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anime expo 2021 roadtrip ed.
last thread >>10580430

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First for I like soup(the food)

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There's 4 fucking feels threads up. let them die before making new ones you attention whoring faggot.

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fine with me

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pic related is me in the passenger seat with my cat btw
shut up baby

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Girls are pretty. This is good.

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packed my clothes, dl'd my playlist, charged my electronics anime expo here I come wooo

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What kind of electronics?

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Maybe I just need to find a personal shopper whos less overburdened but I do want to support Tenshi if I can...

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Fat people shouldn't be allowed to buy dresses.

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I just entered my first lottery for a dress with BTSSB and I am so exited/nervous.
It feels weird to make such a large purchase by lottery.

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I just want to casually skim thread without it turning into whining about fatties or trannies or nazis and general strawmanning

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Couple cameras, my phone, aneros, laptop, battery backups.. the usual

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>Fat people shouldn't be allowed

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don’t do that

I’m going home just found out ax is t until next month :(

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Its only now sinking in that I kinda miss you fucks at cons. But at the same time its motivating me to work harder on my cosplay.

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>getting electrolysis soon because i'm a hairy she-ape and want to be moe
>not allowed to pluck anymore, have to shave so mommy can zap zap my hair follicles
>still derma penning, aka repeatedly stabbing myself in the thighs with a needle stamp until i bleed
>3 sessions of this so far. thighs feel a little smoother but it might be placebo, didn't take before after pics because scientifically illiterate baboon
>stretch marks still visible so gonna keep stabbing myself

>meanwhile, men:
I found out my bf has been using shampoo as handsoap for months. his hands are so dry they're flakier than frosted flakes. he does not even own moisturizer. what is wrong with moids? how do they live like that?

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have you tried not being fat/tranny/nazi and taking everything so personal

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I've been so excited about spring this year. it's been fun putting together flowery, bright coords and painting my nails cute colors. I love this season!

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>tfw fat
have lost a little bit this year but progress has stopped, I wanted to be a reasonable weight by summer but that seems impossible now, maybe I could at least get August

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you sound fucking retarded.

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I think we should all start adding tone indicators at the ending of our posts. I’m kinda autistic so it’s hard for me to tell if someone is joking around with me or if they’re bullying me /nx

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Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t reach the goals you originally set out. As long as you keep at it, any progress is good progress. That weight wasn’t gained all at once, and it’s only going to go away at a similar pace. Stay strong and eventually you’ll make it. Good luck, Anon.
t. ex fatty

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I am able to do okay when I am on my own, but I often visit my family where it's easy to eat garbage and there's a certain pressure to keep the desire to lose weight secret so I can't make it obvious by cutting too much.
I've spent a lot of time with my family lately but over easter I may get back to better habits.
But obviously it's a lot about self control. I eat more than I feel pressured into eating, and that gap is purely my own fault.
It's easier when you can tie it into saving money though.

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God I want to fuck a lolita so bad. /nx /p /th

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For me (as a dude) I just cut out all snacks and desserts. And I try to keep it around the 2k calorie mark and I've been hovering around 160lb for maintenance.
When I was losing weight hard during the covid shutdown I cut down to 1k a day (basically just means you're allowed 1 nice meal a day instead of 3 small ones) and 200 pushups/situps/squats. Lost around 50 pounds in 6 months.

The big thing that helped me was just cutting out extra meals and snacks. If you know you're going out or with family and going to eat a big meal, just completely shut out all other food for the day. Refraining from eating is easier than limiting your intake.

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Ax is permadead. Announcement coming soon.

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u r so gay lmfao /srs

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I’d advise letting your family know about your goals. Family gatherings are my kryptonite too, but having them be aware of the issue definitely makes things easier for me. Saying no can be hard, convincing someone to not ask you the question in the first place can sometimes be easier.

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Incoming wholesome post:
My mother suggested that for Mother's day, I dress up in one of my "pretty tea party outfits", and she'll dress nicely as well, and we'll go somewhere for high tea. It made me so happy. I hope other gulls have supportive parents.

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that's adorable. petition to call lolita tea party kei.

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you can’t false flag a tone indicator like that otherwise what’s the point idiot /nm

aw how sweet good for you anon. I was lying in the trunk of my car to see if I could sleep in there comfortably. You know just in case I want to do that when I’m camping or w.e. anyways my mom came out cause she was looking for me and saw what I was doing and just stared at me going ‘wtf’. so fucking cringe man /g

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don't respond to soup.

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pls provide a tone indicator to indicate what your tone is so that we know if you’re being sarcastic or not

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No one is going to change to spoonfeed you you're not special.

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I’m a skinny cis woman, I’m just sick of wading through the same arguments to get to any actual conversations about the fashion

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soup can you post the gift I sent you already :(

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you spooked me for a sec there but no one knows where I live I dunno what you’re talking about :(

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Lol good luck with that. Honestly, though, by the looks of some of the threads, it seems like an /lgbt/ raid.

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I got an item coming my way that I've been wanting for a long time. I checked that seller has sold other lolita item before and they've sold a brand item with proof of tag. After I purchased it, I went to check on the listings again and noticed ddlg was tagged under both the items. So either the seller was just misinformed about what lolita is or used it for sus purposes :/. Either way I'm going to wash it throughly.

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I wonder if somebody would bite if I were willing to trade one of my 2010 AP sweet dresses for a melty ribbon chocolate.......... these aren't even my dream dresses and the sweet boom is still going. How would international trades even work though? Do I just have to take somebody's word(or pretty posed photos of the dress in a box) that they sent my DD in the mail? I don't know. Maybe I should just sit around and be satisfied about owning milky planet.

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i dont think anybody who owns mrc would be interested in trading, only newer lolitas think milky planet is worth more than $500

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I would imagine so. I could sell it and make some money out of some noob's stimmy check, but it doesn't seem worth it. I know a rerelease of mrc is damn near impossible but I can dream I guess.
I hope this sweet boom ends soon.

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just recently entered the work space after years of never working a day in my life and only studying and i honestly want to kms.
Working 9-5 during 6 days a week (with a pretty decent pay) and only 12 days of vacation a year leaves no space for free time and every time i wake up remembering i gotta go to work or fall asleep knowing i have work tomorrow makes me want to off myself.
It's to the point can't even enjoy lolita or anything anymore. I don't want to work i just want to be a kid again or a bird

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You'll get used to it eventually. Once you do, then you won't feel as stressed and it'll be easier to enjoy hobbies inbetween.

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If you’re good enough at your job and make connections you can work like this for just a while and then freelance. Or save up as much money as you can for a few years and start your own business.

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you should find a company that does 4 day workweeks before you lose yourself

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are you me? i was a neet for the better part of my life and am only now starting to work and i want to kms. weed, lolita, anime and gf is the only think holding me together

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I just want a cute thin /cgl/ gf.
Life isn't fair.

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is there some kind of assblasted moid who shitposts seething hatred in all these threads?

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is something wrong with you, newfag? gb2lolcow if you want to whine about men.

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>I want a cute thin /cgl/ gf
>seetjomg sjot[pstomg jatred

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Better make sure you're cute, thin and /cgl/ yourself then.

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something went wrong today so I dropped $300 on that cotton candy shop set that was on onegaishishop even tho it wasn't on my wish list or anything...I love the print amd did really want the set as I want to try bittersweet, but I can't just keep impulse buying whenever I get upset. its just I can't deal with life any more and buying lolita is the only thing that makes me happy. please kill me gulls before i starve surrounded by AP.

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No, I just think adding that crap at the end is gay and takes away some of the fun of anonymous shitposting

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Entered a btssb sf lottery, cross your fingers for me anons

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>see dress I like, but for a bit more than I'm willing to pay for it
>doesn't sell, gets relisted for the same price 5 times

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>Worked since 13 at a shitty supermarket where all I do is get abused by customers and management for minimum wage
>Still working 30 hours and week and studying 50-60 hours a week.
>Cannot wait for the day I graduate and only have to work 40 hours a week

I'm so tired all the time. I regularly get on the wrong train or fall asleep on the train and miss my stop because I just physically cannot keep myself together long enough during the day. I become really mean and don't want to talk to anyone either because that's just more energy I have to expend which I don't have.

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I know that feel. I want to give you a hug and a pat.

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>tfw no gull gf to cuddle with after work

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I’m trying to move out of my current shithole house and a shithole job that has started monitoring + reading everyone’s emails and I can’t wear anything cute.

am on the 4th interview for a job I really want. I would make more money for more burando. Also the new job would be cool with me wearing toned down classic/otome.

Please if there is a god, I would really like this job. I’m tired of applying and want to just get out of here. I will sacrifice food and burn incense if I fet this job

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make a reasonable offer for it? They seem to want it gone. Just be respectful if they decline.

Where are you working? Work sucks but fi you find a decent enough job you can keep afloat. Other Anons are right, you stop feeling tired after a while. It gets physically easier. Still soul crushing and depression inducing. though.

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You're a retard /sx

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Thanks anon.

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I've gotten results you wouldn't believe from aggressively negging women. You gotta break their spirit if you want her number.

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this post seems to resonate with a lot of us lol

i'm almost graduated and going to be working my 8-4 soon, too. the idea of selling time that could be spent doing fun stuff makes me sad. but i need money to do the stuff i want to do, even simple things, so...i'm trying to amp myself up for having more than enough money to buy cute furniture and decorate my home. because home is something i can always enjoy, even at times i can't wear lolita.

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Did the americans get a stimmy? Bunch of my stuff started to sell despite sitting there for months.

>Happy feels, I can now buy more AP. To celebrate I’m gonna buy this week’s release whatever it will be!

