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I'll start.

Bonus Points for Webms.

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>8 March 2009
>Some of the girls seen at this years comicon. >Some hot, and I think we can tell who was being paid to be there.

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I don’t get it
Was this some kind of drama?

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Non-hoes mad

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You have to give it to her, she made a career out of this shitty outfit. The waist belt under her bust to fake a long lined bra is iconic.

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So, how rich is she anyway?
also how old is she

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It's Jen Nigri. This was the outfit that started her claim to fame.

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am newfag, what's wrong with this exactly? they look good in my opinion

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using a real graveyard as a photoshoot spot is very tacky/trashy, especially sitting on the tombstones..

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ooh i didnt even notice that, yeah definitely lmao

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Which one is she?

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well, here's a recent bit of fun, group of of cosplayers shot and posted this right after Toronto corona numbers started peaking, everyone freaked out at them, funny dumpster fire

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Imagine dying and some costhot sits on your tombstone

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I'd rise from the grave and shit fury on their ass

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Is it weird that I wouldn’t want a costhot taking pics on my grave, but I’d be totally fine with a goth kid doing the same?

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Both are disrespectful but lets not derail the thread

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Hetalia is back on the market.

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I'd give the goth kid a pass t b h being a teen is hard

Ah, the nightmare begins once again.

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Oh, my bad. I replied to the wrong post. Jen is the one in the Pikachu costume. The Mikan cosplayer was famous on Tiktok, but I don't remember her handle.

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Was the picture taken during the Corona age? I know a lot of cosplayers who post old photos. I suppose they could've specified that it wasn't made currently though

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i believe she went by snow the salt queen, pretty sure i've also seen her use bad guy incorporated or something similar

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who calls jnig Jen nigri wtf

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I Knew something was off reading those replies, her names Jessica

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>Disney princess cosplayers
Nothing of value was lost.

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Ughh god I keep seeing that Ariel cosplayer all over insta and it’s so annoying. Her and her beta orbiters are always complaining about how much hate she gets, but honestly someone who does something like that deserves every bit of hate they receive

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Ahhhh that sounds familiar. Is she that same chick who tried to sell a Junko wig for $300 that was ratted to hell?

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No one, Jnig sounds weird to me so I didn't want to say it. And oop, I got her name wrong anyway so egg on my face.

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Count your blessings. Some people may die before they get the luxury of looking up a costhot's skirt. Her bare ass touching the cold stone makes me rock hard

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Why are women like this

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Society allows women to be terrible. Simps keep women from growing as people the way men do by sheltering and enabling them.

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why does momokun look so much worse and different in that photo on the right? Its very unflattering compared to whats on her ig

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In a graveyard
That's a doll
Who is the kid supposed to be?

So many levels of wrong here

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kek I wish were that delusional

Anyways contributing this absolutely legendary video

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why is /cgl/ so pearl-clutchy about cemetery photos?
Its not like you're digging them up or stealing offerings, you're just borrowing the front of their "house" for a photo. These places are open to the public

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It's not just cgl, most people think using a real person's grave as a photoshoot location is disrespectful and tacky.

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So did he carry his doll to the local graveyard or just ride his bike there?

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Another classic

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Wow this is definitely real, there's no way a man would pretend to be a woman on the internet, that's such a rare occurrence it's almost close to impossible. I now see the truth, thank you anon.

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It's funny because this contradicts like half of what men say
"Stop being smart u dum women thats the man's JOB, ur job is to look pretty and have babies!"
Scrotes don't know what they want or they have a preference and expect all women to adhere to it. Hilarious, every man has the ego of a 2 year old.

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Hey, I'll have you know that my ego is more like Hitlers' than a 2 year old.

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is that duct tape? It looks terrible but there was an attempt

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Duct tape on your PINGAS sounds painful

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Why? They’re just tombstones, it’s not like they’re digging up the body or something.

Though if ghosts were real the idea of a slutty Mikan cosplayer taking pics on your tombstone is kinda funny.

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Because they're using someone's memorial as a prop. This is a shitty thing to do especially if this is a modem graveyard where family members may come to visit.

More people are fine with taking photos around older, historical graveyards, but even then, don't sit on someone's memorial. If you don't see the problem with this, you must be pretty stupid

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>This is a shitty thing to do especially if this is a modem graveyard where family members may come to visit.
It’s not like they’re doing it in front of the family members though? It’s only about a level above someone having a picnic in a cemetery.
>More people are fine with taking photos around older, historical graveyards
I don’t see why taking pictures of one is bad but another is okay. I honestly don’t see a problem with taking pictures in either of them as long as you’re not doing shit like grave robbing.

