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Jfash only, no cosplay.

previous >>10425372

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unanswered questions from the end of the last thread

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There was an anon out there that dyed a dress dark purple a few months back, I don't remember what happened to her but it was not well received despite the dress looking pretty ok.

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I don’t really know what kind of answer you’re expecting, AP has multiple shades of sax and multiple shades of mint so this really wouldn’t be helpful to you, it would be very piece by piece specific.

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Hey gulls! regularly checking mercari jp and us, rakuten, closetchild, wunderwelt.jp, lacemarket, ebay, shoptenshi, and yahoo auctions.

Is there anywhere else to look for burando secondhand? I'm looking for a btssb lucky pack set if it helps

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fril jp, usagiyouhinten, tokyo alice (although thats just rakuten), FB sales groups, maidenclothing off the top of my head

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Can anyone reccomend some good cotton sweet lolita blouses?
I'm willing to 40-50 dollars. Preferabbly something with not a lot of ruffles on the shoulders.

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I wish we would stop spoon-feeding people. If someone is invested in jfashion at all, they'd be able to find all of these sites themselves by just looking around.

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I have to agree on this actually. It’s been irritating to have the second hand market hit so hard with noobs. Sounds elitist af but if I mucked through trash to find gold, I want to keep it a secret. I don’t even tell some of my newer lolita friends where I buy my shit second hand. I just point them to LM and fb groups and go on my merry way

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Do you tuck in your blouse when you wear a skirt? I like the look of tucking in a blouse but I feel like with lolita blouses that has a lot of details and lace, it makes the midsection look bulky.

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It really depends on the blouse and the skirt. The more fitted the better it will look not tucked in. Loose fitting should be tucked in to avoid looking frumpy.

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>I don’t even tell some of my newer lolita friends where I buy my shit second hand
I politely tell them it's all secondhand and if they don't lose interest (aka "oh no I can't just go to a shop and buy it new???") , I just show them lacemarket. I'm not thrilled about newbies buying things and then exiting the fashion a year later because it was some trendy kawaii fad for them that they saw online.

Been stalking these markets for years. I'm not going to shoot myself in the foot now.

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This thread basically is for spoonfeeding. It's a stupid questions thread. If you don't like it, hide the thread.

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I'm aware. All I'm saying is that not every question needs to be answered.

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You could answer the question like this:
>>10431549 you’re definitely looking at the best second hand sites. Unfortunately a lot of items get cross posted So the trick is to be consistent in checking and hope for the best. I’ve found dream dresses on y!j after months of consistently checking. Sometimes twice a day!

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Except I'm not some petty bitch who wants to keep secondhand sites a ~secret~ so no, I'll just tell them the sites. Get over it

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Seriously stop trying to control what answers people give lmao sux you can't get your dream dress but live with it

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^^^ these are the types that genuinely believe that lolita dresses are community items

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Does the amount of color catchers you use depend on the amount of dyed areas there are with the potential to bleed? Idk if that even makes sense so I’ll just talk about the dresses I’m worried about.

I have a bodyline OP that’s red with white polka dots. Since red is notorious for bleeding, should I use 2+ sheets for the dress?

I also have another AP dress with only red bows which I suspect will bleed. But since there are only a few bows, will 1 sheet be enough?

Of course the dresses will go into the wash one at a time with a vinegar/hot water run in between. Speaking of vinegar, is it true that a white vinegar soak will help set the dye so it won’t bleed?

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bodyline is usually poly which doesn't bleed. unless it says it's full cotton, i wouldn't worry

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Is maison-style.com a rental site only? Or can you buy from there?

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It's rental only.

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People like this make me want to buy coveted dresses just so they can cry about it

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anybody else have bad experiences with tenshi replying? its my first time using her service and she hasnt gotten back to me after she said she would send me the invoice two days ago :(

should i just wait it out?

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I am in the market for a good half bonnet, does anyone have a good suggestion for something in europe?

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if the the dresses have detachable waist ties you can do trial runs with them.

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Just message her again she could have forgot or is busy

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Does Leur Getter take international orders or do I have to use an SS?

They cancelled my order saying I can’t use a credit card with a forwarding service and to re-order with payment method set to bank transfer. I thought this method only worked within Japan?? They advertise Tenso on their site tho. Has anyone ordered directly from them successfully? Can’t find anything in their FAQ about international orders.

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Don't do this >>10431836
Tenshi is extremely busy right now. Unless you have an urgent reason, I would just give her more time. Two days really isn't reason to worry. I've been shopping with her for years and invoices never happen overnight.

Reactions like this are stupid. So you want to waste money and be a hoarder just to get back at people?

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Oldfag here taking a peak back into the fashion. Are tea length (above the ankle and below the knee) lolita dresses still a thing? Nothing comes up under that search in lace market. Once upon a time it was sort of a special occasion type of dress.

I know I can get a similar look by wearing a long skirt beneath matching the style. But I'm wondering if the community calls it something else now or if it's just a dead dress type.

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Are you kidding? This is all Innocent World is releasing lately.

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Awesome, I'll search for innocent world specifically then, thank you. I guess people are just neglecting the phrase in their descriptions? They for sure aren't calling them something else these days?

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nayrt but generally people only write "sax tea length jsk" instead of "Misako's High Tea Party jsk in sax" as listing title when they can't find the actual name on lolibrary. Maybe try the "tall friendly" category?

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Nayrt but no, they're still called tea length dresses, they just won't necessarily label them as such in listings.

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Lol same. What useless bitchiness.

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Thank you both so much!

On the topic of being an old hat but being so far removed I'm basically new and asking dumb questions- is lolibrary still a good resource for searching for dresses, or is there a new hub where people collect info/pics/just browse as many dresses from as many brands as possible without necessarily searching to buy?

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Never understood the appeal of a band-aid going over the nose. Is it supposed to be a zit or what?

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Lolibrary still has some gaps, but it’s been updating again recently after a long dead period and is more or less a decent catalogue of brand.

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i think it's supposed to be a scrappy tomboy. looks gross to me too, though.

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is this a bad time to get into old school? seems like everyone falling into old school and all the dresses I would like to buy are nowhere to be found
Do you think it will stop being popular again?

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Fashion moves in cycles, even alternative fashion. At some point, it will fade in popularity but who can say when.

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Hey I can't find the thread but yesterday a bunch of gulls wanted roomwear and sleepwear that's lolita styled. Devilinspired just dropped a bunch!!!

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I think it also makes your nose look smaller and brings symmetry to the face. if you cover the bridge of your nose more it looks like you've got the uwu little button nose

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What is the deal with detachable bows?
I just got my first dress and all of the bows are safety pinned on, but they all just droop down to the point where you can see the metal where its attached.

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Also, on one of the bows the safety pin behind is damaged. I can't sew so I really don't want to risk fucking it up at all. Idk what to do, the dress looks so sad without any bows.

>> No.10432157

Try steaming or starching the bows?

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Did Lacemarket ever end up going through the vetted process for making new accounts? I don't want to try making a new account to check, I'm just curious.

