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post ONE release that you personally find so shit that you can't believe it exists. try to remember that it's okay for people to dislike what you like and vice versa.

i'll start. what the fuck?

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Good start. That's the ugliest f-ing dress I've ever seen.

My contribution is the mmm tshirt dress

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I love that

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I hate this so much that i almost bought it because at some point, hate turns to fondness and what the fuck-ery

Honestly i quite like that as casual jfash + chunky mary janes. and not even lolita. But yeah its hideous as lolita


Ughh this one it always looks like a large tissue box to me for some reason

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I hate this print and the dress itself. It looks like a costume with coffee stains on it. I can't believe AP paid someone to design this. It's complete shit.

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oh, that's a good choice anon. i hate that print too. the random-ass unicorns are so funny.
and i feel like the bodice design is pretty cute and different for AP, so it was such a waste... it might have looked good in camo, punkuma style.

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This whole thing is an eyesore and so many people in my comm went wild for it. But I don’t know if they actually ordered it.

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Oof, I like the concept (love boba) but the execution is awful

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I need this!

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out of all the lolita things, this is what looks costumy to you ?

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I own the original release in pink. I’m specifically referring to the rerelease in yellow. Honeycake is a cute print but being everywhere makes me tired of it. Is it just me or was the hype for CTP release not spammed as much once everyone got their dresses from the mto? This is a genuine question.

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This dress reminds me why I hate pretty much every western brand. The pattern is literally straight out of simplicity and dated af. The print looks like an 8 year old found boba clip art and made baby’s first photoshop project. The construction is also Bangladesh sweatshop level.

Rip to your comm anon. I legit thought no one bought these dresses and that these kind of brands survived only as the money pit hobby of bored housewives.

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>The construction is also Bangladesh sweatshop level.
You're not too off the mark they're Vietnamese I think.

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To be fair Vietnam actually does a lot of really good high end fashion work, especially in shoes and leather goods and their labor standards are actually fairly high compared to Bangladesh, India or even China in some regards. Not as good as South Korea though.

In this case she clearly went budget, and the best construction in the world wouldn’t make this pattern look good.

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Not super super high end, but satorisan manufacturers in Vietnam and I’ve worn the same pair of leather shoes from them 4-5 times a week for the past 5 years and they’re still going strong.

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I feel like posting this is almost cheating....

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these look so cheap and tasteless, who are those brands catering to, 12 year-old girls?

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I would have loved this cut in a solid color or pattern like a tartan or polka dot. Such a shame.

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The top bit looks like a koala face

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this is such a shame it's not camo pattern like I thought from the thumbnail

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I ordered one in a different cut because I hate this cut. The apron also isn't doing it any favors.

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On western brands that make me doubt if western indie could ever be good, this dress from spooky sparkle party is the worst release I've ever seen.

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>Would you like to taco 'bout that?
- Left chick, probably

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I legit thought this was kawaii jo, but looked hers up and it’s somehow worse.

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Taco Bell kei. I’m here for it lmao.

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Everything SSP has ever made is just awful.

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I've never seen a western brand worth a damn that MAYBE doesn't make dumb decora accessories.

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I think the taco idea is hilarious, if only the design had more details or a different fabric for the ruffle. I get that it's supposed to look like sour cream, but all these indie brands use fabric that's a weird density and it's always way too big. Either make the ruffle smaller or use either a heavier or lighter fabric, it should either fall into a dense ruffle or be light enough to look fluffy. I do not understand why this isn't sussed out during the draping stage of design.

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I straight up hate all of Lady Sloth's releases, the prints are so fucking tacky I don't understand the money you spend on her designs could be used for 2nd hand brand instead, it boggles my fucking mind.

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I will never understand how these brands stay in business. Their shit is awful, expensive, and incredibly slow. On top of all of that, they’re still all made in sweatshops abroad out of the cheapest possible material. I just don’t get it.

I will say that despite the attitude problems people seem to have, miss danger is top notch on quality and if extravagant goth is your style I would def recommend.

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It’s like they try to compensate for abhorrent tumblrcore print design by underdesigning the actual garment, but somehow it makes it worse. It looks handmade in the bad way, like you used spoonflower fabric to make that one Simplicity lolita pattern with no modifications.

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I've always thought their dresses look like this style of hot topic dress

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I actually think this could be super cute as a simple skirt, like those meta full shirring ones. The problem imo is that it’s super confused. The print is kinda goth sweet, but the cut is like retro 50s classic. A weird mismatch.

