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Old thread: >>10535269

Looks like Moco Moco Bunnies was a hit.

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Despite being on VIP I missed out on the yellow JSK and only managed to snag the cutsew OP. This set is going to be scalped to hell.

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Even though I don't really care for the print I love how this series is more reminiscent of 2010 AP more than anything else we've seen from them recently. I hope they'll keep it up with making more of their signature OTT sweet style.

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I'm sure this is a cute print, too fucking bad I CAN'T SEE IT

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Yes, I hope they keep it up too! I love the 2010 vibe. The dot skirt set definitely caught my eye.

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Ugh! I want this print so damn bad, but don't get paid till the end of the month. The scalping on this is gonna be bananas.

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maybe im the stupid one but where is the 2010 vibe y'all are talking about here? because it's pastel and a couple of the pieces have applique?

the structure of every piece is so boring compared to real 2010 releases, i wish i loved it but slapping an applique on an otherwise polyester sack just isn't doing it

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For real, this seems like a post-2010 piece if anything

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definitely more 2013. i know im splitting hairs here but 2010 sweet is so iconic and this isn't it at all lol

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How fast did everything go? Did anyone see if everything was sold out by the time AP Paris did the normal, non-VIP release?

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my vip frens said the otks went first and every non black color of every cut (save like a yellow cutsew op) was sold out by general release when i checked.

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Thanks. Looks like most people are like me and all they want are the OTKs.

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it’s like a 2013 style rerelease of a 2010 design

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This. I fucking hate the cheap ass chiffon the most though. It sucks and you can see the hem even in the stock photos.

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Is it? I consider long sleeved chiffon OPs and all over prints more reminiscent of mid 2010s AP, long after the sweet boom

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yeah people seem to say 2010 sweet when they mean anything that's pastel and can be worn in an OTT coord

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the absolute state of 2021 AP

i feel like people are just accepting scraps at this point

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it's a cope

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Did they even send a VIP email out? I didn't get one. The yellow was almost sold out when I checked a few minutes after the regular email. Socks sold out super quick

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Agreed that the cutsew OP design and some of the other pieces aren't really 2010 sweet. Feels like a marriage of late 2010s AP with some things we like about 2010 sweet like appliques or certain characters and AP's newest trend of making everything poly (at least this poly is chiffon which I think overall has a better reputation than their regular newer poly stuff) and really leaning into this specific style of cutsew OPs more than I remember.

The applique skirt too is a clear combo of new and old AP inspiration, but the stuff they're making now feels more...original I guess? Like a new thing they're doing that has enough of new and old that it's fairly satisfying to everyone.

I like it but it really isn't the same as >>10540601 or detailed OTT sweet border prints. Not complaining though, if this is the best AP can do with non-rerelease items this year then it's still miles better than last year for main pieces.

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When I got regular email yellow and black were the only 2 colors available but low stock

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Crossing my fingers I can get a full set with the pink cutsew OP/ears/socks when AP USA drops their stock. Wish me luck, I can't leave my house until I get vaccinated which god knows how long that'll be in my state, and lolita is the only thing making me truly happy right now. I haven't been anywhere since things got extra bad in September and I'm quite possibly losing my mind from the isolation.

I'm not wearing anything other than lolita for at least a year once it's safe for me to go outside.

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First AP release I've liked in awhile, but I don't NEED it. Hope I don't regret not getting it

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The last thing I liked enough to buy new was classic fairytales its sooo fucking not worth it anymore nothing they do is special or iconic i don't even think their polyester pieces of crap will last like our 2007-2012 stuff.

Like cannot stress enough -what the fuck. Who is buying these and why the freaking bodyline bunny op/ skirt was far nicer than this

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you know how theres a setting on computers and phones for people who are visually impared? and it makes everything bold and the text HUGE? or when you start your computer in safemode and the dimensions are off and everything is really simplistic?

thats what modern AP reminds me of.

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The polyester shit is plastic and ironically will last longer than the cotton stuff.

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The 2010 era of sweet had a very distinct look in how prints were scaled on the dress, how the dresses were designed, how the prints looked. It's not just a matter of something being cutesy pastel, there is a lot more to it than that.

If I had to break up AP into eras I would define it as

pre 2006- Old school sweet
2007-2008- the beginnings of deco lolita and fairy kei/himegyaru inlfuences
2009-2011- OTT sweet, heavy inspo from other styles like fairy kei and gyaru
2012-2013- sweet starts to tone down a bit, elaborate pieces and OPs become popular
2013-2014- OTT classic, otome influences
2015-2017- larme influences, vintage influences
2018-2019- the dawn of the OTT sweet revival era, also longer dresses
2020-202?- OTT revival in full swing

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the loose/sack dress and long sleeved OP is a trend straight from later AP. iirc, long sleeved OPs were rare in sweet. all I can think of is the original toy parade OP?

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There is no doubt that modern AP is a lot more simplistic. The hoodies and cutsews here all look more detailed and sturdy than the one that goes with Moco Moco Bunny's posted last thread

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Someone on weibo made a collage of all AP releases this year sorted by color. This is the pink one.

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dark blue

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You took the words straight out of my mouth. This 'new 2010 ap' shit is almost like that gaslighting technique where the predator shows the victim a worse scenario first and then says 'look! life could've been worse' so you'll accept their bullshit. Just because I've been looking at polyester trash bags for the last 3 years doesn't mean I'm going to cream my pants over this half assed crap. AP clearly doesn't give a shit anymore because they know they have built up a fanbase of simps that will buy their shit anyway. Sigh. Yes I am mad.

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Oooo!! Thanks for sharing anon!

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yellow, grey and beige

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Wow look at all this trash.

Yeah, I'm with you. Moco Moco Bunnys is nowhere near 2010 sweet, even if the print imagery is reminiscent of it.

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Horror Candy Shop and Royal Crown Berry were the only good releases and they sucked

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I'm dumb. I rechecked my emails and saw they sent out the VIP email an hour earlier than the regular one. Either way, the popular colors for OP and JSK were different. One had yellow as the fav, and the other had pink and sax sell out fast

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It's not even released yet, what are you saying.

>> No.10540755

Have you bought any of their new stuff? Yeah the fibres might "last" forever in our waterways, but it's not going to last that many washes with the lower quality sewing I've seen.

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It was released on the Paris website today retard.

>> No.10540759

What is your point. That's literally one store. It's not indicative of how it'll sell for Japan.

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Ty for this comparison anon, it's actually very visually striking to see (so much more gold?)

OT, I can't believe I missed the Whimsical Vanilla Chan that I saw sold on LM today

>> No.10540796

anon idk if you know this but, similar to the Japanese website, many people outside of Paris buy from AP Paris. it might not sell out as fast assuming the JP website has access to more stock, but the sales are indicative of its popularity.

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to compare, yellow colorways from 2010 :(

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i love big prints. i want it to be obvious that my dress has huge candies on it from a few yards away. it's why i can't get into these small/faded all-over prints.

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I noticed when searching japanese lolitas on social media that several of them buy from the paris store.

>> No.10540806

Those bitches. They already have a huge advantage over western lolitas but instead of going to one of their ten stores they have to buy from the two we have?

>> No.10540813

Don't feel bad anon. The long sleeve OP is ugly.

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And some reds from 2010.

>> No.10540822

Agreed; those bitches

>> No.10540824

There's barely any yellow here and the few there are either aren't lolita (the hoodie OP) or just look plain ugly. Sad.

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Am I just a fatty or are APs JSKs getting smaller? It used to be more common for half shirred jsks to have a max bust at 98~100 cm but I feel like now theyre mostly 95~97? Its slight, but annoying.

>> No.10540875

What is this VIP sale? I've never heard of it before. Have I been sleeping on AP?!?!

VIP sale and bunny print fuck.

>> No.10540879

Cliffnotes: AP Paris used to have a VIP list that people only had to message them through Facebook to get on. So many people messaged them that this year they surprised everyone by requiring people spend 1000 euros to get on the VIP list. Everything good sells out during the VIP sale. Nothing is left for the standard/normal release except scraps.

>> No.10540884

AP has been doing a lot of quarter shirred jsks lately. No idea why, the old half shirred cuts were comfy. Both are high waisted so it's not like the quarter shirred are more flattering

>> No.10540885

APs sizing is confusing. My most comfortable wardrobe piece is an unshirred OP from 2006. My shirred JSKs are stiff and tight

>> No.10540886

I wouldn’t mind the VIP list if there was a better way to get on it but how I supposed to spend €1000 when everything good sells out during the VIP access? It’s not like restocks of dresses are common, and restocks of accessories aren’t going to be enough.

