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I don't know if I did this right, but not having a feels thread made me depressed. Tell me your deepest feels so I can ignore my own crushing sadness.

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One of my parents died recently, after my brother passed away a couple years ago, but he didn't have insurance or a spouse so I'm having to use money I wanted to spend lolita on a funeral because our family is too religious for cremation.

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I'm so broken and stupid right now, this made me actually cry a little. I'm sorry, anon. I hope you're okay, and I hope there's better things to come.

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Sometimes when I read feedback on lacemarket I rage out because there will be comments like "quality of the dress was really nice" like the seller didnt control the quality of a designer dress theyre reselling??? Ive seen that comment on NWT dresses so its not even like the seller owned/washed and took care of the dress.

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If I've learned anything in this life, it's that most people are idiots. They're probably using "quality" and "condition" interchangeably.

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I don’t understand how hard it is to leave the kind of feedback you look for when buying from others. How’s their communication, shipping timeliness, was the packaging acceptable, did the item come as described? Not hard

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Continuing with the rage inducing feedback journey. If its not the sellers fault in your opinion why the fuck do we care??

OP, anon, I hope to distract some of your depresso with rage

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I wish I could barge into my horrible neighbors' house and rip out their sound system. Owning a subwoofer in multi-unit housing should be illegal.

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I absolutely love my friend to pieces but we have this dynamic between us.
Im fairly well off (working and can get myself nice dresses while she doesn't have much money. I sometimes give her money so she can get nice lolita items, but I just saw her selling a dress I bought her last month on Lacemarket. I also bought her an expensive OP for Christmas and when I shown it to her, she complained about the neckline saying she doesn't like it.

Idk if I'm just being sensitive, but am I right to be upset?

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Temper your expectations with her. I have a friend similar to you who just isn't that in to lolita and cosplay like I am, part of the reason being that she doesn't have the income I do to splurge on hobbies. Do you connect on other hobbies/interests?

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I do. We both like anime and art etc. I just felt like I was being used.i have trust issues from past things and we both connect really well.

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Stop gifting her lolita altogether or buy her things from her wishlist. It seems like you don't know what she likes. I would also be hurt in your situation though.

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I did buy her the print off her wishlist, just not the right cut as I couldn't find it. :(

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So you didn't buy what she wanted. Just save your money anon.

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I will do in the future.

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I get that you meant well and feel hurt by how she reacted, but some people are very particular about what they like and what they want to let into their wardrobe. I don’t have the issue of not being able to buy things myself, but even if I did and a friend bought me something I didn’t actually want, it would just sit in my wardrobe unworn and I’d feel guilty about it. I think your intentions are good and she could have handled it better, but buying people expensive things that you’re not 100% certain they’ll like won’t make anyone happy

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I guess so. I feel really silly now. I don't know if I should just buy something else then sell that dress.

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the anime and manga "Nana" got me through some rough times, and has a huge place in my heart.
I always wanted the Nana Osaki read coat, but I never saw it before for sale. Anyway, I saw it for sale a week or so ago, and I just didn't have the money because of a recent dental emergency. So I had to watch it flutter away on the secondhand market. It has hit me so hard, and I wish I had never seen it for sale, because it makes me fell like it was so close, but I just couldn't touch.

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My husband and I are seriously thinking about getting kids very soon, but I'm very afraid of the reactions of my lolita friends. None of them have kids or will get some in the near future (lack of partners and such), but they're the closest friends I have in my life right now. They haven't exactly been negative about children, but they've once gossiped about a girl in our comm who just completely stopped with the fashion when she gave birth. I don't plan on quitting lolita at all, but I fear they will have prejudices against lolita moms and will cut me out slowly. Idk, it's kinda stressing me out, because I like what we have and don't want to lose it.

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G-getting kids? I hope you’re ESL

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As long as you don’t become one of those lolita moms that uses her kids as props for pictures or take them along to meets you should be fine.

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Ah yes sorry, ESL here. Now that I think about it, it's "having kids", right? Anyway, I mean trying to get pregnant.

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why not talk about these anxieties with them if you're close? If they react badly, you know they're not real friends

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I'm in the comfortable position to always have someone to watch my future children, because I have a huge family around and my husband works from home.
I mostly fear they'll think I won't shut up about mom-topics and will stop engaging with the comm altogether (because it's probably inevitable to do so for the first few months after birth, but I plan to come back unlike the other lolita moms we've had).

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You're probably right. I guess I'm just anxious, because of past lolita moms in the comm, but I don't have to be like them.
It simply bothered me since one of my friends said something like "Oh if you get pregnant, I'll lose my mind! I'm older than you, I should be first!" last year, in a jokingly manner though.

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If I buy something for someone and they sold it I wouldn’t get hung over it because it’s a gift. they can do w.e they want with it. I just wouldn’t buy anything like that for them again. If it’s not a special occasion don’t buy people stuff. If you want to do something nice for them just offer to pay for meals when you go out.

I’m going to go bat shit insane. my nieces keeps following me around everywhere and I can’t get anything done. a min into my shit and all I hear is banging on the door. BANG BANG BANG “hey soup where are you?” like bruh I’m trying to poo. all they do is talk too and I feel bad for their generation for not having Elmo or big bird to teach them how to pronounce things. like bitch it’s remember not member. “do you member” “hey soup memeber” “ blah blah blah meemmmmberrrr” I WASNT EVEN THERE HOW AM I GOING TO MEMBER IT YOU LIL FUCK.

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Are you one of those people who thinks wearing a matching outfit with your kid is objectifying them?

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Nayrt, but I think matching outfits are cute but they don’t belong in coord groups. Personal instagram or social media is fine.

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you’re going to have to take care of them especially when they’re little. you won’t have time for friends or hobbies unless their grandparents live near you and good luck if your parents wants to go thru all that shit again. it’s going to be like that for a few years until they’re old enough for school or a babysitter. friends that don’t have kids will fade from your life and you’re going to have to make friends with other moms and let’s be honest is there going to other moms that are into lolita near you?

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If you saw me post that image on a different board last night, I'm sorry

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Nayrt but I think with how many creeps of all sorts are on SM these days you really need to be cautious of pasting your kid everywhere. I know everyone does it but it doesn't seem right to do it to someone who doesn't have a say.

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This is why Japanese moms use face stickers for their kids

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Having children, unless we're infertile, isn't really up for debate here. I know it's not easy, but I have a very good support system and my family kinda waits to finally have a baby to coddle again. It's mostly about how to deal with my friends who don't have kids yet and might have prejudices.

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I used to not understand women who wanted to have children
Then I had a quarter life crisis, and realized my aversion to children and misunderstanding of people who have/want them is deeply rooted in childhood abuse I had not acknowledged yet
I fear that I am not the only lolita in that boat, I have fear that this fashion may even be a red flag for such a thing
I don't understand any of them any better now, I just understand that I'm fucking broken like bojack horseman now
I truly hope the world gets better and your children grow up healthy
I will scowl at them in the restaurant if they're being loud though, I'm sorry

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No but it’s definitely attention whoring when you post it on cof. And since lolita groups are filled to the brim with AGP pedos like Mandrea it’s not particularly wise either.

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Don't give up on your dream of having a family just because of your friends. If your friends are as good as you say, they should be able to accept you in their lives even after you become a mother. But if not, what's stopping you from finding better friends?

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You might not be alone with this, but please don't make this assumption about everyone in this fashion. As a matter of fact, most lolitas are in their twenties and it's completely normal for this generation to not start before they get into their thirties. Most lolitas I've talked to have no aversion to have children, just not now or only when they meet the right partner.

Also, no person on this plant likes loud children. It's just not always avoidable even when they're usually well behaved. I mean, what do you expect parents to do? Flee the scene or slap them?

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I know, I'm a creep, but...

That feel when you don't have big tiddy cosplay gf...

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I really don't understand people who have kids. The reasons are retarded 90% of the time

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If you think about it, the reasons for owning a pet aren’t that much different, yet everyone has them. They don’t contribute, they’re somehow dirty, they cost money, but they‘re cute and being loved back by them is nice.

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>please don't make this assumption about every
Why would I?
Don't assume what I assume

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Because you said
> I have fear that this fashion may even be a red flag for such a thing

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if i was selling a dress someone gifted me, i would run it by them first to clear the air. she sounds like she doesn't have the best manners.

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Pets stay cute though, and they don't cost nearly as much in time and money. The baby is only a baby for a few months... Totally worth years of time and energy for a few months of people cooing at it.

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That in no way implies that I think everyone in the fashion was abused as a child
Are you maybe reading in a little too deep?

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Yeah, well and this is where it‘s your opinion. Many people think kids are cute until they reach puberty and many pets can be very expensive as well. Whether it’s worth it or not is up to the individual. But the desire to have a small life you‘re responsible for is kinda the same.

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It's really not. I don't have a problem with people having kids, but I think they should take it seriously and understand what they're getting into and want it 100%. Comparing them to pets makes me think you're a retard and I don't think people like you should be having kids. Same with op, reasons like "family wants a baby" are just stupid cavalier reasons for bringing a brand new life into this world and show the person has literally no idea what they're getting into and think it's a shiny new object. These are the people that are shocked when the kid has a disability and their life turns to shit.

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>kinda the same
Oh jesus christ, the baby is going to become an adult human being with trauma and shit some day
Get a dog, stupid

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I guess there won‘t ever be a good enough reason for you to want to have kids, right?
The reasons for wanting a child aren’t that important in the end, it’s more about how you do your job as a parent. And there are quite some good parents, who didn’t even plan to have them but just fucked up with the pill or something.

Also, funny how you assume OP‘s sole reason to have a child is because their family wants it, even though they merely said their family is happy for them to have one.

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>they've once gossiped about a girl in our comm who just completely stopped with the fashion when she gave birth.
Wow, I wonder why? Did something change in her life that started taking up a lot of her time? I'm sure it will be different for you though.

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Then tell me the difference between the reasons people want pets vs reasons people want children? Aside from not being alone on retirement and passing on values.

