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I'll start. It's absolutely fine not to wear a headpiece because lolita headwear is fucking ugly and costumey

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Unpopular opinion: lolita has evolved to become way too costumey, to the point where people look at perfectly fine toned down or casual coords and deem them ita. Full dress isn’t the only way to wear lolita and I’d love to see a casual resurgence.

Agreed but I feel like coords can look unbalanced without at least styled hair or some kind of accessory. Even just a beret or a faux flower or two is fine.

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I think lolita has become a better version of a cosplay contest. I wish it was a subculture instead of people throwing money to impress their comms. I'm sad that I couldn't join lolita when I was younger.

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I hate when newbies get into old school or older prints

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i like the new ap tag

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Agreed. Headpieces can be cute sometimes but a lot of the time they're not particularly necessary, especially in a toned down coord.

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ugh so much this. new releases are so busy and an eyesore, ott sweet had busy prints but they were less eye rapey and somehow softer? i hate what lolita has become
i dont.

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Same. They never do it justice.

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are you me anon? I struggle to even get interested enough to get a single dress.

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unpopular opinion: Almost everything AP has released since like 2013 is extremely ugly

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Agreed, I wish there was a space for more wearable, casual coordinates.
Like >>10556358 said, I feel like a lot of people jumped off the cosplay wagon when the predominant focus shifted from enjoying the characters to the hellscape it is today, and use lolita (specifically OTT) as a creative outlet instead.

My unpopular opinion is that while I appreciate indie, if your wardrobe is predominantly taobao there's a good chance your coordinates look more like a costume than an actual, wearable outfit.

Also I'm sick and tired of seeing taobao-chans in the classic lolita tag

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Yes! Sometimes when i look at people's coords they dont even look like something that can be worn outside cons

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This isn't quite as unpopular as other opinions but man comms are overrated

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I'm more sick of sweetfags clogging it up with their pastel nonprint dresses. Solid = classic amirite?

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I'm just tired of cosplayers in general getting into lolita. Can they just stick to being e-thots?

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fucking this. maybe I'm just socially retarded, but I find meets so uncomfortable

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Maybe not that unpopular but it is in my comm. I can't stand it when people bitch and moan over crosses and religious iconography in lolita.

Like OKAY we get it. White people bad. Stop the pearl clutching and shut the hell up.
Militant Christianity almost ruined my life, I don't need some brain dead ita with a case of terminal wokeness telling me I can't wear a cute AP print because "colonizers."

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wildly unpopular opinion, but as much as i hate wonderbitch and have since she was egl mod, i don't actually hate her coords. she's got some misses but overall they remind me of daily_lolita, from the coordination to the way she takes her photos, and it exudes nostalgia. especially lately, it reminds me of when we all used to have to rig up our clunky mid 2000s digital cameras with the self timer and take coordinate shots down a hallway, like theosakakoneko (pictured) and herajika used to do

i refuse to follow her on any platform but i peek her instagram off and on because it feels like stepping into a lolita time machine

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Anon this was a really interesting way to put it. Most of her stuff is pretty bad, but there's a weird sense of nostalgia in looking at it

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I actually feel like it's become slightly less costumey than 2016-2018, but I get what you mean.

The street element has become lost. Lolitas used to look like they were enjoying their life and wearing the clothes, but now everything is painfully staged and posed for social media.

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all of these, makes it not so unpopular i guess but all the taobao prints, new releases with boring cuts with colorful prints on them, i'm tired of seeing it way more often than tasteful coords. feels just a few steps away from an expensive costume.

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AYRT, This is equally as bad to me, and I find that there's overlap between people who think pastel solids are classic and those that think ott rococo sweet is classic.

Agreed, I have lolita friends but my local comm regulars are huge itas and meets are usually so awkward and uncomfortable

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Brolitas don't bother me at all desu. Gulls as a whole seem to think that men need to "stay in their own lane and out of women's spaces," but brolitas have always been a thing. I don't care if they have facial hair or don't wear wigs either. As long as their coord is good, I'm fine

>inb4 "men never have good coords"
this is demonstrably false, that one French dude who posts in CoF has a ton of good coords, y'all just hate him because he's a man and has visible signs of aging

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He’s disliked because he’s been proven to be a sissy

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Not all cosplayers are thots, some genuinely think they're classy ladies because they wore a Sakizo cosplay once kek. Those cosplayers are also overwhelmingly the ones who put out eyesearing ita coords.
>t. daily lolita who used cosplay on the side

God, this. The definition of classic has gotten so watered down that as long as it's not covered in sweets and unicorns, it's "classic".

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Idk but I feel like brolitas should shave all arm and leg hair if they're visible. If a woman were to not shave, she'd be roasted for it, even though body hair isn't a sign of unkemptness or masculinit, therefore we shouldn't give men a free pass

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brolitas / gender nonconforming lolitas as a general rule don't bother me, gender norms can fuck off especially if they coord well and their body works well with lolita

but i just can't shake this gross feeling that i get when i look at some of them. something about them feels predatory or fetishizing. like that one that gets posted here often or the super fat one with unkempt facial hair that wears a few other kinds of jfashion. they're usually people i'd get creep vibes from even if they were presenting masculine, but when they wear lolita it cranks that feeling up to eleven

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brolitas / gender nonconforming lolitas as a general rule don't bother me, gender norms can fuck off especially if they coord well and their body works well with lolita

but i just can't shake this gross feeling that i get when i look at some of them. something about them feels predatory or fetishizing. like that one that gets posted here often or the super fat one with unkempt facial hair that wears a few other kinds of jfashion. they're usually people i'd get creep vibes from even if they were presenting masculine, but when they wear lolita it cranks that feeling up to eleven

also, fat people in lolita dont bother me. men in lolita dont bother me. but fat men in lolita bother me a LOT

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>now everything is painfully staged and posed for social media.
This, which has also led to an emphasis on photogenic dresses as opposed to “good” or quality dresses. The truth is, a lot of really crap quality dresses look just fine on insta, so it pushes people to recommend and buy dresses that they can only really wear online because irl they look like shite.

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I think taobao dresses can be oldschool if they are cotton with proper lace

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>tfw you know a popular lolita on IG
>go to her house, knock on door
>house is so messy that you literally have to tiptoe everywhere to avoid stepping on things
>tfw you see the corner where she takes pictures
>outside of the frame, there's stuff everywhere
>no one on IG knows

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Oh yeah, infanta has some older wool and velvet pieces that put modern ap and baby to shame imho. I can’t remember what it’s called but I’ve got this velvet infanta dress that weighs like 8 pounds and has the loveliest lace and details.

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I feel like this is frilly berry talking about her recent visit to k8s house. You can kinda see it’s a mess in her pics but dear lord when I went I was still super taken aback by just how bad it was. She’s a boarder line hoarder.

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God I miss old infanta. Their poly shit literally falls apart in your hands.

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Holy shit I just was in my old photonucket and saw their old chandelier dress! It was so beautiful, I never had the chance to buy it. Fuck, I really missed out.

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Infanta was lit. Their older clothes were built for some serious wear and tear.

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Thank god most western lolitas don't dress like that anymore

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Imagine thinking only white people are Christian kek

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What I've seen is more like people saying you can't wear dresses with crosses because it's offensive to Christianity. Either way I agree with you lol I don't care about respecting a religion that left me with years of emotional trauma, die mad.

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Slightly unpopular but they aren't just overrated. They are embarrassing. I'd hate to be seen with a group of uggos, fatties, chronic disableds, neckbearded boyfriends in tow. It's actually vile and it's a huge public nuisance when they start screaming because they all have aspergers no inside voice or self awareness.

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This. It's like an anime high school club, who actually what's to sit thru that shit?

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We should stop using the name burando because its not a synonym of quality or influence anymore. Its just first lolita brands or flb for short

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This this this. Comms are so fucking cringe. That and drama is why our comm is basically now a bunch of smaller private comms under the surface. I don’t want to be seen in public with these cringey fat weebs.

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Wut. Taobao ita alert

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My comm is nothing like that.

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Every meet I have ever attended was ruined by the loudest spergfatties who had to speak over everyone else, start arguments over the smallest things because they completely lack the ability to read a room. It was awkward as all hell.

>> No.10556730

Lucky bitch.

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Your opinion is unpopular because it's not based in reality

>> No.10556754

same, my comm is hella chill

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This. Burando is just the romanization of the way Japanese people pronounce brand. Which applies to any brand, lolita, clothing, or otherwise I assume. All it does is add the connotation that it's a Japanese brand which if it is accurate isn't an issue.

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Fucking goose was in my comm, alongside k8, puvi, and a collection of true fatties and uggo. Worst fucking meetups ever.

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Oh and naturally racist too

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piggybacking off of the social media takes with my own shit take: the extravagant insta-lolitas are ruining the fashion more than itas and conlitas do. Itas are just a visual nuisance who for the most part have no lasting effect on the fashion, whereas these instagram lolitas are pushing the boundaries of the fashion far beyond the fashion itself to the point where I don't even recognize some as lolita if it weren't for the tags. And when they do that they set a new norm of the fashion that becomes less and less obtainable/achievable with clothing FROM the actual fashion. Anything less than a theatrical outfit and a professional photoshoot becomes blah at best and ita at worst.

