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Link to old thread: >>10502087

Ask dumb questions, wash your clothes, etc

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Links: https://www.luluslolitacouture.com/2018/03/laundry-and-dryclean-instructions-for.html?m=1


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More links if you like older prints:

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Avina's guide to washing lolita clothes

Rainedragon's Google Doc database of brand washing + what damage, if any, occurred with which cleaning method

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Dumb question, but I'm trying to handwash a skirt with some deep reds in it's print. Should I use cold or lukewarm water? I'm seeing conflicting advice

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What is GLB?

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Gothic and Lolita Bible, it's an old magazine that featured lolita fashion. Tokyopop handled the American release til it either got dropped or TP went under

Shit was legit, came with patterns and everything

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Just wanted to leave a big thanks. The graphic is really helpful.

On another note, are tide pens okay with lolita? Am I better off spot cleaning at home rather than with a tide pen on the go?

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Try it and post the results

In other news, Sugar Bouquet bleeds even when handwashed OTL

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cold is your best bet with reds. in my experience they bleed more easily with any kind of heat. i use gentle detergent and spot treat stains.

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I've owned multiple Sugar Bouquets and machine washed them just fine. Even bought a stained one before with lace and bustle covered in red bleed; one machine wash with oxy in warm water and it was good as new.

I don't have a fancy washer, just a top loader. Not sure why I seem to be the only one hasn't really had significant trouble with any red in lolita prints bleeding or being impossible to get rid of bleeding on. Maybe I'm just lucky or careful.

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Seriously? I got a cheap one from CC, but the lace is yellowed with sweat/age. I’ve had luck getting yellow lace white with a good machine wash but the bleeding of the red really concerns me.

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Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for lying in their package value? I'm intending on going wild in Angelic Pretty's winter sale this year, but I don't know if the customs worker will find anything suspicious at the fact that I bought 3 dresses and a coat for £50

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I'm another who's never had trouble with reds, even own AP berry prints on cotton and aatp wine red dresses. Still, I feel very conflicted every time someone brings it up, like is it just me? Is everybody else having issues with reds? Is it my area's water hardness? Is it because I wash them in the washing machine rather than handwash them?

idk, it's such a mystery. Anyway, nice to hear that there's at least one other person that hasn't had issues with red stuff.

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What are some instagrams/ tumblr blogs that show people wearing dolly kei and cult party kei, aside from people in street snaps 10 years ago?

I would also like some ideas on how to construct such outfits, such as Jennifer Carlsson's vid on cult part kei because when I look at photos of cult party/ dolly kei outfits, I tend to get visually lost in the layers and struggle to break them down

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Nope, I lie all the time and I'm also British. I honestly doubt they'll care.

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I lived in the UK until a couple of months ago, constantly massively underdeclared stuff and never got pulled up on it.

On the other hand, I recently moved to another country in Europe and for the first time in my life I was questioned on the value of a YesStyle package (they auto mark everything down to like €5 without asking). I had to forward them an email of the invoice and they calculated my customs charges based on what I'd actually paid, though under the absolute letter of the law they could have seized my order because of the discrepancies. I guess in theory it wouldn't be hard to doctor an invoice, but I'm not sure I'd have the guts to do it.

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You could lie and pretend it's normie children's clothes which *could* have that value, theoretically. They don't know lolita is luxury. Worst case scenario those fees hopefully go to good things, maybe just think of that and you'll be less sad about having to pay.

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Never once have I got in trouble for undervaluing. Never got any suspicious questions either. Especially when it comes to clothes it's easy to say they're second hand so ofc they'd be cheap.

I edited some invoices a few years ago when I was still big into buyfagging anime figures. Never anything obviously ridiculous, like 2k yen for a big 12k yen figure but yeah it worked. Wouldn't recommend though, it's quite risky and probably depends a lot on your country and the person in charge of your package.

All this customs talk made wonder, does CC undervalue your packages? I've never even considered it but now I'm kinda curious if anyone has asked them before. I doubt it but would love some confirmation.

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I wish I had your luck

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Have you tried tag searching?

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where is this teddy bear ring from? I see it sometime in tokyo fashion snaps

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It looks like one of the tiny teddy bears I’d see on ornaments glued to a hair scrunchie

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when i was a kid i grew up in an area with such hard water that we weren't supposed to drink it, and it definitely had a negative impact on our clothes. it made whites looks yellowed and dingy and MAY have increased color bleed- unfortunately i was too young to keep track of something like that. i do know that high quantities of certain minerals keeps your detergent from properly mixing with water though.

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do you guys do anything specific other than just throw them in the machine like put your clothes in fabric bags or something?
i'm washing sweet check soon and i'm unsure what to do. my machine made a pair of red and white stripe shorts bleed once so i'm not too confident about it

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Make sure your washing machine's delicate or handwash cycle is actually delicate, use color catchers, put dresses inside out, with all detachable parts removed, in a garment bag. You can test how the fabric will respond by trying a waist tie first, or the sample fabric swatches some dresses come with sometimes

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What >>10505384 said. I also use this since it's gentle on my clothes

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hey gulls, is there an app or something to help me keep track of all the accessories I own, and put together coords? What do yall use to put together your outfits in general? Do you just lay everything out irl on the bed, or use something like Fashmates to drag and drop things together? I want to make sure I'm getting appropriate accessories, like if I get a strawberry necklace I want to make sure it matches the dress and socks I have without having to open my closet and physically look if that makes sense. Idk. Just how do you gulls put together outfits?

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I use Excel with picture

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>All this customs talk made wonder, does CC undervalue your packages? I've never even considered it but now I'm kinda curious if anyone has asked them before. I doubt it but would love some confirmation.

They don't.

Never had any problems in the UK. If you're worried ask the SS you're using to take out any invoices.

Where do you live now anon? Have also moved to a different European country and I'm worried UK customs might have been way more lax than the norm

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How do lolitas afford their extensive wardrobes? I see wardrobe posts out there where people own well over 50 sometimes close to 100 JSKs. Some have been in the community for over a decade which makes sense. I’m curious as to what careers people have.

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I do gig jobs and just save up for 2nd hand and the rare pre-order. If I limit my eating out/games I'll can afford brand every month

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i usually make a collage on my phone.
there's also this app called combyne that lets you swipe through your clothes to arrange stuff, but it's really bare bones, you can't put accessories on it. i've never used it for lolita.

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Does anyone have a good shop reference that makes cute extra spacers for a JSK strap (so it buttons between the top and bottom) to lengthen it, please?

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I have disposable income after bills/rent/savings. That's it

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I work in the financial sector. It took a few years to work my way up but now the pay good.

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How many pieces are you guys purchasing on average a month?

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combination of almost a decade of participating + disposable income after paying bills

I used to be amazed at how people were able to have so many dresses, and then I got a full-time job that paid over minimum wage and I'm now like, oh, that's how. I make 3k a month and I only need 1/6 of that to pay all of my bills. I think I've bought 10+ dresses since March.

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By being a sugar baby, of course

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My bf pays all the bills and gets me lolita stuff as gifts. And I have a part time job for fun money

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It really depends on the month. Anywhere from 0-3. Lately I’ve been focusing on non-main pieces and picking up a few each month.

