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No American cons ever again edition.

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>win two auctions through SS on Mbok for two AP capelets
>same seller for both, mind you

>get an email from SS that due to ‘seller circumstances’, one of the capelets got cancelled but I still won the other one

>check new listing of cancelled capelet
>description added on: this item is not listed because there was a bulk purchase. We will delete even if you bid. I’m sorry.

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>CES gets Corona’d
>a con in early 2021 gets Corona’d

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>no cons cuz corona
>no motivation to work on cosplay
>literally have virtually everything i need but nothing gets done

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If only I had friends who were willing to do like, online making sessions or something. I get shit done when with other people.

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Work on it so you're good for halloween.

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>Work full time jobs
>Uni full time
>5-6 hours on volunteering
>Try to keep gf happy

I'm dying

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As if we're going anywhere for Halloween... No way I'm going to any bars or parties with coronavirus on the loose. I will work on my project though. I need some structure in my life and am going to draw up a calendar to assign myself tasks and also I want that sweet sense of accomplishment

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On one side I'm fortunate that my company will not be pursuing layoffs atleast through the end of the year. I'm also working from home which is good too, and I've been paying off debt steadily.

On the other side, I've been living on autopilot for like 4-5 months now and I've lost interest in virtually everything I used to enjoy. I'm not interested in cosplay much anymore and I have no motivation to wear my lolita clothing. I have to force myself to stream on the pretext that a friend will get me talking otherwise I'd have little to no human interaction.

I've put on a few pounds from depression eating (I'm around 128 and 5'5 and I'd like to trim down to 120ish) so I finally decided to start exercising. I ordered some resistance bands to start out, I already have a jump rope and dumbbells. I'm hoping that's enough to get me out of this rut. Wish me luck!

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I always feel so much better/happier/calmer when I've exercised. Whenever I am tempted to skip a workout, I try to remember how much better I feel afterward. Good luck~

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>bids on cute hat
>auction is about to end
>its late so i go to bed like an idiot
>wake up
>auction is gone
>auction won 2 hours ago
>i didn’t win it
>the winner paid the bin price
>4 times the amount of my bid

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>want to go to babby's first con in October
>I have no ween friends here
I am sad

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Am I the only one who thinks zoom tea parties and meetings are dumb and boring as fuck??

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>want to ask out girl I met at con
>except I've known her for 2 or so years at this point, partied/chilled alone together and hung once outside of a con

Gulls, please give me reasons not to.
If I get rejected I get to move on, if we go out then great.

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Retroactively taint all your nice memories.

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>can get a custom design mask at work
>want to do something weeby but not too obvious
>even if I do something subtle I’ll still get embarrassed if anyone asks about it

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If a girl is physically attracted to you and you are single, she wouldn't be happy just being your friend for years. I'm not friends with any guy I want to fuck unless they have a gf which makes them off limits anyway.

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Do hokuto and nanto on opposite cheeks

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>buy a dress from an e-famous lolita
>she overcharges me on shipping
>dress arrives with foundation stains around the collar
>transaction was through instagram so I can't even leave her negative feedback

Welp, I guess I was right for always thinking she seemed a bit stuck up.

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Is it wrong to volunteer for something if I'm only doing it for the resume building? I literally could not care less for the cause but pretend to so I can get the position.

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Name and shame anon.

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This is normal and people do it all the time

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Logically, I’m sure they would appreciate another volunteer aka temp work mule regardless, so it’s a win/win. Morally depends on the cause and your personal feelings about it.

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mfw i finally find an item i've been looking for forever but it's being sold in a lot with two other really fugly items for more money that i can justify spending for said fugly items

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I was live-streaming myself practicing my Love Live routines and I passed gas. What the heck do I do???

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I feel my mental health getting bad again and it's impacting my willingness and energy to work on my costumes

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I agree. I hate them unless it's a catch up with my close friends.

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i fucking hate being a brazilian lonelita, one chance at life and i was born a third worlder into jfashion

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I sympathise for you anon. It's not even an exotic third world country like Georgia or France.

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>It's not even an exotic third world country like Georgia or France.
keks were had, thanks for cheering me up anon

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Random thoughts but I generally don't think about covid all that much . I wear my mask and keep my distance when I fan but recently I got a tad bit stressed.
>my husband was apparently about to go back to work at the office this week
>Well now they are pushing this schedule back again as someone who had been part of the first set allowed to return at the office tested positive
>They will clean the building but that is no guarantee that it is safe for anyone I mean come on you have employees who's jobs are travel.
Both my husband and I are in the high risk category. I immunocompromised and he asthmatic. It has really forced me to acknowledge my own mortality and to maybe make an effort to think about things. No conventions ever again if I am dead. No lolita ever again just into the nothing. Sorry I know random .

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I don't want to risk outing myself since the community we're both in is extremely small.

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If anyone brings it up say that idols don't toot and they must be mistaken, of course.

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My problem with the whole situation is the attitude that everyone is stuck in. It's a very "today is the only day" mindset. We're conditioned to only care about our jobs and "productivity." No one is looking at the big picture. No one is considering their future and the fact that being dead (or permanently disabled) means no future, or significantly less of a future.

I'm fortunate, and if I'm forced to go back to work while it's still unsafe, I can quit because my income is not necessary. But I strongly believe that others shouldn't put themselves in danger just to fulfil their job role. It's insane to me.

Stay alive at all costs, even if it means being poor for awhile. We underestimate how fragile life itself is, and there's no do-overs.

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if she's efamous then it shouldn't be a big deal?

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Set up your wills and pick out your urn online. Figure out if you want a DNR. I'm dealing with estate affairs after a recent passing and it is absolute hell. The kindest thing you can do is get it set up now so your loved ones don't stress about it later. Nobody knows what you want except for you. You'll probably be fine too if you're washing your hands and wearing a mask. You'll be very prepared.

>My feels
Any money I had for lolita is going towards a recent loss. It almost feels pointless to put on makeup and my dresses. I know it's grief, but I'm so stressed out. I wish I felt normal again.

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>finally get a good paying job along with the leave to attend as many cons as I want
>corona trolls the fuck outta me.

At least I can save up my money and ball out of control whenever this shit ends.

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My washing machine been borken for twoo long. I'm down to wearing my disposable masks as panties.

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I lost over 40 pounds and I was really excited to wear a cosplay at a con and feel confident and beautiful for the first time. I know I'll still be able to do that when cons open up again (provided I keep up with my new healthy habits) but it feels really disappointing to have worked so hard on something I struggled with for so long and now I'm just stuck at home.

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I just wanna say god bless the Nekopara VNs. It's so nice after burning myself out just to sit down and go brain-dead for some cute girls doing cute things.

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Not at all. I guess it's dicey if it's something potentially harmful or politically charged. Like you might want to avoid volunteering for Peta is all i'm saying.

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Thousands of teens do that all that time to make their college apps look better. Pretty common

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>Former fat fuck
>Now 27
>This is finally the year I'm in decent shape I'm doing my first cosplay
>Buy everything I need and put it together
>Go all out and spend $800+ to really make it look amazing
>ACEN cancelled
>Anime Midwest cancelled
>Colossal probably going to be cancelled\
>tfw I realize I'm going to be 28 by the time I get to actually go to a con in my cosplay

At least this gives me more time to train my physique at the gym I guess? Feel horrible though, so many years missed and I was just arbitrarily forced to miss another.