Personally I'm ok with ridiculous OTT as long as it's functional to wear out (i.e. not physically unsustainable/uncomfortable), but most of these looks would fall apart if you literally took two steps in them. Even if itas are poorly dressed and conlitas experience the fashion temporarily, they're still wearing it *out* as a fashion and not an art piece to be worn in a corner of a room for 5 min. I mostly follow gothic lolitas so my opinion is heavily biased but I feel like this could be applicable to sweet and classic too.

To end the shit take with another really shit take, a lot of insta goth lolitas look more "western goth" or nu goth/witchy and looks so far removed from gothic lolita in not a good way. Like, from a western goth perspective they look great, but from an egl perspective they don't have the right... silhouette? Idk, maybe its those awful pointy shoes replacing the og blocky shoes.

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I agree here. I think it’s sort of going the way of cosplay and that terrifies me. Everything is becoming centered on social media, and the pandemic has just accelerated it. Aside from taking obnoxious snaps at target, no one seems to be thinking about the functional or daily life aspect of it.

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Lolita was never a protest movement, it was just a way to piss parents, kind of an emo phase

>> No.10556793

If I wanted to piss off my parents I would've taken up a cheaper hobby. Like shooting up heroin or getting my masters in Egyptology.

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100% yes, I didn't even consider that lolita is going the way of cosplay. Not to get too ot but I occasionally do shitty cosplays with my friends for fun and jokes and it feels like there's less and less of cosplaying for joy nowadays thanks to social media (insta specifically), and that's how I feel about lolita. It's like the joy and fun is getting sucked out by these insta lolitas, literally to the point that I feel like I'm developing an ita lizard-brain mindset with my lolita fashion choices out of pressure (or spite) from these insta lolitas. Like at this point I'm happier if I see an ita that looks to be truly happy/enjoying themselves than the arthoe, stoic face, ~truly unique~ takes I see on insta. Imo for gothic lolitas this seems to extend to their attitude as well, idk how to pinpoint it but it feels like you're only in with gothic lolitas if you try ridiculously hard while pretending that you aren't? (idk how to word it, it's just a feeling) Not everyone wants to have a professional grade photoshoot for every outfit they do. Not saying I don't like gothic lolitas that do, I appreciate quality content, I just don't like that level of "professionalism" becoming the norm for a """""street"""""" fashion. This isn't a MoMA exhibition

>> No.10556801

can I have some examples of some instalolitas (although with the walmart mention im guessing you're talking about like k8 or that baninabear person)

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This is the first thing I thought too but also it feels really obvious that her place is messy. You can practically smell pictures that are taken inside her crusty ass house.
If it's another lolita I really wanna know

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I feel like at that point, you’re just collecting clothing for shitty at home photo shoots and for asspats online. Like, we get it you’re starved for attention. I miss the days where people looked genuinely happy in their clothing and it wasn’t this giant way to social climb online.

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I feel this 100$. I don't really post photos unless I am somewhere fancy. I sometimes get stopped by people and they are so disappointed I don't have a blog or something. What happened to the concept of doing things for yourself?

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>and it wasn’t this giant way to social climb online
This. Both Lolita and cosplay experienced this transition, but it feels like it happened earlier with cosplay. When did it become all about some social media rat race? In Lolita, you’ll never even really get to the point where you’re making real money so what’s the point of it anyways?

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It's not k8. She's popular, but not that popular and she also doesn't have any drama associated with her afaik. I am just sharing this because it upsets me how staged and fake lolita can be on social media even for someone less suspecting

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I agree with you very heartily. Lol. Seriously, most recent releases are just bad replicas of older AP prints, and not even pretty or elegant ones, at that. I ran across a pic of a wish me mell tote bag and for a second I literally thought it was Memorial Cake.

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you can’t just come here and spill it without telling or at least giving a hint. Who.

>> No.10556833

Dude, agreed. I just can’t really into Taobao brands at all. People can cry all they like about me being an elitist, but I just don’t get why someone would pay $100 for a taobao dress when they could just buy secondhand brand for that price.

>> No.10556834

I have yet to find one that I like or that doesn’t get something wrong with the details, but I’d be happy to see otherwise. I was looking at a recent release that looked mostly decent, only to see that they ruined it by adding some dumb tulle lace to the bodice on an otherwise all-cotton lace dress.

>> No.10556836

I'm not going to give current examples for the obvious reason of derailing the thread with inevitable vendettaposting, just look to anyone with a substantial following that fits the aforementioned descriptions, it's not hard to find, especially amongst (western/american) gothic lolitas which is why they were my key point of reference. I don't mean to sound unhelpful but I don't want to bring unnecessary hate to any examples as this is more of a community-wide problem than an individual problem.
I came into the fashion right at the start of the LACE drama so I missed out on the lj days, would it be another unpopular opinion to pinpoint that particular time period as the beginning of social media efame climb?

Also ANOTHER unpopular opinion on the collecting clothes for social media clout bit, I respect jahr more than these efame lolitas, even though jahr hoards (dunno if she still does) she keeps her passion to herself, like she doesn't buy for the sole purpose of insta worthy photoshoots only to resell later (which seems super common nowadays). At least that's how I see it, I understand I missed out on the lj context behind it all.
>What happened to the concept of doing things for yourself?
I feel like the lolita comm has always had trouble with this concept, as they act like everyone and everything is communal property. Back to jahr, people get unreasonably upset that she holds onto so much lolita and admittedly doesn't wear it, but this pandemic made me feel more sympathetic towards her, once I buy something it is my property, how I wear it or what I do with it is for myself, I don't owe the comm nice highly detailed aesthetically pleasing photos of what I buy, me wearing and enjoying the fashion is enough. I don't need to document it, especially when people treat it like a competition in originality.

>> No.10556837

whats your criteria with numbers for someone with a “substantial following” I want to see for myself.

>> No.10556850

you are missing some things about jahr (who has smartly stopped posting publicly about her hoarding + hid or deleted most of her older content, which isn't as smart as not hoarding but hey), it was the constant "I buy too much, I need to sell" and then posting a haul with 10 new dresses, closet clean outs where she didn't actually get rid of anything, and quitting lolita while again still buying stuff. I know "hoarder" gets thrown around a lot here but she is like a real one.

>> No.10556857

>People can cry all they like about me being an elitist, but I just don’t get why someone would pay $100 for a taobao dress when they could just buy secondhand brand for that price.

Nayrt but I feel the same. My unpopular opinion I guess is that taobao seems like more trouble than it's worth to me. Compared to the convenience of buying locally from my comm or from places like WW/CC that ship directly to my door for like 30 bucks, it just seems like so much of a hassle. People always say it's elitist or now even somehow racist to not like taobao but I honestly just have no interest in going through the trouble of navigating a website in a language I don't understand, combing through thousands of listings to find a few very specific things and then having to hire an SS to buy it for me anyway, only for me to potentially not even like what I get.

If I buy a VM dress for example whether it's a brand new release or 20 years old I know what I'm getting in terms of design, fit, quality and wearability. With random taobao brands I always think to myself what if I end up going through all this effort to end up with a cheap dress that will hang in the back of my closet because there's no tailoring and the fabric only looks good on instagram. It's just a gamble I don't want to take.

>> No.10556869

I'm trying to think of gothic lolitas I follow who might fit your description, but I honestly can't think of any?

>> No.10556874

where's the proof tho?

>> No.10556875

seconded. Idk but just because people have blank faces in their pics doesn’t mean they’re not enjoying the clothes they wear?

>> No.10556878

I mostly agree. A few good releases were sprinkled in there afterwards. But yeah. I said the same thing in the AP thread and people said it was ~highly improbable~ that I haven't purchased a new release dress from AP since 2016. It's really not that unbelievable. All I own is AP and the new releases just hurt to look at. I only buy accessories directly now and the occasional cotton MTO. AP has ruined itself and they are now cheered on by even more people than before. I hate it.

>> No.10556879

Go to a goth club where people are having the time of their lives and tell me how many of them are smiling on the dancefloor? Just because it’s not the aesthetic doesn’t mean they’re not having a good time

>> No.10556881 [DELETED] 

Exactly. I’ve been to goth clubs. many smiles when they’re dancing to the music, but it’s not like they’re not enjoying themselves when they decide to take a picture or selfies to document their night with a stoic face. a lot of people i know don’t like the way they smile when they know they’re taking pictures of themselves

>> No.10556883

i guess people are expecting lolitas to smile all the time when they’re posting pictures if not they’re not enjoying themselves

>> No.10556886

Sounds like OP is mad that it looks bad when they put effort in posing or when they try to look moody. Forced smiling in gothic could be a spooky/edgelord vibe, I guess, but it'd would get old fast. kek.