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Holy shit rent and bills are only $500 total? Where do you live?

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Like main pieces? 1 a month, but smaller stuff? 10ish

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I have roommates, our rent combined is 1700/mo
my parents pay for some things too because I'm still finishing my degree as well

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>>10505459 here, usually just one a month if even, but there's been a lot of good sales this year, I'm waiting on 4 dresses in the mail atm. Also have been really big into socks, I gotta almost be at 50 pairs now, especially after this next SS order gets to me.

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As a follow up to this question:

Do you folks set strict budgets that you will not exceed for the month/year?

It’s been really interesting learning about this. Ty all.

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No, >>10505467 here and like I said it really depends on the month. When I’m stressed I tend to buy more. Sometimes there are dry spells where there isn’t anything I want to buy. I’m into other jfashion too so i split my money between that and lolita.

I have a lot of discretionary income because I moved here right before rent skyrocketed so my place is kind of rent controlled. I’ve considered moving somewhere bigger/nicer but I’d have to pay so much more to stay in the same area, and I like the discretionary income.

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software developer.
no, i just log into my bank account from time to time. if it's over 4k, i move 1k to savings. if it's under 2k, i try to purchase less.

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So guys, because my misty sky OP didn't fit, I decided to make it into a skirt. It feels so much better now. Is it normal for people to make OPs into skirts?

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I'm a uni student with a free ride living at home. I barely pay any bills and now with rona I'm not spending money on going out so most of my part time money goes straight to lolita

I just keep track of my bank account. If I want something and I have the spending money for it I get it

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I work as a statistician and have around 60 dresses.

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>Get "dark wine" IW dress
>It looks like that on the website, a dark wine
>Get it
>"More purple" dark wine
>Doesn't math the bonnet I was planning to wear with it (bonnet is more red)
>Plan to make my own
>No fabric matches this damn shade
So that's where I'm at. I can make the bonnet with an outer more purple wine, the inner with a more red one, and coord the whole thing with a spectrum of wines, but am I going to look like an idiot? Should I try dyeing my own fabric? The secondary color was supposed to be ivory.

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I have an android awww

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I don't because I do freelance work, but I DO have a rule that with all of my leftover money after paying bills, I save half and spend the other half on lolita

>> No.10505576

Buy another dress maybe? Why keep something around that doesn't match your wardrobe? Unless it's a dream dress I don't get why you would go through all that trouble, seems like such a hassle for just one coord.

>> No.10505584

I do actually really like the dress, all this aside. I have shoes and and a bag that work nicely with it, it's just the headwear I'm having trouble with. I was hoping to wear a bonnet, but I may just have to settle for a lacy headress

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Damn I would kill to have a software dev/engi salary for buying lolita. What's your collection like?

>> No.10505615

I work as a nurse, i usually buy around 2 dresses every month and then accessories
I usually just order from japan and ship it all every 6 months
have around over 50 dresses now
I split the bills with my fiance but I usually budget still and try not to go to crazy shopping, although corona really made me buy extra stuff

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Damn, do we have a thread of showcasing lolita wardrobes or is that frowned upon? I personally love seeing people's wardrobes.

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I'll come clean. I'm able to purchase lolita because of my partner. He is an SE and the highest paying job I ever had was about 1/4th of what he gets paid in base salary. I have a 4-year college degree, plus some, but apparently I'm just not good at climbing the job ladder. My salary alone was never enough to cover rent in our area, so basically, after school loan payments, my car, and a few other expenses, he takes care of the rest.

I usually purchase about 2 main pieces a month, but that's slowed down a lot because there's just not that much on the market anymore for me. I've worn the fashion for 5 years and I have around 70 dresses (300-ish brand items in all when you include blouses, jewelry, etc). I only buy AP and 95% of it is secondhand.

My only budgeting rule is "spend less than you make and don't price-gouge yourself" As I said before, any money I make is basically icing on the cake. I do have a savings account, so not all of my money is spent on lolita.

I'm horribly privileged, and I'm aware of it.

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January's the traditional month for wardrobe posts. There's usually a matching thread on cgl, and people making wardrobe posts on their own social media.

Although now that it's actually been years since livejournal was even relevant to lolita I don't know if people still remember that January is wardrobe posts.

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One of my moitie dresses straps are too long/big on me, is it a better idea to get it altered or clip it back somehow? They’re non adjustable straps.

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So it's LP season and I'm figuring out which would be cheaper to buy with: Tenshi or Tenso? I was wanting to buy the unisex LP from Honey Cinnamon

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Does anyone have a good guide on how to replace elastic? I bought a dress recently where the shirring on just the top and bottom rows is stretched out. All the middle rows are fine.

>> No.10505656

google egl wardrobe post

>> No.10505692

If I buy a dress secondhand that has been worn by someone that is significantly bigger than I am, will the dress be forever stretched and unwearable? I'm talking about the plus sized lolitas that are barely squeezing into the max measurements of a dress. Is this something you can fix in a dress depending on fabric type?

>> No.10505695

Ask them if there's pulls at the bodice seams

>> No.10505696

I'm not a pro or anything, I only sew small shit and tailor my non lolita stuff, but if i had to fix something I would deconstruct a little and take in the seems on the bodice. AP doesn't match the print at seems on the bodice so taking it in wouldn't be noticeable .
if there was a shirring panel I would replace the elastic in the panel.

With a sewing machine, lots of planning/ double checking i don't think it is too difficult.
it seems scary at first but you can use the existing seems as a guide

>> No.10505701


Depends a lot on the material, the plus-size, etc etc. Some of the brand dresses are pretty hardy and the girls aren't as big as they look, or they merely wore it for five minutes, so even after the squeezing the elastic recovers fine and the dress is pretty intact. I'll second >>10505695, ask for details of seam damages, if there's a lot of pulling, it's coming apart, etc, than it's basically a bucket of scrap fabric and not a dress.

As for fabric, the lighter fabric tend not to recover as well, so chiffon, gauze (even cotton gauze), etc will usually be pretty irreversibly damaged. However, the bigger and worse the squeeze, even heavy cotton twill won't be able to stay intact.

If you're up for making the dress smaller, you can basically cut it at the seamlines and basically re-sew the whole dress back together. I don't suggest this if you don't have enough experience in sewing though, it's just as tricky as sewing a new dress because it'd still need to be sewn from scratch, seams need pressing, hemlines need finishing, inserting zippers/elastic/etc, but you get the bonus extra task of carefully cutting the dress apart to get the fabric scraps and then trying to piece a dress out of the fabric scraps you cut up.

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Where’s a good place to make a WTB nowadays? I mainly see people posting them on Instagram, but this doesn’t seem like a good move if you barely have reach.

>> No.10505714

Where can I find the pin she's wearing? I know that she says that it's a minnery pin, but idk which shop/person she's referring to


>> No.10505733

Honestly, this whole WTB thing needs to stop. Just stalk sales online like the rest of us. Most people post their sales/auctions on LM even if the item is in someone's WTB because generally they can get more money. Also I s2g all I see lately are WTBs everywhere.

