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Last thread was deleted. Old thread >>10456226

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I'm spending a lot of time trying to teach myself how to successfully shoe shop on the internet. I feel like investing more on my footwear since I'm not going to meets right now and that was always my weakest link (always a brand dress, off-brand accessories mixed with on brand... and the same one pair of mary janes with all coords). So far I've realized getting a "snazzy" shoe from American Duchess is probably a good idea... But where I'm struggling is where to find a good leather loafer? I wear classic so I think the Loafer is a good option, but I'm lost in terms of what brands to go for or what sub-style of Loafer to go with... Are the tassles more or less cute or elegant? Should I try for a black/tan two-tone or just the plain saddle-brown classic? How high should the heel be; standard flat or more raised?

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I've had good experiences with Julia Bo. Custom leather oxfords at a reasonable price.

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>Are the tassles more or less cute or elegant?
Your choice, but I think tassels read more prep. So unless that's what you're going for, I personally wouldn't
>Should I try for a black/tan two-tone or just the plain saddle-brown classic?
Whatever works for your wardrobe, I guess?
>How high should the heel be; standard flat or more raised?
Unless your feet are tiny, flat will look bad. Low-mid heel is best for over all comfort I'd say

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What's the best fb group to sell dresses? All the ones I see are flooded with WTBs that push the sales posts down.

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Personally agree with >>10461303, but I would also recommend you pass on two-tone shoes for now and get some shoes in a single colour first, because that is what will be easier to coordinate.
Shoe brands wise, I recommend Ashinaga-Ojisan. The tend to offer shoes with a chunkier heel and a rounder toe which looks a bit cuter than western brands. Most of their shoes are full leather as well.
Link to pic related: https://www.crossroad-shoes.co.jp/fs/ascashoes/loafers/3710075

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VM's summer collection was definitely a winner

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Just use lacemarket like every one else.

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Does Taobao stuff even sell on there though? I figured fb might be better for that.

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my fucking sides.

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Newfags amirite?

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Millefleurs is really scratching the classic itch perfectly lately. Their latest stuff are like the love child of MM and VM.

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Oh my god that's gorgeous; are there any other colorways?

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NTA but yes

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Mint and blue, but only the red one is still in stock.

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It would have been perfect without those fucking boob frills...brills?

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Also a fan of this release

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Thanks anons! What luck; I actually like the red the most, wasn't planning on any purchases anytime soon but it speaks to me.
Ah, man that one is gorgeous too.

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Agreed. Hopefully they'll make more classic releases in this vein. Classic revival when?

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They remind me of fish gills for some reason

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I have it and the fabric has lovely jacquard rose texture WITH the rose print. Ugh it's so beautiful.

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I don't get it. People here constantly complain about Taobao listings on LM and I never hear people saying they buy Taobao secondhand at all, so it's a reasonable concern.

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I have an old PINA Sweet dress exactly like that and it’s lovely. I’ll probably get this dress just for that feature

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Millefleurs is similar to MM in that they have a number of dresses they rerelease constantly. It’s good though because I hate going in blind when it comes to worn pics

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They do, you just have to price it lower. Good luck selling.

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Thank you for an actual answer.

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Nayrt but I sold my taobao from when I was a babylita fairly recently on LM and they were snatched up pretty quick, I just priced them below retail.

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I'm having a tough time deciding between the purple and the pink colourway

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It's still in stock?

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I just checked, it's not.

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nayrt but thank you for the recommendation. I just ordered a pair of boots from them.

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Lav is still in stock on the jp site

>please buy it so I don’t spend money I don’t have

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yeah they do, I bought a couple of stuff from taobao from lacemarket. A lot of people price stuff way to high thinking no one knows what the price of most taobao dresses are so they sit there forever.

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Gauging interest in a WTB/WTS website.
>buyers can list what they're looking for but must list a specific price
>all transactions would take place through lacemarket
>searchable by print or dress name, brand
>potentially keep track of previous accepted offer prices

Really, it's just a way to connect potential buyers to sellers in a more organized and efficient system than flooding FB groups, depop, and BST threads with WTBs. I came across a website just like this but for hypebeast shit and I thought it was a great idea.

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I like this because I see wtbs but I don't waste my time on them because I don't think the person will offer the price I want. It would be nice to already know.

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Interesting. How would multiple WTBs on the same dress work, though? From a selling perspective, I'd sell to the highest offer only. There's a risk this would drive up the secondhand market prices even more (Rainies would have a blast).

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That is interesting. I bet scalpers would start looking for less popular dresses that way.
I assume on your WTB you could say a price you are willing to pay if you want.

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Maybe the form you fill out to post can average the offered available for that item and suggest a price. Obviously, that doesn't stop someone from throwing money around, but it gives people a little bit more of an idea of what a reasonable offer is.

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How did it work for the hypebeast site? Scalpers are not unique to lolita

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god fuck off

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Please no. This is like a perfect storm to drive up prices before the dress/whatever even makes it to market. Like some sort of pre-bidding fiasco.

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can you just make a new selling site instead? lm is outdated and the mods are shit

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Calm down, I am not a scalper. I am agreeing it is a flaw.
But if two people want the same dress that seems like how you would handle it at first glance.

Maybe instead of that you could have a system that when you put something up for sale on LM it alerted everyone who has a WTB post on the site.
You could use a web scraper or have sellers manually put it in.

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you're fucking stupid.

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Don't listen to that anon, proposing new ideas for the secondhand lolita market is absolutely a good idea. It's true that LM and FB sales groups have had an iron grip on selling since the fall of LJ, and both of them have flaws that could be improved upon. Keep at it, anon.

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Thank, anon. I am not even the person who proposed the site. I was just passing by and replying to their idea.