>> No.10540887

I love quarter shirred JSKs! I’m pretty average for a westerner I think, I’m not particularly small, but they fit me so much better than the ones with full back shirring.

>> No.10540891

That's actually the exact argument I used in the thread about it. Like there's literally nothing to spend money on except the MTOs because all the stock is sold before non-VIPs can even get to it.

>> No.10540895

Okay, this picture makes me wonder, would you guys rather like them to release different shades of same color(or even more elaborate colors) for more variety or same shade for matching things between releases?

>> No.10540899

More consistency between the shades they use would be nice, but I think this is more important for blouses, cardigans and accessories like socks

>> No.10540925

This was already discussed; there are accessories and blouses/cutsews that don't sell out immediately and many people purchase those. It's not much of an issue if you buy things besides main pieces and the most hyped acessories

>> No.10540928

nta but it is kind of an issue if you don't want the leftover navy/black colorway of every release, that is including blouses and the like

>> No.10540929

There were main pieces still in stock in half of the colorways this time. I'm not VIP and got a yellow cutsew OP just fine.

Are you guys just getting/checking your emails a little late and blaming the VIP thing on why a popular release sold out when even pre-VIP list being super common things sold out in seconds at AP Paris?

>> No.10540931

I'd have to buy 7-8 blouses a year, and it's cheaper to do that through my SS, I'm saving a couple hundred a year on blouses alone. Dresses are worth the markup to me because they sell out faster. Accessories cost almost nothing so they're not worth counting.

>> No.10540932

The two colors left over were Black and Yellow which are objectively the worst. I hate the print anyway so I'm not salty about this release, but even if things sold out immediately before VIP everyone had a chance

>> No.10540937


Nayrt and not calling you a liar but I love and prefer pink and pastel colorways and tend to be able to get blouses and cutsews in those colors as well as other accessories and my 1st or second choice colorway for main pieces just fine. It is a total bloodbath and I have to be quick, but it's not the impossible task people make it seem like. Not every time but that's just lolita, VIP system or not.

I know it's tough to not get the stuff you want much of the time but that's kind of what being an AP fag is like these days at every store. Paris has just prioritized customers who spent money with them and if you weren't willing to before the VIP change maybe you're better off switching to another store for your purchases if you aren't in Europe or waiting until the next round of MTOs to buy enough to qualify. Buying a full set from at least 2 MTOs should put most people into VIP status anyway and we have one still open and 2 others on the way. It's a frustrating curse liking things that are popular and the real issue is AP needing to produce more stock in general imo but they already struggle with quality control on basic ass milky bears so idk if I trust them to scale up without losing more quality.

>> No.10540938

Well you'll save even more money never getting VIP or the main pieces you want I guess, so win-win for you

>yellow objectively the worst
A couple anons upthread were just really excited for yellow colorways and commenting on it, if you don't like a colorway that doesn't mean it's the worst when other people like it just fine. Black I would get feeling off about if your wardrobe is pastel and you never buy black, but yellow mixed with pastels is totally fine, even if not everyone's first choice.

>> No.10540939

The reality is, even if there was no VIP list everyone/a ton of people would still complain about not getting what they want. This new system just gives complainers something to blame. If it wasn't this it'd be that stock is too low or that non Euro lolitas like burgers and Japanese girls buy from Paris when their home countries have dedicated stores.

>> No.10540940

Tbf the SF store fucking sucks, and that's not a secret

>> No.10540943

I'm just saying that people would complain no matter what. The only issue with SF is really the delay in when they release things, they get almost everything every other store gets and even if it was operated by AP directly I can see the brand still playing favorites with Paris and Shanghai the way they currently do because burgers don't buy new as much as other lolitas and the US must seem like a terrifying dumpster fire compared to Paris.

>> No.10540944

>burgers dont buy new as much as other lolitas
idk how true this is, the sf comm alone likely outbuys most European countries lol

>> No.10540946

That just seems to be the vibe I get since a lot of the US is full of most of the entitled poorfags.

>> No.10540947


If the SF comm outbuys most people new then that must mean AP SF is worth buying from then and doesn't suck as hard as people are claiming though, right?

>> No.10540948

what? aside from doing their best to support the sf store, if they don't get the releases they want (because stock is so low) they buy new from japan or paris like everyone else.

my post wasn't inflammatory, why the salt?

>> No.10540949


I wasn't being salty, I was just legitimately asking since I don't buy from AP SF often.

>> No.10540950

oh ok, sorry it's late and i read tone into your post. cgl is a poison.

>> No.10540951

The loudest people are poor itas, true. But you have to remember how much we Americans love to consooooom. If you talked to American sweet lolitas who aren't taobao stans/larpers you would know our thirst

>> No.10540952


Side note, again, not being salty but just to the original anon's point, if they end up buying from non SF stores too, then it makes sense AP would favor those stores because from AP's perspective Paris store is getting all their usual traffic plus the US people, and Japan stores are getting all their traffic plus Europeans and US and China, so they would still have reason to favor Japan and Paris over SF even if they did run it directly.

>> No.10540953

I'm a lonelita so I don't talk to much of anyone.

>> No.10540954

> non Euro lolitas like burgers and Japanese girls buy from Paris when their home countries have dedicated stores.

With so little stock it doesn’t really matter if you have a local hub or not. I guess most of lolitas treat these are multiple attempts to get the things. I wonder if people ever tried to shop from AP Shanghai, if that makes sense with such a massive demand in China.

>> No.10540956

I was just pointing out that people will find reasons to complain regardless. By that logic, being VIP is just an early chance at stock the same way buying at different locations is a second chance at stock, but you get the advantage if you have more money to blow/have blown more cause businesses care about profit.

I don't really love the new system and it is potentially flawed but we all know us APfags love to complain.

>> No.10540957

In my circles of like 20-30 people we all buy new monthly as long as AP drops something halfway decent. And that's just people I know--considering how huge the USA is, how many comms there are, and all of the big spenders on the coasts, I would say America is right up there with everyone else in terms of spending.

Except the Chinese. Nobody can beat their support of AP lmao

>> No.10540959

This is rich, because the people behind why the VIP list was created were essentially just butthurt individuals who didn't want to participate in bloodbaths, so they pleaded with AP Paris to let them reserve things beforehand.

>> No.10540961

Everyone who got on the VIP list for free is prolly now upset that they have to spend money to support a business in order to get special privileges when they got it for free before.

>> No.10540963

I wonder if people would be equally upset by the VIP list if it was just a straight up membership fee system as opposed to purchases. The price threshold might have to be higher than 1000€ or the list have limited slots to prevent everyone from having it, but maybe that would sit better with people than feeling like they are doomed to buy stuff they don't like to meet the price threshold or go without a chance to get popular releases they like?

Or would people rather get something for the money they spend towards VIP status instead of throwing extra cash at AP out of desperation for hard to get items.

>> No.10540964

>even if it was operated by AP directly
That's just the thing, though. If it was operated by AP directly, they could offer reservations during the release week like Paris does.

>> No.10540966

Does Japan do that too?

Idk, to me a bloodbath is a bloodbath, and SFs only issue is the timing which if anything makes buying from them easier since the most dedicated people for specific releases go to JP or Paris AP first so the pool of competition is smaller by that time. Not nothing, but smaller.

>> No.10540967

>Everyone who got on the VIP list for free
Nobody got there for free lol. They got there because they spent money, and unless they quit lolita or AP is not their style, this probably won’t change. And in this case they probably don’t mind losing VIP status.

>> No.10540968

The original VIP list was just by request, not spending based.

>> No.10540974

You're missing the point while stumbling face-first into it. Paris offers reservations the same week as the release in Japan. If SF was able to do that too they'd get significantly more business.

>> No.10540975

They still have reasons to play favorites though even if it wasn't about sales. It's been mentioned in the past that Maki and Asuka really love Paris in general, not just the store, and that goes into things as well, plus Japan is their home and main customer base so of course they'll favor them. SF is in the US which is kind of a trash bag of a place overall in comparison to Europe and Japan

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File: 25 KB, 500x600, e30b221f2b835fa96fe17e835733413.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The feels thread is autosage so y'all get subjected to this instead: I hate this line of pochettes in particular so much.

They look dead.

>> No.10540978

I hate all the closed eyed ones but the shanghai ones with open eyes are the cutest Lyrical Bunnies imo

>> No.10540980

They are and I need one. Not even for fashion purposes, I just wanna hug it. Their proportions are b a b y

>> No.10540982

The closed eyes freak me out. I wish the MTO had been open-eyed.

