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No cons until 2089 edition

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No, but for real, cons aren't coming back until 2022.

November 2021 events are already being cancelled in the US. Enjoy 2 years of no cons, gulls. Now would be a great time to work on your body or learn a new skill, at least!

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We can have cons back by next year if we're all willing to wash our hands and vote democrat.

At the very least, we may be uninfected enough for other countries to let us visit THEIR cons.

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If cons are going to be cancelled in the US for another year or 2, then the least we can do is execute the people whose ignorance got them to catch corona, but not die from it.

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It'd be cool if us scrotes could sexy time with u cosplayers and lolitas in specifically designated threads. I understand that it'd be a shit show and end super badly, but I wish it could happen and not get ruined. All of the bussies here, just give them some use, u feel me? Lolitas showing off that one coord that is no aloud by the nazi lolita comitee for showing too luch skin, erololita, ultra thot cosplay, I'd be in heaven. Yeah, I know, it's not happening, but I wish it did.

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These threads keep disappearing, are mods just deleting feels threads automatically now or do they just keep degenerating within hours of being posted?

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It’s been the same bait over and over again and anons can’t help themselves when it comes to responding.

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The last one was deleted for thottery in the OP.


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2 years huh?
That's plenty of time to lose weight, get fit, stock up on dresses, work on multiple cosplays, and for everyone to get their shit together. 2023 BETTER be an explosive surge of cosplays and coords. Chop chop people! Except for essential workers and those that have lost thier jobs in this time. We will have a drink in your honor.

How will you all spend these two years? I plan to get down from 150 to 125 then back up to 130 or so in muscle while also learning how to do embrodiery and have a decent wardrobe going.

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With college stress and quarantine depression I got fat and now I’m back to my high school weight which feels pretty bad. I need to lose about 25-30 lbs, but once I do that I want to gain some muscle as well. Do you have any tips for that? I’m especially looking to tone my stomach/abs

Cosplay wise, I’m revisiting old wigs to touch them up and learning to use body paint

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I’m working on perfecting my sewing skills, want my lolita wardrobe to be only extremely well done handmade and some brand pieces

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>Do you have any tips for that? I’m especially looking to tone my stomach/abs
Weight lifting. Don't worry about getting too big or anything, for women it's damn hard to do so unless you seriously dedicate yourself for that purpose. Since gyms are dead you can look into calisthenics (working out using your own body weight like push ups, pull ups, planking etc.) and buying some 10 lb weights and resistance bands to start. You can work your way up as you go. Drinking water helps drop water weight as contradicting as it sounds. Keep coming back to your inspirations to keep going. For me, listening to JAM project, watching fighting anime and thinking about dresses I'm gonna buy helps. Don't think of food as a reward for your efforts. Set weekly goals. 1 lb loss a week is good unless you're particularly big.

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I'm trying to lose weight too, I'm like 60lb more than I want to be and I'm sick of it, especially because I used to be UNDERWEIGHT like 10 years ago and know how much better life is when you're not a fatass.

Aside from that I was working on my pilot's license before the lockdown and I'm hoping I can go back to training this fall, if so I'll be able to rent a plane and fly to the next con myself, something I've always wanted to do.

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>mfw I finally figured out how to get eyelashes to stand up correctly on my stupid ass eyes

I can't believe it took me eleven years to figure out when you apply the glue you really should be applying it on the back side and not simply on the line.

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Whoops, didn't mean to reply to you! >>10441476

That sounds awesome though, hope you can get back on it!

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Anon, can you explain this? I feel like I'm doing it wrong too and I want my eyelashes to not be as "flat." I usually try to put the glue on the "edge" of the lash. Not sure what you mean by the back-side/line?

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>The last one was deleted for thottery in the OP.
What, you've never texted your friend's big brother a picture of your ass in a thong and had him reply "lol"?

Such a /cgl/ related feel desu.

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> alright you need some more accessories and to pick up some basics at some point in the near future, nothing big
> ooh pretty main piece!!


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Stop this meme. There is no such thing as 'tone'. Your body can do only two things. Change fat, change muscle. That's it. What the fuck is tone?

If you want to lose fat around your abdomen, you just have to lose fat and hope that your body's priority of fat stores genetically prediposes you to lose fat off your abdomen first.

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Is there a greater reason to rope than being a brazilian lolita? finding alt fashion in this country is hard/expensive in general
If I can give any tip that >>10441475 hasn't covered already it's consistency. Pleeease be consistent all the way through, it's so worth it. Don't give up and flake after one or two weeks, see it through. Don't give up after missing one day either, keep it going. It's sooo worth it in the end.

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I'm 28 right now and am gonna hit 30 in 2022. What a fucking shame that I can't spend the last of my 20s at cons.

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Just locked myself out of my apartment.

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I tried streaming on twitch tonight and someone actually started typing in chat and I got nervous and ended my stream. man fuck that guy for ruining my plans for tonight.

Damn anon must be cold feelsbad

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every single time

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How do I tell my Brazilian neighbours to shut the fuck up and stop being pieces of shit?

>Playing loud as fuck music at all hours of the day that I can hear through my walls
>Shouting, constantly shouting even though they're just having a normal conversation
>Leaving their shoes and random shit in the hallway constantly
>Revving the fuck out of their motorcycles in the echoing underground carpark multiple times a day
>Smoking weed in a non-smoking apartment complex
>Treating the car park like their personal junkyard, leaving hoses, jacks, spare parts, oil cans, furniture (!?) and whatever other garbage they found on the side of the road

I've spoken to them and complained multiple times to the owner but just nothing happens. A lot of "Oh, so sorry, we'll be better." And for maybe a day they won't be fucking irritating but the next it's business as usual.

I've met Brazilians before and they just acted like normal people, but these people are fucking awful.

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Oh hey that’s the same feel I came to share after spending money again on yet another main. I’m pretty satisfied now though! A majority of my recent haul was accessories and threw in like 4 mains because I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. It feels wrong to spend like this considering the circumstances, but I’m “essential“ and it’s been so hellish at work that losing myself to my hobby is the only thing that brings me joy.

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What happened to the last feels thread? It didn’t last long and its not in the archives.

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Just paid $160 to ship my 9kg lolita via surface mail, pray for my package, gulls

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I know theres a lot of people pissed off that nothing is happening, and are wishing for a legit no-fucks-given-con. Yeah I miss seeing friends and that con atmosphere where it feels like you can really be yourself and let all the tension of the normie masquerade going away...

But i'd much rather take things safe, and just feel so pissed off with anyone flaunting rules.

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tfw life would be easier if I was rich and could pursue my studies and hobbies without having to factor in how much money things are going to cost

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I locked myself out of my car three times in two weeks before. Every time the locksmith came it was the same guy. I felt like the biggest idiot. Now I check for my keys compulsively like a crackhead throughout the day.

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I'm sorry anon, those people sound like shitheads even by the standards of someone who actually lives here. I've met a lot of loud people in my time, It's a stereotype that latinos tend to be loud, and well, I won't deny. It's annoying as fuck. I'm bad at confrontation, but I'd personally start gathering evidence. Record the obnoxious loud noises, take pictures of the trash/shoes they leave around and keep dates. Don't obsess over it though, you don't want it to take over your entire life. You need just enough evidence to prove them wrong just in case they try and fire back with some bullshit. I'd then go to the landlord(?) (i'm not sure which country you're from and what kind of housing you live in, sorry) and file a formal complaint. Evidence will be your friend.

It's these kind of shithead brazilians that give us a bad rep. I've heard horror stories of brazilians being terrible tourists pretty much anywhere in the world.

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was quoted over $400 in shipping for 15kg package through DHL so I guess I'm just going to keep waiting until Japan Post restarts shipping to the USA - maybe I'll get my dream dress(es) next year

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It's not your fault anon. I feel like some of the people who leave their home countries are just as insufferanle there and think that they will be accepted in a new country based on the stereotype of that contry.

I live in Australia and I know our stereotype is laid back and relaxed so maybe people think we're more tolerant of people being loud and obnoxious? Kind of like weebs trying to move to Japan because everyone in Japan loves anime obviously.

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My fucking spelling Jesus Christ.


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I was starting to regret choosing to go back to my student hostel when school starts because everything's online anyway, but after seeing maggots twice in a week, I remembered why I left. Ain't no maggots going to be touching my burando.