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>everybody talking about unemployment and stimmy
>was claimed as a dependent last tax year and am employed
i want government money to spend on burando too

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Sounds like soup is negging you. You gonna give him your digits?

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Anyone else here experienced rare feelings like grief and loss at cons?

>went to a con once where me and a good friend of mine were supposed to go to a few years ago
>friend passed away a few weeks before said con
>went to the con hoping that it would provide a fun distraction even for a bit
>the dealer’s hall and everything at the con that year

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Anyone else here experienced rare feelings like grief and loss at cons?

>went to a con once where me and a good friend of mine were supposed to go to a few years ago
>friend passed away a few weeks before said con
>went to the con hoping that it would provide a fun distraction even for a bit
>the dealer’s hall and everything at the con that year just reminded me of my departed friend

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Are anxiety pills worth it ?

>> No.10585983

Not unless you want to lose the capability to critically think. It dumbs you down like depression meds.

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>tfw boyfriend is super supportive and helps pay for my brand
>still constantly feel the urge to cheat on him at cons because he's never there and i get horny after being photographed all day
I've only slept with a few other guys but I really do feel bad.

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what am I going to do with anon’s number?

>> No.10586007

I hate this gay fucking planet and wish I was dead but don't have the guts to kill myself. I wish my mom aborted me.

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I love Drefan cosplay anon.

>> No.10586018

fuck off scrote larper

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>feeling bad
yeah was too obvious

>> No.10586038

Take them for a ride in your super cool truck /srs/sx/th

>> No.10586163

your mastery over tone indicators is quite impressive. instead of normal single indicators you 3x chain combo'd them into a S+ serious sexual threat. very impressive indeed. unfortunately I didn't get a super cool monster truck but a normal normie sedan instead.

>> No.10586170

No , please YOU...so I can just avoid...
/ka, Kinda Autistic
(Which isn’t even a thing - either you are medically diagnosed or otherwise you’re just another lazy, ignorant dumbshit who doesn’t understand social interactions)
No one is willing to give up the nuances of common speech and flag/tag themselves.

>> No.10586216

At work I told a guy I like that his tie matched his eyes and he told me to go fuck myself. WHAT DID I EVEN DO?

>> No.10586238

pls don't use aave (autistic anon vernacular english) tone indicators if you're not actually autistic. that's just weird and some might even say it's racist.
maybe he was having a bad day. can you describe the event in detail so that we can get a better understanding of how the event unfolded? especially the tone you used when you told him you liked how his eyes matched his tie. I could understand his frustration if your tone indicated that you were being sarcastic.

>> No.10586247

Fuck then, what to do ?

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Every day I ma grateful that I am not a sweetfag

>> No.10586261

>slightly too big and tall for old school
>zero interest in sweet, which would fit my measurements and would even be slightly too big on newer releases
fuck, I wanted to branch out but I guess I'll be staying a strict gothic lolita

>> No.10586496

I visited bsolf today and it felt like a parallel universe

>> No.10586584

Well did you go fuck yourself at least

>> No.10586599

If I could I wouldn't be talking to him

>> No.10586733

Be glad you got a clear red flag before it was too late

Also where are you working that it’s formal enough to require ties but informal enough for coworkers to talk like this to each other?

>> No.10586737

Men can get away with whatever in office environments even if it isn't appropriate like 70% of the time to be fair

>> No.10586752

I take an extremely low dose which is enough to make me a functioning human without melting my brain. I highly recommend it!

>> No.10586754

True. Had a coworker that used to come in my office every morning and look under my desk to “check what kind of stockings” I was wearing. Oh and he liked when I wore my hair up so he could “see my neck”. When I wrote an email to our boss about it (small company - no HR) the bosses wife came and had lunch with me to basically tell me it’s nothing and that’s just men for you! I quit.

>> No.10586840

You're right, I should have greeted him by his employee number and passed on

>> No.10586853

70%? Damn I could have been doing this for years

>> No.10586879

I nearly sold this really cool old ass blouse

It didn’t go with anything so i was trying to sell it, but then some moitie arrived and it went perfectly with it.

Deleted my listing for the blouse and never been so glad to have kept it

>> No.10586895

i like wearing gothic lolita the most, but i've had the weirdest interactions in public while wearing it and it makes me not want to wear it anymore. it's always either pervy mall goth weirdos or weebs who don't understand social boundaries. somehow i don't have that problem with sweet, it's usually just kids or grandmas saying nice things, but i don't think it suits me nearly as well and i feel kind of self conscious wearing it

i just want to be able to wear monochromatic black gothic coords without attracting mouth breathers. i swear this shit didn't happen as often before the "hurr durr goth gf" shit started making the rounds on the internet

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>let myself get fat
>gained like 20lbs in two months
>god I've been miserable
>now back on my ED-tier cutting regimen
>already noticeably weaker
At least I have no trouble getting back to running 4 miles a day from nothing, heck I could easily do 5, and now have things to look forward to over the summer

>> No.10586898

Oh god.
I hope you are also purging daily, otherwise you could be a 90lbs lardmonster at the end of the month. You hit the sweet spot when your teeth start falling out.

>> No.10586901

I just undereat by 1000cals, hit the gym for ~2hrs, run, and do some biking, no need to barf.

>> No.10586902

Has anyone here ever done historical reenactments? I'd like to give it a try but I don't think they'd be welcoming to girls.

>> No.10586903

>Eating anything.

Oh sweetheart. Eating is for fatties.

>> No.10586937

Good job anon. I was on a similar regime for awhile. Having a similar issue now, ever since I've been back from covid I've let myself go again. Gained like 10 pounds the past few months and it's terrible. I keep eating lunch at work because its just such a good way to take a break in the middle of the day and reset myself. But its so much extra calories and I keep adding on a little cookie.. I can already see my cheeks getting cubbies and a bump forming at my stomach.

Thankfully weather is going well so I can start going on jogs, but my cardio is fucking shot. Hopefully I can get back down to a reasonable weight without cutting too hardcore again. But I should really stop letting myself get dessert.

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Imagine being such a gross disgusting person you'd actually try to make someone feel bad for caring about their health and beauty.

>> No.10586943

Nayrt but beauty? Sure. Health? Clearly not if they're going borderline ED to lose 20 lbs. It's easy to do that healthily but instead they admittedly chose to go to extremes because they're impatient.

Fatties are ugly but don't pretend ED behavior is neccesary to lose such a moderate amount of weight.

T. Ex fatty who lost 100lbs in less than a year without being stupid and going ED over it.

>> No.10587015

I feel like buying some new rings

>> No.10587053

>20 lb in 2 months is bad and ED!
>approx 10lb a month (probably less considering water weight loss at the beginning of any diet)

>100lb in less than a year
> meaning >8lb a month for a longer period of time

Lol okay retard. Clearly all that fat did a number on your brain.

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The real question is why do I second guess myself when women will apparently date literally any retard.

>> No.10587078

It's easier to lose more weight at the beginning especially if you're fatter when you start.

It's the last bit or lower amounts of weight that are harder. But based on anon's descriptions of the amount of food and exercise they do seem to be going harder than what seems healthy. Nothing wrong with losing weight of course, but if the goal is health it is good to be kind to oneself and work hard but not hurt anything.

>> No.10587084

You're literally a fucking idiot.
If its easier to lose weight at the start than 20lb over 2 months is far easier than 100lb over 10 months as you claimed you did "without an ED"
20lb in 2 months is literally nothing, especially at the start of a diet. yeah you might of lost 100lb but i bet you're still 300+

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>tfw /cgl/ has more canadians than /a/, /fa/ and even fucking /b/

>> No.10587124

>10 lbs. a month is too fast
>btw I lost 100 lbs. in a year
>also btw you lose weight faster in the beginning
So 100 over 12 months is 8.3 lbs. per month, but you lose it faster in the beginning. That means you were losing possibly 10 or more per month in the first couple months, which is around 20 lbs. in two months and you did it without an ED. I fail to see how 20 lbs. for the other anon is an unrealistic goal. Stop projecting.

>> No.10587126

canadians are a plague.

>> No.10587131

lost my favorite pendant while out and about today. it was just a lucky thrift find, a heart shaped pearl surrounded by faux diamonds that was probably worthless, but it was classy looking and went with almost everything in my wardrobe. I retraced my steps but no luck finding it. i know it's silly to feel upset over a trinket but it was hands down my most worn accessory. sigh.

>> No.10587327

Found a sick pendant while I was out picking up empty cans, a heart shaped shiny fuck with a bunch of legit diamonds. I'm going to bust on it a couple times and sell it at a pawn shop for like eight bucks. Today rocked.

>> No.10587333

That sucks, anon. I hope you got enough use out of it before losing it :(
That awesome, anon! I hope you get some use out of it before trashing it :)

>> No.10587347

I love good handmade, it’s such a nice way to dedicate yourself to the fashion and it makes me happy as it brings the diy aspect of most subcultural fashion to lolita (which, in my opinion unfortunately, leans more on the consumerist side of things).
But damn, I can’t deal with all the bad handmade out there. It isn’t even beginners who tried to make something simple and failed, it’s always people who could make something nice if was simple, but overestimates their abilities and end up with shitty pieces or simply bad design choices in general. It looses all it’s magic, it looks like you were just trying to save money in a lazy way.

