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many lolitas are ugly because they think the clothes are all they need to make them look nice but it just makes ugly girls look uglier.

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>ugly people aren’t allowed to do things anymore

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no, they just need to understand how they look and stay in their lane. plus you- they, clearly get more negative attention about your looks when you- they attract attention with clothing.

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I just don't get how ugly people enjoying a fashion effects anyone else

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by stay in their lane do you mean not wear the fashion? i agree that some lolitas have unfortunate faces but a lot of super hot chicks (in men's eyes) would never wear our clothes because they get that attention without trying. most lolitas are just average or babyfaced

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Most people wearing these clothes do not wear them for attention, they wear them because they like them. The majority of us hate the attention we get but love the clothes.

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i mean they need to realize and accept that they're ugly and that there's a reason they get shit. people like lor are clearly ugly and not only does she make no effort to try to better her looks (fixing her makeup) she makes herself look worse.

things everyone does affect others, go outside. you will likely notice all sorts of people doing all sorts of things and maybe if they are weird enough, you will go home and tell your friends.

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i’m not ugly though

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It’s pretty easy to just put on some foundation, mascara and and brush your hair to look decent for a picture. If I don’t want to put makeup on for a coord shot I just edit a sticker over my face. It’s not hard to put in the bare minimum in your appearance.

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Tbh lor did look better with makeup before she started doing clown lolita

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part of the answer has to do with pretty girls getting chased out of the fashion/vendetta chan'd by the bitter uglies on this board t b h

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Not really, in a city weird shit happens every single day and most of it isn't worth talking about. Unless someone crosses the boundary and begins to interact with you directly in a negative and bizarre way no one fucking cares what you do. Only controlling busy bodies, but they tend to live in the 'burbs

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I got really fat during COVID and I want a friend to motivate me to lose weight :( but I don't have one that will. I wanna fit my dream dresses again

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NTA but I live in the biggest city in my country and you sound mad. Just get over it.

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What a mood, I got chonky during the plague too

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same. i have nothing to do but eat all fucking day.

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I'm at the exact opposite. I got thinner and thinner because of no exercise and being too lazy to cook my own meals. So much of my clothing look really weird on me, specially blouses. I'm afraid I'll end up looking like ana-chan, but I have no motivation to exercise or cook.

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No one owes you anything, least of all owes you the effort of looking like what you perceive as attractive. On the note of Lor, we all know even doing normal makeup wouldn't make her look any "better", just less weird/standing out less, so why would she waste time trying to look conventionally pretty?

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The bare minimum should not be wearing makeup. The bare minimum should just be decent hygiene. I'm not gonna fuck my skin up (foundation/concealer always causes my skin to look worse and break out and have issues), just because people get weirdly bothered by seeing women's naked faces. If you want to wear makeup, sure, but don't act like every else needs to as a minimum requirement.

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>(foundation/concealer always causes my skin to look worse and break out and have issues)
you're either not washing your face or your shit is riddled with bacteria
otherwise agreed

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>buys brando animal ears
>tfw I just look like a furry

Atleast they're detachable, but I thought they made the hat look really cute

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NTA, but allergies exist.

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ayrt, no, I just have sensitive skin. I have a twice daily skincare routine as well as occasional sheet masks and exfoliants throughout the week, and my skin looks fine otherwise;but no matter how well I double cleanse or use remover products, etc. makeup just causes me breakouts and makes my skin feel and look worse.

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i want to work on my zhongli cosplay but depression hitting like a bus

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Literally thats the problem. I just get bored and eat.
Weird suggestion but do you reckon a little online exercise group would motivate us to get into a routine?

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I bought something and the seller said they sent it out but it's said "Label Created, not yet in system" for 3 days now. Probably mail bullshit but the seller didn't have any feedback so who knows

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I want to get a vaccine and go to cons with my friends again
Have fun in the karaoke
singing anime songs

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it's a low IQ tip but fruits and veg for snacks instead of heavier stuff?

my average weight has increased by about 5 lbs during quarantine but by sating my appetite with apples, nanners, carrots + hummus, and sweet teas (sweetened with stevia for close to no cal) i've noticed i'm getting leaner again.

the big lolita discord has a new group for exercise/diet tips exactly for this purpose but i know discord isn't everyone's jam

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Thats a good idea. I'm in one of the big lolita discords but i dont think it has a fitness group in it sadly!

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What is the name of this "big lolita discord"? Is it plus size only or big as crowded server?

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it's probably the postal service. sometimes it doesn't get scanned at the local office for a few days. i'd give it a few more days. how fast is the shipping supposed to be?

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>people gaining weight during quarantine
>mfw I've lost a bunch of weight
desu If you have time to sit around and eat, you have time to prep your meals and exercise

Going high protein low carb and cutting out junk food helped me a lot! Along with calorie counting and keeping a really cute notebook food diary to keep me motivated and on track.
Also lifting weights.

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i lost like 20lbs or so from ringfit.

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I got like 20 dresses in the pandemic that I haven't worn to a meetup yet and it bothers me. I've worn them for social media posts but that's just not the same as wearing them to a meetup with my com or friends. I really miss that part of the fashion

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I need to get a ringfit. I've heard loads of people had a good experience with it. I'm looking for a cute notepad now to count calories!

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I feel you. I returned to the fashion during the pandemic and bought a couple pieces I haven’t really gotten to wear yet so I wish meet ups were a thing again

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Was doing fine for years but the endless nothingness on the horizon has sucked me right back into depression. Fuck governments, fuck retards, fuck feeling myself slipping away and having no way to do anything about it.

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i got a day planner and am using it for that. it even has a notepad in the back! you can find them for cheap on ali.

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You sound ugly and this is you in denial kek

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No one said that, uggo.

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I just bought myself a food diary planner on etsy. It's super cute so I'm really excited to start using it!

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Why do you need someone to tell you to lose it? You know what you need to do so just do it.

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Anon think about the things you are in control of. Even if they’re small things. If you can’t control the dumpster fire that is the government, you can still control other things. Focus on those to hone in your feelings of not being in control. What is it you can change about yourself to make yourself less miserable?

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It's hard to keep myself motivated without falling into old habits, so its nice to have someone doing the same thing as you.

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feels good to be fit and cute

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Well shit. Made it through most of covid but now lost a job without back up so I guess after I pay for SC with money I put back no more dresses for awhile :(

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>be me, an extroverted hypochondriac with a shitty immune system (hospitalized with the flu in 2019 and was dog sick for 5 weeks)
>live in a place where the general population could likely earn the title of "most retarded in the developed world" by a landslide
>haven't left my house in over a month now because the majority of people refuse to wear masks and stay away from me
>have drugs to help my depresso but current psych cant prescribe controlled substances so the only thing they can give to help anxiety is glorified benadryl
>it helps for 30 min before I pass out for 8-16 hours
>only meds that help my anxiety are benzos, aka controlled substances
>spend all my time either shaking and trembling and nauseated from my anxiety or asleep
>been vomiting everyday for a week from the anxiety
>powered thru my phone anxiety and called 11 psychiatrists today, finally found one that does telehealth and can prescribe controlled substances
>appt is monday

pray for me that this psych gives me some goddamn benzos. and pray that I can get the fucking vaccine soon. I'd sacrifice a goat to satan if it meant I could safely go to brunch and wear lolita and feel happy and cute and get to socialize with people IRL.

