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Thots and preyers edition

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>Get whole new regime to keep my skin clear, including measures to prevent my picking like keeping my nails short
>Going fucking great, three weeks and my skin is lovely
>Think it would be cute to grow my nails a bit and paint them for my hair appointment
>Get stressed out and pick the fuck out of my skin
Baby steps, I guess

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Reminder not to reply to or incite politics discussions as those kill these threads.
We're here for all feels, not just anger.

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I complained about not being able to lose weight a few threads back. I started calorie counting and it’s been working. At least there’s something.

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I just feel extremely alone, like nothing I do is ever going to be good enough for the people I love, and I want to kill myself.

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i'm in this position right now too. sounds like the people you love actually love you back though, so you have that going for you.

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I went down the depression rabbit hole a few years ago and almost jumped in front of a train. The thing that helped me the most was stoic philosophy.

"You control nothing but your thoughts and your actions."

It really made the world click inside my head when I dissected that quote. I have no control over other people and the outside world, so whatever happens doesn't matter and I shouldn't let it upset me.

I'm currently in the process of building an application for the most competitive scholarship in my country. My goal is not get the scholarship because that is outside of my control, someone else gets to decide that. What I do control though is creating the best application possible. If I get declined, oh well there is no point being upset because I don't control that.

Serious meditative contemplation helped a lot. I noticed there was a lot of painful emotional patterns that I didn't want to admit existed inside me because I felt ashamed or embarassed and for the longest time I just ignored them. But when I felt angry or I felt sad, I would think about why I feel this way. Not just what made me feel this way but why that action is upsetting.

Also the quote, "You don't have to turn this into something. It doesn't have to upset you." Is really powerful when you look at your emotions and events outside of your control.

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Nayrt and wow. You’ve actually reached enlightenment, haven’t you? Since tone isn’t always apparent online I mean this in an awed and respectful way. I aspire to reach this level of inner peace, thanks for the quote. I’m going to try to take it to heart like you have.

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I recommend the book, "How to think like a Roman Emperor". It's a beginner friendly introduction into stoic philosophy and will be more than enough for most people if you really try to take everything on board.

I wish for things to get better for you anon.

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Freedom is free of the need to be free. Free your mind and your ass will follow; the kingdom of heaven is within.

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Thank you! It’s always nice to find someone positive on this hellhole. I’ll think of you when I read it for inspiration.

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This is me right now. The person I love the most doesn’t love me back and I’m trying to find things to do but it’s caused me to have really bad anxiety and trouble sleeping.

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Ima picker too i feel you, ill begood all day and then ill just have a moment before trying to sleep where i just HAVE TO pick my skin

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I'm tired of life and everything being a competition between who can be on the highest moral ground.

I also want to get tf out of the US, not trying to incite a political discussion but im genuinely terrified of what will happen come November living in a super liberal city if trump wins. Riots are happening on a nightly basis here and I don't see this getting any better.

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I want to move too, but it sucks because as Americans we’re basically banned from entering everywhere right now. The timing couldn’t be worse.

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Yeah im considering moving to a less politically charged state but every time i try to talk to my partner about it hes just like
"Chill out, why would you think anything would happen?"
I'm over here like, do you realize civilization is hanging by a fucking thread right now?

Idk man. Guess we're in this together homie

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Blm riots? Those are still happening?

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Dude, yes. Every night it's declared a riot where I'm at.

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> bf plays video games literally all day and has no higher aspirations
> get into an argument about something impersonal and he tells me to kms
> also calls me stupid every time we get into an argument

Guess I am kind of an idiot for putting up with this shit, huh?
Luckily I'm beginning to give less and less of a shit what he thinks.

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>tfw she doesnt reply

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I definitely feel you.

I never thought political atmosphere would be a selling point in a place I move to but now it's on the top 3 things.

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>lib in a family of Trump worshipers
>also closeted lesbian
>total weeb
>elections are getting rigged
>conventions are cancelled
>can't visit friends
>work in shitty environment for under double-digits an hour
>have flight to Japan next month, can't even use it now
>check Japan news site every day to see when burgers allowed in
>selling off all my cosplays in fit of depression + need to hoard money
>browsing AirBnB monthly rentals in Japan
>packing suitcases ahead of the Nov. elections
>just know Trump is going to win by rigging
>prepared to hop on the first flight out to anywhere and not come back until things are better

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Haha anon are you me? Let’s ditch the bf and start dating instead

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Assuming you’ll be able to get a visa to just stay in a country like that is very naive of you, anon

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Not that I'm a trumptard but how do you expect Trump to rig the election?

I'm not even American but the American system of voting is fairly air tight. Recall in 2016 when Trump supporters thought that if Hillary got elected it was because she rigged the election? You're doing the same thing.

Every single election cycle each side accuses the other of being "literally Hitler" and rigging the election.

Recall when people accused Hillary of rigging the DNC because Bernie lost?

Remember when people thought Trump was going to put gays into concentration camps and genocide black people.

It's the same shit every single fucking time. This isn't new or exciting. Feasibly, the impact of next election outside of people's reactions to it (protesting, fear mongering, otherisation etc) will be completely negligible to 99% of people. Just like the last one

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The DNC was rigged unironically, but the general election isnt, but politics are a pointless thing to worry about. Theyre all the same

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I wish I wasn't such a thirsty motherfucker. I want to fuck Bumblebee. A tall robot, whose I will never really 'fuck' because an accurate costume is obviously lacking practical features and a human version would be way too cringy.

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Americans don't need visas if it's 90 days or less. I plan on passport hopping between a few different countries. Monthly AirBnBs are more than 50% less the costs of apartments here.

Haven't you seen the news anon? Trump's buddy is now in charge of the USPS, there's a pandemic on so people are relying heavily on mail-in ballots which Trump is already denouncing as being fraudulent, and they're slowing down the mail system and getting rid of machines to prevent everyone's votes from being counted in time.

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I'm going to be straight with you anon. I don't believe in any MSM outlets other than the weather channel.

I can understand how someone would make that judgemental leap but it doesn't indicate rigging, it's just as easy to assume Biden is actually abusing the system to send fraudulent votes.

Don't be so partisan.

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I wonder how far the drain your country will be after four more years of drump.

Looking at it from afar it's a very interesting experiment.

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>the American system of voting is fairly air tight

Some people wait in line 6+ hours just to get into a polling place and don't even make it inside because there's a shortage of polling facilities.
Post boxes in a bunch of states were being removed to prevent ballots being mailed and was only stopped when the information went public.

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>the new owner of USPS cuts back hours, shortens mail delivery hours, removes sorting machines, sends out memo saying it's likely your votes won't be counted in time for the election

>it doesn't indicate rigging

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A dictatorial USA would be unstoppable and thats a good thing

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This is true. The ending days of the Roman Republic were a fucking mess but birthed the Roman Empire.

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And people thought Hillary was rigging the 2016 election because of the DNC controversy?

