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Unmotivated edition.

I guess one upside to not having cons is that one girl from my comm who always bunks with me is a sleep humper, and I don't need to worry about that now.

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there's no point saying
>poc have always been part of lolita!
when this is a japanese fashion. that isn't a hot take at all.

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measured myself today and wtf i’ve gained inches yet still weighing the same fucking hate myself

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why would you hate yourself for getting taller? How’d you do it? I been drinking milk everyday but gain no inches

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I want my qt girlfriend and I to go have a picnic in and snuggle in this chilly fall air. I just need to get a qt girlfriend first. :(

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maybe you're bloated

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Japanese are honorary Aryans

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No, they just wish they were.

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Hitler's opinion doesn't count, he was a jew

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I feel like I was more true to the fashion back when I first started wearing it and only had three dresses. Now I have a huge collection but it feels like it’s more about buying than wearing.

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I have a hunch that the people of Iran/ Northern India would disagree

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mood. i remember being 14 and having only 2 brand dresses and they meant the absolute world to me. now i'm sitting on a giant pile of them and i feel like Queen Fuck of Shit Mountain.

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I wore lolita a lot more when I had 7 dresses in the first 2 years. Now I'm at almost a decade with almost 70 dresses and I'm lucky to wear it once a week

Of course, a decade ago I had way more free time and way less responsibilities instead of the me who now has 2 jobs and college courses, so. Maybe we all just have more shit going on in our lives. That's not such a bad thing.

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My sister had a course in pattern construction, and she measured me again. I've lost 5cm on my bust, GOOD because now I officially fit most blouses, BAD because it made me realise my breasts have lost their young firmness. They are sagging now gulls... I kind of like it.

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>finally get hell surgery to correct birth defect weighing on self confidence
>more confidence, eating better, looking better
>saving up more and more money
>excited to start wearing most jfash and lolita, been wishing on it since a decade ago
>pandemic hits
>chronic illness comes back from remission
>spend almost everyday bedridden in excruciating pain
>fucked up immune system destroys appearance, some permanent damage
>medical bills suck up all my burando savings
>heart is a "fatal time ticking bomb waiting to happen"
>become an ugly bitter jealous witch alternating between crying as i browse wishlist and seethe scrolling through itas having it better than me

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>quit lolita temporarily because mentally ill, unemployed and broke as fuck
>sell entire wardrobe for cheap cuz "i can just buy it all back they're not rare pieces"
>all good condition 2009-2012 AP dresses
>come back 1,5 year later all better and with savings for rebuilding lolita collection
>old AP sweet is now trendy
>all the prices have increased at least 200%
>dream dresses that were not sought after at all back then are now slowly approaching rare

what the fuck?

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how old are you anon?

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trendlitas will sell their wardrobes for cheap in about 3-4 years tops

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Bodies changes throughout the day, water weight and errors in measuring, compression, posture, all will yield different results. Only an average measurement over a set time will be acurate, wether its weight or inches. Set a goal range rather and a specific goal.

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Bodies changes throughout the day, water weight and errors in measuring, compression, posture, all will yield different results. Only an average measurement over a set time will be accurate, wether its weight or inches. Set a goal range rather than a specific goal.

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Wut, no you don't. You're not supposed to fluctuate in size daily. Unless you're fat, and/or you over ate, your measurements won't change in a day

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Ahh Strawberry Panic good shit anon.

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why would fat people fluctuate in a day and not thin people?

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>tfw no gf

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my 98cm bust went up to 102cm i don’t want this damn it
Im 25 is it normal for breasts to grow? I am on the pill but I never noticed this change

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22, but my tits "sagging" is a relative term. I'm a 70D in European measurements, and since puberty my boobs have just been outstanding. I had a measurement of 100cm since they were so firm. Now since the "sag" they're 96 cm and hanging just enough to make a crease in the skin when unsupported. I didn't have that before!

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More weight and bloating. The more food you eat all the sudden, the more bloated you get. Fat people eat a lot more than thin people. Plus, the less you weigh, the more each ounce is necessary. For fat people, 2-3lb is negligible Whereas for thin people, they'd have to change their eating habits for a while for that to happen.

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>tfw ghosted

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Wishing losing fat were easier for me, I cannot find the motivation to eat less and work out more. I have a doctor’s appointment coming up and she’s gonna be so disappointed knowing that I haven’t lost any weight. I want to lose weight and be super thin to be able to fit cute clothes.

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Start small? Like no soda and 10min workouts?

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Seconding this. This is exactly how I started out losing weight. I cut out soda and I worked out for short bursts. Over time as I got stronger, I increased the amount of time or number of workouts per day

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I realized Trump supporters are as fanatic as kpop stans and we all know how much kpop stans love their merchs. so I made a twitter account with a fake pfp of some old white dude and I’ve been trumpposting. I’m gonna try to get enough people to follow me before I shrill out some trump merch.

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so yet another faggy wannabe grifter? why would you brag about this lol and why is it in this thread..

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Back off bitch

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I've heard of the apocryphal "second puberty" of your body shape changing some in your mid-20s (and noticed it myself, even staying at the same weight), but there's no real science behind it. Breast growth on BC is definitely more studied and a more likely culprit.

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Oh oof. I'm 27 but my boobs are 82 cm (in all 3 measurements that r/abrathatfits suggests you take - 90 degree angle bow, laying down, and standing up regular). I think it's safe to say my boobs are going to be perfectly perky until I get breast cancer in my 60s and have to get them lopped off.

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>For fat people, 2-3lb is negligible Whereas for thin people, they'd have to change their eating habits for a while for that to happen.

Do most thin people like barely eat food to stay thin? My BMI is like 17 but I regularly gain 3 lbs in a day from my food and then weigh my normal amount after I wake up and take a dump in the morning.

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>bmi of 17
>check mine
>sitting at a bmi of 20
guess i'll die. can't wait to move out, dieting will be so much easier without worried parents

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If your natural set point is BMI 20, you have no reason to lose weight. BMI 20 is perfectly healthy (healthier than me actually, if I got sick and lost weight I'd be in a dangerous position).

This is my natural set point, I take after my dad. Everyone on his side of the family is naturally thin/muscular even though we eat like raccoons.

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Even when I was fat I had the same situation with you as I lost weight. I'd weigh myself daily after pooping and before showering, and if I ate a lot of calories the day before, exact same weight, but if I ate less, a tiny less than a pound change would show up each day. But if I tried to weigh at night no matter how little I ate during the day or whatever, I'd definitely be heavier. Now I'm smaller and it's the same. I weigh about the same as long as I measure under the same conditions.

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I am so glad I’m not a lesbian. Men and women are addicted to sex equally. The only difference is that sex usually needs to be romantic for women. I wouldn’t be able to date one without being raped daily

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Okay larper

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I don't know why I always take my sweet ass time on CC and then get upset when an item I like got sold already.
I purposely avoid rush hours and look at the "leftovers" and while I know I shouldn't waste too much time I still do it.
Fill my cart, make myself a cup of tea, come back and some stuff is already gone.
Granted it was just a belt I lost but I still wish I wasn't such a retard.

