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No cons until 2051 edition.

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As if there weren't enough confusion between lolita and people's gross fetishes, today I found out there is a subreddit called cgl which is...not about jfash.

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who gives a shit?

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caregiver daddy little

its unfortunate

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just tack that into the long list of weirdly coincidentally sexual terms in the fashion rip

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The irony is gothic lolita is also pretty popular in CGL circles

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so is lolita-lolita. It's not surprising that theres a lot of crossover.

to be honest, as long as you're not posting unsolicited NSFW content somewhere I could see it (like on FB or bring ing it up at meets) I couldn't care less.

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Reddit is normie. Normies see it and start to associate it with that instead of the other meaning. That's why I imagine someone would care. NTAYRT

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really? i thought it was just sweet. is classic the only one spared from fetishization because it's old lady wear?

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Sissies love gothic lolita. I once hung out with people in a local BDSM group for an art project and one member was an adult baby who wanted to be a girl and wore cheap amazon polyester gothic style replica esque dresses.

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Reminder that big tits are ugly, even uglier in lolita, and you’ll never be cute if you have them. All you can look like is a gross slut, and lolita should never be slutty

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Reminder that only pedos will ever be sexually attracted to you.

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What if I don’t want to be sexually attractive to anyone? I’m not a whore who only cares what men think

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this. only girls with cow tits care about gross men.

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peak femcel

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True and based.

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This response just makes me sad. I don’t want to be sexy, but I have huge fucking cowtits that make me feel like a sex object. I’d love to not be sexually attractive to anyone

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Have you considered a reduction?

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I want to reduce my life

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This post was made by a scrote that just likes to start shit and laugh at girls fighting
And this is someone who took the bait.

All that matters is that the clothes fit right and your coord is good. Doesn't matter what your bodytype is unless you're unfortunate or a hamplanet.
If you're a woman, you're going to be a sexual object regardless. Best to just do what you like and make sure everything fits or get it altered to fit. No need to waste emotions on scrotes.

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Thanks anon

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Welp this thread is on the fast track to getting nuked. Good job guys.

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Is this on purpose? What shitty acronym, I refuse to believe anyone came to it naturally

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It's actually CareGiver/Little. I only know because I watch cringe comps and that shit shows up a lot.
>>10467053 is trying to be a big brain.

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>in the year 2020

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Never, ever, ever take the bait.
I know you're better than this, gulls.

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Trying so hard to stop myself from making a big taobao haul. There are so many cute things I want though.

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>you will never be a cyberpunk rock yeehaw freedom cowboy 1980s tough guy
Oh wait, I live in cyberpunk and it sucks

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What is a scrote? Some kind of weird Ita insult?

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lurk more newfag

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Not new, just an oldfag thats been away for awhile

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"scrote" as in scrotum. The lolcow rejects have been pushing it as an insult towards (assumed) males for a while now.
That being said, it's a damn effective insult.
>t. scrote

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Seems a bit lowbrow if I have to reckon. Nearly as lacking in imagination as 'roastie'. Then again the same baygulls that wear drull coords probably do lack imagination, so it all checks out

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That's the point

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Meh. 3/10

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>That being said, it's a damn effective insult.
Seriously? I just picture all those plain at best nerd chicks who thought they had a chance with me and that lesbian who looked at me like she was going to cry after I beat her to the punch when I get called one, especially given the way most of the girls who get posted here look.

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It's a lot more effective to the meek barely-any-contact-with-women types. Like me.

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About as effective as saying boys have cooties
>"well, yeah, its standard issue"

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Sounds to me like you need to stop being a limpusdickus

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I've given in. I no longer care. Viva la Taobao

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Fuck it i think imma do it too. I don't need groceries anyway.

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Yes. Scrote is the male roastie insult and like >>10467288 said they get just as flustered as the girls do if not more. Actually I don't think I've ever seen a femanon get upset over the word roastie but we're used to gendered based insults here so it's just another drop in the bucket.
Are you a zoomer by chance? I've always wondered if the reason the younger boys get so uppity about this stuff is because they were raised during the age of the current feminist resurgence and have only seen society hating men vs. the generation prior where men were celebrated and women were looked down on more. So younger millineals and zoomer boys only have a view point of "men are the worst." and thus, feel like shit.