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The cuts are too boring and the prints are dull as hell as well, that’s my main problem.

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I am so starved for a good boba print but this is definitely not it

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It's not the only costume-y thing, but with the terrible print and color, it pushes it over the edge into wtf category.
The bodice looks like a weird dog. And it's cut like some military uniform. Looks like a normie would wear it for Halloween and that annoys me.

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File: 316 KB, 1885x1414, 3B34A5A3-4EA6-40B8-AFD5-7C74472B874E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The bodice looks like a weird dog.
Can never unsee

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honestly this would look better if only the skirt had the print on it.

>> No.10567085

western brands LOVE an ugly-ass bodice

>> No.10567110

They really do!

>> No.10567122

>they’re still all made in sweatshops abroad

I can't think of a single well known European indie brand that does that

>> No.10567164

Completely agree. It's also that garish lavender color. That and the weird blue they use - when I see a flash of those colors on CoF I scroll on by.

>> No.10567204

The shade of blue is really bizarre.

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The bats dress also from Spooky Sparkle Party.
It reminds me of those airbrushed t-shirts the rednecks in my hometown would buy at the mall and the fair.

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Yeah this was pretty bad. I actually would’ve been willing to support that brand if they would just come out with some thing that was even marginally not awful. It’s the colors that do it for me. They always seem to pick the most garish pinks and mints. I don’t know anything about art but some thing about the drawing just looks cheap. Is it a lack of shading?
Same with >>10566888 can someone who understands art explain to me why this looks bad? I know the artwork is awful and looks like “clipart“ but I can’t figure out why

>> No.10567292

Yes, exactly. I love military lolita, and I love AP’s take on it. With anything but this print I probably would’ve been very interested

>> No.10567294

Because the people starting these indie brands don’t truly know anything about fabrics or design and construction of more traditional dresses. It’s like they designed a T-shirt once and then think they can just jump right into lolita

>> No.10567299

Why do the bats look more like shitty chipmunks?

>> No.10567304

This is exactly what teen me would buy at a Hottopic thank god my aesthetic tastes have aged, unlike these western brand designers.

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Christ. Homegirl needs to find another artist this shit is scary looking

I found pic rel by searching ‘kawaii bat’ which would be 10x better than this monstrosity

>> No.10567352

Somehow I doubt that.

>> No.10567432

I think at least as far as color cohesion goes, the clip art feel does at least in some part come from the decided lack of color cohesion. Instead of picking a small handful of colors in similar saturation levels a la ap, they mix things up in a way that, while would work for a child's notebook cover, doesn't work for lolita.
There's also something about >>10566888 where it looks like they got someone who draws decent anime style circa 2010 to do the border print, but lolita prints don't have an anime style pretty much ever so it just reads as cheaply made weeb shit you'd find at a vendor's hall.
Idk it's just truly baffling that after how many years, western brands (jfash or otherwise) still fundamentally misunderstand what makes things look authentically kawaii

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I cant explain it but theres just something that fills me with hate when I see Country of Sweets.
Ive even seen decent coords of it but I still hate this damn print

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Antique Clock by Bodyline in the grey colorway is just so trash. I own it. I have n o i d e a how to coord it so it doesn't look horrid.

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tbf this is the worst cut, but you can't tell me you don't find it adorable in white?

or are you a hardcore goth or something?

>> No.10567440

Just give up anon, the colorway makes it especially hard to play off the clashing patterns and lack of trim lace

>> No.10567444

her boobs look off center and the top is 100% handmade probably by a newbie

>> No.10567448

Like >>10567440 said, you can't. I've never had a close look at the print before, wow what a mess!! Weird splatter doily clock faces with diamonds, polka dots, text, Roman numerals and musical notes?? At least it was cheap, this is a good example of you get what you pay for. Either alter it or sell to some misguided soul who would actually wear it.

>> No.10567458

I just realized if I >>10567437 just cover up the bottom part or replace it the dress might be salvageable... hopefully... maybe

>> No.10567460

Ok, that makes sense! Thank you! I will agree, I’ve never seen a pastel sweet western brand have a good print. Lotv does nice prints, but that’s not really the same type of thing we’re talking about, they’re more classic and vintage inspired vs full on sweet

>> No.10567461

Definitely, it's the worst part of the dress and draws your eye to it right away. I would cut it off (turn it into a bag or something lol)/sew over the bottom with a fabric that's the same darker grey tone, or maybe the black tone. Maybe have some white lace or black ribbon too, to match the neckline if you're feeling fancy.