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Definitely. When I think of Australians I think of very laid back people that curse a lot. I kinda hate how my first thought is sniper from TF2, I feel like if I mentioned that to an Australian person face-to-face they would immediately roll their eyes. Probably just me being extremely paranoid though lol

Aside from just the general stories I've heard of Brazilians going to Japan, there are a LOT of Japanese immigrants in Brazil (called nikkeis) who then use their status to immigrate back to japan as then dekasegis and it doesn't go well a lot of the time I hear. I'm not a Japanese descendant so I don't want to make some sort of cringe statement about most Japanese people thinking Brazilians are rude, but it does make me kind of nervous to go there one day. This doesn't really add anything to the conversation, I just thought it was a fun piece of trivia to share. I had an excellent chance to talk to a Japanese lolita a year or so ago, and she was surprised to know there was even a small lolita scene here.

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>she was surprised
i'm surprised there are lolita comms in third world countries too. idk how anyone can focus on frivolous crap with all the crime and starvation happening in a country like that.

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It's a nice distraction. There really isn't anything you can do about it, a dwelling on it just makes it feel worse.
You can't really escape it anymore either with the US turning into Juarez 2.0, by the time I got money to come up it would be just as bad as down here.

>> No.10441664

> face-to-face they would immediately roll their eyes.

I would say the opposite. Australians love stereotypes especially about themselves. I personally am really curious to know what the world thinks of us and The Sniper is a charasmatic and charming person so it's not bad at all. In fact, everyone absolutely loves the Simpsons episode set in Australia.

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I'm very lucky to be born in a middle class family and have a job that allows me to get by with buying secondhand and/or taobao. I'm just a lonelita for now, I don't know any comms where I live. I've pretty much accepted my place as a poorlita, but I wish I could support the brands themselves. The concept of lolita isn't even very well known here. I go out in gothic sometimes and I get asked sometimes if I'm going to church or a funeral. Also yeah what >>10441655 thinking about dresses really distracts the mind from all the garbage, even if it's just me alone sitting at 5 am looking at cgl, taobao or wunderwelt.

That's good to know! I love this kind of cultural exchange. I know jack about Australia since it's really far away from Brazil, it's insane. I only know that it has a similar climate to here (hot and dry), it has lots of strange wildlife and big insects. Seriously, all the huge spider videos that I happen to see come from australia.

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It does the heart good watching the 'cosplay is a personality' crowd lose their minds on insta and fb each new such and such is canceled. I'm fine with actually getting time to really sink my teeth into some bigger projects.I didn't think I'd ever have time for.

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This is what /soc/ is for

Gender/ race/ trans baiting

Mfw can't have a good /cgl/ feels thread ever. I just want to vent about how shitty the secondhand market is and how brands don't have anything cute anymore

>> No.10441711

Ack, you’re scaring me anon, I plan to ask my SS how much DHL will cost

What did you order?

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What a sad ass incel you are. No woman here wants to interact with you, at least not for free.

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At least Germany can have conventions again in September and I really want this to happen. Too much cabin fever working from home so long. I'm so grateful to all those people who took the pandemic seriously in Europe. Infections have dropped to such a minimum by now, that we actually can have nice things again.

I feel super sorry for american gulls though.

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Honestly fuck DoKomi after the shit that they pulled.

I love the con itself but the people running it have over the past few years have become what they once hated.

>> No.10441732

that doesn't speak too well about them in the first place 2bh, also you're trying to sink other people to your level of shit, what a sad being

/soc/ is the most subhuman place on 4chins, not worth lurking at all

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Women don't owe you free attention, you entitled little virgin. Go to one of the many coomer containment boards.

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lmaoing @ your off the charts levels of salt, enjoy your rage I guess

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Don't reply to obvious scrote posting.

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Take your incel tears back to /r9k/ thx

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you're the one foaming at the mouth lmao

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cry moar, bye

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that's a alot of salt right there. are you mad at them for organising a convention?

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why do girls make the best boys?
too bad she's an e-thot

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I remember now why I’m antisocial.

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>that's a alot of salt right there. are you mad at them for organising a convention?

I already found it questionable to host the convention despite the ongoing pandemic. Their hygiene concept didn't really help ease any of those doubts, but what put the nail in the coffin for me was when the organizers mobilized people (through a third party) to harass the people that were bringing attention to this (in a calm, fact-based and respectful manner).

Luckily I have the means to attend other cons and the main thing I will miss about DoKomi is probably the park right outside the venue anyways so not that salty.

>> No.10441762

>>the organizers mobilized people (through a third party) to harass the people that were bringing attention to this

wait, are you talking about the dontkomi drama? The one were some girls wanted to push a boycot of the convention and it backfired on them because they behaving like total bitches? I've actually read their "we did nothing wrong" posts and they were a pure cringefest. To be honest, there was not much respectful manner as far as I could see. But many laughs were had. Some of my friends still follow that one cosplayer for the giggles, as she continues to produce cringe every week.

Sometimes social media produces pure gold!

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If I'm starting from zero (literally no muscle mass, can't do a pushup) is it good to start just do body weight exercises without other weights and bands?

>> No.10441771

google "progression" for the exercises you want to do so that you can see the easier versions. you can also buy 2lb weights or just hold a water bottle in each hand. weights will get you results faster and farther; the benefit of bodyweight is not needing equipment.

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Yes, learning how to lift yourself (to me) is probably one of the best things you could do when it comes to fitness. There are people out there that can bench press and curl weights but they can't do a pushup or pullup.

>> No.10441776

Someone offered to sell me a dress I really wanted from cgl but then ghosted me in emails even though I was more than happy to pay the price they requested if not more...I'm not upset with them because idk what's going on in their life but it does make me a little sad.

>> No.10441806

Because most boys can't into pretty
t. boy

>> No.10441812

Honestly this. I love cons, but I’m graduating from college next year. It’s a relief knowing that I won’t have the pressure of making new cosplays and con crunching while also trying to take on finals

>> No.10441833

cons aren't coming back in the Americas until 2022, everyone else took the pandemic seriously lmao

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>tfw no androgynous cosplay gf/bf

>> No.10441860

They probably never had it to begin with. I’m sorry anon.

>> No.10441864


They send some proof photos so idk

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Maybe if Americans didn't want to go out into every major city and spread the plague because they wanted to protest and riot it wouldn't have been an issue.

>> No.10441902

The real issue was all the trump supporters with brain worms declaring that covid was just a conspiracy and refusing to wear a mask

>> No.10441904

It was both of those things. Let's not kid ourselves. Idiots all around.

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The spike occurred literally the same time as the riots started. The country was doing fine until it started being cool to burn things and march in the streets.

>> No.10441913

>ignoring the experts who have already clarified that spike was started by people celebrating Memorial Day weekend

>> No.10441917

That's just something far-leftists say so they can excuse their own behavior and continue finding creative ways to blame Donald Trump for everything.

>> No.10441918

both things contributed, riots maybe more since there was more people in it, but prettending the trumptards didn't do it makes you a braindead faggot

>> No.10441920

If "Trumptards" not wearing masks was the issue then there would be steady increases since COVID-19 began. That's not what happened. Numbers dropped and leveled off until literally the day after George Floyd's death.

>> No.10441921

Then why is Florida, where barely any protesting happened (I live here), now the worldwide epicenter for the virus

>> No.10441924

It was both, holy fuck are you retarded? Riots contributed more since they were more massive. Fucking brain dead trumptards I swear to god...

>> No.10441926

everyone in florida is brain damaged and it's full of old people. the riots definitely contributed in the states they were in, especially since there are signs of infected plants with no masks. riots are clearly planned to try to infect minorities and anti trump groups.

>> No.10441929

>The spike occurred literally the same time as the riots started.
....in a few states.
The protests happened across the entire country, but only southern states saw an increase in cases.
The theory is outdoor crowds don't cause much spread, but indoor crowds do. Now that its summer and very hot outside, everyone is going to indoor places and events such as malls, restaurants, movies, etc. and the A/C actually really helps spread the virus around, much more than the open outdoors.

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The Floyd riots has been the biggest on-going public festival in every American city ever.

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>infections have dropped to a minimum everywhere
>mfw cases are raising again in italy because “iT’s ToO hOT oUTside to WeAr a MaSk”
>people talking about another quarantine in autumn

>> No.10441947

>in autumn
unless something changes it's gonna be way sooner than that, like a month tops

>> No.10441948

>pretending that the media isn't deathly afraid of backlash from BLM so they falsely claim BLM had no impact on cases

>> No.10441949

lots of stuff, it's over 15kg

They estimated it'd be around $100 to ship but then when the invoice came, it was over 4x the estimate.

>> No.10441966

I think Italy will try to stay “open” until October because they want to milk on European tourists during the summer and try to gain some money. The same reason why the biggest con of the country, Lucca Comics, will take place no matter what.