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Just look at nazi germany, cucked from all sides and still took the world to defeat them
USA has the best everything - military, logistics and monetary system, and surrounded by 2 oceans making a land invasion impossible
If USA went full 1488 there would be no defeating it

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Eh. That comparison is bit much. Given Hitler actually revitalised the economy and united the people. I earnestly don't believe Trump has the charisma to be a Hitler.

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I think civil war would break out and many soldiers would refuse to fight against any allied/english speaking country

>> No.10456974 [DELETED] 

We're already having violence from state and military police against protesters against police violence. They shot out the eyes of reporters for fucks sakes.

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As a male gamer I can tell you that:
He's not worth it, dump him and get someone that respects you.

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What did we say about not mentioning politics?

Congratulations. You ruined another thread.

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All of my friends do not cosplay, and all of the people I meet at conventions talk to me once and then never again.I just want to have friends that cosplay, is that so much to ask for?

My running theory is that if I look better and make better costumes it will net more (or at least more than zero) new cosplay friends, obviously not discounting actually talking to people but this is more to help with that...

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I feel trapped with my bf. I'm with him since ten years. I feel like if I dump him I won't be able to have financial stability, a house. I wanted to dump him 9 years ago and he said he would kill himself, so I stayed. In between I was very depressed, and I became a shut in. Now that I feel better and have a job and all, I still feel like I can't do anything more that just stay with him so I'm sure to have a stable life. I don't even like him and he disgust me on a daily basic. I feel stupid.

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As if anyone is going to browse through the entire thread just to check if they can post something. It wasn't in the OP.

>> No.10457004 [DELETED] 

NAYRT but it's literally the second post excluding OP.

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Similar feel here, anon. My friends who are marginally into cosplay are leagues below me in terms of skill. I wish I had a cosplay friend who was better than me, or at least with more ambition than me to be good at it, so I could be the one learning something for a change.

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>got my wisdom teeth out
>boyfriend who was supposed to be taking care of me didn't pick up my prescription or bring me any of the food he promised, so I was hungry and in pain for hours until my mom got off work

Needless to say we broke up. We'd already been having issues lately so I thought he'd be on his best behavior. But my mouth still hurts and they've got me on percocet so all i can do is sit around like a slug and its just compounding my misery

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Don't let ten years turn into twenty years of living miserably. Get out of that!

>> No.10457018 [DELETED] 

Is your current financial comfort worth feeling this trapped? If you’re paid enough, the freedom of a small apartment or rental house, even with a roommate, without the burden of a partner you dislike would be worth it. Owning a house in this economy sucks ass, anyways.

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I used to post shit like this in the feels thread.

Speak with a psychiatrist about different meds and see what is the best for you. First meds were too low a dose to be effective, second meds gradually upped dosage until I got to a more comfortable place. It's not perfect, but I have much better control over my emotions now and feel much closer to "normal then I have in a while.

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Trump creatures are truly dumber than dogshit.

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More cons.

Less cons-tipation

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I wish I had a gf with similar intrests, but I'm just so socially retarded and riddled with anxiety. I feel like my youth is just draining away and I don't know what to do. And now with covid it just makes it even harder.

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i'm the opposite, keeping my nails long is what stops me from picking. when they're short i just go ham because i can get a better "grip" on my skin. i've noticed that painting them with a really thick coat of gel polish helps a lot with the grip thing when they're short, makes my nails too slippery.

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I feel your shame.
monster/robot fuckers unite.

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I do understand were you are coming from, but on the flip side better costumes may intimate people from interacting with you

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Thank you kindly.
God, i'd do the craziness of putting a guy/girl in a costume that half resembles Bumblebee and pretend i'm sucking off an alien cute robot all damn night.

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Proud of you anon. Calorie counting really is the best way to make steady progress.

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Trying to make friends while having a negative feedback loop/social anxiety breakdown in your head is the bane of my existence. I always go to cons alone, get afraid that everyone thinks I'm trying too hard and then excuse myself. Everyone else that I do know who cosplays is either in a group or has really nichè cons they attend. And the only part of my 'cosplay' hobby has been shut down since Feburary because the reenactment group I'm in is 80% old boomers. I feel like I'm in purgatory.

At least I've been losing some weight slowly.

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I just want to have cosplay sex. With me in the cosplay’s. is that too much to ask for?

>> No.10457218

>I just want to have cosplay sex

Me too. But we both know people are too iffy on that - costumes may rip or may be too bothersome to wear on an intimate moment, or too bothersome to clean, or people might just not see the fuss we have about it.

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I'd be worried about my wig getting messed up or falling off lmao
Also some costumes are just too damn delicate and uncomfortable.

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A person recorded me for a video once, and I to this day am still dwelling on the fact that I did not give a good enough performance, to the point that I have been practicing dance in my sparse free time so that I give a sufficient performance should that happen again.

>> No.10457369

Then just don’t wear the delicate ones reee!
Bobby pins are your friends
>inb4 they don’t work for hot times!
yes they do :)

>> No.10457387

Well, anon, depending on me i'd fuck with any costume on request, including my own. Although i'm a degenerate and that isn't too common between cosplayers.

Also, my lastest costume - a Power Ranger - has a crotch zipper for such moments.

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>tries on Cammy cosplay
>my pussy lips:

>> No.10457415

Just go to gull meetups at cons

>> No.10457440

I gave up on sex I just want a partner into cosplay

>> No.10457443

wear underwear and stockings underneath it so that won't happen

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>having sex with bf
>whip out vibrator so I can actually get off
>he gets pissy and tried to get me to stop
>he ends up driving home
Fucking scrotes.
At least I got to bust.

>> No.10457448 [DELETED] 

get a bf who knows how to fuck you pathetic autist.

>> No.10457449 [DELETED] 

damn y didn't i think of that

>> No.10457452 [DELETED] 

maybe she likes him for his personality? maybe ur tiny brain didn't consider it..?

>> No.10457454 [DELETED] 

if sex is important to anon she's playing herself by not getting someone who can do both.

>> No.10457458 [DELETED] 

You'd be surprised with how many men can't women off
Just google it and see

>> No.10457459 [DELETED] 

Honestly, from the way she described him, it doesn't sound like his personality is that great either.
Gulls have shit taste in men.

>> No.10457460 [DELETED] 

I am not going to disagree with this.

>> No.10457462 [DELETED] 

I do it every time, it's not hard

>> No.10457464 [DELETED] 

it's not just about him getting her off with the d, he needs to understand her needs.

>> No.10457465 [DELETED] 

Sounds about white

>> No.10457472 [DELETED] 

yeah. exactly

>> No.10457488 [DELETED] 

Really depends on the girl. I do nothing different and it's 50/50 for girls. Either it's great sex or meh.

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Why is it that poor people behave so badly in public compared to other classes?

Like it's never the nicely dressed office lady blasting music on the bus. It's always the crack monkey.

>> No.10457535 [DELETED] 

>poor people
The euphemisms get vaguer every day.

