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No cons until 2031 edition

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Get some new pictures bitch

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Been avoiding cgl because ya'll cant shut up about trans people, either negative or positive.
>tranny this, tranny that
I dont care, shut the fuck up and talk about cosplay and jfashion or gtfo

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I always used to look younger than my actual age and took great care of myself but in the past 2 years I went though some pretty rough times where I neglected my health to the point where my depression made me stop eating, sleeping and my hair began to fall off. I'm now fully recovered but it required great efforts and it visually aged me like 5 years or more in the span of just a few months. I now have deep eye wrinkles at the age of 30 which no amount of make-up can cover up and I look just terrible and worn-out no matter how well I style myself. I don't want to be a lone-lita forever and a part of me wants to return to social media because I miss interacting with people but I'm horrified of the reactions. Or would it be better to stay away? I'm feeling lost

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you have a lot of options:
-anti wrinkle cream
-face sticker

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My little sister is going out of state during the pandemic to high-five pussies with some thot we met at a con.

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This board, and this thread is full of incels.

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I feel like all those suggestions are bad, except for the skin care. Hiding my face will not make me feel any more confident but just make me more self-conscious

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This hobby is full of TERFs.

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Only one man has the power to save her

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honestly i think its just this board

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good. it's a hobby meant for bio women.

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your question was how to participate without potential backlash, not how to be more confident. the only thing that will help you with that is a psychologist

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Thank fucking god for that. I’m tired of the women (adult human females) in this hobby having to bend over backwards to protect the fragile egos of trannies and their dick sucking handmaidens

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Not enough

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All your favorite conventions will go bankrupt, never to return, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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I'm putting all my hopes and dreams to go to Japan on a scholarship that I will apply for in 2 years. It's insanely competitive but it's basically all expenses paid for 18 months.

I am investing so much time, effort and my own money to make my application look good. I am scared of 'what if I don't get it?'

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why are weebs so desperate to live in japan rather than just getting a good job and going there on vacation? do you think japan will make all your weeb dreams come true or something?

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I moved to Mexico to my cousin’s house because Texas is a Corona paradise, not going back till shit is over, hope they have cons later in the year

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Because I hate the local culture of my current country I live in and I enjoy what I've seen of the foreigner life in Japan.

>People leave you alone in public
>limited crack heads
>safety to walk around at night
>each and every single hobby/sub-culture exists in some capacity in every major city
>is in some ways cheaper than my current city
>hot springs, ski fields, mountains, generally lots of natural beauty other than fucking desert or a different shade of dirt
>tokyo especially is a super walkable city

I could go on but it's got really nothing to do with weeb sub-cultures. I am aware of Japan's many faults but most of them I accept or don't apply to me.

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>moved to a place full of drug cartels, rape, murder, and corruption to escape... a virus

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i hope you've seen enough of the farms threads to realize that "foreigner in japan" often boils down to student, teacher, or prostitute. there's little other opportunities

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Yeah, I plan on finishing my engineering degree before I live there permanently and work for a multinational. I'm not being an ASL. I want this scholarship because it's really my only chance to try before I buy whilst I'm studying.

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Maybe anon moved to New Mexico not the country, I hope so at least, Mexico seems worse that that allmost flue virus

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lmao, meant ESL

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>>hot springs, ski fields, mountains, generally lots of natural beauty other than fucking desert or a different shade of dirt
Man, I live in a state with extensive desert regions and I can find all of this in two hour drive or less. In fact, I could even find these in every other state I've lived. get out and see more of your own country.

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ah, you have an actual good career lined up and a plan. much better than most. good luck

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Getting out and seeing more of my own country means interacting with more of my own countrymen. My country has mountains, it has ski fields (shit ones), it has beaches (albiet I have a fear of the ocean), it has forests but these are all ruined by the fact that I have to share it with people who think it's okay to approach strangers trying to enjoy themselves and 'ave a good ol' yarn, aye'.

I just don't meld well with the friendly culture where you have to treat strangers like you've known them all your life and it's perfectly okay for people to approach you when you haven't invited that.

But natural beauty is only one small section to influence my decision.


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>'ave a good ol' yarn, aye'
i assumed you were american for some reason. is the uk really dangerous and full of crackheads? i thought that was just us

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Close but think started by a bunch of criminals. Australia. It's not dangerous necessarily but walking home from a train station at night, I've run into a fair share of crack heads who've abused me and I am always checking behind myself, most of my female coworkers do not walk home at night unless they live within 5 minutes walk. I had my car broken into a few weeks ago. And I don't live in what's considered a bad area at all, where the median house price is $800K-$1M AUD.

Australia is great in many ways but it's not the place for me. If you're extroverted, it's great.

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Doesn't the UK have regular stabbings amongst the youths lately or something?

Plus when you remember that the OG Americans came from England it isn't that surprising the culture isn't as far apart as you may think.

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The OG Americans were p much kicked out of England for being weirdo extremist Christians

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As someone who has lived there, there’s one you’re missing

>incredibly, mind-blowingly xenophobic

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>what is Virginia

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I can imagine this being a huge shock if you don't expect it.

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Like most parts of the world, Mexico is a fine place to live if you have money. It's not nearly as much of a 3rd world shithole as it's made out to be.

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>Posted from my Ivory Tower

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Most 3rd world shitholes great if you have money but the majority who live there don't have money because the wealthy are often corrupt and contributing to the problems that lead to poverty. In Latin America that seems to be the case regularly.

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then why does its entire population attempt to hop the border

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Because those aren't the people who have money, dumbass

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No cons = no deadlines = no pressure or push to make anything which in turn = depression.

I miss normal life and I feel so alone.

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Does he have a feeder fetish or something?

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haha damn I wonder how that anon is feeling after that one

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i feel like it's still a 3rd world shithole and going to such a dangerous place to avoid a virus is dumb

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I mean maybe its dangerous if you're a foreigner, but if you know the language/ have family there it should be fairly safe. Honestly, if I spoke a different language other than English I'd rather live somewhere not so diverse. It sucks not being white in America rn.

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do you not have a job?

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Depression hit me again like a fucking truck. Finally found my dream dress and ordered it but feel 0 excitement. Looking through my closet wondering why the fuck I'm spending so much money on this shit. Tempted to just sell all my shit and leave the fashion again, but I know I'll regret it like I did last time.

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If every terf and sissy fetishist were to die tommorow I would feel nothing but relief

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They're just mad we look better than them

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begone scrotes

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>the girl who helped spread rumors about me behind my back posted on twitter about not shaming people who don't have a car, job, or house/apartment of their own
Suck it bitch I got all three, once the wheels for my 350Z come in I'm doin a burnout in front of your mom's house cause I know you'll see it, have fun selling feet pics to try and move out

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Nah doomer, insurance covered a shitload of canceled cons and its not like the staff are disappearing either.

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Did she finally stop showing you her thonged buttocks anon???
>fuck it's so obvious it's the same person posting this shit was is thing hangup you have about little sisters get help

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I fucking wish, im bleeding out mt footer right now and ran out of painkillers, stores all are closed due to the rona. I just find bioessensialism and sissy fetishists fucking disgusting

For something on topic though
>lent a lolita dress (piano girl) and bloomers to a friend during a sleepover
>she mailed it back to me recently, zipper torn off and the bloomers had period stains

Thank God it was only bodyline but damn.. the girl couldn't even clean up the stains?

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you got lost on your way to tumblr

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Aw this sounds like me after a manic episode. Don’t sell anything and keep your dream dress in the box until you’re feeling good about everything, and then open it!! Unless you need to inspect it before your buyer protection wears off

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Bio women=radfem
Got it
Non feminist woman= man
This is your guys' logic. Some of us want to get away from transactivists and radfems because both of you guys are equally fucking insufferable.

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I think reducing women to their birthing capabilities is bad actually

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I hate how easy gulls are to bait.
Stick to your salty chips you ding dongs

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Maybe it’s time? Think about it: there was a new con popping up all the time. Maybe it’s like when a forest gets too big so a Fire happens to prevent it from over growing.

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I think he just likes big girls.

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lesbians should hate trannys

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Every lolita is a lesbian apparently

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>having my penis inside you is different from having a man's penis inside you

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This so fucking hard. I admire the naivety of my pre-quarantine self thinking that I could possibly make 2 costumes with all of my free time. Haha, no silly. That's depression time.

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This board is becoming borderline usable with all of the influx of obvious ecchi cosplay (ie, how close to porn can we get without getting reported) threads and annoying spammers.

