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Sometimes I think about selling my entire OTT AP sweet lolita wardrobe to go full on moitie goth. I know this isn’t a new thought—but I work as an embalmer at a funeral home and sometimes I just be feeling more dark than pastel. Besides; I could actually wear motitie to work since it matches dress code... I know I can do both but...if I sell everything now I feel like I can have my dream goth wardrobe.

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Does anyone else feel a terrible sense of time moving by? I’m on the younger side in the Jfashion community, but I can’t help but feel anxious about growing older and having pressure to stop wearing it when I haven’t had the chance to try everything I have wanted to. I actually really love seeing older (especially those close to 40) Lolitas because of this because it gives me hope that I could possibly enjoy this for a couple of decades - but they often get reamed online

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nice to see you soup

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Buying Moitie(especially good pieces) is a totally different game than buying AP

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don't do it anon, there's a pretty good chance you'll end up with nothing but money

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This. I've been wanting to get into gothic for years but the market is hella dry and the pieces that do come up are either ugly, expensive, or both.

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You'd be allowed to wear lolita when embalming dead people?

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>Doesn't know about the mad max thunderdome brawlouts over buying only 2 brands

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hope you're doing well anon

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If you really want to sell the AP, now is the time. But buying older moitie is a lot harder than Ap, so hopefully you are into their current look and direction to start with. If you can fit into smaller stuff go for their skirts as they are cheaper but otherwise you are going after stuff that costs like 400-500 easily per piece.

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My mother passed away last night due to pneumonia related to her cancer treatment and I have trouble processing it. Related bc she used to love when I’d bring my cosplays to her house to show her what I’d been working on.

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anon im so sorry for your loss

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Anon that sucks, I'm so sorry for your loss. Remember to take time for processing and it's OK to grieve in your own way. Look up Worden's "Tasks of Mourning" if you're feeling completely lost and don't know how to move forward. Don't hesitate to talk to someone if you need to.

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I actually managed to get something from the recent CC moitie dump. Not the most coveted thing in it for sure, but given the constant error messages lately I’m a bit shocked

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Whyyyyy did the last thread get deleted?

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all the ones soup makes get deleted because he's a fag.

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sorry for your lost. I never lost someone close to me before so i wouldn't know how you must be feeling but hopefully you're okay.
you're lucky other anon is in this thread otherwise I would say something really mean about your mother to prove that I am in fact not a fag.

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my mom is a cunt.

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I take that back I'm a girl so I'm not a fag cause I fucked your dad last night, idiot.

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I love when you're a slut sap, pls sell me your crusty panties <3

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don't give me nicknames

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don't pretend to be me

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I can't cum

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Identity theft is not a joke, anon! millions of families suffer every year!

I'm so quirky quoting dwight from the office ahaha

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Tried to kms for the second time in a month and just like last time someone came in and stopped the bleeding. This has to be some divine intervention shit at this point because nobody else but me was home both times when I actually started. Why the fuck can’t I just die? Next time I’m drinking bleach and going out with a meme death

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Yo anon I cant really speak for any of the other gulls here but maybe you just need to someone to talk to or something. Life is hard as fuck right now but i mean maybe talking to someone in this helpful thread of monkeys might up your spirit

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Take the hint, you're clearly meant to live.

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why do you want to die?
don't call anons monkeys they can't help their autism but it's not nice calling them names.

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>This has to be some divine intervention shit
Or subconscious a cry for help. Go get it.
Bleach burns on the way down, and takes a couple hours to kill you.

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Thats fair anon thats a very fair point but im in a bit of a cross mood rn

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a few weeks ago I listed a dress on LM and mentioned in the description that I was interested in trading for another piece. no one ever messaged me about the piece that I was looking for and the dress eventually sold. but this afternoon the girl who had bought the dress from me messaged me to let me know that the piece i was looking for was listed somewhere else. the fact that this random girl who I don't even know personally would remember that and then think to let me know warms my heart in the cheesiest way. a lot of the time I really hate the community, but it's things like this that make me really want to try branching out from my lonelita tendencies

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I gave myself a mullet because i guess i wanted to try and see if I could do punk jfash. It looks cool, it wasn’t a very drastic mullet and i look pretty androgynous now.
Except i forgot about what clothes i actually have.
all my cute headbows just look weird. now I’m very sad and have to wait for my hair to grow out. I also am expecting a large order of swankiss and liz lisa to arrive lol.
Obviously i don’t think before i do things but yes, mullets do not work in otome at all

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to be honest consider teasing it out for more volume? older snaps have girls with pretty punk/andro hairstyles and honestly if it's styled nicely it can be pulled off

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Thats a good idea, yeah i think i could so something like teasing my hair or even picrel!! I just tried blowdrying/ teasing my hair real quick and it does look way better for bows.
They definitely did more punk things back then, its pretty cool! Thanks anon

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of course! i was immediately reminded of the creative short hairstyles in Fruits snaps. like the pigtails you showed or the mullet in picrel on the right. i think spiky pigtails and half up/half down would be cute too! godspeed nonny ^^

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mullets are hot rock it in lolita

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Daily lolitas, do you ever feel weird going out in full coords on and off? Is it ever a /process/, and other times it's just like getting dressed for the day? I'm a fucking autist and I feel like COVID made every outing either super exciting for me, or super exhausting and stressful. Wearing casual is one thing but some days it's too mentally draining to pull up to the grocery store in a whole fit.

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Wearing lolita is always a process even though it's what I do 90% of the time I go out in public. The other option is leggings and a baggy t-shirt and no makeup, hair brushing optional. I'm either a princess or a hobo.

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I got my dd today. I've been feeling really depressed lately, but it was a nice pick me up to see it pop up secondhand

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I haven't been on this board in a few weeks, did I miss anything?

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I suddenly got nostalgic for when lolitas used to make DIY pearl crowns

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my cat is dying right now and im just laying in my bed with him, i've had him since i was 6. he got really sick out of nowhere like last week and its just so sudden

dont have anyone online rn to talk to so i guess its you guys

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I’m sorry, anon. My dog died recently under similar circumstances, so I know how you feel somewhat. I’m sure he appreciates the time you have taken to take care of him and love him.
Loss of any kind sucks, I’m sorry.

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How old is he? Can the vet not help?

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Found out myanimelist.net got hacked back in November, of course they haven't had the decency to come out and notify that they were hacked.
- Emails (if signup wasn't done by any other ways)
- Usernames
- Creation date
- DOB on the account
- Raw data (could be PMs, IPs, or just your ratings)
No mention of passwords but it's probably a good time to change it to something new. Admins who don't have the balls to admit they got breached should eat their computer and work in a toll booth, if they can even get that job.

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thank you, i'm just gonna miss my lil dude a lot :( i wish pets were immortal
he's 13. my dad took him to the vet but he waited until it was Absolutely Necessary or whatever, he'd already gone into kidney failure at that point so he's not responding to anything the vet's given him. hoping somehow he'll pull through

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Mullets are the bomb! I bet your hair looks sick as hell anon!

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When a brand knows a release is going to be popular, why do they limit it to instore shopping only? There's only a limited amount of shopping services, and in these plague times I can't very well get to Japan on my own. Yes, I'm still mad I missed out on the Elizabeth OP reservation.

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redpill me on misty sky, what's the best and worst cut/colorway? i'm itching to finally buy it. i loved the pink OP but now i lean more towards the sax and lavender skirts.

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don't care what others, especially people on this site, think. wear what makes you happy and if you do grow out of the fashion that's ok too.

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>what's the best and worst cut/colorway
the one you like the best/the one you dislike the most

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No no this is cgl,
>what's the best cut/colorway
The one I like
>what's the worst cut/colorway
The one you like

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This. I tried to kms the other day and got a job offer right when I was doing it, sometimes the universe sends you a sign. Hell, it sent you two.

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My cat I had since I was 7 passed away a few years ago. I knew he was old and sick but there wasn't much indication that he was dying and we were giving him medication and since I lived out of home, I had mostly no idea of his condition.

Then one day I get a text from my little sister saying he's needs to be taken to the vet but nobody in the house wants to do it. I didn't realise that meant nobody wanted to take him to be put to sleep because nobody had the emotional fortitude.