>> No.10441968

So that's the plan, make cash during the summer, stay ultra hyper mega quarantined on october. Where I'm from there is a lot of tourism, but this year we're getting like 10% of what it usually is, maybe even less, that means we're gonna get BTFO'd hard, cause most of the jobs here are tourism related, funnily nobody talks about it, but it doesn't matter if they quarantine us now or later, the toursim clientele is already lost.

>> No.10441972

I understand, anon. I work in luxury retail and our main income used to come from Chinese customers. Now we are lucky if people from Austria and Germany decide to visit our store... i’m focusing on getting fit and cosplay to distract myself from everything

>> No.10441975

A crash in slow motion. Hope it isn't too bad.

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>Found a DD on lacemarket
>Lil scalped but idc
>Seller comunicate smoothly
>Buy and pay inmediately
>Then seller proceed to read and ignore my DMs
>Been 2 weeks and still no shipping info, all my messages mark as read
>I just want my DD....

>> No.10441994

holy shit i hope it arrives anon, what did you buy???

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Sorry if this is long, I'm just feeling a lot happier and I wanted to share a good feel before the thread gets nuked again.
>gained 50 lbs in two years after my mother passed away
>felt like there was no point worrying about my appearance since the worst had already happened. Started binging on fast food, junk food, and more junk food covered in cheese and butter
>one month ago, after finding out I can't fit anything in my closet that isn't a men's size t-shirt decide that enough is enough
>stop buying junk food and soda, start drinking water and cooking healthy meals and doing OMAD
>already feel better since I hated drinking soda and eating junk food to begin with
>also start falling in love with lolita again and decide to spend my trump coin on some brand as motivation
>try on my new pair of AP socks and shoes
>first time I've ever felt cute and feminine in almost a year
>get a Meta sailor op from a kind seller on LM
>of course it doesn't fit when I try it on but it's so perfect that I feel even more motivated to lose weight
>start doing Chloe Ting's workouts. It's tough but I'm actually having fun
>buy more stuff that can actually fit. Still feel cute but I know I'd look cuter when I lose the weight
>fast forward to now
>doesn't seem like I lost much weight yet obviously but I feel better
>house is cleaner because I feel more motivated to keep things clean
>start taking care of the rest of my body (face, hands, feet). Face clears up since I stopped drinking soda
>try on the same dress again just to see if I made any progress
>still kind of tight around my boobs but it feels MUCH better
I hope I can actually stick with it this time. I always end up giving up but this is the first time I've actually felt happy and motivated. I'm planning on buying either a regular bike or a stationary bike soon too. Wish me luck gulls.

>> No.10442075

> November 2021 events are already being cancelled in the US

I'm gonna need to see a list and sources for that, otherwise I'm calling complete bullshit.

Not saying I have high hopes for a 2021 con season, but with numerous events scheduled for the end of 2020 not being cancelled yet (though I'm sure most if not all will), I'm pressing X to doubt that cons that deep into 2021 are cancelled already.

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good job and good luck anon! I had the same story when my mother passed away and gained 60 in a couple years before losing it all. I didnt do OMAD, but just generally eating healthy again made me feel more like myself and then got in the gym! rooting for you

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congratulations and good job on your quest to fit in your lolita clothes

what fast food would you recommend me if I don't give a fuck about weight but I want tastiness overload?

>> No.10442098

>November 2021 events are already being cancelled in the US
which ones, show me

>> No.10442103

Wendy’s baconator

>> No.10442136

Thanks for posting about Chloe Ting, think I'm gonna give her workouts a try as well.

>> No.10442141

Since I worked at bk and saw the bacon is stored in a hot box then just added on top (at least at bk) bacon burgers lost a lot of the magic and desirability to me

>> No.10442146

don't reply to soup. don't acknowledge soup.

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I really hate my country and its president right now, but I'll take another $1.2k check to buy burando and ease my pain.

>> No.10442170

when is that coming?

>> No.10442176


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I've been having a hard time dealing with lack of social interaction through this pandemic. I suck at initiating conversations (on messages apps/chatrooms) normally, I always feel like I'll be a nusiance if I do. And it doesn't help that most of the chatrooms I participate in like to engage in healthy amounts of teasing and light bullying, and I always take the bait.
What really sucks is that I honestly need a place to let off steam, and without having somewhere like that where I can just enjoy conversing with people really helps me feel more motivated to work on things, like cosplay or art. I don't really know how to deal with this situation, it feels like I'm always putting myself in situations where I end up as the victim and I don't have much say in it.
And what's honestly funny is that IRL I'm more than personable with plenty of people, and in the very least with my roommates. Having just my family around while they're all busy dealing with their own work problems makes me feel invisible.

>> No.10442191

Have a gf but im pre much in love with someone ive met before her who also feels the same but we are too far to meet regularly so it couldnt work.

I kind of dont like emotionally cheating on her like that but she seems open to poly stuff, so im hoping she doesnt mind it in the future.

>> No.10442193
File: 43 KB, 500x534, awake-but-at-what-cost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my last con of the year is basically cancelled
I knew it was coming, but fuck. Made the reality set in.

>> No.10442198

Poly is a meme that needs to die

>> No.10442201

Break up. She deserves better and poly shit nearly always crashes and burns.

>> No.10442212

Inb4 poly apologists ruin the thread

>> No.10442213

I go down to my car and have an argument with myself and then go to gym.

>> No.10442216

I'm desperately searching for a matching tote to a dress I own to soothe the intense depression and stress I have during the pandemic and despite searching every Japanese secondhand site daily, I never find it...I could make an entire fucking dress with the amount of sugary carnival or baked sweets parade totes on fril and mercari but I can't find the one Lyrical Bunny one I've been wanting for so long anywhere.

I wanted it for years and got desperate enough that I posted it on cgl...I got the tote in a different colorway and it occasionally pops up in black but I want it in pink so bad.

It a stupid ass first world problem I'm just focusing on so I don't sink deeper into depression and sadness over more serious problems in my life right now...even knowing that I can't help but be upset about it. I shouldn't care so much about a dumb ass strawberry bunny fabric bag but I do because I'm lolita trash obsessed with being a completionist.

>> No.10442217

Post how tight your boobs are

>> No.10442224
File: 54 KB, 750x456, 1559324548691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

nayrt never at this fucking rate. Besides we've got some fucking SS secret Police shit happening in Portland, so even if you get the money you might not last long enough to spend it if you live near there or protest in anyway

I still can't get myself motivated to work on anything. No one's gonna see me so i'm less motivated to dress nicely and there are no cons so I'm not motivated to sew anything.

>> No.10442238

not really sure where to put this but PULL is closing like on wednesday so we can expect a lot of trash to come here.

>> No.10442239

Why here? They'll never stay on topic and there's lolcow.

>> No.10442240

Try to think about after everything is back open. Use this time to build yourself up in someway. I slacked off the first two months in march-april when locked down started and my face broke out, I gained weight and looked awful. Got back into the routine since then and started buying cute loungewear and slippers to dress up in arounf the house. Treating most my days off like spa weekends with candles, bath bombs etc.

>> No.10442241

Oh fuck. Wait, yes let them come here and leave the farm out of it. I want to see worlds collide.

>> No.10442263

I feel bad because I'm so damn busy that the moment I wake up in the morning I literally jump out of bed and make a mad dash to get shit done. Because of this I've been neglecting my relationship but there's nothing I can do.

I need to work so I can eat and pay rent

I need to study so I can get a good job

I need to do chores so I don't live in filth, things stay maintained and I have everyday essentials

I need to go to gym to stay healthy

There just feels like there's not enough hours in the day.

>Inb4 why are you posting here if you have no time
I'm posting this on my train commute.

>> No.10442264

>Going to the gym
You can cut this and work out at home.

>> No.10442279

I don't have $5000 dollars worth of Olympic weightlifting equipment nor the space for a home gym.

>> No.10442290

Finally found a Jewelry Jelly headbow in sax on Mercari, purchase goes through and I’m just waiting for it to be shipped to my SS
Just got an email saying I’ve been refunded.
I just want that damn headbow anons

>> No.10442298

The fuck you need all that for? Just get you some weights and a jump rope.

>> No.10442300

>The one were some girls wanted to push a boycot of the convention

Nobody was pushing for a boycott but it is nice to see that some people eat up the DoKomi Propaganda - or simply have no readhing comprehension at all.

Also keep in mind that you need to be 18 years or older to post on 4chan.