I think if someone wants to try it that might be cool. If it doesn't work they got some experience coding a website. I think people overestimate how much of a commitment it is to make these ideas happen.

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>it alerted everyone who has a WTB post on the site.
LM already does this though...? It sucks because it's delayed, but if you have a saved search, it's the same thing.

In general I have no interest in seeing 100 WTBs for Milky Planet or whatever. It's just going to give scalpers even more information into what pieces are "in demand." Easy to quantify information, too.

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Calm your tits.

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Cgl hivemind, is it too early to start selling Halloween prints?

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Wait a week.

>> No.10462031

Everyone I know is already planning Halloween coords so I think it is fine.

>> No.10462033

do it now before others do.

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I am currently planning my coord but not quite shopping. I say>>10462030

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You could lock it so that you only see WTB for you’re WTS and vice versa, rather than having it be an open search. It would still connect people but would stop scalpers from picking up wind that a random dress is getting popular. In order to know that they would have to have the foresight to list said dress as WTS. You could cap listings too to stop spamming.

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Did anyone happen to see the measurements for BABY's new Elizabeth JSK? Nothing up on their site.

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Mail in the US is extra slow so starting now is fine

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anon those are butt ugly

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I think they’re cute but I’d never wear them with lolita. Loafers only work with preppy JM lolita (ofc there are always exceptions)

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it's in the Coming doon section >>10460528

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Has anyone had any contact with JetJ in the last month? I've received no information on them shipping my Bosch order after they tried to ship it to the wrong address and I'm getting worried.

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>preppy JM lolita
Do you mean otome?

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They're already shipping the Bosch? Where are you located, anon? Eurofag here and I've heard nothing.

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UK. I ordered both the kimono (got an email in late June saying they were ready to ship that and have heard nothing since) and the dress (no news but they did say September for that).

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Girl, bye

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I’m actually interested in this style as it sounds beautiful, any reference pics?

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Nayrt but just fucking google JM.

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i'd post names and ig handles but people will literally derail this thread over this bullshit.

sometimes i hate y'all.

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I think they're cute too

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They are really cute but not for lolita. Regardless, OP mentioned two toned “saddle” style shoes so they probably meant oxfords

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People don’t call it that anymore I guess, expect people to sperg out because no one can decide on a name for the style or if it even IS a style (even though cgl had otome threads for ages before it suddenly became a hot button issue)

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The problem is otome is just sort of an arbitrary name the west made up. I get the frustration though. I feel like I have to write a 40 page post script about how I actually DO know the history of Liz Lisa and sweet gal whenever I say ‘himekaji’

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I totally agree, and otome is an easy way to identify a certain look. At this point we all know it’s not a “real” thing, but we also know what someone means when they say it so I think it’s a useful term.

It’s gotten to where anytime someone even says otome i assume they’re trying to start the whole non-argument again. It’s a shame and also very frustrating because it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway i feel like I’m contributing to future derailment by even mentioning it

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Very excited for the sale, i wasn’t interested in the items in the last one so i hope they have more this time

>> No.10462766

>otome is an easy way to identify a certain look
i kind of feel the opposite. otome was kind of an annoying term that attempted to pigeon hole something with a super broad styling.

>> No.10462774

That’s really interesting and I actually makes a lot of sense. When I hear Otome I have a certain interpretation in mind but that may not be what other people think of. Especially since it can cover anything from “soft lolita” looks to non-lolita milk/etc/jm coords.

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*and actually makes a lot of sense

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that's basically what i meant thanks!

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Oh thank fuck. I need to irresponsibly buy tons of things to distract myself and I want socks

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Are you ready for a miracle?!

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VM seems to have taken out their Stripe Marine series from their reservation page, but didn't release it on their website or post about it at all. Wunderwelt (who released it quietly) still has some pieces up for sale on their page, so it's not a case of everything selling out before they could announce it.

Very curious. I wonder what's up?

>> No.10463037

WW could just have reserve stock for their site specifically

>> No.10463040

I don't think they have reserve stock for VM, their VM product pages always state that they share the stock with the brand and even so, I've noticed that when something sells out on VM's website it also sells out on WW at the same time.

But perhaps. Still, a strange choice.

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oh no, my wallet...

anon, does this mean we are your friends?

>> No.10463077

Please tell me that this is happening because there's been news about Japan resuming regular shipping to countries like the US.

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Holy shit my dudes, I’ve never scrolled up so fast in my whole damn life

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I moved all of my lolita clothes into a spare closet at the start of the year. I have just brought it all back to my room. I have a shitload.
I’m going through an aesthetic identity crisis at the moment and I thought having all of my clothes in one place could help me to decide what I want to keep. But there’s just so much. I’m separating out items that are much too small on me and these I will just sell, but the rest of it is a bit of a struggle.
I cannot figure out my “style”, the clothes I wear everyday are based around what I find most comfortable to wear. I barely wear any of what I own. But I collect things like lolita pieces and also locally made and/or designer items. I want to start dressing well again but not sure if I want to wear lolita every day like I used to. I really have way too much clothes, it does not fit in the space I have and I need to start making decisions.

Any advice or resources out there?

>> No.10463143

release moths into the closet and the pieces they don't devour are the ones you keep

Let nature decide

>> No.10463146

why not pick what of your lolita is also comfortable to wear? or pick a color most present in your normie wardrobe, assuming you like it, and go from there?

>> No.10463153

Everything on LM is for fatties and im sick of it. I just want a blouse that isn't a fucking 3x

>> No.10463156

Then buy blouses elsewhere.
What a stupid complaint.

>> No.10463169

No I think its justified anon. If people continue to fill the market with clothes for overweight people they will think its okay to stay that way. This means its hurting them too its not just a minor inconvenience for healthy people.