>> No.10556887

nooo they have to be jumping and smiling in a grocery store to prove that they’re totes enjoying and being genuine with wearing their clothes !! if they show otherwise they’re fake and and wearing lolita for the social media clout. got it

>> No.10556889 [DELETED] 

I sorta wish lolita had more aspects to it than a fashion choice or aesthetic, sorta like how the goth subculture isn't JUST the fashion but also a shared type of music, a sharing of DIY values, etc. We sorta had that with visual kei. Maybe I just want friends that also listen to the same stuff I do and also wear lolita

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>> No.10556892

there are lolitas that share the same principles/ music interests if you looked hard enough.

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I sorta wish lolita had more aspects to it than a fashion choice or aesthetic. It would be nice if lolitas were also united through similar music taste, shared values (aside from extremely basic feminism and extreme consumerism), like how the goth subculture isn't JUST the fashion but also a shared type of music, a sharing of DIY values, etc. Lolitas were somewhat united by Visual kei in the 90s and 2000s but currently, it's not really heard of in the lolita community except some gothic lolitas talking about it

Maybe I just want friends that also listen to the same stuff I do and also wear lolita idk

>> No.10556895

like i said, there are lolitas like that if you look hard enough.

>> No.10556896 [DELETED] 

nayrt but i feel like you're just nitpicking what OP said
i kind of get what she meant by it? like most popular gothic lolitas have coords that look extremely polished and often they really do look put together just for a photoshoot. Personally i'm not against it but seeing them made me lose interest in gothic

>> No.10556897

Nayrt but i feel like you're just nitpicking what OP said.
i kind of get what she meant by it? like most popular gothic lolitas have coords that look extremely polished and often they really do look put together just for a photoshoot. Personally i'm not against it but seeing them made me lose interest in gothic

>> No.10556898

Many goth lolitas i know enjoy goth music

>> No.10556899

>look extremely polished
This is because normalfag ott sweet looks like a fucking mess

>> No.10556901

Imagine losing interest in a thing, because other people take the time to look nice in it.
It's a take. Not a good one, but a take nonetheless.

I mean, OP's crying about people trying to show off and act performative on an app that people tend to use solely for that purpose. So...

>> No.10556904

looking nice = doing it for the likes. better get off of social media altogether

>> No.10556916

>I'm just tired of cosplayers in general getting into lolita. Can they just stick to being e-thots?

do you even see what board you're on??? cosplayers have been lolitas for at least the 12 years i've been here like what the fuck are you talking about

>> No.10556918

lolitas going to vkei concerts in the late 90s and early 2000s have been cosplaying the essence of their favorite bands and artists lol

>> No.10556920

Unpopular opinion: lolitas screaming the fashion has nothing to do with paedophilia/ageplay while at the same time wearing shit like dreamy baby room or the star toy necklace need to take a good hard look in the mirror because what the fuck. You're wearing literal toddler prints/accessories.

>> No.10556922

Wearing something isn’t the same as sexualizing it. Sweet lolita can be childish, but it’s not ageplay because it’s not a fetish. Huge difference.

My unpopular opinion is that I wish people would stop using the word “ageplay” to describe anything too childlike for their tastes. Just say childlike instead. It’s honestly fucked up that the first idea people get when they see something overly childlike is that it’s a fetish. Get your mind out of the gutter and stop sexualizing kids

>> No.10556927

True. Instead of people going "they have a fetish" it should be "they are mentally ill"

>> No.10556933

and if they’re mentally ill you should leave them alone

>> No.10556934

You have no idea what actual ageplayers wear lol

>> No.10556935

everyone’s too retarded to realize that age players wear justice xxxl lmfao

>> No.10556941

There are so many lolitas outside of sweet that are into ageplay without sharing or talking about it out loud. You wouldn’t know because you stereotype a substyle so bad.

>> No.10556945

I think people should stop saying sweet lolitas look like toddlers. I never met a toddler looking like it is wearing a lolita coord

>> No.10556949

I think military lolita is borderline glorification and it doesn't help that 90% of the costumes seem more than strongly inspired by Nazi uniforms. And no, being black also doesn't make it better that you're wearing an SS uniform

>> No.10556955

idk but I feel like the visual contrast between an SS uniform and a non-white person doesn't really glorify nazism imo, it causes the nazi elements of the uniform to become less serioud

>> No.10556956

As if PoC can't be Nazis

>> No.10556962

Honestly I agree ... if you’re not in the campy French Rev Les mis almost circussy type military... then you’re probs in something inspired by the nazis. Nazis were fashionable, it’s part of how fascism works — its strung together on a strong outward appearance. So yeahhhh agreed proper serious gothic military lolita makes me uncomfortable for that reason

>> No.10556964

There are a lot of anti Semitic black people.... I don’t think black people in nazi inspired uniforms is a cute look

>> No.10556970

i love seeing lolitas making a fool out of themselves with oversharing about every detail of their lives

>> No.10556977

There are far more anti Semitic white than black people. And Jewish people have regularly been some of the biggest allies on black civil rights issues. There are also black Jews.

>> No.10556980

not sure how unpopular this is but it's annoying to see people say "the fashion" when they really mean "the community," especially when speaking in negatives.

like "people vying for likes on insta is ruining the fashion." "X was bullied out of the fashion after getting caught up in drama." etc.

the community & the fashion are obviously intertwined for many if not most of us, but like >>10556836 was talking about, they are still separate concepts and i wish our semantics would reflect that more

>> No.10556993

If you’re not japanese you’re only wearing the fashion of lolita culture, and you’ll never be a true lolita. Lolitas exist in japan, and everyone else is just simply enjoying the fashion. You all act like a bunch of asian girl cosplayers. Everyone in the western comm just needs to enjoy the clothes and stop acting like they’re special

>> No.10556994

> She's popular, but not that popular

She has the biggest following out of any western lolita?

>> No.10556998

I’m not like other lolitas on social media’s Its a shame that everyone does everything for clout nowadays. I don’t post pictures all the time for the likes and i enjoy the clothing unlike those other fakes that have art hoe blank faces. They don’t genuinely enjoy their clothes like i do. I’m tired of it

>> No.10557004

I'm glad Lor is the face of the community. Her persona is just being nice, she's eager to inform, and she stays out of drama. She's the perfect person for someone's first or only impression of the community. Imo anons on here give her way too much shit.

>> No.10557010

Stop talking out your ass ffs.

>> No.10557020

Yeah I know jahr is questionable, and I am missing a lot of the lj context, but I always just assumed her "quitting" and saying she should stop buying was just a result of the amount of hate she got and her not handling it well. She definitely is a hoarder, but I assumed she hoards because she genuinely likes the items she buys.
Seeing ageplay and nazi bait downthread, I guess this thread is on it's way out already so might as well. Again, no current lolitas, and seeing some of the bitter anons picking at my comments means I probably did enough to warrant the wrath of american gothic lolitas. Herau was a good example of being too tryhard. I personally thought they looked cool, but not in a gothic lolita way at all, glueing dead bugs to ones face isn't functional, it's an art piece not clothing at that point. A bit of an extreme example as I haven't see anyone else glue bugs to their face, there are definitely bigger gothic lolitas who have that same style for the purpose of photos. Also, I figured you're probably being obtuse, because there's *a lot+ of lolitas on insta who stage photos professionally and definitely a lot of popular gothic lolitas that look more akin to western goth than gothic lolita (which was just a side note unpopular opinion I guess). So if you truly don't know any then you must not be following any american gothic lolitas. The art exhibit lolitas were just a good example of what I was trying to get across.
Thank you anon. Like I said I appreciate the quality and like things outside of the gothic lolita scope, but personally to me it seems like its done more for the gram than the love of the fashion. This is my opinion obviously, I'm not stating this as fact, like some are getting upset about an unpopular opinions thread...
and especially
hello western gothic lolita community

>> No.10557024

You do realise gothic lolita is one of the most daily wear-friendly styles, right?

>> No.10557025

no one’s getting upset and writing entire paragraphs. Your unpopular opinion just sounds self absorbed and dumb.

>> No.10557027

Please please please tell us who they are anon. you can’t sperg this hard and expect people to not ask who you’re talking about.

>> No.10557029

you sound like wonderfuck i might be wrong though

>> No.10557033

being stylish is sometimes racist so die mad and ugly

>> No.10557034

Tired of lolitas that don’t put effort in their coordinates. Especially when they’re oldfag veterans

>> No.10557036

You can not like it, that’s your opinion, but when you say omg it’s all nazi inspired!! You just show that you know nothing of any actual uniforms (from all over the damn world) and latch on to the assumption that they all stem from one source.

>> No.10557044

Ummm. There’s a whole ass sub culture of black people who believe that they are the real Jews and that white Jews are actually fakes who are depriving them of their natural birthright. There are also numerous cases of black celebrities quoting rhetoric from these groups and making super antisemitic comments. Black people are just as likely and capable of being anti-Semitic as any other group of people. Even racist. There’s a whole nother growing cultural movement that insists that black people are the real Native Americans, and that the actual enrolled tribal people are all “$5 Indians” and confused Asians. Don’t get it twisted, every racial and ethnic group has their fair share of weird twisted and radicalized sub groups, and it’s not more or less likely in any one category.

