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Hey guys, I occasionally like to design stuff in solidworks for 3d printing. Pic related is my last invention (it's a dice cage for dungeons and dragons dice). This time I wanted to make some weeb shit as gifts for my siblings this Christmas. Please help me brainstorm! ITT post designs, weapons, cutesy anime objects, etc. and I will follow up with the end results when I'm finished :D

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this is what the inside looks like

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You carve this yourself? That embossing must have taken a long time. What is the material?

Since you are actually talented I doubt you will get much traction here but i'd love to see what you come up with. For what to make for weeb things, consider pendants like this

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they said it was 3D printed anon

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Thanks! Like >>10504729 said, I printed it but designed it myself. Ty for the pendant pic, I saved it.

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