>> No.10442350 [DELETED] 
File: 33 KB, 599x540, 8236438B-9486-43C8-99CC-86741ACA14AC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw Wondercon 2021 is pribably postponed again

fuck China bugmen

>> No.10442367

>get some weights

You want to know how much rubber coated weights cost? How about power cages and benches? Barbells?

There's a reason why gyms exist. The equipment is fucking expensive.

>> No.10442368
File: 239 KB, 500x733, Doctor Gilgamesh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>There's a reason why gyms exist. The equipment is fucking expensive.

I'm sticking to buying weights/home gym because i realized it was more economically efficient than a 40-50$ per month YMCA membership, spending gas driving to said YMCA only to find people hogging machines/spaces.

>> No.10442386

I got at like 10pm. I rarely share the space with more than 10 people.

>> No.10442487

Some days (like today) I feel like shit, but then I think of my wardrobe and I feel like the luckiest girl alive.

>> No.10442491

I hate my job and it just got worse today. My manager and boss are extremely passive aggressive. I am the lowest paid person in the entire office, let alone my team, and they constantly blur the lines of my job description so that I function part of the time as someone who is paid 50% more than me. I keep hoping maybe they'll fire me so I can get covid unemployment money. I would be making more unemployed than I do now. The only reason I keep my job is to buy brand without feeling like I'm a leech. The ability to buy lolita is the only thing that keeps me from going insane right now and I just don't even know what to do anymore.

>> No.10442523

Fuck I feel this. I get paid pretty well compared to my colleagues in the same position but that’s because I technically have two positions within the company. It just feels impossible to manage one while working full-time for the other. My GM is extremely passive aggressive and my manager is an unhinged wounded beast who talks shit to all of our bosses about everyone. It’s been an incredibly toxic work environment ever since we reopened to the public, but I’ve been buying brand on the side to compensate. I secretly wish the government will mandate another shutdown so I can go on unemployment and take a break.

Wish I could give you some words of encouragement. Maybe you should buy yourself a lil something haha

>> No.10442534

I've been buying more and more recently just to feel better. I wish the company I worked for would just collapse. We service the restaurant industry and I have access to see our revenue - it's not good. Tons of customers refusing to pay us because they also don't have any revenue. But that brings me some kind of evil joy because at the beginning of all of this, our CEO sent an email calling covid the "virus of fear."

We've (the corporate office) been working from home the past four months so anything less than a complete and total shutdown of "essential" businesses won't help me. (Why are restaurants essential anyways...?) I'm just getting more depressed every day and today is such a low point. The best days are when I get a package in the mail and I get to open something bright and happy.

>> No.10442540
File: 28 KB, 619x453, 7EF47CB0-B23D-4BA1-9301-5019E2FFC1C2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>decide to live with parents during college to save money
>don’t qualify for corona bucks because of this
>tfw see everyone else getting precious dollars to spend on hobbies

>> No.10442544

Why should a leech get free money? The rest of us actually work hard

>> No.10442548

I’m both working and going to school and I still have other bills to pay, the only thing I’m not paying is rent

>> No.10442551

>I’m not paying is rent
Hey look, there's your $1200.

I know it sucks though. Could really use a couple covid checks to offset the rising cost of shipping anything from Japan.

>> No.10442613


Living rent free is way more money than trump bucks do you even budget.

>> No.10442619

>don’t qualify for corona bucks because of this
I live with and take care of my elderly parents and still got my money. I didn't spend it on anything fun, but just living with your parents doesn't disqualifying you.

>> No.10442629

if i lived rent-free, i'd save $12,000 a year. i'd much rather have that than the stimulus check lol

>> No.10442649

That’s weird, I still live with my parents and I was qualified.

>> No.10442657

Based on my experience (NAYRT) if your parents filed you as a dependant you don't get to recieve the stimulus check.

>> No.10442675

Has to be, anon probably relies on the folks for everything. But I know plenty of people who just never got it

>> No.10442693

I understand.

>> No.10442703

That makes sense, I started filing separately this year

>> No.10442709

>the only thing I’m not paying is rent
Thats most people's biggest expense though...

>> No.10442720

You’re still a leech since you’re not paying for housing. All you’re doing is paying your personal bills. Sucks to be you

>> No.10442724

If I lived rent free that's like $10,000 a year? Are you fucking stupid?

>> No.10442726

>tfw not paying rent and utilities would save me 20k a year
FUCK I hate thinking about this

>> No.10442730

Why would it suck to have loving parents that don’t kick there kids out once they turned 18?

>> No.10442770

>anon probably relies on the folks for everything
how do you come to this conclusion after they said
>I’m both working and going to school and I still have other bills to pay, the only thing I’m not paying is rent

how is anon a leech when they're both working and going to school and paying their own bills? you know parents should still help and support their children even after they hit 18, right?

>> No.10442775

>All you’re doing is paying your personal bills
Lmao bitch do you have any idea how much college costs in America?
My parents aren’t paying my tuition, I am. I get some financial aid/scholarships and bust my ass to cover the rest because I don’t want to be one of those people that graduates with $30k debt

>> No.10442776

Reading Shigurui and taking a little trip out to the desert really got me to reconnect with my artistic spark. Hopefully I'll be a lot better in two years and I'll have a new way to enjoy cons. I'm sure I'll have a nicer body too.

>> No.10442777


Good thing you don't have rent on top of all of that.

>> No.10442778

Save that money for a down payment on a house in a low cost of living area. You are living the fucking dream.

>> No.10442780

I thought the stimulus was supposed to be for adults who paid taxes? If you were working during 2019, you should have gotten one. Unless your parents are claiming you as a dependent?

>> No.10442811

Not quite the same, but similar here
>Hate my career
>Decide to go back to school and work part-time in my old career
>Move into my dad's house because it's near school, free, and empty most of the time because he usually works out of town
>Covid happens
>My whole industry grinds to a halt, get furloughed with no end in sight
>Dad's whole industry stops too, now he's stuck here all the time
>School shuts down, and my program is mostly hands-on lab stuff so I can't do online classes
>Suddenly be like a 19 year old NEET again
Money isn't great but I'm surviving. Mostly I'm just going insane from stagnation.

>> No.10442815
File: 357 KB, 700x990, 1593728457257.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was going through one of my old email accounts and found where I made a clone of one of my friends facebook accounts and went around hitting on girls like 10 years ago when facebook didn't give a shit about that. I don't know why I did that instead of just making a random persona. Am I retarded?
Also holy shit google used to let you just create a hundred gmails without needing a phone number or preexisting email address.

>> No.10442817

No idea where you live or what your situation is, but maybe try taking a day trip somewhere. Spending some time around natural beauty away from people, where the loudest thing I could hear was my own footsteps and breathing really relaxed my mind.
Using your friend's identity is funnier

>> No.10442818

>Using your friend's identity is funnier
That is true, talking like a late 00s wigger to random girls was hilarious, especially since he didn't talk like that at all

>> No.10442822

>Used to
Is that still not the case?

>> No.10442824

Unless they only do that for people registering through tor

>> No.10442857

Yeah, I get out when it can and it helps, but it's the lack of progress that's really killing me. I'm about to hit my mid-30s and it was already a hard enough thing to drop everything and go back to school to start a new career at this age, and it's even worse watching a year tick by with zero happening toward it. To make it worse, what I'm actually going to school for is aviation, and it's been absolute murder on my psyche to start flying airplanes and then to be grounded for months (or maybe a year or more?) just as I was starting to get comfortable in the cockpit.

>> No.10442874

this is probably pretty dumb but I kind of feel like I missed the boat on having a lot of fun cosplaying and going to cons. I had the opportunity in high school and college (there was even a reasonably sized con local to my hometown) and just never went because I didn't see the point then. but now I'm 25, a bit more interested in getting into making cosplay and going to cons, but it feels like there's a lot that's stopping me.
1. covid, obviously. though it is nice having a lot of time to plan and execute
2. I've heard cons aren't as good as they used to be...this is the stupidest of my reasons for feeling like this. I know I shouldn't make this kind of judgement without going myself
3. I sort of feel like I've lost the uncritical enjoyment of a lot of things. I was a turd who only saw the negatives in everything as a teen, and I'm a little better than that now, but a lot of habits of criticism and judgement remain in my mind. when I see beginners I can't help but judge them, even though I'm not any better and shouldn't be so haughty
4. I'm pretty zero skill/zero confidence. sort of tied to 3, it's hard for me not to judge myself when I know that I would judge others
5. most importantly probably, my friend group that was interested in cons has dissolved....is there even a point to going to cons as a beginner alone?

