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Just wondering, but why would anyone out themselves publicly with discomfort over other people?

Pretty sure that's illogical. Also itas gonna be itas. The lolita community isn't ever going to be inclusive of things that are deemed 'ita.'

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Saw this in RC and knew it would be here. What a fucking dumpster fire

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Theres no point posting a counterpoint, the fat itas have taken over. Fucking woke olympics. Im fine with trans people (as long as its not a sex thing anyone is ok) but I hate this sort of victim mentality. Like, it's a hobby with dresses that just dont come in anything larger than a size 8, and if you dont fit that you're at a disadvantage. Get over it or lose weight, there's a higher ratio of fat itas because its harder to buy nice things that fit the kore mass needs to be covered. Plus, if fat people had taste, then they wouldnt be fat. UGH.

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You should have cropped out the name, this thread will get deleted.

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Why is it the thin and cis lolitas jobs to police the community?? Won't they just get criticized for trying to white knight and act woke, taking up the soapbox and not letting the marginalized lolitas speak for themselves? I also don't like the implication that it's only thin and cis lolitas who are capable of body shaming and transmisogyny.

>why would anyone out themselves publicly with discomfort over other people?
I was going to ask since I'm not really part of any lolita communities online, are there places where people are actually stupid enough to be openly transphobic/body shaming/judgmental/etc?

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I kind of just want to block all the troons and fakebois responding to this tard’s post so I never have to interact with them on fb. Is that a good idea?

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This doesn't need its own thread. It's already being discussed in the general.

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why do people join a fashion community based from a conservative asian country and then are surprised that there's anti-lgbt and anti-black sentiments? those are hallmarks of asian culture and draw people with similar thoughts

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Agree. Fat people usually have terrible taste in fashion. Probably because they’ve had such limited clothing options their whole lives that they haven’t been able to experiment. But still. Most of them are hopeless itas who can’t understand how to put together a decent coord, balance colors, or understand thematic or textural cohesion. But also, so? No one cares. It’s clothes. You can’t make other people think you look good so what exactly are you complaining about? Just wear the clothes you like. Literally no one is stopping you. They act like there’s really lolita police out there taking their clothes away. Every online space but cgl is nothing but asspats and we as western lolitas have zero control over what Japanese brands make. So what do they want? I feel like they’re literally want to control peoples brains because they can’t stand knowing the fact that most human beings on earth don’t find fatness attractive. Sorry you don’t get to control my brain, I can’t even control it.

That thread is just so ridiculous. People are saying well I’m kind and call racist/bigots out and the woke police are saying nope, not good enough. So then people ask what they should do, and you get the whole “i’M nOt gOiNg tO Do tHe wOrk foR yOu”
Literally what? Do? They? Want? They refuse to say

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lol exactly. Why not join some other more inclusive community? The level of entitlement from these burgers that an Asian country with different values has to cater to their fat ass. They're not gonna buy brand anyway cause "muh ethics". The reality is that the west isn't spending as much as the other lolitas so Japanese brands don't care and the woke crowd boycotting them won't do shit.

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EXACTLY. One poc lolita even said in that thread she doesn’t like when white people speak up. They’re acting like lolita groups are alt-right rallies that they are matyred in when they’re the wokest spaces I’ve ever seen where cis white people are ignored and get no likes and people like bloated corpse chan gets thousands of ass pats for literally just a plain dress and plain tights.

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Right? You don't need to bring this shit into the main community with the "UWU I AM SO SPECIAL AND INCLUSIVE AND EXCLUDE A WHOLE MAJORITY OF HUMANS BECAUSE THEY ARE EVIL"

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The topic is about trans people and now race is being brought into the picture?

Jfc, fucking everything is about race nowadays, no matter the topic.

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Who the fuck is racist in our community? Just because there are white people, that makes the entire community racist for having white people in it?

Fuck off SJWs

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she doesn't like that the op specified just skinny cis people since that includes her, so she needs to make sure that it gets extended to specifically white skinny cis people so that she can be angry as well

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They're deleting any critical comments. RC isn't a place of discussion anymore, it's an echo chamber.

