty much this.
Additionally, I've noticed that nonprofit cons (which Anime USA is) have tended not to make any efforts to postpone or relocate. If they can get out of their contract without a penalty, they'll generally do so and just wait it out until the following year. They usually take fewer risks than for profit cons.
We'll certainly be a lot closer to normal come September, but it's still possible some venues won't be at 100 percent capacity by then. Planning conventions can be a struggle because of this, and just waiting until next year is the safest and easiest option.

>> No.10602415

It's going to take time to find a new venue. We are also unsure of any CDC guidelines that these con organizations need to implement since that shit gets updated daily or if USA will be needing to lockdown in the near future.

>> No.10602420

I'll start attending cons when organizers stop hiring armed thugs for security.

>> No.10602492

With Japan having such a low vaccination rate, I'm kind of glad AX didn't happen this year because the guest list would've been absolute shit or Zoom calls projected in the panel room

>> No.10602495

That ain't happening chief. If aspie cosplayers want to keep showing up wearing full tactical gear with replica M16s from COD that trigger normies thinking they're going to shoot up the place then cons have no other choice but to hire thugs.

>> No.10602524

>The vaccines are mostly effective
No it isn't.

>> No.10602664

I'll take an 80-90% chance of not going to the hospital over drowning in my filled-up lungs. Get fucked if you refuse to get the vaccine.

>> No.10602710


Depending on your age group the vaccine just makes your odds of being troubled by covid go from .05% to .0001%.

>> No.10602722

Then why not get it considering it's free, easy, and harmless?

>> No.10602739

Are you a fucking obese diabetic? Old people and those with chronic health problems should be the only ones taking the vaccine.

>> No.10602742

Everyone who has no medical reason not to should get it just like a flu shot or any shots you get as a kid or whatever. Helps get to herd immunity and protect those who can't get the shot as well as yourself, and makes it less likely you'll get sick and spread it asymptomatically or end up lung fucked long term like a good chunk of healthy young people who survived COVID no problem did.

>> No.10602744

Why don't we have no cons for the next two years while the world heals itself and we find out more how effective the vaccines are?

>> No.10602746

Because I need attention and I need it now.

>> No.10602749

Why don't we do anything for the next two years?

Because that's a good way to cause for more irreparable damage and human suffering over some memeflu

>> No.10602796

Hello! 99.98% survival rate if you're young and healthy.

>> No.10602797

>Because I need attention and I need it now.
Just go out to a bar with your friends ffs!

>> No.10602838


>> No.10602891

Cuase the disease isn't THAT dangerous
In some US cities you're more likely to die on the road.

>> No.10602901

Let's just not do anything for the next 2 years. Actually make that 5 years, hell 10 years? 20? Let's just never go outside again, ever.

>> No.10602965
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Friends from 4chan make the best of friends

>> No.10603326

I would rather do nothing for 2 years and live on than go to a con now, get sick and possibly die from coronavirus.

>> No.10603351

>Let's just never go outside again, ever.

>> No.10604482


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Anyone planning on going to ANYC this year if it happens?

>> No.10604528

Yeah, I already bought my ticket and have the hotel arranged. If NYC cucks me in November I'm just gonna retire innawoods and never bother with human civilization ever again.

>> No.10604594
File: 36 KB, 645x363, deblasiobil1_110513getty2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Anyone planning on going to ANYC

>> No.10604672

De Blasio announced plans to fully reopen NYC on July 1. Considering that, along with the current rate of vaccinations and declining cases, ANYC is pretty much 100% confirmed happening.
That said, I'm still a bit torn on going or not. If they have a ton of restrictions, I might pass. Sometimes restrictions can be too invasive and suck all the fun out of a con.

>> No.10604689
File: 812 KB, 1219x1125, 2C1C06FA-AF8A-4C8B-BB58-4DA4C8078920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>believing any cons are happening

>> No.10604696

Then he'll close up the city in October right before NYCC and ANYC when it starts getting colder, vaccines start wearing off, and cases start rising again.

>> No.10604697

Not me, but I'll be here to read and watch videos of what a possible post covid convention scene will look like. I can tell it's going to be a major cluster fuck with all the restrictions, short-handed staff, and complete lack of Japanese guests for a con of that size and industry backing.

>> No.10604763

I’m sticking to local cons until destination cons have a track record of success.

>> No.10605048


>Fully reopen
>With distancing restrictions
>With masks
>We can shutdown whenever we feel like it

Enjoy spending a hundreds of dollars on flight and hotel rooms to get fucked when you get there.


>short-handed staff, and complete lack of Japanese guests for a con of that size and industry backing.

Who the fuck gives a fuck about Japanese guests. That's not why people go to cons, that's like a cherry on top.

I'm planning trips to Florida/Texas ones. Even if the cons suck there are plenty of other fun things to do there. I wouldn't take that risk with strict states though.