>> No.10432211

I've been waiting for 6 days for someone to reply to me so I can get verified, so yeah they're still doing it manually

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whatever happened with sucre-dolls tumblr?

>> No.10432350

it'll only take a stitches by hand to sew the bows more securely onto the pin or to stitch them to the dress. look up a youtube tutorial, i promise its really not hard

>> No.10432356

I was just worried about it cause I'm kinda fucking stupid tbqh but im sure I'll manage it, would you reccomend that I stitch the bow onto the dress?
I think the problem with the bow is that its just too heavy for the small pin used to keep it up

>> No.10432361

if you know you'll always want to wear it with the bow, go ahead. it's easy enough to snip the threads and put it back on to a pin later if you change your mind anyway.

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I preordered a dress on my-lolita-dress. It was around $160 USD or so. I got an email that it's ready and that I need to pay the rest, around $150. The listing didn't indicate it was just a deposit I was paying or that a 2nd payment was expected. I normally only buy brand so this was shocking to me that the prices are on par with brand.

Does anyone know if it's possible to cancel the order?

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It must've been a pre-order. Some Taobao does cost as much, or more than, brand. You should be able to cancel, send them an email.

>> No.10432374

What dress was it? I think you’re going to have to fight it. Or do a paypal dispute or charge back.

>> No.10432376

If you don’t care about being blacklisted you could file a chargeback.

>> No.10432379

Miss Point Ode to the Dawn OP. I wouldn't balk at it if it was Krad Lanrete but Miss Point is not $300+ territory

This might be my last ditch option. I'm going to ask nicely first and explain I didn't understand since there was no info about a 2nd payment or the full price.

>> No.10432392 [DELETED] 

Was it this? The title had "pre-order" in it

and this tweet mentions it was a preorder too.

>> No.10432431

It’s pretty hard to irreparably destroy something using only a needle and thread. As long as you don’t cut anything, whatever you sew should be reversible.

>> No.10432658

I can’t see a Miss Point dress costing that much, even if it is elaborate.

>> No.10432686

Is it looked down on to wear mixed burando, even if coorded like really well? For example, meta jsk, btssb socks, ap headbow, aatp wridtcuffs

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>> No.10432710

petticoat question: is there a typical/expected width for the poof? i have two pettis, one that is low poof and doesn't show prints well, and one that is extreme proof that shows prints well but takes up SO much space. i feel like i'm going to knock everything over when i wear it.

i'm wondering if the latter is considered a normal amount of poof or if it's as extreme as i'm thinking

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What are some Depop sellers that sell cute normie-ish j-fashion?

>> No.10432802

it's all overpriced, go look at axes femme on mercari instead

>> No.10432807


Decora era had everybody putting stickers and bandaids all over their faces. Including their nose.

I guess the nose thing just stuck around longer than random stickers on the cheek.

>> No.10432810


That's normal for the first time you wear enough poof. If you're APfag you're gonna want even more poof.

Wear the first petti for "daily" or casual coords. The second one if you're attending lolita meets/if you want to post your coord as proper lolita.

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she didn't use the right dye so all the stitches were still bright pink.

>> No.10432856

How do I report a listing on LM for being incorrectly tagged? Someone listed some taobao shoes under the Angelic Pretty tag and I hate it.

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I'm tall.
I've tried commissioning:
>seamstresses for normie wear
>custom cosplay outfits from people in the cosplay community
>custom lolita dresses from taobao companies

It has always ended up like pic related, without any refunds too, and often even when I give them extremely detailed measurements

I don't know what to do. I just want to wear japanese fashion and have something fit me for once.

>> No.10432866

i think you have to learn to sew. if you want something done well, you gotta do it yourself. almost nobody else is going to care as much about you as you can. not necessarily sewing from scratch, but enough to do alterations.

>> No.10432867

you need to make sure to explain if your torso is long. i am 175 cm but i have a really short torso, if you don't or if yours is long that's probably a big part of the problem.

>> No.10432876

where will this extra fabric that matches my garment come from?

when I say "long torso" I usually get the top left result in the "mistakes" section

>> No.10432877

>enough to do alterations
Tallfags can't alter shorter shit to fit them, moron.

>> No.10432878

well your chart isn't as easy to interpret as you think, so i ignored it.

>> No.10432879

>extremely detailed measurements

I'm sure anon knows to be as detailed as possible, so the issue comes from the garment maker

>> No.10432881

you'd be surprised how many tall girls don't realize their torso length is super important. short torso is the only reason i can wear any jfash.

>> No.10432883

actual anon you responded to, I do mention torso length, thought that was covered in "extremely detailed measurements"
honestly I think most seamstresses choose to ignore it, because they are overwhelmed with working with tall people where they are inexperienced.

>> No.10432892

NTA, but how the hell are we supposed to know what you mean by "extremely detailed"? I highly doubt every single person you bought from fucked something up unless you were being super cheap. Usually when it's "everyone else" it's you.

>> No.10432898

So...have you actually gone in person to a seamstress or have you only talked to them online?

>> No.10432899

I assumed rather than jump down my throat with assumptions, that anons would be reasonable and ask me for more info if they were confused. Comes with posting with cgl I guess.
I've been paying around $200-400 per custom garment on average, in which the seamstresses have all assured me that they can fit my needs.

ready to stop being an asshole because I'm trying to find a way to fit into clothes? or will you be doubling down?

>> No.10432902

in person, as well as online, same result. I've actually had less luck with in person seamstresses, one of which asked me to not come to her again because she knew she messed up with the sizing, and she wasn't confident enough to continue working with me.

>> No.10432907

This is what happens when you roleplay, you get defensive when you get called out. Again, you are clearly the fucking problem, whether it's because you're retarded (likely) or cheap (again likely). Tall girls bodies aren't a fucking mystery to seamstresses, ESPECIALLY irl, when, even the worst seamstress will atleast schedule a fitting for the clothing before it's done. If I were them I wouldn't work with you because you're a bitch.

>> No.10432910

i kind of agree with >>10432892 honestly. you sound kind of insufferable, and have been jumping on people ITT who were trying to suggest common problems. if you can't handle being told that you are probably the problem, especially since seamstresses work on tons of different, complicated body types, why even ask the question?

>> No.10432915

wish it wasn't a roleplay, If you're unable to give me advice just say that. Local seamstresses are unable to do cosplay or lolita, so I barely go to them, unless I need formalwear for an event. Even with fittings, you name it, they still fuck up. Just because I'm exausted from having to deal with this problem ever since I hit my growth spurt (13 years ago now) doesn't mean I'm roleplaying. I'd really just appreciate actual advice rather than folks talking out of their ass and villianizing me for being done with the same lousy advice.
I suppose I do sound insufferable, but reality is I'm dead inside from hearing the same solutions that don't work over, and over, and over again. Just say you're short/average height and have no experience with this sort of thing instead of wasting my time.

>> No.10432916

Lolibrary has a JSK I'm interested in (Marshmallow Bunny Ribbon JSK) listed with a 69.5 cm waist, but it has partial shirring. Is that the minimum or maximum measurement? If min, how much stretch would it have?