I drove with my sister all the while cradling him like a baby. And only when the nurse said "Are we taking care of him today?" That I actually realised what they had booked. Within 10 minutes I had gone from thinking it was just a vet checkup to he was going to die. It was ultimately the right decision, he was in pain, he stopped looking after himself, he couldn't be the proud boy he wanted to be anymore.

But even now I still cry after 3 years, I miss him so muich. It's the only thing in my life that I genuinely feel sadness about. I never felt like I got to say a proper goodbye. There's so much I still regret. So please, spend as much time with them as possible before they go.

I have two cats now and I was really hesistant becasue it felt like I was replacing him and I would forget but pets are like people. You never forget them and they can't be replaced.

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Ever since covid happened I started wearing lolita out less. I wash them every time I go out obviously but only in cool temperatures since I'm afraid that anything hotter than x degrees can fuck all of them up. My brain is so retarded thinking that the covid germs dont wash off even with detergent unless you wash clothes in high temperatures

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I wear lolita out during covid in a place with very high levels of community spread and just hang my clothes back up in my wardrobe when I get home. I only wash my clothes once every 5-6 wears or if they get noticeably dirty/smelly.

Oddly enough, I've told my (normie) friends this and asked if they thought it was gross and if I needed to clean them more. They all said that I'm not a smelly person and they didn't know lolita clothes could be washed at all, and concluded it's not gross. Even my mom who is a hypochondriac and hasn't left the house since July doesn't think me not washing them is gross or dangerous. So I think you're being especially paranoid.

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ok but clip-ins also work, if your hair is still a natural colour.

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My god is this the "i don't smell" vegan anon again? Wash your fucking clothes.

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You are disgusting

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if you're asian, this is probably fine. asians sweat less than other races

>> No.10563247

You again? Why do you want to keep talking about how you make normies sniff your clothes??Take your fetish someplace else

>> No.10563248

I think the virus survives only a couple of days on clothing? You could try steaming your dresses after wearing them out if you're worried, or quarantine them for a few days prior to returning them to your wardrobe. I would not risk laundering them in hot water, that's for certain

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Could you please seek help for your raging autism so you can stop shitting up this board?

>> No.10563262

kek this applies to most people on this board not just that anon

>> No.10563263

Maybe if everyone didn't take their bait they'd stop posting. I wonder if this is also bpd camwhore chan, kek. They're probably a larping maleposter, the fact that they're so easily recognizable should mean they'd be easier to ignore, but gulls are stupid and love giving attention whores attention.

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Surface transmission is negligible anon, you don’t have to worry about it

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Hey, on here I don't have to pretend I am sane

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This is legitimately the first time a post on cgl has made me cry. Sending you hugs anon.

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I've been neglecting my EGL clothes for ages for a basically a combination of covid life disturbance, being excruciatingly busy with work / uni, & having an ana-chan relapse which I got myself into outpatient treatment for just a couple months ago. Recently had a flash of inspiration to get back into wearing cute clothes. Went through my wardrobe, thought about some coords, got excited again, even bought some new pieces.

Tried some stuff on today (including one of the new pieces) and none of it fits. It all hangs off me like a sad trash bag and looks awful. I try not to obsess over my body size/shape (or really think about it at all) so this was a major wake-up call as to how bad my physical condition is.

Recover not for thyself... recover for the burando.

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Sorry for your loss. I've lost 4 cats in my lifetime and it hurt every single time. My latest cat to pass died just a year ago from cancer and I still feel sad when I remember the day I said my final goodbye. Even to the end she was the sweetest girl. So I know the guilt you've felt and it sucks.

It's not fair that pets can't live as long as we do. But I keep on being a cat mama because they bring me so much joy and happy memories. I know I will have to say goodbye someday to my current babies but for now, I will enjoy my time with them.

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This happened to me a couple years ago. In the beginning, I kept expecting to hear her or see her sleeping or walking around and every time I realized she wasn't here anymore, it was devastating. But it does get easier with time. I still cry sometimes thinking about her, but I'm not in shock anymore.

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If you plan on ever selling our OTT angelic pretty, sell it now while the market is high. If you don’t end up finding the girls pieces you love, you can always buy the stuff back. Especially because there’s probably going to be a lot of rereleases this year driving the price down for pastel stuff. We already know a four and it’s only February. I wouldn’t put it past AP to re-release every major popular dress. That’s why at the fashion shows every six releases this season while there are usually nine or 10. CCC was one of the extras, I’m betting money on magic princess or milky planet or I’m betting money on magic princess, milky planet, dreamy baby room, & wonder cookie. But even with no re-releases in another year trends will have moved on. Sell now, make money.
And of course I’m saying this as someone who knows I should be selling because I think I’m on my way out with the fashion, but can’t bring myself to do it.

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I had a rock n roll mullet for awhile in lolita. Don’t know how short you cut it but if you can, use a head bow and bobby pins to smooth the sides back and you’ll look like you just have your hair tucked behind your ears. Not perfect because you’ve lost a lot of volume but it’s better than feeling forced to wear a wig

>> No.10563543

What's your height/weight anon? I'm pretty petite and thin and as long as I tie the waist ties I think I look good in my burando

>> No.10563545

Wonder cookie and magic princess? Really? I feel like sugar hearts and milky planet would be way more lilely. Dreamy baby room makes sense too.

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This is really sad that you feel that way, I’m sorry you had to go through that.

Sometimes I feel like somethings wrong with me. I just don’t get that attached to pets. But then sometimes I think people in 1st world countries are out of touch with the circle of life. Maybe it’s from growing up on a cattle farm where animals (including cats) regularly died. We had to both care for the animals and send them to be slaughtered and we ate them. I love my pets and cuddle with them every day and take good care of them but I don’t feel the same way when they die as when people die. To me it seems out of touch to get sad about a pet if you eat meat. By eating meat you are participating in the act of killing animals every day and they shouldn’t be that upset about your pet. Animals die and they’re not human, They’re not capable of thinking of things the way we do. People project this whole saga is of emotions and feelings onto their pets and ascribe complex thoughts to them that they just don’t have. Most of the things that people think give their cats or dogs personality are simply their pets acting in accordance with their instincts. Cats especially as they are both predator and prey animals, the mix of the two instincts makes for a quirky behavior. But that’s all it is, it’s not your cat having a fun personality. Your cat isn’t Zooey Deschanel. I don’t know, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel sympathy for people when they feel bad because when people are hurting that sucks and I have sympathy for them. I just don’t understand why they feel that way. I’m not autistic, I get sad when real humans die or are hurt, just not pets

>> No.10563560

I said wonder cookie and magic princess because It seems like they’re doing re-releases of the earlier ott era, like 2009/2010 or the tail end like 2014-2016. It’s all the middle stuff from the peak like 2011-2013 that’s neglected. I dunno, just a general trend I’m kinda feeling. And I threw in dreamy baby room because they’ve teased it with a store exclusive release. And milky planet because there’s a petition and that’s always been a super requested and hyped print and there’s no way they’ll leave that money on the table. So that’s how I came up with those four prints.

>> No.10563561

Sounds like it's your messed up mentality of human superiority that makes you unable to empathize.

>> No.10563565

I dont think I’m superior, I just don’t understand how you can feel that strongly about an animal and then turn around and eat another animal. Like I said maybe it’s because I grew up in the industry of raising animals to be eaten

>> No.10563569

The same way I don't give a shit about the lives of the meat animals I feed my cat and would be willing to kill a human being if they tried to hurt my cat. And the same way I don't care if Trump's entire family died (this would make me happy though, saying I don't care is inaccurate). I don't have a personal relationship those meat animals or that piece of shit trying to hurt my cat.

I don't really give much a shit about anything I don't have a personal connection to, but I have more of a connection to random cats than random people cause most people deserve to die.

>> No.10563579

Even the 14 year old kid?

>> No.10563580

Yeah that’s sociopathic to not care if people you don’t know die. That’s how genocides happen. Not saying you have to cry about it, but in my opinion that sort of self-centered mindset is why American culture is so fucked up. You should absolutely care about the well-being of others in our society

>> No.10563583

>I’m not autistic

>> No.10563587

Especially that piece of shit, get rid of him before he can do any damage.

I care to an extent. I think everyone should have access to socialized healthcare and universal basic income and a livable minimum wage.