>> No.10505737

I‘ve aquired multiple dream dresses through WTBs, because some people are too lazy to put up a listing, take a pretty picture and think of a description. My best friend only started selling her stuff when I agreed to help her the work. So no, WTBs still work.

>> No.10505753

I got to be honest, right now my parents pay me an allowance for my living expenses while I’m in college and I save what I can to spend on lolita. Usually once in every two months I will buy one main piece and one accessory. My wardrobe is still small, 15 main pieces only, mostly second hand brand and some off brand.

>> No.10505792

This sounds similar to what I do savings-wise, except I also already chuck ~1k into savings per paycheck.
(I'm also a software developer, it isn't necessarily "fuck you" money but it's nice. I also paid back my student loans because I worked my ass off to graduate early/in minimal debt. Feels good.)

I have probably ~60 main pieces (it's been a while since I checked), but I also wear hard-to-find classic so my spending fluctuates depending on what's available. Patiently waiting for MM to release their back stock/survey.

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What JSK is this?

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File: 72 KB, 1200x672, 9FB3AE0B-7456-4821-A356-8886D470FEF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn Anons y'all ballin out of control with those budgets.

>> No.10505846

noticing there's a lot of lolitas who pursued careers in programming (myself included) - is there some kind of group or discord? It would be nice to make some frilly coding friends.

>> No.10505869

AYRT. Not that I know of, sadly, but I'm also not someone who actively searches for discords to join. It would be nice though, I'm in embedded and it's rare to find other women period in my experience.

>> No.10505873

Also a lolita in STEM, it would be nice to have a discord. Is there one for lolita fashion general?

>> No.10505874

yeah, I'm the only woman at my job doing software engineering, all the other women are doing HR or marketing.

>> No.10505885

I'm a lolita who is a theoretical physicist (i.e., sits coding all day and sometimes does maths) so would be interested.

>> No.10505946

Looks like Soufflesong's strawberry rabbit https://www.soufflesong.com/Strawberry-Rabbit?product_id=913

>> No.10505957

Just a basic IT call center agent. $17/hr with weekly pay, and occasional over time at $25/hr. I have no debt and only a few bills rent/car/internet/electric/food. Work from home has been saving me gas money as well so that adds up.
I wouldn't say strict. After bills are paid I have money left over to freely spend. If there's something that's expensive that I want, I usually just don't spend my extra money for two weeks or work on art commission in between taking calls. I've only started lolita within quarantine so I only have 8 dresses, 5 blouses, 5 shoes, stockings/headpieces/jewelry etc. though I'm gonna hold off next month because I want a cute gun.

>> No.10506005

What would you think about a European dating a Japanese lolita model?

>> No.10506014

What happened to the COF threads?

>> No.10506019

I think they just weren't getting much traffic or people willing to add content. You could try making one, but it might end up petering out.

>> No.10506026

No shame in having a sugar parent, I would if I could. At least you aren't snobbish about it

>> No.10506085

IW's burgundy/wine has always been very purpley. I currently have an IW ribbon hair clip in the mail to match a dress I've had since 2008 since I've never been able to find the correct color from another brand.

I'd say buy an IW bonnet in their wine color way, match your headwear to a secondary color, or go fabric shopping in person to color match.

>> No.10506130


I love IW but honestly it's not a brand you want to dabble in if you have some colour-matching OCD-ness. Their solids tend to be commercially available fabric, they have a far wider range of fabrics that they use than other brands (presumably a lot of different suppliers) so quite often their colours ends up being tonally different between releases. My friend and I own various things in navy and they range from almost black to 'lolita standard' navy to something in between.

Personally I think if you lean classic rather than sweet it seems to matter less when the match is less than perfect, eg - see the typical classic coord with at least 3 different shades of brown. Another route you can take is to choose a different material, eg if you have a cotton dress, then match with it some satin ribbons -- the difference in the way the light reflects will make it harder for most people to notice the different tones. Though I guess that doesn't really help with the bonnet, sorry.

>> No.10506204

Ive seen this backfire. Anons put the value for $50 but spent $1000+ and the package gets lost. Then they get whatever amount they lied about. In my opinion it’s not a good idea.

>> No.10506206

anon, customs form doesn't have anything to do with the insurance on the package.

>> No.10506208

My husband is the breadmaker for us and I’m in school for my career. I get like 2-3 main pieces a year because I feel guilty spending his money. Idk how people use others for money and not care.

>> No.10506214

Maybe don’t think so much about money and see it as a nice thing you both share. I hate the sentiment that one partner is „worth more“ or „bringing more into the relationship“ when it’s about money. I work just as hard as my husband and he simply has a STEM job. I won’t feel guilty spending his money, when we both work hard in our respective dream careers.

>> No.10506228

Then i guess people have made up the stories. It is 4chan after all.

>> No.10506249

what's more likely is they only bought the minimum insurance. the free one in my country only covers $60. when a package gets lost the post office asks for purchase receipts. customs forms are only looked at by the customs agencies to charge you fees.

>> No.10506263

Pandemic bucks!! I was furloughed for around 2 months due to the pandemic. I received UI which was more than my salary plus an extra $600 per week plus the stimulus check. I made out like a king (which admittedly is messed up) so even after saving a huge chunk of that money I expanded my wardrobe to 30 dresses and counting.

>> No.10506267

Unemployment in America is never more than your income (minus the extra $600) though is it? My state pays only 80% wage replacement or something.

>> No.10506273

You make minimum wage and are in debt.

>> No.10506275

The messed part isn't that you got extra money, it's that people still working and struggling got nothing. Also that you spent it on lolita kind of...

>> No.10506282


I mean I make a lot of money so I'm able to spend up to $1000 on lolita and still am able to save more than that for my retirement or long term savings. It's nice to have a nice job.

>> No.10506302

That anon makes less than UI which means they make shit for pay. They’re going to live a shit lifestyle buying *burando* but never improving their quality of life. It’s less than 3k a month for the max amount of unemployment insurance and this anon doesn’t even make that. Making less than 36k a year is laughable. Spending tax payer money on Lolita is expected as human beings are shitty. But the fact that they make so little and chose to spend govt assistance money on Lolita is
top fucking kek.

No wonder so many Americans are in debt and have no savings. The reckless spending, lack of investment, and just general lack of education makes for great success financially lmao.

>> No.10506307

i don't have a super extensive wardrobe, but i afford lolita on my income while supporting my partner and cats by buying secondhand, having some durable basics (quality shoes/bags that i can also wear with normie clothes) and being pretty frugal in general.

i put a set amount of money away to save and just try not to spend like an idiot desu

i make less than that, but i admittedly don't live in the US and probably have a lower living cost

>> No.10506328

This is a stupid question probably, but I simply never bought anything new from Baby: how do I buy from them directly (or in-store with SS) and how to find out if an item is available?
I‘ve kind of fallen in love with Kumya‘s Christmas Market in the greenish colorway and I have zero clues how good my chances are now after release.

>> No.10506329

You can buy directly from the Japanese site using paypal

>> No.10506331

They sold out during the reservation period, and have already shipped them out.

