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First for stop bragging about having sex

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First for blacks can’t be racist

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If your an asian lolita and you’re not using your platform to speak up about the recent hate crimes against asians you’re racist. and that’s on period .

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>girl in our comm dies in a car crash
>find out via her Facebook, "Hi, this is anon's dad, she dead, etc."
>she's only been with the comm for a week but it's still sad
>mfw she shows up alive and well to the next Zoom tea, saying she "faked her death" to see if we'd continue without her

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Quick way to lose all the friends she had made in the past week. Jesus

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>graduate from college last year
>move back home while searching for job
>secure job + disposable income, now planning to move out to a studio nearby
>college friends remained in college city, high school friends moved away for work
>basically have no friends in area now
>with COVID, cons are closed and idk what to do

Been running out of shit to do, and it's kind of pissing me off. I haven't seen any really interesting anime or played some really cool vidya lately (since December) that had a char I wanted to cosplay, and I already made ~2 cosplays during this godforsaken lockdown that have yet to be worn. And, I mean, I could get into sewing actual casualwear, but where am I even going to wear it? The mall? Like... where do adults go to meet new people? At this point I care less about finding a GF than finding new friends, don't even have college clubs to rely on anymore. Really frustrating, thanks for listening.

(also seriously, I've talked to a bunch of my graduated friends and they all agree on the confusion of finding friends as adults. What an unusual problem.)

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What the fuck

Now that's some good shit lmao

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>tfw no friends
>Don't really care because gf who is the female version of me
>We plan to run to the countryside and raise children together working remote jobs

Feels good.

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I want to believe you are joking. jesus.

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Is it performative activism to share these anti-asian hate graphics on Instagram? People I follow in jfashion circles keep sharing things like "if you don't share this you're racist! unfollow me!" and it feels like a repeat of last summer's "look at me! i'm a good person!". of course i care about what's going on, and i want other people to know i care about them but i feel even faker for sharing infographics just to cover my ass. is it acceptable to do things on your own quietly without sharing a "receipt" on your story to let others know you care?

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>is it acceptable to do things on your own quietly without sharing a "receipt" on your story to let others know you care?
>Is it acceptable to have my own free thoughts?

Maybe you need to take a step back from whoever you are close to and a step back from "activism" to realise what you're actually doing.

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Also I want to add "if you don't do X action which doesn't indicate anything about your own personal beliefs, you're a racist" is exactly the mindset which turned me into a psuedo-nazi.

>If you don't do X, you're racist
>>Well guess I'm racist now because this is stupid
>So you admit you're a racist, nobody wants to be near a racist
>>I'll just go and find other "racists" to talk to
>>Get exposed to a bunch of counter-SJW material which matches up with my experiences
>>Go on the rollercoaster ride of right-wing ideologies
>>Land on a neo-national socialism

Now I'm exactly what SJWs thought I was to begin with except the irony is they made me this way through being polarising little shits not because I really loved being white or hating minorities or something. I just didn't want to be a performative puppet living in fear of being cancelled because you can't cancel someone who doesn't care.

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>Is it performative activism to share these anti-asian hate graphics on Instagram?


>if you don't share this you're racist! unfollow me!

Unfollowing them will only improve your social media experience.
I've unfollowed friends on instagram because even though I like them as people, their social media presence has become more and more centered around latching onto popular causes. There is nothing wrong with curating your social media experience & you have no moral obligation to them

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If you feel like you should post a few (because this is cgl, so I assume you're in jfash and am feeling some pressure for wearing an Asian fashion) -- then, your best bet is just to find a few low-key ones that you're comfortable with and share those. Don't put yourself out there for more than you're willing to stand for, and don't engage too much on the topic. Then you can rest easy at night that you didn't lie about it, and won't get into too much trouble faking enthusiasm (which is where most people get caught out and drawn into drama).

I don't think graphics like those were really about "receipts". imo they're more about making it unpopular to bully a minority group. I mean, we'd all like humans to be decent and sincere and just know you're not supposed to bully anybody, but obviously that hasn't happened or we wouldn't need these awareness graphics. So by sharing some graphics, you're making it "uncool" to bully minorities, with a small side threat of getting cancelled for those who do.

It's funny to think that we're threatening people's social media popularity to get them to behave decently, but you gotta realise, there's folks currently on the receiving end of that bullying who will be glad racist bullying became uncool, just because some girls shared a graphic and made it trending on insta.

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You first.

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>but obviously that hasn't happened or we wouldn't need these awareness graphics.

>Problem exists because thing saying problem exists exists
You've just given a circular definition.

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hey I dont know what type of weid social media cult you've come out of, but nobody is obligated to use their online time the way you see fit.
Nobody is obligated to post ANYTHING at any time.
Really this social media thing has gotten out of control. I just find it crazy that if someone doesnt perform their "morality" online, or has diferent ethics than you, THEY SHOULD BE DESTROYED!
People will always have diferent opinions than you. Learn to ignore them if it bothers you that much.
Also america has a diferent hate crime happen every week do you want peoples social media to be a crime wach?

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>awareness graphics exist because racism problems exist

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<3 needed that anon

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>The definition of a problem is whether or not it has an awareness graphic

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As an Asian person I'd say yes, it feels kinda performative. Especially when people are only doing it just now. Instead what you can do is care for your immediate Asian friends, maybe send a message to see how they're doing. I'd say to do that for any of your friends in general if you like them. Those messages can mean a lot to some people.

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yes, this was my sentiment i had and was afraid of (i’m the poster you replied to.) i was feeling like people would see me share information and think “ah, how nice and quaint. glad to see that ___ finally cares about racism now. it only took a few people getting killed for them to say something on their frilly clothes account.” like i was afraid of coming off as tacky for sharing info only after a current event when i honestly probably wouldn’t consistently share this information unless it’s in the news. that’s not to say i don’t care, but realistically and honestly i would not be sharing these infographics say, several weeks ago

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Ayrt, don't worry anon we don't think you're racist if you don't participate in goofy slacktivism. Ignore the SJWs. You're not obligated to do anything and you're fine.

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I hate fats.

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I was just parroting stuff I saw on sm lol

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hey, honest question.
why are you so into lolita?

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There's at least this person >>10578248 who doesn't seem to even know something happened, so you could view it as spreading awareness.

Though I'm with the other anon, I don't think anyone would assume racism if you don't.

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Asked as asian friend what he thought about this "checking in" trend

His response
>Are you retarded?
>Plenty of people get killed every day, asian or not. I don't know them, it doesn't affect me or anyone who doesn't know the people involved.

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In the last week i've seen everything from 'If you don't share these thing you are a bad person a colonizer a racist staying in your lane isn't enough ect ect' all the way to 'If you share these things you are a fake woke performative attention seeker that needs to stay in their lane' Theres really no winning so do what your comfortable with.

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I’m not into lolita. my knowledge on it is based on what I read from this board. most of my posts are just referenced from other posts. since covid killed cosplay you gotta do what you gotta do and adapt in order to survive. It’s a girly gull world out there.

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Wow if soup learned everything he knows from being on cgl then maybw it is actually a useful/the best place for newlitas to get information

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kind of this but i also just can't fathom how someone just deals with being very fat, especially in lolita. Like you're putting so much time/effort/money into putting coords together (not talking about the fat perma-itas) but going on a diet is too much?

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>you gotta do what you gotta do and adapt in order to survive
I keked out so hard, how does comming into boards of a hobby that apparently does not interest you help you survive?
survive from what?

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Honestly in any fashion.
You're doing fashion to look good, you want to look cute right? Then why the fuck don't you put in the effort.

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Started my meds again after playing pass the buck with my insurance. Got a decent tax break too so hopefully I can place a big lolita order soon.

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Fatlita here. Used to give a shit about my weight by my life improved significantly when I stopped caring. I lost some weight before but would always yoyo or plateau at a certain point.
I still exercise but I stopped giving a shit about doing it to lose weight or become smaller. I can afford to buy brand and fit into most of the things I like. I look cute and hang out with my lolita friends. It doesn't bother me and I have become happier and able to put energy into other things.

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I thought I was getting better but my self hatred is reaching a breaking point. People get murdered every day and I can’t do anything about it. I’m so bad with people I don’t even have the courage to go to a protest. I use up the dying earth’s resources and don’t add much good to other’s lives.
I love lolita, but I don’t deserve to exist in other people’s air let alone draw attention with fashion.
Sorry anons, I just don’t know what to do.

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What are you thinking of getting?

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I assure you if you're fat you don't look cute. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just lying to make you feel better.

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When I share an infographic on instagram it's because I feel that it's something that needs to be shared and I want to share it. I never share if it's performative because I feel like I'm lying to others.

On top of that, whenever someone I follow starts sharing all these graphics about multiple causes, I stop taking any information in and start ignoring their stories, not because I don't care about others' suffering, but it's just too much to digest at once, so share sparingly and only share what you want to.

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Dude you sound like 2016 me. It's 2021 now, get over yourself and be a better human.

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Probably some accessories I am lacking socks and necklaces since I don't really wear them day to day

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Get a therapist mine literally saved my life its worth it

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The thing that has been bothering me for a long time is how I can't talk about wanting to lose weight to my friends.
I mean I am the "skinny girl" of our group even though I am not that thin just normal sized and toned, around bmi19-20. I was thinner before and liked my size better then and have started working out and cutting the sweets as my appetite is not big I just like sweets too much and was able to stay thinner before because I had so many hobbies that were very active(dancing and acrobatics).

So I feel that I am not allowed to talk about wanting to lose weight as almost all my friends are bigger than me. And now I have started again to work out a lot and stopped eating so many sweets and I am losing the weight I want to lose. But I feel like I can't at all talk about how happy I am to see the results or that I feel better as I stopped eating so many sweets.

I am sorry that this is super unclear but really I just don't like that I can't talk about losing weight etc. to my friends as they are bigger than me and somehow feel like I attack them etc. and I am not telling them to lose weight.

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I’ve been there anon. If it makes you feel better, I’m happy for you!