>> No.10587419
File: 31 KB, 500x480, aeefe851861d5ba431ce01005454a34f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It actually bothers me that gulls have to go to the trouble of blacking out usernames when they post sceencaps, and can only vaguely hint at the sources/usernames for people who scam or are generally shitty because "vendetta!! drama!!". I know it's been years this way, but the fact that anons took it and all the bans surrounding it lying down is just annoying. Pure Reddit shit.
No other board has to do this, and /cgl/, unlike said other boards, has never lead someone to suicide by e-harassment. It's like they knew since it's mostly women here, they could strong-arm it, but they don't put standards like that on mostly male boards.
I guess there's always the farm, but it's slow as shit.

>> No.10587420

>/cgl/, unlike said other boards, has never lead someone to suicide by e-harassment
>he doesn't know about momo

>> No.10587505

Other boards do it too usually in meme form.
Places like /v/ usually ban any big names for similar reasons (don't bring drama) they're just slower because moderation sucks.

Most boards don't really need to refer to anyone by name unless its talking about authors or creators, which is fine here too.

>> No.10587564

Let this radicalize you. It's called wage slavery for a reason. I'm not sure what industry you work in but I didn't start getting treated fairly until I got a union job.

>> No.10587620

men dont even shower for days...

>> No.10587622

holy shit bro stop caring /g (this is just a freebie)

>> No.10587626

>union job
congratz u failed at life

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>> No.10587691

Why the heck are you bothering to do that to your thighs? That’s a part of your body that’s rarely seen except by your flaky boyfriend. And by the way, derma penning absolutely does not work on stretch marks.

>> No.10587780

Derma penning is generally a bad idea, if you're trying to do that kind of procedure you should be using a derma ROLLER
I believe those may be a bit more expensive, but you should really talk to a dermatologist about it if you can afford to.
Insofar as stretch marks go, the best way to shrink/get rid of them is to try and lose weight. Also, start with a before picture NOW if you're going to keep doing what you're doing.

>meanwhile men
Look, if I don't have any acne after fucking two regimens of prescribed isotrentinoin (accutane) I consider it to be a good skin day.
My family already thinks I'm crazy for worrying over it and going to a dermatologist for it, let alone being the weird guy who actually HAS a DSC subscription.
Hasn't netted me any broads either, but hell, I know for a fact I look nicer so that keeps me going.

>> No.10587783

What was the red flag?

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>what was the red flag

>> No.10587799

Mentioned I was into cosplay to some coworkers, the only one that wasn't immediately confused asked "like the porn stuff?"

>> No.10587802

el classico

>> No.10588021

When I first got into lolita last year and was looking to buy my first dress, I found this Meta OP from 2001 on LM that I fell in love with but at the time I was too fat to fit it so I didn't buy it. Now I've lost a lot of weight and would fit it perfectly but the dress seems to be pretty rare because I haven't seen it pop up for sale since. If only I wasn't a fatty...

>> No.10588071

Complimenting his tie is fine. It’s cursing at you in response that I was commenting on.

>> No.10588077
File: 750 KB, 244x244, headrub.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw trying not to start arguments on pinterest because someone is either posting disgusting sissy fetish stories on actual lolita pics or being an autistic teen
I wish I could hide or disable comments.

>> No.10588078

porn is a fucking plague

>> No.10588108

Omfg I accidentally came out to a family member because I wanted the fucking TEA on a girl I matched with on a dating app. Also, I recently bought a pair of OTKs that I really wanted, and yet I lost them somewhere in my house. It hasn’t been a great week for me.

>> No.10588115

Have you ever considered actually saying something to them or someone else?
Because if not that's exactly why men can get away with anything, and women too.

>> No.10588130

She literally mentioned in her story trying to tell the boss and it doing nothing.

>> No.10588140

There's also the how you tell someone.
This situation, if it's actually as told, is grounds for a lawsuit. If she actually brought it up correctly they'd be bending over backwards for her or she should get physical evidence (emails of it being ignored) and then take them to court.

More likely though it was the normal female "tell" that I've seen where they pretend it was a minor annoyance and laugh it off on front of their boss indicating its not a big deal, instead of making the fuss about it they need to be.

And it's not victim blaming. People don't know your tolerance levels so they might thing you're okay with it. I've worked with girls who are down with the whole fucking with coworkers shit and were just giant sluts in general. I dont know why they were but they were. Same with other putting up with weird shit. And as someone above them I'm not going to try to fuck up the work culture just because of political correctness. Until you have a stated problem I'll assume it's fine.

>> No.10588151

Oh, so you're just stupid, got it.

>> No.10588152


On top of your entire response being part of the problem, you also realize that even if you have grounds for a lawsuit not everyone can afford a lawyer right? And that even then there is little money to be gained from a small business to tiny to have HR? And that she maybe didn't want money out of the scenario, just wanted the gross behavior to stop, so when it didn't, she quit like any person who can't control their situation and has the ability to leave would?

>> No.10588163
File: 478 KB, 525x513, 1605688207339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm THIS close to selling my 2010 ott sweet dress for some retard's stimmy. Is the sweet boom even going on? Newfags clearly don't know how to spend their money, but no worries. I'll take their money and spend it for them.

>> No.10588166

Most cases end in settlement long before court.
And you do it so that nobody has to deal with in the future, but not taking them to court and holding them responsible you're in turn responsible for anything they do in the future. You're complacency is basically giving them the okay to do it again in the future, you're an accessory to their sexual harassment just as the wife was.

>> No.10588176

Wait until they get the $10.000 unemployment thing for maximum profit

>> No.10588182

>did she tell anyone? yes and they didn't help
>she clearly didn't tell them properly tho some girls at my job are sluts who totally want it
>i'm not victim blaming i swear
>if a woman doesn't say no i'm gonna say/do whatever to her
>it's her fault if men do this to anyone else for not paying for a lawyer

i think i got cancer reading this.

>> No.10588192

If you watch someone get murdered and the local security guard tells you to go to the police. And then you don't. You're an accessory to murder.

By not going to court and having people answer to their crimes, you are in turn an accessory to the crime yourself.

>> No.10588197

I haven't even finished the first chapter of my new story and I already want to give up.

>> No.10588243

maybe in japan. that's not how it works in the rest of the world though.

>> No.10588256

I have been so frustrated with the Facebook lolita communities lately. So much about social issues, so little about the fashion itself. I am so thankful for my local community right now. They are like a breath of fresh air in this trash fire.

>> No.10588259

HR is to protect the company. If they're condoning behavior then the company is liable. It is a case where you could sue the company for their response.

Of course it does take forever.

The anon saying you'd be an accessory in the future isn't right though. I'm not sure why they think that at all.

>> No.10588260

There needs to be a rule enforced on the groups for no off topic discussion. That's exactly what that shit is. SJWs will try to make everything about themselves

>> No.10588273

I did renaissance faire for a long time, they're welcoming to girls but have a really bad issue with the whole broken stair phenomenon. It's fun but I'd bring a friend with who you can trust to watch your back if you want to get drunk

>> No.10588286

They probably just want an excuse to blame women for men being shitty. She made people aware of the problem already, she doesn't need to spend money on a lawyer as if that will fix that guy's creepy personality when it won't.

>> No.10588292

>broken stair phenomenon

>> No.10588299

Had to google it too. Basically when someone in a group is a predator or bad and instead of just telling them to fuck off or doing something about it directly, the group members just quietly warn newcomers about the dangerous person in question and sweep it under the rug otherwise.

>> No.10588377

That is uncomfortably familiar.

>> No.10588487


>> No.10588490

Wait, were you actually trying to flirt with him? Because if so, go fuck yourself

>> No.10588503

Not legally an accessory as you would be in a murder case. But you're still being complacent and allowing it to happen by not taking proper action when you saw it.

If you see something, say something.

>> No.10588538

I've now moved into my new apartment in town. Beyond always dressing nice in lolita whenever I go out, how do I achieve that "local character" vibe around my neighbourhood?

>> No.10588573

SJWs ruin every community.

Every single university group page I'm in has just been completely fucking flooded with pro-trans, pro-BLM garbage which has nothing to do with the groups because they blackmail the moderators saying things like "These are important issues, if you don't want to speak up about them than you're complacent in the issue."

It's using the classic "If you're not with us, you're against us." to morally blackmail people. I'd just fucking ban them from the group. Majority of people aren't so blinded by their political views that they'd care that a bunch of lunatics who were ruining their groups and pages got banned.

>> No.10588578

Because most of the time it's not that simple. Usually these people are integral to the group, they hold a skillset that's vital, organisational talent, they bring in other guests or they are generous benefactors.

Getting rid of them means that everyone suffers in the end if the group or event liquidates.

>> No.10588580

I didn't say the person never brought value to the group. Predators are often people with money, influence, or power. That doesn't mean it's not clearly morally ambiguous to keep them around for superficial benefit.

>> No.10588616

>replying to soup
pretty common for the feels thread and friend finder thread to get deleted, isn't it?

