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classic lolita is just fancy normie clothes ed.

we're all adults here. let's all be civil now and not get the thread auto saged

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I’ll start with this thread off by sharing a rare kitty booty pic

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>fall in love with a girl
>she comes to visit
>covid hits, she's stuck with me, her grandma (who she lives with) is going through chemo so going back home is risky
>she helps with rent
>turns out to be an absolute cunt, insults everything I am interested in, from Lolita to the videogames I like to the shows I enjoy, excludes me unless I partake in her interests, ignores and/or mocks me when Im interested in mine
>tell my therapist I am being abused and suffer from insane lack of self confidence
>therapist ghosts on me because she said dealing with abuse isn't her forte
>cant enjoy anything anymore, ghost on any potential friends because the idea of someone enjoying my interests and not mocking me is foreign
>she actually started feeling bad about it and tried improving after she started some physical abuse but its too late
>I stopped wearing jfashion and only dress like a slob, nothing brings me joy
>dead inside, part of me wants to send her home even if it kills grandma and the other part of me knows I still won't be able to enjoy things or socialize again

Just needed to vent.
I fell in love with who she pretended to be, but who she actually is is a monster. I want to enjoy things. Anything.

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My friend always makes me feel bad when I get more likes than her on CoF or Instagram. I personally don't care about that stuff, I just wanna show my cute clothes. But she makes me feel so guilty and I don't know what to do. Like, I'm not going to not post but I feel like shit when I do.

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>>therapist ghosts on me because she said dealing with abuse isn't her forte
so get another one then. you (or the govt or whatever) pay good-ass dollars (or pesos or whatever) for that shit. if you got a product you didn't like, you'd go buy a different one instead. she's selling a service, and you're not satisfied with it. 'murica. and the chick can figure out her own rent or hotel, she's not a poor babby who needs to be saved. if you can't stand her anymore, give her an advance notice to go find a different living situation. she's not your wife.

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Common opinion but I hate what lolita has become. Back in the LJ times it felt like something so unique and hard to come by that people genuinely wore it to express themselves and there was so much more love put into it. Now it's just a bunch of fat tumblr retards stuffing themselves into AliExpress dresses and trying to out-OTT the next dipshit on Facebook. At least the idiots back in the day were told that they looked fucking stupid. These days as long as you wear a million ugly things and do your makeup like a Jojo cosplayer, people will pat your ass. It looks like a joke.

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oh and plus, don't let her mindfuck you into thinking there are only 2 choices, stay with you or kill grandma. she can find a third choice. if she chooses to kill grandma, that's on her, not you.

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Kick her ass out, that lady aint your grandma

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I miss classic, prints not being too wild, simpler shapes, I guess I irrationally blame sweets. These days it feels like even the furries have tamer fursuits than the typical zoomlita.

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The sweet boom started a decade ago, die mad

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I say make the girl pay for your therapy

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>be fitlita
>calves too muscular and it stretches out my OTKs
>chest area more toned and harder to fit in dresses and blouses
In one hand I enjoy my gains, but on the other hand I wish I could lose some toning in my calves. Been doing ballet since I was a kid so I'm not sure if that's even possible.

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i want lolita friends but im awkward and shy and don't want to accidentally be a creep....corona has me so lonely but idk how to make friends with other women and that's all i want

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I really miss lolita fashion being, well, fashion. People would actually wear lolita out and do things. They just happened to document it sometimes. I feel like now it's all just for the gram. People buy an entire coord just to take 1 picture in their bedroom then put their dress back in their closet to collect dust. With a lot of coord posts nowadays you can just TELL they're only wearing it for the picture or just to flex their burando. Makes me sad..

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I feel this sometimes. I do still wear lolita out pretty frequently even if its something mundane, like getting coffee with my friends or grocery shopping. I just feel like I spent way too much money on these coords to not wear them as much as possible.

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Ewgh. She's being petty and childish.

If it were me, I'd tell her, verbatim: You need to check yourself. This isn't normal behavior for anyone who is over 12.

Then if she was receptive and apologized I would suggest we try twinning.

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I mean initially yeah. But from like 2016-2019 sweet was dead and you could get printed AP with prints people actually want for like $100 pretty regularly.

I paid $80 for pink dreamy baby room jsk in 2017. With the star clip, in good condition, not stretched out or fucked up.

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I only post coord pics to my private social media, so only my friends and family get to see them. I wear lolita almost everytime I go out lately. Only about 1-2 times a week and to mundane places like the grocery/pet store but I love wearing it out. It's like an endless social experiment and the sociologist in me can never get enough of others interesting reactions.

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The other anons are right. This woman is awful. Just give her advance notice and tell her to pack her bags. She can go to a hotel. Plus she's physically abusing you? Dump her. At least this is only a visit that went long and you dodged marriage or a longer term relationship that would have hurt worse on the way out. Also get a better therapist.

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At meetups it was always really easy to pick out who actually wore lolita as a fashion and who just wore it for meetups and pictures. Most people in my comm don’t know how to sit in a skirt let alone one with a petti, can’t walk in their shoes, are tugging on their lopsided wigs all day, or need uncomfortable heavy-duty shape wear just to zip up their dress. When people say lolita looks costumey it’s not just the aesthetic itself but the fact that many lolitas aren’t used to wearing the clothing and even normies can tell. Lolitas who wear lolita regularly, even just once a week, look distinctly different from meetlitas.

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"Coord posing" became the new normal. If I shared pictures in a natural setting, with no perfect lighting, and me doing an awkward smile or some weird pose, I would get nitpicked to deah, even if the outfit itself is good. It happened to me before, and this is why I stopped posting pictures of my outfits alltogether.

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I used to do this, and I did get nitpicked to death as well. The community hates actual lifestylers

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I love shots of lolitas after theyve taken their wig off after a long day. Its more based in reality. Lifestyle lolitas who can be real with everyone are special

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It always happens that /cgl/ slows down or pisses me off and I leave for a while and then I come back and think "hey these boards aren't moving so slow really and then I realize I haven't done much egl or cosplay in years.

Still its so refreshing to read gull posts on 4chan. I swear you guys are better at maintaining board culture in a sea of shitty ruined boards.

And the no-bully PC crap is ironically missing from /cgl/ too and its just so fun to laugh in retards ita threads with everyone else but I wish we still had out lulcow boards.

Thats all.

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I share those on Instagram stories, but would never put anything like that on my actual feed

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>Dream dress goes up for sale
>Message the seller offering the auction start price
>”I turned down offers higher than this. I won’t sell it that low.”
>Watch the auction
>Nobody else bids
>With one minute, bid the starting price so it can’t be relisted
>”Congratulations on winning the auction!”

I wonder how mad she is I still got it at the price I originally offered and the higher offers never showed up to bid

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Why don't people post in any of the three existing feels threads? Who cares if they hit the bump limit. Given the speed of this board, it will take something like one, two and three weeks, respectively, for them to drop off of page 10.

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Good job anon, I’m proud of you.

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I never put a starting bid I would be mad at anymore. Fuck it. Seen too many things go cheap and it isn't worth my time to sell only to be mad about it. If that prevents sales then more cute stuff for me to keep

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Considering the last thread hasn't even hit bump limit yet but is autosaged, it's just because they want their feels to hit the front page and get attention for it lmao.

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I never put a starting bid down that I'm not willing to let go of something for. It's just silly to do if you want more than that for the item.

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>Normie bestfriend for 10years
>bestfriend constantly passive aggressively ridicules me for wearing Lolita
>Switch from sweet Lolita to classic Lolita for personal style reasons and generally feeling more confident being I’m in my late 20’s
>Bestfriend friend still making shitty remarks
>Start receiving lots of positive feedback when out and about in classic Lolita
>Bestfriend starts seeing I get a lot of compliments when we’re out and about.
>Bestfriend throws away all her current wardrobe
>best friend starts repurchasing everything I own in the same prints, colourways, and cuts
>starts claiming it’s her fashion and the only thing she wants to wear
>starts claiming she hates everything she wore prior to it
>refuses to buy anything I don’t already own, keeps saying “We’ll get more attention if we twin”
>becomes hostile when I point out she’s copying me and am not supportive of her doing this
>I want to stop wearing Lolita all together just to not constantly be twinning her now... she ruined it
>devastated. I can’t enjoy a fashion I’ve been in for 10+ years now

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Why are you stilling hanging around her? Grow a fucking spine you dipshit

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Does ballet destroy one's toes?

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>No cute boys to crossplay with
>Anyone who likes boys dressing up are thirsty dudes who only care about sex stuff
>Nobody matches my annoying hyperactive energy and is also super into animu and gaming

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tbf i’ve had like 3 or 4 different girls try to make me crossplay because they’re into boys with skirts. everyone who likes it is horny

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It’s a bit complicated.
Over the 10 years our lives have become extremely intertwined, and if I were to walk away from our friendship she would potentially cause issues with my career, friends, family, and even my relationship.
She wasn’t really like this for the first half of our friendship but by the time I realized our dynamic had changed it was to late.

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A spicy take, but I'd rather look like I'm actually wearing clothes instead of a costume.

And the sweet boom is what introduced border prints and print collection in general. If you can dig up secrets from a decade ago you'll see lolitas complaining how prints were going to be the death of lolita, and honestly they were in a way (or at least, lolita as they knew it).