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My merch is gonna be sick. I’m gonna make up a story about how someone at the shirt factory placed a blm tag on one of my shirts and ruined my business. then spread that news around and get pity points and sell a bunch of shirts. holla holla dollar dollar.

I’m not a grifter I just had a change of heart. masks impeach on our freedom. I can’t breathe with a mask on it’s like you’re breathing co2. Trump is going to clean out all the corruption in America. Trump is the first president that did something for the poc community since my boy Abe. Trump did more in 4years than Biden did in 40. Trump2020 recount the votes. Fake news voter fraud maga
you tell that snowflake soup

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I'm so tired of bitches asking to be spoonfed on sales groups. Lolita marketplaces on facebook have become useless because they're filled with 30 item long wishlists including shit like Milky-chan applique pieces. It's so fucking annoying.

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Who tf is buying these anyway? Is it all new youngers. Could have picked them up for $30-50 2015-18 at yahoo auctions or mercari. Thats if you didn't own it from 10 years ago

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I saw that chick on FB too. Like who tf does she think she is? Same with that girl looking for MCD, as if it doesn't pop up every other day

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>Lost weight, still plus size but at a healthy weight now
>Went from 150cm bust to 110ish cm
>Feeling great knowing I can fit into some AP!
>90% of all AP dresses that could fit are high waist
>Still look like I'm stuffing into dresses that have 10cm clearance

AP are actually the worst. Like if you're going to make plus size dresses, then make plus sizes dresses. I rather there be no dresses with 100cm+ bust if it going to look like shit on anyone with a cup bigger than C /salt

>> No.10505525

they're aren't supposed to be plus size dresses, they're supposed to be cute and oversized. buy meta or maxicimam if you want actual plus size pieces

>> No.10505527

Lengthen the straps and you're fine.

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POC are the reason anime is known about outside of decaying incel comic book shops, but you don't want to have that conversation.

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If I keep dieting, I will get to my ideal weight, but it will be hard to maintain. I really enjoy food and cooking, it’s one of the biggest pleasures I have.
If I stop now, I can maintain my super average body easily, without giving up on some tasty caloric food now and then, but I would still be at the heavier side of the healthy BMI.
I guess I will go the easy route and keep eating the stuff I like as much as I feel like, but damn, it’s sad to give up on my goals.
Before anyone calls me an ana-chan or fatty, my ideal weight is not underweight and my actual weight is not overweight.

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Poc are the reason anime exists, japanese are poc.

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Big brain

>> No.10505617

You know I was talking about black folx but ok play dumb

>> No.10505619

Build more muscle and your body will need more calories

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Male here.
Trying to find ways to be cute while brown

>> No.10505652

Depends which brand of brown, but moreso how youthful you look. How are you doing in those areas?

>> No.10505666

Kek. Explain.

>> No.10505679

>plus size but at a healthy weight
did u go from morbidly obese to just obese or something ?

>> No.10505684


i love it when people talk about poc and you're like, ok, here's a non black poc and they're like 'lol jk i meant black folxxxx' just say black people next time you fuckers

>> No.10505687

Work out more?

>> No.10505688

That's what I was thinking too. But I guess it depends on what anon refers to as plus size.

>> No.10505712

are you for real? not all bodies are the same, op probably has a bigger frame/taller. 110cm bust might be their healthy weight, but consider that anything above 100cm is fatty-chan

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Yes, might depend on the kind of pill and could be estrogen accumulating. I got off the pill after nine years because after my breasts got huge I started to develop benign tumors in them. Went from double Ds to a B-C cup, but am so much better off.

>> No.10505719

Not that anon but I have to shop plus size for some items because larger bust and shoulders.

>> No.10505726

I’m playing dumb to show you talked dumb, what’s the problem with saying black people instead of poc if what you really mean is black people? That was the point of the anon you were responding from the beginning.

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Taobao order hasn't moved for 13 days since leaving the transit country sorting center..

>> No.10505740

Are you a kiddo or something? If you're over 5'5 and busty it's not even unheard of to be a plus size in clothes but a healthy BMI.

>> No.10505743

Wow for real? Are some people just more sensitive to estrogen? Honestly I wonder sometimes if my body is naturally estrogen deficient. I'm a chestlet - the only side effect of the pill I've experienced has been less acne. I'm actually at my lowest adult weight (95 lbs at 5'2) and have been taking the pill for 3 years.

>> No.10505761

You're probably a chestlet because you're 15lbs underweight.

>> No.10505764

i'm ~150lbs at 5'3 and have been on the pill for around 5 years. it hasn't done anything to my body composition at all. i don't think it's typical to experience significant changes in breast size from taking it; i experienced painful breast swelling similar to what i used to get on my period during the first 3-4 months and that was it.

>> No.10505784

I'm only like 5 lbs underweight

>> No.10505793

My acne cleared, got finer facial and body hairs, and got a firmer butt from pill birth control. It also cleared up moodiness. But that's because I had too much androgen before it. I didn't gain weight though.

>> No.10505804

At 110lbs you'd still be in the lower half of the healthy range of BMI.

>> No.10505806

>lower half of the healthy range of BMI
Nothing wrong with that.

>> No.10505844

Right. At 110lbs, not 95.

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anon just start cooking healthy meals. substitute dairy with nondairy options, use less oil, make a switch to using more olive oil, eat more raw fruits and veggies, and smaller portions of meat. Make sure when you do make meat to not overcook it, and higher protein and iron choices will keep you fuller longer. Even if you eat a hearty salad with a cheat meal you should be fine. i lost 50lbs this year just doing that and going on short walks. I don’t even restrict myself, i have candy, carbs, and other things.

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the online lolita community is so boring and full of drama. it's sad, this fashion has a really cool history and aesthetic philosophy but people don't seem to know or care any more when it used to be really important.

>> No.10505854

Anon, I've weighed 112 lbs before. I had the same size boobs as I have now at 95. If I wanted big boobs I would need surgery.

And I eat at least 1800-2200 calories a day + no health issues. I'm pretty muscular so my TDEE is fairly high. The only way I can weigh more is if I eat like 3000-3500 cals a day and I just don't have the money or time to eat that much.

>> No.10505855

This is true honestly, if you just switch to eating healthier stuff in general you'll usually lose weight without extreme exercise/calorie counting. Like obviously if you're not losing weight after a month you should start counting calories, but most people won't overeat healthy filling foods.

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Cis Men have no space in lolita. It is a fashion by women for women.

>> No.10505881

isn't mana a dude

>> No.10505882

Yes and his brand is mediocre at best. His aristo stuff is nice, but his lolita just looks bland and is extremely overpriced.

>> No.10505883


>> No.10505884

Regardless, he is a man in lolita, no?

>> No.10505888


>> No.10505896

You know I'm not wrong

>> No.10505899

No, it was never like that, stop being delusional.

>> No.10505901

I would like to have the life of a tradwife, but tradhusbands are shit

>> No.10505905

Be a lesbian tradwife then

>> No.10505913

Find a childfree guy that wants a fuck maid- I mean, tradwife.