>> No.10588626

feels thread if enough people are mad about it I think, but I dunno about fft cause it was the first one I made. I guess it's been around for awhile now. whatchu mean replying to soup? it's not like you're going to lose braincells by talking to me XD

>> No.10588627

from one local character to the next...
>walk around with a pet (bonus if exotic)
>picnic often with a nice book and some wine
>greet people audibly when appropriate and be very polite
>use a parasol often
>be in a band
>acquire matching rain gear to ensure you can still be seen even on stormy days
>play an instrument and busk
>use a handheld console
>smoking habit
>coffee habit
>sweet tooth
>wear bright, interesting, or glittery makeup
>acquire or surround yourself with an entourage
>have a signature drink you religiously carry around (ex: tea)
>have a signature snack you always seem to have in your hand or always seem to be eating (ex: death note Ryuk?)
>or be known for eating very little... (weirdo)
>make a friend who dresses equally as strange
>go on walks
>host parties
>find a cool restaurant or cafe to frequent so people know that's "your spot" and that's where they can find you
>take photos with a camera
>take selfies
>be seen drawing
>thick or distinct accent
>sell handmade or baked goods
>make friends with cool locals
>concealed carry
>have a book club
>make your own stickers and put them all around town
>attend church
>volunteer and involve yourself in the community
>learn/speak another language often
>signature perfume
>wacky nickname
>have a catchphrase
>attend underground events
>wear a specific color or color combination often, so you can be easily spotted
>have a weird habit or tic (ex: twiddling thumbs, twirling your hair)
>be a regular (ex: sunday brunch at a diner every week)
>impart your knowledge and wisdom with others
>run for local office

what not to do
>hard drugs
>be impolite
>be legitimately crazy
>be the town drunk
>be unclean
>be a bitch
>be a tryhard

be genuine and passionate when it comes to your hobbies, habits, and interactions. people will see through an obnoxious or overbearing façade. just be yourself tuned up 250% and everyone will remember you

>> No.10588660

Does that Anime Expo discord still exist?
The west coast gulls one or whatever?

>> No.10588716


>> No.10588721

FUCK jane marple. I bought what was said to be a leather bag from them and it cost like $300 and looked great. Well for $300...after a month of barely going outside with it, it started cracking and peeling all over the place. Come to find out it’s made of this shitty bonded leather that can legally be called leather but it’s akin to pvc.

I have actual leather bags that held up nice for years and years without cracking, and i take care of my things.

Seriously, i’m so upset. Fuck jane marple never buying anything from them again

>> No.10588732

No, that's exactly how it works dipshit

>> No.10588745

Sorry anon. JM goes for super cheap second hand compared to original prices so you may as well stick to that instead of buying direct.

>> No.10588772
File: 48 KB, 400x394, 1541132237578.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my period started today and is so painful. Probably wont get to dress up for easter and kind of sad. I just wanted the excuse to wear pastels and bunny ears

>> No.10588780

Yeah, he's hot. Thought I had a chance.

>> No.10588793

But it's not superficial benefit. It's usually critical benefit. If a very wealthy patron of an event gets banned, the event can't run and everybody suffers.

>> No.10588800

If your period is too painful for you to be able to do the things that you enjoy, then I really suggest that you go see a doctor about it. An IUD or getting on the pill might help. I'm on a type of pill which causes me to not have a period at all and it's truly a blessing

>> No.10588801

This , trust me it will be worth it

Take up to 2400 mg of ibuprofen in a day is “safe”

>> No.10588805

Thank you so much! I'll treasure this advice for the foreseeable future as I embark on my ambitions. These were truly solid suggestion, and while not all of them are appealing to me others are very inspiring. I knew I'd get some answers in here, but I would have never expected such extensive wisdom as yours. I hope you have a lovely day and run into your favourite locals!

>> No.10588824
File: 15 KB, 466x349, 1592718246919.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aw thank you both for the advice ladies.
I am blessed to have been able to get a tubal ligation at a younger age than most. So IUD or BC seems moot. Plus I hate hormonal BC so, so much.

Maybe I will talk to my dr though about issues with pain. When I had the surgery they mentioned they saw endo tissue so probably related to that. When I was younger my period was super duper easy so I just assumed maybe how painful it is now, is how it must be for most people

>> No.10588830

Today I realised how many things I do just to make sure women don't think I'm a predator or make them uncomfortable.

>Deliberately sat as far away as possible from a girl in the same train car
>Deliberately got in front of a girl that was walking home the same way as me so that I wasn't behind her
>Whenever I reach for something near female colleagues personal space I always say "Hey sorry, I just need to grab X" whereas with male colleagues I just take it
>always very conscious of how close I am to a female colleague, I make sure I'm always arm's length away and refuse to touch their keyboard if I need to demonstrate something if they're still in the chair

I never realised I did all these things until today.

>Is this /CGL/ related?

>> No.10588832

look into regulating hormones via food. simply eating a couple raw carrots daily has helped me with menstrual pain (I guess there is something about the fiber that helps detox and reduce excess estrogen and it can help some with hormonal issues)

>> No.10588867
File: 1.06 MB, 1000x1477, yangbum.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend says she can't wear a thong with her cosplay because she tried it once and it hurt. Turns out she didn't know the string goes in the back.

>> No.10588877

Congrats on doing the bare minimum

>> No.10588880

no it's not. it's not his responsibility, and if he doesn't want to he doesn't have to do any of that. if you feel uncomfortable it's YOU who are the problem and YOUR responsiblity to work on your own feelings. people don't have a responsibility to do more than just following common decency.

That means you should not sit close to strangers if you don't have to, but not sit as far away as possible.
You should probably avoid walking too close to strangers because it's uncomfortable, but if you don't personally mind, it's probably fine to leave it to the other person to get away from you, and you can walk in front or behind as long as you leave a suitable distance.

>> No.10588893
File: 44 KB, 736x553, 1606849238915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>it's not like you're going to lose braincells by talking to me
Are you sure about that?

>> No.10589095

I do most of these too but that’s because I hate women

>> No.10589106

not that anon but.
>sit as far as possible in a train car
normal shit. don't sit next to someone unless you have to, what the fuck is wrong with you? Do you piss in the urinal right next to other dudes too?
>walking in front of girls
if your pace is slower than a girl you should have your balls castrated in the first place.
>with male colleagues i just take it
cause you're an asshole.
>I don't touch their keyboard if they're in front of it
and you do with men? you just shove your face in front of your male coworkers to do shit for them?

those are all extremely basic things you should do for literally all human interactions.

>> No.10589134

no clue left it years ago
yess sir. if anything you'll be enlighten by replying to my posts.

>> No.10589209

this is literally just being polite
women do it with men too. It's just a good way to avoid conflict

>> No.10589216

I'm the original anon.

There's a difference between "right next to" and "as far away as possible".

>Cause youre an asshole
That's just the culture of my workplace.

>And you do with men
If I need to show something. I'll just grab the mouse or keyboard. That's standard.

>> No.10589220

>buys colorway of an OP I already own because "it's pretty"
>shipping gets $30 more expensive
Why the hell am I like this

>> No.10589237

>I just take things without asking
>I just take their computer and start doing things on it without their permission
Sounds like you're just an asshat.
Understandable why women think you're creepy.

>> No.10589242

That's how things are done at my company. Most people don't like being disturbed because they are in calls or in a workflow. Most people including myself prefer people to just silently take what they want from my desk. If I really need it I'll speak up. I do engineering, so things fly around the office and lab with speed.

You're a moron. If I'm demonstrating something, it's something they've asked me to do. Have you ever had a real job before in you're life?

I have a girlfriend.

>> No.10589349

>everyone is an asshole so it's fine
>unless you do it to 50% of the population who'll think you're a creep if you do
Lol k.
>n-no you just never had a job!
More like I dont work in a shitty call center. If you took someone's shit off their desk where I worked they would be pissed off, and rightfully so.
>I do engineering
>around the office on the fly
Oh youre a janitor. My bad.

>> No.10589354

>if I don't like it, it's wrong

>> No.10589358

This is literally basic levels of politeness. There's a reason you think you have to do this around girls. You recognize what you're doing is shitty and overly familiar and that people would be extremely creeper out by it. But you only care when women think less of you and don't care that your male coworkers think you're a pos.

>> No.10589359

Also, you sound like a fucking prick to work with. You have no understanding of teamwork and collective need. If I need something for an important test and I know you don't need it, then you bet your fucking ass I'm swiping it from your desk and the director will have my back when it's fucking company property, not your personally equipment.

>I need to quickly borrow xyz for a lab test from anon

Scenario 1
>Anon is in a call
>>I have to place a bet as to whether or not they're in an important call that I have to wait until they finish (which could be hours) or assume it's unimportant and risk interuptting an important call

Scenario 2
>Anon isn't at their desk
>>Better go scour 3 fucking different building and 2 dozen rooms to figure out which one they are in so I can ask

Scenario 3
>Anon is right in the middle of solving a problem
>I interrupt them, breaking them out of deep thinking and they could have been on the verge of a breakthrough taking multiple days

If you have worked in an R&D facility, many pieces of equipment/material will arrive and be taken from your desk multiple times a day. If people are required to ask to be able to use common property, one of the three scenarios above happens driving productivity to a halt when dozens if not hundreds of times a day people have to stop work for basic shit.

Sure if I don't know the person, I'll let them know what I'm doing. But ultiamtely company culture is, do what you need to and always put the team first.

I don't think I have to do this. It's purely subconscious, hence the entire post was my realisation.

I'll be sure to let my coworkers and friends know that I'm a piece of shit next time we have a sprint and because I'm required by some retard who's never worked in a team before, that I will need to halve my productivity for the sake of unnecessary formality.

You really do sound awful to work with.

>> No.10589361

>but I need it!
Get your own or ASK
I have a need for it too, that's why it's at my fucking desk. And I dont want to track it down because Jimmy decided everything in the office was his to take.

Teamwork is letting people know you have it at the very least. If someone is busy you at the very least give them a wave notifying them you're taking it.

And yes I've worked in r&d shops before, and you're you're exact asshole we all hate to deal with. Because you take tools we're using then when we need them we can't find them because they're not where we left them.

>I dont think this
>I just subconsciously think this
Yeah you're a retard I get it.

>> No.10589362

And I've got a better more realistic example than
>b-but anon is on call with the president and literally cannot be interuppted and I can't wait 5 minutes!