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You sound obtuse.

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because she feels the need to make her editorslave shoop herself to hell and back, so of course what you see on her IG is going to be "better"
Are you that naive?

I think Momokun by far was the peak of rock bottom in cosplay in recent years, from everything that happened to her getting away scot free, even though I admit she was basically boogeyman'd by people fed up with what everyone already does.
>being fucking annoying and obnoxious
>sexual harrasment
>art/IP theft
>scamming people
>rich daddy girls being made famous for no reason
>the performative wokeness

That being said. The con in question where the controversial footage of her groping people took place allowed her a huge booth back in just a year later. kek

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These images flashed in my mind when I heard the announcement

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So it's only okay if the family doesn't know about it? Come on, anon. Listen to yourself. They're putting their asses and feet on the memorial of someone's loved one. A picnic isn't disrespectful and even so, asking consent of the family whose graves you're picnicking on is still expected.

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Funny enough, she looks just like this fat chick I went to school with who sent unsolicited nudes to a bunch of guys with girlfriends.

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>They're putting their asses and feet on the memorial of someone's loved one.
Okay? It’s still just a stone.
> asking consent of the family whose graves you're picnicking on
I really doubt every goth or Victorian person who strolled through a cemetery had permission from the family, if someone wants to take pictures or sit on a tombstone for a costhotty photo it’s really not gonna hurt anyone unless you’re dumb and think ghosts exist.

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>if someone wants to go to a morgue and pose with a dead body for a costhotty photo it’s really not gonna hurt anyone unless you’re dumb and think ghosts exist

This is what you sound like right now.

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Yeah thats exactly what anon just said. Do you have a point?

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They're posing in an actual graveyard. Not ok. Imagine you've gone there to mourn and you see that.
Ignore the other reply they meant a different pic.

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Thots will go to any lengths to defend their fellow thotties

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Imagine you're mourning a dead loved one and some egirl is taking slutty pictures right next to you while you're trying to grieve in peace. It's one of the most tasteless and vapid things you could do.

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So, which person in the OP >>10491856 are you?

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This illustration has slain me

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>no makeup
>no shoop
>wider angle lens
>close up

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I don’t even cosplay lol
Literally no one else is in the photo, and it’s random guessing at best to assume that other people are there and if they really gave a fuck they could just tell the costhot to fuck off.

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>I don’t even cosplay lol

Then your community opinion doesn't matter. Bye, clown.

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Personally, I don't see anything wrong with taking pictures in graveyards, or even WITH gravestones. I do, however, think it's disrespectful to climb all over gravestones and memorials, putting your feet on them, or laying on top of them. It's trashy at the very least.

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>Then your community opinion doesn't matter.
Fair enough, I think this matter doesn’t have much to do with cosplay itself however and I more just see no problem with sitting on gravestones itself. Especially since they’re not damaging it and they left the name out of the photo.

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toronto are a bunch of cucks
cant believe that the mayor even publicly shamed EBgames just because people lined up outside to pick up Animal Crossing

though i guess no one else can really understand that this game takes priority even if there is a fucking war

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Active graveyards where funerals are still happening should be off limits

Historical park type cemeteries are fine - Rule of thumb is could the person's grandkids still be alive

But sitting on them is a no-no either way, headstones are surprisingly easy to damage since they're not designed for weight to be put on them

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>doesn’t have an OnlyFans
What is the point?

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People really exaggerate this picture. That type of thing used to be perfectly common in the 2000s and early 2010s. Not something everyone did everywhere, but something that a lot of people did once in a while on special occasions. It wasn't something people did because they were literally nazis, but joking about nazis used to be perfectly fine. It's only these past few years that people have lost all touch with reasonableness (and maybe cosplayers were bad a bit earlier because even these days cosplayers are less reasonable than the general public). (though if this was the picture that was taken right outside a holocaust memorial it's pretty bad. The action itself is not.)

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its cringe as hell and always has been

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psyops agents prey on the weak.

live and let live. why interfere in the 'free market'

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Casually calling someone a nazi was common back then yes. Throwing out the fucking nazi salute was absolutely not a common or funny thing. Hetalia is just disgusting and the fandom is even worse

>> No.10498761

>Throwing out the fucking nazi salute was absolutely not a common or funny thing.
Yes it was nigger

>> No.10498793

I think it depends on the country. Some places (western europe) take jokes about that with way more offense (than the USA).