>> No.10505921

>Have a job, find a normal man with a good job who loves you
>Get married
>Quit job
>Now he has to pay the bills

>> No.10505922

Yeah, that would be nice actually

>> No.10505938

You forgot the one weird trick that works everytime
>Mysterious chronic illness

>> No.10505942

Honestly same. I wouldn't mind staying home to clean and cook then spend the rest of the day on my hobbies and activites. But you're right that tradhusbands are mostly shit as they tend to look down on you for it and expect sex and baby making as payment to him. Not to mention the higher risk of potential abuse from these types. Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian. If science can get transmen dicks right, I'd find myself a troon husband.

>> No.10505947

i am doing the tradwife thing rn but i also have a boyfriend.

>> No.10505948

>implying women don’t need sex 24/7 in a relationship

>> No.10505952

I mean.. he's paying you to be home all day and do nothing, it's not really crazy for him to have expectations. If he just wanted the house cleaned he could hire a maid for way less.

>> No.10505955

I happily call myself my bf's fuck maid because that's all I'm expected to do. Be sexually available and keep the house looking nice. I'm already super horny all the time, and I'm a neatfreak, so it's a win win for me.

>> No.10505959

>Why won't anyone give me money to work on my hobbies and do the bare minimum
>The problem is them, not me!

>> No.10505960

I'm >>10505955 and forgot to add, not all of the guys who want someone to be a stay at home wife necessarily want children at all. Mine doesn't. But yeah you do have to be clean and horny so maybe just go get a job or something.

>> No.10505965

When I say "expect sex and babies" I am talking about as payment, as if it's owed to him and not intimate moments of loving each other.
I didn't say "the problem is them and not me", I'm just calling what I see alot of these tradhusbands and wannabe tradhusbands want and do with their wives and it's not exactly pretty nor respectful. Note that I never say "all" or "every" because I don't believe they're all horrible, but the traditional mindset opens a can of worms to several men that are into it.
But I do have a job and already in a relationship for 10 years now? We're just talking about nice what-ifs and the possible consequences of it.

Y'all were quick to jump on this. I just agreed to what >>10505901 said in more detail. I guess not wanting to be a fucktoy triggered some of you?

>> No.10505967

>intimate moments of loving each other.
Absolutely nasty.

>> No.10505972

It's the second night in a row I go to bed intensely thinking of food... I have to eat on a more regular schedule damn it, or just go to bed earlier. I sleep so late that I eat breakfast at noon, lunch if I remember, dinner at six. I'm so hungry at 2 am! Why do I sound surprised??

My life is a mess, but at least my wardrobe is organised.

>> No.10505973

Tfw both high paying jobs. It’s easier with dual income. You get to buy a shit ton of Lolita, designer clothing, and travel.

>> No.10505977

It's just a lot easier to justify spending thousands of dollars on anime dresses when you also have a high paying job. Most tradwives I know have to be somewhat thrifty living on only one income, even if the hubby makes six figures. There's always a nervousness about asking for money for hobbies unless he's a trust fund baby with millions. Whereas I am in control of my own finances even if we do split the costs down the middle. I just find it freeing that way. It's also nice to know that in this economy if one job goes, one is at least likely to stay.

>> No.10505978

>living with a scrote
>fucking a scrote
>cleaning after a scrote
Couldn't be me lmao.

>> No.10505980

Sex isn't a expectation, it's a privilege. If he wants a maid he can fuck, he should hire a whore and pay extra for cleaning

>> No.10505985


Being a homemaker and taking care of children is hard work. I’m never having kids for that reason. Any corporate ladder climbing is way easier than a 18 year financial liability and time sink.

>> No.10505992

It's an expectation when your job is "bang maid". Otherwise you are just expecting somebody to pay you to do nothing all day. Who the fuck would want that? Would you pay for a man to sit around and not have sex with you? This trad shit doesn't work anymore because people are too entitled, and honestly the women who want it are just as bad as the guys. At least >>10505955 knows what's up.

>> No.10505993

Then that's not being a wife, that's being a whore. My point still stands

Besides, that life ain't for me. I would never wait on some limp dick for brand

>> No.10505994

That’s basically me, but I’m thankful that my husband only gives me a certain amount of money because my bad spending habit. He does invest under my name tho, I don’t feel insecure financially.

>> No.10505996

That's just being pathetic though. Why don't you grow up and act like an adult and not a child that needs an allowance? Does he have to hide sharp objects from you too? It never ceases to amaze me how pathetic a lot of the women in this hobby are

>> No.10505997

>Then that's not being a wife, that's being a whore.

What's being a wife to you?

>> No.10505998

You can call me pathetic all you want, I’m happy with my life and that’s all that matters.

>> No.10506000

All these wannabe trad wives don't even want to be a trad wife, though. Real trad wives do stuff like homeschool their kids and try to save money around the house. They manage the household and have responsibilities.
These people just want all the free time and no adult responsibility whatsoever and they are surprised that men don't actually want that

>> No.10506001

I'm sure it's fun being a perpetual child now but it won't last forever.

>> No.10506003

holy cope kek

>> No.10506007

How is making the same amount of money as your partner being a wannabe trad wife? Imao

>> No.10506008

It's not, i'm agreeing with them that making money yourself is better. A lot of women nowadays seem to think women's liberation only existed to cramp their style and doesn't deserve any other purpose

>> No.10506009

How is it being a child? Like >>10506000
said I’m taking all responsibility in the house, I see it as a job and I’m getting paid for it.

>> No.10506010

Oh, now you're upset? I thought you were really happy with your life.

>> No.10506011

You're a woman child who can't even be trusted to handle her own finances lmao

>> No.10506016

This, not being able to manage your own finances literally puts you on the same level as drug and gambling addicts

>> No.10506017

I'm probably going to get crucified for saying this, but it's cool if you want to be a housewife/homemaker and raise children and take care of the house and all the logistics of running a house. I know a lot of women who do this that also manage the finances as well. The husband basically just goes to work and that is their sole responsibility, which imo is a lot easier.

Either way, being in Europe/Canada/US and most developed nations is good because you actually have the ability to work and make money. I know there are some middle eastern lolitas? But I feel like complaining about working vs not working as a female is a solely Western privilege rofl.

>> No.10506032

>tfw I won't be going to a con for at least another year because us Americans are retarded
>tfw my boyfriend is moving away temporarily
>tfw I'm probably gonna lose my job and therefore lose the ability to pay for therapy.

at least I lost like 20 pounds from my depression.

>> No.10506033

Really? You have to ask? Do you think being a wife is just being fucked and having kids? This mindset is why feminism exists.

Being a wife is being one half of a partnership, of a promise to support and love as is the husband to his wife. But literally it's just a title for tax purposes.

>> No.10506035

Got this board became such a shithole

>> No.10506036

There was no complaining in this thread. People were stating their wishful ideals and anons took it personally.

>> No.10506037

You're the only one taking it personally, because people correctly pointed out you're entitled.

>> No.10506038

There's no such thing as romantic love and support without sex though, so yeah, a huge part of being a wife is getting fucked.

>> No.10506039

I keep getting gothic lolitas in secret santas and like, I fucking hate shopping for gothic stuff.

