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Last Thread: >>10444249

> Latest purchases
> Dream dresses
> Gothic coordinate pics
> Favorite pieces
> etc.

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Is it bad that the combination of lack of headgear and gloves triggers me

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Uh, she definitely has headwear. It blends into her hair because this is a shitty photo but she’s definitely wearing some

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some recent gothic coords to help start the thread

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What were your last gothic lolita purchases?

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I'm waiting for my MmM accessory lucky pack!! If anyone got reviews of it do share!!
I will update later with mine. Hype!!

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A Moitie apparel lucky pack, got lucky and didn't get the rose dress. Thank god

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I probably overpaid for this, but I really love it and the market is just like that right now so. I haven't been having much luck with the CC updates, at least this way I can actually get something.

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I got a boz skirt semi-recently, it hasn't shipped yet.

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The cross candelabra ring. It's going to be my very first Moitie item. I'm really itching to finally buy a dress from MMM but nothing recent has really spoken to me, and it seems getting something secondhand is completely out of the question.

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Coffin Lace JSK. It's been a while since I've last bought a main piece from MMM and I can't wait to receive it.

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I bought Coffin Laxe Jsk as well <3 can not wait for it to arrive <3

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MMM lace OTKs and a Sheglit crown ring. Small order, but I’m very satisfied.

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What's the gothiest shit AP has put out besides Holy Lantern? A couple of friends of mine want to go to an AP tea party when events start happening again and I don't have any main pieces from AP (cursed high waists/not interested in sweet). Is it a faux pas to wear AP styled in a gothic coordinate to their brand tea parties?

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i feel like this question gets asked often. many solid jsks or OPs should work,especially newer releases that had a lot of chiffon or lace or tulle. for prints, i think something like girl's heart, heavenly cross, milky cross or sugar cross could work, but anything will be very similar to HL.

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Honestly I'd just go kurololita with any non-print black dress you take a fancy to. Some of them will even work with all-Moitie bag, shoes and accessories, especially if you avoid the prints so they don't have an obvious motif to clash with. It will turn out a little frillier than your average gothic coord, though, they just have a lot of fabric.

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Seconding the other anon - solids in black or red could be styled in a gothic way. For prints, there’s always dresses like ghost night bride, heavenly cross, or horror garden which could also easily be styled in a goth manner. As long as you’re wearing AP I doubt anyone will care.

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I like lacy solids like the Katrina or Vioretta OP. They can definitely be styled gothic.

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Romantic night princess in black is pretty goth in my opinion. It could be something you can wear more than once and beyond the party if the witchy mature egl style is your thing.

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What do people feel about layering headdresses like this? I can't decide if I hate it or like it, it looks like a lump of lace stacked on the head.

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Is the quality of nameless poem any good? I mean its taobao after all

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it's considered one of the best taobao dresses you can buy

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Just buy a replica. Same quality, less money spent

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The Horror Garden set is so nice.

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You don't need to ask the same question in two different threads. Go to the General for the discussion. And do not listen to >>10458444. She's clearly dumb.

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i was thinking about buying a pair of demonia ranger 302 (pic related) and a pair of new rock selina boots, it's a good cop or not?

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Those are a bit heavy. The Elektra 2020 style have a sleeker sole rather than the heavy treads, but look as though they’re a higher heel. But they look better if you’re going for that sort of look.

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Angelic Imprint makes a similar pair of boots, though not as high of a platform, and with a taller upper. I own them, and they're not very heavy imo. No clue about the boots you mentioned, just thought I'd throw the link out since the two are so similar.

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Has anyone bought this Punk Rave coat, or a similar one? I'm wondering if it's good quality before I go for it.

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Punk Rave quality is shit, and the designs are an itatastic mess. Avoid it like the plague.

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Their coats are actually not bad! I have 2 and the quality of mine are pretty nice and they're thick/heavy and lined with a fuzzy plush fleece. I would say beware of the sizing tho because even following the size chart mine were completely wrong. Most of their other stuff is overpriced trash tho.

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Thanks! I just need a warm coat before it gets freezing here haha.

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np! Do try and find reviews if you can tho because I'm not sure how the quality varies between styles and if I just got lucky with the ones I have lmao

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I think the heavier looking shoes are a nice nod to the way people used to style gothic in the early 2000's. Not every shoe has to be dainty.

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Elegant/Sweet Lolita here: I have a friend who’s looking to get into the fashion and she’s fallen in love with HAENULI Promise of Eternal. Does anyone know of dresses similar to it? She specifically said she liked the look of lace on monochrome and preferred a high waist because it’s flattering on her. Thanks!

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A lot of MMM accessories: the new headbow, couple of socks in different colors, a choker. I always forget all about accessories and only concentrate on main pieces so I went all out this time.

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Not much, just a MM poster, a GLB and a bonnet.

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This jacket in black, plus Moitie's Velveteen Frill Skirt in black.

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Anyone know why Antique Beast hasn't opened since March? It's a really long time for their doing. Is it just that they don't think they'll have enough orders because of the pandemic?

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My guess is that it's probably because regular shipping is down and they don't want to deal with courier shipping, and/or have had trouble sourcing materials with supply chain disruptions. Several shops started out saying they would hold packages until EMS resumes (Meta, Atelier Pierrot, Q-pot.) but have changed their minds just this month, probably with packages piling up and whatnot.

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Shipping within Japan works just fine though, and many countries other than the US are being shipped to again (including mine). The trouble in sourcing materials seems like it's a plausible cause though. I hope they won't go under at least as they're one of few modern brands that still suit my aesthetic.

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Because of the virus, ems is backed up/not working and other methods are expensive. Remember that she is both an indie designer and cannot hold onto packages in the same volume like other bigger brands but also a lot of her clients are overseas so its about what is worth doing atm.

If you check there is a link to her blog, she mentioned in May that she was thinking of only opening for domestic, and in the beginning of July she was just starting to send out stuff from March/April's opening time.

I doubt they are going under since this wasnt her main source of income (def not since the flow is like a part time gig) but its more about how to logistically sell when you dont have a ton of resources.