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Honestly I wonder why in this day and age, considering there are hate barrages of personal attacks committed on facebook nowadays from these same WOKE people who harass people into killing themselves.

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> Just because there are white people, that makes the entire community racist for having white people in it?

Yes. This is unironically what people like A and WF are trying to say.

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The creature Gollum keeps asking "how", skipping the "why". Sod these cumfarts, we aren't their personal army.

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> anti-lgbt and black sentiments are ok because muh japan
going between fb and this board is like jumping from one retarded ass extreme to another

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I'm trans but I honestly can't stand the attitude from trans people have in this comm. No one cares about your sob story about how you showed up to a meet in a dress and people didn't immediately know you're actually nb or a guy.

Like if someone takes hormones, is actively transitioning and still gets misgendered by their comm, then that's shitty. But I swear, these early 20-somethings dye their hair blue and call themselves "he" and all of a sudden an entire comm is supposed to just know? Give me a break.

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Black baggage is an american problem. The rest of the world doesn't care. Stop making your problems our problem.

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You're kidding right.

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racism doesn't matter in blessed nippon

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not sure where you are seeing the anti-black anything to begin with, besides reading into this anon's post to find something to get angry about.

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I am not. Take your nonsense and shove it up your ass.

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Anon, just because it came from japan doesn’t mean it’s good. It would be silly to assume that brands will cater to western audiences completely, but don’t people on here complain when overseas brands stop shipping to the us or shopping services don’t work?
It’s an unfair advantage if white lolitas have an easier time getting into the fashion than black ones.
Obviously lolitas like that meme instagram go way too far (harassing liberals who don’t even wear lolita anymore for not saying leftist talking points perfectly), but you’re not helping your case

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Did you get caps

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Maybe if you took your asses out of Africa and the global south.

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They are looking to be ~special~ about something and get automatic clout in a community that is based on fashion.

Bruh, we only care if you look good. We don't care what your labels are.

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nayrt but there was someone who commented saying that the transphobia is largely baiting on cgl and not something you'll experience in most comms (true). I went back to try and find it but it's gone now

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Personally I'd rather have this be its own thread so that it doesn't shit up and take over the general thread

Yes, please! Someone needs to take caps for posterity.

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You should honestly get therapy for your internalized misogyny rather than cutting your tits off and taking steroids.

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AYRT and yes, exactly. I pass as GNC/male so I don't get misgendered in my comm, but I wouldn't literally CRY if people had called me she before...like damn, people can't read minds, especially if you look exactly like a cis woman.

All this gender politics policing is going to make future meets really stale, goddamn

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I got you anon


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I am greek. My people never went to Africa or the global south. We never had black slaves. When the ottomans enslaved my people, they used blacks in their armies. I don't hold a grudge against black people despite it. Now take your colour bullshit, shove it up your ass and fly off to the void of space where you will find all the people willing to listen to your stupid nonsense.

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They already could be stale as hell depending on how large a community is, honestly.

Just imagine, even more tip-toeing around sensitive people ready to cancel you. I'm all for equality but this is not it.

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Unfortunately no, it was deleted within seconds. It was an Asian girl saying what does any of this have to do with lolita, followed by someone saying "oh so you're one of those".

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>someone who commented saying that the transphobia is largely baiting on cgl and not something you'll experience in most comms (true)

There it is uwu

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I think the majority of people on the internet in this SJW culture shit assume everything is America.

SJW culture doesn't care about the world, they only care about America. If you're another nationality, they don't give a flying shit.

The lolita community is international and they are taking this up in the wrong space entirely.

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That sounds racist as hell

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Can you eleborate anon?

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Referring to someone as “one of those” is pretty dehumanizing. The commenter probably meant the type of person who “wants to keep politics out of lolita” instead, but the other anon probably interpreted it as someone making a statement about asians in the fashion

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Hilarious considering the shit goes both ways.
But yes, let's call the thin lolitas out

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Ayrt, thank you for explaining. Wow I'm an Asian anon and I didn't know comments like that were dehumanizing because I was always told "it's a joke".

