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MAGFest announced their virtual event to replace Super MAGFest 2021. In VR Chat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z62GQxIQTwE
... followed by former and current volunteers/staff/paid employees publicly accusing the MAGFest Board of Directors as being the cancer killing MAGFest. - https://friendsofmag.com/

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Been going on more than just last year, the BoD and the Former Executive Director/Current ED have been using intimidation tactics to silence staff, volunteers, and even lately, paid employees of MAGFest. There are some pretty damning allegations leveled by paid employees of the MAGFest Office, including Department Head volunteer staff. This kind of thing has easily been going on for more than 5 years, with the early volunteers/staffers being silenced by being expunged from the organization, with false allegations claimed by the BoD/ED.

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who the fuck cares? but seems like that con does not have much of a future left after the financial dilemma and now this.

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Damn shame as I like going to magfest. Doesn't sound like much the attendees can do. Either the staff sorts their shit out or the con collapses.

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Outside of the allegations of being an asshole, what are they?
I read these documents, it sounds like everyone's pissed off that they aren't getting paid what they want and might have to seek alternative employment. The new executive in charge doesn't sound like he gives a single fuck about the scene, but everyone he's been interrogating also sounds like part of an outright cabal of creeps and similarly detached jerks. They're all flashing their asses and pretending they aren't right now, and it's not even fun to watch.

For the record, if your boss is trying to suss out weak links and manipulative networks he's been tasked with managing, don't go to him hand in hand and demand things because all it's going to tell him is that you all need to be fired to keep the projects and company afloat. So fucking dumb on so many levels.

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Hi, Paul.

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Hey staffer, sorry you won't get to have any more fun with Safe cases you'd totally fuck up or ignore entirely this January. Maybe go spread more awareness around Twitter and Dac's subreddit, I'm sure the people getting shitfaced and grabbing at each other's junk during the DJ sets MAG refuses to move somewhere besides a main fucking hallway realize they have nowhere else to enjoy such a thing while they flaunt the button down shirts and 3D printed figurines they paid hundreds of dollars for.

Your con sucks. Your alibis suck. You deserve all of this. If you knew this was coming for so long, I have no fucking clue why you tools even bothered with the telethon.

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MAGfest will die in your lifetime.

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