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missed my dream dress by literal seconds on LM, how's everyone else's night going

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Forever looking for AP Be My Valentine, sax OP only, and AP Twinkle Mermaid, JSK or OP in any colorway! I’m in the middle of buying BMV but in case it falls through, I’m gonna leave it here still.

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What dress was it?

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What’s your dream dress anon?

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or the pink ribbon jsk

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Lost this one during the initial stages of COVID in my city when my finances were uncertain. Ultimate sadness

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still looking for twinkle mermaid as always!!

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My dream right now are these two

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https://item.fril.jp/ee20a7037c7afc354a1f564c7c859e17 AP pony bag up for a steal, i know a bunch of anons are wanting one

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Someone I follow made me want these too but in different colors. Not a priority right now though. Good luck on your search!

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Ugh, this is the last one I needed too. I swear the world just wants to torture me. It's slipped away from me at least 3 times now.

It already had a purchase request comment on it by the time you linked it though. And at the time of sale there was 3 more, all within 30 minute.

I hate this market. Thanks for linking us though.

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That jacket is adorable. You have great taste.

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Hello, Honey Cake anon again, but I'm now also looking for the switching JSK in ivory! No particular budget due to it's popularity, so feel free to send me offers even if you're only considering selling, I'm considering all offers! Only looking for the special set in yellow or ivory or switching JSK in ivory, no other cuts or colours please!

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Moitie's Archangel Print OP - Short

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Honey Cake Switching JSK, OP, or Skirt in yellow; I'm fine with all offers in any condition! Also looking for the headbow from the first release too.

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I ordered the pink one in fril yesterday through an SS but the listing got deleted as soon as my SS inquired about it so I had to cancel.

I’m looking for pink or blue OP only. I’m also interested in the socks.

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Still looking

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Only death will end my suffering.

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One day we shall be set free anon. One day.

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Please for the love of Mana

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I just missed the trench coat on Mercari but there seems to be a lot of choco-lolitas "graduating" and selling their closet so I have hope!

Any leads or offers are greatly appreciated!

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Fancy Candy JSK in white
(a special set is fine too)

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I've relinquished looking for it via fril or mercari as i know i'll always be beaten to it.
I just want a pony shaped bag lmao, would it be a bad thing to commission one from someone?

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You could always get the pony plush and commission someone to turn it into a purse.

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desu i've only seen the white x red one show up and it looks too much like a circus themed pony to match my wardrobe. I've ordered some pony plushes off ali to experiment with, and see if i can just make a bootleg

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The little twin stars pony bags are pretty cute and lolita-appropriate

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A ton of pony plushes have popped up on fril since the initial pony bag discussion. Not bags but big enough to be converted.

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while i'm here, might as well post my WTB. top row is dream dresses (with the sax marshmallow bunny preferred, but i'll take pink as well). one day...

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Weren't some anons here after the Honey Cake pancake bag? It's been up for 16500 on CC for a couple of days already.

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[email protected]

Please help me find this!

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These colorways, any cut.

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Top row dreams, bottom wishlist. Will consider pink, peach, and blue colorways--was able to snag the overdress in peach over the weekend :)))))) Also still dying for the VM RB roomwear/pj set but I think it'll be a long long while before those show up secondhand.

~mint colorway do not interact~

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https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m36600324605/?_s=U2FsdGVkX18peFMqjvnHkkalTXi4Perg7xGzsjUBoq504xfH1RM5PbqsF_Q_D06PPfolUASCTZ1No0adCdzbKKo2jly-YFTV8cA7Jl3rmQdW7aBeoC9BBYkWwszbhwJZ i know an anon a couple threads back was looking for creamy mami jewelry, but it's pretty expensive

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It's been a rough week so I'm down to pay mad $$$ for these

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one day...

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For those who wished me luck, thank you! My hunt is over, and I won’t be one of the hands in the grab Found her on 2Taobao.

Good luck to the others looking for her! It would be wonderful if more of us could share coords of those dress. I look forward to hearing more of you have obtained her.

If you want to look for this on 2Taobao, these are two of the shopping terms I used to help build a feed: 闪耀兔熊 Or 闪耀的兔熊

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Congrats anon!

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There's a Teddy Gobelin cape up on Y!A.

I remember seeing a blue Rococo Bouquet roomwear OP up on Y!A, so maybe you won't have to wait as long as you thought you would.
Also, congrats on finding the overdress!

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to the anon who emailed me about the sugar baby icing cookie jsk, THANK YOU! i got it!!

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What’s you’re budget for Gobelin Teddy A-line jsk? I haven’t worn mine in a while so I was debating on letting it go. Maybe it’s just the Covid depressions and I’ll change my mind about selling it. Either way I’ll save your address and keep you in mind if/when I’m ready to part with it.

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any time I try to install 2Taobao I just get a 404 not found when I click the red APP button

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Thank you for the heads up! I am offering $250 for that colour combo with wiggle room depending on the condition, any accessories, and location. I know they can range wildly on the auctions but I am willing to offer on the higher end just to narrow my search. No pressure and I appreciate you for posting.

Yes thank you! I have seen that but I was holding out to find the cape/jsk together. Its on my radar as a potential close-but-far purchase.

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Hope someone finds what they're looking for this go around!

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I’m jealous as heck but also so happy for you!

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Out of all the dresses I want, this is the one that I haven’t seen for sale in years

I just want to be a sugary heart mess

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How much are you willing to pay for this jsk with the matching headbow?

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Wow, I sound stupid and incoherent. That’s what I get for trying to write while I’m actively nodding off. Please excuse my stupidity.

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NTA but 400-500

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File: 24 KB, 400x600, Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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$400 at the most, honestly

It’s out of my usual spending bracket but I’m desperate lol

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Never gonna find these but I’d kill to own either of these

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Anon if you don’t mind, how much did it cost you? Wondering how much I should expect to pay.

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Look for an AP unicorn plush bag.

>> No.10442266

are you not following the entire conversation or...what
>>10440280 is lamenting about how rare and difficult to get AP pony plush bags are, so I suggested to find one of the AP pony plush toys and turn it into a purse.

>> No.10442281

Best of luck anon! I’m hunting for the white JSK myself!

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File: 482 KB, 790x1198, 19cafa0aef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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I highly doubt those are LESS sought after than the normal ones. If one pops up on the western market sure, but Japanese lolitas have an almost immediate advantage over using an SS for fril or Mercari when one ends up on there. Difficult to get on the JP market and almost never showing up on the western market. Why can’t AP just rerelease them already

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Give me honey picnic or give me death

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Are you set on this cut?