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Imagine dehumanizing someone for trying to be ~*inclusive*~

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Yeah fuck those ANA bitches.

Us woke folk will EAT them alive.

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these people are saying this shit like it's a good thing. we're forced to be anon to voice our opinions and get kicked if we don't submit to the echochamber.

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They've probably never had to go to a meet with awkward nerdy guys randomly showing up and being aspergers as shit and creepy.

Guess those awkward nerdy guys grew up and chopped their dicks off and are back for ~reveengee~

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The number afab non-binary people looking like pic related complaining that they’re misgendered while wearing big dresses and are tired of having to tell people their pronouns is hilarious. Like I’ll call you whatever pronouns you want but do you truly not understand that if you’re biologically female, maintain traditional female grooming (long hair), and wear very feminine clothes that it’s only natural that people will assume you’re a she/her unless you say something? No ones trying to be jerks, you’re just asking them to read minds lolololol

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Of course they’ve never had to deal with it. They’ve never even worn lolita so they wouldn’t know what meets are like

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Isn't this the typical bullshit that men claim to have a problem with is that women want them to read their mind's?

Well fuck. I don't want to have to read other women's minds, either. I don't date them, so why am I being made to care?

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Ayrt. Ya know, you may have a point. Makes me rethink some convos I’ve had with my bf recently haha

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They're also basically asking "how do we stop people from being terrible" and as nice as it would be we just can't lol. But then they're acting as if this is something that endemic in the lolita community when it just really seems like they spend too much time lurking certain underwater basket weaving forums.

>We need to do more than that though
That other person's response was really reasonable and nuanced and it's not enough? Like what else can you do? Organize/march in the gay/trans/GNC/black/plus-size pride parade in our frilly dresses? Raid 4chan?? Have active witchhunts to ostracize anyone who might be a gull? Kek

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People like this make more hostility between different races and sexualities among the lolita community. Even though i don't agree with trans stuff and the lolita community has always been wary of sissies, rightfully so, i don't see the point of fighting against trans people who just want to enjoy the fashion and mind their own business. Doesn't mean that sissies and agps are abusing the trans label to infiltrate the lolita community and we should not have our guard up.

The fact of the matter is that too many people are entering the lolita community already feeling like they want to be special and most of those people (in my own mind) don't last long. I don't give a fuck about fat shaming though, lolita looks better on skinny women (although some bigger women admittedly do put some nice co-ords here and there), you can't really change your race or sexuality, but you can change your weight which is literally killing you.

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Lolita is a fucking hug box, apart from CGL but even then CGL itself is one of the nicest boards on 4chan. We're a higbox compared to /pol/ or /r9k/.

What do they even want to gain from asking this question?

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It's not even just the outwardly cringey lolitas who do this. i've seen some really cute lolitas on instagram who present as fully feminine and then have he/they in their bios. I am so tired of this non-binary trend, i hope it crashes and burns into flame within the next 2 years.

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Woke points. It's almost as if these people aren't whatever phobic or racist because they know it's bad, but rather because they know it will make people like them and they can get validation. Many of these types of people tend to be covert narcissist.

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Hi I'm Sexy Baby!
I’m genderspecial, public decency law nonconforming, fat, a sexual predator, and a drag queen.
On my personal Instagram, I post lolicon and drag looks. On past posts about LGBT issues, a lot of lolitas have said they consider drag to be a fetish like sissies.
Last night I posted on CoF and two people commented a hilarious acronym on the post. This morning I was sent a screenshot from Behind the Bows where someone 1. Called me "fatty fatty fat fat" 2. Misgendered me (a man with mental health issues) and 3. Implied my drag (which was involving sexualizing minors) was a kink, and started a challenge where people would post the acronym on my posts “for eternal internet fame”.
And this was in the last 24 hours.
I am now cutting the words "daddy's little cum dumpster" into my hairy chest and shitting in my diaper.