>> No.10567479

is it wrong I find this cute, even though it looks cheap?

>> No.10567483

No, just don’t call it lolita

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oof, I really like this print, especially in the white colorway, but I absolutely hate polkadots...

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This Bodyline dress. I sear every ita and their mom have it.

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This mess in any colorway, honorary mention to the yellow one since it reminds me of vomit

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BTSSB collabs and lace monsters

>> No.10567703

You could do a few rows of ruffles around the bottom.

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I honestly prefer this dress over the striped macaron atrocity in pic. The choice in colors is so weird, and the print is just a bunch of halloween-related images. There's no coherence, and the dress looks so weird from afar

>> No.10567710

Semi-related but I hate their brand name with a burning passion

>> No.10567724

Why? Glittertale - sounds fine to me. Better than absolutly random taoibao names.

>> No.10567730

I was about to post this dress, but in orange. I‘m a known halloween maniac in my comm and I can‘t count how often some comm members suggested this atrocity to me. It’s so ugly, like they really wanted to copy horror candy shop.

>> No.10567732

Bootyjinglefrillsloco.taobao or some stupid bs.

>> No.10567734

og anon of the post but this was the dress I was thinking of especially at the time of typing.

>> No.10567737

fuck i hate lady sloth and their hellbunny-tier trash. the designer just has absolutely 0 taste.

>> No.10567757

Bad taste. Milanoo has given lace monsters a bad name.

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File: 129 KB, 500x600, D03312EF-4E3A-4B34-82E9-77E4CB4BB428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unpopular opinion, but CDC. I like pegasi but I think this is just so ugly.

>> No.10567783

HAHHAHAHAH omg you're right

>> No.10567787

Thank you that sounds really doable. >>10567703
I'll try that! That ,might add volume and make it more balanced. The top shirring adds volume to the top which feels disbalanced at the bottom. It's like bodyline chose to make the hem busier to avoid adding lace or anything to the bottom hem.

>> No.10567799

god I wanna punch them

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File: 413 KB, 500x600, pls no.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10567825

you have awful taste. japan's amazing ability to mix secular and commercial holiday themes knows no bounds.

>> No.10568720

wow a truly unpopular opinion, objectively you're wrong but i admire that you said it

>> No.10568777

i'm with you anon. i don't get the hype for it at all

>> No.10568781

The tiered jsk is everything, the other cuts are kinda meh imho

>> No.10568785

This looks awful... It looks like they waited till the last minute to design a dress, ran out of fabric and had to hunt for scraps.

However I feel like someone with enough skill could pull it off?? Anyone got any good coords with this so I can be pleasantly surprised

>> No.10568789

sadly there aren't many

>> No.10568790

wait i just realized this is a completely different dress.

>> No.10568792

Hahahah, you tried anon, I appreciate it.

>> No.10568794


Actually AP makes a lot of these rainbow toilet roll dresses, see >>10568789 being a different AP dress. Usually it's gingham and somewhat eye-blinding-but-cute, though.

It just came out really badly done in >>10567819. I hope they never repeat this shitty variant.

>> No.10568795

I personally like the striped macaron monstrosity, purely because I adore tacky Halloween crap

>> No.10568821

I hate to break it to you, but the top is part of it, it's an OP. The purple colorway is a lot better but not by much. This is over 200 dollars...

>> No.10568822

Damn I meant that I think the purple OP is a lot better (I'm biased since it's my favorite color), but it's still pretty bad

>> No.10568823

Good fucking lord. I wish I didn't have eyes sometimes...

>> No.10568843

Summer Tales Boutique give me hope tbf

>> No.10568868


It's a strange day when some ita gets posted, and then it turns out the stock photos are even more ita than the ita.

The one on the right doesn't even look like it has enough fabric in the skirt.

>> No.10568881

That’s not even a random ita, I’m pretty sure this was the brand photo shoot, and the model was styled by the brand owner

>> No.10569738

i rlly hate both of these so much but i kinda liked how lovely lor coorded them(?) she somehow managed to make them look less bad

>> No.10569748
File: 121 KB, 484x645, DCC2F6C0-1489-4C6D-BB0C-6147BEF134E6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are a lot of dresses that look awful on people but good in stock photos and vice versa. Some cuts seem like they were never supposed to be actually worn

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