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Nah, I'd go for the shirred cut too but this is just my preferred one
I'd also go for pink or lav

>> No.10442432

What’s your budget for Iron Gate? Are you only looking for this specific cut and colorway?

>> No.10442465

share photos then dont be shy

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Same to you! Hopefully we can both be sugary heart messes one day

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At this point I'll take the JSK, but I really want the cutsew OP

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Hey anon! My ultimate goal is to find the JSK in white with black print. I would also purchase the white short skirt or the OP in black with white print if I found them for sale.

Regarding price I have seen the white JSK sell for $600-800 and the OP sell for $1150-1450. It really depends on the condition of the item and what cut and color you have to sell. Thank you for the reply and considering contacting me. If you do decide to offer a sale please include proof photos in your email.

>> No.10442749

I have been following the conversation. I just keep reading about the plush pony bags. I brought up the unicorn bags as another possibility.

>> No.10442750

Nayrt but the AP unicorn bags are even rarer and more expensive because there's only two colorways and one release of them (plus one store limited event). I'm not sure why you would suggest a rarer alternative to an already rare item.

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I was fucking stupid and didn't have enough money for the MTO... I want the OP in pink & lavendar, and the jsk in those colours + sax... maybe someday.

>> No.10442772

why did you think suggesting something even more impossible to get was a good idea?

>> No.10442915

You might wanna up your offers, a white IG JSK sold instantly for $1,000 about a month ago. I paid $1,700 for my OP; the prices are going up again.

>> No.10442928

If you have IG please put it on auction

>> No.10442936

What’s your budget for sax marshmallow bunny?

>> No.10443068

Anon, do you have a throwaway I could email?

>> No.10443079

about 250-280 if i can help it. i'd be willing to go more if it has accessories, esp the KC. i'll also go for the sax ribbon jsk but the collar jsk is preferred

>> No.10443112


Yess I definitely agree! And I'm willing to pay more than those ranges. I didn't mention a specific number because I haven't see the condition or color of the item offered. Anon did not specify in her/his reply. Its a place to start the conversation and if Anon prefers to sell via PM or email rather than auction I will offer a competitive price. If its an auction I will still be happy there is a chance to buy it.

Can I ask where you saw the white JSK sell? & thanks for the heads up!

>> No.10443120

there's one on xianyu

>> No.10444466

Sent you an email anon!

>> No.10444495

Lol no there’s none, that one was a reserved listing

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File: 145 KB, 500x600, 385e0cf3-430d-51f9-80ef-45eb294747e7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I regret not grabbing this when it was in the sale section in 2016...I can't seem to find it now. Any help is appreciated!

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File: 173 KB, 900x865, 1476868100952.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is the name of this print? i need to put it on my wishlist

>> No.10444503

it's pastoral in the grass green by btssb

>> No.10444514

thank you anon!

>> No.10444525

Best of luck to you! It was on fril or mercari, but I can’t remember which one. I paid about $800 for mine 3-4 years ago.

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File: 1.27 MB, 1000x856, wishlist.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

coming back to lolita after having left a few years ago. all help is appreciated, good luck everyone!

>> No.10444783

the first boz jsk is on mercari.

>> No.10444800

There was one for sale on LM not that long ago...

>> No.10444813

Whats the point in saying shit like this?

>> No.10444821


In some cases like the person wanting the violin bag or the girl looking for the melty moon bag, knowing that something shows up regularly or is still being sold gives you an idea of how soon you may find it which may affect how much you are willing to pay to snatch one up or just lets you know to check which sites regularly to look for it. Plus seeing previous prices. That comment in particular was unhelpful for this dress I have to say but in general people mention previous sales to help give anons reference points that may help them eventually get the thing for the price they want.

>> No.10445582

Seconding >>10442465
I don't know what it is with the weird larps.

>> No.10445624

nta but the OP said they "can't find it now"
so where tf have they been looking? i have seen it on fril also. i hate people in the dd thread who clearly want to be spoonfed listings.

>> No.10445661

To whoever is looking for the Osanpo Candy-chan pieces, if you haven't found it yet, the skirt in red and OP in grey are on LM right now!

>> No.10446122

Huge thank you to everyone who helped me look for this JSK! My Honey Cake hunt is finally over as of today!

>> No.10446125


omigosh I'm so happy for you anon!

I am (apparently one of many) fellow honey cake seeking anons and am so excited you were able to find your dream piece!

Where'd you end up getting it? Trading the ivory with that other person for their yellow one?

>> No.10446162

Yes, I got ahold of a first release ivory JSK to trade! I'm just waiting for it to come. The anon I'm trading with is super sweet and I'm super excited and I hope they are too.

I messaged around on LM and I found a seller leaving lolita who owned one and was happy to sell it to me!

Even though I have mine, I'm going to keep hanging around this thread to help others find their HCs and DDs!

>> No.10446652

This should really go in the feels thread but my dd just arrived and it looks awful on me. I was so excited for it and now that it's here and I see how terrible it looks on me my heart is broken. It's such a beautiful dress still, so I'll probably keep it just to stare at but I'm not sure if it'll just make me more sad.

>> No.10446654 [DELETED] 

I'm sorry anon, that's really tough. Maybe you could sell it and use the money to buy another dress you love that will be more flattering?

Which dress was it? Im just curious

>> No.10446662

This has happened to me a few times when I get too excited to put the dress on and am not wearing makeup and/or done my hair well.

>> No.10446664

does it fit poorly? this happened to me with a skirt (high waist), i got it and it looked like absolute shit.

>> No.10446701

Seller backed out of Pink Lemonade. So it's back on the list again!
Also dropped my email...

>> No.10447030 [DELETED] 

Oh did your rude messaging finally pay off?
At least my friend doesn’t have to fear you asking her again for this dress.

>> No.10447197


Nayrt but good God could you not leave your sperging about this issue in the other two threads? The conversation on the topic is dead, please don't fuck up the DD thread with drama, this is one of the few regularly nice and wholesome threads.

>> No.10447201 [DELETED] 

What? Did this issue arise previously as well? Doesn’t suprise me. I checked cgl the first time in months and simply recognised Honey Cake anon, because she bothered my friend about it this month. But I‘ll leave it at that, she knows she’s been rude.

>> No.10447205

is it really that deep to just say no and go about your day

>> No.10447209 [DELETED] 

Is it really that deep to not be a rude asshole and harass people for a piece of clothing ?