>> No.10605067

This is a good point about the "choosing to go to cons if there's shit to do in the area in case it falls through". I'm considering going to Otakon (or at least searching for hotels, because that shit is probably sold out), and I'm guessing DC has some landmarks, etc to at least visit for funsies. In reaction to >>10604504, deffo going because I live next door and I don't need a hotel, and I'm confident shit will normalize by November (esp. since NYC is opening in July). Anything else is doomertalk.

>> No.10605331

>Otakon hasn't cancelled yet

>> No.10605380

Not sure why this is a surprise to some people.
Force majeure is pretty much over and done with in regards to the pandemic, so most conventions scheduled for the second half of the year will be happening unless the organizers decide to break their contracts and go bankrupt.
Also, with the current rate of vaccinations, covid megasites will no longer be needed in a couple of months.
We're going to be returning to normal this year despite what the doomerfags may say.

>> No.10605496

I get that Otakon can't cancel until it reaches the point where it can call force majeure, but I'm surprised that it hasn't reached that point yet. (Ditto AwesomeCon, which is two weeks after Otakon at the same location.) AX is only a month before Otakon, but it cancelled two months ago.

Can confirm, there's a reasonable amount of shit to do in DC even at current lockdown levels (the Mall, the Arboretum, Dumbarton Oaks, Hillwood, Mount Vernon) and the Smithsonians will probably be open by August.

>> No.10605571

>the city’s opening up, (insert con here) is gonna happen
Don’t forget, some cons are a business (despite some of them being non profit). Vaccine cards, capping the con to a certain capacity and social distancing won’t be enough and would just compromise the profits and no business would ever do that shit.

>> No.10605629

This is why I suggested convention orgs take a 2 year hiatus instead of compromising the quality of a con by enforcing CDC guidelines which won't make the event enjoyable for everyone.

>> No.10605645

It's either go one this year or die.

>> No.10605680

I'm assuming that even the dumbest of the doomerfags understands that by now. People that post shit like the anon above are just trying to get a rise out of people.
Conventions will be happening in the second half of the year, for better or worse. The organizers have no choice because breaking their contracts will mean bankruptcy.
Force majeure is dead.

>> No.10605876

Don't be acting like a bitch later on this year when cases and deaths start rising again causing cons to cancel. Thus forcing the US government to enforce a Canadian/UK style lockdown where you can't even buy clothes at a store.

>> No.10605887

ngl I think vaccine cards are the best way to go if they can't force majeure. My vaxxed friends and I will have a great time

>> No.10606067

>listening to the government

That was your first mistake

>> No.10606439


>> No.10606697

I have word from a D*Con volunteer that it's full steam ahead and is happening. Mechacon just confirmed they are happening this summer too.

>> No.10606914

Which state is it Maryland, DC or some other state?

>> No.10606915

DragonCon is in Atlanta.

>> No.10606919

Sweet, just fucking sweet.

>> No.10606928

Ah, DragonCon. One of the most densely packed cons in the country, in one of the most anti-vaccine states in the country. What could possibly go wrong?
On the plus side, I'm sure some of the many anti-vaxxers in attendance will catch the coof. Should thin out some of their ranks.

>> No.10606947

Stay mad faggot.

>> No.10606958

Im surprised by all the anti-mask sentiment on /cgl/, I thought you’d all want to coord burando masks.

>> No.10606965

I enjoy the feeling of anonymity when wearing my mask in public

>> No.10606987

Into words your insecurities has made you a weaker person. But it's okay anon.

>> No.10607296

They just discovered the double mutant variant in Georgia too. All the better.

>> No.10607314

Just fuck my shit up.

>> No.10607434 [DELETED] 

"double mutant" is a made up term and does not exist. Stop fear mongering you fucking faggots. Media has to put a cap on fentnyl floyd after the jurors got busted for misconduct so the "double mutant" is the new scare tactic. >>10606928
The "vaccine" doesn't stop you from getting it. It just lessons your symptoms. If its going to kill you, its going to kill you with or without the vaccine.

>> No.10607537

>Mechacon just confirmed they are happening this summer too.
2020 was gonna be their last year even before covid so I imagine they're just trying to get it over with. When Mecha's gone though it'll be weird for a city as large as nola to not have a dedicated anime con; maybe Louisianime will move there from Baton Rouge?

>> No.10607544


Louisianime won't be as supported, too many owners, each set of owners had drama and alienated attendees, even with the current owners, their staff are rude as hell to attendees because "they were having a bad day" and with some people in the local comm (Nola Lolitas) picking their side, people definitely aren't gonna wanna support them.

>> No.10609716

>Should thin out some of their ranks
To be honest, I though the reopening of Texas would do all the thinning by enticing anti vaxxers to drop everything and move to texas

>> No.10610129
File: 192 KB, 484x466, Ev3WOuNXcAISnSg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just realized with the cancellation of AX 2021 there will be a 3 year gap between the last AX and the next possible AX. Any good or notable cons happening in california or texas? Need something to ease my fucking misery.

>> No.10610147

>, in one of the most anti-vaccine states in the country.

not according to NYT. Hilarious, people think its a red state issue alone. don't know their recent history.

