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Old thread >>>>10470586
>Please read the FAQ before posting in the thread (always updating)
>Artist Spreadsheet
>How to order from Vograce (now with video on how to set up files)
>Convention List (always WIP)
>IP taketowns (based on artists contribution, may or may not have been a one time thing, use as a guideline)
>AA Inspo (thanks anon!)

With Instagram becoming a full-fledged marketing site now with the store tab integration, are you planning on taking advantage?
Christmas and holiday shopping is already starting, are you seeing an uptick in sales recently?

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>Christmas and holiday shopping is already starting, are you seeing an uptick in sales recently
I'm seeing the exact opposite. It's abysmal

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Same. I recently started working retail again (lost my fulltime job) and even our store sales are abysmal. Everyone’s either holding onto their money because they’re unsure of the future or waiting it out until Black Friday.

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Hopefully with change of office we get another stimulus check soon anon (if you live in America)

My sales have been going up but I’m also releasing new products, so I don’t know if it’s general holiday behavior or if it’s just people want the new things I have.

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>Hopefully with change of office we get another stimulus check soon
Doubt it desu. The Democratic party leans center/slightly right of center and is still anti-social programs.

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>are you seeing an uptick in sales recently?
doing about the same YoY this month
not if the dems lose both senate races in GA, leading to a GOP majority senate.

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I feel so stupid for asking this but how do you guys track business expenses? I've been using excel sheets which is fine, but I wonder if there's a better way to manage expenses.

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I released some new products as well but they haven't budged. Now I'm wondering if it's because the item itself is a flop or the timing is not good. I'm holding off on getting new stuff made because I dont think new items are going to produce new sales for me at the moment.

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Same...getting kind of anxious. I missed a big chunk of xmas sales last year because of a really, really unfortunate shipping mishap, and now this year we have a pandemic lol. I don't rely on my merch income much but of course it's nice to have especially during this time, so it is a little anxiety-inducing having my sales be so mediocre. In fact, July was my peak month--I haven't been hitting anywhere close to that recently.

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reposting question from last thread
>for self-branding, is it okay to use the same handle across your portfolio if you do a lot of different (no smut) things or is it better to have one for each thing?

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Bumping the thread with the same question. My merch shop’s style is pretty different from my usual art style, so I was wondering if it’s too narcissistic to have a separate account just for shop stuff.

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Same. I thought it was just me but my best sales months were in the late summer as well. It’s been really slow for November.

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I'm not sure what I'm doing differently from everyone else but I've actually seen a steady increase in online sales this year because we don't have conventions. In some of my busier convention months I actually earned as much as I would have in person at a con. This is what the last 30 days report looks like on my Etsy.

Are you guys still releasing new merch/prints on a regular basis? I've been pretty steady with my production schedule and it's been met with a lot of enthusiasm. I've noticed that people aren't buying my old stuff as often but all the new merch I've been releasing gets snapped up really fast. It just might be the tedium of the pandemic making people crave new releases? I'm not sure.

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What type of merch do you sell? Are they fanart or originals?

I was thinking of releasing more new fanart. But with all the EG and ghibli takedowns causing Etsy stores to be shut down for good. It makes me feel more anxious than before.

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>all the EG takedowns causing Etsy stores to be shut down for good
It’s bullshit that EG goes after fan artists so hard but won’t shut down shops that slap official art on things and call it a day.
Pic related is a Depop shop that just makes vectors out of manga panels and anime screencaps and puts them on clothes. They have over 500 sales and are verified by Depop despite not holding any of the ips are ripping off.

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I heard from another artist that got in contact with EG that he is only responsible for reporting Demon Slayer on Etsy.

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Ive been releasing new stuff and just released 4 new products this last week and not a single sale despite a ton of favorites.

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>not a single sale despite a ton of favorites.
Same, drives me nuts.

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I do a healthy mix of both! My originals have been getting a lot of love recently though. I think building up hype for your merch is really important regardless of fanart or original art. I post WIP shots and prompt for feedback ("Do you prefer A or B?" "Should I make the background X or Y?" etc) so people feel like they have a hand in the creation of the final product so to speak? And because they've been keeping up with it from the sketch phases, they're more eager to purchase when I make them available on Etsy.

Ahh, I'm so sorry to hear that, anon. I hope people are saving their money for BFCM sales coming up!

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He’s done takedowns on Instagram too. I got a post previewing my upcoming Inuyasha merch taken down by EG.

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No, he does takedowns on Aniplex series. KnY is the most aggressive but none of the popular series are safe.

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I mean Demon Slayer specifically on Etsy. Inuyasha is Viz and they are targeting everything.
Did he take down Demon Slayer and Aniplex stuff outside Etsy too?

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Someone I follow made Demon Slayer inspired masks and their Instagram post for those was taken down. I think it's because the caption mentioned that they would be selling them on Etsy once they made enough stock though.

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Not particularly interested in lollipop charms, but does anyone know of an Alibaba manufacturer that offers glitter acrylic like this? I'm guessing this isn't Juno because I've enquired about their glitter acrylic and they only have it in blue (and the chunks are much larger).

I would much prefer it over epoxy, the amount of defects I end up with from denting is ridiculous.

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what are you looking to do with it?

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Just regular acrylic charms, I really like the look of glitter but hate dealing with epoxy

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If your style is wildly different or you don’t want your future employers to see your merch, make a separate account.

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Recently I’m seeing that a lot of enamel pin shops have made their shops/social media private or password-protected. Is this just to avoid takedown? I’d think this is seriously detrimental to sales.

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Yeah it's to avoid takedown. A lot of shops also password protect their sites between drops though, it's a common practice.

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saging just incase this is a dumb inquiry and don't want to bump the thread lmao

would anyone who frequents here know how to start up/have people believe you about opening up orders for bulk production on product? kind of like if someone goes to vograce or a taobao seller for charms?
i run an embroidery shop (smallbusiness) and do well with my own items and commissions, but i'd really like to open up to doing products like this for anyone who would like embroidery items in their shop or booths. also because i don't see a bigger amount of shops having those services available and a lot of kind of really expensive. :(
my machines are big enough to do shirts/jackets and hats too-- but alas i'm dick at advertising that sort of thing and wouldn't know how to get people to trust in a newer person/business doing bulk orders?

sorry this is probably a mess of a text wall, just asking for some advice from actual vendor artists. :))

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I would suggest looking at how other manufacturing shops design their pages and create separate branding for your production service, and run a separate shop page for it. There's a bunch of small business manufacturing in the resources doc linked in the OP to reference. Even if you use your own designs for your product examples, I think it would still be really beneficial to have a whole separate setup specifically for manufacturing. I've ordered from a few places which were obviously just one person who invested in a piece of equipment, and it was really awkward, as they only did email orders. I've ended up favoring sites where I can just plug in my order numbers and upload the art automatically. It helps when the sites have templates and tutorials about how to prepare art for production too, so I feel more confident in what I'll be receiving.

One thing to keep in mind, is that there are probably many Chinese manufacturers that can already do what you do, for much cheaper, and many artists who are making large bulk orders of product already know this and will probably not order from you. You will probably never compete with prices from China, you will never match the quantities that a full factory can produce, and you shouldn't try to. The reason a lot of folks don't use chinese manu's is the language barrier and the complex ordering process, particularly for people who are not that advanced in making merch, and those people would probably be your customer base, so it'd be important to streamline the ordering process.