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Fuck do I feel that, I started at 250 lbs and now I'm down to 190 lbs...

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I was gonna feel bad for you but you were planning on going to Anime Midwest so I won’t lol

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tfw my boyfriends self esteem is so low he doesnt want to cosplay with me

>> No.10448937

Literally only as a fallback, I'll go to any convention at this point.

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Tfw when you get ghosted by a job you wanted so badly.
This feels worse than getting rejected by a crush desu

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What was the job?

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He might just hate getting pictures taken. I'm okay with how I look but I fucking hate getting pictures because I always feel I look like shit and it hits my confidence HARD. I haven't had a picture taken of me in probably three years. So he may want to cosplay but just do without the pictures.

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>Get paid a little extra at my waitress job.
>Oh fuck, I'm going to get a cosplay commission because I'm untalented but now I have money
>Super excited
>Post photo on art/cosplay FB page saying "I would like this!"

STOP. Now, with that information in mind, you, as the seamstress/cosplay maker, when you see a full body reference photo and the wording of "I would like this please!" does your stupid brain go "anon must mean only the body suit" or does your smart brain go "anon must want ALL of it since they said 'this', not 'I would only like the body suit"?

Because if you're the latter, continue reading.

>Get reply
>exchange money
>have a chat over details
>send 1000 reference photos
>I give them about 3 months to do this because I said no rush, all cons cancelled anyway.
>we exchange photos of progress
>cool cool...looks not 100% like the photo ref, but kinda putting their own flare to it, still looks cool. Nottabigdeal.jpg because I did like it regardless.
>shows final photo
>I say Awesome!
>get sent the piece
>put it on and notice all the little extra details are missing
>message and ask is there a second package coming or....?
>"But anon you approved the final photo. You get what you agreed to."
>....wait, all the other stuff that was part of the cosplay is now not part of the cosplay?
>"Ran out of fabric too. If you want the other stuff that's going to cost you, plus my time and shipping again."
>.......uuuuhhhh...really? But we talked about the details in the chat?
>"You approved the final photo and didn't say anything. This is 100% on you anon, sorry."

Ok well. Lesson learned I guess. I DID indeed approve the final photo and for whatever reason just didn't notice all the extras were not there. I said ok, since there's nothing I can really argue against.

tldr; I dropped almost $400 bucks on a half way finished cosplay because I'm too nice and stupid.

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what are the fugly items? Someone might buy them off you.

>> No.10448995

Naw it’s not too late, open that fucking PayPal dispute anon. Say you were misled.

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Why can’t I get myself to look good in selfies without filters? I see so many people posting their make up pics, looking good in the sun and whatnot, I know I look good sometimes when other people take pics of me but? Is there some secret? My selfies all look like shit.

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You're not stupid, because the other guy sounds like a scammer, but you are a big pushover.

Protip for next time- never use Facebook groups for nice things. It's filled with people who once made a nice dress once or have an Etsy filled with felt witch hats who now think they are level 5 pro commissioners who can do anything.

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Have you considered that maybe you're just ugly? I've come to accept that I am.

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Sorry, you might be but I’m not!

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if you're taking the photo from very close to your face, the camera lens will distort the light. distance is important for photography for a reason

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i can’t stop laughing at the far right one

>> No.10449037

i don't really like them either but since it's all we've got right now i can put up with it.

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Our comm has made them boring. We aren’t all allowed to talk at once anymore. We have to be on mute like we’re in a boardroom meeting. At the beginning me and a few other girls would get a little drunk, so we talked to the other girls who couldn’t even muster up the courage to say anything besides hi. We would play games with everyone, have a little fashion shows in our rooms and also have a side chat. Then I guess someone complained that we were being rude to the others, so the “mods” of the room now mute everyone unless it’s their turn. Which is boring cause only like two people end up talking while the others just sit there. So robotic now. “So how are you guys?” Mute. Unmute. “I’m good!” Mute. Unmute. “Me too. Having a good day so far.” Mute. Unmute. “Same. Good good.” Mute. Unmute. Oh? It’s difficult to host a room with 40 girls and not have them all talk over each other? Then have breakout rooms of seven people instead.

>> No.10449046

what the fuck? that's not even how board meetings work lmao.

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This makes me glad to work with a bunch of weebs. We’ve even converted some of the normies into the church of weebdom and I am their cringe weeb goddess. Still have a few that refuse to see the light but it’s okay because nobody likes those coworkers anyway. Filthy heathens.

I’m glad I can freely wear my t shirts with big anime tiddies on them without feeling like a freak.

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wtf you're cringy as hell.

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I really, truly just want to kill myself. I think about it every single day multiple times and have vivid fantasies about dying, all of which are “happy” because in them I get relief from this life. I especially think about the final moments, and how it’ll just be a sigh of relief. Things are getting harder and harder and it’s getting to be impossible to keep going just based on buying new things to add to my wardrobe. I can’t now because I’m helping my family out due to complications with the virus, but once that’s over I’m pretty sure I’m going to do it.

I don’t have a future after that. There’s nothing I can think of in life that would give me happiness or satisfaction, my only hope for the future that had kept me going all these years was dashed coming up on three years now. Now there’s no future to look forward to. I know that people will try to tell me “you can make your own future now”, but there’s nothing that I want. Nothing I can look to as a beacon of light that “this might happen some day.”

People in my life say things to me like how strong I am for doing what I’m doing to help my family, how so few people could do it, and I don’t know what to say because I can’t just come out with “I’m killing myself after” so I just awkwardly thank them. Even more hilariously ironic, people who know an even shallower image of me than that act like I’m something to aspire to be, because again I can’t just come out and say how much pain I’m in or that I’m going to shoot myself after this is over.

The only other thing that makes me slightly sad about dying is there’s going to be a mountain of brand that probably just gets tossed out. I doubt my family will sell it after I die and I can’t in the time leading up to it because I wouldn’t be able to help my family if I went to the post office thanks to the virus since my work situation has regulations put in place to prevent covid from spreading.

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I feel you, the only good selfie I've taken in the past 5 years was accidental.

>> No.10449104

maybe try more of a traditional Japanese pattern? so you can just be like "o i like the textiles"

>> No.10449114

Not good at talking with people, but I'll try

I've been suicidal before. First it was the thought of how sad my mother would be if I died that kept me alive. I could never do that to her. At one point, through research, I found something else: I was (/am, not suicidal anymore but still MDD) ill. I don't know if it's depressions or something else/more than that with you, but it's an illness. It's not you. It feels like it would be the best thing for you to die or just don't exist anymore, but that's not you talking. That's an illness, and that are probably just hormones not doing their job.

Not directly related, but hear me out: I used to be on birth control non-stop for ~1 year to treat insufferable pain, and it changed me as a person. I had to stop taking it or else I would have gone mad. I was a completely different person while taking these pills, because they fucked up my hormones. I couldn't recognise myself.

Your illness does the same thing to you. You're not a pure soul and personality, you are also flesh, blood, and chemicals, and yours are fucked up right now.