>calibrate tool specifically for my work
>go to lunch
>come back and my experiment is completely fucked up
>waste hours figuring out why
>oh someone changed the calibration and didn't tell me

Which happens far more than someone's "breakthrough" being ruined because someone had the audacity to say hi.
If your breakthrough train of thought breaks that easily you're a shitty researcher. Its not Hollywood faggot.

>> No.10589364

I'll just buy my own $100k one-of-a-kind testing equipment shall I? Evidently you don't work hard enough. If it's not in use, it's of no use. If it's of no use, put it back.

Teamwork is understanding what everyone's projects are, understanding needs vs wants, prioritization and collective welfare.

Sounds to me your team is fucking retarded if they don't know what the current useage of a tool is.

If I know that a coworker will be using a specific item for a specific project, I'll work around rather than destroy their test. If it's sitting on their desk and they haven't informed the team of a project update requiring it, it's up-for-grabs. Or they have software open, which has a limited number of seats and they're not using it, they're getting kicked off. You need to take responsibility that you update your project to reflect your needs.

>> No.10589366

>Anon is concerned over intimidating others and acts on it
>Gets a snide comment that he should be doing more
Entitled bitch. I hope you lose everything you have. You might start appreciating little things then.

>> No.10589370

Hi ladies, I hate women

>> No.10589374


>> No.10589376
File: 94 KB, 400x400, me-too.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's kinda underwhelming. I was expecting something related to cosplay.

Me too.

>> No.10589395

This is pretty cool anon

>> No.10589397


Go back.

>> No.10589398

>I have a girlfriend

Kek. Sure ya do, buddy.

>> No.10589524

>see nice dress on lm i want to buy
>”shirring snipped because it was too tight” in description

Literally why . Don’t even wanna think what that mess looks like from the inside

>> No.10589614

Holy shit. I wish fat people would get out of lolita.

>> No.10589615

Fat people should just wear trashbags because its all they deserve.

>> No.10589779
File: 87 KB, 500x600, ECF8DA0D-5023-4D12-B024-3C911C962A34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to buy an OP with short sleeves. It's been a dream of mine for years but I can't because I feel so insecure about my arms looking chubby.
I'm a size S and normally don't bother with dress sizing but when it comes to my arm fat I get super anxious because they look so fat compared to the rest of my body. I only own JSKs and long sleeve blouses because of that...

>> No.10589800

chubby lolita with chubby arms, i feel your concerns anon, but i fit my OPs fine, i even have the magical etoile OP and its comfortable. i prefer sleeves with stretch but it still works fine. im sure your arms look fine anon, especially if you are a size S normally.

>> No.10590000

Ew.. lol

>> No.10590012

I'm really insecure of my arms too even tho I fit fine into my short sleeve AP. No one is gonna be staring at your arms, it's okay. Especially normies won't lol. I've been working out my arms though to try and make them feel less like pizza dough (guy in high school told me that and I'm still horrified). So maybe try toning them up to see if it makes u feel better, but wear what you want regardless!

>> No.10590013

The quads have spoken: she’s gross.

>> No.10590018

If you are normally an S I'm sure it will be fine. Even if your arms have some meat to them, it can look very cute when a girls limbs are a bit thick i m o . Think of Nani from lilo and stitch, that is a cute as fuck look

>> No.10590035

The worst fucking thing nearly happened to me today
>expecting xianyu order
>tracking says its delivered
>getting weird calls from a number today
>don't usually answer my phone unless I know the number so dismiss it
>check mailbox
>no package
>suspect number might have to do with this
>call it back, response hours later
>ss sent package to my years old address that shouldn't even be on file anymore for some godforsaken reason
>current people who live there are massive boomers who freaked out seeing a package from a chinese address and called the goddamn police
>police open package and slash a huge hole in the shanghai limited kumya I ordered
>they tell the residents to throw the kumya in the trash
>my poor kumya bought in mint condition now stinks of trash and has a huge hole
>at least the owners let me come get it
I'm pissed, anons. That was beyond stressful.

>> No.10590042

Please say sike because that is terrible. I'm sorry, anon.

>> No.10590044
File: 876 KB, 1512x2016, 20210405_202316.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sike, sadly.

>> No.10590046

Is it bad that the cops wrecking your kumya makes me want to say ACAB more than actual police brutality

>> No.10590052

I'm so sorry anon, fuck those stupid boomers

Name and shame that SS pls I want to never shop with them so I can at least partially avenge your kumya

>> No.10590070

I don't really blame the cops because they were just doing their job. Who knows what the boomers told them, they probably thought they were going to find a rabbit full of chinese drugs or explosives or some dumb shit. They were probably annoyed as fuck that their time was being wasted.
It was 42agent. I'd never had a bad time before this though. I want to believe some dumb noob got hired and didn't check that they got the address right. I sent them a bit of a karen-y complaint so hopefully this doesn't happen to anyone else in the future.

>> No.10590074

a moment of silence for the butchered Kumya

>> No.10590102


At least take it to a tailor's before you throw it out. who knows if it's salvageable.

I hope the taobao agent at least compensates you for the loss of the poor kumya as well.

>> No.10590115

Oh, I'm not throwing it out. The kumya needs a bath, but I was able to sew the hole shut again with some thread. There's a small mark left but at least the cut was at the back of the kumya and the fur hides the worst of it.
I wasn't going to bitch more about this but holy fuck I am angry after reading the SS's reply. They tried to lie about the order having taken place in 2019, which is absolute bullshit (I ordered the kumya a few weeks ago) and blamed me for not updating my address despite me, you know, having updated it years ago when I moved and even having deleted the old address info off of my profile so nothing like this could happen. I wanted to think this was some innocent mistake but them trying to deny all culpability in this has really pissed me off. I'll be looking into a different shopping service once my outstanding preorders are done.

>> No.10590120

I'm pissed for you anon. 42Agent fucked up. The boomers are dumb af. Even if the cops were doing their job and taking it seriously, they decided the best way to deal with a suspicious package was to stab it? Doesn't the package have your name on it and a description of the contents? No one at any point thought that this was sent by mistake? No body bothered to leave a message or a text? I feel like there are so many ways this could have been avoided if people weren't retarded. I don't blame you for not picking up the phone because robo calls have been a real nuisance.

>> No.10590129

Tbf anon I hope you vent everything because I'm nosy bitch and want to hear if this has some updates and it's rare to read board related things here anymore. I wish the Kumya gets well soon!

>> No.10590133


I'm happy to hear kumya will live on at least.

Good luck with 42agent, that's such a fuckup and rather awful that they're trying to pass the blame onto you.

>> No.10590144

Honestly not trying to be a cunt, but why are you even still using a shopping service for BTSSB? Don’t they ship direct to most countries these days?

>> No.10590155

They literally said the kumya was shanghai limited

>> No.10590217

>saw my bf posting on kiwi farms
I don’t feel safe in our apartment anymore, I need to get out but one of the women’s shelters have any openings because stupid covid

>> No.10590219

You're worried he's shitposting about lolcows?

>> No.10590223

Anon is probably the cow

>> No.10590228

I don't get the correlation?

>> No.10590230

kek. deserve.

>> No.10590232

>wanting to date coworkers
but why

>> No.10590253

People have died because of that site

>> No.10590255

Details? I don’t really keep up with the farms

>> No.10590267

Same with 4chan tho, I promise you every single white nationalist shooter started out their little brain decay journey on b or pol

>> No.10590269

Can’t blame you, kiwi farms autists are the most obnoxious farmers. Like a combination of this site and PULL

>> No.10590278
File: 36 KB, 400x250, 1600871410364.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Getting vaccinated in a few days at the same convention center my local con was supposed to be held, around the same time the con's usually held. I'm planning on cosplaying Miku when I go because I think it'd be cute and because "I got to go to the convention center after all". I figure it'd be no problem because either way they still have easy access to my arm and there's no dress code, but it's FEMA run and I don't know how other people are gonna feel about it. Everyone I talk to about it says I should do it, including people outside of cosplay circles. Do I take the plunge and go for it?

>> No.10590279

I would not, since we’re not past covid yet, think how gross it would be if someone coughed near your outfit. Think of the laundry anon.

>> No.10590280

I think it would be fun! Just as long as you don't get in the way of any operational things. The people working there only care about making sure things run efficiently and safely. Go for it, anon!

>> No.10590281

Sounds cute

>> No.10590282

I'm planning on disinfecting everything after I get out and after I get home anyways regardless of what I wear. Laundry's not a big problem for me.

>> No.10590287

My boyfriend came to a recent realization as I've gotten back into paying attention to the lolita community, that for some reason he thought all lolitas would be attractive looking people standardly.. I guess that makes me feel pretty happy, since he only really learned of the fashion really through me.

But he's seen some of the girls that wear it, lately and been pretty disgusted. So I guess it's funny AF. A bit of an ego boost, probably.

I got a good laugh when he said what he said, anyways.

>> No.10590292

>ego boost
You sure it’s not his way of calling you ugly?

>> No.10590293
File: 16 KB, 236x314, 2b5b6b3c22be6781e1fa17f9d6a8d6f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm really annoyed they didn't try texting me, I would have cleared up the issue immediately. Apparently either the shipping label was torn or the person at 42agent packing my things was stupid enough to neglect to put my name on the package (I have no idea which), which also would have helped since we still have mail forwarding for our old address. It was a perfect storm of stupidity from multiple people that resulted in my poor kumya getting stabbed. Boomers gonna boom.
I'll reply with any updates if they arise. So far nothing more from 42agent.
As the other anon said, this was a store exclusive Shanghai kumya I was buying.