But anyone who disagrees with UHC and UBI deserves to die since they're impeding everyone else's happiness and wellbeing. I should rephrase my initial statement. Most people don't deserve to die, but all conservatives deserve to die.

>> No.10563589

Also to add to >>10563587 all antimaskers and COVID deniers/downplayers deserve to be tortured and then executed. See, I care. I always wear my mask and would love to beat the shit out of anyone who doesn't. Sadly I'm a smol bean so that wouldn't work out too well for me.

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>I grew up in the industry of raising animals to be eaten
>I dont think I’m superior

>> No.10563607

Idk my exact weight day-to-day because I'm working on breaking that particular ED compulsion, but my BMI is in the high 15s. I'm 5'2 and naturally slender at my healthy weight, but this ain't it. Pulling the waist ties tight just highlights the huge bunching of excess fabric in the back...

>> No.10563608

Again, this lack of empathy and understanding that people are human and most humans are basically decent is why our politics are the way they are. By dehumanizing and ”othering” the other side they create a us/them situation where they don’t actually have to make any changes and the 1% can manipulate the system for their own benefit because you’re too busy seeing everything in black-and-white. We’re more worried about getting anyone on ”our” side elected then making sure the people we elect actually enact changes that we want. Something like 70% of the US population wants a more universal healthcare system yet we can’t get our politicians to do it. Conservatives aren’t bad people (most of them), their awful media scares them into these views, just like your liberal media scares you into thinking the conservatives are bogeyman. I’m not trying to equivocate, I think the conservative side is way way worse than the liberal side, but for the most part the individual people aren’t bad, just wrong and manipulated.

Yet i’m the one you guys think is autistic because I don’t need therapy after an animal dies. I care about the environment, I make most of my Charitable donations to animal and wildlife centric charities. This may be the farmer in me speaking, but I see humans as stewards of the earth, and because we fucked it up the animals cant live in it so it’s our responsibility to fix it for them and make it better. I don’t donate charities to help humans because they can to some extent help yourselves whereas animals cannot. But thinking half of the population is basically less than human and deserves to die is exactly how Nazis manipulated Germans into not caring about the concentration camps that killed 11 million people.

>> No.10563612

anyone who self-describes as a smol bean is 100% psycho.

>> No.10563620

>thinking half of the population is basically less than human and deserves to die is exactly how Nazis manipulated Germans into not caring about the concentration camps that killed 11 million people.
And where did Hitler get his inspiration from anon?
Anyways, not saying the anon you're replying to is any better. They obviously have huge issues too.

>> No.10563710

Masks and lockdowns failed. Give it up

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I’m black and I like black lolitas

>> No.10563853

People get sad when pets die because you have an emotional connection to them.

I don't get sad about every human that has died. Only the ones I care about. I can eat meat and still be sad when my animal companion dies.

Cattle are given good lives. We make sure they are looked after, given food, water, medical treatment and an environment free from predators. In return for a vastly better life than their wild counterparts, we eat them.

>> No.10563857

>Everyone gets access to the system
>But nobody has to care about each other

So, why would anyone with money want to pay into this system?

>> No.10563865

Because in a fact you already do by paying for health insurance, dummy. Health insurance works in the same principle, they have it down to a science (actuarial science, to be exact) so that most people pay more in than they will ever use. Universal healthcare would be the same thing except without fat cat corporate insurance execs skimming millions upon millions off the top

>> No.10563895

>In return for a vastly better life than their wild counterparts, we eat them.
>That european mentality

>> No.10563945

I've always cared into BIN Buttons instead of waiting to bid at a lower price. If the price feels right, why would I wait and potentially lose the piece??

But now a dream dress has poppel up, and it's auctions only. I'm already anxious. I've solemnly decided my max bid, but now we just wait. I'm not touching that until the final hours, but oh lord that stresses me out.

Part of me wishes other bidders will race it away and beyond my max so that I can just accept defeat already.

>> No.10564023

poor furball

>> No.10564180

I'm Australian but sure.

>> No.10564182

Australia was also colonized, no?

>> No.10564183

What makes you think that the government would be any more virtous than a corporation? The people in the government are not cut from a different fabric than those in corporations.

Americans have this very bizarre idea that literally any system anywhere can be imported in the US and it will work just as well as it does in the country they're importing it from. It's like taking the skeleton without any of the muscles which make the skeleton move and then just expecting the skeleton to work when you have muscles which don't belong in there.

Universal healthcare works in places like Germany, UK and nordic countries because of one specific thing that the US doesn't and has never had. Ethnic homogenity. Countries like the UK and Germany have an extremely long history and has caused people to coallese around a singular identity and singular community. Meaning that they all feel in someway responsible for the health of the community and therefore will pay into a system to help others and limit government corruption.

America doesn't have that. America is so individualistic with no singular identity that people will abuse the system. Because why would a black person want to pay into a system that whitey cracka uses? Because why would a white person pay into a system that a nigger uses? Because why would a Native American pay into a system that anybody but them uses? They wouldn't is the answer. They will abuse it to get what they want which will send it into a death spiral.

America has too many identities for universal anything to be efficient. For universal services you need a universal identity.

>> No.10564185

Every single country in the world save Thailand, Japan and maybe Afghanistan was colonised. What's your point?

>> No.10564263

NAYRT but Australia was colonized by the English, who are European.

>> No.10564265

I really don't get your point. Okay, Australia was colonised by Europeans. What does this have to do with the humane treatment of cattle?

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>one free surgery please
>doctor, shaking his head, tears in his eyes, "because of socialism I must comply"

>> No.10564277

Oh boy

You know just because America isn't homogeneous doesn't mean we HAVE to be racist too, good gravy. I'd be happy to pay into a system that everyone uses. The thing is we already do on smaller scale by paying into companies. We pay into companies and into Medicaid that people of all races and national origin use in america. Get a grip.

>> No.10564278

the usa was 90% white until 1965 but go off king

>> No.10564279

nayrt but you sound retarded

>> No.10564282
File: 215 KB, 820x800, 20210224_143526.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Because why would a black person want to pay into a system that whitey cracka uses? Because why would a white person pay into a system that a nigger uses? Because why would a Native American pay into a system that anybody but them uses? They wouldn't is the answer.
Buddy, I know as evidenced by your post that you don't go outside or socialize with others and are detached from reality, but nobody thinks this way about healthcare.

>> No.10564318

No. We've been force fed christianity and individualism since our first breath and you think it has to do with ethnicity?

>> No.10564320

Your mentality about cattle is european. Which is fucked.

>> No.10564363

So I have some auctions ending later today and somebody who placed a bid on an item a few days ago just sent me a message telling me they don't have their own paypal account and asked if they could pay through a friend's paypal. I just... augh. Maybe if they had considerable good feedback as a buyer, but the account has less than 5 transactions. They're the top bidder on the auction at the moment and I'm concerned about what's going to happen if they win it. I wish people would ask questions like this BEFORE bidding.

>> No.10564469

I fucking hate all of you people

>> No.10564470


>> No.10564531
File: 5 KB, 254x96, soupchessgrandmasterofallgrandmaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you should let go of all the hate that's in your heart and learn to live, laugh, love.

I'm learning how to play chess and this oil prince was bullying me. he was mirroring my moves at the start because I'm white and he thinks just because blm he could get away with doing it but I SAID ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and came back and stomped his ass like I was the popo. he ended up ragequitting and let me tell ya it's like I finally stood up to my elementary school bully who picked on me for being autistic. very satisfyingly

I think if I took time to learn all the common moves and techniques I could beat magnus carlsen ez pz

>> No.10564555

>lose weight
>only lose cm in the waist, which already fit into lolita
>D cup tits hold their ground

I don't know if I'll ever be kawaii...

>> No.10564569
File: 325 KB, 562x590, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>been working on myself lately, working out, feeling less suicidal, etc
>it's getting warmer and i'm already seeing people wearing t-shirts where i live
>haven't worn one in years because i felt "naked" and then started cutting
>always wanted to try wearing more casual clothing
>mfw still have leftover scars and i can't tell if i want to let people see them, cover them up with makeup or just stick to long sleeves

>> No.10564580

i have pretty bad keloid scars on both arms. i used to care and exclusively wear long sleeves when i was like in high school, but people pretty much stopped noticing my scars in college and if they did, they didn't comment until i made like a joke about it or whatever. people care more about frilly chicks living it up in japanese fashion in my experience

>> No.10564582

it’s ok anon. everyone has scars someway some form you don’t have to worry

>> No.10564589

Every single thing the government does is wildly inefficient and costs far more than when a private company does it.. but this time it will be different!!!