>> No.10457536 [DELETED] 


>> No.10457555 [DELETED] 

that dude's the /pol/ asshole that's been haunting the board for the last little bit. he's saying black=poor and trying to be subtly racist.

as a counter point!
>tfw dressed in Aristo, looking prim and pretty as all hell and blasting the heaviest metal out my open car windows
Feels good. I've gotta see about DirEnGrey's new shit but i'm good with my old pantera for now.

Also, I'm suddenly in love with socks. I don't understand why but I just want to own every pair of socks and tights right now.

>> No.10457556 [DELETED] 

Because the nicely dressed office lady has a car you retard. Of course only poor people are a bother on a bus since only poor people take the bus.

>> No.10457558 [DELETED] 

I'm a nicely dressed office lady and I am poor..

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>always missing out on IW aprons

>> No.10457577 [DELETED] 

I feel sorry for the guy

>> No.10457585 [DELETED] 

He's just talking about black people, not actually referring to poor people.

>> No.10457589

>post coord on IG
>scrote comments in post if i'm single
>sentence user to life in horny jail

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>stumble across someone's IG profile
>They have some pictures I like so I like maybe 5 - 10 pictures
>Don't like their overall feed so I don't follow

>They later post in their story about assholes who like"spam" and don't follow
Alright jackoff I guess I won't give you likes.

>> No.10457647 [DELETED] 

>See new cosplayer
>Check profile for BLM
>Block everyone who likes pro-BLM photos
>Even hundreds of people sometimes
>Block said profile I found to begin with
I am getting sick of IG. Why is there no way to mass block people?

>> No.10457661 [DELETED] 

I did this for a while but then I realized I wouldn't know what to say if I actually met up with any of them once cons started back up. Going into paranoid tinfoil territory but I was also a bit worried about anyone realizing I blocked all these proBLMers.
I ended up unblocking them all.

>> No.10457666 [DELETED] 

Is there no way to just block people client side, like a browser extension? Although that wouldn't help if you use the app.

>> No.10457667 [DELETED] 

you're gonna end up blocking all the white people ever that way

>> No.10457684 [DELETED] 

The ones who I still follow and didn't block, I've restricted/muted.
They hardly exist to me now and I don't have to get battered down by their endless "donate to x, say X's name, don't ignore this, did you know this is happening, etc." stories.

>> No.10457686

Wear transparent pantyhose. It will smoothen out the whole thing. I wear spandex pants under my Ranger cosplay and it smoothens out the whole thing, plus makes the costume much better to put in.

>> No.10457713

>I just want a partner into cosplay

Me too, bro. I used to have a cosplayer gf, it surely was a good time to go to the save events as her, help her and have a great time with her. Who needs sex when you have companionship?

>> No.10457714 [DELETED] 

I truly want to see how people will react on their first event after months of bickering, after months of blockings and internet fights with other cosplayers, having to meet or just see them on the same place as them.

>> No.10457734 [DELETED] 

damn bro you sound insane

>> No.10457735 [DELETED] 

>Doesn't want politics involved in their hobby
>Must be insane


>> No.10457739 [DELETED] 

buy the tinfoil bro

>> No.10457762

What did I say about politicsposting at the VERY BEGINNING of this thread?

>> No.10457767

Forgive us senpai

>> No.10457769 [DELETED] 

I just want a hot domme lesbian gf to go down on me rn but instead I have a bf that rubs my clit for 2 seconds and then puts it in and I never cum :)

>> No.10457771


>> No.10457773

Probably will

>> No.10457776

Do it now and post the screenshots

>> No.10457777


>> No.10457799

I wish I had more cosplay friends that don't have adhd. I would like to work on cosplay together more than once every two weeks at best or once a month at worst. I feel bad working/finishing my cosplay first because that leave me as a cosplay mule to help everyone else finish their during a con crunch. It just get tiring and suck the fun out of creating fun costume with people. I know it not their fault that they can't sit/focus for long period of times, so I am very patience/understanding of it.

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File: 266 KB, 693x633, 1587361321664.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>cosplay friends that don't have adhd
You'll have better luck finding a gf than someone into anime without a touch of the tism

>> No.10457818

You'll be very lucky to find a cosplayer that doesn't have some sort of critical problem, usually around a clinically diagnosed mental problem, a horrible personality or a horrible family affecting their life.

>> No.10457821

I wish I didn't have ADHD either.

>> No.10457848

do you have this board confused with /r9k/?

>> No.10457962

Is tik tok now the place where cosplayers hang out? Ever since tumblr took a nose dive everything has kinda spread out. Even ig seems kinda slow

>> No.10457992

Just say no, simple as. I personally can't work on cosplays if I don't care for the character, so I couldn't do it even if I tried (and none of my friends cosplay aside from me, so not an issue anyways)

very true, cosplay especially has a high population of tismos

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>tfw the gym is open again

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Eurofag guy here. As somebody who doesn't use social media besides lurking on R*ddit and using Discord to keep in touch with friends I've met, I honestly have no idea how to get in touch with cosfriends. Probably would've been easier if I had been from America but I am not.
I've been to a con in my country twice and both times I've gone alone, it's always embarrassing when I talk to somebody at the con and they ask me 'did you come alone'. I say yes and they tell me they didn't and then I just feel like a weirdo.

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File: 130 KB, 800x1000, tumblr_pamup1RSob1qaf06uo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should listen to
If you want to be sensible

But if you like the thrill of going barebutt it is possible to do

>> No.10458173

You could try your luck in the friend finder thread

>> No.10458211

I hate how hard it is to find a decent pink short sleeved blouse for 100cm+ bust. Almost had one, but it sold out in pink and only white is left after I already ordered it.

>> No.10458225

Did I st-stutter?

>> No.10458233

strawberry witch

>> No.10458411

i think i upset my new cosplay friend because they don't seem like they want to talk to me but it's really because i have bad attachment issues from a break up a few months ago. i am such a mess.

>> No.10458515

>Male, really into fashion
>Joined local comm almost a decade ago as a teen, went great, made friends
>New people join comm over the years
>Suddenly after a meet, comm mod (who is a friend of mine) contact me and tells me that several at that meet got uncomfortable at my presence and told mods I'm a fetishist
>None of them specified if it was something I said so mods doesn't know what exactly made them think that
>The mods have known me since my early teens, gave me benefit of the doubt
>Take break from comm
>Can't go on social media without seeing women comm members post about their kinks and dd/lg
>No secret that several of them post lolita to kink forums
>Time to go lone I guess

>> No.10458557

So what, you got reversal'd on? Sounds rough man.

>> No.10458622

I want to buy a wishlist dress so badly just to feel something

>> No.10458623

So do it

>> No.10458624

Just know that getting a new dress in the mail is ultimately not going to fix any deeper issues that you have with your life.

>> No.10458645

What a bunch of cunts. I hate the double standards.

>> No.10458660

Sex is great and all, but have you ever recovered from a bad skin episode and started liking your face again?