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Hang on! Take care of your bills and food first nerd! Then you can splurge

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or else the money's going to Moitie...

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Yeah I'm a zoomer. You kinda hit the nail on the head. I've had no problem with the "respect women" movement as long as I've known though, because I've always assumed that respect to be a two way street. So when I get called out for my sex I suddenly feel like I've done something wrong.
It's just something I'll probably have to grow out of.

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You hopefully will. Unfortunately, no matter what you are, your type of people will always get shit in some way. If not male, then female. If not black then white. If not tall then short. Just always try to be the best person you can be and if someone gets pissed at you based on one of those things, remember they're not mad at you personally. They're mad at the group you're attached to. Same thing with getting yelled at by a customer. They're not mad at you, they're mad at the company and you're just their direct point to target their frustration. It's just how people are, learn to just shrug your shoulders. Name calling, especially on the internet is just weak bait to make you feel bad. All sides do it and recieve it.

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Absolutely fucking based

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If US cons aren't back next year I'm fire bombing the CDC's offices.

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Why were you browsing that mod fellating shithole anyway?

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COVID has me staying home again now that businesses have been shut down once more. I’m facing a greater financial crisis this time around, so spending is extremely frugal. Basically the only thing I can justify buying is food, so I’ve been cooking a lot more vs looking at online sales. It’s been surprisingly fun, and I forgot how much I like to cook. But I gained like 5 lbs.....

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>get a job offer for tutoring
>decent pay
>in a different state not even close to me
>in person
what the fuck? i need to pay for my frills, but not this way

>> No.10467587

is it online tutoring?

>> No.10467599

no it wasn’t online tutoring
it says in person right there anon

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A friend and I started getting into lolita around the same time, and I was always jealous of how she expanded her wardrobe so fast compared to me, and how she was buying brand new AP within the year. She recently opened up to me about having shopping addiction, and while I feel bad that it was something she struggled with and am glad she's taking steps to stop buying so much, I also feel a little less bad about my slow progress in developing my own wardrobe

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I wouldn't risk it desu

>> No.10467606

That’s my situation too, I feel bad all the time but I don’t know how to help it.

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>get MM Claudette OP in the mail
>excited because it's been on my wish list for a while
>grimy around the collar but a soak on oxyclean and a wash should get most of it out so no big deal
>fill a bucket and use rubber gloves to soak op, then put it in the washing machine on delicate.

>take it out, let it dry and everything looks good until I realize the shoulder looks a little discoloured
>take a closer look
>horror when I realized it was a big ol' bleach stain all on the right shoulder, back and front
>don't use bleach for clothes, but my mother does
>realized I rinsed the bucket I was using before soaking but I forgot to rinse the gloves
>might have been that or residual bleach around the counter or in the machine
>the rest of the op is fine, the stain's only on the right so I don't know how it didn't get on the rest of the dress
>not too noticeable if you're a distance, but up close it's obvious

This was the first time I fucked up laundry this bad. I feel terrible because I was looking for this OP for years, and I know it'll take forever to find it again. Anyone else with laundry horror stories?

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They're just clothes. It would do you good to be less materialistic. And I say this as a fellow lolita.

>> No.10467614

Shopping addictions are more than just being materialistic if its really at the point where you can call it an addiction.
Your advice is the equivalent of "just stop feeling bad bro".

>> No.10467621

this. i was so bad before i would feel physically ill when something i wanted sold out or something.

>> No.10467622

I have a shopping addiction mainly because I have an addictive personality period. If it isn't clothes, it's drugs, if it isn't drugs it's food. Most people do these things to escape some mental anguish not because they're super materialistic.

>> No.10467625

Damn man cleaning up an apt by myself is hard. Gf left some clothes behind to throw away. Should I cut up her old panties before throwing them away to discourage the scrotes or is that autistic?

>> No.10467627

Anon how did this person even find you? If it was just out of the blue, the weird stipulations are extremely sketch.

>> No.10467628

You can give whatever reason you want for why you have the addiction or what it says about you. It doesn't change the fact you need help and you shouldn't be complacent about it.

>> No.10467629

Turn it into a JSK and never let it go

>> No.10467630

No shit, but saying "maybe don't be materialistic bro" is like saying "just stop worrying so much" to someone with anxiety. That was the whole point.