>> No.10432923

>it wasn't a roleplay
freudian slip? kek. also there's no other advice to give, you're clearly the one doing something wrong here. how is that hard to grasp? you're coming itt acting like you're the only tall woman who exists and bawwing about any suggestions. stop wasting our time, your time and the seamstresses time and just buy normie clothes.

>> No.10432925

>Local seamstresses are unable to do cosplay or lolita
Why the fuck would they be unable to make lolita dresses? It’s the matter of finding a good fabric and lace, which should be your problem, lolita dresses aren’t really complicated construction wise. Or have you gone to a tailor that just usually mends clothes and demanded something obviously out of their field of work? Go to a wedding tailor if you want to make something with more complex structure, but as I said, lolita dresses aren’t usually what is considered difficult.

>> No.10432927

>the fuck would they be unable to make lolita dresses?
Fucking this. If spergs in the ita thread can construct a passable lolita dress, a real ass seamstress certainly can, everything is squares and cylinders.

>> No.10433005

waist ties retard

>> No.10433014

how long does ems from asia to north america take nowadays with the covid situation

>> No.10433022

if you want us to spoonfeed you, please at least be specific about what countries and not just broad continents

>> No.10433034

japan to canada

>> No.10433079

>stop wasting our time
Nah, ive asked for help in cgl, and every time I do im given suggestions that ive tried already and frankly don't work. Even when I politely try to point out this doesnt work, anons start attacking me. Its fucking tiring. Ive complied with all the suggestions and when I say I have, i get attacked, no matter if im nice or mean. Every. Fucking. Time.
So yes, youre wasting MY time for doing this bullshit.
Only tailors in my area just mend or alter clothing, middle of nowhere struggles. I actually thought it was common to not find a tailor with a high enough skill level to make something from scratch. Im still in the middle of nowhere, but do you thinm you can give me advice on how to find a tailor that can make something like a lolita dress from scratch?
I don't feel comfortable using waist ties of my $300 dress for alterations unless I'm positive it will look good, quick way to end up in the ita thread.

>> No.10433081

no one gives a shit. i'm personally glad you're too tall to wear shit you like.

>> No.10433084

A little over 2 weeks. Pretty sure its sitting in customs most of that time as it leaves Japan quickly.

>> No.10433089

you're just salty your advice was shit teir and I was pissed and having none of it the second you dropped an attitude with me.

Sometimes the advice you give is bad, and that lies on you. Getting pissed at people who tell you the advice was bad doesn't make your advice any less useless. Its ok to step away when someone tells you you don't know what you are talking about instead of doubling down on being a bitch who gives shit advice.

>> No.10433090

>posts vague question that was basically a vent
>expects everyone to infer a bunch of shit
>gets mad when anons don't have answers to her very specific circumstances
>blames everyone else like the thread owes her shit
You're lucky anyone answered you at all, especially after all your outbursts. Take what you can get, and stop being entitled.

>> No.10433095

I don't blame everyone anon, I'm only annoyed when I go "hey this doesn't work" and some sperg goes

if someone gives me advice I've heard before but doesn't work, it sucks, but I'm not mad about it, I'm only salty the second they cop an attitude.

>> No.10433097

NTA, but no. No one owes you advice and you are 100% alone in this problem with wonky commissions. Anons asked specific questions and threw out answers because you were not only vague as fuck, but your claims are so removed from anyone else's experience, no one could help you.

>> No.10433098

Have you tried Glitter Tale? You can draw out exactly where you want the seams and everything and they will make it exact.

>> No.10433099

Take your meds. You have the worst attitude and you did from the beginning. Your OP sounds like a bitter vent and you're chewing everyone out. Grow a spine before you post here. No one is here to coddle you.

>> No.10433100

don't bother with her, she'll claim she tried them already.

>> No.10433110

>Glitter Tale
No I haven't, thank you for suggesting that. It will nice having blouses that fit.

if you were to even give me good advice with an attitude, I'd take it. I'm not chewing everyone out, just sandycunts like yourself who can't stand the fact that I don't want to deal with their shit advice and attitude

>> No.10433115

Not everyone is going to have good advice, anon. I didn't even GIVE you advice, but you seem convinced that everyone calling you out is samefagging. Stop asking for spoonfeeding and being such a negative cunt.

>> No.10433118

If anyone, literally anyone in this world has to deal with
person 1: here's some advice!
person 2: that advice doesn't work for me

they have every right to go apeshit at that.

>> No.10433119

No one did that to you. If you think that >>10432892 was being unreasonable then that's your personal problem. Freaking out because you don't like how someone is talking to you means you are too immature to post here.

>> No.10433120

I'm just gonna warn you that I have a Glitter Tale order from April 12th for two overskirts, and they have still not shipped me anything. I keep messaging them every single often and they keep giving me false dates on when my items will be ready. And these are overskirts which should be simple to make.

First time buying from them and I never will again.

>> No.10433122

Sorry *every so often

>> No.10433123

>they have every right to go apeshit at that.
this is why these threads go to shit. just ignore people you think are being shitty. like everyone has been saying, no one owes you and advice and no one has been unreasonable given how arrogant and entitled you are being to people simply trying to help.

>> No.10433124

Imagine getting this mad at people being kinda mean on 4chan

>> No.10433125

>it's everyone else's fault i was being vague
>i am going to be shitty to everyone i find unhelpful and then wonder why everyone is making fun of me
You're like a poster child for a lolita at heart.

>> No.10433126

How tall are you?

>> No.10433129

I didn't think they were being unreasonable, that was me not being a cunt if you can believe it
I don't really feel entitled to advice, but I certainly am going to reject bad advice given to me like >>10433118 >>10433095
Me saying "hey, this doesn't work" shouldn't be seen as an attack, and if anons feel like it is and start getting an attitude with me for it, that really lies on their own insecurities.

>> No.10433133

6'1" average weight. Don't have current measurements on hand (Corona lol)
For reference, normie clothes don't even fit me.

>> No.10433136

>calling someone an asshole was me not being a cunt
You're literally a cunt anon. Nothing about you seems redeeming period.

>quoting your own shitty posts accidentally because you're a newfag
Icing on the cake.

>> No.10433137

im after jewelry jelly headbows, theres one listing for mint, i'm trying to hold out for sax to pop up but i dont really know how often people sell their headbows separate, especially for older pieces

>> No.10433138

would you believe I'm not a cunt when people don't attack me?

>> No.10433139

>normie clothes don't even fit me.
unless you live in asia you're just clearly not trying at all.

>> No.10433142

No, because you claimed the person you called an asshole wasn't being unreasonable, yet you called them an asshole. And you're still trying to justify getting mad at anons on the internet. If people aren't helpful, replying only makes you seem like the retard.

>> No.10433145

>they weren't being unreasonable
>they attacked me
which is it cunt-chan?