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shipping being okay in japan doesn't mean she's going to want to tell tons of people she's not going to ship to them. just think about how people bother other brands asking about using other methods.

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This beauty in green! I've been searching for it for about 3 years now (when it first came into my radar, the black was still in stock but I just couldn't settle for it) so I'm super excited. Who knows when I'll get to actually hold it though.

>> No.10460788

I’m happy for you, congratulations

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New Sheglit releases!

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The pattern is beautiful but I don't like the bib.

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there's a bibless version as well, anon

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That's so victorian!

>> No.10461069

Thank you anon!

>> No.10461083

Unless it's custom, I want to go to wherever Sheglit sources their fabrics

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Do you own anything from Sheglit? What piece/s?

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I have about ten blouses/cutsews, one OP, two JSKs, four skirts, two coats, one bolero, one cardigan, and a corset. I really like Sheglit...

>> No.10461976

I got two OPs, Sirenetta and Florence Lace.

>> No.10462002

I have a bolero, a jsk, and a blouse. It's very nice and slightly more comfortable sizing than my moitie pieces. Bolero is a little tight on the shoulders though.

>> No.10462009

What did you think of the Florence Lace OP? I've seen it's popular with JP lolitas.

>> No.10462023

I have one OP, one JSK, one skirt, five blouses, two capes and two boleros. They’re good for everyday wear but I do find their style leaning a bit too close to classic for my taste

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More new Sheglit stuff!

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The blouse also comes in brown.

>> No.10462142

So gorgeous. Why is there never any sheglit on the second hand market?

>> No.10462174

They're easy pieces to wear casually so I imagine people are less likely to sell them after only a few wears.

On a related note, I missed a Freesia OP a few weeks ago for a good price because I was hmming and hahing about whether I should get it and I've been regretting it since.

>> No.10462181

Not enough. My only piece is one I found secondhand from ClosetChild and I need to stop fucking with AP so I can dedicate more money to the brand

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Anyone else excited for the new blue bat corset skirt?
I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I'm worried that the corset wouldn't fit too well.
Does anyone have it and can do a quick review on the quality/fit?

>> No.10462226

I'm also curious about the skirt, someone in my comm bought it but it doesn't actually go up to 72cm in the waist, is that true?

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I'm concerned about the bat corset fitting weirdly, it seems to wrinkle in the middle where the boning ends.

It's also really similar to another AATP skirt I have but I suppose the corset being removable helps make it more versatile.

>> No.10462247

I don't really like the proportions on it. Looks like you'd have to be wearing massive platforms for it not to make you look stumpy.
Personally I'd prefer the design if the corset part itself had more pronounced bat cutouts at the bottom but the skirt was just a regular hem.

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I was until I saw

>> No.10462266

I just watched the recent Moitie Diaries and Andrea mentioned that the striped fabric was a lot lighter and so more appropriate for summer and I'm all for that, so I'm going to be eating my words >>10462262 and opening my wallet.

>> No.10462274

I have seen a bunch of outfits using the corset part, and i think the wrinkle is because of the skirt? Idk maybe it just needed to be pressed a bit there

>> No.10462294

Mine is about that big at the max stretch. No bigger. The corset is generous but the skirt will look like shit if you're too big

>> No.10462336

What would you estimate is the smallest it can go?

>> No.10462346

Sorry for the incredibly stupid question, but are you saying the skirt is detachable? So you can wear either the skirt or corset on its own?

>> No.10462352

Hmmm maybe 58 or 60 on the cummerbund? There is no way to cinch the skirt if you're really tiny though, this is really more of just a Japanese size S-M only release. Not for everyone

>> No.10462355

You can. But the skirt is plain af without the corset belt, I've worn it this way casually

>> No.10463051

For the anons above who have experience with Sheglit, would you say their quality is consistent and worth the price tag? (I guess that second one's a yes otherwise you all wouldn't own it, but still.)
I feel like I've seen a few older comments from people pointing out that most of it is made in China and saying that the quality wasn't exactly great, especially given how simple a lot of their pieces are.
I'm wondering if these quality issues were because the brand was newer at the time and they've gotten better now that a few years have passed, or if, even now, there's low quality pieces, which means that it's more a matter of inconsistency.

>> No.10463058

Own a bolero and blouse from them, the quality is normal brand standard, nothing too impressive nothing disappointing.

>> No.10463068

It's not quite as polished as a main brand, for instance there are no original fabrics, lace, or special buttons but I actually do like that there's no real brand logo to be plastered everywhere

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Yeah its a 2 piece outfit. Here is the new green skirt without the corset

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New Atelier Boz "Matilda" Coat OP is up for reservations on their site. Comes in Khaki and navy, though there no pictures of the navy yet.


Bust: 91cm
Shoulder width: 36.5cm
Sleeve length: 62.5cm
Waist: 70-78cm
Length: 80cm
Skirt length: 55cm
Armband: 11cm


>> No.10463280

I just received mine today! I really love it, the fit is lovely. Very versatile piece as well, I think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of it.

>> No.10463700

>>10457468 here, I've received mine last week and I love it too. It's way better quality than I imagined and while I was concerned it would be too big because of the official measurements it actually fits quite well. No regrets.

>> No.10463722

If either of you feel like it, I would love to see some detail shots. I passed on this release because I was worried about the quality, but WWs stock photos are always shit and I would love to see the fabric texture and lace up close

>> No.10463724


>> No.10463725


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File: 2.69 MB, 1626x2439, Coffin Lace JSK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here you go. Both fabric and lining are very soft to the touch. Also, you can't see it in the pictures but the JSK is actually fully lined. I've also added a picture of the matching headdress in case anyone might be interested.

>> No.10464580

Ah, now you make me want to wear mine again this week, it's a really lovely dress.

>> No.10464862

Thank you anon! The fabric actually does look quite nice. I was worried it would be that textureless IW polyester I loathe so much, now I might have to get it

>> No.10469548

Bless you, anon

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Boz's online store is now apparently accepting credit card payments & can offer international shipping! Hopefully this will help them survive Corona times.