So do what you do when you're ill - see a doctor. If you find a shit one at first, find a different, better one. You're fucking worth it.

>> No.10449118

i was going to say the same thing. when i go on/off the placebo week of birth control it gives me depression, especially if I'm already feeling down about something then it really spirals. I make myself wait until that week is over. But your body may be more messed up, so that depression may not be ending. If you were not under that influence, you would see that other peoples' reasons for living aren't such hot shit and yours are just as valid and inspiring. So seek out a way to repair your state.

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New neighbors moved in next to me. Every fucking weekend they play loud ass music with the windows open, so the sound bounces between the two buildings. I tried asking him to turn it down but he pretends not to speak English, even though I can hear him yelling at his kids in English. I'm gonna fucking die!

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Shoot off fireworks outside their window and/or chuck rolls of toilet paper into their house through their open windows when they play their music

>> No.10449150

I've considered paying some of the wannabe gangsters I used to know to drive by paintball their open windows. Hit my place too of course, don't want to stand out. That or the next time someone in my town gets cancelled I put their address in.

>> No.10449152

I'm a petty bitch so I'd write a nasty note in english, then copy+paste it into google translate and translate it into Spanish, french, german, Madarin, Cantonese, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, and Russian lol

>> No.10449154

Wow, a poorly written note

>> No.10449162

file a noise complaint with police

>> No.10449227

In this political climate I don't want any trouble if he thinks it's me

>> No.10449244

what kind of neighborhood do you live in that you're afraid of your neighbors? the hood or some shit?

>> No.10449247


Seems like he's afraid of getting accused of racism more likely because people claim calling the cops on a nonwhite person may be a death sentence. This really highly depends on your neighborhood, the reason, and the race of the person (cops are gonna shoot a black guy before an Asian one or something let's be real).

I can see why he'd be worried if that's the issue. People sometimes get really angry over those things but neighbors need to be more polite. I wonder if there is a non police public service he could complain to to stop them.

>> No.10449259

>birth control
Sluts NOT welcome here, try /soc/

>> No.10449266

mostly dying mostly just hurts
don't know what I expected

>> No.10449270

are we really at the point that people can do whatever they want without consequences? how sad. the only alternative i can think of is the neighborhood council/watch if there is one.

>> No.10449271

oh dear scrote, a lot of women use birth control to regulate their hormones/periods even when they are absolute virgins. i took birth control for 7 years before losing my virginity.

>> No.10449272

Call or text a hotline. Look up NAMI to find free therapy services. You'll be okay.

>> No.10449277

>cops are gonna shoot a black guy before an Asian one or something let's be real

This is in fact statistically false.


>Inb4 author is racist white man
Old boy is black.

>> No.10449280

>a lot of women use birth control to regulate their hormones/periods
Not my fault your body is defective
>i took birth control for 7 years before losing my virginity
Sorry about your weight

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>> No.10449282

>woman takes birth control
>woman saves herself for the right person
incel rage is so cute

>> No.10449284


Nayrt but your argument is that women on birth control are sluts, anon is clarifying that that is not always the case.

And everyone has hormones and many women have irregular periods, so it's not defectiveness, just a common annoyance that birth control can help. You have no idea what age she lost her virginity or began birth control so your comment implying her weight is why she was a virgin is irrelevant, AND statistically more attractive women have less sex and women who lose their virginity later in life have higher self value on average so she is more likely to be attractive and have self esteem having less sex anyway.

None of what you're saying makes much sense desu. If you want to insult people at least make it entertaining and not just sound like a bitter confused incel.

>> No.10449287

>women who lose their virginity later in life have higher self value on average
Stop buying into right wing propaganda

>> No.10449289


It probably is in relation to societal judgement in stuff. I didn't mean to imply that their virginity gave them value. They probably have less self esteem issues because of a slut-shamey culture.

Although there are tons of young girls who are taken advantage of by statutory rapist older boyfriends at a young age and I can imagine them having self image issues. Not because of losing their virginity but because of the mental damage an unhealthy relationship with an adult like that would cause someone.

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>> No.10449320

/r9k/ pls go

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The worst part of any con is when you have to come get her 'cause she's dancing like a stripper.

>> No.10449337

Stop taking bait

>> No.10449359

>See interesting cosplay on IG
>Check profile
>They're toxic
I do this like 10 times per day and it feels good but why are there so few good people in this world?

>> No.10449360


Someone's an angry uggo

>> No.10449367

How can you tell if someone’s toxic on Instagram?

>> No.10449378

By looking at their profile.

>> No.10449380

Lmao I’m pretty sure they were asking for specifics.

>> No.10449381

I was cut off from my job 2 months ago and did not qualify for benefits. I want to buy a new wig but am broke. Should I start selling feet pics? If anybody has any advice I’d love to hear..

>> No.10449383


>> No.10449393

welp, i've finally done it, gulls- i'm selling/getting rid of all of my lolita clothes. i've already sold almost everything but one dress. anxiety and depression really messed up my head and made me not want to wear it anymore, plus i need a new phone anyway.

kind of a bittersweet thing but i hope that the next person who has my dresses enjoys them as much as i did.

>> No.10449401

I'm honestly thinking of doing the same anon. I wear it still but I really prefer to wear other things now. Lolita is just so cumbersome most of the time. I'm a every-other-daily lolita, but I dunno. I find myself more interested in other things.

>> No.10449405

I fear this will happen to me someday
Lolita brings me so much joy and I never want to lose that

>> No.10449413

You know you can totally make your own meets, right? That's what I did. You can even exclude all the bitches you hate from your comm, and don't act like there aren't any bitches you hate in your comm.

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Excuse me what?

>> No.10449460

>finally got one of my dream dresses after it hasn’t come up for sale in years

Still hunting down my other DD though. It’s a rare dress I’ve only seen for sale once since it was released.

>> No.10449465

Congrats anon! What dresses are they?

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You get off on blocking people? What in the ever loving fuck are you doing here instead of tumblr or plebbit?

>> No.10449512

It's simple. 4chan good. No need to block. Reddit is not worth visiting in the first place. Tumblr is dead.

>> No.10449570


>> No.10449641

Comm had a meetup in the past 2 weeks and know I have a sore throat. Should I get tested? I don't have insurance rn. And should I tell my Comm? Because some don't have insurance either.

>> No.10449642

Absolutely yes, tell them.

Where i live there are some places to get tested for free without insurance, try and see if you can find the same where you are.

>> No.10449644

Lolita feels like its dying and getting more popular at same time
Its weird

>> No.10449650

it's becoming homogenized and more like normie fashion.

>> No.10449651

I think that's what it is. The subculture is dying and its turning into fast fashion.

Do you think there are others who will want to keep the spirit of lolita alive?

It kind of breaks my heart.

>> No.10449656

I had a neighbor like this once. Unfortunately for him I had better speakers and a lot of Funker Vogt, Wumpscut and KMFDM. It was a battle of the ages that ended with all of us agreeing to keep it down because the rest of the units rose in force against us.

>> No.10449658
File: 41 KB, 770x960, 1593722437952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10449664

There was never a subculture. Lolitas only share clothing style, not interests or values or beliefs like goths/punks.