>> No.10458662

When the hell will california finally be out of lockdown. We were off it for like 2 weeks and then right back. I'm so sick of it.

>> No.10458671

this post speaks to me on a spiritual level

>> No.10458681

When dumb kids stop throwing parties, over here we had a conference of 100 or so people start the outbreak, they're having gatherings of this size weekly. Do the math.

>> No.10458750
File: 40 KB, 500x399, WTw0q7y.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I find a guy on pornhub doing Kylo Ren porn

Sweet Jesus, I suffer because my sexual interests are strict on people wearing costumes, but my God how nice it is when you find some good content like that. I may spend longer without having any sex but damn it's gonna be worth it once I find someone.

>> No.10458922

dye the white version

>> No.10458935

None of my wanted items are available! Or at least at somewhat reasonable prices.
Thanks. Luckily I don't have too many deeper issues any more.

>> No.10458941

It's a mixture of Instagram and TikTok.

>> No.10458944

isn't tiktok 99% zoomers only? has that changed?

>> No.10458980

what age range qualifies as zoomer anyway?
it changes everytime

>> No.10458993

gen z = born in late 1990s or later

>> No.10459111

A good marker is if you don't remember the Towers coming down.

>> No.10459115

it's 1995, not 1990.

>> No.10459122

Cosplay sex is ok, but it's hard to get into if you're worried about the costume getting damaged or dirty

>> No.10459173

I'm addicted to secondhand shopping sites and it's ruining my life

>> No.10459194

I don’t give a shit obviously!!!

>> No.10459204

I'm not the quoted anon but i've prepared my costume to be also worn in sexual environments.

>> No.10459207
File: 1.09 MB, 589x585, ebuyP9v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

By the way, pic telated is my biggest cosplay turn on.

>> No.10459214

I hate 'decorative' (read: fake) pockets so much. I hate them in existing clothes and in clothing patterns. I hate how often the description doesn't even mention that the pockets are fake. I hate when the model calls attention to them by posing as if she has her hands in the 'pockets' even though THERE ARE NO POCKETS


>> No.10459225
File: 456 KB, 661x623, 1592795720836.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>1st slide of an Instagram post/story starts off with something vague along with a "don't ignore this, make sure you read this, you better repost this on your story if you have a shred of empathy, etc."
>It's the same fucking shit that's reposted 300 times about stuff like Muslims in China, various BLMshit, USPS, x being a predator, muh deadnaming or whatever other new term is trending, etc.

You obnoxious faggots are making it really, really hard to agree with your agenda and tolerate your shit.

>> No.10459226

I can’t stand when people post the same coord into multiple groups for maximum attention

>> No.10459269
File: 102 KB, 419x427, guess i'll die lolita edition.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do so many people lose detachable parts from their pieces? I swear to god, every time I find somebody selling Dreamy Baby Room, the star brooch is missing.

>> No.10459270

I saw that listing on LM and laughed. I think most people conveniently "lose" parts of their dresses, so they can keep them as accessories. But yes, I have a burning hatred of people who are actually guilty of this - it's not that hard to keep everything together, or at least have a bin of dress parts for safe keeping. The sad thing is that someone's probably going to buy that dress. It's almost as shameful at the time someone tried selling JUST the star brooch for something like $65-$75.

>> No.10459275

Probably going to quit my job soon. My health needs help and my entire workplace is toxic.

Usually I'd care more, but I'm barely buying anything on the secondhand market lately, so I don't even need that much money around.

>> No.10459285

I'm sad that dolly kei is dead. It's been dead for a while so I hope some Japanese fashion student revives it for 2020.

>> No.10459299


I’ll usually just say if there’s a brooch or something I want to keep. I don’t understanding pretending to lose it.

>> No.10459303

I'm not saying they didn't keep it because maybe they did, but it's possible that they bought it without the extra parts. I've bought dresses with missing pieces before and I wouldn't want to be blamed for losing them when it was the last owner who either misplaced or chose to keep them.

>> No.10459304

I think with cottagecore (whatever your opinion on that might be) and vintage clothes being trendy right now it might make a resurgence later on. I'm starting to wear it recently myself.

>> No.10459319
File: 54 KB, 400x599, 1439186182000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do you girls manage to do this stuff day in - day out.
>My soul

>> No.10459320

Oh that's absolutely understandable. Seeing something like "previous owner didn't send the brooch" in the listing is pretty common. It's just frustrating to think about how many extra parts go "missing" in the first place. Finding dresses that include all the original detachable bows or waist ties or neck ties or brooches just gets harder and harder.

>> No.10459355

Right. My nieces were born in 1990 and 1991, respectively. They remember 9/11 somewhat, but their brother (born in 2000) is a zoomer and doesn't remember it at all.

>> No.10459450

The fuck, are you me? Went as far as looking for fics but surprisingly there’s almost nothing with him

>> No.10459493

Damn you are old.

>> No.10459497

You'll be old too someday, and hopefully less retarded.

>> No.10459498

wat? you know you can have older nieces and nephews than yourself, right?

>> No.10459513

Go take Ladybird for a walk, Hank

>> No.10459572

And you know that it's highly unlikely.

>> No.10459610

>plan to finally get into lolita after years of wanting to
>friends all want to try it out as well, nice feelings to not be completely alone in a new community
>decide to set a deadline to put together some outfits and have a fun high tea-style meet-up
>event cancelled
>lockdowns ease but all friends have lost interest or are busy with other stuff
>still really want to do it, but not sure if I have the confidence to do it myself
>tfw no inspo to put together a coord if I have nowhere to wear it

Have seen this happen with a few communities including my old college anime club; it used to be really nice, but over time new people come and just hijack the culture. Don't let it get you down! It might be worth looking into other groups or comms, especially if your older friends have migrated away. Maybe try to start something smaller with the non-geh people currently in your comm?

>> No.10459628
File: 1007 KB, 2308x3037, 20200523_222615~01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>No winter cons
>No spring cons
>Probably no summer cons
>Mfw no cons or events for almost an entire year despite working out for cosplay

Is this what hell is like?

>> No.10459665
File: 9 KB, 174x197, legosad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bad news. This time, my friend's little sister saw MY thonged buttocks.

>> No.10459681

>have girlfriend that is really into cosplay and shit
>wanna get into it too
>i cant because i feel exposed

god damn it it just feels weird

>> No.10459692

>A 4 years relationship down the drain in less than 12 hours
Note to myself for later : Never go out with someone who has super-low self-esteem.

They expect you to pull them up and they NEVER say their emotions and feelings because they think they're not worthy. Bottle that shit up for 4 years then it suddenly explode in your face.

If you're one of these person, fuck you and get some fucking therapy going because you're hurting everybody you are interacting with.

>> No.10459693

it sounds like it wasn't much of a loss then.

>> No.10459696
File: 123 KB, 720x960, roll disguise for your famaliar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I-I'm sorry.

>> No.10459721

There's some grade A stuff on rule34.paheal. It was part of a series of fics. Really well drawn, and inspired on the lastest movie. The lack of quantity is compensated on the quality of the material available.