It's kind of a lot of work, but if it's something you're serious about, it'd be worth it in the long run.

One other thing: if your shop does blow up, be really careful not to be overwhelmed. If orders start becoming delayed because you have too much business, close the shop until you catch up. A lot of startups like you have ended up overwhelmed once they got popular.

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if you have some friends with decently sized followings who might be interested you could give them a discount in exchange for them sharing what you made/posting about your business

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Agreeing with the others, honestly the most powerful tool you have is word of mouth through customers/clients who really believe in your work. I've seen a bunch of people who, despite the lack of a professional website etc., get recommended all over the place because their work is good, which makes others more inclined to try/look into them.

(I'm not going to lie though, sometimes I'm reluctant to share my suppliers because I know how small the team is, and that they have gotten overwhelmed more than once...)

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Sorry, adding on to my comment. I'm not a manu or anything but as a consumer I tend to expect a nice, easy to navigate website that contains: clear pricing, or at least some way to estimate it, how the process works (and any templates/formats required), lots of examples of your work, easy way to contact you. Social media presence doesn't hurt, especially to help give a face/ID to who is behind the scenes (accountability). But as I mentioned, if your reputation is good enough, you can maybe bypass a few of those.

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>sometimes I'm reluctant to share my suppliers
I considered suggesting approaching artists too but then thought of the tendency of artists to hoard suppliers as well. Since this is a person who is trying to get their business going, it might be poor advice, to waste their time with people who are not actually going to share them as their source.

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i'm going to see if opening up a small simple online shop separate from my etsy for this purpose would be worth the overhead costs, or just run it along with my normal store (hmm..) !
i have enough machine to be able to do 200ish per item of orders for someone and up, but you reminded me of the china competition dilemma lmfao. i'll keep this in mind and see if i can do any bonus' to help the decision. :))

i do have some friends and loyal customers who have kind of big following-- they've already helped pushing my own store but i can always try in the "hey manu here" angle. :0

thank you for the advice!! i'll post here again if i have any more questions or updates for stuff :)

pic slightly unrelated-- stupid joke patch my friend wants me to make/sell for events but i refuse lmfao

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If you do no/low MOQ for patches and other embroidered items, I would be interested just for making things for shits and giggles even if it's more expensive per. Some of us aren't hellbent on having a ton of quantity and would rather have limited runs of things.

>> No.10504245

Same, I've actually been looking to make patches but I'm not serious enough about it to do the legwork on finding the "best" manu. I just wanna try it out and experiment with it a little, but there's not a lot of options for that that I can find (outside of purchasing my own embroidery machine)

>> No.10504259

i do commissions for singular patches and tiny runs (5,10,25etc) all the time! if either of you are interested in seeing how it's done or would like an example with your artwork/design i encourage you to email me (with a design of some kind probably lol) and i can show you what entails/how cost breaks down/etc :))

>> No.10504260

durr durr forgot to put my email lmfao

>> No.10504660

Sent an email over to you! Thank you for offering to do this here, I've had trouble finding a reliable manu that doesn't require a huge volume of product.

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why do people not want to share what factories they use like it's some big trade secret and you're trying to steal sales from them personally?

>> No.10504880

Read the thread, anon here >>10503607 mentions why
>(I'm not going to lie though, sometimes I'm reluctant to share my suppliers because I know how small the team is, and that they have gotten overwhelmed more than once...)
When a manu gets overwhelmed turnaround increases and quality decreases.

>like it's some big trade secret and you're trying to steal sales from them personally?
To add to this, many artists who've found manus they're happy with has spent time and resources on them. You have to find manus and spend time and money on trying them out and getting samples from them. Just giving away those and vouching for their quality basically means you've done the work for other artists.

>> No.10504884

>When a manu gets overwhelmed turnaround increases and quality decreases.
are they small indie factories? shouldn't they be upfront if they can't take more clients?
>Just giving away those and vouching for their quality basically means you've done the work for other artists.
so just because someone went through struggles, the next person has to go through the exact same struggles too instead of making progress?

>> No.10504896

>shouldn't they be upfront if they can't take more clients?
Then original artist is still screwing themselves over because supplier operates on either a waitlist or a preference basis.

>> No.10504897

>shouldn't they be upfront if they can't take more clients?
No, because they want to make as most money as possible, so what happens is that they take too many clients and either creates a queue or quality control suffers.

>so just because someone went through struggles, the next person has to go through the exact same struggles too instead of making progress?
Look, I'm not one who thinks everything should be hoarded as some huge industry secret, but this kind of entitled attitude is exactly why a many artists has no desire to share their manus with lazy randos refusing to do their own research while begging others to share.

>> No.10504919

You expect your subjective opinions on quality to match well enough to another random human being that you believe they should share their specific manufacturer with you?
You expect, knowing how much effort goes into finding a manufacturer, to be given information that will potentially make the manufacturer an artist likes inacessible to them because of long wait times or drops in quality?

If you can't put in the effort, and very material cost, into finding a manu you like, go through a middleman because you are not capable of dealing with the difficulties that come from interacting with a factory one on one.

There ARE resources out there, like a long list of enamel pin manus with frequently updated quality reviews as well as info on specific contacts within the company. But, because you seem unwilling to look into this, you don't know that.

So save literally EVERYONE the trouble and go through a middleman in your country.

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This. Some people are so lazy, if you want a good product you have to work for it.
I don’t owe you my sources, cry harder about that.

>> No.10504952

People like this also forget that this community and the art comm in general is competitive. Everyone is trying to make sales in an over saturated market.
No artist owes you anything.

>> No.10504982

Why would someone give away proprietary information to potential competition? You clearly don't know anything about business. Finding good suppliers/manus is a skill in and of itself and requires time and effort, and you asking someone to hand over their hard work for free.

>> No.10504988

Sent an email!

>> No.10504990

> so just because someone went through struggles, the next person has to go through the exact same struggles too instead of making progress?

Know that when an artist makes their supplier for say, some very niche item, accessible, you can bet that that niche item will be widespread and probably no longer unique in sometimes just a matter of weeks or months.
Or, as mentioned above, when a supplier gains too much popularity, wait times could go from an average of 2 weeks to 3 months, even more.
People invest a lot of time and money into finding a supplier that works for them.
So when you have randos coming up to you, at con or in your DMs, without ever having spoken to you before and with the sole purpose of getting your supplier out of you, it really doesn't make sharing sources very appealing. Even if it's not a niche item, some people make it obvious that they haven't done their research by asking stupid shit they could have gotten in a 2 second google search.

Respect the fact that some artists will say no when you ask them their sources, and if you get upset about it, it's because you're entitled. It's not because they're "ohhh so selfish and gatekeepy." If you don't at least understand the risks of overloading a manufacturer, then clearly you have your own research to do too.

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How can I market an original plushie design? It’s not fanart so it doesn’t automatically come with the fan base... any ideas or is it impossible? Does the fact some plushies start on Kickstarter have any advantages to just preorders or buy it now?