There were a lot of things culturally in the last decade or so that contributed to the absolute mess of hugbox itas we see now, but I'm seconding that I miss the time where standards were higher and it felt like you needed to be well-dressed to properly participate in the community.

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Being horny is fine, just not when you can't discuss it without the guy telling you he's going to split you in half with his fat dick or something. They come at you with that furiously-jerking-off energy and I'm just not about that.

Girls are definitely horny for it too but they're typically more subtle and appreciative of the cute clothes rather than just fucking something.

I'm sorry, I had to vent. I'm basically bitching on /cgl/ that I don't have my unicorn. Years of shoujo manga didn't prepare me for this ;__;

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You sound insufferable.

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For sure, but I don’t like being objectified either way.

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In a way that's really hot

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I'm not being tsundere, baka. I'm calling you the worst.

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I finally lost a shitton of weight after years of gaining because of dumb personal stuff. So I treated myself by buying some old school pieces I've always coveted. And...

They don't fit properly because I my shoulders are too broad. Fuck my goddamn football shoulders

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She sounds like a malignant narcissist

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That's not me, I wouldn't say that.

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My condolences

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A friend of mine recently passed away because of depression, I’m going to attend his funeral next week. This is the second friend I lost from the same circle in 3 years. I couldn’t stop crying earlier today when I was driving.

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sorry for your loss anon. I hope you have people close to you to help out with what you’re going through.

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I bought fake art from Redd today and only realised after I bought it fml

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I want to fuck a girl in full lolita life is pain

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Do you want to be in Lolita or the girl to be in Lolita? Or both?

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are u a discord catboy hmu

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Replicas are so ita

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>soup made the thread
Ah we’ve come full circle

>> No.10511010

The kind of person who asks if you're a catboy is almost definitely jerking off or looking for ERP.

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if you're not a lifestyle lolita you're not a lolita at all. if you wear this fashion just for fun and not as your clothes, you're not a lolita. if you only wear lolita to cons or meetups, you're not a lolita. if you only wear lolita to take pics on insta or fb, you're not a lolita. I am so done with all these fake bitches. ya you like pretty dresses and wear them sometimes, doesn't make you a lolita. all you half assers can fuck off. these are fucking good quality clothes meant to be worn, they're not costumes, and I wish people would stop treating this fashion like its dress up time. it's not. it's fucking clothes. complex and ostentatious and frilly yes, but still clothing. you don't call someone an emo or goth or a hipster if they only dabble, why the fuck do we allow dabblers to call themselves lolitas?

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Are you 16?

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Ironically you sound like a lolita at heart

>> No.10511046

Nta but it sounds like a parody of the lifestylers above

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I'd never fuck in brand. Maybe taobao or Bodyline though. Still seems cumbersome but I like to change positions a lot.

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Yeah if you ONLY wear lolita to cons/meetups or for social media you're not really a lolita.

You're not a full lolita until you wear a coord while running errands, in my book. You don't have to wear it daily imo but anybody who only wears it to cons/meetups or for social media is just a trendlita.

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My feet and toes are moderately calloused, but I wouldn't say destroyed. If you ever get into high-end ballet performing at shows and all that, probably. You'd need proper pointes (ballet shoes) not to seriously injure your whole foot including the toes, and those are NOT cheap. I prefer to spend that money on lolita, plus I just do ballet for fun. It's nostalgic, comfy and has a great atmosphere if you're not all competing and bitching at each other.

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I can second this. It doesn’t have to be daily but wearing it out to a nice lunch or dinner with family and friends even can count

Like I get it being a “fancy dress” you don’t see people wearing suits or evening gowns every time they go out, but the average person who doesn’t treat those cloths like a costume will try and get the most wear out of them because there proud of their nice clothes.

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I was in a very similar position to you with an ex friend. You need to just cut them out of your life and face whatever complications that may bring. Trust me, she won’t change and it’ll be so worth it.

>> No.10511079

It's not the first time he has taken that initiative.

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it's fun picking out a cute pic and making up a dumb take for the title because then everyone has to see it when they scroll past all the threads. for example to add on to what this anon said >>10511039
you're not a real lolita if your main style is classic lolita. It's like a white person talking about the black experience when they never walked in the shoes of a black person. classic lolitas don't know what it's like to be judge walking around in public in sweet or gothic JSKs/OPs. In the eyes of normies classic style is just super fancy formal clothes. If you never had people point at you while giggling with their friends you're not a REAL lolita.

as the op of this thread pls refrain from talking about lewd topics. It's making me uncomfortable.

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i want to fuck soup!

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Cosplay is dying. The biggest con was shut down, and no other con has been able to take over, most don't even want to try I think.
And the cosplay community isn't having many meetups either. There was only one meetup in 2018. A few years before, we had meetups at amusement parks, and many throughout the year. And the extremely few meetups we still get are some super cringy "cosplay against bullying" stuff, which I really don't like because it's marching through the streat shouting no to bullying before we meet at the park. The cringe is just one part of it, there's also no plan behind it, there's no mechanism where our activity could reduce bullying, and people obviously do it because they've gotten the idea that those are the only cosplay meetups that can be done. I also find it really hypocritical, because the vast majority there, including the organizers are probably eager participants in bullying themselves.

Five years ago or so it was so much better, the cosplay meetups were organized with different ideas and names and on occasions, and there were just more meetups overall.

That's just the cosplay meetups, the fandom meetups have also completely died down. There are no longer any brony meetups or Homestuck meetups, and I don't know any other active fandom that does real life meetups either. Seems quite rare that a fandom develops to the point where it holds meetup.

And on to a completely different issue, less /cgl/ related though, if you go a few more years back, there used to be a community that hung out at the train station, you could just meet there and there'd always be or at least soon arrive some other awesome people that you could hang out with. I think most of the type that were there were the type to go to cons, so kind of /cgl/ related? You could also see people you'd met at cons randomly when you went to the train station.
Anyway, I was never a part of that community. I always wished I were ........

>> No.10511118

........but I never was. I'd go to their spot at the train station and sit on the benches while *pretending* to wait for the train while watching them and wishing I were one of them. Sometimes I'd talk to them, and one time I even traded pokemon with one of them, but baw now it's too late anyway, the community is dead and I'd be to old. Another time I met someone I'd met before that was a part of the community and I was invited to go to Burger King with them with some other people in the community.
It used to be so awesome at the train station with so many awesome people, now there are no one and I never come across people I met at cons at the train station either.

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Almost every bad reaction/experience I've had while wearing lolita, has been while wearing classic. I transitioned to pastel sweet mostly AP prints, but before that I would only wear classic for the most part. I had a couple very simple offbrand sweet stuff before that, and I still have about 7 classic main pieces that I wear a few times a year.

1) I got stalked and harassed by some guy for a good 45 minutes. I was with my parents too. It was creepy the whole time but this dude eventually tried to touch my skirt and my parents and I were finally justified in telling him to fuck off.
2) had multiple people literally point and laugh. Has never happened in sweet. And I wear lolita often, grocery shopping and shit.
3) people asking me "how much?"
4) for some fucking reason I've gotten called little bo peep while wearing a greenish brown innocent world OP?! Also got called strawberry shortcake while wearing nostalgic matroyshka doll jsk in white (not really classic I suppose but I was wearing it in a pretty understated way, I've never gotten jeers or name called while in pastels). some teenagers hold a door open for me and say "after you m'lady" then crack up being like "what the fuck is this shiiit" and more I can't think of rn
5) went with my SO to grab their check from their workplace before going to dinner while wearing a black floral VM OP. His coworker apparently told him out of earshot "dude you've gotta be kidding me right now. That's ridiculous. You really go out with her like that?"

Idk man. I think my area is just weird. Maybe they see sweet and readily accept it as just a form of alt fashion whereas in classic they see someone wearing ridiculous pseudo-historical formal wear?

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I’m so happy sex exists. It’s the greatest, most emotional, and most romantic way of bonding with someone. It’s so spiritual. Without sex there would be no love. I never feel more loved and in love than when I have sex.

>> No.10511144

I feel totally and utterly disconnected from my local lolita comm right now. During the lockdown in America, we were all online literally every night together, and now, even though we're all still being careful homebodies, I feel like I'm struggling when I try to revive our discord... and yet people are actively "liking" posts on Facebook. I'm past Facebook, I don't think that's real connection.

I can't be the only one feeling this way. Don't tell me, "just organize a meet." I've done that 5 times already, planned ahead, only to have nobody show.

My only connection now is CGL and it's draining and depressing.

Instagram is so FULL, and it's just still pictures, endless scrolling. I don't have the attention span, and again, it's no connection. My depression is sinking me again, and I feel so lonely. I really miss the connection we all had during the lockdown.

>> No.10511145

Do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend you can make love with at least? Sex is such a beautiful, emotional, spiritual bond that it’s physically and mentally impossible to feel lonely or depressed when you can have it with someone you truly love.

>> No.10511155

>cons closed for a while
>haven't really read or seen anything that had a character that I loved enough to want to cosplay
>hands are itching to do something in my spare time but I LITERALLY DON'T HAVE ANYONE I WANT TO COSPLAY

I bought some wool to make a jacket freehand, and I realized there were like 4 different variations that I would be happy with, and I couldn't decide. Making clothes for cosplay is easy as fuck since there's a reference; freehand is annoying since I just can't decide. Wack.