>> No.10610174


Florida and Texas have been doing this shit for months now with declining cases and deaths.

When are you retards going to give up on wishing death amongst people.

>> No.10610374

I know I've seen a few maps related to this. Here's the first one I could find:

Going by that map, it looks like the northwest flyover states are the most "vaccine hesitant", followed by the southeast (which includes Georgia).
Since you brought it up, pretty much all of the states in those areas are red states, so there is certainly some correlation there.
But I guess Georgia is considered a blue state now, so I digress.

>> No.10610532
File: 50 KB, 384x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you guys attend cons when you also need to go to work on the weekdays? Do you take time off? Do you call in sick? What about for Anime Expo? Do you just skip Thu/Fri/Mon con days all together?

>> No.10610550

The discussion was on anti vax. Focus.

But, Vaccine hesitancy sure does sound like a word mincing, like they want to have a statistic to infer something without stating it explicitly.

Besides, did you actually read the methodology? All it does is ask if it's available if somebody would get it. It doesn't actually offer any insight as to why answers would be one way or the other, and even says so in its own study notes.

It seems like a pretty fucking useless endeavor to try to pull meaning from that shallow shit.

>> No.10610784

Take time off
My PTO is already at max and need justifiable reason to spend ANY time off

>> No.10610790

>I guess Georgia is considered a blue state now
Georgia was and always be a red state don't be stupid.

>> No.10610796

I get loads of days off to choose, so I usually take Weds/Thurs/Fri off then fly back Sunday.

>> No.10610827

I have extra "use or lose" leave so I just take a week and half off for Dragoncon.

>> No.10611072

Yet the Nogs and Libs in Atlanta run the state.

>> No.10611073

Why should I? It's going to occur naturally. People die everyday.

>> No.10611191

>Yet the Nogs and Libs in Atlanta run the state.
Nope, but nice try.

>> No.10611875

Covid literally over unless you're an antivaxxer. lmao @ summer cons that already cancelled

>> No.10611900

This is good to hear, but most if not all cons that happen in 2021 are still going to have restrictions, including and especially mask requirements.
Many cons have already stated that will be a requirement, and they'll be too chicken shit to go back on that in fear of backlash from the virtue signal crowd cunts.

>> No.10611901

>unless you're an antivaxxer
imagine being such a beta that you'd be antivax

>> No.10611910

These virtue signaling cunts wont be attending anyway.

We need a new convention or a current one that will say "no masks no distancing, come and spend your money" then the farce will drop immediately.

Otherwise, attendance will drop like a rock.

Virtue signaling does not pay

>> No.10611958

A lot of cons that are still going on will most likely have a badge cap anyways.

>> No.10612000


looks like Otakon is officially on

>> No.10612078
File: 863 KB, 2001x997, IMG_5295.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw it’ll get cancelled on Day 0 just like Naka-Con

>> No.10612106

>You have to pay admission to watch AX Lite streams live
>Proceeds from admission sales goes to "help" fight "hate speech..."
Welcome to the future of conventions.

>> No.10612109

>I want my cons in the middle of an international pandemic even though people all over the world are still getting COVID and dying
This is why I hate Americans.

>> No.10612131
File: 675 KB, 1022x981, IMG_6085.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>future of conventions
>social distancing
>underaged staff being total fucking narcs with your mask wearing
>no guests from Japan
Do you guys really want all your cons to basically be like to be a super sized version of Anime Los Angeles?

>> No.10612168

No, but a lot of people are gonna take what they can get at this point, after a year of being able to do basically nothing.
Some cons being held this year will be not as good as "normal" years, but still relatively fun. Others may be a complete bust.
It's going to be hard to anticipate which ones will be complete shit.

>> No.10612201

not all cons are weeb centered

>> No.10612206

>AX charging $5 for their shitty fucking stream of awkward Zoom calls and callbacks to previous years

Watching AX Lite last year made COVID even more depressing. It was like a reminder of everything that was not happening that weekend.

Also, Disney World is going to be removing the mask mandate this summer and California is still on track to pull the tier system by June 15th. Masks also apparently aren't required in Vegas casinos anymore. It's kind of ridiculous how quickly all of this shit is vanishing.

>> No.10612227

Prioritizing Virtue signaling over profits, fine. Prioritizing profits over virtue signaling, fine. But doing both virtue signaling but not compromising the profits (and keeping it at the same rate or higher) is literally fucking impossible. One side has to get hurt, whether you like it or not

>> No.10612256

So? People were dying everyday around the world of preventable things pre-pandemic. Why do you only care now? Is it because now it affects you specifically?

Anyway get over yourself. You can’t expect people to stop living their lives because people on the other side of the world are having problems. What will not having an anime convention in America do to stop problems somewhere like India?

>> No.10612323

dude this will only happen for a year at most. eventually people will stop giving a shit. fuck the CDC just got rid of the mask mandate for people who are vaccinated.

