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How much would I have to pay one of you to be my cosplay gf and fuck in whatever cosplay I want. I'll pay for materials and for whatever you else you need, funding your hobby. I have a lot of money from investing and I can't pick up girls at cons, so can I just buy one of you?

Yes I'm serious. My discord is MetalSonicCD#1036

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Quit spamming ya fuckin cumstain slurping faggot

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No. I want a cosplay gf and I'll pay her nicely.

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Go to a bride buying website, buy her cosplays and cheap lingerie on amazon and leave us all alone then, cumbrain

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But I want a girl who goes on 4chan

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you're pretty desperate huh.

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Somewhat. But this does prove I have money and I am who I am, it wasnt cheap going on that trip.

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It also is kind of weird you remember that and went through an archive to find it. Kudos, I suppose.

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nobody is gonna message you go away.

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Two people already have, thank you.

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Some 4chan archives are searchable through search engines. I just searched your handle and it came up as a result.

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either dudes or chicks messing with you.

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post a pic of yourself first

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But why would you go through the effort to search if I've posted my discord handle.

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Add me and I'd be glad to. Not posting a pic of myself here.
Possibly, but its also an open invitation for someone genuine.

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Anon, you may not understand this, but we get a lot of freaks and creeps around here.

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Yeah you're right

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gulls, he's circumcised watch out

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sad but true

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Let me know how that goes anon, big doubt you can find a genuine and cute girl on the chans who would reply to shit like this

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Don't have a lot of other options, gotta make the best of what I've got

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ew. typical whitecel

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