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That freakin post. So ironic that people are blaming "cis white skinny" lolitas, because ObviouSLy it's only them. And no one is fatphobic because they hate fat people. They're fatphobic because the fat lolitas COMPLAIN LITERALLY 24/7 about Japanese-made clothing doesn't come in their size. How many things can non-fat lolitas say in response to this topic ?? After YEARS of the same complaint, other lolitas are naturally tired of having to validate the cry baby whining.

>> No.10577462

I’m going to post to a new thread tomorrow in RC. “Yeah I got a question. Dear white skinny straight people with money. How dare you?”

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You know, I feel like it'd be great except for the fact that you'd get ostracized and labeled for even making fun of these idiots.

You literally cannot have a different opinion *to have the hard conversations* because they just want to ostracize

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We are being silent because judging by what’s been said so far, there is no answer that is good enough. This is such bait.
>what are you going to do
>I’m going to do this
>that’s not good enough
>ok what would be better
>I can’t do all the work for you this is your responsibility

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This so much. As someone who fights against racism in any form, it is literally sickening to me how all these racism claims are made in an equally racist manner. This "BLAME ALL WHITE PEOPLE" mentality is also racist, but they are too busy playing victim to realize it.

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Damn are they literally talking over bipoc for their precious trannies?

>> No.10577474

>One poc lolita even said in that thread she doesn’t like when white people speak up
It was a little bit more nuanced than that, just for the record.
>"I for one don't like it when non POC jump to the defense of POC and tell other non POC what is okay for them to say and do, policing their language, speaking above POC, etc. So I just want to point that out that many people might feel that by not being a huge loud advocate for LGBT people, they are allowing LGBT people to speak for themselves. "

This isn't explicitly "don't speak up" its more like "don't speak above/on behalf of a group you're not part of." There is a difference.

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Silly part is that the Asian brands have catered to westerners, and I'm not even talking about radioactive cupcake/whip magic. The most notable ones are btssb and AP, btssb had an experimental time where their dresses came in three sizes, both the width and length changed to accommodate girls being taller rather than just wider. AP sizing got bigger, but more importantly, they came with longer adjustable shoulder straps (again, for taller western girls). It's enough that it's really obvious when you're buying an older 2010 jsk compared to a 2013 dress when the change happened.

btssb's experiment kinda flopped since westerners don't even buy that much directly from brand to begin with, proving that wasn't even worthwhile to try and cater to westerners. Meanwhile, AP's sizing continues to be generous while the fatties continue to insist AP's sizing isn't inclusive, so.

I don't think it's ever possible to satisfy these racists. Something is wrong in their lives and they just want to blame other people instead of fixing their own problems.

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Why do any of you bother with Rufflechat and FB. The only lolita spaces I participate in are Instagram because I can filter out all the disgusting and annoying people and this place because it isn’t a safe space for the disgusting and annoying.

>> No.10577480

Remember when twitch made that womxn post and then the woke crew, who made up the term in the first place, decided it was transphobic all of a sudden? That's why we should never say anything about tranny issues.

All they are doing is causing more division in the community. Notice how all the ones complaining are overwhelming white? Makes you think.

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For the memes

>> No.10577483

The more these people post dumb shit like this, the less I care about them as whole.

>> No.10577484

They’re literally saying to do two opposite things. To both step up but don’t step up

>> No.10577486

More and more they’re infiltrating cgl though. There’s been way more SJW screeching these past few years. It’s been getting worse and worse since ~2017

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Wow, it's almost like double the fabric shouldn't cost more?

Custom sizing to fit a completely inconsistent body type that is by no means average and not the same across EVERY fat person??

Do these people think?

Why do these people feel entitled to get things for the same price? Just lose fucking weight.

>> No.10577489

Nothing has been deleted and I've been checking that thread since it first got posted

>> No.10577490

I’ve been here since 2013 and I saw less weird overt racism back then. As for the troon stuff it wasn’t really on the table yet.