>> No.10442875

Pretty sure I have covid19 and im so terrified. I just wanna shoot myself

>> No.10442876

Even if you do have it, you'll be fine as long as you're not an asthmatic senior

>> No.10442889
File: 581 KB, 1200x1200, cryingassoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

TFW my big brother simps for a cos-thot who's been arrested twice for public intoxication and got fired from a strip club for smoking crack on the roof

>> No.10442918

Is this what Americans keep telling themselves?

>> No.10442923
File: 104 KB, 1080x810, sad cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>my head is 22 inches around
>hairline to tip of chin is 8 inches
>facial width(between each ear) is less than 5.5 inches
>im 5ft7




>> No.10442927

Anon I'm in a similar position, I graduated right into all this bullshit but was still claimed as a dependent on last years taxes. I got a job immediately out of college (yay!) but as a result didn't see a shred of corona money. I did everything right and got screwed because of it.

>> No.10442960
File: 163 KB, 768x1024, 1512680772830.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>me, age 12
>discovers lolita fashion
>nice, I can't afford it rn, I'll wear it in a couple years

>6 years later
>buys first full angelic pretty coord
>everythings very cute, I love what I bought
>trys it on
>I look stupid and ugly

I don't really know what to do, I'm embarrassed looking at the pictures I took of myself, but I don't want to give up on sweet lolita. I've waited so long being unhappy with myself, with the idea I'll be happy with how I look when I can wear lolita, but now I am, it's not living up to expectations at all

Why does everyone else get to look cute in sweet but I look like a 13 year old retard

>> No.10442965

You're 18, you probably just need to build more skills and know how to get nice photos. Trust me its not easy nor intuitive. What parts of your photo bother you? Is it your make up, hair, pose, lighting, composition, angle ? Some things take practice and others you can google tutorials for. Anyways thats awesome you are in the fashion you dreamed about but don't feel pressured to live up to what you wanted when you were 12

>> No.10442966

do your hair & make-up

>> No.10442967 [DELETED] 

>full angelic pretty coord
spoiled brat from rich senpai or sucking an old dude's dick?

>> No.10442968

>full angelic pretty coord
spoiled brat from rich family or sucking an old dude's dick?

>> No.10442970

Poorfag detected

>> No.10442973

Give cons a try once things with the pandemic get settled so you're not left with FOMO. Your enjoyment of a con is really up to you since there's so much to do and experience. I go by myself all the time and end up having a blast because I'm not worried with whatever someone else wants to do. There is the risk of being bored if the con is small and there just isn't much going on but I know plenty of people who hang out in their hotel room or go outside and do touristy stuff and still have a good time.
And I understand on the judging thing. I have judged costume contests before and it's hard for me to shut that part of my brain off when I'm observing the average cosplayer. You judge other people because you judge yourself, so it might be worthwhile to work on your self esteem.

>> No.10442981

My main problem in my face kek, I'm not necessarily hideous, but I'm not cute either, my face is kind of long. I should probably wear makeup but I don't understand how eyeshadow and foundation is supposed to make me pretty (I've never worn it before, I'm worried about having the skills of a 12 year old due to being a beginner).
I still need to get cuter glasses, right now they're black, but I look even uglier without them
My hair is long, curly and blonde (with bangs), so I thought it'd be fine, but in my pictures it looks more of a dirty blonde than my actual hair colour.
My legs also look too chunky for trying to be cute (I'm wearing the promenade de paris mini skirt)

I mostly feel like an ugly white girl trying way too hard to be cute, when it's just not happening

Maybe makeup is what I need to invest my money in next, I don't really know many lolita hairstyles for curly hair though

Brand isn't hard to afford when you have a job

>> No.10442983

>Brand isn't hard to afford when you have a job
when you're also paying for college, uh yeah it is. mommy and daddy must be paying for your schooling and/or rent then. lucky you

>> No.10442985

>paying for college
kek not everyone has the misfortune of living in burgerland

>> No.10442987

I mean the raw facts are youre still growing into your final form so if you want to live that face sticker life own it. Try taking some selfies with snow or soda apps. They can automatically apply makeup to you so you can get some ideas or inspo about how it will look on you. And switch to contacts when you can, it really changes life in other practical ways assuming you 100% need them to see. But the bottom line is you're still really young which means you have tons of time to learn and make mistakes so don't be too hard on yourself. Also if you're into sweet probably get a lolita wig

>> No.10443008

So there's this cosplayer with giant tits (like mega huge she probably has macromastia) and I was gonna simp for her but then I saw her armpits and they were disgusting and hairy and not only that but its apparently part of her "gimmik" that she has hairy pits for fetishists.

Anyway the point is body hair is disgusting on women.

>> No.10443009

body hair is gross on anyone.

>> No.10443017

Haha AYRT I work in the restaurant industry and wonder the same thing! While I’m thankful the business didn’t collapse, I can’t help but wonder why we’re considered essential. Granted, while I had a brief stint with being laid off, I was thankful restaurants were open because eating takeout was comforting. Now that we’re basically back in business with dine-in options, my soul has left the building.
Wish I could offer a pen pal service with you anon so you could have letters and kawaii stickers to look forward to, but I feel like I’d just disappoint you with my inconsistency

>> No.10443020

Thanks for the advice anon, I thought the 'glow up' period stops by this point, but if not I'm glad I still have some hope lmao

>> No.10443024

The checks are an advance of a refundable tax credit for your 2020 tax return. If you truly are employed this year,
you'll see your $1,200 in 2021. Similarly, if you suddenly make over the $75k threshold in 2020, you'll be paying back the covid check in 2021.

You graduated college and can look this shit up. Don't be a fucking idiot and complain without researching what the stimulus check actually is. You didn't get screwed. You'll be able to spoil yourself with whatever Japan goodies later.

>> No.10443030

"Glow up" can be at any point in life but you have to put effort into it.

>> No.10443037

Name and shame the cosplayer

>> No.10443043

This x100 but also don't be ashamed if you dont have the resources because it takes effort, time, and money and most of us dont get all 3 at once.

>> No.10443067

>my friend group that was interested in cons has dissolved
How bad was it? Did everyone get in a big fight or did people just drift away?
If you’re still on speaking terms, ask one of them to go to a con with you when they start back up

>> No.10443096

thanks anon for taking the time to say this. you're probably right on all counts. if I can find enjoyment in living life I can enjoy a con
>How bad was it? Did everyone get in a big fight or did people just drift away?
I don't know exactly what went down, but I think there was a fight among the segment of the group that did tabletop roleplaying about hosting. I wasn't directly involved but there's a whole half of that group that I haven't talked to in years now so I probably got dragged in without my knowledge or they assumed how I'd side or something. the half that still talks to me is the more video and card game oriented half. the half that doesn't reply to me was the con half.
obviously it's kind of unresolved in my head if I'm typing this out to the internet to read in a feels thread.
I'll try to feel things out with some of them maybe. I dunno

>> No.10443098

I'm so tired, but I can't sleep.

>> No.10443126

maybe if you stopped showing your thonged buttocks to his friends he wouldn't simp!!!

>> No.10443182

paypal claim time.

>> No.10443186

only the stupid ones

>> No.10443188
File: 56 KB, 446x400, 1586306526059.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>they didn't get a part time job at 16 like everyone else
it's ok to be poor, anon.

>> No.10443215

I have 65 AP headbows and counting.

What have I become.

>> No.10443221

Where did this meme come from?

>> No.10443272

There's a persistent anon or group of anons telling various tales of slutty thots, little sisters, cosplay and lolita mixed with jealousy in all directions. Thongs as a topic have been joked about in a wider scale on this board, but they frequently get featured in little-sister-posters narrative.

>> No.10443279

This anon >>10442889 posts often about big brothers, little sisters, thottery, and thongs
you can tell its the same person because the stories always read like this, some TFW and the image attached is always a reaction image with an actual name to the file, it's really obvious

>> No.10443327

I believe tone refers to slight muscle building

>> No.10443336

>tfw had a job at 13 because parents wanted me to "learn the value of a dollar"
>Could have succeeded in my schooling much better if I didn't have to worry about working 3-4 nights a week

Fuck this weirdo culture of making children work instead of focussing on studies. Asia has it right, education is paramount to everything.

>> No.10443339

>tfw no 5' qt3.14 gf

I just want a cute S L I M gf whose feet dangle off chairs. Is that so much to ask for?

>> No.10443349

5' and my feet touch the floor. You might want to aim lower?

>> No.10443351

Can we get you a booster seat?