>> No.10505020

I'd say post on all your social media (try out Tiktok too), join FB groups that allow you to promote your work, and have a generally cute/attractive design that even normies can appreciate.

>> No.10505022

Check out itemLabel on twitter, they market non fandom plushies in a pretty fun way and their releases seem to sell out very quick. Their promo tweets give the plushes a lot of character and makes you feel a lot of affection for them.

>> No.10505146

>so just because someone went through struggles, the next person has to go through the exact same struggles too instead of making progress?

Here's the thing, anon. Most of us are pretty happy to share sources with friends. You're acting like we're all out here like "Mwahaha, I hope other artists SUFFER!!!" Like... I'm more that happy to help out my friends because I know they would do the same for me. This is like asking people why they wouldn't do a favor for a complete stranger.

I've literally seen artists being harassed for sharing a source with randos out of goodwill but the quality dropped bc the randos shared the source with everyone and they were publicly bashed for "giving out bad sources". Frankly, I'm not putting myself at risk because I don't trust strangers not to operate in bad faith.

I'm also happy to guide people in the right direction and let them know how to start searching for manus if they ask me nicely. But if entitled people like you DM me and demand my sources without even following me, I just leave them on read.

>> No.10505161

When you were in school (if you aren't still) did you expect people to allow you to copy their homework? Like a close friend would probably let you, but would you go up to a kid you've never spoken to and expect them to let you copy?

If the shoe's on the other foot, would you do your homework and just let any kid copy you? Would you continue to let people copy if once the first couple people ghosted you after they got what they wanted?

>> No.10505211

are the people who run fanart kickstarters just really ballsy or does ks not do anything about it?

>> No.10505223

half ballsy half dumb, ks does remove it if people report

>> No.10505236

This reminds me of high school. Nayrt but I would actively punish kids who cheat off me by writing all the wrong answers on purpose, and then leaving a note on the back of the exam for the teacher that had my real answers and explained who the cheater was. Once some kid tried it on a final when the teacher had to leave the room for an emergency and I got a 100 and he got a zero. Deserved it if he was more willing to take my answers when I asked him not to than just figure the answers out on his own.

>> No.10505267

how young are you to brag about high school on 4chan? embarrassing.

>> No.10505270

Imagine being this much of a narc and then bragging about it on the internet.

Sounds like you didn't get shoved into enough lockers.

>> No.10505274


I was just reminded of it because of the level of entitlement people also feel towards artists' manufacturers/sources and all. The appropriate response to that level of entitlement is to teach people a lesson.

No one shoved me into lockers but a lot of boys groped or sexually assaulted me in the hallways regularly so I hated men and hated school I used every opportunity I could to put awful men in their place. I'm not so angry now but I cant help but feel justice is served when people who are shitty to others out of a sense of entitlement get their comeuppance.

>> No.10505275

Sounds like you two are the kind of kids who got assblasted when someone didn't let them cheat.

>> No.10505278

nah, I let people cheat off me because I didn't give a fuck and I wasn't a narc. why should I give a fuck?

>> No.10505280

It's more principle I'd guess. Anon implied they didn't ask or were told no and did it anyway which is rude. If your friend asks and you let them it's not an issue.

>> No.10505281


I have a hard time believing people who care so much about narcing have answers worth hoarding or keeping private anyway.

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Hi guys. I am just looking for some opinions/critique on a product idea. I currently have a manufacturer available to make knitted cardigans. I wanted to do something quite lolita inspired or cute but I'm not sure which one I like. I'm happy to take brutally honest crit!

>> No.10505314

first or third! i think the multiple bows down the front are a little too crowded-- just my opinion tho. but i love the design super cute!!

>> No.10505317

Thank you! I did think it might be too much too. It seems like the third is getting the best responses! I might make the third with the bow being removable.

>> No.10505324

First for sure, second looks like a clown outfit, third a little too boring
>source: am lolita

>> No.10505330

I prefer the third design.

>> No.10505338

Normal cardigan lengths don't really work for lolita just btw, they're usually too long and don't work well with poof

also I have an AP cardigan that has bows like the second, but are removable.So if you did something like the first or third, and then had detachable bows with it, it might be cute.

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File: 471 KB, 724x1024, outfitidea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got a giggle out of me there thanks
The third design does seem like the best one!
I am an avid fan of boleros with JSKs and would absolutely love to make one, but I'm trying to cater to a mixture of jfashion and casual style with a lolita aesthetic. It's hard to explain and im dumb.
Also agreeing with the removable bow idea. I could give a set of detachable bows for the wearer to put where ever.

Pic related. Quick sketch I made of the sort of style im going for.

>> No.10505377

I was for the 2nd design since AP and LL had similar bow button cardigans, but with this long oversized design I think the 1 is best

>> No.10505408

What is your primary social media for your art following? I do pins and stickers of OC but I noticed recently my following on Insta has hit a plateau even with regular updates.

>> No.10505427

Instagram has stunted my growth recently two (well, four months ago actually) and with the new shopping tab I’m seeing more and more people saying they’re just going to leave the site altogether. Twitter is toxic as fuck and literally makes me want to an hero sometimes so I can’t really see that being the next thing for me personally, so I really don’t know anon.

>> No.10505430

I use instagram and while i initially had a huge amount of followers, its been slowing down a lot more.
God why did they do this. Moving all the useful shit to the top right??? It's almost like they pushing the shop idea

>> No.10505440

My main is insta and twitter but I hate both.
IMHO tiktok is the next big contender. The organic reach and algorithm isnt completely nerfed yet either, though im sure they'll do it eventually to try and make ad money.
There is a surprisingly active art community on there, just check out other peoples videos and content if you need ideas about what to post

>> No.10505542

instagram seems to be a shit platform if you're not constantly jumping onto trends.
Twitter is such a shithole though. Feels like im walking on eggshells and I see other artists get harassed over stupid stuff. Tik tok is great for reach but you can run into the same crazies that twitter has.

>> No.10505560

I’ve ironically heard good things about moving back to tumblr. I doubt it’s going to happen but there does seem to be some people going back after how toxic Twitter has become

>> No.10505603

>but there does seem to be some people going back after how toxic Twitter has become
The community isn't too bad at the moment. Most of the drama-crowd and assholes moved over to Twitter when the porn-purge went down. Assuming you draw primarily SFW content, it's worth checking out.

>> No.10505608

>Most of the drama-crowd and assholes moved over to Twitter when the porn-purge went down
I find it hilarious and also depressing that antis went to twitter with the purge. You'd think tumblr would be their sweet spot after the ban

>> No.10505638

uhh, its not the platform, its the people. Every mainstream platform will have the same amount of crazy people because they all use those platforms.

>> No.10505645

I wouldn't mind the crazy people if the sites themselves weren't so fucking ass.

>> No.10505697

we can all agree that social media giants have destroyed communities, why not go back to livejournal?

>> No.10505699

livejournal got bought by russians and purged everything not conforming to russian law, kind of a bummer if you wanna say mean things about putin or post gay content

>> No.10505823

How are you guys coping with all this cancel culture and “anime characters have rights” nonsense that’s rampant on social media now? If you draw or like characters under “18” or even draw them kissing you’re a predator and pedophile.