Also given how many versions Transformers had, there's much more quantity of the other versions before you get on the 'Bayverse' Transformers version.

>> No.10459784

Hope the sex was worth it, because that person doesn't sound like they were good for you anyways.

>> No.10459787
File: 113 KB, 780x580, Not with it anymore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get bent.

>> No.10459835

you sure it was all their fault and you did nothing bad ever? people who go on about their craaaazy exes are usually the crazy one themselves tbf

>> No.10459854

Translation “what’s emotional labor?” You didn’t deserve her, incel, now because you had to get your but you probably made her depression worse. Great job!

>> No.10459858

t. manipulators who use their low self esteem and depression as an excuse for their abusive behavior

>> No.10459875

Keep feeling discouraged to gather more lolita outfits because i have no friends and nowhere to go

>> No.10459883

Did you even try to create an environment where they could have shared any of their emotions? Were you passive aggressive at all, which would make them withdraw even more?

You can be a monster without knowing you're the monster. It sounds like you have a great lack of understanding.

>> No.10459937 [DELETED] 
File: 852 KB, 360x202, wow.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I find out a guy in pornhub doing videos dressed up as Kylo Ren, which is most likely a convention goer cosplayer, given the quality of the helmet and the voice module he uses to make the voice get distorted immediately
>mfw I see tons of supposedly girls going nuts because he read in Kylo's voice some lewd fanfic girls love

Sometimes I think it's a curse, but god, cosplay sex stuff is so much better and epic, holy shit!

>> No.10459939

Thank you anon! I know what I’m doing tonight

>> No.10459943 [DELETED] 

So, he is just reading fanfics?

>> No.10459950

Closed next week

>> No.10459953

I fail to see the problem
Just google cosplay sex

>> No.10459955

Stop stuttering retarded

>> No.10459992 [DELETED] 

Look up for 'the maskturbator' on pornhub.

No problem, anon. Have fun.

>> No.10459994

Yeah but have you tried seeking people to do cosplay sex IRL?

>> No.10460006

I wouldn't say so. Different anon here but bf has two younger sisters both with two kids each at around 16-17 yrs. Their mother had another son after the fact in her late 40s to early 50s. So my bf's youngest brother who is like...11 or so now has niece and nephews who are 13-15 yrs old. I wouldn't say it's unlikely but rather just uncommon. Especially in my old hometown we had so many teen pregnancies that our junior high and high school had a short bus specifically for them that would pass by to the daycare on the way to school. Adding onto the whole women having children at late ages thing, my mom's current girlfriend just had a baby in her 40s as well. Wacky world we live in.

>> No.10460012 [DELETED] 

cute birb
>the maskettabator
if i pulled that off, would he die?

>> No.10460013


>> No.10460014 [DELETED] 

Would one of the mods just fucking ban this Brazilian virgin faggot already

>> No.10460033

I hope Okamoto kitchen goes under. Whoever manages their FB page is fucking retarted and cringy as hell.
Food was shit and overpriced anyways, there's better options at cons

>> No.10460047 [DELETED] 

so /v/ here. I dont never really browsed this place before, but i see a lot of >tfwnobf. So my question is why not starts going to /v/ and talk to /v/ users, its mostly men and this boar dis mostly female. Who knows maybe love could spark for some of you, what do you think?

>> No.10460048 [DELETED] 

/v/ is shit

>> No.10460051 [DELETED] 

Why? Not all us are assholes, we just have a bad rep.

>> No.10460053

Their food is fine but nothing special to write home about. Especially compared to the other novelty food trucks at conventions here. Their facebook page is just going to get them more bad reviews though, since they're giving wayyy too much negative attention. They need to just listen to criticism and fix their service where needed.

Their promo maid ''hiring" is a shambles as well

>> No.10460062 [DELETED] 

The same 20 people post here for years. This board doesn't get a lot of people.

>> No.10460067

>mfw I get banned from a group because I'm very unstable mentally, often being racist, mysoginist, outright bothersome, and specially hateful against certain political opinions
>mfw no face

I wonder why I'm such an asshole like that. It's just online. Never in real life. Gee.

>> No.10460069 [DELETED] 


>> No.10460073

My relationship was like this too but I ditched it after 1 year because the sex sucked.

>> No.10460085

I think my gf is cheating on me and I started smoking again

>> No.10460095

Anon, this site hates women and sees them nothing more than slampigs or replacement mothers and /v/ is one of the worst. What makes you think that anyone wants to try and date a coomer that doesn't know how to clean up after himself?

>> No.10460096

Nah, we get enough shit from the dumb scrotes on this board

>> No.10460101

what's the online equivalent of jumping someone because we should do it to this guy

>> No.10460110

raid /v/?

>> No.10460112

>extremely small, slow, frilly, niche board
>raiding one of the fastest, most popular boards on the site
That'll end well.

>> No.10460140

Actual cosplayers dont do cosplay sex because it may damage the costume

>> No.10460182

Lmao dumb broad... shut that fat mouth.

>> No.10460196
File: 3.33 MB, 498x278, CE7FE80D-B72C-435E-9C43-2279B32841B1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> quit lolita at the beginning of 2020
> sold most of my wardrobe, including a sailor rare op
> stumble recently on a sailor lolita album on pinterest
> start to think “I wish I had focused on sailor style from the start instead of buying just what I liked for 10+ years”
> mfw the idea of starting all over again has been my main thought in the last few days

>> No.10460213

Of course. I was taking care of pretty much everything in the house (I don't mind, I enjoy clean, fresh rooms.) and was pushing her to take some free time and enjoy her hobbies.

Of course like >>10459835 said I'm wasn't perfect at all, nobody is, but I was making efforts.

She's so stuck up in her endless quest for affirmation from her job and her dad that she's killing herself at the task, she had no more energy when coming home. When I wanted to talk about something serious, check if she was alright or whatnot she would simply retreat and avoid everything.

You can't help people who doesn't want to be helped.

>> No.10460221

From what you described it sounds like you were supportive, so I'm wrong in accusing you. I'm sorry it didn't work out and dissolved so quickly. I can relate because I'm in a situation right now where my job is turning me into a different person, but my partner is encouraging me to take time for myself (like you suggested for yours), which honestly helps a lot.

>> No.10460309

0930 wakeup
1100 leave house
1200 arrive at uni
1800 leave uni
1900 chores
2000 dinner
2100 uni work
2300 gym
0030 clean self, get ready for next day
0130 got to bed

0930 wakeup
1100 leave for work
1200 work
2200 leave work
2300 chores + dinner
0030 clean self, get ready for next day
0130 go to bed

Please someone tell me it gets better than this. I have zero time to do anything. I haven't fucked my girlfriend in like a month because I'm just so fucking shattered by the time I get home.

>> No.10460311

Well, depending on what you do, you might get two days to sleep off the mental and emotional exhaustion.