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I don't know, I have a sense of humor and if the cosplay was funny enough or it was a goth (lol) I might be ok with it. I mean, I'm dead, right? What do I care, seriously.


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I could have sworn this was a cosplay. Oh well, still posting it, fuck you

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Less lolita, more Touhou

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>but something that a lot of people did once in a while on special occasions
You make it sound like it's a backyard party or something, you absolute goob. You could win a gold medal for all of the mental gymnastics you're doing to minimize the severity of the joke as it was back then and now.

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Graves are not for the dead but for the living to mourn and pay respect. What does "having humor" even have to do with it?

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Yeah you're right, sorry, my post came from someone who has no friends or family and doesn't really have anything to look forward to. Forgot that time still goes on for everyone else. Also, I only read up to those posts. All in all, yeah, it's a pretty trashy thing to do to a stranger's grave, but if you know the grave and they'd be ok with it, and you can put up with other people thinking terrible things because they don't know the context, then meh.

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I’m from the us and even here that’s not funny

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2475 E. Corinth Ave #106

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It can be. Especially if you train a pug to do it.

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I don't know about the situation but I don't think the posing (at least in this pic) is bad?
yes it's on a graveyard but not every single graveyard photoshopping is disrespectful
they aren't sitting or dancing on anyone's thombstones so what's the matter here?

>> No.10499424

If you're going to comment, you need to at least look at the picture first. It's not photoshop and they are indeed sitting and putting their feet on gravestones.

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Three words
Homestuck spit bucket

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I did stupid shit like this when I was around 13-15 in weeaboo fandoms cause of my ‘tism. I wouldn’t doubt for a second everyone in that picture is a young teenager with shit social skills. This isn’t an excuse for them, more just an explanation. It’s hard for 2020 woke teenagers to imagine but in the 2000s and early 2020’s teenagers were stupid as fuck and did every offensive behavior there was imaginable.

>> No.10499501

*early 2010’s teenagers.

>> No.10499503

The video is linked above to relive the horrorifying experience. I can't even stomach to watch it anymore.

>> No.10500124


Underrated link here buckos

>> No.10500144

Theres a picture of my 12 year old group of friends somewhere on an old SD card where like half of them are throwing up a nazi salute and as far as I know none of them grew up to be nazis. Its literally just a dumb thing edgy teens/preteens did for lols

>> No.10500147

There's a picture of a group of 14/15 year old boys doing the nazi salute in my fucking yearbook and only one of them turned out to be a maga nazi. The 00s were wild.

>> No.10500671

>hard for 2020 woke teenagers to imagine

Everything is hard for them. They're the most pathetic generation so far.

>> No.10500706

Have sex, incel.

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>putting your ass on someones relatives tombstone isn’t disrespectful!1!
>its no different than a picnic
>its not like their family is in front of them
Do you hear yourself?

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this entire movement

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Nah, some of yall needed to be told.

I thought it was lame too but then I realized the kind of people who attend cons. Every con has one actual predator who goes around touching people "innocently" with plausible deniability.
Every con has one chick or dude who honestly has no idea how to act and so does inappropriate shit.

>> No.10500746

Being a retarded edge lord was common for teens during that time. Glad it’s calmed down because it was cringe as fuck. I’m also glad glomping isn’t a thing anymore.

>> No.10500756

I've been working on a suit of armor and I dont consider myself a cosplayer but I did go to some community forums for tips and tricks. As far as I've seen the whole community is a bunch of trannies and I assume everyone here is a tranny too.

>> No.10500816

Your attitude is what caused momokun

>> No.10500881

Mate what forums are you visiting? A vast majority of cosplayers are cis women.

>> No.10500950

Why are they so batshit crazy? Is this what growing up on social media does to a person?

>> No.10504138 [DELETED] 

>some of yall needed to be told.
Says the negro

>> No.10504145

Nayrt but you do know that "y'all" is both a general southern term for all races and a term that's been adopted by nonsouthern white and gay people for a while now right?

>> No.10504149 [DELETED] 

Fuck away off darkie

>> No.10504154

Sorry you're so hung up on the anon speaking common sense potentially having any ounce of melanin that you'll indirectly defend pedos and sexual assault at cons. Maybe one day you'll value others' personal space and well being as much as you value their skin color's association to an increased chance of getting skin cancer.