>> No.10540983
File: 458 KB, 604x654, 1E186FC6-FE15-4474-BCFC-FC04235D60EB.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That time in lolita fashion history when even Shanghai specials don’t seem that unattainable

>> No.10540984

I don’t think you understand how it worked before, so I‘ll explain.
They only made a „free VIP list“ once, for Little Witch. After that they were reluctant to send out links, because of the flack they got.
Before Little Witch, there were no VIPs or lists. You could message them any given day on Facebook and ask „Hey I saw AP will release item X on Saturday, can you reserve color Y for me?“ and they would just say „Yes, sure, please give us your pp address.“ or „Sorry, we already got some requests for it, we can’t sell it to you anymore!“. It was first come, first serve for anyone. Most people just weren’t bothering messaging them and waited for the release e-mail (not knowing some stock was never listed bc of the messaging customers).

>> No.10540985

excuse me yurt cat, how get shanghai specials on release? or do you just mean the secondhand market is more saturated with them

>> No.10540986

Yes it wasn't strictly a set list but they still allowed special treatment/advanced reservations at no extra cost before, now it requires a spending amount that was a pretty low threshold for a full year and people had ample time all last year to buy that much whether they knew about it or not.

Now it's all out on the table and you can buy enough to meet it if you haven't or don't. That simple. Although I'm curious about the idea mentioned above about charging a membership fee for the VIP program rather than the purchasing requirements.

>> No.10540987

>i somehow missed out on this sweet era of being able to reserve releases with no trouble
maybe it's just my nature but i would feel rude to ask for that without definitively knowing it was a precedent. rest in peace

>> No.10540989

How do you think Paris will handle the increasing # of people that make the VIP list? 1000 is an extremely low threshold imo

>> No.10540990

>first come first serve
>still giving people chances to reserve before actual official release date/email

First come first serve only works if everyone knows when things really start. It is far more fair to keep up the current VIP system and tailor it in ways that suit the needs of AP and customers in the future if needed.

>> No.10540992

Up the threshold each year or have a cutoff number? Threshold increase makes more sense so the list naturally culls itself shorter, that way people can't be upset over meeting the limit and still not getting the right status.

>> No.10540993

I don’t get why it’s that important though. The VIP e-mail yesterday came a measily hour before their normal e-mail. Unless you’re glued to your phone or happen to see it in time, there’s barely an advantage. If it’s a bloodbath, it’s a bloodbath VIP or not. And there are enough other stores to try your luck.

>> No.10540996 [DELETED] 

I just hear people talking a lot of how difficult it was to shop for brand in actual 2010. Imo there’re more technical abilities to buy the thing. If you’re willing to take the risk you can even lurk through Xianyu for Shanghai special bun.

>> No.10540997

That's...what I've kind if been saying? Not that hard to be VIP because of the low spending requirement and people complaining are just mad and whiny that people who supported Paris regularly have been rewarded or given a benefit they haven't

>> No.10540998

anon if i want a release i will be glued to my screen, i think most ap sweetfags who buy new releases are like that. an hour is the difference between everything and nothing desu.

>> No.10540999

Kek I actually mainly bought accessories and socks last year and still got into the VIP list

>> No.10541003

I bought 9 dresses direct from AP last year, not counting blouses, accessories, etc. I say that’s pretty normal in my (American) comm.

>> No.10541004

Ahem, any gulls on the VIP list want to play SS? Obviously if we want the same things I'd just try later. I'd pay 5% of each item or a $20-$30 flat fee, whichever is more.

>> No.10541005

You dumb bitch just buy more from AP and get on the list yourself

>> No.10541008

I'm under the impression the list only updates yearly? Or am I wrong?

>> No.10541012

We don’t know, but AP Paris implied it.
Personally I wouldn’t mind doing SS, but overseas shipping is really expensive.

>> No.10541013

Some people have mentioned that the Paris shopgirls are pretty sweet and if possible would likely be willing to let people who spend enough earlier in the year onto the list before next year.

This hasn't yet been disputed but it will be interesting to see as the year goes on if any gulls try this and can report back to confirm if the speculation is true.

>> No.10541020
File: 69 KB, 500x600, BF348552-C54C-4AF8-9E69-F355AC1CC908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looks like Paris and SF aren’t getting the perfume.

>> No.10541023

I once stayed up until 6 am refreshing the Paris website until the release I wanted went live. Being glued to their phone on the eve of a new release is exactly what most girls do.

>> No.10541026

I get emails from AP Paris how do I know if I’m on the VIP list or nof?

>> No.10541028

It will say VIP in the mail and you should’ve gotten an e-mail about your VIP status already.

>> No.10541033
File: 530 KB, 2048x2048, EsUx7XzVEAE7qrh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scans of the new print, it's a shame it's so faded irl, it's really cute

>> No.10541034

Japan post is fucky about shipping this. I bought one and am having trouble getting it shipped

>> No.10541038

Zenmarket, Tenso & DeJapan ship surface. Shouldn’t be a problem in theory but they might be overly cautious with it being so flammable. If I was going to buy it I’d run it by my SS in advance.

>> No.10541044

I'm already playing SS for my friends, sorry anon ;_; maybe you know someone who's on the list too, good luck finding them

>> No.10541045

Paris already said about it being flammable and 99% of the time you're not allowed to ship perfume overseas....

>> No.10541046

I'd rather not be on the VIP list as I'd feel bad about spending over 1000 euros in one year just on lolita clothes

>> No.10541053

Sorry you‘re poor

>> No.10541054

I dont think they will allow it. I had zenmarket refuse a candle.

>> No.10541055

Really anon? That’s like two sets a year, no other tops, accessories or bags. Just mainpiece, headbow and socks x 2. That’s not a lot.

>> No.10541068

I have other priorities, I'm not poor thank you.

>> No.10541069

It just sounds bad when you occasionally add up how much you've spent, especially if it's way over 1000. Some people legit spend a house deposit on lolita a year (which is up to them, that's fine)

>> No.10541070

That's just poor spending, for that amount, I could get so much shit 2nd hand

>> No.10541072

wow even at a thumbnail view you can really see how muted the colors have become

>> No.10541073

oops I meant to reply to the pink and sax, they are really faded looking, very few brights

>> No.10541077

Well, that’s on you then. Good for you I guess?

Idk, I guess it depends. I spent almost 900€ just this month, because I sold two dresses and bought three others.

Depends on what you like. There is cheap burando, but do I like it? Most of the dream items left on my wishlist go for over retail now (which is why they are left, I wait long for the expensive dd). And if I really like a new release, I don’t mind buying it on release and supporting my favorite brands. Someone has to.

>> No.10541108

It depends on whether you like any of the new releases or not really

>> No.10541120

Ha no. You just suck it up and do it anyway if you want a specific release. That doesn't make the store or website good.

>> No.10541134

Nayrt but if you aren't telling AP what you want by voting with your dollar in a capitalist AF country like the US idk what to tell you senpai.

>> No.10541142

House deposits for renovation objects starts at 40k € where I live

>> No.10541150

I hope you are talking about the collages overall, because if you think cat's tea party, topping heart, and petit heart are trash I have bad news for you.

>> No.10541153

Me trying to save 140k with husband to put down a 20% deposit on a house in California where a decent house in a major city is at least 700k... but still want to buy brand

>> No.10541172

It's almost like our current system is shit and doesn't actually stimulate progress.

>> No.10541195

Same. Once I get a better job it shouldn't take too long though. And hoping some of my investments pull through this year.

>> No.10541196

Oh darn I thought my country was bad enough! Good luck

>> No.10541208

I would rather spend a membership fee, even if it was monthly. I don't need a bunch of modern AP cluttering up my living space. I'm at the point where I only buy jewelry and socks directly (and some cotton MTOs) because the blouses/dresses being released are trainwrecks and don't mesh with my wardrobe or my taste. I want to give money to AP, but not in a waseful way that requires me to buy heaps of plastic I'm not in love with.

>> No.10541221
File: 30 KB, 522x398, 3453458978989.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How did you guys manage to omit EU tax when shipping to non-EU country? It displays the basic tax included price when I add it to the basket.

>> No.10541229

Mostly overall, but Petit Heart was trash. Topping Heart was almost okay. CTP is fine because it was a rerelease and technically isn't original to 2020.

>> No.10541233

Yea CA is fucked.

>> No.10541234

The cutsew dress (second row first photo) is so cute and I wish AP made these again instead of the ugly hoodie dresses

>> No.10541251

Ah so you have shit taste I see

>> No.10541253

Create an account and add your shipping address.