That's because it's super mainstream in China at this point, which is who brands cater to in the first place.

>> No.10449666

what is "the spirit of lolita" in your opinion? because the original spirit of lolita hasn't been around for the last decade or so, where it became about consumerism, "looking polished" and flexing expensive shit. none of that was the original spirit

>> No.10449678

Because you’ve known her for two years, if she was interested she would have made it known. But she hasn’t. Quit being a creep.

>> No.10449682


I guess the sense of community is kind of gone to me. Everything feels artifical but I think that can easily be seen as a result of social media.
The excitement over new releases, feeling like we had our own little escape from everything else.
Also seems like there are no standards anymore

>> No.10449686

Fuck you, that attitude is how people end up kissless virgins at 24.

>> No.10449700

Other way around incel-kun, you're a kissless virgin at 24 because everyone knows you're a creep. The problem is you.

>> No.10449711


Asking a girl you kind of know on a date isn't creepy unless you refuse to take no for an answer.

It just depends on how and when you ask.

>> No.10449717

When she hasn't made it clear that she wants you to? Yes it does.

>> No.10449718

this isn't true. asking is a good way to gauge interest.

>> No.10449720


I'm a girl, genius. Obviously everyone is different but offering to spend more time with someone on a date in a public place so you can both get to know each other isn't creepy if asked politely. You just have to be ready for a girl to tell you no and accept no for an answer.

>> No.10449721

NTA but if it's been two years with absolutely no sign that she's into you, then she was never into you. The "get out of the friendzone" thing is incel logic.

>> No.10449724

what? the "friendzone" itself is incel logic, people don't like each other immediately after being friends. some of my engaged friends were friends for like 4 years before they realized they liked each other.

>> No.10449729

On the flip side of this I have had to cut so many ties with ex male friends because they caught feels and “shot their shot” and turned to be assholes when I turned them down

>> No.10449731

that's on them tho. i never get this complaint because the guy being an asshole like that just means they already were and you're seeing how they really are. why would you want some fake guy as a friend?

>> No.10449737

You should know if you want to fuck someone upon seeing them for the first time. You're either physically attracted to them or not.

>> No.10449740

sorry about whatever this mental disability is.

>> No.10449742

You mean logic? Sorry about your ugly dude cope of thinking women will like you later on if only they get to your know your wonderful personality.

>> No.10449746

This is why you don't want male "friends", they all inevitably either just want to fuck you or develop feelings for you over time and they always reveal themselves to be assholes when turned down.
Stick to girls.

>> No.10449752
File: 130 KB, 933x933, 1587433962829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw apartment complex finally installed apps on their washing and drying machines to let you pay with your smartphone

That quarter shortage was about to fuck me over in another week or so

>> No.10449755

like the other anon, I'm a woman. the only one who sounds like a man here is you with how you keep pushing superficiality on everyone.

>> No.10449756

You sound like this one male friend I had who wouldn't take no for an answer for years, it got to a point where I had to explicitly tell him "I am not physically attracted to you" because he wouldn't take my polite rejections, and even then he tried to convince me that if I just gave it a chance I could become attracted to him.
I was an idiot for putting up with it but his mentality was even more idiotic.

If you wouldn't date that fat girl you don't find attractive then don't expect women to do it with you.

>> No.10449757

inb4 the app to pay for the washer/dryer has a literal laundry list of data usage requirements (that they'll then use to make money on you)

>> No.10449758

I'm sorry if your only indication of wanting to date someone is physical attraction.

>> No.10449759

yikes not wanting to date someone you're not physically attracted to is superficial?
Jesus christ, I thought that was what friends were for, people you like but don't want to fuck or be romantic with. Forcing myself to be romantically involved with someone I find unattractive sounds miserable. If that's being superficial then I'm 100% fine with being superficial.

>> No.10449760


I had a male friend for like 3 or 4 years who I wasn't super close to but once we spent more time around each other I realized I liked him and asked him out. We went on a super cute date, he still decided we should just be friends and I was fine with it. Then later he decided he wanted to date again and we've been super happy together since.

I know I'm a girl asking a guy but still, most people are able to be attracted to anyone not horribly ugly or deformed as long as they like each other as people. Most people are less ugly than they think and it really comes down to social interactions, compatibility, personality, etc. for someone to be able to tell how they feel about you. Becoming closer as friends can help people realize they may make good partners.

Conversely, don't be friends with a girl purely in the hopes that she will later say yes when you ask her out, that's dumb.


Physical attraction and sex are not the only ways people benefit from dating one another. And most women don't immediately decide whether they want to sleep with someone upon looking at them. That's some weird bullshit you got going on there. Even most men who are more visual wouldn't just fuck any attractive girl that offers immediately without any further discussion.

>> No.10449761


its not the only reason I date people but yes, sexual attraction is necessary for me to be romantically involved. If im not, then I will be friends with them. Thats far from abnormal.

>> No.10449762


Needing to be attracted means its the only thing necessary apparently?
I wouldn't date a hot person with a shit personality and I wouldn't date someone I dont find attractive just because they have a good personality. There is such a thing as a healthy medium, you know that, right?

>> No.10449763


No one said physical attraction wasn't a factor, but your statement implied that you can't develop attraction generally speaking over time after getting to know a person which is dumb. You don't have to immediately date someone upon first meeting to find out whether or not you work together, you can just learn more about each other and decide internally whether or not you'd make a good fit and then pursue something romantic once you have a better idea so you don't waste time in a relationship neither person was really sure about or prepared for.

>> No.10449764

That's not the implication in the slightest. I knew this friend for years and nothing was going to change my attraction despite the fact that he was a cool person, the notion that I could force myself to be attracted if I just went out with him is retarded, wishful at best, and that's what he expected of me.

>> No.10449770

>And most women don't immediately decide whether they want to sleep with someone upon looking at them.
literally the lie ugly men tell themselves to feel better. women are as superficial as men, deal with it.

>Even most men who are more visual wouldn't just fuck any attractive girl that offers immediately without any further discussion.

>> No.10449772

Yeah that second statement is laughably wrong, guys will fuck a girl they hate if she's a attractive enough
How naive

>> No.10449773

You guys realize you're defending someone who thinks you can't develop attraction for someone over time right?

>> No.10449775

guys will fuck a girl they don't even know the name of. they don't have to know a single thing about her other than she's dtf. anon sounds like an absolute virgin who has never talked to a male

>> No.10449779


I guess I have just been lucky enough to come across some decent men? (at the same time though, I've dealt with sexual assault, "nice" guys trying to pressure me into sex, etc. I just try to assume my experiences aren't representative of all men and that most dudes are decent? Maybe I'm being too nice and giving men too much credit)

>> No.10449780


Sorry I thought you were the dude claiming you should know you want to fuck someone from the first time seeing them. Or are you the one who said that? I think you can definitely tell if you AREN'T attracted to someone immediately but you may not be able to tell if you like their personality right away even if the physical component is there right away

>> No.10449781


I AM a woman. "Ugly" men lie to themselves by saying their looks are why they're single when really they have shitty incel traits but they use lookism as their excuse for why they can't be better people and should just blame women for why they can't get a 10/10 petite perfect jailbait white girl

>> No.10449786

If you're even somewhat attractive, most men you interact with just want to fuck you. Some are just better at hiding it than others.