>> No.10469819

I own a lot of Sheglit. Anything from the past 2 years is amazing quality, anything older is nice but not as nice as VM or MM. On par with Moitie and AATP, all have good and bad pieces

>> No.10469826

My dd is still out of stock though fml

>> No.10469835

I know your pain

>> No.10469892

Oh the shop staff mentioned that they were thinking about doing it when I visited last year, I'm glad they finally went through with it! Can't wait to place an order next month.

>> No.10469933

Does Boz having a mailing list where they announce future reservations?

>> No.10469943

I don't know, but they announce reservations on twitter @boz_honten. Or if you're a dinosaur like me you can subscribe to their blog's RSS feed http://bozhonten.blog.fc2.com/?xml. Maybe they email you if you make an account on the website, but they ask for a Japanese address so I haven't tried.

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File: 1.71 MB, 3872x3872, de7b4e50561895964039.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sheglit has announced their 2020 A/W collection.


>> No.10472009

How does this work exactly?

>> No.10472261

>International shipping is also accepted
>Please feel free to contact us
So you have to contact them for international shipping? That could be a problem, I don't know any Japanese. Do they speak English?

>> No.10472524

Thank you for your responses, they've been very helpful!

>> No.10472525
File: 3.87 MB, 4160x3120, 20200912_180522.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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New Moitie releases.

M+Cross Rose JSK
40.000JPY (+tax)

Length: 92.5cm
Skirt length: 54cm
Bust: 82~92cm
Waist: 71~80cm
Shoulder straps: 35~36cm (adjustable)

Bodice (shantung): 100% polyester
Skirt (chiffon): 100% polyester
Skirt (lace): base fabric 100% nylon, embroidery top thread 100% rayon, embroidery bobbin thread 100% cotton
Ribbon: 100% polyester
Lace: 100% rayon
Lining: 100% cuprammonium rayon

>> No.10473296
File: 257 KB, 558x553, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

M+Cross Rose Round Headdress

"A round headdress using the original 「M+Cross Rose」 lace fabric.
Coordinates well with not only the JSK of the same series but all kinds of other printed and non-print dresses as well. Chain accessory detachable via clasp."

10.000JPY (+tax)

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File: 244 KB, 550x550, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10473298
File: 268 KB, 556x556, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

M-m-M Logo Ring
12500JPY (+tax)

A simple logo ring that is perfect for everyday use.
The carved out logo is surrounded by resin, which gives a three-dimensional effect.
Available in small sizes as well to use as a pinky ring.

Size 2 (inner circumfeence 41.9mm)
Size 7 (inner circumfeence 47.1mm)
Size 11 (inner circumfeence 51.3mm)

Measurements are as stated, however please note that actual rings feel approximately two sizes smaller when worn
Size 2: size 0~1
Size 7: size 5
Size 11: size 9

925 silver

>> No.10473300
File: 201 KB, 557x557, 5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pearl Candelabra Necklace (gold)
3700JPY (+tax)

Chain Tin alloy
Candelabra Tin alloy

>> No.10473301
File: 211 KB, 556x556, 6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pearl Candelabra Earrings (pierced & clip-on) (gold)
5400JPY (+tax)

Candelabra Tin alloy
Clip-on Tin alloy (clip-on version only)
Earring post Titanium (pierced version only)
Earring catch Stainless steel (pierced version only)

>> No.10473302
File: 111 KB, 1000x1415, EhdVN3vU8AA6P9F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Release date: September 19, 3pm JST

>> No.10473314

Do you reckon they might rerelease the silver version?

>> No.10473315

Thank you for posting these anon! Love the JSK. I like the look of the earrings too but wondering if they're worth the money. I haven't owned any Moitie jewellery so maybe someone can weigh in?

>> No.10473325

Andrea said in the IG live today that they have no plans for the silver version atm but you never know

>> No.10473355

thank you, good to know

it's not a total ripoff, but you are paying some for the brand name for sure.

>> No.10473363

This is beautiful. I won't pay full price for it, but it truly is pretty. Hopefully it will sell well.

>> No.10473375

I am so sad this looks soooo cheap
whyyyyyyyyyyy moitie whyyyyyyyy

>> No.10473379

Just curious- what in your opinion makes it look cheap?

The materials look very high quality and it has another custom lace which is very expensive to make.

>> No.10473392

I have the silver earrings and it is the same quality as the necklace. It doesnt seem like it will break randomly and has lasted quite a few wears. The weak point will be the post itself.

>> No.10473396


Thanks anons!

>> No.10473399

the lace looks supper high quality and beautiful! the "cheapness" imo comes from
1)the shape of the bodice, its basically a tube
2) the fabric of the bodice, shantung is commonly a type of silk. this "shantung" is a polyester that (to me) seems shiny (in a plasticky way) and non breathable.
To be fair I work in the costume/textile industry so i may be a tad picky about those things
but 40k yen for this seems insane to me.

>> No.10473400

That new lace is gorgeous! And I like the metal D-rings on the bodice, they have an edgier Western-goth feel

>> No.10473401

> shantung is commonly a type of silk

Every single 'shantung' piece I've seen from a lolita brand is actually polyester. Has there ever been a brand that used real silk?

>> No.10473410

It's actually embroidered tulle, not lace, from what I understand.

>> No.10473411
File: 175 KB, 738x1037, w6DjfbURPTzaZgAztCg5Y4gHtYKG1lqDiJyJEUuv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe in the days of yore some pieces where made out of actual shantung most notably that mythical angelic pretty OP.
My point is not as much that I need for the dress to be made out of silk in order to be worth it.
More like, I would appreciate better fabric choices (like things that breathe) altogether or prices that reflect the actual value of the piece.

>> No.10473412

I liked it in the broadcast but holy shit Fanny looks so bad in this dress it’s making me reconsider. It looked so nice on Andrea though, why is Moitie so unflattering on Fanny? She just doesn’t suit it at all. I wish they would use Nahotass as a model more often instead.