>> No.10447211 [DELETED] 

she kept whining about how she felt sooooo bad about bothering people as if she had no choice in the matter lmao how pathetic

>> No.10447215


Ayrt and wow what a larp/blatant lie. You really think people can't tell you're the same person complaining about this? At least pretend harder and complain in the appropriate thread. I'm sure the person feels bad and is shamed from ever doing so again.

Based on the entire thread that was created to keep you from whining excessively in the BST thread most anons here aren't as bothered by it and looking to harass her about it as you, even the ones who admittedly don't like people messaging them about their dresses and find it rude.

Like for real who hurt you anon? Are you secretly one of the other HC DD anons mad that she got one and you didn't? Are you just bored in quarantine? Geez.

>> No.10447216

I've never done this and do see how it's annoying as it has happened to me a couple times too, but to be in fear over it is just dumb and as stupid as the person asking.

>> No.10447222 [DELETED] 

Look, I haven’t even opened cgl since March(?) I think and was simply about to post my own DD when I saw her posts. But, like, I‘m really really amused I‘m obviously not the only one bothered by that issue (even my HC-friend was pretty chill about her, but it got creepy when she sought out her insta and fb account and message her there as well).
Now I’m almost curious enough to look into the archives and see what it was about. Gonna wait with my own dd post now, though.

>> No.10447223 [DELETED] 

Lol if you do something that most of the community admits is rude and inappropriate then you should expect to get criticism for it, not asspats and tons of reassurance that youre totes ok because you got your dream dress and thats all that matters!
Maybe dont do things people will have strong opinions on if you cant handle the backlash.

>> No.10447226

It's in the BST that just saged- the sperging literally happened yesterday so you won't have to look hard.

My first and last comment on the topic: I agree it's rude as fuck and anyone who has done this to me before I just leave on read and don't interact with further, even if I am planning to sell the dress. It puts people in an awkward place to feel like they have to write a nice message and say they're sorry they don't want to sell their personal possessions that they've made no mention of wanting to sell.

>> No.10447229


It wasn't me to begin with and I have no intention of ever doing it. It just seems weird that mostly one or two people are so aggressive in their hatred of some anon who asked a supposedly frequent reseller if they happened to have unlisted stock and equating them to people whining about how they deserve to be sold their DD.

I agree it can be rude and don't do it myself but even the majority of people who think it is rude just give their opinion and move on, not shit up threads with fake stories of being harassed on social media accounts HC anon said she doesn't even have just to be mad about something so easy to avoid/ignore?

>> No.10447230

What funny timing then, thanks anon, I‘ll check it out.

Sorry for the coincidence, I guess?

>> No.10447231

what if someone got this and modified it so the cut was completely different

>> No.10447241 [DELETED] 

Ok, this was an interesting read and I‘ll just direct some words at Honey Cake anon and leave it at that: Yes, my friend told you, you „weren’t rude“ and I think she really meant it, but she’s also a bit too nice for her own good and had a hard time thinking of a way a to reject you (ok, maybe that’s on her for not being firm enough, but she’s my friend so I‘m biased). Also, I stand by my words: messaging her on Facebook and Insta simply IS creepy (even if you immediately deleted your fb message I think?). Just.. don’t do that. It makes everything weird, ok?
Also, please don’t lie.
> on social media accounts HC anon said she doesn't even have
I saw your fb profile, because we wondered if you were from our comm.

>> No.10447242
File: 58 KB, 800x442, D8D6F277-E288-4AB3-9E96-176305019945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10447247


I was the one who mentioned HC anon saying she doesn't have Instagram which is where people claimed she messaged them. I am not her myself, just find the constant unnecesary level of anger over a Lace Market message or two (especially since the eventual seller did not mind being asked enough not to sell) ridiculous. Especially since it seems to be one or two anons. If she messaged anyone on FB that is a different story as she seems to have a FB and posted in sales groups about the items she was looking for, which I did see (unless somehow one other girl searching for her exact dresses posted in FB sales groups).

At this point it is personal drama that needs to be taken to the farm or cannot be proved without doxxing someone so why bother? The "philosophical" discussion about whether it is okay or not has its own thread and any personal comments directed at her about the supposed incident are at this point borderline rulebreaking anyway.


Dude, you are a whole week late on that, everyone reposts their DD in a new thread or updates when they found it, calm down.

>> No.10447255 [DELETED] 

HC anon shit up the other thread like another anon mentioned. She found the dress after messaging people like a freak for their dress they weren’t selling then she ended up finding it secondhand. Instead of asking people ‘can i buy your dress you didn’t list for sale’ she should have just checked secondhand markets like everyone else.
Now the bitch has the audacity to look for it in a different colorway rather than looking for it secondhand. Like how she found the first one.

>> No.10447258

>i hate people in the dd thread who clearly want to be spoonfed listings.
I thought the point of the dd threads were to help everyone find their dd?

>> No.10447259


What no? She answered like twice, those other posts were clearly either people defending her or just voicing their opinions about the idea of messaging for old pieces in general. She seems to have named and outed herself on all her own posts. She wasn't the only one arguing in that thread, it was a lot of people.

She literally was asked both in this thread and the other how she found it (which is not uncommon in these threads, especially since people have been finding DDs on xianyu a bit these days) and she responded, people flipped out and sparked the discussion, and then apologized and said she didn't condone the behavior and she felt bad about it and I'm fairly certain she is very unsatisfied with herself and anons have probably ruined the fun of her having found her dress.

She was searching for the dress in another colorway BEFORE she found her previous dress which she just announced yesterday, this post looking for the other colorway/cut was 1. For a TRADE because she found someone she was trying to trade it in ivory for the yellow she wanted with, and they apparently seemingly either wanted the switching or special set JSK and were willing to trade for either cut so she updated her wishlist accordingly.

I follow the DD threads pretty closely and like to share items with anons and keep up with their progress so maybe it was easy not to notice or you don't sed the times and dates on posts but she only ever wanted the yellow special set and was looking for ivory of the cute she mentioned to trade it, which someone had offered to her early in her search which is why both colors were listed. But the drama happened like yesterday while her search post was from days ago based on the date?

>> No.10447261


Yeah that anon has a bad take. The whole point is that even if you're looking regularly you may miss it and we are all helping each other out leaving links or sending emails if we are able or come across it in case they don't see it.

>> No.10447280

Spoonfeeding is fine, it's when they say oh nevermind I don't have money haha and don't buy it that it's an issue

>> No.10447342
File: 2.98 MB, 1583x2051, Wishlist july 2020-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I updated my wishlist because I was able to buy my top 2 dream dresses since last time! I've been looking for them for years and they both turned up in the same month. Top row is top priority

>> No.10447486

What brand is the third row, second from left?