Don't know why, but sweet is so much easier to buy from in the $10-$30 range

>> No.10506040

>tfw no tall PhD holder to sit on my face and pump babies into

>> No.10506042

I have a full time job and my husband lost his recently. Really upset internally because I want to buy brand and he has no income anymore. I bought him a few small Christmas gifts but I feel guilty because I was thinking about how he won't be able to get me anything...?? even though Christmas isn't about gifts and stuff, it really sucks not having any disposable income anymore and living off noodles and canned chicken, for better or for worse. He's autistic, anxiety and seizure prone, thus can't find a job anywhere. As soon as he tells his employers his issues they fire him... what kind of job can he do with no career and still keep us afloat? We can't get benefits because we're married. He doesn't qualify for disability even though he's disabled, because they've denied him 3 times. I work in retail full time but my hours aren't regular because brick and mortar stores are failing. Our store got partially burned down and looted by BLM/antifa assholes and I didn't get to work for a month due to damages. I have no money in savings. I've sold most of my dresses at this point and only own like 4 of my original 20+ collection. I don't think I'll ever wear lolita again after all this. I have listings ready to sell my other 4 dream dresses now but I still can't bring myself to do it... I don't know what I'm gonna do... how are we going to eat?

>> No.10506044

You should have thought about that before you married a spaz. Don't have kids, okay?

>> No.10506045

You need to get a disability lawyer like, yesterday. They never approve anyone for disability without a lawyer, girl.

>> No.10506046

Yeah, it does seem like 60% of the married lolitas on Instagram use this one weird trick.

>> No.10506049

You're eating everything in 6 hours of your day. Of course you're hungry 8 hours after that.


>> No.10506050

Really? Tell me all about your romantic relationship that doesn't involve sex then.

>> No.10506052

That's ableist as fuck friend, I'm autistic too.
I can't afford lawyer fees atm. Even if I sell my last 4 dresses.

>> No.10506053

>tfw husband expects me to contribute to anything
It's not fair he should let me live off his money without doing anything.

>> No.10506054

I feel this but at the same time, I also like the challenge of searching for things

>> No.10506056

Lol it's been that way for over a decade. It used to be worse tbhq

>> No.10506057

Tru, and I have found some nice gothic etsy shops

>> No.10506058

Why are you even buying lolita on a retail job lol wtf state do you live in to be able to afford expenses and luxury fashion?

>> No.10506059

That sucks anon, I'm so sorry.

>> No.10506060

Please don't buy gifts however small if you don't know how you will even have money to eat.

>> No.10506061

Remember that foodbanks exist. You bf should seriously consider looking into things like free python and html courses

>> No.10506064

A lot of states are hiring contact tracers rn. I hope things get better for you anon

>> No.10506066

It's a simple concept

>> No.10506067

Not a realistic one

>> No.10506068

I know two happy couples who openly talk about not having sex. One of them have been living together for a while now, they are super cute and do everything together.
Not everything is about sex.

>> No.10506069


>> No.10506071

Sure, I totally believe that they're happy...

Ok asexual.

>> No.10506072

I am the first anon to bring up the trad wife thing and I’m not surprised about how so many people here believe that housework isn’t work and sex is an obligation within the relationship. Those are the reasons why tradhusbands tend to suck, a lot of times they believe they are doing you a favor and will see you as a sex doll when it should be an exchange.
I like to organize stuff, to clean and specially to cook. Wouldn’t homeschool because I believe going to school is important to kids. But count me in with helping them with their homework, listening to them and trying to raise the best and happier human beings I am capable of. If I was a tradwife my husband or wife and my kids would only eat the best food that’s out there. Delicious, healthy, tasty, natural and homemade.
It isn’t about the desire to sit home doing nothing.

>> No.10506074

Nobody has pointed out anything to me, who do you think I am?

>> No.10506076

Ok but you should still sit on your husband's face

>> No.10506078

>a huge part of being a wife is getting fucked.
>Tell me all about your romantic relationship that doesn't involve sex then.

And you are exactly the reason that some girls here saying that tradhusbands are awful. You're missing the point and further convincing me that men really only think of women as sex toys. But thankfully I was lucky enough to marry a guy who respects me and I respect him. We enjoy nights of watching dumb movies together, work the same job and tag team on projects of said job, and help push each other to meet each other's goals. I give him facials, he gives me massages. He cooks, I clean. We dress up in lolita and suits when we go out to special events. And every now and then, when we both want to, we have sex.

There's more to being married and being in a relationship than sex and it's honestly sad that you don't know that.

>> No.10506079

People who work do housework and cook, it's not a mystery how hard it is lmfao you're not fooling anyone that it's hard or time consuming

>> No.10506080

Would you still love him if you two never had sex at all? Sure, there’s more to a relationship than just sex, but sex is a very important part of it

>> No.10506083

Sex should ideally seal a relationship, not be a casual part of it.

>> No.10506086
File: 61 KB, 900x675, sub-buzz-9902-1555011557-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the anon you're talking to, but when at the apartments or houses of single guy's places, they never dust, mop, do dishes properly, shove things into a corner or just have litterally nothing in their homes aside from figs and a poster. Bugs are seen, the bathroom smells and it looks like the toilet nor shower has been scrubbed, hair in the sink, pet food scattered on the kitchen floor, and torn up furniture. There's almost always a hole in the wall that looks like it's been punched in or poorly covered. These are the homes of some 4channers I've made friends with, my boyfriend's friends, or co-worker's places.

You say it's easy, yet so many guys don't actually do it. Rather piss in a bottle and leave it there for god knows how long.

>> No.10506087

Sex is still important. Imagine a serious, loving relationship without it.

>> No.10506088

Oh please, being a tradwife was only a thing because women used to have to do shit like wash the entire family's clothing by hand and preserve the rhubarb harvest for winter. None of that shit applies anymore and if most of your job can be done in two hours by a Mexican immigrant then no it is not hard.
"Organize stuff" is only a thing if you buy so much shit it constantly needs organizing, which housewives have a tendency to do, but it's an entirely made up problem.
"Help with homework," most housewives I know are too stupid to even do this past like third grade and they get easily confused by common core. And by the time your kids are in grade school you really are just sitting around doing nothing. This stuff has a reputation for being lazy because it absolutely is.

>> No.10506089

But here's the thing, guys don't value clean places. Women do. So that's even less of a reason for a guy to pay for a woman to clean it all day.

>> No.10506090

If we never had sex again, I'd be fine with that. It'd be frustrating at times but we've been through worse situations together and he's worth it. I find it's only really important because men have trouble going without it more than women and in a relationship, it's usually the man complaining about the lack of sex. It's fine, it's only natural since men are wired to try and breed as much as they can more than women are.

>> No.10506093

>"Help with homework," most housewives I know are too stupid to even do this past like third grade and they get easily confused by common core.
But the anon was talking about herself, not other tradwives.
>And by the time your kids are in grade school you really are just sitting around doing nothing. This stuff has a reputation for being lazy because it absolutely is.

Confirmed for never have taken care of kids or teens which to be honest, I don't think many in this thread have. All you're thinking about are shitty parents doing shitty jobs and not the ones who actually care and put effort into it.

>> No.10506094

Then I guess that guy doesn't have to worry about marriage now does he? Like another anon said, he can always hire a maid and a prostitute to fulfill those needs, right? And of he wants children, he can adopt and hire a nanny.