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I'm sensitive af and there's some really common ingredients in most foundations/concealers that break me out too. Off the top of my head, tocopherol (vitamin E), fatty alcohols (like cetyl and cetearyl), and palmitates don't work for me. I would look into the ingredients of your products and figure what's messing your skin up so you can avoid them.

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I do avoid them by just avoiding complexion products. I wear blushes with no issue, eye products besides mascara cause me no trouble, and lip products are fine. But I generally wear no makeup so it's not an issue except the times I feel like I really need to wear it like job interviews and stuff where it is more societally expected.

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i also have sensitive skin and can only use one kind of b.b cream/powder. i feel you sensitive skin anons.

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i just really want a lolita friend

>> No.10544386

i am tired of twitterfags. just in general.

>> No.10544390

I have many but I want to level up. I want a lolita roommate!

>> No.10544398

i want a lolita gf. or brolita bf. i just wanna walk around being kawaii and holding hands with someone

>> No.10544401

I'd hold your hand and kiss your cheek anon. I have a bf but he doesn't mind if I'm affectionate with friends.

>> No.10544407

I hope you feel better soon anon

>> No.10544408

aw ty anon

>> No.10544409

I would love to have a lolita roommate so we could share wardrobes and make sweets and have a cozy kawaii home. And also get each other off sometimes

>> No.10544411

Same. If I get another retard comparing lolita fashion to the book or complaining about the prices
I'm gonna snap

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This so much. I’ve been wanting to do karaoke at a con for so long, but something always got in the way every time I tried.
>2017 couldn’t fit it into my schedule with my group
>2018 didn’t make it to the karaoke area until right before they closed up
>2019 the people running the karaoke stuff canceled without telling anyone
After that I decided to do a music themed cosplay, so I could bring the karaoke with me if need be.
>2020 COVID killed all cons ever
Damnit all. One of these days I’ll get my weeb musical funtimes.

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I mean the name of the fashion came from the book so it kinda make sense. I rather the fashion has the iconic lolita name then be known as a Victorian larper desu

>> No.10544459

Ok ageplayer

>> No.10544460

w-what makes you say such a thing bakau!! y-you know what? I’m glad ap is re releasing old stuff so that hoarders and gatekeepers like you are suffering over the thought that you can’t charge a premium for 2010 classic pieces anymore

>> No.10544465

wtf are you even saying bro

>> No.10544470

If you think it came from the book you obviously haven't read the book. Even nymphet fashion is so fucking different than what Lo wore and how she presented herself in the book, and yet the nymphet crowd claims to take their whole inspo from the book. When really it's just that thanks to the 90s movie's shitty costume design, overly romanticised version of the story complete with aged-up version of Lo, and cutesy movie posters, the name Lolita got associated with frilly cutesy western style things. Meanwhile in the west it instead got associated with this weirdly sexualized childish aesthetic. But at the core none of it has to do with the actual book, rather the flawed pop culture impression left by first impression of the movie's aesthetic.

>> No.10544478

we've been over this. the name from the book and the name of the fashion have the same origin, one didn't come from the other.

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kinda glad i skipped on SC because i have enough now to get two Nakayoshi and Candy Fairy colorways. i thought i wanted it so bad but seeing it in stock just made me like... not care anymore

>> No.10544481

SC was never my style despite liking pastels but the hype almost drove me to buy it. Then I decided not to and I'm glad I saved the money for future releases I'll like more.

>> No.10544491

I hate what OTT sweet has done to peplums

>> No.10544496

you think the japanese lolita came from a nickname for delores?? umm... no. more like the japanese associated the book/movie name lolita with cute youthfulness, and chose it because of that

>> No.10544498

you are stupid.

>> No.10544499

ok good argument

>> No.10544508

why does everyone assume that japanese people don't know what the book is about? the word lolicon exists for fuck sake, they know that the book is about

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At your weight, I'm surprised you even have any friends. Carry a pocket mirror with you and watch yourself eat so you see how everyone sees you.

>> No.10544513

I hate my part time and it's made it harder to keep up with school but I'm not going to quit cause I want brand.

>> No.10544519

This is so unconstructive and just fucking rude. Think about how you talk to other people, holy shit.

>> No.10544529

I'm going to slap your lunch tray when you walk past my table and all my friends will laugh at you

>> No.10544533

>I rather the fashion has the iconic lolita name then be known as a Victorian larper desu
I still wish it was called alice kei instead...

>> No.10544536

lmfao eat shit porker

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If they knew what the book was about they wouldn't have named a genre of porn after it either, but japanese people and westerners alike both think it's about some romanticized pedophilic love story involving a kawaii little girl

>> No.10544541

lolicon isn't a genre of porn it means pedo...

>> No.10544543

Lolicon is literally a genre of drawn porn about little girls but okay

>> No.10544548

They do know about the movie, which was massively popular in Japan and the US. It was named lolita because it was supposed to be a cute young girl fashion.

>> No.10544553

are you 12? that's nor the original meaning.

>> No.10544562

Lolita the book was printed in 1955
Lolita the fashion ala Milk was picking up around mid 1970's, potentially earlier (According to Takemoto who has said late 60's)
It is a fact that American influences pre-internet would reach Japanese shores several decades lagging behind sans all the parts that wouldn't translate well due to cultural sensibilities.
Lolita the book was controversial enough that it's assured inquisitive young women in Japan [at the time they would be appreciating the highlight reels of 1950's America] would hear about it, but it can equally be said that access to the actual copies of the books might have been very difficult.
With this context, 'Lolita' becoming the term to describe a girly style makes a lot of sense, it was 'in the water' so to speak.

Personally, I see the argument from both sides. I'd like to think that it was unintentionally derivative.
The reality is that edgy teenagers will be edgy no matter the decade and unintentional or intentional - it matters about the same.

>> No.10544563

this is all just your assumption.

>> No.10544566

What parts?
The background information I gave is factual, and if you need more proof of the lag, 80's era American culture was at the height of popularity in Japan in the early 90's, and 90's era culture was popular in the early 2000's.

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I gotta stop looking at mercari and LM. I keep finding items on my wishlist at great or decent prices, which is fine I have the funds but also I have no where to wear them.

>> No.10544664

It's bait, my dude

>> No.10544673

I keep passing up cheap Sugary Carnival listings and I still don't know if my SS was able to get the MTO. Please end my suffering

>> No.10544703

That feeling when you wanted a dress at release but decided to wait, then it ends up being not popular, so you snatch it up super cheap on the secondhand market less than a year later.

>> No.10544705

Tenshi? I know she took a vacation but she's back now and it seems like sending "got it" emails would be fairly quick

>> No.10544707

>nowhere to wear them
Wear at home at take coord pics anon.

>> No.10544708

I think emails from AP were just sent out today in Japan (1/28). I mean I also haven't heard back about the Moco Moco Bunnys release. I have faith, but I'm just really impaitient and paranoid right now.

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This is the feels thread my dude

>> No.10544757

I can't believe I waited so long to start using shopping services.