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It's ok anon. I don't go to protests either because I'm terrified of getting arrested and my life getting ruined. You shouldn't base your self worth on how big of an activist you are or on if you are changing the world.

No one can change anything alone and you're putting too much burden on yourself. Just think, by wearing your frilly clothes out the house, you might change people's day because they are just so happy to see you and that's enough to make a difference in the world!

I'm happy that so many people are protesting and are spending energy giving their voices to make a change, but this has also made a lot of people feel just the same as you feel now, which isn't great.

I think for people like you and me, our energy needs to be spent on smaller things instead of focusing on the fact that we can't change big issues. For me, I like to take each day at a time and try to find something that will make me happy in that day. Sometimes it's just spending a bit of time outside or having a warm cup of tea, and I always find that when I'm happy, other people become happy too so I am making a change!

I hope that helps you a bit!

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I've been there too and I'm proud of you for getting healthier and working to become happier!

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seconding this

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>I look cute
keep telling yourself that

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Thank you anons! Maybe it's a bit funny but you really made my day.

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>I look cute

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fuck of newfag

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>t. newfag

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Relatable. I used care and be considerate of people. At this point I have little to no Fs left to give. Everything you do is racist if it doesn't fall in lock step with the current trendy leftist narrative.

And that's the thing... It's being a 'racist'. Like not even being a real racist. But just being labelled a racist and not for any hate that is actually in your heart, but for the hate others say is in your heart. Which really wasn't there to begin with.

These fucks are creating monsters. They are turning people who used to care into heartless assholes. Turns out I'm a 'pseudo-nazi' too. I'll be your 'racist' friend.

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I assume soup just means he wants to keep being a cgl shitposter but since cosplay threads are dead barring speculation on when cons at large will come back, he has started lolita shitposting to get the (You)s and attention he desperately needs from this board.

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I don't agree with the performative social media mob mentality, but I also believe cancelling isn't actually all *that* real, and that it's really not SJWs fault someone decides to actually be racist or a nazi or whatever if someone was never actually a nazi racist and was just indirectly "accused" of it with those whole "do this or that or you're racist" posts

Because the opposite end of the political spectrum behaves the same way so if anything both sides' extremism would logically lead to disinterested and exhausted people being more centrist or open to conversation and listening or completely being apolitical and ignoring things, not exclusively defecting into the arms of the alt-right or whatever.

I personally post nothing political on my social media (really almost nothing at all except art, lolita, and travel) so that no side can claim I'm for or against anything. I have all my non-anon political discussions in person so people can have some context and humanity when we disagree or misinterpret things, and in general I never discuss anything "taboo" like politics, sexuality, or similar subjects on social media as well for the same reasons. I think these discussions happening online rather than in person is part of the problem of them being hard to have without accusations, threats, and assumptions being thrown around everywhere.

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why are you even explaining to them? anyone dumb enough to unironically engage soup isn't worth it. they're likely the same dumbass anons who get baited so hard.

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>why are you even explaining to them?
Because I'm bored, duh

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well do something more constructive, rather than destructive, bb.

>> No.10578462


imagine thinking acknowledging soup is a shitposting attention whore on cgl is destructive behavior considering literally everything else about cgl

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It's clearly a joke. Jesus christ.

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a couple of weeks ago, after being driven to insanity of being coped up inside because of covid, I went to the beach. as I was setting up my spot in the gorgeous californian weather I spotted from the corner of my eyes a flock of seagulls prancing around. they were not your typical beach gulls oh no no these seagulls had colorful wigs and pretty dresses on. they were eyeing me menacingly or rather the succulent meal my mother had made me was their target of attraction. before I even knew it they made their move flying towards me red eyed full of lust for my succulent d-no nuggies. I had to think fast, ain’t no gulls touching my d-no nuggies, so in the heat of the moment I shouted, “oh great mana-sama pls protect my d-no nuggies I beseech you.” when my words entered the tiny ears of the gulls it stun locked them for a brief moment. the confusion only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was enough because a whale so happened to wash up on land in that brief moment drawing the seagulls’ attention away saving my d-no nuggies.
that’s right fight each other and die in mutual destruction

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soup you were relatively wholesome before this week. wtf happened? did somebody die?

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Literally cannot wait to graduate with my BA in the fall and move out. I left 1 plate in the sink and got yelled at when I'm a literal adult I hate it here.

>> No.10578496


God soup you sound like some weird autistic AI wrote this

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ok ban her

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Got the red wristcuffs I wanted in today's Paris release but missed the twin headbow in red ~T_T~

Better luck in the Japan one I guess though I really wanted to spend my money with Paris to get VIP sooner.

>> No.10578508

They only are bumping customers to VIP in January now, no more skipping the line you have to wait til 2022 now
>source: I asked

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Get out anon. I'm basically a single mother to my own parents and I DO have my BA and a successful career.

>> No.10578511

if not POC, you must be racist. You can't say no.
if not trans, you must be transphobic. Admit it.
If not actively bullying brands into making clothes for plus sizes, you must be fatphobic. Brands aren't tho.

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i love my bf. he takes my coord shots and tries to do something special for me every weekend (e.g. taking me to a tea room, ordering in from the good french restaurants nearby, walking in the gardens...). he sometimes buys releases for me if i've been pining over them since them since the catalog announcements, or a dream dress if it pops up secondhand. he's a good guy and such a far cry from shitty men who hate lolita

i get the feel, but even my VIP friends have to dip into general release to get anything... no harm in getting VIP anyway but shit's wild rn

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Making friends as an adult is hard. I moved across the country at 26 and I’m into music so I started going to shows all the time (way more than I was inclined to just because the band was good, I’m talking 4-5 nights a week) to try to meet people and eventually the music scene people that were always at shoes started recognizing me and we made friends. But asking to hang out that first time is AWKWARD, it felt like asking someone out on a date lol. A short cut is finding a guy to date casually if he’s part a local scene/crew you might meet a ton of people that way. This works for people into alt communities but not with normies because they suck and have no interests or hobbies or lives, generally, beyond watching TV. Covid sucks but hopefully by the fall things will be back to normal

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Looking for some advice gulls. Last december had a spat with a mod in my comm and left because of it. come January I attempt to rejoin the disc and turns out I'm blocked. ask about it and get some shit about not having grown enough as a person, fine, whatever. Planning to ask again at the very least next spring/summer. Is 2 years enough time to wait?I accept that I was unquestionably the asshole but idk if 2 years is enough for them to accept me saying that and wanting to get back in.

>> No.10578541

It really really depends what you did. If you caused harm to someone who’s still in the comm, I can understand not wanting to accept your return. If you, idk, scalped some bodyline or something else stupid you could’ve learned from since, then I think they’re probably being harsh.

>> No.10578543

Just joined my local sex positive group. What can I expect?

>> No.10578544

Idk if it’s you, but one girl in my comm was sexually assaulted by one of the other comm members before lockdown, and that personally was rightfully banned for life. If that’s you trying to whine here on cgl without context then fuck off and stay fucked off, because we don’t want you back.

>> No.10578547

Is this question at all lolita related?

>> No.10578548

absolutely not me. no this was a single argument and I did not nor would I sexually assault anyone. this happened during the lockdown anyway.

>> No.10578549

if you fit into most of the things you like then you're probably not the level of fat i had in mind

>> No.10578550

long story short I was an asshole to a mod in a conversation. When I asked for more details they were pretty vague but it seems all because of that incident. Dick move on my part but imo not worth being shunned forever. probably fucked up in accidentally going to the mod in the incident to ask but I didn't know.

>> No.10578552

I figured one of you weirdos would have experience you could share. If I went to /adv/ I'd probably just get useless seething replys

>> No.10578558


Well yeah, your friend is right. I meant check on your friends if they don't seem okay/were directly affected but then again we're against conflict so we may not always say what's on our minds.

>> No.10578560

I hope they're on PReP

>> No.10578562

>one Asian speaks for all Asians

>> No.10578563

Apologize to that mod. When ppl say that you need to grow it isnt just about waiting a certain time period, its about showing that you have changed. Being able to admit to that person you fucked up is a good step in that direction.

>> No.10578567

if I do it now i fear it would be too soon. not a question if I am sorry- by god I am- just a question of conveying it right.

>> No.10578574

Wow that system is falling apart quickly for them lol

>> No.10578575

Getting stds and being told that your butthole is more special than any other butthole in the world

>> No.10578577

weird way to say whorehouse

>> No.10578579

This is really good advice

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2020 - I'm going to get one of these cake purses one day. I really, REALLY want one. Ok. Going to save up. It'll just be for me, just for fun. I think they're so cool and well made. I've wanted one for like two years now. I can totally spend $300 bucks on something like this. No problem.

20201 - Oh. She's raised the piece to $600-$1000 bucks a purse. Whelp....

>> No.10578606

It looks really bad anyway anon

>> No.10578608


you legit think that looks bad or you just saying that to make me feel better? Kek.

>> No.10578609

I honestly think it looks like regretsy tier garbage

>> No.10578612

I wouldn't pay 30$ for this

>> No.10578613

To me it looks like some made a cake in a room that's too warm and the icing is beginning to separate. And they topped it with fake plastic cherries

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File: 84 KB, 794x700, il_794xN.1506285402_61ey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm shocked! Maybe I picked a bad once. But this is a ramen bowl I thought was cool. $1,040 + shipping. It's all hand made.

>> No.10578622

this looks like hot shit come on. I can't see this looking flattering with anything.

>> No.10578623

Ntayrt, but while they look like they take a lot of work and skill that doesn't mean it is a cute or useful bag.
It doesn't mean you shouldn't do you, but yeah hard pass.

>> No.10578624

considering how quickly the VIP system is turning to shit I understand, like >>10578515 said stock has been so low there's basically no benefit to being VIP anymore, and some stuff has not gotten restocked even on general release (So AP Paris saying that they split the stock so VIP and General release have a fair chance somewhat lied)

>> No.10578632

>It's current year

It really is 2016 isn't it t?