>> No.10506095

>"Help with homework," most housewives I know are too stupid to even do this past like third grade and they get easily confused by common core.
That's usually both parents, especially in America. Don't try to pin that on just wives when the husbands are just as bad.

>> No.10506096

i am very happy being a stay at home wife with a husband and side boyfriend.

>> No.10506097

Yeah lots of guys are doing that now anon. Maybe not the adopting part, but not marrying women.

>> No.10506099

It does bother me knowing that. Stupid monkey brain keeps me horny at least once a day.

>> No.10506101

It is possible to fight it but only if you want to and that's up to the guy to figure out. When one of us is horny and the other doesn't feel like fucking, we just go masturbate or do something else. That was me last week, asked him if he wanted to fuck that night, he said he wasn't up for it because he was caught up in a series he was watching so I just watched it with him. Then we ended up getting into a discussuion about psychics that lasted until 3am and passed out on the couch.

>> No.10506102
File: 44 KB, 808x453, thumbnail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They sure are.

>> No.10506106

I've had multiple.

>> No.10506113

Is there a list of lolitas out there somewhere? i wanna keep track of all the super old ones and wait for their estate sale when they die.

>> No.10506114 [DELETED] 
File: 798 KB, 1410x1410, 20201122_221353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.10506117

Can confirm, nobody gets common core

>> No.10506120

This. This is it. I have a marriage that's pretty much this, we see each other as equals, we respect each other, we both pull in money, and we enjoy each other's company immensely. We share chores and bring different strengths to the relationship.

I'm very very grateful for it because I know it's not something everyone will have a chance to experience, some are simply incapable.

>> No.10506121

Probly for the best, kicking themselves out of the gene pool.

>> No.10506140

I hate everything. I hate my job and where I live. It's just all rubbish. I want to meet up with lolitas but can't due to covid so I am stuck indoors constantly. I feel so alone and lost that I just want to kill myself but I don't want someone else to have my brand. I just want a friend that doesn't use me for my money and actually gives a shit about me.

>> No.10506142

>I just want to kill myself but I don't want anyone to have my brand

Priorities tho

>> No.10506144

This sentiment has been made in pretty much every feels thread at this point. Do you guys think it's the same anon baiting or are there this many petty bitches who only think about their brand before they kys lol

>> No.10506145

Bitch my brand is worth more than me. Like hell I'm gonna off myself before selling it all. My pettiness is helping me bro.

>> No.10506150

You have something to live for, something that keeps you going

>> No.10506152

Lol ok. You gonna sell it all and kill yourself then?

>> No.10506154

LOL no. As if I'm gonna ever sell my Puppet Circus Jsk.

>> No.10506157

Try having a kid, you’ll be constantly organizing things, it never ends.

>> No.10506163 [DELETED] 

>tfw desire tradwife
>Happy to do the provider and protector thing
>Happy to do half the chores
>Happy to have a large family
>Love to live somewhere more rural with lots of land and large house
>Love to raise children with traditional values
>Love to be the father I wish I had.
>Grow old and die together having raised a generation of children who will be the doctors, scientists, mothers, fathers and leaders of a brighter future

>Eternally offputting to women as soon as they learn I'm a ethno-national socialist
>Eternally offput by women because society has made divorce the norm for solving relationship issues

I can't bullshit myself into believing in religion so where do unironic tradgirls live?

>> No.10506164

>works in a profession
>Is married
>oh fuck >>10505938 actually happened
>got put on leave and pills
>mooching husband’s benefits

Whoops. I played into someone’s dream timeline - please come and take my chronic illnesses, free of charge. I really want to get back to normal and being healthy. Being sick and tracking pills and all is not that great.

>> No.10506165

>I'm a ethno-national socialist
Gtfo Nazi. Back to /pol/ and be single forever, dumbass

>> No.10506166

YA KIDS SUCK. If you’re going to tie yourself down in a relationship don’t hit the double whammy and have kids too. at least if you find the right partner it’ll still be okay and could even be more fun, but kids? oh hell nah. those little monsters will leach onto you and suck away your soul.
you could always move somewhere new and make normie friends. why would you want lolita friends anyways you guys are so bitchy to each other. I ain’t never seen two lolita best friends. It’s always one of them gotta be posting the other in ita threads.

damn where’s that tiktok lolita anon at? I just found a trend you can do for views. maybe change it to “ I ain’t ever seen two pretty lolita best friends. It’s alway one of them gotta be ita.” remember to @soup for credit or else I’m gonna ‘this you?’ you.

>> No.10506168

You don't have to pay for a disability lawyer!!! They take their cut after you get your SSI back pay. Youll get back pay equal to the amount of SSI your bf would have received since the first time he got denied. The lawyer will take 30% of it.

Please contact a disability lawyer TODAY.

>> No.10506169

Nazis are disgusting human garbage who should hurry up and an hero for the benefit of society.

>> No.10506170

no u

>> No.10506172

Prepare to die alone, faggot.

>> No.10506174

no u

>> No.10506178

Feel like pure shit, just want to dress up in one last coord and die

>> No.10506195

Implying that doctors, lawyers, and scientists come from big redneck families in rural areas and not liberal coastal elite families

I actually know a bunch of med students and their parents are all doctors as well

Keep deluding yourself as you slowly die alone though <3

>> No.10506198

I support full quality universal education for all classes of people, from grade 1 up to and including tertiary. Rednecks can go die and the elites can go die.

Keep being acting smug to cover up your inferiority complex with faux narcicism.

>> No.10506199


You don't have to trick yourself just trick a stupid christian girl and then never go to church again.

>> No.10506201

Yeah, it's definitely her that secretly thinks she's inferior and not the guy thinking brown people are ruining his life by existing on the same land mass as him.

>> No.10506205


>> No.10506212 [DELETED] 

sounds retarded

My life is fine, I earn good money and am relatively happy. I don't see my children having a fine life though. Look at the current state of the world, our societal, governmental and philosophical model isn't sustainable and never was, the middle class crunch proves this thanks to turbo post-modernism.

As the money for people dries up, people revert to their 'tribes' (in-group preference) and people start to self-segregate seeking stability in familiarity of people with common cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Only in the upper classes do people really mix because they have nothing to fear from each other since they all have no reason to abandon the status quo (treating humans as literal machine parts which only have value when they make money [ie. neo-liberalism]) which made them so wealthy.

Neo-liberalism also looks to destroy all intaginable heritage of people. It happened to the african-american community, everything about being black revolves around the consumption of some sort of product and buying into the culture of 'blackness'. Shoes, clothing, jewlerry, phones, cars. Just buy your way into beauty and acceptance. It's fucking atrocious. I want to reverse those changes so people can be happy in how they were born and where they come from.

I have zero animosity towards others people groups, I just acknowledge the basic nature of humans, we don't meld together especially when times get tough which they are getting tough.

no u

>> No.10506217

>society has made divorce the norm for solving relationship issues
Divorce was the best thing to happen to marriage. It allowed people to escape relationships they did not want to be in. Especially from a time when women were pushed to marry young and be married to men they hardly even knew. Sorry you don't like the idea that someone can escape a bad relationship.