>> No.10473413

I think the photos they took of her were just really bad. The one where she’s laying on the couch you can’t even see the damn dress.

>> No.10473414

Ah, I see. You just are larping.

1. It isnt a tube, but like a lot of lolita it is not for busty people, the seam with that lace covering it has a slight curve but it isnt drastic.

2. Poly Shantung is common in lolita and poly is common in Moitie. Its not the same poly as what AP uses and is much thicker and sturdier. You can see this shantung used by aatp for example with their gathered chiffon jsk, and actually >>10473411 is the same shantung. Not sure why you think this dress is somehow magically different. I find that the texture can make it look shiny at times in stock photos but that isnt a sign of cheapness.

3. Price point of moitie is higher overall and this is on par with other releases which are all around this price range. I think that the custom lace which as >>10473410 said is embroidered tulle is upping the cost as it is expensive to make and it uses a lot of it.

>> No.10473415

shantung actually refers to the grain more than the material. as with most types of silk, unless you are buying something high quality, it's going to be polyester that mimics the look of the silk.

>> No.10473451


I have old Moitie shantung, it's polyester. I'll need proof to believe that >>10473411 is real silk, it's more likely to be polyester shantung still; I have a different AP shantung dress and that one is still polyester, too.

As for the way it looks on the mannequin, it looks a lot like what >>10472636 is doing, just means the dress is made for someone bigger so it's hanging funny on the mannequin.

Moitie's pricing has never been that cheap, they were at 30k yen for simpler cuts when AP was under 30k yen, now with inflation AP regularly hits 30k yen, so for a dress with this much embroidery I'm not surprised to see it hit 40k yen.

No interest in the dress either way. Just saying.

>> No.10473467

kek calm down I was stating my opinion w .
Regarding the bodice I wrote "basically a tube" a slightly curved seam does not change much.
Poly is now common for most lolita brands I agree, but i dont have to like it.
Its not a wearable fabric and its obviously cheaper. It makes sense sometimes with prints as it doesnt fade.
may be a pompous bitch but honestly it just seems like a plain fabric to me.
If you say the AP dress is poly I believe you as I have no proof either way but this >>10473411 and this >>10473302 seem pretty different to me.
hopefully the anon that once claimed to own it is lurking and can let us know

I may be mistaken but I think the grain is kinda what silk does, poly shantung is just copying that texture.

As I said before the embroidered border is beautiful, but i dont think some meters of machine embroidery are enough to justify this price point. Mostly because the rest of the dress is so plain.
I understand that for something like Moitie you pay for the brand name. But guys you have to agree that for the same prices you can get better quality stuff.
When we roll over and just buy anything just because its mmm we will continue to get cheap looking clothing.

My issue is not as much with the fit as I can see it worn here >>10473295 I am more put by the simplistic design & cheap materials in correlation with the price.
Generally I have been displeased with what MMM has been putting out there for a while now.

>> No.10473471

Im scared the straps will break. It's just lace?? Otherwise it's nice.

>> No.10473474

>Ribbon: 100% polyester
I think thats the strap part

>> No.10473475

>Lace: 100% rayon
or is it this one ?

>> No.10473485
File: 57 KB, 537x534, 119175812_373189700361010_825430058936276580_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's not just lace, there's a ribbon under it

>> No.10473496

Can you give some examples of MMM dresses that you felt were a cut above the rest? Just curious about what you would consider as "quality".

>> No.10473703

Dude I can feel your condescending tone through the screen

>> No.10473720


Nayrt but I'm curious as well. Not saying that mmm is made from the gossamer wings of butterflies, but this particular release seems much more in line with their typical non print releases. If anon is asking for real silk shantung, this ain't it but a lot of higher tier brands won't give you that either.

>> No.10473734

Nayrt at all, just a different confused anon.

This release looks similar to the cut of Front Lace-up JSK, and I’m not here to shit on moitie, but even I am looking back and forth between the mannequin photos of that release and this one, and something about the new one seems off... not the material, the proportions. I could also just be wrong and the stock photos are just worse than usual.

>Usually if it looks that bad on Fanny, I have no hope.

>> No.10473742

I missed that! Does anyone have the front lack jsk, are the straps stable? I feel like for the model photo, the peter pan collar is not a good match to this dress. Should be something with an open neck.

>> No.10473746


Ah ok that makes more sense. I do have to agree with that and honestly the thin straps on the heavy looking JSK are making me sort of nervous?

I was just confused by other anons reply since she seemed to indicate she would want a quality of materials that even old mmm (or any brand) would provide.

>> No.10473790

They’re repeat materials for sure. I do think a matte lace overlay is an odd choice here though, it makes the shantung look extra shiny in comparison.

>> No.10473799

It always looks bad on fanny. It looked better on the ig live.

>> No.10473843
File: 47 KB, 700x700, x-00208-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone know if Moitie is planning on restocking this colorway? I really regret not getting it.

>> No.10473866

Every single Moitie item looks horrible on Fanny. They really need to change the model because Fanny does not fit Moitie aestetics at all. i do not understand why they still hire her.

>> No.10473867

couldn't agree more.

>> No.10473871

The IG live really made me want a Gilet and I really wish they'd release one soon.

>> No.10473878

Not that they have said. I agree tho, I regret not getting it too.

>> No.10473879

God I hate Fanny in Moitie. She's so not gothic it hurts

>> No.10473882

They really don't put proper effort into photographing her well huh. Even her hair is so low effort, it doesn't look nice with the headdress.

Anyone else find Andrea really salty and rude sometimes? She had an AMA and told someone not to ask her about Mana on her personal account. Does she know what the "anything" in Ask Me Anything even means...

>> No.10473898

AMAs are supposed to be about the person who's hosting it. So it's weird to ask her questions about Mana. She comes across as curt sometimes but I think it's a cultural thing.

>> No.10473908

That question to her was rude and I’m glad she shut it down respectfully. She’s a very nice person, she is just assertive and doesn’t dance around feelings before giving a direct answer. It’s good to see people, especially women, be more direct and firm with answers and setting boundaries in their personal spaces like that.