>> No.10612513

It's probably going to take a few weeks for actual businesses to ease up on their private mask mandates; the suddenness of the CDC announcement yesterday was honestly surprising and will take a little time to reverberate into the private sector. Keeping track of vaccine proof cards is also going to be a big hurdle; there'll be lots of bootleg cards.

Cons still on this summer are gonna vary widely in the extent to which they keep their own restrictions. They will happen, but as >>10612131 implied I can see a lot of shit like on-spectrum 16 yo they/them volunteers prowling around enforcing shit even more than the actual con organizers themselves would care for.

>> No.10612535
File: 660 KB, 1000x1000, 186479331_5443247755749756_6722775312089436067_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Awesomecon is a go!

>> No.10612536
File: 665 KB, 1000x1000, 186486356_5443247892416409_6872918959503121566_n.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10612545

>Required use of masks

How about I NOT buy a ticket and not be subjected to hygine threater, even if vaccinated.

>> No.10612559

Fingers crossed for Station Unity aka Summer Katsucon.

>> No.10612562

I won't be going if they require masks.

I'm not joking.

>> No.10612564
File: 2.67 MB, 1125x2436, 9F2FDB3D-A532-4E9D-B64B-A5267FA14A0A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is interesting, Station Unity is now the same weekend as AwesomeCon. I could have sworn Station Unity was the following week, August 27-29.

>> No.10612586

Don't forget that state government has the final say on masking requirements. Even if businesses want to do away with that requirement, they'll have to wait on the state to give the ok.
The CDC's recent statement may encourage some states to make a change, but this is not going to happen as quickly as some people think, at least in some states.
As far as cons go, there will likely be masking requirements at most cons throughout the rest of the year. IMO, it's more for the sake of virtue signaling than anything.
I'm really tired of wearing a mask, but that's just kinda the way things are going to be.

>> No.10612593

Has a date been announced yet as to when the Walter E. Washington Convention Center will stop being used as a covid megasite?
I was just wondering if that is going to happen before Otakon/Awesome Con take place, or if they're just going to be working around it.

>> No.10612624

If states remove their mask mandate and if cons wont reciprocate write to the convenrion a very polite letter stating that their mask mandate for the con and all hugone threater removed.

Do you really want to have your hallway photo taken with you in a mask?

>> No.10612634

I actually don’t give a shit. A year or two from now, masks in hall photos will be a weird quirk like Homestucks in the back of everything in the early 2010s.

>> No.10612653

If you hate masks so much then just stay home, and let the everyone else have fun, dork. People who think the only possible way to enjoy anything is via breathing on everyone else the whole time and being packed like a sardine are delusional, obsessed with the politics of it all, and have less than 2.5 brain cells to rub together.

Most if not all cons require you to wear or present a pass or badge for reentry, this is marginally different and hurts no one plus masks and distancing keeps you losers' gross weeby combined smell of pocky, cum, and BO away from me.

>> No.10612692

>hugone threater
....you feelin' OK, anon? Did you catch the coof or somethin'?
>Do you really want to have your hallway photo taken with you in a mask?
I'm actually a "hall photographer", and I can tell you that no one gives a fuck about hall photos.

This shit sucks, but no letters or any other type of complaint is going to change the decision these cons or making. They will only change things when/if it becomes apparent that it will hurt their profits.
Like when Colossalcon said they would only sell 4 day passes because of the pandemic (which is nonsense and is in no way related to covid), but recently decided to sell single day passes when they realized their tickets were selling at an extremely slow pace.

>> No.10612702

I can tell you aren’t a cosplayer. Cosplayers like to have their photos taken, but I don’t know a single cosplayer who reposts their hallway shots because they just don’t look great, especially compared to actual photoshoot images. So again, no cosplayer cares about wearing a mask for a hall shot because they’re never going to use those shots on social media

>> No.10612883

>Gets cancelled at the very last minute

>> No.10612961

It's not really a mask thing but some cosplayers don't like when other people post their hall shots because they're not under good lighting, posing or editing. Some are super insecure about that last one.

>> No.10613020


Is MegaCon really having A-listers at a con this year?

Is this an old list?

>> No.10613040


Looks like it is for 2021.

>> No.10613041

Fuck wrong link.


>> No.10613077
File: 516 KB, 250x250, 1619127144010.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doomposter still trying to get attention

It's over nigga

>> No.10613304

I just registered and got a hotel for otakon! I am fully vaccinated and ready to go!

>> No.10613318

Hope you have fun m8.

>> No.10613426

That’s exactly my point. Cosplayers already don’t like hall shots, so a mask isn’t going to make a difference

>> No.10613969

Do you want Otakorp to have the same negative PR as SacAnime?

>> No.10613998

I was genuinely curious, although the SacAnime situation did come to mind.
I hope no one is taking "negative PR" during the pandemic even the slightest bit seriously, though.
Next year, everyone will go to all of the same cons they always have, no matter what bad PR they may have gotten this year, like nothing ever happened.

>> No.10614026

>Dragoncon hotels are still sold the fuck out
Shit not even a pandemic will cause people to give up those rooms.