>> No.10447489 [DELETED] 


>> No.10447492

Juliette et Justine.

It’s the reve du paradis jsk.

>> No.10447502

The only ones who shat up that thread and now this one and another one too are the retards complained about her.

>> No.10447505

>Are you secretly one of the other HC DD anons mad that she got one and you didn't?
I think this is obvious. It's vendetta at this point, so just do the usual.

>> No.10447510

This was an MTO, it's hard af to find. There's a japanese seller on y!j with one that pops up every now and then and they rejected every SS I tried

>> No.10447664
File: 469 KB, 762x405, moitieheadgear.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still looking.

>> No.10447675


I have the dress as a jumperskirt first picture third row. It's been hanging out in my closet for a while and needs more love. Are you interested in a size S?

>> No.10447734

Good luck anon. I've been looking for a few of these dresses but in the short cuts so I'll keep an eye out. I keep missing out on Cesky Krumlov specifically

>> No.10447744

ty anon, i'm hoping i'll be able to grab it when i get paid in a week!

an s would be too small for me in the bust, but thank you anyways!

>> No.10448053

Are you dead set on that cut for Promenade de Paris?

>> No.10448144

yeah, i have the mint colorway, the halter cut is super flattering on me since i'm pretty tall. if you have the lav KC though and are thinking of selling, i'd be super interested!

>> No.10448736

the telestia dress is on lacemarket in black x wine if you're interested

>> No.10448846

If you happen to see another HC please let me know! I'm desperate for the switching JSK in pink or mint, I came so close to getting the mint one a bit ago but was barely outbid last second, I dropped my email in case you (or anyone else) spots something!

>> No.10448848


Good luck anon! I'm on the hunt for the switching or the skirt (already posted upthread) in yellow but it seems based on LM history the mint and pink do still get sold more than you'd think!

>> No.10448860

what's your offer for mint switching jsk and headbow?

>> No.10448906

I was hoping for around 500 but I'm willing to go higher, desu name your price and I'll probably go for it because I have no shame, pls email me I'd love to work something out

>> No.10448909
File: 152 KB, 377x594, 67C8F887-B80D-4FDE-924A-421289C31484.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s so strange to see old Dream dresses for sale now. When I bought mine in blue, it was almost $500 for the full set. And now just the dress alone goes for under $200?

I’ve had many memorable coords and events I’ve attended in mine, not to mention I’m glad I’ve owned and enjoyed it for the past 5 years, though it makes me sad that others don’t hold such a wonderful dress in as high regard as I do.

How does everyone else feel about the overall community attitude towards your *gotten* Dream dresses?

>> No.10448911

This is an interesting topic to me, so I'll bite.

One of my dream dresses I've had for while now is my Princess in Love JSK (2009 version). I always felt like it was never talked about until a few months ago (I only started wearing lolita in late 2016 though, so what do I really know?). I see a couple of anons searching for this dress now, and it's been sold on the Japanese secondhand market for around $1k recently, which honestly made me feel like I was about to own the next "it" dress. I'm not sure if Princess in Love will continue to go up in value or if that listing was a fluke.

Another dream dress of mine was Toy Fantasy. I think Toy Fantasy is my favorite print of all time. For some reason the cut and print of the JSK is really perfect to me. It's such a cute dress. I used to hear people saying the white colorway was gaudy and bad, but it was always my favorite. But now with the sweet "revival," the general opinion of the dress seems to be positive, and white seems more popular than ever?

I'm trying to think about any dresses I have that now are "unwanted" versus 3-4 years ago, but nothing is coming to mind?

I've love to hear anyone else share.

>> No.10448915

I was thinking recently about how strange it is that lotta was such a grail dress and people don't really talk about it anymore. It's still a great dress. I remember fawn fur having a big moment and you couldn't find it anywhere, it's weird to find those items cheap now too.

I've felt a little sad that some people don't hold my dream dresses in the same regard I do. I had one that people often didn't know was AP that really surprised me, but it's not bad I guess. It's nice to have a really coveted dress but I don't think the reactions alone justify it. I remember one time I had a really coveted dress but another girl had the better colorway so nobody even cared lol

>> No.10448921

Remember when people gave a shit about Emily Temple Cute? The fawn fur series was highly desired, as were many of their other series. Now, all of the dream dresses I'd admire but couldn't afford from that time period of 2011-2012 I can pick up secondhand for $60. It's amazing how the market changes, and also in the opposite direction, too re: AP.

>> No.10448972

I see it pop up sometimes on Xianyu in the IW tag under 房地产.

>> No.10449057

Same with all the OTT classic and before that, Aatp dresses. When anons stopped posting about them here or found them, for some reason their status as dream dresses also faded.

>> No.10449265

So many dresses that were grail dresses in the livejournal era seem to have fallen out of the collective lolita interest. New lolitas have very different tastes to lolitas in those days. Personally I don't mind, because I've been able to buy quite a few of those dresses at a good price over the past few years.

Also as for Lotta, it's had enough rereleases that most people who want it have it, and there are enough in circulation now that it's not crazy rare. Blue was always the most popular and still sells at a good price. I got the blue myself through a rerelease but ended up selling it. I still think it's an iconic dress but it doesn't bother me if people have forgotten about it.

>> No.10449578

Back in my day it was Sugary Carnival. How much does that go for these days? I remember people selling them for ~$600.

>> No.10449586

I've seen it selling for like 800 in Lav or Pink

>> No.10449623

When I saw this I immediately wondered if it was damaged. I feel like this listing is bringing the value down preemptively, I would pay more for Lotta in bordeaux (my preferred colourway) and I would have thought brown could go for at least 250usd.

It reminds me of Grazia Crown. That was the other it dress from IW for so long but then one day they were going for next to nothing. Maybe Rabbit Letter will be next

>> No.10449659

Grazia Crown has also had rereleases since it was a grail item. So have Rabbit Letter and the Annette JSK which were also highly priced secondhand. None of these sell for what they once did on the western market and they usually go for a steal on the Japanese market. IW is great at actually surveying its customers on what they want rereleased, and making it. The secondhand market evens itself out as a result. It’s a model Angelic Pretty could learn from but they’re probably working on a far greater scale so it might be more difficult.

IW did fuck up the rerelease for lauretta rose by making it a messed up tiered version though so they’re not perfect either.

>> No.10449669

I'm a toy fantasy convert. I don't remember thinking much of it when it came out, though I did like the white 8 particular.
But since about a year ago I've been obsessing over this dress. I think one image in particular made me want it but it's an image that's been around forever.

