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Is there any good transgender cosplayers?

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Hundreds of trans trenders tho

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If by transgender you mean overweight people who show off their tits but have he/him in their bio


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that doesn't mean they're trans retard

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Are you invalidating somebody else's sexual identity? That doesn't sound very progressive of you at all.

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Have you never been on social media before?

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Would it be consider cross play or nah?

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They only call it crossplay if they are a transtrender cosplaying as their birth gender

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I'm sure they exist but if they are doing it right, we shouldn't be able to tell nor should it matter since all that matters is the cosplay itself.

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/thread,before raging terf gulls or edgelords decides to get in. Also fuck trenders and AGPs,they're always the most unattractive,saddest fuckers

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Goddamn I miss traveling to Thailand.

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this is the most male ass I've ever seen. There's no curve under the buttcheek. All he did was arch his back to give the illusion his waist is small

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Well, yeah, a lot of underage girls with an absent paternal figure who decided one day they are male in order to emulate their (bidimensional) idols

They are pretty good crossplayers if you ask

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daddy issues don't push girls to be fakebois, you plebe. it pushes them to be hypersexual sluts who chase after old dudes

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Why are so many men so obsessed with trannies now? Almost all of them are insufferable stereotypical sjws types or don't pass.

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That's not why at all. It's more that they hate puberty and think being a man would be easier.

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Most women would kill to have this ass

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Nah man,just based off what I've seen this is basically how it goes.

MtF: I'm a failure as a man, girls have it so much easier. If I was a cute girl things would be so much easier because pretty women live life on easy mode!

FtM: I'm a failure as a woman, boys have it so much easier because male privilege and if I was an attractive man it'd be so much easier and I'll live life on easy mode!

90+% go on to "transition" and will never be able to look like the femboys or masc/andron girls on twitter which ruins their mental health even more and eventually contributes to the 40%

Encouraging this behavior is literally abuse and I'm not sorry if reality upsets you.

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Yep it's this.

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You're forgetting FtM: I was sexually abused and want to this to never happen again so I will become a man.

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I've dated several ftm and trust me, they don't give a crap about "male privilege" (this SJW term isn't even that common where I live)

They just have a shitty father and such a low self esteem that they wanna look like fake anime bois, also they are all massive weebs
I know that who I am talking about are trans trenders but I've never met in my life, not even on the internet, a normie ftm

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Wanting to transition USED to be a big red flag for sexual abuse. That's pretty much gone away and now it's all about affirming.. make of that what you will.

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You have to go back where you came from.
Literally ask on your home board and you will receive better responses, so stay there.

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“Grass is always greener “ eh? Too bad after they learn just a little too late being a guy isn’t a great as they say.

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My personal favorite: If you don’t date a trans person, you are a bigot.

Tiny detail they seem to overlook,”I can’t fuck you if my dick isn’t hard.” You throw on a dress and wig you got at Goodwill and call it a day, and you are as tall as me, what the fuck am I supposed to do with that?

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Trannies, regardless of the biological sex they were born to are still degenerates and mentally ill and shouldn't be given any respect whatsoever.
Never normalize any mental illness by validating it with social and policy support; that includes masturbating to them which is probably the biggest factor for their normalization.
Now that I think about it, can these trannies, if you happen to be working with one, get HR'd for sexual harassment or something like that?

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>can these trannies, if you happen to be working with one, get HR'd for sexual harassment or something like that?
Not that anon but yes it happens and also the reverse happens. Depends on where you live and your employer. The current company I work for is very pro trans and there are flags at every cubical.

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so a tall biological woman would kill your boner too? that's weird lol

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This. We don't cut up people who want to be 70 lbs or remove limbs for body dysmorphic people. Affirming the illness is the last thing these people need. What really disturbs me that children who are too young to know and who are easily influenced are having their puberty suppressed. In 10-15 years a lot of them are going to fall into a deep depression.

I dislike this movement because it plays into both gender roles and the female/male brain myth, which historically was used to class women as inferior. It's obvious that women who hate being women and all that comes with claim to be nb or FtM to escape it. Men claim to be nb or MtF because they want to either opt into an oppressed group or larp for sexual kicks. Trans ideology perpetuates the idea that women must love pink and dresses and men must be tough hunks and if you don't match that, you're the wrong gender. I especially hate that MtF think lesbians should want their dicks and that women should shut up about health issues like endometriosis and ovarian/cervical cancer because it "triggers" their dysphoria. At the end of the day, it's still men masquerading as women trying to shut women up. It's funny that we don't see FtM yelling that gay guy should like their pussies or silencing men from talking about male health issues.

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Damn, should probably watch out who are the ones in the HR department once I stop being a NEET.
This is the part that pisses me off the most about our society when I see them in public and outside of June, but the thought police will George Floyd your life and career if you dared to remove it in front of a camera or something.
Same thing with homosexuality.
The problem here is that there's a chance that a certain percentage of trannies have not been sexually abused and nonetheless want to cut their dicks off, therefore making this red flag of early sexual abuse void according to APA.
The interesting thing here is how APA, the core organization in the field of Psychology field research that more often than not wants funds for their research, are cutting their own hands by themselves as they ban certain research topics such as the motive of trannism, differences in IQ and intelligence between sexes, races, ethnicities, et cetera.