>> No.10506219

Nice strawman. High divorce rates is a symptom of something wrong. I'm not attacking divorce, the institution of divorce is something that should be protected for the exact situations you say.

>> No.10506221
File: 661 KB, 848x900, ibp3dxZy2Vys4F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>nearing 30
>want to cosplay a magical girl character

I'm tempted to do it because why the fuck not, but also I feel sort of weird cosplaying a younger character when I'm older.

>> No.10506223

>high divorce rate
I don't know of you looked at anything lately, but the divorce rate has gone down for this generation. Boomers and Gen X divorce more than Millinieals and it makes ssense because they came from the times where they were told to marry quickly and young whereas millinieals are waiting longer to get married because they are taking their time to find the right person and then divorce less.

>> No.10506226

I agree with you definitely but also take into account the fact that a lot of people who also aren't able to find a person to marry because of the expectations and modern dating culture (the whole Gen Z is actually having less sex than any other generation despite being the most sexualised generation). Also take into account that the people who don't participate in dating culture (religious people) won't get divorced.

The divorce rate is going down in part because yes, people have the time to find better people but also because people simply aren't finding partners because of the current climate around relationships. You wittle all the potential newlyweds to just religious people.

Also take into account that Gen X and Boomers have had more time to get divorced and may be divorced multiple times. I can't quote the stat but I did read that a second marriage is more likely to end in divorce than a first but less than the third.

There are a lot more factors inside divorce rates than simply people finding genuine love because they have the option of divorce.

>> No.10506227


The plan is pretty much on level for someone like you tho.

>> No.10506233


>> No.10506251

I come from such a family and lean conservative, along with several other of my relatives whom hold master's and PhDs

>> No.10506258

See, I dont get why people see high expectations as a bad thing. Especially on the side of women who for generation upon generations were forced into relationships that was not right for them so of course they are going to be pickier. And why is that bad? Don't you want someone that fits you? And the ability to date and figure out what you want freely is good as well. Of course there are shitty people on both sides and it's good to learn skills to filter that out. But here's some other problems;

1. Marriage itself is marketed as this big expensive and stressful ordeal. There's not a lot of benefits to actually go through with it. There are so many couple now that have been together for decade(s) that even have kids together but have not bothered to get married.
2. Economy/Jobs right now doesn't really give time to leisurely go finding a mate.
3. The dating scene has changed and a lot of people have not adapted to this, still trying to go through the old ways. Going to bars to find true love is stupid. Tinder is terrible, dating sites are a mess. What works now is simply making friends and blooming from there. So many relationships now start in discord servers, conventions, co-workers, and other like-minded hobby groups.
4. Men needing to put effort into themselves. Y'all have this backwards notion that hygiene is "gay" which ends up turning you all into disgusting looking gremlins. You could be the perfect husbando internally but if you look like you don't know how to take care of yourself or your home, most women will turn their nose up at you and then you run to your forums to cry about how picky women are.

And so much more than anything to do with divorce. People have to get married first in order to divorce after all so I dont see how that is an argument for why people aren't getting married.

>> No.10506259
File: 106 KB, 739x742, caught.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gulls taking the bait

>> No.10506286

>tfw no qt to oppress

>> No.10506288

The world is going to trash .
Don't have children for their sake.

>> No.10506289
File: 86 KB, 751x1024, 89102147_1824304987702475_5051062641687003136_o-751x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MmM created by Mana
>Kamikaze Girls created by Novala Takemoto
>Btssb created by Akinori Isobe
>hnaoto created by Naoto Hirooka
>Atelier Boz created by Takashi Shibata
>Alice auaa created by Yasutaka Funakoshi
>Miho Matsuda by.. Miho Matsuda

cis men have had a pretty important place.. especially on the more gothic side. Atsuki Onishi is responsible for a good amount of 'proto lolita' stuff in the 80s as well, and Isobe was one of his designers.

>> No.10506293

nazbols often die alone.

>> No.10506303


>> No.10506325

Everyone else seeing the fuckery that is people in the make up community thinking they’re being copied because someone else dressed as Danny Phantom for Halloween?

>> No.10506347

Yes lol, I was wondering why the cartoon was trending. The black guy is just a drama queen and I say this as a flaming black guy too. He's upset because the white guy got more attention despite having (in his mind) a less polished look.

Sometimes people legitimately just need to chill the hell down with their egos. But the makeup community is apparently like this a lot tho according to a friend of mine.

This happens ALL the time regardless of race. You can work your ass off on a coord or cosplay and still get no atttention.

tl;dr makeup community drama whoring as always but this time with unnecessary race baiting

>> No.10506352

It's so stupid. People are just supporting him because he's black. Meanwhile the rest of the black cosplay community on Twitter is calling him out and he called one of them a coon and a sell out for disagreeing. What a fucknugget.

>> No.10506354

I had a job interview today and just got told I got the job! I'm so excited to pay off debt and splurge on brand to reward myself!

>> No.10506355

Well, make sure not to count your chickens before they hatch. Good luck with the job!

>> No.10506361

Not that anon but as cringe as it is, it's become the norm to say. I've been called a tranny so many times on this site and even on this board that I have to say I'm a cis-woman. Only then can I receive the appropriate Tits or Gtfo and roastie instead of dialate and tranny. Pls respect my insult pronouns uwu

>> No.10506362

This is new milk, I don't follow make up community shit unless it's about the stupid crap they get into. Do go on.

>> No.10506365

>he called one of them a coon and a sell out for disagreeing

>> No.10506367

I ate a second dinner today at 9 and I feel much better. It pays off to stop being stupid.

>> No.10506376 [DELETED] 
File: 116 KB, 607x689, 75199EEF-F1D5-431D-95BB-08E0F562944E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main dude has deleted the tweets and replies associated by now but screen caps are being posted in everything he retweets if u want to confirm

>> No.10506379
File: 116 KB, 607x689, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The main dude involved deleted the associated tweets and replies because he was getting ratioed but you can still see them in being posted in replies to his retweets. I don't remember how much were suppose to censor out.

>> No.10506385

I just got out of an unhealthy relationship with an asexual. Leaving was the best decision of my life.

>> No.10506389

I did it. I finally got the Melting Ice-Kun necklace. My transcendence is complete and my budget is wrecked.

>> No.10506391

People can't be highly picky because other humans are imperfect. Both men and women are guilty of being too picky.

All the points you made indiciate a problem with society given the points from post-modernism mixed with neo-liberalism. People can't just be normal humans anymore because we have these ideas that weddings have to be big and expensive, when for a long time they were more of a community event.

The job market is fucked thanks to neo-liberalism and the idea that if you're not making money, you're wasting time.

The dating scene has changed for the worse and lot of it has to do with mass communication.

Men and masculinity as an idea has suffered a lot under postmodernism and neo-liberalism. I hate it.

I don't think we inherently disagree on anything.

>> No.10506392

Ok larper

>> No.10506394

are you the melting ice-kun anon who bought my ring?

>> No.10506398

Nope. I didn't even know a ring had been listed. I got the necklace from Mercari JP.

>> No.10506407

Ok asexual. Go continue making your partner miserable.