>> No.10467632

are you even paying attention?

>> No.10467633

Probably just deflecting from the "don't be materialistic" comment because she knows it was a dumb thing to say.

>> No.10467646

right. as if shopping addiction had anything to do with the clothes.

>> No.10467666

came to the realization that most women posting here aren't cute or pretty at all. why is that?

>> No.10467667

Nobody said that it had nothing to do with clothes, dipshit. Stop being salty because you said something dumb.

>> No.10467669


Does saying "maybe stop liking drugs so much, it'll be good for you in the long run" sound like a smart thing to say to someone with a drug addiction? No? OK then it's just as retarded to apply that same mentality to someone with a shopping addiction.

>> No.10467672

...i am agreeing with you, retard. jfc.

>> No.10467686

Are YOU following the conversation? My initial comments were targeted towards OP, not OP's friend with the shopping addiction (though she needs to get herself under control as well). OP was jealous of her friend because she has a bigger wardrobe than her. But OP doesn't need more clothes, she just needs to grow up. By the sounds of it, she puts too much importance into how many clothes she has and is using the size of her wardrobe as the female equivalent of a dick measuring contest against her friend. I assumed the second anon I replied to was saying she had the same issue of comparing her wardrobe to others, which is why I told her the same thing. If you want to assume I'm attacking you regarding your own personal shopping addiction, that's your problem.

>> No.10467687

poor babby.

>> No.10467688

the irony of saying this when you're the one with the shopping addiction, kek
sorry no one was sympathetic to your sob story, nonnie

>> No.10467690

uh huh.

>> No.10467694

In that case, telling someone that they need to stop being materialistic about a hobby that is masterialistic in nature is straight up retarded.

>> No.10467695

Caring so much about material things IS retarded

>> No.10467696


>> No.10467699

Weird how you're in a hobby that is materialistic in nature and you're calling people retarded for caring about their clothing...the thing that makes up their hobby.

>> No.10467701

What a useless post.

Weird how you feel the need to defend someone who's acting immature this hard. Maybe you can see yourself in them.

>> No.10467702 [DELETED] 

Nope. You're just making a lot of assumptions about somebody based off of one post. You sound really self important but whatever.

>> No.10467703

> What a useless post.

Just like yours, anon.

>> No.10467704

Nah but keep seething about it, because you clearly don't have anything better to say.

>> No.10467705

I don't give a shit what redditors or normalfags think of /cgl/

>> No.10467707

Funny how butthurt you are that you think I'm the one seething. If it was so useless then you wouldn't have responded to it kek

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Then why are you responding to me lmao?
Congratulations, you played yourself.

>> No.10467714

I miss going to cons so much. I want to hang out with my friends in one again.
Some coincidences are unfortunate. lmaoing at OP's gif though

>> No.10467734

Serial killer post

>> No.10467754

am a lolita gf looking for a lolita gf
pls romance me we can share wardrobes and twin

>> No.10467756

>am a lolita gf
wait i am not a gf i mistyped...
pls am lonly

>> No.10467760

Ayy bb. U want sum fuk? I have tons of burando and am a good cook

>> No.10467770

first night back home and my nieces keep busting in my room. How am I suppose to browse 4chan >:(

>> No.10467772

Hey man ppl pay money for used undies. Better safe than sorry I always say. I also cracked like 6 eggs and dosed that shit. ain’t nobody want panties covered in raw eggs.

>> No.10467775

Actually the juices may entice them further

>> No.10467776

You like cats? I got cats and lolita fur days.

>> No.10467783

I romance u so good pls show petti unf

>> No.10467785

I love lolita so much but I wish men didn't exist so I didn't have to hear their opinions on it

>> No.10467787

The solution is simple. Gas the scrotes. Save a select few for reproductive purposes.

>> No.10467789 [DELETED] 

Keep talking like that and we'll take your voting privileges away again

>> No.10467791

Kek ok scrote. Now go yank it to a girl who will never give you the time of day all while reeeing about muh ebil womenz

>> No.10467794

Good luck gassing half the population that is much stronger than you. I'm sure you'll get really far....

>> No.10467799

Don't worry. Since we're so good at manipulation we'll just get an army of coomers to handle the dirty work.