>> No.10460313

I don’t know what you mean with “chores” but can’t you do them in the morning? doing that you’d be able to do all the rest a hour earlier. I’d also take a night off from the gym to enjoy your gf company.

>> No.10460323
File: 391 KB, 616x532, pain.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw fucking closetchild is a bloodbath

>> No.10460324

Did they just update?

>> No.10460376

Just got my Cutie Heart JSK yesterday.
So beautiful.

>looks at tracking for pink thread needed to reinforce the buttons
>fedex. no scheduled delivery date
>shipped over a week ago
>JSK was shipped from Japan, only took 4 days to arrive

Why is it easier to get things internationally during a pandemic than locally???

Welcome to the new norm.

>> No.10460414

What the hell is your job that you work eleven hour shifts? And how redarted do you have to be to work part time while in uni instead of fucking your gf three days a week?

>> No.10460430

Cut out the gym? You can be healthy and maintain your weight by just eating right. You don't really need to build muscle.

It would only give you back a few hours, but that's a lot when you have no time to begin with.

>> No.10460520

Nah you're right, it was a couple, so it's a collective failure. There was quite probably at least something I could have done better.

I just wish she knew how to express and trust herself.

>> No.10460587
File: 6 KB, 145x145, sadloli.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Me: 2 cute 2 poot
>Also me: (poots)

Can anyone relate?

>> No.10460589

Honey, farting is the least of your concerns on this board.

>> No.10460594

>I haven't fucked my girlfriend in like a month
If she isn't already cheating, she will be soon. Yikes. Who the fuck would rather go to the gym than have sex?

>> No.10460656
File: 1.87 MB, 1920x1090, 1596534665468.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Same here. American cons look more fun too.

>> No.10460659

>Who the fuck would rather go to the gym than have sex?
Never gonna make it.

>> No.10460701

Just called my mom and told her that I’m moving out of state with gf and she was not happy. She said we should just live with them and save up to buy a house here but houses in CA cost like a million. I dunno if I should stay or move shitt

>> No.10460704 [DELETED] 

Fucking run, anon. If you're close to the bay area and aren't in tech, I wouldn't put up with housing prices, fires, droughts, terrible air quality, traffic, PG&E, and just the cramped living situation in general.

I'm in CA temporarily for the money (originally from another state), and I do not plan to die here.

>> No.10460707

I'm surprised you even have a girlfriend, Soup.

>> No.10460721

>If she isn't already cheating, she will be soon
No loyalty in these hos

>> No.10460743

She asked me out so I didn’t even have to do any hard work. I guess she liked my autismal sense of humor. They get you with the lewd pics first then bam you’re in a relationship.

>> No.10460805

>omg i miss cons i miss people this year has been some hard wahhhh
>cons start
>goes back to exact same shithead behaviour
I'm so fucking tired of people preaching how much they have reflected this quarantine and then most likely going back to the exact same destructive abhorrent behaviour as soon as cons start up again.

Sometimes I feel this pandemic is a necessary evil, a punishment upon us for being such awful species.

I wish something really wiped out shitheads out of the con scene and brought the good comfy post-apocalyptic days on. Even if "shithead" is subjective. Wipe out the most obvious repetitive ones.

>> No.10460829
File: 164 KB, 409x325, 1592597005907.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, as a forewarning, there's been some guy posting an image of this board discussing smegma coming out of their vaginas or something on /v/, I think it made people realize this board actually exists. I'll admit, I'm on that boat. All I can say is this place is odd.

>> No.10460830 [DELETED] 

I went on /v/ and saw black ops nostalgia threads, did /v/ just become neo /v/?

>> No.10460837


>> No.10460839
File: 78 KB, 350x344, 1542898152077.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/v/ has been sick for a while now, unfortunately. Most threads are just meant to piss people, something about trannies, or porn. It's not often actual video games gets discussed, but yet its still the highest traffic board, and now its splitting off into new boards, hopefully which will actually discuss video games.

What games to lolietas play?

>> No.10460849

animal crossing.

>> No.10461035

now i've lost it
i've made up my mind
by the time cons come back in my area i WILL be buff and i WILL get to cosplay all of those characters that i've never had the muscles for

>> No.10461039
File: 36 KB, 384x384, Tecate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm gonna do the same

>> No.10461046

>need pair of shoes for cosplay
>seem like simple enough style
>cannot find the perfect shoes anywhere
>likely not something i can diy
>continue to be insanely autistic about it for months on end
>look at literally thousands of pairs of shoes
>last night
>come across holy grail shoes by chance
>literally perfect except for a minor adjustment that can easily be done
>get them for a great price and free shipping
I can't believe how lucky I got

>> No.10461048

This is me except I lost 30 lbs since lockdowns started

>> No.10461049

fuck off and die

>> No.10461074

I recognize how stupid this is but I wish my comm would do more events right now. The weather is perfect to just do a simple park meetup and walk around looking cute and transmission rates outside are low, not to mention we can just make it mandatory to distance.

>> No.10461082

Same, I’ve tried so hard to motivate my comm/plan events but all we’ve done so far is one mediocre video meet.

>> No.10461093

I feel upset about hearing back concerning a job interview backstory.
>graduated last May
>have a hard time finding work
>ask agency if I can volunteer
>they accepted
>work on unfunded studies on their behalf
>skip cons so I can dedicate my time for them
>they appreciate by hard work
>one of the studies gets funded
>continue to apply, but no one seems to be hiring atm or interested
>job opening in June
>co-worker is leaving
>the position is perfect for me
>interview went really well
>boss is excited, I'm excited
>yesterday boss asks me into their office
>they told me they're offering the job to someone else
>the candidate graduated this year
>candidate doesn't even have the degree they wanted in the listing

I want to work in my field, but I keep getting turned down. When an opportunity that is perfect, I still get turned down. I don't know how much longer I want to work for free because I want to fund my own interests. Should I tell my boss what I want out of my future?

>> No.10461106 [DELETED] 

Gamers are losers who sit at home in ugly casual clothes. Lolitas and cosplayers dress us to go out to events or just be out in public taking pics and sightseeing

>> No.10461114

Things will return back to normal. Which is drama for the most little things, accusations of cosplay contests being rigged up, manchilds and girlchilds everywhere...it will still be an extremely exhaustive hobby to have.

>> No.10461131

Are you not allowed to host your own meet? That sounds like a really cute idea, and socially distancing at a park is more than possible

>> No.10461136 [DELETED] 

I'm a lesbian

>> No.10461163

you might as well check out other offices/companies in the same field and get some interviews. they're going to keep making you work for free as long as they can.

>> No.10461177 [DELETED] 

gamers are literally the worst kind of boyfriend you can have. they will ignore you for games, even when sex is available. they are self-absorbed addicts. i'm a gamer myself and even i refuse to date male gamers anymore.

>> No.10461247
File: 44 KB, 725x626, singingapu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't go to cons because of my legal restrictions. I just want to meet a cute girl who dresses up as kingdom hearts girls and gives me love.