>> No.10449787

nta but my issue ITT is anons are so ready to shit on men they are berating women. only college kids think you have to be into someone immediately upon meeting them. sometimes guys being hot isn't enough, but then talk about how shitty men are in the same breath. why wouldn't we want to wait to date?

>> No.10449794

That's not what anyone said. Everyone's been telling you that a woman thinks a man is UNATTRACTIVE when meeting him, she won't suddenly become attracted to him later on just because she knows him better then.

>> No.10449799

Tip: "that attitude" has nothing to do with why women won't fuck you.

>> No.10449800


I don't think anyone was arguing against the notion that you can find someone unattractive and never change your mind?

Except the shitty dude in anon's story.

>> No.10449802

I just realized why I have such a hard time making friends with women

>> No.10449803
File: 124 KB, 640x640, 1593282564143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kissless virgins at 24
I-imagine that

>> No.10449804

Women pull manipulative Nice Guy shit all of the time.

>> No.10449805

That's one of the reasons why I stopped wearing lolita, it was just so cumbersome to wear out and especially in this hot weather- I tend to sweat a lot and don't want to get it all over my clothes. But mostly it was the anxiety getting to me and not really wanting the attention on me anymore.

Enjoy it while you still can though! I've just grown out of it for the most part.

I was the same way, I thought I'd wear lolita forever but mental illnesses and/or just part of growing up. There are many people who still wear it after years and years of being in the fashion so I hope you'll be able to enjoy it for a long time, too.

>> No.10449806


>> No.10449808

Fuck right off with that r9k bullshit..

>> No.10449810

i have never heard a woman whine about how a male friend wouldn't fuck her. mostly because men will fuck anything that is freely offered, so that would pretty much never happen in the first place

>> No.10449811

You better back the fuck off incel, I am not the one to bring this bullshit to

>> No.10449812

>join social group
>try to make friends by talking to both men and women
>get along with some of the women
>after a while they either try to isolate me and get a little frisky or suddenly completely stop talking to me all together
>no longer feel welcome
Yeah, ok I'll turn off my computer and go for a walk or something

>> No.10449813

u gay or what?

>> No.10449814


Women don't feel as entitled to sex on demand as men do so I'm having a hard time believing this.

Girls don't typically "befriend" or behave kindly toward a dude and then demand dick. Men are the ones who think women are pussy vending machines that put out if you insert enough simp coins.

>> No.10449815


>> No.10449816

You ever stop and reflect? And really think about reasons why things happened the way they did? Things you or they said, how busy they might be, things on their mind or your mind. Just think for once.

>> No.10449817

Goddammit why did I do this?
>abloo bloo bloo men only want to fuck me
>man actually tries to be friends
>what is he? Gay?
Never complain about this again
>Women don't feel as entitled to sex on demand as men do so I'm having a hard time believing this.
Reread the post above yours and think about it for a minute

>> No.10449819


If these things did happen to you and someone is assuming you're gay for not wanting casual sex with women/randos those people are wrong. The people accusing you of being gay are most likely dudes anyway; assuming they're a woman is the first problem. And even if they are legitimately a woman and not trolling, they are an anomaly.

Most decent women will take no for an answer and won't question your sexuality just because you tell them or other women no. There are a handful of insecure and assholeish people in any category of people and those will never change and are also not a representation of the rest of the group.

This is why in spite of my numerous awful experiences with men, including literal sexual assault/rape as a child, I still try to be understanding and not assume all men are bad even if a lot of the ones who make the most noise are shitty and entitled.

>> No.10449820

>Reread the post above yours and think about it for a minute
Uhhh we don't? That kind of entitlement is a scrote thing.

>> No.10449822

>including literal sexual assault/rape as a child
As opposed to figurative?

>> No.10449824

you would have to be a model-tier absolute hottie for that kind of thing to have actually happened to you, and somehow i doubt that lol

>> No.10449826


Some men don't believe women who say they're raped or they think by rape women are being manipulative and claiming it for smaller things like being groped or catcalled or whatever else. I was saying it that way to clarify for people who think women are lying or exaggerating about these sorts of things.

>> No.10449827

but you can, both things are possible.

>> No.10449830

some people do lie tho but they are the ones who are running it for people who don't.

>> No.10449831

The incels.. have arrived

>> No.10449834


>> No.10449838

/r9k/ get out

>> No.10449840

>Acknowleding women lie about rape makes you an incel

>> No.10449842


Nayrt but the ones who lie are far fewer than the ones who tell the truth or never talk about it for fear of people not believing or blaming them for their problem. A huge number who don't talk about it had it happen as kids. Most children aren't making up their abuse. Neither are most adult women rape victims.

>> No.10449845

the amount who lie are like 0.00002% of all rape allegations so talking about it like it's common makes you a moron if nothing else

>> No.10449848

incels aren't going to acknowledge that women who lie are ruining anything.

>> No.10449849

>they are an anomaly
You would be be surprised how many women out there who completely suck
>including literal sexual assault/rape as a child
Well you and I have something in common. Apparently it's ok for drunk women to pick up, say "oh you're so cute!" , hug, and even try to kiss little boys. (someone with I'll intention caught on). Also, since males are supposed to always want sex at the drop of hat, that means it's ok to grab, catcall, and creep on teenagers half your age.
I tried, really tried to find relationships with women I knew wouldn't be sexualized, so I could learn to trust then and they've just let me down
I mean I am a second generation colligate athlete with green eyes, really nice hair, a decent face and all, but what the fuck? Why does the way I look habe to prevent me from living a happier life? I'm too drunk for this shit

>> No.10449850


I never accused them of being incels. Just mentioned the ones lying aren't very many compared to the real victims.

It's easy to latch on to the idea that women are lying without being an incel because people probably don't want to believe the bad thing is happening or worry they'll be falsely accused or whatever other reason. The person just needs to be reminded of the reality that the lies are few and far between compared to the true stories.

>> No.10449853


Your feelings are valid and those women are scummy the same way men who do it to girls are scum.

Try not to let the awful people in the world that hurt others cause you to think poorly of people. If you're just out to make meaningful connections with people you'll get there eventually.

>> No.10449863

If that's really true, then you're just too attractive to have female friends. And that is not something to whine about.

>> No.10449883

Some of these incel dudes need to book a trip to Thailand and the Philippines when the rona is over and just get all that degeneracy out their system with a few hookers. Just don't become a 90day Fiance example when she gives you the good time girlfriend experience.

>> No.10449902

I hate my job not because of the work, it's a dumb retail job that any monkey could do and it pays my bills whilst I'm at uni. The problem is the fucking people I am forced to be nice to. These fucking brain-dead crackhead with an IQ of 9. I do fucking software engineering and regularly do weekly projects which would require their entire yearly mental output.

I am fucking sick of being treated like I should treat these people nicely when they think they're above me because I have to serve them. I hold absolutely no doubt that I am better than them and it fucking infuriates me that I have to be nice to them.