I'm collecting this one figure line which my first ever figure belongs to. I have 5 already, 3 bought at local cons and 2 bought on a Japan trip. The latter meant scouring second hand stores, stubbornly looking for these specific figures, wasting hours for moderate returns. The series is a crane game prize from 2012, so while dirt cheap It's also becoming rare due to the low value (might as well throw away)... Or so I thought.

After a mere 24 hours of being registered at buyee I've found the remaining 4 figures. My dream is going to be complete. My first figure ever will be surrounded by her friends. It really was that easy.

>tfw now ready to fall down the same mercari rabbit hole but for lolita fashion
>I have no concept of money

>> No.10544761

I want to post cute outfit shots and stuff on my ig but I seriously hate putting on makeup all the time and my skin doesn't like it. Would it be too dumb to just put a sticker and call it a day? Posting only floordinates is lame anyways

>tfw lighting is still shit in the house
>have to move to a better place for good pics

>> No.10544765

idk but you could post pics of you wearing lolita when going out (when covid's over) and have a face sticker

>> No.10544767

I don’t collect figures so I don’t know if it’s ok or not to ask but what set / collection? Are they rare or something?

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File: 79 KB, 550x500, [001664].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No I just have shit taste and can't count. I ordered 6 new ones. There are 11 girls in Strike Witches season one, not 9. They are all mine.

>> No.10544844

you're saying you read it then? ok ageplayer

>> No.10544846

Low effort trolling. You can be funnier than this. Please don't call people who have read the book ageplayers by default. I read it and I hate pedophiles with a more refined passion thanks to that literary experience.

>> No.10544847

Lolicon comes from the book Lolita Complex, not from the Book Lolita.There are many papers about the Lolita Complex book boom in Japan

>> No.10544848

lots of people put face stickers! or in mirror shots i used to always hold my phone over my face

>> No.10544850

And where does the term Lolita Complex come from? Westerners love pretending that that these terms exist independent of their original context in Japan, but that's a huge disservice

>> No.10544851

That doesnt change that the lolicon comes from the Lolita Complex. It's easy to understand, anon, I'll draw for you:

Lolita book > Lolita complex > Lolicon.

That is different from:

Lolita book > lolicon.


>> No.10544852

are we having this conversation again? like the japanese have recently dubbed a new fashion called "mass production," i don't think we should give much credence to the origins of our name lol

>> No.10544863

Lolita complex comes from a book about lolita complex, which was written by a guy pretending he had psych knowledge.

>> No.10544897

Helltaker's Pandemonica is so pretty. I wish I had a fwb to cosplay as her and have sex.

>> No.10544909

lots of Japanese fashion terms that catch traction seem to be backhanded insults - landmine girl style, hangover makeup, menhera, ota-hime, mass production etc

>> No.10544912

it actually makes sense to me that the fashion, especially in the 90s which was creepier and more street than it is now would take the name of a tragic csa victim. especially when the name already translates to "sorrow".

>> No.10544922

that's actually an interesting take. rather than romanticizing what happened to the victim (like a lot of people claim the name of our fashion does), a way to take a stand against bastardizing innocent things and reclaiming our own bodies.

huh. i like that.

>> No.10544923

i feel like lolita does have those kinds of origins. it was a bit darker while also being focused on a childlike innocence. a lot of branding still reflects that. the fashion has always been about feminine decadence, with the added benefit of being unappealing towards men (and the general japanese population who wanted women to express no want or identity).

>> No.10544932

considering the trend of the other fashion style names I'm now wondering if lolita popped up as the name for the fashion also as kind of an insult

>> No.10545041

It did. Novala has a text about it

>> No.10545066

>find coat in the exact style and color way I’ve been looking for for years
>shopping service won’t let me bid because the y!j seller has a bad rating
>the seller is closetchild....

>> No.10545093

buy it yourself on CC then?

>> No.10545095

maybe it's a stretch but maybe they chose that name to reflect how lolita fashion was a way of rebelling against marriage to reflect how Dolores doesn't want to be in a relationship with Humbert?

>> No.10545099

how are ota-hime and menhera insults?

>> No.10545100

>too tall to be comfortable in oldschool

>> No.10545102

ota hime is associated with that one pickme not like other girls type of girl who only hangs out with nerd dudes

menhera literally means "mental health" but implies mentally ill, and calling someone mentally ill isn't particularly nice

>> No.10545103

you don't think being called "princess of the anime club" isn't an insult?

>> No.10545108

Nayrt, but imagining being a female surrounded by a hardcore otaku incel simp fanclub, it sounds more like you'd feel bad for the girl, so it definitely doesn't feel good, but maybe not insulting either.

>> No.10545110

the implication is that you dress that way TO get those hardcore otaku simps because you're too fat/ugly/an otaku yourself to attract regular men

>> No.10545115

Oh, oof, yeah that's kind of an insult. At least generic costhots are reasonably conventionally attractive and just want simps for their money.

>> No.10545120

because insinuating you dress a certain way because you're mentally unwell (aka crazy) is basically the same way that "landmine kei" is working

>> No.10545144
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Pls for the love of god stop talking about lolita in the feels thread it was just a shitpost. POST FEELS

>> No.10545147

I feel like you're a retard.

>> No.10545175

hey alexa, how do i ask my software engineer bf to buy me a dress

>> No.10545183

"hey [name of boyfriend], can you buy me this please?"

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>want to get into lolita fashion
>consider maybe buying a dress
> realize that I've been eating curry all my life for decades and that my entire house, clothes, and closet smell like curry
>tfw I've been nose blind to it until now
>can't get a lolita dress in fear of it getting the smell

God. Kill me

>> No.10545189


Lolitas like the clothes not only because they might like the design but also because of the mutual social understanding caused by negative public opinion. Because lolitas are given negative attention for their clothes it's a form of trauma bonding for the greater social group of lolitas. This gives a sense of identity and place because of a mutual experience of suffering. It also makes people feel special like they are part of an exclusive group with a unique experience

Lolitas will state they hate the attention and negative stereotypes but ultimately it is a crucial part of Lolita fashion. Lolita is meant to be rebellion like most avant-garde fashion, if there's no negative public opinion then there's no rebellion and then there's no Lolita.

But I'm a guy who doesn't wear Lolita so what do I know.

>> No.10545190

what evidence do you have to the contrary? do you just assume japanese people are morons who have no idea what lolita means

>> No.10545191

would you rather be r word with (you)s or not r word with no (you)s. checkmate

>> No.10545192

>Tfw I am the software engineer bf
>Except I don't have gf


I'm not even ugly just emotionally stunted.

>> No.10545193

i know people do it all the time but i can't work up the NERVE

you'll do it one day anon

>> No.10545194

i'll be ur lolita gf anon
i won't take advantage of your money i promise

>> No.10545197

Could you keep them in an airtight box maybe???

>> No.10545198

some guys will not be willing to buy you stuff even if they make a lot of money :( sucks

>> No.10545201

>But I'm a guy who doesn't wear Lolita so what do I know.