At least I'm losing weight again so I can fit more into my Jacket from hotline miami cosplay.

>> No.10461248

What about guys who play a lot of games but aren't "gamers"? I'd much rather spend time with a girl or going on dates than games, it's just a good way to pass the time.

>> No.10461268

here's a scenario: it's morning and your gf is still asleep, so you start playing an interesting game. later she wakes up and lovingly greets you. do you drop the game immediately and go be with her, or ignore her and keep playing the game?

if your answer is the former, you're fine. if it's the latter, you are addicted and don't deserve a gf.

>> No.10461269

Sadly I concur. My 5 year relationship fell apart because he couldn't balance real life (work, me) with them. Even the ones who are reasonable rarely have other interests outside of media consumption and are boring in conversations

>> No.10461270

Usually girls go into the bathroom when they wake up so I'd wait for her to finish then greet her. I've never woken up before a girl in my life regardless, lol.
The only other things I like are investment and marketing related, and bartending. However I'm not boring in conversation, I like telling stories and talking about cool history stuff :3

>> No.10461280

i went through that with not one but three bfs. i love games and talking about them so i don't mind that being their main interest, but i won't stand for them choosing games over me when i'm available. it's degrading and depressing. sorry about what happened to you, hopefully you learn the lesson faster than i did.

>> No.10461281

don't move anywhere with someone you're not married to. that's an idiot move

>> No.10461284

Yeah he's also from Commiefornia, stay in your fucking quarantine liberal hell hole.

>> No.10461286

don't reply to soup posts, don't acknowledge soup posts.

>> No.10461313

You somewhat fucked yourself. Why would they give you a paid position when you work for free anyway and you've given no indication you'll leave?

>> No.10461315

Going to play devil's advocate here but it's somewhat self-centred to think that you simply existing means that someone should drop something they enjoy to entertain you.

>> No.10461317

I took a break to finish college and was planning to get back into egl once I graduated (this spring, go me!) but then covid happened. I'm friends with one of the girls outside lolita but have never hosted a meet before and am hesitant since I don't want it to suck and have no experience, not to mention I don't even know who is active anymore. Thanks for the suggestion though, it honestly didn't even occur to me.

>> No.10461320

They think they understand what it is to be lonely. It’s kinda cute in a way.

>> No.10461322

Nayrt, but I've actually been thinking about this myself lately and I feel like your statement is 100% true BUT if frequent sex is that important to you maybe it's better to avoid men who are heavy gamers

>> No.10461327

Pretty much agree with this.

>> No.10461346

I feel that this board goes to complete shite during American hours

>> No.10461363

>Can I pwease put my noodle in your poggers pussy?

This is what you sound like.

>> No.10461366

he doesn't sound like that but he sounds weird. the part about the girl needing to piss when she got up is correct, but what the fuck does it have to do with anything?

>> No.10461374

What's the deal with Soup, is he a bot or a troll or what?

>> No.10461387

calling him a bot would be a compliment

>> No.10461395

Feel free to use an website based in your own country

>> No.10461397

I don’t know what I want anymore or who I am. Due to lockdown I’ve had so much time to think about myself. I realised that I am basically nothing and I don’t like anything I do. I used to wear lolita and focus on the fashion and the community, and that was sort of my ‘thing’ and the lens through which I viewed the world.
Then I went to uni, and I couldn’t focus solely on fitting myself into the community anymore, so I fell out of touch and mostly stopped wearing lolita. I got really into uni, and my whole life was my university work.
Now I’ve graduated. I don’t know where to go from here. I’m floundering. I’m lonely. Everything terrifies me. I don’t know who I want to be now and because of this I don’t know what to do with myself. I actually have work I need to be doing but all that’s happening is I sit moping around because I feel like without having a “thing” I’m just this shell that is sitting around waiting to die.

I missed wearing lolita so i went and tried on my dresses, and I hated it. I don’t like how it looks and I’d be embarrassed to be seen in it. But leaving the comm makes me feel like I’m leaving a part of myself behind even though I don’t like the clothes and I don’t like the people anymore either.
I wish I could just start my life over. I spent so long tying myself to things to try and create myself that I’ve actually lost myself. Like so many of my personality traits or whatever I have realised are just things I’ve stolen from people around me. I get fixated on a phrase, or a way of walking, or a movement or ideology or whatever and I can’t stop repeating it over and over again. I think in lockdown it has been especially apparent because there’s nobody for me to mimic so I just feel so empty all the time. Because the only way I can be myself is by being other people.

I don’t know what is happening to me and I need help if anyone has advice it would sure be appreciated.

>> No.10461398

Read some philosophy. It will speak to you. It will help you understand what it means to exist as a person.

You're not alone. I used to feel similar. I noted that I just copied the people around me to achieve whatever goal society set out for me.

>> No.10461400

): I know exactly how you feel anon, this is basically my entire life. I think that's how it is for everyone though it's just that some of us focus on it more intensely than others. We're all just trying to find meaning in world where there is none, and constantly trying to find something with which to identify ourselves with because being a human is kind of inherently lonely even if you have a lot of friends or an S/O. I'm sorry you feel so empty though, any chance you have BPD? I have it and this is a hallmark symptom I experience because of it.

>> No.10461401

How do you know if girls go to the bathroom right when they wake up if you've never woken up before a girl?

>> No.10461402

cuz I do ur mom every night

>> No.10461404

are you around 19 or 20 by chance? I had an existential crisis from around 18-20 where I didn't know what goals I had or what the meaning of life was. Now I've just accepted that I'm a nihilist and I go with the flow, that might not be where you'll end up but eventually you will find a place in life that makes you comfortable.

>> No.10461405

Do u wake up before my mom does? :o

>> No.10461406

yea dat ho can barely move after i'm done wit her

>> No.10461414

Oh ):

>> No.10461415

doesn't literally everyone go pee immediately when waking up? it's not a girl thing

>> No.10461418

Same here. I'm in my thirties now and feel way less of a rush to "figure things out." Even though there's actually less time left to do stuff, I feel better about it. No need to rush, just go with the flow. I feel silly for panicking in my 20s like life was over at 30. Also I realize nobody has it together when they are 20 though that wasn't obvious at that time.

>> No.10461427

I do, but other anon made it seem specifically like a girl thing so I was asking how he knew if he never wakes up before one

>> No.10461430

>they will ignore you for games, even when sex is available
Maybe your pussy is just trash?

>> No.10461435

considering tons of women have this exact complaint about gamer bfs, no, i don't think the women are the problem, incel

>> No.10461437

spoken like a true virgin

>> No.10461443 [DELETED] 

It's funny how incels think they're in any position to be choosy about pussy lol

Go fuck your body pillow or something jfc

>> No.10461445

if i buy a bunch of lolita clothes ill never have to face the fact that my country is collapsing and ill probably see all my loved ones ripped to shreds

>> No.10461446 [DELETED] 

I have constant thoughts about watching my loved ones being tortured and left to suffer by people who will take advantage when everything goes to shit, it haunts me every night and im starting to think ill be better off shooting myself so I dont have to endure any of it.