>> No.10473910

Asking about Mana isn’t asking “her” anything. It was also a stupid question about his music which isn’t related to her or her job.

>> No.10473916

To me it seemed like just a question someone in the same music fandom might ask another fan, she also got annoyed when someone else called her a social media manager for Moitie.

Could just be some German culture thing that comes off as rudeness I'm suppose.

>> No.10473917

I’ve talked to her a bit even before the Moitie dairies started and she’s really sweet. That question was stupid and I’d be annoyed if someone was asking me questions about my boss on my personal account/on my personal account too.

>> No.10473918 [DELETED] 

*on my personal time

>> No.10473919

*on my personal time

>> No.10473924

We're 40 moitie diaries episodes in and cringey Mana fans still spam ~WHERE IS MANA~, so that was an incredibly respectful/nice reply from her considering that it means that those cringey fans found their way to her personal account. Ffs I even got mad when I saw that question in her stories.

>> No.10474015

Share you fav coords

>> No.10474041

you first

>> No.10474115

Andrea is not rude at all. She has to set boundaries. It is because Mana is famous and has a lot of fans. I kind of know someone famous as well and unfortunately it is how it is. You can not tell everything especially if you work for the person!

>> No.10474426


>> No.10474429

I feel like the decent photo quality hides just how overaccessorised this coord is...

>> No.10474515

OK but source on that corset?

>> No.10474554

>4 accessories

Are we looking at the same coord and are you even in this fashion?

>> No.10474586

I like it elegant and classy.Im more old school cosplay bar maids and Swedish maids.love the post made my day.

>> No.10474588 [DELETED] 

Are you on drugs?

>> No.10474593

She's not even wearing shoes. OTT must make you vomit out of disgust.

>> No.10474628

Nayrt, but would this really get a pass if it were a sweet coord?
>printed dress and tights, but different prints
>heavy na+h choker over a blouse that already has cross straps

The accessories are all black, but I agree this would look better without at least one of the necklaces, and wrist corsets that were the same material as the bag, or regular lace wristcuffs instead, and more subtle tights so the JSKs print isn’t so overshadowed. That’s just like, my opinion though.

>> No.10474630 [DELETED] 


Maybe you could shut up instead of pretending like you know anything about this fashion. Jesus christ.

>> No.10474637

all those people defending Andrea makes me feel that its Andrea

>> No.10474639 [DELETED] 

Shidding on my tiddies

>> No.10474645 [DELETED] 

farding on dem haterz

>> No.10474657

I'm disappointed that I even bothered to give you an answer.

She has her fanbase and it's fine, anyways bitchy or not she does her job well. I'm glad Moitie has regular social media updates, would be sad to see her go.

>> No.10474677
File: 116 KB, 500x375, 153930783_o32.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some new Gothic releases mini-dump.

Atelier Pierrot Lace-Up Platform Pumps
13,860 yen
Releasing 19 September
S ~ L

The sole's height is about 5cm front, 11cm back.
Removable ribbon. Synthetic leather.

>> No.10474678
File: 847 KB, 3872x3872, 7f5a578f-91c9-4653-919b-297f17d91ec0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Reservations for Sheglit's A/W coats are opening up 17 September, and are scheduled to be shipped in early to mid November.

Jane Princess Coat
In purple and black

Length: BC85
Shoulder width: 34
Bust: 98.5
Sleeve length: 63
Cuffs: 28
Hem circumference: 240
Waist: 83

Main material is 50% Wool 50% Polyester, the fur is faux.

>> No.10474679
File: 814 KB, 3872x3872, 8e71454240859c008af9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Gretel Short Cape Coat
Green / Black

Cape length: BC53
Coat Length: BC37
Shoulder width: 35
Bust: 100
Sleeve length: 61
Cuff: 28
Hem circumference: 98

>> No.10474681
File: 808 KB, 3872x3872, d9f9868f78dc606d8b78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hansel Short Coat
Green Plaid / Black

Length: 52.5
Shoulder width: 35
Bust: 96
Sleeve length: 62. 5
Cuffs: 28
Waist: 82

"The fabric is different between green and black, and the green plaid is a slightly lighter fabric that you can wear like a jacket. Black gives a thick and soft texture like a coat."

>> No.10474682
File: 725 KB, 3872x3872, 71051a5b430654eed0da.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lorraine Long Coat
¥ 47,300
Navy / Black

Length: 115
Shoulder width: 38
Bust: 99
Sleeve length: 61.5
Cuffs: 28
Waist: 83
Hem circumference: 274

>> No.10474683
File: 854 KB, 3872x3872, 2827e8a46d3d33642394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Florence Classical Coat
Green / Brown / Black

Length: 115
Shoulder width: 40
Bust: 98
Sleeve length: 61
Cuffs: 28
Waist: 82

>> No.10474732

>I'm glad Moitie has regular social media updates, would be sad to see her go.
Agreed. I also really appreciate the more accurate measurements that we get now.

>> No.10474748

I defended Andrea. I am not Andrea or her friend. I think people are just jealous so they are throwing sh*t at her

>> No.10474755

I'm a bit divided. I like there's Moitie activity again. I feel like the shopkeeper/spokesperson thing works well for a specific on site storefronts. It feels a little weird to have someone run the brand narrative that isn't involved in the creative process. That aside Andrea sometimes plays favorites in that narrative. I also haven't seen any accounts in Japanese interact with the community events, or is that just me? Are they just bypassing their own country? Obviously everyone is glad Moitie is back.

>> No.10474761

Andrea said that the largest market for Moitie is still Japan, so the online activity is probably a very smart outreach move to grow their smaller market. I think overall the company has made some great moves to revive itself, and we likely just don’t see a lot of what is done for Japan.

>> No.10474980
File: 45 KB, 500x666, mfrzxbud.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts? Worth or nah?

>> No.10475359

>the largest market for Moitie is still Japan
Is there a possibility that this is because there are overseas buyers who use Japan-based SS to buy Moitie to avoid customs?