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anon, you must be really bored. might i suggest a video game.

>> No.10511159 [DELETED] 

I’d rather have beautiful and emotional sex with the one I love for the 6th time today. You sound like you don’t know what a romantic bond is though

>> No.10511161

>wearing AP plastic pastel vomit mimics the black experience
Hot take.

>> No.10511163 [DELETED] 

Mods need to stop deleting my posts about love and romance and sex. They must be jealous that they don’t know what true love and romance feels like.

>> No.10511164

That will do, Hondrea.

>> No.10511166

Sorry no one has ever loved/fucked you

>> No.10511169

Please go back to /r9k/. Most people here are adults, nobody cares.

>> No.10511172

Do you think sex and love are two different things? Because that would be ridiculous.

>> No.10511174

I'm only going to warn you one last time don't be lewd or use the s** word in MY thread.

>> No.10511175

it's probably easier to build a connections with people if you talk to them 1v1. everyone has their own worries, problems, schedules etc. so just send out a few dm's until you find someone you can connect with. if you connect with more than one person that's fine too you can make a small group of friends and built upon that. it's a process that can take awhile, but if you want something you got to put in some effort. since you already organize meet ups and stuff it shouldn't be too much trouble for you. cheer up anon life is fun and there's so many interesting things all around you for you to sink into depression.

>> No.10511179

you got a lot of balls for not being discouraged after all that anon. good for you. maybe normies see a sweet lolita and think that they might be crazy so they leave them alone. no one wants to mess with a crazy person.

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Went out in cosplay today, but my skirt was too short and a homeless man saw my balls.

>> No.10511189

post balls

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JANNY JANNY JANNY this anon is sexually harassing me. pls send him to the shadow realm

anyone got any manga or book recommendations? send them my way I feel like reading something.

>> No.10511198

i am a girl. read saikano.

>> No.10511209

my niece has autism. okay

>> No.10511211

I love lolita. It makes me feel confident, and if I could I would wear it every day. Unfortunately, I do have obligations that don't allow for me to wear the fashion, and some days I just don't have the energy to. I know I'm falling for obvious bait but there are genuinely people who think like this.

>> No.10511240

Idk how housing laws are where you from but you have to kick her out ASAP. In California the tenant laws sway heavily toward the tenant and it takes months and months and a lot of lost money to get someone to move out. I forgot the exact time, but once they have lived somewhere for 30 days or something it's a huge headache and immense hassle to evict.

>> No.10511289

I think what >>10511068 said is accurate; I'm in a position where I can wear the fashion nearly every day, but I think the main point is the mindset that you wear it as clothes. Meetlitas/conlitas/zoomlitas have been a thing forever and there is a noticable difference with how they wear the fashion.

Take my local comm for example; most of them gather blouses, accessories, and main pieces for one particular coordinate, and that is the only way they will use those items. That sense of reusability isn't there and they aren't living in their lolita clothes.

>> No.10511299

I don't really get this.

People would only have a few set reactions to someone's unusual fashion choice.

A. Horror and Disgust
B. Lust
C. Bemusement
D. Interest
E. Apathy

I can't think of another reaction someone could give.

>> No.10511314

All of this and worse has happened to me, it’s very normal for people to react weirdly. Even in a large city i have had groups of kids or old people laughing at me when i’m dresses in toned down classic. It’s what happens when you wear alternative fashion at all. They do it to me in a lot of styles

>> No.10511320

I think the main issue is that most lolitas think that if they wear lolita everyday then it has to be like they would dress to a meet or an event. Which is super uncomfortable a lot of the time.
I usually use my jsks in a otome style daily, then if I am I'm the mood or meeting a friend ill wear it more as lolita.

>> No.10511328

Nayrt, but you're simultaneously right and missing the point. Take those five base emotions. Then picture how people would express that. There are infinite possibilities depending on personality and situation.

>> No.10511336

I woke up stomach sick, and I wish I had someone to rub my back and bring me soup. I have no energy at all.

>> No.10511337

Nayrt but what city do yall live in?? I'm in Houston and have had really good reactions from people of all ages. Went to an anime bookstore and an older lady wanted to take my picture and said "Young lady, you look so precious, I wish more people would dress like you" in OTT sweet lol

>> No.10511340

>>becomes hostile when I point out she’s copying me and am not supportive of her doing this
And you're copying the Japs, what's the problem?
>>I want to stop wearing Lolita all together just to not constantly be twinning her now... she ruined it
>>devastated. I can’t enjoy a fashion I’ve been in for 10+ years now
If you stop wearing lolita just because someone else is wearing, that means you never enjoyed wearing Lolita much in the first place.

>> No.10511344

What country are you from?

>> No.10511347

Saikano is too good for a retard like Soup.

>> No.10511373

I'm the one who detailed the list of 5 bad reactions in classic.

People LOVE my ott sweet coords. Nothing but compliments everywhere I go. Like I constantly have to stop and thank people every few minutes.

>> No.10511374

Usa. But like I said >>10511373 people shower me with compliments in OTT sweet and think I'm just the most precious thing to have ever graced the planet.

>> No.10511430


I'm also in the US, (Southern, fairly rural) with similar experiences. I wear mostly sweet and punk and rarely get bad reactions. But there are SOME sweet looks that I've had really bad reactions to. I think it has a lot to do with what each substyle looks like to normies.

-Punk - always great reactions, apparently a very approachable look bc people will literally run up to look at my outfit closer or compliment me
-Sweet + "bittersweet" - very positive, especially from older women who love my purses and the details of prints
-Frilly sweet looks - (stuff like Marguerite Présage or Le Trianon Palace) pretty negative, lots of "bo peep" and princess comments, people keep their distance and react like I'm a crazy person
-Classic - overwhelmingly negative, lots of weird age play/kink comments, people seem to think I'm some sort of weird religious tradwife or something? they ask if I'm a nun, mennonite or muslim or other religions, or make jokes about my husband letting me out of the house/letting me drive

I think because classic looks the most normal, it's not obvious that it's an alt street fashion.

>> No.10511447

People who like sales post on facebook are TRASH.

>> No.10511464
File: 13 KB, 560x403, 118760994_652035955870_7370819950310732763_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Truth is,i'm losing my will to live more and more,no therapist can fix me,no amount of cute dresses or any girlfriend can fix me.
I feel so broken and sad all the time, no therapist has ever been able to help me and i am seriously considering suicide. The only thing stopping me is the pain it would inflict on my S.O, my dog,immediate family and discord friends. But I feel like I am already inflicting them pain by being such a downer.
When will better days come? I don't want to live like this for the rest of my life gulls i'm scared. What good is it to have a BTSSB heart pillow if it is to stain it with my tears all the time?

>> No.10511466

Wtf I only wear classic and I feel reactions have been overwhelmingly positive minus the occasional Karen/Stacy asking why I dress that way. I've never been asked if I was a hooker or a tradwife. Most older women love it because it reminds them of how they used to dress.

>> No.10511469

I get the feeling that sweet and classic/sweet gets the best responses from people. I think time of the year matters too. I get the best responses in more sweet classic during thanksgiving/winter time. I guess people enjoy seeing holiday themed coords.

>> No.10511475

I was like this back in April-May, except I was stuck in (what I now understand to be) an abusive relationship, in love with my best friend (who had no clue), and was going through a death in the family. I made the choice to give meds another go (I used one of those app-based psychiatry services that have been popping up) and found drugs that work for me. I'm the happiest I've been in years (perhaps ever) and managed to put in a lot of hard work to get my shit together in life. I'm even enjoying lolita more (despite everything being covid'd). It's a hard fight, and I can't guarantee things will be perfect, but on the other side of it I can say it was worth it.

>> No.10511490

Ayrt. Oh man I actually forgot about the religious comments when I'm in classic. Those ones are always like, wut.

I'm also in the South but fairly metropolitan.

>> No.10511511
File: 445 KB, 977x718, pffffft.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I resent how most of the cosplay community nowadays is about taking photos and posting them online for likes, as opposed to just dressing up with friends and having fun because you enjoy the character.
I remember spending days on a cosplay just so that I could enter a competition, without worrying that people online would share it around etc.

>> No.10511514

I wonder if it's the brand. I get stares amd weird remarks about being in a play in IW. When I wear sweet-classic from Baby or AATP I don't get any negatives and sometimes get compliments. I don't have any true classic like VM to compare

>> No.10511516

>no cons
>no competitions
>can't hang out with friends because rona

what else is there to do other than take pictures and post them online, outside of working on the costume itself

>> No.10511524

>no therapist can fix me

This is where you're wrong. Therapy works, but it requires a lot of work on your end, too. Most people don't realize that therapy is not something you receive, but something you engage in. It's going to be mentally exhausting working through some of your shit, but once you do it, it helps. It also isn't a "fix" in the sense that one day, you won't be bothered by things anymore. It gives you the tools, resources, and support to work through things, and it teaches you to be able to cope and manage your way through the hard times.

>> No.10511557

I would also loooove to ravage soup

>> No.10511571

Do something different for God sake.

>I'm miserable
>Better do the same thing every day and see if that changes me from being miserable.

I get severe existential dread every now and again and at least once a day I contemplate what is the point of all of this, but I just keep living because I want to try new things.

