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Literally david bowie dio.

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If there's one silver lining to rona killing cons, its that I no longer have to hear "ZA WURLDO" or any other equally annoying catchphrase screeched by dudebros in a convention hall that think they're the first ones to ever do it.

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I’m dying

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This is literally all Jojo fans in a nutshell. Weeb ladies: if a man likes Jojo's Bizarre Adventure unironically and more than casually, RUN. The list of flaws they might have ranges anywhere from being really dumb to being a narcissistic asshole, in my personal experience.

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There's a difference between a normal fan and otaku level Jojo stans I'm referring to. The one guy I ever dated before my current partner was a Jojo stan, didn't even cosplay, just spoke english in weird broken fake Japanese accent half the time to feel like a Jojo character, was physically and emotionally abusive, and constantly tried to pressure me to give and recieve anal sex with him, neither of which I did or wanted. Really anyone being way too obsessed with anything is kind of a red flag.

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Wow, good job, it took you a whole 4 hours to make that?

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No I did it in about 30 minutes. I could have done it sooner but I was using my other hand to life dumbbells for those alpha gains.

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The king of bara tiddies himself has done a glorious jojo cosplay. Look and be amazed.

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Leon Chiro does such good Jojo cosplays. More people in this board need to look up to and be inspired by him.

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>tfw not even a high strung Lolita, just a cosplayer that hates when other cosplayers are annoying little shits
Feels good

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>More people in this board need to look up to and be inspired by him.
Something tells me you havent heard of him beyond his pictures, anon.

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I'm always amazed with the way Joylene cosplayers pull off her look. That outfit could easily look unflattering, but theres such a high percentage of Joylenes who look absolutely gorgeous. I want their secrets.

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I have heard of him and he is legit one of the best cosplayers ever. People are just mad jelly cus he has dedication for his physique.

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You ->
The point -> •

Don’t worry anon, I’ve heard it.

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You guys are just haters I donate to his onlyfans and I get to see how great his physique is every month. You all wish you were as good looking as him.

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I've never cosplayed before but within the next couple of years I wanna cosplay as Diego. For the longest time, I thought my facial structure was not suitable to cosplaying. After losing 50lb a couple years ago and getting a better understanding of my facial structure, however, I think I could pull it off. A relative of mine is a really good makeup artist, so that will make things easier. I guess now I should start scouring the internet for some decent jodhpurs and riding boots.

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>that feel when the best jojo cosplay you could do is this.

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>People are just mad jelly cus he has dedication for his physique.
No one said he didn't? It's obvious he works out. I wasn't calling him fat or something. I see you're prepared to white knight him as hard as heavenly possible for the slightest provocation though

The way you just admitted that unprovoked.

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>I thought my facial structure was not suitable to cosplaying.
This is the biggest beginner cosplay mistake. You never need to have the same natural features as the character you cosplay as. It's not a look alike contest, its a hobby about transforming your 2D love into reality as best as you can with your own flair. Even the best of our community uses makeup, contour, face taping, lighting, etc. We're a bunch of goobers dressing up as anime characters, don't worry about it so much and just go for it!!

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I admit it provokingly because he is literally one of the best men on this planet period and I am proud of donating to him.

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Thanks for the encouragement :)
Thankfully I've gotten over the apprehension and decided t

>Even the best of our community uses makeup, contour, face taping, lighting, etc.

Yeah, that was a revelation that struck me as well. When I was thinking about my resemblance, it occurred to me that most of the good cosplayers were wearing loads of makeup. At that point I realized that the obstacles before me were of my own construction. I have zero experience in cosmetics, but thankfully - as I mentioned previously - a close family member is really skilled at makeup. Hopefully after the initial makeup test, they can teach me how to do it on my own.

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whoops, forgot to finish a sentence:

*decided to go ahead with it

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It helps that I was reading some of SBR again and remembered that Diego isn't as androgynous as a lot of fanart portrays him, at least in part 7's early art. He's got a fairly defined jawline and chin.

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>I admit it provokingly
You're free to stan who you want, illiterate-chan. I couldn't give two shits about it. I'm sure you'll still continue to throw money his way even after learning about his behavior anyway.

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That's the spirit! Best of luck!

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i think his face is a bit too ugly but great to see actual male cosplayers

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Only thing his behavior is guilty of is being one of the best cosplayers there is.

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No idea who this guy even is but im interested, what has he supposedly done?

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Why is young joeseph getting railed by old jojo?? There's a doujinshi about this somewhere, im sure of it...

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At least this person looks like they actually need a wheelchair and not just a prop...

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Simp-chan will probably chime in on this, but a long history of sexual harassment, being a dick to con staff (specifically female staff) by treating them like his servants, arriving late to scheduled events/signings, a blackfacing incident and other social media drama infractions. In short, he let the fame get to his head and has no problem using it to exert power over others. He'll undoubtedly be brought up in conversation on here again.

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Pics or gtfo

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Google is free.

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>dat butthurt
>literally so

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But you know what's not free? Donating to his onlyfans like a true fan would.

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Lunatis Donjuan is one of my favorites.