Personally I never thought people would try to censor fiction this much, this might be the end of the anime culture in the west. Reminds me of the whole “banned books” things that puritans tried a while back.

>> No.10505829

It's been pretty depressing. I have been booted from tabletop roleplaying communities at the application stage for submitting a child myconid (a mushroom race which is just adorable and no intention of sexualization) for being a pedo, and another game I was considered for asked if I was the same race as my character and when I said I wasn't, I was turned down and shamed on their group for appropriating POC.
What the fuck is wrong with the world these days? It's a fucking fantasy game, I'm sure you're not asking the half orc if the same question.

>> No.10505838

I feel you anon. I’m writing a comic currently and even though I’m biracial, I want nothing to do with my “POC” side because I don’t want anyone being like “oh you’re appropriating, just because you’re mixed doesn’t mean you can appropriate something you’re only half apart of” (similar to something I’ve seen on Twitter)
It’s so nauseating, not to mention if you like anime that has any sort of sexualized character or whatever you’re a creep too automatically.
I remember back in the day where we all knew this shit was fake and if you drew black characters you were appreciating them not “appropriating”.

>> No.10505845

I'll take things that didn't happen for 500, Alex.

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File: 650 KB, 790x1079, ac.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Must be nice to live in a bubble. This disproportionate reaction and outrage over racial features shit is happening left and right in most of my hobby spheres and it's all so tiresome.

>> No.10505857

Maybe it wouldn't be a problem if you didn't have white people pretending to be minorities to "get ahead".

>> No.10505858

Why would anyone pretend to be a minority lmao

>> No.10505860

Drawing or roleplaying a non-white original character shouldn't be only allowed for POC. This is just getting ridiculous.

>> No.10505862

Its ironic because that same crowd that screams at you for shipping Sesshomaru and an aged up Rin are also flicking their bean to MHA high school boys taking it up the ass.

>> No.10505864

Understanding that black hairstyles are used against black people when they wear them is nothing new. Black people have been told that their natural hair is not work appropriate, not clean, not cute, all that stuff for ages. When white people wear black hairstyles, they generally are seen as trendy or inventive, and white celebrities have been praised for things that are seen as ghetto or low class on black women. This is old news. If you aren't listening at this point, you're willingly ignoring issues.

>> No.10505865

An Indian man pretended to be black so that there would be less pressure for him to have to do as well get into med school. imagine being such a failure you aren't good enough as a student to get a score that aligns with people's positive perception and high expectations of your race that you take advantage of lower expectations set for less privileged minorities who tend to struggle because of lower incomes and worse upbringings. Instead of just being a normal Indian doctor like the rest of them.

Also have you not heard of Rachel Dolezal, Shaun King, or like, basically any racially ambiguous educated white person that wants woke points?

>> No.10505867

>Because I can’t wear them no one can either!
Yeah the traditional employment system is fucked, but take that up with the company saying it’s okay for whites to do and blacks not to.
Telling whites they can’t wait their hair however they want because “muh dead ancestors” is a take for a pissbaby who can’t realize, yeah, some people in like WILL have it better than them no matter what.
The same applies to pretty privilege. Some people will never be beautiful and that’s just something they have to live with.
Grow up and get over yourself.

>> No.10505870
File: 165 KB, 416x416, Middle-Finger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Precisely. These people are the absolute WORST type of hypocrites. Double-points if they're butt buddies w/ an actual pedo/MAP.

>> No.10505875

But Deku and Kacchan have such an intense and complex relationship.

>> No.10505890

You're willingly misdirecting your anger at a civil issue towards individuals with no ill will and even admiration of the styles. Most of these individuals aren't doing it out of mockery, they are doing it out of a harmonious place.
To shame them, dox them, "cancel" them and other extreme reactions are not warranted.

>> No.10505891

You ignore them. Unless you're getting actual death threats, these are not the people you want as your fans anyway - I've had at least one character of mine be called a rapist and I laugh my way to the bank because he's the most popular of the bunch.

>> No.10505892

Nah, the platforms are pretty fucking horrible for showcasing art. Even Instagram, which is meant to be a picture platform, condenses all in one square thumbnail only showing the first picture in a collection. Tumblr is unironically a good platform for art and images because you can customize the front and the timeline is less fucked by algorithms compared to the platforms with billions of people.
The biggest problem with using it to promo your merch and shops is the link posting issue.

>> No.10505911

I'm looking for advice on this, actually. A friend of mine got removed from a project for being "a pedophile" because they drew nsfw involving underage characters in 2013-2014 (an old, dead fandom nowadays). Clearly people with lots of time on their hands can comb through anyone's accoutns and create a problem, so what's the best way to prevent a callout/stop them before they escalate?

>> No.10505926

There's no reasoning with them.
>t. someone who wrote nsfw fanfictions about myself and draco malfoy when we were the same age like 15 years ago

>> No.10505944

I dunno, maybe look up to some of the bigger hentai artists like slugbox for advice? He draws hentai of everyone regardless of age and I look up to him for being so brave in this climate.

>> No.10505956

There you go, men will usually get overinvested guys to defend them. Doubly so if they're straight.

>> No.10505961

The only way I've really seen a callout de-escalate is when either they don't get the traction or attention they want, or more people show up to yell at them than agree with them. Callouts only become a problem if they hit a big account, which is when the support numbers get high enough for people to feel confident attacking. Before that, not engaging works, but once people start sending DMs and trying to fuck with your employment or personal relationships, under the guise of "spreading awareness", is when it gets out of hand. I've only ever seen the same cycle after that, which is the victim having a mental breakdown and leaving the site, followed by a reversal of vitriol on the big account which either they ignore or causes them to ALSO have a mental breakdown.

I think just showing you're not a person who engages with bullshit helps. It makes you a less sexy target.

>> No.10505962

>Callouts only become a problem if they hit a big account
I should clarify, only a problem when they COME FROM or are echoed by a big account.

>> No.10505968

Sad but this is how we feel about the situation right now

I don't know many hentai artists sadly, but if there are any to recommend with advice on this topic I will forward them to her!

> they don't get the traction or attention they want
We're hoping for this. She's never had a callout before (neither have I) so we're really lost

>> No.10505971

Try messaging bepdelta on Twitter, he has like 10k following and loves saving artists from harassment.
He’s super anti anti and I think he’s be happy to help.
His followers all feel the same way that harassment towards artists is stupid

>> No.10505975

This is the right answer.
thats the project's loss, not your friend's.

>> No.10505982

>bepdelta on Twitter
10 minutes in and i've had enough exposure to outrage culture for the rest of the year. How do people even survive living day in and day out being outraged over pointless things every day?

>> No.10506002

Thank you! Wow, there is a lot more drama on twitter than I realized. it's really nice to see some bigger artists on twitter who are trying to stop harassment.

Aw, that's so sweet! I'll tell her that, everyone here has been very kind and helpful with advice

>> No.10506160

I fully believe you in that there has been people pretending to be another race to take advantage of the system or to get woke pity points, but Rachel Dolezal is literally the only person I've heard about doing this, and she sounds plain crazy. It's hardly a common issue to try to commit fraud this way.