>> No.10511573

I move all over the place, but I have gotten the worst reactions wearing sweet than anything else. if i wear gothic, it tends to be the least amount of interaction. i live in a religious neighborhood so people just assume i’m some sort of rich nun or super religious lady when i wear classic out, but when i’m in sweet i have a bunch of people harassing me

>> No.10511599

I really want to stop buying lolita main pieces for like a year, but I can barely handle two weeks wtf is wrong with me

>> No.10511600

Are you me? I wish I didn’t relate to this so hard.

>> No.10511601

I am exactly the same. My shopping addiction during covid has spun out of control. Like I can't stop looking for things to buy.
I've started trying to budget myself based on my income, so I get 1600 a month and give myself 300 of it to spend on lolita and w.e I like. Maybe that will work for you too?

>> No.10511604

I need seagulls opinion on this. I have a friend who got unemployed from Covid, and has recently lost his single parent. I gave him a hundred when he asked for donations for the first time. Everything seems fine on his sm feed. Recently he asked for donations again for 20k, saying he needs help paying bill and stuff. I understand this is rough time for everyone, but it’s not like it’s impossible to find a minimum wage job at least? Should I give him more money or am I a bad friend?

>> No.10511605

I have 10+ main pieces I bought since March that I haven't even gotten a chance to weat yet and I'm waiting to get paid tonight to buy my now-16th new main piece this year

>> No.10511606

>it’s not like it’s impossible to find a minimum wage job

It's actually extremely difficult to find any job right now, many minimum wage simple jobs don't exist anymore because of covid closing down businesses and the ones that are still around are getting hundreds of applicants from the newly unemployed

Not saying to pay or not pay your friend but it is really hard to get hired when there's way less jobs + way more competition

>> No.10511610

I hope you feel better tomorrow, anon

>> No.10511612

this for sure. When I just wear regular gothic anytime before Halloween, so so many compliments

>> No.10511621

this is actually one of the reasons I don't have a real online presence. I used to regularly dress up just to go out.

But during this corvid times I have not dressed up. I've lost ambition because I never leave the house. For the first time I am tempted to join an online community. But I don't know where to go to find a place that I could fit in.

>> No.10511624

I've stopped myself from buying a dress on CC and now regret it. But also starting to feel guilty about splurging on AP jewelry when I should be saving

>> No.10511630

I mean if she was just getting into the fashion I’d honestly be excited, it’s her completely copying my coords down to the small details.

To me there’s kind of a difference between being inspired by someone, and finding ways to make it your own, and flat out imitating.
Like how offbrands will take the silhouette or themes and try and create something of there own well replica companies will just take, and not bring anything new to it.

>> No.10511631

He needs 20k for bills wtf? Does he have crazy medical bills or is just shit with money? That's insane.

>> No.10511643

No medical bills just for food and rent, I know, 20k is asking for a lot and there were people already donated to him before, that’s why I’m on the fence about if I should do it or not. I wanna help but at the same time I don’t want to just be handing out money to spoil him.

>> No.10511654

I know it's hard to get a job right now but needing 20k for bills and rent is a lot unless you're living in CA/NY etc areas. He has no savings at all? This seems like a red flag and honestly the 20k amount does as well. You did your part. I'd advise you to not sink anymore money into this individual.

>> No.10511657

Seems like he wants his whole annual income handed to him through donations. No savings? Not plans on finding another job? F him.

>> No.10511660

For real. It would be one thing for someone to ask for 20k due to some medical or home emergency like losing your house to a fire god forbid, but this dude is asking for 20k. Seems really entitled.

>> No.10511665
File: 98 KB, 1024x681, 1526146149831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

made a cosplay of the Doll from Bloodborne years ago. the skirt has since become a daily wear piece because it's a plain black skirt with a little white trim, nothing special. It's since has a little extra black fabric to make it floor length to resist winter drafts, gotten paint spots and rips, it's just a shabby skirt, right? the problem is im so used to lolita that it's second nature to put a petti under a skirt, so the low levels of poof make my skirt apparently A Big Deal. I'm attracting so much attention with my skirt all of a sudden and i'm so aware that it's shabby that it always feels like bad attention. It's not even attention grabbing like lolita, so it feels like getting stared at for no reason which makes me testy. Plus people have been pointing it out anytime i wear it outside and get in my face about it. I absolutely hate this. Someone made a comment today and I thought they were being juvenile and insulting me (i've heard "so what are you supposed to be?" in a snide tone too many times, so sue me) so i instantly retaliated. Only to hear them discussing with their daughter that they weren't sure what went wrong and they thought i was a Christmas caroler. I instantly felt like an asshole.
I'm retiring the skirt, might turn it into something, might just chuck it. Idk

>in b4 you wear lolita fine but can't deal with this?
There's a difference between knowing you look nice and getting attention and being stared at and people making comments over a nondescript article of clothing

>> No.10511671

>go outside
>feel like shit
>stay home
>feel like shit
I'm gonna put together a Mia Wallace post-overdose cosplay and then shoot myself, I think that'd be a funny thing for my parents to have to figure out.

>> No.10511675

Since the start of social isolation I’ve been feeling like a fake lolita or whatever.

Usually I would wear it once or twice a week to meet ups, going out with friends or dates with my boyfriend, but right now I’m only leaving home to buy my groceries and lolita has so many layers to be cleaned once I get home, it isn’t practical, I also don’t feel any joy on wearing it to chill at home.

So, in order to keep wearing it I will put up a coord, take some photos to post on ig and change back into my pijamas immediately. Have I failed the lolita gods?

>> No.10511680

I can't believe you guys are really engaging this much with the biggest attention whore on cgl.

>> No.10511682

don't let the other anon know but saikano is kinda terrible. I'll keep reading but so far the characters really annoys me especially that dumb girl chise.
only person getting ravage here is you. my mom made me do taekwondo when I was little for a year and I still remember some of those moves. this one time I made this little kid cry because I kicked him so hard while sparing. you don't want this smoke or else you'll be the one crying.

ty for coming to today's lolita tea party and for those who shared their experiences. we shall randevu again tmr. if you enjoy these meet ups feel free to donate to OP. it takes a lot of effort to run, manage and set up these meetups so if anyone have say a small amount like 20k do feel free to send it to OP.

>> No.10511686

Thanks! I managed to eat some soup, and I've been having lots of ginger peach tea, so I'm hanging in there.

>> No.10511691

Are they ok?

>> No.10511708

Rona doesn't live on fabrics and if you only wear it a few hours (and you're not wearing it while filthy) the only thing that might need to be washed is maybe the armpits of your blouse/op and then your bloomers and socks... It's fun to wear lolita for groceries.

>> No.10511744
File: 9 KB, 206x244, images (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's so funny, the exact moment I tell myself "alright, I need to start saving more for the next year, no more spending!" something I really want pops up for an amazing price and I obviously gotta get it. Managed to cross so many WTBs from my wishlist this year, feels good

>> No.10511745

I had to move out of my house suddenly, and I'm so homesick. I want my mom to hug me, and I want to see my cats. I wish my relationship with my dad was how it used to be when I was younger. I wish he would listen to me instead of his shitty political youtubers. I wish he cared more about having a connection with his daughter than openly being a bigot. I've cut all political content out of my life to keep us from arguing, but all he watches is fucking ben shapiro or other people like him. My father has never been physically abusive until now. I miss when he would drive me around in his semi-truck on bring your child to work day. I miss going on hikes with him. I miss playing videogames with him. I miss when he didn't mock the clothes I wore or the beliefs I held. I miss feeling loved & respected by my family. I want to disappear off the face of the earth.

>> No.10511746
File: 359 KB, 450x359, 1605546704147.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I keep getting burdened with things that I haven't had any time for cosplay and I gained weight because I haven't had the best access to a working kitchen.

>> No.10511750

You should watch the brainwashing of my dad, it helps explain why older folks turned into raging bigots.

Also, press charges against your dad. Family or not, assault is unacceptable

>> No.10511759

Haven't seen my cute lolita gf in like 10 months due to covid. She lives in another country but not a far away one so it was easy to go see her regularly before all this shit. Feel like the relationship is falling apart cause we're both too depressed to work at it. We had so many plans to do things together this year. Ugh.


>> No.10511761

I hate my current work situation.

>> No.10511788

I'm a raging bigot but I'm 24.

Checkmate atheist.

>> No.10511789


I got a second interview offered to me today for a job I just applied on a whim. I honestly didn't expect to hear anything from the company and went into the first interview with a blasé attitude that I won't get accepted but this is good interview experience and just told the interviewer some of my life stories that happened to be relevant to the questions.

So now I'm fucking stressed out because it's suddenly because a real thing and I could possibly get out of my deadend job into something relevant to my degree. I'm freaked out that I'll end up being a different person the second time around because of the stress and pressure to do well.

Anons, wat do?

>> No.10511791

Literally Google 'x job interview questions'. I know, sounds obvious and dumb but just practice potential questions they might ask, it will help. Also research the company so you won't blank when they ask you why you want to work there specifically. The rest depends on personality so just don't sperg and you'll be good. Good luck anon!

>> No.10511794

Idk why you aren’t it’s funny and he knows he’s trolling well because people like you still exist

>> No.10511795

Bragging that you never developed any form of empathy isn't the win you think it is.