NTAYRT but I personally witnessed too much around this guy.
>treats staff and workers like subhumans (seen make con staff cry once)
>arrives late
>makes up shitty excuses and apologies ("I was late because I was giving so much love to my lovely fans!")
>makes fun of people around him to his friends (but then can't take joking towards himself)
>humble bragging
>has roidrage and meltdowns like a child
>needs a cockwarmer at all times

Pretty much the average narcissistic diva insta-influencer.

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I have heard mix stories. Care to share?

>> No.10531367

Scroll down, there's two replies talking about it. Also it looks like the discussion about him in the thread with the velma cover photo is still up

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are there any guides for doing the black accent lines I frequently see in JoJo cosplay makeup?

>> No.10531554

Use the help thread

>> No.10531558

alright thanks, this is my first time visiting /cgl/ so I'm not familiar with the resources.

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holy fucking based

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Stand cosplays are always so fun to see. I hope that more people bring some out when cons return.

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I was considering being Carne just to be one of the few. Apparently fat belly suits aren't that good for cosplay.
I would love to see a Carne cosplay. They're rare and can complete a special squad group

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> Apparently fat belly suits aren't that good for cosplay.
ntayrt, but what do you mean?

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His Joseph and DIO are like the only fucking times I've seen a Jojo cosplayer with lines on their face also have lines on their outfit, so props for that.

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I heard from a thread long ago that fat suits don't look good for cosplaying bigger sized characters. As a skinny person looking at how "comical" the fat suits looked. I accepted it

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Alright I know there's the help thread but I figure I'd give it a shot here too: anyone anyone have recommendations for what to buy or make for Diego's equestrian helmet? Actual equestrian helmets are a lot larger, and sit a lot higher than his; It seems that a reasonably prop would probably be entirely fabric aside from the letters.

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do you like Fate by any chance

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dumping vintage/good ol days jojo cosplays

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>imagine being this sexy

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I want to see a version without photoshop

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SP's shoes tho

>> No.10562313

Haha sounds like my ex. Except he has ADHD so he got obsessed with just about everything.

I just got my current bf into Jojo and he likes Jonathan the most due to the "knight with a sword vs vampire" storyline. Hope he doesn't turn out crazy lol

>> No.10562316

This is so wholesome I am in love

>> No.10562335

Both those part 7 stands are absolutely magnificent, but it's absolutely joggin my noggin trying to work out where Tusk's actual head is inside the suit.

>> No.10562336

I've met a lot of really nice chill guys who are into Jojo, but the worst narcissistic cunts I've ever met on the con scene were also Jojo diehards, so...

>> No.10562359

>Implying half the people on this board aren't narcissistic.

>> No.10565734

What are some of the shorter characters someone around 5'5 could cosplay as? I think Johnny is pretty short since he used to be a horse jockey.

>> No.10567355

Narancia, Koichi, Ghiacchio, Hazemada, Enya, Lucy, Heaven's Door, and Foo come to mind. Since everyone is a jockey in part 6, they'd all realistically be 5'4 and under but that doesn't fit Araki's aesthetic. There's also a number of minor villains you could do.

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This is extremely based actually

>> No.10592735

Im so excited to get my Johnny outfit ready
I don't know what I'm going to do but I'll certainly be years prepared for when Steel Ball Run is animated

>> No.10593058

>a Forever cosplay
holy shit, what a madman

>> No.10593100

same here

>> No.10593319

I think the costume arms aren't real (or are just puppet arms) and the cosplayer sees out of the torso slit above the costume head.

>> No.10598025
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Post more Speedwagon cosplayers you cowards

>> No.10599695
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Virgin Danganronpa cosplay vs Chad Jojo cosplay

>> No.10608990
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>> No.10611152
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>> No.10614730 [DELETED] 

real classic

>> No.10614731

i love these wtf theyre the best in thred

>> No.10615726

Rootin' for ya anon. I'm hoping to do the same too.

>> No.10617105
File: 202 KB, 1280x1024, EfpeI-dUEAEmtm8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10621312
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>> No.10627567


>> No.10627685
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>> No.10632464


>> No.10632501

I’m gonna go ahead and say that your ex boyfriend being a sack of shit really didn’t have a single thing to do with Jojo.

>> No.10641530
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>> No.10646489

wanna do a funny valentine but I need a cosplay gf to help me with the back scars, preferably with a knife

>> No.10648337

I want Ghiaccio and White Album

>> No.10653260

This happened to my buddy Carlos

>> No.10655210

yeah, frickin' the world or sumthin'. i don't care.

>> No.10659029
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>> No.10659041

This is mental. Oharu is unhinged and its sad that mods have to justify NSFW tags on things that are fucking NSFW

>> No.10659078

I understand the logic. The top is relatively low and if someone was looking at that at work, then yeah they'd get dirty looks.

This is coming from someone who works in an office, btw

>> No.10659664
File: 242 KB, 768x1024, davssue-828d7dad-e689-40bc-97e5-cae660badb3d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10659671

very good one. underrated.
is there a non photoshopped version of her?

>> No.10660944

>Jotaro... I ate your grandfather

>> No.10666418
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I suppose this is a suitable topic?
What do you think the mask is made off?

Can plastic mask do it
I want to cosplay as him someday.

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