>> No.10433147
File: 188 KB, 1250x872, fa43587ac88d1a05890cda052a77bf78.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anon, have your really provided "extremely detailed measurements"? Pic related is measurements that are needed for a wedding dress, of course some of them are useless with lolita and less fitted clothing in general, but with someone who has highly irregular proporcions, as I assume is your case, you'll need to put a lot more work with measuring. As I said, go to a wedding tailor. I find it hard to belive that there aren't ANY wedding tailors nearby, because no matter what shithole you live in, weddings still happen. You will be a lot more succesful if you search for things locally, really. Having a professional tailor, who can sew is a godsend.
>I actually thought it was common to not find a tailor with a high enough skill level to make something from scratch.
I find it weird that they didn't tell you that beforehand. Or have they told you, but you ignored it? Either way, it was terrible idea, find people that actually know what they're doing.

>> No.10433176

Do you guys snipe auctions when you buy online? I have no intentions of being a scalper / reseller, but I've never been successful getting items on auction otherwise, but I don't want to get grouped with those people.

>> No.10433180

yeah sniping is part of online auction culture, why would i want to pay more than i have to. if it's not something i want badly, then i abstain from bidding against the other person at all. if i want it badly, then i snipe to ensure i get it. i do feel bad that the other person didn't get the item they wanted, but i don't feel bad that i got it. like if there were two I'd like for each of us to get one, but if there's only one available then it's mine.

>> No.10433190

those are the measurements I give them if you believe it. I was inbetween using that exact picture you posted and of course the one I posted, I think most people see the detailed measurements and just get overwhelmed and choose to ignore them (which is obnoxious because taking measurements that detailed takes up a bunch of my time, as well as my friend's time)
>I find it weird that they didn't tell you that beforehand.
Me too. when they say they've worked with tall clients they usually mean 5'7, so when I walk in for measurements they look obviously overwhelmed, but insist they can follow through. I think they want to add working for taller people into their portfolio so they can appear more experienced.
I'm very cautious of custom ordering anything. I've never thought about looking into wedding tailors to find someone more professional, so I will take you up on that advice, thanks anon.

>> No.10433192

>normie clothes don't even fit me.
The audacity of this lie lmao

>> No.10433194

im tall too anon, let's chat. you got an email or discord?

>> No.10433196

I'm 5'11 and plenty of normie clothes just aren't made for women that tall so I have to search harder for non-highwater pants and dresses that aren't inappropriately short on me. It's a pain but I'm in the 99th height percentile for the US so it makes sense mass-produced "average" clothes aren't made for me.

>> No.10433204

chances are you already have me on discord lmao. I ask the same question in CGL every now and then and it always ends up with anons getting pissed at me even when I don't go apeshit
If you are who I think you are, then I'm pretty sure I've given you some hand me downs (if that sounds correct just message me i got a stupid dog icon now) if not, let me log into my thowaway

>> No.10433209

Thanks for validating me, anon, makes me feel less guilty about shopping online.

>> No.10433213

Have anyone ever done DHL through Japonica? is it fast/is it safe? I don't really want my $2000+ order to get lost in the mail with no insurance.

>> No.10433215

I have, it arrived quickly and safely. DHL even followed my delivery instructions, which UPS usually ignores. I’m in the US.

>> No.10433216

Thanks for the reassurance - How was it price-wise? I don't mind waiting but my order is getting bigger and bigger, and afraid of getting hit with customs (I'm also in the US - never been hit with customs before, but I've also never imported over $2,000 worth of items)

>> No.10433218

My order was smaller than yours in value (it was below the de minimis so I didn’t have to worry about customs) with about 5 or 6 dresses and some extras, I don’t remember the exact weight but I paid about $90, which is about what it would cost with Yamato based on their price quotes. EMS would be a lot cheaper obviously but there’s no signs of that opening remotely soon sadly.

>> No.10433253

I don't know if this should go here or the Homemade thread but I want to make my own print. I can draw but I can't sew. Are there any services out there for skirts like there are for t-shirts?

>> No.10433288

You can get your own fabric printed on Spoonflower

>> No.10433291

Thank you!

>> No.10433316

I'm doing my first AP bloodbath for the Ice Cream Parlour release, what time does the online shop update with the items? 18:00 right?

>> No.10433332

When you have 2 similar items (ie black headbow) bow do you deside which one to wear?

>> No.10433334

If both look equally good in a coord, I just blindly pick one or go with whichever I'm feeling at the moment

>> No.10433365

How does one go about purchasing from AP Japan website? I really want to buy ice cream parlor, I know you're supposed to use a shopping service. Can you use spreenow?

>> No.10433366

You need a Japanese shopping service. Spreenow is a Chinese one.

>> No.10433373

Oh yeah im dumb lmaoooo

>> No.10433438

How do girls get introduced to lolita nowadays?

>> No.10433442

Has Wunderwelt been taking to invoice for shipping lately? I made an order last weekend and still haven't heard anything about shipping.

>> No.10433444

taking longer, that is.

>> No.10433473

I know one way is through looking at vintage/period costumes on pinterest leads you to lolita.

>> No.10433475

I have no idea. I sent them an email wanting to combine all my orders and ship Yamato last week. Even though they responded fast to my email, I haven't been invoiced for shipping. I don't mind waiting, but I wish I knew how long it would be.

>> No.10433478

Are there any good lolita-related youtube channels with actual useful/interesting content? Not just a million unboxings? Already watched Tyler's stuff, I realllly want to like Lor but she is so distractingly whiny and self-centered that it makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.10433529

What kind of content is interesting to you?

>> No.10433534

In a fashion lifestyle context, I like bloggers/vloggers that show their daily life and process for picking outfits and getting dressed, or pick relevant topics to discuss about the community or the history of the fashion, etc.

>> No.10433581

is common mary janes ita?

>> No.10433583

If you have to ask this then yes.

The right pair can work in some coordinates, but you have to be experienced enough to have an eye for it I think.

Just get some proper lolita shoes.

>> No.10433588

i'd say they're most acceptable in oldschool and least acceptable in sweet. but even oldschoolers have rules for which kinds if soles look right. the person freaking out about them sounds like a man from the cosplay side of the board who can't fathom jerking off to shoes that aren't kawiwi pastel and covered in bows. on the other hand, I've seen people post some really geriatric-looking shit when talking about how normie shoes are healthier. the truth is somewhere inbetween.

>> No.10433594

>people with views i don't like are men
anon, this hot take is usually bad enough, but you can't possibly think a man, especially a cosplayer, thinks that normie MJs aren't lolita when every single anime ita wears them.

>> No.10433603

Good to know it's not just me, at least! Oh well, I'm in no rush.

>> No.10433608

this conversation is about a specific coord in the ita thread, check it for yourself. the same guy who thinks it's adorable on an animu rori will say it's hideous on an unremarkable woman.

>> No.10433611

I'd think instagram and e-girl culture would eventually lead to j-fashion and lolita. e-girl style is just a shitty ripoff of what was trending in Japan a couple years ago

>> No.10433649

Why are gothic lolita brands so much harder to find secondhand?

>> No.10433652

cause goth loli is the least popular substyle

>> No.10433654

Newbie here. I've heard people say that AP bags are flimsy and don't last long, but what about other brands? Which brands have high quality bags? I'm mostly talking about lolita brands, but I'm interested in hearing about other J-fashion brands as well.