>> No.10564590

I don't care if someone is the same race or not I don't want to pay for the 40% of Americans that are fucking fat asses and need healthcare because they can't put a burger down.

>> No.10564593

so glad I'm not from dumbfuckistan and don't have to deal with this stupid "I got mine" bootstrappy mentality. enjoy your third world country with a fucking knockoff gucci belt lel

>> No.10564596

I'm glad too, we don't want you

>> No.10564598

Don't reply to bait retard

>> No.10564601

Man, it feels so good to pass on a dress at release and get it gently used for 1/3 retail a few months later.

>> No.10564602

>costs far more
To who?

>> No.10564661
File: 15 KB, 236x295, c746113ff97b71fe9d2b319408fabe62--strategic-air-command-military-aircraft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only was thinking of dropping out of school, but this thread renewed my interest in learning to wield atomic hellfire

>> No.10564663

Lol what.

Treat animals nicely is fucked? You know they have the same train of thought in Islam? You cannot cruelly treat an animal if you are eating it, hence Halal.

>> No.10564667

White =/= identity.

Whites were broken up into North/South, Protestant/Catholic, Irish/German/English/Italian, Hispanic/Non-Hispanic.

Whiteness as a core identity didn't really exist. People would call themselves white in comparison to other races but between whites they would always draw a distinction "Fucking Irish/Italians/Germans, etc". Whereas you look at Germany, everyone is white and everyone considers themselves German. Yes there are minute difference within German cultures but ultimately their "German-ness" trumps all other identities.

The US isn't like that. American doesn't overcome local identity like African American, Sino-American, Italo-American, etc. And Americans are divided heavily by state lines when compared to countries like say Norway where there is a heavy centralised government less Svalbard of course.

>> No.10564701

You already are, dumbass. That’s how insurance works. Except you’re not only paying for the healthcare of all the obese people your insurer also covers, you’re also paying for the insurance exec’s private island. And if you don’t have insurance you have to pay even more, like $200 for a Tylenol to help the hospital pay for all the crackheads and uninsured people the hospitals are legally forced to treat for free

>> No.10564718

Here's the real kicker--and no one wants to have this conversation--universal health care won't work in Europe much longer. With the massive amount of African/Arabic immigration happening, their system is starting to collapse.
>in b4 it works in Asia
It doesn't work in China; we rely on their info, which has always been untrustworthy, and having your own supply of unwilling test subjects/organ donors makes it seem better than it is.

Barring OP's edgy use of the n word, there's nothing in that post that's wrong. Tribalism is alive and well, and the elites want it to stay that way so we hate each other instead of them. It is exactly why universal health care doesn't work well here and people bellyache about it.

>force fed individualism
Heh. Individualism is our natural state. Things like socialism and communism have to be forced onto people, which is why they always end up as totalitarian regimes. Very few humans are naturally altruistic.

Hate the game, not the players.

>> No.10564728

Please learn about domestic protein production before you claim that it's "nice".

>Individualism is our natural state.
>I only know the white man's history.

>> No.10564731

Ah, the classic "indocrinate yourself" strat.

>> No.10564733

nayrt but humans are not individualistic. We are tribal at our core.

Humans are all tribalistic to a degree.

>> No.10564738

>I don't care if someone is the same race

This attitude works because America is rich and Europe is rich. Multiculturalism never works unless the community is rich because it makes more sense to simply tolerate others so make yourself wealthy. When the money runs out and dire straits occur, that's when people revert to their natural ways of ingroup preference. This is why poor communities and prisoners will automatically segregate themselves, they go with those who are most similar because they are the easiest to trust.

With a rich multicultural society, everyone is motivated by money, therefore you can trust many people because there's the mutual benefit of wealth. When there is no mutual benefit, what's the point? You're approaching someone less trustworthy

>> No.10564739

Ayrt, I live in a country with socialised healthcare.

>> No.10564741

Until the money runs out. Multiculturalism only works in rich nations.

>> No.10564745

Literally just think about it. Living in cages and force bred for optimal characteristics. Not to mention the anti-depressants. Living in the wild can't possibly be better.

>> No.10564755

Except I buy free range and organic when I can. I have friends who own a dairy farm and they are some the most well treated cows I'd ever seen. We have a lot of laws around the treatment of animals. I don't know what shithole your from.

>> No.10564859

truly based

>> No.10564902

>Individualism is white-only
>completely sidesteps the totalitarianism of of ALL communist regimes, regardless of location
Go read a few history and psychology books, your wokeness.

I would argue that tribalism works on a much smaller scale than we think it does. For most modern people, the "tribe" is relegated to the family (which is why certain recently founded organizations have the destruction of the family unit as one of their sinister goals). But why am I bothering with this here? This isn't /pol/ and most gulls live in a hypocritical duality where you happily participate in branding and consumerism one day and the next you're preaching Marxism and how evil and privileged whitey is. Do you really think you'll get to keep your frills in the new world order? Why don't you donate your burando money to BLM instead of participating in this frivolous hobby? You're all hypocrites.

>> No.10564909

I'm a literal fascist. Fuck off.

>> No.10564918

Yes. Ideas are a product of the people. Not the other way around. It's not by chance America became the home of capitalism and individualism. America was created by people fleeing heavily regulated societies with strict social hierarchies. These people wanted to be valued as individuals not as part of some social group with little chance of social mobility. Add in the fact that America is a mixed nation of many different identities, most of the identities just wanted to do their own thing and be merited by what they could produce to the community, not their social status. This limited things like assimilation and coallesences behind a strong communal identity. Yes, everyone is American but America meant "Leave me alone and only judge me by my merits". Hence why Americans in general have been very apprehensive to centralised governments and why most universal programs don't work without abuse by the recipients.

Nobody cares about who's paying the bill on the other end, AKA their neighbour, because why would they care about their neighbour? The neighbour can look after themselves.

>> No.10564942

Oh so abusing the environment instead then.

>> No.10564955

The virus is only transmissible over surfaces for a few minutes, it dries out very quickly and the virus itself isn't actually very tough.

>> No.10564959

That’s really cute anon!

>> No.10564970

You're only proving my point.

>> No.10564972

Please. They just recreated european feudalism with themselves at the top.

>> No.10564978

I wish I had a cosplay gf. It seems like there are so many cosplay girls that say they’re gay nowadays, that it shouldn’t be hard to find one. But every time I come across one they’re either taken, asexual, or they’re the type of bisexual that exclusively dates men, but they say they’re bi because they kind of think girls are cute sometimes.

I’ve even met nerdy girls off of dating apps who really liked my cosplays and expressed interest in cosplaying too. I encourage them to get into it, but so far they’ve always flaked out on me. I just want to play dress up with another cutie!!

>> No.10564983

I can second that. All the bi girls I've met up with basically only date men. It's really disappointing.

>> No.10564998

my wife started transitioning into a girl recently and I'm happy she found herself I guess but she is so different now and I'm afraid about what it means for our relationship. She doesn't want to be the breadwinner anymore but I'm disabled and we have a kid so...I don't know what the fuck I can do. we only got married because she said she was willing to care for me once I got too bad to work, and now that it's happening...it seems she is changing so much she might just leave me. she wants so many things that I just can't give her. she wants a boyfriend now and wants to dress like an ethot, she wants me to suddenly start buying her sex toys and I'm just wondering what the fuck happened? we'd been married for 7 fucking years before this and she never told me any of that. she literally only told me she was going to transition a week before she started HRT. I'm just so lost. I love her but I feel betrayed and confused and so worried for the future. I know I'll never find someone like her ever again but the person I fell in love with is disappearing. Plus on top of all this, she liked my fashion before her transition and now she gets mad if I even suggest that I'd like her to dress up with me. A really petty part of me wants to say I don't even want to be with a girl who doesn't wear jfashion. Idk. I'm just lost and angry and so so worried.

>> No.10565005

this post is stranger than fiction.