I wish you knew how to shut the fuck up and leave

>> No.10545202

you must become the software engineer bf and buy all of your own clothes yourself
>tfw became software engineer to buy burando instead of relying on getting a well-off partner

>> No.10545204

i'm in my last year of uni (and have a contract to be a software engineer LOL) but i have to wait and the release is sooooon

i cry everytime

>> No.10545205

why does this even matter if you smell like goddamn curry anyway

>> No.10545208

because if I ever need to resell it, not many people would ever want a curry-smelling dress

>> No.10545219

I feel like I can't talk about new brand releases anymore except with my thin friends. Every fat friend immediately says something along the lines of "It won't fit me" whenever I bring up a new print.

Bitch, I am talking about the print. Just leave if you have to make it about your fat ass all the time.

>> No.10545220

>I'm not even ugly just emotionally stunted.
That's so much worse

>> No.10545221

>They hated Jesus because he spoke the truth

>> No.10545222

I only have 1 friend into this and he is fat and cant fit into any of the dresses and keeps them as decoration but at least he will also fangirl

Also have u noticed a disproportionate anount of sellers on Lm are selling because they got too fat and it won’t zip, and putting that in the description kek

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>Looking for some feedback on art I plan to sell on etsy and convention AAs(eventually)
>head on down to d/ic/kville
>there's a shota loli general

christ, when did that become a thing

>> No.10545234

some of us like to wear dresses no need to throw your little sociology 101 class terms around

>> No.10545238

maybe your first priority shouldn't be the resale value of your clothes

>> No.10545275

Wait until this guy finds out about lonelitas

>> No.10545296

>what do I know

Literally nothing, you armchairing moid. Fuck off with your fake ass psychoanalysis.

>> No.10545322

How are you uncomfortable? Your pussy gets aired out all day.

>> No.10545327

Own your addiction India(?)-chan
As a filthy hardware validation peasant amongst the untold plethora of shweaty curry men, yes it's POTENT, but with proper cleaning, reselling your clothes shouldn't be an issue.
You especially shouldn't let it keep you from getting into the fashion.

>> No.10545349
File: 828 KB, 4758x3072, 36FD5881-A2C8-493F-AF38-D4DFC735EA7F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10545351
File: 3.65 MB, 2273x2221, 1611454089901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Done buying main pieces for awhile
>DD comes up second hand for a great price
>Now I'm done buying main pieces for awhile.

>> No.10545361

I didn't realize how many dudes were going after the underage girls until way after it was abandoned

One of the dudes tried to get me to go to California to meet him and said we would work something out when I was 17

>> No.10545362

Can I be your roommate? I love curry. Not indian or anything, that shit is delicious

>> No.10545366

I didn’t realize how fucked things were until years later, when I was the age of the guys who went after underage girls
Yeah yeah, underage ppl shouldn’t have been on 4chan. Cool. Men in their 20s also shouldn’t have pursued “relationships” w girls up to 10 years their junior, sociliting nudes, pressuring for sexual favors, coercement of sexual acts, and spreading elicit photos of those girls (children) to others.
The board used to be SATURATED with these fuckers. I can name 5 off the top of my head. One of them married a fellow trip before she was 18.
Crazy shit, y’all.

>> No.10545371

Man, I just love lolita

>> No.10545373

masao was always a creepy fucker. im not sure what any of you saw in him
i'm trying to think of how many regulars werent creeps and i could probably count them on my hand

the best we can do i guess is to tell younger girls that men acting like that isnt okay or normal. its too bad to see how many of them fall for this shit

>> No.10545374

It’s cuz people like them are extremely good at manipulation and grooming. They know better than to go after women their own age, so they try to make 15 year olds feel all warm and special. It’s that exciting factor of having someone so much older and “””mature”””” interested in you that reels you in. Sucks to realize you aren’t actually special at all, just unlucky enough to catch the attention of a pedophile.

>> No.10545377

it's not even. it's because young girls are fucking stupid. the sad truth is you don't even need to be good at manipulating. it's just easy for the reasons you said.

>> No.10545379

i fucking love how refreshingly misandrist this place is compared to every single other website on the internet.
would much rather have that then all the disgusting coomer groomers. no sarcasm. scrotes ruin absolutely everything they touch. our land our economy every single hobby that exists

>> No.10545380

I— aight I’m not gonna touch the “”misandrist”” piece lol

One of the new banners for cgl should say “Were you or a loved one groomed by some greasy-haired shrimp dick Asian pedophile fuckboi on this site from 2009-2015? Act now, for you may be entitled to compensation!” Lmao

>> No.10545381

I guess none of them actually did trick me into doing anything i regret so i cant say that they were good at manipulation. but yeah young girls just want to be noticed so they'll do just about anything for a dude who will give them attention
it reminds me of the hazukari situation. i couldnt see anything redeeming about him but he seemed to get more than a couple young girls around him. maybe no one ever told them it wasnt okay? maybe they refused to see the red flags

there were amazing men on cglchat as well as some awful women. i just really think we should stop normalizing creepy men in the "cosplay community"
i wouldnt call this misandrist. more of a reality check for young girls
dont fucking talk to the guy in a ahegao shirt hes obviously a creep

>> No.10545385

Lot's of creepers aren't so obvious tho

unironically based

>> No.10545386

It’s both no one ever told them it wasn’t okay and that others allowed/encouraged it
Why would teenagers think something was up when literally no one is saying “hey ik that random 25 yr old is being super nice and kind and supportive, but it’s not normal that he’s pursuing you romantically”
Ofc there are great cgl guys, many of whom I’ve talked about thus stuff with. There are also horrible women. However, im not rly fond of “whataboutism” arguments

>> No.10545389
File: 132 KB, 640x640, D194B844-E9A8-4EEA-BB28-46ECD961D244.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw gained quarantine weight
>tfw im at my biggest ive ever been since moving in w/his senpai and eating that good mexican food
>tfw tell bf we GOTTA start exercising starting tmrw and he agreed

how do you gulls stay motivated to exercise? I’m hoping my partner doing it alongside me will keep me going, but I’ve always struggled to be consistently active since I’m an indoorsy person who hates feeling sweaty and gross. I wish we had a pool so I could just swim for hours since it’s low-impact and makes me feel less icky. But hot damn, I really wanna stick to it this time & routinely track my food intake. Any advice is appreciated.

>> No.10545391

nice tripfag dramu feels 2010

>> No.10545393

Fear of not fitting into shit motivates me. Force myself to walk 5 miles a day. Also i stopped eating carbs and went keto, maybe that will work for you.

Do you want to be one of those Lm sellers trying to sell their whole closet because ‘I got fat and can’t zip it up anymore’ or ‘slightly damaged, it says 80cm max but I tried to stretch it to 90cm so the shirring is broken’

>> No.10545394

It’s *~*vintage*~*

>> No.10545417

Wouldn't even care. I've come to accept I'm unpleasant to be around for long periods of time and the only contact with women I get will be either very short or paid for.

>> No.10545419

the argument seems fine to me don't jump the gun.

>> No.10545428

used to go on walks around the apt complex with my ex. If you do it during the evening you can get away with the icky feeling. the hard part is getting started but once you get a routine going it gets easier. try not to skip any days once you get started though because then you’ll make a habit out of it
t. haven’t workout in a few weeks cause I started getting lazy and missed a few days that turned to weeks

>> No.10545435

post more dramu. did any tea spill when Todd and piplup split?