Also for fucks sake, when you say shit like
>that aligns with people's positive perception and high expectations of your race
I mean come on. Why is racism okay if it's "positive"? Just because you're Indian you should do well in Science and become a doctor like expected?
The point in this thread is that not everything is or should be about race, especially when drawing fantasy weeb anime characters with green hair. People and their characters are allowed to have curly hair or be good at math without having to shoehorn those traits into a race.

>> No.10506190

>I haven't heard of it so it doesn't happen
It's really common for some minorities, and your ignorance doesn't change that. You're acting entitled to something that isn't yours to claim.

>> No.10506234

Get some reading comprehension, I just said that I fully believe that it happens, but there's no evidence of there being any such widespread fraud. Most people don't go out of their way in normal life to pretend they're black, because black people in the US has a real disadvantage in situations where the police gets involved.
Why don't you link to a statistic or articles where this has happened a lot then?

And stop your bullshit about entitlement, you're the one with the victim complex acting like it's okay to be prejudiced towards someone as long as it's "positive". Because you're privileged after all, that means you should be happy with being shoehorned into a lot of assumptions people have about you and your race. Stop being a hypocrite.

>> No.10506241

>there's no evidence of there being any such widespread fraud.
Take a look at indigenous people. Fraud every where in multiple countries. Please explain the US census vs actual statistics from Nations don't match up.

And that anon wasn't me that you're referencing. I also don't think that's okay.

>> No.10506242


>> No.10506243

>Please explain the US census vs actual statistics from Nations don't match up.
Then can you link to either? As I said, I absolutely do believe it happens. I'm talking about how big of a problem it is.

>> No.10506244

nice AA thread guys...

>> No.10506245

Again your ignorance is showing. Just look it up. It's a huge problem that affects the lives of people who are said minority. How often it happens doesn't excuse your behavior when those that receive harm are telling you to stop.

Spoon feeding you for the most obvious Cherokee Nation.

>> No.10506265

I mean he was trying to be a doctor as an Indian but pretended to be black to get it easy. The racism isn't okay but he wanted the prestige of being a doctor and chose that career path knowing the expectations and stereotypes and stress. Rather than accepting he wasn't as good as the standard people wanted and doing something slightly less prestigious he instead decided to take advantage of the fact that black people are expected to underachieve due to less resources throughout their lives.

I have nothing against dumb or less smart or less studious people or Asians or anything. But instead of pursuing acting or accounting or something less rigorous he took advantage of systems or accommodations meant for others by lying about it. The lying and twisting things is the part that is disappointing, not his lack of ability to live up to stereotypes.

Rachel Dolezal is actually interesting in that while bad and wrong for lying I didn't find her pretending to be black that harmful. She claimed to have done it to make black people around her more comfortable because they seemed more comfortable when they thought she was black, and her race issues only got brought up because her younger black adopted sister accused her white older brother of sex abuse as a child and they were worried Rachel's testimony as a white woman of her own abuse by that brother would legitimize it so they found this out and publicized it to discredit her for the purpose of her brother getting away with abusing her and her sister (assuming they were being honest). Her parents were the shitty religious type so they sided with the brother.

>> No.10506266
File: 21 KB, 600x600, F4F38B74-A602-4876-90DE-BD2683FBF078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Y’all need to stop responding to bait before this whole thread gets nuked

>> No.10506269

So getting back on topic, how are Christmas pre-Black Friday sales doing and are y’all running discounts or promotions this year? What are your expected sales for the weekend?

>> No.10506300

it's picked up from where it was a few weeks ago, but given the period, still not all that hot.
Thinking of doing 15-20% off. What percentage discounts do you guys usually do for BFCM?

>> No.10506304

This is insanely optimistic but I'm hoping to hit 10k for the weekend. I've done it a couple of times in the past and my sales this year actually have been trending up compared to last year so I think it's doable.

I do 15% off for BFCM but I also run concurrent sales to clear out my dead stock so some of the stuff I'm trying to get rid of might even be discounted as much as 50%. I also offer a bunch of blind bags that are only available during BFCM and throw in little "thank you gifts" to every order above $50.

>> No.10506371

Sales picked up slightly but still very very few sales. Was gonna do 20% off total order and some specific product sales. Want to do some freebie after spending a certain amount as well but dont know of what.

>> No.10506538

Does anyone here make their own pin display cards? Would posterboard do the trick?

>> No.10506670

Like the backing cards? I order mine through a business card printing business and get them on heavy cardstock. Poster board could work if it’s mid or heavy weight.

>> No.10506674

I order mine directly through the manufacturer.

>> No.10506812

I’m not sure what poster board is, sounds a lil thick. Typically people use business cards, but I think cardstock is fine

>> No.10506817

Nayrt but posterboard is pretty much thick cardstock.

>> No.10506836

I don't know if they've changed it since I was in school, but it's thinner than a standard business card. I wouldn't call it a cardstock, which tends to be a bit sturdier.
I think posterboard would be fine if you're going for an indie look. Ordering cards looks much more professional, mostly because cutting them yourself is always going to have some variation and look more handmade. But either way, posterboard would probably be thick enough to make a backing board, unless you're making very heavy pins. Don't go TOO thick because it'll get hard to push the pins through.

>> No.10506840

Thanks for the advice! I just got a Cricut so I wanted to make a unique shape and cut them with that. It would cut the holes for the pin too. Waiting on transfer tape, but I wanted to do my logo on them with holo stickers.

For what it's worth, the posterboard I picked up is thicker than my business cards.

>> No.10506924

Have any of you gotten a job with convention and ecommerce work as your only experience? The last "real" job I worked was 2 years ago and that was in a factory.

>> No.10507063

I have but in the sense that I've gotten freelance illustration project offers from fairly big name companies and not like a full-time job for said companies.

>> No.10507075

I'm running 20% off on my Etsy and $2 off each item at the few small art and craft markets I'm doing (I mostly sell jewelry). Sales have been abysmal this month and I wasted money on fb ads just to tank my conversion rate. I don't know what's going on because I was doing decently when I started selling earlier this year.

>> No.10507090

The GOP in the Senate decided to fuck over Americans again and not give any support/protection for job loss and etc.

Sadly, a lot of Americans are struggling to pay rent/medical bills/find employment so "fun" hobbies get pushed to the side

>> No.10508516

For those of you who sell various sizes of prints, if you have, say, 11x17s + 5x7/4x6 postcards, do you just send them in a tube? I'm a bit worried/paranoid that the post cards will be really hard to flatten out.

>> No.10508616

I send postcards in rigid mailers! big prints just go in tubes though.

>> No.10508623

Ah sorry, I meant if you're sending them together! Thanks for the input though!

>> No.10508654

Cardstock is pretty hard to flatten out, so I rather have it shipped as a separate envelope than rolled into the tube.

>> No.10508747

Had a pretty big sale and got about a hundred orders which was nice.

>> No.10508749

Oh! In that case I do large print in poster tube, postcard in rigid mailer, and then I stick both in a poly bag. I stock bags in a size big enough to fit a 12" mailing tube so that way if someone orders a print with any of my keychains, I can mail them in 1 bag instead of printing off multiple labels. It's useful since they also fit bulkier items like totebags or really big orders!