>> No.10557045

I agree; bc every lolita I know who wears it ended being some kind of Nazi glorify person

>> No.10557056


I mean a vast majority of European and American whites dislike/are prejudiced against Jews at minimum. The weird cult movements are not the majority of the population and most black celebrities who subscribe to that bullshit are irrelevant. And most black people don't think they're real natives, many of us typically claim to be mixed with it either to seem special, or because there are tons of cases of Natives mixing with black people but them just being considered black because of one drop rules and how they may have presented with darker skin.

I'm not saying whites are more capable of anti-Semitism. Just that black people on average tend to have less of it. Using a few cult fringe conspiracy theories to paint black people as anti-Semitic and therefore able to be Nazis, when Nazis also hated non Jewish minorities, doesn't hold much water. I think wearing Nazi stuff is bad in general, why spend money and being attention to shitty people? But at the same time I can see how people would find a black person liking an item like DW as far less indicative of a secret hatred of Jews and love for Hitler than a non Jewish white person wearing it. Still not great either way though.

>> No.10557057

You can pry my EDM and dubstep from my cold, dead hands

>> No.10557069

>that black people on average tend to have less of it
Das bullshit tho

>> No.10557070

Lol imagine thinking you can KNOW how much people enjoy their clothing... just because someone poses with a, ahem, “art hoe blank face” doesn’t mean they’re not having fun. It just means they’re posing lol

>> No.10557072

>But at the same time I can see how people would find a black person liking an item like DW as far less indicative of a secret hatred of Jews and love for Hitler than a non Jewish white person wearing it
No. The amount of antisemitism coming from black America is insanely high anon. I know you want to believe that it’s not the case and it’s all the white kkk nazis, but that’s just not true.

>> No.10557073


Quote: "African-Americans continue to be significantly more likely than white Americans to hold anti-Jewish beliefs."

Old study, but still.

>> No.10557075

But wait, there's also a more recent and wholistic piece to educate yourself with:


>> No.10557077

Jewish people have been on the very front lines fighting for Black rights from the very beginning, and yet still, they are regularly targeted and attacked by the Black community, as well as the larger American society.

>> No.10557090

I agree if its too historical recreation feeling, then its uncomfortable. If the design is more fantastical looking, I think its fine. There already is way too much fetish stuff in lolita already.

>> No.10557096

I think there are a few items here and there done right. The AP and Meta camouflage pieces are a perfect example of military-inspired without giing Nazi vibes.

Tbh I wouldn't touch military style with a ten foot pole. So much of it is clearly Nazi-inspired, and would be horribly received outside of the fashion, and believe it or not, some of us still go outside our bedroom in lolita.

>> No.10557099

TFW you realize your precious black community is as problematic as everybody else. Imagine that.

>> No.10557101


Thanks for sharing; I genuinely have never been taught or exposed to any anti-Jewish beliefs by my family as a black person, or by other black people I know irl, only seen these things online. I have however met casually anti-Semitic white people all the time IRL so that is where my perspective was coming from. In Europe and the US tons of white people I knew casually believed in the idea that Jews secretly control the world and other stupid Nazi Qanon level shit far more than black people I've talked to. I know one of those studies is older and things change drastically as time goes on, so maybe it's older generations with those conspiracy theory beliefs. I also suspect mostly men believe in these theories, cause I usually see the majority of anti semitism coming from men in any race (ex: Nick Cannon said some of those shitty "black people are the real Jews" things with some radio guy, neo nazi and Klan types that are really active and out in the open typically being white men, etc.).

Like I said, wearing the shit is bad either way. And my opinions are based on my personal experience which is vastly different than other black people.

>> No.10557105

White people still hate the Jews, we're just smart enough to hide it unlike blacks

>> No.10557111

I'm >>10557101

And trust me as a black person I know exactly how extremely problematic the black community is in a huge number of ways. I just had never been exposed other than occasional news articles or online posts about people with fringe beliefs to any anti-Semitism by black people before so I appreciate the information.

>> No.10557113

>your ______ community is as problematic as everybody else

This. I feel like this gets lost in the oppression Olympics and discussions about intersectionality. Everyone throwing rocks in these race discussions lives in a glass house.

>> No.10557115

Latinos have crazy antiblack problems
Whites fuck everybody
Natives owned slaves, and revoked the citizenship of black tribal members
Asians have anti-black problems and often tout the head-ratio theory to argue tht they are genetically superior
Blacks have crazy antisemitism and anti asian rhetoric.

Just try your damnedest to be a decent person, and have some fucking empathy for other people (yes even the ones you disagree with) and you'll be alright.

>> No.10557117

Hello Cimone

>> No.10557119


She'd never be this reasonable in her response nor would she appreciate being educated on the issue. She'd call it all anti-black propaganda and accuse Jews of taking up space away from black people who are *obviously* more oppressed in her mind.

>> No.10557122


I don't think the people in these discussions live in glass houses. I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt and assume anyone who calls out racism or prejudice in one group has never personally been intentionally racist to another. A community in general having an issue doesn't mean everyone in that community is responsible for it or takes part in it, and that applies to every ethnic or social group.

>> No.10557123
File: 145 KB, 933x1658, 7FC99104-884B-4F9D-AC22-B0A0F1C25A4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apparently it’s unpopular to be gay and not think that any picture of lolitas less than a foot away from each other is like, sapphic inspo goals so kawaii wow mai haato doki Doki. That rufflechat thread has me so ruffled up, jesus.

>> No.10557135

>implying EDM and dubstep shouldn't be the basis of which lolita is based around

>> No.10557144

The thing is, people often call out whole ass groups of other people, or call out individuals for "profiting" off of the fact that their race has subverted or oppressed another. While this may be true, every race features some aspect of benefitting from attacking or subverting another group, and if you're gonna call out a white jew for benefitting from anti-black racism, you better be fully prepared to get schooled on black anti-semitism. No one is blameless, so it's probably best not to throw stones.

>> No.10557165

lor isn't as ita as anons make her out to be. Most of her coords are pretty okay, aside from a couple of pretty ita 'experimental' coords ngl. She has way too many vendetta-chans here

>> No.10557167

People who constantly scream about Lor are just mad that she’s popular while they get 7 Instagram likes.
I don’t dislike her or like her, that’s just what I’ve noticed.

>> No.10557189

then stay pressed kek no one was acting this way it was just two retarded bitches sperging about cute pictures being sexual somehow

>> No.10557192

agreed and also a SMALL headbow or a SMALL clip is fine too. not everyone wants to wear a giant baby bonnet or clown bow on their head, goddamn

>> No.10557193

we're at a point where normal standard coords, with all the required garments, are called "casual." it's sad

>> No.10557207

I honestly don't get why Lor gets so much hate. She is literally the least offensive famous lolita. She's not full of herself, doesn't do a stupid voice or try to out up a facade, she doesn't pretend that she lives the perfect UwU kawaii lifestyle 24/7, she doesn't go for the status dresses only for what she personally likes. She's unfortunately not ultra pretty and kawaii, she looks like the average lolita in a comm. She doesn't try hard to be a burando model or live in japan or some of that stuff. She doesn't act better than others or try to call people out for woke or drama points.

I'm not her fangirl but I appreciate her realness.

>> No.10557230

I feel pretty indifferent to her. The only shitty thing she does is constantly shilling devilinspired to newbies, but part of me also thinks that if people are stupid enough to buy from the first store a youtuber tells them to instead of doing their own research they deserve to get ripped off. More good deals for me.

Sure she's below average looking, her apology video was spineless and dumb and some of her coords are ugly, but none of that is proportionate to how much hate she gets on here. I don't think any seasoned lolitas genuinely look to her for advice or inspiration so who gives a shit. She's just there.

>> No.10557236

I like bonnets more than headbows.

>> No.10557249

This makes absolutely no sense. Lolita is only a fashion. There’s no such thing as “lolita culture”

>> No.10557256

what about chinese lolitas? there's hundreds of times more of them than anywhere else and even japanese brands cater to them lol

>> No.10557272

I am just as mystified by the amount of hate Lor gets as I am by the amount of fans she has. All around she's pretty inane. I guess it's because she's kind of the only name in the game when it comes to frequent and consistent content. On the one hand, I don't think she's really done anything bad, on the other hand I don't find her content to be even as interesting/watchable as Tyler's, and that's a low bar.

>> No.10557278

Same, I prefer both the way they look and how it feels to wear one. Headbows, and katyusha hairbands in general, hurt my head after a while.

>> No.10557289

>I am just as mystified by the amount of hate Lor gets as I am by the amount of fans she has. All around she's pretty inane. I guess it's because she's kind of the only name in the game when it comes to frequent and consistent content.

I think most of her fans are normies and random weebs rather than lolitas. Lolita just isn't big enough in the west to sustain a following like she has, which is also why we have so few lolita content creators who actually make high quality stuff. Most lolitas either are inconsistent, boring or make potato quality videos and eventually give up because lolita is so niche. Lor studied film and then decided to make YT her job but everyone else does it more as a hobby, thus she is the only consistent one.

