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Price check for lolita items, please no spergy derailing this time around.

How much should I sell this for? I don't even remember when I bought it, it feels like it's been in my closet forever but I never wear it.

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if it's small with no shirring $30
if it has shirring or can fit 70 cm waist $100

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it sold for 150 euros last year, you could probably do an auction starting at $200

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Where are you based anon? I'd be interested.

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How much should I expect to pay for any color of this? Including solid version

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Looking to sell my IW Crest Gobelin High-waist JSK in wine but I don't really have a clue how to price it in the current market, any suggestions? Tried to look through past sales and the prices seem to vary by a lot.

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The ones that actually sold sold for a max of $150.

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$200 easily if not more

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I’d guess $250. Old sweet prints in that era are really booming right now, and I’ve seen a lot of other people posting WTBs looking for appliqué prints

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Price check on original release triple tiered Karami JSK in black, good condition?

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agree. 200$ starting price!

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How much would the AP twinkle sky be worth?

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What’s the current rate for Sugar Dream Dome?

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$100-150, it's unpopular

$250+ for the jsk

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stop trolling please

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I'll stop trolling for $150

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>Buy my silence, permanently
>For $150, I will stop

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How much does this BTSSB Cardigan with Fur Collar go for?

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I'm debating selling my honeycake set. Would it be better to sell all together or as a set? It would include:
-pink switching JSK
-MTO ring and necklace
-MTO pancake bag

Im not sure though if the round cut in pink is more desirable since the switching is only partially shirred

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The switching was always popular because it’s a lot cuter. I‘d say offer it as a set and try to charge a lot.

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What's the current price for AatP Gloria jsk and op? Are certain colorways more?

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Forgot to specify, both Mary and Jeanne jsks as well as the OPs, original and anniversary OP if there is a difference in the price.

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Oh, that changes things, $150 and 50 cents

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Price check threads are already annoyingly slow, so stop the trolling

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Report their posts

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Thanks! I saw that one sold on fril for $350 and I was wondering if it was worth that much.

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That seems about right, saw one sold for $300 so $350 isn't too far off

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Considering selling my 2005 usakumya, in pretty much perfect condition. How much should I list him for? I'm thinking an auction style listing is the way to go.

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definitely auction, start at 250 and let it climb from there

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How much would Lovely bathroom go for?

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This colorway would be around $200 imo, it's not as desired as pink or sax

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How much would I get for Lady Sloth's Tea Time at Grandma's JSK II. Blue colorway. XXL. Regular waist. Worn 2x.

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Question marks intended, but brain didn't connect to hands. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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thinking of selling dream doll in white with the detachable bow, if i can get a good price. but Idk if this dress is included in the sweet craze or not.

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They all seem to go for around $200 regardless of cut and color. There have been a few that sell at $250, but they usually sit there for weeks before they do.

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I’d start an auction at $200 and see where it goes. There’s always been a small but dedicated following of APs old weird tulle shit, and I’m sure that’s increased with the rise of old AP popularity.

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I would pay $$$ for this anon- much more than $200. Drop an email if you want direct offers or please auction it if you want to see where it goes

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I've only seen the used OP recently which went for $200 and I think that one might have been slightly damaged? I haven't seen a JSK in any cut for over a month. There's one on ebay for $450 in wine.

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90% of the ones on eBay are listed for half the price on Japanese sales, and relisted by by scalpers onto eBay for 2-3x the price, waiting for dumb Americans to buy so they can purchase the real listing for hundreds of dollars cheaper to send to you. I’ve seen the one your talking about and it’s been listed for months. Just simply looking at LM you can see how so many over even $250 go unsold. They haven’t sold for the old premium prices since 2018

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I have sold an original Mary jsk a month ago for 230€ but I think I was lucky because the buyer put it in their wishlist a few days before... I’d say to try and sell it for 200€

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Thanks for the advice anon, but Idk I've been selling a bunch of stuff recently and auctions don't really seem to get that many bids, even popular prints with like over 100 likes

thanks, I don't wanna get your hopes up since I'm really just thinking about selling it, but would def link it in the best thread if i do

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So I have Kumya's Marine Island skirt in the that horrible teal color way, how much would I get for it? Do you think I have a shot of trading it for another Kumya print skirt?

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