>> No.10506336

Yeah I can see that online, but I‘ve wondered what if they might have separate stock in-store? I know for AP it’s worth a shot, because sold out items might still be available in their stores. But idk if it’s the same for Baby.

>> No.10506338

If you mean the teal blue colorway it was online only so no, there’s no chance

>> No.10506339

Yes, exactly! That’s good to know, thanks! In this case my chances on mercari and fril are probably higher. I just hope it doesn’t get scalped too much.

>> No.10506340

Yes it does

>> No.10506465

styling question: i have a huge belly that extends outward and not much to the sides, how do i go about choosing blouses and cutsews? I look pregnant in all of them, do I just accept that I’ll be and look fat no matter what? By waist is 102cm
Also just shirts in general I struggle even with normie clothes so I end up wearing baggy sweaters and shirts to feel comfortable

>> No.10506469


>> No.10506491

Hopefully you were speaking in general, because I'm not using my partner for money. I fell in love with him before he even had a job. It just so happened that he would become wealthy enough to support himself fully, as well as me whether I had a job or not. I'm not spending his money directly on lolita, and
I don't think I'd feel right if I did. He's pretty happy with just me using what I make as I please.

I do feel bad at times that I don't contribute more. But as >>10506208
said, the median wages in my career are far below an SE. Not all degrees are made equal, and it's an unrealistic expectation for both people in the relationship to make the same amount of money.

>> No.10506492

Whoops, I'm stupid, I meant >>10506214

>> No.10506555

I feel retarded for asking this but I guess it’s what the thread is for. Branching into classic and wondering where to get good shoes.

>> No.10506591

i’m no troll, i’m just struggling with some pretty bad bloating atm, and I’m actively working on losing weight. My stomach wasn’t this bad before. I guess I’ll look at pregnancy styling kek

>> No.10506598

That is literally a hair elastic wrapped around the finger twice

>> No.10506603

I was looking for magazines about lolita fashion and came across this one called IDOLFILE. The cover model is wearing lolita but the name of the magazine makes me think it's about idols? I'm looking for magazines to flip through for coord inspo.

The magazine I'm talking about: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2369551?s_ssid=e365bb5fbcefa98847

>> No.10506628

Is shopping addiction a common thing in lolita?

>> No.10506630

Where would I be able to find the Lolitas and Colitas macaron unicorn dress? It's the only sweet taobao print I really like but I don't know where to find it and it wasn't on their shop assuming I clicked the right place.

>> No.10506632

Do you have a Taobao account? If you're not logged in you can't see most of the stock (idk if it's in stock but it sounds like that might be your problem)

>> No.10506636

Maybe that's my problem. I never use an account, just browse the stock on my phone generally. Assuming it's still available.

>> No.10506641

my shopping addiction led to actual bankruptcy

>> No.10506653

Probably a lot more common than the average population that isn't into expensive hobbies, and maybe more common in people who've just started out and have a lot more to spend.

I think I've had a bit of a shopping addiction this year since I was finally able to afford the fashion a couple of the weeks before the quarantine started (and of course, also due to quarantine boredom). I'll never spend a whole bunch on lolita in such a short amount of time ever again though, since I was lucky and basically found every main piece I really wanted secondhand. I don't really have the urge to check the secondhand markets that much anymore, and I average about 3-4 releases a year that I really like enough to get.

>> No.10506658
File: 191 KB, 665x562, 2020-11-24 10_45_48-【Online Limited】Kumya's Christmas Market jumper skirtⅠ & head bow set[KC] - BABY.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's actually a chance they'll restock online. I missed out on something from the Kumya's Twinkle Cosmetic series, and it restocked a couple of weeks later. Missing out during the reservation period doesn't mean you've completely lost your chance.

Buying during the Twinkle Cosmetics release was my first time buying from Baby, so I'm not experienced enough to know how their system works every time, but on the listing page, it says it'll come into stock around the end of November or the beginning of December (unannounced), so just check the website occasionally before trying to look for it secondhand.

>> No.10506665

I’m speaking in general. I don’t know you and I personally know gold diggers. I’ve called them out and they have wk’s who defend them using men for free flights to Japan and concert tickets. They don’t even work and yet people defend them. How else would they be getting the money? People are retarded.

>> No.10506680


>> No.10506685

I spent a lot of money in a short period of time. I had perfect credit, therefore multiple high af credit limits. But I was also unemployed and in the midst of my first full blown manic episode.

I also took my parents and my friends on some lavish vacations, in addition to my lolita shopping habit. The resulting debt was fucked up and there was no way I'd ever be able to pay it. My credit score is already back in the "good" category so it was worth it.

>> No.10506687

Nta but if a man wants to fly a chick out for whatever reason it's his money and his choice. Men aren't children. They're not being used when they willingly spend money on beautiful women.

>> No.10506730
File: 76 KB, 499x622, coat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What style of coat is the middle girl wearing?

>> No.10506731

Your average vivienne westwood

>> No.10506739

Is there a search function on wunderwelt? I can’t find it anywhere. The page is pretty cluttered.

>> No.10506744
File: 99 KB, 1482x264, Screenshot_9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10506746

stupid question but how come these women look so different from today’s japanese? is it the photoshop?

>> No.10506747

It’s called makeup.

>> No.10506754

Makeup and plastic surgery trends have changed.

>> No.10506755

Imagine thinking all women look alike

>> No.10506764

partially related but i feel like trends have also changed because of access to smartphones and beauty apps as well. plus with the internet trends aren't condensed to one area. even clothing trends have less of a distinct style because of globalization and the internet.

>> No.10506842

Wtf is sax short for? Is that a color lmao

Also what is KC?

Is there a glossary for common terms and abbreviations?

>> No.10506844

Sax = saxon blue
KC = katyusha, aka a headbow on a headband

>> No.10506846

makeup and photoshop

>> No.10506851

One of the men dumped the gold digger gf because he realized that he was being used.
The chick goes crying to her ex who was also used for his money. Fucked him while he was drunk at a party. It’s disgusting behavior to use people through sex.

>> No.10506861

Ty anon. Does the C in KC stand for anything?

>> No.10506863

AYRT, I've been wearing lolita for over a decade, but I have no idea what the C in KC stands for.

Anybody else know?

>> No.10506865

Because in Japanese it’s カチューシャ and チ is actually the kana for chi, which in romaji starts with a c.

>> No.10506910

Ty anon good to know

>> No.10506940



>> No.10506945

Is the sweet boom over? I'm noticing some really popular sweet dresses just sitting on LM for weeks

>> No.10506957

America is in a recession, people want sweet, but people are mcbroke

>> No.10506959

When did we stop calling them Alice bows?

>> No.10507007


>> No.10507015

Anyone know what ever happened to pixielate and herajika and some of the older lolitas?

>> No.10507026

Bruh, I'm old

>> No.10507030

>head eating bow

I feel like I haven't seen anyone use this phrase in fucking years, dude. It used to be fairly ubiquitous.

>> No.10507033


We're kind of trending towards smaller bows and hairclips, not even AP is releasing a head-eating bow with every release now, so I guess we actually do have less of them.