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I've met plenty of people who had good reasons for having kids. Reasons like they actually like kids and are excited to start a family. I'm happy to see people like that even though it's not for me.
I've also met a lot of people with shit reasons like "I was supposed to", "babies are cute," and "I felt pressured". Guess which group are shit parents who hate their life and should have gotten a dog instead?

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Holy shit dude, your supposed to have a kid because you want to help propel someone further in life than you got
You wanna have a kid so you're not alone?
Get the fucking dog, I hereby double down

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>being alone on retirement
>passing on values
Oh my god just get a fucking dog. You're delusional.

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It's attention whoring to post literally anything on CoF. Everyone posts there for likes and asspats.

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Lol I don’t want kids, but they way some parents talk about their kids is just funnily similar to how some pet-owners talk about the pets, literally calling them their children in some cases. I‘m just drawing parallels here.

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I bought my wife a dress for Christmas, but very specifically got the JSK and color she wanted. I still surprised her, but the cut is important. I know my fat ass couldn’t fit an op, and while I’d be excited someone thought of me, I’d be heartbroken because I’m a whale and couldn’t fit it. The thought is sweet, but there’s a million reasons that are all valid to be specific about cuts.

Also are you sure you’re not a little gay for this friend? Buying a dress is a pretty big deal.

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Naaaaaaaah, you are way too defensive to not be invested.
Sage for offrail

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Going from you talking about your nieces to reading this just made me laugh. God bless your honesty. And yeah, kids can be annoying and a lot of work. That’s just if they’re typically developing. You always have to be ready for the risk your kid might have autism or another developmental disorder, since it’s like 1/50 for autism for boys nowadays. And this is coming from someone who specially works with children with autism— kids are A LOT. You lose a lot of yourself to taking care of them.

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Yeah but don’t drag your fucking kids into it is my point

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We both have partners but she does mean a super lot to me. Got me through some rough times. I always feel bad because she only has like 2 dresses and I wanted to help her out.

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That’s sweet of you but I’d stop. She doesn’t seem grateful.

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I've bought actual thousands of dollars worth of secondhand AP this year. I was joking the other day that it's literally a wardrobe just by itself. I can't wear anything out right now because I'm too paranoid about covid-19. Would anyone watch a ridiculous pandemic lolita haul? I'm trying to get joy out of my clothes in a different way.

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Are you me? I’ve also dropped thousands this year and it’s made me depressed since I can’t even wear it out

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yes please, I love ridiculous hauls. but with try-ons.

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I would love to live vicariously through you

Do it

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Im sure people would love this. I haven't spent as much as you but I did spend about $2000 in a couple of months. I'm trying to feel better about it by posting on Instagram more.

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Yeah one of my niece is is autistic and she’s 10x harder to handle than the other one. she also likes to eat so her parents are trying to put her on a eating schedule/diet thing. It’s not working very well though because she would sneak food when no one is looking and hide somewhere to eat it. I had to babysit them by myself once and when my eyes are off her for a min I hear ruffling sounds behind me. by the time I turn around poof she’s gone and I hear the door slam shut only to find out later that she snuck cookies behind my back in that min. this kid would flush the wrappers down the toilet to hide her evidence. she flushed down one of those yakult bottle before. the toilet have been clogged like 3 times already. little demoness also poured water in my container of protein trying to copy me by making a protein shake. I keep that shit out of reach now though so it’s w.e

the other isn’t too bad but she keeps talking and talking and if I don’t play with her she goes “soup doesn’t like me anymore he doesn’t play with me” like dog I played with you all day and need time to study and workout fuck.

also they suck at hide and seek

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I've dropped tens of thousands both on lolita and normie designer clothing. Trying to fill the covid social void with retail therapy is fucking me up.

>> No.10483560

I'm so fucking sorry to hear this anon, I'm hoping for the best in the future

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It's frustrating when people have children, especially for friends. There is something people always say- "Having kids changes you", usually they mean it for the better, but sometimes it doesn't work out too well. I know from experience that it's much harder to be friends with people who have had children, because it's a big change. I've had many friends in WoW guilds leave the game forever, cosplay friends losing energy for their work. I don't want to sound like a bitch, but it changes everything.

>> No.10483562

Second anon here, I hadn’t considered it but hey maybe I’ll do a try-on haul too.

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I have been with a guy for 3+ years and I love him
But I am way more attracted to girls and I wish I could be free to date or have sex with them. Lolita girls are so pretty and soft and I just really want to kiss in ruffles.

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probably just make time for your friends sometimes when you’re family is around to look after the kids. It’s healthy and good for your mental health to take a day off from having to watch the newborn once in awhile so you can use that time to relax with your friends. don’t talk about your kids too much in front of your friends otherwise you might alienate them. having your first is magically or so they say goodluck.

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Dumb idea, but how would you feel about dressing your man in lolita and then going to town on him?

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>she complained about the neckline saying she doesn't like it.
I think her being honest with you to an extent is fair. If a friend bought me a lolita dress and I didn't like it, I would return it to them rather than selling it, or I'd hoard it in my closet just to remind myself of them. If she was grateful to receive it and kind overall, apologetic that it didn't work out, that's one thing, but if she wasn't, that's another thing. I think she should have returned the dress to you, rather than selling it herself. Regardless, i wouldn't buy her anything else. It's already super nice of you to buy her that much already. I would cry if someone gifted me a lolita dress even if it was a cheap one.

>> No.10483577

How able is she to function? Like, linguistic/cognitively? If you ever need like, babysitting advice, I can drop a burner email. It's something of a passion for me, if... posting here about kids and lolita didn't give me away lmao.

And yeah. Kids really believe if they can't see you, you can't see them. Object permanence is a hell of a drug.

>> No.10483579

Do you...not have lolita friends? Or just poor ones? I don’t gift lolita dresses just because but for birthdays and Christmas I do.

>> No.10483580

I'm a lonelita yeah

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she’s in special ed I can understand her but that’s probably because I’m used to it and sometimes i would guess stuff until she says “yeah”. I recorded a convo we had just now but I’m kinda dumb and hit re record instead of save. She can understand things you tell her I guess in English and (a second language). she throws tantrums when she doesn’t get what she wants. cognitively I dunno but my sis was teaching her the 0s time table (1x0, 2x0, 3x0 etc.) a week ago and damn it was bad. I guess she was just guessing random numbers instead of thinking about it or she’s not able to I dunno. I don’t babysit them often. I just watch over them to give my mom a break once in awhile. when I’m extra mean it’s let’s race around the backyard or let’s go on a bike ride. that shit tires them out and they go nap after. It’s okay I don’t like kids so I’m not trying to learn how to raise them. If you have tips on how to get them to leave you alone I’m all ears tho. damn if I didn’t open vocaroo on a private browser I might still have it oh well

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>sore throat
>dry cough
Alright gotta find some place to toss my yaoi

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Your nieces sound obnoxious. Sorry you have to deal with them.

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Monogamy is unnatural, scientifically speaking.

>> No.10483608

Literally just go have sex with a girl

>> No.10483609

>can’t even multiply by zero
Jesus what a retard. How old is she? That sounds really bad

>> No.10483611

don't give up anon. If trump can beat corona you can too

>> No.10483613

It’s not though, this is just what cheaters tell themselves

>> No.10483615

He's probably dying

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Kids like this make me not want to have kids. It sounds awful but if I had a child with special needs like that I would probably wish every day that it was legal to abandon it somewhere. I know they can't help it but I am just too selfish to have children especially if there's a chance of them being born with disabilities :/

>> No.10483617

Sissy spotted

>> No.10483620

If you drop that email I’ll send you a recording of her linguistic abilities. I wouldn’t mind posting the other recording but this one is oof. I sound soft af because I’m tired from all the HEAVY LIFTING and EXTREME MANLY workout I did. also she named dropped somewhere I used to work at.
one of them keeps asking me about my ex too but it doesn’t bug me anymore. I think my car should be fixed up by the end of the month then imma go on a super long roadtrip.
she’s literally autistic anon lmao. shit I’m really bad with dates but I think 5~7.

>> No.10483621

Honestly what I'm worried about is infecting some of the older people at work. I'm pretty sure I can deal with the rona, but some of these people I don't know.

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I pretend to be anime characters to compensate for how much I hate my life and being me

>> No.10483628

You won't have the same time you do as a mom. Other things will not be as important to you anymore and there's nothing wrong with taking a break from something. Your an adult, you can't dedicate your life to your friends, they have their own lives to live also.

>> No.10483629

she’s 7 I had it written down in my notes from a long time ago lol. someone asked me about it before too and I didn’t know and they were like “damn you don’t even know you niece’s bday? blah blah blah” so I wrote it down.
my sister is lucky grandparents are around. It’s pretty sad and hard to deal with sometimes (for them). they lose their temper with her often because she doesn’t listen or lies about things. the one with autism sleeps with grandma at night because she has to be reminded to go pee at night or she wets the bed. as I was typing I guess the autistic one snuck some jello and lied to her dad saying her grandma gave her jello. so he took the little one and went to other grandma’s house for the night. Yeah I don’t want kids.

>> No.10483631

>be me
>buy a solid AATP jsk a few months ago for a really really good deal
>Neither the seller or I could find it on lolibrary
>it's okay, I'm happy I got a super cute and versatile piece that fits perfectly even though it's unshirred
>but I'm anal AF and like to have the official stock photos for my digital wardrobe
>doesn't show up under any of the features or tags so I end up manually going through every jsk they've ever made
>find the dress
>success! I am satisfied
>find out that the dress I got was missing one of the detachable pieces
>Go and check the dress, sure enough there's a hidden button to attach the missing piece
I feel kind of sad now that I know it's missing something... I'm still really happy with it, but there's that disappointment now, ya know?

>> No.10483632

I realized this about myself also. But I didn't suffer abuse so much as neglect through no fault of my parents. The economy collapse and they took multiple jobs and was just left to my in destructive devices. I don't have place in my heart to be mad at them. At the end of the day I was always safe. But mentally I was a lil wrecking ball.