>husband decides he wants to be an ethot waifu now
>shirks his responsibilities to his wife AND his kid
>literally pulls the rug out from under his disabled wife so he can live out his gross anime sex fantasies

being trans isn't even the core problem here, it's literally that your husband is a degenerate coomer who wants to be a little girl instead of taking care of his family. please tell me this is a joke. if it isn't, you need to start looking into some kind of remote work and figure out how to get you and your kid out of there. your husband is literally prizing his coombrained fantasies over you and your kid's wellbeing

>> No.10565009

I'm bi but feel like girls have higher standards for looks and would think I'm ugly, so the only people who ever want to date me or be more than friends are men. I'm very happy with my current partner though and he's a guy, so I guess I am de facto straight unless he dumps me and I get cute enough for girls to like me back romantically.

>> No.10565012

You're not being serious right? I really hope this is bait.

>> No.10565023


I've always been intimidated by women and the one girl I thought I had a chance with was asexual until she found her soulmate so while I'm genuinely happy for her I'm also a dumbass who can't let go of that and feel somehow unworthy of women.

>> No.10565041
File: 9 KB, 258x258, aihegao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>girl from our Discord server is being a nitpick-chan about itas
>mfw the autistic girl tells her "Work on your own coords instead of acting like a cunt-kicked little whiner"
>mfw the server goes offline an hour later

>> No.10565065

I commissoned a cosplay back in June last year & it’s been radio silence from the seamstress since then. I got 1 half-assed update in November cause I nagged. The commissioner has made several cosplays for themself since I asked for a commission. Should I give up? I only paid a deposit so far so i’d only be out a quarter of the cost

>> No.10565068

Holy shit, spank this bitch irl. When did you message her last?

>> No.10565071

any way you could publicly enquire after your commission? Nothing wrong with an ask on twitter or insta.

>> No.10565077

based autist

>> No.10565100

Yes. Fuedalism. That's why they became an industrialised superpower fed by unfettered capitalism allowing people of common birth to become some of the most powerful people on Earth. Yes that sounds like the classic peasant-knight-noble fuedalism to me.

I swear to god you have no actual idea of any sort of history or any of the terms you use.

>> No.10565105

>Thinking that a tranny is going to make any rational decisions
>Thinking that transgenderism isn't just an expression of either depraved fantasy or a grass-is-greener attitude

When I was severely mentally ill I went through a phase of "transgenderism" because I had it in my head that life would be easier as a girl. Then I realised, "Stop being a pussy." And that fixed everything, utilised my aggression and anger and patched myself right up.

Yet people keep telling me transgenderism is not a mental illness.

I sympathize with you anon but in reality it's time you start organising a divorce and finding a new partner.

>> No.10565106


Only for you.

>> No.10565107

Not that anon, but
>allowing people of common birth to become some of the most powerful people on Earth
This does not happen in a feudal society and also does not happen in a capitalist society.

Also, as far as accusing people of not being familiar with the words they're using, it's spelled "feudalism".

>> No.10565108

Are you even reading what you are saying? Continue your denial please.

>> No.10565109


Yup anon I know

For the record she was besotted with another girl for a while but didn't have to want sex with her either. It was kind of weird.

Now she's with her partner though she's actually chill, started seeing a therapist, and stopped calling lolita fashion a fetish fashion so that's super nice.

>> No.10565110

>Capitalism doesn't provide social mobility
So...like...where did all the rich people come from?
So...like...why did the merchant class overtake the aristocracy in terms of wealth in places like England, France, Germany and Portugal creating social unrest at the established system during the 1800s?

Was it just all a ruse by the lizard-folk?

>You can't spell so you're wrong

>> No.10565112

>I'm just going to ignore everything and keep saying you're wrong without offering any evidence

Keep going.

>> No.10565119

>where did all the rich people come from?
The overwhelming amount of them are the descendants of past notable royal or monarchal figures of the past, or in more recent history, descendants who left the aristocracy specifically to become a part of the merchant class you speak of - the transformation having taken place as feudal societies changed to early trading/merchant societies, birthing capitalism. As someone who speaks so highly of capitalism, you should already know the answer to that.

I wasn't so much suggesting that you were wrong as I was suggesting that it's funny of you to accuse someone of using a word they aren't familiar with when, on account of misspelling it, you don't seem familiar with it either.

>> No.10565123

Lol got any proof for what you just said?

Most merchants were not descendents of nobility. Hence why they fucking hated each other.

>Left the aristocracy
Lol wut. Please give evidence that this happened on such a wide scale that it completely wipes out the notion of capitalist social mobility.

The change of aristocracy to merchant never took place on the scale you're implying. The aristocracy funded merchants at the beginning of the colonial/industrial periods but would not demote themselves to a merchant because that's social suicide.

If the nobility were so fucking enamoured with the merchant class, why was there any social struggle at all? Why did the merchants need to fucking claw at the system to get any sort of rights? Surely as part of the aristocracy they would just have those rights automatically?

Or was the struggle caused by the Novo Homo now bankrolling the state without any privileges or rights given to pay respect to their new power because the aristocracy didn't want to move away from a feudal system which preserved their birth-right?

Why would someone ever forgo a birth-right to be rich and respected vs actually working really hard for it?

What your saying is shit. Every single rich person today is descendent of nobility? Let me check Rockefeller's family history...nope no nobility.

>> No.10565125

Not since November; I’ve had alot going on since the holidays and have been away from my social media.
I don’t think I could, I’d be way too passive to confront her, especially since she posts on social media that shes stressed from University. Guess that excludes making herself something on the weekend

>> No.10565132

>likes capitalism
>reddit spacing
checks out

>> No.10565142

I just really wanna join a nice and active lolita server..

>> No.10565145

That's just it. I don't. I'm NatSoc. But people playing dumb about capitalisms effects makes the discussion around change very hard because nobody can agree on what capitalism actually is and actually does.

No, I'm phone posting so structuring a post is hard.

>> No.10565148

Ah so a neo nazi.
You must have misclicked.

>> No.10565150

>she literally only told me she was going to transition a week before she started HRT
That’s pretty fucked up ngl. I would tell you to go to couples therapy, but based on everything else you said, it sounds like an expense you couldn’t spare. Honestly the way she’s treating you and the extreme lack of communication is not healthy. Have you talked to her directly about any of this stuff? About her personality completely changing or being more realistic about your households finances?

>> No.10565160

Don't bother with brainlets. The harsh reality that the gulls on this board can't deal with is that once their Marxist "utopia" is realized, everything they love, their hobbies, the whole reason this board exists, will be utterly destroyed with the swipe of a dictatorial hand. They love playing at oppression and have no idea what real oppression looks like. It's sad. Leave them to their various mental illnesses and don't try talking politics and history, because then they short circuit and begin just parroting what they hear from their favorite influencers. If what they think they want actually happens, the brutal force of reality will hit and they'll realize their mistakes, but only then, at that moment. Not before.

>> No.10565167

Lurk more and maybe you won't have to beg for an invite.

>> No.10565171

I know you have autism, but you don't have to write about your political views like you're an RPG villain. It makes you look like a self-proclaimed "intellectual" 13-year-old.

>> No.10565175

>Neo-nazi = NatSoc

No dice. Neo-nazis are autistic and stuck in the past.

>> No.10565177

But that's worse though.

>> No.10565224

Thanks for making an airtight argument for veganism dawg

>> No.10565228 [DELETED] 

So happy wh*te "people" are dying out

>> No.10565248

Did you guys know that if you stop spending all your money on lolita, you'll magically have money?

>I joke, but I deadass came to this after not spending my whole paycheck on brand for 2 months

>> No.10565249

If I stopped spending money on lolita and sold all my shit I could make a down payment on a house. Not a nice house, but still.

>> No.10565252

weird, this hit me like a ton of bricks while i was having shower thoughts earlier today.

rather, i was doing calculations for the number of years i'll feasibly work, taking into account current salary and continuous but humble raises, then thinking about how much i need to put aside each paycheck for the next 50 years so i don't live in squalor when i'm old. and it made me think about how pointless and fleeting my constant pursuit for clothes is, in the scheme of my life. feelsbad

>> No.10565256

you can always enjoy yourself now and shoot yourself when life gets real shitty and you get real old. that's my plan anyway.