>> No.10461447 [DELETED] 

You should call them and remind them you care about them

>> No.10461448 [DELETED] 

I do, often. I also avoid them because I get really sad when I think about what will happen and I'd rather just ignore it but I can't when I spend time with them.

>> No.10461450 [DELETED] 
File: 290 KB, 516x407, 467.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10461454 [DELETED] 


>> No.10461473 [DELETED] 

Lolol I love this meme.

>> No.10461518 [DELETED] 

Shut up Portlandfag you hipster fuck. If me or my gang catch you without a mask we gonna fuck you up.
She moved here from her state and we been living together for a couple of years now. her dad says houses in her home state are cheaper now cause of covid that’s why we moving.
don’t listen to that anon. Me and all my homies hate that anon and if you stan him you a hoe. And hoes belong to the streets.

I’m trying out new lingos that my homie Kevin taught me :)

>> No.10461546

>play game #1
>"oh my god I'm TOTALLY going to make character 1 and it's going to be fucking amazing"
>start playing game #2
>"oh my god, actually I'd rather make character 2 and it's going to be fucking amazing
I make cosplays of characters I really like, and constantly have "I'll make X" or "I'll make Y" moments. I've got like ~2 cosplays on the backburner I haven't worn yet (since the start of this year), working on 1, and have at least 1 more after that one. How the fuck am I going to cram all of these in one con?

>> No.10461558

Don't. Do photoshoots instead. I stopped going to cons eons ago. While I did used to love them when I was a little younger (and I think I would still enjoy myself), it saves a shitload of money and it is so much easier to wear outfits for shoots. I don't have to worry about things holding up for a whole day in hot/sweaty conditions, or be afraid of someone breaking something.

And, my favorite part: you can make as many outfits as you can find time to do photos for.

Good luck on your projects!

>> No.10461566

I'm a dumbass and lost my key to my mailbox after going out for the first time in 3 months just to meet with a friend and hang out at her place. Now I have things sitting in the mail I can't access until Tuesday and our mailbox is tiny af.

>> No.10461602

so if/when she dumps your ass, you'll be left with a mortgage on your shoulders in some state far away from your family. idiot move

>> No.10461614

Yes, much better to be married and then they take half your stuff instead of just some of it

>> No.10461616

people can't just up and leave a marriage, it's a long and arduous legal process that people don't do at the drop of a hat. whereas a dumping can come quickly out of nowhere at any time.

>> No.10461622

Oooor you could theoretically organize smaller-scale cosplay meetups with fellow fans of the games you like so that you can both get a decent amount of pictures and have some amount of social interaction/fun similar to a con.

>> No.10461627
File: 117 KB, 800x800, usps_coord.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was feeling a bit of jealousy when watching a video of another lolitas closet.
>"She has so many more than me" >"she's so perfect"
>"She gets so much support and is so cute"
>My man then tries to cheer me up since he knows I lurk a lot on here
>"I bet she fucks in all her brand dresses what a whore"

Honestly, I have never had anyone channel so much cgl irl...
I laughed so much so I guess he knows me.

>> No.10461629

Your bf wants to fuck in brand anon.
Also, I get that fucking for brand would make you a whore, but fucking in brand? That just makes you a rich bitch.

>> No.10461649

>Nooo it can't be my fault! Everyone loves when I starfish, it's the video game's fault no one wants meeee!
If they're in a relationship I don't see how they'd be incels

>> No.10461651

Try to
End your life

>> No.10461665

Honestly, I really like photoshoots with randos from the same series and meeting new people at cons is awesome. Seeing randos get super excited and go "THAT'S A GOOD X" makes ME excited. Private photoshoots just aren't the same, and I hate how shallow the cosplay instagram community is to actually want to participate in it.

I can see the appeal of photoshoots if you don't like cons, but I'm still in my con honeymoon phase. >>10461622 looks like more of a thing I'd do but still, something about the con atmosphere...

>> No.10461731

Are you:
A) Venezuelan
B) suffering paranoid anxiety?

>> No.10461743

they're probably american. we are a dumpsterfire of disease, social unrest, and corrupt politics atm.

>> No.10461744

I heavily agree from a media consumption standpoint; I firmly believe that everyone should have hobbies where they "create" (cook, sew, code, play music, etc etc) instead of just consuming media. Most girls (speaking as a guy) in my area pass their time watching Netflix and binging shows. Makes talking to them really boring. I don't look too closely at guys but I'd imagine the same is true, except about sportsball.

>> No.10461748

I agree with you, and this makes me feel a little better because I forget cooking can be creative. Sometimes I worry I do too much consuming vs. creating but I do make my own recipes and stuff.

>> No.10461762

No one cares what men want

>> No.10461765


>> No.10461767

shut up dyke, your opinion is irrelevant

>> No.10461769

I literally have a boyfriend

>> No.10461770

Why would I assume you're in a relationship?
Regardless of the quality of said pussy, if all you do is play video games all day you're a boring and undesirable male, nothing will change that fact. When the time comes for war, you will get annihilated because you sat on your ass and ate doritos all day.

>> No.10461772

Why are you mad that women don't want to date losers? Bad pussy doesn't make dudes sit around and do nothing all day lol, if you're like that it's because you've always been a loser.

>> No.10461773

That poor bastard. He deserves better

>> No.10461774

Come the fuck on, the US is the richest country in the world, no fucking way is anybody getting ripped to shreds, everyone's too fat and enamored of cheeseburgers to kill. Otherwise that SJW stuff would never have been able to get anywhere. Ever heard of a shitlib in the Soviet Union?

>> No.10461775

I'm a US citizen. If you don't see what is coming you're not paying attention.

>> No.10461779

these "harmless" sjws are literally reigning terror in my city and covering it up their intentions to seize control as "social justice". On their own they may be pathetic and harmless but when you get enough idiots together they can do damage. Plus, they've pretty much been given the go ahead by our state government who won't reprimand them.

>> No.10461782

Have you talked to anyone who's fled a socialist country? A lot of them are saying that what's happening now looks like the socialist revolutions that took place in their country. Add climate change on top of the political tensions and you get a collapse.

>> No.10461783

>ripped to shreds
>being tortured and left to suffer
Look, I get that things are shit in the U.S. right now but how exactly are people going to be "ripped to shreds" and "tortured"? Serious question.

>> No.10461788

I think they are thinking of impending economic collapse. Which is nothing new, zoomers shouldn't worry too much about the long term value of their money because there won't be any. Those anons should just sit back, make sure they have something to trade in the new world, and have fun getting their mad max outfits ready.

>> No.10461790

Economic and ecological collapse. Food scarcity is impending, no more law and order, there are some fucked up people who will take advantage of the chaos.

>> No.10461791

My SS keeps saying she's going to ship my dresses out and then it just doesn't happen. I'm getting really fucking sick of this, it's been two months.