>> No.10483633

Dogs can have trauma too they just can't verbalize it and tell you they hate you. You think dogs end up in the pound for fun?

>> No.10483635

Having sex with strangers isint as fufiling as you think it is. You have mediocre sex and then never speak to each other again. It's more about the hunt. The sex is just a pleasantry.

>> No.10483636

bruh all I said was “why don’t you listen to your dad” and this kid starts screaming “ex’s name and soup broke up. blah blah blah” wtf. This kid knew we broke up and keeps asking about what my ex is doing everyday. I let it go cause I didn’t think she knew better cause autism but wtf. and I was feeling bad for the kid too but yeah fuck this kid. this is why I hate kids

>> No.10483641

That's why you get a dick pic before you even talk about meeting up, narrow down your matches so to speak

>> No.10483649

Jesus how has this kid not been strangled to death yet. So sorry about this bitch you and her family have to deal with. God, I would fucking hang myself.

>> No.10483651 [DELETED] 

I have to get out of this thread. Just hearing about that autistic demon is making me rage too hard, and that thing isn't even my kid

>> No.10483658

Bruh. You're probably not going to have time for your friends or lolita.

>> No.10483660

why is there an /r9k/ thread on this board

>> No.10483661

>dogs can have trauma too
I feel worse about leaving my dog with my mom now, but I had to get out of my parents house bad, and the dog will die when it turns 20, not hate itself for having been raised by a mentally ill freak to also be a mentally ill freak

bitches gotta stop having babies, humanity is over

>> No.10483663

>If you drop that email I’ll send you a recording of her linguistic abilities.
you're going to send a recording of your autistic child niece to a total stranger? What the fuck dude give the kid some dignity at least

>> No.10483666

>implying that lump of shit has any dignity to begin with

>> No.10483667

Sending recordings of children to 4chan anons is fucking weird regardless

>> No.10483676

>calling an autistic kid a lump of shit
yall really need hobbies... or like, more social time. like actually going outside and talking to people time

>> No.10483683

stop fighting guys it’s okay. she’s ded

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namefags really are the worst

>> No.10483686

How did she die?

>> No.10483689

Calm down. I don't even care for kids but you sound unhinged and pathetic as fuck.

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This bitch on fril keeps claiming items and creating lots of 80000+ yen at a time from a specific seller who uploads at 10 pm JP time every week... ma'am please let me have a chance to buy something, by the time my SS gets back to me about an item you've added it to your bundle listing.. please.. please god this is insanity

>> No.10483702

I hope she gets banned by the sellers

>> No.10483704

she's bought two different lots totaling nearly $1000 USD with 8-9 items per listing this week... when the seller posts she comments on every item asking for it to be a part of a private listing. the seller is raking in the dough probably like "hell yeah!! buy my shit don't stop!" lmao i'm so jealous i wish my SS was faster

>> No.10483705

>namefags really are the worst
omg girls that says that are so hot. “b-baka. you’re the worst!” It’s like we’re in an anime anon. can I get your snap??
I reached the 60s time limit on this app. like and follow for PART 2.

>> No.10483706

so she's spent a little over $2000 this week from this seller alone, and every item i've inquired about she has claimed. i am in awe but so damn frustrated

>> No.10483707

why would she lmao, she's literally putting money into their pockets
sucks to suck, westernfag

>> No.10483708

it hurts so much anon.. oh to have a jp bank account so i can buy shit off fril myself

>> No.10483709

It hurts the secondary market so its not a bad thing that you don't have a jp bank account.

>> No.10483712

Wow, for real? What items is she claiming? I only stalk the AP items and I haven't seen anything strange on mercari or fril?

>> No.10483713
File: 25 KB, 556x551, images (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> traveled to another country for work
> stuck here because covid
> sudden need to wear my frills
> my frills are still in my home country

Fuck man

>> No.10483715

You should see if they can be mailed to you, so that they don't deteriorate from not being maintained. There could be moths nibbling at them right now...

>> No.10483716

Thanks for your concern, it's mostly in boxes and there's one rack with a bedsheet draped over it so nothing gets through. It's at my family's place atm and they keep an eye out for me. I came prepared haha

>> No.10483718

Tell her the truth. Nothing beats honestly.
Just let her know in a calm manner that when she complains or sells your gifts you feel off.
You obviously like buying things for her so you can participate in this hobby together, put that into words.
Also maybe ask her to be communicative with you as well. Perhaps her selling the dress wouldn't be such a big deal if she had come to you first and let you know ?

>> No.10483719

This isn't about lolita fashion but about someone snatching up OOAK cult party kei items

>> No.10483721

Do you think marketplace sites should start shadowbanning people who get a lot of negative feedback? So they can create listings but no one else sees them

>> No.10483727

If things are really cheap there’s a reason why. I bought a AATP blouse from a local girl for $5 that I absolutely love but it’s not in perfect condition at all.

>> No.10483729

Why not just outright ban them?

>> No.10483731

Nayrt but then they'd just make a new account and no one would know they're shit sellers because they would have a clean profile

>> No.10483738

just out of curiosity, what do you use to compile your digital wardrobe? I’ve never made one but have a huge amount of main pieces these days and feel like I want to make one to keep track of everything

>> No.10483742

I have an addictive personality, and never in my life have I relapsed this hard. I usually can maintain my habits with minimal repercussions. Maybe I’ll have to eat instant ramen for a few weeks and bring my coffee to work type of sacrifices. However this pandemic has unlocked something beastly and I almost dug myself into a hole I wouldn’t be able to get out of. I indulged in my shopping addiction too much and rather than being 5 months ahead, I’m only 2 months now. I’ve completely pissed away my cushion and I can’t bring myself to sell what I have. I’ll be ok as long as I stop buying things but dear lord, it was scary to lose sense of reality like that.

>> No.10483753

Nyart I use airtable , it’s not perfect but it works. Would love to hear what others use.

>> No.10483754

As long as you realized and had the ability to control your self you’re good anon.

>> No.10483761
File: 47 KB, 450x320, 1520445860153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>put on weight during lockdown
>can no longer fit into most of my unshirred pieces
>start making conscious effort to snack less and work out more
>maintained weight after 4 weeks of effort
>parents encourage me not to give up
>start to lose weight at 8 weeks
>went for gynae check-up today
>she asks about recent weight gain
>talk about how I gained weight during lockdown but am now trying to work it off
>she cheers me on
good feels today
also I recently lost an auction, but I didn't feel bad about it because it was beyond what I wanted to pay. instead, I was happy for the person that won and hoped that they would treasure the item.

>> No.10483781

>start at new job after not being able to get work because covid
>one week later
>hurricane sally
>store gets damaged enough to close for the forseeable future
>i get laid off

come on

>> No.10483798

I used to be stick thin, but didn't have money to hardly ever buy burando.

Now I have so much money, but I let myself go and am obese.


>> No.10483804

Keep going anon, you’re lucky to have a support system, don’t give up!

>> No.10483805

ayrt, I just use google drive, with different folders for blouses, main pieces, legwear, etc. Because drive files things by alphabetical order and I want things sorted by color, I put a "color code" at the beginning of each file name. A is white, B is offwhite/ivory, Z is black, etc etc etc
I also add the brand, the name, and what I got it for to the file name

>> No.10483807

I'm so happy for you, anon! Keep it up!

>> No.10483808

aryt holy fuck
the deal I got was not that good but man,,, holy fuck

>> No.10483809

aw anon that's the worst :( I'm sorry. I hope you get another/good job soon!

>> No.10483810

why do i spend so much money on lolita :(

>> No.10483811

because you're gonna look fly as fuck B)

>> No.10483815

I found a dress I'm obsessed with on LM being scalped, saw someone else with it unsold for a better price, messaged them to see if they were still open to selling it and they said they were glad to. I got so excited I sent them my info and now it's been 6 days and still no invoice.

pls just take my money so i can stop living like this

>> No.10483820


Congrats anon! I have messaged people for their unsold listings from years ago and never gotten responses (likely people with inactive accounts). It's good to see it works out for people.

>> No.10483846
File: 387 KB, 333x428, 1D1E7BD3-3F62-45DE-A94E-48037D0D997C.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why are men still creepy to me while wearing frills

Fuck off im autistic and was born a boy

>> No.10483852

just kill yourself

>> No.10483853

Depends a. if you pass its the standard creepy attention lolitas get b. if you dont pass and look fetishy so your attracting creepy sissies

>> No.10483871

I’m gonna buy a dress and headdress with money that I shouldn’t use up but I still gotta do it, I gotta have that dress!
It probably won’t even fit me well (fatty). Why is it so hard to lose this weight

>> No.10483879

you sound irresponsible and stupid, thats probably why you're fat as well.

>> No.10483884


Id also love to kow how people orangize so I made a thread


>> No.10483889

No, you don't need that dress if it's gonna make you broke.

>> No.10483892

Buying small dresses is good weight loss motivation but not if you're broke, wtf.

>> No.10483912

>lost 20 lbs during quarantine
>got up to running 4-5 5ks a week plus sprints
>work and school got in the way
>gained all of the weight back
>gave myself plantar fasciitis trying to jump back into running after not doing it at all for like a month

>> No.10483930

niece was in zoom class this morning and they were doing math or some shit. I was listening in from my room cause they loud af. anyways I was like damnn she’s popping off. answering questions left and right correctly and hella fast. but then the teacher asked a couple kids how they calculating their answers.

Timmy said he has two fingers on one hand and three fingers up on the other hand and he just counts them. timmy is a fucking know it all. nobody in class likes him. when it was my niece’s turn to answer she straight up said “my mom” hahah. I’m dead.

>> No.10483931


Your niece sounds like a kid I'd want to babysit for an afternoon, soup.

>> No.10483932

I'm glad nobody likes Timmy; he has has a shit name.