>> No.10541255
File: 1.65 MB, 391x269, 1407887259532.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm seriously dumb. Thank you!

>> No.10541267

NTA but petite heart is definitely trash.

>> No.10541271
File: 35 KB, 250x333, 6D6FA424-80AD-428A-8353-971BE201A132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All I want is applique dresses back. I don’t care if they’re not velveteen.

>> No.10541276

colorful sherbet > literally anything with ponies

>> No.10541281
File: 391 KB, 860x1236, 3c0853e08afd33d0698a665616abf538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10541305

There's the moco moco bunny cutsew op although it's not that cute

>> No.10541342

Fuck the socks were already gone as soon as the page loaded

>> No.10541357

Now we sit and wait for them to get scalped on mercari and fril

>> No.10541370

Not gonna try for them when AP USA gets their stock?

>> No.10541387

Wow someone bought the headbow for $100 and now another scalper listed theirs for $150. I was almost interested until I found it out the bow isn't detachable.

>> No.10541415

I used a bot for the first time to snag my set. Worked pretty well but I still didn’t get the sax jsk I wanted. I did get the extra socks so once I pick out which ones look best I’ll sell them.

I’m pretty sure Chinese scalpers have been using bots for ages, which is why there’s always a shit ton of Chinese resellers no matter how tight the release is. This might be the most heavily scalped release I’ve seen yet. It hasn’t even been 8 hours yet and there’s loads up already, not even counting the ones coming in the mail.

I wonder if AP will restock. I’ve noticed them staggering releases lately.

>> No.10541421

Did manage to get the pink one though, also in coding it I figured out that AP doesn’t actually restrict your cart at all for multiples. This is confirmed as I got three of the sax sock color to test it out. So I imagine that others are using bots to essentially rapid fire the add to cart, since the url changes when you select the colorway. This explains why the socks were gone before it even started, and how some scalpers are shilling multiple items from the same cut/color.

>> No.10541423

>I wonder if AP will restock. I’ve noticed them staggering releases lately.
Yes, but they never restock otks. I thought for sure I’d lost my chance at little witch but they just kept restocking the jsk.

>> No.10541435

Why won't AP block scripts already

>> No.10541438

I thought they cancelled orders that have a quanity greater than 1 for each item. Or is that only for main pieces like JSK/OPs?

>> No.10541441

think its mostly for main pieces. i accidentally bought two of the same socks once bc the site wouldn’t load and i kept hitting submit and they sent me 2 pairs lol

>> No.10541450

>block scripts
if it's locally hosted and executed on the client machine, and all it does is interact with the ui of a website in a standard way, the website can't block it retard

>> No.10541451

The sax JSK is literally in stock right now lmao

>> No.10541452

Nayrt I think the only thing that could reasonably block bots/scripts is a capcha at checkout or something

>> No.10541457

You can stop the bot performance and click it manually, still gonna be faster than clicking shit yourself, but only if you happen to catch the working site. From what I can tell, the main hassle for both bot and manual shoppers is to catch the moment when page loads properly.

>> No.10541459

Weird ass bunny berets are completely gone too. What’s going on?

>> No.10541466

desu for new releases people shouldn't be able to check out with multiples of anything in their carts.

>> No.10541473
File: 923 KB, 587x701, 345897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If there's someone who bought Porter pouch directly from AP, can you confirm if they look like this new? They pop second hand looking like they've had a lot on their plate. I know AP used some different kind of fabric, but I wonder if that fabric ages like this or that's what it looks like irl.

>> No.10541481


The crowns are made from metallic vinyl with nothing else to stiffen them up, so if you chuck the bear boi into a cupboard and then a ton of other stuff falls on top of his head, the crown is likely to bend and squish like this. Friend stores hers with a bit of paper wadded up inside the crown to prevent this.

As for the double-layered look, it's the metallic vinyl again, they sometimes do this peeling thing (I superglued mine back together, but it wasn't as advanced as this).

Not sure about those round dots on the ends of the crown though. It's a trick of the lighting? Or the pleather peeled? Or else someone used glue dots to stick gems on top and after they fell off the glue dots look like this?

>> No.10541483
File: 56 KB, 480x640, 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, I meant actually that muhshy fur. It's quite understandable why would pleather crown look like that after many years, but the fur looks kinda less fuzzy, idk how to describe that. As if you washed the faux fur without conditioner or something.

>> No.10541484
File: 104 KB, 280x373, b6bcd757-2e02-5e5f-b301-795cae141f9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Even the stock photo shows the fur had a particular texture, though.

>> No.10541498
File: 2.36 MB, 3015x3316, 90EFC20B-E5B2-4218-B1D3-F8D7A4738060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought mine long ago directly from AP and he pretty much looks the same as back when I bought him. The crown layers separating is normal and the fur just looks like that.

>> No.10541513

JP Post doesn't allow perfume to be shipped overseas. I'm not sure about other shipping companies.

>> No.10541523

If you buy in person they do, but on the website you absolutely can order multiples of main pieces. I panic clicked and bought two pink ice cream parlors because it was taking too long to load and I was a spazz.

>> No.10541524

They did restock already. It went from being totally sold out along with the salo to having some colors refreshed. Maybe AP is actually trying to slightly stagger the release?

>> No.10541528

Where do you even find bots that aren't for Nike and Supreme? I don't want/need one but I'm curious since my SS told me that people use bots hence the low chances of being able to buy new at AP.

>> No.10541529

Anon there are so many bots designed to handle captcha already. Bigger scalping scenes like supreme and sneakers have paved the way for people to get around just about anything. Brands stopped giving a fuck about it because firstly, they’re making money and secondly, with the amount of cash there is in scalping and providing bot services there’s no measure they could take that people wouldn’t get around, so it would be a waste of time and money to even bother with it.

>From what I can tell, the main hassle for both bot and manual shoppers is to catch the moment when page loads properly.

Not really for bots. You can have them auto refresh up to about once every .03 seconds if your connection is fast enough.

>> No.10541531

>in coding it I figured out

Reading comprehension anon. I don’t think there’s any copping site that does rando sites like ap, so you’d need to manually run the code in cmd and have some python chops.

>> No.10541549

You have to be quite smart when it comes to coding then. Wow people spend some time just to scalp and/or get what they want

>> No.10541576

AP has always favored Europe. Maybe it's changed, but in 2010ish, Europeans bought more new and dressed better. AP specifically asked why Americans didn't buy shoes because they didn't know about Secret Shop and replicas; it was after they were told about this that they asked the LJ comm to not allow replica sales.
Things may have changed, but being told that lots of people in America were buying knock offs of their designs probably put a bad taste in their mouths about the country. I'm sure people in other counties did as well, but it was Lynda who told them so they associated it with the US. Why give good treatment to people who don't care enough about your brand to buy authentic?
If you really want to blame someone, blame poorfags and fatties who bought knock offs 10 years ago and soured AP on US lolitas.

>> No.10541600
File: 442 KB, 1145x613, 34589345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>AP specifically asked why Americans didn't buy shoes because they didn't know about Secret Shop and replicas

Idk how do I feel about this. Even though I try my best to avoid replica shoes, I would still rather go for original Taobao or Bodyline. Brand piece is totally an investment, but shoes is just a money burn, especially pleather.

>> No.10541621

Too bad for them, brand shoes are severely overpriced for the materials and quality.

>> No.10541643

Don't get butthurt when they decide to favor Eurofags who actually buy their shoes then

>> No.10541646

Personally I'm not.

>> No.10541672

Well that’s essentially APs business model.

>> No.10541680

>AP specifically asked why Americans didn't buy shoes
I would buy more shoes from them if they sent more smalls to SF. I can’t wear anything bigger and shoes are expensive af to ship overseas.

>> No.10541695

Maybe they should make the damn shoes better quality. Those shits peel and scuff like the purses

>> No.10541706

Do they? I think AP favors Paris store specifically. French stuff is one of the main points of their aesthetic, all of these Eiffel tower motifs, tricolors, Promenade de Paris, French Cafe, Cameo Window, etc.

>> No.10541712

Who actually buys brand shoes though? Even those who drop 1-2k on a coord will most often be rocking some taobao shoes. If you know where to look, taobao has insanely cute and innovative shoes out there for pre-order, plus they actually carry larger shoe sizes. Brand shoes just aren’t worth the premium at all anymore since there’s so many alternatives now.

I’ve owned ap shoes, baby shoes, and bodyline shoes, but after a pre-order from sheep puff came in I’ll probably never buy anything else. The baby shoes were probably the highest quality but even then they were pretty shoddy. There’s a reason why the resale value even for new brand shoes is like less than half the retail price.