I will go on to pay taxes which will help our community while you sit on your fucking asses collecting tax dollars to spend on more frivalous shit and abuse others trying to better themselves working at these jobs to supply you with frivalous shit.

It just makes me really hate the poor. I am poor out of necessity, these people are poor out of choice.

>> No.10449904

Jesus you sound like a stuck up cunt, equating the shitty customers you get with every person in poverty.

Woohoo heres your cookie for your beinf smart, you deserve to be treated like a literal queen because you're better than the peasants you're forced to interact with.

>> No.10449906

salty crackhead detected.

>> No.10449908

Stuck up cunt with a victim complex detected

>> No.10449909


People who treat retail workers poorly are shitty, but thinking you're better than everyone else is also a problem.

As someone who's pretty smart and was in gifted/talented and high IQ programs and felt smarter than everyone around me even at uni to the point the professors were closer friends to me than my classmates, I was much happier in life when I decided to stop comparing myself to other people and realized my intelligence entitles me to nothing.

There are more important things that being smart or intellectual at times, like being a good person, or having a nice laugh or genuine interaction with someone. Try your best not to be one of those mean smart people; that used to be me but I realized I wasn't really that much better or happier than anyone, I was just internally being an asshole.

>> No.10449914


How smart can you be if you can't even spell "frivolous" properly, anon? I hate these "I'm so high IQ" dudes who fuck up grammar and spelling while trying to sound smart.

It's also retarded to think you're the only person in the world who may be poor out of necessity and walk into a retail store.

Everything about your post reeks of someone full of little dick energy.

>> No.10449915

>Victim complex

I don't think you know the definition of that word if you're using it that way.

I'm not mean. I'm just at a breaking point of being treated like garbage day-in day-out. I have friends, I have coworkers I like. It's specifically these fucking derelict type people who I think need to be gulag'd.

High IQ means jack shit to do with spelling.

>> No.10449916

I'm so glad I'm not the only who noticed the irony of them misspelling that word and then jerking themselves off about how smart they are

>> No.10449917

Yikes. The implication that someone less intelligent than you deserves to be treated like shit.

Being smart has nothing to do with this, if you were dumb it would still be wrong for them to treat you this way.

>> No.10449918


I think the types you consider derelict just need to be educated or given some sort of opportunity to better themselves or find value in life or the world. Most people who are poor would of course rather not be and many develop bad social skills without realizing it as a means of survival or deflecting insecurities or other problems they can't afford or never thought to solve.

It's better to hope the people who are awful change, and if you can, try to help facilitate that change, rather than hoping they just disappear since the latter is kind of unrealistic.

>> No.10449919

>Being smart has nothing to do with this, if you were dumb it would still be wrong for them to treat you this way.

Exactly. Treating service/retail workers badly is wrong regardless of income, intelligence, etc.

>> No.10449920

Victim complex. First of all its not a word.
Victim complex, meaning you're making yourself out to be a victim even though it sounds like you just think you're better than everyone else because of your intelligence and think you deserve special treatment for it.
I've worked in customer service and been treated like shit, actually the worst I've been treated was at an upscale cafe where rich people treated me like an incompetent servant. Assholery is not exclusive to income or intelligence and you come across as arrogant when you try to attribute it to class or income.

>> No.10449921

*class or intelligent

>> No.10449922

Yup, that's what I'm trying to say. I'm not the brightest person around, I've been treated like garbage by both the rich and poor, I'd hate to think that somebody would consider it acceptable to treat me like less just because I don't have the highest IQ. I don't try to act smarter than I am, and I'm mostly aware of my limits, but I try to be a decent person.

>> No.10449923

A crackhead with an education is:

1. A waste of an education
2. Still a crackhead

I have major issues with people who ACT stereotypically poor. Loud, obnoxious, lack of self-awareness, lack of public consciousness, self-centredness, unreasonably demanding, disregard for social etiquette.

I grew up very poor and didn't own a new peice of clothing until I was 18, everything was hand-me-downs from my brother who I shared a room with. I grew up in one of the most disadvantaged cities in my state. It was embarassing but it pushed me incredibly fucking hard to avoid staying there, it made me envy those with better upbringings and so I made conscious effort to adhere to social rules and blend with normal society.

Anyone in a first-world country, even second-world, can do this. So seeing people who are well into adulthood acting this way, making myself and other people uncomfortable, angers me. We do not deserve this, you are a piece of fucking human garbage and you blame everyone else. They need to get disappeared.

Fucking hell, stop being so literal. Okay it's not a grammatical word, it's a term. You know what I meant, stop being retarded.

I'm not talking about snobbery or assholery. I'm talking about lack of social etiquette. Rich people can/are assholes but they do so within the bounds of social etiquette and you're not fucking afraid they're going to try and shank you or "get the boys" to bash you after you finish work or spit on you or follow you home.

>> No.10449926

It was unnecessary for you to bring up your high IQ in trying to explain how your treatment isn't deserved. If you don't think you deserve special treatment then why brag about how you're so much better? Do you think less intelligent people deserve that treatment?

If you can't see how what you said, hating the poor, and stroking your ego makes you sound like a self important prick than I don't know what else to say to you. Not all poor people are obnoxious or on drugs, I've met higher class people who act without self awareness too.

>> No.10449927


Oh okay so you just suck and bootlick the wealthy treating you like shit because "muh social norms"

You do realize there are also stereotypes that describe poor people as kinder and more virtuous too, right? It's almost like poverty isn't by choice and there are good and bad poor people and you shouldn't hate them all because of the bad ones.

Poor people should just totally be and act less poor, right? If they put their pinkies up while they mistreated you like the rich people would you like it more?

>> No.10449929

>I have major issues with people who ACT stereotypically poor. Loud, obnoxious, lack of self-awareness, lack of public consciousness, self-centredness, unreasonably demanding, disregard for social etiquette.

Sounds more like entitled rich people to me

>> No.10449930

The verbal abuse I experienced from rich people was arguably worse than what was coming from the crackheads. It took more of a psychological toll to deal with passive aggressive wealthy people looking at me with disdain and treating me like scum on their shoe, sometimes the subtlety was worse because I couldn't even directly respond to it the way I could with someone outright being a dick.

I don't throw accusations around like this because I'm not a hard-core sjw or anything but I genuinely think anon is just classist. They're putting wealthy people on a pedestal and then acting like every rude or obnoxious poor person is representative of everyone of their class.

>> No.10449934

I never said my IQ was high. I don't know my IQ.

I think less intelligent people are more prone to be poor, lack manners and don't have as sharp critical thinking skills. Intelligence is a workable trait, these people object to work and therefore object to maners and critical-thinking. They are only useful to a demagouge.

>Not all poor people are obnoxious or on drugs, I've met higher class people who act without self awareness too.
This is what about-ism.

Going to say, my interactions with wealthier people has been overwhelmingly positive compared to poor people. Many have helped me get out of my situation.

>It's almost like poverty isn't by choice
In the first world, poverty is a choice. At any point in time, you can put in the hard work make a decent life for yourself. Most people just refuse because "WAH WAH rich people didn't have to work hard to get where they are so why should I?"

Literally acting less poor has had a tangible impact on my life.