Even deerstalkers who made the most unanimously loved, high quality content in the community transitioned their focus towards cosplay because lolita just isn't that profitable. Before Tyler and a handful of others came along there was this gap for years where Lor was really the only one who made consistent high quality stuff, so she has the advantage of seniority. There were a couple of flash in the pan creators like Pixielocks and I think k8 and Fanny put out a few videos but for the most part it was just Lor who stuck with it. Consistency is really all she has going for her.

>I don't find her content to be even as interesting/watchable as Tyler's, and that's a low bar.
I assume that most of the lolitas who watch Lor just see her as inoffensive background noise, which she is. I doubt anyone who isn't new genuinely finds her content interesting or engaging. Tyler on the other hand brings more to the table (albeit mostly drama) but she has always been divisive and will be even more so since the recent drama.

>> No.10557309
File: 54 KB, 480x640, tumblr_lpkhqwPdlh1qbat6to1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>the old days weren't as good or as stylish as you remember

There is a certain look the fashion had back then, and I understand nostalgia gives everything a rose tinted glow. But there weren't less itas back then. There were still lolitas who clout chased, who sought out efame and popularity. I know cgl hates the current state of social media, but you guys were just as angry and bitter in 2008 and 2009.

Related to this...
>We've been having the same debates, discussions and arguments for over 10 years

Sweet lolita is ageplay! OTT is for attention whores! You can't wear the fashion if you're fat! Brand is better than taobao! Meetups suck! I heard a rumor that [insert efamous lolita of the month] is a bitch/ageplayer/scammer/whore/photoshops her photos!"

Which brings me to the conclusion
>The western lolita community will never be a big unified group
The internet is too large, alternative fashion is more mainstream than it was in the Livejournal years, and lolita is easy to purchase. There is no need to be a part of the western comm for any reason right now, you can just wear the clothes and mind your business.

>> No.10557316

obviously anon means the person they're talking about is "popular, but not that popular"

>> No.10557344

>Even deerstalkers who made the most unanimously loved, high quality content in the community transitioned their focus towards cosplay because lolita just isn't that profitable.

Probably also had to do with the fact that they mostly filmed friends in their local comm, and one of those friends (Milkyfawn) got torn apart. Also, they could have just been much more interested in cosplay than lolita and enjoyed making that content more, not just focused on profit.

>> No.10557354

>We've been having the same debates, discussions and arguments for over 10 years

god this

>> No.10557374

I didn’t necessarily mean monetary profit, but in terms of audience growth and satisfaction making lolita content clearly wasn’t worth it to them. YouTube started cracking down on channels/videos that used the L word and so the algorithm wasn’t pushing them, along with the treatment of milkyfawn they were running at a loss both personally and professionally so unlike Lor who stuck making lolita content they dipped.

>maybe they enjoyed making cosplay content more
Anyone would enjoy cosplay more when making content for lolitas is so thankless and vicious. I don’t blame them at all.

>> No.10557380

Yeah even if someone out the gate had good quality content the most vocal people will either treat it as "meh" or really hate it other than newbs. To be fair a lot of lolita yt content is always catered toward newbs

>> No.10557383

This. Or go through their lives with a fucking lice comb to find some Mis click or god forbid a personal short coming/ unpopular opinion to put them on blast for. Who would subject themselves to that kind of scrutiny for the slight chance they’d be able to make the 15k a year that Lor does? No one in their right mind. And that’s why have so few creators, and why the wannabes are such a bunch of crazy losers.

>> No.10557389

>A lot of lolita yt content is always catered toward newbs
Honestly what content is there even to make at this point that isn't for newbs? Like >>10557309 said, we've basically been going round in circles for over 10 years. Rufflechat is a revolving door of the same shit every couple of months and most 'discussion' devolves more into social justice wank than anything to do with the fashion. What new is there even to bring to the table anyway?

>Who would subject themselves to that kind of scrutiny for the slight chance they’d be able to make the 15k a year that Lor does?
This. Trying to make a living as a 'lolita influencer' the way Lor does sounds like shit. Most lolitas would rather get decent jobs that pay well or marry rich so they can afford their wardrobes full of brand instead of selling out and ending up with a wardrobe full of shitty devilinspired crap.

Also as time goes on I think youtube is getting less relevant as a platform. Everything happens now in short form content like ig stories, reels or tiktoks. Why would anyone waste their time, energy and resources in making creative and high quality long form content for youtube in 2021?

>> No.10557393

Lolita is stagnating and that'll lead to it's death as a whole.

>> No.10557426

>Trying to make a living as a 'lolita influencer' the way Lor does sounds like shit

It really really does. It's painfully clear that Lor is broke af, and though I don't like her, I can still acknowledge that she works really hard to put herself out there. If anyone put half as much effort into the corporate ladder, they'd be paid 4x as much within a year. 10 years into this "influencing" with her being the most prolific and well supported creator and she still has to rely on shilling shitty devil inspired to make ends meet. Even now she's trying to hustle to drum up interest in this "brand" that sells shit no one asked for at a price no one likes.

>> No.10557434

It’s already happening. This fashion is no longer niche and most of the general public understands what it is. You can blame IG for that.

>> No.10557451

I don't hate Lor, she's pretty okay as far as very popular lolitas go. I just wish we had a representative that wasn't a sweet lolita. A lot of the time it feels like to outsiders all lolita is sweet lolita, and since that aesthetic is extremely far removed from what I wear it makes me feel really disconnected from the lolita community as a whole.

I gusss that's also the main reason I don't like to say I'm wearing lolita when strangers ask, as it would just give them the wrong idea. I much prefer saying it's Victorian Maiden or Atelier Boz.

>> No.10557456

> A lot of the time it feels like to outsiders all lolita is sweet lolita, and since that aesthetic is extremely far removed from what I wear it makes me feel really disconnected from the lolita community as a whole.

I feel you anon. I look at all the most prominent lolitas on social media and then my local comm and they almost all wear sweet. I feel sometimes like we’re not even in the same fashion.

I’ve started to go out of my way to follow a lot more classic and gothic lolitas and it makes me feel a bit more connected, but I still feel left out when all everyone talks about is sweet. I don’t dislike sweet or anything but it’s just like why even bother trying to make friends based on fashion as a common interest when our fashion isn’t even remotely similar at all.

>Victorian Maiden and Atelier Boz
Good taste.

>> No.10557458

I never considered telling people the actual brand I am wearing when they ask what my clothes are... Damn good way to avoid saying lolita in front of boomers who just want a short answer.

>> No.10557460

>I’ve started to go out of my way to follow a lot more classic and gothic lolitas and it makes me feel a bit more connected, but I still feel left out when all everyone talks about is sweet. I don’t dislike sweet or anything but it’s just like why even bother trying to make friends based on fashion as a common interest when our fashion isn’t even remotely similar at all.

I feel this on a deep level especially with my local comm. Maybe that's why I am not overly fond of comms these days.

>> No.10557479

Nah, only sweet lolita

>> No.10557493

>I'm not like OTHER lolitas

>> No.10557544

>campy French Rev Les mis almost circussy type military
This sounds really cute, ngl

>> No.10557545

>If anyone put half as much effort into the corporate ladder, they'd be paid 4x as much within a year
This. The amount of effort it takes to even approach 10k followers in lolita would get you much further in a career than it would in the fashion. And your coworkers generally won't dox you or tear your appearance apart.

>> No.10557642


Not even that. I started doing silly tiktok trends and I put half as much effort into my coords and get way more likes for them. I can see why people leave this fashion even from a purely imaginary points view. Between the algo fucking us over and our own group eating us alive, it's not a great fashion to be an influencer in.

>> No.10557644

I think it would be interesting to have a general "influencer" who happened to wear lolita instead of the other way around.

>> No.10557646

andalina or frokyo both kind of fit into this category?

>> No.10557647


I like Mei Yan even though she's not as popular as she used to be. She does more general jfashion and asian fashion but it really hearkens back to the early 2010s jfashion I used to enjoy.

I think if you become an influencer you need to capture a wide variety of audiences, so you end up either generalizing or subverting the subculture you became popular in. At least, this is what I've seen with most of the youtubers I follow. So I'd imagine while they would be influenced by lolita for instance, they wouldn't be wearing it all the time or if they did it would be a la mode.

>> No.10557656
File: 616 KB, 750x930, F647E342-2926-4EBC-AF08-BE8A43926465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

First time seeing her but damn what an incredibly cringy human. The other one’s not much better.

>> No.10557658

Taobao brands should not be on lolibrary

>> No.10557661

I only agree because they still haven't put back the missing shit from Japanese brands

>> No.10557662

She is really cute but gives me secret ageplayer vibes. not just your picrel but a lot of pics of her.

>> No.10557699

Who the fuck cares, if it's not in your face let people live.

>> No.10557714

Wait she's still around/still posting? What's her account, I want to follow...

>> No.10557717


I only follow her on YT but she's Mei Yan there. I know she has an insta as well which probably will be linked there.

>> No.10557746

nayrt but it kind of is in our faces if she's doing these poses and pic angles that ageplayers always use

>> No.10557759
File: 24 KB, 400x281, messageImage_1559949343514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The banter between Tyler and her boyfriend in her dress videos makes me cringe so hard. It's not cute or couple goals, it's genuinely uncomfortable and lowers the quality of the video.