>> No.10483948

I want to lose weight, basically all I need is my stupid stomach, but I don’t know how to lose it. I already don’t drink sodas, eat smaller portions, and avoid fried/sugary foods. I do admit though that exercising is what’s hard for me; I just can’t stick to a routine. What do other anons do to keep up with it, especially when you’re at work for ten hours and don’t want to do anything else once you’re home?

>> No.10483966

Wore a coord out as a lonelita for the first time today!! I felt nervous but very happy overall! Nobody commented to my relief, I’m used to stares though since I used to very active in fairy kei. Wearing frills out just made me feel so pretty

>> No.10483974

You honestly just have to force yourself for two weeks and then it's a lot easier to motivate yourself. Get more sleep than you usually do when you're first starting out and that will help with the work exhaustion, once you start exercising you'll feel more energetic even with your regular amount of sleep.

>> No.10483975

Cico. Download myfitnesspal and also weigh your food with a kitchen scales. re.ddit loseit is a good forum for help and to see that it can actually work, theres others out there that are sticking with it. I went on a few 5:2 recipie sites for inspo managed to find some filling meals, and I batch make dinner and lunches to keep in the fridge so I only cook every 4 days. I give myself a little treat everyday that helps with sticking to it. Lost 42lbs in 13 weeks keeping to 1,200 cals and no exercise

>> No.10483978

Damn, are you me? I started jogging almost every day since March, overdid and I developed IT band problems. Now I have to go to physical therapy once a week and I haven't been able to run in almost 2 months...

>> No.10484000

I started playing ring fit in July because I got fatter. I’ve already lost four inches off my waist so far. Wife and I are both eating healthy and just scream about fitting into brand when we want snacks, and it’s working.

Life is okay sometimes

>> No.10484002

I have a similar dynamic with my friend but she isn't rude like yours lmao. She treasures everything I gift her and loves it that much more. I'm not sure what you normally are giving her but I often gift her dream items off her wishlist around her birthday and Christmas.

I think you have a right to be upset. Its very distasteful and uncouth to turn around so quickly and sell a gift. I think she should have either asked you first if it was okay or ask if you would like her to return the item to you.

>> No.10484004

Got any tips on how to help it heal? I don't think I messed it up too bad, because I only got two runs in before I realized I needed to stop.

>> No.10484019

you can take my place. they dragged me to the pumpkin patch to take pics for them. I feel like the third wheel help

>> No.10484024

I have no idea how long mine is gonna heal; I've been running for years but this summer destroyed my leg. All i can say is continue to see a physical therapist who can work with you, get better shoes and maybe insoles-- as for my IT band issues, I have to strengthen my leg muscles so that this injury never happens again. I've been doing dry needling but I can't really tell if it's working, which is pretty depressing..

>> No.10484034

My job turns me into such a horrible, bitter person. I work at a toxic company and it just bleeds over into me. I hate being an angry person, and I somehow feel guilty for being so angry all the time. Sometimes I just cry and scream after the day is over because of how careless and disrespectful my management is. It's just getting worse and worse. I want to kick my manager sometimes. The only reason I'm hanging on is so that I can keep buying lolita, I know I'm going to quit fairly soon, but I wanted to milk these few last paychecks before I'm jobless for awhile. I wish I could mentally separate myself from my job so I could hang on for longer.

>> No.10484035

nice. i lost 2 in and 10lbs since i started last month!

>> No.10484039

Go to therapy homie. It will help

>> No.10484047

I just stretched out and massaged my foot and discovered the plantar fascia to be in a completely different part of my foot than where the pain was. Looks like all I did was strain a muscle in my arch. I should still probably get new shoes though

>> No.10484049

1/2 Tl;dr: I lost all my female friends thanks to my pregnancy and COVID.

So yeah, I’m the most loneliest person on Earth right now. But maybe I always was but I never know about that.
I have a close circle of female friends in which two of them (including my ex-bff) are lolitas and the rest are geek-stuff oriented girls (cosplay, comic books, games etc.). We were pretty close before the pandemic hit up, we were meeting few times per year, sometimes once a month during cons, our birthday, New Year’s Eve party, etc. I’m not a part of any comm because there isn’t any in my city but we (me and the other two lolitas) had our little meetings from time to time, not so often because we live in a different places, but I really enjoyed it and I looked forward to every of them.
After the beginning of a pandemic I made a pregnancy test and it was positive. My husband and I didn’t really plan it, but we also weren’t specially careful about that, so it wasn’t a big deal. Thankfully we both can work from a home, so we were relatively safe. The first 3-4 months were amazing, I lost some weight, my hair get better and I really feel beautiful in lolita (and in my body general). I was still chatting with my friends via zoom, we were doing e-meeting with full cords and have a good time. After 4 months I start gaining some weight and stop wearing dresses to prevent them from losing their shape. I was still wearing make-up to our calls but I felt like the meeting are less frequent than before but didn’t think a lot about that. I’m rather caring person so I always start conversations about how people are feeling, how they are handle with an isolation, etc., but after some time I felt that friends start to ignore me. They were respond with just ‘ok’ or didn’t respond at all. They never asked me about my pregnancy, they forget about my birthday (every one of them get a present on their birthday because we we’re buying it together but apparently I was forgotten?)

>> No.10484051

oof that’s rough. just distract yourself by keeping yourself busy. like if you have down time clean your workspace or something. I dunno what you do for work but there must be something you can do. I find that if I’m always doing something time just flies by and my shift is over before I know it.

>> No.10484053

About a month ago I saw some pictures of them together because apparently they had a party and didn’t tell me about that because I’m pregnant and they knew that I couldn’t go. My ex-bff and the other lolita grow closer and now I think they are best friends? I stopped taking part in a group conversation because I felt left out after everything. I didn’t get any message from them for some time. I don’t even know what’s the problem because one of the girl has already a child and they are delighted to see pictures of her and they were supporting her during the pregnancy. Maybe they didn’t like me from the beginning and they were just waiting for the excuse.
Anyway I don’t have any close female friends, I cannot dress my frills, I gain about 10kg (apparently not so much, but still I’ll have to lose it before wearing lolita again) and the only person who I can talk to is my husband (who is very supportive but don’t understand why I’m sad about that because I should just find a new friends). So yeah, this year is terrible.

Don’t do that unless you are 100% sure that you want it no matter what. I wasn’t supposed to write about my year here but after seeing your post I want to share my experience of someone is interested in having a child as lolita.

>> No.10484066

Whenever I feel like shit I don't go to sleep. It's the second night in a row I'm up past 3 am, despite regular daytime tasks.

I wanted to wear lolita today but chickened out. I'm too tired. I know I'm self sabotaging myself, but that doesn't mean I'll stop.

>> No.10484069

I’m sad for you anon, this is a really shitty thing to be going through. Especially while you’re pregnant and your hormones are haywire. Do you feel emotionally strong enough to mention your feelings to them?

>> No.10484076

I was trying to but every time I mentioned that I was sad or I just wanted to talk about my feelings they were suggesting a therapy. I’m not depressed and I’m only feeling sad about them. For now I have a lot of anxiety just thinking about this situation so I spending my time buying cute clothes for a baby and planning new coords to wear after losing weight.

>> No.10484082

Women with friendships thinking they are the loneliest people on earth. Stop deluding yourself wench.

>> No.10484102

>After the beginning of a pandemic I made a pregnancy test and it was positive. My husband and I didn’t really plan it, but we also weren’t specially careful about that, so it wasn’t a big deal.
Wtf is wrong with you?
>Beginning of a pandemic
>Whoopsie I'm pregnant no big deal though
>It started out great because I lost weight but then I gained weight! So weird!
>Now it sucks! I had no idea!
I would drop you and the other anon just for being massive retards. I don't understand how you can be so stupid. I hope your dumb kid is smart enough to think less of you when you tell it you conceived it in a pandemic because you just didn't give a shit.

>> No.10484103

Do you ever initiate invites to do things or are you passive in the friendship where you just accept invites? If you never do the invites that might be the reason and you can try inviting them to do things.

>> No.10484105

Her friends probably figured out she's slow in the head. Or they realized after she started dropping out of things they didn't really miss her. I doubt there's much more going on.

>> No.10484109

Not everyone wants to abort their kids senpai

>> No.10484119

It's not a big deal when married couples have unplanned pregnancies because they were probably intending to have children at some point anyway. They're both employed and they want the child. Why are you being so bitter?

>> No.10484120

I have been playing since July and I have definitely seen a lot of positive changes in my body! especially in the abs. Can't recommend ring fit enough

>> No.10484129

My abs and my ass are both seriously improving. I’m doing 30 minutes active workout time a day, 4 days a week. I’m just feeling so much better. I’m absolutely dreading the final boss, which I should hit this week.

>> No.10484138

Good luck with it! I'm actually taking a break after my arms and chest got wrecked after boss in level 21.

>> No.10484139

He’s got nine health bars and it’s been reported to take 40 minutes to an hour active time.

I just keep screaming brand names during squats and getting through.

>> No.10484140

wtf that actually sounds fun af

>> No.10484141

It’s the best workout I’ve had that’s kept me going. I’m a fatty-chan because I’m lazy by nature, then I got laid off in March, and this got my shit together. It makes you do arms, abs, legs, and yoga— but it all pushes different muscle groups. The RPG elements make me want to play a hell of a lot more than just “I need to feel good”. The story is simple but fun, the characters are cool, and it’s got great built in rewards.

>> No.10484142
File: 93 KB, 1471x1024, 1600648371144.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I woke up today and realized I'm 25 and still live with my parents. Other than having a car I haven't progressed at all since I walked out of high school.

>> No.10484156

It’s never too late to go back to school anon.

>> No.10484163

you’re so mean anon lol cheer up

why did everyone go to sleep already? I wanna hear more stories.

>> No.10484164

Why not?

>> No.10484168

I’m anon from a few threads back about my neighbors/friends being overly entitled about my wardrobe. The saga continues. Shortly after one of the last times they brought up me dressing them up, I caved and did it. I brought over one coordinate and I had everyone in the house who wanted to try, try on that one coordinate. I took their photos and felt like I scratched everyone’s itch about it.