>> No.10578633

I am still very considerate of others because I value social harmony above almost everything.

I don't hate people for their race or religion. Every person should have a place to call home where their identity is cherished. I just understand the multiethnic society project has failed, we can never exist together in harmony and forcing something against nature is hurting everyone.

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File: 90 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.1896792241_335f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean here's a cake purse that I think looks way better and it's only $300. I follow Rommydebommy on IG myself and I think she upped her prices cause she gets custom orders all the time. I think she also just had a fashion magazine interview her so she's got the clout to sell to rich people now.

But yeah, like >>10578623 said, you do you if you have your heart set on a Bommy purse. It's like people who want brand even if the print is meh.

>> No.10578637

this is really cheap and poor quality fake food, anon, you could easily get the same quality fake cake for $10 and attach it to a regular bag.

>> No.10578638

this looks so cheap it pisses me off. she's probably not making the fake food aspect of this herself, it looks like she's just hollowing out premade crap.

>> No.10578652


Good thing this is a feels thread. Now I feel bummed out on both accounts the one purse looks ugly and is not worth the price tag (not even close lol) and the other one might be a cheap premade junk.

Oh well. At least I saved like $300+ bucks.

>> No.10578666

Wow damn it probably isn’t?? Like these all look handmade to me and I bet the designers show some part of their processes... creators like these tend to. Imagine letting like 3 randoms on the basket weaving board stop you from buying something you wanted that bad lmao because they think it’s ugly. Go research the designers, find out how the bags are made, and come to your own conclusions! Even better, ask people in your real life, not just some internet losers on 4chan (which I know is ironic since I too am an internet loser on 4chan, but damn this response depressed me more than anything else I’ve seen in this thread)

>> No.10578674

No matter how many brand clothes I put on I feel like I always look frumpy, untidy, cheap and uncomfortable compared to other girls in my comm. Whenever I wear Lolita some details always irritate me like the petticoat not being in perfect shape, my stockings slipping, my dresses and blouses looking wrinkled, all this while I wear high quality clothes and take care of them. I'm not fat nor too tall but I usually feel I look huge or pudgy. I try so hard to look good in Lolita but it feels like everybody else just gets it pretty effortless...

>> No.10578681

> i get the feel, but even my VIP friends have to dip into general release to get anything... no harm in getting VIP anyway but shit's wild rn

Can confirm, there's even stuff I missed out on in both VIP and regular sales. Unless you happen to catch the VIP mail the moment you receive it the popular stuff is sold out already. And VIP sales don't stay up that long either.

VIP does give you a general idea of when the regular sales will be starting so you know during which timeframe to spam refresh. That can really make a difference.

>> No.10578688

>the petticoat not being in perfect shape
get a new one
>my stockings slipping
sock glue
>dresses and blouses looking wrinkled
iron them
>I look huge or pudgy
eat better/work out/learn how to pose

you're welcome

>> No.10578711

Have you heard of the Kibbe body system? Some people will always look bad and “off” in certain shaped clothing because it’s inharmonious with their frame/body shape. I didn’t realize how bad my clothes were making me look until I got my body type analysis done and put on some clothes that were correct for my body type and I was shocked. I looked thinner and just all-around better and less disheveled and it blew my mind. Maybe lolita is just bad for your body type

>> No.10578724

>Therefore listen to the white people telling you how to treat asianss

>> No.10578726
File: 187 KB, 600x446, 06d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People trying to convince you that having sex with a million different partners in or outside of a relationship is empowering and not at all a symptom of hypersexuality.

Bullshit PSAs about how monagamy is *~problematic*~ and *~unnatural~* in between vent/jealousy posts about the endless line of people their partners are currently fucking.

More PSAs about how you can kiss/fuck/invade personal space with your friends and it's totally normal and not at all weird.

>> No.10578727

If you're socially retarded enough to insult someone to their face in a conversation the comm is probably relieved you're gone. Unless you can provide more context that what you did was in any way warranted. Do you have friends within the comm and still in contact with them privately? If not, stay gone. If nobody's reaching out to you you're not missed.

>> No.10578729

according to sjws, racial groups are hiveminds. unless the person of that race disagrees with sjws, then they suddenly don't count

>> No.10578736

honestly sounds like you deserved it and you shouldn't be let back in when your first question is how long should I wait before trying to get back in instead of asking what is the best way to sincerely apologize. They're right - you haven't grown as a person at all since the event happened, none of your posts sound like you're sorry for what you said or did.

>> No.10578746

hey now, that's a little rude. I already have an alright grasp on how to apologize, I just didn't know how long to wait to not be too soon or too late. I'm not saying you're wrong even, I just came on here for advice.

>> No.10578751

based anon, let's be conservative friends who wear cute outfits together

>> No.10578766

I would apologize now. You can even explain that you don't want this to seem reactionary to being booted, but that you have been sorry for awhile.
What I would include is that you understand if they are not ready to take you back, but you hope someday that will be an option.
If you are really sorry it is best to say so, but understand that the other person might not be over it yet.
Good luck!

>> No.10578775

idk man these guys seem right I'm thinkin bout quitting

>> No.10578790

I study a STEM subject so having a friend who would put some effort into their appearance would be nice.

>> No.10578795
File: 558 KB, 719x976, Screenshot_20210319-150344_Video Player.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A second Asian friend just posted this to his story.

SJWs don't like it when the people they want to LARP as the champions for, don't give a shit and don't want your attention.

>> No.10578805

Then you probably didn't want it that bad to begin with. Apologizing is hard. If you are not willing to do so to go back they are probably right that you haven't grown enough for it to be worth their time.

>> No.10578811

Finally got, not my dream dress, but the dress that finally made me dip my toes into lolita fashion rather than admiring from a far. I missed it on the initial release from price tag shock, but now it's mine and I feel like I came full circle

>> No.10578815

...and anyone with normal values who just wants to enjoy the fashion without being trampled over for woke dominance, I'm working on a server for normal lolitas. so just email me if you're interested

>> No.10578816

Congrats anon, to many happy and fulfilling coords in your future! Mind sharing the dress?

>> No.10578847

I get that your friend is asain but it makes it all the more ignorant to go against his own people (this sounds like a males point of view) alot of the hate crimes are being targeted towards asain women spacifically and it's asain women who get fetishized the most

Lolitas especially do it when they oo and ah over fruits but throw shit fits when a non asain does it the same way. You guys even have a different standard when it comes to asain wearing lolita
and it always comes of as creepy asain obsession to me

>> No.10578849

>SJW claiming they know what's right for Asian people unlike those other people who think they know what's right

Just be quiet already.

>> No.10578851

I don't know if I'm having a Stoke reading that green text but I'm not claiming to know what's right for asains I'm saying we can't just keep ignoring the fact that they get put in a different box than everyone else and that they need to stop being treated like they aren't people like anyone else

>> No.10578875

>I don't know what's right for asians
>>but it makes it all the more ignorant to against his own people

Keep having that stroke.

>I'm saying we can't just keep ignoring the fact that they get put in a different box than everyone else
Everyone who is different from the majority gets put in a box. That's the psychological reality of humans. Nothing you can do about it.

I view my friends as friends but I know they are asian and there is literally nothing that I or anyone else can do to remove that distinction that they are different to me. That's just how the human mind works, we focus on differences.

>d that they need to stop being treated like they aren't people like anyone else
Where are you even pulling this shit from? Lolita fashion looks better on asians because it was designed for an asian body-type and there's more cultural legitmacy in their style since they are closer to source which everyone is attempting to emulate.

I can't believe I'm having to describe why having a cultural connection to something means that in general your opinion on that thing will carry more weight and if people want to acknowledge that cultural weight, they can. Yes there are race fetishists, there are also pedophiles, rape fetishists and erotic cannibals. These people just exist, no amount of bashing the majority of people who don't hold these bizarre views is going to convert the people who do hold the views.

>God I fucking love asians so much for being asian
>>Hey you know it's actually really not cool to like someone purely for your opinions about their race?
>You're right. Let me stop.

>> No.10578916

I think I'm getting bored of online lolita communities. Every discussion feels either done to death or too controversial for civil discussion. The second hand market has also been really dry recently, so I haven't been checking second hand sites as much as I used to. Still love the fashion, but I think I'm going to stick to my local comm. So long and thanks for all the fish.

>> No.10578936

How is it rude to tell you the truth? If getting (rightfully) kicked out of a discord is all it's taking to make you quit instead of, you know, taking a good look at yourself to see why you're in the wrong and why you got kicked out, then you should just quit.

>> No.10578938

>been searching for dream dress in wearable condition for almost a year
>thought I found one, bought it, it arrives entirely yellowed
>very sad, the hunt continues
>yesterday see it come up on jp second hand market, first owner and never worn. Looks perfect
>somehow my SS gets it for me

Feels good :) but also nervous it will have some kind of gross smell. Oh well. Fingers crossed anon, I will cry with joy when it arrives if it is how I believe it to be.

>> No.10578939

anon is socially retarded. she's going to think everything that's not nice to her is rudeness. why do you think she got kicked out.

don't waste your breath on these kinds of people.

>> No.10579006

can’t call me names anymore otherwise you’re committing a hate crime ha ha losers

>> No.10579018

no one needs to call you names to make fun of you, soup.

>> No.10579034

who’s making fun of me? I’ll get them cancel for being racist and have all their jsks seized

>> No.10579042

Not to rain on your dream dress parade, but I'm always extremely skeptical of old dresses that claim never worn and NWT. Especially if most others from the time are hard to find in decent condition. For example if someone is claiming a NWT original sugary carnival or even Crystal Dream Carnival at this point alarm bells go off. I really hope you found the hidden gem though.

>> No.10579045

I found a DD nwt on fril recently. AP print from 2010. Really did come with all the tags, clearly hasn't been worn, just wrinkled from being stuffed into a closet and a slight mothball scent that went away after I let the dress air out outside for a few days.

I can understand being skeptical but it definitely happens.

