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Last thread >>10436603
In the last thread we focused on
>little to no lolita feels
>jealousy of chinese lolitas
>shit that belongs on r/relationships like boyfriends
it was almost entirely derailed by the boyfriend anon so lets not fuck this thread up

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>>shit that belongs on r/relationships like boyfriends
...you mean /adv/ right?

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Went out today and played Pump It Up, At some point a button broke off my blouse and there was a huge gap.
Shitty fucking taobao. I'm adding ten more button holes and replacing all the buttons. ffs that was embarrassing.

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I'm saving a fuckton (money and vacation time) during quarantine and plan to blow it all on my lifestyler Christmas. My light at the end of the tunnel is drinking tea in decorated small town cafes and going to Christmas markets while wearing winter coords. It's going to be fucking magical.

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>jealousy of chinese lolitas

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I just had sex with my boyfriend again. I’m so glad I’m demi and not asexual like i thought I was. Sex is the greatest bond imaginable between two souls deeply in love with each other. I love him so much and I love feeling close to him when having sex.

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I laughed

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how often do you have sex with him?:

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Whenever there's a new feels thread, apparently.

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Twice a day or more on average

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If you have a boyfriend, I hate you

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Is it weird to only really like wearing long or 3/4 sleeves w lolita even if it's hot out? I don't have scars or fat arms or anything, I just always feel weirdly exposed with short sleeves and puff/cap sleeves look awful on me.

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Is a poor bitch and thinking about becoming a taobao brand bitch just so I can start buying Lolita again and building my wardrobe up. Been at a standstill for maybe 2 years now but damn I just want more cute dresses but my money situation isn’t changing anytime soon and I know getting some cheap things more often is better than saving up for a 300$ AP dress is this bad of me? I only have brand atm but at this point I just want new, cute things to wear.

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I do this to avoid the sun. I try to wear full on long sleeves whenever I can. It’s not a big deal.

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bet it was like watching two walruses get it on in a filthy hovel, like meth walruses or something

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As a happy taobao-chan, I say go for it

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Go back to /lgbt/

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I just purchased from Angelic Pretty again. I’m so glad I’m an AP fan and not Baby like i thought I was. Angelic Pretty is the greatest brand imaginable between two souls deeply in love with each other (Maki and Asuka). I love it so much and I love feeling close to AP when ordering online.

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Wat? How does a demisexual (questioning asexual) have that much sex?? I live with my partner and have have ALL the time with quarantine and have maybe fucked 7 times in lock down. Also why /cgl/??

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this anon has been shitting up the feels threads for a while now, just ignore them

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I just want to wear cute fluffy stuff but I'm too shy and lazy to even go acquire it

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I'm a fucking idiot and spent 700 dollars on brand dresses and now I have very little money left without a secure source of income rn.
I hate myself you guys

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sell them and get the money back?

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take cute pictures of you wearing them and trade for sandwiches

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Thats a great idea, thank you! I'll never have to starve :)

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I probably will have to

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you're welcome, if you're super lucky you can get some blue gatorades too. And take care of yourself so this doesn't happen in the future :(

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Fuck, I love gatorade of all kind, this works out perfectly for me.
And dw I will

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this is a man

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what if I have a girlfriend?

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I'm starting to miss wearing Lolita and want to buy more.
I stopped buying it because I realized I was in a never-ending cycle of buying a new dress, getting excited for new dress, and then moving on to the next new dress. Every piece I coveted was going to be be THE thing I really needed to complete my wardrobe or wear lolita more. It never really was.
I also just found Lolita uncomfortable to wear. I know everyone is going to respond wear cutsews, don't wear wigs etc but it's not that, I think I just have some issues with clothes that can't be avoided with Lolita.
I also just hate getting comments in lolita so I stopped wearing it.
So now I'm worried I'm falling back into old habits. Do I really want a new dress? Or am I just convincing myself it's going to make my life better and this is THE dress, when it's not, and I'm not going to wear it like all the other dresses?

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Im in the same boat, anon
i made that mistake in a terribly depressive state. But take a pic make a coord w/ it, then try to spin a profit? Thats where im at.

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Profit, as in sell the dress?