>> No.10463177


Also I know for a fact if I was a fat person complaining about too small of sizes, nobody would even care and they would probably agree. People here just get extra triggered when they're reminded that thin people exist.

>> No.10463178

cool bait bro

>> No.10463181

It's not bait but ok. It's a genuine problem that 70% of people in my country are overweight and obese, obviously for health reasons but also bc it's impossible to find anything secondhand.

Stop being salty just because I want to find clothes that aren't 3 or more times my size

>> No.10463183

for how much fat people try to pretend that they're super secure and happy with they're bodies, they sure do get upset any time you point out that some people are thin and can't wear their hippo sized clothing.

>> No.10463198

I've been singing this in my head all evening, thanks anon
I hope so, and I'm hoping the solution isn't DHL

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How much does it cost to dry-clean a lolita dress where you live?

>> No.10463221

If you haven’t tried it already, KonMarie. I know a lot of people are shilling it but it really worked for me

>> No.10463233

I usually pay between 10-25€, but I wear simple classic lolita. The price depends on the cut of the dress and the material and how difficult it will be to clean. So OTT dresses might be a little more expensive to clean.

>> No.10463246

I have tried it multiple times before but it doesn’t work because everything brings me joy.

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>the absolute state of literally every online lolita group

>> No.10463271

Would it be weird to tuck a parka(hoodie) into my skirt? Parka coord inspo?

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May the worst polyester win, only the good quality pieces die young!

>> No.10463336

Do the thing where you put all your hangers backwards at the start of the year and see which hangers are left untouched at the end of the year. You can keep a few exceptions like a particularly rare dress, but if you didn't wear it for a whole year then you generally don't need it. I keep trying to find a theme or aesthetic like all the trendy people, but I gave up and decided my aesthetic is variety. I want something entirely different every day. So don't feel pressured to keep only one color or only the comfortable dresses. In fact, you could get rid of ones that are too similar to others instead.

>> No.10463338

Keep everything you wear regularly and the pieces you love most regardless of how much you wear them. Sell everything else

>> No.10463439


>> No.10463508

i've purchased a few taobao dresses second hand, but usually either extremely cheap or from brands i've purchased from before and know the quality of.

>> No.10463511

No one is surprised

>> No.10463525

Has anyone else that ordered from R.R. Memorandum not gotten a shipping notice yet? I am from outside the UK and figured that's why it's taking longer but... it's also been 2 weeks since I paid.

>> No.10463536

Make outfits! The best thing for me to do is to use stock photos and collage outfits out of what I already own. Then I end up seeing what items I will actually use and what kind of sticks out as not working. The important part is that you try on the main pieces though so you are not collaging with things that wont work anyway. Good luck anon!

>> No.10463541

KonMari I felt you are overwhelmed.

But if you are feeling ambitious, build an inspo folder, go through it and start noting patterns like colors, pieces, themes, etc. Try it for your own coord photos, too. Everyone has aesthetic preferences even if they aren’t aware of what they are. Don’t worry about committing to anything, just notice patterns.

Then when you have an idea of what those patterns are, pull out what clothes you own that fit that description and build a little capsule wardrobe or two. Store the rest and see what you miss, if anything.

>> No.10463549

Literally me anon
I still have way too much for how little of a space I have, but definitely go through your closet and find the things that are repeats/old and bad condition/don't fit/you know you're not going to wear
in my experience there's always something

>> No.10463556

I feel this. Everything makes me happy even if I don’t wear it often. I have been challenging myself to cut down slowly. First, I moved the things I was questioning the most to a different room. I like having them in a different space to look at them a bit out of context and decide if they are really beautiful to me outside of my collection and if I think I will seriously get use out of them. I have told myself to make a decision about at least one item from that space at least once a week but I’m finding i decide much faster. Maybe because they are taking up space in a more noticeable way. They’re not shoved in my wardrobe mixed in with other things I love, they’re staring me in the face when I go into that room for something useful. It makes me feel encouraged to sell them and free up space. Once I have decided about this first lot (which were my most obvious questionable items) I will try and select more items to move into that space.

Maybe this a dumb/weird process but it’s really working for me so far

>> No.10463562

>obvious questionable items
Sell. Them.

>> No.10463567

I would start by selling the things you definitely know you don't want to keep, aka the too small stuff. It's easily the most annoying part to take care of when doing a wardrobe overall, but it also puts money in your pocket and reduces the load.

>> No.10463570

That’s what I’m doing?

What I mean by obviously questionable items is in terms of color or substyle. They are still beautiful items but they’re questionable to me because they don’t match my usual style.

>> No.10463571

That’s what I mean. If they are so obvious as to be your go to to cut and you have too much stuff, don’t put it in another room just fucking sell it. You’re babying yourself because you know you hate getting rid of things. You don’t need a trial period, you already knew exactly what was on the chopping block.

>> No.10463573

I’m not the original anon who is struggling to part with stuff because they have too much, I was suggesting a tactic they could try that has worked for me...? If someone says “I’m struggling to sell things” you saying “jUSt SeLl tHeM” doesn’t help.

>> No.10463586

Is Zenmarket taking unusually long to ship out parcels after payment for anyone else or did I just get unlucky?

>> No.10463599

Just sell them already, jahr

>> No.10463603

My most recent one (last week-ish) shipped out the day after I paid.