>> No.10443353

Tfw you want to go to college and have a future but the threat of climate disaster, economic collapse and the rise of authoritarianism in the US is far too great to even plan for any future

>> No.10443364

>rise of authorotarianism

I would say there is no rise, just rising. The position of President has had a massive expansion of power compared to the other legislative branches since the beginning of the US. The current president is just a continuation of that expansion of power.

I see it as similar to Rome. Over time the powers of the Senate were decreased and decreased and it was shown time and time again in history to the Romans that one man could hold more influence and sway than the entire Roman senate if the right conditions arised.

It would be like accusing Octavian of destroying the Roman Republic. He both did and didn't. He did consolidate almost all the power of Rome into his hands but he was just a continuation of the consolidation that really started with Scipio who showed that just by being popular you could hold more influence than all of the Senate and it all peaked with Ceaser becoming dictator for life.

>Also Rome entered into a Golden age for about 2 centuries thanks to authorotarianism

So it's not all bad y'know.

>> No.10443375

I'm not just talking about trump. Both political parties want authoritarianism for their own agenda. Left and right
Also I'd like to have a fulfilling life, the potential for things to be great after I'm dead doesn't really make me feel better.
But thanks I guess

>> No.10443379

Just the nature of the world we live in unfortunately. Power begats corruption which begats more power.

Alternatively you can get a degree and move to a country with a political system you do like.

>> No.10443395

Not at all. If that is truly your only wish, there are plenty out there. But since you don't care for anything else, they may come with a crazy personality, a horrible family, already have kids, or may have disgusting habits. There are plenty of mail order brides as well at your disposal if being cute and 5' is your only wish.

>> No.10443411

Become an AC technician in the southern states. You can be shit at your job and still make bank. Besides that, trades are generally good, others are a pump and dump of your health and value.

>> No.10443418

Trades are where it's at. I'm going for dental hygiene. I've seen too many people paying off their fancy degree by working at Starbucks.

>> No.10443430

Some newbies and itas will go to high heaven making excuses to ignore blouse and legwear rules in the fashion. I swear to god some of them do it to preserve their sexuality in the fashion because they're not used to being so modest and its like..... there are a million other fashions you can wear if you're so keen on showing skin, why do you choose this one?

>> No.10443439

Probably because those are rules made up/enforced by the west only and not gospel.

>> No.10443441

Don't care
If your goal is too look sexy then this fashion isn't for you.

>> No.10443452

What is sexy about bare legs that you can only see from the knee down
>Who let the Amish community have access to /cgl/

>> No.10443456

There's nothing sexy about shoulders or ankles, Mohammad.

>> No.10443465


I never said that they were inherently sexy. But there are definitely itas who purposely avoid wearing a blouse or legwear because they want to show skin so badly.
Sorry you're an ita though, either way lolita looks like shit and incomplete without a blouse or legwear. There's a reason why they are considered rules in the first place.

>> No.10443469

Or, you know, because it's hot and they want to be more comfortable. I don't care what the west considers rules for an Asian fashion tbf. To think you know better than the people who created the fashion is hilarious.

>> No.10443473

NAYRT but Asians didn't "invent" lolita. It's an iteration on Rococo. So the French invented it.

And also Asians aren't any more knowledgeable or authoritative on the issue by virtue of being Asian, that's autistic.

>> No.10443475

It's not an "asian fashion" its a Japanese fashion. So stop acting like the opinions of a Chinese lolita have any more merit than someone in the west.

Anyway, if we're going with the notion that Japanese lolitas are an authority on the fashion, you should know that they are not a monolith and there plenty of Japanese lolitas that object to ditching the blouse/legwear rules. The majority of japanese lolitas i see in photos wear blouses and that is for a reason buddy.

Its one thing if its hot, but im specifically talking about itas who try to make the fashion more provocative in addition to making excuses for not wearing a blouse/legwear, obviously I'm not saying everyone who does this is trying to be "sexy", but there is definitely a type who do so for that specific reason and you can tell from other factors in their coord.

>> No.10443477

>Tfw someone mentions authoritarianism with no specifics and you genuinely don't know which party they're talking about
All you can really do is try to hoard money and try to be versatile, I plan to leave the US if things get too bad.

>> No.10443478

I'm talking about the authright and the authleft, what more do you want me to say?

>> No.10443479

I think i misunderstood what you were saying, oops.
But yeah its hard to tell because imo both parties are leaning towards authoritarianism.
But yeah, i also plan to leave the US, im just having a tough time with that as it will take me at least 3 years to start making decent money rip

>> No.10443480

Better never watch Kamikaze Girls, newfag. You'd have an aneurysm seeing iconic Momoko blouseless and sockless.

>Japan didn't invent lolita
What is this autism?

>> No.10443482

Nobody said japan didn't invent it. You didn't say that though, you said its Asian which implies you think any Asian has more authority of what's acceptable in the fashion.
Also, the only people I see defending going blouseless are itas and newfags but nice try calling me one. I've been in the fashion for almost ten years and blouses have almost always been standard, like I said. It almost always looks like shit unless done by someone with experience.
Again, sorry you're an ita and always will be. Why not try ethot fashion if showing skin is so important to you?

>> No.10443487

Different anon but I can forgive showing legs if the socks are appropriate and the skirt is long enough, but going blouse-less irks me. I think the reason itas do it is not so much out of sexiness, but too cheap to buy one or don't want to wear it "because it's hot." There are blouses that are thin and breathable. There are short sleeved blouses. But if you really want to go without it, you probably shouldn't wear lolita that day. People can wear what they want but if you purposefully ignore the standards, accept that you will be mocked for it.

>> No.10443489

You're the type of wokefag that thinks that Asians can't be ita because they're Asian lmaooo

>> No.10443490
File: 21 KB, 355x355, C1E3BDCF-3647-4D1D-ABC9-E9EF57AE6B5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I’m guessing lolita should actually be looking like this

>> No.10443492

I think most of the time it's out of cheapness but I've definitely seen some itas try to pair borderline lingerie pieces in their coords and make excuses for not wearing blouses and it makes me think that they're scared to dress modestly because its not the norm.

Also not to mention the fact that JSKs just look like shit without a blouse, a lolita coord is supposed to have layers, thats part of the look and without it, it just looks like you're trying to wear a fancy dress as a normal sundress

>> No.10443493

What is lolita except modern Rococo?

>> No.10443495

lolita isn't what I'd describe as rococo at all. hime gyaru was the closest to that.

>> No.10443497

stop trying to force yourself in a community where you don't belong. Lolita fashion is meant to have layers and a blouse is an essential part of that usually, if you can't ever manage that because it's not compatible with your desired aesthetic or it's too hot where you live, just wear other fashions that are more suited to that! It's not that complicated.

>> No.10443498

Lolita is a direct iteration on Rococo.

>> No.10443500
File: 38 KB, 500x375, hime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah you're definitely a newfag with 0 knowledge of jfashion lol

>> No.10443501

lol nah.

>> No.10443502

Okay. Do tell me where Lolita comes from and why is it so reminescient of rococo/Victorian fashion?

>> No.10443504
File: 55 KB, 450x634, 6a2551cf1e6c479c816f88846d501b62.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would say it's more a shorter skirt 1850s Victorian with school girl elements.

>> No.10443505

So many people are telling you why you're wrong and all you can say is "lol no".

Denial is strong with itas.

Please go join some other hobby with no standards instead of coming here and parroting some stupid rumor about blouses being only a western thing when it's been confirmed to be untrue multiple times.

>> No.10443506

you know the rococo period was a 100 years earlier than the victorian period right?

>> No.10443507

i'm not even that anon idiot.

>> No.10443508

Yes and Lolita iterates on both

>> No.10443509

You know that hime gyaru is related to hime lolita right? because they were both rococo inspired. All lolita isn't rococo inspired though.

>> No.10443510

they don't even look similar though...

>> No.10443511

> LOL dum idiot u cant tell that im a different anon on a completely anonymous board even tho i responded to a conversation someone was having with that different anon


you sound more idiotic than me

>> No.10443512

oh so you're a pullfag. got it.

>> No.10443514

Hime gyaru looks even less rococo inspired than lolita, pls drop a source to back up your claim that hime gyaru is a derivative of hime lolita and that both are rococo inspired

>> No.10443515

This is common knowledge unless you're too new to have been around when hime lolita was a thing. I'm not spoonfeeding you.

>> No.10443516
File: 60 KB, 682x320, 20200723_181925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They do look similar. Fashion didn't move as quick as it does today. Stop being stupid.

>> No.10443518

what the fuck do you think makes something rococo??