>> No.10579049

Oh no, not new with tags anon! I would be extremely skeptical as well if it were the case. Its also not particularly popular, especially in jpn it seems.The seller's feedback was stellar too, so I'm optimistic! The photos were very good, so I'm really just worried it might smell weird.

>> No.10579053

I’m really tired of black lolitas turning the community into the oppression olympics.

>> No.10579057

Trying to move to a new state with a big active jfash community and also just because.

i have 3 interviews lined up today and next week, i’m excited very excited. but also can’t stop buying frilly shit on lm and mercari haha, even though I am moving

>> No.10579062

Sorry to inconvenience you with being our children being murdered

>> No.10579064

kek as if all the woke Asians aren't doing this same thing. Especially demanding anyone black has to post about the hate crimes even if they aren't a person or page that even ever posted BLM stuff or avoids discussing politics just cause they wear j-fashion or drink boba or listen to kpop and some other different shitty black people are some of the ones committing the hate crimes. Like sorry I didn't post anxiety-inducing photos of black people getting killed or protestors getting abused by cops and shit last summer and I am not going to post traumatizing sad images of innocent asian grandmas with bruises or vids of grandpas getting mugged this summer.

I care for both groups of people since I'm mixed with both and like, yeah this shit is awful but some of us have mental health problems and anxieties about racism and trauma from a variety of other non race related things year round, not just in the summer when SJWs decide to be mad about it. More power to the people who have the stomach to share that stuff when it's helpful resources like donation links or gofundmes for victims but I'm not able to handle seeing it all day so I just check out of social media at times like this so I don't see it.

>> No.10579091

Not everything has to be about politics. Why can’t a fashion just stay as a fashion? Why do you have to start witch hunts calling people racist for not bending over backwards to cater to your asinine whims?

>> No.10579098


Gonna go out on a limb and say apart from a loud minority no, blacks aren't the problem, it's the woke white people bending backwards to catch all that wokeness. Same thing with the new stop asian hate movement. No one gave a shit when asian elders were being murdered in the streets but once you hit a few buzzwords you have all the woke people all over it. People like WF wouldn't have a quarter of the platform they would without people like Lor catering to their insane demands.

>> No.10579103

During the whole BLM thing I had a black lady go off on me because she parked too close to my car and ended up hitting my door with hers when she opened it and I told her I wanted her insurance info for the ding. She started screaming calling me a whitey and telling me I needed to be afraid of what was going to happen to me for being white. And I’m not even white, I’m a light skinned Hispanic. It’s not just white SJWs.

>> No.10579107

I had a similar experience during the riots of a black woman getting out of line in store for minuets and then losing her shit calling me racist and saying she wanted to fight me when I didn’t let her back in front of me

>> No.10579112

Yeah, that's not racism, you're just a dick.

>> No.10579114

She left the line for ten minuets, didn’t ask for her spot to be held, didn’t ask to get back in front of me, the line was growing, everyone was grumbling at her, and I’m the dick? You can’t just leave a line and expect your place to be held. That’s not how it works. Wait there like everyone else.

>> No.10579116

the person who gets out of line and then wants to cut back in line is the dick in the situation no matter the race. that’s just basic line etiquette unless there’s someone you’re with holding your spot

>> No.10579123


No other marginalized groups can even speak anymore and everyone is tired of it. Cause yes while they have their own issues, so do the rest of us. Give someone else a chance to talk for once. Also for some reason black people can't be racist to other minorities? And if you call the wokesters out about it somehow you're the racist.

>> No.10579125

>I’m a light skinned Hispanic.
this is possibly the worst feel of all. my grandma especially is very dark, when i was younger people always assumed she was my maid and it always made my mom pissed. i guess if we don't want to be considered white we should tan, right?

>> No.10579126

I hope you didn’t give into her. Those kinds of people are entitled and think they can resort to throwing a temper tantrum and threatening people if they don’t get what they want, and they need to be taught they can’t.

>> No.10579128

Pretty sure the person threatening people with physical violence is the dick in the situation

>> No.10579135

Holy shit same though. Light skinned hispanic, my grandma basically raised me and she was so much darker than me that people assumed she was just the babysitter. It's such a weird middle ground between people assuming you're white/feeling separated from your culture and feeling like you can't speak up about it.

>> No.10579146

So you're Spanish. Guess what, you're still white.

>> No.10579151

hispanic isn't spanish, anon. i'm mexican.

>> No.10579152

You are so uninformed it’s actually pitiful

>> No.10579175

As if that means something.

>> No.10579177

are you retarded?

>> No.10579187

Ppl being murdered isn't politics, its human rights abuse. If it makes you uncomfortable maybe you need to confront your own biases.

>> No.10579192

^^^^ 100%

>> No.10579211

>Give someone else a chance to talk for once.
No one is stopping you from speaking.

>> No.10579212

Why would you post about human rights abuse in a place for fashion discussion? Off-topic posts are usually discouraged in communities.

Or is it okay for people to spam their fashion comms with discussions on other things? Like factory farming and animal abuse, or labor exploitation? Environmental issues? What if I start posting about how most lolitas are bloodmouths?

>> No.10579214

Ppl being murdered isn't politics. Except when it's the holocaust and the nazis, or the islamist attacks in the streets of Europe, or when the liberal party uses shootings as an excuse to lobby against firearms, or when activists went to the Floyd riots to rally people against Trump and flash their signs wherever there was a camera.

>you go gurl
Useless cheerleader post.

>> No.10579216

Are you? Who do you think colonized Mexico? Or do you just think you're "light skinned" for no reason? And your "hispanic" heritage came from somewhere other than Spain?

>> No.10579218

I just found out that hamsters can hibernate. now I feel guilty because maybe the hamster I had years ago wasn’t dead but he was just sleeping. I might have killed my hamster muky and buried him alive

>> No.10579227


You're a fag a half, poop.

>> No.10579244

your mom didn’t think so when I did her last night and she screamed “soupie ain’t poopie!” idiot

oh muky was such a sweet little ratboy. he would run around in his hamster wheel all day. sometimes I would put him in his hamster ball mobile so that he could roam around the house to go on his little adventures. I miss you so much pal

>> No.10579252

>implying you know more about my heritage than I do lol

Anon, there are literally groups of native peoples that have LIGHTER skin. Not pinky white, but light. Thinking that all lighter skinned Hispanics are white is actually retarded, especially when there are other traits we also have such as epicanthic folds lmao.

>> No.10579253


Shouldn't had killed it in it's sleep then.

>> No.10579258

If anyone would be interested in starting a lolita space without all this sjw mob-mentality fuckery, please email me!

>> No.10579259

too far anon. say sorry

>> No.10579261

>by other black people

>> No.10579264

Remember everyone, they hate you no matter what because of what happened 500 years ago.

>> No.10579265

>No one can have any discussions about anything unless we have discussed ALL human rights abuses across the globe

You people are actually fucking idiots. This is exactly how you polarise people.

>> No.10579268

You're literally proving my point.

>> No.10579273

yeah its almost as if the oohs and ahhs come from when we look at Japanese lolitas that actually started the jfashion. If Gordon Ramsey adds strawberry-pineapple sauce to lamb I'll be intrigued with how he incorporates it and want to try it but if I see it as a frozen dinner meal at Walmart I'll walk away

>> No.10579284

It's a futuristic, modern world, but things aren't what they seem. Some day you'd better wake up from this stupid fantasy

>> No.10579300

White girls are so ugly. I wish I could be Asian.

>> No.10579305

same but mostly because it'd be a hell of lot easier to lock down a good asian guy

>> No.10579306

A lot of them are financial providers and do the whole ritualistic buying you shit and being manly but are awful cheaters. Even the nice ones you meet at church. Source: Korean and have attended enough Korean churches and heard the drama to know lol

>> No.10579308

every race cheats tho. at least asian men are still willing to fully support a woman and take her on shopping sprees and shit. i'll take it

>> No.10579316

>Women will accept a cheating provider but when you tell them youl be a faithful provider if they'll be a dutiful homemaker you're literally satan

I have a question for God, why?

>> No.10579317

not all of us are feminazis, anon

>> No.10579319

I want to stay up for the AP bloodbath but I'm so sleepy

>> No.10579326


>No one is stopping you from speaking

I've had someone tell me "it's not your turn yet". If not now, fucking when?

>> No.10579352

Why don't you just date asian guys? idgi.

>> No.10579355

ironically most of the anti asian attacks have been by black people

>> No.10579356

...i DO date asian guys. however if you're not also asian, it's hard to lock them down for marriage because of family disapproval.

>> No.10579357

>white boy murders 8 asians
What is it with you people and mental illness?

>> No.10579360


the black on asian crime has been happening like crazy during the whole pandemic. the msm just didn't bother to cover it. i'm in the bay area so i see it firsthand here

>> No.10579361

Where did this stupid meme even come from? This website?

>> No.10579362

Holy shit, you're actually going to cite an article with that dogwhistle of a name? You're sick, get help.

>> No.10579364

Probably came from /pol/. They post "infographics" with a wall of citations, but when you look up their citation there's nothing to support they claim.

>> No.10579365

there's no way sjws are THIS stupid. these are literal facts





ALL black perpetrators. get over it, morons

>> No.10579367
File: 28 KB, 640x427, QXCOVON_d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10579368

>source is an opinion piece by a Newsmax contributor
Sucks when you can't find real sources to back up your race-baiting, doesn't it

>> No.10579371


I love that it says white people are underrepresented in hate crime statistics, when the media and police are claiming a white man who went on an Asian murder spree was just "having a bad day" and it was totes his sex addiction and not racial at all. No shit white people are underrepresented in hate crime stats when no one wants to ever acknowledge when white people literally commit racial acts of violence and murder people clearly in relation to their race.

>> No.10579372

>Michelle Malkin
Ho-leee shit
> Around 2019, Malkin began to publicly support members of the extreme right, including Nick Fuentes.[3][4][5] Malkin has faced criticism for her association with white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and Groypers, including Fuentes and Identity Evropa founder Patrick Casey.[3][5][6] In November 2019, she was dropped by conservative organization Young America's Foundation (YAF) due to her support of antisemites and white nationalists

Wow.. Four "attacks", the first was a robbery and the second was some dude in the way.