>> No.10463620

Believe it or not, the way to break an addiction (and yes, hoarding is an addiction) is to just fucking do the thing. Yes, you might need to develop other emotional supports around it but just hoarding in a slightly different manner is not the same as developing a new coping mechanism. They don’t have to sell everything, but they should sell what you call the “obvious questionable items” and, as the kids say, cope

>> No.10463630

As someone who comes from a long line of hoarders, "just do it" actually seems to work. The key is avoiding letting yourself think about if you'll regret it. The whole "sparks joy" thing is based on this, if it doesn't initially make you happy, it has to go before you doddle on it. Though selling is kind of a problem in a hoarding case because getting it out of sight, out of mind is the most important part. I don't think the original anon is a hoarder, but anyone in that situation may want to get a friend who will hold and sell the items for them. (It's best to explain to that friend all the details of selling initially so there is no further discussion until the items are gone that would provoke the worry of regret.)

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Misako is going to start modeling for AneAgeha. I might pick one up out of curiosity

>> No.10463746
File: 1.41 MB, 1280x1280, IMG_20200828_105609.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

New wa print from meta, called Spirited Away in the Moonlight

>> No.10463748
File: 804 KB, 720x1018, 12003002-web.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It will also come in blue

>> No.10463767

>Though selling is kind of a problem in a hoarding case because getting it out of sight, out of mind is the most important part.
A bit off-topic but that's the part I don't understand with lolita hoarders. In the cases I'm aware of, the person barely even looks at let alone wears most of their wardrobe, they just let it stay almost untouched between tens or even hundreds of other items. Isn't that basically already like forgetting it and it being out of sight? When they haven't cared for it or barely gave the item attention/wear in all that time, why does parting with it become an issue as soon as they think about selling it?

>> No.10463773

wtf is this poster

>> No.10463778

it looks just like those back covers from Japanese porn videos.

>> No.10463781

Some people have an issue letting go. They may not wear it but once you get to the idea of that they should sell they get stuck on that and make excuses. Some people fear that it may be needed later on, some people will find excuses for it (in this case say they will wear it even if they wont) or attach feelings to the dress that isnt there. Selling can also be daunting since it isnt as easy as just donate it locally.

Mental illness isnt always understandable or logical. and Im saying this as someone who deals with family members who hoard, its really hard to get them to go through things and do something about it. Once you put meaning and hopes into objects its hard to separate them.

>> No.10463801

Oh man I love the aesthetic of the masks but I feel like I'll look super weeby in this kind of cut.

>> No.10463802

It’s unfortunate because as someone who has struggled with a couple different addictions, I am entirely sympathetic.

but I also have to come off like an ass when I tell people the truth. If you have a mental hang up you can’t get past, you have to just force yourself to do it and adjust to the fear and pain it might cause. Eventually it will get better, but in the short term there is no baby gloves option. That’s the only way out.

>inb4 OP isn’t that’s bad stop being dramatic
OP has more stuff than they can handle and can’t let anything go. That’s not normal.

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btw, American Duchess is doing their fall/winter pre-order right now if anyone is interested; including some new versions of the Londoner and a heeled calf-high boot that's completely open on the front and cris-cross ribbon laces.

>> No.10463810
File: 95 KB, 750x1088, Keyonofrill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird question I thought goes more in general then anywhere else:

What's the weather report on buying Lolita right now? I've had a lot of time this year to go through my stuff and I have a handful of things I could pass along (brand main pieces) but I'm in no "rush" to do it now or later. I kinda prefer posting and selling on LM within a reasonable time frame and have, in the past, not bothered to re-list things that just don't seem to sell... SO is right now a good time for me to sell or should I wait until after lock down when maybe the market will move faster?

>> No.10463811

Now's a great time, it's a seller's market. Everyone's cooped up with money to spend and nothing to spend it on but clothes, prices are going crazy. Of course, though, it depends on what you have to sell. AP prices are particularly steep at the moment I think (but I'm not interested in AP so I'm just going off of what anons say here).

>> No.10463812

it's always a good time to sell, ott sweet is the current trend though obvs. if something's not selling, it's hideous or priced too high

>> No.10463816

I think it's best to go through your clothes and remember the last time you wore that piece. How did you feel while wearing it? Were you physically comfortable? Did it feel like you? Sometimes you can like a piece on the hanger or in a photo but not on yourself.

Thanks for the PSA! I love American Duchess. The tango boots are very VM.

>> No.10463832

>The cherry and blue Londoners
So hype to get them

>> No.10463834
File: 315 KB, 1073x1053, tango_boots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a heeled calf-high boot that's completely open on the front and cris-cross ribbon laces
Thanks for the heads up!

>> No.10463953

for their english customer appreciation promo they released supersized versions of their other wa dresd, so i think the brand considers foreigers appreciating wa style a cute thing. of course strangers will think you dress weird either way.

>> No.10463966

>mfw when it doesn’t come in ivory
AD will never give me nice things

>> No.10463978

or cherry either

>> No.10463984
File: 346 KB, 1240x1240, m78481593928_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have a Duffy and friends pass case? Is the inner pouch big enough to hold a phone?

>> No.10463986

RIP the non jewel tone classic crew

>> No.10463988

>No dusty pink oxfords
>Londoner doesn't come in black

>> No.10463998

That actually looks like Taobao

>> No.10463999

I don’t know what this pattern is called but I’ve never been a fan. I like the border print though.

>> No.10464003

If AD released dusty pink anything these days I would just switch my paycheck to direct deposit

>> No.10464006

I love AD shoe designs so much but they refuse to stock anything smaller than a 5. I wish I could just buy that but leather stretches and I really don’t want to pay $200 for shoes that don’t fit.

>> No.10464019

>>10463966 >>10463988 >>10464003 >>10464006
... You guys know that they do several polls a year asking people to directly tell them which colors to make which shoes in and in which sizes right? They are an eco-conscious company that tries to limit their footprint by using the poll data and e-mailed suggestions to NOT produce too much inventory. Meaning, when they do their pre-orders they'll count how many in which color and size are ordered and then order extras in those options to try to meet future demand... So if you never email... Or take part in the polling... They might not produce the item you want.