>> No.10475365

Is this an EU thing? I'm in the US and I've never had to deal with customs when buying from Japan.

>> No.10475426

Yes, but also it also happens in other parts of the world.

>> No.10475489

I'm not sure how big that market is. I personally buy all my stuff using a Japanese SS but I know a ton of people in my community don't even know about lowering package value to avoid customs

>> No.10475494

us is the only place it doesn't happen. even in canada customs are fucking insane.

>> No.10475495

Honest question from a sweet lolita here.

Do Gothic lolitas relate more to the goth subculture or lolita subculture?

>> No.10475497

you're not that "punk not dead" "using the word gothic has to directly be related to 80s goth music culture" idiot again are you?

>> No.10475498

Unlikely. Why use an SS when you have tenso to mark down with? It seems like a hassle to get an SS when there is no advantage. The stuff release at the same time on WW and moities shop. Atelier Pierrot gets stuff weeks after

>> No.10475499

Lolita, because gothic lolita is lolita, not goth.

>> No.10475500

No, I just follow many gothic lolitas on instagram and I feel like they're mostly into goth aesthetic, music and such. I see them sharing many posts that appeal to goths (as in, they're not fit for a lolita outfit, but rather belong to a goth outfit). And since I noticed that with many gothic lolitas, I wondered if gothic lolita maybe is just another facet of being goth to them?

>> No.10475503

i think it depends on the person probably, and why they like lolita in general. a lot of why i like it is because it matches my features better than other styles and still resembles how it looked in 2005 when u
i discovered lolita in general.

>> No.10475504

Lolita, however many gothic lolitas also goths

>> No.10475553

I'm so glad to see more purple in gothic!

>> No.10475558

Depends highly on the person. For me it's both goth and lolita. Why be only one?

>> No.10475579

I wear gothic lolita but am absolutely not into goth culture at all. I'm more into visual kei and punk as far as music goes, which I guess is more in line with old school "culture"?

>> No.10475614

I seriously regretted not getting this last year I’m so happy it’s back! They have so many cute coats this year

>> No.10475618

As >>10475504 said gothic lolita is lolita first and goth second. I was personally goth first then i got into gothic lolita.

>> No.10475674

>ppl who are goth when they're normie but wear sweet lolita
I don't trust any of them. See T from LWLN.

>> No.10475684


>> No.10475762

I can't speak for any one else, but personally I relate more to goth than to lolita, because lolita is just clothing to me. I'll occasionally wear sweet and classic (and colorful normie clothing) but the goth is still there. If that makes sense.

I'm probably super off the mark because I don't know much about her but I always thought she was more of a metalhead than anything?

>> No.10475772

this is pure autism

>> No.10476011

it is a really weird choice, that's for sure. sweet doesn't suit her brash personality at all.

no, she had a goth series similar to lwln before. she's into goth/industrial clubs and stuff.

>> No.10476053


Tons of past scene and emo girls are now into pastel jfashion (Lor made a video about it but I noticed the trend long before that). Wouldn't surprise me that a goth would be too though usually straight up goths would just do gothic lolita wouldn't they?

>> No.10476078


Tons of young people get way too deep into a hobby and react by violently swinging hard in the opposite direction once the blush of first crush is over. I think just a couple of years back we were talking about lolitas who get way too deep into "being a lolita" as part of their identity, and then out of the blue, announce they're quitting and that it's difficult and it wasn't their personality to begin with.

I say young people, because they're often searching for an identity/group to belong to, and latch on way too hard to anything they like. In reality people have multi-faceted personalities and it's entirely possible to like both goth and pop music, or like gothic and sweet and classic, or maybe they just like goth music and sweet lolita.

>> No.10476128

When you buy with Tenso, you are still shipping the item to a Japanese address. If Moitie is using shipping addresses to figure out the demographics of their customers, they would likely assume that customer lives in Japan.

>> No.10476224

I relate more to the lolita subculture even though I was exposed to the gothic subculture first. But that might also be because of my opinions on both of the respective fashions as well, the current look for general gothic is not really in line with why I liked it in the first place.

>> No.10476252

>AP sweet lolita for like a year now, still a newbie
>sudden urge to start a gothic capsule

>> No.10476261

couldn't agree more with this.

>> No.10476263

Completely agree.

I also think Instagram/social media in general pressures people into being one thing. But people aren't a "brand" and don't need to have 1 aesthetic.

>> No.10476302


They restocked the silver earrings, Anon!

thats the pierced link but the clip are also in stock

>> No.10476365

thank you for looking out for me, anon. unfortunately, the reason I was wondering about a silver rerelease is because i have the earrings but not the necklace and would like to complete the set. still hoping they might restock those necklaces.

>> No.10477015

Can the next goth general be Aristo/EGL edition? Pretty please thread-maker anon?

>> No.10477016 [DELETED] 

Why can’t you make it yourself? Are you retarded?

>> No.10477020 [DELETED] 

It's not time for a new one yet

>> No.10477022 [DELETED] 

Then wait until it’s time and then make one instead of crying that someone else should make it in the way you want it to be made

>> No.10477031 [DELETED] 

Ok karen

>> No.10477035 [DELETED] 

nyart but they aren't being a Karen. and just make an Aristo thread yourself, dummy-chan. you have the ability to make posts and start threads same as anyone else

>> No.10477036 [DELETED] 


Fuck off. It’s not “Karen” of someone to tell you to do things for yourself instead of whining like a retard

>> No.10477038 [DELETED] 

Ok Karen, not everyone is glued to this site often enough to be around when it's the exact time to make a new Goth General

>> No.10477039 [DELETED] 

Fuck off newfag

>> No.10477040 [DELETED] 

Seethe harder, I bet you wear sweet.

>> No.10477041 [DELETED] 

>someone tells you to stop acting like an entitled newfag
>proceed to reeee about how Karen that is and how they must wear sweet all because they pointed out how stupid you are

I can’t imagine what it’s like being this stupid.