>> No.10565259

isn't it? I reread it after posting and was just like...what the fuck has my life become? I wish it was a joke. I'm definitely going to look into remote work because I'm really scared of being without money if she randomly leaves. I can always just pretend I'm saving up for brand. god I hope it isn't as extreme as all that but I have a bad feeling...

nope it's just my really sad life.

eh I do think she is really trans but the irresponsibility she's showing now and lying to me about her feelings for years really makes me consider leaving, but also I really love her regardless of all this shit. I just feel so left behind and confused.

I thought it wasn't so good either...it really blindsided me. we share literally every thing else about our lives and this is something I can't believe she hid from me for so long. we have talked and she insists she hasn't changed and is just being more openly herself now. thankfully our finances are okay not great but definitely can't pay for therapy. I'll just be fucked if she leaves or if I have to leave because she gets worse. I wish I could get away for a while and think.

>> No.10565264

oh no oh no oh no i was really hoping you were going to come back and be like "jk"

anon if you accepted donations somehow i'd sent you some $ for the sake of you and your kid. re: remote work, i dont know your skillset--so i'm going to make a suggestion that comes off as a total meme, but freelance web design or anything tech related is something you can both learn on your own and do from home. godspeed jfc

>> No.10565265

nah bpd-chan, i know when i get old i want to live on my own farm and just raise alpacas and sheep for fun and meager wooly profit. i'm lucky my goals are so humble or else i wouldn't know what to do

>> No.10565267

>cottagecore granny aspirations
hell yeah anon that's some adorably good shit.

>> No.10565268
File: 130 KB, 357x371, grookeyno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>spend 300 dollar on a cosplay girl that isn't my gf
>gets whatever I wish from her etc gives me attention
>Still feel the void
>Keep moving from girl to girl
>Keep spending more and more money
>Gets addicted to the feeling of being used
I'm feeling the void again.
Anyone wanna use me? I accept biological girls only.

>> No.10565269


i spend a shitton of money on lolita but i still magically have money for a downpayment idk how that even happened.

>> No.10565271

I'll use you if you promise to keep my identity a secret, nonny

>> No.10565274

Sure as long as you keep mine too email?

>> No.10565275

I have no reason to out anyone. I'll make a throwaway when I finish cleaning the house
I'm an APfag lolita not a cosplayer though, hope that's okay. I have tits and ass but they're pretty small since I'm on the border of being anachan with my sub 18 BMI so hope that's cool too.

>> No.10565280

That sounds fine to me, we will talk and see.

>> No.10565286

I had a brief stint of excitement and bought a new dress, despite being in a month long rut. I was hoping it would jumpstart me into dressing up again but instead I’m letting it sit in the box because I am so fucking tired all the time.

>> No.10565296

Drop email

>> No.10565301

turtlething4@protonmail com

>> No.10565310

Why did bpd-chan actually turn out to be somewhat wholesome? Perhaps women with borderline are not as bad as you all make them out to be

>> No.10565316

people with borderline are just fine, but from a distance from my own experience. i've had a couple bpd friends who honed in on me as their "favorite person" (i think there's actually a term for this in the context of bpd) and the flipflopping between adoring me and hating me for existing was too much

bpd-chan and soup are some of the better namefags we've had because they're both wholesome, i can agree with that

>> No.10565323
File: 108 KB, 1280x720, 1430428563009.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anons you're being too nice to me 3:

yeah that is the term for it, favorite person/fp. I don't split on people for the most part, when I do it's usually for like 30 minutes while they're asleep or busy and before they even see my crazy messages I've checked myself and realized I'm having an episode and apologized and hated myself for being nuts. it's only happened towards significant others and my parents and like one non-romantic friend. I technically don't check the "unstable relationships" box according to my therapist since I've maintained enough long-term relationships or something.

>> No.10565324

The Liz Lisa item that felt tight at the beginning of the semester now fits comfortably :)
I was worried that some of my bones were too wide but I guess it was just fat lol. Now that I know I can fit into these measurements I feel like there are so many more options out there!

>> No.10565325

How’d you lose weight? I could use a good 5-10 lbs gone

>> No.10565327

I'm so glad I left my asexual ex. He physically and emotionally abused me by not having sex with me, nor enjoying it like a decent human being when I finally persuaded him enough. I'm now with someone who actually loves me, and shows it in the most spiritual and romantic way possible, which is sex.

>> No.10565331

I always get worried about you when you disappear for too long truelovespiritsexanon, nice to see you're still enjoying expressing your true love in the most bestest way possible.

congrats nonny

>> No.10565334

If you want a raise, get a different job. Not being callous, that's genuine advice.

>> No.10565336

I'm not an expert, but this is what helped me the most. I used the LoseIt app to track calories over the long term. You can see your deficit over a week so if you go over one day you can't get in the mindset of "oh I ruined everything and might as well give up". I also did April Han arm and leg videos every day (one of each, not her whole playlist lol). Recently added a chest exercise by Koboko Fitness and it's actually fun to do which makes it easier to do consistently.

This sounds really trite but it helped that I didn't hate myself this time around. It was more of the mindset of "I deserve to wear these cute clothes so I'm working for it" as opposed to "I hate my body and must punish it into submission".

Obviously there's no plan that works for absolutely everyone, but I hope this helped.

Thank you.

>> No.10565341

dw anon i get it! i've only barely started my first contract (i'm in consulting) but looking forward, pivoting and asking for higher pay is way better than waiting like 5 years and hoping for a raise

though i wouldn't have known this without other people having told me... my naive ass thought staying at the same place forever === guaranteed raise! === burando dollars. glad someone nipped that in the bud early

>> No.10565366
File: 96 KB, 246x246, image_2021-02-26_054214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>few years ago get into lolita as a teen, worked super hard to buy my first and only piece of burando
>so excited to have it, never got to wear it
>forced to sell dress and all my lolita stuff by abusive ex that i only got away from last year, he used the money for stupid shit for himself
>get back into lolita as an adult like a month ago, slowly start buying basics and stuff
>run into said dress on lacemarket and started bawling

i kind of want to buy it and wear it and be happy...prove something to my younger self. is that weird? i feel weird

>> No.10565369

It’s not, you’re just making it weird.

>> No.10565381

Can someone tell me the obsession mediocre iron man suit makers or arc reactor under regular clothing cosplayers have with calling themselves the real iron man?

>> No.10565606

you have my vote if you happen to apply for the new janny position that just opened up.

>> No.10565614

I think I have bad taste, whenever I post ppl to the good coords thread, it get accused of just being them selfposting and it makes me sad

>> No.10565640

Are you the star wars fan? I kind a get it, that was a cute vintage looking shirt and really simple styling. It definitely is better real world fashion than lolita in the sense that lolitas tend to do too much. It’s just not good fashion to add 1 million bow clips to some thing to get your color balance “right” and western lolitas don’t get it. It’s why the Japanese are so much better at making coords because they don’t overthink it. They put together a Lolita outfit the same way you would put together a normie outfit. You just kind of go “this is what I want to wear today” and you kind of throw it together with what you have and you make it work. That’s real fashion, not the ridiculous over analysis that lolitas do. Not saying I think that girl is peak fashion, but people are too quick to condemn some thing just because someone didn’t go out and buy a piece to specifically match another piece and “work on” each coord

There’s always one picture that for whatever reason captures your imagination even if no one else gets it.

>> No.10565655
File: 156 KB, 447x447, 1wz3as.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10565663

That was me yeah!! I think you articulated it well, it just felt like a coord that may not have been Perfect but I thought it was pretty and something I'd see someone wearing out and enjoy.

>> No.10565737

Just did my yearly web stalking of that person who was nice to me at a con nine years ago
May actually have been more than a year since last time now
Wonder if I should just dive deep in and do the stalking seriously, so far I've mostly just been checking an online profile.

>> No.10565741

it really hurts when you sell something and regret it have a couple of those now. will i ever see those dresses again ;_;

>> No.10565742

> ;_;


>> No.10565743


>> No.10565744

you can do this but don't announce it to everyone anon.

>> No.10565745


>> No.10565755

anon are you me?
>finally got my dream skirt of 5 years
>the waist is around my hip bones
>no waist ties

literally all my brand looks bad on me now :/

>> No.10565762

eat a sandwich

>> No.10565763

Just so you know what you're getting into before you chug that shit, if you do survive theyll cut part of your intestine out and remove your destroyed esophagus and replace it with part of your stomach, which must be stitched in OVER the breast bone.


Only continue if you really want to experience tasting your own intestine every time you belch and not being able to eat food like a normal person.