Damn near lol

>> No.10579373
File: 31 KB, 500x589, tradcats.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because we all want to stay home with our kids and live a certain lifestyle but the men that approach with "bby I will provide for you if you are my homemaker" look like they came from /b/ or /pol/. They think their insufferable personality will be redeemed by their NEETbux or better yet they want to die in some fucking race war and proudly disclose it, get doxxed and then are unemployable making you the sole provider and being angry you aren't social enough/aren't very trad/homemakey.

Been there done that. Did 8 years of time and when I tried to leave I got doxxed by these trads. I got so much trauma from that category of men that I list myself as a bi to avoid them, no fucking way will I ever come near a man that values God or considers himself trad again.


Consider coffee&bagel. I had the app a few years ago and Asian guys were abundant that were interested in white girls. Just don't show them your jfashion until he knows you well enough. Asian men like white girls for the status too.

>> No.10579375

I don't think anyone is claiming black people don't commit crimes but to pretend white people don't commit hate crimes against Asians too is just false. There was literally a case in Detroit where a man got no jail time for a premeditated murder with a bat that left a man in a coma for days before he died and anti-Asian sentiment and excusing white men was the only reason.

It's always that people want to excuse the behavior of white men when they murder or harm people (women, poc, rape/child abuse, etc.)

>he was mentally ill
>it was just a bad day
>a cry for help
>he seemed like a good kid

And all the other BULLSHIT for white men. I bet all the black people who got caught actually got punished for their crimes, as they deserved. White men get caught and have their face and story shared all over the world and then get treated like poor little babies and serve little to no consequences or barely any in comparison even when it's painfully obvious they should.

>> No.10579376

It's always comfy when the shitheels are banned. Scrote this, ana that, furry over there. I can't blame the mod though, even as a user I'm bored. The kung flu was a big blow, but interest in cosplay has declined considerably since the early 10s. You can see it with how many pepakura links around the internet are dead. /po/ has less traffic than a comm on a mountain village.

>> No.10579377

Btw this is why people hate blacks and sjws. It's not because you're black or blue-haired. It's because you take your gospel to spaces where it doesn't have any relevance, mock and discredit any proof about you being full of shit by talking down and insulting, and then you're making a mountain out of a mole hill when it suits you. You are genuinely unpleasant people and you are radicalizing others against you regardless of your point.

>> No.10579378

You hate us.. because.. we tell you that you're killing us...?

>> No.10579381

I know this feel is way too on topic for this thread but I just got the twin ribbon headbow I wanted; feelsgoodman

>> No.10579382
File: 1.55 MB, 227x172, laptop hug.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Samefag, I got what I wanted!

>> No.10579383

Man, I almost wish we were. If it were true, your little faggot candyass would probably be to scared to say anything and I would be able to shitpost. In peace without running afoul of any of your pathetic whining

>> No.10579385

congrats anon, I'm >>10579381 and had missed what I wanted from Paris yesterday but got it today!

>> No.10579386

All the burando for us! But now it's time for bed

>> No.10579393

Man, get the fuck out of here. Who is "you" and who is "us"? This is the WORLD wide web. This isn't America. Even africans condemn you.

>> No.10579396

Follow up, fuck you are everyone like you. A white guy killed some asian guys and you STILL MAKE IT ABOUT YOU! You fucking self-centered, sociopathic turdlog!

>> No.10579404

I’m a petite white girl who can’t even eat meat without feeling bad. How am I killing you? By... existing? By not bowing down and kissing your feet? By not cutting off my hand and giving it to you?

>> No.10579416

U gon feel good eatin this meat

>> No.10579418

Already told you I don’t eat animals

>> No.10579421

I'm not an animal but I am a beast

>> No.10579426

>Was the only reason

What's the bet it wasn't? I'd like to see the police report and court findings.

Also literally all the excuses you used to excuse abhorrent behaviour is what the left has been saying about blacks for decades now. But it's only not okay when white people do it?

How about that guy who shot a white child on the kids front lawn and everyone claimed he shouldn't be prosecuted because he was mentally ill?

How about the gang of black people that tortured a mentally disabled white person for being white but then everyone claimed it was justified because of "white oppression"?

How about all the police officers murdered by black men every year?

How about the literally year worth of riots which killed over 30 people and costed over a billion dollars which was excused as a cry for help?

Stop being such a fucking hypocrite.

>> No.10579427

>Killing us

So far absolutely nobody has been able to provide any evidence of an unjustified killing of a black person that then the family wasn't given a settlement for.

>> No.10579437

>you are radicalizing others against you regardless of your point.

And your not? Sorry you hate all black people. If one black men decides to shoot a bunch of people, doesn't mean it's the business of every other black person. You act like every will be solved if a black person was to walk up to another person and said "hey stop that" and they won't get shot and killed like everybody else. Don't give a fuck about sjws, i would love for them to know what true oppression is so that they would shut up, but I don't think you are helping anything by just judging a whole group of people are in themselves have multiple different religions, cultures and political beliefs. Even so, no matter what black people do, white people will hate them even if they are a productive member of society who never does anything wrong because that's how people like you think. You aren't much different from the people you cry about. I don't think black people should ever give a fuck about white other races think of them and just just focus on fixing their own community FOR THEMSELVES. The people you have an issue are the hoteps anyways.

>> No.10579439

Holy shit, it's because white people can't stop dragging black people into this situation. Be angry at yourself.

>> No.10579442

Go back to /pol/ and stay there.

>> No.10579444

When is someone gonna tell Rune that calling her unborn daughter a "little rabbit child" is weird? And homegirl needs a new wig

>> No.10579454

I still haven't heard from my SS about the Kumya-chan's Love Heart Embroidery lottery and I'm devastated. I wanted that dress so bad.

>> No.10579455

NAYRT but if you think races can't ever get along, what is your solution?

>> No.10579456

I love comments like this because it confirms that you feel really uncomfortable that people in the real world, people you probably know, people in your hobbies and your inner circle probably hold these ideas and you can't stand it.

Seethe harder faggot.

>> No.10579458

>Everything is white people's fault


>> No.10579464

what happened to this thread? What does American politics have to do with /cgl/?

>> No.10579467


^ Thank you.

>> No.10579473

I'm so tired of Americans in this fashion. And also Americans and general. I don't need to care about problems that only apply to them, just like they don't care about anything happening outside their country. But the second something happens to them it's suddenly everyone's resposibility. And it bleeds over into the fashion because so many people in lolita spaces are American so I can't even enjoy being in lolita groups and tags without them pushing their stupid little discussions down everyone else's throat. Some girl started a discussion post on Rufflechat and it's only connection to EGL was the first line, then it went on to talk about racism and such. God I am so tired.

>> No.10579496

I literally condemned the behavior of those types of people in my post. If you want to call someone a hypocrite, then do it based on what they actually said, not what you hear the left wing extremists say. I'm not a hypocrite for calling out ANYONE who is a fucking awful person committing atrocities regardless of rsce just because it hurts your feefees that I acknowledge when white men are included in that.

It's always about trying to deflect and pretending you've caught someone in a lie by assuming what they believe based on what you hate most about the left, because you desperately want to accuse anyone you disagree with of hypocrisy when the only hypocrite is you for thinking white men are somehow exempt for committing the same kinds of crimes as everyone else.

Fuck the assholes who did anything bad, whatever their color. The white ones just always get away with it. And the fact you can see Asians targeted by black people as a hate crime but not when they're targeted by white people/want to avoid talking about when white people do it just proves my point.

Fuck off with how many cops died. Pizza delivery drivers have it worse. If they can't handle a job less dangeeous than what a teenager with their first car can, maybe they shouldn't be trying to be a cop just so they can play soldier against civilians all day.

>> No.10579497

There is nothing we can do. We will never live in a world where will all get along. Some people will be racist, homophobic, sexist no matter what for whatever reason, people just need to learn to navigate this world with that in mind.

>> No.10579498

Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for cops being assholes though, the cops in question needs consequences, not the ability to push that responsibility on civilians for their shitty power trips that end in death.

>> No.10579500

Kek, the lack of self awareness that this is actually the opposite since non hateful bigots outnumber you racist retards.

There's a reasong conservative people online are always whining they need safe spaces away from progressive politics or SJW shit online. They're the minority and most people hate them, even people who hate SJWs.

>> No.10579506

The cops do get punished when they do the wrong thing. Very rarely do police ever get off without punishment if it's a wrongful death.

>> No.10579507

>Conservatives are a minority
They're about 50% of the population.

Also I'm not a conservative. I'm a fascist.

>> No.10579509

So if you condemn the behaviour why aren't you going after the biggest culprits of that behaviour rather than the minority case?
It's like going after the guys who chooses plastic instead of paper rather than the coal companies when you want to address climate change.

>The white ones just always get away with it
Provide your evidence that white people get away with all crime and black people don't get get away with any crime. Please provide only statistical reports based off the population, not anecdotal stories.

>Fuck off with how many cops died
So what your saying is police do have legitimate reason to fear for their lives given people like you don't seem to regard them as human beings? Good to know.

>> No.10579511

Also I have literally not defended any person who committed any crime.

The reality is, it wasn't a hate crime. The guy who shot up the place did not shoot them because of their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political views. It doesn't meet any of the criteria. The guy shot up the place because he was a sex addict and was completely retarded.

>> No.10579513

As an Asian guy I agree with that notion.
But why do people never talk about when black people attack Asian people? Is it cuz media fears the backlash of the black community? Or does it not fit they argenda? Why do white people condemn themselves? Or do jews still hate white people and it's part of they plan to destroy the white race? So many questions and much more.