Also, what is the consensus here on Cotton Candy Feet? I've heard mixed things regarding quality and sizing and I'm wondering if both the shoes and bags are worth the price tag.

>> No.10433655

Less popular.

>> No.10433659

milk bags are awesome. feels like genuine leather.

>> No.10433660

Don’t buy CCF new. It’s all right if you can find it cheap secondhand but don’t pay full price.

>> No.10433802

Why are most Lolita’s mentally ill?

>> No.10433817

I got a message from a fb lolita sales group from someone saying they could find a dress i was looking for and that they would send me pictures of it from the seller.

Is this usually a scam or just someone providing SS from a secondhand Japanese site?

>> No.10433818

No definitive answer but
A materialistic hobby such as this is likely to attract people who engage in heavy escapism IE mentally ill ppl

>> No.10433819

Highly recommend Milk, just got my first bag and if you can find one for a good price, it’s worth it

It’s very roomy and feels durable

>> No.10433861

Can anyone recommend me some good starter wigs? All the ones I’ve come across are shiny as hell

>> No.10433874

I think lolita outfits still show up in anime sometimes. Also a lot of bjd collectors start out dressing their dolls in lolita, which is the most common type of bjd clothes available, and then moving on to getting their own clothes.

>> No.10433875

Rose Nocturnalia

>> No.10433876

fine for classic, questionable for other styles

>> No.10433877

most people in any non mainstream hobby are going to be mentally ill. or else they would just be normies into normie shit

>> No.10433889

alice garden, dreamholic

>> No.10433911

does amazon actually sell any good lolita accessories (mainly bags and jewelry)? I just got a gift card for amazon and can't think of anything else to buy off of there.

>> No.10433919

why exactly did soapboxsirens get banned?

>> No.10433921

I heard she was caught scamming. Afaik it’s not like the mods made an announcement so it’s just conjecture.

>> No.10433922

>normies aren't mentally ill


>> No.10433942

I ordered about $900 worth of stuff from Japan (from the US) and I have to pay a duty/customs fee of $80. I’ve never had to pay duties before. What’s the limit on shipment cost before you have to pay tax? I googled it but I’m getting different answers.

Also I’m getting a big order from Australia. What’s the limit for Australia to US?

>> No.10433947

The de minimis is $800. It doesn’t matter what country it’s coming from. USPS customs officers are usually lazy and won’t charge even if you’re above $800 but private companies like Fedex and UPS do.

>> No.10433960

Thank you. That’s odd because I’ve ordered thousands of dollars worth of goods from China (for my business) using Fedex and DHL and I’ve never had to pay tax.

>> No.10433987

Just an educated guess on my part but there’s probably so much cheap stuff coming in from China every day that they don’t bother, they’re probably more interested in the expensive packages from countries that are known to have more luxury products, like Japan.

>> No.10433993

not at all i regularly ship 2000$ + packages from Japan to US via FedEx and never get customs. they barely check anything anon was just unlucky.

>> No.10434017

I'm interested in wearing fairy kei and I have shirts for it but I don't know what to wear for the pants or skirt. What would you guys recommend?

>> No.10434025

>Every. Fucking. Time.
>So yes, youre wasting MY time for doing this bullshit.
go back to facebook and learn2sew god this is pure cringe

>> No.10434028

my lolita famous friend is 6'4 how tf can you not fit in normie clothes

>> No.10434030

>my lolita famous friend

>> No.10434032 [DELETED] 

Nayrt but item type also determines tax. I was trying to research this once and I never got very far because I'm too stupid to understand much legal jaron, but from what I grasped, the amount of tax you pay depends on what the item actually is. So if you're importing $2 worth of fur or something, you pay a much higher tax than "toys" or whatever. There's a chance that if your items were marked as "used clothing" they might be considered "rags" to the USA with no inherit value, and therefore not taxable.

Again, take that with a grain of salt. Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS might all just be lazy like other anons said and don't issue fees if they don't feel like it on the particular day.

>> No.10434033

Nayrt but item type also determines tax. I was trying to research this once and I never got very far because I'm too stupid to understand much legal jaron, but from what I grasped, the amount of tax you pay depends on what the item actually is. So if you're importing $2k worth of fur or something, you pay a much higher tax than "toys" or whatever. There's a chance that if your items were marked as "used clothing" they might be considered "rags" to the USA with no inherit value, and therefore not taxable.

Again, take that with a grain of salt. Fedex, DHL, UPS, USPS might all just be lazy like other anons said and don't issue fees if they don't feel like it on the particular day.

>> No.10434045

The description on the customs form just says “HAND BAG” even though I ordered 3 dresses and 2 bags. They might have thought it was a designer handbag that was important enough to tax (when it really was a pleather bag and a stuffed bear pouch lol).

>> No.10434046

your friend is clearly a male, and no male is lolita-famous besides mana

>> No.10434071

she wears lolita fashion and is famous. she makes videos too and is a lot prettier and better than Lor

>> No.10434072

she isnt but okay faggot

>> No.10434080

lou graves? rose nocturnalia? Tyler?

>> No.10434089

which burando UTKs is the best?

>> No.10434090

Tyler is like 5'7. I don't think Rose is over 6' either.

>> No.10434116

Rn is barely 5'0 irl.

>> No.10434139

There’s no way this isn’t made up, only an idiot would out themselves like this
>my friend is FAMOUS
Give me a fucking break

>> No.10434143

Is there a good steamer out there, preferably under $50? There are a lot on Amazon with good reviews but many of the reviews are likely fake.

>> No.10434145

Also wondering this. Iirc Lor recommended the Conair one?

>> No.10434158

Don’t know if you’re still following the thread anon, but if I were you I would try to commission Linda Friesen who used to make lolita dresses under the name 4 o’clock. She’s probably expensive, and idk what her experience with tall people is, but unlike the others you have tried she is both a very competent seamstress and experienced with lolita specifically. She makes couture dresses now, you can look her up on Instagram.

>> No.10434225

Is it normal for a xianyu seller to refuse to send proof photos until after you order? That sounds ridiculously shady to me but maybe it's to curb fake listings using those photos.

>> No.10434226

I've heard people here say similar things before. It sounds ridiculously shady because it is, scamming is rife on xianyu.

>> No.10434245

Anyone remember what shipping service btssb sf uses?

>> No.10434251

Hm. Are you trans or something? The seamstresses may not be accounting for shoulder width which would cause the garment to shift up like that. Im tall too but I only really buy JSKs with adjustable straps and shirring so I can just position the dress on my body where I want it easily. A lot of bouses dont fit great but people only see the neckline anyways. Also basic tailoring for adding sleeve length is a godsend.

>> No.10434263
File: 538 KB, 557x559, pink.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

might've been asked before but does anyone own angelic imprint tea parties?
true to size? comfy? fair quality?

>> No.10434315


I'm just ignoring that person, because their very, very bestest bet, the one with the most highest chances of success, is already

>in-person seamstress for normie wear

The seamstress is right in front of them, can't seem to hold up the dress to the customer and check it fits. It's normie clothes with no special requirements, every seamstress you can hire should be able to do at least basic fitting. The customer also apparently does not request a fitting and walks away with lousy ill-fitting clothes after paying.