>> No.10590294

>sold an item
>buyer super excited, messages me right away saying they're ready to pay and all
>confirm their shipping details and then invoice them later that day
>suddenly nothing from them for a whole day

Now I'm deathly afraid they are some overzealous flaky newb and I'll have to go through the work of listing all over again, RIP

>> No.10590296

Be patient anon, they're prolly just busy. Or maybe timezone issues.

>> No.10590297

Nah, they're in my country so it isn't that. Maybe some people are used to paying a bit slower. I tend to get payment immediately for most people, so I was put off by the delay, but I'm not hurting for cash so I guess there's no rush.

>> No.10590305

What part of "he's hot" don't you understand?

>> No.10590308

Pretty sure I expressed that it was something he assumed from meeting me & getting to know me. I've been with him for a long time, I'm pretty secure in not thinking the opposite lol.

>> No.10590313

Thats retarded and if I see you I'm going to cyberbully you in real life

>> No.10590326

Not that hard. Buy an OP with short sleeves and if it's squeezing your arm then sell it and know you can't fit it. Just being anxious and dreaming about it is stupid. I feel like it's better to objectively understand what kind of body you have rather than just going along with your dysmorphia (scared of arm fat so you never actually check if your arm is fat and reinforce the negative ideas)

>> No.10590346

do it for the memes, show the world that hatsune miku got vaccinated

>> No.10590348

They bullied someone until she set herself on fire. Im at work but there's articles on it.

>> No.10590349

Smugglers will fill stuffed animals with drugs, I can see why they thought that.

>> No.10590350

>tfw no free drugs

>> No.10590359

Chloe Sagal

>> No.10590361

If I saw you do this I would specifically play boomer-tier dumb on the character as ask you "why are you wearing that weird getup to get vaccinated in?"

>> No.10590368
File: 503 KB, 639x637, 0F5AEA69-80AE-4411-A1D8-F0BA7A1DC725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s a good outfit to get vaccinated in because her upper arms are exposed. Dolly Parton started a trend of wearing cold shoulder tops for your vaccination so you’ll fit in.

>> No.10590380

when you're able to look back at this and laugh lmk

>> No.10590385

the cops suck when it comes to packages. this girl scammed me once in a trade by calling the police saying my package was stolen and they took it and gave it back to her. i got my money back in paypal luckily, but it reminds me to always back trades with cash.

>> No.10590393

Dolly Parton is too good for this world. You should cosplay as Dolly, not Miku

>> No.10590394

>Sagal’s friends tell Oregon Live she had physical difficulties and struggled with mental illness for many years. They also said she was the target of a persistent online bullying campaign by Kiwi Farms, which the New Yorker once described as “the web’s biggest community of stalkers” that “specializes in harassing people they perceive as being mentally ill or sexually deviant in some way.” The group allegedly began harassing Sagal on various social media platforms after the Indiegogo campaign.

She was doxed to death and they laugh at it.

>> No.10590395

One of my favorite memories at a con was talking to a drunk mother accompanying some high school kids about how much we both love Dolly Parton. I am into this idea.

>> No.10590511

I'm glad he rejected you

>> No.10590519

For the first time in something like 15 years of buying secondhand lolita from Japan, I finally received two items with way more damages than were apparent in the photos or stated in the descriptions. This sucks.

>> No.10590541

Dolly Parton and Elvira are TIMELESS broads

>> No.10590561

I just wanted to share that I just ran 5 miles and I feel amazing, despite all of the crappy things going on in my life

>> No.10590597

I'm dissociated af rn and can't find motivation to do things so that's goals, anon. Good job

>> No.10590634

I had no idea I was bothered by this, but seeing what happened in the DD thread I get annoyed by people who feel entitled to dresses just because they posted a WTB

>> No.10590636


>> No.10590643

>get into hanfu a bit
>bf and i dress up sometimes
>join western facebook comm
>it's a nightmare
one cunt keeps posting her ugly handmade or herself in a literal yukata (she even said it's a yukata)
there's also an old white man asian fetishist who everyone welcomed openly.
is there a comm for shit talking?

>> No.10590677

I got an absolutely destroyed KC from wunderwelt that looked perfect on the site and was priced accordingly. Yellowed badly from smoke or something and won’t match the jsk anymore

>> No.10590761

Take it apart and soak it in an oxygen bleach

>> No.10590996

Depressed because I'm realizing that by the time I can go to a con again I'll be too old to do all my convention bucket list items like participating in a masquerade or doing AA.

>> No.10591001
File: 57 KB, 640x360, yurucamp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's spring time. invite your friends and go yuru camp in cosplay

>> No.10591002

pls take me camping in your sedan

>> No.10591003
File: 64 KB, 640x480, 32970d671a63cbc482d4fbe4e923bc6b[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I could take you camping in my hatchback, it even has the same cool glass sunroof

>> No.10591004
File: 175 KB, 1200x675, o no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10591007

I'm not into animal crossing gomen

>> No.10591090

I feel like an absolute fucking idiot. I'm no longer working and decided to stop spending money on lolita pretty much indefinitely (with exceptions for small things for my birthday or something, but no main pieces, nothing big or expensive). With that in mind, I took my tax return money and did a couple of hauls. I bought one new release, roughly ~$500 worth second hand brand from Japan, and then big taobao haul to buy a ton of blouses, purses, legwear, and basically anything else I felt I was missing so my wardrobe would be versatile going forward.

But I don't feel happy with it at all. I'm just sitting here second guessing everything. I'm worried that when everything gets here I'll discover that I still "need" more stuff to coord this or that and the blouses I bought will be the wrong styles and colours and will clash with my jsks and nothing is gonna look right. That I should have bought everything super slowly and did trial and error instead of doing one gigantic haul. Or that I should not have ordered so many clothes and set money aside for other stuff I wanted (like an ipad for drawing or craft supplies).

I'm sitting here just super pissed at myself because this is such a first world problem and I have never felt like this before. Now that I feel like shit about something that should be making really happy I'm second guessing literally everything else. We're in the process of pooling resources with some friends and buying a gigantic house near the beach so every day will be literally a dream come true and now I'm worried that even when I live in what is literally a dream house, surrounded by the people I love most in the world, I still won't be happy. What the fuck.

>> No.10591180

>We're in the process of pooling resources with some friends and buying a gigantic house near the beach so every day will be literally a dream come true
This sound like an awful idea.

>> No.10591185 [DELETED] 

You sound kind of crazy, anon. Could you not have saved that money and come back to lolita later? You're stressing because you have literally no money. It wouldn't been better if you just bought a little bit of it at a time when you did get a job again.

Your beach story also is so weird. You're like some kind of NEET who's going to go live with friends in their fancy beach house?

Get your priorities straight.

>> No.10591186

You sound kind of crazy, anon. Could you not have saved that money and come back to lolita later? You're stressing because you have literally no money. It would've been better if you just bought a little bit of it at a time when you did get a job again.

Your beach story also is so weird. You're like some kind of NEET who's going to go live with friends in their fancy beach house?

Get your priorities straight.

>> No.10591194

This all sounds fucking nuts, anon.

You're not working and can't afford lolita, so rather than being smart and frugal about your purchases and building a solid wardrobe over time (or setting that money aside since you're unemployed, like a responsible adult who's planning to buy a house) you just got a giant haul of crap?

Yeah no shit you don't feel happy and are second guessing it. It sounds like you have some kind of shopping addiction or bipolar or some shit. Or you've got the maturity of a teenager, which would explain the idiotic 'beach house' idea.

>> No.10591197

It's a sobbing kind of day.

>> No.10591214
File: 961 KB, 244x174, babies.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10591218


The sky is raining lightly and I have to prevent relatives from planting a fake will to a dead aunt's house.
What's your story?

>> No.10591252

I'm so sorry for your loss Anon, and I hope for the best that you come out victorious in that fake-will-battle.

My start is that I'm on the hormonal start of my period. The crying started yesterday when a video game character died. It sounds silly, but the writing of the story handled it so "well" that I was bawling. The funeral was the most touching fictional ceremony I had ever experienced. The death of the character made me think about death in my own family, and my extended social network. Just recently a woman I've never met died, but that loss has affected me greatly. It's an intense story, and I was about to write it out but I can't really bother in my current state.

Then the first thing I did this morning was write a long message about dating to a less experienced friend. She's wondering how one can "settle" without experiencing X and Y kind of fantasy first, and she probably posed the question in innocent fun. I responded by voicing my own situation in full seriousness. I'm happy with my boyfriend of five years, and while I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world he's not perfect. I rarely even mention to anyone that he's less than an idol of love to me. Furthermore as a bisexual who didn't have the best female partners before I lament all of the Queen experiences I've opted out on in favour of heterosexual monogamy. There's no end to human desires. Even if my friend met her dream partner she would find a slightly different dream to consider on the side. The point of this message was to urge her to find a partner who can listen to her talk about those dreams, and spin the imagination further in the safe realm of fantasy. It was a rant, and a ramble, and I think it affected me more writing it than her reading it. She reacted with a heart and nothing more.

Since then I've been in bed, crying and sobbing intermittently between death, could-have-beens and guilt for thinking of those could-haves in the first place.

Thanks for asking.

>> No.10591277

You could have.
Best is when you're assigned to teach the new girl, I got away with holding my hand on her lower back and butt a few times. She never said anything.

>> No.10591279

Stop bullshitting, anon

>> No.10591318

Once again BTB have only posted the submissions post on a thursday... expect a week of dead secrets because nobody had time to make them. Imagine seeing the revival happening and STILL not bothering to get the submissions up promptly

>> No.10591338

>Then the first thing I did this morning was write a long message about dating to a less experienced friend
Post that shizz. Also what game?