It's usually reserved for a larger-than usual bow anyway, one that looks like it's actually eating your head.

>> No.10507092

When does Devilinspired's 2 hour free shipping for Black Friday start? I messaged them and they said there's a countdown on the website, but I can't see it?

>> No.10507100

AP was never really known for head eating bows. Sure they had some but it’s mostly a Baby thing.

>> No.10507101

>Buying during the Twinkle Cosmetics release was my first time buying from Baby, so I'm not experienced enough to know how their system works every time
So shut up, you sound stupid.

>> No.10507113


Well, the name was originally given to a red Meta headbow so large I think it was bigger than the mannequin head it was modeled on, but Meta hasn't been making much of headbows either, and I can't even recall the last time I saw one of the large wired ones.

2010's era sweet AP was making headbows that made you look pinheaded if you didn't have enough hair, so that's where the moniker went to next.

Baby's headbows usually aren't that big, they're kinda a normal size for headbows, so they usually aren't described as head-eating.

>> No.10507126
File: 898 KB, 750x883, 67F27276-9BC2-493B-8C14-161EC58D5232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fingers crossed it doesnt post twice
ID on this dress?

>> No.10507145

Baby headbows are often bigger than AP when looking at them but they lie more flat if you want them to while AP headbows tend to stick straight up so Baby ones look less crazy even with a more flat simple hairstyle

>> No.10507147

Looks like a taobao Little Witch equivalent but I couldn't tell you the name.

>> No.10507196


Yes? I mean the term was head-eating bow, so the bow should look like it's eating your head. Not "largest bow measured flat with a ruler".

>> No.10507279
File: 41 KB, 516x645, 614730-4577-2016-03-29775534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have examples of turning a jsk into a skirt that still has the corset lacing? Pic related but I think I'd rather have the corset lacing still in the back because that's where it already is on the jsk.

I recently got my hands on a second jsk of a dress I love decent condition and I wanted to see if anyone had done this/had good results

>> No.10507281

it likely won't work because of the seams on the front of the jsk bodice.

>> No.10507296

This may work if you keep the corset lacing on the back. But you’d also have to add significant reinforcement to the bodice and m seams to make them heavier duty and more like a waistband and less just like a cut off bodice

>> No.10507303
File: 682 KB, 2184x2289, PSX_20201125_155023-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon who was trying to dye a blouse here. Here's the results. I wouldn't call ot a complete failure but it still was a learning experience. Watched some tutorials on YouTube and even found one about dying lolita blouses and it was a fail. Got RitMore dye and instead of adding half a bottle I only added a cap full and it STILL came out a strong pink color lol. Afterward I bleached it and it came out better, closer to what I wanted but some of the lace deteriorated in the back leave small holes and there's some darker streaks on the collar.

>> No.10507304

I’m a software engineer and I make 250k/yr. last year I spent 20k on lolita

>> No.10507307

So? Get over it. People make choices you wouldn’t. That’s life. There are actual bad things happening in the world you could spend you time worrying about. Like human trafficking. Those people are the real victims, not some idiot dude who spends too much money trying to get laid

>> No.10507310

how often does Bodyline do a sale? Like a real good one, not the fake sale like they're kinda doing now

>> No.10507318

Lmao he can get fucked, gross scrotes who pay beautiful women to have sex with deserve to get taken to the cleaners.

>> No.10507332

You're right. And women who stay with their boyfriends who berate and insult them shouldn't complain at all. They're adults and can leave any time they want- it's not like they're being physically held back.

>> No.10507388

What do lolitas even talk about at tea parties and meets?

>> No.10507390

New releases, outfits, secondhand sales, cgl lolitas are meanies, and random sperging about other niche hobbies.

This was at a ticketed meet up. I did meet a couple cool girls but the rest of the people there were either really cringey or insular to their clique.

>> No.10507397
File: 193 KB, 663x619, 1520125001446.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't think gold-diggery is a good thing anon, but this is not a reasonable comparison

>> No.10507429

Damnnnn! I've heard you can make that much straight out of school. Is this including bonuses etc or is that your base rate?

>> No.10507695

I've never done a regular big meetup but I've done a lot of "mini meets" with people I'm friends with. We just talk about the same things we normally do.

>> No.10507696

What are some items that are good to have for lolita maintenance? There's needle and thread of course for tears, but what else? Spot cleaner? Any tricks or items for making sure your clothes last longer?

>> No.10507698

Steamer and iron and garment bags for anything that you can throw into a gentle cycle in the laundry.

>> No.10507705


Color catchers, storage bins, hooks with a bar so your elastic straps don't kts, a large plastic bucket for handwashing

>> No.10507739

Does anyone have some western brands that sell some stuff that would work with aristo?

>> No.10507745

Okay so I made a taobao order via Bhiner a while back. It shipped out on October 18th, and the last tracking update was from October 27th when the package left China. I used the Bhiner economy shipping option and I live in Canada. Should I expect my tracking to update again, or will it just appear at my house at some point? Also, how much longer should it take for me to start worrying about whether or not the package is lost? I understand things are slower than usual given the pandemic, but not having any tracking updates in a month is unsettling.

>> No.10507753

I find that if your stuff was shipped by ship, it can take months, and the tracking doesnt usually update after it leaves china. You just have to wait. I guess if you dont get it by feb you should worry

>> No.10507778

What is the black friday big sale going to include on devil inspired? Currently they have a 20% off 199$+ and 15% off coupon.

Should I wait to order when the "black friday big sale" starts? It's starting in 9.5 hours.

>> No.10507826

How come meta's dresses tend to sell for much lower than AP? I've seen some really meta cute print dresses go for less than $50 and AP dresses that are not as good (imo) go for the same price

>> No.10507879

Aside from what's been mentioned, laundry soap and gentler detergents for delicates, enough space to dry more delicate garments flat rather than hanging, and a healthy perspective on what fits vs what you can fit into.

>> No.10507889

you should wait to order from real brands because devilinspired is shill city

>> No.10507890

Already did for main pieces, but wanting to get some accessories and possibly some shoes.

>> No.10507893

Different taste

>> No.10507905

Good to know, thanks

>> No.10507947

AP has a really big collector market and limited releases.

>> No.10507984

Lolita collective isn't that bad

>> No.10508463

Speaking of lolita collective, I ordered a blouse in August and it has not even been shipped yet. Is this normal for this site?

>> No.10508477

Based on what I've read, Bhiner Economy is an air-based shipping method though.

>> No.10508587
File: 81 KB, 240x320, a3990428-27ab-5237-9ca6-530363e64cbd_5B1_5D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very on topic for this thread, but I just washed pic related for the first time and some of the red dye transferred to the white collar despite using like 7 color catcher sheets. I washed the waist ties first as a test and the sheet I used didn't have even a tiny bit of transfer so I thought I was in the clear, but I suppose not. Thankfully the sleeves are detachable so they were spared. Any idea on how to go forward getting this pink staining out of the collar? I'm super bummed.