The quality of sheep puff was about the same as my ap flats, and they were around $25 before shipping. if you go for some of the higher tier taobao shoes in the $40-60 range they really are quite nice for less than half the price, and you can actually order your size instead of s-ll.

>> No.10541715

Did they ever restock any accessories? I checked when anon said the sax JSK was available again, but all the OTKs were still sold out.

>> No.10541717

This is extra funny to me because before starting the AP USA franchise Lynda ran Starry Candy Box which literally sold knockoff AP bags lol

>> No.10541718

I buy brand shoes. All of my lolita shoes are brand. I'm against design replicas. Taobao shoes are either super ugly or replicas. ETC and Jane Marple make leather shoes btw

>> No.10541719

Wtf are you talking about? I guess your just shit at searching it up and happy to burn money on cheap ass pu shoes just cause they slapped the brand tag on there. I can think of at least 5 taobao brands that create entirely original shoes that are hella cute. But hey, if you want to burn your money on shoes/bags that are infamously poor quality just because it’s got a brand name on there you do you honey booboo

>> No.10541722

Jane marple makes cute shoes, but I haven’t seen anything for sweet Lolita, and $600+ is a little high for that quality. I’ve had a pair secondhand and they don’t even have a welted sole for easy repair. For any shoes 300+ I expect them to be fully repairable.

>> No.10541724

Nayrt but I buy both brand and non brand shoes. My AP tea parties are leagues above my various offbrand tea parties in terms of quality and durability. As for boots, well I really don't think any of the current taobao shoe shops can hold a candle to AP when it comes to sweet boot designs.

>> No.10541726

She’s always been super sketch. Even now, I’m 100% certain that AP corporate doesn’t know that AP USA is not an exclusively angelic pretty store. Harajuku hearts, Lyndas other store, operates out of the same space, so you can buy AP releases sitting right next to items from other brands like Emily temple, RPA, atelier peirot etc.

Knowing how much of a stickler they are for brand appearance and procedure they would shit a brick if they knew. I’ve never heard of a franchise deal in my life that would allow you to sell competitors products in the same retail space.

>> No.10541734

I wish I didn't have to buy design replicas but AP doesn't produce shoe sizes large enough (US 9+), and they haven't released good sweet style boots in years. So taobao it is.

>> No.10541735

Uh what? AP owner and designers have been to the SF store multiple times when they used to hold anniversary parties. There’s no way they’re not aware that half the store is not AP.

>> No.10541737

idk, I'd bet AP does know about Harajuku Hearts. Even if AP USA didn't tell them directly, people from AP have visited the SF location before. It's not a secret.

Keep in mind the locations of AP and other brand shops in Japan. They generally try to cluster them together with other lolita or jfash shops to encourage traffic. Just think about La Foret where you can literally walk five feet out of AP and be in a different brand "store". (And note, this is the same strategy restaurants and fast food joints do.)

Having both AP and Harajuku Hearts there turns AP USA into more of a "destination" in the same way La Foret or other jfash clusters in Japan are.

>> No.10541750

You don’t have to buy replicas anon. There are tons of entirely original taobao shoe makers if you put in the effort, even for boots. Stop making excuses.

>> No.10541752
File: 662 KB, 750x550, O1CN011a6HYN3zFWaYTJa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Taobao shoes are either super ugly

There are some basic mary janes with a bow on top as well. At the end of the day people might look for something simple to complete the outfit, not some outstanding design like Melty Chocolate or Cinema Doll shoes.

>> No.10541754

Do you have examples? I've searched high and low for knee-high boots that aren't replicas that come in pink or white. Again, sweet 2010-era style only. I have only found replicas, or things no longer produced. If AP made them again, I'd throw $200-300 at them in a heartbeat.

>> No.10541759
File: 106 KB, 800x1200, 1B613A20-558E-4A90-9570-3C14269637F2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Heh, I wish Bodyline would made these again so I could throw $40-50 at them in a heartbeat.

>> No.10541778

Yeah I missed out on all the bodyline shoes

>> No.10541781

I’m sorry anon but these are so cringe. Even the brand ones are just tacky af imho.

>> No.10541783

Does it have to be knee length? AP puts out cute mid calf length boots sometimes still.

>> No.10541797

Are you retarded? There are knee length sweet style boots all over taobao. Learn to use Google fucking translate jeez.

>> No.10541801

Why are you samefagging about taobao in an AP thread?

>> No.10541806

Not samefagging, just so over people complaining that shit doesn’t exist just because they can’t figure out how to find it on taobao.

Ap prob won’t release any boots like those again for the same reason why they don’t make cotton dresses, the majority of their customers live in a tropical climate, so hot sweaty pleather boots are off the table unless you have half a brain cell and can find them elsewhere.

>> No.10541808

Ayrt, that's kinda my vibe. When I say favor Europeans I mean the one European storefront, so Paris

>> No.10541809

Mid-calf stuff always looked bad on me, so sadly I'm holding out for longer boots.

Apparently yes? Why are you so angry? Stuff like this makes me think that whatever taobao stuff you found isn't actually the style or length that I searched for.

Sorry in general for slightly derailing the thread, but I think it's kind of dumb if AP got butthurt about replica shoes when tons of western women have larger feet. It's not something like being fat that you can control.

>> No.10541811

There are cute original taobao shoes that are common styles or original/non replicas. I personally feel like the shipping comes out to be so much I'd rather buy secondhand brand shoes from within my country to keep nice or Bodyline for everyday wear if I'm walking a lot outdoors.

>> No.10541813

You do realize it gets cold in Asia, especially a lot of parts in Japan in late fall, winter, and early spring, right?

>> No.10541823

anyone hear from our girl tenshi about SC?

>> No.10541825

I've searched through taobao many times and personally don't like the style. I do like brand shoe styles, so I'll keep buying them

>> No.10541826

It's been snowing heavily in Japan recently. Hokkaido and eastern Japan gets super cold. Northern China is cold af in the winter too

>> No.10541828

Y'all can talk smack about people buying knockoff tea parties, but my $30 sosic shop pair lasted 4 years of heavy use

>> No.10541829

Not yet, but the last I heard she didn't sound worried. The rest of the stores released details and it wasn't anything different from Harajuku. I think we're safe, but I'll only breathe a sigh of relief when I can pay her my invoice.


>> No.10541831

Yeah I like brand shoes too. I buy new at times and secondhand at times as well, but I do think some taobao designs can be cute; the shipping just ends up making them cost almost as much as brand at times so it isn't worth the purchase for me, since people keep claiming the price is the issue with brand shoes.

>> No.10541833

I don't think people are talking smack, the discussion was about why Americans at least at that time don't or didn't buy AP shoes, AP asking about it, and people are giving their own thoughts on different options for shoes

>> No.10541835

same, those fuckers are indestructible. it's a harder material.

i have a few pairs of AP tea parties and a few pairs of sosic; the ap ones are a soft material and it's game over if you wear them regularly/trip over on something. ap enamel is slightly better about that. MILK shoes have been good, metamorphose and baby meh but not as bad as ap. my cheap bodyline and sosic have held true.

at this point it's not even about price, i just want shoes that last.

>> No.10541845

That's where they make their money though. They hardly make much on dresses.

>> No.10541846

I have a pair of AP boots that I bought brand new and the second time I wore them the entire platform wedge separated from the boot.

>> No.10541847

source/logic? not challenging you just curious

>> No.10541850

>they hardly make much on dresses

they release and sell way more dresses than shoes so if AP really isn't making money on dresses then they're running a bad business

>> No.10541851

the logic probably comes from businesses making more on smaller items they can mark mark up the most, but in that case AP would still be making more on jewelry, accessories, purses and basics like blouses and cutsews.

shoes take up a lot of space, carrying multiple sizes is a pain in the ass for storage and stocking, and they're expensive to ship, not only to customers but to the stores themselves. i'm willing to guarantee that AP does NOT make their money on shoes

>> No.10541859

agreed. if they made more on small items like jewelry they'd probably.... sell and stock more of them.... which they don't lol

>> No.10541860

If they did sell and stock more they probably would make a lot of profit. Their plastic jewelry rarely stays in stock long, especially the cheapest pieces like rings.

>> No.10541872

they are making a lot off of them though. its probably the highest profit margin. Scarcity is part of the AP brand at this point. Keeping everyone desperate for a new release ensures stuff sells out fast. Why overstock on an item, risk having to put it on sale when you can create a demand and ensure it sells out?

they probably buy their jewelry for less than ten dollars a piece, which they resell at high markup. that really is where their profit comes from.