>> No.10504219

omg seriously? it's a fucking rock. it doesn't bring anyone back. noone is sitting on the person.

Most people visit once a year or on holidays anyway. Stop pretending life is less important than a grave someone barely visits. You know how many animals and bugs probably shit on those graves? Stop prioritizing. death. over. life.

I promise they don't care and if souls exist they would probably be outraged how living people get treated over this.

>> No.10504220

And same goes for the families. Critising harmless living over a stone is a poor character trait. If someone was harmfully ruining the grave, thats an actually issue.

>> No.10504222

also also, you could say "but anooon bugs and animals don't know any beettttter" Wether they know better or not there is still shit on the grave. A persons feet or ass won't make it any dirtier.

>> No.10504243

I remember in high school a friend was walking beside someone else and out of nowhere shouted "Hitler assault!" Then sieg heiled, karate chopping the guy in the neck.
Nazi salutes were common and I thought it was funny when the guy was gasping for air and my friend, in a German accent said, "You did Nazi that coming!"

>> No.10504277

You done talking to yourself? You argued against your own point like twice in your whole sperg filled rage.

>> No.10504289

This movement was necessary. But wearing that in public... holy shit. That's fucking ballsy.

>> No.10504432

She's got nothing on Tunamelt-chan

>> No.10504451

>You have no idea how easy it is to attract a man when you have an actual personality, some hobbies and can talk to him.

Modern feminism tries to mask this, but it's painfully true back in Spain. Not sure if American gulls feel the same. I'm just a butterface with big-ish tits, just eating healthy and keeping my mental health on check gives an edge over most normies.

>> No.10510270

That'd be valid except she did dance, as well as did nude pics on these graves for her patreon simps

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>> No.10510280

God I'm glad I'm hot af, I'm fucking insane and I can't hide that shit for more than a few hours.

Guys will put up with so much bullshit from hot girls. Long-term bullshit. And be sad if you bring up maybe leaving because you think you're putting them through too much and don't deserve them.

>> No.10510388

What's bad about this? Do the stairs have some significance?

>> No.10515146


After the Joker movie shit tons of cosplayers took to those stairs to shoot. Those stairs were the only easy way up that hill, otherwise locals needed to walk to the streets that requires trekking up a steep hill with a sharp incline. These steps cut through all that and saved locals 5-10 minutes of walking.

It got so bad cops eventually started setting up officers here to stop arguments and fist fights from cosplayers just looking to shoot here. At one point there was a news crew filming the report here, and you easily saw like five Joker cosplayers in the background.

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>> No.10515219

U mad?

>> No.10515231


It still is, made me laugh.

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>Hitler Assault!

>> No.10515299

I always thought this was weird because anyone who doesn't already understand that cosplay isn't consent won't be swayed by a peice of cardboard.

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File: 1.34 MB, 2016x1512, 1547408004913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

two months went by and no one mentioned this guy?
a friend of mine lost a car in this
do we know if he's even still in jail

>> No.10523010

Not all of CGL feels that way. There are things to consider. Imagine walking up to a loved ones resting place to see this, I doubt they checked dates. I doubt they wiped the stone down afterwards. If it was an older headstone they could damage it but the chance of a living relative seeing this would be less likely. They could very easily stand beside it, put chairs behind the stone, find a mausoleum or statue to use instead. Photoshoots in graveyards are fine but if it isn't your property you should be respectful.

>> No.10523137

Woah I haven’t heard about this. Can you give a rundown on what happened?

>> No.10523169
File: 1.14 MB, 800x619, stalker 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird power ranger asian crossdresser dude had One-itus for someone in his community (who i think was already married).

I think she told him to fuck off at ALA2019, and he fire bombed her car (destroyed the car next to it too by accident)

Pic related, dude behind held up.

>> No.10523331


>> No.10523346

After a bit of googling it looks like he signed a deal and could be released in 2021. He’ll be on probation for 5 years and have some fines although the place I was reading this from didn’t specify how much

>> No.10523443

If it's where I think you got that info, they're guessing too.
At least everywhere I look talks about sealing now the moment body paint is mentioned
We all learned a lesson there

>> No.10523445


>not into cosplay or con culture
>go to con with friend
>friend mentioned Pikabellechu offhand at one point
>have no idea who that or this thot is
>call her Pikabellechu when I meet her

>> No.10523636

if we can go this far then where's the himmler and heydrich cosplayers taking wretched selfies together at a Popeye's near the con?