>> No.10508668

I use rit color remover powder on a red solid AP OP that bled pink on to the white collar, not sure if it will affect the print but it may work

>> No.10508684

notyourhime.h had an insta story recently about using dish soap to get bleeding red dye out, but unfortunately i don't remember the full details of her method. try googling about dish soap, maybe you can find more info.

>> No.10508709

The biggest thing is do not leave it alone, keep a close eye on it, swish it around, replace the water and make sure it's not just sitting in the water where dye can run and pool on it. I've stained things more than once by making this mistake.

>> No.10508717

Has anyone tried using a fake prescription to buy contacts from Asian sites? Part of me wants to take advantage of Black Friday sales, but I don't have a recent prescription ever since I got Lasik a few years back.

>> No.10508742

I never updated my prescription on honey color. The one that's on there has to be years old at this point, and I just got more stuff from them last month.

>> No.10508750

thanks for sharing, anon! Very informative. I'm glad things sorta worked out!

>> No.10508780

Do the -X.XX numbers you get at least match what's on your prescription file at the least? I can't remember the name of what those numbers are right now.

>> No.10508894

Usakumya question:

I just got my first ever Usakumya, and one of the feet is really jutting out to the side in the same direction as the other. The 'normal' foot seems to hang normally, only slightly duck footed, but the other leg sticks out in the same direction but much more exaggeratedly. Is this normal? I am looking at some on LM now and notice some of them do this, but mine seems to be sticking out really far in comparison.

It's also kind of strange as I thought she was supposed to be duck footed or pigeon toed, not both feet waiving in the same direction? Did they sew on two left feet?

>> No.10508898
File: 318 KB, 1280x720, cowtown.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ntayr, but my rent & bills max out at 500 a month, less in summer. I live in the sticks in the U.S. though. You don't wanna' come here.

>> No.10508903

Different anon here but I'm considering living in some middle of nowhere town just for the low cost of living and spend my time travelling. How unbearable is it?

>> No.10508916

I basically live this way, but be aware that no town within 1 hour of a major international airport is going to be that cheap. I made do with a pretty cheap small town in California. It’s pleasant enough that I didn’t really mind getting stuck here this year as international travel stopped. Personally I couldn’t live somewhere much more rural or less diverse because I’m not white and I don’t feel totally safe in those kinds of places.

>> No.10508931

I live in a semi-major city in the midwest, 20min from the airport, my bills similarly maxing out at 500 because heating is expensive.

since the cost of living is so cheap I used to travel all the time, now that I'm stuck at home I'm just buying myself tons of brand instead.

>> No.10508932

Do you guys live with roommates, I assume? Or your SO?

>> No.10508954

I live near LA in a nice city and my rent and bills are about 900$, but I have a roommate. It isn't bad considering the proximity to LAX and OC and convenience in location.

I would love to pay 500$ total for rent and bills though, but that will never happen in big city areas. I'm really lucky to pay $900 in the LA country, in a safe area, with a nice house and amenities.

>> No.10508967

I live with my boyfriend, yeah

>> No.10509012

stupid question but how do you guys co-ordinate what you buy for your wardrobe? im trying to start from scratch with nanchette but i have no idea what im doing

>> No.10509024

Will CC combine two orders I have made to my Tenso address?

>> No.10509034

start with versatile, durable pieces. kei market and closetchild both have tons of cheap pieces waiting to be snatched up. i don't wear nanchatte but i think good staple pieces would be black/brown loafers, pleated skirts, and knit cardigans.

>> No.10509073

So I got a cheapo blouse from some Chinese reseller and shocker! It looked nothing like the promo picture.

Thing is the lace and cut isn't that bad? But the material feels like cheap, plastic polyester? It's not shiny which is great, but it's not much better than a forever 21 blouse at this point. My stupid question:

I feel like if I could make the fabric look "softer" it would be passable? How would I do that? Soak it in fabric softener?

>> No.10509098

Which reseller?

>> No.10509107

My lolita dress

>> No.10509246

I think I bought from them once before. My first dress actually, and it wasn't anything loke the photo either. Isn't that the site that's actually milanoo too?

>> No.10509266

Kentucky and Indiana are. Lived 30 minutes from the airport in IN and paid $400 in rent, utilities besides electric included in the rent

>> No.10509284


>> No.10509297

Fuck, the cheapest rent I've paid for a 1 bedroom was $730

>> No.10509300

Wouldn't surprised me if they were, last time I buy from them.

I'm going to try the fabric softer and see how that works

>> No.10509347

It’s much more expensive to fly international out of Indiana or Kentucky than it is to fly out of one of the actual major airports — sfo, lax, o’hare or jfk. If you travel enough the difference can overtake the higher rent pretty quickly.

>> No.10509350

So do salopette look good on plus size people? Would you even considered them lolita?

>> No.10509351

>cries in NY and CA

>> No.10509364

I live near the nation's capital and rent fucking sucks for anyone under 55

>> No.10509367

Where’s a good place to buy red glitter shoes? NOT cottoncandyfeet, they suck

>> No.10509370

What is up with CCF? I'm hearing their shoes suck and are obviously over priced. Does it really take over a month to receive the shoes?

>> No.10509372

no and no

>> No.10509379

Do you fit Japanese sizing? I've heard good things about the ones Emily Temple cute used to make

>> No.10509380

Dont tell me they're another cut that would look like shit on people big tits

>> No.10509382

Yeah I do! Thanks anon, I’ll look into those.

>> No.10509387
File: 43 KB, 400x180, 3985B13D-3048-4A9D-A892-90DA07DB3C2F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is a efame lolita in your opinion? Someone on the farm called a girl semi-efamous but I've never heard of her

>> No.10509427

Generally no, but it depends on your proportions. If you have wide hips but no chest they might look cute? For the most part salos aren't a forgiving cut.

Brands consider them lolita, JP lolitas consider them lolita, and there isn't a huge difference in cut/silhouette between most salos and low-waist JSKs/SKs. However, western lolitas tend to be more nitpicky about it, because they're lower poof and sometimes a bit shorter than average.

>> No.10509518

i'm gonna get the MMM coffin lace MTO, my waist/bust is 68/84 respectively, but i'm decently tall at 171. could i get away with size 9 (73 waist and 93 bust) or should i size up?

>> No.10509527
File: 2.11 MB, 800x1200, woman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I got told to ask here from another board so I'm sorry if it's out of place - does anyone know what this style is?

>> No.10509529

I think its called soft sister, but it's kinda generic kawaii fashion

>> No.10509530 [DELETED] 

This strikes me as more of a general cutesy style with a school girl twist, but the closest style would probably be nanchatte >>10498116

>> No.10509538

Any cute photo editing apps people recommend? The one I used to use seems to be defunct now

>> No.10509539

It looks loosely based off nanchatte with the sailor collar, bow, and plaid pleated skirt imo.

>> No.10509541

line camera, snow

>> No.10509548

Any link to the nanchatte discord?

>> No.10509552

Is there any reason I shouldn't wear dance tights for warmth?
I am too tall for most skin colored fleece lined tights since they seem to be only made in Asia. I just want a warm base to layer socks and stuff over in the winter.
I am 5'9" and 140lbs.