>> No.10557760

Sometimes it's cringe and a bit much, I agree. It is, however, nice to hear that he has some knowledge and appears to be interested in her fashion hobby so it's sometimes endearing. As a whole, it's kinda cringey.

>> No.10557763

both frokyo and mei yan aren't actual generic influencers, they both are interested in jfashion and their following is mostly other weebs.

>> No.10557770

Agreed that it's nice that he follows her hobbies and is knowledgeable about different prints and releases. But also, yeah, I hate most of the banter. It's uncomfortable and rarely funny

>> No.10557771

Honestly a lot of Taobao stuff isn't nearly as bad as gulls make out to be. It's clearly designed for a different market with different tastes, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. I think it stands out to people as having more "bad" things because there's just so many more Taobao brands to begin with

>> No.10557788


That's what I'm getting at though, you need to be more general than just lolita, which is already a subset within a subset. Also Mei sometimes dabbles in Chinese inspired fashion which is quite nice considering the rarity.

>> No.10557806

Yo maybe I'm reaching here and everyone will get on my ass for this but... Does anyone find her boyfriend to be kinda... Simpy? Maybe it's just me but I find the amount of knowledge he has on lolita a bit extreme for a boyfriend that doesn't dabble into the fashion himself. Maybe I'm wrong though who knows

>> No.10557807

i think he absorbs the knowledge passively from having to listen to her long-ass frock talks while he holds the camera

>> No.10557833

to be fair, they've been dating for like 10 years. anyone would absorb knowledge about their partners hobbies at that point.

>> No.10557836

Do you not have anyone who genuinely likes to listen to you talk about what you're interested in even if they don't participate themselves? My boyfriend asked me to make him a picture dictionary for dresses I talk about a lot so when I mention them and he doesn't remember he can take a quick look because they often have strange names. But he remembers all my favorites and the ones I am really hunting for. He even got me my dream dress for Christmas. Any decent guy would be invested in something his girlfriend cares a lot about.

>> No.10557842

Hello I am >>10557806
Those are good points anons. I forgot they had been dating for so long! I stand corrected. I'm happy she has such a supportive partner.
Yes I used to have a boyfriend who was like that, though he was even more forgetful with the names, haha! Maybe that's why I thought Tyler's boyfriend was a bit much at first glance. Your story is so wholesome, I'm happy you have a partner that's so invested in your interests!

>> No.10557863

My bf knows enough about lolita to tease me about it. He knows I refer to myself as a brandwhore, so he calls me his little brandslut because it's hilarious. He'll also purposefully get the names of certain prints wrong but in the funniest ways.

Man, I just really love this guy.

>> No.10557875

>he calls me his little brandslut because it's hilarious
The absolute state of heterosexuals

>> No.10557896
File: 103 KB, 500x546, nofun.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10557906

my bf just says I have a shopping problem

>> No.10557926

almost every single lolita i know is a massive wokester. that seems to be a common cultural thread.

>> No.10557928

Lolita is Japanese bastardization of old western European fashions, retard.

>> No.10557929

I love tea and drama as much as the next person but I hate how some lolitas think being catty is normal behavior. The gossip in my comm has gotten so bad that it’s straight up harassment at the point and the mods just shrug their shoulders when people try to report members. One of the girls in my comm is in her 30’s and openly admitted to stalking a minor in the comm so she has “tea” to spill. (All of the “tea” has just been calling minor-chan’s normal teen behavior cringy.) You’re not classy Victorian ladies gossiping over afternoon tea, you’re deranged weirdos stalking people on Instagram just so you can talk about them.

>> No.10557979

I’m tired of newbies treating lolita like it’s something you have to put effort into once you’ve been involved long enough. It takes me 30 minutes max to plan an outfit and I never go above and beyond for specific coordinates. Why should I put in more effort than I would for normie clothes?

On that subject, anyone else notice the lolitas who are the loudest about “not a costume!!” always treating it like one when they’re building coordinates?

>> No.10557981

oldfags veterans tend to be lifestyle lolitas, so that's why

>> No.10557996

No one's saying that you should spend all your time planning coordinates. I'm talking about perma itas

>> No.10558028


>> No.10558031

I hope so I’m so sick of this frilly hell

>> No.10558033

Yeah I’d rather just hang out with my group than a bunch of randoms. Lots of ita trash around here anyway

>> No.10558049

This. This. This. I really wish the community would stop normalizing this deranged obsession with finding dirt on people.

>> No.10558055

I stopped participating in most of the community publicly because people were stalking me and stirring up drama that never existed. They think that if they post about it enough that it makes it true as well. It’s embarrassing to watch brown women act worse than teenagers for “tea”

>> No.10558057

*grown That was not supposed to say brown. Autocorrect is a bitch

>> No.10558058

>brown women

>> No.10558062

She said it was Autocorrect lmao.

>> No.10558067

we posted within 5 seconds of each other, learn 2 imageboard

>> No.10558073

Cosplay wigs are like transgender women.
Very visually off-putting 99% of the time, but every once in a while you can find an exception.

>> No.10558077 [DELETED] 
File: 226 KB, 1024x768, AFF9E28E-E347-43C6-8790-BCCCDBC1458E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any alternatives to buying a vacuum forming machine? Pic unrelated.

I’ve got a couple large pieces in desperate need of being vacuum formed but I’m way too broke to justify buying one, and the only DIY ones I’ve seen online are super small.

>> No.10558098

Western lolita has taken it to the point where it is unrealistic to be able to wear it apart from in photos or at most at a con for 2-3 hours. Petticoats that are so heavy they hurt your back, headwear that needs to be adjusted every 2 seconds,very little ways to make a coord warmer unless you want to spend £100 on a cardigan. I know for a fact everyone who calls oldschool/wearable coords ita (I'm not talking about coords with obviously inappropriate ugly footwear,work blouses etc) has only worn it 4 times at meetups and has gotten all their info from 2012 western OTT sweets

>> No.10558102

every race has a partial hate to jews, I wonder why...

>> No.10558106

>unless you want to spend £100 on a cardigan
was with you up until this part. that's a normal price for a brand cardigan. if you're that worried about the price of a cardigan, then what are you going to do when you need a coat

>> No.10558111

That's my point. Doesn't help when westerners scalp on LM either. I get it's a luxury fashion but a lot of things are way overpriced especially when newer items are dramatically worse quality than old school pieces. It's like the situation with doc martens,price goes up whilst quality decreases every year. I don't wear normie cardigans in lolita but honestly now I'm not surprised that people do.

>> No.10558113


Adding on to my post

At what point does a luxury fashion become overpriced fast fashion? Especially with AP releasing terrible things every week just because they can. It's went from cherishing every part of your wardrobe to constantly buying main pieces with money that a lot of people can't afford to spend, especially during the coof.

>> No.10558114
File: 77 KB, 235x191, 1559500336417.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's hilarious to bully cosplay girls.

>> No.10558117

Lolitas with a big platform make the same shitty coord mistakes as newbies but somehow get their asses licked. I don't hate lor as a person but her makeup is always terrible recently but a lolita with a smaller platform would be dragged through the hedges for doing the exact same thing. I don't think I've done any of the major mistakes like not wearing a blouse or socks or whatever but it just annoys me that people are being treated as a revolutionary for not wearing a blouse but a young/newbie lolita is told to gtfo

>> No.10558120

bla bla knowing the rules before you can break them and all that

>> No.10558123

Newbies who only wear sweet need to stop imposing their rules on the other styles and having bullshit takes like "corsets don't belong in lolita" or "dyed hair doesn't belong in lolita", lolita has always had people with teased,dyed hair etc. Stop acting like it's a new thing.

>> No.10558134

lolita is a costume

>> No.10558136
File: 255 KB, 500x600, a43146c3-ed2b-571f-abc3-59ca9c106a9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tote bags don't deserve to be this pretty. All they are is fabric begging to be cut into a headbow.

>> No.10558139

I like cute heeled sandals with frilly socks in lolita

>> No.10558141

This, I think it's really funny though when they'll piss and moan about even pastel hair just because it's dyed.
To piggyback, I'm glad we've grown as a community to the point where even sweet noobs trying to pretend they're old will no longer act like wigs are a requirement for literally every coord. It was obscenely annoying, didn't actually stop the people with bad hair from looking bad, and resulted with even more costumey looking outfits.

>> No.10558151

Nice bait

>> No.10558175

Don't let our secrets out! I buy the tote bags super cheap to make extra bow clip ons.

>> No.10558177

>be gothic lolita with dyed hair and corsets
i guess i'll see myself out

>> No.10558196

i buy an ungodly amount of AP totebags/little drawstring bags 'cuz i like to use them to hold knitting projects

also good for folding up in your regular purse just in case you go shopping and don't feel like carrying plastic bags. i never do just wear them with a coordinate though, feels too plain

>> No.10558220
File: 126 KB, 1080x720, 144726150_734456240825861_3872977030682376494_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>western lolita
why do people make these posts like the western comm is the only place with OTT? more often than not, japanese lolitas wear OTT coordinates for meetups and get togethers and wear super basic casual otherwise, if not other jfashion brands like ank rouge or emikyu. and the chinese community is basically all OTT and photoshoots all the time.