It's weird how tastes and trends change. Why does something suddenly seem more appealing to a group of people? It happens to me a lot, and it's not because I want to fit in. I stopped browsing Lolita media for a long time, so it's not seeing the dress more often that triggered it either.

>> No.10449683
File: 42 KB, 484x645, 554613-1144-2016-01-10572443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does this ETC dress have a specific name to it or is it just known as the Wizard of Oz dress? Want to make sure when I'm looking for it I can find it easier.

>> No.10449691

maybe the opposite, then - taking a break from seeing it made you realize you miss it

>> No.10449873
File: 512 KB, 720x600, wtbwl.jpg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top row is high priority, save for magical etoile. I will consider all colorways for each except for berry chan and the gingham OP

>> No.10450011

That exact cut and color of magic etoile was on fril a couple days ago. Not sure if it’s still there but you can check

>> No.10450029


An anon in BST was seemingly considering selling their red version of that JSK in the center top. Maybe ask there?

>> No.10450030

Someone in price check thread was asking about top left (unless that was you)

>> No.10450031


Oh yeah my comment about top middle BTSSB JSK the person had also posted in price check not BST I think.

>> No.10450033

think you mean wunderwelt, anon, and it sold already sadly

>> No.10450047


Those were both me, I just wanted to double check prices so that I wouldn't lowball anyone. I wasn't sure if I could post two pictures in one post so I did them separate.

I will look around! Thank you!

>> No.10450049

Good luck anon-chan!

>> No.10450167

Well, then they did that? If you're asking if I'd still be interested, then probably yes if it's remotely reversable.

>> No.10450692
File: 2.06 MB, 1200x1500, wishlist 2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My tastes have changed

>> No.10450739


impeccable taste, anon. I love it.

>> No.10450772

I used to have top left and sold it last year, can confirm it’s very nice quality and is cut/designed well for actual humans. Excellent taste!

>> No.10450774

someone listed the OP in white for sale on fril, if anyone else is interested in this print (I only want the JSK unfortunately)

>> No.10450782

A woman of culture and taste.

>> No.10450818

Oof, sorry I apparently hit a nerve. Was genuinely curious because the details and construction appeal to me. Personally this JSK isn't my thing, but I was hoping to see more from the brand.

I understand you've probably been burned by dream dress snipers in the past. Good luck finding your dresses.

>> No.10450853
File: 1.80 MB, 973x1278, Lolita_ISO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I posted previously about looking for Honey Cake but here is my formal wishlist post, there was anon who asked what my offer for mint HC was and I really have no idea what would be an appropriate amount, sorry if I accidentally lowballed you. Let me know what you would ideally like to get for it. For Toy's Fluffy Dream I would prefer white or navy, might accept pink.

>> No.10450856

pretty sure it's JetJ anon

>> No.10450867

Nayrt or OP but it's from a Taobao brand. I don't recall the name at the moment...

>> No.10450871


Fluffy toys dream was just on LM in navy I think last week? Not sure if it's still up though

>> No.10450899

Gone now unfortunately, thank you though!

>> No.10450945

Op, sorry I never responded! It’s from a brand called Little Pink.

>> No.10450977


>be me just waking up, open LM
>Honey Cake is DD (I am one of many I know)
>It shows up already reserved on LM

How do people manage to do this? Is it someone they know IRL? Sale made elsewhere or something?

>> No.10450982

That’s my listing! I actually traded it with the HC anon further up the thread a little while ago, so the listings just for feedback! I imagine a lot of people that sell/trade on here end up making reserved LM listings

>> No.10450983


Ahh, thanks for explaining! I'm glad people are able to find what they want here on cgl! I've only ever just purchased things from gulls using PayPal but skipping the LM step since I don't always care about feedback.

>> No.10451294

sometimes people from fb sales group do that

>> No.10452022

T-thanks anons. I'm growing out of my AP craze, to wear stuff that fit me well!

I can't wait to get my hands on it before winter now that i have a real job!

>> No.10452603
File: 85 KB, 750x333, 59A8F5CB-5631-43C5-8668-BB25C032CEF5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Merry Making Party in this cut only and ideally socks and headbow. I'm hoping to find it for a decent price but with 2010 skyrocketing I'll probably have to shell out if it comes up. Hoping for the blue the most but would consider white or yellow. Pink and black maybe but they're not high priority.

>> No.10452677

Hey, anon! How long have you been looking for this OP, and have you ever seen it up for sale before? It's a dream dress for me too, but I always just assumed it would be like chasing a fucking unicorn to try and look for it. I would cut off my hand for it though, it's so pretty. I wish you all the luck.

>> No.10452693

There was one auction for it 6-7 years ago
>Jahrhundert also bought the white cotton version in 2011.

>> No.10452703

That is so depressing, haha. Thank you for the reality check - I will NOT be expecting to find that any time soon or probably ever.

>> No.10452710

at this point it would take you less time (and possibly less money) to gather the materials and learn how to sew proficiently enough to replicate the dress yourself, than waiting for someone to sell it secondhand lol

>> No.10452719

Im glad you posted this cause I have never seen photos from the back, I always wonder how many of this dress there could be still around since we never see it

did that person posted pictures of the white version?

>> No.10452728

maybe they did at one point, but jahr's best known for being a compulsive hoarder that's too fat to fit in the stuff she buys so it's probably just been laying in a pile somewhere in her room since she got it

>> No.10452746


wow, that's a name I haven't heard in years. is she still active? I remember she had a ton of rare pieces back in the day

>> No.10452750

she uploaded a haul video (lol) 3 months ago

>> No.10452834

jesus christ, holding on to packages for over a year? i understand wanting to build up some mail for a haul video but that's insane. i get collecting but this is such a waste.

>> No.10452838

Clout chasers are a stain on every community

>> No.10452943
File: 576 KB, 2896x2896, 20200706_190102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a type.

>> No.10452945


>I don't want to show off my hoarding
>buuuut I'm still gonna hoard

Goddamn woman, at least you're honest.

>> No.10453102

I love your type so much.
Is this a new fave or do you keep this theme throughout your wardrobe?

>> No.10453140
File: 22 KB, 363x600, 9909714053_8e7343e7d3_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey there! I've been more diligently looking for it for about 7 years but yeah, what the other anon said. This was the only one I could find. In general I highly recommend trying the 1-month free trial of aucfan for any items you start to question the existence of. Last time I checked, the search function went back up to listings from 2008.
>I always just assumed it would be like chasing a fucking unicorn to try and look for it
Right? It seems like some kind of curse where everyone who ever bought is forced to keep it forever by an unknown force. I can't blame them though. But like you said, it's very pretty and absolutely worth it to search for regardless of how rare it might be. There have got to pop up a few of them at some point, so don't loose hope. And good luck to you too!