>> No.10449937

Its not just whataboutism, I just don't understand why the small percentages of rude poor people represent all poor people, but then rich people get a pass for their rudeness because social norms or whatever.

>> No.10449938

lol acting like wealth isn't partially luck or generational.

>> No.10449939


You can't just quit being poor by choice. Not in America anyway.

>> No.10449940

1. I made a distinction between the poor and those are poor and act it.
2. I'm poor and have been much poorer
3. Social norms are important

I didn't say wealth doesn't come from luck or through previous generations. But a leading factor in whether or not will be successful is their intelligence.

There is a rule of thumb that wealth does not survive three generations without intelligence.

This is implying that America has a strict fuedal heirarchy. It doesn't. You can become middle-class simply by making some very hard but smart decisions and making your efforts count.

>> No.10449941


America in particular may as well have a feudal hierarchy. Socioeconomic mobility is much worse than it used to be.

>> No.10449942

If lack of intelligence is often a leading factor in poverty, then how can you also claim that poverty is a choice?
You realize intelligence isn't a choice, right?

>> No.10449943

Because America is a developed economy. It has little to do with defined social structures and all to do with the fact that new wealth is not really being generated unlike countries who are generating large amount of new wealth like Japan and India.

You could argue that countries like Japan are worse (with a literal stagnating economy) and therefore are a fuedal society, but that doesn't fit the 'America bad because fuck the poor' narrative that people like to push.

I did say that intelligence is workable. Intelligence is definitely part choice. You can choose to study a topic or skill which will benefit you in the long term or you can choose to rot in front of netflix. Or argue on a seychellian turtle nesting fourm.

>> No.10449945

China and India*

>> No.10449946


So you can choose to study/educate yourself but also an educated crackhead is a waste of an education and still just a crackhead? You're contradicting what you previously said.

It can't be both at once anon, get your stories straight and don't backtrack just because no one is sympathetic to your plight as a big brained genius who is so desperate to feel better than other impoverished people that he convinces himself he loves the taste of wealthy people's soles "cause social norms important rich man will help me get rich too he promised"

>> No.10449950

Not really. A crackhead is someone addicted to drugs/the lifestyle of poverty to the point that they cannot be reformed. A poor person is not necessarily a crackhead. A crackedhead is the just the existing caricature of everything I despise and what I use.

Also, I have recieved scholarships from the references and recommendations put forth by people who I have met and are sympathetic to my situation. I have recieved an offer for basically a blank cheque internship once COVID is over and travelling is normalised, all thanks to a welathy mentor.

These people have put their own reputations in my hands and stuck their necks out for me.

>> No.10449952


You know, for some reason I find it hard to believe people could become addicted to the luxurious lifestyle that is living in poverty. Especially when it is seemingly so bad that you're trying to get away from it. I highly doubt being horribly poor is some sort of dopamine hit the way you're implying it is, buddy.

>> No.10449955

What I mean by the lifestyle of poverty is the ease of poverty.

It's easier to just work a braindead, dead-end job or just to collect NEET bux.

It's easier to watch TV or play video games, than to work on a skill.

It's easier to work a full-time job, affording a meager but easy life than taking out loans and going to pursue higher education.

It's easier to just get drunk and/or do drugs than deal with your personal issues.

It's easier to just hang-out with the same group of dropkicks who do nothing to help your situation and in fact detract from it, like crabs in a bucket.

It's easier to just convince yourself that you have an okay life rather than being ambitious and striving for more.

It's easier to just count up small successes and never failing rather than making risky but calculated moves for very large success.

It's factors and ways of thinking like this that people choose to be in poverty or be poor.

Coming from being poor is fucking hard but have some fucking perseverance and some fucking resolve and you can make it out.

>> No.10449956


Apparently working your braindead job is not that easy since you're complaining so much.

As a fellow intelligent poor person, I can tell you taking out loans to go to uni was WAY easier than just working part time at a service job which is what my less smarter sister had to do. Being smarter makes your life infinitely easier/makes it easier to do the things you claim are harder for poor people.

So I don't really see where you are coming from claiming working a dead end job and getting government funds is somehow easier than getting to enjoy uni, get a degree, and have a professional career. Being addicted to drugs doesn't sound easy. In fact, it would be hard for me to even find drugs if I wanted them but if it's easy for poor people to end up on drugs that doesn't make the struggle of addiction to them not difficult. Legit crackheads are actually homeless and in far worse off situations than the "crackheads" at your workplace.

If everyone strove for more you would not have any fellow service workers who serve you at a restaurant or check you out at the grocery store, etc. it's fine to not care about being wealthy but I don't think these people are choosing to be poor or if they aren't smart they may not even know there is more to strive for or could have self image issues and think the "something more" is unattainable.

Get over yourself dude. You aren't the only smart poor person out there

>> No.10449959


So unintelligent low income people aren't working hard because you think their job is too easy as a self proclaimed genius? Tons of jobs are hard work/physical labor but for low pay and full time leaves you with little downtime for education. And if people are really that unintelligent then they wouldn't survive through uni anyway so taking out loans just to fail out it useless and a waste.

Have fun telling a server making $2.50 an hour and having to kiss rude customer's asses for tips while risking getting sick during a pandemic just to not become homeless that their job is braindead and easy.

>> No.10449963

I'm gonna say it.
I'm fine not striving for better constantly and being ambitious.
This might sound bad but honestly with how the world is going and the forecast for climate change, I'm fine getting my cheap dopamine hits while I can rather than working my ass off to maybe enjoy life when I'm 35, when likely the world will be crumbling around me anyway.
I'm not going to have kids.
For now, I just want to survive and enjoy the luxuries I have living in a first world country. I don't need to be a CEO, I don't need to be a programmer, I don't need a career to make me happy. Maybe that makes me unintelligent? Probably. I don't really care though. I don't think it means you're better than me though.

>> No.10449964

I found my diary from when I was 11 years old a couple of years ago and I had written rants like this. It was really embarrassing to read as an adult.

You sound really frustrated about your situation. I hope you get a better job and have some experiences that help you develop some empathy and perspective. Covid is hard and stressful, when things get better do some travel and see some other ways of life.

>> No.10450024

I wore my first coord yesterday, I had such a good experience! A lady said I looked adorable, and no negative comments, although I think a shop lady followed us around the store and thought we were gonna steal rip.

>> No.10450026


Congrats anon! I always love getting kind compliments from people in public. It reminds me that people aren't always staring because they think I'm weird, they may just genuinely like my outfit

>> No.10450034

Thanks! I was really worried cause it's very much a jeans and t shirt kind of area lol, but it seemed most staring was pretty ok.

>> No.10450044
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>Wonder con already announced dates for March 2021

Don't tempt me Satan

>> No.10450115


>> No.10450138
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>finally have good income
>can travel to any con I want without getting in debt
>heck, even foreign cons are a possibility now
Sometimes life works in strange ways.
I miss hanging out with my friends in cosplay.

>> No.10450144

More money for next year!

>> No.10450222

Gulls how stupid would it be to spend half my paycheck on frivolous things if i need to save?

I've been working for a year and saving every cent outside of half for rent but still don't have much. I need to move out in a few years and i will possibly be out of a job next year so this will drain my savings.