>> No.10467800

It’s not the middle ages anymore retard. Humans have technologically evolved past physical strength being a major advantage when calculating a win on a topic like this. But trust a scrote not to understand strategy. Get chemically castrated so you can think clearly retard

>> No.10467802

Yeah and men are smarter so good luck with that bleeder

>> No.10467803

women have created nothing of value but ok im super confident in a female's ability to strategize

>> No.10467804

gl with that, considering most women don't own guns you'd be lucky if most male populations rape you instead of massacring you on the spot for not being submissive
You only win the long haul, not the immediate battle

>> No.10467805


>> No.10467806

Females don't know how to conquer and they like to pretend they're smart because "muh women's intuition!" which is only useful for knowing if your boyfriend is cheating on you or some shit and beyond that they're just useless children that cry and bleed constantly

>> No.10467808

Women are such infantile morons that they allowed men to invade their own spaces under the guise of "progressiveness" and "empathy" but they really think they're capable of wiping out the male population. Easily fooled and easily conquered. That's females for ya

>> No.10467810

t. SEETHING scrotes trying to COPE over their feewims got hurt by a girl

>> No.10467811

Typical female response. No counter argument. Just pure emotion.

>> No.10467812

True, but only in a society that doesn't discipline women like the 50's

>> No.10467823

Why did the incels came to this thread? As if TERF’s weren’t enough. I just want to talk about pretty dresses, not read insecure man and woman being mean to each other to feel better about themselves.

>> No.10467824

Shut the fuck up soup

>> No.10467825

Unforunate but this is a mans site, only a womans subcategory

>> No.10467827

Femcels/incels ruin shit for everybody
I can't make a lighthearted comment about being annoyed with men without some terf being like "yES KILL aLL MEN!" and the same with incels

>> No.10467831

Why are lesbians so thirsty and pathetic?

>> No.10467833

Guarantee she's like 300 pounds and watches Steven Universe and calls herself an "uwu smol n soft lesbian"

>> No.10467836

nice projection tranny

>> No.10467837

Holy fuck my hair look so good today. Like daymn

>> No.10467838

What makes you think im a troon? Bio woman here babe
Not my fault dykes are all fatties, one the reasons why I gave up trying to find a cute girl to date desu

>> No.10467862

tfw no small-titty gothic lolita gf

>> No.10467865

>Females don't know how to conquer
NTA They've conquered and ruled plenty nd then get erased, villianized or even re-written as males from history because jealous men can't handle the idea for some reason.

>> No.10467877

What country/ city

>> No.10467881

Cope lol

If y'all are so smart and great at strategizing then why did you let men enslave and rape you for centuries?

Could it be that females are helpless and emotional creatures??? Could it be??

Noooo, it's just because men are evil rapists with the power to enslave half the population while simultaneously being dumb and inferior to females. Makes tons of sense.

>> No.10467882

So they conquered but somehow men still had the power to erase their history even though women supposedly had conquered them plenty? Think about that sweetie, does that make a whole lot of sense to you?

>> No.10467883

>implying the cute lesbians would touch you with a 10ft pole

>> No.10467884


> cute lesbians

You mean fat dykes? Because cute lesbians aren't exactly the norm.

>> No.10467885

nice projection fatty!
just because you’re fat and ugly inside and out doesn’t mean everyone else is.

>> No.10467886

...Did no one read >>10467756

>> No.10467889

How can someone be fat on the inside? Retard.

>> No.10467892

Oh no is someone offended because I pointed out that most lesbians are fat and ugly? Are you seething because that's you?

>> No.10467893


I see nothing that suggests nobody read it.

They did say they wanted to share wardrobes and twin, there's nothing conflicting in most of the replies.

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File: 1.29 MB, 2756x1500, 1484035494155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/cgl/ used to be full of pretty girls what happened?

>> No.10467905

Because those pictures you see in the lolita thread are not self posts.

>> No.10467912

Nice samefagging, tubs

>> No.10467913

I miss them too.

>> No.10467931

Ya'll turned into a bunch of petty fags.

>> No.10467937

don't worry about it anon, she's just upset attractive women and men alike don't want anything to do with her

>> No.10467942

I just got approved a spot for a £2.5k clinical trial so I can buy more brand. When the cure for epilepsy is found, you can thank me in my pile of meta

>> No.10467943

Lucky! Anything in my area is only for men or infertile/post-menopause women.