>> No.10591362

Lmao, I guess over going over like this it does sound crazy. To further explain:

>I already have a solid wardrobe; I've been wearing lolita since 2014. I wanted to get more basics to get more out of the dresses I already own
>I moved countries last year so I wanted to close my bank account. The majority of my tax return from 2019 went to paying down CC debt which my husband and I accumulated in university. I cancelled the card, but the rest of the money was always set aside for lolita.
>I am not a neet, (although I guess it depends on some people's definition), I'm a stay at home mom with one infant and one preschooler who is going to be homeschooled for the foreseeable future. I looked into working vs daycare prices and working 40 hrs/wk to bring in a miniscule amount of money after daycare just isn't worth it. I was pretty passionate about social work before, but I just moved out of a country with very strong social programs into one that rather poor ones lol. It is what it is
>My husband's salary is enough to provide a comfortable living for us. We have a budget with money going to savings, and hobbies, even lolita if I wanted, but I don't feel comfortable with him buying expensive things for me if I'm not currently working. He doesn't it see it as his money, rather our money, because me not working means he doesn't have to worry about the bulk of chores or daycare drop off and similar things, but I honestly can't get past the mental block of it.
>I don't think I have a shopping addiction; I did not buy lolita for about three years (all last year, and two years before that). I lived as a single parent while waiting for my immigration paperwork to process, and had to budget pretty closely to pay for rent, bills, and daycare, with very limited support from my husband (my choice). Also for this reason, my husband insisted I should spend the rest of the tax return money on just myself instead of considering it family money.


>> No.10591376

don't buy a house with your friends, that sounds fucking retarded. how old are you 10?

>> No.10591385

>the beach house thing kinda evolved over time between our friend group, Everyone in the group has just gotten remote position, so we're looking to leave our shit state. My husband has lived with these friends before so we already know we get along. They like our kids even though they don't have kids themselves. It's gonna be cheaper than renting (or getting houses individually), it's an investment, and it's going to be in a really nice location. It's kind of fucking weird to just lay it out like this, but it's something that works for us and everyone is looking forward to it.
>I have massive guilt over spending money on myself. My husband and I have discussed this at length; he thinks it's fine, I should be fine, our financial situation is fine. This is the biggest amount of money I have spent on myself at once though and it feels weird. Even though I won't be doing this type of spending again.
>I have held onto this money for well over a year, and I guess I could have (and should have) spent the money gradually on several smaller orders, but didn't do it earlier for reasons (baby, covid shipping issues, weight gain) and just wanted to get it done now.

I've been fighting depression and anxiety since university. Some years were better, some worse. The two years I spent apart from my husband were honestly probably one of the hardest things I've ever done; even though my life is logistically simpler nowadays, I still get overwhelmed sometimes. I guess I'm just questioning why my brain sucks, why I get upset over things I've gone over so many times, and wondering if my brain is going to be this shitty even when things are basically picture perfect.Hopefully not tho haha, I don't think spending that money was stupid, moreso the approach I took. And then worrying over it is stupid too, but hey, maybe everything will turn out great or I can sell things that really don't work. I just like to catastrophize.

>> No.10591388

you sound even more nuts than before. i guarantee if you move anywhere with your friends, hell, if you go on vacation with them for a long time, they will fucking hate you. living with you sounds like a hell i never want to experience. also, if you're not comfortable being supported by someone get a job and shut up. i hate whiny people like you.

>> No.10591399

I'd have the reaction as you to a rando on cgl saying this lol. It's also not something I would ever recommend to other people as sound advice. It's really the kind of thing you can't possibly realistically plan on unless things are working just right.

I do feel better after whining though, so thank you.

>> No.10591471

The answer to the question
>do you need a 30th black dress
should be a simple "no", and yet...

>> No.10591576

Bro, what? That was a highly personal message with references tightly knit to my own personal life and my friend's. But since you're willing to call it shizz and after I've looking over it a final time I'll give you the closing paragraph. It doesn't pack as much of a punch as the full message, but I'll elaborate more if you really insist. (The game was Star Stable Online)

>I think what I want to tell you is that you should be open to what lies in front of you and what matters for your happiness. Settle for quality, sure, but don't deny someone with potential just because they're not this and that. There literally is nobody who's perfect, and no matter who you settle for there will be new fantasies on the horizon. Find someone who's willing to watch those fantasy sunsets with you, holding your hand in acceptance.

>> No.10591589

everyone's calling you crazy. because you are.

>> No.10591610

I actually appreciate men who gives space and distance. It's much better than being the opposite.

>> No.10591611




>> No.10591619

Wow, I would've shelled out for JM for the exact reasons you would have with those leather purses. I think I'll stay away from that and their shoes as well.

>> No.10591681

I still have horrible self esteem issues and trauma after the time I dated an asexual. He refused to have sex with me, and when I finally persuaded him enough, he had the gall to not enjoy it. He looked so uncomfortable, and it made me feel so worthless and unloved. I don't know how I spent such a long time dating someone who wouldn't even romantically bond with me through sex, which is the purest, most spiritual, most romantic way of bonding with the person you love. I'm so upset.

>> No.10591692

I will give you an atomic front wedgie

>> No.10591694

Sorry you'll never know true love.

>> No.10591699

I will drop an ice cube down your cleavage

>> No.10591702

Someone sounds triggered. I recommend getting your hormones checked. Not enjoying sex is not normal.

>> No.10591703

Did you willingly go into it knowing they were "asexual"? People who define themselves as asexual just haven't been sexually awakened yet and found their preference or in rare cases hate sex because they were abused. He might've been gay.

Also, you gave yourself that problem and you have no one but yourself to blame. It's not like it's hard to find a man who wants to have sex with his girlfriend and will enjoy it.

>> No.10591705

I knew he was asexual, but I assumed that once he truly falls in love with me he'd understand how beautiful and loving sex is. But he never did. Asexuals are monsters.

>> No.10591708

People who stick a lot of labels on themselves like non-binary, trans, and asexual in my experience are all narcissists. Maybe look into narcissistic abuse recovery.

>> No.10591710

Aw. You didn't become the center of the universe. How sad.

>> No.10591712

I will try that. Thank you for being empathetic, unlike asexuals and ace-sympathizers, and giving me actual advice. In the past people have accused me of raping my abusive ex, but he's the one who forced me to go without loving sex. It was torture. Much worse than being raped could ever be.

>> No.10591713

I didn't need to be the "center of the universe". I just wanted at least the bare minimum of a relationship, which is sex enjoyed by both people

>> No.10591715

I will pour A1 sauce down the insides of you panties and leave them around for your bf to find

>> No.10591716

Oh hell yeah, back when I managed the printer department at Office Max we'd tell the new girls they had to get sexed in if they wanted some of the Epson commission. Ran a couple trains out by the loading dock. God damn I miss that job.

>> No.10591731

Not you again. Get therapy, you're beating this topic to death on every feels post and it doesn't even have anything cgl related.

>> No.10591742

Keep in mind its use is linked to hearing loss over time. I wouldn't recommend taking that much every day every period for a decade. More of a bandaid fix until you find a better solution.

How many threads has it been, kek. I have to respect your autism.

>> No.10591748

maybe he is gay but in denial

>> No.10591753

maybe he is gay but in denial

I'm so desperate for cotton lolita I'm considering buying off Milanoo/LolitaShow

>> No.10591775

to /cgl/
stop using nonny
I am not your italian grandmother
love, anonymous

>> No.10591865

He said he didn't want sex, you persuaded him into it, and he didn't like it. Why are you surprised? You're a retard for dating an asexual when sex is such a big deal to you.

>> No.10591869

How about "nonce", can we use that?

>> No.10591872

Stop falling for obvious bait, you retard.

>> No.10591965
File: 58 KB, 718x705, 1492744518080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't been involved in the cosplay community or come here in a couple of years because I was dealing with manic depression. I was super excited to come back for AX 2020, which didn't happen. Apparently AX 2021 isn't happening either.
I was really looking forward to it. I hope this doesn't completely kill the con. For as mismanaged as it was, it was always a lot of fun anyway.

>> No.10592199
File: 76 KB, 1200x1200, 1578276684742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been struggling with recent trauma slapping me in the face after getting out of an abusive situation a year ago
>had to go to the hospital for three weeks on top of my self harm escalating dramatically and severely
>developed major body image issues and removed all the mirrors in my home, cant dress up in coords or cosplay at all without freaking out
>constantly masquerading as a functioning person but not doing it very well, stopped taking my meds cause they made me feel horrible
>suddenly around 2 months ago decide on a whim to revert back to an old childhood coping mechanism
>showering every day, actually doing skincare routines now, eating when i am hungry and not putting myself down
>havent hurt myself in almost 2 months
>everyone is really happy for me and excited im functioning like a person for the first time in my life and that i am happy
>mfw cant tell them its because i now have a completely sentient separate mindvoice and person in my head i talk to and hang out with who encourages me to keep going
what the fuck man

>> No.10592219

It sounds like you have DPD.
Which isn't the worst thing in the world. But you should probably seek therapy if you can so that you can manage this in the healthiest way possible for you.