>> No.10614187


>> No.10615131

Ah man, if only you posted this 2 weeks ago, had a room at the westin thu-mon (mind you, I asked for more $ because I got hit by conversion fees)

facebook com/groups/dragonconroomsgroup
Your best resource, right here

>> No.10616890


>> No.10616929

$1200+ non refundable host hotel rooms with legacy status. Dragon Con is the type of event where even being a top tier member of a hotel's loyalty program or high status credit card (AMEX Black/Chase Sapphire Reserve) wont help you get a host hotel room for shit.

>> No.10616932

Not gonna put a Trump vaccine in my body.

>> No.10616934

Wow, sounds like I need to check out DragonCon next year if the demand for rooms is that high. Focusing my limited budget on things in town this year (MegaCon and HolMat), but really want to get out of the state for awhile.

>> No.10616935

What if a bunch of right-wing anime fans don’t end up dying? That would suck.

>> No.10616948

Get a non host hotel further away from the con and take Uber/Lyft back and forth. If you really want to save money then get a hotel out by the airport and catch MARTA to the con.

>> No.10616953

Covid cucks have been wishing death on people throughout this whole pandemic only to be disappointed time after time after the latest big event in Texas or Florida doesn't cause a spike.

>> No.10617010

Just because it's popular doesn't mean it's for everyone.
If you think alcohol and partying is the best part of a con, and don't mind being shoulder to shoulder with people for basically the entire weekend, DragonCon is for you.
If you're more into stuff like panels, dealer's room, etc., there are plenty of better options than DragonCon.

>> No.10617267

I mean, I’m not really a partier but I enjoyed HolMat and that’s more adult and party themed. HolMat is pretty small though, not sure how it compares to DragonCon. They’re all unique in their own way I guess.

>> No.10617284

As someone that goes to both.

HolMat is like a daycare compared to Dragoncon

>> No.10617316

Oh pass then. Not a huge party guy anyways (even though I loved HolMat). Thank you for the perspective anon. If I do anything else this year it might be Mizucon.

>> No.10619748
File: 463 KB, 1080x2340, 7FCC1F48-ADC1-493B-A8FB-42CB56FB4BA8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Matsuricon just canceled for this year.

>> No.10619782
File: 180 KB, 1200x675, E2QOKsRVkAQmp-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Summer Katsu is on. Get your rooms!

>> No.10619955

I hope a decent number of photographers go, I need my annual dose of Relache hallway whoring.

Also ballsy (unlucky?) of them to run the same weekend as AwesomeCon.

>> No.10620283
File: 1.15 MB, 2001x1047, 0946DAA9-9D45-425F-839E-30A5B2E44F09.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10620302

>up until last week we have been in talks with the venues
This seems odd to me considering that Ohio is going to be dropping all covid health orders/mandates on June 2, and that announcement was made a couple of weeks ago.
With that news breaking while they were (supposedly) "in talks", I'm really surprised to hear the venue is honoring the force majeure stipulations, especially for a convention that was supposed to be held in August (almost 3 full months away).
Does this seem weird to anyone else?

>> No.10620340

Check daisho con upthread >>10601481
They canceled 8 months out. In both cases, they likely canceled because they were too cowardly to sign contracts in case they had to put on a con with restrictions

>> No.10620457


>Open by August

lol yeah right

When you see news about dropping covid mandates/orders etc.. it's all bullshit. It's caveated out the ass and it always excludes large events. Or hotels are keeping restrictions even if states like Texas are removing them.

>> No.10620476

Summer Katsu is in Maryland.

And DC will lift all large venue restrictions on June 11.

>> No.10620492


That would make one of the most aggressive opening schedules in the country.

Even Florida/Texas cons are still doing heavy covid restrictions. I would be absolutely floored if anything resembling a normal con would happen in DC this year.

I mean... I'll be the first one in line if any of them committed to it.

>> No.10620696

I had seen that thread previously, and immediately assumed in that circumstance that a contract was never signed.
This seems different though. Matsuricon mentions honoring force majeure stipulations, which would imply that they had already signed a contract and were looking for a way out.

>> No.10624532
File: 171 KB, 500x405, IMG_3050.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw AX would’ve announced the international premiere of Evangelion 3.0+1.0
>tfw we’d be bitching about wristband presales selling out in seconds now

>> No.10624585

And anons would still go and wait in a six hour line.

>> No.10624656

wasn't AX gonna premier the first 20 minutes of it or something in 2020 as well?

>> No.10624693

Mmmmmm nothing like tranny fag capeshit con. You can almost smell the yiff jizz from here.

>> No.10626700


Find better hall shot photographers

>> No.10626709

I wouldn't be surprised if anime companies started ditching AX and just release their movies directly to Netflix during con. All the hotel rooms have Netflix and groups can have their own watch parties instead.

>> No.10626937

It's a growing con, but still shitty. I barely ever considered going except to see my ex who goes and I miss quite dearly. There's still Naka kon which is way better. It's not amazing, but it's nice.

