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Hey guys, I occasionally like to design stuff in solidworks for 3d printing. Pic related is my last invention (it's a dice cage for dungeons and dragons dice). This time I wanted to make some weeb shit as gifts for my siblings this Christmas. Please help me brainstorm! ITT post designs, weapons, cutesy anime objects, etc. and I will follow up with the end results when I'm finished :D

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this is what the inside looks like

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You carve this yourself? That embossing must have taken a long time. What is the material?

Since you are actually talented I doubt you will get much traction here but i'd love to see what you come up with. For what to make for weeb things, consider pendants like this

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they said it was 3D printed anon

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Thanks! Like >>10504729 said, I printed it but designed it myself. Ty for the pendant pic, I saved it.

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what age are your siblings and what are they into. Much easier to help draft ideas with a bit more info.
Also that dice cage is sick, you should sell them on etsy cause yours has way more thought and design than half the ones I've seen on there

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ohh are you interested in selling these?

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I ask because I know some people opening up a gaming store who plan to collaborate with independent artists. bolterbunny is their in progress site

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