Whatever's wrong, it's not something you can diagnose over the internet if they can walk up to a seamstress, pay someone skilled to physically measure them and make the clothes to their own measurement, and still walk away with wonky clothes.

>> No.10434316
File: 523 KB, 1572x942, Screen Shot 2020-07-10 at 10.50.53 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have pic related and it's cute and works great. I haven't tried it with my EGL clothes but my bf has used it on cotton shirts and formal attire with no issues. It's always on sale on the Macy's site if you're in the US.

>> No.10434332

They're nice but didn't fit, ran small on me

>> No.10434356

I haven't had any problems with seamstresses personally, but all the ones I knew made you pay up front, with a strict no refunds policy as you are paying for their time

>> No.10434433

No, but my measurements would have you thinking I was lol
Maybe the trick is to find a seamstress that works with crossdressers/ trans people. Saying "basic mens sizing" wouldnt work because I have boobs and hips obviously.
I have a wide shoulder widthn and you are right about it making it shift up like that, other times the torso blouse area was lengthened but the bust seams werent moved so they actually laid close to my clavicle. I jokingly called that one the "tits at my neck dress"

>> No.10434437
File: 41 KB, 630x630, oh god how did this get here.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How do I find a good discord server for friendly, casual conversations about fashion?

>> No.10434441

Kys and stop posting.

>> No.10434446

Stop replying to tall-chan. She's not going to take real advice. She derailed the thread the other day with bitching and entitlement.

>> No.10434448

what is the best widhth lenghth ratio for a lolita bow? i tried 1:2and it was too thin and long.

I prefer cm over inches but both are ok

>> No.10434450

There's litterally a discord thread up right now. Search the catalog.

>> No.10434474

i get likes but no followers. what am i doing wrong?

>> No.10434477

follow all the people who give you likes.

>> No.10434483

Why for the love of god can I not find plain socks/OTKs anywhere? I just want simple black and white ones with lace trim. I don't see any on bodyline, none ever go up on the secondhand markets, am I going to have to order directly from baby/ap?

>> No.10434486


>> No.10434509

Well, yeah? Doesn't everyone buy their socks new?

>> No.10434520

Well I guess I just meant I've been checking places like lolitacollective, devilinspired, even normie department stores. I'd prefer not to try taobao yet until corona blows over

>> No.10434536

the btssb ones are really cute. do it, anon.

>> No.10434590

Ive taken (not shit) advice and I'm already looking to make purchases based on suggestions in this thread hough so..

>> No.10434591

Is there a quality difference between Queen B and Taobao, or is it the same shit?

>> No.10434614

I’ll look that up! Thank you.

>> No.10434617

There's a ton on Taobao/Aliexpress. How did you not even consider that

>> No.10434618

Taobao is not a monolith and has hundreds of stores of varying quality

>> No.10434621

How do yall organize your stuff? What containers do you use, do you have pics of your setup? Do you make lists of what you own, the brand, how much you paid or anything? Do you have a folder or lists for coords, or do you take pictures of coords to wear in the future? Where can I buy a good full length mirror?

Thanks gulls c:

>> No.10434641

I'm super fucking anal and have both my physical and digital wardrobe arranged by colour. since my wardrobe is still small, everything goes on the same rack, but I have bins for my blouses when my collection inevitably gets too big. having a jewelry box with compartments is nice too!
My digital wardrobe is a google drive folder with link sharing on (for twinning, etc) and has the following subfolders: blouses, dresses, headwear, jewelry/brooches, legwear, misc. accessories, outerwear, shoes, and skirts. To get them in colour order, I use a letter in front of each file name that corresponds to a colour. for instance: a- white, b- ivory/off white, c- red, d- orange, e- yellow.... z- black. Each file name has a colour code letter, the official name, and how much I paid for it. If you drop a throwaway email/ discord I can send my digi wardrobe to you for reference!
mine is actually a door with a mirror on one side, but I'd check local thrift stores/antique shops for full-length mirrors.

>> No.10434654

I arrange my closet by color and use cute jewelry boxes for my accessories.

>> No.10434679

It sits in customs for a while for sure, but it has also been taking longer to get airmail out anywhere, as airplanes are leaving less frequently and airmail is usually added to passenger flights.

>> No.10434682

>order from April 12th

I feel your pain. I commissioned them for a pair of custom size blouses in February. FEBRUARY. And got the same "they'll be done next week, we promise!" messages week after week.
Ive received a picture of the fully custom blouse I ordered and it looks exactly as I described it, so I can give them credit for producing good items. But their communication has been abysmal. I don't like being lied to and won't be ordering from them again.
I've been told they're shipping it out via EMS soon, so here's hoping they're telling the truth this time...

>> No.10434689

Thirding Milk. They pop up secondhand pretty often. Great price for what you get imo.

I've bought from CCF twice because I ordered the wrong size the first time. When you check the size chart, use your JP size (the centimetre measure of your foot). It will look like the wrong equivalent in BR size, but it's correct. They also cut their straps really long. I'll have to take mine to a cobbler to trim down and finish the ends of the straps for me. If you have very high arches, the long straps are great.

>> No.10434794

Where can I find pastel diamond pattern OTKs? Taobao or brand, doesn’t matter.

>> No.10434825

Do you guys just deal with pinholes from detachable bows? I've moved a few bows around on my dress and I feel awful leaving so many little holes but there doesn't seem to be any other alternatives.

>> No.10434830

Iron or steam them

>> No.10434833

I don't know how you've waited that long. I'm so sorry anon. I might actually file a paypal claim soon. Purchase Protection is only 180 days (6 months) and I've already burned through almost half of that. I don't really care if they blacklist me because I don't want to buy from them again.

Also I don't understand why they insist on still advertising that they'll make things on Facebook? I see them repost dresses every day. If they are so slow and backed up by at least 3 months, why take on new orders?

>> No.10434862

How many finished coords should one have before joining a comm?

>> No.10434865

I had around 5 dresses when I first joined a comm and one dress which was my favorite and I wore constantly in different coords when I joined at 15. My first comm basically told me I was an emberassment for often only wearing one thing, but I understand thats not the norm to be that outwardly mean to new and underaged members

>> No.10434868

that sounds like a not very pleasant comm

>> No.10434869

To be fair, while most people won't say it, it's kind of weird to wear just one dress to a bunch of meets in a row. At that point it seems like you're not actually into the fashion. Personally I'd also find it weird if a 15-year-old joined the comm, because the average age of our members is like 8 years above that, but I guess that depends on the community itself.

>> No.10434874

Is it kind of common knowledge that building a wardrobe takes time? Like why would anyone perceive them not to be in the fashion just because they can't afford a new dress for every meet?

>> No.10434882

Where did I say you have to get a new dress every meet? You're clearly not that invested in the fashion if you don't own more than one dress after 6 months. If you are so poor that you can't even afford 1 secondhand dress in half a year, then it's impossible to get into lolita at all.