But shit, i've been grinding for years now. All i do is work, study and browse 4chan. No spending on fashion, games or manga, good skincare or hair products. I feel like my saving will never be enough at this pace so a month of being happier would be ok, even if logically i know it's not a good move.

>> No.10450223

you should probably work towards getting a better job or a lower rent instead

>> No.10450243

I'm trying, but the job market was shit even before covid. Also i'm not the smartest or most qualified, here's hoping college will help with that.

>> No.10450249

Keep saving. It's the shitty and unfun answer, but it's the right one.
There's nothing wrong with treating yourself every once and a while, but if it's at the expense of draining all your savings, it's not worth it.

>> No.10450251

Don't listen to the haters anon, you have a good head on your shoulders. Some people will make any excuse to not improve themselves and blame it on capitalism and rich people. A large portion of the lolita community has a crab bucket mentality and they get angry when others pull themselves out of poverty because it reminds them it's possible, they're just failures.

>> No.10450258

Thanks anon. I wouldn't drain all my savings, i'm not that unstable yet, but how i long to spend half my next paycheck on some skincare and clothes. My skin is flaking off and my bras are ratty :(

But you're right. Maybe i will set a small cap of 10 bucks of treat yourself money each month.

>> No.10450259

depends what job market you're looking at. there's nearly always a shortage of teachers and trade jobs, so those would be easy to get

>> No.10450275


No one had a problem with anon pulling hinself out of poverty. And most lolitas aren't poor to begin with.

People's main issue was really that he thinks dumb people deserve to be treated worse or at minimum heavily implying it by citing his reason of not being deserving of mistreatment by customers being his intelligence and not, you know, basic human decency.

The thing people are taking issue with is the implication that people are worth less or deserve mistreatment if they are not intelligent when intelligence is not a choice. Anon's rude customers are shitty and people would have been more supportive and comforting had he not gone on to make weird remarks and generalizations about poor people and poverty and intelligence and both invalidate pursuing education for certain groups but still also claiming that's what people need to do to get ahead in life.

His perspective is messed up on that front and that's all people really had the biggest problem with. Of course being shitty to service workers is bad but anon is weirdly justifying it for other people who are poor and have similar positions and claiming it's okay for the rich to do it and it's just a weird self jerkoff talking about how smart he thinks he is and how he literally thinks he is better than others for his intelligence and not his actions or good treatment of others.

>> No.10450282

4-chan is your biggest expense because time is money

>> No.10450286

Get your skincare and bras anon, this hurts my heart to read

>> No.10450288

Not sure where you are, but unemployment in the us where I am was like 2% before covid. If you had a pulse and weren’t an axe murderer you could get a job. To be frank, you probably weren’t job searching well. Maybe spend some internet browsing time learning techniques for job searching, applying and interviewing?

>> No.10450298

Even if rona is taken care of

Celeb Photo-Ops are pretty much dead for a few years

>> No.10450305

Sorry lmao. I will get them slowly.

I use it to decompress after a long day anon, it's either this or anime.

We were at around 12% before covid. But yeah i'm not really sure i was doing my best, i did read a bunch about the job search world but things seemed so vague and contradicting sometimes. Maybe i do need to change strategies.

>> No.10450324

sorry but context on this pic

>> No.10450333

Oh darn diggity! Another Utahn? Are you going to Anime Bandai?

>> No.10450375

I put a bid on a dress i really wanted but since its fairly popular I honestly didn't expect to win it but the days left on the sale are going down and im still the only bidder. Some new expenses came up and now im really regretting it and just praying someone else will bid on the dress.
Im a retard.

>> No.10450384

>tfw overworked person in general
>Been wanting to finish cosplay(s) whole year
>Keep getting setback after setback
>All the hottest cosplayers on social media seem to be well off with parents funding cosplays
>Feel out of place amongst many other cosplayers IRL due to class disparity in upbringing despite recently becoming successful.
>Had to wait until mid 20s to finally cosplay
>The ride never ends

>> No.10450393

>gf has bpd
>i honestly thought I could have a healthy relationship with her

feel free to laugh at me for being a complete and utter retard who thought he could fix someone genetically doomed

>> No.10450396

it is possible for mentally ill people to have healthy relationships. is she on meds and in therapy?

>> No.10450398


Maybe you're just a shit person to be with bud. BPD is mostly a product of environment, saying she's genetically doomed just says more about your shitty attitude.

>> No.10450399

Why did you get in a relationship with her in the first place? If you're still together, you're a moron.

>> No.10450411

She deserves better than you anyway.

>> No.10450420

>It's just the mentality healthy people that are the problem
Is that what you tell your cats? For anyone here who is mentally healthy, don't feel bad for the mentally ill. They won't have feelings back.

>> No.10450424

nta but almost no one in the world is truly mentally healthy. most people have some kind of personality disorder, attachment disorder etc that just goes undiagnosed

>> No.10450447

>be avoidant personality disorder
>desutroy relationship with gf that loved me
imagine being the one who is 'genetically doomed'

>> No.10450454


> assuming this person staying in a relationship that makes them miserable is mentally healthy

Whatever you say kiddo. "Mentally healthy" people aren't perfect and sometimes they can contribute to their own relationship problems too, you know? But sure, keep blaming all of your interpersonal issues on mentally ill people, you sound super stable and mentally sound bro.

>> No.10450460

This is what I'm starting to believe too. Mentally healthy people are rare. Most people have a mental illness its just about what kind and how obvious it is.

>> No.10450466

I love railing lines of k while wearing a full coord

>> No.10450488

there are plenty of extremely poor anons I know who cosplay, it's a grind of making shit yourself, thrifting for pieces, etc

>> No.10450500 [DELETED] 

I cannot emphasize this enough, look up a man named Jack Kruse. My whole family has autoimmune disorders and he's completely changed our lives. My mum is healthier in her fifties than she has been in decades.

>> No.10450502 [DELETED] 

I promise you things will get better. Right off the bat let me tell you to start getting sunlight on your eyes at dawn and sunset and stop using devices at night. Also look up Jack Kruse. I've struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide for years but this turned my life around completely. You're a priceless soul, please don't yourself. You'll be in my prayers.

>> No.10450505

So how much per post are you earning?

>> No.10450514

Every blouse I buy makes me look terrible and im about to give up on lolita because of my stupid ass man shoulders (I'm a bio woman)

>> No.10450521


>sunlight on your eyes

That's a recipe for vision loss but okay

>> No.10450523


A lot of people with BPD are stereotyped as manipulative and abusive for a reason. If they aren't actively seeking therapy and treatment and consciously trying to manage their condition they may mistakenly fall into harmful behavior patterns. And people can easily be lax with how they manage their physical or mental health.

>> No.10450526

I understand that, I have BPD, but when people categorize you as "genetically doomed" and treat you as such its hard to want to try to get better, especially if everyone acts like it's a lost cause. It doesn't help, at least.
I try to be conscious of my behavior even when I can't afford meds or therapy, I get peoples' frustration but its hurtful when they dismiss you as a person and only see an illness. There are some garbage people with personality disorders, I know firsthand because my siblings have NPD and witnessing how they behave is a constant reminder to always try to better myself. I'd like to believe I'm not doomed.

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