>> No.10523638

can I say it? Can I please say it? You know what, I'll just say it.

>> No.10523643

It’s funny because for those of us who have lived in Japan you realize that cosplayers are the facepalm gaijin of the USA.

0 self/space awareness, always talking/being loud, super cringe and being a constant nuisance to literally everyone around them. At the con it’s not such a big deal cause we’re all a bunch of weebtards, but these irl moments are just so cringe.

>> No.10523880

Sorry to throw a wrench in your idea here,
I’m basically functionally retarded, and I don’t want to only talk to guys, but for some reason they always want to talk to me. They feel comfortable around me and I have/had a lot of male classmates/coworkers with similar interests/styles of humour. I hate this because this leads has lead to weird crushes when I’m very upfront from the get go that it’s not gonna happen.
I’d honestly rather have more female friends and converse with women, though, it’s just I’m only really finding them now in my twenties. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying “ignore all men, fuck the patriarchy” I just want more female friends with similar interests who can take a joke.
Pictures like this also kind of perpetuate the belief that women can’t be smart or kind of funny and if they are it’s for male attention, which is a gross notion, and completely devalues women who are just good conversationalists regardless of male attention.

>> No.10523939

let me improve upon that:
>Pictures like this also kind of perpetuate the belief that women can’t be smart or kind of funny and if they are it’s for male attention, which is a gross notion, and completely devalues women.

Women get so much shit for anything. idgaf if a girl is doing something 'for male attention', most people want to get laid. Let them.

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90% of tea party meets.

Omega level cringe

>> No.10524295

Literally the girl in the white is 1/10 of the size of the girl in the floral dress. What a mind fuck.

>> No.10529062
File: 71 KB, 1280x720, boob grab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10529063

That girl in white looks so cute and out of place goddamn

>> No.10529064

The thin one and the black girl are cute, too bad she's deathfat like the others.

>> No.10529077


Her fucking disgusting bare foot so close to the food
Jesus christ
You just KNOW she was invited out of pity and they didnt think she would actually show up

>> No.10529414

/cgl/ was created

>> No.10529479


I used to think this too, but I’ve noticed that there are actually a lot of fucking asshole dudes at these things that will mouth off to your girl if you so much as give her an inch of space (especially if she’s pretty.) Seen it happen with my own eyes. It’s fucking pathetic, but that’s gigafats for you. So yeah, it’s probably necessary. For the record, I’m a guy that no longer goes to cons because I’ve realized that 99% of otaku make shitty friends.

The children in the “movement,” the man-haters, and the women who dress like that at cons, however, are NOT.

>> No.10529496

Cons are filled with autists especially retarded thirsty ones that don’t know how to act in public. It was necessary

>> No.10529501

They're all so pretty <3

>> No.10529504


her foot looks swolen just from sitting down

>> No.10529537

>that pinkie toe

>> No.10529552
File: 96 KB, 982x504, 1432364441144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No one is defending con creeps but the "Cosplay is not Consent" movement was cringe
Like these cards
Someone gropes you and you give them a red card?

>> No.10529590

No, you kill them and lay that on their dead body.

>> No.10529630

this is so stupid like people will be like "hell yeah I'll grab her tits- shit she's handing out cards. no titty for me today damn."

>> No.10529685

She’s just fat

>> No.10529742

as a gerfag i don't know whether to cringe or outright cry at this.
doing the nazi salute is never okay, not even as a joke.

you'd think Hetalia would make world history, different cultures and what can be learned from it a bit more available to teens, but no...

>> No.10529744

>insert gif of Miyazaki saying anime was a mistake but replace anime with Hetalia

>> No.10529787

fuck niggers jannys jews and spics

>> No.10530073

>who's an edgy boy.jpg

>> No.10530074

>who's a... ..boy
(you) will never be a woman

>> No.10530079

you're talking about an anime that describes pearl harbor and the bombing of japan as "america and japan decided to visit eachother's countries".

>> No.10531430
File: 1.02 MB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20210107-134550~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10531456

How soon before thots start selling "sexy" versions on onlyfans?