Nice anon! I was really pleasantly surprised by the number of orders too. I think I ended up with like 260+ but I did start my sales a day earlier!

>> No.10508910

Wow 100 orders? I only got 5 lol

>> No.10509070

NAYRT but anon, are you keeping your sales going until at least Monday? I started my sale exactly on Thanksgiving Day and I’m close to 300 orders already. The orders definitely add up so leave your sale going on this weekend!

>> No.10509077

I'm leaving them up for a whole week. My sales have been in the shitter since October.

>> No.10510015

How were everyone's Black Friday weekend sales?

>> No.10510132

Got a couple of sales but mostly just people mass favoriting.

>> No.10510136

I discounted nothing and had a big uptick in sales

>> No.10510196
File: 471 KB, 1282x2353, 4B7D4349-70A6-4BB0-974A-BAB3019DAC6E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eric green is striking again, be careful everyone.

>> No.10510197
File: 1.48 MB, 1284x2392, C8E339C5-68CD-46A7-9566-B0D0EFFA2305.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She’s a big account with a personal site and an Etsy. She has about 60k followers on Instagram and My hero academia plushies is what she sells majorly.

>> No.10510201

She would post photos of her getting about 100 orders a week.. each of plushies were about $60 a piece so I don’t know if it’s the fact it was such a high profit margin or the fact she was so popular that made her a obvious target.
The only thing that confused me is that it doesn’t seem like she was using exact designs? Like the characters were in different outfits and given different nick names, so I wonder where the line is drawn for parody or remix and “inspired” type of designs.

>> No.10510204

So she basically makes her store and promos a secret club and relies on existing followers as customers? I get that you can do that with 60k followers, but doesn’t that make it pretty much impossible to reach new people?

>> No.10510205

Usually when they DMCA’d they put their store on private for a month or so then open back up.

>> No.10510206

I mean this is Eric Green we are talking about. He's not exactly picky about who to DMCA. She was probably first to get hit.

>> No.10510207

I got hit by Eric Green like two weeks after I opened my Etsy with only a handful of sales, and I’m a nobody. He takes down basically everything he finds.

>> No.10510208

So I saw a stray tweet floating around about how Vograce stopped their PET printing, and my rep just confirmed with me that that's correct. Does anyone have any comparison/current merch pics of what the printing looks like now? I heard the PET was nice so not sure why they changed (or when).

>> No.10510212

Wasn't the PET the new printing method? I thought they stopped doing UV

>> No.10510215
File: 7 KB, 424x82, pet.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, that's what I thought, but...(see image)

I'm looking at the new image he sent me but it honestly looks like UV printing *squints*

>> No.10510247

Okay, confirmed they're doing UV now--rep insists that their new technology is better but doesn't really explain further lol. I guess I'll have to make a small order to check it out.

>> No.10510257

I just googled this artist to see what their art looked like and honestly, they deserve the DMCA strikes. I don't understand artists who mass-manufacture fan plushies and think they're not gonna get sued out the ass. Plush pillows and dakis are one thing because that's your art (presumably in your own style) printed onto something but manufactured 3d plushies cease to be transformative fanwork and fall squarely into the "bootleg" territory.

It's the same reason why artists making fan PVC straps also doesn't sit well with me. Both PVC straps and 3d plush are the backbone of official anime merchandise. Just stick to acrylic charms and printed plush pillows.

I don't like Eric Green but this agijagi person kind of had it coming. Artists who keep muddying the waters between fan merch and official merch are gonna get fan merch banned altogether from conventions one of these days.

>> No.10510298

>Both PVC straps and 3d plush are the backbone of official anime merchandise.
what if it's from a genre that typically doesn't do that, ex western vidya and pvc straps?

>> No.10510301

I specifically brought up anime merch because the person in question was known for selling My Hero Academia plushies but you raise a pretty interesting point! I think it might be more acceptable to make PVC straps for Western video games specifically because it's not such a widespread industry thing that the IP holders might not take it as seriously? I think enamel pins are a bigger borderline bootleg problem for Western IPs.

Re: anime& PVC - I've worked with certain anime license holders and they absolutely loathe fan PVC straps and anything else that overlaps with official merchandising in anime IPs. Acrylic charms pinback buttons, and prints they turn a blind eye to usually because the art style is enough to set it apart as "fan work". Stuff like 3D plush and PVC keychains they come down HARD on.

>> No.10510303

*looks at the official acrylic charms, pins, and stickers I own* ???

On one hand, I can agree in terms of say Animal Crossing characters if plushies are being made that look exactly like the in-game models, but fan-made plushies can still be original/different from bootleg merch and look different from each other based on the artists' styles hence the multiple Fire Emblem fan made plushes that exist.

>> No.10510309

It's not only a matter of style, if you're moving large quantities of factory made medium ticket products like plush toys, you're in the "get a liscence" territory.

>> No.10510326
File: 636 KB, 2048x2048, F685D700-699E-40AB-8972-A38419470652.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don’t have to believe me if you want but I’m strictly speaking from actual anime licensing POV. (As in I’ve worked with certain US license holders and sometimes even helped with DMCA noticea.) Official charms, pins, and stickers use official key art and have copyright info directly printed on them as well as the packaging so it’s easy at a glance to discern they’re official when you put them next to fan acrylics, pins, and stickers.

Official plush designs vary on which companies the IP holder is licensing out to. Look at the million different Sailor Moon plushies or even this attached example of ALL official MHA plush designs. Because there’s no one “defined” look for official plush, from an IP holder’s POV, you’re hurting their brand and profit margins because it’s not clear to the consumer AND you’re competing directly with one of the mainstays of their revenue stream. And like the prev. anon mentioned plushies have a large MOQ so they KNOW you’re selling hundreds vs stickers which you might only be selling like 20 of.

The other stuff is considered pretty small fry. Frankly official acrylic charms weren’t popular until about like 4-5 years ago w/ the boom of ita bags while official plushies have been their bread and butter for literal decades.

The FE plush people are playing with fire too. It’s incredibly stupid to mass manufacture big ticket items that directly step on the toes of the IP holder.

>> No.10510345


>> No.10510349

Interesting! Since you worked with licensing in the past, would you mind going more into the details of what is considered passable fan merch and not? Prints I'd imagine are fine, but what about apparel designs like bags, pouches, shirts, etc?

>> No.10510376

Ok, just don't get butthurt when you get dmca'd.

>> No.10510390

>hence the multiple Fire Emblem fan made plushes that exist.
Many of those too are awfully similar though. The thing with plushies is they all have to be a similar deformed chibi shape to be able to manufacture the body and hair, and the faces are also usually very simple. I understand the argument about how those easily look like bootleg products because official plushies rarely emulate the actual artstyle either.

>> No.10510394

I agree with you and I don’t think it’s smart to make fanart plushies at all, but when does it become “inspired”? Agijagis plushies didn’t resemble the official characters all that much, and she put them in different outfits. Where do we make this distinction that it’s an “inspired” design and not IP theft?

>> No.10510401

production scale has fuck all to do with whether the product is too close to official or not.