>> No.10467956

Because most women in general are not cute or pretty and neither are most men handsome. That blue pill your taking is blinding you to the world.

>> No.10467959

Any Georgia gulls here?

>> No.10467963

I should have waited for my lease to end man. 7 in da morning sis be askin me to take my niece to school later and me ma is chanting some Buddha shit. let a brotha sleep y’all

>> No.10467964

Bruh my niece introduced her zoom class to me wtff

>> No.10467966

Why though, what was the endgame

>> No.10467967

stop replying to soup.

>> No.10467969

Don’t be mean

>> No.10467971

A lot of lolitas are unattractive women with no sense of style who are drawn to the fashion because they feel like it will make them look like a unique kawaii princess.

>> No.10467977

everything he says is lies.

>> No.10467986

Cause I moved back home yesterday night she said I was her brother. I don’t know what it is but kids think I’m cool af
That’s slander

>> No.10467989
File: 23 KB, 128x128, 737907670039789658.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lies or not, it's kinda retarded

>> No.10467990

I got a gig doing tutoring for a local non profit. it's in person with young kids but I already got Covid 6 months ago so I don't care.

>> No.10467991
File: 404 KB, 454x608, noice.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good post

>> No.10467996

You know you can get it more than once, right?

>> No.10467999

I want a lolita gf

>> No.10468001

the bitterness makes you age

>> No.10468002

No you don't.

>> No.10468004

Do you want me to be your lolita gf (male)?

>> No.10468005

I have to work. I don't have a yatch or private island to escape to. Are YOU going to pay my rent?

>> No.10468006

I'm pregnant and I don't know who the father is

>> No.10468009

the turkey baster?

>> No.10468010

>mfw self employed so i get 500$ a week from the government

>> No.10468018

Did you just... brag about being poor?

The rest of us are working hard to pay taxes so you can buy your burando.

>> No.10468020

i am not poor lmao. i am still working, but since i am self employed i get unemployment.

>> No.10468021

Gf broke up with me :(

>> No.10468023


>> No.10468027

You're admitting that your wages need to be subsidized by the government though. If you were making enough while being self-employed, you would not be eligible to collect unemployment. So yes, you were bragging bout being poor and mooching off the system.

>> No.10468032

nyart but nothing wrong with that
fuck the system

>> No.10468035


The system is there to help struggling people and a lot of people are struggling right now; if they are poor enough to qualify how are they mooching off the system? How are elected representatives clearly guilty of insider trading using knowledge they had about the pandemic while telling the rest of us to not worry about the virus not mooching, but poor people getting help from a system they and their employer pay into via taxes at various levels are mooching?

Even if a poor person was making a good bit off unemployment and using some of that combined with self employment to buy lolita, is that really hurting anyone in the grand scheme of things? The real issue is that there was no universal relief for other people who didn't qualify but are also struggling because of government incompetence. The same government incompetence making all packages, lolita and otherwise arrive way slower and at higher risk of being lost or damaged because of USPSs decline in service quality.

>> No.10468039

I kept the switch and have enough points on cc to travel so it’s w.e

>> No.10468041

>if they are poor enough to qualify how are they mooching off the system
Because like you said further down in your post, while self-employed anon collects $2k every month, there's plenty of other minimum wage workers who have gotten nothing in terms of aid. And we're talking about grocery store and restaurant employees that everyone is taking advantage of right now and being thankless towards.

All I'm saying that them bragging in the feels thread about how they get free money, as a direct reply to a struggling anon, isn't a good look.

Doesn't matter though. After the federal and state governments are bled dry, self-employed anon will lose all of that income and be back in the same place they started.

>> No.10468042

>t. braindead zoomer

>> No.10468044


I just think it's the government's job to provide relief to everyone and they chose not to. Bragging in general about most things is in poor taste, sure, but be mad at the government for actively not helping those hardworking people who deserve more in the name of party politics and ensuring fighter jets for the military and liability protections from employers forcing their employees to work while sick, not someone who is doing poorly enough to qualify for aid in the first place.

>> No.10468045

An asshole is an asshole, regardless of economic status.