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>> No.10577492

I take that back, if it was the Qyuu Bei or whatever their animu name was I think that got deleted but fuck that poster t b q h

>> No.10577493


We can't even lift a FINGER onto a treadmill, we'd rather you WORK EXTRA HARD AND TAKE A DEFICIT TO YOUR COMPANY to APPEASE


Fat lazy poor whiner that won't buy brand, anyways.

>> No.10577495

if it takes you months to buy a single second hand dress maybe lolita isn't for you

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The only correct answer

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Yep. How hard is it for people to understand that lolita is a luxury fashion?

>> No.10577498

SJW infiltrator spotted.

Take your hug box ass back to facebook.

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>Something is wrong in their lives and they just want to blame other people instead of fixing their own problems

This. These people spend their lives and free time filled with so much hatred and anger that they’re seeing things that aren’t there. The entire world knows 4chan is a dumpster fire and it can’t be stopped so I kinda doubt they’re talking about shutting down cgl. The only other bits of racism or whatever that they claim to see in the rest of the community are so non-existent it’s pathetic. I’m not going to not like a photo of cute coord just because the lolita is white. I really think that’s what this all comes down. They get bitter that some “efamous” lolitas are getting more likes and are white and thin

>> No.10577500

Read the rest of the comment. Other points made:
>Facebook wars and whining don't do anything
>Just call it out/report it and move on.

I don't think that reads as being two opposite things. You can call something out without slamming your fists on the table, screaming "TRANSPHOBIA!" and getting into a long debate that no one is going to win in facebook comments. Report, block, move on. If you think someone is wrong, why are you giving them your energy?

As if it wasn't the same people all along. I bet more than half the people commenting on this thread right now already commented from their facebook account. They just won't out themself as one of the commenters.

>> No.10577501

Lmfao take your meds paranoia chan

>> No.10577502

Go eat your cake in the fridge, fatty chan

>> No.10577503

For the drama I'm assuming. Same with people who participate in comms. I understand WHY people would want to but lolita will always be much more enjoyed with a close friends or a space you can filter these types out imo.
Don't gotta worry about tip toe-ing around trannies, fatties, poorfags, or any other entitled retard on FB.

>> No.10577504

I don’t get it

>> No.10577505

Agreed. It's a lot less fun with people you need to tip toe around and especially spaces that open the doors to creeps.

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File: 1.94 MB, 1280x720, 1603126764116.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any time

>> No.10577508

even then, there's nothing wrong with being a poorfag and having a small collection you build up over the years. But complaining about prices is retarded especially if you are fat and have to shop in a niche of a niche fashion

>> No.10577509

As SOON as I read the first line of that post I knew it was going to end up here. And I'm glad. As a thin bio-female, I'm going to do absolutely nothing. I owe no one my time or voice. I don't have to do shit. Sure, I'm not going to be a terrible person, but jesus christ, it is not my ~responsibility~ to involve and exhaust myself in every space in order to appease people. This baiting and guilt-tripping does not work on me. I'm going to puke on the next person who uses the word "privilege."

>I am so tired of this non-binary trend, i hope it crashes and burns into flame within the next 2 years.
Same. I remember when pretending to be a gay boy online was cool like 10 years ago. I feel like this is the same thing.

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>> No.10577511

Lol. You are racist.

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Just because you're a racist who HATES white people doesn't make you WOKE

God. Someone take the mic away from this idiot.

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This is my favorite entitled post of the entire thread lmao

POC says that they don't always have the energy to openly fight transphobes on the internet and call it out every single time

NBWhatever implies that while THEY are allowed to not have any "spoons" to deal with it, others must always have enough "spoons" to fight on their behalf?

>> No.10577515

Congrats to RC for being a literal clownfest

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File: 36 KB, 751x273, Cult.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nah. They just have all their little cult members reporting in to barrage hatred on whitey.