>> No.10627221

Nebkon is homeless currently since their death trap hotel is getting demolished, but they're still trying to find a new host according to Facebook.

>> No.10627974
File: 44 KB, 289x422, Grover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw i would be waiting 6 hours in line with random weebs for a Trash Taste Live at AX panel
>tfw I would be hyped for the AX orgy now

>> No.10628381

I can't believe people are willingly to pay so much money to be crammed next to other people. Gross!

>> No.10629006
File: 53 KB, 599x489, 1545611732800.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AX is the only con I still go to
>Even if I go again next year, it'll still have been three years since I went to a convention

>> No.10629014

I paid money to have Thai hookers rub me down in oil. I miss Thailand.

>> No.10629032

never understood why people always expected massive spikes every time a con happened.

There aren't that many degenerate weebs out there, also

>implying that they would ever go outside again after their yearly anime figure sperg-a-thon

>> No.10629451

Anyone going to Anime Matsuri?

>> No.10629463

I am.

15 months without a anime convention and im not paying 100 dollars a weekend to wear a mask 14 hours a day! (Looking at you blerDCon and Otakon)

>> No.10629540

Wait, Anime Matsuri is confirmed no masks?

>> No.10629728

Maryland gov Larry Hogan just announced no masks and no social distancing to lifted even in full capacity. Katsucon summer is in the works possibly this August.

Yes, no masks and no bullshit.

>> No.10629829

Wtf, I may have to go to this con then.

Where can I find official communication confirming this?

>Maryland gov Larry Hogan just announced no masks and no social distancing to lifted even in full capacity. Katsucon summer is in the works possibly this August.

Though Otakon already committed to cancelling raves/dances and shorter hours right?

>> No.10629885

I looked for such a statement when I saw this mentioned in another thread a few days ago, and I don't think there is one. Their website doesn't appear to make any mention of covid whatsoever, and I see no statements on social media.
I think people are making this assumption based on the fact that they haven't announced any restrictions so far, and well, because it's Texas.

>Though Otakon already committed to cancelling raves/dances and shorter hours right?
Yes, but in fairness I think a lot of the cutbacks at Otakon have more to do with the fact that they're basically throwing together a convention from the ground up in the span of 3 months. It's pretty clear they were anticipating cancellation for a long time, and are now scrambling to get shit done.

>> No.10632692

I got a bad feeling about this

>> No.10633129

Otakon isn’t in Maryland anymore, it’s in DC.

Summer Katsucon is in Maryland (as are Mag and vanilla Katsu).

>> No.10633453

Anybody think that Otakon will be even half the size it usually is? I've never been, and am trying to justify the trip.

>> No.10633488

Michigan fully reopening on the 22nd, here's hoping Youmacon will happen.

>> No.10633669

3 more weeks until AX!

>> No.10634722

Signs that nature is healing: All the hotels for Katsucon are sold the fuck out. Same for AWA.

>> No.10636797

>Open another promo email
>"We're adding more shitubers to our online lineup!"
Makes me wonder if they're going to make actual vtuber panels next year where it's just a bunch of retards sitting in a room while a live2d picture spazzes out

>> No.10636806

I like Hololive and that's all I did during the lockdowns was watch their streams. I bet it's going to be a pre-recorded panel to avoid the simps and antis trolling.

>> No.10636863

California 100% open, surely november sdcc will go on as planned

>> No.10636918

We going back to lockdowns by then

>> No.10636936

Damn y'all doomers still wont let this go? The power if the 'tism marches on.

>> No.10636981

When have the doomers been wrong?

>> No.10636983

surprised more people from lockdown states aren’t considering coming to saboten. az hasn’t basically ever been in any sort of lockdown and it’s a 4-day con set to go in september. i’m excited

>> No.10636986

>When have the doomers been wrong?
Always have been.
For starters, they were saying no cons until 2022/3/4 forever, yet cons have already started happening again.
When have they ever been right is a better question.

>> No.10636996

We didn't say that. We said it's going to continue until people realize that the pandemic is a bunch of crap, and that's what happened when Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci got exposed.

>> No.10637010

Any furfags here eyeing MWFF in December? I know I'm not the only lurker.

>> No.10637084
File: 283 KB, 1125x583, 5BF3B525-9395-4629-97A1-977C838E796A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10637149
File: 2.12 MB, 2500x1300, banner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kansasfags getting absolutely fucked by Naka
>rescheduled for Labor Day weekend
>attendance cap is like 1500 people
>con averages 8-9 thousand
>social distancing
>Kansas COVID cases have been plummeting
>Other cons fully open


>> No.10637298

Looking at the number, it seems like cases in Kansas have been extremely low since like April.
I guess the masking and social distancing is basically the standard for most cons for the rest of the year. But why the fuck are they cucking themselves with an attendance cap?
Not that I give a shit about a con in a flyover state, but that just seems really stupid.

>> No.10637512

Masking, social distancing, and low attendance caps are already the norm for conventions going forward. Do you think organizers want to be the ones to be held liable for outbreaks?