Yes she did, actually! Pic related. A white x black colorway also exists of the cotton version, let me see if I can find the scan again. But desu if there's a white shantung version, I might loose it because that'd be even prettier.

>> No.10453148
File: 143 KB, 550x411, photo-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another one

>> No.10453167 [DELETED] 
File: 929 KB, 1197x1743, so close but not quite right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10453170
File: 929 KB, 1197x1743, so close but not quite right.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait a minute, I think it's actually the Shantung version.

>> No.10453241

It's pretty much the theme, I love dark colors and reds. Thanks!

>> No.10453280

i mostly wish people that have it would wear it out, all this old dresses that have become rare pieces just makes you wonder if they been thrown out or something since they never show up
What is the regular OP made out of since the other one is made out of cotton?

Im in love now I really want this, thank you for all the photos
im rooting for you!

>> No.10453335

>What is the regular OP made out of since the other one is made out of cotton?
...is shangtung op your dream dress and you don't know what shantung is?

>> No.10453400

Jahr actually put hers up for sale at one point and deleted the auction after a couple weeks of it sitting. This was before the old school boom and the price was reasonable, I want to say like $200 or something.

>> No.10453678

Thank you! Looks like Little Pink is inactive now, what a shame.

>> No.10454046

good luck to the anons fighting over the archangel dress!

>> No.10454512

opinions on people who post large dream dress lists? it used to be pretty popular to list every dream dress you wanted but now i notice people just have 1-4 dresses that they list.

>> No.10454516

As people are in the fashion longer, they find more and more of their dream dresses, and their list gets shorter

I had many dream dresses when I started, but a decade has passed - I've found almost all of them at this point

>> No.10454517

Its not a dream dress but a wishlist if its big. Also is a sign that they just dont know what words mean or are impulsive in tastes.

>> No.10454523

NAYRT but completely disagree on the latter. People can have several dresses they want that are consistent with whatever aesthetic they're going for. Having a larger list does not equal being impulsive.

>> No.10454568

posting big wishlists is fine, because if you're looking to buy something even if it isn't a full on "wardrobe will never be complete without it" dream dress then why not accept free help here. but people claiming they have 25 different DDs is a bit silly. i have a big wishlist i post in these threads, but i have a priority-tiered collage with only 3 true DDs.

>> No.10454577
File: 49 KB, 500x434, ffwTZuR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>how's everyone else's night going
>get dream dress
>look terrible in it

>> No.10454601

I just put all mine on one and mark the main ones I'm looking for, I'm shit at sorting things into tiers

>> No.10454702
File: 46 KB, 470x720, m78539946739_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Was someone looking for this cheaper than that one listing? It's 28,000 yen

>> No.10454707

dropped the link like a doofus

>> No.10454899


>> No.10454905

This happened to me too last year. I haven't tried it on since. Maybe I'll try soon, idk, nothing better to do.

>> No.10455664
File: 75 KB, 426x640, 0A2E97A5-6A00-4DC4-A900-1C32C61747B9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I vaguely remember someone looking for this dress recently - the set is up on CC.

>> No.10455676

did anyone here get the meta bear bag that was on CC?

>> No.10455764

Oh my god I hope so. Only 3000Y?? When I read your comment I yelled THE WHAT?? and I don't even want the bag I just know Anons are after it

>> No.10455858
File: 509 KB, 1200x1800, FDE7A60E-BE6F-46EE-83FC-F2B60257BC6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just want to live my best sweet life...

>> No.10455868

I KNOW!! i don't even want it but i freaked when i checked CC this morning, i really hope someone here got it

>> No.10455871

there's a lav set of sugar baby icing cookie on fril i think, but it's in the high waisted JSK cut. i'm looking for the lav KC right now, but i don't want to buy a full set for it

>> No.10456002
File: 36 KB, 564x564, 96d7dad78667e904c7bf3d409aca7496.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a long shot, but the "talking" Usakumya. I used to own one, but sold it because I had no use for it at the time and now I'm finally starting to miss it.

>> No.10457038
File: 1.40 MB, 1597x596, 1521875271525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another anon with a long shot. Something like 2 years ago, there was an anon who had the Brilliant Doll Headdress in gray as one of her dream items. Pic related was the image she uploaded. If you're out there and still interested, I'm ready to part with mine!

>> No.10457077

those are really good imo

>> No.10457078

good stuff

>> No.10457079

fingers crossed for you gull, that looks amazing

>> No.10457080

woah, amazing
love everything except the prints

>> No.10457081

top left and bottom right for me, those look amazing

>> No.10457082

don't like the prints, rest is amazing

>> No.10457102 [DELETED] 

Can you not

>> No.10457107 [DELETED] 


>> No.10457109 [DELETED] 

this please keep your hot takes out of the thread.

>> No.10457113 [DELETED] 

get fucked, autismos

>> No.10457156

I know it's a wl pic, but it includes my dreamdresses. Ms Halloweens strange banquet is the lowest on this list tho, all the other 3 dresses are on my hunt list.

My dreamdress hunt has been going well though, as I just was able to remove something from the pic! It was a lower tier dreamdress, but still.

...I'm just a tacky every day is halloween kind of person.

>> No.10457157
File: 1.57 MB, 1242x1242, wishlist_2020.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

aaand the pic dropped

>> No.10457169

I think the purple bat ring is on closet child

>> No.10457171

That's.. amazing you saved that for two years

>> No.10457201

Bruh are you alright?

>> No.10457224

That's why i love them so much! I'm praying i find them in this lifetime~

Also thanks to the anon who helped me find the magical etoile, i look awful in it, but i appreciated the help so very much!

>> No.10457234

Same anon here, but I do have the pink colorway of the bottom right bookmarked, should anyone want the link!

>> No.10457406
File: 79 KB, 280x373, rose_20dressup.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

iso rose dress up in pink! this is one of my ultimate dream dresses and would love to find it !

>> No.10457408

I looked through the archives. Bruh.

>> No.10457554

It is, but 5k for one ring plus shipping is a bit steep for me. I'm considering it though, but I'm hoping AP will release some cute halloween jewelry in oktober. Thank you though!

>> No.10457624

I got it! Thank you for remembering me. I sent in my deposit to my ss and it took them three days to purchase it. I WAS SCREAMING!