>> No.10477049

Not OP, but I'm pretty sure you're welcome to discuss that in this thread too?

>> No.10477050

I support this idea

>> No.10477054 [DELETED] 

do it yourself

>> No.10477091

I've been the thread-maker, and if I make the next one, sure! If anyone has suggestions for a picture they'd like used, just post it here. In the mean time, like >>10477049 said, feel free to discuss Aristo/EGA here as well.

>> No.10477919
File: 682 KB, 1366x2048, E6A91464-D7DA-4A27-A116-21A1FA6B1C30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone ordered from Cruel Arcadia?

>> No.10477924

Tips on taking better gothic lolita photos? Sometimes I feel like all the black just merges together and I lose all the beautiful details, or I have problems like my proportions looking wrong etc.

>> No.10477950

They’re amazing. I have their Cottagr Doll OP and it’s mistaken for VM all the time- the quality is stunning and everything about it is just beautiful.

>> No.10477951


>> No.10478410

What makes a gothic coord really stand out as special to you?

>> No.10478441

It's not helpful for the actual picture-taking part, but Adobe Lightroom has a slider you can adjust blacks on, so you can make just those parts lighter on your pictures to show more detail. Close-up shots are also useful. And of course, taking pictures in well-lit areas to begin with.

>> No.10478628
File: 332 KB, 1511x2015, 1590918741986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sometimes it's sheer elaborateness, sometimes it's the confidence of the person wearing it. Pic related isn't much on a mannequin but the wearer's comfort and seeming confidence makes this really good to me

>> No.10479062

get a good ring light. take a lot of photos and use photoshop to edit the details you do not like. Sometimes editing just tiny bit makes the coord look so much better!

>> No.10479143

This isn’t gothic.

>> No.10479191

all black doesn't mean gothic. the cut of this dress, the makeup, etc, none of it reads as gothic.....are you new?

>> No.10479196

What an unflattering figure she has, its like a fridge but thin

>> No.10479219

are you actually serious? She does have an amazing figure and a very good style. I think that back in the oldschool days this would be considered on gothic side!

>> No.10479221

This has been a terrible year to be a poorfag

>> No.10479274

I love that their collection announcements look like an album drop

Add a throwaway email and post in the DD/BST threads? I'm always searching MMM auctions and would gladly share the link if I see it for you anon

>> No.10479283 [DELETED] 

It last they aren't the type of "has been into sweet or any other trend for most of their time wearing lolita but jumped on the bandwagon ever since the moitie revival and are now die hard moitiefags and ~so goff~, shitting on everything else except maybe oldschool". Which is a good 80% of all the popular ones rn.

>> No.10479284

At least they aren't the type of "has been into sweet or any other trend for most of their time wearing lolita but jumped on the bandwagon ever since the moitie revival and are now die hard moitiefags and ~so goff~, shitting on everything else except maybe oldschool". Which is a good 80% of all the popular ones rn.

>> No.10479286

NAYRT but who? I haven't seen a single person doing that and I feel like I follow most of "popular" lolitas.

>> No.10480088

Tripod and good lighting

>> No.10480733

For those Moitie bags that have been released in two versions, how can you tell whether it's the real or fake leather version, short of inspecting it yourself in person? I have one of the fake leather logo bags and it has no material tags inside.

>> No.10480739

Did anyone buy the Bat Corset Skirt solely for the corset? Was it worth it?

>> No.10481193

Have you noticed how andrea clearly had her favourite ones?

>> No.10481197

what, the coords? I follow mmm on ig but don't watch moitie diaries

>> No.10481206

It's purely decorative. I bought it for both pieces. I like the corset part but if you buy it for just that, there may be better choices

>> No.10481292

vudujuju and thingsweneverdid certainly get better treatment than everyone else there. Just check Moitie instagram and you will understand

>> No.10481299

They both have consistently good coordinates and submit photos frequently so it’s not exactly surprising they get featured? You’re reading too much into this imo

>> No.10481302

well maybe it's cus they coordinate better than others? not gonna lie some coordinates don't look all that great, if i had to be in that position i would favor the coordinates that best suit the brand. it's not that big of a deal anon because everybody that participates in the challenges gets posted regardless.

>> No.10481308

Just because they got posted twice as the first image doesn’t mean they’re getting “better treatment” than everyone else. You could make the same argument for the three who had an entire post dedicated to them and their one combined effort. They both looked nice and worked well with the given themes.

>> No.10481311


I like them too but are y'all just wk-ing to start some drama? Holy shit

>> No.10481312

I mean, if anyone’s trying to start drama it’s >>10481292

>> No.10481313


Its all of them really. Some people get jelly easily but having that many wk replies reeks of fishing for drama too.

>> No.10481327

They’re not white-knighting for the individuals, they’re telling someone who’s overthinking a situation and coming off as jealous to consider reasons why the two people may be seen first amongst the others. Three replies isn’t some WK army.

>> No.10481378
File: 1.37 MB, 662x1058, Screenshot 2020-09-30 at 23.30.36.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

her coords are kinda horrible but get posted as the first image regardless.

>> No.10481382

Jfc this hurts my eyes

>> No.10481386

Honestly I like it. It's cohesive and more visually interesting than a lot of Moitie coords. And I guess Andrea liked it too, but why does it matter? This is the most non-drama shit to be arguing about. They're not getting free Moitie or anything just because their pictures are first in a set. Somebody has to be, it's not a ranking.
But I guess if this is as bad as "drama" gets for gothic lolitas we're not doing too bad.

>> No.10481392

Oh yikes, look how far thee has fallen

>> No.10481398


You guys also had google spreadsheet chan so I wouldn't start crowing yet

>> No.10481401

Honestly they may have just been posted in the order they were received.

>> No.10481431

having matching bonnet and socks does not make it cohesive.

>> No.10481524

I feel like this is what people actually mean about 'shoehorning' a pattern or colour into a coord.

>> No.10481577

That was ages ago

>> No.10481698

I mean she does have a lot of coords to go through, maybe she just skims over some of them if they're not really amazing? She has forgotten to mention people's insta handles once or twice, but livestreaming is stressful so I dont blame her for not nailing it with every coord.