>> No.10511796

I wear aristo casually and get less comments on it than anything else i wear. maybe you aren’t styling it in a way that makes the dress look like clothing, or they’re confused because it’s covid and all the playhouses are closed

>> No.10511798



>> No.10511856

I love my dad, I couldn't press charges. That would also definitely push him in the wrong direction. I'm just staying away from him for as long as I can. Hopefully when he realizes his daughter wants nothing to do with him because of his actions, he'll make a genuine effort to change. I have an older step-sister that hasn't spoken to my dad since I was a baby. I was always told it was because her mom hated my dad & brainwashed her, but now I'm not sure if I trust that. So now I'm staying in my friends unfinished basement in hopes he'll change his mind lol

I'm sorry the same thing is happening with your dad. Modern politics is pure cancer. Just study conservative talkingpoints, and learn the counters. They all parrot the same shit.

>> No.10511865

my period fucking sucks i feel like i am dying.

>> No.10511867
File: 67 KB, 500x375, animegirlinafabulousmood.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a fascist brainwash/indoctrination fetish.
I have always loved to read misogynistic and racist content on /pol/ and /r9k/. I love when young men (both online and irl) try to persuade me to become their fascist tradslave. I noticed that they tend to enjoy lolita fashion, because it looks like a fancy traditional costume, which is for the best.

I love when they expose me their views, the smarter the better. I love when I'm not rationally able to counter their arguments. I am close to completely give up now.
I don't think I could date anything else than a misogynistic fascist at this point, left wing normie men disgust me.

I really wonder if "traditional females" are genuine about their beliefs, or the only way to become one is to live a masochistic fantasy, like I plan to do.

>> No.10511868

that's a lot of words to say you have brainrot.

>> No.10511875

You know the drill. Heating pad, ibuprofen, sleep, yoga pose. Or take a shit. Sometimes that relieves pressure.

>> No.10511876 [DELETED] 

I just really love sex. It’s so romantic, spiritual, emotional, personal, and loving. I can’t think of any better way to bond with the one I love.

>> No.10511877

ya, i've just not had it for almost 6 months because of my birth control but i took it late because of reasons and it managed to sneak through.

>> No.10511882 [DELETED] 

I’m glad you take birth control. I love taking mine. It lets me spiritually bond with the one I love as much as I need.

>> No.10511939

Can't help you anon, I have BPD so I've always charmed the shit out of whoever was interviewing me by mirroring them and creating a false persona on the spot (it happens subconsciously, I'm too retarded to do this purposefully). Works every time. I've gotten jobs I'm grossly unqualified for by lying and charming my way through interviews/applications. I always quit after like a month or two though.

I've probably cost so many companies so much money, thinking back on it. I usually quit right after training.

>> No.10511940

You're stupid. You need to press charges or it will get worse and worse. He's never going to change.

>> No.10511947

What would I gain from pressing charges in the middle of a pandemic? Noone could afford the legal fees, & if my dad was incarcerated he'd probably fucking die. I'm not heartless.

>> No.10511948

Due to severe psychological trauma, I associate sex with death and mortal terror. I also have extreme difficulties in forming opposite sex relationships, due to how just plain awful my opposite sex parent was and, ironically, how attractive I am. Part of how I cope is through dedicating hours of my day to exercise and pretending to be characters in my head. I even do autistic shit like steer my bike with my legs and pretend I'm a Mongol horseman or tell myself I'm making myself into an action hero when I put on punk rock and pump iron for 2 hours

>> No.10511949

You know you can just use these men for betabux if you manipulate them and larp a little bit right? That's the most fun thing ever. They think they're so alpha and so above simping but they're not. They'll simp for a tradwaifu, or what appears to be one.

I have a fetish for using alt right faggots. I've convinced close to a dozen now. At one point I was dating 3 at once (one time I actually banged all three of them on the same day). When I eventually told them what was going on, one of them punched me and since he already had a domestic violence charge, he got 3 years in prison and a huge fine. God, using/tricking pieces of shit is so hot, I'm turned on just thinking about it. The black eye was worth it.

>> No.10511951

Fascists deserve to die. If I could send my right wing cousins to jail I would in a heartbeat, doesn't matter that we were close once. I have actually cast some spells for the purpose of getting my cousins to catch covid and die. One of them is currently on a ventilator and she's going to die most likely even though she's only 38 and no pre existing conditions. Good riddance, stupid cunt shouldnt have been an antimasker and I wouldn't have done that to her. How's that "flu" treating you, Davida? Ohhhh that's right, you're in an induced coma with tubes down your throat and a machine breathing for you. Ha. Some flu, huh.

>> No.10511956

>I have actually cast some spells for the purpose of getting my cousins to catch covid and die
And I thought I was a nutjob

>> No.10511982

Honestly dying is such an easy and merciful way out. If you really dislike someone, you have them proven wrong and live with the shame, being reminded of it at every point possible. But I don't hate anyone. If I did, that's what I'd wish on them.

>> No.10511989

crazy and cringe

crazy but based

>> No.10511993

she loves her stupid life and is terrified of death.

I agree that dying is easy but she doesn't.

>> No.10511994

That is tragic. Sex is the most romantic, emotional, spiritual, and loving activity in existence. I truly feel sorry that you associate something so beautiful with death. You have no idea what real love feels like. Poor thing.

>> No.10511997

but how do you deal fucking ugly guys?

>> No.10512019

I'm just so fucking tired of every social media platform. I find myself using it less and less which is a good thing, but it sucks because sometimes I want to talk to people about the cringe shit that I love but end up faced with sooo much fucking bullshit. Twitter and tiktok are the worst of them all, everyone is such a fucking sheep all they do is complain and act like tumblr sjws. I fucking hate using that term, but there is no other way to describe it. Being critical of things is fine but these people are EXHAUSTING they make every fun thing so exhausting to just enjoy in a public online space. It used to not annoy me as much, the older I get the more I realize how much of a cancer all social media is and how brain dead people are because of it.

>> No.10512021

Actually I was deeply in love with the person responsible; we even looked each other in the eyes and said "I love you." I've even seen the love I felt for them reflected in the beauty of desert canyons, snow capped peaks, and in that of friendship. However, I was just a child and they were obviously sick, so things ultimately did not work out me very well

>> No.10512022

You had sex him though, because you loved him. It's impossible to love someone and not have sex with them, because sex is how all normal people express romantic love. It's such a spiritual bond after all. I dated an asexual once and it was the worst experience of my life. I had never felt more unloved in my life. That unloving sociopath kept saying "I love you" and tried to convince me it was true, as if someone who didn't even enjoy sex could actually feel love. It was horrible and I hope he dies. The world doesn't need sociopaths like him. I hope he at least never dates someone and forces them to not have sex ever again.

>> No.10512023

If I had the choice between killing myself and dating anothher asshole who won't have sex with me, I would kill myself immediately.

>> No.10512025

I have a manipulation fetish I think. But they've all been pretty hot actually. However they also all had small or at least slightly below average dicks. Makes sense desu. I've never met a right winger with a big cock.

I have a FWB that's not a fascist dumbass and has a huge cock so I'm satisfied on both ends of the spectrum, I get to fulfill my fetish and still get dicked down by a big dick "Chad" ha.

I also find it hilarious how these dudes I fuck will literally complain about "roasties" to me and espouse that bullshit about how girls who go after big dicked dudes/multiple dudes are loose and how they're so glad to have finally found someone who hasn't been riding the cock carousel. And when they fuck me they almost all remark about how extremely tight my pussy is. Absolute hilarity, I love how retarded they are and the mindfuck they get when I finally decide to spill the beans and show them the huge cock I've been riding the entire time we've been dating.

>> No.10512029

Nope. I had sex with her because she caught on to how negligent my parents were and was able to get access to me to groom me. She was a terrible, sick human being. She beat and choked me into submission a few times. I fell in love with her, because she was giving me something closer to the feminine nurturing young children need that my mother wasn't.

>> No.10512030

I'm so sorry this happened to you anon. You're currently replying to the worst troll on cgl, but I just wanted to express genuine sympathy for your situation. My heart really breaks for you.

>> No.10512031

You didn't want to have sex with her out of love at all?

>> No.10512033

How am I a troll, let alone the worst one? Are you so asexual and broken that you don't think sex is needed for love?

>> No.10512035

I mean, I go out and do things in lolita. It's just my clothes. But I don't really post pictures, I only post them if I happened to get an opportunity for a really nice photo, or if I'm especially happy with how an outfit looks.

>> No.10512036

ben shapiro has a pretty charismatic personality desu. I don’t think you’ll get anywhere arguing with your dad over his political views. you could plant a seed of doubt in his mind and let it play out tho. Just text him something like “hey dad I’m sorry I didn’t realized sooner. If you ever feel like opening up just know that I will always love you and accept you for who you are.” he’ll text back asking wtf you’re talking about and then you can be like “ although I don’t agree with what ben sharpiro says, he’s very handsome and charming so I can see why you would be so interested in him. If you ever need someone to talk to just know that it will be between just the two of us. I love you dad and I miss being your daughter.” maybe he’ll start questioning why he would listen to ben so much or he could come out and your parents split, I dunno. at least you’ll have 2x more xmas presents this year if your dad turns out to be gay and having a gay dad is better than having one that listens to a cuck like ben sharpiro
I think anons think I’m autistic and trolling so they see it as being harmless but little do they know I’m like the ben sharpiro of the lolita world. my dumb takes will slowly seep into their head and soon I’ll have a cult following. I’ll call them the soupies and our slogan will be soupies not poopies. we’ll take the lolita world by storm. those itas have been taking all of our brandos and driving up prices on our AP jsks for too long. fuck that and fuck them. down with itas, down with meetitas, and down with socialitas!!
I’m not trolling wtf pls refrain from posting stuff like this. I rather have that “pls don’t respond to soup anon”

>> No.10512041
File: 9 KB, 174x86, 1554229648667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wish there were more pure cosplay meetups for fun instead of for clout nowadays. I wanna meet new people!