>> No.10457645

Damn, at that point I would have asked another SS. Over 24 hours after deposit is too long to wait in my opinion. Glad you got it, though!

>> No.10457729

>Idea for DD Threads:

To help us all out and make the thread easier to search it would help if we all post the print name in the text instead of just showing the photo. It will make it easier to ctrl-f and locate someone without scrolling forever.

>> No.10457730

Can’t do that cause naming the dress makes it easier for others to add it to their wishlist thus making it more difficult to score.

>> No.10457731

Yeah my SS doesn’t require deposits.

>> No.10458001
File: 12 KB, 300x400, 4499d3ae-ed04-5d18-8da1-fe393a984322.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This now up on lace market, I know I've seen some ppl here looking for it. Go get it!

>> No.10458004

was just about to post this. good luck to all the gulls who want it!

>> No.10458006
File: 31 KB, 250x333, 54719164-6AEF-413A-9F1B-160EFC0A23B4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Candy Fairy is up on LM although severely damaged

>> No.10458007

Not a good idea for dream dress snipers/scalpers, plus Japanese lolitas sometimes just list shit like “Baby one piece” so you really just have to keep an eye out for the dress itself

>> No.10458010

>4 bids within minutes, 7 days left
anyone else think people are just shooting themselves in the foot by bidding so early? like you're just making it so you pay more later on

>> No.10458014

Yeah once it reached over $100 I was just rolling my eyes. It's nearly $200 now in the first hour it's been active.

>> No.10458038

$300 now

>> No.10458159

I was tempted to throw my hat in the ring but once I started seeing people bid immediately, I was out. I’m not gonna fight to pay $300 for a sun faded dress.

>> No.10458329

it's on LM!

>> No.10458330

nvm, just noticed it's reserved. hope it's for you, anon

>> No.10458429

it was for me, unfortunately it’s the 2013 light pink version so i didn’t end up going thru with it

>> No.10458666
File: 567 KB, 729x980, marinedreamsandmore.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Haven't posted in a while due to...life, but I'm still looking for Marine Stripe! I'm so thankful for the anons who thought of me last time it came up and I'm always keeping an eye open for all of your dream dresses...good luck to us all in this shit year of 2020!

>> No.10458803
File: 270 KB, 474x645, del.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Classic Mary by Little Dipper. It's a Taobao dress, one of the first I saw when I was getting into Lolita. This shade of pea green is my favorite and I just love the dress. I'm a medium and I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.10458814

someone might have it secondhand on xianyu, try contacting an ss to find it for you!

>> No.10458857


What I'm describing is when I see a dress that someone has posted here and then I go to try to tell them that I have found it but I can't find the post and end up scrolling through 3-4 threads

If someone wants the name of a dress posted here they will reverse search it or ask somewhere else. I don't think the dress names is some secret people need to be protecting when youre posting the image anyway

>> No.10458869
File: 45 KB, 240x320, 11FFE93A-B539-4FA2-A191-E67DA3BBB2AA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Looking for black or ivory colorway!
I know it’s on LM, but the seller lives in Italy, so I’m apprehensive about the delivery / shipping times to the US

>> No.10458882

honestly I think having a google document with everyone emails would be so much easier
im constantly on mercari looking at stuff at whenever I find something someone had posted about I can never find their post anymore

>> No.10458933

i agree, i think it would be a great way to keep things organized

>> No.10458978

this could be good, maybe has the date posted + a link to their post

>> No.10458987

if it was an open google doc like an excel sheet then everyone could add and take their dream dresses as they find it

>> No.10459392

that’s so smart!! thank u for the help <3 guess what though!! i just realized that somehow every time i googled “little dipper lolita taobao” it took me to the wrong shop link, but thanks to a link on facebook i found the actual shop and I CAN BUY MY DREAM DRESS!!!!!!

>> No.10459394

oh... its not in my size and color...

>> No.10459408

I think you need to lurk more

>> No.10459413

>“little dipper lolita taobao
This post was so cringe, I misread "dipper" as "diaper."

>> No.10459422

lurk newfag.

>> No.10459471

are you 12?

>> No.10459747

One just showed up on Fril, anon: https://item.fril.jp/4830c726aad06d8675826563c71a6d41

>> No.10459832

What's your email anon? If you prefer ivory over black I'm looking to sell mine. Good luck either way!

>> No.10460648

Patrician taste.

>> No.10461576
File: 1.07 MB, 2560x1920, 882291AD-1FA8-48DB-93F3-10F1683FA9CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Still looking! I’ll take Milky Chan in the black or brown polka dot colorways. Other cuts/colors are firm.

>> No.10461761
File: 927 KB, 1016x720, milky berry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'm after milky berry in either of these cuts, ideally in pink, but will accept white too!
If the headbow is included thats a big bonus

>> No.10461768

Ohh I’d love the ivory!
You can email me at [email protected]

>> No.10461901

I have that exact honey cake jsk in pink. No damages. I don’t have the KC or OTKs but I do have the MTO jewelry and bag.

However I’m not certain if i want to let go of it yet or not but shoot me an email if you want to make an offer on the whole lot (or if ur just interested in the jsk only lol)

>> No.10461950

Don't see your email anon but if you post it I can link you Milky Chan polka dot in brown

>> No.10461985

Had to make a throwaway. Thanks!

>> No.10462027
File: 2.28 MB, 3264x3264, jsksIwantcollage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been looking for a while and I'd really like to find these dresses, I keep just missing them every time. Some should be pretty basic/findable but I haven't been lucky and I guess I'm waiting to find them for a price where I won't overpay much.

-Horror Garden Jsk black or white preferably)
- Mercator Antique Shop Jsk in black
-Honey Cake Jsk (yellow or ivory)
- Dreamy Bedroom jsk (preferably white but will look at any)
- Fancy Hospital JSK (any colorway, preferably white or pink)
- Horror Candy Shop JSK (any colourway)
- Dolls Tea Party JSK (in white or lavender)
-Daydream bed JSK (white, black or pink)
- Holy Wolf JSK + bonnet in black
-Any bat/Halloween AP accessories
-Horror bat OTKs
-Marie Antoinette Gathered Bodice JSK (or the 2011 lucky pack version)
-Funeral procession of Rose (Lavender)
-Ghost Night Bride JSK
-Holy Lantern Cutsew OP 2019 (red or pink)
In order of most interested in, basically any AP Halloween prints/accessories I would consider.
You can try me on LM too: https://egl.circlly.com/users/reaperofleaves Thanks

>> No.10462037

there's a honey cake listing on fril, it's not a great deal but better than paying 500+ USD on LM

>> No.10462045
File: 170 KB, 1530x868, IMG_20200327_210620~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been so lucky, this is legitimately my final dream item that I just cannot fucking find anywhere. Especially with the resurgence of this era of sweet, I am hoping somebody tries to cash in and sell their JSK, because I will pay big money.

