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Bootlegs are never OK to buy and use, don't be a poorfag.

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Wanted to share this bag: https://twitter.com/tori_png/status/1328901714435579905?s=20
As far as kickstarter bags go, it seems pretty cute, though I'm not sure how many characters will fit it theme wise.

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SV anon here! I haven't revamped my SV bag yet (still waiting for my official merch, the jade pendant just shipped to my proxy!) but I brought all my Jin Guangyao and Lan Xichen merch with me into lockdown at my family so I could finally work on my MDZS bags! One down, one to go (JGY-centric this time).

Hope you're all doing well. Did anyone get some good 11/11 deals on merch?

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> that smol holo frog bag in the back

Cute! I love the fake instagram card style merch

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Has anyone else had issues signing up for a mandrake account? Their website keeps saying they sent me a sign up email but it never shows up in my inbox or spam folder.

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I got my first base bag!


I'm pleasantly surprised by the quality. The ears seemed to have bent a bit while it was being delivered, but I don't mind.

I also got an acrylic protector from pinkymilk (linked in the g doc). Packaging is adorable, I think I'll use it so I don't lost safety pins.

I look forward to sharing progress : )

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What character is it gonna be for?

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Dedue Molinaro from Fire Emblem!
I'll probably also be putting in just a little bit of Ashe, because I ship them : )

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I decided to get into this hobby today after browsing thru clothes for winter. the bag I got is a bit small but it should fit all of my waifus in it, tho it might be a tight fit. the Brando is kooijnko if anyone wants to cop one too.

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What a cute base, and not too expensive too! I look forward to seeing your bag completed.

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If you’re in the zine scene, might want to keep an eye out for the Dedue and ashededue zines for when they release their merch bundles

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It's a pretty cute bag, but the pleather feels like it would break down so quickly...

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Has anyone here ever seen/bought a leather base bag? Kind of curious if it exists since my old office bag has taken a beating

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Thank you anon! I already knew about the Ashe/Dedue zine, but not about the Dedue zine.

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I made a start! Might change to a more muted insert fabric later, but it doesn't look this vibrant under most lighting and it should be mostly covered in the end. I need to go to my craft store and grab some more blossoms, I think.

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Has anyone here made multiple itabags of one character/ship like this? I have a lot of merch of my fav (enough to make probably 3 bags now) but how am I supposed to carry all of them? Or do I just carry one at a time like normal

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I haven't personally but I've seen people post collections. I believe one person had 2-3 bags just for Ryuji from P5. I don't blame them, he's the light of my life.

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New? 1/2

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I've made more than one, but I planned it so that one is a backpack while the other is a tote. Carrying them both looks strange (and I only really carry both at conventions), but I'm willing to do it if it's for the husbando.

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I might be soon enough - I went a little bit overboard with some mercari lots, so all my Saber merch might need two bags now.

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Baeber will do that... I would love to see what you got when it comes in!

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not that much in the grand scheme of things, but my bag's really been squished already so this'll put it over the edge. Between this and the Love Live lots I bought for my WIP second bag... I'll probably fill be getting two more soon.

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>love live lots
I want to buy some but they're all mixed for me, do you know the search words to get charaxcter specific ones?

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That's just how it turns out because they'll put lots of character names in the description. One thing that helps is doing JUST the character name (in kanji/kana) and words like "set" (セット) or "goods" (グッズ), but even then you'll end up with some mixed lots showing up. Mixed ones sometimes are the best deals, though.

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nice! love the santa salter keychain

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thanks. she's one of the top reasons behind why I'm gonna need a second seiba bag. can't leave santa out in the cold.

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I don't do itabags but I've been interested in the practice. Do you bring this purses aroudn at cons? Do you take them with you when going out with other nerdy friends? I'm curious

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does anyone have any experience with these and what the quality is like? from a seller called geek the halls

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both, really. I bring them to weeb movie showings too.

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that looks like garabage and its just the promos... is there a reason you want this bag in particular?

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I tried looking up reviews of them - I only found one done by a personal friend of the seller. Honestly wouldn't really trust it.

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yeah, I've wanted a gold itabag with a heart window for ages and this is the only one I can find. I would prefer it not pixelated but technically it would still fit my otp. I didn't think it looked great either desu and I've bought a bag from a small seller like this before which was pretty meh quality, but just thought I'd ask in case I was wrong and anyone who has experience with them said their quality is fine.


yeah I saw that and took it with a grain of salt because as you said, personal friend of the seller, and also the person in the video clearly had no idea what they were talking about re: itabags so

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I have 2 for my husbando and need to get another base bag because I have more. I could probably have like 5 if I wasn't such a sperg about symmetry.

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>>10508714 what about this bag from BerryQ? pretty reliable taobao brand.

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meanwhile my bags: unorganized absolute chaos. I have deep respect for the people that get lots of dupes of one pin/strap and arrange everything beautifully. I saw a bag recently where they sewed in the straps to avoid them flipping around. Absolute devotion.

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yeah I know of that one but unfortunately I'm just not a big fan of the design, and I want the classic backpack style but thanks anyway! idk what it is but berry q's heart bags look kinda wonky to me, yet I find the star ones way more appealing

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i love symmetrical bags. care to post?

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