>> No.10541873

Anon you’re fucking stupid. The ppu on these dresses is no more than $75 and most likely a good bit lower than that depending on the actual quantity they order. I work as a tech pack specialist so I’ve got a pretty good idea of what their items would cost.

AP has enormous margins on all their products, do you have any idea how much it cost them to open a new store in a brand new high profile building in downtown Shibuya? They’d need at least 40% margins to maintain that kind of capital.

>> No.10541876

i get u but stuff is gonna sell out anyway because of all of our friendly scalper-chans. it's getting worse... /fa/ brands have had this problem for ages and i feel like we're finally catching up

i don't think people who wear lolita care about scarcity or rarity with new releases except for the kinds of dumbfucks who get mad about the rereleases desu.

>> No.10541877

>jewelry for less than ten dollars a piece,
Yeah, it’s probably around $6/$7, my friend in the artist alley has her resin layered style designs produced in small batches at $12 a piece, so at scale it’s probably way less.

Idk why some anons are surprised or making comments about them having low margins. They’ve stayed in business for twenty years through thick and thin because they have incredible margins. They are a business after all, of course they’re making money on you hand and foot.

>> No.10541878

>i don't think people who wear lolita care about scarcity or rarity with new releases except for the kinds of dumbfucks who get mad about the rereleases desu.

but there are a lot of those dumbfucks anon. and it would just change how i see ap. being the first one to get a dress, refreshing the website for the release, searching on secondhand sites for rare items is part of the hype for many lolitas. this isn't limited to just AP, most japanese lolita brands do this for their releases. clearly it's working or they would've switched to just making everything on demand.

>> No.10541879

>i don't think people who wear lolita care about scarcity
They do though, that’s why lolitas will pay 3x retail for a rare dress. Lolita is a status symbol for a lot of the comm.

>> No.10541880

maybe the anons talking have experience running artist alley booths and think AP would operate the same way. AP isn't walmart, but there's businesses that operate between "tiny small etsy store" and "amazon". AP is firmly in the middle.

plus, AP existed for a solid decade and a half before they started creating and stocking their own brand. they likely went into manufacturing with a ton of experience from when they stocked other brands.

>> No.10541881

right, i just meant scarcity on new release tho. paying 3x markup secondhand doesn't affect the brand's income

>there's a lot of those dumbfucks
this makes me Sad

>> No.10541902

I buy exclusively brand shoes because I go to official brand events and tea parties every now and then

>> No.10541904

I run an artist alley. It never ceases to amaze me how many people doing it “full time” who have no idea how to run a business/make sure they’re actually making money.

Rest assured all, AP is run incredibly prudently, they even have a parent company now.

>> No.10541909

It's definitely less than this. As someone who purchases custom printed cotton fabric 100's of yards at a time for $4 per yard. (As opposed to AP's probably 1000s with a better discount). I have a local US atelier that charges $35 per JSK produced. Factoring in lace and other notions, plus their cheaper than US PPU, I bet they get their dresses made for under $30 for sure.

>> No.10541913

> they even have a parent company now
Dang what

>> No.10541918

I was being extra generous due to Japanese import duties being as high as 35% depending on the textile. $75 is landed at the very highest.

>> No.10541919

NTA but I think it’s called “a industries” or imports or something bland like that. I only found out because Customs flagged one of my purchases last year and required extensive manufacturing info to get it through. It makes sense though, a company like ap has pretty high investment potential, especially given how capital heavy garment production is.

>> No.10541923

I need to meet your atelier. Just curious, what’s your volume to get that price?

>> No.10541935

with them being hugely popular in china, that absolutely makes sense. anything popular in china is gonna get backed

>> No.10541936

especially once they started using third world labor for production, yeah. their profits are gigantic at this point

>> No.10541939

This is probably why they’ve dramatically changed their quality and the material they use

>> No.10541953

Did anyone hear back from Tenshi on the Moco Moco release yet? I'm hoping she got me some socks but it was not guaranteed.

>> No.10541955

I also requested socks. She hasn't said anything yet, but my hopes are low for the sax and pink. You might be the same person I've been replying to in past threads. Tenshi is extremely busy and usually takes 48+ hours to get back to people about popular releases (after the release day).

>> No.10541956

Ill buy their damn shoes when they start making 4Ls lmao

>> No.10541957

>The ppu on these dresses is no more than $75 and most likely a good bit lower than that depending on the actual quantity they order.
And all of the people calling other anons poorfags for looking at better deals second hand.

I just don’t get it why would they insist on pushing that “mature” style when it doesn’t make as much hype as sweet releases. Remember how it took like a year to deliver Misty Sky MTO to people, both including brilliant and regular color releases. They could use the capacity they book for that simple stuff to make something people actually hyped to buy.

>> No.10541960

Not me anon. I buy from Tenshi a ton but usually I'm not on the waiting list. I just slept on this release and didn't message her soon enough.

I guess we all want the same socks haha. Let's hope we all got our socks. Fuck bots and scalpers.

>> No.10541964 [DELETED] 

Ah okay. There was another anon who asked in the last thread and I thought maybe you were the same person. I didn't even know she had a waiting list honestly. How does that work if people can't back out from requests?
I requested the socks back when they were leaked during the tea party in December. So if I didn't get the socks, no one else did (but I haven't heard back yet) Fingers crossed the store socks didn't sell as fast as online and we all get at least something.

>> No.10541966

also nayrt but I think they're referring to the company name that also appears on AP's tags - "Boutique A". But I don't necessarily think this means anything aside from a formality/their legal company name, even VM's company name printed on their tags is technically "Individual Inc."
It's not even a new thing, either - AP tags have had "Boutique A" printed on them for years (potentially ever since they changed their name from "Pretty"? Perhaps another anon can check their older pieces for me?)

>> No.10541976

Sizing is the one excuse no one can really argue with for not buying brand shoes.

>> No.10541981

It sucks that releases aren't fun anymore. I have to camp out at the website only to find what I wanted sold before I can so much as put it in my cart.

>> No.10541983

Yeah, this isn't new, it's just the legal company name. If you've ever done a bank transfer to them for an MTO it's also the name on their bank account.

>> No.10541984

Nayrt but releases are so stressful for me now. Like yes, it was always a challenge, but even secondhand is cutthroat. WW is slow, CC crashes and gets scalped, everywhere else is picked over. I have so much more FOMO then I ever did before. I hate that there's no other brand I even marginally like. I hate that I'm the kind of person who gets emotionally involved in it too. It's hard to be happy when you do get the thing you want, cause you know in a week or two you'll just be doing it all over again.

>> No.10541985

>I have to camp out at the website
As a someone who only shops with SS or second hand, do you really need to stay up like all night long? I mean, I though random drops were a thing like 5 years ago or further, but now they usually put the things on sale around 12AM Japan time.

>> No.10541986

Ayrt, the releases are at a reasonable enough time in my timezone. "Camp out" probably isn't the right way to put it, but it's annoying to make sure I'm at the website and refresh it at exactly the right time only to see that everything's sold out already. I usually use an SS if I can but lately they've all been filling up fast.

>> No.10541988
File: 313 KB, 852x471, 897989889789.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Talking about pleather peeling, patent shoes stay actually longer. I've heard people say that Chelsea shoes stay virtually forever, newer heard any reviews on neo tea parties though.

>> No.10541989

I really wanted to buy those glittery tea parties, but ap won't make any shoes that aren't shitty pleather tea parties a size bigger than L. If ap wants to sell a good amount of shoes, they need to have more sizes, atleast baby have all their shoes go up to LL with many different designs

>> No.10542003

I actually have both shoes pictured.

The Chelsea ribbon shoes are my favourite shoes in my closet. I bought them new from AP directly and they’ve lasted wonderfully, but I did loan them to a friend who managed to somehow scuff them on the insides after one wear when I’d been wearing them a lot for a good few years.

I own the glittery tea parties in black, so any scuffing would be harder to see anyway, but I bought mine on release and they’re in great condition.

>> No.10542016
File: 546 KB, 1548x574, 78935879324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> mfw like post 2012 AP better

Not much MTOs for me, but things I'm looking for may slightly fall out of hype, so it's easier to grab

>> No.10542065

>I'm at the website and refresh it at exactly the right time only to see that everything's sold out already.

That's because scalpers are using bots. Takes the fun out of everything.

>> No.10542075

I still take my chances on release day as I’ve been pretty good at getting through but I can literally only get ONE item to check out successfully. I don’t dare try to go back and add more to cart. Everything sells out within a minute if it’s popular. If I want a set I’d go through an SS though. I remember the DDC drop on the old AP JP site was the worst I’ve experienced because we all camped out for hours while the site glitched or it was delayed but no given time when.