>> No.10637522
File: 2.20 MB, 1600x1467, 739F9BEA-8B10-4ABC-AE75-F474969C3EA6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10637543

This is what's going to happen at the Olympics and any mass gathering events this year and next year.

>> No.10637629

I wouldn't say attendance caps are the 'norm' for this year. Most organizers are going to do their best not to have those if they can avoid it, since directly impacts their profits.
The ones that have announced caps (and yes, there are a number of them) likely had no choice in the matter. Bear in mind when we hear about states being "fully open", there are often exceptions on mass gatherings, which may still have limits.
And as long as organizers follow the state laws/guidelines, they aren't going to be held liable for "outbreaks".

>> No.10637768
File: 483 KB, 1749x1125, IMG_7601.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>*insert con here* is cancelled on Day Zero while everyone was setting up shop and arrived from the airport due to the pandemic

>> No.10637785

Yep. Holy fuck. Literally packing my bags to leave, had friends at the hotel checking in and they fucking canceled. The day of. Incredible.

>> No.10637892

NO ONE should be committing to any con that has restrictions. Because they'll pull dumb shit like this last minute arbitrarily.

We've been having 100k person events in the US for months now in Texas/Florida.

>> No.10637924

Katsucon summer does seem like a cool idea. How would the weather be in that area?

>> No.10638472

Hot and humid as fuck, just like Otakon.

>> No.10638494

It's better than Otakon for all I care and it's gonna a lot of people to show for Station Unity/Katsucon in August.

>> No.10638728

That's why I have not even bought a badge for Otakon or Blerdcon or Awesomecon.

What's the point of a vaccine and hyping it up when they will mandate these restrictions on themselves? Do these conventions want to die?

>> No.10638734

hi Jkid

>> No.10638765

>What's the point of a vaccine and hyping it up when they will mandate these restrictions on themselves?
Somewhere along the way people seem to have forgotten that those measures were implemented to mitigate, not eliminate, the spread of the virus until an effective vaccine was developed, and now that we've turned the corner on that milestone their mindset has shifted to the idea that even one infection is too many, as if we're dealing with smallpox or polio. I've been following the rules and wearing a mask this entire time, I've been vaccinated, but you know what? I took my mask off the moment I was allowed to do so because there's no longer a compelling reason for me to wear one.

>> No.10638816

When it comes to mandatory masks, the convention organizers are betting that there would be a significant amount of people that wouldn't come if masks weren't mandatory, and that few people - including those that really don't like wearing a mask - will decide not to come because of a mask mandate.
It's possible they're right. When you look on social media, the majority of people seem to celebrate mask mandates. However, it's possible that those people are a vocal minority, and that there's a large contingent of people that don't have the balls to publicly tell those people to fuck off.

>> No.10638830

I've been going to events outside for months now.

Literally no one wears a mask.

The people who wear masks at leisure events are the ones who are too scared to go in the first place for the most part.

>> No.10639115
File: 436 KB, 851x990, Grant.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10639319

Hololive is an idol group. It's more likely that they are that they're going to be featured in next year's AX concert instead.

>> No.10639446
File: 138 KB, 1080x1821, CA94120A-9B9D-40DA-915C-FCE2D5D009C3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Post what you think AX would’ve been like this year

>> No.10639585

>It's more likely that they are that they're going to be featured in next year's AX concert instead.
yuck that's even worse. who the hell wants to listen to a bunch of streamers poorly covering vocaloid songs

>> No.10639639

They also have some original songs.

>> No.10640726

>Eva 3.0+1.0 US premiere being a complete shit show due to online wristbands and high demand
Megumi Hayashibara as a guest would be amazing though
>vtumor trash everywhere, including probably a concert
>Genshin Impact dominating AA, probably a shitload of cosplayers

>> No.10640940

Haachama is the only acceptable vtuber

>> No.10642758
File: 153 KB, 1129x979, IMG_5524.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>hating on vtubers

>> No.10642767

I can't believe another Anime Expo has come and gone. What a quick weekend it was.

>> No.10642820
File: 1.34 MB, 2016x1512, ala car fire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ALA would be better off cancelled for 2022, since it's change of location to LBCC is gonna suck major donkey dick for the con's vibe.

I know it's not in it's glory years, but the Ontario location is comfy as fuck.

>Isolated in Ontario industrial/airport town, people stay concentrated at the con.
>No random pedestrian foot traffic like AX, or random mexican families with strollers going to the convention.
>Very few normies. The people who only go to the "biggest" anime cons don't bother going. Less people in plainclothes, way more cosplayers and diehards at ALA, making it more fun.
>laid back social atmosphere.
>Cheap hotels
>Occasional Care bombing.

Meanwhile, moving to LBCC where the hotels are all pricey as fuck, the area is shitty and not great for cosplayers to get around/hotels far to walk from + no chance in hell of room parties not being cracked down on. Also say goodbye to lobby con. That shit aint happening at LBCC.