I don't particularly care if there's a general or two, maybe one additional specific thread but there's like 5-6 active ones right now and it's irritating. Take that shit to a nsfw board.

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When you lead your life around a fashion style only women will wear that kind of makes sense

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I feel like the cosplay community does not deserve conventions, or any fun. The quarantine has proved no one in the community - and the fans orbiting the cosplay fandom - is sane enough. Politics everywhere. People posting their spicy opinions on their personal social media, when they KNOW people from the community is watching their posts.

People should just shut the fuck up and only post about cosplaying. The source of all drama comes from when they give personal opinions when what they should be doing is merely cosplay and nothing else.

>> No.10431810

except even if you are silent you get attacked so people have to post that shit

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I'm silent most of the time. I don't make posts unrelated to my cosplay activities or my interests. Sometimes I make comments but these are harder to actually see.

People love me, anon. They probably think I've got autism (and I do look like and have mannerisms of autism) so I get a free pass. All I know is that when the conventions come back i'm just gonna do my own thing and not associate myself with any other cosplayer - I don't want to get caught in the next political debate created by COSPLAYERS who want a political career of some sort or want to boost their 'social points'.

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>tfw there's no lewd content of Chat Noir cosplayers

I know he's 'canonically' 15 but holy cow he makes me super thirsty.

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A part of me wants to make an insta for my coords, but then I remember that I’m ugly af, have shit tons of acne and holes in my face (can’t wear any makeup due to it) and wear the same dress + cardigan + beret + boots combo but in different colors.

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There are people who are into cosplay for the drama. I guess it’s ironic for me to say that while posting on cgl but this is at least is a somewhat neutral ground.

I used to use coscom forums back in the day and for as dumb as that place was, the one thing I miss about forums is that they are a central place that’s not tied specifically to one person (unlike social media) so things can be discussed on a lower level as casual individuals, instead of shouting twitter manifestos back and forth in public and legions of followers liking and sharing or adding on to attempt to soak up residual clout. Cosplayers aren’t necessarily experts on politics or activism, they’re people who looked good in photos and people followed them for whatever reason, but suddenly they’re not just a rando who watches cartoons that has an opinion, they’re a rando with minions.

Sometimes I just want to talk about sewing or what colors look good together or something without needing to post 23 current events posts or links to fundraisers to show I’m not being silent. If all my friends are already woke and I go stomping through the kitchen, I’m making noise for no real reason.

Cgl is pretty annoying because of all the dumb baiting clogging up the threads but at least I can bring up a topic without people screenshotting all the posts I’ve made that don’t reference a political issue so they can find a way to be the one who canceled Obscure Stinky Man Cosplay (not my actual cosplay handle).

That’s probably not very cohesive or organized, I’m sorry. Tl;dr- I know life sucks right now and wish it didn’t but it’s getting to where cosplay also sucks unless you never interact with anyone else.

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The annual cosplay beach party for my community got cancelled due to Covid. I understand why but I really miss having events to look forward to, And with Dragoncon now cancelled I’m pretty sure Colossal is next on the chopping block.

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Its called a face sticker, use it

>> No.10431859

Hiding all the off topic and bait threads makes /cgl/ great again.

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Had to throw out (literally into the garbage) brand today. Our goodwill is still closed and I'm just running out of space. I tried to sell this stuff for like $20 (shipping included) on face book and lace market several times over the years but no one ever bought it. I orginally priced this stuff higher, like $30 for a blouse and $40 for a skirt w/ tags but it never moved. I asked around if anyone wanted it in my comm and no one wanted it. So yesterday in a cleaning frenzy I just said screw it and tossed it to make room for new stuff.

Now I feel guilty for tossing it. When I first got started I would have killed for cheep brand old school brand, but i DID offer it up it's just no one wanted it... For years.

So next time someone complains about how no one shoulder alter their brando or that it always needs to be cycled back into the community via secondhand sales or straight up gifting... Just be aware that sometimes no one wants it but I don't want to store it.

>> No.10431874

What pieces were they, anon?

>> No.10431875

I'll take my resonator out and sound the trombones at your place next

>> No.10431876

Do people even follow non-Japanese lolitas that consistently use face stickers? Genuinely curious.

>> No.10431877

A cream velvet onepiece from AP, an innocent world brown velvet skirt with tags and several AP blouses. these were all things I had bought from japan and they didn't fit so I stuffed them into the back of the closet. The issue is currently my Lolita wardrobe and Normie wardrobe have become the same closet. The cloths rod was starting to bow and I had been keeping this stuff for years.

In the US these pieces were quoted to me to cost 15-ish dollars to ship and 10-ish for the light stuff (blouses) so when I tried to sell things for 20 or 40 dollars I was mostly just covering the shipping quote with a little profit.

In the end another factor was I realized that right now my normie clothes make me money (what I wear while working) and if I threw away the Lolita stuff I wasn't using anyway then I could have room to buy stuff I'd actually use.

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I'm tired of the gender war bullshit. Get the fuck off the internet and stop ranting about "scrotes" "legbeards" and "incels" and go the fuck outside and actually interact with people outside of the anime, gaming, cosplay and lolita communities. These groups are filled to the brim with low self esteem, mentally fucked up individuals.

>> No.10431880

You must be young. Boys vs Girls has been a thing for generations and is getting both better and worst. You are on 4chan however so you're in the thick of it.

>> No.10431881

Oh man, I’m surprised no one wanted them, even for such a low price. Sorry you had to end up tossing them.

I understand the frustration with a lack of space though, my closet is full of my normie clothes so I have to put all the lolita things in the guest room closet.

>> No.10431882

See you didn’t even include what men call women on these boards, which makes you pretty biased already. Yeah name calling without any meaningful discussion can be annoying, but you are in feels thread on 4chan, expecting something more is naive.

>> No.10431884

I'll take them dirty, out of the garbage if you'll give them to me. I'll pay shipping and the like, as long as the garbage truck hasnt taken it yet lol

>> No.10431886

fucking weird

>> No.10431888

im surprised velvet op was not selling and also i do not remember seeing a velvet op on lm at all, i feel like i would have seen that as i collect velvet pieces

>> No.10431891

people who say they're not responsible for the item after they ship it. like yeah, you're not financially responsible, but you're the one who has to contact the post office. not comfortable with buying from these sellers.

>> No.10431899

Another anon here that will literally take the AP blouses out of the trash if you can still access them. I'm in the US and I'd pay shipping for them if you are also in the US.

It makes me sad when anyone throws out brand, so I'm super curious what colors the blouses were/what condition. If I was giving away AP blouses at a meet, people would be swarming.

>> No.10431901

If the payment was sent through Paypal, technically they are responsible for it. It's in PP's terms of service. I hate it when people put a disclaimer like they can avoid it.

>> No.10431910

I have seen a lot of velvet on LM before, if it was old and stained or small with no shirring I'm not surprised

>> No.10431917

my discord is bunnita#6891 ily if you choose to split it up with other anon that'd be awesome, literally any burando/egl I will take

>> No.10431918

Whenever I sell I under price on purpose just to reduce the likelyhood of any returns or refunds. THis is something I've experienced as a buyer over the years; the more something costs the more critical I am about if it's the best bang for my buck and I consider returning it if it's not the best. When things are priced lower I tend to be more forgiving and reasonable if it's not absolutely perfect. So when pricing stuff to sell on I try to factor that in. But now I worry that maybe it was too low so maybe people assumed there was something wrong... I mean, would you worry if a brand OP was being sold for 40 dollars?

>>10431884 >>10431899
It's been two days and I live in a complex so there's no safe way to climb into the compactor and find my bag of garbage again, sorry.

The blouses were all creams / whites. My boobs are small but my ribcage is wide so I have to gamble on ordering and then seeing if it fits. What was sort of a turning point is I went to a brand tea party last year and I realized I owned more never-worn unusable blouses then usable (exactly one blouse). So whenever I opened my closet and looked at it it looked like I had options but I really didn't.

This has been over the course of a few years (whoa, maybe 6 or 7 years actually). I'd list something, wait for it to expire or get buried in the feeds and then re-list like 4, 6 months later. I'll admit I got a few low-ball offers wherein they wanted stuff for 15 or 10 dollars and at that point i'd explain how that wouldn't cover the shipping anymore and at that point they'd say they couldn't go higher.

part of the reason I wanted to share this is that a lot of people have odd opinions about what people should or shouldn't do with their brand and I kinda wanted to show how I sort of believed that, sort of followed it and then ended up having no other options but continue to hoard or dump.

>> No.10431950

>boys vs girls

Woah anon I hope you’re not implying there are only 2 genders in 2020

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Why are zoomers like this?