>> No.10506420

Congrats anon. I had an asexual ex who constantly guilted me for my sexual desires (that I repressed for their sake).

>> No.10506422

Sorry you had to go through the same shit I did. Asexuals are the worst. I don't know why I was expecting someone who doesn't understand the emotions behind sex to not be a sociopath.

>> No.10506424

Ok bpdchan

>> No.10506425

>implying not having emotional bonds through sex won’t make anyone’s relationship absolutely miserable

Nope, I just have bpd for being a functioning human

>> No.10506426

>implying anyone who doesn't have sex is a sociopath

>> No.10506427

Anyone who doesn’t enjoy it as an emotional and spiritual connection with someone they truly love romantically is.

>> No.10506428

What did they do to guilt you?

>> No.10506429

oh wow you really are the bpdchan lmaooo

>> No.10506430

Ok asexual sociopath

>> No.10506434

Kek go get your holes stuffed, you horny dog.

>> No.10506435

Go continue making your partner hate you by not having sex with them. Or just break up already. They hate you and it’s going to happen sooner or later.

>> No.10506436

Keep projecting BPDchan

>> No.10506437

You do have sex with the one you love, right?

>> No.10506438

Why are women like this? Can't you just fuck because it feels good?

>> No.10506439

I’m pretty sure men also have emotions. You sound like a male asexual sociopath.

>> No.10506440

Can you fuck off already? What other people do in their relationships are absolutely none of your business. There are couples out there who are both on the asexual spectrum. There are bdsm relationships where getting denied sex is what they desire. There are non-asexual people, male and female, with very low sex drives. There are men and women with dysfunctions or medical problems. There's dudes who don't have working penises (paraplegics, disabled) - are you saying they should be forever alone?

>> No.10506441


>> No.10506442

Don't respond to the bait, anon. Just laugh at this retard

>> No.10506443

my lolita wardrobe is entirely bodyline

>> No.10506444

You know you can enjoy sex in more than one way, right? I don't feel a spiritual connection whilst trying to have sex in a change room quickly.

>> No.10506445

Just wanted to make him out himself as one definitively, so others can see and stop responding.

Getting upset over other people's sex lives is a very male thing to do, it just reeks of insecurity and anger that other people DARE to not do things how they would (if they could). People who are actually fulfilled give no fucks about others

>> No.10506446

You can, but you can’t say you love someone romantically if you don’t have emotional sex with them

>> No.10506447

I disagree. Plenty of old people aren't having sex but still love each other and do romantic things together.

>> No.10506450

That's a very vapid way to look at relationships. Again, how else would some people get married and have their first time be on their wedding bed? Relationships aren't sex alone.

>> No.10506451

They definitely had sex when they were younger, and that built love between them

>> No.10506452

Wrong again, retard

>> No.10506453

That is untrue as fuck.

My Great Aunt's husband went to fight in WW2 when she was 19 and never came back. She didn't remarry until she was in her 70s when she made friends with her 80 something year old neighbour. They got married.

I can assure you, both of them were so brittle that any sex would have resulted in their bones turning to dust. They still loved each other.

>> No.10506454

That's what happens when a predominantly youthful counter-culture is taken over by old yt women who found the fashion through tasteless anime/manga. Normys who were never involved in alternative fashions or counter-culture as youths themselves.

>> No.10506455

Mana is NB

>> No.10506456

What did you guys expect?

>Cultures encourages some type of uniformity
>Counter culture rebels against uniformity
>Rebels grows up to define the new culture which includes their idea of counter culture, anything further is too far and crazy
>New culture encourages some type of uniformity

It's the eternal cycle.

>> No.10506466

i’m sorry you were raised by sexist assholes anon

>> No.10506468
File: 60 KB, 627x414, 1606131812404.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10506471


>> No.10506488

both looks are fugly and bad lol

>> No.10506493


do it

>> No.10506495

Came out as asexual halfway into the relationship. I stopped having sex with them because it was absolutely heartbreaking to see someone I love try to have sex with me while looking like they'd rather be browsing their phone. Anytime I brought up how I felt (touch starved, they barely even liked kissing), I was made to feel like I was expecting too much. They also brought up opening the relationship up multiple times because I "can't love them for them". It was honestly mentally draining.

>> No.10506499

You sound like an asshole

>> No.10506502

Says who?

>> No.10506503

Mr. Yan certified feel

>> No.10506505

BPD chan, I thought you got better, you’ve disappointed me

>> No.10506520

I swear all the brain rot from that drama was about to give me an aneurysm. How can something be stolen from you when you literally never owned it in the first place?

>> No.10506523

Someone doesn't under post-modernism. Everything, EVERYTHING is broken down into two categories: oppressor and oppressed.

The opressor is always the perpetrator and cannot be oppressed

The oppressed is always the victim and cannot oppress others.

Welcome to the brave new world my friend. If you're white and you do something a black person doesn't like, you're the perpetrator. You didn't actually steal it? Too bad, make a public apology, give reperations and fade into obscurity because it was your internalised racism which makes you think you didn't do anything wrong because of hundreds of years of white people oppressing everyone.

I hate everything.

>> No.10506531

Just watched the episode of The Simpsons where Homer meets Smashing Pumpkins. There's a scene where he gets accused of being a narc in the music festival full of Gen Xers and pleas that he's not a narc. Someone screams "Hate speech." and they all descend on him and boot him out.

I know The Simpsons is supposed to be satirical but it's hilarious and scary at the same time how what was once the show that poked fun at stereotypes of society basically became society's reflection.

Whoever screams their the victim the loudest wins.

>> No.10506541

>gf asks me to look at photos for her next haircut
>deliberately choose the worst looking one
>she gets it, hates it
>encourage her to buy wigs

it's working

>> No.10506542

Who hurt you?

>> No.10506543

>how can I make this post about me, the real victim?

>> No.10506544

that's a long ass way to say you're scared of black people

>> No.10506546
File: 103 KB, 540x537, ww6uvgo1_540.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it me or the farm has really gone down hill
It's so boring on there nowadays

>> No.10506552

They should stop banning men so as to make the website more fun.

>> No.10506588

someone please tell me why this shit is allowed on cgl ??

>> No.10506590

Missed my dream dress on CC for cheap...

I'm sad.

>> No.10506592

It's boring and shitty, but cgl is even worse, to be honest.

Nice try, scrote.

>> No.10506593

Okay sweaty. Enjoy your mandatory lobotomy and reeducation camp à la CCP style.

>> No.10506594

he looks more like a green lantern lol..

>> No.10506599

What's the end goal here?

>> No.10506601

I’ve finally found the Fancy Box OTKs in navy and just when I think I will complete my set it looks like there is already a prospective buyer for them. Fucking end me

>> No.10506610

just do it! if you’re concerned about your age showing- put a sticker over your face in online photos. and bc of covid you have to wear a face mask anyways. (:

>> No.10506620

turn her into a lolita.

>> No.10506626

Hip hop made anime cool, it was cringe before

>> No.10506627

You don't even need wigs for lolita. Real hair is arguably better.

>> No.10506631


Sometimes I wish I wore wigs because I'd rather be blonde when I wear dark colors or old school (like Momoko) but then have black or dark brown hair when in berry prints and pastel sweet.