>> No.10443520
File: 61 KB, 235x369, victorian-dress-plaid-dickens-png.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It depends on what subset of lolita you're thinking of. Like another anon said, rococo is more hime lolita which is a smaller category within the big three. You also have Wa/Qi lolita which is Japanese/Chinese styled dresses and then you have sailor which is straight up Japanese taken from western sailors, and then there's country which is more old american. What makes it "lolita" are the rules of the pieces put together. The style can vary. Break too many of these rules and it stops being lolita.

>> No.10443521

I'm starting to think this person is from PULL like the other anon said. Especially since they're using Wikipedia as a source.

>> No.10443525

Not everything in life is an academic report. Everyone knows Wikipedia is usually credible and good enough

>> No.10443526

Whatever helps your ita ass sleep at night.

>> No.10443528

I'm dude.

>> No.10443531
File: 115 KB, 639x1000, 9077525afad5dfff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then by that Wikipedia logic this dress here is Rococo or Victorian, right?

>> No.10443533


>> No.10443535

why are you even here then?

>> No.10443536

That explains everything

>> No.10443538

Can we get back to the topic of itas making excuses to never wear blouses and legwear are the fucking worst

>> No.10443542


>> No.10443543


The point is Lolita is an iteration not an original invention.

I unironically like Lolita. I just don't dress in it.

>> No.10443544

Get prepared for them to start screeching "SCROOOOTE" at any moment now

>> No.10443545

idc if he's a guy or girl or a dog he's retarded and doesn't understand fashion.

>> No.10443546

Every source I've read has said rococo was an inspiration for lolita so I dont think its fair to say he knows nothing of the fashion.

>> No.10443548

Samefagging isn't a good look.

>> No.10443549

You have no real argument so you accuse me of samefagging.
Nice meme, but no.
This might seem crazy to your pea sized brain but multiple people on the internet can agree with one another.

>> No.10443551

No one else is stupid enough to agree with you though. And you conveniently stop talking to defend yourself. But keep coping, larper.

>> No.10443552
File: 97 KB, 480x720, 1-480x720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. No it is not.
>The point is Lolita is an iteration not an original invention.
As is most fashion until it becomes it's own fashion in itself. What is the point of your point? Because the original argument was newbies and itas not wearing blouses and legwear, which is a standard of lolita fashion. As someone who claims to like it, you should be aware of this. That is, unless you're just the type that just likes oogling the girls in dresses and actually don't care about the fashion itself. If so, why try to tell others that are actually part of the community otherwise as if you know better than people who actually wear and participate in the fashion community?

>> No.10443555
File: 455 KB, 720x1480, Screenshot_20200723-190618_Samsung Internet.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Original anon. They're not samefagging

>> No.10443556 [DELETED] 

Lolitas really like to claim that the fashion is inspired by rococo period, but if you actually look at what that looks like, you start to realize it’s just bullshit. Even the silhouette is wrong for fucks sake, everyone with eyes will tell you they look nothing alike spare for having bows, frills and, you know, being dresses, but that’s like 80% of women’s fashion. Lolita is a bastardized version of what Japanese perceived as “European fashion” so you can see elements of few fashion eras, but saying that rococo was an inspiration makes lolitas look stupid in eyes of everyone who has seen any kind of gourmet from 18th century.

>> No.10443559

Lolitas really like to claim that the fashion is inspired by rococo period, but if you actually look at what that looks like, you start to realize it’s just bullshit. Even the silhouette is wrong for fucks sake, everyone with eyes will tell you they look nothing alike spare for having bows, frills and, you know, being dresses, but that’s like 80% of women’s fashion. Lolita is a bastardized version of what Japanese perceived as “European fashion” so you can see elements of few fashion eras, but saying that rococo was an inspiration makes lolitas look stupid in eyes of everyone who has seen any kind of garment from 18th century. Nothing in European history looks the same as lolita but shorter, which a lot of these sources tend to suggest. They also omit that the silhouette is most likely taken from the 50s, or they conveniently forget that Victorian era had like 8 different styles that changed every decade or even less.

>> No.10443571

I'm not the same anon arguing over whether or not it's the meta to wear blouses or not. I just wanted to make the point that Asians don't get to define what is ita simply because they "invented" it.

Rococo is definitely present. I would say that if Rococo stylist existed in the modern era, Lolita is what they would come up with. Rococo is all about curves, layers, a level of asymetry not found in baroque and using patterns of nature. It's also interesting to point out that part of Rococo was borrowed from Chinese and Japanese arts.

Yes Lolita is a mix of styles but the emulation of those 18th-19th century styles are obvious.

>> No.10443574

>a level of asymetry not found in baroque
Yeah you have no idea what you are talking about.

>> No.10443578

Find me a baroque style that is asymetrical and I'll eat my shoe.

>> No.10443583

Furthermore, rococo brought in and made fashionable ruffles, pastel colours, bows and lace.

If that's not part of lolita, we aren't talking about the same fashion.

>> No.10443588

please stop arguing with this troglodyte.

>> No.10443599

Tfw when you've lost a lot a weight but now you can't take a bath because your ass is too boney and it grinds against the bottom of the bathtub

>> No.10443600

you need to start working about and build muscle on the ass
losing weight alone isnt enough

>> No.10443602

Trust me I know lmao
Gym is out of the question so I guess its just bodyweight and maybe some dumbells

>> No.10443614

>tfw my dd popped up twice this year
>in two colorways that i don’t want
just fucking kill me

>> No.10443615

Whats the dress anon?

>> No.10443629

>have SS bid on AP capelets that’s been relisted multiple times
>no one else has bid on it before so I should get it!

>now someone else decides to bid on it out of nowhere

There must be some entity out there that doesn’t want me to buy more shit, this has been happening so often lately

>> No.10443630

Still voting for Trump. Portland is democrat and those fuckers are letting the virus breed unabated. So fuck you and I hope the corona wipes your family out.

>> No.10443635

Memorial day has been past for over a month now and the cases are still rapidly rising. Guess what is still going on? The white onions temper tantrums.....oops I mean BLM protesting. Nice deflecting you filthy tranny.

>> No.10443638

Barely any protesting but the latin kings were ready to go hunt black people because there was "barely any protesting"

>> No.10443648

I’m a dum dum, it’s my SS’s username lol

I’ve been so on edge with the secondhand market lately

>> No.10443660

It will be like 90% discord trannies and macho ma'am tranny savages who are also diaperfag furries into pedo shit.

>> No.10443663

I've met a group of people from my country (not Brazil) in the airport at the gate once, I knew they were from my country and from my region because of the accent, but the way they dressed and behaved, could as well have been an alien species.

I watched and observed like goddamn David Attenborough to relay this experience to my peers once home, and didn't say a single word so they didn't notice and couldn't pull me into their bullshit.

You probably have some trash family living there, my advice is to move out.

>> No.10443667

>mfw Detroit is like a fourth world country
>so is Baltimore

>> No.10443672

I thought you two were talking about polyester releases and was so confused.

If it's polyamory, that's doomed to be a trainwreck, break up now.

>> No.10443680

So is Chicago and now Portland, thanks to dem rule.

>> No.10443691
File: 306 KB, 425x500, 1497716300887.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Friendly reminder not to wear white pants just because it's summer. It is so cringe seeing all those panties straight through white pants. Have some shame please.

>> No.10443693

Victorian, Dior New Look, 50s retro kitsch, Edwardian, Prairie, 80s goth and punk, and occasionally rococo inspired

>> No.10443698

So Black people

>> No.10443710

or just wear a thong

>> No.10443713
File: 24 KB, 471x400, 1589730833451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I guess Chinese lolitas (aka the biggest and most influential lolita community in the world) are totes doin' it wrong. Clearly the tiny western community's rules are the one true way to wear lolita.

I never get tired of newfags reeeeing about da rules that they just learned about from some old internet guide. The fashion has evolved, get over it.

>confirmed to be untrue multiple times
t. someone who has never scrolled through Weibo or Japanese twitter.

>> No.10443720
File: 55 KB, 700x469, 3z3lf5dhk9lq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you want to look even _more_ cringe, sure go ahead.

>> No.10443740

Yeah that's pretty much what I was saying, both parties are doing it. Good on you for recognizing it
Good luck anon

>> No.10443744

You can wear whatever you want, just don't cry when you get called an ita.

>> No.10443748
File: 64 KB, 335x335, 1593556827574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I personally only wear full coords, because I like the "proper" look of the 2010s. But going blouseless isn't inherently ita and only newfags think so.

Our community desperately needs a new, up-to-date and objective starter guide to avoid this kind of thing.

>> No.10443752

Then make one.