>> No.10545443

Tbh i really did not sign on with the intention of blowing up everyone’s spot lol

Sorry to say I don’t know the details of todd/piplup

>> No.10545450

you know there are no trips anymore but some of us were around this whole time.

>> No.10545453

Yee am v aware

>> No.10545454

huh, i think i might have an actual shopping addiction. or maybe i'm just feeling like i'm leaking cash because i've been finding more stuff i love/buying accessories from every release because they've been extra cute this year.

i wear lolita on the reg but i've spent... 2k between december and now, and i'll drop another 2k on the MTOs... i can afford it even working part time, just feels extraneous. god, it'll be even worse once i have my full time job in order. worried that my bf might be horrified by my spending habits, but i feel like it just comes with the territory with lolitas who actively follow releases.

>> No.10545458

how about you anon. you got any tea to spill?

>> No.10545482

I've heard keto works for tons of people, but I love pasta and bread too much lol. I feel like I'd really struggle to stay on keto. You're right though anon! I don't wanna have to sell my cute items!!
this is really good advice, thanks anon! way back when I'd started exercising for about a month, but once I got off track for a day, it was hard to start again. I've really gotta be diligent with it because I start thinking "ugh, maybe tomorrow" immediately. :(

>> No.10545486

Awh anon. I'd let you go on dates with me in lolita for $20 an hour if you were local and there wasn't a plague.

>> No.10545495

I think that's recent. I think that they don't allow any porn in that general

>> No.10545512

sleeves too short, bodice too short, shoulders too wide
>Your pussy gets aired out all day.
id prefer to have it hidden away

>> No.10545525
File: 520 KB, 2071x2000, 1611841446713.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao at all you shopping addicted girls wasting thousands on literal fucking baby clothes. Could have put that money into GME literally any fucking day of this past week and made enough to buy 7 wardrobes worth of dumb dresses with names like "Suck in my beautiful milky bottle." God damn it feels good io be a scrote.

>> No.10545531

>Because we all have easy access to the US stock market
>Because we even bother watching the stock market
>Because we even bother watching the news

Just buy the stuff you like and don't worry about "Oh but I could have made more money doing X and Y." That will just drive you into insanity.

>> No.10545532

You're a guy who doesn't wear lolita and yet you still bother to comment on something you know jackshit of and have no experience on???

>> No.10545540

Honestly I watch 600lbs life and ALR to stay motivated. Seeing others miserable and struggling motivates me to work on myself. Also i have a kitchen scale so i weigh ALL of the food i eat and it helps to stay on track (macros, calories etc). Don't become to obsessed with food and try to go on a walk every single evening.

>> No.10545544

I invested $500 into dogecoin in 2019 because AP was sucking dick that year and just cashed out about half my stash for a total of $8800 today.

>> No.10545545

Air your house out and put an air purifier in the room you plan to keep your wardrobe. Problem solved.

>> No.10545547

some of us don't bother caring about when meme line go up

>> No.10545548

Your pity is too kind. Thank you anon.

>> No.10545644

As long as you don’t have trouble paying your bills and you have savings for an emergency, it’s not an addiction. Some people like buying drinks/meals out every weekend. and that can definitely add up to the price of a new dress or at least a secondhand dress every week.i don’t eat out and am frugal besides my egl addiction but it all evens out. You do you, just be responsible-ish!

>> No.10545645
File: 184 KB, 252x326, 1604386575998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw I'm making my dreams come true
>tfw I'm still unhappy and unfulfilled by life
Will it ever end?

>> No.10545646
File: 2.57 MB, 626x480, tumblr_4a7698e06f5119fa2dae63cd6528adbc_9e150698_640.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can confirm
t. sexy fucker with CPTSD, mommy issues, and other bullshit you don't want to deal with

>> No.10545691
File: 5 KB, 373x99, ekekekeek.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon it literally takes days to sign up and get verified on all trading platforms where I live.
By the time I'm able to buy the bubble will haev already burst

>> No.10545700
File: 79 KB, 360x500, 148644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chang ching!

>> No.10545709

I stay motivated to work out by using exercise as an outlet for repressed homicidal rage

>> No.10545744
File: 966 KB, 1117x1182, 1581494186291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Lmao at all you shopping addicted girls wasting thousands on literal fucking baby clothes. Could have put that money into GME literally any fucking day of this past week and made enough to buy 7 wardrobes worth of dumb dresses with names like "Suck in my beautiful milky bottle." God damn it feels good io be a scrote.

>> No.10545757

Jokes on you, I'm cashing out stonks to buy stupid dresses until I die.

>> No.10545764
File: 723 KB, 720x852, c3451f3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10545884

holy shit that Canada thread. If I posted half of what’s said in there I’d get banned. I bet janny is Canadian

>> No.10546147

Tyler's new vid dropped on Patreon a few hours ago and I'm surprised there's no thread yet.

>> No.10546148

There isn't much about it worth talking about.

>> No.10546153

I got Girl's Heart by AP in the mail today and it's one of the few all-over prints I love. But I just tried it on with a cutsew... I barely fill out the bodice, and I'm not even that small? I thought it'd be comfy to have full shirring but after having to put on a padded bra and cinch the waist ties it's not so comfortable anymore. Fml

>> No.10546160

>make a payment plan with buyer
>Forgot to mention weekly payments
>Already been a week

God damnit, why am I so dumb

>> No.10546163

It's been discussed in the online comm thread already

>> No.10546176

In quarantine I learned how to do taobao direct shipping and also learned how to buy dupes for luxury brands and I've run out of clothing storage space feels cramped desu

>> No.10546194

i hate people that post porn on their fashion accounts. make a side for god’s sake

>> No.10546196
File: 329 KB, 750x553, 1842B39F-6BDA-4B27-81DF-9B4CD54888CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Unlisted but people are already losing their goddamn minds on Twitter kek

>> No.10546199

she’s right. she’s not invalidating any voices she’s just explaining how batshit and bloodthirsty everyone is. this could’ve been handled through DMs honestly

>> No.10546208


Even though it got unlisted I'm glad she stood up and said what a large majority of people are thinking. Too bad she may get canceled now.

>> No.10546369

It's already starting on Twitter lmao

>> No.10546373


I don't think it got unlisted, I think she just hadn't released it to anyone but Patreon subscribers yet but the link got shared so people flipped their shit seeing it.

>> No.10546421

Nta but unlisted on YouTube just means it doesn't show up through regular searches or recommended. Not that it was removed.

>> No.10546426

Yeah that's sort of what I was trying to say, I didn't think it "got" unlisted because of any backlash, it was just not shared to anyone but Patreon at first. The video is public now.

>> No.10546429

unlisted also doesn't mean private...

>> No.10546430

Okay semantic-chan, I never said it was private. Most people who give patreon viewers early access to vids have their videos unlisted and share the link on Patreon, but don't "publish" and share it with the rest of their audience until later. That was all I was saying, telling the above anon the video didn't get *switched* to unlisted because of backlash, it was just never publicly shared/advertised to begin with, that's all.

>> No.10546432

that's not what happened but okay.

>> No.10546439

Okay well explain to everyone what happened since only you know and can't handle people making educated guesses/speculation, you whiny miserable bitch.

>> No.10546440

you seem really upset about being wrong.

>> No.10546441

I don't have to be upset to think you're stupid.