Anyway yeah same here. I've been super depressed and quarantine is making it worse, so I impulsively bought a bunch of shit to substitute for happiness lol

Sorry you're in the same boat tho. We'll just have to try and make the best of it

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>miss wearing Lolita and want to buy more
so... do you miss wearing it or do you miss buying it? challenge yourself to wear the pieces you already have and keep track of how often you actually do it. if it's a real hobby, invest further. but if you only fantasize about wearing and when you check your calendar you see that you haven't actually been wearing it, then don't buy more. have a record of it so you aren't just going off of ~feelings~. I think if you challenge yourself to wear old pieces you will enjoy it enough to get back into it.

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Do you have any of your old clothes? Why don't you "shop" from your wardrobe and see how you feel about wearing it again?

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>found Lolita uncomfortable to wear
I feel the same way about full, following all the rules coords. So I do casual coords most of the time. You could try that

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>all the sweet and gothic lolitas complaining about the second hand market when classicfags can still get NWT main pieces for $100
feels good man
>classic brands closing left and right due to poor sales
feels not so good

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Yeah, I think I just miss buying it.
I never quite felt I had a shopping addiction, but it was getting there.
I've only worn it once since quarantine and I don't even remember the last time I wore it before then. Probably months ago.

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Yeah, I think I will.
The problem is it has to be so casual that it's basically just the dress and blouse. Petticoats squish my stomach even though it's loose elastic because just having anything on my stomach kinda hurts. Socks/tights don't feel comfortable. Headbands hurt my head. Like I said I think I have some issues with clothes in general

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well, it does feel nice to splurge on yourself, but it should be on something you actually use so that you don't feel like your home is stuffed with things you don't need. maybe buy a nice quality normie item like a fresh set of bedsheets or a new pack of socks. Then you can have the feeling of something new in the mail without too much guilt. or some kawaii jewelry like Etsy earrings that you can wear with a tshirt and jeans.

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Built-in Pettis? Or that cutsew petti that is essentially a dress could help.

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there are a bajillion taobao classic brands to keep that style going even if all the japanese classic brands closed. that's probably why they're closing anyway, it's so easy to get plain stuff that looks exactly like theirs for way less money

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no socks are ok for casual and you could use a clip bow instead of a headband. idk what could be done about the petti though, that's pretty necessary

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>>10438976 this anon is right, make new coords from your wardrobe. remember, just because it's a lolita dress you don't have to wear it as a full on lolita coord. wear it however you want, it's just clothes. Only....you know, don't post it anywhere as a lolita coordinate
But I wear classic and some goth. if you're into sweet you might be fucked.

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Report it and move on, newfags

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I'm rooting for you, anon. Live that dream, it sounds fucking amazing.

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>love lace
>like really really love lace
>love buying lace
>have entire cupboards full of lace
>tell myself I’ll make accessories with it and sell them to recoup the cost so it’s fine
>can’t bring myself to cut any of it

I haven’t bought anything new since corona because shipping is so expensive now and I worry about packages getting lost but I still find myself browsing webshops and wanting to buy more lace.

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incredibly bad take, anon

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>looks exactly like theirs
this is what taobao-chans actually believe

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for plain nonprint dresses? uh yeah, basically. there's no reason to pay so much for nonprint dresses

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I desperately need recommendations for good lace. I want to decorate my walls with it, so I need a lot. Any ideas?

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Posting here because I don't wear gothic and would rather not shit up the gothic lolita general.

I feel bad for Moitie, honestly. It feels like they're primed to get hate no matter which direction the designer chooses to take the brand in. The newer lolitas will are in search of prints, the bigger-sized lolitas will always reeeeee about the sizing (honestly at this point, it feels like no brand is ever big enough), and the (vocal) oldfags are so jaded that everything new is shit compared to the past. If Moitie tries something new, it's "not Moitie", if Moitie rehashes something, it's "plain and uninspired". I wonder what it'll take to please these people. Maybe a fully shirred print designed by Mana himself?

Personally, I find the staff coords with newer Moitie fascinating to look at. They made me realise the versatility of their products.

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Plai taobao stuff has construction so bad you can see it from their stock photos.
As an oldfag I for one am really happy with their most recent release. An I've seen people screech about stuff being "not Moitie" when they went full autismo with that Alice Aaua style choker and Miku collab, which I honestly agree wasn't their style at all.