>> No.10558225

>then what are you going to do when you need a coat

pay <$100 for one on closetchild duh

i've got a vm one for $80 and a btssb one for $50 from there and these arent special cases. brand coats rarely keep their value because they dont have icon status

>> No.10558231

so why would the poster need to spend 100 on a cardigan then instead of buying one for 40 on cc?

>> No.10558232

Have you tried finding second hand non main pieces that aren't blouses? Good luck with that

>> No.10558234

This post has no logic. Just invest in a nice petticoat and if one petti is too heavy for you, lolita probably isn't the fashion for you. Try otome instead.

Don't wear anything on your head if it bothers you that much yeesh.

Buy secondhand. A cardigan costs like $60 max. secondhand. Or better yet buy from taobao, a cardigan costs $30 new there.

Who the fuck is calling toned-down coords ita unless they're ita, and why the fuck do you care?
If you're so bothered about what other people think, then fashion probably isn't for you, and social media definitely isn't for you.

I get that social media and posting coord shots is a major part of the community and OTT can be uncomfortable and unrealistic, but just don't do these things. No one is holding a gun to your head telling you to do it. If you don't want to, you don't have to anon, so stop whinging about it.

Also, OTT isn't western stfu. This take in particular always annoys me. Give credit where credit due, Japanese lolitas started the OTT trend, not us whiteys.

>> No.10558235

It's not that hard

>> No.10558237

Why are you having a melty on an unpopular opinion thread.

We are literally here to complain

>> No.10558247

Because there's unpopular opinions and there's just straight up dumb opinions.

Plus what's the point of having an unpopular opinion thread if people can't laugh at your shitty takes?

>> No.10558254

Nayrt but they're totally fair to have retarded opinions.

I do find it weird people keep repeating the opinion about the western community always calling casual coords ita. Like I have never seen anyone do it, only the people complaining about it.

Plus, if you want maximum casual and comfort without hearing people whine, just do otome or a la mode and don't call it lolita and you're fine?

>> No.10558258

It's true, without these terrible opinions I would have no entertainment so thank you small brain opinion anon.

>> No.10558341

> I honestly just have no interest in going through the trouble of navigating a website in a language I don't understand, combing through thousands of listings to find a few very specific things and then having to hire an SS to buy it for me anyway, only for me to potentially not even like what I get.

Fril? Yahoo Auctions? This applies to a lot of other lolita sites than taobao. I get you don't want to put in the effort for something that isn't of guaranteed quality, but it's not like people don't do reviews/ have a very small list of good shops, and if you don't want to go through an ss, you could always use an overpriced reseller kek

>> No.10558479
File: 123 KB, 480x480, 1605156635761.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Edgy, but I like it.

>> No.10558834

1. I don't care what anyone else does in the fashion, even if there are hoards of poorly dressed people what does it have to do with me? Even when a bad trend catches on it won't do 40 years of fashion, just disregard it.
2. Lolita looks like a costume to normies and that's fine.
3.Sissies and DDLG-ers are largely lolita boogeymen that the lolita community would be better off ignoring most of the time.
4. Its painful how many lolitas know nothing about fashion outside of lolita and I think it does a disservice to their coords in general and frequently cheapens the look.
5. Piercings and tattoos can be cute in lolita, its just that a lot of people with piercings and tattoos pick bad piercings and tattoos (or don't coordinate their jewelry with their outfits)
6. Coording isn't that hard, it shouldn't take people years to be a decently dressed lolita apart from the time it takes to collect pieces.
7. The over abundance of guides probably makes for lazy dressers or people who corner themselves into bad looks for fear of judgement.
8. People who treat CGL as like How Real People Act in are annoying and weird (see scarfingscarves)

>> No.10558838

I agree with every single one

>> No.10558849

Big agree on all of this. Wanted to expand on some of it and say that so much of "getting good" with lolita is through osmosis. Your first couple coords will likely range from "unapologetically ita" to "meh," unless you've got every matching piece from a set or something (which is kind of boring desu). And that's ok! Just by continuing to do it, you're going to start to cultivate a better eye for things, and this doesn't even take a long time to do either

>> No.10558896

I know this may sound dumb, but how does learning about fashion in general help with lolita? like what sort of stuff is helpful to know when dressing in lolita? I used to learn about general fashion stuff for normie clothes before I was a lolita (like kibbe types, the seasons, basic stuff) and I've never thought to apply it to lolita fashion that much, aside from choosing colours that'll fit my deep autumn colouring, at least I think I have deep autumn colouring

>> No.10558907

Learning about fits and what helps compliment which body type, contrasting and matching colors in a way that isn't vomit inducing. Fashion basics cover a lot but weebs don't know shit about looking after themselves.

>> No.10558937

I feel like learning about helps compliment which body just takes time desu, but idk how that would apply to lolita that much since lolita is cut a certain way with not much variety. Also the fruit body typing system can go jump off a cliff

>> No.10558940

>Also the fruit body typing system can go jump off a cliff
Spoken like a true fatty.

>> No.10558949
File: 76 KB, 960x540, fruit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm not a fatty-chan, famalam. I'm a rectangle and I just dislike the fruit system, but you do you

>> No.10558952

Nothing compliments an apple body shape. That one is always vomit inducing no matter what is worn

>> No.10558956

You dislike it because it doesn’t affect you, clothes are cut for rectangles. I am pear or hourglass and finding clothes that fit and are flattering is hard af, lolita helps me since it generally has a nice defined shape

>> No.10558957

This is true, I see so many mexican kids running around looking like that blueberry kid from Willy Wonka I just feel so bad for them.

>> No.10558959

Oversized Korean street wear clothes since their limbs are skinny, sack dresses in lolita, anything without a hard defined waist.

Sometimes I wish I were apple, having thicker limbs and a smaller waist is not helpful if you don’t want to dress like a thot. Basically have to dress in structured dresses all the time to not look fat

>> No.10558961

Everything is flattering on an hourglass figure, you’re probably just fat

>> No.10558970

I think they mean regular fast fashion which doesn't structure closer to the waist so it's just weirdly loose in that area.

>> No.10558971

ayart, but yes everything >>10558907 said plus I think being familiar with what to look for quality, knowing how to blend and match aesthetics, and knowing how to shop for a cohesive wardrobe. I also feel like I see many lolitas kneejerk go crazy for (usually western lolita brand) pieces that may have similar motifs or colors of higher quality/better designed pieces but can't pick up on when things look cheap and hokey. The sloppy westernized "kawaii fashion" look is a poison in a lot of people's wardrobes.

>> No.10559335

Unpopular opinion: Not wanting concrit is fine and doesn't mean you're sensitive or don't want to improve. It's not a big deal imo.

>> No.10559337

Agreed lol this community has such a weird obsession with thinking everyone else wants your opinion? This doesn’t happen in any other alt-fashion... like go away Sarah you wear sweet lolita I don’t need your advice on what headwear would match my Moitie

>> No.10559355

Absolutely. Even if someone does want concrit, giving advice on substyles, colour palettes or something of the like that you yourself don't wear is unnecessary. Though that's probably not a very unpopular opinion to hold.

>> No.10559356

agreed and also not wanting concrit in CoF specifically isnt a bad thing. it's a sea of noobs and sugarcoaters and not really the place i'd go for concrit if i wanted it

that said, i'll still laugh when people post incomplete or very overtly bad coordinates and ask for no concrit

>> No.10559357

>incomplete or very overtly bad coordinates and ask for no concrit

This is what I don't understand. They already know it's bad yet still decide to post!

>> No.10559363

Yes cheap clothes are cut like shit for hourglasses, they are 100% patterned rectangle to save money. Lolita is a huge blessing, bust is the only measurement I need to check because all the waist sizes fit with plenty more of room if the bust fits

>> No.10559366

right!! if you HAVE to post your shitty uncoordinated try-on because something came in the mail and you have to show someone Right Fucking Now just post it to your insta or your local comm

>> No.10559378

White people look horrendous with circle lenses. Your eyes look so much better naturally.

>> No.10559379

everybody looks better with their natural hair color,even if they are wearing a wig

>> No.10559386

I love natural hair in lolita. Especially when people tease it up old school style.

>> No.10559387

Milky Pony > Chick-chan

>> No.10559405

i think anyone who doesn't style their makeup around them looks bad in them. definitely not just "white people".

>> No.10559407

idk any kind of makeup (eye-enlarging makeup, natural, insta type) still doesn't suit circle lenses on white people imo. in a weird way i feel like circle lenses age them.

>> No.10559414


This. This is definitely my large eye envy but both white and black people need to appreciate that their eye size are literally what a lot of us Asians aspire to and if they do eye enlargening makeup that's too much. They end up looking like bratZ dolls and it's so uncanny.

>> No.10559418

White people are ugly tho. Why would an Asian want to look like an old ugly hag?

>> No.10559429

this is shit bait.

>> No.10559430


I generally don't want to be a white person I just want nice large eyes with long eyelashes without working hard for it.

Nah just a shitty opinion I guess. But apparently not a wholly unpopular one considering how many surgeries there are to male eyes appear bigger.