>> No.10510406

yeah honestly just because the moq for charms is small doesn't mean there aren't artists selling hundreds either lol

>> No.10510407

(replying to myself) oops i thought you were replying to someone else. but i agree with anon that plushes are close to official. but does the scale have that much to do with it? well either way we're all toeing legality here, the plushes are just a more conspicuous example

>> No.10510412

The chances of you being able to afford said license increase with scale and profit margin, I wouldn't tell an artist that sold 10 charms to try to make their operation legal.

>> No.10510423

i was initially replying to >>10510309 who isn't just talking about plushies.

>> No.10510446

I'm not to make that call, I just think it's useful to know that companies are less likely to let plushies slide compared to prints and charms and the like, and the reasoning makes sense. Selling fanmerch is a gray area already, if you know you're more likely to get DMCA'd by selling certain stuff then it's on you to take that risk.

>> No.10510449

>Where do we make this distinction that it’s an “inspired” design and not IP theft?
I mean, fanmerch is IP theft already regardless of what merch it is. It's not related to style or "inspiration". If Eric Green wants to take down your KnY and MHA charms and prints then you're not gonna get away with calling it an AU in your own style.
If companies will strike harder down on plushies because they view that as a bigger threat, then there's little to do about that.

>> No.10510555

>then you're not gonna get away with calling it an AU in your own style
This is really dangerous legality tho and a big problem with how overreaching the protections for the copyright holder are. Just playing devil's advocate, where is the line? We could throw out many specific examples of how much should be changed before it becomes legal, but we can't regulate the "spirit" of the person making it. If there are two characters in a show who are represented by a flower and a feather, and someone makes a flower and a feather enamel pin in their color schemes, should that be regulated, for example, because the spirit of the person creating it was fan merch? What if you're making fan merch of a public IP, such as literature? It is still not yours, and is not any morally different. You are still banking on an existing popularity to make profit. The only difference is whether there is someone who will come after you. Just saying, it gets incredibly messy if you just say "well the company has rights over it even if they change a lot and draw it in their own style" because the fact is that there are people who are doing this in perfectly legal ways. Copyright law is messy.

>> No.10510561

nayrt but copyright law is specific as far as public domain stuff though, it either is copyrighted or not, and if it was previously copyrighted but now isn't it's public domain, is it not? It's not about it being "not yours", it's about the person whose it is having some legal control over you reproducing their ideas for as long as it is protected.

>> No.10510576

I agree with you, but many people conflate the legality of selling fanart with morality. Making enough changes to an IP to make it legal or at the least hazily legal does not make those people bad. There is a tendency for people who argue against the sale of fanart in these threads to talk down at the people who sell it, as if they are shittier people because they don't sell original, when all it's based on are laws made by Disney anyway.

>> No.10510581

Fanart against the wishes or permission of the copyright holder is illegal though, that's not hazy. It's not hazily legal just because you haven't been caught yet.

It is a little lazy and uncreative but not morally wrong in any way, just illegal in a vast majority of cases. If I was ever selling only fanart and not in any unique style beyond just anime art or whatever and no original stuff though I feel like I'd have self esteem issues that no one wanted my original pieces of art.

>> No.10510582

Fanart is immoral if the content owner says "hey don't do that please this belongs to me" and you just do it anyway because "fuck them they have enough money I want money without having to put in as much thought", the same way it's somewhat immoral/douchey to do anything unnecessary with someone else's belongings that they have asked you not to, just for your own financial gain.

>> No.10510592

We're talking about this tho
>then you're not gonna get away with calling it an AU in your own style

>> No.10510597

Even in that context changing stuff up to barely make it technically okay possibly is just the "I'm not touching you" equivalent of copyright violation tho

>> No.10510613

If someone is making that effort, who are they hurting honestly? Disregard the morality or assumed intent of the parties involved. If someone is changing enough that the IP is barely recognizable, it sets a dangerous precedent to allow companies to attack that, is all I'm saying.

>> No.10510615

I'd 100% stay away from apparel - especially shirts.

It's complicated obviously because not all IP holders feel the same about this stuff and some of their reasoning is really arbitrary. But anything that is in direct competition with their merch mainstays are a no-no. So no 3d plush, no PVC keychains, & no shirts. You might be able to get away with like hand screenprinting a limited run at home but if you're contracting a printer, they'll be pissed about it.

Bags & pouches should be okay as long as they're like... "smaller ticket" if that makes sense? So tote bags and zipper pouches from a//rts/c0w are often seen as more fan merch but any bag with a structure like a backpack or messenger bag, they don't like fan artists doing.

They generally seem to be okay with your art (in a distinct style, separate from the official show style) printed onto something. (As long as that something isn't shirts.) So they're generally lenient with things like prints and acrylic charms. They're specifically looking for your work to be transformative so it can't be mistaken for official stuff.

All fan merch is a legal grey area and they can legally go after you for prints and charms too but a lot of the times they'll turn a blind eye as long as it's distinct enough from the source material and doesn't specifically infringe their main official merch. A lot of this has to do with foreign licencees too. They want to keep the companies they've contracted with happy because these companies pay like hundreds of thousands of dollars for the exclusive right to produce official plushies or whatever so they're the ones who get upset if artists start making bootlegs.

>> No.10510617

If it really is barely recognizable then it isn't a violation. If it is obviously recognizable to fans then it kind of is.

>> No.10510620
File: 546 KB, 1800x1800, agijagi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

NAYRT but I mean in the context of this specific discussion (aka agijagi's My Hero Academia plushies) - they're still 100% recognizable as MHA characters. This isn't even like an "AU". There's literally nothing transformative about this.

>> No.10510624

That's based entirely on perception though. A dad from middle america might look at this picture and not be able to match the characters, because he would have no context. A lawyer with no exposure to anime might deconstruct those and say that a hairstyle or eye color isn't something you can own. A fan who is intimate with the lore would see it immediately, of course, but that's not the line for legality.

>> No.10510626

For art, trademarks, etc. it is often up to whether the market is confused and some works create market confusion by being too similar to official stuff, like artists drawing in the show style rather than their own style, or a plush like those above.

>> No.10510633

Because you're still using characters from an existing IP. Parody laws are its own thing and maybe you could get away claiming that, but just because you draw it in a different style and setting then using what are obvious existing franchise characters is still copyright infringement.

>> No.10510634
File: 30 KB, 540x501, agi-jagi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a hairstyle or eye color isn't something you can own
It's everything taken together as a whole anon. It's not just the hair style or the eye color. It's the same hair style, eye color, distinctive clothing (all the plushies in that photo are wearing pretty much their canon outfits exactly) and the fact that apparently this person even uses their exact character names in their shop.

Like the other anon mentioned this is more than enough to create market confusion and more than enough basis for a legal team to go after them. I do fanart too but I don't understand how this shit is even remotely defensible unless you're doing something similar and are projecting.

>> No.10510640

Well a random person with no knowledge on fashion wouldn't be able to recognize knock offs half the time, but that doesn't make them any less illegal. I can't go buy an AP knock off and say "well the lace is different so it's an entirely different product!"

>> No.10510645

So can we say same eye color and same hair color would technically be “legal” then? If difference clothes?