>> No.10506634

Man I just really love lolita.

>> No.10506640

Who, not whom. Stop trying to sound smarter than you are, redneck.

>> No.10506689

Lately it's been
>See a dress I like
>Closet full on unworn dresses
>Don't bother buying it cause what's the fucking point
Buying a dress doesn't even excite me anymore, nothing matters.

>> No.10506692

How about you wear some of your unworn dresses? See if you can make a good coord with the stuff you have already.

>> No.10506698

That warm feeling when you sell a dress and the new owner wears it more often than you do. (I love it but have it in another colorway)

>> No.10506700

Nah that's the best thing they did

Yeah. but only because the jannies dont care

>> No.10506702

This girl gets it

>> No.10506711
File: 164 KB, 1153x477, [002454].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sewing an all black project fucking sucks. I can barely see my own stitches.

>> No.10506712
File: 926 KB, 828x1027, 0AF38805-FEAC-4758-A793-E070EA8D584A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

look who decided to comeback after going mia for a couple of weeks

>> No.10506719

I fucking resent my boyfriend sometimes. He cries all the time, today I asked him to do a house chore and he had a fucking breakdown. He procrastinates every day and never does anything nice for me besides sometimes buying food. I love him to death but he's constantly bitching about school, work, chores, etc. His family literally gives him money and he doesn't want me to work but he hasn't worked a single day this entire month. I hate how messy he is, how he doesn't last as long as my exes (even tho they never made me cum), and I hate how much of a fucking pussy he is. It's so unattractive. He's super fit and does fighting/sports but inside he is so, so weak. I raised all of my siblings and I don't want to raise another fucking baby. He's so tethered to his family and he literally uses the word "adulting" because the only reason he had to become an adult is because he moved out since he and his mom were constantly fighting. I wish he was less of an incessant leech with a victim complex and more of a breadwinner like he so desperately wants to believe he is. I literally am rethinking my sexuality because he has begun to turn me off from men entirely. I can actually see myself being completely independent and filling the gaping hole in my heart with burando and overpriced AP jewelry. I just hate being with such an insecure spineless man child and I don't know wtf is gonna make him grow a pair. Ok rant over

>> No.10506720

lesson of the day: just date women retard

>> No.10506723

I've always had a flabby stomach or a bit overweight but ever since I've gotten into lolita I've now had a desire to be thinner and fit nice clothes. Once I did, I started buying cuter normal fashion as well.

Thanks jfashion/vintage fashion for motivating me to be better looking.

>> No.10506728

yall are so far up your ass with your victim complex. go outside.

>> No.10506729

Hell yes anon! Same!

>> No.10506732

Leave his ass. People don’t change, especially fundamental traits. And this kid sounds horrible. Don’t be miserable Anon. Plenty of fish and burando in the sea.

>> No.10506733

>he doesn't last as long as my exes
Break up with him. You deserve sex that’s actually good. He doesn’t love you.

>> No.10506737

Agree. Being a woman is such hacks in the relationship game. Even if you’re average looking with no real ambition you can get so many dudes to worship you and treat you like a queen.

>> No.10506748

lmao why the fuck are you with him? sounds like he has 0 redeeming qualities

>> No.10506749

I'm getting a haircut. I hope it turns out nice

>> No.10506750

He sounds insufferable but probably fixable. Sounds like you don't really want to do that though, so you should probably just peace out. Might be hard during all this bs though.

>> No.10506760

How do I obtain friends as an anti-social mildly autistic anxious neet skeleton?

>> No.10506769

Break up with him. Is2g all these women with awful men who end up lesbian or coming out really just aren’t lesbian, but rather so disgusted by one man, it turns them off all men forever

>> No.10506770

Be my boyfriend.

>> No.10506772

I just started reading homestuck for (technically the second time but it doesn't count because I barely read any of it back in 2011) and I really really enjoy it but good lord if you go anywhere on the internet related to it it's disgusting.

>> No.10506774

ok, now u are my gf.

>> No.10506780

I think my best/only friend has a crush on me. I don't want to lead her on or mislead her because I really want to be friends with her but I also don't want to lose our friendship. Do I just keep acting like I don't know or do I have to confront it;;

>> No.10506783

I go in asking for jungkook, I go out looking like the dudes from dumb and dumber. I should have left my hair alone

>> No.10506790

Hmm you don't seem like the same anon.

>> No.10506800

i want to drink my boyfriend's cum.

>> No.10506801

ha gay

>> No.10506815
File: 61 KB, 453x408, 1582295827041.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck, anons, I miss cons. I've been listening to stupid EDM recently just because it reminds me of con raves. I've been doing makeup and dressing up in cosplay alone in my room from time to time to take pictures, but it just doesn't scratch the itch. I miss that special feeling of the week of the con rolling around, when I was so excited for it that nothing could get me down. I miss planning out room logistics with friends and sending each other our cosplay progress. I miss the chaotic mornings of crowding the hotel room bathrooms to do makeup in the shitty mirrors before stepping out onto the con floor to debut my new cosplay, feeling like I was on top of the world.
What I wouldn't give to wait in line for 20 minutes to pay $10 for a slice of nasty food court pizza right now. To elbow past sweaty conventiongoers in narrow Artist Alley hallways and take pictures with my friends outside the convention center. I get so nostalgic thinking back on those times, it hits hard.

>> No.10506823


>> No.10506838

am girl

>> No.10506856

Haha gay

>> No.10506860

i was joking but you actually sound like you're terrified by them. go outside, dumbass

>> No.10506927

Bf won't stop calling my Honey Cake aunt jemima >:(

>> No.10506931


>> No.10507069

Confront it head on anon.

>> No.10507137

...I just noticed that typo in the first sentence

>> No.10507157

>I miss the chaotic mornings of crowding the hotel room bathrooms to do makeup

Oh god that one hit me right in the feels. That’s some real bonding time. I fucking miss my friends

>> No.10507191

I dont think that can possibly go well if I’m right it’ll hurt them if I’m wrong it’ll be super weird. I just want friends

>> No.10507921

i haven't been in a relationship for almost 3 years... i try dating people but it never works out for more than a few months, or we never even date since i just hope they like me too but never do. i'm pretty and don't have any serious problems so idk what is wrong with me.. feels like shit. usually it's going great with a guy and then he ghosts me out of nowhere or gets another gf. i can't do this for much longer gulls.

>> No.10508493

>173cm tall
>85 cm bust
>60 cm waist
>100 cm hips
what the fuck do i do...I'm literally just working my thighs etc. yet when i lose weight its just bust when almost all the fat on my body is around my hips and thighs. I look so fucking disproportionate I have no idea how to fix it... I have been dieting and working out very heavily for 2 weeks and my weight has not even budged! I have been doing 10k step walks and I count my calories down to 500 yet my legs havent become even a little smaller! what the fuck am i doing wrong??

>> No.10508641

Hey anons! I just bought my first couple of dresses for lolita after stalking the fashion for over 10 years. I feel like I'm going to cry, I'm so happy. I never thought I'd be confident or comfortable enough to dive into the fashion but here we are

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