Yeah apparently not. We were discussing our Halloween costumes and my one neighbor who’s super hung up on it, kept saying “we should all wear your dresses for Halloween!!” And I told her straight up “fuck no are you crazy?”

We’re talking 3 adults, and they want me to dress their preteens in my hundreds of dollars worth of apparel? I told her I’d send her links to cheap stuff if she wanted to but she casually said “why would I spend money when I could just borrow one of yours for the night.”

I can’t. I’m so done. I told her no again and that if I had that many dresses floating around outside at once I’d crawl into a ball on the floor and die.

>> No.10484170

To add on, I’m not the best person at catching humorous teasing so idk if she’s just joking. But it’s like beating a dead horse now. I said no.

>> No.10484173


It sounds like someone oblivious. You should just "work out" a "deal" with her.

eg- "Sure, I'll lend you this Moitie if you lend me your Corvette. I'm doing a costume photo shoot and it'll be cool to drive it in the sand. Why should I pay to rent it when I can borrow yours the same way you borrow my dress"

Pick something she values, preferably one she tries to throw around as flex, and preferably work it into your "costumes" so it's clear you put them on the same level. Use the same arguments that she uses on you, whatever it was (sorry, I wasn't around for your previous story) -- 'good neighbours/friends' or whatever guilt trip she has over you. Hopefully either she gets the message or she flounces.

Good luck, anon. I'd seriously consider just cutting ties or plain grey-rocking them if you can.

>> No.10484174


I wish I could get into this, but the graphics are a turnoff for me, they're so blocky and stiff.

>> No.10484175

nah. it sounds like she’s downplaying it to get you to agree to her request. good job standing up for yourself and remember to stick to it.

>> No.10484179

I had hoped that trying on the one coord would be enough of a deal for her. I’ve had friends borrow full coordinates before, mainly to help them decide if they’d like to invest in lolita or not. But I feel like my neighbor just wants unlimited access to my wardrobe. She keeps trying to invite herself to my house and I’m like no dude. No one comes in here (I have this weird thing about personal space and not mixing energies). I’m not very good at confrontations, so me saying “no” today took a lot out of me because I was worried I’d seem selfish. Anyway that’s just my anxiety but I feel more comfortable telling her no now than I was a few months ago. So honestly if she brings it up again I’ll just keep saying it like a broken record. “No can do, nope, sorry, no, negative”

Thanks Soup! I still have lingering anxiety from being put on the spot like that since we were having a neighborhood meeting to discuss how we wanted to do a Halloween COVID style. But at least I said it lol

>> No.10484193

In the words of Sailor J: “No. Fuck no. I think the fuck not, you trick-ass bitch.... Absolutely fucking not, Karen.”

>> No.10484194

If it comes up again equate it to luxury fashion.
No one would ask you to give their preteens your Gucci/ Channel stuff.

>> No.10484196

I’m not very good at confrontations and hate being put on the spot as well. I turn red when I’m put on the spot and sometimes people would go “why are you red?” I hate that. I find directing the reasons (why im sayin no) to something that’s out of my control seems to help. It’s not ideal since it’s more of a cop out than facing the problem head on, but it helped me be more okay with rejecting people.

ex. I would say my boss said I’m not allowed to do something that a customer wants me to do. good news is the first no is the hardest to get out but it should be easier to get the following ones out there.

I dunno. if she puts you on the spot at the meeting just say that you’re getting them disinfected due to covid and it’ll take a long time because you have to find a specialist or shipping sucks cause of covid. good luck anon.

>> No.10484197

We’ve actually talked about how much lolita costs before and it doesn’t seem to bother her. Another neighbor of mine told me she makes stupid amounts of money and barely has any bills to pay because her roommates portions of rent cover her mortgage and then some. That same neighbor has also defended me before saying “those dresses are like crazy expensive” but still nothing.

I usually try to push the “blame” on something that’s beyond my control as well. But in this case there’s such little wiggle room. The cleaning excuse is good tho since we are still in a pandemic and I don’t want to quarantine my wardrobe before I clean it.

Idk the whole situation has left me feeling crummy because I do love being friends with my neighbors. I just don’t want to have people play around with things that mean a lot to me

>> No.10484198

Straight up, you can say "no thanks, I'm particular about my things" and leave it there. If they press you, I'd say something like "I know it's just clothing to you, but these are expensive pieces that are very important to me, and I'm personally not comfortable with them being worn by others". You don't owe them anything, and bringing your wardrobe over to begin with was gracious enough

>> No.10484200

If the hold date for a listing has passed on the jp secondhand market, and the buyer hasn't initiated contact at all to purchase anything, is it a dick move to ask a SS to inquire about purchasing something? I'm anon from earlier and annoyed that something i wanted is stuck in a bundle listing that the buyer isn't even following up on time for

>> No.10484204

I’m so fucking lonely I don’t even no what to do anymore. I only have a few friends interested in lolita and they are so busy/involved with their own lives I barely speak to them. I am home all the time (furloughed) while my partner works full time plus is in school/practicums. My non fashion friends are also busy all the time, and when I am with them I feel like I can’t dress up/talk about the fashion because they are the definition of basic white girls. My comm was pretty dead before the pandemic so now it’s dead-dead. The worst thing about this is around March while dealing with unemployment I had a great deal of luck and ended up with enough money to live comfortably and then some. I’ve been able to buy my dream dresses and expanded my wardrobe. My partner even paid half to get me a dream dress for my bday! I dress up at home and when I can out of the house (mostly with my partner) but I just don’t have any joy in sharing it.

To add to this my mom is sick, and while she’s on the mend the doctors basically have given her less than a decade to live, maybe even 4-5 years. I live thousands of miles away and even though I have all the time in the world I can’t travel because she’s is severely immuno-compromised and I live in a high-case state.

I don’t really know what to do with myself. I’m slipping back in to depression, gaining weight (UGH) and have no motivation to do anything anymore. I know I should care more about myself and get back on track with diet and exercise first, but the constant loneliness has set in to the point where I’m just constantly asking myself “why? I never leave the house anyways”

Feels over, thanks for the outlet to vent.

>> No.10484211

Go fly to her, quarantine for 2 weeks and once you get the clear you can see her. That’s what korea has been doing.

>> No.10484214

True, and a good suggestion. Id have to shell out a pretty penny for a hotel but it’s probably worth it in the long run. I worry about missing out on job interviews (since who knows if I’m ever going back to my actual job I’ve been applying non-stop) from being away for that long but once again, probably worth it.

>> No.10484216

Man I feel you. I feel like a former lolita at this point because of nobody to share it with, and even though I have a partner I could go out with, it's starting to feel weird being the only one dressed in such an indulgent fashion.

>> No.10484218

Job or mom, that's your choice-- but eventually this shit is going to end, and people will need workers again after laying everyone off. You get one mom, and when she is gone, she is gone.

>> No.10484219

please, if you can find a way, go visit your mum. even if you can only see her through a glass (in my country they’re doing this kind of things).
my sister lost a baby during the quarantine and I couldn’t go to see her. it’s not the same thing, I know, but I still feel like I didn’t give her enough support.

during the quarantine I gained a lot of weight and my depression worsened. going to the gym and finding new things to do alone helped me. I suggest to find something to do related to lolita (vlog, blog, learn to take more interesting pics and not only “ootd” ones, etc). do you have something else you’re passionate about? a specific kind of book, tea, sweets... it’s the right time to focus on them! I’m starting to sew again after years of procrastinating and I’m also trying to learn how to create cute illustrations digitally.

>> No.10484221

It's just a copy of Vivienne Westwood, go get a real one. They pop up often.

>> No.10484226
File: 15 KB, 504x352, 1570519461123.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>be me
>went through depression last year >had my really long hair cut into a Bob in an impulsive depressive episode
> in a better place now
> look back at old coord pics before depression out of nostalgia
>long beautiful hair
>looks way better than the shoulder length nonsense I have now which doesn't work w my style at all
>it's going to take me at least 1,5 years to grow it back out

I know it's a dumb first world thing to be frustrated about, but still.
The fuck was I thinking

>> No.10484227

Sometimes I'm too stupid to press enter apparently, whoops

>> No.10484231

been there,
I would say try as many hairstyles you can with your current length for fun.
Its gonna grow, why not have fun as its happening.
At some point I hated my short hair that much & I did nothing with it. Nowadays I see hairstyles with that length and I wish I'd tried them out coz no way I'm cutting it again.

>> No.10484232

I think part of me has been terrified to go, but I really need to, and really want to. I’m going to call later today and figure out a plan. She’s just home from the hospital yesterday so hopefully she will be ready in a few weeks to have her annoying daughter bugging her again.

Also I decided on a whim from a previous post on this thread to buy the ring for the switch. That plus forcing myself to do laps around the complex hopefully can get me back to moving.

To >>10484216
It’s real hard. Like even before the lockdown my comm had maybe 2 meets a year. I know barely any physical people who wear the fashion so I just live vicariously through people on the internet lol.

Thanks anons.

>> No.10484237

I always take so many pictures and normally I think there are only 1-2 good ones in there. But recently I like a lot more and I feel cuter even though I got fatter, older and a little uglier I would say. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
It feels kinda strange

>> No.10484238

Maybe you’ve gotten better at posing or learned your angles? Whoever photographs you might have learned those too.

>> No.10484245

I feel sad that I can’t go back to the college campus until I remember the time I farted out loud in the cafeteria

>> No.10484250

You've probably gotten more confident!

>> No.10484251

Stop being so self obsessed. Literally no one else will remember

>> No.10484259

Been exercising, eating right, and losing weight now that I’m in a better head space after many years, and I’m smaller than I’ve ever been in lolita. It’s such a good feeling! I’ve always been unable to easily fit brand blouses, but I got an AP blouse in today that buttoned over my chest with no gaping. A truly incredible feeling.