>> No.10509559

Thank you!

>> No.10509570

Sadly I don't have an Instagram so I'm not able to view stories. I did some googling and apparently dish soap + vinegar works for some people, but I didn't have any luck. Currently have some Oxiclean sitting on it and if that doesn't work I'll go ahead and try the Rit dye remover. Thanks for the suggestions, regardless!

>> No.10509585

The west doesn't consider them lolita, because usually people who have to ask are too big and tall to wear them. If you're 5'2 and under and thin, as in 105lb and under, you can style it to look lolita

>> No.10509612

> If you're 5'2

A lot of salos are actually the same length as a regular JSK, if you look at the measurements of them. The main difference is just the waist placement and bodice cut, which gives the illusion of a shorter overall length.

Just looking at some AP salos
Loyal Rosette Salo is 85cm long, vs the JSK which is 86cm
Quartet Chocolate Salo is 86cm, vs the napolean JSK which is also 86cm
Brigitte Regimen Salo is 82cm, vs the low waist JSK which is 86cm, both have almost identical silhouettes

There are some that are VERY short, though, so in those cases I'd agree it's best to avoid those particular dresses if you're very tall. But if you're tall and thin longer salos can be great! I own a ton because a lot of normal-waist dresses become high-waist on me. But salo waistbands still hit at a flattering point.

>> No.10509809 [DELETED] 

Do any of you have experience with ordering from Fril? I tried ordering a dress through a proxy (FromJapan) and after putting the payment through, the seller deleted the listing but put it back up.

>> No.10509861

how much is shipping for an order from baby jp to the us?

>> No.10509897

Usually around $40 but can be more or less depending on what you order, for example shoes will make the cost go up a lot faster

>> No.10509900


>> No.10509901
File: 46 KB, 640x640, TB2rg2roFXXXXXcXXXXXXXXXXXX_!!98836477.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can select any shoe design on Antaina with glitter material.

>> No.10509914

I wanted to wndowshop antaina but it looks like I need to have a taobao profile to browse through. How do I signed up on Taobao?

>> No.10509942

Has an english signup anyways:

>> No.10509955

Is bodyline ok for babby's first coord-type of stuff? What is the quality like?

>> No.10509956
File: 1.40 MB, 1440x1751, Screenshot_20201130-101453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this Baroque dress a knockoff of japanese burando or an original design?

>> No.10509963

there are 50 or so of these kinds of old school jsks with lace like this so it's impossible to tell.

>> No.10509964

Body line is ok, but just ok. The issue is bodyline’s dresses look as cheap as they are, and can make coords look frumpy and ita. The people who pull off bodyline really well are usually experienced in the fashion and know how to dress it up to detract from the cheapness. Just don’t be the newbie bodyline ita and actually buy and match it with lolita accessories, not a forever 21 cardigan and random black ballet flats from target.

>> No.10509974

Looks original to me, it vaguely looks like baby's millefeuille jsk with different lace placement

>> No.10509979

I am in the process of losing weight but my bust measurement is still rly big (98cm). One of my dream items is the IW Millefeuille bolero but I am scared my cow tits will never fit. Should I buy it and hope I fit it someday or just move on and cut my losses?

>> No.10509983
File: 82 KB, 480x640, 0d2e5e21-0392-57c0-893a-8fc64fed3509.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nvm i checked it myself, here is the btssb dress i was thinking of. i guess it's different enough.

>> No.10510003

In addition to the above question about big tiddies, i have tiny tiddies (83cm bust) and there's a lot of dresses that fit my waist measurements perfectly, but are way bigger than my chest measurements. Are the chest areas of said dresses going to look deflated on me? Do people with small boobs generally stuff the deflated area? I'm very new to all of this and come from fashions where nearly everything is oversized, so I don't really know how lolita works on normal-sized-waist-but-tiny-boob.

>> No.10510006

Wear a padded pushup bra

>> No.10510008

my bust is the same as yours and waist 67, nothing looks too big on me but i have a broad ribcage

>> No.10510016

When in doubt, use the corset lacing to tighten, but otherwise, yeah >>10510006

>> No.10510021

Is 83cm considered tiny? I'm not much bigger than that and I get loafed in a lot of my old school pieces...

>> No.10510025

I think for old moitie no since they cap at around 82cm. For current day it is tiny since brands are starting at around 90cm or higher. Poor petite girls must be swimming in their pieces, similar to the AP model. I think for runway models the standard is around 80-86max, but a lot have even smaller bust measurements.

>> No.10510323

Not really jfash specific but can any gulls recommend warm tights that are comfy for 27"+ waist? I'm not plus size or anything but for some reason tights in particular always pinch and put a lot of pressure on my stomach which makes it uncomfortable to wear all day, especially if they're really thick or fleece lined. The dream would be tights that fit like leggings or seamless leggings that can be worn with socks and passed off as tights.

>> No.10510324

I'm about 82cm and I used to exclude myself from buying things all the time based on the bust measurements. I've completely stopped doing that now, though, and honestly things still look fine 99% of the time. If you buy something that's really too big and you don't want to sell it, just get the bust taken in by a professional seamstress. It's a very low-risk alteration compared to letting things out.

>> No.10510330

i've bought land's end fleece leggings in store and i think they sell up to a size 18

>> No.10510353

Can you order direct from Atelier Pierrot if youre intl, or do you need an SS?

>> No.10510354

You can order direct, they'll even mark down your package for customs if you ask them. They're pretty great.

>> No.10510356

I'm a member of the itty-bitty committee too and I usually wear a padded bra or tighten the back laces and look fine. If there are no lacings the waist ties do help to cinch things in.

>> No.10510357

Awesome, thank you. :)

>> No.10510583

I've been thinking about buying secondhand normie-ish lolita blouses (particularly classic) and trying to wear them in a vintage-esque way and wear them with my normie clothes. I plan to slowly add more and more blouses and small accessories over time- I may not even end up becoming a lolita.Is this a decent idea? I want to slowly lower myself into this fashion instead of spending $150 dollars in one go like >>10510484 kek

>> No.10510584

$150 in one go isn't much, poorfag. That's like one main piece, KC and blouse if it's a less popular set.

>> No.10510593

Sewing gulls, how do you take in a dress that’s too big? I’ve actually done a lot of sewing but alterations are new for me.

>> No.10510594

If you budget yourself and think about how you can spend that money effectively, that can be worth a blouse, a dress, a petticoat, shoes, socks, and some accessories

>> No.10510596

It's still not a lot of money for lolita, definitely not a kek-worthy amount for a first time lolita to spend on even just a main piece and headbow.

>> No.10510598

I guess I'm just a poorfag

>> No.10510600

Being budget conscious doesn't make you a poorfag. Don't worry anon, poorfag is a mentality, not a financial status.

>> No.10510601

I spend more than that on lolita every week. Sounds like you’re just poor.

>> No.10510629

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i've been looking for a shell/mermaid kind of bag in gold color. Could anyone suggest me a bag of that kind?

>> No.10510631

i did it this way, and i regret it. if i could do it over, I'd buy a full set all from one brand to try out the fashion. it will be easier to sell a set if you decide it's not for you.