>> No.10434902

Help gulls. I am desperately looking for a very old video of a fashion show. I don't remember much about it, except that it featured mostly big lolita brands but not only, that it was around 2011 *I think*, and that Maki was one of the models wearing a huge OTT outfit that looked almost like a pink wedding dress. Ah and, many models were holding bouquets of flowers that they kept throwing at the crowd. Does anyone know which video I'm talking about? I wanna rewatch it so bad.

>> No.10434946

NTA but it doesn't matter what advice you take because you're a moron. Nothing you get will ever fit.

>> No.10435121

grow up and move on

>> No.10435257

What's the relationship between gyarus and eurobeat music?

>> No.10435260


>> No.10435315
File: 803 KB, 2484x1826, 27254480-ED6C-48F3-A9DA-E6181F21720A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are these the same dress? I’ve been seeing listings using the right as the main picture but their proof picture looks like the left.

>> No.10435318


>> No.10435332
File: 107 KB, 700x517, 2017kingyo-imageweb2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was about to say it looks like a replica because of the pleat placement and colour of the strap ribbons, but from looking at worn pics and the MTO listing, it's Daydreaming Goldfish for sure.

>> No.10435344

That’s what I thought too. Thanks. I wonder why they’re different.

>> No.10435476

are yidhra's tights tall girl friendly? i'm 175cm

>> No.10435590

Nothing will ever fit you tall anon, kys

>> No.10435591

that’s not very nice, shortie

>> No.10435594

Just stop. Its making you look worse by insulting someone over the thing that gives them an advantage in lolita fashion. Im not even trying to be mean, its just embarassing.

>> No.10435605

Haha I’m short too but not >>10435476
tall lolitas are still valid

>> No.10435611

This is why no one gives you advice and you're destined to look like shit

>> No.10435616

What is with the hateboner for tall anon?

I read the whole thread and desu it seemed like y'all were just being shitty in the first place. She actually did take advice from people who gave her good advice so just stop.

>> No.10435617

I have no problem with tall lolitas, sometimes I wish I was taller because I like the way dresses look when they're a bit above the knee, i think its cute. I was just pointing out that using short as an insult wouldn't make much sense. But its 4chan...soooo...

>> No.10435618

Tall anon calling someone “shortie” is somehow worse then them being told to kill themselves. The logic...

>> No.10435622

Thats...not what I was saying like..at all

My point was that if you're going to insult someone back, maybe using "shortie" the thing that people consider a literal advantage in lolita, wouldn't be super affective and likely anons were just going to shit on her even more for it.

>> No.10435623

How long does it generally take to ship out baby’s san fran reservations?

>> No.10435661

I have the money to purchase one of my dream dresses but it wouldn't be a great financial decision. Its a dress thats really hard to come buy and I feel I would regret it for a long time if I didn't get it.

Wtf do i do?

>> No.10435663

Any US-based shops where I can order a petticoat/hoop-skirt right now?

>> No.10435736

Lolita Collective usually has some in stock

>> No.10435775

Are we talking you’ll have to settle for store brand groceries not great financial decision or there will be no groceries not great financial decision?

>> No.10435787

I have a question regarding being in public in lolita. Often I see people not liking thier photographs taken and I get that completely. But if someone asks my picture, I wouldn't mind. Is this considered bad? I worry that if I say it's okay, that normies are going to think it's okay for others. Especially in a group. I don't want to be the only one to say yes and then make the others "look like bitches" in the eyes of normal folks for saying no.

>> No.10435814

Someone asking for your picture because they genuinely like your style, want to know more, show their daughter that loves that style etc.: yes
Someone asking for your picture out of ridicule, trying to hold a laugh in, with a group of people that are trying not to laugh: no
You're with a group and the group feels uncomfortable and doesn't want their picture taken: no
Someone trying to take a picture without even asking: no - stop them, do your best to call them out or hind your face or turn away to show that's impolite

>> No.10435835

Thank you! I've just gotten comfortable wearing my dresses around the house and getting the courage to wear them outside.

>> No.10435838

>getting the courage to wear them outside.
people who actually feel this way should quit while they're ahead. you won't be able to deal with comments from actual people, let alone photos.

>> No.10435878


>> No.10435882

Why are replica shoes and bags not treated with the same (well deserved) disdain as replica dresses? For example, rocking horse shoes. I'm just curious, sorry if this has been discussed

>> No.10435884

Long answer: Because it’s really hard to trademark a design so technically its legal to sell design replica.
Short answer: People are cheap.

>> No.10435940

are hoop petticoats acceptable in lolita? i got one and I like it, although it looks a bit odd when seated, but I don't know if I'll be judged if I wear it to meets

>> No.10435961

How would I go about washing an angelic pretty op at home? Laundromats/dry cleaners are not an option. The op is bright red and white. Thank you!

>> No.10435962

Anons have already given the more common and accepted answers. I'd like to add that I've often seen shitty print and non-print dress replicas that are easy to clock. They make lolita fashion look cheap as hell. Shoes and bag replicas don't seem to meet the same levels of shittiness, so they aren't seen as "degrading the aesthetic", so they're allowed.
I'm aware that there are replicas out there that are so similar to the original that they're almost indistinguishable, and I think they are also included in the disdained replica section because they're just in the same family as the shitty dresses, and can be used to trick people into paying brand prices for unbranded goods.

>> No.10435965

Same as any other fancy dress. Identify the fabric. Look up tips for that fabric.
Typical delicates rules apply: Wash in cold water to reduce bleeding, preferably not in the washer (bathtub or large sink will do). If you have a washer with no agitator and a delicates cycle, use color catcher sheets for any loose dye. Use gentle color safe detergent. Lay flat and arrange the lace and ruffles straight to dry. If the dress has waist ties, you can do a trial run with one of those. Alternatively, you can check for color-fastness with a wet cotton ball or q-tip. Just rub the fabric with water and see if any dye transfers off. If yes, you will absolutely need color catchers.

>> No.10435968
File: 22 KB, 610x465, 25315A42-A0E2-4906-AADE-9046A7D629BD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a name for this kind of shoes?

>> No.10435972

yes they're fine, esp in summer. if the shape is odd, you can wear a thin petticoat over it to smooth things out.
if it's red, take the waist ties and gently rub them with a qtip or washcloth soaked in soapy water to see if the red runs. if some comes off, it's dry clean only. if not, fill up a bathtub with cool/lukewarm water and pour a capful of detergent meant for delicates. take off any detachable parts, swirl and swish the OP in the water for a few minutes (don't twist it or wring it, but you can scrunch up fabric on areas with stains or discoloration). rinse the dress completely, hang to dry (unless sleeves are shirred or elasticated)

>> No.10435974

sorry, i'm a moron. they're not dry-clean only if colors run, but you'll need to probably do a vinegar soak or use color catchers.

>> No.10435989

Looks like a Demonia Abbey 08.
Try searching 'goth strap platform heel'

>> No.10435991

I ordered from them more then a week ago and emailed them a few days ago and they said they’re shipping out reservations and June orders now. They didn’t says which reservations though.

>> No.10436075

I wish slutty lolita was a thing

I wanna be adorable and show my tits and ass at the same time.