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File: 43 KB, 600x449, 5C8BBFA9-441B-4D22-B55F-4A8E474B1955.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is you anon. Remember if you're white, or just not BIPOC you're racist! :^)

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I think OP has a history of saying dumb shit. I can't remember what though. I just remember going "ffs, them again" everytime their pfp popped up

>> No.10577529

Priorities aside, if you have that little money to spend on frilly dresses, why wouldn't you want to buy something brand new that would actually fit you, for much less and also support a brand that actually cares and wants to cater to you directly, ensuring that they stay open and help make lolita more inclusive? iirc, Glittertale does custom and plus sizing and they don't charge extra. This is such dumb brand whore mentality (I'm assuming it's brand because how else could it take months to save up for, second hand)

>> No.10577548

This. I think being non-binary is retarded but I’m not such an asshole that I won’t respect it. I’m not a fucking psychic though.

>> No.10577554

>I remember when pretending to be a gay boy online was cool like 10 years ago
it's so tiresome how it all keeps repeating, i'm also seeing all the old tumblr purity spiralling/ed/genderspecial shit happening again as if they're original concepts. at this point i don't know if i should just be resigned to the idea that this is inevitable in any large online community of women that lasts long enough. everyone seems completely unwilling to learn from the past, or think they can bully their way through what seem to be natural pitfalls

>> No.10577555

WORSE make them fear being removed from their comm and social media platforms.
Sexy baby has spoken!

>> No.10577556

I buy from BABY a lot directly, and I think most girls who do buy directly from them are skinny and wouldn’t want the bigger sizes anyway. Also, as someone who owns more than a decade of BABY, their dresses are bigger now than they used to be, even if they only have the one size.

>> No.10577560


>> No.10577565

All about that lone lolita life then you don't have to tip toe around anyone!

>> No.10577569

i love this particular thread, because it's almost like poor eating decisions will cost you more money! who would've thought! of course some are fat due to health conditions but let's not kid ourselves here. their complaining is so entitled, did they forget this is a luxury and not something they need to function?

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File: 303 KB, 1124x1229, BC4DAFB7-C61D-4E8B-90AB-DBB9BF29C85D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cheap fatties trying to excuse replicas again. Because art theft is ok if you’re fat. What if the artist was trans or black? Would it still be ok then?

>> No.10577572

NAYRT but fatty chan here to confirm I only own custom/plus size dresses included 2 very loved Haenuli prints and was so happy to spend my money on them until I lose weight and fit into the 2nd hand brand I have also found good deals on. I don't know why this is so hard.
Not to mention there is a very decent plus sized sales group.
Bitches just want to complain.

>> No.10577573
File: 194 KB, 779x683, IMG_20210317_082246.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when you're so woke you start being racist

>> No.10577574

“Their backwards ways”
Holy shit

>> No.10577575

>support ladysloth
their shit is ugly as hell so I won't :3

>> No.10577576

honestly, as someone from asia, seeing people talk about their 110+ cm waists so candidly is pretty scary. to me, a waist that big is almost unnatural.

>> No.10577578

it's basic bitch authoritarianism, ironically done up in a pretty dress

>> No.10577579

Never going to a lolita convention again. The thought of meeting some of these people makes me nauseous

>> No.10577580

the furry pfp says alot

>> No.10577581

LOL if you took this to the extreme it could imply completely separating the community from the japanese side of things and just having everyone survive on queer POC indie brands. No AP for you.

>> No.10577582

they blame everything but themselves, Asian brands not catering to fats are TRASH but they'll still buy a replica bc they wish they could fit. i've never even seen a plus size replica wtf

>> No.10577583

I live in a fake woke city comm with crazy people like in this thread so I avoid any cons they partner with anyways.
People should spill on what comms help with good con events and aren't total dumpster fires.

>> No.10577586

If you dislike the "backwards" japanese so much then stop supporting their "backwards" brands.
At this point you might as well say that lolitas who wear JP brands are basically bigots

>> No.10577589

>Japanese and their backwards ways
I wasn't aware that having the basic business sense to manufacture clothing that fits the average body type of your local demographic was backwards...