>> No.10464021

I have done that, but I’m guessing I’m like the only one asking for tiny sizes because it never happens. I may as well give up.

>> No.10464026

Oh my god I do participate in the polls, but I’m also allowed to be sad when what I want never wins. Calm the fuck down.

>> No.10464028
File: 98 KB, 259x335, skinnylegs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did a double take today with this preview photo on lacemarket- not sure how I assumed the skinniest little tights with an inexplicable crotch design would be a real lolita item, but the human mind is full of wonders.

>> No.10464042

This, lolitas aren't really the target audience for AD, even if they wave at us sometimes

>> No.10464045

Unless you have some old flip phone like a Motorola Razr, it's too small. I can fit cards, cash, and lip balm just fine though.

>> No.10464048

Thank you for answering!

>> No.10464054

Looks so dingy

>> No.10464056

Anyone else getting really tired of constantly seeing that girl’s throwback photos on CoF? I wouldn’t mind it if it was a once in a while thing but I feel like I see them every couple of days. We get it, you were an ita

>> No.10464058

Probably not, unless you have a very small cellphone, like a flip phone. It can carry some passes and credit cards, ID, maybe a lipstick.

>> No.10464059

Are we really complaining about something interesting being posted on cof?

>> No.10464061

No because it isn't interesting

>> No.10464082

It would be interesting if it didn’t happen every week like scheduled trash pick ups

>> No.10464191

I'm hesitating because there are no zips and the laces are going to be such a hassle.

>> No.10464249

It's just once a week and it's not like her coords are terrible. I'd rather see her than lolita costume clown girl.

>> No.10464317

What the fuck is this color, AATP is the only brand I've seen it in. Why does American Duchess hate normal colors like chocolate brown

>> No.10464323

Is CC being slow as fuck to ship for any fellow eurofags? I ordered some things almost three weeks ago and besides the order confirmation email, no word on the shipping. No Japan Post delivery suspension to my country either.

>> No.10464341
File: 820 KB, 1607x2000, Peacock.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not super popular, but it does get around.

>> No.10464343

Interesting, thanks. I honestly have never seen those IW releases, they'd match nicely. Teal AP is the wrong style but I completely forgot they did a bit of it. Maybe princess cat would match

>> No.10464350

Thanks anon, they're beautiful. I never knew British Crown came in that colour and now have a mighty need.

What's the JSK top row second from right?

>> No.10464352

>What's the JSK top row second from right?
It's IW's Pomona JSK in the short cut!

>> No.10464366

Thanks! The mustard colour is stunning too

>> No.10464392

Could a MM revival be happening? The site updated

>> No.10464394
File: 403 KB, 1080x955, MM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10464395


>> No.10464402

I want to believe

>> No.10464405



>> No.10464411

This is it, this is what my money has been waiting for. If we could save VM we can save MM.

>> No.10464422

I hope their size go bigger tho, otherwise I don’t really care for it.

>> No.10464426



>> No.10464427

I hope they don't. Their sizing is fine as it is.

>> No.10464438

This is it! The light at the end of the tunnel!

>> No.10464440


>> No.10464470

They won’t so just ignore it. Different brands make different sizes and when things are one size that’s okay. As annoying as skinnychans humble bragging about being small is, they aren’t wrong. They are allowed to have clothes that fit them well too.

>> No.10464488

Asian fatties fit MM so it's not really like their sizing is that small to begin with.


>> No.10464492

Because fat can be squeezed but you can’t do so with bone. I’m a sad skinny tallita whose waist is about 2cm too big for MM, I’m not asking for much am I

>> No.10464498

Oh my fucking god yes

>> No.10464501

I mean that’s cool but I’m 5’10” and not in the mood to start an argument. I literally said their sizing is fine and should stay the way it is because I have plenty else to wear.

>> No.10464516

I'm 5'11 and I wear MM what's your point?

>> No.10464526

Stop lying

>> No.10464533

Not going to selfpost but here's some MM dresses on Lolibrary that either I've worn or I've seen on other tall lolitas.


>> No.10464535

>Acceptance of survey responses
I'm praying you gulls are voting with a hint of a brain this time around. I remember in the last years when MM was still active the same dresses won again and again. We don't need the millionth re-release of St. Claire OP or Petit Fleurs OP or Elodie Doll. Let's vote for something rare and unique this time actually!

>> No.10464536


Gulls probably make up like 5% of the survey desu, it's probably all japanese girls who want an elodie doll meetup.

>> No.10464538

Is MM even still a thing among Japanese lolitas? The last surveys were also all heaviliy influenced by western lolitas who just voted out of fun but they knew they would never end up buying the winning design actually.

>> No.10464543

Their sizing is totally different between different designs. I really doubt you’ve ever owned anything MM.

>> No.10464555


I see them wearing it so I assume so.

Chinese girls fucking love farutetto so I can see farutetto making final five too.

>> No.10464556

I don’t because why would I buy something that I can’t fit just from the measurement, genius.

>> No.10464560

Damn you are really determined to pick a fight with me when I lead saying you are right.

Here I will write it very explicitly so your brain can process it: I can't fit MM. Other people can. Its okay if their brand doesn't fit me, I have other clothes to wear. I don't need them to change their sizing just for me.

Sorry, I didn't give you a logical window to write a ten paragraph essay about your body measurements and how everyone who can't fit MM is fat. Take it to therapy.

>> No.10464563

why are you using commas incorrectly

>> No.10464565

Why aren't you using punctuation or capitalization?