Main reason Ontario is probably not happening is because Ontario Airport has been turned into a "Covid Check-in Station" for any Chinese or foreigner with dual citizenship returning home to the US, essentially making Ontario airport a semi-quarantine zone. I'm assuming the hotels have been rented out by the government temporarily.

>> No.10643143

I’m gonna miss it’s old location

>> No.10643147

I doubt it's a one year deal. I heard that it will be at LB for at least 3 years.

>> No.10643148

I’m sure the ALA fire had a big factor in that

>> No.10643183

>I doubt it's a one year deal. I heard that it will be at LB for at least 3 years.


>> No.10643187

I hate how some people are excited it will be in Long Beach because of how the con itself already outgrew Ontario. Like were these dolts born yesterday? LBCC is the place where cons go to die. AX 2007 in Long Beach imo is the worst AX I ever experienced.

>> No.10643261

Weird enough that AX2007 was my first AX ever

>> No.10643784
File: 38 KB, 640x363, IMG_4463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10643993
File: 3.40 MB, 540x303, 8AA64F9C-5236-4E92-827F-837D63EFD987.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10644171
File: 904 KB, 2001x1112, IMG_2698.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10644175

Hiroyuki Sawano concert

>> No.10644178

animanga is happening at the CA Ontario convention center end of the month, anyone else going?

>> No.10644190

I'd actually go, but taking a trip already that weekend. Haven't gotten to use my new cosplays in over 2 years now.

>> No.10644395
File: 11 KB, 249x202, 99332C9C-5D78-4B99-AEED-9BA613C86413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hello me

>> No.10644467

>Shitty small con that can barely fill a bingo hall is now expanding to 2 other cities in the east coast.
I smell pyramid scheme here. Fuck these organizers.

>> No.10644537

at this point ill take anything I miss cons so much

>> No.10644649

I'm reading through the covid rules for a con and starting to wonder if it may as well be cancelled. If everyone has to show they are vaccinated or negative to be there having everyone also wear a mask seems overkill. Not sure if its worth it if everyone is now a mortal kombat cosplay. Main hotel still has openings a few months out from the date.

Have you guys gone to one that wasn't cancelled only to find it empty and lacking fun? At least if one is cancelled the drive/flight and hotel aren't a waste.

>> No.10644666

Its also run by a bunch of con antivaxxer cunts.

>> No.10644683

What con would that be? The only con that I'm aware of that's doing mandatory vaccinations and mandatory masks is Blerdcon.
Are there other cons that are pulling this shit?
And yes, it absolutely IS overkill.

>> No.10644709

Nekocon (if you have info on it or cons that have tried all that and how it went I would love it)

I really liked it in the past but its been since well before covid I went to a con with some decent people and I had some first time goers I was going to take with me. Hate for it to turn out shit. Was shooting for a later in the year one too so it could chill out, and because my cosplay is a lot of layers and hot as hell. Got dumped the start of 2020 so I finally had the time and money to go all in on a cosplay so I'm really wanting to finally use it, as I've wanted to do this for years.

See so many of my favorite ones cancel has sucked, but showing up, spending the money, the weekend, and arriving to a disappointment seems far worse. I have sickly family, I'm very cautious, but damn among the young its not that hazardous and thats the point of the vaccine.

>> No.10644783

Nekocon isn't until November, perhaps they'll roll back some of those restrictions before then. There have been a few cons that have done that, and I'm sure there will be more.
FFS, I wish cons would stop announcing restrictions so far ahead of time. A month ahead of time, TWO months TOPS is sufficient.

>> No.10644814

>LA Comic Con now have single day passes
>Weekends are broken by a morning and afternoon session
>Each session is 5 hours long to better manage crowd density
>Each session ticket is $40 +tax
Fuck this.

>> No.10644820

Thank you that gives me some hope. Yea its dumb they do that since it could put people off and lower attendance.

>> No.10644926

based, going to attend on principal now. fuck jabbers.

>> No.10644990
File: 138 KB, 741x510, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got my jab earlier this year because fuck dealing with covid and/or covid-related side effects at all. Already lost a friend to it as well.

So even if Blerdcon has a strict requirement this year, at least I'll be able to unwind for once since 2019.

>> No.10644994
File: 197 KB, 1084x947, Deathto2020.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That is absolute bullshit. I get it but still, absolute bullshit

>> No.10645015

>fuck dealing with covid and/or covid-related side effects at all
you can still get covid and spread it with vaxx and it potentially hurts others by mutating. you idiot jabbers thinking you are safe because of this untested shit will be very sad when you get covid and die.

>> No.10645201
File: 155 KB, 2001x1125, 1E5A3D16-4F82-4601-B2CC-2ABD86822867.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw this’ll be the gold standard for future cons if it prevents the spread

>> No.10645260

Dont you have a trump rally to go to?

>> No.10645418

Another love live concert

>> No.10645435

Anyone know if Tekko has gotten better? I haven't been in like 10 years.

>> No.10645607

I like how Blerdcon is filtering the antimaskers and antivaxers before they even try to show up.

>> No.10645765