>> No.10546445

okay, grumpy.

>> No.10546447
File: 106 KB, 492x748, 229f86399d174f771f1621e2f4a83b9c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10546648
File: 20 KB, 480x360, iahtethis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My friend's sister just turned 18 and started a "lewd" cosplay Twitter. Am I a bad person for looking? I saw exposed nips and buns, but I didn't stop until I looked at all of it.

She's been like a little sister to me for years. Should I feel bad that I let her make my PP get big?

>> No.10546654

Idk it's kinda weird. It's like fapping to stepsibling porn, kinda nasty and incestuous but if it's your kink you're not evil, just gross. But so are a lot of kinks so don't feel bad.

>> No.10546675
File: 512 KB, 702x702, im tired.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So what are you gulls cranky about on this fine Saturday ?

>> No.10546682

omg why would she unlist her vid? It's not like she's wrong ppl need to grow some backbone

>> No.10546684

>Working on a project with others that involves lolita fashion
> I'm the only one in the group actually involved in the fashion
>No one listens to my ideas or feedback
>Project coming out like shit

Why do people think they know more than someone actually involved in the community after only doing 30 min of research? It wasn't even my idea to revolve the project around something I like

>> No.10546703
File: 324 KB, 550x445, 1610657499868.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking at western and JP secondhand sites picking out items for my birthday next month. Some items might disappear when I come around to buying them, but it still feels good to shop around.

>> No.10546723

My BABY Strawberry Loves Chocolate items and my BC socks from AP both shipped today. Feels good.

>> No.10546725

*woops, meant HC for Honey cake.

>> No.10546728

I bought loads of JSKs hoping to save myself from the expense of buying a full outfit when I was a baby lolita and now I’m stuck with these unpopular prints I can never sell on but can’t justify throwing out because they were too expensive.

I’m not even in the community any more so I can’t throw even punt them at a swapmeet and hope for the best.

>> No.10546731
File: 41 KB, 433x448, [002337].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I've avoided a responsibility for three weeks
>Finally do it today
>It took like half an hour to get done

Every damn time.

>> No.10546744

Just do $1 auctions or something, you'll be surprised what people might want

>> No.10546762
File: 184 KB, 400x400, Oh Ja.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That rough buddy, sounds like a case of the "fuck em" mentality

Don't be so anxious next time just get it done so you dont worry about it for the next three weeks again

>> No.10546784

is it worth buying a house? I have ~50k saved and initially, that's what I was working towards, but I hear a lot of horror stories that have made me feel hesitant. curious to hear from any home owner anons about their experience buying a home.

>> No.10546785

I bought a skirt I'd been wanting for awhile...except I never checked the measurements because that's never been an issue. I'm ~2cm below the max and I fear it may not fit. Please be true to size by some miracle.

>> No.10546790

I wouldn't call myself anxious. I just ignore things and make myself feel empty inside by consuming media...
>inb4 somebody tells me that's a textbook variety of anxiety

>> No.10546792

I was hoping to instigate the argument between those two anons but it didn't work. what a fucked up day widepeepoSad

>> No.10546795


Maybe if you hadn't namefagged they would have fallen for it. But you can't help yourself can you, soup? You retarded bowl of salty water and mushy vegetables.

>> No.10546803

Yes it is worth it. Rent costs more than buying a house. $730/month for our house and make extra payments to get done earlier. USDA rural loan program.

>> No.10546805

I was banking on the idea that they were really angry at each other to fall for it but I guess they simmered down.
>You retarded bowl of salty water and mushy vegetables.
jfc anon I know I can be annoying but you didn't have to go that far

>> No.10546806

One of them literally posted a grumpy carebear and you thought they were legitimately angry?

>> No.10546812

Homie it really is

>> No.10546814

Well shit same

>> No.10546827
File: 62 KB, 360x450, Laugh-a-Lot_Bear_UTM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay semantic-chan, I never said they were legitimately angry. Most people who argue online are seething irl for a sec or two but not "legitimately angry". That was all I was saying, telling you from the post above that maybe the anons *in the heat of the moment* might fall for it. I never thought that they were legitimately angry carebear or not, that's all.

>> No.10546829

Soup, you're like an annoying older and little brother at the same time and I hate it.

>> No.10546838

there there anon it's okay I grew up with three older sisters and two nieces so I had a lot of time to practice. just be happy you're limited to being annoyed by my posts and not me borrowing your stuff without asking.

what a wonderful day widepeepoHappy

>> No.10546869
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Step-cosplayer, I'm stuck in the dryer!!

>> No.10547155
File: 279 KB, 535x562, 1610893625064.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Country on lockdown, again
>Went back to my parents home because my relationship of 5 years melted down last fall
>Due to lockdown, curfew and living in the countryside can't date at all
>Probably no cons for this next summer as well
>Tons of clothes I bought were worn once, if at all during the last 6 months
>My lovely cat died of old age a few weeks ago (She was 21)

The only consolation is that I really like my parents and WFH is the best thing ever. Since I don't have to pay rent I also save up tons of money.

But I just feels like I'm... in a time bubble or something. That all of this is a nightmare and when it's over I'll just get back to my old life and everything.
Or I'll just accept celibacy because I just entered my 30s and the clock is ticking really fucking loud.

>> No.10547182

You're a bad person for not stopping her from doing that shit wtf. Smack some sense into your friend and tell them that they need to stop their sister from doing that and to get her to delete all of those photos.

>> No.10547185

She's an adult. If she wants to make shitty choices she can. He's not even the sibling he has no say in this girl's life.

>> No.10547240

>If she wants to make shitty choices she can.
Her family should try to stop her from making shitty choices.
>He's not even the sibling he has no say in this girl's life.
He can exert influence on his friend to try to stop his sister doing that shit, it's what I would do in that situation. He said she feels like a little sister to him, which is why I'm even more confused that he's done nothing but ogle at her photos in this situation.

>> No.10547255

>mommy issues

>> No.10547513

>find one of my top wishlist dresses for cheap af
>It's old so it has some damage, I don't mind
>Doesn't include waist ties

I seriously don't mind small damage but not having the waist ties is a deal breaker. I'm gonna go cry in a corner now.

>> No.10547552

He prolly meant little sister in the anime sense, meaning he wants to marry her lol

>> No.10547592
File: 390 KB, 1280x1130, smash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Every character I want to cosplay is a girl and I'm a guy. I feel like it's impossible to crossplay without coming across as a joke or a fetishist. I feel like the hobby most appealing to me is off limits because of how I was born and it sucks.

>> No.10547605

Can you just make some?

>> No.10547643

Yeah, but it's obviously not the same since it's a print :(
I did find another listing for it, but it's over twice the price. It does seem to be in better condition so dunno, maybe I'll just bite the bullet and get the more expensive one so I don't get any regretti

>> No.10547658
File: 815 KB, 631x677, 1534952405252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find one of my wishlist dresses on mercari
>great price but horrible title/SEO so the listing had barely any views after 4+ days up
I feel so lucky right now

>> No.10547674

I've been in a relationship with someone who was my best friend since elementary school for the past 5 years. He is transitioning and I'm realizing I'm too gay for it to be fair to stay in a relationship with him. Thinking about ending it is making me miserable, but I really am only actually into girls. For the first time I actually feel bad about being a lesbian.