>> No.10577590

People who talk about Japanese brands like this probably won’t go to ones that host them. Even if they do people are more pleasant irl so you’re fine

>> No.10577596


I kinda laugh at this because they're claiming JP brands are bad and to support more indie brands, while still bitching about said JP brands. There's clearly an alternative but "waaaah I want burando"

>> No.10577618

I think a lot of people who bring up stuff like this forget that posting shit trying to be "woke" online isn't the same as being welcoming and polite irl.
At the end of the day as long as you're not a dick most people aren't going to treat you badly in person, and if they do, it's a fashion hobby.
You don't have to be buddy-buddy with everyone. It's more about being able to look down on others for not being as "woke" as them than giving a shit about treating other people like people.

>> No.10577619


This. There's more than enough indies and taobao that provide custom sizing, some are even POC (at least until Dolbe went out of business) plus the option of sewing your own or hiring an actual non-lolita tailor/seamstress and just telling them the skirt and lining has to be x metres wide.

They aren't being left naked and unclothed by the side of the road. They aren't being shunned or told go back under the stairs just for being fat (I mean, their personalities are on full display here and most of it is pretty short-sighted, stupid and selfish, that's more reason to shun them than their fat). Heck, none of them are actually being excluded, it's not like there's a lolita police that rounds them up and takes away their lolita cards.

They just, for some weird reason, all insist that this one or two very specific Asian brand needs to bend over backwards for them. While at the same time telling everyone they're a totally unprofitable group (because if they complain brand is expensive, they certainly don't have the money for it, heck the one complaining about joining two dresses got hers secondhand which means she can't afford the price of first hand at all).

>> No.10577626

Because it's against the board rules you fucking newfriend, go back to sperging in your tag groups

>> No.10577630

I can’t confess to buying as much as you, BABY-chan, but I DO own a lot of baby that I bought sometimes new, mostly secondhand and can definitely confirm that 00s baby is tiny and if you’re even a mid sized western girl you don’t stand a chance of fitting in it, early 2010s baby is where it’s at - still small but often with features like adjustable straps and partial shirring, so if you’re at a healthy weight, even as a westerner, you can probably fit in it even if it’s tight. Modern baby is even more forgiving and I would say any westerner at a healthy weight could wear it, as well as slightly chubby people if you utilise the shirring (just don’t buy corset laced skirts lol)

>> No.10577633

>Oh my god I love making my friends feel guilty when they misgender me. I don’t always do it but sometimes, a bitch gets petty.
This thread is just burger problems, not issues with lolita fashion.

>> No.10577642

Mods definitely deleted many of the comments and closed the post - when I went to sleep the thread was at 120+ comments and when I looked again this morning it was at 60

>> No.10577647

I just did myself. All the whiny fatties and ""POC"" as well.
I got nothing against real trans people, people of another race and whatnot but those kind of goons and other whiny bitches irritate me to no end. It's like they just wanna be babied and praised for existing

>> No.10577650

It is unnatural but they can't put the fork down kek you can always tell how insanely jealous they are of thin girls by trying to make "thin privilege" be a thing when the problem is their lack of self control

>> No.10577659

it's funny to me how a lot of these fat lolitas complain about stuff like this and yet the moment a petite lolita tries to speak up about how we have issues with sizing too we're met with "just get it adjusted" as if they're not complaining about having to get their shit adjusted too. as if they're the only ones that have to pay extra to wear the fashion nicely.
how do these people not realise it goes both ways?

>> No.10577660

Based greek gull fighting against usa centric views, you now have 20% less debt to pay.

>> No.10577663

Because they just seek justification for their fat problems without the easiest solution. I have a really small band size and just mentioned to my friend how it is a problem for me and she said atleast it's a positive one. It's just some fucked up logic that you are born skinny, stay skinny without an effort and being skinny means there can't be problems. Tells a lot about them.

>> No.10577664

ah yes the "positive problem" of having very limited options, not being able to fit most brand and having the facebook fatty-chan mafia rail on you for being unable to change the way you're born... err...

>> No.10577665

>luxury fashion
Call me when a main piece costs thousands of Euros and not only hundreds.