>> No.10579518

Can someone please kill this thread now I came here to talk about frilly dresses I don’t want to read the thoughts of disgusting degenerate nazi scrotes

>> No.10579524
File: 42 KB, 340x359, d38.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Right? I thought this was supposed to be chill out edition fuck

>> No.10579525 [DELETED] 


If you think he didn't murder those people because of his racial biases when it is painfully obvious idk what to tell u bro. Your responses to other posts are also literally making up claims no one made.

I know /pol/ is an echo chamber of the same tired racist bullshit but chimping out on the frilly dresses board for fun will not resolve your insecurities or do anything productive. Just kys or go shoot up a school or church like the rest of you lot love to do already.

>> No.10579526

nta but it's not obvious. the fact that low end spas are run by asians is a coincidence. one of the people was white as well.

>> No.10579528

oh my god unless you have some hot takes about kawaii frills please just fuck offffffff our board you nasty little scrote

>> No.10579542

Please provide objective evidence of his racial bias and that this racial bias was the primary factor of his motivations.

>> No.10579544

calling asian women a “temptation to be eradicated” isn't good enough evidence?

>> No.10579546

Evidence that he directed it specifically at Asian women.

>> No.10579547

do you have any fucking reading comprehension lmao

>> No.10579548

I really love baking, it makes me feel like I've actually accomplished something (cooking too, but to a lesser degree). Everyone always asks me to bake for them, I wish I was consistently less depressed/sick so I could bake for my family and friends more often.

>> No.10579549

>Get told to provide evidence

So like, where's the evidence to the part where he specifically said Asian women should be eradicated?

>> No.10579551

Let’s talk more about baking, please? Anything else on this thread is just conversation lead by filthy men right now and I don’t want it

>> No.10579552

I love baking too anons, and making any kinds of cute food. I don't even eat the sweets I make most of the time, I just love the activity and sharing it with others and making it all look good.

Most of the other girls in my comm also love cooking and baking so it excites me, though some of them have formal training or past baking related jobs while I just use recipes from the internet so it does feel a little like I have a lot to learn lol.

>> No.10579560

Girls are pretty. This is good.

>> No.10579620 [DELETED] 

I am SO . SICK. AND TIRED. Of all these shitty fucking taobao itas running around. I didn't become a lolita to be associated with these cheap cunts running around in their dime store tier dresses. I have more brand than they do normie clothes. I'm sitting here in my unshirred angelic pretty vanilla chan while they're crying that their ita shit meta dress in plus plus size is too small for them. Well boo fucking who, you dumb bitch. Go on a diet like a normal person and maybe stop fucking eating a literally dumpster of food everyday. And gasp maybe if you stopped ordering out and eating so much not only would you lose the half ton of fat you carry around with you every day, you'll have money left over to buy nicer shit than your plastic garbage bag that you call a taobao dress.
I've been in this fashion for 12 years and it chaps my ass to see what a fucking embarrassing dumpster fire that its become. Maybe I should quit but instead of selling my 100+ main piece pure burando wadrobe filled with coveted and iconic pieces, I should just trash it all so none of you nu lolitas can get your mcdonalds grease covered hands on it and pop the seams as you try to stuff yourselves into it. A literal landfill is a better fate.
So honestly you fat fucking taobao cunts can go roll into a ditch and burn. Fuck off.

>> No.10579632

Is this a copypasta? I don’t think I’ve seen it before

>> No.10579663

it is now

>> No.10579665

Damn i guess this is what happens if you let lolita become your whole identity

>> No.10579666

And then you laid it too thick.

Fatties aren't girls then. Not that I'm disagreeing. Obesity interferes with gender dimorphism. Fatsos aren't boys, girls or even human.

>> No.10579668


>> No.10579674

thats the reason why we need more people to learn about transformative justice. attacking people is not the same as attacking the problem

>> No.10579676

>What we need is more woke shit
Fucking kill yourself

>> No.10579678

In other news, some childhood friends wanna meet up and I'm embarrassed that nothing has changed in my life from five years ago (last time we met) besides now I wear lolita and I play D&D.

Bless any of y'all who have genuine career goals/aspirations outside of 'I want to buy expensive things.' I feel so directionless

>> No.10579679

came here to have this rant. thanks for saying it for me anon so tired of ugly people and fatties in this fashion

>> No.10579684

same anon... what are these people even doing here

>> No.10579782
File: 339 KB, 1080x990, 1497893007298.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hit a plateau in my weight loss, I can't get out of the 130s. I'm eating about 1200 calories a day with a total 4 mile walk (1 mile morning, 1 mile lunch, 2 mile after work).

>> No.10579797

idk if you just want to vent or seek advice but here is my advice if you'd like.

What is your height? 130lbs is perfectly acceptable for if you are like 165cm or taller.

If you are only doing cardio it might be beneficial to do more strength training. I promise it is actually very difficult for women to "bulk out" unless you are training very rigorously for building mass. Keep in mind muscle weighs more than fat so you may not "lose" the weight but you will tone up and look slimmer. Muscles also help you to metabolize fat over time (idk if Im using the right word here but I hope you get the idea).

Dont fall into a trap of eating less than 1200cal a day even if you want to meet some goal you have in mind. It wont be healthy for you and that weight will come right back once you resume eating probably or even more so if you start binging after depriving yourself.

>> No.10579803

I'm here to complain but I'll listen to advice. I'm 5'11 BUT I'm a guy. I'll start lifting, I guess it makes sense that muscles metabolize fat.

>> No.10579805

Up your cals.

>> No.10579806

You'll be underweight at any weight under 133 lbs if you're 5'11.

>> No.10579822


I know how you feel.

>> No.10579828

When the heck are this weeks BTB secrets going up? They’re gonna be juicy.

>> No.10579832

Some fatass with a 110cm bust according to her LM profile is bidding on twinkle mermaid and it almost gave me a stroke thinking about a fat stretching out such an iconic print. If I didn’t already have it in my preferred color I’d buy it

>> No.10579854
File: 141 KB, 1080x1220, USER_SCOPED_TEMP_DATA_orca-image--685835448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10579856

I want to:

>Raise at least 3 children on a nice country estate
>Build a replica Roman bath
>Take care of my mother when she gets old

That's all there really is.

>> No.10579860

Never gonna get girls til I hit goal weight
What sense does that make

>> No.10579868
File: 218 KB, 1200x1725, dadb[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not really, statistically girls are most attracted to dadbod.

>> No.10579872

Where is your pr-
>Planet Fitness

>> No.10579889

I don't like fatties but good god you people are letting the fact someone who's so miserable and depressed their only joy in life is trash food and reeing about how people need to find them hot on social media live rent free in your minds.

That's just as sad desu

>> No.10579890

Imagine thinking most normal women who want a family are into gross looking juiced up gym rats. It's super common for guys to be in worse shape than women in relationships plus the graphic specifically says dad bits are still fit, just not super thin or buff. Basically an average body.

>> No.10579893

They’re boring maybe keep your weird drama posts under the size limit if you really wanna see them that bad

>> No.10579896

>Girls like

Girls don't like the dad bod. They like the feeling of security they get from being more attractive then their partner. If they're more attractive than their partner, their partner won't leave because they can't find anyone better but the woman still has an option to leave and find someone at her level.

>> No.10579897

Wow they really were kind of boring, u ain’t wrong

>> No.10579907

EIGHT submissions over the size limit??? Jesus, pull it together guys

>> No.10579908

make them interesting, then. kick up some shit in the comments

>> No.10579917

NAYRT but this genuinely looks awful, like children’s plastic play set tier. The clashing dangle on the bag just makes it even worse. Idk what’s it’s made of but you could try to decoden a plastic vintage style purse and it would be much cuter

>> No.10579929

What girl wants a skeletal man

>> No.10579936 [DELETED] 

Is that why 12 foot skeletons were so popular this year?

>> No.10579938

He needs to be at least a little fit so he can have the stamina to do the mating press

>> No.10579939


>> No.10579940

That's what the picture literally says tho, that they want a body that is still fit but just comfy.

>> No.10579942
File: 623 KB, 802x450, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No no no they want a SKELETON man

>> No.10579953
File: 136 KB, 1500x1000, 1430500847-elle-neighbors.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Imagine pretending there's no inbetween being a roided Arnold and a walking puree man. No wait, you don't.
>b-but the graph says
A poster made by a gym chain that has Pizza Mondays, Lunk Alarms and markets itself as a judgement-free zone. Their source is themselves. They are literally saying "trust me bro". They're peddling feelgood cope and sabotaging their customers. "You are totally ripped under that flab, bro. Chicks dig flabby men, bro. Our shit works, keep giving us your money".
I piss on you and everything you hold dear, you spunk gobbler.

>> No.10579956

this isn't true because ugly men cheat on their hot wives every day, just look at every celebrity couple ever. beyonce got cheated on and jay-z looks like a failed experiment.

but seth rogen is constantly paired with gorgeous hot women in several of his movies. in the film that screenshot is from, Rose Bryne plays his wife. Zefron is shirtless a lot, but he doesn't get a love intrest in the film, while Rose Bryne and Seth Rogen are portrayed as being in love, their characters have sex in the film.

i don't know if women actually "dig" ugly men or dadbod men, but women have very low standards for male partners because women are desperate for male validation. having a boyfriend raises a womans social status in the eyes of other people. a woman sleeps with a man because she desires not just his body, but she also likes his personality and has some kind of chemistry with him. meanwhile, men will fuck anyone and anything, but that doesn't mean they like the woman, they can still think a woman is ugly and fat and still have sex with her. men simultaneously have high standards and no standards at all.

>> No.10579971

Mating press is more about length and girth

>> No.10579972

>but seth rogen is constantly paired with gorgeous hot women in several of his movies
It's a movie, you fucking retard

>> No.10579973

Women have low standards because men are ugly

>> No.10579986

>but seth rogen is constantly paired with gorgeous hot women in several of his movies. in the film that screenshot is from, Rose Bryne plays his wife. Zefron is shirtless a lot, but he doesn't get a love intrest in the film, while Rose Bryne and Seth Rogen are portrayed as being in love, their characters have sex in the film.
It's fucking fiction, you dumbass. Do you also think Gandalf is a historic figure?