>> No.10484266

Finally got my own little clique going on in my own lolita comm, and now I’m moving to a different state with virtually NO lolita comm. Been looking online for days for a lolita community and I can’t find anything. I found a small group for the ENTIRE state and all the mods just look like danger hair feminists genderless freaks. I hate everything.

>> No.10484268

Who hurt you?

>> No.10484287

I have a few dresses that I don't really like anymore (one doesn't even fit me anymore) but my non-lolita girlfriend loves them. Should I keep them? They're just taking up space but she gets so happy when I try them on... I bought them myself and I own other pieces both of us love, so I'm not sure.

>> No.10484311

aw, but I love shoulder-length hair! Bobs are cute because they're still femenine, but don't get in the way of the coord. I'm so sick of the boring "split it in the back and bring the two halves to the front" thing where there's just a chunk of hair hanging down over the shoulders. Work with what you have! queranfrills and neferinthia both rock the short hair look

>> No.10484316

That sucks a lot anon. This post reminded me of the LJ days where people dressed and acted the same in each comm so it was like everyone belonged together. Some comms would post on egl with meetup photos to show off a little bit and people would post things like "i wish i was an oregon lolita" because everyone looked well dressed and friendly with each other.

>> No.10484318

I've noticed that I look and feel better about myself after quarantine even though nothing's changes about my appearance, especially when I'm in frills. I think that because I'm so used to seeing myself without makeup and hardly interact with others, I'm more used to the way I look, and so when I put on frills, I feel even better

>> No.10484319

You hurt my nose, bitch

>> No.10484320

keep it up anon
maybe you could zoom call your old com or maybe all the lonelitas here could zoom call each other
If you don’t like them anymore I think you should sell them and get stuff you actually like. like you said she’s not into the hobby so she probably doesn’t view those dresses like how you would. I’m sure she’ll like the new stuff you get as well.

>> No.10484321

I wish the US had been better so that having a swap meet would be safe right now. I have so many dumb AP purchases that I want to sell for cheap, but I don't want to deal with sketchy buyers online.

>> No.10484322

What do you think the US should have done that would "be better"?

>> No.10484323

I've also become a lonelita since the pandemic, but I'm happy about it.
I was always really lonely growing up and thought something was wrong with me. But I've come to realize I just don't like most people and I'm OK with that and don't need to force myself to have friends to be normal. I think the BLM shit was the final straw.

>> No.10484324

Nayrt but they didn't say they should have done anything different, just that they wish the situation was better here. Other countries have managed to end up fine right now while we're still fucked in a lot of ways, of course people are lamenting our current limitations.

>> No.10484328


>Put in a request to Tenshi days ago, said she is working on items but one was available for immediate purchase.
>item currently listed as sold, no confirmation she got it

I love her normally but COVID retail therapy has her so swamped that when I put in orders I'm scared she'll not be able to get them. At this point I may switch to Buyee or business type SS for certain items I can get through that way. For some item the flat fee ends up being cheaper anyway and I can consolidate shipping at my own pace rather than having to stress her out with figuring out storage. I just worry about Japanese lolitas that hate selling to SS.

>> No.10484330

Maybe if you only listen to the media but other countries still have problems. Even south Korea that keeps getting praised discouraged people from attending a holiday and is seeing a spike in cases. Some of my co-workers in other countries are going into lockdown again. It's just media bullshit.

>> No.10484331


I feel you. I like a few people in my local comm but the last meetup put a bad taste in my mouth (lots of infighting, drama, and dropping gossip despite "omg I am soooo sorry for gossip"). I don't really want to get together with them again. It made me realise that I have better friends who are way more supportive and less catry, and I shouldn't be forcing connections with people I have nothing in common with except anime dresses.

>> No.10484332

Yeah, it took me awhile but I realized I don't have anything in common with my comm either. I have more in common with my normie coworkers who have no idea what lolita even is.

>> No.10484334

Organize a swap meet for black lives matter. Then you should be safe.

>> No.10484335


They're going into lockdown to prevent what's happening in the US, not because they are like the US. HTH.

>> No.10484337

Same feel. I've used Tenshi's service for years, but she's completely overloaded right now. I'm actually scared she'll get stressed out and stop. I worry about her. I feel guilty whenever I send requests now.

Sometimes I get lucky and I'll request something when she's active. But many times I don't get a response for 24+ hours.

>> No.10484338

As soon as they ease the lockdown the cases start up again. So they are just going to go into lockdown off and on forever? Just like the US? Everyone was acting like they had it kicked back in March and here they are telling people not to attend a traditional holiday because there was a spike in cases.. because they ease lockdowns. Which is happening everywhere lockdowns are eased if you pay attention.

>> No.10484342


I read up thread for context, my apologies. Yeah I don't think any in person meetups larger than 10 should happen right now, we're on the same page there.

>> No.10484354

You said you’ve been able to live comfortably on unemployment, so don’t worry too much about the cost. Hotels are slashing prices anyway because of the lack of tourism so you’d be surprised how good of a deal you can score right now. It’s so easy to just sit there while you’re in the beginning stages of depression, especially because there’s so much to plan.

But you’re playing on borrowed time right now. Do the research, make a plan, put the plan into action, see your mum

>> No.10484355

There is literally a pandemic right now?? That alone should be enough of an excuse to tell her to A) Not come over, and B) Not share clothing?? WTF anon.

>> No.10484363

nta but
>mandatory mask orders for all public spaces
>better financial support for those affected by the pandemic
>more testing, especially when this first started
>not having a leader who constantly downplays the virus
>not allowing large groups to gather
>not withholding ppe from certain states
>giving the public updated information wrt symptoms, transmission, and protection

But even if all of this was in place, American Exceptionism would still be hard to deal with, but at least you wouldn't feel like you were a crazy person for even believing the virus exists and is serious.

>> No.10484366

>We’ve actually talked about how much lolita costs before and it doesn’t seem to bother her.
Maybe you should try for the rarity factor, then. Depending on if you have older stuff, try comparing it to like a vintage or antique piece of furniture. Like sure you might have the money to replace that grandfather clock but it's not as simple as just popping to the store for another one, you might never get the chance for the same one again.
Although if I remember from last time you went into the shopping process with her, so she might just feel entitled because of her money. Stand firm, Anon.

>> No.10484367

>mandatory mask orders for all public spaces
Fuck off with that shit

>> No.10484368

Why is wearing a mask so hard for you?
Do you also refuse to wear a seatbelt when you drive?

>> No.10484369

I almost never drive. I bike instead

>> No.10484370

do you wear a helmet when you bike

>> No.10484372

Fuck no

>> No.10484374

Don't bother with them, anon. They're probably a troll, and if not, they've missed the point.

The point is, wearing a mask/seatbelt/helmet is a mindlessly easy thing to do, and the fact that some people actually fight against it just shows how ignorant and stupid they are. The only reason people won't wear a mask is because they are butthurt about ~control~. But those same people don't screech about having to wearing a seatbelt, or not being naked in public, because they are used to that expectation.

>> No.10484375

U gonna die dude

>> No.10484378

Try taking the media's cock out of your mouth and reading lockdownskepticism some time

>> No.10484379

Masks aren't effective enough to warrant a blanket nationwide mandate. The virus isn't deadly enough to warrant a nationwide lockdown. The smart move would be to have actually at risk sections of the population self isolate. I feel like throwing in that I picked up my biking habit from my visits to the Netherlands, where most people don't wear a helmet or any of the other dumb stuff American cyclists insist on wearing. Curiously, the ever practical Dutch also don't have a mask mandate.

>> No.10484381

Wearing a mask/seatbelt/helmet is worth it, even if there's only 1% chance you get the virus/wreck/crash. There is absolutely no inconvenience to you.

You just sound like you can't be bothered to care about your own mortality, or others. Once you die, you don't get another chance, anon.

>> No.10484382

I agree but it's probably not worth reasoning with anon. These are people who think Trump is a literal facist, but are at the same time angry he did not order then to stay in their homes and tell them what to wear.

>> No.10484386

>The smart move would be to have actually at risk sections of the population self isolate
America tried to do this, and this is exactly what was ineffective. Corona doesn't adhere to borders and it's an invisible enemy. Once you know someone's sick, you're already days behind. Assuming everyone is infectious and being preventative, instead of reactive, is the only way to "win."

>> No.10484388

I live in Canada in a part of the country that effectively has no covid. Everyone here wears masks when we go out. We can't have indoor gatherings over a certain amount. We are limited where we can travel, and if we have to for work or other reasons, we are required to quarantine when we return. We were given financial help when this all started, including student loans being deferred, and our premier and medical team are great at informing the public what changes need to be made and how things are going.

Maybe you need to stop reading conspiracy blogs on the internet and look at places where things are going well.

>> No.10484394

>Everything is going well
>We can't travel or have gatherings
How is that going well? This is exactly what the original anon was complaining about: if the US has done things "right", she'd be able to have a gathering.
Yet here you are, claiming your government is doing everything right, and yet you're in exactly the same the same position as US anon in a place that did it "wrong". All over a virus that kills less than 1% of people who were going to die anyway. It's stupid.
All the lockdowns are doing is delaying the spread. Once a place doing it "right" opens up again, cases spike and they shut down again because they did not magically cure the virus. Funny how that happens. Enjoy still being locked down in 2023.

>> No.10484402

We can have gatherings, they are just limited in size depending on the type. For a swap meet style gathering, we can have up to 250 people. Seems pretty fine to me.

It has more than a 3% deathrate in North America, but feel free to ignore statistics.

We are not in lockdown. Movie theatres are open, malls are open, restaurants are open, schools are open, parks are open. Life here is pretty normal.

>> No.10484404 [DELETED] 

I've been reposting woke garbage on my insta stories since BLM started trending so as to not get called out.
If I just posted "NIGGER" copypasted 50 times, deleted it 10 mins later saying it was a mistake what would happen to me? I have a little over 6k followers with decent engagement.

>> No.10484406

biking over in the Netherlands is probably safer than it is here in my city. cars everywhere and people driving recklessly. I wouldn’t be caught without a helmet riding my bike here.

post more stories about your life and less about politics. I like reading stories about people not about what’s on in the news.