>> No.10542078 [DELETED] 

> mfw I could probably make my own bot, but my account is STILL not verified by Tenso

>> No.10542081 [DELETED] 

> mfw I could probably make my own bot, but my Tenso account is STILL not verified (do not trust them with my passport, still looking for alternatives)

>> No.10542083

I kind of wish AP would find some way to detect bots/scripts being used and ban anyone using them. Fuck scalpers and too bad for people who decide to use bots that don't scalp. I don't even buy from the Japan store but if I was a Japanese lolita I'd be kinda pissed.

>> No.10542085

They need to limit people to purchasing one of each colorway for non-MTO releases. This would solve the problem in a heartbeat.

>> No.10542088 [DELETED] 

Honestly, I though that the idea behind VIP thing was partly made to motivate the western people shop from their local hub personally. This way the purchasing limit may hurt both scalpers and shopping services, but not customers.

>> No.10542093

It was always like this though. It's nothing new. I've always had to commit to one item per checkout on release.

Just use a different ID and blur most of it out. They are required by Japanese law.

>> No.10542094

This. At least for the first few hours of non-MTO new releases.

>> No.10542098


The problem is that there's no incentive for AP to engage in this never ending game of whack a mole. Other brands like Supreme have tried, and for every new measure they took to try and limit scalping/ block bots, people found new ways to get around them. It only eds up costing the company money, and it never actually solves the problem permanently.

Short of halting online sales all together and switching to an in-person only, where they can limit you at checkout there's no real way to do this. Even then, anyone who's ever been to a big release at AP in Japan knows that Chinese scalpers show up in groups of 4-10 people in order to communicate and plan their haul. They literally communicate on QQ in real-time negotiating their scalping prices for their buyers and trade lottery numbers in the hallways as they wait.

For as long as people buy the items at a suffiient premium, scalpers will always find a way to get the items.

>> No.10542104

If they made it so that you can only buy one of each item in each color per billing address for the first hour or two of an online release, I think it'd help. They already require the billing address to match the shipping address, which is a pain in the ass when a friend or beneficiary is giving you their card to buy yourself a set. Idk why what I'm suggesting would be so hard for them to do.

>> No.10542105

It wouldn’t. They just don’t care.

>> No.10542107

>Friend or beneficiary

What a creative way to refer to your beta coomers and sugar daddy.

>> No.10542126

>They already require the billing address to match the shipping address,
They don't though? I buy from AP Japan all the time and have it shipped to both my Japanese address and one of my forwarding addresses depending on where I am living currently.

Either way, why tf would AP take any measures to sell LESS of their product? What kind of company would ever do that? From a business standpoint, it is a huge advantage to be able to consistently sell out of items within 24 hours of their release with essentially 0 waste, plus it adds to the brands exclusivity and desirability.

>> No.10542149

oof. I checked my order history out of curiosity when was the last time I was able to purchase a full set for myself AP JP from somewhat popular releases. 2014 Mercador Antique Shop and Crystal Dream Carnival. If I’m able to get main piece sometimes I check back for the matching accessory or have to wait for AP US or get an SS.

>> No.10542150 [DELETED] 

CDC was not somewhat popular, you got lucky as fuck if you happened to buy it on release.

>> No.10542159

>Either way, why tf would AP take any measures to sell LESS of their product?
Because it would help piss less people off? Because their product would reach further? I know AP is a corporation and doesn't doesn't care. But they probably gets tons of complaints about scalpers, which they somehow have to waste time answering.

>be able to consistently sell out of items within 24 hours
Why does everyone act like AP wouldn't still sell out? Instead of seconds it would be minutes, sure. But even if AP limited quantities, popular releases wouldn't just be sitting around.

>> No.10542164

This. I work retail for a company that’s popular in China so we get lots of resellers buying in bulk. On paper the company has policies to keep them from buying too much, but they never follow through with them.

>> No.10542169

I worked for a big box electronics store and we picked online orders for shipping in our store warehouses. We manually cancelled orders that exceeded product limits (people used workarounds like different names/different emails, but of course the address was the same). It's pretty sad that we could do it, but AP can't figure it out.

>> No.10542170

My store also gets a lot of that, specifically for children's wear- our kids coats and designer collections will get bought up by a smaller store to sell as their own stock, both as online orders and in-person.

>> No.10542175

I don't know if it's just me but listings like these always put me off, it just sounds very cold idk. They do it a lot on mercari too:

Please do not message me about “shadow bidding” or to buy it now. It is against the terms of lacemarket to try and fix an auction. Please do not ask me to reduce the value of the item for customs, it is illegal to do that. I can ship abroad but it will be rather expensive so please do not bid if you’re not willing to pay to have the item shipped safely.

>> No.10542186

This sounds perfectly normal? They are stating the terms of use/policies of LM and that they'll adhere to them as well as stating they aren't going to break the law just so people can pay cheaper customs fees.

>> No.10542188

i mean apfags make it really easy to scalp in any case tho. look at honey cake mto, it was unlimited but apfags were too afraid to use credit cards if they couldn't afford it right that minute, so they doomed themselves to paying $500+ for that shit later. like... y'all just really stupid sometimes

>> No.10542189

I like sellers like this because it makes me feel safe that if I bid, I'll actually win.

It's not cold. It's rules.

>> No.10542192

imo sellers only add this after dealing with rude entitled would-be buyers.

I've had people ghost or drop a purchase cause international shipping is too much for them after they'd bought a listing or won an auction. I can also picture the other things being asked too often in the past, so they now feel like adding that is the only way to avoid annoying messages

>> No.10542193

60 dresses at a time. They're a small company with only about 12 employees.

>> No.10542199

For real, I'm a us 12, nothing even comes close to fitting

>> No.10542206

If you don't have money to pay for the damn dress too bad. Telling people who don't already have money for shit to get credit cards is retarded

>> No.10542208

This. I’m successful about 80% of the time getting ONE thing. If I want matching items forget it. I have to use an SS or try at the US or Paris stores. Last time I succeeded in a dress and accessory was Unbirthday two years ago. It’s gotten more cutthroat since then.

Iirc they used to have some sort of purchase limits years ago. I wonder why they stopped.

>> No.10542212

I don’t see what’s wrong with this.

It bothers me more when I see I missed out on an item because someone negotiated a price cut while I was sleeping, and I would have paid full price.

>> No.10542214

But isn't that just you missing out?

>> No.10542217

It's not cold at all, they're enforcing buyer etiquette. They even said please.

>> No.10542220

Ok I know your just out here trying to get people turned off to that girl so you can try to snag her milky fawn with fewer bids.

I've sold 4 rare items in the past 2 months or so and on every single auction I have gotten 2-3 of the spazziest messages you've ever seen begging me to let them BIN at like $250 because they "just love this print so much".

Hell, I'll start adding this shit too. If it bothers you, you're probably the exact kind of nut bag she's trying to avoid.

>> No.10542221

Well it's actually the seller missing out, assuming the item was initially on auction, since the seller undersold their item even though the auction is still ongoing. If the seller wanted to offer a BIN, they should have included it in the listing.

>> No.10542222

Pretty sure this is because of the crazy influx of newlitas on LM who have absolutely 0 shame, etiquette, or sense of how much something should cost.

>> No.10542223

>AP can't figure it out.
I'm sure AP can figure it out, but why would they try? They make a ton of money off of scalpers maing the whole market squeezed. It builds hype for new releases and reinforces the idea that they are at the top of the lolita food chain because their items are the most exclusive.

>> No.10542226

It’s just you anon. How is it rude or cold to state lacemarkets terms of service and/or the law? Especially when it’s clear as of late that plenty of girls aren’t reading them.

I appreciate the transparency in her listing, since it helps inform me of the real market price of some of these items, instead of some bizarre overbidding fiasco.

>> No.10542231

>break the law just so people can pay cheaper customs fees

Always someone insisting on making lowering package value sound like shanking someone in a dark alley

>> No.10542237

Anon, it's fraud and you can get in deep shit for doing that.

Always some poorfag insisting that other people should take legal risks to save them money. How fucking entitled can you be?

>> No.10542238

That turns me off to AP personally since their best stuff over the last year or two have only been the cotton rereleases and their non main pieces. A business caring enough about profit to allow scalpers to clean house but also not enough to just make more fucking stock so regular lolitas can also buy what they want as well is kinda lazy and stupid to me, so I'd rather just not waste time trying to buy main pieces firsthand from them anymore unless it's MTO.