>> No.10559431

i dont think they look bad per se but they make any jfashion look more costumey

>> No.10559432


>> No.10559624

I actually really hate Dream Sky. It looks like a bargain bin children's print and it should fade into obscurity

>> No.10559867

I don't take people saying I look like a doll while wearing lolita as an insult at all, who wouldn't want to look like a victorian doll after all?

>> No.10559873

I know a lot of the hatred of being compared to dolls is because of "living doll" stuff. But honestly same anon. If I don't look like a doll then I'm not working hard enough

>> No.10559885

I'm not one of those "living doll" types at all, but it makes me happy when people say I look like a doll. It's a cute compliment, not to mention kind of what lolita is all about.

>> No.10559888
File: 72 KB, 600x900, 1613145181540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Women hate it but this is peak performance.

>> No.10559891

*idiots hate it
This photo is gorgeous and one of my all time favorites, if people get upset about her wearing a doll mask then they shouldn’t be in this fashion.

>> No.10559893

The only time I disliked when someone called me a doll, was when it was some weird trans -woman- who was alluding to my dress being a fetish thing. he told me that there was a specific group of people on the internet that i might be interested in because they liked that -kinky doll stuff-. Ugh

>> No.10559896

Trannies are always like that, they dress like 12 year old girls and expect everyone who dresses feminine to be ‘in on the fetish’ or some gross shit.

>> No.10560326

I’ve been really fucking confused about the DDZ witch hunt.
Like, I’m glad I never need to see her eyesore coords but idk how you can Justify her getting booted from CoF for “wearing nazi garb” when a CoF mods own the meta nazi set. Like either both or neither idk

>> No.10560336

nice cope,racist

>> No.10560350

Completely agree. None of those fucking nooblets understand industrial fetish culture, or even care that the outfit was literally from 10 years ago. You can cancel the girl, but you can't cancel Meta? She LITERALLY wore an ISRAELI DEFENSE FORCE COSPLAY. Are you virtue signaling with witch hunting because she's a "Nazi" or because she's a "Jew"?
This community never fails to amaze me with the sheer stupidity. You're falling for an agenda designed against you.

>> No.10560365

I’m just white and feel ugly

>> No.10560366

I'm just glad the bitch is gone and I don't have to see her anymore and imo the cof mod can fuck off as well. I hate double standards as well but desu I'm just happy ddz is nuked

>> No.10560396

Has anyone noticed that he refers to the bedroom Tyler films in as 'her' bedroom? He's done it a few times, so many in fact that I don't think it's an accident.

I wonder if they sleep in separate rooms?

Unless they have a 3 or 4 bedroom house which isn't sooo out of the realm of possibility.

>> No.10560398

uhhh considering they live in texas, having 2-3 bedrooms isn't a huge deal. i have "my bedroom" where i put all of my lolita stuff, too

>> No.10560399

If you're naturally inclined to be stylish in normie clothes and understand color theory you will do just fine in lolita. You won't need much help to build a coord that works.

I think there's a lot of emphasis put on building a coord that it makes it seem daunting and scary. But I don't think that this is really useful advice for people who can put together nice outfits with normie clothes.

All the itas I see on CoF and in the IG tags I usually creep on their social media. And 9/10 times according to photos of them in normie cloths they can't make a well styled outfit.

And it's like oh honey, if you can't dress yourself in a t-shirt, jeans, with shoes or a cardi that matches or contrasts well enough there is no hope for you in lolita.

>> No.10560405

Take it back.

>> No.10560415

>I wonder if they sleep in separate rooms?
I think they do based on their out of wack sleeping schedules that don't sound like they align.

>> No.10560434

It's definitely cringe. I get major Pam and Cameraman vibes and not in a good way.
He talks like one minute into her newest petticoat video and I just couldn't watch it. I hated how Lor shoved her gf into every video but at least she had good camera presence.
I wonder if she stopped because of all the negative comments?

>> No.10560485

Yeah honestly i’d prefer them both to be gone lmfao
I think it’s tacky even if it’s ingrained in the raver/fet comm (plus I have a hate-on for fet communities anyways lel)
But its just so weird that the CoF mod gets asspats for her shit when like, she did the same thing in the eyes of the mob

>> No.10560486

I have my own bedroom and so does my bf but we sleep together.

>> No.10560491

honestly good on them if they do. my boyfriend and I having separate bedrooms is fantastic and I wish it wasn't so stigmatized. we both have our own space that we can spend time in, and can sleep in our own beds. but we also can sleep in each others rooms when we feel like it. not trying to pretend to be oppressed for it, but a lot of people get weirded out when they find out, because they assume it means that the relationship isn't going well. but in actuality its a big part of why our relationship is so healthy

>> No.10560524

My fiancé and I have separate bedrooms. We always sleep in his room because I took the bed out of “my room” (which was actually the spare room) because I needed to make room for an IKEA wardrobe for more brand. It started out as the closet not being big enough so I moved my dresser over to the spare room and put my clothes in that closet, but now it’s morphed and it’s definitely our separate spaces and when we (rarely) fight we go to our rooms and we have all of our own stuff in there and it feels really good and healthy to have a space to ourselves. I suppose back in the day it used to be the garage or shed for the man and the kitchen or laundry room for the woman where they would all have their private stuff that they didn’t want the other one to see, but times have changed. Our relationship is one of the healthiest I know because we know how to give each other space

>> No.10560631

Honestly this is exactly what I want, discussed the idea when my boyfriend brought up moving in together and he seemed supportive of it, I’m really introverted so I need my own space even from him and your set up just sounds like a dream, there’s nothing wrong with needing your own space anon, I’m happy for you and your relationship

>> No.10560636

My bf is both of these lmao

Also I read him the picture dictationary bit and he said “THATS GENIUS” so thanks for the idea lol

>> No.10560650

Same, like I loved porcelain dolls and rozen maiden as an early teen
Bothers the fuck out of me when lor and Tyler get pissy about people saying Lolitas look like dolls, like they do and you know it and it’s not a bad thing

>> No.10560651

Absolutely stunning

>> No.10560653

I wear circles on a daily basis because they're more comfortable than my regular contacts for the first few hours and I rarely wear contacts longer than 4-5 hours anyway. I do really light makeup and no eyeliner, I think I look nice. But I don't usually wear super intense circle lenses. 100% eurotrash.

>> No.10560655

Nayrt but I'm worried about your normal contacts. I don't think I've ever worn a pair of circle lens that even comes close to being as comfortable than my regular contacts. I can wear contacts for like 10+ hours too.

>> No.10560657

He seems like a daddy dom in most of them, the way he talks to her in a benevolently patronising voice like she's a bratty little. Creeps me out just slightly. I assume she's into ddlg - her having her own bedroom, him calling it her room, most littles have their own room if at all possible because it makes ddlg roleplays more immersive. Plus the way she witch hunts ddlg people in the community, thou dost protest too much basically.

>> No.10560660

My normal contacts are more comfy if I'm gonna be wearing contacts for 4+ hours. The circles I wear have a higher moisture content which is why they're more comfortable for the first few hours. Also they're not super huge in diameter so they're not covering very much of my sclera at all. I use neo vision brand circles and biofinity clear contacts.

>> No.10560673

It was a struggle to get through that petticoat review, the review was over in the first 5 minutes and the rest was just awkward banter, I’m happy she’s with someone interested in the fashion but jeez, guy needs to learn to shut the fuck up for 5 minutes and know when his stupid fucking jokes aren’t appreciated in a fucking product review video, you can see the look in her eyes as well that it annoys her too

>> No.10560674

Video would’ve been 10 minutes max without him, literally 20 minutes of boring unneeded bs

>> No.10560694

Moco moco stuff is so fucking ugly, I have no idea why everyone likes it so much

>> No.10560849

Lor would rather lolitas look like literal clowns I guess and Tyler just piggybacks off of her there.

>> No.10560901
File: 94 KB, 700x467, 1940s Andrews Sisters USO Show Image8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone who prefers fascists aesthetic over the dope ass Allied look deserves the rope.

>> No.10560942


Oh shit. You're totally right. This makes everything make so much more sense.

>> No.10561035

only misogynists and fat housewifes like tacky rockabilly style. this is not kawaii desu

>> No.10561066

This is scrote shit.

>> No.10561158

I remember an anon mentioned she had ddlg stuff in her Tumblr likes.

>> No.10561806

I probably just have shit taste, but I like split wigs. I wish they'd make a big comeback.

>> No.10561931

Dude split wigs are so cute! Honey brown and dusty pink is hands down my favourite combo

>> No.10561933

At this point, i just let all the "spoonfeed me or you're an elitist" noobs run face first into a wall. We're not your personal stylist and you can google. Same amount of reading as us giving you the same advice that we've given to a zillion other noobs in the past 2 days.

>> No.10562310

Putting together good coords is really not hard at all and shouldn't be treated like some major accomplishment.

No. There are plenty of perfectly chill headpiece options that don't involve the equivalent of literally putting a cake on your head. Lolita never looks complete without a headpiece, you need one to balance it all out.

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