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anon, I'm all for chinese brand pieces, but saying that's possible to find the exact same pieces from Victorian Maiden, for example, on Taobao is far from the truth. I have dozens of chinese branded pieces and none of them are even close to VM's quality and construction. They're are good, but they're not VM (maybe closer to new JetJ...)

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ok enjoy your classic brands dying while taobao ones thrive. there's a reason for that even if you don't wanna see it

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That doesn't help with the discussion.
And it's clear you don't actually like Chinese branded pieces as you keep calling them "taobao brands". You're just a troll trying to flame the thread. Gonna ignore you from now on.

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I have hated the CCP for a long time and it brings me great joy that many people and institutions in my country are actively taking stances against China.

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I really do love the new batch of releases and will be buying the jsk. The complaints from the old moitie fans are completely understandable since they probably own a huge chunk of moitie and are at a point where maybe the new releases don't seem like anything new or is something they already own.

It seems like moitie can only release so many things. They have to cater for newer moitie fans by trying to provide them basics, providing an opportunity for them to get a hold of classic items because the moitie second hand market is a ghost town, whilst trying to do something new for old fags to enjoy.

People can complain about the sizing all they like, but clearly they still sell out items and it's working for them. I will bet a lot of money that most of them do not even wear gothic lolita or own anything that isn't printed so their opinions are 100% irrelevant.

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I've gotten really really down about not being able to wear lolita during lockdown. I normally only wear lolita when im at meets/with other lolita friends, so I feel like I have no reason to wear it right now. I've just gotten really down, I'm stuck in the house working from home, i just got turned down from a job i really really wanted, and all i want to do is get dressed nice to make myself feel better. My bf suggested i could wear it in the house, or we could do a silly photoshoot or something, but that just seems kinda sad and pitiful to me. How do I get out of this slump?

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Tbh it’s just that one fat girl who complains a ton if it doesn’t fit her. Most oldfags seem to like this jsk a ton based on responses.

Also note that the bigger sizing doesn’t sell out as fast as the smaller ones most of the time, so the fatties aren’t proving it’s worth it to cater to them

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You know since theyre just clothes you dont need a special occasion to wear them, right?
Meetlitas are slightly looked down upon. Theyre clothes, nothing sad about wearing them about the house so just do it.

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VM and MM are dying/died because an oversaturation of replicas for its dresses that newblitas insisted on buying.
VM also has the issue of not shipping overseas which scares a lot of people off (yeah use a SS but a lot of people are too stupid for that)

>> No.10439225

VM is too stupid to use a different carrier for international shipping. If they close it's their fault.

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I have that much sex because I love my boyfriend and it’s the greatest way of bonding with him. Demisexual doesn’t mean having a low sex drive. It means seeing sex as the beautiful romantic bond that it is. If anything, being demi makes me more sexual.

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whats weird is they use yamato domestically and throughout the quarantine theyve been great as an EMS replacement.
10/10 would use again.

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Yeah, I'm logically aware of that. I think I've just gotten so used to wearing tshirts and joggers and not looking after myself.
I have a new dress arriving some point in the next few days, maybe I'll put effort into putting a whole outfit together rather than just trying it on when it arrives

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>The complaints from the old moitie fans are completely understandable since they probably own a huge chunk of moitie and are at a point where maybe the new releases don't seem like anything new or is something they already own.
That's a new perspective for me. I think I understand now, thanks anon.

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No, they're dying because Chinese lolitas don't care about them. Whereas JetJ is still going strong because Chinese girls love them. Has nothing to do with western girls buying replicas, the west is a tiny market anyway.

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You can buy and reserve VM through Wunderwelt Fleur and Atelier Pierrot, both of which offer international shipping. Previously, you could order VM through Tokyo Rebel.

>different carrier
>international shipping
See pic related.

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Anyone else feels like shit when they spend money on thenselves?
I feel awful for buying a necklace i've wanted for a while now. Money is tight and i make so little, i feel dumb for spending it on something frivolous but it's been so damn long. Life feels empty because i'm just working to put money into savings to maybe have a chance of changing countries.
It sucks, i wish i was born into a wealthy family so i could enjoy my hobbies in peace.