>> No.10431958

I truly wish minors could be banned from the internet entirely or somehow only be limited to certain parts of the internet Yahoolagins style.

>> No.10431967

Not really dumb desu, I mean the current state of the US is a fucking shithole, I guess anon would rather take his chances in Tacoland than getting mobbed by a BLM nigger or infected by Karen who won’t wear a fucking mask

>> No.10431975

>broke my favorite ap necklace
>haven't seen one of these pop up in ages
>spent $40 on line stickers to cheer myself up
I wish these things weren't so flimsy. With the skyrocket prices and demand for jewelry second hand I can't even buy a replacement if I wanted to.

>> No.10431980

I used to be part of a cosplay/dance group (we did dance covers and performed at cons- judge all you want, it was good exercise and the outfits were cute) but left because of their drama. I enjoyed hanging out with most of the members, but a few of them were absolutely insufferable and I hate that they ruined the fun. One of them, who called herself the “leader” even though she barely did anything, is one of the most self-centered, narcissistic people I’ve ever met. The other members did whatever she wanted because when she didn’t get her way she’d throw an absolute bitch fit. I tolerated her because I didn’t have to deal with her much (we rarely performed together), but she just kept causing issues and none of the others had the guts to kick her out. Now the group has all but died, due to members leaving and Covid, but I’m starting to miss it.

I really loved performing, but I feel like it attracts the worst kind of people. All the other groups in my area are too young and/or have their own drama I want no part of. I could do solo performances but I feel like those aren’t as fun to watch, and also I don’t really have the motivation to go chasing down gigs by myself. It’s frustrating. I just want to dance and be cute.

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>TFW you’ll have to deal with the BLM crowd during AX
Its all so tiring

>> No.10431987

How did it break, anon? Is there any way to repair it?

I'll get hated on for being a hoarder, but my fear of breakage keep me from wearing some of my oldest/rarest AP jewelry.

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>anons in dream dress thread post about buying milky planet for $80
>me, an intellectual
>buys cutie heart blouse for $80

>> No.10432008

Careful, you're going to summon $200 necklce chan

>> No.10432015

I'd still like to talk to $400-lolipop-necklace-chan on LM

>> No.10432018

milky planet anon here - I would have bought that blouse for $80 too. Was it the one on LM? I wanted to go for it but I forgot about it lol

>> No.10432024

I fucking wish there were TERFs in my comm. My lolita comm has at least 8 fakebois or they/thems. It reeks of internalized misogyny to me.

>> No.10432027

Milky planet was $80 years ago, and for that blouse that price is a steal, grats anon!

>> No.10432028

Nah, it was on ww. I'm actually scared because one of the sleeves looked like the shirring might be stretched out, but there was nothing mentioning that in the description, so I just went for it.
I've been trying and failing to get cutie heart forever. I'm going to be so disappointed if it's just trash.

>> No.10432030

If all that's wrong with it is the shirring, just take it to a seamstress and get the elastic replaced. it's an easy fix, better than an unremovable stain or ripped lace.

>> No.10432032

thanks anon. I settled for the white colorway for now. I missed out on the pink one a couple months back. I just wish we all had a time machine and could go buy brand at the prices we used to think were too high.

>> No.10432036

when seeing the 00's cosplay thread I noticed something that made me reflect on the pictures in the cosplay community. There was no selfies, even in forum post recent as 2009. I feel like taking more fullbody and waist lenght pictures, aswell as picture with your friends and post them on social media would be more healthy then the majority of face catalog account you see most of the time. It bring the attention on makeup but leave other cosplay abilities to the side, even wig styling since thay are only saw under a few angles.
I find that it take away from the joy of learning what you can do to make something look good as a whole.
Idk why the old cosplay photos gave me such feel, kind of like old street snap or lolita pictures where they would photoshop themself in castles and stuff. The imperfect reach for greater and greater quality fueled by the love of something .

>> No.10432046

Is she gay?

>> No.10432052

You can probably reverse some of the changes. I went through a period of intense bad health decisions, but I bounced back and now look like my younger self again. I really focused on moisturizing my skin and using anti aging products, eating healthy and drinking lots of water, and got some facial filler. I just consider it taking care of myself and moving on from the bad decisions I made, getting a new start of sorts. I'm 32 now but I look younger than when I was 28-30.

>> No.10432054

I've been thinking about getting some fillers but for under the eyes. I've had wrinkles under my eyes since I was a kid. It's not due to age or tired, just genetics. Are fillers painful? Annoying? If you slap the area is there a risk of it bursting?

>> No.10432061

I am also interested. I've had these lines on my cheeks since I was a kid, sort of like under-eye bags but lower. I'm 31 and, i'm not sure if I'm imagining it, but they seem to be getting worse. I always hated them. Occasionally I'll see other people with them.

>> No.10432062

They hurt a bit as you're getting injected in the face in multiple locations. After I got cheek fillers, it hurt to smile for a couple of days. But no they don't burst or anything lol. It's pretty much just hyaluronic acid. And it's really easy to dissolve if you go overboard or the filler shifts location.

>> No.10432063

In a similar vein, any advice for revitalizing hand skin? I love crafting and gardening but I was pretty irresponsible with sun protection for most of my life. I moisturize and use sunscreen regularly now but my hands just don't look as good as they used to.

>> No.10432067

> just hyaluronic acid
Oh that's not bad at all! Thanks for the info!
I feel you. They're natural on my face but I personally don't like em.

>> No.10432071

The only thing I think would work is tretinoin/retin-a. It's the best anti aging thing there is, but it has drawbacks, you would have to start using sunscreen on your hands. Another thing some people do is wear gloves with moisturizer in them overnight, but I don't know how well that works.

>> No.10432073

Gloves on your hands?

>> No.10432074

Yes, there's special gloves for this. It's a thing some old women do.

>> No.10432076

Oh shit I read the original post wrong. I thought you were saying that using retinol has drawbacks and you have to wear gloves on your hands because of it, my bad.

>> No.10432078

I'm the anon who posted about being a good baker but feeling bad about bringing sweets to tea parties/meetups when there's always a lack of savoury foods. Well I just perfected a bunch of savoury bread and appetizer recipes so HA I can't wait to go to meetups again and be the most loved person at the potluck. take that, dorito itas!

>> No.10432083

I’m losing weight with the intermittent fasting finally. It’s making me so happy. Losing 8lbs in a month and a half feels so good, and it’s helped me to keep from relapsing into old ED habits.

I fucking can’t wait until I’m down to 135!!

>> No.10432093

Wish this were me but I drink too much :( ...
Also worried my drinking habits will age me, or already has I’m 23. I use vitamin C and retinol serem but I’m prob still fucked unless I get my shit together.

>> No.10432100

>helped me to keep from relapsing into old ED habits
>intermittent fasting

isn't that just...starving yourself under a different name? not that intermittent fasting isn't good for you, but just be careful, because it sounds like a society-approved ED tactic.

Also that 8lbs you lost was most likely water weight - losing that much real weight in a month is difficult, and also dangerous

>> No.10432101

That's awesome!

>> No.10432102

I'm >>10432052
drinking was my main problem.. I did bounce back but the longer it goes the harder it is. And I worry that I haven't seen some of the effects yet. I stopped drinking 3 years ago.

>> No.10432104

Anon that's a month and a half. 1 lb a week is not unreasonable especially if anon is at a higher bmi (doesn't even have to be an overweight bmi)

>> No.10432107

>go to lgbt
>shitpost about how there are only two genders
>even trannies agree

the only people who get mad about it are zoomer tumblr kids

>> No.10432111

damn, my comm was like that in 2010 but they didn't go by different pronouns or anything, they just wanted to be pretty boys

>> No.10432114
File: 2.04 MB, 2000x4016, 1592262661324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The trannies of lgbt are generally reasonable. From what I've seen most just want to live their lives and hate the trenders and AGPers just as much. If anything, all those loud troons, transbians and fakebots that haunt social media just makes thier lives even worse.

I wish we could form an alliance instead of hating each other.

>> No.10432116
File: 269 KB, 1095x1195, 1593395673238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can't zoomers just stop being shit? is that too much to ask?

>> No.10432117

It just sounded like "I'm still doing eating-disordered behavior under a prettier name"

>> No.10432120

Nah, you still eat, just once a day. I'm on it myself and had a grilled chicken salad today and look forward to what I'm gonna make tomorrow.

>> No.10432126

Is lolita considered cringe?