>> No.10464567

How is it picking a fight when I'm just pointing out that someone taller than you is able to fit MM? People like to perpetuate this myth that only tiny anachans can wear MM, and I'm just pointing out that it's not true. Not everything from MM will fit, but there are definitely things that will so long as you're not western plus-sized. Stop projecting your own insecurities onto other people's posts.

>> No.10464571

I guess you shortly replying with tangential came off as an unnecessary quip and not productive. You do have a solid point that they have some larger pieces, but even if they didn't its fine.

To get back on topic, do they do the MMM thing where they list everything as an arbitrary incorrect size, or are there just larger pieces from them people are less aware of?

I fit fine in, for example, straight sized Baby or even VM but am not comfortably 4cm below any MM that I've seen. Should I stick to the assumption that they won't fit me and move on? Or is it worth risking?

>> No.10464582

It's a mix I find. The ones I've gotten were either true to size or slightly bigger than listed, by maybe a 2-3cm. I've heard from that their shirring is very inconsistent though. I had friends who bought the same dress from the same release, and there was something like a 10cm differential between the max bust/waist size on the dresses.

Though if you fit unshirred VM, MM should be fine for you too.

>> No.10464584

Hmmm.... might try some second hand blouses or something first then, just to be safe. But thanks

>> No.10464585

It says on lolibrary the coat is made of angorawool... Are they gonna use it for the rerelease too?

>> No.10464586

Are you the 5’11 anon, if so can you share your measurements? I’m definitely not plus size, bust 84cm but if it’s not just waist, which it isn’t in most cases my waist is 70cm or above because it will be sitting on my lower chest instead

>> No.10464587

MM is dead, so the clothes will only get more ragged and decrepit with time. I would suggest finding a different brand.

>> No.10464600

did you miss the entire classic lolita thread?

>> No.10464603

Fuck the classic thread it’s literally >>10464394
Learn to read

>> No.10464606

my body is ready

>> No.10464611

Fellow tall-ish lolita (and avid MM collector/wearer) and I find their OPs and skirts are far more forgiving than their blouses. Of course, this is multifactorial (later releases are more forgiving in general, fitted vs corset, arm style, etc). MM is also decently good at having additional favric allowance that can be let out by a tailor. But as the previous anon said, if you fit unshirred VM, MM shouldn't be an issue.

Also good luck finding blouses, they're harder to come by than main pieces.

>> No.10464613

I can speak to this a bit. I'm fully aware of what's in my wardrobe even though I wear my stuff at best once or twice every one or two months just because the opportunity for me to do so is limited either by my "laziness" or occasion to do so. So when it comes to weeding things out, I tend to sort things out but they sit in a pile before I muster up the energy to shove everything onto LM in one go.

It's not really out of sight, out of mind for me because I maintain a picture file of all my main pieces and a rolling spreadsheet of everything lolita I own, but it definitely skirts hoarding behavior as well.

ngl farutetto has grown on me over the years, even if I didn't like it too much initially. And while I'd love for rereleases of shit like mille rose, custard rose, flower basket or rose basket I dunno how much faith we can put in any of their printed stuff given how their rep on that took a nosedive even before the last snafu or things that relied on specific types of fabric being still available. Or if any other markets want those as much, for that matter. It makes sense that they'd keep shitting out stuff that sells.

Hoping yes, but even VM coats have had to deal with fabrics with synthetics in them in more recent releases when previous ones did not. If the last batch of MM coats had their standard 50/50 then maybe.

>> No.10464615

Sorry am I an idiot, did they show what items will be released?

>> No.10464622

they're a historical reproduction company, they don't have a "normal" that relates to current fashion needs or trends cause their main audience is still costumers/historybounders

>> No.10464665

Adding. That their shoes are meant for theater use as well, which makes them crazy comfy, but gets you some odd colors

>> No.10464684

If you were selling a brand JSK you got as a gift from someone and you know they will see the listing, would you first contact them to let them know or would you go ahead and list it hoping they aren't insulted?

>> No.10464685

I would tell my friend personally, but I don’t think you have to.

>> No.10464689

If you're worried about insulting them or think they'll be offended, just send them a message

>> No.10464695

Why do you want to sell the gift you got?

If its the wrong size or not stylish that's not your fault. If you are in need of money I think your friend would understand too. But if you just can't know what to do with it... it could be rude of you to sell it where they can see the listing.

>> No.10464700

I'd say something like "I wanted to thank you for the dress. Unfortunately I'm in need of money at the moment and I need to list it but it's still really helping me out in that way and I hope you don't mind." And if you're not actually in need of money and just don't like their taste say it doesn't go with your wardrobe sadly.

>> No.10464760

Goes double for fleur antoinette that stupid shit already got a big rerelease, I hate OTT and want more solids and simple florals

>> No.10464761

Historical shoes were mostly black with some brown and ivory though. AD can't even give us those, instead crazy colors like tan and red all the time

>> No.10464783
File: 47 KB, 550x474, bootz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Shoes from the Victorian era and thereabouts often came in bright colours, sometimes with lavish and eyepopping embroidery. The teal pair pictured look like they're mimicking velvet and silk boots that were popular around the late 1800s/early 1900s. See: this pair from 1882.

You kinda sound like you got that idea from watching pirate movies or something. Lemme guess, you also think people in the middle ages wore brown all the time.

>> No.10464799

NAYRT but most of the brightly coloured shoes were cloth shoes, not leather ones. Leather shoes still tended to be black/brown/beige. AD works mostly off of extant examples, but it doesn't mean the examples they used were necessarily typical of the time period.

>> No.10464802

Honest question since I don’t know shit about historical costuming: since most ‘colorful’ leather is done via chrome processing, was colorful leather like that even around back then?

>> No.10464809
File: 356 KB, 1873x1240, 378A041A-A6F4-4946-915D-1CE2EE12DE2D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Extant examples exist, no clue how they dyed them though. Here's a pair from 1775.