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I feel you anon. I somewhat resent my family for this. We're not super wealthy but my parents were upper-middle class and my grandparents are low-upper class. But they wanted me to get a job at school "to learn the value of a dollar." So I've been working since 13. Which I understand but my life would be objectively better and more successful if I didn't have to balance work, study and life.

I don't drink, go out with friends or make any frivolous expenses, I cook all my own food and repair my clothes. I spend all my time working or studying. I would be miles ahead by now if I could have purely focused on my studies but I get nothing from my family other than the occasional cash gift for birthday and Christmas. I know plenty of people who have their parents pay for everything and still are good people but their careers and studies are way ahead of mine. They have so much time for extra-curriculars, resume builders and networking and will get better jobs than me. I have an okay GPA and a supermarket job.

Then my parents complain that I'm too serious and never make time for family and I'm "All work no play." But I have no choice because they don't understand the costs associated with living near my job and university in the city.

If I am wealthy enough to have my children have studying as their job, I will give them that.

>> No.10439389

I'm in the exact same boat anon... since 14. I can't help but resent them to be honest. My old classmates who had time for extracurriculars and stuff now make 4x as much as me with half of the stress, while i wasted my best years working for peanuts and developed anxiety.
At least you and i won't keep up this shitty cycle.
Hope you can land a better job once you're done with uni and finally be able to live with less stress.

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You too anon.

I have suffered with depression a lot and have a lot of failure anxiety which actively stops me from making any changes to my life in case I fail and make an embarrassment of myself because I simply don't have the time to take on extra work loads. I have really wasted the best years of my youth and haven't had a holiday in over 4 years.

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I know who you're talking about, but I was referring to the ones in ruffle chat who wouldn't touch mmm even if they made xxxxxl.
I've noticed that the smaller sizes sell faster too, kek. I still appreciate the second size as someone with tits.

They sell their stuff on wunderwelt, there's no problem. From what I've seen, they aren't struggling in the slightest.

>> No.10439407


This. With the 10% discount on wunderwelt they have sometimes you can even get cheaper prices on reserve items. Not that fattychans will care and will whine about something else.

VM has been doing fine afaik, but I wish IW would do something like resell through wunderwelt again. It would help a lot.

>> No.10439423

I just want some innocent world cardigans so bad. I wish they would dial it back a bit with the main pieces and make more accessories, that's what they are strong at. I feel like they keep releasing the same thing over and over again and they are getting stale.

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Things have been going well for me lately, almost too well as lifes getting kinda boring. I think ill start some pointless conflict in my social circle and see how many of them I can get to take my side, I imagine it will be most of them if I pick my target carefully lol

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Is this the right place to rant?

It’s so disrespectful and narcissistic to use BLM to boost your IG likes. I want to tear my eyes out every time I see a dumb white bitch posting her outfit photo with the caption ”racism is bad!!”.How does that relate to your fashion choices?
It does not make you woke.

>> No.10439482

Why does it have to relate to her fashion choises? Your negativity is suspicious

>> No.10439487

Are you trying to troll?

nayrt but the BLM stuff is really misplaced with it's shoehorned into jfashion/cosplay posts. These hobbies are self-centered and BLM is supposed to be about the greater good. Shouting BLM while photoshopping yourself and pretending the post isn't just "ME ME ME" is jarring.

Additionally, these are hobbies we escape to. Can we just not bring the crap of the real world into them?

>> No.10439497

Can you not bring up this shit here and ruin yet another thread Jesus fucking christ

You complain about wanting to escape and then you bring it up unprompted here

>> No.10439501

It's about sending a message and it's justifiable as long as racists exist (and they do exist in cosplay/j-fashion)

>> No.10439503

>Is this the right place to rant?
No, fuck off. Seriously, you are not the first person to complain about blm virtue signalling and for gods sake I hope you are the last. Nobody fucking cares. Let the attention whores do them and don't fuck up the thread.

>> No.10439511

sounds like what someone who wears lolita for IG clout would say...

I mean, I get you anon but on the other hand, so many lolitas I know are still doing it that I'm fine with calling people out

>> No.10439513

This is why "racism outside of /b/" exists. Not because it's offensive, but because /pol/tards catch wind of it and will not shut the fuck up, people get baited and ruin threads throwing them completely off topic. BLM talk here should be ignored moving forward because of that regardless of what your stance is on the subject.