>> No.10565766
File: 37 KB, 400x400, U1h3qXIA_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

contributing to the never-ending talk about weight--i was looking through old coordinate pictures/random candids of when i was sub-100 and i looked like a gremlin. like, my body looked how you would expect, but my face thinned out so much that it just looked long and not cute at all. i'm surprised none of my friends said anything to me...

i've gained ~20 pounds and have maintained the weight over the past few years and i look so much cuter. granted most of the weight went to my chest/thighs/butt so it carries well, but every time i feel insecure i should just look back at those pics. idk, i just hope some of our insecure/ed friends on this board can recover someday too because i can speak from personal experience that thinner and thinner and thinner != prettier

>> No.10565769

I love you anon.

>> No.10565771
File: 24 KB, 540x549, DWrS5hj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i love you too anon, have another anime girl eating a burger

life became so much more happy and vibrant when it stopped revolving around criticizing myself (and others! being hangry made me mean) and what food i ate. just want to remind anons not to let what people post here or anywhere negatively affect their body image 'cuz it's been really prevalent here this past week. ganbatte

>> No.10565961

I'm only you if you're also committing to the long and painful process of weight restoration and recovery anon. Then and only then we shall be kawaii together.

I'm lucky to have an experienced therapist who has a hard and fast rule about not engaging with anorexia thought patterns, and she's told me straight up there's little point starting my actual prescribed course of ED specific therapy until I've shown I can follow the basic meal plan and restoration guidelines. Which, fair, because being underweight gives you brain holes. But I'd so much rather be like, picking through the reason I'm compelled to use ED behaviours as opposed to actually stopping using the behavours.

>cgl related feel - also since not wearing the fashion for a while when I wear comfy pieces around the house or on errands I feel guilty about it because I've internalised too much of the /cgl/ attitude that dresses are display pieces ONLY and must never come into contact with the trappings of real life, lest they detract in value. Obviously I'm not engaging with that guilt because it's an insane way to think about my clothes, but it's there.

>> No.10565978

>Finally won my dream dress
>Seller stated it was in near perfect condition, no significant stains
>Dress comes, entire bodice is yellowed and faded. Blood(?) stains on random parts of the shoulders
>Decide it might be able to be saved with some intense cleaning
>Sees even the lace is almost white it's so discolored from sweat
>Been trying to clean it out of denial for several days, nothing getting better

Acceptance has finally sunk in that no matter how hard I try this dress is fucked. Back on the hunt for the dream dress I guess...

>> No.10565987

I struggle a lot with ADHD which has made it hard to make friends irl and in lolita fashion. I don't mean to be annoying but I have a hard time toning down my excitement and paying attention. Not retaining info about things I enjoy has made it hard to connect to others through discussion as well. Therapy has been helping me grow a thicker skin and find validation internally but I still feel incredibly lonely and self loathing.

>> No.10566010

anon i hope you contact the seller and get at least a partial refund

>> No.10566133

I found out I was raped by my friend while I was blacked out. We're both guys.

Not sure how to process this. I feel surprisingly calm.

>> No.10566134

My boyfriend introduced my to his friends as "my bitch". I get it's part of his culture but I still feel a bit offended.

>> No.10566137

Jesus man. Loosen the lugs on his car and hope he dies.

>> No.10566138

I’m pmsing and breaking out like crazy because of it and it’s making me feel so shitty about myself

>> No.10566139

You’re in shock. Contact the police and report him.

>> No.10566155

He'll notice that shit right away, it'll make a fuckton of noise.
Hypothetically, if you wanted someone dead, you'd loosen the brake lines just enough so they'd pop when he hits the brakes hard. If you just wanted to ruin his day and wallet you'd undo the oil drain plug so the engine seizes up.

>> No.10566159

>Heh. Individualism is our natural state.

>> No.10566191

I miss Putumayo.

>> No.10566250

If you still like the dress you should get it and wear it. If it’s not really your style anymore there’s a risk it’ll just hang in your closet and be a painful reminder of shittier times

>> No.10566277
File: 9 KB, 262x206, bed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just realized lolita is what kept me sane during all the lockdowns

>> No.10566282

his misogynist culture

>> No.10566283

i just make friends with other people who have disorders now because neurotypicals don't have the patience and empathy to be a friend long-term

>> No.10566589
File: 2.84 MB, 3024x4032, closet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wished I entered lolita back when bodyline was extremely cheap and it had the stuff I want in stock, particularly because I like old-school lolita

>> No.10566592

what dress?

>> No.10566593

This is off topic but I like your shelf design, anon.
Also mood

>> No.10566595

sadly, it's not mine,anon, but I agree. It's a nice shelf

>> No.10566610

>New dress arrived
>Haven't worn it yet
>February has been a crusty mess
>Feel like a hibernating animal waking up
>Winter has taken a toll on me
>Feel frizzed and worn out
>Although second hand my new dress is new with tags
>Unlike me

I'm going to the hair salon tomorrow in the hope of exiting with a bit more spring in my step.

>> No.10566631
File: 35 KB, 250x333, 2f2fff78-46e1-599a-b053-8456befdb832.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It was a lav dreamy dollhouse round jsk. Posted in the BST thread about, leaving my throwaway here as well in case any kind anon has it and would sell in good condition.

>> No.10566634

Not you again

>> No.10566637

Good luck anon! You deserve to take care of yourself

>> No.10566638

did you get this off of fb marketplace perchance? just out of curiosity bc someone was selling it but they looked kind of...... suspicious lol

>> No.10566641

No, it was a JP seller.

>> No.10566669

I'm fucking tired of going into some threads to read some lolita thoughts just to see these threads completely derailed by these new idiotic trips and garbage. I just want to read lolita confessions, unpopular opinions about how stupid some trends are and some fashion news. I swear it wasn't this bad like a month or two ago.

>> No.10566682

same, jesus christ I just want to talk and read about the fashion, the attention whoring shit is so annoying.

>> No.10566723
File: 175 KB, 1165x1310, me_daily.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Been working my ass off at work this month because I promised myself if I did a stellar job I'd get myself a dress I really wanted.
>Put my head down and really work this month.
>Spend 10 hours a day at the office.
>Dealing with lots of bs from our parent company.
>End up accidentally ignoring the the lolita sales sites.
>Miss APs Rose Tea Garden in the special color way go for $300 on Fril.

What in the fuck was the point of working so hard if I'm just going to miss a Dream Dress?

>> No.10566732

I wasted my whole day being hungover

>> No.10566739

I missed my dream dress too from my new sleep schedule from work.

>> No.10566741

lmao idk anon ive been personally trolling this board for the better part of 5 years and I know I’m not the only one who does it

>> No.10566757

the entire lolita community is autistic af welcome to the club brah.

>> No.10566760

Take a fist full of multivitamins before you go to bed. For me, about one per drink keeps me either hangover free or with a functional headache. Fiber pills help with other side effects of heavy drinking too.

>> No.10566761

I wanted to start collecting photos and videos of old conventions, but I started to feel weird about having a huge folder of teenage girls on my computer. Maybe autism, maybe projection.

>> No.10566766

Gonna make sure I have some next time, along with some sugarless gatorade

>> No.10566884

>these new idiotic trips
you can just say "bpd-chan" next time nonny. I still love you it's okay.

>> No.10566900

I'm out of the salon and I feel a hundred times better. Thank you for your kind words!

>> No.10567005

>"Work on your own coords instead of acting like a cunt-kicked little whiner"
Holy based.

>> No.10567021

It can get a little weird. I saved a lot of lolita photo inspos over the years and then ended up meeting some of them irl. It felt kind of weird so I deleted them despite it being really good inspo.

>> No.10567031

Considering they hid that they were looking into HRT for a long time before they did it, it's likely they will up and leave you without much warning.

Just try to figure out how you can take care of yourself before it's too late.

>> No.10567237

I know I'm not collecting them for nefarious purposes, but if I saw it on someone else's computer I'd get a bit suspicious

>> No.10567251

Listen to everything >>10567031 just said. I know it’s hard because you love her, but you have to acknowledge the fact that she’s different now. She has hidden big things from you until just about the last minute. If she planned to leave you, she would probably hit you out of the blue with that one too.