>> No.10592275
File: 44 KB, 700x700, w-38651-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> mfw have been depressed all my teenage and adult life
>shitty parents never helped me even though they rarely saw me awake and instead decided to ridicule me and bunch of other shit including making me into a servant of my little bro
>somefuckinghow find myself in university and building my own life
>still depressed tho but barely functioning
>until last year (before pandemic)
>life starts to slip through my fingers
>end result is me hiding in my home barely speaking to anybody
>hate myself as much as one can and want to end everything
>can't even finish a sentence or take care of myself let alone wear lolita
>finally get help and sick leave after almost 2 years of struggling
>they say I'm getting better even though I have never been this bad this long
I have been thinking about it hard since I heard it. And it's right. Did I even exist back then? It's like I was offline for years, not feeling anything and gone. I hope this time getting better means getting better for good. I have been filled with joy and excitement to see my interest in lolita come back. I was so worried I lost the joy for this fashion completely, everything I used to do have been feeling so distant. Maybe there is still hope. I would even take my depressed but functioning self back forever screaming if this one went away and never came back. Thinking about everything I have makes me cry, it's all I have ever needed and I don't want to loose it to this disease. I'm afraid it wears me down before it gets better.

>> No.10592286

He should have enjoyed it and realized how romantic and spiritual sex is when I finally made him try it. But you're right, I am an idiot for dating an asexual and expecting them not to be a heartless, emotional, sociopathic monster who won't even enjoy sex, the definition of being human and being in love.

>> No.10592287

Sorry about the typo. Someone who doesn't enjoy sex is the opposite of emotional.

>> No.10592293

I hope all asexuals kill themselves. The world would be so much better without those heartless sociopaths preying on innocent people who can actually feel romantic love, only to cry about being "raped" when the person they're torturing can't stand not being loved anymore.

>> No.10592499
File: 48 KB, 675x580, 1574133927407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've bee going to therapy most of my life and am already diagnosed with PTSD and I disassociate a lot because of it. My brain friend was around when I was younger and specifically tried to make an imaginary friend, so it was intentional. He went away when I started forgetting about him. I brought him back myself recently, so I don't think it's DPD.

I really, really don't want to tell anyone especially my therapist because I don't want to get diagnosed with anything else or be given medication or treatment to make him go away. He's really helpful and nice to me like a companion. I really don't see anything wrong with it right now.

>> No.10592500
File: 1.92 MB, 250x188, 1571178073077.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>heartless sociopaths
>wants a whole population of people to die because they dont want to have sex with you
I took this bait hook line and sinker.

>> No.10592504

When it comes to trolling, less is more

>> No.10592507

It’s not because they don’t want to have sex with me. It’s because they’re unloving to the point they don’t want to have sex with anyone, and I don’t want anyone else to ever have to go through the hell I went through. I’m being as empathetic as it gets. Asexuals think that being forced to have it is somehow rape, which is pathetic considering how much worse it is to be forced to go without sex. And if you truly love someone, you can’t be raped by them. There’s no way someone would ever not want to romantically and spiritually bond with someone they actually love.

>> No.10592511

I’m not trolling, but sorry you’re an asexual sociopath who will never feel love. Just don’t force someone with human emotions to go without sex. Your kind are garbage.

>> No.10592512

>how much worse it is to be forced to go without sex.
Holy fuck you are one of the biggest incels I've ever met. You aren't forced to go without sex, break up with them moron. Don't date an asexual. I'm not sure how this is so hard to manage. It's like dating a gay man as a woman and expecting them to be attracted to you sexually. The literal definition of rape is forcing someone to have sex. Go take a bath with a toaster.

>> No.10592513

Like I said, you can’t be raped by someone you actually love. Rape is when someone you don’t know forces you to have sex with them. And yes I know that I’m an idiot for dating an asexual sociopath, and I know to never date one again, but the damage has already been done. And that unloving piece of human-shaped non-feeling shit left me with a lot of trauma and issues with my feelings of self-worth. You don’t know how unloved I felt without spiritual sex.

>> No.10592515

>Rape is when someone you don’t know forces you to have sex with them.
A lot of cases of rape involve people you know. You must be over 18 to post on 4chan.
>And that unloving piece of human-shaped non-feeling shit left me with a lot of trauma and issues with my feelings of self-worth.
I honestly 100% hope that you are in therapy right now and are explaining all of these feelings to your therapist so you can work this out and recover. It's a shitty experience to be sure but the way you're going about the afterwords is retarded.

>> No.10592517

Rape can happen with someone you know, but not with someone you love romantically. There’s a difference, and stop victim blaming me for “raping” someone I simply wanted to express my feelings of love to.
I don’t think I can ever recover from the way that pile of barely sentient diarrhea made me feel. How would you feel if the person you dated refused to enjoy sex with you?

>> No.10592521

>How would you feel if the person you dated refused to enjoy sex with you?
I was molested multiple times as a young child and became hypersexual as a defense mechanism. I would disassociate and never refuse anything ever and the trauma didn't truly hit me until five years ago in the middle of a relationship. I forced myself to enjoy sex and sexual situations with him. I did everything in my power to try to enjoy it again, I did intense therapy and took medication and changed everything. Ending up breaking up with my partner because I physically and emotionally could not handle anything sexual anymore without breaking down not being able to do anything at all He's still my friend and still so supportive. If someone I dated couldn't enjoy sex with me and it was an important aspect of a relationship for me I would break it off with them. I wouldn't ever put someone through something like that, ever.

>> No.10592523

Boo hoo, let me play you a song on the world’s tiniest violin. You’re thinking about how bad you think you felt, but I guarantee your ex felt much worse and was intensely heartbroken when he found out you never truly loved him. Go get fucked, and I hope you’ll hate it just as much. Freak.

>> No.10592526
File: 12 KB, 188x196, 1572834119460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10592529

What? You seriously lack empathy so much that you can’t understand just how hurt your ex must have been? Go get raped by a stranger.

>> No.10592607

>stressed because of school and shitty partner for project
>also working full time job with crap management
>waiting on a better job to finally send me salary form so i can sign and make it official
>think to myself i will buy some burando to feel better
>nothing on lm i want to buy that isn’t auction only
>also i’m moving to another state so i shouldnt buy more brand
>but brand is the only thing that makes me feel good right now

The absolute state

>> No.10592609

which one of you gulls is this:

>> No.10592612

Look on the bright side gull
You're working full time and bettering yourself through an education! (assuming it's not a meme degree). Good on you.
Um, have you considered getting a second hobby? Lolita isn't the only thing you have going for you right?

>> No.10592671

Thanks u anon yeah i do have to look on the bright side. I’m doing a lot and i can’t beat myself down. Not a meme degree, its computer stuff!

I do have other hobbies i really love, but i can’t do them right now because my equipment for those are packed :( if all goes well then i can move at the end of this month, unpack everything and have more things to do.

I just need to get thru the month so i have a few less things to worry about. Also i don’t know where i will live yet as I will get an airbnb and tour housing lol. So its kind of a shitshow rn. But I will definitely make it through

>> No.10592792

>friend and I work for different sectors of the government
>can't talk about work-related because of confidentiality issues
I did not anticipate this

>> No.10592944

>meme degree
You mean, an education that isn’t rewarded by capitalism because it doesn’t allow the ruling class to exploit the maximum amount of money from you? Just say that then.

>> No.10592977

They just not rewarded because they aren't as useful

>> No.10593675

>be tomboy
>get into crossplay
>enjoy it
>decide to get swole so I can cosplay Polnareff
>go on /fit/ for motivation and tips
>women hate in every post in every thread

why are they so fucking insecure man? just let me lift

>> No.10593727

You got scared off by opinions that weren't even direct at you and then came here to complain about it. But you're not insecure. They are.

>> No.10593851

The advice for lifting for guys is mostly the same as for women. How new are you that you're surprised "im a grill btw" will get you shit?

>> No.10593859

Never been to /fit/, have you?

>> No.10594521
File: 55 KB, 220x234, 1583004031324.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>commission self-indulgent fanart for the first time
>get sent the wip and its absolutely gorgeous
>pure euphoria and excitement overtakes the embarrassment and shame
is this what those mysteriously wealthy furries feel like? i might do this shit more often

>> No.10594727
File: 19 KB, 397x230, topless.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>said I'd go to a con thinking it'd be like $200 all told
>looking at prices now and it's $700 for JUST the hotel room, no con badge, no food and drinks, just the room to crash in for four days
>mfw I am beginning to realize the lengths I'm going to have to go to come up with roughly a grand of extra income in the next six months or so as a poorfag working under the table

>> No.10594859

>start playing genshin
>run some simulators
>rates suggest that I'll have to sped $4000 for the character I want
Investing in Jfashion may not be the best choice, but it still retains better value than a jpg collector

>> No.10595055

Have you considered getting a job

>> No.10595074

What did you buy?
Does the artist draw you into the drawing, or does he add your OC, or what really happens?

>> No.10595190

They drew my "oc" which was pretty much just me. I didn't want to send them a picture of myself because I'm too shy. They were super nice and sweet about it because it was self shipping fanart with an anime character and it's kinda cringe.

>> No.10595238

Post the progress pic

>> No.10595242

have you considered basic reading comprehension you fucking illiterate

>> No.10595247

Get a real job

>> No.10596296

I came back to my apartment after a couple days and I guess my roommate killed himself. Whole apartment stinks. How do I get the smell of death out of burando?

>> No.10596741

Wait, I looked at fucking NYC hotel prices and they were around $100 a night, more if you purchased closer to the day.
Where the hell are you planning on going?
Have you considered not being poort?

>> No.10596743

meant for >>10594727

>> No.10597060

New thread: >>10597059

>> No.10598260

>It was torture. Much worse than being raped could ever be.
Holy shit shut the fuck up

>> No.10599403

Wow these threads are in a sad state, times change I guess
The old 4chan is just a ghost left behind in my boomer memory

>> No.10600935

>Like I said, you can’t be raped by someone you actually love
this sounds like something a potential rapist would say