>> No.10510632

I'm in a similar boat and I also adore those boleros. The large size is 89cm and I'm 94cm. We should work to become more healthy then buy it when we reach our goals!

>> No.10510639

How can I brighten lace on a printed dress? My miracle candy OP is getting old, the white on it isn't as bright, but it's also a red print that runs so I'm afraid to to intensive washing.

>> No.10510644

bleach, heavy duty

>> No.10510651

If you aren't sure if you'll like the fashion, start with a skirt that you can pair with whatever normie shit you already wear or else build a cheap super casual lolita-adjacent coord.

like for classic go for something like
>low-poof petti if you have no curves
>normie sweater
>whatever normie shoes or buy some cheap lolita ones

Do you hair and makeup nicely, add accessories, and see if you feel cute or ridiculous. If you like classic but want something more normie you should also look at brands like Leur Getter, Jane Marple, ETC, etc.

>> No.10510664

It's a knit fabric, so it has some stretch, plus the ribbon tie gives you a little wiggle room. So you don't have to be exactly 89cm to fit it. I'd say go for it, you can fit it if you keep up the effort.

>> No.10510767

This was asked about in the last thread, but can anyone who uses (or has used) FromJapan show how to change the item value? I made an order with them that's in the warehouse now, and I'm still getting used to their site layout.

Are you still here? A cap would be really helpful

>> No.10510907 [DELETED] 
File: 307 KB, 1564x1564, for anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shitty collage, but I hope it helps

>> No.10510909
File: 311 KB, 1564x1564, for anon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

shitty collage, but I hope it helps

>> No.10510996
File: 98 KB, 664x592, njj.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The option to change item value isn't there for me. Is it only available if you use their point system to buy things or something?

>> No.10511013

It should be literally just under where you are cutting the screen cap off. I dont think it is a points things. Are you using mobile? Try desktop.

>> No.10511027
File: 477 KB, 880x1024, hurluberlu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would Hurluberlu's hair be appropriate for lolita, particularly classic? If so, where could I find wigs with such a hairstyle?

>> No.10511028 [DELETED] 


>> No.10511031
File: 35 KB, 392x480, Hurluberlu2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10511037

I think it would need to be with an outfit that really goes with it, it is not a lolita hairstyle and can look out of place if not thought about.

You will need to either find historical costumers who sell wigs or do it yourself. Personally I dont like how that one is so flar at the top but big at the sides, but >>10511031 is nicer.

>> No.10511064
File: 113 KB, 300x400, wool brooch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that on lolibrary this is called a wool and fur brooch, but what are some other terms for it so I can search for these sort of accessories on other sites, like etsy?

>> No.10511066

Felt or felted brooch?

>> No.10511088

What is Creamy Cutie Pie's store link? I've been trying to find it for a solid 2 weeks, and I have to be missing something. Google image search just brings up taobao resellers and facebook pages, while TaoBao image search shows me unrelated dresses. I'm not even sure it's TaoBao now, I can't find it on the store spreadsheet.

>> No.10511113

I did at first, it wasn't there either. There's just...no box that reads "invoice value".
This is confusing as hell. Could it be because I'm new to the site or something?

>> No.10511153

>Is it only available if you use their point system to buy things or something?
It's possible. I've never used any other payment option other than point buy, so I can't comment on it.

>> No.10511245

How bigger do the garments' measurements have to be compared to your body measurements?
If I have a 72cm waist, would a dress with 72cm waist be too tight on me?

>> No.10511246

Generally you want around 4cm minimum leeway from the garment measurement vs your measurement. It might be too tight and you’ll probably be uncomfortable if the dress doesn’t have shirring or forgiving fabric.

>> No.10511247

Also think about petticoat and other undergarments in that might add bulk around the waist. You may want to go a size up or pass on the dress unless you plan to lose around 4-6cm in the near future IMO

>> No.10511313

What brands are old school?
Lab de Merveilles
R. R. Memorandum
What else

>> No.10511319

All the major brands have older items and were started in the early 2000s at latest.

>> No.10511343

What is the blog/social media for the Btssb Shanghai location?

>> No.10511352


>> No.10511369

And that’s why I’m posting in the stupid questions thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I was reading through the blog a few months ago and now I can’t find the link anymore.

>> No.10511419

Where do you guys buy accessories for classic/goth lolita? Searching on etsy seems to only get me sweet, so I'm desperate for shop recommendations

>> No.10511427

I'm trying to find 2 coords. I've been using warosu archive but I can't seem to find them. Both were posted in the ita thread in the past few months and both had some anons saying that their coords weren't ita and that they were actually cute

The first coord was a gijinka of lucky (the mummy dog from animal crossing) and was posted near Halloween

The other coord was also posted near Halloween, I think. It was mostly black and had a semi-sheer apron, and I think the girl wearing the coord was black

>> No.10511453 [DELETED] 

What is the general quality of Liz Lisa's garments, particularly in regards to their fabric quality and construction? Do their clothes last 5 years, in not longer, or are they just another kawaii fast fashion brand like axes femme?

Also, what are some fashion brands that release high-quality casual clothing, usually in earthy tones (preferably brands that are fairly popular)

>> No.10511455
File: 63 KB, 500x375, dolly2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is the general quality of Liz Lisa's garments, particularly in regards to their fabric quality and construction? Do their clothes last 5 years, if not longer, or are they just another kawaii fast fashion brand like axes femme? Also, what are some fashion brands that release high-quality casual clothing, usually in earthy tones (preferably brands that are fairly popular)

>> No.10511463
File: 299 KB, 853x1280, jsk4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I go about embellishing badges with lace? Where can I get lace like this?

>> No.10511546

I only have one Liz Lisa dress, but it's amazing. The construction feels solid and the fabric is beautiful and soft. It's one of my favorite pieces in my closet. It's definitely not fast fashion quality, it's a hundred dollar dress and it feels like it. I haven't had it long but I can easily see it lasting a good 10 years at minimum.

>> No.10511629

What's a trustworthy shopping service for fril? Or can I just order directly?

>> No.10511635
File: 51 KB, 499x521, 1590239748324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>be sweet and classic user
>planning on buying gothic lolita lucky bag in hopes of getting an easy black blouse
>plan to give other pieces to friend looking to get into gothic lolita
Is this in any way a sound idea? I've been too shit scared to buy lucky bags about anything from anywhere, but I'm suddenly tempted. Should I go for an ouji bag for maximum chance of getting a black blouse instead of a cardigan or something?
t. dearly regretting filling her wardrobe with only white blouses

>> No.10511648

Liz Lisa is fast fashion trash. It feels super cheap, probably cheaper than Axes Femme.

>> No.10511739

If it was on yaplog it's gone. They have Twitter and IG though

>> No.10511963
File: 38 KB, 600x600, 1494298526567.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>finally acquire dream dress
>polyester inner lining reeks of fish
Gulls wtf. I tried washing it and it somehow made the smell stronger. I know polyester has a habit of retaining smells, but this is beyond nasty and quite frankly unwearable. Would taking it to the drycleaners help at all or am I screwed?

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