>> No.10484409 [DELETED] 

>It has more than a 3% deathrate in North America, but feel free to ignore statistics.
There are 7 million cases and 211k deaths, where are you getting cases? I'm not counting Mexico. And the cases is probably higher, but just going off those numbers that is 3%

>> No.10484421

maybe just don't be a pussy and be up front about what you believe in

>> No.10484422

>be upfront
>get cancelled
Good plan faggot.

>> No.10484425

>We know that wearing a mask outside health care facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection. Public health authorities define a significant exposure to Covid-19 as face-to-face contact within 6 feet with a patient with symptomatic Covid-19 that is sustained for at least a few minutes (and some say more than 10 minutes or even 30 minutes). The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal. In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.
>It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles. Masks are not only tools, they are also talismans that may help increase health care workers’ perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust in their hospitals.
Imagine being happy your government makes you wear something that doesn't actually do anything except make other faggots like you feel better

>> No.10484426

better than being a faggot hiding behind "uwu it was a mwistake im so sowwy!!!" at that point you're just being pathetic.

>> No.10484428

actually, considering the stupid shit you've been posting you probably deserve to "be cancelled" anyways I hope you get exposed for being a dumb cunt lol

>> No.10484430

I think you're confusing anons, I don't have social media to get cancelled from

>> No.10484432

ok nvm sorry about that then, i just hope you get rona

>> No.10484434

No problem! Ilu

>> No.10484435

This was published May 21. We have newer articles that show wearing masks is beneficial to you, but regardless, it's the fact that wearing masks mainly protects other people, not yourself, but Americans would never be able to do something that doesn't benefit their own asses.

>> No.10484437
File: 3.44 MB, 4032x3024, 4AF0F556-A83E-4D8A-BB93-75958C3A7275.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my sis got these big containers to lock up all the snacks so that my niece can’t sneak them anymore. It’s place high up on the kitchen island. I had to look after her for an hour or so today and she tried to get me to get her some snacks but I said “nah”

>> No.10484449

aww, thanks anons. This made me feel better and gave me new motivation! I really adore both Nef and Queran, if they can make it work I should be able to figure it out too!

>> No.10484455

I'm sorry you feel oppressed by a piece of cloth covering your nose and mouth.

>> No.10484458


Haha same. I discovered that my coworker is also a jaded ex weeb so we bonded over that and now I'd consider her one of my good friends. I'm really glad because I was afraid I wasn't going to make friends, but honestly my workplace has way better vibes than the lolita comm right now.

>> No.10484474

On the brightside, you probably ducked a lot of debt most 25 year olds have
No job? Not my business; but if you can get into fitness, normies are weirdly more accepting of gym rats that checked out of society, the phenomenon even appears in a malcolm in the middle episode, to give a random example

>> No.10484501

Sorry, but is her weight fine, and does it sound like she thinks she really needs to eat or is it really just gluttony? I hope her parents at least considered the possibility that she might actually need the extra food, like if she had a thyroid disease or something (weight is not a sole indicator, you can be underweight and hypo and also feel like you're starving to death, or you could eat tons and get fat, or you could look normal but feel like death inside, so bloodwork is need to rule out or diagnose), or a parasite picked up from eating mud or being exposed to some other kid that had a parasite, or if she could have gastrointestinal issues (not absorbing enough nutrients), etc. but is eating more to compensate. Obviously not every kid that sneaks snacks is doing it out of necessity, but sometimes kids think everything is normal with them when it isn't because they are too young to realize other people don't have to do what they do. And this could be even harder to comprehend to someone that's autistic. Then there's the fact that all those scenarios could cause stunted physical and mental development that could lead to being diagnosed with a disability when it's really not, which is heartbreaking too.

>> No.10484502

Exercise is the only thing that makes me lose weight. My body needs it. So I do ny workouts before work, because after I'm just too physically and mentally exhausted. Use coffee, sugar free energy drinks, pre-workout drinks fucking ANYTHING to get yourself pumped and energized and like other anon said force yourself for 2 weeks. After that it will become a habit. Of course also finding exercises that you genuinely like doing will help, be it jogging, dancing or HIIT. If you exercise first thing in the morning you'll feel great the rest of te day. Good luck!

>> No.10484510


I think soup is black(?) and as a black person I have a ton of family members with thyroid issues so it may be a genetic or common disease thing like sickle cell? And yes, you can easily be thin and have it. My little sister did as a kid, despite being tiny just like I was when I was young.

Same anon, I always exercise early in the morning and once I get into a routine after a slip up, it actually feels worse for me to skip once the habit is built. Morning workouts or even just a nice walk on the trail help me have more energy, better mood, and sleep better.
Anons first starting to workout should be prepared to feel hungrier during the day and not accidentally overeat. That can happen if you burn a lot more calories from being active than usual sometimes.

>> No.10484574

soup is a pathological liar retard. that's all.

>> No.10484581

His posts are mildly entertaining to read though.

>> No.10484595

yea but taking him seriously like anon was doing is inadvisable.

>> No.10484601

she’s not obese but she’s getting cubby. she eats anything she could get her hands on even nasty shit like durian. her little sister has the opposite problem. that one is a picky eater. her favorite meal is onions sauce with rice (sometimes with seaweed). the older one would hover over the little one when she’s eating and ask her “are you done eating” to try and snatch her leftovers lol

I haven’t been home in 2ish years so I don’t know much but my sis has good health coverage due to work. I’m sure they been to the doctor and had everything checked out. I think the doctor is the one that told them to watch her diet.

one time in middle school we moved and I had to change schools. I was probably one of the 4 asian kids in the whole school. I always been a quiet kid and in one of my classes the teacher pulled me aside and asked if I spoke English lol. thank god we moved back because I felt really out of place there. I did make a couple friends in the week I was there. I wonder how they’re doing. we moved back because my parents walked in on the lady selling the house doing some exorcist shit and that freak them the fuck out. apparently someone died there and the lady said a ghost has been haunting her.

I could also be making all these’s stories up and irl I’m black and the autistic kid in the stories is me. who knows :]

>> No.10484613 [DELETED] 

I blame my oldest sister. when I was little I was on a play date with my neighbor’s kid drawing on the streets with chalk. my oldest sis was playing badminton with my neighbor. anyways I ran inside to get more chalk but on my way out my sis whacked me in the head accidentally. It wouldn’t be too bad if I got hit with a badminton racket, but nope she was using a tennis racket to play badminton. still got the battle scar. I blame that on my retardation or at least I’m pretty sure that’s the reason I’m legally blind in that eye.

oh and that neighbor’s kid went to same school as me from preschool all the way up till highschool? I think it was high school we didn’t have the same classes anymore after 4th grade. she used to have a crush on me but lol I thought girls were icky till like middle school. also one time she had her friend tell me that she had a crush on me but I thought that meant she didn’t like me anymore because ‘crush’ sounded destructive.

she stopped crushing on me in 3rd grade and crushed on this kid name Johnathan instead. she gave him a pack of Pokémon cards and he pulled a holo scyther from it. That should have been my scyther. Fuck.

>> No.10484616 [DELETED] 

onions sauce***

>> No.10484618 [DELETED] 

onions sauce********* memed

>> No.10484622
File: 16 KB, 233x500, DF85FDE4-54FB-4A51-8D5F-11FBE78EB9CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not onions sauce but
>pic related

>> No.10484637

At least soup is the only namefag. Much better than the era of voldie, asuka, and the ten other annoying tripfags I don't remember.

>> No.10484651
File: 562 KB, 298x298, joyousday.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>blind for brand
>see new release BTSSB dress for half price
>no proof photos???
>dont care + greed I bid on it anyway and buy two more items from the same seller
>three weeks no delivery
>four weeks
>ask SS to inquire with the seller

>My SS tells me it was delivered weeks ago and whoever opened the package forgot to mark it off in the email chain

>tears of joy

>> No.10484659

speaking of voldie. I’m pretty sure she and her tripfag friend made that google docs with all the tripfags on it. I think my pic from when I was in high school is in it.

>> No.10484660

gratz anon! I didn’t know BTS had their own clothing brand. they sure are big now. first fornite and now they even got their own lolita brando

>> No.10484661

nayrt and I knwo you're just being a retard soup but Angelic Pretty and BTS/BT21 were supposed to have a collab once but for some reason it never materialized while other items from the same collection at whatever mall or store did.

>> No.10484664

I wish I could jump the gun like that, I've missed out on a few listings I wanted because the seller would refuse to take proof photos even after being asked and I would get paranoid they're either a scammer or hiding something lmao. Hopefully they're legit and in good condition, depending on the SS you used maybe you can ask them to take photos of the items for you.

>> No.10484672

would you wear a jsk with jimin face all over it anon?

>> No.10484674


Nah I don't like male kpop groups but my best friend loves BTS and stans Jimin.

>> No.10484675

>friend and I met through cosplay
>he's studied fashion and has a bunch of experience making costumes, I'm studying mechatronics and know my way around CAD
>make a bunch of fun cosplans together that involve both (I'll help him out with lighting, 3D printing pieces and so on, he can help me out with making trickier sewing, making patterns and such)
>he just moved to the UK to continue studying costuming and prop making
Can't blame him obviously, this is an awesome opportunity for him that not many people get. I just wish I could ask someone to help me finish my DMC3 Vergil.

>> No.10484677

your friend has good taste. I don’t listen to bts but seen a pic of jimin before. he has nice hair.

>> No.10484678


Idl if liking Jimin indicates good taste; Ollie London loves Jimin but also thinks his own plastic surgeries somehow make him look more like Jimin. He also thinks the "kpop" group he created Kaachi or whatever sounds good.

>> No.10484680

Oli London created Kaachi?

>> No.10484681


Shit idk I heard they were related in some way cause he made himself a label or something?

>> No.10484686 [DELETED] 

you didn’t have to reverse uno me. I was trying to be nice so that anon feels bad for calling me a retard.