Imagine sugary carnival but with a plunging neckline and really short skirt

Hint: it would be smexy

>> No.10436077

What is Orthodox lolita?

>> No.10436079

I cant even call you a trolling scrote because you used the term smexy

>> No.10436081

how did you time travel from 2009? have you been in a coma and you're just now waking up?

>> No.10436087

If you want to dress like a slut why would you choose to participate in a modest fashion?

>> No.10436088

Cause its adorable but I want to be slutty too :3

>> No.10436090

okay but will yidhra's tights fit me or not? it's a yes no question

>> No.10436095

lol glad you totally know everything about this person and are totally not jumping to conclusions

>> No.10436097


>> No.10436099

Everyone knows that if you have any doubt it in yourself and lack any confidence at any point in your life, there is literally no going back from it and you might as well just lock yourself in your house and forego all social interaction because there's no such thing as overcoming anxieties.

>> No.10436106

is q-pot's quality worth the price? i'm looking for more sweet jewelry and the secondhand AP market is pretty dismal.

>> No.10436108

Should be alright, but ruby rabbit’s tall size tights are much better

>> No.10436141

Are ita bags acceptable in lolita fashion?

I dont want to get a normal lolita bag because they flake a shit ton and don't hold much room.

>> No.10436144

are you a troll? itabags are almost exactly the same but with a shitty window in them.

>> No.10436145

I overcame most of my anxieties, shut up

>> No.10436146

Search for soft girl style and leave lolita alone

>> No.10436148

you clearly haven't based on this response.

>> No.10436153

Damn okay. I'm just a beginner but hey at least I got my answer.

>> No.10436155

I was being sarcastic bud. Pointing out that the other anon sounded ridiculous saying you shouldn't get into lolita fashion if you're at all nervous about people making comments.

>> No.10436177

I think the quality is nice. The macaron necklaces and some other sweets items feel rubbery though, which I wasn’t expecting.

>> No.10436180

nta but the other person is right. you shouldn't

>> No.10436185

Its pretty normal to feel nervous about wearing outlandish clothing, in fact most lolita's talk about getting used to it and that it can take a bit of time.
You must live a sad life if you just give up at the first sign of difficulty. Not everyone is like that, and its possible to get over nervousness and anxiety. Exposing yourself to situations that are nervewracking is a technique used in therapy to get over anxiety even, its pretty sad that you're trying to discourage people from overcoming that.

>> No.10436187

thank you!

>> No.10436190

Is Dream Fantasy known for fading badly? I just bought it secondhand and I'm worried its not going to look great

>> No.10436196

i think only the white and sax versions are prone to fading.

>> No.10436208

I used to think this until I went to japan and these indian men would follow me and put their phones in my face and take pictures. Don’t let anyone take pictures without your consent.

>> No.10436210

dream fantasy doesn't have a white colorway?

>> No.10436211

If it's that girl who faked being a muslim for a while do NOT buy through her.

>> No.10436212

She has good reviews on lace market so I think it should be good?
I asked before she linked me to her LM so I didn't known

>> No.10436215

What's a good entry level job for a person who wants to wear otome/toned down lolita daily? When I've seen this question asked before the answers are usually:
>Just be 28+, already have a uni degree.
>Use above degree to enter a high-level video game design industry and become the office waifu.
>Lifestyle lolita doesn't exist don't bother.

Is there really no option for someone who is young, working their way up to a better job with more freedom? It feels so discouraging to waste your best years in business appropriate clothing or uniforms. Are lolitas ever hired at hip start-up companies? Certain genres of clothing stores? Where do alternative kids work when they get out of high school (18+)?

>> No.10436225

Is there any guide for taking care of old AP prints? Talking like 7+ years old

>> No.10436226

I work (well, workED, thanks covid) at a college and the dress code was lax.

>> No.10436229

Why don't you just go to college instead of trying to "work your way up"? You can wear whatever you want to class and then you can get a job at one of the vast majority of companies that won't give a damn if you wear ETC and JM in the office.

>> No.10436235

Maybe they are? And are trying to work their way up the ladder while in school?

>> No.10436246

Don’t keep it in the sun or somewhere hot and moist. Don’t keep it folded up or squished. If it gets dirty wash it right alway.

>> No.10436248

I’d really like some advice. Japan shopping service wants 7000jpy for surface mail or 27000 for Yamato. Which should I choose? Should I try breaking it up and shipping it, or waiting it out? It’s a bunch of lolita stuff I’ve ordered for a few months.

>> No.10436258

I would just save that 20k yen and use surface mail. Might as well just use that if you're planning on waiting anyways.
$65 shipping vs $250? The latter is just ridiculous. One time I paid +$300 for shipping and felt awful for weeks. Not like you'll be wearing the stuff outside anytime soon

>> No.10436280

I just didn't want to have to wait 2 months, but you're right. ty anon

>> No.10436281

Can Angelic Pretty/BTSSB be put in the washer on a handwashing cycle?

If the prints run then how do I go about washing them?
Dry cleaning is not an option rn because of the pandemic

>> No.10436282

so you basically just want clubwear but with kawaii prints on them. that exists out there. it's not lolita though.

>> No.10436283


I'm retarded for wanting to buy a scalped item I missed all 3 AP stores' releases of, aren't I?

Like I know it's bad and I'm mostly asking here to have someone discourage me from supporting a scalper desu

>> No.10436286

The only jobs I know of that let people wear whatever they want without restriction are tech/engineering jobs. The guys look like total slobs in sweatpants or jeans, doubt they would care what women wear either. That's not entry-level though. Gothic lolita would fit in at alt stores like Hot Topic I guess.

>> No.10436304

I made a Japonica order a week ago and paid upfront, they ultimately couldn't get the item. I haven't been refunded, should I email about it? It wasn't a service deposit, it was for the full item.

>> No.10436323

any reputable forwarding services from japan that isn't tenso?

>> No.10436364

Yes, email them for a refund if you're not buying anything else. They hold onto your money because they assume that you'll use them again soon and will count your deposit towards future purchases.

>> No.10436492

I'm using buyee, they're pretty great so far

>> No.10436498

Hey gulls, my devilinspired order just went from china to Tennessee and back to japan ??? Should I be concerned? It was shipped a week ago, and its been in japan now for 3 days.

>> No.10436623

Oh, I do buy a lot from them haha, that's it then. Thanks anon!

>> No.10436703

Make sure you check the care label. You can look up what the Japanese care label means. If you’re dealing with a print that you are worried about running, take a paper towel, lightly wet it with a little bit of cold water, and find a tiny hidden spot on the dress (ex: under a bow, on the waist ties, under the arms) and gently and carefully rub on each of the colors ( make sure to use a new paper towel for each color) If the paper towel has any color on it, I wouldn’t attempt to clean it yourself. If the paper towel stays white then you can probably attempt to hand wash it or pull it inside out, placing it inside of a tied up pillow case, and using a washing machine on a cold gentle cycle. Just be careful and also remove any removable bows and details before washing in a machine.

>> No.10436892

Buyee is owned by tenso

>> No.10442557
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hey gulls rip me to pieces and tell me what you think about this

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