>> No.10512056

post dick and balls

>> No.10512060

But I AM just wearing it as clothes. I am legitimately asking you tips to make my clothes read more like clothes and less like an invite to interrogate me and stare.

Try breathing out all the air in your body and holding it for as long as you feel comfortable. I've found that it helps take the edge off.

This anon who's responding to themselves wrt sex/love is the most annoying. GTFO, go masturbate or something and let people talk about costumes and dresses. We get it you're horny! We don't care!

>> No.10512061

I don't masturbate because there's no love there. Sex is nothing without love and love is nothing without sex. I'm going to go bond with my boyfriend for the 9th time today.

>> No.10512065

That's awful. I would never wish death on my dad. He isn't a facist. He is being made to believe a load of shit from some awful youtubers.

>> No.10512066

That's how you experience love. Not everyone has the same experience.

>> No.10512078
File: 34 KB, 432x432, Saikanoisshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

say less

>> No.10512079

i know it is, that's why i suggested it.

>> No.10512088
File: 97 KB, 640x641, sadmisako.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be 24
>bf is 30
>most cos-thots are teens
>mfw he keeps getting hit on by daddy-issues "I'm baby" hoes

>> No.10512102

>Be 27
>Literally look younger than I did at 16 because for some reason my face got rounder even though I got thinner and am underweight.
>Black magic I guess

I'm sorry anon. Do you look 24? Is that why you're sad? I'd be sad if I looked 24 too.>>10512079

>> No.10512108

I’m voting for trump next time if he runs again just because you baited me.

>> No.10512116

Genuine fascist here. You're fucking retarded, it isn't the 1930's anymore.

>> No.10512117

>be me growing out facial hair to try and look older
>go to asian barber to get a 2 block haircut like my idol jungcock
>right before she finishes she asked me to tilt my head a bit
>thought she needed a better angle for my sides
>she proceeded to use the buzzer to shave half of my mustache
>I'm speechless and gives her the wtf?? look
>she said the dead rat on top of my mouth was starting to annoy her
>pay and leave
>cry as I bike home

old asian ladies never again. haircut turned out shit too.

>> No.10512119

>fascists are bad
>we should imprison people based on their political views

Is this lost on you?

>> No.10512121

I want to add. The people who talk about tradwives, women being retarded, nigger this nigger that, Shapiro is a kike etc. are not fascists in any genuine sense. They just have power fantasies and think that somehow their autistic selves will do better in a strict normative regime simply because they have the correct skin colour. They don't believe in revolution, the power of national/ethnic identity or peace. They just want their state-mandated girlfriend and that's it.

Don't associate me with these fuck nuggets.
>inb4 gatekeeping fascism

>> No.10512125

love u bb. gimme your discord.

>> No.10512127

who else wants to suck soup's dick?

>> No.10512134

that does sound kind of fun. if i didn't have my hands full with my live in husband and side bf and sugar daddy i'd consider it.

>> No.10512135

I don't masturbate because there's no soup there. Sex is nothing without soup and soup is nothing without sex.

>> No.10512139

how can we ever be satisfied without him?

>> No.10512144

You actually sound like a sane individual. Good on you. Now please go control the others you speak of.

>> No.10512155

I love making my ugly pickme roommate seethe when I wear lolita around the house. Not only is she ita af and can't dress herself, she's blown all of her money on traveling and drugs so her wardrobe and her skin look like shit. Feels good.

>> No.10512159

I said he should go to prison for hitting someone. Nobody should go to prison for their political views

But yes I do think all antimasker fascists deserve to die alone on a ventilator.

>> No.10512164

So nothing to do with someone being right wing then?

>> No.10512168

Also you do realise that being anti-government regulation is literally the opposite of fascism?

Fascists believe in the apparatus of the state to function in the best interest of people. Depending on how that apparatus is constructed and who is running it of course.

>> No.10512172

Grow some balls and kick her out, faggot.

>> No.10512174

I'm a girl so stop being weird

>> No.10512179
File: 342 KB, 502x492, 1558911890617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm a girl

>> No.10512187

this is cringe as fuck lol

>> No.10512188

Nah they're definitely fascists. You're exactly the same as them, just more autistic.

>> No.10512189

no you're not

>> No.10512194

you wish, faggot

>> No.10512196

Just got my dream print OP, milky planet, in navy (my favorite colorway) for $115. Life is good.

>> No.10512197

Yikes I would not want to live with someone like that. Not mentioning anything else, I would be scared she cannot pay rent.

>> No.10512204

bet. I’ll do a face reveal after this three marker challenge

>> No.10512206

Nah she's a trust fund baby. But her trust fund is small af. She also seethes that she has to work to make a living while my boyfriend pays for all of my expenses. lmao

>> No.10512209

Why don't you live with your boyfriend? Is he not actually your bf and just your sugar daddy? Doesn't make any sense. Also if he can pay your expenses why not get your own place? Living with roommates is so fucking trashy.

>> No.10512210

She does things like go to music festivals alone because she doesn't have any friends. So her drug/partying money has been wasted. She caims she's been in the fashion for years but she has like three main pieces.

I do live with my boyfriend. What makes you think otherwise?

>> No.10512216
File: 46 KB, 514x596, images.jpeg-39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This never stops being relevant.

>> No.10512217

fat asian

>> No.10512223

that's it anon fat shamed me. I'm not doing it anymore, but I am indeed a girl

>> No.10512224

nope. i am tho.

>> No.10512227

Why do you have a roommate then? So trashy. I'd never want to live with a man who had a roommate.

>> No.10512228

same sis. like omg tmi but I accidently wiped back to front instead of front to back and now I have a uti :'( it's soo painful guys will never understand our pain.

>> No.10512231

Why does she not live alone if she has a trust fund lol. Is her trust like minuscule?

>> No.10512234

i am on my period and want to fuck my boyfriend! help!

>> No.10512235

weebs be wilin, anon. my weeb acquaintance owned a house their parents bought had roommates.

>> No.10512241

She only gets enough to cover rent lmao. Other than that she works a crappy job.

>> No.10512245

you guys don't wash up after doing it? that's gross

>> No.10512256

Shoo shoo back to lolcow

>> No.10512259

You realise you completely made anons post about yourself by flexing your bpd bullshit? Pick something else to larp next time or don't post at all.

>> No.10512260

Anon, I have BPD. I make EVERYTHING about me.

>> No.10512262

Just nuke the thread already.

>> No.10512263

This place is more toxic than r9k

>> No.10512264

I really wish there was more gothic lolitas on youtube to watch. All i find are sweet, sweet and sweet. I only know of one gothic lolita on the platform, but she doesn't upload alot.
I thought maybe about filling the spot so other gothic lolitas will have content to watch but i fear coming off as a hungry efame asshat, and i'm not great with having attention on me really. Plus i can't buy like every release that comes out. So i don't really know what content i would even make.
>good feels
Got dressed in lolita today after a long straight 2 weeks of nothing but work and had a blast. Had quiet a few strangers complement me and even scored a dream dress off lacemarket today.

>> No.10512266

You are retarded

>> No.10512274
File: 30 KB, 461x578, images - 2020-12-05T182816.779.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> old housemates moved out all at once, not vibing w the new ones
> construction started right outside my window so it's loud in my room 24/7
> fucking hate this house but can't move out because I'm unemployed and poor
> If I can't find a job within 2 months I'll have to move in with my toxic family
> also going through a heartbreak because the guy I was dating ghosted me out of nowhere

Sorry it's not cgl related gulls, I just had to get this out. I know It'll get better, I just need to be sad for a bit

>> No.10512284

Dude you got to man the fuck up. It's your house, you make the rules. If she's a bitch, then she's made for the streets. Kick her ass out. Call the cops. Change the locks. Fuck her, don't be a faggot.

If she goes back to her grandma's that's all on her. It is not your problem.

>> No.10512286

be the lolita you wanna see.
>i'm not great with having attention on me really
I thought lolitas were used to that since lolita doesn't exactly blend in too well in public.
>So i don't really know what content i would even make
you could do lifestyle type shit. grats on dd

oof hang in there buddy

>> No.10512287

Not that anon .. Why not start to distance, slowly at first then faster until you two are no longer intertwined. If she wants to hang out, say you can't because of the pandemic. If she messages you, take awhile to respond but don't say too much. Start telling your family and SO you're trying to separate her from your life.

Just pull the band-aid off.

>> No.10512288 [DELETED] 


>> No.10512310 [DELETED] 

I love kimono fabrics and I think kimono is cool but it's not worth it to start doing it. Where am I going to wear it to? How do I wear it without being disrespectful to all my relatives who died in the Japanese Occupation during WWII?

>> No.10512351

It's ok anon, you'll make it. These are hard time, the good times are coming.