>> No.10432127

It is if you're ita

>> No.10432131

what the fuck? that's not what intermittent fasting is

>> No.10432134

>tfw decided to put off going to a con back in Jan
>There’s not going to be cons for a while

Big regrets

>> No.10432135

nta but there are different types. i'm doing the "warrior fast" where you only eat during a 4 hour allotted time.

>> No.10432136

Intermittent fasting means an extended interval of time between meals. It can be 8-16 hours so you may eat twice a day, or it can be OMAD (One meal a day)

OMAD was a popular diet in the Roman times, many people in ancient Rome only had one meal per day and had well-muscled healthy physiques as seen on statues.

>> No.10432137

I'm on the 16 hour one myself. Don't know about any special name for it but it's been working for me. CICO and all.

>> No.10432147

How can you handle that, anon? After three hours I'm already feeling light-headed. My pressure drops and I'm unable to concentrate on anything

>> No.10432150

Orrrrrr they say all that stuff so they can fit in, but deep deep down they wish people would accept them and all the other genders like equals.

>> No.10432166

Nayrt, but the key to it is planning it so most of the fast is sleeping. I started with 16/8 and it went pretty well. I usually have my last meal at 17.00, then my first at 9, and it never made me feel dizzy. If it does, you can start with other, less strict intervals like 13/11. Drinking water with salt and calcium also helps, but it's not neccesary. Not sure if it helps with weight loss, as I haven't noticed any major difference, but my stomach feels better and I don't get heartburn anymore.

>> No.10432168

Do you have issues with blood sugar already or are you very overweight?

Most people can make it 3 hours without any food...

>> No.10432194

I used to do 2 day fasts every week. It actually helped my concentration. Never been so focused before. Surely it’s hard to get used to because we have been told to eat 3 times a day by the media, when in reality our body can do just fine on one.

Ex) humans were made made to survive in a fasted state and been that way for thousands of years. People didn’t stop hunting mammoths and tigers because they last ate 9 days ago.

Also I’m not fat and do it for health benefits. I also only eat once a day.

>> No.10432200
File: 16 KB, 340x227, Snapshot20070930213545.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wanted to add >the possibilities of getting murdered just because of being American because you might have the Rona
No place is 1000% safe but being a foreign country not good.

>> No.10432202

I drink water/tea with no sweeteners in between and at first I did start to feel dizzy so I cheated a bit with apple cider vinegar and lime juice. I don't reccomend this however because I know people can't stand the stuff (I've been drinking vinegar since I was a kid, it tastes good to me) but if you start to feel sick, go ahead and eat something light and small. Eventually hunger goes away, your stomach growling is just your intestines moving. When you have food in your system, it's silent and when you don't, it's audible.

>> No.10432207

>your stomach growling is just your intestines moving.

>> No.10432210
File: 4 KB, 117x146, 1535942863163.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I miss my boyfriend so much. Sure he had his flaws but I loved him so much. We had so many plans for couple cosplays next year and he was so supportive (without being creepy) about lolita, and really just everything. It's only been a week since we broke up and I can't stop crying over losing him. He genuinely cared about me. He'd even help me buy dresses and help me get ready for meets. I feel like I'll never be able to find a guy half as good as him for the rest of my life.

>> No.10432217

>I feel like I'll never be able to find a guy half as good as him for the rest of my life.
You'll, anon. There are plenty out there, don't worry. it takes time, so take your time and live for yourself before finding another SO

>> No.10432220

Thanks for the kind words. I'm a helpless romantic and don't feel like myself if I'm not with someone, which is something I should work on before jumping into a new relationship. I also feel like it gets really hard to find a genuinely decent guy once you pass a certain age, since they're all married or taken.

>> No.10432222

Look at hentai like the rest of us.

>> No.10432231

generally speaking i would say so yes
even the most well dressed lolitas are considered cringe costumes by /fa/ people and in japan they call it the fat girl fashion

>> No.10432235

I'm most likely underweight, but my pressure is pretty low by itself and I have a bunch of food allergies that makes my daily menu restricted to fruits, vegetables and rice-based stuff. Because of that, I rely on eating very small portions many times during the day. I guess that may be why I'm so hungry all the time.

Ah, I see! I hadn't considered the sleeping time. Still, it feels pretty harsh. Anon >>10432194 said it helped with concentration rather than weight, so I might as well try it out someday. Thanks for answering!

Tea in between is a really good idea! I often have black tea when I'm too hungry but too busy to stop and cook something! thanks!

>> No.10432238 [DELETED] 

Of all the characters to latch your sexuality/paraphilia on, you choose a 15 year old. That's telling.

>> No.10432242

Oh sorry. I thought fasting was, you know, actual fasting, not only eating once/twice a day still. I guess I've been intermittent "fasting" my entire adult life without knowing.

>> No.10432244

I explained it poorly
>The contractions also produce vibrations and the rumbling noise associated with hunger. Hunger contractions may continue for 10 to 20 minutes once initiated, and then repeat every one to two hours until the next meal is ingested. These are not the same as hunger pangs, which start 12 to 24 hours after the last meal and may continue for a few days before gradually subsiding. (It is possible such pangs are important in the hunger sensation that drives animals to eat.) Low blood sugar enhances this activity, which can also be induced using an intravenous infusion of the hormone motilin. After feeding, the MMCs subside.
I heard carbs like rice causes hunger. It's what's given to people who had ED's or previously starving to promote hunger.

>> No.10432257

lmao do you not know what the word intermittent means?

>> No.10432263

Its an uncommon word for younger people, I met someone the other day who didn't know what itinerary or interim were.

>> No.10432264

yep. not eating when your body is hungry is literally what starving is.

>> No.10432270
File: 18 KB, 320x240, 1507938148424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Trannies don't think they are some magical 3rd gender, they see themselves biologically as the sex they were born in, but take medication in order to look more like the gender they would rather be.
I can't stress enough that zoomers are asking for 500 genders, you know its obnoxious when even trannies shake their head at it.
I would rather go back to 2010 era fat tumblr girls saying they were men, making out with eachother to fuffill their gross yaoi superwholock fantasies than running into
"excuse you! Bi lesbians exist! He/him lesbians exist! its nonbinary AND lesbianphobic to disagree!"

Teenagers are always annoying, but jesus christ make it stop

>> No.10432273

So, like if people don't eat every time they're hungry and obey their bodily signals like a dumb animal they must have an eating disorder??

>> No.10432274

>implying the romans looked like their musclebound statues

This is the most ignorant take I've seen yet

Romans liked their women kinda squishy.

>> No.10432276

when someone is talking about recovering from ED habits, but also promoting fasting, it just doesn't sound good. Like you're walking on a thin line of slipping back into "look how long I can go without food, I bet I can go longer". Sounds similar to something I did when I was younger and heavily anorexic but hid it under being "healthy".

>> No.10432277

fasting doesn't work for everyone, anon. If you're underweight already you really don't need to be fasting. I'm the same, I get very lightheaded and nauseous if I don't eat every few hours, I'm assuming because my (our) bodies don't have anything extra to burn off. Or not very much at least.

>> No.10432279

Being poor from not having access to food like we do + way more physical labor than you or I do in a day probably led to those physiques, not some diet fad, anon

>> No.10432280

Being demisexual is so awesome. There is no greater bond between two souls than having intercourse with someone you're romantically and emotionally attracted to. I don't know how asexual freaks can live without knowing this bond. If I stayed ace, I would have killed myself.

>> No.10432281

Demi is under the ace umbrella 4head

>> No.10432287

I know that, but unlike demis, true asexuals can't feel the loving bond that comes from having sex with the one person you love more than anyone else. So they're not the same thing.

>> No.10432293

Ace people still have sex tho

Very few ace people are sex repulsed.

>> No.10432298

They don't feel the attraction though, and that's what makes sex so amazing. The level of attraction you have for your partner, and being able to express that attraction physically. Aces just tolerate sex, without recognizing how truly wonderful it is

>> No.10432303

not a /cgl/-related feel

>> No.10432304

That's not how ace people work lmao
Ace people can enjoy sex
They can feel romantic attraction
They just aren't sexually attracted to people

>> No.10432307

You don't know that, though. Asexuality is a scale. A scale that you also fall on. So why are you feeling so superior over other asexual people? It's like gay people feeling superior over bi people. it's stupid. You're both gay. Shut up.

>> No.10432312

That's not really true, at least for me. I'm ace and really sex-repulsed, especially when it's with someone I love, somehow. I've considered having sex with strangers to see if it's really as bad and gross as I expect it to be, and that seems less uncomfortable to me. But I think I'm trying to force myself more than anything.