>> No.10579994

Women have low standards for men because men on average are ugly as fuck, women have low self esteem, and/or because if a woman does have high standards she's ridiculed and bullied for that shit.

>> No.10580004

I never want to be that fat again, I'm going to slim down to 120 if it kills me

>> No.10580008

>Nearly 80% say they'd be proud to have a husband with a Dad Bod
100% of those who said yes are 200lb, and i'm keeping it low

>> No.10580105

Women don't have low standards. Most studies found women were much harsher on men's looks than men were on women's looks. With men, the average women was a 5/10. With women the average man was 3/10.

>> No.10580112

Are you trying to argue that the average man isn’t actually uglier than the average woman?

>> No.10580113


You're missing that the average dude is indeed 3/10 and also complain that makeup is a pack of lies.

Meanwhile the average 3/10 woman puts on makeup and becomes 5/10.

>> No.10580155

I mean "average" to me means a standard distribution around that point. So 5/10 means 50% of men are uglier than this and 50% of men are prettier than this.

Certainly the average woman is better looking but that's an apples to oranges situation.

>> No.10580178

Yeah, me doing my brows and adding some blush and maybe mascara gives me a whole new face. The amount of women willing and able to go through hours of applying make up every day isn't so high that you think. In the end, clothes and hair can also bring out the best of you, it's not womens fault men don't utilize their resources.

>> No.10580184

Because perception.
To a guy, if you aren't deformed and someone in shape (i.e. not a fatass) you're at the bare minimum "average" because they don't care about the nuance at that point. You're fuckable.

Women actually care about looks and rating. A dude in shape who's ugly is just going to be ugly and there's nothing he can do about it. A girl can just workout and not be fat and land a dude who won't think twice about her horse face and acne scars. But girls will always be judging a dude for it.

>> No.10580185

it's because even outting aside face and body, most men don't know how to groom or dress themselves, and most men's wear is boring.

>> No.10580188

As an Asian dude. I kinda hate how hard it is to find cosplay/lolita girls that aren't giant sluts.
Like I'm not asking for a pure virgin maiden, just not someone who goes on about their long string of con and tinder hookups.
Like first, why the fuck would you even start talking about all the dudes you're fucking while on a date with other guy?
Second, Jesus fucking christ why are you all such loose whores?

I just want a girl who takes relationships seriously and doesn't fuck around. Who I can do pair cosplays with at cons and watch anime with. After trying dating like 5 of you shits though I think I might just settle with one of the dentists girls and settle with watching normie shit instead.

>> No.10580191

low quality bait

>> No.10580193

Yeah I wish it was bait.

>> No.10580195


I mean, if the perception is there, they just needed to work it to their advantage. If they know women care about acne scars, shouldn't that gender be putting even more emphasis on makeup to attract females? They do want to get laid right, or do they just complain about not getting laid?

>> No.10580196

why are men like this

>> No.10580200

Because the point was that women have higher standards than men. Which they do.
>just use makeup
isn't really valid either, because for every woman that says she "doesn't mind" a guy using makeup there'll be girls saying how its extremely feminine and a turn off that a guy is doing it. And makeup works for skin flaws, but there's plenty a guy is not going to be covering up that he'll be judged for. (plus ignoring the fact learning makeup is not something a normal guy learns, a girl picks it up naturally just from her mother and friends, a guy has to specifically go out of his way to learn makeup with no support and likely being mocked in doing so)

>> No.10580201

We don't want you and I bet the dentist chicks you want to settle with don't want you either. The entitlement is ridiculous here.

>> No.10580204

>We don't want you
my past experience suggests very differently.
I'm sure there's some dude out there that will be happily hearing about all the dicks you've sucked on your first date though. i wish you happiness, but it certainly won't be with me.

I only expect what I would personally be willing to do myself. Taking relationships seriously and caring about your physical appearance should be the bare minimum in any pairing.

>> No.10580206
File: 26 KB, 375x564, F023D59E-E5FE-435A-8030-45E095005DD3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>It's a movie, you fucking retard

And movies never reflect real life? And Neighbors is the ONLY film with a guy uglier than his wife? Meanwhile on the rare occasion the opposite occurs, there’s a million people saying the man must be gay to date a woman less hot than him.

>> No.10580209


More proof that the patriarchy is invested in sabotaging the males so that they can't compete for the females.

I look forward to the day when we can discard this toxic mentality and both men and women can use or not use whatever makeup they want.

>> No.10580211

>women have higher standards than men.

Women have lower standards in looks but higher standards in personality and career.

Also, women care more about grooming themselves than men. There are men who don’t wipe their asses because they think it’s gay. Even without makeup, women groom their nails, eyebrows, take care of their hair and skin. Men might get ridiculed for wearing makeup because of gender standards, but nothing is stopping them from getting a skincare routine.

>> No.10580212

No one owes you your perfect gf, certainly not those chicks you have dragged on dates. If everybody wants you why is it sooo hard to find good gf? Because the women wanting to commit don't want you. Also, you seem weirdly fixated on dick sucking and fucking, maybe fix that and try again. Seriously not everyone wants you and you are not a lottery win.

>> No.10580214
File: 71 KB, 634x1043, 215C70A9-AAE1-4351-AF49-94FF14CE936D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I can’t believe you think movies are isolated from reality. I can name a ton of famous women married to ugly or sub par men off the top of my head, and half the women in my own life have boyfriends or partners way below them in attractiveness levels.

>> No.10580217

I'd honestly just rather girls stop using makeup.
Its not that big of a deal, and honestly there's been very few occasions that someone taking their makeup off has made me think differently of their attractiveness in anyway.

Sure use it as you want or whatever, but from the male perspective I really don't think most men give a fuck. Makeup isn't changing your body shape or the facial features we really care about.
IMO makeup should solely be used for stage performances where how things are visualized for the audience makes a bigger deal and to emphasize features at longer distances.

I'd say most men care about the basics well enough. Most guys care about their acne for example, they just don't always have the simple cure of >"lol just use birth control and kill you're hormones"
took me years to find a skin routine that finally worked for my acne. was rough.

>> No.10580220
File: 145 KB, 773x446, 93F82CC1-4F9D-4FBB-A8E1-D94B7607E4C4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>but from the male perspective I really don't think most men give a fuck.

Men definately care because most men don’t recognize makeup at all. To some, if it’s not bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow, you aren’t wearing any at all

>they just don't always have the simple cure of >"lol just use birth control and kill you're hormones"

Considering the side effects BC has most women are not on it for skincare reasons. It made a negligible difference in my skin and my skincare routine made way more of a difference

>> No.10580221

Sure, but I'd rather be single than date someone I'd disgusted with.
Also the fact you think "I want someone who doesn't talk about sucking dicks on their first date" is asking for the "perfect gf" really says a lot about you.
You spend a lot of time trying to tear me down and insult me, but I'm well aware of my good sides and some of the things I need to work on. Overall objectively I'm a good catch, so long as women don't mind a more feminine guy.

But do go on and tell me how its literally impossible and completely beyond reasonable expectation to expect a girl to not be a public bicycle.

>> No.10580224

If you really are Asian, most weeb girls are going to be head over heels for you because most weebs want an Asian bf. You must be looking in the wrong places. There’s lots of pretty cosplay girls who aren’t into hookup culture, but if you’re chasing after girls on Twitter or tiktok or Instagram who dress provocatively, have an onlyfans, etc then you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Find from weeb tradfem, they’re all over Twitter.

>> No.10580227

Image is more because people are conditioned to you looking a certain way. When you don't look that way, you look sick. If you just showed up no makeup every day nobody would think anything of it.
(okay yeah slightly exaggerating, but its more of a it matters less than people pretend it does. its clearly noticeable, but I've never dropped a girl in 'ranking' from seeing her natural face)

>> No.10580228

As a man I disagree. I enjoy a girl with nice makeup. I don't think its a deal breaker if they wear makeup or not since my gf wears makeup like once a fortnight but to say most men don't give a fuck is disengenous. I love girls with nice eyelashes and eyeliner.

>> No.10580229
File: 25 KB, 680x383, 9d5f3f70f21a39f64c2174fc4823b946.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>You're looking in the wrong place
>Go look on twitter

>> No.10580230

>moves never reflect real life

No. They don't. They reflect what people want real life to be like otherwise they wouldn't watch a movie. People want to fantasise that, "Oh yeah I'm definitely not a vapid cunt and I'd go with the average girl/guy." But in reality they fucking wouldn't, they just want their fantasies to be realised.

>> No.10580231

Jay-Z is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. That's hardly a comparison of the every man.

>> No.10580232

You just don't get what I mean. You don't have to date anyone you don't want. But man have some responsibility over not meeting someone suitable when you take the wrong girls out. It just can't be a surprise what kind of person you are meeting unless it's tinder and then again is it really a surprise. It's really off putting to come here to cry how the females you met were not up to your standards and how they should be something else for you, eg. why are all of you loose sluts. That's the entitlement. Combined with "I'm so wanted" it's not a cute look. I have never heard anyone bragging how many dicks they have sucked so seriously there has to be something wrong with you if you constantly find yourself on dates with these people. This has nothing to do with healthy expectations and boundaries. Do you really have no other demands than not being a public bicycle? Maybe that's your problem.

>> No.10580237

I work in a male dominated field, doing hobbies that are male dominated. You don't naturally meet girls doing those things. So how do you date girls? By casting a line out there and meeting girls you don't know much about. That's the purpose of dating them, so you learn more about them. Yeah it sucks, but its what i got to work with.

>Do you really have no other demands
I only have 2 real hard deal breakers when it comes to relationships.
No fats, and none of that hookup culture shit.
I have other varying levels of preferences, such as no political shit and people into the same shit i am. But I'm pretty open and can work with most things.

its a feeling thread, aka i'm venting shit. of course its simplified and entitled sounded.

>> No.10580238

NAYRT but you could like, try a different hobby?