Is he the same guy that made a recent bts cover/lip sync (I think it’s recent because I saw it recently) with like a bunch of other dudes with really bad plastic surgeries to make them look like the bts members? I can’t find the vid.

I’m sorry janny I’ll be good :[

>> No.10484687

Just about everyone calls you a retard, soup. Don't take it personally.

>> No.10484693

I didn’t, I was trying to be funny [:

>> No.10484696

Anyone get crazy imposter syndrome with lolita? I get really weird when people compliment or praise me, because I feel like I don’t deserve it. My coords aren’t unique or daring, and I’m average looking (or I’m downright ugly, depends on my headspace). I just got off a virtual meet and towards the end, some of my comm members started doting on me. I know they meant well, but it was a little embarrassing since a majority of the comm was present. Including people I know aren’t fond of me...Spotlight gives me third degree burns and I felt like it put a target on my back because I’ve been trained to say “thank you” in response to compliments instead of deflecting since it seems insincere. Soooo awkward

>> No.10484700

Why aren't some people fond of you?

>> No.10484727 [DELETED] 

We've seen the pictures, soup. You ain't black you fat spic.

>> No.10484728

>this admitted troll that doesn't wear lolita or jfashion isn't bad!
fucking newfags

>> No.10484754

TL;DR they had a dislike for a certain person and I chose to remain neutral. And since there was no real evidence, I didn’t feel comfortable jumping on the hate parade.

>> No.10484799


Inb4 everyone starts projecting their own conflicts and start trying to blame you for it.

But that sucks. I'm not terribly fond of comms for this reason. I'm sure you looked great, but I can see why you don't like the attention. Gulls love to tear people down if they get any sort of attention.

>> No.10484824
File: 23 KB, 1737x58, read the website.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10484899

I got little witch in red because the pictures I saw of the lavender colorway looked more periwinkle and blue but now I'm seeing pics of it in more of a true lavender and I'm suffering....

Guess I'll have to sell off my red and try for the secondhand market...

>> No.10484928

The HR Director at the company I work for sent out an email with a typo. The title was "Flu Shits" ...instead of "Shots."

It made me feel better that someone else sucks at their job and maybe it's okay I'm just performing average work while collecting a paycheck to buy things from Japan.

>> No.10484980

>Finally got a good job
>Finally got my paycheck, enough to pay my bills with enough leftover for indie
>Skirt I wanted was still for sale! Sweet!
>Shop closed down for a week the day I was going to buy it.

Please, let me just be happy for once

>> No.10485011

You must be new to working... 90% of people suck at their job and don't know what they're doing.

>> No.10485038

I don’t remember admitting to any such things. I’m just a misunderstood lonelita going through life one jsk at a time. beside I believe what the other anon is saying is that at least there’s only one namefriend left posting instead of 50 of them.

I was doing my eye workout routine today, but I think I stared at the sun a bit too long. I was trying to progressive overload but I took more than I could handle and ended up having to spend my whole day in bed. I was so bored.

>> No.10485039

Cheer up, I’m sure it’ll still be there once the shop opens up again. maybe you’ll have an even bigger savings by then to buy even more stuff

>> No.10485302

lol I appreciate that as well. I'm about to start a job in a workplace that is 85%+ men so I'm trying to pep talk myself into not overexcelling to prove my place and just do what is necessary to get good reviews, cash my check, and enjoy my nights and weekends for the first time in 10ish years

>> No.10485427

I was like 15 when that was made also I have no clue who tf you are lmao

>> No.10485489
File: 366 KB, 2040x1336, 1459296962072.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>10484659 btfo

>> No.10485494
File: 7 KB, 340x341, 1541130683194.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you know sometimes, you remember you aren't the only one who feels too old to be here, and horrified by the craning reality of ultimate doom,
and then sometimes you remember when tripfags and ponyfags and things that happened inside the computer box /mattered/ enough to make you to feel mad, to feel anything
none of any of it ever mattered
god save us all, space cowboy
tripcodes are for jerks, but implied identity?
the faggotry
sage for the kind of off-topic sleep doesn't fix

>> No.10485613

I remember now it was you and pizza girl. thread is auto sageing. ppl don’t use reaction images anymore. don’t lose sleep over shitpost voldie

>> No.10485628
File: 35 KB, 477x351, 1540913299675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

why would voldie respond to her own post like >>10485494 you retarded fucking namefag?
Fuck you, it's called fucking nostalgia, if you weren't retarded, you would remember we used to like that here
oh you hate nostalgia so much huh, that's why you're namefagging like a decade later during a pandemic?
here's your fucking modern age; begone, scrote
Fuck all fucking namefags and tripfags, you were fags when you were teenagers, you're even worse now, congratulations, I shiggy diggy doo
Sage for eat my asshole

>> No.10485641

big cap. I’m kinda good at remembering how people type. since you’re back now and like nostalgia so much spill the tea about what happened between Todd and piplup.

>> No.10485644

what the fuck are you even saying you literal retard?
>I remember how people type
Nigger do you think there are 5 people using this fucking website? In the past decade?
You fucking /remember/ how people type on an anonymous fucking vase painting forum?
You should be fucking sad then; that's the dumbest fucking lie I have ever heard someone tell themself

>> No.10485651

damn what happened to you. you’re so woke now dropping n words with hard r’s. you’re trying way too hard to change how you type. It’s the random commas that you throw in that gave you away btw. there are a couple of other reasons but it’s no fun to give those away.

>> No.10485658
File: 34 KB, 300x232, 1541096980099.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when you fucking try to reminisce about retarded oldchan shit in a dead thread and a namefag still ruins it, in 2020 even
I am so glad I just watched your fucking faggots, not joined
I am sickened, my day is ruined
You have no idea who I am, I am actually fucking anonymous
/you/, voldie, kipi, jlh, and everyone else whoever typed shit in the name field all have identities
On 4chan
unironically, again, ishygdrdt

>> No.10485702

aww don’t be sad anon. okay I believe you

>> No.10485719

Is it true you convinced Voldie to quit veganism?

>> No.10485733

don't stop I want to feel something about something that doesn't matter again

>> No.10485789

I went to community college and got my ass degree, even got a job relevant enough to what I do
Complacency, I go to work, come home, sit on 4chan, and go to sleep
No I got a job, I am overweight with horrible acne and acne scars though. All the gyms around here are closed anyways. I haven't cared about getting a gf in years anyways, I had one and it ended horribly.

>> No.10485805

literally not a copy, the one I want is Vivienne Westwood. The manga is a love letter to Vivienne Westwood. The coat she's wearing is real, not a cosplay. She's the actress from the live-action movie.

>> No.10485806

I quit veganism because I'm weak and also moved in with my parents during COVID and they did the grocery shopping :(

lol homie that isn't me, I'm an SJW. I honestly do not know who you are or who the "pizza person" you mentioned is, sorry.

some people /still/ feel something about random internet people from 8 years ago, wild huh?

>> No.10485820

Then go buy the real one, sperg, you said it as if you were attempting to buy the cosplay of the coat- as if they are hard to come across. The real ones aren't hard to find, just expensive. Go cry about it you poorfag wench.

>> No.10485824

I spent all morning trying to come up with a bs story but I'm really bad at making things up. i bet she still has dr martens from when she was vegan tho
that's sad anon but somehow I feel like it was a diss towards me as well. fuck you
just find an active hobby and stick to it for awhile. once you make a habit out of it you might come to enjoy it. get a skin routine for the acne. you can get rid of the scars after your acne clears up.

>> No.10486209

Who got the new feels thread nuked this time

>> No.10486240

I think mods just don't want more than one in the catalog.

>> No.10486738

I wouldn't either, if that namefag was around.

>> No.10486832
File: 83 KB, 698x616, fbdf8309b145b49826acbed3811e5197d0dd7621v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

my wardrobe is at maximum capacity for my closet, but i haven't worn lolita outside of the house in months due to severe depression/psychosis, fatigue, and intense skin sensitivity and muscle aches. i used to have flawless skin and now i'm starting to break out constantly. my hair is falling out to the point where i can see my scalp. this is causing body dysmorphia. feeling torn between the thrill of appearing repulsive to others and the desperation to be beautiful. i'm starting to resonate more with the idea of killing myself and making it all stop, than i ever could with the lie that "it gets better".

>> No.10486845

start off with small. do little tasks that you can tackle one at a time and move up from there. is your depression causing you to lose your appetite? try to eat and eat stuff that's healthy. self love anon, you gotta take care of yourself

>> No.10486849

I done nothing wrong. bitch

>> No.10486865

this is going to sound weird or even petty, but literally you sound exactly like me ages ago;
Get into skincare
I don't know why it works, it just works
desu, the asianbeauty reddit literally is the only thing that kept me from killing myself for two years
Just get into all of it; take a break from spending money on lolita and spend it all on care products

>> No.10486990

It is, plus my meds decrease my appetite. I'll definitely start adding more calories to my diet. I am already drinking 2 nutrition shakes a day and some health supplements, adding iron soon. Thank you for the advice <3

Its not weird or petty of you to say that. The breakouts are from stress. I have been using a really basic skin care routine, its nothing special just Burts Bees oil cleanse + foam cleanse + toner + moisturizer + rose hip oil/tea tree on problem spots. Slight improvement. I am too poor to afford high quality care products and too intimidated by the idea of opening the pandora's box of skin care.

>> No.10487066
File: 1.06 MB, 640x1136, 1526483587187.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck off soup, you're even bad at trolling

>> No.10487170

holy shit I remember you and that was your post not mine you little fuck. besides I don’t troll I blog. I’m a vbloger hehe because soup is my avatar, get it?

>> No.10487615

You need to go back

>> No.10487642

remember to eat real meals and don’t use the supplements as replacements for your meals. Also change your pillow case frequently if your not already doing that and drink lots of water! ppl tend to judge themselves quite harshly, I’m sure you look fine

>> No.10488096

If you still think it matters what websites you visit, you should probably go to bed
You have classes tomorrow