>> No.10531501

Did a quick scroll and didn't see this posted. An absolute classic of sheer degeneracy

>> No.10531519
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fixed that for you

>> No.10533790


>> No.10533792

not soon enough

>> No.10533989

>tfw remember when this was the absolute worst thing
>It's only gotten worse
I wanna go back. I fucking hate it here AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

>> No.10534044

Your opinion on this doesn't really matter since you're basically brainwashed from birth to feel shame for things that happened long before your time.
You can't look at it objectively because one viewpoint was beaten into you for your entire life.

>> No.10534151

> It’s only about a level above someone having a picnic in a cemetery.
Unless the grave you are sittin on belongs to somebody that was close to you, then no, it is not normal to have a picnic in a cemetery. My guess is that you are pretty young and have yet to experience mourning a loved one, thus have yet to develop respect for such a place.

>> No.10534155

I've never watched Hetalia, how does the show depict what Japan did to its neighbor countries?

>> No.10534293

Lmao can’t find her anymore. Did she actually delete her account or did she just change her name?

>> No.10534589

>knowing history
Kiddo, brainwashing (telling a lie to make you believe it) is LITERALLY the contrary of teaching history. If you have been brainwashed by someone into believing that history is not a real thing, or that the things that objectively (your word) did or did not happen depend of your viewpoint about them, then you have a FAR worse problem than disagreeing with strangers on a Burmese shadow puppetry imageboard.

>> No.10534594

cemeteries are literally parks.

>> No.10534614

it didn't

>> No.10534628

Get your fat ass off those graves before you crack them, zoomer.

>> No.10534788

heh MAGA-Shaman

>> No.10534798

you know that graves aren't technically personal property, yes?

>> No.10535289

nayrt, but how stupid are you?

You rent the grave spot and pay a monthly fee to keep it. The grave stone incl. the engraving is a one-time expense which one pays. So fucking yes, it is basically personal property.

>> No.10535458

At her peak, raking in 750k/year rich.

>> No.10535524

again no. sorry.

>> No.10535528

hahahahahahahahahaha you ruined her day I bet

>> No.10535530

She's claims to be 31, currently. but I think she lies about her age. No way she isn't at least 36-37, bc at her peak in 08-09 I do not for one second believe she was a day younger than 25-26.

>> No.10535536

>that intelectual reply

>> No.10536505

Fucking Homestuck fans

>> No.10536507

When men say that it’s actually “stop trying to act smart” because it is painful for everyone involved when a dumb bitch won’t shut up and everyone around her knows she is clearly wrong and needs to stop being so confident in herself and listen to other people.

>> No.10536508

>It’s ok if no one sees
>It’s like how digging up old bones isn’t grave robbing

>> No.10536512

I mean we all know this, right?
It’s not going to change anything tho, the loudest outcry was from women that cosplay for attention but didnt want people even looking at them.
Trying to touch the cosplayers in weird places won’t stop because cons attract weird people.

>> No.10536513

Dude it’s not a life or death situation I just don’t want other people’s asses on my memorial so I assume any other reasonable person wouldn’t either. Bugs get a pass because they don’t have the ability to understand and I thought humans wouldnt get a pass because they do understand but clearly you are an underage retard. I bet you’re an atheist that goes around telling everyone that you’re an atheist.

>> No.10536583

imagine being this pressed that people don't want you parking your fat ass on their grave

>> No.10536589

absolutely based, maybe weebs are salvageable after all

>> No.10536592

This is /cgl/ right here

>> No.10537722

Is it true that you guys chimp out if called Nazis?

>> No.10543120

I always wonder what it would be like to be hot enough to command that kind of loyalty without really having "earned" it. Are all hot women as self aware as you or do you see similar women who just think it's how men normally act?

>> No.10543155

It comes at a price.
You get orbiters but you also get incels/jealous people that will antagonize you for no reason.

>> No.10543234

>God I'm glad I'm hot af, I'm fucking insane and I can't hide that shit for more than a few hours.
I have found my favorite anon.

>> No.10543236

Why do you anons continue to remind me of that video.

>> No.10543245


>> No.10543372

I can at least appreciate her confidence

>> No.10544755 [DELETED] 
File: 751 KB, 1125x1687, 1600909156110.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why wait? when you can have her nudes now?

>> No.10544769

It's not disrespectful as long as you're careful not to cause any damage. It's literally dead people, they don't care. Pick graves from the 1800s and nobody is around who even knows who they were in the first place.

>> No.10544770

Blue board

>> No.10544813
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