>> No.10547701

Grats anon, I love when that happens. One time I found a pretty rare dress+kc for less than $100 bc it had a bad title and was hard to find on the search

>> No.10547721

Currently sad because I found one of my dream dresses and it got snatched up on the one day I didn’t look at mercari :-(

>> No.10547739

this happens all the time. japanese lolitas rarely put print names in the title unless they are brand new or popular. i've resigned myself to just comb through pages upon pages, which leads to finding great deals.

>> No.10547746

What's the difference? He would still have a vagina, or is it the masc thing you're not into?

>> No.10547754

Most lesbians end up detransitioning anyway. I've already known like 3 folks who had this idea and went with it and ditched it. Ask them to seriously consider therapy before going balls deep and regretting it later.

>> No.10547756

Lol same I'm eating chips rn. Not having a job really made me stop giving a fuck.

>> No.10547760

Sexuality is determined by preference of identity. Unless you see your partner as just parts, I suppose.

>> No.10547762

Just have stinky curry dresses Anon. Who cares.

>> No.10547765

well it's honestly a bit of both

>> No.10547768

The ratio of itas on cof these days makes me cry

>> No.10547769

She's right tho. It's disgusting how much these probably super white roleplaying subhumans want to push down a content creator for no fucking reason besides boredom.

>> No.10547770

Your friends sister got groomed by the internet.

>> No.10547785

just use an air filter, get scented candles maybe

>> No.10547793

>starting your own business and making a living ethically means you got groomed
Sex work IS WORK.

>> No.10547811

> Sex work IS WORK.


>> No.10547813

Nayrt... And I am a sex worker... I would agree with what ayrt said. Sex work is hard work and I think it's fucked up for someone to start doing it the second they turn 18. I'm a very hypersexual, sexually liberated person, but it's still work and you randomly get pangs of fear that people you don't want knowing about it will find out (for me it's the online lolita community, like holy shit I hope I'm never called out). Like yeah it's fun but it's also stressful and makes you very appearance oriented bc your looks are your livelihood. And you worry if you'll age out of your job, you have to think about when you gotta start doing milf porn, it's a whole thing. I think young teens should really wait a few years and see if it's really what they want to commit to and commit to having nudes online for anyone to find.

>> No.10547815

Lots of things change when people take T, I mean yeah I love him as a person but it would be at odds with not being attracted to many things that would be changing in his body that he'd be excited about that would frankly put me off. It also doesn't align with how I understand myself. Most straight girls wouldn't just sleep with a girl just because she has a dick
If he regrets it, he regrets it ya know? it's stupid to bank on that idea and worst case scenario I would permanently lose someone very close to me

>> No.10547820

I can’t do it anymore. Gonna yeet myself into the afterlife in the coming days, gulls. Have myself a lovely little cocktail of pills and potions and take a drive right into a lake. Already picked out my death coord and everything.

>> No.10547822

That was my last roommate. Shower every day, use Febreeze or something, it works eventually.

>> No.10547824

Long term solution for a temporary problem anon. Rethink this. No more brand in the afterlife.

>> No.10547825

I really would just rather be dead. I’m tired. I’ve been mentally ill my whole life and not in the ~uwu muh anxiety~ way but in the “i have wanted to die since I was 9” way . Things just keep getting worse, have for the past 15 years. I’m tapped out. I really can’t do it any more. I can honestly say I have tried my best to push forward. I’ve just met my limit

>> No.10547827

Please don't. This channel is such a cauldron of bitterness sometimes but this really makes me sad. Get therapy if you can, and find reasons to keep living, even small ones. I was you once, and I can honestly say I'm happy I failed. It sounds trite, but things really will get better.

>> No.10547829

Anon please don't :( What meds have you tried? I know a lot about pharmacology and I might be able to recommend something you could ask your psych or even your regular doctor to try. I also have experience with suicidal depression myself, tried to an hero a couple years ago and had a stint in the psych hospital (which made everything worse). Wanted to die everyday for years until I found the right meds.

>> No.10547831

Not to be boring and obvious but have you talked to a therapist or attempted to get a prescription? I know that people outside the uwu crowd tend to find those things a lot less ~whimsical~ and frankly scary but it couldn't hurt.
I'm just a stranger but idk I've been through those feelings before too and I'm a bit older than you and really really glad I stuck around and gave this shit a few more chances. I don't know what sort of bullshit you are specifically dealing with but fuck, if I can stick around and find some joy I think it could be possible for you too anon.

>> No.10547835

For what I’ve tried I can’t even list them all, I’ve been on so many different ones in my life. But I’m currently on celexa at the highest dose for depression, and some other medications like a beta blocker to treat PTSD related symptoms

I started back on meds last year after years of not wanting to take them any more. They helped motivate me to actually do shit instead of laying in bed all the time, but I still want to die.

I’ve done over a decade of therapy, I’m just tired and broken.

>> No.10547844

I admit I wouldn't know but I feel like being motivated to do stuff is a step in the high direction. Do you ever feel good about getting stuff done? I cling to those moments when I'm low, I try and let myself feel good about doing the dishes after a week of letting them pile up cause I don't wanna get out of bed. Idk fuck, I don't know what to say to help properly but, your current solution is the wrong way to solve your problems. I hope you stay healthy anon. Good luck.

>> No.10547846

I understand being tired but not from lack of sleep, I feel that way much of the time too. Yet, you wouldn't be here telling us this if part of you didn't want to be talked out of it. It helps me if I don't think of life as an endless expanse of existence. Just take it one day at a time, and find happy things to ground you in your everyday life. I'm not a therapist so I really don't know what else to say, but I really hope you reconsider.

>> No.10547853

Getting stuff done was a distraction to push me through. But now I don’t have a reason to push through.

>Yet, you wouldn't be here telling us this if part of you didn't want to be talked out of it
I dunno. I feel like I just wanted to share my honest feelings. I haven’t been allowed a lot of that. I recently had an attempt but had the misfortune of bad timing where someone stepped in and got me medical attention. But with this new plan nobody is gonna intervene. Unless maybe I die tonight, I’ve been self harming and haven’t been very careful with how deep I’m going. But slitting your wrists isn’t very effective alone. So I’m planning to take a fuck ton of opioids I’ve been hoarding from prescriptions I was supposed to already have taken and drown myself at the same time. Because there’s a high chance of vomiting up what I ingest, but if I’m knocked unconscious and under water I’m pretty much guaranteed a kill.

I thought about just doing the pills and taking some zofran with it but I don’t think that would actually work.

>> No.10547858

I'm really glad to hear that someone cares about you and wants you not to harm yourself. So then anon what are your honest feelings? What is it making you feel this way? Anything specific?

>> No.10547861

I marched another person to their death and now I want to die too. I don’t want to exist anymore. I don’t want to be here anymore. I just want to die. I want to die because I’m sick. And I’m sick of being sick. I don’t have a reason to push myself forward because I have lived my life to assist others. I don’t want anything for myself. There’s no future I can realistically see for myself that isn’t me just being melancholy and miserable as I am now. And I’m tired of that.

I just don’t want to be here anymore. It would have been a kindness to let me die last week.