>> No.10468047


I never said they weren't rude, like I said bragging is in poor taste. But that has little to do with their income as you mentioned so no need to bring up mooching or not. Just say bragging about doing well compared to others is insensitive/douchey in general, which is usually is.

>> No.10468049

women rarely self-post on this board, so how would you know? nearly all the self-posts are (unattractive) men. the lolita threads aren't self-posts.

>> No.10468050

What's your income?

>> No.10468051

It's trashy as hell to use government aid to buy lolita, much less to brag about it. It's just as bad as setting up a gofundme for others to finance your hobby because you can't be bothered to get a better job to afford it. The system is intended for people to pay bills and make rent, not waste the money on luxuries. If you want to make grand claims about government roles and universal relief, at least make your argument about actually helping people who are struggling, not those who are squandering someone else's money on brand or how you can't get precious packages fast enough.

>> No.10468053

nta but you do know there are tons of women who pop out a fuckton of kids from different dads just so that they don't have to work and stay on welfare forever, right? the system has way worse problems.

>> No.10468055

you need to redirect your anger at the middle class/upper middle class. they're not the ones fucking you over

>> No.10468058

nope. my state doesn't collect the wage info. sorry.

>> No.10468076

anon this makes you look even worse now. you flexed about getting assistance money, yet claimed you weren't poor... and now you tell us your state doesn't even check for salary so you could be making $80k or something. so, you're basically taking money that you don't need, right? and here all these other people came to defend you.

>> No.10468117

Ay free money poggers

>> No.10468162

I wouldn't get uppity about welfare dynasties. It's not a good life. You end up getting stuck in a place where if you start making just a dime more you loose all your benefits and have to stay in that same box less you want the irs knocking on your door asking questions.

>> No.10468209


Are you doing commissions or something?

>> No.10468221

People and business depend on USPS to deliver mail on time. Like for some it's a life-or-near-death

Having a functional postal service is what separates us from a third world shit hole bc lets face it, unless you're upper middle class and +, America sucks

>> No.10468246

Not that anon but people have been saying 'Fuck the System' since before you were born.

>> No.10468276

Not collecting it upfront doesn't mean you're legally entitled to unemployment. Enjoy paying it all back on your taxes next year.

>> No.10468296

They look fun to hang out with. What are they up to nowadays? Do any of those still post here?

>> No.10468308

over 75% of the girls posted on that image became costhots (or just regular patreon/OF ones)

>> No.10468311

costhots don't need to post here unless they're desperate now.

>> No.10468339

Dang covid I wanna go to Japan >:(

>> No.10468345
File: 70 KB, 720x674, skelly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same. I want to go before anything else happens

PT is the only one that matters

>> No.10468351

If anyone remembers my stolen motorcycle post from a little while ago, THEY FUCKEN FOUND IT LADS, MY BIKE IS FOUND AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

>> No.10468356
File: 446 KB, 719x1186, sufferihg_ihn_shilence.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>all these crazy elaborate cosplays on taobao
I don't know where most of them are from and are probably hard to walk in but holy fucking shit are they beautiful

>> No.10468359 [DELETED] 

Fuck man how do ppl deal with being aloneeee

>> No.10468362

Visceral fat. The kind that kills you. Stay mad.

>> No.10468370

By being used to it to start with. I can only tolerate or enjoy conversations with people for so long before I need to retreat back to solitude. Peaceful, comfy, solitude where I can chat with anyome online when I feel like and drop the conversation at any mome

>> No.10468371

Abortion is the name of the father

>> No.10468373

I'm father and I don't know who the pregnant is

>> No.10468374

Most weebs are socially inept hermits who think being introverted is the same as agoraphobia. It's just what we do.

>> No.10468383

I can understand that since I didn’t mind it before I got into a relationship.
I wish I wasn’t such a loser otherwise I’d try to fight for it to work out, but every time I want to call her a part of me tells me she would be better with someone else. I haven’t even met her parents yet cause I’m too embarrassed. I remember when she would spam me everywhere and fought for us to be together, but I don’t have the courage to do the same feelsbadman. She has the sweetest personality that’s hard to find in ppl. Her parents did a good job raising her. I never met them but I heard her talking on the phone to her dad a couple of times and he sounded really nice. Ok I’m done being emo ty for listening to my blog

>> No.10468396

Cool, whatever works for them.