>> No.10432314

Again, Asexuality is a scale, with some being sex-repulsed. But not everyone who identifies as ace is.

>> No.10432315

That's great for you, but the majority of ace people aren't you.

>> No.10432317

While it's technically a scale, demisexuals and asexuals are total opposites imo and should not be lumped together.

Asexuals: Don't feel sexual attraction, can't connect sex and love as a result

Demisexuals: Feel sexual attraction only to people they are attracted to, meaning they can't disconnect sex and love

>> No.10432318

That's good for everyone else at least, because I suck

>> No.10432319

Sex is massively overrated

>> No.10432320

What do you think of sex with someone you love?

>> No.10432323

I need a new cosplay buddy in Georgia, atleast for 2021 since 2020 is a bust

>> No.10432324

Stop trying to be special straight-chan, you’re a normal hetero person, get over yourself

>> No.10432325

one's light grey, one's dark grey. They're both still greyscale. Arguing about it is detrimental to asexuality as a whole.

you don't suck.

>> No.10432328


>> No.10432331

>you don't suck.

Thanks anon. I feel bad about it a lot because so many people enjoy sex with their partners and I feel selfish for not wanting to do the same. So hearing that makes me feel better.

>> No.10432333

What was the cheese bread thing you posted about? Sounds great

>> No.10432335

normal hetero people whore around outside of relationships

>> No.10432337

i always bring mini quiches for my meets.

>> No.10432338

yeah its p fun

>> No.10432344
File: 1.25 MB, 980x682, herbrolls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

here you go! I think I was talking about these parmesan herb rolls? couldn't find a link so here's a screenshot of my scan :) I hope they work out for you!

>> No.10432346

how do those work out? I'm always afraid since they don't taste as good when they're not warmed up and I don't wanna burden the host by demanding I use her oven or someone forgetting about them and burning them

>> No.10432349

My cosfriend died this week. I wasn't SUPER close with her, but it's really weird thiunking I'll never see her again. She was my age and I don't know what happened (and I'm not going to ask, because that's insensitive af).

>> No.10432351

i have a special catering bag that i got from my job.(comm will know who this is now lol)

>> No.10432352

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re not deserving of a special snowflake title for your heterosexuality anon

>> No.10432353

I don't get it though. Usually sex with a stranger is pretty sucky cause they only care about their pleasure or even if they don't, it's not as good cause they don't know what gets you off

>> No.10432358

tbf they never indicated they were in a straight/hetero relationship

There is nothing wrong with you. You aren't selfish. There's many ways to be in a relationship - sex doesn't always have to be in one.

>> No.10432360

It’s only fun for men to hook up because they are guaranteed an orgasm while women are essentially a masturbation sleeve. It’s very rare for a man to want to please a woman to begin with, practically impossible for a hook up.

>> No.10432363

yep, give me 30 min and a semi decent looking girl with a nice butt and im good for a solid week/month tops

>> No.10432366

Does sex actually take over 30 minutes?

>> No.10432370

if your with someone you enjoy it can really take all day with how horny you both are, i was once with my first for like 10 hours just enjoying her body. then there are quickies my fastest was like 15 min cus we had to meet up with some friends

>> No.10432372

Sex with men in general is pretty sucky. They are selfish as hell.

>> No.10432377

depends on the guy. one of my exes needed 2 hours to get off each time, it became so fucking tedious. 15-30mins is ideal

>> No.10432383

Unless you find a guy who really is into you, it’s gonna suck pretty bad. We only want to bust a nut and move on if a girl is too easy

Sounds like he needed some tlc

>> No.10432385

Depends on the person. I'm into it for 5-10 minutes.

>> No.10432387

Does this mean that sluts have a degradation fetish or want to be used like this?

>> No.10432390

Fuck off scrote, nobody was horny for 10 hours. Keep larping yourself into permanent incel.

>> No.10432393

Scrote huh

Interesting insult

>> No.10432395

Are women really any better? They act like they're rocking your world by bestowing the privilege of picking up dead bugs, moving their stuff, being their protection, an ornament to flex on their friends with, and a living sex toy on you. Most of them don't even try to understand why someone might refuse.

>> No.10432396

My doctor and I talked about it. I still eat reasonable amounts. I’d rather just hold out 16 hours than three days.... this feels much better and I still have the control I want.

>> No.10432397

It means you're a disgusting, filthy man.

>> No.10432398

>this feels much better and I still have the control I want.
this is kinda setting off red flags for me but if you have a doctor to watch/advise they know more about this than I do.

>> No.10432399

Do you want her to have less control over herself? Self control should be encouraged.

>> No.10432401

Yeah I got that, don’t really anyone should hate women or men but hey today their own

>> No.10432402

They have low self-esteem/daddy issues/some other emotional issue. Not a fetish

>> No.10432403

I can understand. It did for her too, but like I told her, I don’t have control over when I binge and when I starve. Part of it is my medication. By doing 16/8, I remain completely in control, I work on the weight loss that ironically is my trigger, and I still eat like she and my mom want.

Everyone is happy, I’ve never been happier, and I’m not constantly thinking about food anymore. I’ve even started to try fruit. I can’t stand the texture of fruit, but lack of refined sugar is making me try new things. Is that so wrong?

>> No.10432404

"control" is a big thing in ED mindset which is why it sounds suspiciously like doing the same habits but under a different name

>> No.10432414

Ouch, even 30 minutes sounds like a long time. 15 is probably manageable. How often do people typically have sex? How many times per month? Or per week?

>> No.10432415

Only hate disgusting men like you. I'm marrying a perfectly acceptable man.

>> No.10432419

I have a low libido so about twice a month for me.

>> No.10432421

I was really looking forward to ColossalCon East, would've been my first time this year ;-; I had a number of out of out of state con plans, at least I'm saving money I guess.

Sorry for you loss anon.

>> No.10432423

I guess that sounds manageable

>> No.10432425

Yeah, men are sluts.

>> No.10432426

Just male sure you find someone that matches with you. If you don't and you end up with someone that is "perfect" otherwise (no one is perfect) just make sure they understand when you say no, you mean no and respect them as well if they say no.

>> No.10432433

This is somewhat untrue. Most statues were of mythological heroes, even real people would have their faces carved into the body of a mythological hero to get across some sort of relation.

Physical prowess was an early-Roman/Classical Greek thing. Most of Rome was either the pleb class who could barely feed themselves and the uber wealthy patricians.

>> No.10432457

Not men's fault that women can't communicate what they want in sex and it's not possible for a man to know exactly what gets each individual girl off.

>> No.10432459
File: 48 KB, 699x498, Screenshot from 2020-07-07 20.29.19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alright gulls, rate your power level: https://www.idrlabs.com/sexual-orientation/test.php

>> No.10432460

I think that comes from a history of women being ignored when it comes to sexual pleasure. I mean the female orgasm was believed to be fake only up until recent generations and so many people still believe that you have to bleed your first time. Oh and a lot of men still believe and INSIST that the length of their dick is what matters when we've known scientifically it's not. A lot of guys (not all) think sex is just wham bam and a lot of women believe it as well because it's been taboo to talk about women's pleasure, else they would be seen as a slut and harlot.

The sexual revolution for women JUST happened within your parent's or grandparents' time so false stereotypes, and understanding is still a bit lost on not only men but women as well.

>> No.10432462
File: 118 KB, 646x914, Screenshot_2020-07-07-22-33-48-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well that was fun but I think it's too simple of a test.

>> No.10432467
File: 50 KB, 778x512, 1568943382600.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bf is letting me buy any dress with the budget of $350 for my bday
Time to buy a dream dress, gulls

>> No.10432470

how ugly is he?

>> No.10432475

Get that dress.

>> No.10432479

you only have a 350 budget? i spent 2k on my birthday this year and made kobe beef.

>> No.10432482

Imagine spending a ton of money on something you'll shit out soon after

>> No.10432485

Yeah 350 is pretty low desu, unless he's working at mcdonalds you need to have a serious look at where he's wasting his money. If you see a lot of restaurant bills paid that you weren't at, he's cheating.

>> No.10432487
File: 42 KB, 581x439, you sayin i like dudes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10432489

ehh imo spending 350 on someone's birthday is a good amount. just because some people splurge doesn't mean everyone needs to. my bf and I are students with loans and usually don't go over 100 for gifts on these kinds of holidays. plus for normies, spending 350 on a dress is a lot.

>> No.10432490

>plus for normies, spending 350 on a dress is a lot
Yeah cgl is very normie, especially when it comes to clothing

>> No.10432492

He needs to reevaluate his priorities honestly..