>> No.10580239

>Overall objectively I'm a good catch
my dude you certainly aren't making a good case for that

>> No.10580240

> People want to fantasise that, "Oh yeah I'm definitely not a vapid cunt and I'd go with the average girl/guy." But in reality they fucking wouldn't, they just want their fantasies to be realised.

It’s a fantasy to want to be with an average guy? come the fuck on lol, if women wouldn’t date ugly men then no man alive would have a wife or girlfriend. This thread agrees that most men are ugly and that men are uglier than women but refuses to admit that women are conditioned to care about looks less due to societal pressure, which yes, is sometimes influenced by movies. Even the beauty standards for male celebrities vs female celebrities is completely off. Do you think a woman with looks equivalent to Benedict Cumberbatch or Tom Hiddleston would be famous among teenaged boys in the way that Scarlet Johansson is?

Yeah Beyonce was totally in poverty when she hooked up with him, fresh off her Destiny’s Child career.

>> No.10580241

Reading comprehension.

It's the fantasy that their not a vapid cunt.

>> No.10580242

>Can you just try doing things you don't like doing just for the sake of meeting girls
I mean sure, but that sounds like a miserable time too. And nobody likes "those" guys who do that shit.
I've got a few hobbies that girls are into, but much like watching anime, its not really a hobby you just casually get to know people with. While there's online chatrooms and stuff, that's fine for friends and I know a few girls that way. But I don't do long distance stuff.

At most been thinking about getting back into art stuff though, since you can do that in person and meet people. But I really don't like treating hobbies like hookup spots.

>> No.10580244

Nice strawman.

Are you saying there is literally nothing in the world you enjoy that is enoyed in equal parts by men and women?

>> No.10580247

I have talked a lot with people I was going to meet so while there are definitely some surprising factors it's never the exact opposite of what I'm looking for. Do you tell these girls upfront what you are looking for? What kind of relationship you have to offer? It's never going to work out with everybody but that's not their fault either. I recommend figuring out what else do you want, what kind of personality etc. I have had few long term relationships and the break up is rarely related to the factors you listed. Get a past time activity or something where you can meet like minded people. If you just take random people out the changes you meet someone matching are also random.

>> No.10580251

First off, that's not what a strawman is.

Second, enjoyed by doesn't mean easy to meet with or get to know.
Yeah girls like reading fantasy books, but how do you enjoy a book? You read it by yourself at home.
I like vidya, but how do you enjoy that? By yourself at home.
Anime/Manga? Same deal unless you're going to cons, which eh...
Drawing shitty anime girls? Sure, but like hell i'm gonna show those to anyone in person.
Its just the type thing imo that its hard to just ask people up front. Like I'm not full incel where its "oh you have to be a virgin" but just coming up front saying "yo how many dicks you suck? you do it often? you planning on suckin my dick after this?" seems just horribly crude.
Its not like I'm asking literally any random girl out, like these girls were because we're into some of the same shit (usually anime and cosplay, hence why the complaint was here).
I'd figure most people would have the filter to not start talking about tinder dates immediately though, yet 4 times in a row i get these girls that do that or talk about how they hooked up with dudes at cons with X cosplay, as if its supposed to be a turn on or something. Naturally I play along and laugh about it, but that shit is immediately going on my never call again list.

>> No.10580254

Ignoring an arguement from someone and then substituting it with your another arguement that is easier to oppose is literally a strawman.

>Yeah girls like reading fantasy books, but how do you enjoy a book? You read it by yourself at home.
Literally what is a book club for 200?

Also stop being deliberately dense. I can think of so many hobbies enjoyed by men and women in equal parts. Lots of unique crafts like pottery and origami/papercrafts. Dog training is another one, a lot of martial arts have substantial female cohorts, watersports like waterskiing, paddle boarding and canoeing are popular, hiking, rock climbing, nature walking...Like are you even trying?

You seem to just be set that hobbies are individual pursuits only.

What are LAN parties? What is an arcade?

You're not even trying to pretend like these hobbies do have real physical communities around them.

>> No.10580257

You didn't make an argument, further specifying why "lol just get a new hobby" is dumb is not a strawman.
such as
>Just do a bunch of things you're not interested in
cool. I'm an introvert who likes doing personal things at home. why don't I just start liking waterskiing instead and start being a super extrovert lol.

>book clubs
>lan parties and arcades
usually aren't just things that are casually laying around. I've literally never seen a book club outside of school. Lan parties are something you do with friends you already have. And arcades? lol what fucking decade do you live in?

>> No.10580259

So do you want to hear about dick sucking or not? If you make it obvious you are after a serious committed relationship usually people after quick hook ups won't bother and it makes it easier for you to express your uncomfortableness if they venture into topics you have mentioned. Again, maybe you focus on wrong things and that's why you end up being out with wrong people. As much as it would be nice to have the perfect ouji accessory, my match is not interested in being one. The similarities in us goes beyond our interests, and even then it's more about them being compatible than same. You don't have to be rude to communicate what you are after and what makes you uncomfortble.

>> No.10580260

starting off the bat coming out and saying you want to get married and live in a house on the hills together with 2.5 kids is a good way to get no date ever again.
Even if someone is looking for a serious relationship, coming on too strong too fast is a good way to ruin it.

>> No.10580262

I don’t know how old you are anon, but it sounds like you a have thing for choosing abnormal places to search for girlfriend material and choosing the immature girls who haven’t grown out of their party phase. That’s a you problem

>> No.10580264

>guy literally only asks that a girl not talk about all the dicks she swallowed on their first date
>girls immediately start calling this ridiculous entitled expectations
>immediately start victim blaming
NTA but wow. Cosplay and lolita girls really are just all sluts huh.

>> No.10580266

>grown out of
I'd rather not be with anyone who was ever in their 'party phase'

>> No.10580268

Idk if this is a cultural thing but it's perfectly normal here to mention even in tinder bios if you want something more serious than a hook up. It doesn't have to be listing future dreams but why go to dates with people who don't want a relationship in the first place? It doesn't have to be "I want a serious relationship with you" just a casual I would like something more serious than a hook up. The sentence about what he has to offer in a relationship was maybe more directed at him to think about personally before meeting these girls but I don't think it's too far fetched to have a little surface discussion on the topic before meeting if we are talking about tinder.

>> No.10580269

Nice samefag, convinced now this is a bait. If we are all just sluts please move on, you won't be missed and I guess it hurts kek.

>> No.10580273

The big things that stand out to me is
nobody uses tinder for a serious relationship, or if they do they're being retarded. same with most online dating apps. its not that its not possible, but there's ingrained expectations that come with using apps, and the entire mentality of swiping just kills any meaningful thought or connection.
So on the above
>just put it on your profile
much like people saying "no hookups" on tinder, only specific people bother to mention it. And it tends to be people you really don't want to be around in general. Its people trying too hard and that immediately comes off as a red flag because you're trying hard in all the wrong places.

>> No.10580276

As a man I can only hope the other side is blatant bait. If a man looking for a woman who isn't a complete slut unironically triggers girls this hard, then maybe /r9k/ is right.

>> No.10580280

I wish there were more guys who puts as much effort as I do into taking care of their appearance, willingly goes to gym, eats healthy, stable career, higher income than me, doesn’t call me a prude for refusing to fuck until after 6 months of dating, and doesn’t go on cgl to make dumb observations.

but wow, some of these guys are just really irredeemable betas huh.

>> No.10580283

I like how you're pretending
>don't be a slut
is equivalent to
>puts as much effort as I do into taking care of their appearance, willingly goes to gym, eats healthy, stable career, higher income than me, doesn’t call me a prude for refusing to fuck until after 6 months of dating, and doesn’t go on cgl to make dumb observations
but ironically i do have all of those things, minus going on /cgl/
and even then i wouldn't even say you're asking for that much even though you're clearly trying to be hyperbolic.

>> No.10580304

Or is it this man calling every girl here a slut because he can't find what he wants? Look at this dude complaining these girls don't just magically crawl to him. But yeah, make yourselves victim all you want, it's always the way to make things better.

>> No.10580309

Are they wrong?
If this board and hanging out at cons has shown me anything. Its that cosplaygirls are giant unfiltered sluts.

>> No.10580310

Anyone have any cute feminine mobel games to recommend that's not Kim Kardashian Beauty Filter Super Star?

>> No.10580315

White chicks as a collective whole are whores, through the cosplay attention seeking in and you have a turbo whore on steroids. Just saying, maybe don't sleep with men you aren't committed to if you don't like the reputation.

>> No.10580319

Nobody who uses 4chan has all of those things

>> No.10580322

Most those things are extremely basic.
>cares about appearance more than me
low bar. but taking the general "cares about their appearance" pretty much everyone on /fit/ and /fa/ does. same with going to the gym/working out.
>eats healthy
kinda pointless but its not hard.
>stable career/high income
literally nothing, anyone with a computer or engineering degree has this. and i assure you, they all post on 4chan.
>doesn't call me a prude for refusing to fuck until 6 months
varies but hardly that rare.
>doesn't go on /cgl/ to make dumb observations
the vast majority of the website.

these are all extremely basic things. i'd question eating healthy the most, because why does that matter if you're in shape? but whatever person preferences.

>> No.10580421


>> No.10580424


>> No.10580432

just call me soup boy r deez cause I'm making fresh breads(nut flavor) out here >>10580430

>> No.10580462

Seal is a musician and known to have a massive dick, so looking like an oatmeal cookie isn’t a dealbreaker for him

>> No.10580464

So you’re saying women overlook ugly men if they have other qualities? Which is the entire point I’m making?

>> No.10580497


>> No.10580584

Are you implying men don't overlook ugly women if they have a vagina?

>> No.10580668

Disregard my comment, I'm retarded.

>> No.10581204


The first problem is thinking church men are anything but peacocking virtuefags. They're honestly the worst of the bunch, take it from an ABC who attended church for way too much of her life.

>> No.10581962

Then lets talk about the Uyghur genocide. Or it doesn't count when an Asian country is doing it?