>> No.10542239

I already have Milky Fawn. I think it's just me but whenever I try to sell something, I try to not add too many "don'ts" so people feel more comfortable and have the choice to do whatever with their purchase.

>> No.10542240

Oh I see what you mean. Even though it's unfortunate for watchers, it's up to them at the end of the day

>> No.10542241

no you can't.

>> No.10542243

It's not about the moral value of the crime; it's about the risk of getting into trouble for someone being a cheapass. If you can't afford shipping and customs as well as the list price, you can't afford the item; get over it.

>> No.10542247
File: 86 KB, 883x546, screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10542252

Laws aren't applied to every package anon. I doubt your Japanese dress will be one of them.

>> No.10542253

Does it though? I don't view AP releases as ~exclusive~, just annoying. Scalpers aren't making AP any money. Look at all the newbies who get into the fashion and pick AP before even knowing what a brand dress costs. AP's popularity came from cute products, not scalpers cornering the market. You're thinking too much about Supreme. No one is going to buy a stamped brick otherwise.

Yes, some people will buy every AP release even if it sucks, but most of us actually buy for taste.

>> No.10542254

The problem is that they can't have it both ways. If they make more stock, then regular lolitas won't buy from scalpers, who then won't buy from AP en masse.

Scalpers are a more stable source of sales, since they'll buy out any release with even a faint pulse. Of course AP isn't going to try and stop them, they'll buy just about anything.

>> No.10542257

The law applies to every package, whether or not yours is selected for customs inspection is random. I have had three packages of maybe 40 or so from my SS get flagged by customs.

No one should feel any pressure to break the law to save your cheap ass some dough.

>> No.10542259

>Scalpers aren't making AP any money.
the price is the same whether the scalpers buy it, or someone else does. AP makes just as money selling a dress to a scalper as they do to anyone else. The difference is that scalpers buy greater volume.

Scalpers have created a great environment for AP as a brand. If you have even the slightest interest in a print, you'll try to buy it from AP even if you're having second thoughts because you know if you don't get it and decide you want it later, you could have to pay quite the premium. It creates an ecosystem of highly motivated buyers, which is great for their releases, events, and MTOs.

>> No.10542262

>Scalpers are a more stable source of sales, since they'll buy out any release with even a faint pulse
Wow it would be fucking great if scalpers just died and stopped tricking AP into thinking there was support for shit releases

>> No.10542264

Do you sell often? I'm just asking because I find lately that if I don't outline things like "no international shipping" or " no splitting sets" I inevitably get 50 messages about it, especially with sweet AP.

I've even gotten messages asking me to sell dresses they can see in the background of my closet, which is why I don't take pics with my closet in the background anymore.

>> No.10542266

>you'll try to buy it from AP even if you're having second thoughts because you know if you don't get it and decide you want it later, you could have to pay quite the premium

This. I guess this is great for AP but it’s shit for my chronic FOMO syndrome

>> No.10542267

if that was the case then every release would sell out and AP would have no extra stock. its very obvious that even with scalping, some releases sell better than others.

>> No.10542269

Scalpers so make people angry and alienate real lolitas from buying AP. It's not exactly a positive brand image. I get what you're saying, but supporting evil in the world isn't what I'd choose.

>> No.10542271

> Evil in the world

LMAO ok but if you're really concerned about that maybe save that for the Uyghur slaves that are making your SC MTO rn.

The thing is though, no one really cares because it's a status fashion. People don't really care that AP enables scalpers, they'll still camp out on the website and try their best to get their shiny new toys.

Capitalism is funny like that.

>> No.10542273

Imagine living a life so sheltered that people shilling frilly dresses are an evil in the world lol

>> No.10542274

And has your ss had criminal charges against them? Or is it you who has to deal with it?

>> No.10542275

I'm the opposite. If I'm on the fence I just skip out since I know scalpers will be selling it for months later.

>> No.10542276

Lolita isn't a fashion about status. It's about frills. Statusfags can fuck off back to normie fashion and waste money on Gildan t shirts and bricks.

>> No.10542278

I guess "evil" is too strong of a word. Maybe "greed" is better?

I just think AP can do a lot better. I know it's not a perfect world and it's all wishful thinking. If I was a business and I saw my stock sell to people who turned around and sold it for 50%-100% more, I'd want that money.

>> No.10542280

It is interesting how people approach AP and japan in general with a weird assumption of simple minded innocence. Ap isn’t some innocent little indie shop just trying to get by, they’re one of the longest running and most prolific corporations in j fashion. They’ve got sales data spanning like 30 years total. They know exactly how to run their business and how much stock to order in order to have the ideal balance of exclusivity and accessibility. It’s not an accident that they run their stores the way they do. They don’t ban scalpers, but occasionally they re-release or restock to throw a wrench in it, like with little witch.

>> No.10542282

No, because they don't devalue customs. They live in Japan as a foreigner, so if they had they probably would have gotten deported. Japan is insanely strict about these sort of things.

>> No.10542283

>Lolita isn't a fashion about status.

Where have you been anon? This is the AP thread after all. It's not ALL about status, but lezbehonest, status and brand status have always played a huge role in comms and an even bigger role online.

>> No.10542284

I was dying seeing that girl pay $700+ for a dress they restocked two days later, and which ultimately went to the sale rack. LMAO

>> No.10542285

Woobification is a hell of a drug.

>> No.10542286

Maybe because I was mostly a lonelita before joining a really chill and sweet comm but lolita has always been about wearing cute clothes for me, not about flexing on anyone. I mostly buy brand because I like the artwork of their prints and designs of their non prints, but I don't treat it like it makes me better than anyone or whatever. I guess I'm just weird/an outlier.

>> No.10542287

Eh, every business is just a disguised clusterfuck though. Have you ever worked for a corporation? No one has any idea what they are doing.

>> No.10542288

Halloween hype is honestly the biggest holiday hype in this fashion. They probably paid scalper price to get the piece before the end of October or something.

>> No.10542289

Have you ever worked for a Japanese company? They tend to run with extreme efficiency. Numerous case studies use Japan as an example to try and teach other countries how to operate businesses.

>> No.10542290

true but it was re-stocked on the Sunday and monday following, so it would still have arrived.

>> No.10542292


It really depends. Japan is also known for being horribly inefficient with their long work hours and overworking/overtime culture not actually leading to any improved or increased productivity, just like people in mid tier office jobs getting their work done early and fucking around on facebook until the day ends in the US, but worse cause they work a lot harder to get less done. Japan is also huge on bureaucracy and following rules and processes a lot of the time to such a degree that while I get it is for stability or security it can hinder progress.

>> No.10542293

The girl buying didn't know it would be at the time, I'm assuming, or they wouldn't have wasted an extra $350

>> No.10542294

Little Witch was such a huge fail. I thought it was ugly and laughed at everyone freaking out over it.

>> No.10542296

New: >>10542295

>> No.10542297

It was legitimately one of the better new AP releases last year because their chiffon poly is better than the regular thick printed stuff a lot of the time, but it still wasn't that great to me. I've seen bat and cat detail halloween all over/vertical prints from AP so many time it wasn't new or exciting and everyone else was so hype for it I didn't want to waste time or stress myself out competing to buy a seasonal piece.

>> No.10542301

>scalping lolita dresses is supporting evil in the world

you are literally using 4chan right now

>> No.10542302

Polyester + all over prints just make my eyes glaze over.

>> No.10542303

Maybe they're ESL and meant some other word like greedy or shitty.

>> No.10542326

Shut your whore ita mouth.

>> No.10542345

Lmao shopping service's will do this for you and so did Bodyline back in the day. Nobody gets in trouble for this. Do you think the cops are gonna come get you if a neighbor smells you smoking a blunt on the lawn? Grow up.

>> No.10542364


>> No.10542368

Okay but the conversation was about lace market. No surprise your items get stopped in customs coming from a business.

>> No.10542371

Even if it wasn't something ever enforced, if people prefer not to lie just for some cheap poorfag buying shit they can't afford fees for to get off easier on customs, then they don't have to and they're not doing anything wrong as a seller by not catering to you

>> No.10542435

I figured it out and I'm new to coding, it's like the third program I wrote on my own after taking some online class
Lesser lolitas get their boyfriends to do it though

>> No.10542437

Wow you have cracked the code, all the dresses they make are just a front for their real money maker: oversized children's shoes

>> No.10544647

Ok which of u gulls got the mint fruits parlor jsk on CC? Congrats!!

>> No.10544656

A bot/scalper probably got it. CC is near impossible now

>> No.10544659

aw :c

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