>> No.10577666

It's ironic because the woke folk are literally bullying people out of the comm instead of the other way round. Usually comms fall over backwards to accommodate disabilities and trans people to the point of including sissies too. But say anything about said sissy and boom you're persona non grata.
I sure am glad that I have a sane group of friends that don't give 2 shits about the comm.

>> No.10577668

When you state that it's someone elses job to police a space for you to feel safe, you've officially handed over power from yourself to them. This person is literally victimizing themselves and taking the power of self-determination away from themselves and handing it off to strangers. I'm really tired of this perspective, because it basically sets them up to claim or be abused again.

This. If you want to change an industry/hobby, then you need to get involved directly and stop complaining. I don't like SJWs in comics, but I do applaud the ones that take out a line of credit / a small business loan and set-up a comic book store; they are taking their perspective and constructively applying it. It's no one's job to forefill another person's dreams. Fashion works on the basis of you having an idea, making it into a physical thing and then finding people who like similar things to know your object is for sale. That's it. If you want anything else then that's a sign there's a gap in the market with your name on it to fill (and hopefully profit).

My assumption, as a cis person, has always been that if someone seems like they are transistioning, then the polite thing for me to do is aknowledge them as they gender they are aiming for. I do this because I'm assuming that's part of the point; to eleaviate disphoria through social acceptance / inclusion... But yet, like you said, there seems to be a group that's offended if you don't read them as a transwoman or transman... So I'm confused at this point.

Agreed; it's a very regional / historical / cultural issue not tied to just looking a certain way. In America, African-immigrant families have completely different perspectives / experiences because their family history is completely different.

Gender is a social construct, so literally getting offended in the way you described makes no sense; we are all in control of how people see us. Roots of Lolita.

>> No.10577670

American woke culture is killing the Western comm

>> No.10577671

Naturally Racist. The mods in my comm won't do anything about her so I had to block her so she can't come to my meets.

>> No.10577674

This is why these discussions don’t work well in large groups. It always turns into a huge circle SJW/virtue signaling circle jerk and nothing actually productive comes of it. Everyone gets defensive because they don’t like being lumped in with “the bad people.” Then if they are a member of any marginalized group they start excluding them selves from having any culpability and then they start making the discussion about their own issues in “x” marginalized group, ie racism in this case. The topic is transphobia and transmisogyny, cis white people aren’t the only group capable of it. Since OP also brought up the topic of trans misogyny, they shouldn’t even be limiting the topic to cispeople. I’ve seen plenty of FtM/transmasc people perpetuate transmisogyny and misogyny in my community. And to her point about “this should be limited to white cispeople” black communities are capable of transphobia and homophobia. Wtf. Many trans women of color are murdered/lynched by people of the same race as them from the victim’s community.

>> No.10577677

I've seen a lot of the more popular lolitas like Tsumikko and that autistic girl jump on social causes and it always seem like that's the new way to get more efame and eyeballs. I'm really leery of the folks who post long paragraphs on social justice on their coord posts. Like it's not even related to that shit, what a reach.

>> No.10577681

If you dig into the crime statistics of most countries, it's ease to see that transmisogyny and misogyny isn't isolated between one particular kind of group. Hate stems from multiple sources and with many different motivations.
Maybe the way to combat unproductive complaining and whining in comms is to start pushing back and pointing out how verbally re-hashing things without action is wasted energy and that people are welcome to "do" something or they need to stop draining everyone's emotional energy. There must be a way to communicate this.

It's like how hobby groups with donate time money, or participate in some sort of community service as their way of contributing to fixing a problem; they do the thing and then can move on to getting back to their hobby. Like, why not try to arrange a Lolita bake sale for a local afterschool club? Or a food drive where the com gathers up all the extra cans in their pantry, donate it to the food bank and then meet for tea?
If we could push SJWs to actually practice what they preach then I'd stop being so annoyed at them and might also help out.

>> No.10577689

As a fatty the best thing you can do for me is to tell me how to lose fat and bully me into it. If you accept me then you are killing me.

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