>> No.10443757

As someone with a big bust and not the only one, seeing blousless becoming okay is going to lead to loads of cleavage shots and further arguments about lolita not being a sex based fashion. Ero lolita would become more standard and invites even more thots and scrotes into the community. If you're okay with that then power to you but I am not.

>> No.10443758

Start your own con, dare mayor or governor to shut you down

>> No.10443760

What is so bad about showing off your cleavage if you have big breasts?
If they were expensive of course you want to show them.

>> No.10443761

Begone scrote.

>> No.10443762

Thank you

Lolita has multiple inspirations, saying it’s inspired in rococo and victorian fashion is only a standard short answer to explain the fashion for those who won’t care about those multiple influences and it’s honestly sad to see actual lolitas believing this bs. Also, mixing all of those together, lolita has come up with it’s own tendencies, this is how fashion and most creative stuff works, you take old references and create something new over it, it’s still a creation and it’s own thing.

>> No.10443763

Personally, I don't like showing them off. I want to be cute and elegant, not sexy nor do I want boys staring at them. I've grown up being looked at as "sexy" and used to only wear shirts and jeans because if I wore anything form fitting, it just looks like in trying to show off. Lolita and other conservative feminine fashions lets me be girly without looking like I want people to stare.

>> No.10443764

I’m not discussing blouses anymore, I’m just calling out your stupidity in saying that it’s an iteration of rococo

>> No.10443765

You need to get over your self-consciousness.

>> No.10443766

I did and knowing that I can dress in clothes that don't show offthings I don't want to show while still being feminine has helped that.

>> No.10443842

Please kill yourself.

>> No.10443853

So much for being a bleeding heart libtard

>> No.10444008

>black people

>> No.10444015


Showing your tits is not the pinnacle of self confidence lmao
Not everyone wants to have people glaring at their chest all day, it has nothing to do with self confidence.

>> No.10444023

This is exactly what I'm talking about.
People seem to think im saying that blousless is inherently ita, it can be okay when done by somebody with experience to pull it off. The problem is that if we tell newbies that blouses and socks are unnecessary, you get a bunch of people half-assing the look and those who will try to make it more provocative. Im only saying this because I've seen it happen.

Its funny how people will call you "newfag" for upholding the rules that most established lolitas will stand by as well. Ive been in the fashion for nearly ten years, these rules have always been standard.

If we keep lowering the standards to appease newbies then eventually we will have nothing left of what makes lolita what it is. It will become another fast fashion-esque style. Similar to what has happened to Goth.

>> No.10444037

Spent the better half of my day trying to salvage a badly stained dress I purchased second hand. It was my fault for not reading the listing thoroughly so I’m not super upset, but it makes me wonder wtf the previous owner did. It looks like sun damage mixed with spills or even dog piss considering it’s only on one side of the dress.
I don’t believe in the whole “lolita is a hobby where all items but be well taken care of because it’s OURS as a community” but I don’t understand how someone can let their dress get this badly damaged. Especially since the print is known to be machine washable and if the stains were treated immediately, they would have come out!
Thank god I have experience with stain removal but fuck, it’s still a Hail Mary save since I have no idea how long they’ve been there.

>> No.10444048

Ok Karen

>> No.10444110

>Hating your neighbours is something only neurotic middle-aged women do

>> No.10444168
File: 739 KB, 600x431, tumblr_ps0v2iFBZj1yp9p35o1_640.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a confirmed con one week from now.

>> No.10444248

*POC causes neighbor psychological distress*

Neighbor: im really fucking sick of them doing this

Wokesters/you: omG RAYCIST KAREN poc are literally kings and queens

>> No.10444277

Thats not a Karen thing. There are also dickbags who get up early in the morning and late at night to rev up their loud ass boomer bikes and straight piped cars. And these are old white dudes in an upper middle class neighborhood.

>> No.10444296

I waited too long to purchase a dreamy dollhouse OP that was going for around 150

It hurts man

>> No.10444324

I'm so sick of working retail but I can't really leave it since no office jobs want to work around my uni schedule.

It just truly awful, dealing with the shittiest, most entitled people, having to be nice, treated like shit by the company whenever it's convenient, feeling like you're constantly watched.

I actively fucking dread going to work.

>> No.10444378

This looks so trashy.

>> No.10444626

>psychological distress
By playing music, riding motorcycles, and.. leaving their shoes in the hallway? Ypipo fragile as fuck.
..k? They're complaining about Brazilians listening to music and leaving their shoes in the hallway.
Getting in they fucking business and starting out by talking about their nationality then complaining about them leaving their fucking shoes out is karen shit.

>> No.10444629

How old are you and what's your annual income?

>> No.10444654

27 and 35k, what's your's and why

>> No.10444916

24, 51k

Evidently you still haven't matured yet. I work 50-60 hours a week, I'd like to come home to an apartment where all my neighbours follow the by-laws which they have read and signed.

>> No.10445176

Ion give a fuck, you got a problem with my music go cry at the library. I turn it off when I go to sleep anyways, but please, I want to hear your gentrifying ass tell me what to do when I’ve been here all my life.

>> No.10445255

This, they always say you too loud
Your music too loud
Your talking too loud
Your whole existence.. too loud. Make no mistake the only volume they want is silence, dead silence. That’s why they call the cops on me when I turn on my stereo.. they know they’d kill me.

>> No.10445259

Ypipo so fragile lmao

>> No.10445276

We absolutely are

>> No.10445344

If the piece of paper you signed says that any sound emanating device should not be heard in another apartment, I should not be able to hear your shitty music. Be a normal considerate human and think about "Hey others might not enjoy my musical taste, I should put headphones on if I want this to be loud."

It just shows you can't be empathetic to others nor can you follow the rules.

>> No.10445350

You people sure love your contracts don't you

>> No.10445352

I also don't understand why you're going on about white people, I'm fucking Maori.

>> No.10445370
File: 78 KB, 512x450, itano circus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't get upset if I drunkenly decide to shoot these bad boys at your house on NYE or the 4th of July

>> No.10445375

>yt hold threatening to shoot wireworks into your house on the same level as listening to music and leaving your shoes out
The statistics on you people being inbred and having astronomically high levels of metal illness were understated. Yall not right.

>> No.10445380

Yall really simpin for landlords huh

>> No.10445383
File: 117 KB, 1024x922, white devil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe you should have thought of that before you decided to live around us and be obnoxious

>> No.10445389

Yall talk real tough when you anonymouse, when I put your address on your twitter posts you turn to a bitch and start begging me to stop calling your senpai. Funny how things go.

>> No.10445391

Yeah and I'm sure you'll be delighted by setting the precedent that makes it ok for me to stagger around, swaying from side to side, sluring "Oro se do Bheatha Bhaile" and "The Foggy Dew" at the top of my lungs with a mouth full if cabbage and soda bread.

>> No.10445421

..You ok?

>> No.10445425

You gave me a licence to be as much of a drunk Mick as I want. I'm gonna go dance and recite some poetry now. Sláinte!

>> No.10445432

Yall come get your cousin husband

>> No.10445569

Landlords are by definiton better people then the average rentoid. They are wealthier, healthier and overall good friends.

Also it's a big plus if you don't have to work necessarily and can focus on fun productive projects with your earned free time. I can totally understand admiration towards landlords. More people should be like that.

>> No.10445584

>newfag screeching newfag at everyone else whenever they are told to fuck off
Like a clockwork.

>> No.10445735
File: 52 KB, 572x404, AEF13CDE-39A0-40C8-A9D9-BA38D50C3847.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw you meet a really creepy guy on 4chan, decide to trust him, and he turns out to be the perfect cosplay bf

Give neckbeards a chance

>> No.10445866

I can hear you tipping from here

>> No.10446189

Tfw when your parent promise for years that they will help you financially so you can go to college and then tell you last minute that they've actually decided to use the money for themselves so you have to figure out how to go through an expensive full time program and work at the same time to pay rent and food expenses
Thanks parent

>> No.10446261
File: 43 KB, 530x520, 1560554136473.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oof. this is a big feel. you have my sympathy, anon.

>> No.10446429

I like that most people aren't gonna believe I'm telling the truth

>> No.10447167

Just wanted to chime in and say that you're living garbage.

>> No.10447592
File: 160 KB, 977x624, blm11.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw didn't get to see my weeb friends this year, and its been normie suffering for the entirety of the spring and summer

All of my other friends are normie tier guys, gun range buddies dont even know what anime is, and its just a constant cycle of having no one to talk to about anime or manga. I have the internet but its still suffering.

>> No.10450907

i'm just a high value male sweetie. i can afford to do shit like this because i'm good looking lol

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