>> No.10432495

$350 is a completely fine amount to me, I'm not going to be greedy just because he offered to buy me something. He has a good job and that comment about cheating is dumb as fuck, anon. I'm not stupid

>> No.10432496
File: 138 KB, 552x543, 1496895329232.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm not stupid
Oh yeah, I'm suure he has the same opinion of you

>> No.10432497

I assumed her bf was normie, but likely he could also not be

>> No.10432498

Yeah it's called "having a surface level understanding of your partners hobbies". He doesn't need to understand what makes your favorite burando your favorite, just that it's not something that you can buy after flipping burgers for a couple days. You probably don't know why he "collects" broken motorcycles, you just know that they're somehow expensive for something so small.

>> No.10432500

I'm pretty jealous every time an anon brings up her bf buying her stuff. None of my exes ever offered to buy me anything. I'd be happy even if it was something cheap instead, at least I'd know I'm worth spending it on to them.

>> No.10432501

It's not like you can't get a dress for 350 though? A good majority of the dresses on LM or the other secondhand markets are around 250 or less and you could easily get a dress from AP new for 350 too.

>> No.10432503

Replied to the wrong post meant for >>10432498

Your exes never bought you gifts? I consider myself easy to please in relationships, but unless there was a really good reason I'd be upset if my s/o didn't get me a gift for my birthday.

>> No.10432507
File: 136 KB, 666x632, 1483433016111.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>secondhand markets

>> No.10432508

it's the ultimate conspicuous consumption.

>> No.10432512

at this point, I'm pretty sure this has to be bait. Expecting to find a dream dress, unless your dream dress is a new release, anywhere but a secondhand market is impossible.

>> No.10432515
File: 393 KB, 512x500, 1571344181282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine buying shitty 2020 AP and not superior 2010 sweet secondhand

>> No.10432518

Jesus, $350 is low? My bf and I regularly get eachother gifts that's maybe up to the $100 range which is a bunch of smaller things and going out to eat. The most precious gift he's given me though was a patchwork bear he spent all day trying to sew himself. He doesn't sew at all but I used to make plushies so he tried to make one following a pattern he printed out online and using my extra fabric. It's...terrible in construction but it's my favorite gift from him.

>> No.10432520

some of us are pretty rich tho anon. i live in a 5k a month apartment.

>> No.10432521

That's cool but I wouldn't chastise someone based on the price of a gift. What's important is getting something that matters to them and for this anon, sounds like she's pretty damn happy with the $350 for a dress.

>> No.10432523

i wasn't, but some people probably don't see it as a lot.

>> No.10432524

A lot of shallow people (especially here)
think the more money your partner spends on you the more they love you which is messed up.
What your bf did was adorable and I'd take a personal gift like that any day over some bought stuff
How's your sugar daddy treating you? I wouldn't be proud of spending insane amounts like that on a shitty apartment. You must live in LA or something

>> No.10432525

Can people stop answering to boderline demi-chan? She derails every thread and we keep giving her the attention she wants.

>> No.10432528

i don't have a sugar daddy sorry. i live with my fiance, and it was his idea since he wanted a luxury apartment (not that we get to use a lot of it because of the rona). i'm happy that you have your own values but please don't get so upset. i spent a lot on my birthday because birthdays are important to me. if anon is happy, good for her!

>> No.10432536

>some of us are rich
>if anon is happy, good for her!
Why even bother boasting about your 5k/month apartment and 2k birthday then? Just because you're rich doesn't mean everyone lives like that. Jfc it's always the idiots with 0 brains who have boatloads of money.

>> No.10432539

are you confused? you're talking about 2 different anons. i only pointed out my apartment because $350 isn't that much compared to bills i have and other anons chiming in probably don't understand how others value money.

>> No.10432541

You sound like this one chick in the cosplay community who posted a bunch about her 27th birthday on her wig selling page and it was cringy af
Not saying you can't celebrate after you turn 20 but doing photoshoots with balloons and all screams teenager

>> No.10432544

nah, that's not me, and i don't post about it on facebook or anything either, i barely use social media.

>> No.10432554

How do I create clearer boundaries with a friend so they stop talking to me about their obsession? I have an obsessive personality myself, but I keep it to myself because it’s my secret shame. My wardrobe is literally exploding with mains and I’m contemplating dumping more of my normal clothes to make room, but I don’t talk to my friend about it because I know it’s of no interest to her. However, she’s been non stop obsessed about some girl she dated for a few months and got dumped by. I tended to her wounds for a few months but I’m fucking over talking about it. I’m over looking at screenshots. And I told her this in a “you gotta move on girl, you’re better than that” kind of way. I have my own shit to deal with right now, like what kind of rack do I need to buy that can support the weight of all these damn dresses lol fuck. Wish I could just tell her to shut up but I don’t want her to feel bad.

>> No.10432556

the solution is to trick her into obsessing over the dresses with you

>> No.10432558

You can't say anything really that will let her know to stop talking about it with you because its what she's obsessed with. You would've had to avoid making friends with her in the first place or leave right away early on. Now its too late basically.

But you can stall her attempts and subtly influence her to talk about it less by always being busy when she comes to you (not if she's desperate or begging, but if its just her usual spiel and you don't want to do with it, try letting her know that you're occupied with something else)

Eventually she'll find someone else to talk about it with and just ask you less if you do it right.

>> No.10432563

I wish I could, but she’s fashionably challenged. So much so that I have styled her on a few occasions because she asked for help. Then it turned into a thing where she thought it was fun for me to always do her hair and makeup and pick out her clothes. It’s not fun. It’s a chore.

Yeah we’ve been friends for more than a decade so the option of leaving is faaar too late. When she’s not like this, she’s a great friend. But she won’t shut the fuck up about this girl and won’t get the not so subtle hint that I’m checked out of the conversation. I might just ignore her for a while when she brings it up because I keep telling her “I’m not gonna do with with you anymore” and get met with an “LMAO I should stop but I can’t”

>> No.10432668
File: 13 KB, 209x241, crying lil cat w hearts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>patchwork bear he spent all day trying to sew himself
God that's cute as fuck and I hope you two are together forever.

>> No.10432673

Fuck these rich pricks, your boyfriend is a treasure

>> No.10432676

You have to approach it with some level of honesty but with kindness. She doesn't need a sugar coated ass pat, but a firm boundary that comes from a place of love. It sounds like you want to stay in this person's life and feel like your own needs aren't being met so I think it's worth a conversation even if may be unsavory to have. So something like: Hey, I know that you've been really torn up about this breakup but I feel like you are starting to obsess over this person and it is making me concerned for your well-being. I am here for you to help you move on and heal, but I feel like this obsession is impeding your ability to do that and as your friend I want to help you get past this. Also, I feel like we can get so lost in talking about this girl that I haven't really had a chance to share with you what's going on in my life. I hope you understand that I want what's best for you and what's best for my feelings too.

Obviously you don't need to copy paste, but I hope that kind of leads you to a good train of thought? Overall, just focus on your friendship, your feelings, her feelings (and why she might be obsessing over this girl even though it wasn't that long of a relationship), and stray away from accusatory statements or blame-pointing statements. If this girl is really your friend then she should be willing to hear you out.

>> No.10432693

Depending on the context it makes sense to try this, but if this is someone anon has known for a long time and considers a close friend this is terrible passive aggressive nonsense that is way too commonly followed. When your friend finds out you're not actually busy you're just pushing her away she'll likely be more upset than anything. I've had people do that to me when I was in a horrible place, and it made me feel like shit

Depending on the person brutal honesty might be the wrong path to go down, but if anon is close enough to her friend I can't think of anything else than what has worked for me:

I have obsessive tendencies myself, and my longest time friend has some major obsessive tendencies as well. You can start with subtle hints that this rumination isn't helping, you can even straight up say rumination isn't helping her, but when it comes to the point where it's a hindrance on both your lives in my own experience I just say "I understand talking about things can help work through them, but we're at the point where having this conversation isn't helping it improve, and because talking to me won't help you stop thinking about it from now on we just can't have this conversation"

You can be to the point, but still reaffirm that you care

>> No.10432694
File: 64 KB, 418x455, 1456106568315.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A friend got me into Konosuba and I'm playing around with the idea of cosplaying Megumin. Unfortunately, it seems pretty hard to find good inspo of her...

>> No.10432695

Darn, you beat me to it in a far less blunt way

>> No.10432701

That's a really articulate and great response

>> No.10432709

Leg beards.

>> No.10432715
File: 571 KB, 1024x1578, 130E9594-82D7-4A98-9870-8B3DC4CCFBB1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Superwholock, man that takes me back.....

