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Haven't has one in a long time, so here we go. Post your wtf-inducing, unnerving, poorly made, not-remotely-lolita, and other finds from Etsy and other sites.

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"I was inspired by my childhood fascination with Marie Antoinette and my adulthood interest in the French revolution. It’s an homage to the rococo era aesthetic as well as a memorium to the revolution. I wanted to capture both sides of that time in history. You have the world of the elite which was a sort of fantastical, opulent wonderland, and then you have the reality for the everyday citizens of France which was extremely harsh and brutal. It was this clash of classes that lead to the French Revolution."

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That’s a lot of words to say nothing

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Who tf bought this lmao?


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I think about this one a lot.

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>Rare find

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this is the reference photo btw

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Okay but WHAT IS IT though

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Aw man

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Oh my god

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It's sad because that lace, properly cut, would make a nice detachable collar

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It's the chanel stamp that really brings it together

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Lmao you know some chanel whore would jump on that though if they thought it was legit.

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If they had only one shred of interest in Marie Antoinette, they’d know she never said that line.

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The idea of a bad shopping before Christmas scares me.
That's why I only buy goods in checked stores. Also, before buying, I specify whether there is a possibility of returning the goods. That's why my choice is Juliet's Lover https://julietslover.co.uk/
I've shopped many times at Juliet's Lover Designer Jewelry. And it's always been awesome. I can only recommend it

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Or any interest in French history. 14 and 15 were assholes. 16 probably would have listened to them, but was distracted fighting the American revolution and honestly may have not been made for the job of king. The people hated Marie Antoinette because she was Austrian.

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despite everything it's the most well made thing in this thread so far

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is that... a bag?

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i kinda love it, the anguished looking open mouths and the crucifixion-adjacent posing in addition to the chanel logo genuinely is funny to me. this person seems to know what they're doing in the taxidermy department too. but i still would absolutely not wear rat skin panties.

the tagging is so weird and the pricing is SO fucking off, you can find actually nice looking macrame jewelry that isn't so fucked and with properly finished ties/a clasp (still not for j-fash) for $20-$30

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she wasn't really behaving in a proper way for a queen, her mom and big bro tried to warn her a lot abour it, knowing full well it was given her haters ammunition against her. Louis XVI was a good man, he was too nice/weak to really ask his wife to act in a proper regal way. They were not monsters just naive/weak. They never received the proper education to prepare them for their jobs. Louis XVI weren't the first in line in succession for a long time and Antoinette was one of the last children of Marie Thérèse and she was very spoiled. And they did surround themselves with a bunch of parasites to not help their cases.

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It's like if Paris Hilton became president somehow. Like of course shes going to fuck up, rich party-girls always do

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She was honestly not even as bad as you are describing even for the times. It really was just because she was Austrian and the resentment that society had for the visibly wealthy which was understandable. She was interesting in that while she didn't do anything to support systemic problems (which wasn't her job or what she was educated for) she would often offer help when she came across poor people in person, like paying for an orphan/poor child's boarding and doing other small favors for the poor. The government had problems but there is a ton of misinformation and lots of rumors that don't really give an accurate account of what she was personally like or her actions since there were a lot of phony scandals and stuff. She wasn't perfect and fuck/eat the rich and all that but she probably did as good a job as queen as the average teen to 20s young girl her age would have given they were trained as royalty and grew up with wealth.

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What a waste of expensive pencils.

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the rest of their store is normal things like knit gloves, i have no idea what is up with this

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You can buy one of those shelves for $9.99 at Home Depot. My mom bought me one once and we painted in together. It somehow turned out better than whatever that is.

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Anon those are the balsa wood mini drawers you get from joanns for $5...

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have a mini lolita-themed dump for you all because while i love to look for new indie brands on etsy, i love to look for bad lolita listings even more

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its unfortunate this person doesnt have any taste, but the construction on these looks really good

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that's all i have for now, but i may come back with some more later

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these listings were by two separate people but i do agree to a point - her taste in prints tends to be so... bad it really subtracts from her pretty good skirt construction. some of her work on jsks tends to be a bit sloppy though . pic related

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Imagine paying $100 for this.

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it's fucking terrible.

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imagine paying over 100 for this
definitely not the worst handmade lolita i've ever seen but the prints make it 10x worse

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it's certainly not good enough to sell.

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I would wear the fuck out of this!!

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Looks like a test for the color blind.

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not lolita, but I would absolutely wear the dress, Toss up on the jacket, not a fan of the shape.
that describes most handmade lolita

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