>> No.10512367

>I thought lolitas were used to that since lolita doesn't exactly blend in too well in public.
nayrt but I hate the attention lolita gets in public to the point where I really only wear lolita at home.

>> No.10512371

>Found a good job with a comfortable pay after losing the previous one due to the epidemic
>Found a nice new apartment
>Found some new cos pals for next year
>Have some plans for some new year party
>Had a breakthrough on my new costume and it's coming along well
>I recovered from my breakup of a 5 years relationship, I now realise my ex was pulling me down with her self esteem issues. I reclaimed my lost confidence after two months.
It's only upward from here people, I can feel it.

I'm still sad for my ex though. She was a loving person, but she's shattered with confidence and esteem issues due to her shitty parents. I hope we meet again when she's better, she was a lovely person.
I just can't wait for the next con, it's gonna be so good to meet new people, make friends and get drunk in shitty hotel rooms.

>> No.10512375

When I'm struggling with anxiety I do the same thing; just wear it at home and with friends indoors and don't go out in it. When my mental health is better I tend to wear it daily. Sometimes if I'm having a shitty day and in lolita though, the nice compliments from strangers make me feel a little better.

>> No.10512396

It's like the attention of online i guess? I know i get looks and noticed in public which doesn't bother me at all, but when sitting in front of a camera and the idea of having followers make me nervous. I don't really know why, i just don't know how i would handle if i got a following?
>heavily doubt but following like lor and tyler have, thats the attention i fear
As for content like i know like some lifestyle i'd like to cover like antique shopping, room decorating, tea cup/set collections, tea reviews, lolita tags or lolita unboxings.
Still with the ideas i have, the main fear is people thinking im just an efame hungry person. I just want more content for the gothic lolitas.

>> No.10512426

Just have sex then? Put a towel down or do it in the shower. Pee and shower after. Ez times. Most dudes are savages and dgaf about blood.

>> No.10512435

Went to my 1st meet up the other day, and my comm is really annoying? Like slightly better than an anime club, but not much. I think I'll be a lonelita after this

>> No.10512441

Don’t act like you are some kind of authority and you will do fine.

>> No.10512448

people online can’t hurt you anon. who cares what people think just do what makes you happy. It’s not like you’re live-streaming. Just make vids for yourself and if you really can’t do it just don’t upload them. drink a little bit more than you should one day and just upload them. just tell yourself it was the white claw that did it and it couldn’t be helped.
the lonelita life ain’t for everyone. just let yourself go and be cringe with everyone. you’ll be happier and have more fun that way

>> No.10512460

This. I've never once had a guy give a single shit.

>> No.10512461

Lonelita is the best desu. Meetups suck.

>> No.10512466

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated an asexual. The asshole claimed he loved me only to never have sex with me, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend has sex with me everyday, and makes me feel loved because we have so much emotional and spiritual sex. So I know I can trust him, because he actually has sex with me.

>> No.10512468

>date an admitted asexual
>get angry when they don't want to have sex


>> No.10512469

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated a chef. The asshole claimed he loved me only to never cook for me, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend feeds me everyday, and makes me feel loved because we have so much emotional and spiritual food. So I know I can trust him, because he actually cooks for me.

>> No.10512470

If you haven't noticed they're posting this in every lolita related thread. Don't reply.

>> No.10512476

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated someone who wasn't soup. The asshole claimed he loved me only to troll /cgl/, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone but soup to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend trolls /cgl/ with me everyday, and it makes me feel loved because we hav so much emotional and spiritual soup. So i know I can trust him, because he is actually soup.

>> No.10512484
File: 115 KB, 600x600, ging.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I sorta hate this dress because I think the idea of a full brown gingham lolita/ otome dress is cute. I guess the closest thing I would do is learn how to sew from scratch and make one by myself

>> No.10512485

>be soup
>adds anon on discord that shitpost with me everyday
>we fall in love
>meets up irl for the first time years later after covid is over
>we travel the world shitposting from a different place every night
>we grow old together, still madly in love
>no kids or grandkids because anon told me she was asexual, but that's okay
>we swore that we would die together no matter who goes out first
>on my deathbed breathing my last breath
>anon leans in and whispers in my ear
>"I was just shitposting"
>the heartbeat monitor beats its last beat

>> No.10512500

how cute

>> No.10512512

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated an ita. The asshole claimed he loved the fashion only to never buy burando with me, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend wears frills with me everyday, and makes me feel loved because we have so much emotional and spiritual AP. So I know I can trust him, because he actually goes on lacemarket with me.

>> No.10512519


>> No.10512521

Spit on it

>> No.10512528

My goals

>> No.10512529
File: 17 KB, 300x300, daijobobobo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My one friend always shits on me for liking AP and BTSSB.

She calls me a brand whore and says the quality of the dresses aren't good.

It makes me super lame because she never seems to want to say anything nice about me. I always tell her that her taobao coords are lovely (she doesn't own any brand) and she just accepts it but is never nice back.

I just want a lolita best friend who loves AP and BTSSB as much as I do.

>> No.10512535

Your boyfriend sounds like the biggest pussy on earth.

>> No.10512537

Rub ice on it

>> No.10512542

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated the biggest pussy on earth. The asshole claimed he loved to judge people online only to never read feels threads with me, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend judges me everyday, and makes me feel loved because we have so much emotional and spiritual spite. So I know I can trust him, because he actually shoots the shit with me.

>> No.10512544
File: 108 KB, 443x441, 9F254199-7A80-48F0-ACCA-5F4F1FEA6014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's projecting so hard and probably feels insecure about not owning brand so she feels the need to bring you down. i'll be your brandwhore friend if you want, i'm sure your coords look lovely

>> No.10512545

Put windex on it

>> No.10512547

>tfw no cosplay/jfash gf to read the feels thread with

>> No.10512561

What kind of bite? If your have Benadryl or hydrocortisone, it helps.

>> No.10512563
File: 127 KB, 576x768, 1600885444013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw met someone through the feels thread (actually)

>> No.10512570


>met a gothic lolita anon in a feels thread
>huge corpse husband simp
>ask me for hand pics
>weird but okay, anything for anon!
>sends hand pics
>”cute wrist soup”
>aw ty anon
>*~without the e~*

never trust a gothic lolita

>> No.10512574

I guess yall are right, it can't hurt to try.

>> No.10512575


>> No.10512578
File: 19 KB, 195x338, 1371227903221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For the past week, around 10-11pm I start to feel like absolute shit, goes on until I fall asleep. I talked to a friend and they think that's it's just stress compounding, I dunno maybe, I don't have anything that bad going on.

>> No.10512579

Wtf I thought I was the only one who asks my feels thread bf for hand pics

>> No.10512580

i got an unsolicited one from mine, should i sue?

>> No.10512588

you didn't have to emphasize it with the period anon
I lied :(

gonna watch evangelion for the first time. it better be as good as everyone makes it out to be

>> No.10512610

Fall asleep at 959

>> No.10512612

That's retarded but I've got nothing else

>> No.10512615

Anon I tired :(

>> No.10512639

I have a really difficult time making friends. I have some acquaintances, but I can’t ever move passed that. Every time I hang out with someone, I’m so reserved the entire time because I’m scared of saying something stupid, and after I leave, I can’t stop replaying the entire conversation in my head and cringing at everything I did say. It’s exhausting and makes it so I only have the energy to hangout with people about once a month.

>> No.10512642
File: 359 KB, 449x544, vn7pint1kv261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm just really tired of seeing coords like this, they don't feel like lolita

>> No.10512644

Why not? Looks lolita enough to me.
I find the shoes kinda lame though.

>> No.10512646

nayrt but I see what they mean. The boring cheap taobao shit and plain ass legwear and lack of accessories is just bland and ugly. Like yeah it's lolita, so was that awful bodyline carousel print years and years ago that everyone and their normie cousin seemed to own. After a while of seeing the same ugly shit it's just tiring.

>> No.10512659

you probably just need time to warm up to people before you open up to them. find an acquaintance that’s a social buttery, get close to them and they’ll warm you right up. the cringe thing is probably all in your head. even if what you said/did was cringe I doubt anyone pass high school thought much of it. I do cringey stuff irl on purpose all the time. not as much as I do on here but pretty close to it.

>> No.10512675

Waffle cone kei

>> No.10512684

I'm so tired, I don't want to stay awake anymore...

>> No.10512691

yeah it's ugly and literally every single coord on treddit. I wish the lolita sub was better...

>> No.10512695

I used to be an extremely anxious person and it was getting to the point of agoraphobia.

I would actually sit at my window watching the road waiting for a moment where the street was clear or people and cars so I could sprint down the stairs and grab my mail to avoid any sort interaction with others because I was so scared of interacting incorrectly and having that situation run in my head for 3 days straight. If I was in a shopping centre and I saw those fundraising people who try to solicit donations, I would just go home to avoid the interaction. It was fucking exhausting being so scared all the time.

I can't say what changed but when I started getting my life more together, I became busier and little things like screwing up a small converstaion becomes unimportant but I just don't have the time to care whether or not I was cringe. I have my job, my studies, my volunteer work, life stuff, getting enough sleep, my cat, my girlfriend and my family.

Albiet, I don't have any friends I see outside of my university or work but the anxiety is mostly gone because I just don't have the time to care.

>> No.10512696

Could you be men more obviously than this?