>> No.10432718

I have "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi" stuck in my head.

>> No.10432719


Fuck, I haven’t heard that shit in years. Makes me really miss old tumblr. It was fun until it all went down hill. Back when swag, galaxies, and mustache patterns were a thing lmao. Aaaa I wanna go back

>> No.10432721
File: 63 KB, 624x600, sexual-orientation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Faggots. All of you.

>> No.10432722

Idk, I’ve told all the men I’ve slept with what I want done and they ignore it because “I just want to coom”. We deal with a culture where men consistently ignore women’s wants when it comes to sex. I’m definitely not the only one that has been ignored.

>> No.10432723

I got sort of pressured while very drunk into doing something I probably wouldn't have done otherwise. I don't really hold anything against the primary person involved but other people were there and I'm really concerned about how it looked to them and what they might think of me now.

>> No.10432728
File: 658 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200708-034911_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a long time bf but am much more attracted to women lol

>> No.10432731

>It’s very rare for a man to want to please a woman to begin with, practically impossible for a hook up.
This is pretty much the only thing I get off on. It makes it hard for me to do hookups because I can't be that interested in making a girl feel good if I don't like her to begin with and really hard to be assertive because I stop being into things if I feel like she's only doing them for me. I suspect I'm not that rare and it's just that guys like me don't do hookups for those reasons.

>> No.10432732

men expect head without having to say so. show women the same respect.

>> No.10432733

Just don't think about it, it can't do you any good. Also remind yourself that normies do things like that every weekend and nobody says shit to them. Nerd friend groups are often uniquely judgemental about that kind of thing (or, alternatively, way too into it).

>> No.10432734
File: 262 KB, 1955x1653, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10432736

>Nerd friend groups are often uniquely judgemental about that kind of thing (or, alternatively, way too into it).
This group is sort of both. I'm probably freaking out over nothing but it's hard not to worry about it. The other person involved also pretty much ghosted me afterwards and I can't stop feeling like they were just manipulating me into making a fool of myself.

>> No.10432742

Sounds exactly like the group I was in in college. Girls were constantly getting bitched about/near-shunned for dumb things they did while drunk (when usually there was some fucking weirdo who didn't even drink egging them on the whole time). It never happened to me but I saw it happen to several girls. All I can tell you is that the people who matter will understand that everyone does embarrassing things when they're drunk sometimes, and the people who make a big deal out of it are probably losers. All of the girls I know who had that happen to them are now living happy lives with successful careers, while most of the men who gave them a hard time barely finished their degrees and are living that permanent manchild life. I hope you feel better anon.

>> No.10432752

I suspect that it's probably not a huge deal but I'm honestly just really insecure about stuff like this. The factor that makes it a bit harder is that I'm a dude and the person who egged me on is a girl and at least in this group I feel like I'm likely to get the short end of the stick in terms of perception. It's also just nagging at me that I don't know how I'd explain this to anybody because I'm honestly not bothered by what actually happened, just by other people's perception of it, and because of that I don't want to turn it into a thing where it looks like the girl involved took advantage without consent or anything, which knowing the "leaders" of this group is something that might happen.

>> No.10432759

Ahh, it's a little different from my group then. The guys could pretty much do anything up to and including getting their dicks out in public without fear of judgment. But I understand, that does make the situation a little trickier. I was going to suggest that you talk with the girl in question to get her thoughts on it, but since you said she ghosted you I guess that's not possible. I suppose she might feel embarrassed herself. Is there anyone else in the group you're close enough to that you could bring it up casually to get a general sense for how people feel about it? If not, I guess the only thing you can do is wait and see. But if your gut feeling is that it won't be a big deal, go with that unless you're given a reason to assume otherwise. There's no point in torturing yourself. I'm sorry, I know that's not very concrete advice.

>> No.10432763

Oh thank you :)

Great minds think alike. I just know that I need an outline so I don't drown in the details and thought it might help them, but bluntness is a useful tool too.

>> No.10432764
File: 36 KB, 740x513, jaklfjlkdfkjlajkl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hm, that was interesting. Way shorter than I expected it to be but fun overall.

>> No.10432766
File: 16 KB, 450x500, lookie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that tiny homosexual margin popping in like

>> No.10432767

Such immense power.

What do you label yourself since you seem to be between quadrants?

>> No.10432769
File: 73 KB, 973x717, sdcfsd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I feel like this quiz isn't well-tooled for people in long-term relationships

>> No.10432780

This was literally just a bunch of text. It's still not men's fault women won't communicate.

I want to say that the men you're sleeping with a just kind of shit? Obviously men like that exist but men who want to please their partner also exist. From my personal experience, if the girl isn't enjoying it I get instant soft-dick.

Also the chance from a random hookup being selfish in sex is pretty fucking high, jusssayin.

I voluntarily give head to plenty of girls.

>> No.10432782

In truth, I'm not too sure myself, but probably bi.

>> No.10432783

How so?

>> No.10432784

I see! Seeing these charts really does put "sexuality is a spectrum" into perspective.

>> No.10432785

>sexuality is a spectrum" into perspective.

but it isn't.

>> No.10432786

Well, there are questions about whether you've "entertained the idea of being in a long-term relationship with a man/woman" in the last two weeks, for example. Obviously I haven't entertained the idea of being in a relationship with anyone but the guy I'm currently with, but that doesn't mean I'm not attracted to women. But it's just a silly quiz after all.

>> No.10432815

>There was no selfies, even in forum post recent as 2009. I feel like taking more fullbody and waist lenght pictures, aswell as picture with your friends and post them on social media would be more healthy

Anon, I understand that you're probably too young to remember the 2000s, but come on. Selfies weren't a thing because smartphones or taking photos on your phone at all were a thing. Social media wasn't even a thing until around 2006-2007. All of the bad quality pics you see were usually taken on a separate camera because that was going to be 10x better than a phone. There's no deeper meaning behind this.

>> No.10432816

I have a massive sweet lolita wardrobe but I keep thinking about selling it all and wearing vintage normie clothes

>> No.10432818

This is quite bad. Demissexuals do not feel sexual attraction unless under specific circumstances. It's not about wanting or not to have sex, but feeling the attraction per se.

So, the question about wanting to have sex with a man/woman being used to classify someone as assexual or no is completely invalid since it doesn't consider the specificities of the person answering it. Also, the presence of libido has nothing to do with being ace or no, being het / gay or no.

Of course, it's just a silly internet questionnaire, but I felt like I had to point it out for those thinking it may help you "discover" your sexual orientation.

this is a better source for those wondering about being or not ace http://www.asexualityarchive.com/

>> No.10432819

Oof I just looked up my old myspace because of this comment

>> No.10432821

Not only that, the fact that answering that I found a "woman beautiful" while being a woman made the result lean towards homosexual. That's so fucked up?

>> No.10432831

>finally paid for my commission work
>time to buy a ton of wishlist lolita items
>paypal limited my account?
>please provide us additional information
>provided them this info 6 months ago, not able to overwrite anything as its already been submitted
>paypal support is always dogshit
>phone lines keep hanging up
I just wanted to buy stuff anons not this shit again

>> No.10432853

Why not keep two blouses, two main pieces and enough stuff to make at least two complete coords? Either pick oppisite colors on purpose (a pink dress and a blue dress) with idententical blouses or pick two main pieces that share one main color and then make sure your tops are one basic color (cream or white) and one pastel color (for when you're feeling "creative") that's also present in the print of both dresses.

Then, use the money you've got from selling off to buy your wardrobe of vintage, but know you didn't "give up" Lolita; it's still there for you if you want to jump back in. Also, when / if you do a vintage look in pastel, see if you can use some of your Lolita accessories to wear with it (rings, necklaces, brooches or bows) as sort of a call back or unique twist.

>> No.10432874

silly anon, acknowledging attractiveness makes you sexually attracted to someone, duh. honestly though. no wonder idiots keep making up new sexualities and terms, they must think that any kind of divergence from the exact definition is a different thing. we need to be broadening definitions not making more up.

>> No.10432888

This is perfect, thank you so much. I screenshot it to use the next time she brings it up. Thank you for taking the time to guide me through a rather difficult conversation

>> No.10432908 [DELETED] 

>acknowledging attractiveness makes you sexually attracted to someone
guess I may be rococossexual, I'm so happy now

>> No.10432912

>acknowledging attractiveness makes you sexually attracted to someone
guess we may all be rococosexual, I'm so happy to be part of this inclusive community!