>> No.10481816

While fair, I think if that was a sweet Lolita it would have blown up way more. It was personal drama but easily could have been put into RC, secrets, etc.

On that note both of them disappeared just when moitie started really interacting with westerners online so they missed the boat on their efame

>> No.10482100

still not convinced Andrea is not at this board . . .

>> No.10482104

Yeah... or her mates

>> No.10482661

Has anyone bought from Necrosarium? How's the quality?

>> No.10483116
File: 687 KB, 1360x1038, 2020-10-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't believe someone bought these shoes for that price. The absolute state of moitiefags

>> No.10483129

where does one find a cobalt blue blouse to go under some goth jsks? are they rare or am I not looking in the right places?

>> No.10483140

All shoes are collectors items. I hope no one bought it to wear then anywhere.

>> No.10483142

seconding this pls

>> No.10483177

In stock right now for full cobalt blue there's Bodyline L474, all the current blouses and cutsews from Moitie, and Marble 40498B, and custom blouses from Lady Sloth.

Black with accents of blue: Atelier Boz has a beautiful piece called the Elsa Lace Blouse.

Otherwise in secondhand Atelier Boz has made bright blue blouses in the past! Hope that helps.

>> No.10483345

It's always either them or josine on any kind of contest.

>> No.10485040
File: 303 KB, 960x960, aristo inspiration.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does anyone have those images of different types of lolita from the livejournal days? I want the one for aristocrat but my brain is smooth rn and I can't find it.

have an aristo as contribution

>> No.10485047
File: 19 KB, 148x199, 575FCFD1-ABD1-4572-B571-29C12E9B45C5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one?

>> No.10485154
File: 153 KB, 820x580, good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yes, thank you!

>> No.10485188

I wear gothic and also old school, and it pisses me off no end that mouthed black blouses seem to run a whole 2 sizes smaller than baby’s white sweet blouses

>> No.10485189

moitie’s, ffs autocorrect

>> No.10485207

Oh god, this. When people say “I fit brand naturally uwu” I’m just like okay... what brand? Sure you do

>> No.10485392
File: 838 KB, 570x692, Screenshot 2020-10-10 at 01.54.17.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i do not like how lor coordinated this dress.

>> No.10485400

Its obvious she just bought the dress and has nothing to go with it. I wish she would just talk to the goths in her comm, they clearly have some "well known" ones there so she could get some advice...

>> No.10485401

Sorry you're too big to fit anon.

>> No.10485431

Anyone know where her wig is from?
The coord is meh but I do like that wig a lot.

>> No.10485435

Lor seems to struggle with anything not super sweet or roccoco style sweet.

Her video on trying different styles was entertaining to watch but other than the all black one the non sweet coords missed the mark for me and that one probably just seemed cohesive because it was all one color. She probably just doesn't have a good understanding of the styles she doesn't usually wear and needs to practice more. Her basic coords that aren't experimenting/casual are generally fine.

>> No.10485564

Are there anons who have attended previous online Moitie Tea parties? How were they?

>> No.10485608

The first one I attended was pretty boring, the second one was better because of the games. As long as you don't get obnoxious people you should be fine

>> No.10485666

I think it really depends on who you share the room with. The first one was nice but the second one was a lot more fun because I had a great group.

>> No.10485916 [DELETED] 

where do i find a lolita gf ? My ex was really into this hobby

>> No.10485935

Here's hoping for the best, then.

>> No.10485948

The last TP I got was with a bunch of Canadians and it wasn’t bad. I had a friend who got stuck with some obnoxious Europeans though and she didn’t enjoy it at all. Which time slot did you get?

>> No.10486171

I don't think the model not suiting Moitie is the issue, she looks stunning as always in her own pics and pics taken by others. These photos are just so amateurish, I really don't understand it.

>> No.10486173
File: 41 KB, 374x165, 1600071406243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this area hurst my eyes so much

>> No.10486275

Moitie’s photos have always looked amateurish, haven’t they? That ridiculously overexposed look. It might be more noticeable on FR because we’re more familiar with what her features actually look like, but I’ve always found their photos pretty bad.

>> No.10486360

These had been for sale for ages, I am surprised someone bought it. Must admit I would have bought them if they were 12,000¥.

>> No.10486462
File: 1.41 MB, 1198x1192, Screenshot 2020-10-12 at 20.19.27.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

another Moitie ita!

>> No.10486480

I wouldn't call this ita... it would be fine if she fixed her droopy belt and wore a petti, since it doesn't look like she's wearing one here.

>> No.10486510

Oh please. If the clothes were any other brand this would absolutely be ita

>> No.10486516


>> No.10486532

i think you could even overlook the lack of petti as aristo

>> No.10486561
File: 75 KB, 681x679, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's a trap.

>> No.10486577

some people manage to be ita while wearing brand clothes. it is not easy, but it is not impossible to achieve lol

>> No.10486613

That really isn’t aristo. That’s just a mess.

>> No.10486713

>anime cosplay-possibly lolita

oh lord she's offering a Bodyline maid dress isn't she

>> No.10486870

the person actually sent that photo to Moitie coord challenge lol

>> No.10487195


Honestly it's nice that they self-identify their own cluelessness so you know you can write them off straight away without even looking at what they have to offer, nevermind whether or not it's worth an MDD. People this clueless generally never own anything nice because they literally can't tell apart the difference between an actual lolita dress and a cheap "lolita cosplay" from Amazon.

>> No.10488094

Are you sure that's even a she?

>> No.10490106
File: 189 KB, 696x668, moitie02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10490108
File: 391 KB, 1026x672, moitie01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2/2 THOTS gulls?

>> No.10490124

the blue on the black looks rad

>> No.10490143

polyester sweat trap

>> No.10490159

does anyone have the original short nun op?? is it also made out of poly?

>> No.10490162

unfortunate bodice fit > __ <

>> No.10490170

New thread: >>10490169

>> No.10490210

Came to ask same thing

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