>> No.10547866

Damn, that's terrible. I don't know how to help you feel better as much as I wish I could. I'm so sorry that you feel this way and wish there was more I could do anon. I stand by the idea that you can't know what your future will bring you unless you live to see it through. I feel that you did a kindness to someone else by accepting their help in the moment you were at your lowest last week. Please give yourself a bit more time, talk to your therapist at least, someone who can help you better. Even if it's just to get things out, just try telling someone who will understand your situation better than a stranger.

>> No.10547892

Not respectable work. It's on the same level of respect that people would give to casinos, tobacco companies and stock brokers.

Damaging, predatory and only exist to perputate societal malaise and weakness in the heart of people. Both on the side of the customer and the supplier.

>> No.10547897

The sex work industry is predatory but sex workers themselves are not. Well, some are I'm sure, but it's not inherent.

>> No.10547903

So you agree that she got groomed by the internet

>> No.10547904

>The bare minimum should not be wearing makeup
Sorry, when you're in an appearance based community the minimum won't be "do nothing just don't be gross". Make-up helps complete a look and help your face not getting lost in everything that goes on around it.

Agreed, paying attention to accentuating your good parts and drawing attention away form your bad parts should be in your basics. If people just make sure the items actually fit well and they choose items that suit them, and do some basic taking care their hair and make-up suits the look than they'll look a thousand times better already.

>> No.10547905

That's such a non-arguement because you can literally say that about almost any job.

There are industries which cause more harm than benefit to the social fabric but are only kept around to benefit either the rich people who own them or the rich people who frequent them. Everyone else loses in the long run.

>> No.10547906

This is all just your opinion and depends on personal taste lol. I think foundation looks ugly on people. I like seeing someone's natural skin. But I'm not going around making fun of people who wear makeup and calling them ugly because I personally don't like it.

>> No.10547907

You don't have to be rich to fuck a sex worker. It's like 50 euro where I live for 30 minutes and most of that money goes to the "security" guy.

>> No.10547908

>stop talking about lolita in the feels thread
Lolita's are not allowed to have (fashion related) feels anymore? Good to know.

>> No.10547909

Edgy jokes like that aren't funny.

>> No.10547912

That's not what I said.

Yeah sure some average dude who's been sexually rejected can just go get his dick sucked by some whore for relatively cheap.

That still damages him. It's the equivalent of porn usage. Rather than understanding why you've been sexually rejected with critical self-reflection and improving yourself, you could just throw money at the issue for temporary relief. You're still going to be sexually rejected and spiral further down into denial, anger, depression and financial wastefullness because self-reflection is a painful process that people don't want to do. It forces people with weak hearts to go into a self-perpetuating cycle until something gives (bankruptcy, breakdown of relationships, suicide, etc)

With rich people, they have enough money to never experience the real downsides of purchasing a whore because they can throw more money at the issue.
>Oh I feel morally repugnant for using sex workers?
>Better just pay a psychologist to tell me that I'm normal and everything I do is fine

>> No.10547917

I never said everyone needs to wear foundation. If your skin is good you can get away without foundation or even anything at all. Enough people also just wear things like eyelines, eyeshadow, etc without foundation and because their skin is well enough they get away with it. Personally I like using low coverage CC cream because I hate it when my skin texture disappear and I want the sun cream part anyways to avoid ageing.

But doing absolutely nothing beside basic hygiene is not going to elevate your look and in most cases makes your head dissapear causing the outfit to wear you, especially in more OTT coords. The point of a fashion community is appearance. If working on your appearance to make it actually fit together as a whole is too much to ask, I don't think a fashion community is for you.

And if you do refuse, then don't go cry when people say you look ugly. If you don't want too work on ways to look better, you're not going to look better. So if you're ugly, putting on dresses without look at fit or looking at how to do make-up in a way that suits your face, you'll just stay an ugly duck.

And that again just makes OPs point stronger. Ugly people are only more ugly because they accentuate their ugliness and refuse to think future than "if I wear a cute dress I instantly become cute".

>> No.10547920

I have a similar problem, I want to sell an item secondhand but I left it at my parent's house after I moved out a few months ago. Both of my parents are avid smokers and I'm incredibly nose blind to cigarette smell (seriously... that shit sticks to everywhere) I only noticed it when I came to pick the item up, and it just had that familiar smell. I need to somehow get this horrible smell off this thing before I even try selling it.

>> No.10547921

>accentuating your good parts and drawing attention away form your bad parts should be in your basics
>I like using low coverage CC cream
So you don't do what you yourself consider the basics?

>> No.10547926

You are projecting a lot. I put on a cute dress because I like the dress, not because I want you to think I look cute. If someone doesn't enjoy make-up but they do like wearing cute clothes, that's fine. You calling them ugly says more about you than it does about them.

>If working on your appearance to make it actually fit together as a whole is too much to ask, I don't think a fashion community is for you.
I do think working is too much to ask. I'm here because I want to discuss brands and follow the secondhand market.

>> No.10547927

Ayrt and basic hygiene and skincare is more effort than "don't be gross". I do more for my skin than most of the girls I know who wear makeup and look better without most kinds anyway. Fashion is about clothes first, then hair and makeup if one chooses or is even able to wear makeup (some people have extreme allergies or very sensitive skin and doing test patches and buying a ton of new products and this and that for weeks until they find something that matches their skintone and doesn't cause issues sounds exhausting when you're already hunting down DDs and stalking AP sites every week on release days), this ain't an MUA hobby, it's a hobby about cute clothes.

And even if makeup may look better for camera in some cases, I don't take pictures in lolita or do it for asspats on social media, not wearing makeup has never nade my coords look jarring irl to other lolitas. Also some people just...look pretty without makeup? Maybe you don't look as good so you're sensitive about it but assuming people are "ugly" for having a naked face is retarded.

>> No.10547931

>especially in more OTT coords.

Look it's not our fault you only wear lolita for the gram. Some of us are casual or daily lolitas. The thought of wearing eye makeup or even bb cream daily makes my lashes itch. I know it's normal for some people to do it all the time but I'm not some people. I'm just gonna keep rocking up to meets in comfy coords and nothing but sunscreen and chapstick and if you wanna call me ugly for it you can I guess I don't care what some makeup obsessed gull thinks.

>> No.10547949

>because self-reflection is a painful process that people don't want to do. It forces people with weak hearts to go into a self-perpetuating cycle until something gives (bankruptcy, breakdown of relationships, suicide, etc)
I saw that whole process when I was with someone who had abysmal self-esteem.

It's the worst fucking thing, you can't imagine.
You literally see someone you love self-destructing and damaging everything around them. It's heart-breaking.

Worst is, sometime a good therapy session is all they need, but the lone though of facing their fears make them create tons of excuses to not go see someone.

I saw lovely persons go to shit like that, and they did all sorts of stuff to avoid their responsibilities, addictions, sex, constant search for validation and praises.
It's fucking awful.

>> No.10547964


>> No.10548197

Other anon here, do it, it's really fun!!!

>> No.10552862

When I kms in lolita I will at least have the decency to livestream it.

>> No.10554453

how do you get over bad vibes attached to a hobby after the person who introduced you to it turns out to be a raging turbocunt? it's really killed it for me...