>> No.10512754

I'm tired of spending money on brand just for the quality to be hit and miss. AP prints are nice but the dress quality for a $300+ AP print dress is the same as some $90 taobao dresses I have. My heart fucking sank the last time I received an AP dress, I honestly feel like they're getting worse and I'm trying to not get sucked in by the prints.

I feel sad because I wanted to build up a cute wardrobe of good-quality stuff that will last, but I don't think it exists new anymore in this fashion for sweet. I might as well buy non-print cute taobao stuff.

>> No.10512807

That's one blessed kot

>> No.10512828

I want to masturbate but I'm sleepy. I was working on two ideas I had high hopes for and they both didn't work out. My pc is too old and just barely runs an emulated game I want to complete so as to rip the unlockable outfits from.

>> No.10512842

>consistently keep thinking about how much I want to use my sewing skills for stuff that I can wear IRL (instead of just cosplays)
>the one time I buy some good melton wool for a jacket I realize I don't even know what sort of jacket I want, there's like 3 different styles in my head that I would like and I can't decide which one to do
>realize cosplays are so much easier for me because there's a set target to aim for and craft around
>look into male patterns
>they're all variations of hoodies, t-shirts, and button down shirts of different thickness, all of which are boring and not worth the money or effort to sew

wtf can I even make that I can't buy for less than fabric cost? I literally can't think of anything daily-wear that I can make that isn't buyable.

>> No.10512852

I’m tired of seeing people getting disappointed by the quality of brand, you’re mostly paying for the design, it’s not some high end tailored shit

>> No.10512853

The constant dumbass nitpick of lifestyle/casual lolita coords is apart of what is killing lolita. Newbies are scared to post casual coord pics and instead only dress up in the popular elaborate OTT clusterfuck piece of the month or wear ita-tumblr shit.

>> No.10512854
File: 239 KB, 470x339, tumblr_inline_p0ntgoB9rV1sneeo8_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>friend split from close-knit group late last year after fight
>she said she's still on good terms with me but needed space from all of us
>felt like it was a permanent rift between her and one other close friend in group
>left the ball in her court
>was hoping to see her in person at cons this year and see if we could talk
>moved on with my life, doing fine
>check her Twitter every once in a while
>she hasn't posted in months (but likes things every few days)
>no other online presence besides
>know she's probably miserable stuck at home
>hope she's okay but don't want to overstep boundaries reaching out
>she probably doesn't want to hear from me anyway

>> No.10512856

How is checking on someone going over boundaries?
If you kindly ask for news and how is she that's perfectly fine.

>> No.10512857

Send her this exact reaction image. She will understand.

>> No.10512858


She'd reach out if she were lonely and miserable.

>> No.10512865

Nah it used to be better, anon, we all know this. I'd honestly pay a little more if it meant the quality was better.

>> No.10512887

Like one of her tweets?

>> No.10512888
File: 32 KB, 236x662, 3FA2976C-3A4B-4EEA-B8F7-62283D873514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i can't be the only one that misses cof threads. i want to make one but i'm scared i'll fuck it up somehow

>> No.10512896

dooo eeet

>> No.10512899

Cof fucking sucks. Just let it die

>> No.10512903

i agree but i miss being able to anonymously give compliments/concrit on recent coords though. i'm tired of laughing at itas.

>> No.10512910

>order a halloween jsk from soufflesong in august
>heard nothing for months
>no tracking number after 60 business days (when their website says theyre supposed to ship)
>send email politely asking what the fuck
>no answer
>send another email a few days later
>no answer
>send a third email
>no answer
>open paypal dispute
>no answer
>escalate to claim
>no answer, get refunded
>package shows up a week later, finally get an email from them asking to send it back or cancel the claim
>cant cancel claim anymore since it was already closed
>they shipped the package and got the tracking number while the claim was still open but didnt say anything, couldve saved themselves a strike
>they offer to give a 10% discount for the trouble
>invoice i get is 10% more expensive than the original one
What kind of business model is this?

>> No.10512930

You shouldn't have responded to their emails once you filed the claim and got the package. It was their loss.

Enjoy jumping through hoops to try to get this sorted now.

>> No.10512934

I'll check in with her after New Year's, since that was the last time we talked. If she takes it badly (which I doubt, but I worry), I can't really break what's already been broken anymore, I suppose.

She has other friends to talk/vent to, but none nearby like we were whose houses she could stay at if she needed to get out of her parents' house for a while. They're not abusive or anything, just exhausting sometimes.

I have when she posted months ago, and she liked a few of mine since we stopped talking, so it wasn't a total severing like she did with the one friend I mentioned. That's what I'm worried about, if she tries to turn it into a "it's her or me" situation, but if it comes to that, my choice was made a year ago.

Thanks, gulls.

>> No.10512936

I can just choose not to pay the invoice still.

>> No.10512938

I still have some serious trauma after that time I dated a brolita. The asshole claimed he loved the fashion only to ask to wear a collar and ERP in lolita with me, and didn't even enjoy it the few times I persuaded him to wear it as a fashion. It sucked. I almost feel like I can't trust anyone to love me anymore. I say "almost" because my current boyfriend wears ouji with me
in lolita everyday, and makes me feel loved because we have so much emotional and spiritual fashion sense. So I know I can trust him, because he actually wears clothes fashionably with me.

>> No.10512941

It's almost like genuine men/human beings don't actually like doing something against their norms unless it's for some werid sex thing.

Lesson learned.

>> No.10512943

I'm too fat to work on cosplays, I don't want to plan for being this fat and it'd look like shit anyway, but it's hard to lose weight. Maybe it's harder because my mom has always said that I must never try to lose weight because it's dangerous, so now I have a block against letting them know, so it'd have to be in secret. But maybe that's just an excuse I'm making for myself to justify my lack of self control.

But maybe I'd be too lazy for cosplays even if I weren't fat, and even that's just an excuse. After all, I ain't even working on parts of cosplay that are not impacted by fatness, like props and headpieces.

>> No.10512951

Nah don't make it a year later thing, message her on christmas with a merry christmas or something

>> No.10512957

they're mocking >>10512512

>> No.10512958

Thank you anons, I'll keep trying my best

>> No.10512993

Couldn't you just make a concrit thread in that case? It'd be better than just dumping stuff from CoF.

>> No.10513015

It was, at one point. You've clearly never seen old school velveteen in person, the sewing and fabric craftmanship are exquisite.

>> No.10513019

If you've admitted you received the package and the claim, you have to pay the invoice, idiot.

>> No.10513098
File: 75 KB, 540x540, 1599673144873.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>live in tropical shithole
>winter is basically non existent in my state
>will never get to wear winter burando
>will never get to wear a big beautiful winter coat coord outside
I wish I could see snow at least once in my life, with my own eyes

>> No.10513100

That's not necessarily true.
Lonely people can also completely shut themselves off to everyone, and "not worthy" of other's attention.

>> No.10513117

Start putting aside brando money for a snowy vacation! Going to mountainous regions in the right months guarantees snow still. There might be some good mountains closer to your tropical shithole than you might think.

>> No.10513334

Just becuase a fandom is dead doen't mean you can't give it your all and respect the thing you are a fan of. I've lacked motivation for cosplays for fandoms that are dead and have no future, but the truth is that I still love the things I am a fan of, so cosplays from the series deserve that I actually work on them and put in some effort. I can't just stop cosplaying things I enjoy just because the things aren't as huge as they were.

I feel like I may want to start making armsocks this week so I can keep cosplaying my beloved characters at a higher level of quality than before.

>> No.10513349
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got my parents an air fryer for xmas cause it's almost 2021 and who doesn't have an air fryer. my pops gotta mention how it's not as good as the one that spin though. like bitch it's a pressure cooker + air fryer not an oven + air fryer. we already have a toaster oven. you don't need another one. I read a bunch of reviews/watch a bunch of vids before I picked it out too and this mf (get it cause it's my dad) had the audacity to claim something else is better. BuT iT dOeSn'T sPiN

I'm not mad though. I was just pretending to have daddy issues because you know I'm a girl :]

I saw snow for the first time last weekend. It's so pretty and wearing winter clothes is so comfy.

>> No.10513354

I feel like I've been ran out of most "alt" spaces because I don't participate in stupid PC bullshit. I just got kicked out of yet another lolita discord because I don't want to use pronoun tags, it's silly.

I just want middle ground between retarded shit on 4chan and hugboxes on facebook/discord.

>> No.10513365

i feel you anon. i'm so lonely lately but i'm honestly terrified of trying to make friends in the current social/political climate since i'm not a ~woke~ leftist.

>> No.10513382


>> No.10513385

>t. would dox someone for having a differing opinion

>> No.10513403

Just use them

>> No.10513712

Fuck them.

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I've been considering getting therapy to deal with all day on/off anxiety, but I don't want my parents to worry about me (I'm still on their insurance for another year, I live in the basement because I lost big on bitcoin), but I can't really afford to go out of pocket and go in secret.

>> No.10520249

did you type in this thread because you didn't want anyone to see? cause you fucked up dawg I SAW. I think you should just do therapy on insurance because why spend money on it when you can get it for free dum dum. how'd you lose big on bitcoin? it's going up rn so if you bought in yyou would be making money and if you sold you would have money??? just tell your parents you want to go to see what it's like or because stress from school or you know you can say it's free so why not