>> No.10464810

Interesting. Thanks for the info. I might google a bit later to find out what they did, that’s cool

>> No.10464815

yup, that's why I mentioned velvet + silk.I believe that's what they're trying to evoke even though they aren't using the same materials.

>> No.10464826


I had to read the post twice to get it but now I cant unsee it! thanks anon for the chuckle

>> No.10464831

I have like 50 things to sell, god help me. Why isn't there a consignment service

>> No.10464833


I partook in the poll but historical bounders gonna bound I guess so don't tsk me for "not voting"

>> No.10464834

You're just fucking stupid, anon.

>> No.10464851

Why not post them in the BST thread? If they're of a similar style I'm sure some anons would buy bundles

>> No.10464852

Was meant for >>10464831

>> No.10464853

I think they'll follow VM and make their clothing a little larger, by 5 cm or less. MM's later releases were already at 90 cm bust so I think the trend of increasing sizes will continue.

Tangentially related, a lot of coords posted after VM announced their closure looked a little tight. I wonder if that played a part in their decision to increase sizing.

>> No.10464907

I don't remember where i read/saw it (maybe fb), but it said the Génoise coat was gonna be rereleased.

>> No.10464925

It says it on MM's announcement.

>> No.10464927

It's in the Japanese version of their announcement posted upthread. It's not in the English version.

>> No.10464932

Going off of what I've seen in fashion illustrations from the period, actually. I have viewed museum collections of period fashion but there's survivor bias in those collections

>> No.10465016

Thank you!

>> No.10465106

I mean sure, but why not just make them fabric shoes instead? IIRC Pompadour and Antoinette were both fabric. It just seems odd to offer leather boots in weird colours but not in common ones.

>> No.10465265

Anyone know why Lady Sloth is suddenly selling on Lace Market? It's really annoying going through new listings and practically seeing their entire shop.

>> No.10465273

She’s always sold leftover stock on LM, when did she stop?

>> No.10465275

Ah, it's possible I've just never noticed (especially if it's usually in smaller amounts).

>> No.10465278

responded to the wrong one like an idiot

>> No.10465303
File: 484 KB, 2052x2981, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've seen this top advertised on a nearby college's classifieds as a Liz Lisa Sweater, but the only tag I can see is "L". Is this fake? The seller has some actual axes femme pieces for sale, so I'm a little less inclined to think it's fake, but am curious.

>> No.10465310

Maybe the actual tag is on a side seam? Try asking them for photos of the tags.

>> No.10465312

They said there's no tag on it :(

>> No.10465313

It's probably fake, there are lots of liz lisa replicas. Just look for it on mercari

>> No.10465315

Thank you! I might get it because of the cheap price and it looks cute af, but I'm glad to know it's likely fake.

>> No.10465580
File: 140 KB, 750x343, 9BF4D1EF-D62A-4E13-9DEF-6A232EA95EAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can people stop trying to go for loliable main pieces? It never works. If you’re poor please just buy Taobao or Bodyline.

>> No.10465581

I hate this group but I’m staying for the potential drama, am I sick

>> No.10465582

Nah, that’s why I stay too

>> No.10465587

>I know this is not long enough and not the right shape
>can it work?
People need to just reply "sure if you cut the damn thing up and remake it"

>> No.10465588
File: 174 KB, 750x339, 4627F7D1-665F-4EBD-B657-412956D0D401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10465592

People are unfortunately telling her that she can make it work.

>> No.10465601

God dammit, when will the "dirndls are loliable" lie end?

>> No.10465602
File: 381 KB, 750x909, D23E7ECD-3300-4BDF-8F68-01681C1AE7B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

AP in black is gothic lolita <3

>> No.10465607

Sadly that's the closest to goth AP will ever get so... good on you kid ig?

>> No.10465608

I was being facetious, unless you mean the original poster

>> No.10465611

great larp

>> No.10465612

I meant the OP. I caught your sarcasm

>> No.10465613

This was a comment on how AP is so far from goth this is the closest you'll ever get but go off I guess

>> No.10465649

But can lolita be dirndlable?

>> No.10465656


>> No.10465664

>Everything I can shove a petticoat under is lolita
Stop this shit!

>> No.10466012

I hope their shoulder and cuff sizes get bigger. I have one MM OP sitting at the back of my wardrobe because the shoulders are too small and the cuffs can't close.

>> No.10466018

Wrong. There are better AP dresses suited for gothic in the gothic general.

>> No.10466093
File: 994 KB, 800x1443, rose_tea_garden_pk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10466094
File: 1.14 MB, 800x1443, rose_tea_garden_gr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10466095
File: 1.14 MB, 800x1443, rose_tea_garden_nv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10466096
File: 1.12 MB, 800x1443, rose_tea_garden_bk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10466138
File: 1.66 MB, 1300x1926, burac-1-of-1-copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ladysloth blouse up for preorder all month

>> No.10466224

Net > chiffon

>> No.10466559
File: 28 KB, 800x800, pompadour-white-w-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to get the French court shoes and try dying them like the website suggests, but the concept of fucking up such an expensive pair of shoes is extremely daunting

>> No.10466600

You should sell it

>> No.10466646

>Hello, I'm new to lolita :3 Here's my wishlist, please help me find everything on here because I'm new and don't know where to find anything! My wishlist is all AngelicPretty sweet, I'm looking for anything sweet, jsks, op, blouses, shoes, jewelry, just spoon feed it all to me, please!! :)

>> No.10466658

I'm thinking of getting it altered.