If you guys have joint finances, I highly recommend you start your own secret bank account and start saving as much in that account as you can. If you guys own big things together double check to make sure your name is on the title so she can’t just take them without a fight

>> No.10567296
File: 58 KB, 512x512, 1607558041492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Uni has started back up
>I need to do really well
>Tell GF I will be spending 9-12 hours a day at uni
>She gets pissy at me for studying more than her which makes her feel bad since she hasn't built up the stamina or motivation to study for long periods
> Explain that my course just takes more work
>"So you think I'm dumb!?"

Please God stop this.

>> No.10567302

should phrase it as "it takes ME more work to do a course" as in, it takes more time and effort on your part to do a course more so than them maybe? So instead of it being "[gf] is stupid and doesn't study as much as I do" it becomes "I am the dumb or slow one that takes more time to do something"

>> No.10567318
File: 9 KB, 199x253, 879-89-87.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well I guess the lolita discord doesn't want bpd-chan to be a member

>> No.10567319

wow I wonder why /s

>> No.10567322

This sounds really toxic. are you sure you’re having a good time here? Is this normal behaviour for her?
My mom does shit like that and she’s 50. It’s been over 30 years of her pulling the “oh so you think I’m dumb me me victim” crap. I don’t speak to her now.
I would think very carefully about what you want your life to look like anon.

>> No.10567330
File: 2.50 MB, 640x465, 0-89o-y80.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah I already know it's bc I'm too cool :^)

>> No.10567348

I'm assuming she's under 22, she probably is just immature (not that that's technically OP's problem, if she's bugging him he can obvs leave) and isn't able to communicate effectively. she might just be feeling hurt over the fact that her partner is going to spend basically all their waking hours at school. if my partner told me that I'd definitely assume I was being abandoned and would freak tf/lose my mind so she's handling it better than I would lol

>> No.10567349

what happened? I want to join myself but can’t find a link

>> No.10567351
File: 2.34 MB, 500x282, dumbasswhiteboi.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I submitted my flatlays, mod I messaged said I submitted enough of them and they were just waiting for other mods to confirm. guess an executive decision was made lol. I'm sure you'll be fine once you get an invite, p sure I didn't get accepted since my discord name is the same as the throwaway email I posted

>> No.10567357
File: 75 KB, 698x652, 1435716207445.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In retrospect that's what I should have done but ultimately I know she was looking for positive affirmations that she's not dumb.

Even if I said
>I'm retarded so things take time
>>But you're smarter than me, so...?

She's just insecure. She's 19, I'm 24. I have also been at university for much longer than her. She's still adjusting to the shock of university where you regularly feel like everyone understands content except you which can be really hard on your mental health. She will eventually come around to understanding majority of people don't know what's going on but pretend they do.

I think it's also some insecurity in that my course will lead to substantially higher paying careers than hers (2-5 times as much). She wants reassurance that she is smart enough that she COULD do my course but chooses to fulfill her creative desires as a priority.

It's all just petty drama and will blow over in a day.

>> No.10567366

Ah that makes sense. I forget how young people can be nowadays. If she’s 19
, thats normal to lash out and things like that. But still, keep an eye and don’t let it become normal behavior that you brush off and make excuses for. Good luck anon

>> No.10567665
File: 109 KB, 500x600, oXEKkNKZDFlxawsJSger2B944QNU8WEfSvrHRyUD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At long last, a honey cake JSK is mine. Except it's the rerelease version. Which feels like tent material to me. I've never felt so mixed about a dress before, I'm now just thinking about all the things that bug me about it. The bodice makes my chest look bulky like a man and touching it makes me think of a tent. I'm so confused, I know I should wear it out at least a few times but it's making me doubt how much I actually liked the honey cake series in general.

>> No.10567668

I don't like HC. have never liked it, and the terrible rerelease turned the dress into a meme for me. It's awful. I'm sorry anon.

>> No.10567671
File: 262 KB, 416x577, [000590].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm watching the time tick down for an auction like this. What a feel. Please don't outbid me.

>> No.10567676

I'm terrified of dying or impulse killing myself and my lolita dresses all being donated to a thrift store because "it's a costume". Do I need to set up a will? How can I ensure my lolita friends get dresses without having to legally fight for them? The most valuable dress I have is the Honey Cake rerelease so my wardrobe isn't extremely valuable but I hate the thought of it being cut up like ironing board chans dress.

>> No.10567678
File: 15 KB, 217x190, [001659].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got it.

>> No.10567683

Honestly, I think that >>10567668 is right anon, it's a meme dress at this point. The only way it wouldn't be is if it's the pink or mint colorway.

>> No.10567688

congrats! what was it?

>> No.10567706

I'm often tempted to make Gollum my precious jokes about TaoBao but I fear most people won't understand it, so I never do.

>> No.10567716

I recently got an AP piece that someone found at a goodwill, and it’s not the first time it’s happened to me personally. Definitely recommend setting up a will.

>> No.10567735

>facial hair keeps reappearing
>think i'm just overreacting
>pluck and put on back of hand
>actually IS non-blonde
>been zapping chin/lip with IPL laser
>does nothing
>about to go to the tranny electrolysis clinic because apparently i have man-level hair
>am super pale and blond and then get hair all over the place like an italian grandmother
>am actually much hairier than my own bf
what the FUCK i feel like a disgusting hairy monkey

>> No.10567738

i can't believe people on BtB are actually defending the idea of transracialism (aka a white person living in america with white parents is allowed to call themselves ethnically japanese to sound more special)

i fucking hate woke culture

>> No.10567740

You might have a hormonal issue. This happens with stuff like PCOS

>> No.10567742

can't afford the treatment for that shit but i can afford electrolysis. i might have to pony up for the zap.

>> No.10567745

I don’t see anything under the latest post, which secret is it under?

>> No.10567749

i think secret #6. i didn't think that discussion would even be a question. like i don't want to believe the larger community would be fine with a white person roleplaying as a different race. why are PC lolitas like this....

>> No.10567756

I don't care about lolita anymore but i still want the prints. I just want ankle length skirts.

>> No.10567759

I mean how is it different from being transgender...

>> No.10567764

anon pls

>> No.10567767

It isn’t any different

>> No.10567800

lol holy shit, leftists are retarded

>> No.10567822

It’s not. Mark my words this is the next big trend for special snowflakes.

>> No.10567840

Isnt it the same as yellowfacing? and that doesn't fly with anyone

>> No.10567843

Is anyone else exhausted of activists and sjws in egl? We're all being classist, frivolous and are in a fashion that only looks good on very particular body types. I don't come dressed like the fevered dream of a Victorian child to be lectured on my privilege and how I must give money to inferior designers who are "oppressed", or why I should tolerate men with autogynephilia pretending to be into the fashion. It's all so disgusting and gross.

>> No.10567845

You should make your own server, bpd-chan, I'd join!

>> No.10567849

If it's any consolation, a lot of them are me. I get bored and boozed and make abhorrent posts here.

>> No.10567855

unironically i'd join or help create an anonymous gull-only server with vetting (no men, no sjws, etc.)

>> No.10567857

it would be hard to stay anonymous unless you've never posted your wardrobe or coord pics anywhere and don't discuss what you have. i see the future now and it's just anons trying to dox each other.

the current discord are fine, albeit boring and most of the people have shit taste. but i guarantee most of them are gulls, so i don't think an anon server would change much.

>> No.10567862

Most of them are gulls, there are cgl or drama threads in a lot of the discord servers that don’t explicitly have no cgl rules

>> No.10567878

people are horrible

>> No.10567890

>with vetting
Hows that supposed to work

>> No.10567894

Basically interview anyone who joins before giving them permissions to do anything outside of a containment channel

>> No.10568121

Same, anon. I dont want to "amplify black voices" or "support black creators". I don't want to be the odd one out for not heaping praise on the trannies and poorly dressed minorities. It wouldn't bother me as much if my indifference to the ~oppressed~ didn't single me out and cause issues with my comm. Apparently being impartial now is being racist/transphobic/ableist.

>> No.10568182

>Paying taxes for things we all use is retarded
What does this have to do with weebs pretending to be Japanese?

>> No.10568186

You've probably said or done something bigoted, because literally nobody notices if you just avoid the subjects

>> No.10575923

nah ive got friends who told me that their other circle of friends will socially thrash em and call em out for "not speaking up" and silence is violence.