>> No.10432929

I think girls are pretty but could never have sex with one because I'm not attracted to vaginas and I like the male form too much.

>> No.10432935

Holy shit, get a hobby. Endless navel gazing about how often and which specific body genitals you want to suck/put near your genitals and what the definition of it means to you isn't a fucking personality trait. LGBTQ was a massive mistake.

>> No.10432940

>isn't a fucking personality trait
Exactly anon. That's not a personality trait, it's part of our identity as a person and it tells about the way we relate and respond to society.

>> No.10432948

You're right, it's an easy way to identify narcissists.

>> No.10432991

That's hella gay

>> No.10433004

This isn’t about you and your personal experiences

>> No.10433028

Perhaps that wasn't the right phrase. The right words aren't coming to me, but it's just interesting to see how two people in the same label quadrant can have a vastly different approach to the attraction. For example, one bi person with a heavy lean in men versus a mostly homosexual bi person with a small lean for the opposite sex. Am I making any sense?

>> No.10433030

Ahh, yeah I agree. There's been this reoccuring joke on social media lately (or at least mine) about women in long term relationships with men that have realized they have an attraction for women too but obviously they love their partner and will not act on those feelings so they're just sitting ducks with an unconfirmed hypothesis.

>> No.10433031

Was bowling for soup on your myspace playlist

>> No.10433036

I've had a similar conversation about this with my friends about trans people. I don't meant to invalidate someone's feelings about that, but I feel like there would be a lot of people who wouldn't label themselves trans if we as a society dropped strict gender norms and allowed for more freedom of gender expression. For example, would some men who are ridiculed for being feminine still consider themselves trans if they were able to comfortably flex their femininity while being allowed to retain their male gender identification? I'm not well versed on transgender issues, so I won't pretend I know anything but that's just what's been on my mind in relation to your type of comment. I feel the same about my sexual identity too. Do I identify as heterosexual because I've been brought up in a society and family that rigidly defines you as straight or gay with little to no inbetween or do I just feel like our current definition of straight is so rigid that my deviations from that definition make me think that I don't fit in that label?

>> No.10433040

I'm happy that I could help in some way. Best of luck to you.

>> No.10433043

I wasn't doubting you I just thought it was funny how small the percentage was. I think like the other people have said about the test, it isn't fair to equate finding someone beautiful as attraction.

>> No.10433064

>Demissexuals do not feel sexual attraction unless under specific circumstances
You mean "picky bisexuals"

>> No.10433186

Sexuality is absolutely a spectrum. What you find attractive, what you find romantic, and what you find sexual is entirely up to you and the reason why people keep inventing all these stupid labels to identify with. From homosexual to heterosexual relationships there's always a large range in what you enjoy, and even among these highly specific labels people use they still aren't going to agree on the same thing

>> No.10433214

I'm sure you're not as stupid as you're making yourself sound, but bi do feel sexual attraction whereas demisexuals must meet their personal circumstances for that to happen or that may never actually happen. On that hand, if you're a demi who may only ever feel attraction after a deep bond of trust, you'll never ever see someone and think seriously "wow, I'd fuck that person / have them fuck me“ because there's no sexual attraction. Bi on the other hand, are perfectly able to see someone on the street and think that, being picky or no.

Anon just suggested a nice source up there. Make yourself a favour and educate that peanut brain of yours, please.

>> No.10433221

Thanks, anon

>> No.10433224

You do realize you've managed to out do the entirety of the rest of the LGBT community combined on thread derailing in your whiny campaign to let EVERYONE know you're not like the others~

>> No.10433250

Why does everyone like Honey Cake so much? I mean it's fine but what the hell, why is breakfast mix such a popular print? I'm not angry just confused and a little suprised.

>> No.10433306

My guess is that it looks unique. I’m not a sweet lolita and most sweet dresses look the same to me, but HC was always recognizable. It has very nice colors besides the pastel vomit we are used to and may be coordinated in a lot of different and creative ways.

>> No.10433344

There's hetero, bi and homo. That's it. People fall into one of those three categories only. The rest is dumbshit designed for people to make themselves feel special because they don't have a personality.

Asexual doesn't count because it's not a sexuality it's the absence of one.

>> No.10433372

Yeah, I am staying abstinent for the rest of my life

>> No.10433407

/cgl/ on a whole is pretty gay

>> No.10433418 [DELETED] 

>country has one of the smallest average bust sizes in the world
>get above-average boobs
What were the fucking odds.

>> No.10433420

>country has one of the smallest average bust sizes in the world
>get above-average boobs
>can't wear jfash easily
What were the fucking odds.

>> No.10433570

Actually I remember that there was quite a lot of selfie or myspace angle pics on blogs and such ( around the skyblog era) , I even used a camera in front of a mirror to do selfie in the early 2010's. It's true that it wasn't common in the cosplay community, I guess that like you said there is no deeper meaning but it have a very specific charm to it.

>> No.10433645

God bless painkillers. I cleaned my apartment and did stain removal on a dress thanks to it. Now evening is setting in, and I feel like I deserve to rest on this returning headache.

>> No.10433671

Crush those titties, I believe in you

>> No.10433687

I want to KonMari my place but I feel incredibly guilty getting rid of expensive lolita dresses that I've only worn once, or never worn at all. Kondo recommends just throwing them out. I feel exhausted at the thought of having to sell them all (especially since I have a feeling they'll be taking up space for months while I wait for them to sell), but too guilty to just throw them out. Unsure which path to go down. Anyone have advice?

>> No.10433724

Donate them or sell them, don’t throw good clothes out.

>> No.10433748

Not everyone has fuck you money, you know? $350 is car note money.

>> No.10433899

Thank you, this sounds amazing. Wish you were in my comm. Saved

>> No.10433904

You rang? Picky bi classic lolita here, used to wonder if I was "demi/ ace" but really I'm just an aesthetic snob

>> No.10433966

m.. milkies..

>> No.10434031

Is it bad that I want to be kind of e-famous? Is there a way to do it without involving myself in polemics and drama? I just want some external validation of my ability on coording, doing nice makeup and sewing.

>> No.10435150

I moved from Australia to the east coast of the US and was surprised at how much better the culture is for introverts. Australian meathead and binge drinking culture is non-existent, it was really refreshing. I sadly moved back because of the pandemic, but know that it's not just you.

>> No.10436104

sell them on lace market. everything i bought on lm, i was able to resell for the same value 3 years later.

>> No.10438780

Is such a thing as a breast transplant possible? Just think how many people would cherish them

>> No.10439299
File: 21 KB, 112x112, 1594737365309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Imagine me
>Eating chicken wings while relaxing on /cgl/
>See OP pic
>Looks at chicken wings I'm eating
>Looks at those arms

Holy fuck...those arms.

>> No.10439312


They can be very racist and will always be seen as an outsider.


This. So increabley true. Tho being a very polite society they won't say it to your face but always behind your back. Be prepared to carry you 'papers please' 24/7/365 as they can, have, and will stop you anytime/anywhere to check on you. If you get into any trouble they always take the Japanese side majority of the time because like no Japanese person has never done anything bad before but you're the easy gaijin to fuck over.

Case in point. A friend of mine was in Japan with a friend of his before and while he and his friend were drinking some alcohal bevies a few Japanese guys seemed to be really boozed up on the liquid courage tried hitting on my friends friend. She politely turned them down but booze being what it is and seemed like the guy felt his pride taken kept hitting on her saying something liek 'lets talk english' meaning I guess to practice english but then things got hands on when the guy grabbed the girls arms and my friend had enough and slapped the guys arm away which the japanese guy then now grabbed his arm as they were walking away. Things moved quickly and they went fistacuffs. Cops came, As no one had video or can pull video from a store of what happened as they were in a park the cops sided witht he japanese guys saying something about many foreigners coming to japan and being drunk and harassing thier citizens. IIRC they were pressured by the cops to admitt to public drunkardness, harassing and endangering thethier citizens. They had a few days left in thier trip in Japan but ended up being detained before being kicked out. That was when I learned of the cops can ask for papers anytime and they learned about the cops can detain IIRC 72hrs plus an extention of IIRC 10 days and IIRC another 10 days on that. Esentually if anyone in Japan wanted to stir the shit on you and you can't prove beyond a doubt you didnt stir the shit or

>> No.10439315

cont .. or start shit you could be fucked over for almost a month in detainment.

>> No.10439319


Very eye opening video on 'why japan arrests forigners'


>> No.10439323

Should add the legal advise is coming from a japanese trail lawyer

>> No.10439342

Who fucked that relationship up? You or him and why did it end?

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