>> No.10466663

Newfag alert kek

>> No.10466705

*gives you one kek point*

Good to see fellow keklords on 4chan these days xD

>> No.10466712

How can one be this brain dead please explain to me I am losing what little hope I had left for this board

>> No.10466719

yes an alert has be triggered, the memo says you are new pretending to be old.
and stupid

>> No.10466726

I'm always bursting out laughing whenever I see a WTB/ISO from someone new who has nothing but the rarest and most heavily scalped pieces I've ever seen collaged.

I remember a while ago someone posted that they wanted the Ice Cream Parlor JSK in Pink x Sax for "$200 and free shipping :)"

>> No.10466741

Long shot here but does anyone have or know someone with AP's Marionette Girl OP or JSK? Any colorway is fine--

I need close up detail pictures of the brooch bc I bought a jsk without one and am going to remake the brooch clips from scratch, but I can't tell what material the embroidered playing card is made out of and how they specifically did the tulle bow.

Detail shots of the brooch would be VERY MUCH appreciated if anyone can provide any; I looked through old LM listings and the photos are all either too far away or out of focus.

>> No.10466744

It's felt, owned previously

>> No.10466747

Tysm! I have several applique pieces from AP and their appliques always range so wildly in material from felt to pleather to cotton so I had no clue.

If you are able to describe the tulle bow or have any photos that would also be a huge help, I can't quite tell how they sewed it. (ie if the ends of the tulle are raw or if it's double layered and the edges are folded, if there's a center piece on the bow, if it's the flocky tulle or just a plain tulle, etc)

>> No.10466758

Kinda reminds me of all the „I‘ve never bought brand new, how do I get Little Witch?“ on Facebook.

>> No.10466868
File: 109 KB, 913x528, Screenshot_20200902-093919_Instagram.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

These blouses look so fucking awful and I wish they'd stop being recommended to newbies.

>> No.10466870

Nyart I think it would be less stress if you just make it as you please at that point. It doesn’t have to be exact unless you plan on reselling it and lying that the brooch is the original.

>> No.10466886

Crystal guardians was such a cute dress until the hamplanets started wearing it. Now it's just a fat girl dress and I can't look at it any other way.

>> No.10466888

what country is it that uses bottom quotations? i keep seeing that around here

>> No.10466896

AFAIK Haenuli was always a fat girl brand anyway? They're basically the only eastern brand who offered truly fat sizes.

>> No.10466905


Yeah I think the designer was chubby by Asian standards to begin with as well so probably why she was more considerate of the bigger sizes. She had smalls and XS too though didn't she?

>> No.10466906

Petition to make it illegal for lolitas with cowtits to wear babydoll cut dresses so I never have to look at another fucking boobloaf again

>> No.10466914

I find a particular kind of joy in fixing and repairing things to be as close to their original state as possible, so I get really anal about dumb details like this. Sure I could make it look however but I would be dissatisfied with that any time I wore it, personally.

I've done some other restoration work on other pieces and accessories and I just enjoy getting as close to the original as possible; I don't have any plans to sell it.

>> No.10466934

Tell brands to start selling more cuts other then just babydoll/high waist shot because tbf they look terrible on everyone.

>> No.10466958

Speak for yourself. I don't have cow tits and have a short torso. Lower waists make me look like a brick torso

>> No.10466966

Do LM mods only delete listings when they're reported or do they go through the listings routinely?

>> No.10466969

I saw them making rounds to accessories listed as Plus Size a while back warning users to change it before it was deleted.

>> No.10466972

Keep telling yourself that. They look cute as fuck on everyone but girls w/ cowtits and fatties and yet y'all insist on wearing them

>> No.10466979

How do you know they warned them? Did they announce it on Facebook?

>> No.10466987

not sure about that anon but it's done in german

>> No.10467013

Why would accessories not be plus size? Unless it's a choker or a set-size ring. Sounds anal to be moderating that.

>> No.10467030


Some of us (few but some including me) have cowtits and are not fat tho. I agree the cut is unflattering on my body type but if nothing else is offered people will just buy it.

>> No.10467033


Cause it clogs the tag when we all know jewelry doesn't need to fit your tits, hips, arms/shoulders, etc. If you're plus sized by lolita standards you're looking for pieces to go on your body that fit specific measurements, not jewelry that fits anyone not horribly obese or bloated.

Leave the tag spamming on depop.

>> No.10467072

Like, all of that and the "What's Angelic Pretty? :o Is it an indie brand? :)" made me question if Little Witch would actually have as much legit competition as it was seeming to have from all of the likes and amount of comments.

Just seeing all of the newbie posts makes my day.

>> No.10467229

seethe harder fattychan
Stay mad that nothing except jewelery could ever fit your whale sized body

>> No.10467245


I fit my brand just fine, thanks. As someone short and small and generally well sized for lolita that would be like people labeling jewelry as "petite friendly" when really other than some kinds of bracelets it is irrelevant and just a dumb ploy to try to have your item come up more in search.

You sound like a butthurt depop tag spammer.

>> No.10467272
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They tried. Eternal Carnival and Dolly Cat got two different jsk cuts each. The low-waisted is the slowest to sell out.

Meanwhile they also make a lot of high-waisted special sets because it uses less fabric, and girls buy them because it's cheap, so they make a lot of high-waisted special sets.

>> No.10467742

Some chinese Lolita was murdered recently, it's the top suggestion when you search lolita in chinese atm (lo娘) because the video of her dying went viral.

>> No.10467778

>the only eastern brand who offered truly fat sizes
this is maxicimam erasure and I won't stand for it

I think that neo AP's fabrics just really don't suit low waisted cuts as well as high waisted cuts, so there's a feedback loop where their low waisted cuts don't sell well so they move away from suitable styles.

>> No.10468019

I can't find any information on this. Do you have a source?

>> No.10468299

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