>> No.10468408

Happy for u anon. I remember your post. What are you doing on this board anyway, do you cosplay? Obviously not a lolita

>> No.10468410

Lashychan a fat

>> No.10468412

why do you do this?

>> No.10468416
File: 17 KB, 278x494, JPEG_20200125_220402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to get into cosplay, yeah. I kinda threw an outfit together for a party my friends were dragging me to and I had so much fun doing it that I ended up lurking here to try and learn more about stuff. Is scary but I am excited

>> No.10468417

Soup how long have you been posting here
I’ve lost track

>> No.10468418

I think I want to try being a writer and from what I heard creative writing is the way to go to improve. Like how a cultivator would cultivate to improve or how a mmorpg player would level up to get stronger. I, Soup, use creative writing. Now let me ask you a question of my own. Why does liquor taste so shit?is it an acquired taste?

>> No.10468419

It's cause it's predominantly alcohol you turd tingler

>> No.10468420

Mmm 11 years give or take but back then I used different names for different purposes. Soup was infatuated with emjay haha.

>> No.10468421

I don’t know what that means. In the forth grade I spelt holocaust holocause and everyone laughed at me. I google it but it say “mainly for the most part”. If we are to replace that in your answer it’ll be: it’s cause it’s for the most part alcohol you turd tingler, but does that mean that alcohol is an acquired taste or no

>> No.10468422

you remind me of a touhou cosplayer i met at AWA years ago who "ran away" to the con from cali. i fucking hate them and you.

>> No.10468424

You're making my brain hurt, dude.

>> No.10468425
File: 973 KB, 1340x2112, 62146917_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus you're a dumb fuck. Liquor has a large percentage of alcohol relative to other ingredients. Pure alcohol itself tastes like shit, so naturally liquor follows that track. But just like everything else, it might or might not be an acquired taste depending on the person. I have always enjoyed it.

>> No.10468428

I have dresses I know I need to sell cause they don't fit, but I feel like I'm giving something up, they're so beautiful and I guess I feel like I'm not going to find something so difficult to obtain again, that the thought of someone buying them who actually fits into the garment makes me a little jealous?

>> No.10468429


The solution is to lose weight.

>> No.10468430
File: 49 KB, 473x473, 20200820_080553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they mean that much to you, use it as motivation to get the body needed to wear them. BUT, if they don't fit for some other reason, then I would sell them and put the money towards finding something that fits you properly and you can be happy. Trying to focus on the positive stuff yakno?

>> No.10468431

touhou is too autistic for me but I did give a ride to ax to some rando seagull that posted here
Which anon are you I shall clarify my post for you
So if you enjoy it then you can say it’s acquired no?

This one time in middle school when ppl used to fling Gatorade caps like frisbees. I flung one at this dude johnathan and he tried to fling it back and me, but I ducked that shit and he hit this girl with short hair. They stared at each other for like 5 sec and god knows why johnathan decided to run instead of apologizing. She chased him one lap around the whole school until johnathan stopped cause he was out of breath. She did that w.e wave and left. One of the happiest and funniest of my life

>> No.10468432

alright well maybe now i won't hate you as much.

>> No.10468433

You suck ass at creative writing, and apparently suck even more at understanding the concept of subjectivity

>> No.10468436

Are you that anon that goes “don’t reply to soup” I actually like that anon. Every time he says that I laugh
You know how in tv shows there’s that dumb character that’s really clueless. I was thinking about stuff that happened in the past and realized that I’m that guy. I wonder if that character knows he’s clueless or if he thinks he’s just like everyone else. I don’t know what concept of subjectivity means so you right. I just said that I was creative writing to cover up my cringe posts

>> No.10468437

It's like they kinda spark joy cause they're absolutely gorgeous, older lolita garments especially are so beautifully made they kinda blow my mind. It's just nice to have someone tell it to me, and you're absolutely right, thank you anon.

>> No.10468438

I guess it depends on why they don't fit anymore, but either way I hope you figure out what you wanna do that will make you happy!

>> No.10468442
File: 472 KB, 2000x2000, 1584852972240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It feels like everything has changed, even though nothing really has

>> No.10468444

no the anon that says not to reply to you is me

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