>> No.10462047

Good luck. I’m hunting down these too as my last colorway I need to get of dream sky. Narrowly missed the salopette that popped up the other day

>> No.10462049

I feel like it was the least "liked" colourway of the 2013 release, but the people who do like it, LOVE it, and won't ever sell. I've seen the special set in this colourway for sale, but I need that big front bow or I will wither away and die.

>> No.10462055

Not anon but if they don’t take up your offer do you have an email I can contact?

>> No.10462093

Thanks, yeah I'm considering it. I hate when the sellers don't have proof pictures but they seem to have a good rating and it's not too bad. I'll be kicking myself forever for missing the MTO because I wasn't checking Lolita Updates or any releases at the time.

>> No.10462112

Meta bear bag is on LM. Good luck, anons who want it!

>> No.10462113

Came here to say this. Hope it goes to that anon who's been looking forever.

>> No.10462172

I got it! I remember sleeping on buying it retail and I regretted it ever since. I'm so glad to finally get my ultimate dream dress!

>> No.10462178

Congrats! Love to see a Meta anon rewarded

>> No.10462179

Josine already got hers a month ago.

>> No.10462187
File: 284 KB, 640x260, JeNWU8z.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was the other bidder! Reading this makes me feel a lot better; I'm glad another gull won it!

>> No.10462209

Got it! Thank you so much!

>> No.10462337
File: 897 KB, 1384x614, ab2a2ebb3bea4b6d6079e9136de4672f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anons didn't someone want this teddy bear? Just msg the seller and offer $400


>> No.10462339

It was posted already. Also, you should blur out usernames next time.

>> No.10462845

milky berry pink halter jsk is on fril right now!

>> No.10462906

i just had a look, is £250 normal for milky berry? I feel like i've seen it go for less due to the fact the print runs

>> No.10462927

Once bidding started one can't cancel an auction.

>> No.10462934


But the seller could negotiate with someone privately and have that person just bid so high no one would outbid them. Then they are still selling to the winner

>> No.10462936

Has anyone else been increasingly contacted by Chinese shopping service girls if they post their wishlist/WTBs on Facebook lolita sales groups? I've been getting it a lot the last couple times I posted and it just feels odd. That never used to happen but they start off by asking my budget and could be legit but I'd rather deal with someone who actually has the dress or a shopping service I know/already use. It's just getting a little annoying.

>> No.10462961

I had to block that G***ria chick because every so often she would message me on fb asking if I’d like to buy her overpriced garbage or if I wanted to use her shopping service.

>> No.10462979
File: 30 KB, 450x570, 183701-s-03-pl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm looking for anything of innocent world's violin set (would prefer to not have the high waist cut and the one on LM doesn't ship outside of the US), skirt or dress I dont mind. I have a mighty need!

Euro buyer.

>> No.10463255

That would be shit for the seller if the auction goes higher than the offer.

>> No.10463259

Sellers probably do it so they can get the money faster.

>> No.10463264

Then there would be no point in making it a 14 day auction.

>> No.10463621

Yeah, that's been happening a lot lately if I post a WTB on facebook. And I had to block G****a too and told all of my other friends to do the same since she kept contacting them too.
I didn't know about the Chinese secondhand market at first, and G****a would contact me and try to sell me my dream dresses for $100-$150 more than what they worth (which was 30-60% more) and then another shopping service would contact me a few minutes later about the same exact listings and actually give me reasonable prices for secondhand items.

>> No.10463814

I've seen it listed a lot cheaper because of the bleeding but I wasn't sure how much you were willing to spend/how desperately you wanted the print.

Granted it may just be more expensive now because 2020 is the new 2012 sweet renaissance.

>> No.10463819

So annoying, I asked her about something once and she messaged me back for three days even though I stopped responding. Next time you should call her out on that shit.

>> No.10464268
File: 1.98 MB, 1698x1268, toy parade.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

really looking for the toy parade jsk in mint or lavender (mint priority but do want both eventually)

would really prefer a seller whos willing to sell with matching kc. I'm willing to pay $400 for the set.

>> No.10464346


These days $400 is not enough for a Toy Parade set unless it gets a USA cotton MTO. You're looking at at least $500 and possibly up to $1000 if it shows up as an auction with the way AP sweet is selling.

>> No.10464441

We don’t have anything to base it off quite yet and the last few times it sold which was over the last few months the max was $300. If someone wants to email me and discuss happy to talk more.

>> No.10464483


The thing to base it off of is the general popularity of AP sweet right now.

Not saying a nice anon won't sell to you for less (many private emails I get from BST anons are actually really reasonable asking prices lower than market prices), but if you're looking for stuff on LM, etc. Just be aware thst the sweet boom will affect the price and past listings can only tell you so much.

>> No.10464500

Nah I understand the nature of the market right now but I doubt it will get to $1,000 as a milky planet full set can’t seem to make it to more then $850 currently. Again happy to talk more if someone’s hoping for a bit extra but if they’d rather put it on lm that’s fine.

>> No.10464502

>as a milky planet full set can’t seem to make it to more then $850 currently

A few different set listings for milky planet just went for that on the Japanese secondhand market but ok

>> No.10464510

Can’t seem to find these listings but again that’s fine I don’t look at all the marketplaces all the time. if people want to put their toy parade set up on lm instead that’s cool

>> No.10464514

It's your lucky day, anon! I'm selling the OP in that colour. Message me if you're interested.

>> No.10465578
File: 22 KB, 624x624, 56508853_289458631969925_2381366704831541713_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

From alice auaa. I didn't have money when it was released and I've never seen it secondhand.

>> No.10465609

those listing are on LM for going for over 800$ on milky planet btw

>> No.10465650

This is basically a knockoff of a runway trend from the early 2000s, isn’t it?

>> No.10466154

You could say that about any dress without print

>> No.10467626
File: 1.17 MB, 3264x3030, BeFunky-collage.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm down to just these two as main wishlist/dream dresses since I managed to find someone selling Honey Cake JSK in yellow for $210 and still so damn excited about it. It's the re-relese and I'd still like the headbow and ring but for now I'll take it. Also looking for AP bat accessories, bows, jewellery and socks which I always seem to miss.

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