>> No.10510663

Anon, if you draw your own OC donut steel then it’s okay. If it’s a copyrighted character in some form, then it’s not. If you draw a character with the same hair and eye color and name them the same then you might get DMCA’d.
If you somehow think you have a legal chance with this then go ahead and try your luck with a lawyer. No one here going to define a definite line for you, so please just use some common sense unless you honestly believe that you have a case by insisting on it being ‘inspired by’ or ‘a coincidence’.

>> No.10510992

So does anyone have an inkling of what prompts Paypal to take holds on your money? I'm planning on releasing a new item soon for preorder. I know preorders are against their TOS, but i've seen so many people/zines hold long preorders successfully. Could it be the presence of the keyword "preorder" in your listing? I know it's dangerous to keep money in PP in the first place, but I'm a little worried that somehow there'll be a chunk of money I can't get to fast enough before PP takes it. Otherwise I'll have to find another method.

>> No.10511036

They react if they detect "suspicious activity", so typically a huge amount of preorders in a short time.

>> No.10511117
File: 327 KB, 1282x2240, 8C66639A-D914-402D-A649-1F35172F0AAC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

An update from AgiJagi. Guess Eric Green can’t technically take down any merchandise since he only has digital rights?

>> No.10511121

This is making sense now. Heroine_creative on Instagram countered one of Eric Greens DMCA (hit through Etsy) and Eric Green just let it expire and didn’t take legal action even though he threatened to in the initial DMCA.
Has Viz media been pretending to own merchandising rights all along as a deterrence? Isn’t that fraudulent, almost in a way?

>> No.10511130

Viz probably doesn't own the rights desu. Even in japan, the anime/manga publisher doesn't have merchandising rights for the series.

>> No.10511138

I’d sell the used condoms from all the times I have romantic and spiritual sex with my boyfriend daily, because everyone deserves some romance in their lives, but sex is just so incredibly personal and intimate and emotional and spiritual and romantic and loving that I just can’t disrespect the wonderful act of sex by selling condoms used with such passionate love

>> No.10511160

Updates worded like this are why younger artists are so confused about whether they can sell stuff or not.

>> No.10511244

Do you factor marketing (time spent algorithm massaging on social media) into your pricing at all, or just materials and labor?

>> No.10511552

No. Commissions maybe, but general artwork and merch, no.

>> No.10511572

Despite counter claiming Etsy still didn't reinstate their store which shows what a fucking shit show Etsy is when it comes to how they handle DMCA and trademark notices. No wonder stores send false notices as a tactic to wipe their competition.

>> No.10511576

Lol @ grifters in this thread trying to find ways to make their illegal merchandise not illegal

>> No.10511587

Is a counter claim really legally valid though? The reason Shueisha usually don’t have merchandising licences is because they sell them, which means you still don’t have the rights.
I make and sell fanmerch of franchises I like myself, but I’m not deluding myself to believe it’s a right I have. When I get hit by DMCA I just lay low for a while or sell the stuff at cons. I don’t understand why so many people try to justify it legally.

>> No.10511589

Its not a matter of justifying it legally so much as on Etsy any shmuck can claim they are so and so or have certain rights and get stores shut down. Counter claims are suppose to offer a means of defending yourself against bogus claims like that but if Etsy is just going to be like "well you got reported so fuck you" then why bother having a counter claim system? Even YouTube handles it way better.

>> No.10511590

Oh I absolutely agree Etsy is a shitshow, but there isn’t really any gray legal area about selling fanart. It comes down to whether the companies turn a blind eye to it or not, since it’s also about not having it be worth it if it’s just small scale stuff and they wind up smothering a fandom by being too strict.

>> No.10511593

I also absolutely agree and have been trying to push originals more lately anyway because I tend to like original merch way more. The problems on Etsy also extends to original works which is even worse because you cant even counter claim trademark claims.

>> No.10511594

this isn't true at all. things like touhou or similar indie series are greenlighted by the creator for fan art sales and derivative works.

>> No.10511595

That’s true but I meant in general, when no greenlight is given. It is illegal by default unless specifically stated otherwise.

>> No.10511649

Why do some anons in this thread have such a boner for corporate bootlicking?

>> No.10511659

They’re roleplayers, anon.
Probably the same people who sold unpopular original art in artist alley but since COVID has come around they have to get 9-5 jobs now.

>> No.10511676

Because copyright goes both ways, anon, if people weren't able to defend their copyright corporations would be able to take your fanart and sell it without giving you a cent.

>> No.10511685

imagine thinking only corporations on copyrights

>> No.10511701

Anons, I brought in over 10k this Black Friday weekend with fanart and even I know that IP holders have every legal right to hit me with copyright strikes any time they feel like.

Being realistic about the legalities of selling fanart isn't bootlicking ffs

>> No.10511730

please stop taking obvious bait

>> No.10511820

This Christmas is already looking depressing sales wise.

>> No.10511891

I feel like everyone blew through a lot of disposable income on Black Friday (my store made nearly 10x what it makes on a normal day). Plus with states in the IS going back into lockdown, people are getting laid off or getting hours cut again, so I don’t blame them for being conservative with their money right now. The future isn’t certain so they’re gonna hold onto any income they have.

>> No.10511930

>Another lockdown
Where is the second stimulus check already!

>> No.10511937

I can't keep up with all the orders i'm getting and have no clue why i'm getting so many. I've really neglected my etsy shop too, to focus more on my shopify store, but my etsy shop still continues to see a lot of sales.

>> No.10511979

anon--i also had a dismal october and november but this week my orders started to pick up quite a bit. don't lose hope!! people always do last minute shopping, and i'm sure that'll happen again this year (despite everyone being told they should start early, ha)

>> No.10512248

Congrats, anon!! Etsy's always the best platform to be on close to Christmas because everyone does their last minute shopping on there. I get a TON of grandparents trying to find something their grandkids like.

I've been packing something like 150 orders almost every day since Black Friday.

>> No.10512257

That's amazing. What do you sell to get that many orders despite the pandemic?

>> No.10512261

Your typical artist alley fare, mostly. Things like posters, enamel pins, acrylic keychains, etc. I have a lot of expensive/big ticket merch so I average about $31 per order. I carry a mix of fandoms which works out really well because people can find something for all their nerdy friends/family members regardless of what they like in my shop. My original stuff has been doing really well this year too.

I used to do a lot more smaller stuff like postcards and stickers and bookmarks but those will 100% eat into your overall sales. If you want big money, it's better to focus on more expensive merch. It's alright to have a couple of smaller things for people to grab as impulse purchases but never reuse the same art as your big prints on your postcards. If you do that, people will opt to buy the cheaper option over the big one very single time. I usually do simpler illustrations or use the chibis I draw for charms on postcards. And I don't print a ton of them.

I used to pull in like 1-3k at conventions when I focused on making smaller "affordable" merch but once I dropped pretty much all my cheaper merch and started focusing on big ticket items, I started seeing huge leaps in profits. Before the pandemic, I was easily pulling in 5 figure numbers at most cons with my record profit being around $26k at a single convention.

Generally, it just takes time. I've built up a pretty steady following over the years and even though we're in a pandemic, people remember me from conventions so they come to me when they want to buy a gift for someone.

>> No.10512285

there needs to be more awareness that the entire process of making a thing to sell costs money and many artists end up earning minimum wage or less on their time

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