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Oh shit, I now have a sudden realization that came up to my mind right now; almost like a prophecy.
This century's scientific racism is going to be "scientific sexism," where the word sexism here shall include both biological sex and gender and they will never, ever be separated from one another again during our lifetime.

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They don't bother me any. I was put at a desk that has a rainbow flag up left over by the previous person when I first started. When I moved to another desk, they moved my things and put the flag up as well at my new spot. I wonder if they think I'm gay, but there are lesbian flags around as well so with that....does gay in this context mean only homosexual male? Who knows. Don't care. The trans don't bother me none but I hear whispers from others around. There's a black one that actually tries to pass and a white one who only wears a cheap wig and a skirt. Maybe I'll chat em up someday.

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The rainbow flag represents all forms of sexuality and genders, never only to gay men.
If you happen to be working somewhere in something like an LGBT company such as The Advocate magazine, it is pretty inherent that people may suspect that you are LGBT yourself as it is very unusual for an ally to work in those kinds of places. Though they shouldn't speculate or anything like that as it is completely immoral to force someone to be part of the LGBT community.
Hell, even being a little too enthusiastic about such matters will inherently make other label you as such given how open one has to be to talk about those things.

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I miss the days when gender was just a synonym for sex and not some internal uwu feeling

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>it is very unusual for an ally to work in those kinds of places.
Nah it's just an IT center. I wouldn't call myself an "ally" since I'm indifferent unless it affects me directly.

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>s just an IT center
That explains fucking everything, kek.

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I’ll jump off that bridge when I come to it.

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If she has a five o’clock shadow and is built like a linebacker? Yes. If she’s pic related, I’m game.

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There some good cosplays. But transgenderism is a mental illness.

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I could just beat you in the face for being like this. Would that suffice, retard?

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Google EgoQueenAlexis
He/She even passes as a woman, if you may ask me

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I can't believe that so many of you are agreeing with this. Just because you looked at the /lgbt/ board and watched a Blaire White video or whatever doesn't mean you know what people are going through. I'm begging you all to go have some conversations with real people.

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yeah, no, please spare real people from having to interact with these transphobic anons. They'll never be open to sincere conversations and at most will engage in bad faith "debates", which are intrinsically unfair to the ones who need to defend their existence. :/

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They're not exactly wrong. Actual trans people are less than 1% of the population yet we are seeing a wave of trenders suddenly pop up. The problem is with the current gender roles and sexism that we have now that pushes these people to change and become confused. There should be nothing wrong with a man who wants to wear makeup and wear a dress yet we shame him. Women and girls should not be seen as objects of sex which pushes some to escape that. And then you have the AGPers. The trans community is fucked and actual trans people are too few and too quiet to stop it.

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The thing is, I used to be like you guys. I talked to trans people (and still do). I was and still am all about them having basic human rights. But I started noticing things, subtly at first. It's morphed beyond a human rights fight. There are trans people and allies out there who think they can say or do anything they want without repercussion because they're oppressed. That's not human rights anymore. They want elevated, special rights. Whether they like it or not, ciswomen and transwomen have very different experiences. Both groups' issues can be addressed without taking over the ones centered on ciswomen.

I watched, listened, and talked. I came away with the notion that there is a percent who secretly hate women. Those who don't but ignore it are just as complicit too imo. Look at the whole JK Rowling thing. Denying sex differences is the exact thing holding up funding and research into health issues that affect ciswomen. Women can't even fucking talk about their issues without a MtF yelling "what about me?" Like hey, great that you got to enjoy your childhood/teens/young adult years as a male but a lot of us got assaulted at 8, 10, 12 years old and had to deal with shame around periods and shit. Women in assault shelters don't want to see dick. They don't give care how the person identifies, it's still a dick. Demanding to be allowed in is so fucking tone deaf and I genuinely believe those people are doing it to exert control over vulnerable women.

What bothers me is I've never met even ONE MtF speaking out against this problem within their own community. If I ask or try to have dialogue, I get labeled a terf for not instantly accepting everything they say and told to shut up. It goes back to them being shielded from any criticism whatsoever. I don't think they should be killed or have to hide in shame but they don't get to talk over me or have better rights either.

You can't just label anyone that disagrees with you as bad faith.

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For me the bigger issue is the insane hyper categorisation of it all. Transtrender, transmedicalist, mtf, ftm, transrationalist, non-binary, genderqueer, the 100s of different sexual preferences and romantic models, etc.

The coolest, most level headed trans people I've met are the ones who literally don't debate this shit and are just fluid about their sexual identity. Like, people and their tastes can change one week to the next and you don't need to make declarative statements about it every stop along the way. The human experience will never be fully categorised in a coherent way, and even then it would be greater than the sum of its parts. Gender and sexuality are very much central to that.

There are so many contradictions that arise around the whole trans moment we're living in because it's attempting the impossible. I mean, for some people the premise was that you should refer to someone as a woman because she is a woman, but now those same people will say they're a TRANSwoman, emphasis on the "trans". By the earlier standard, transwomen don't exist; they're just women. And the whole process tends to have people playing into gender roles and appearances they'll also say are hurtful and arbitrary (long hair, make up, having boobs, etc).

And all of that is fundamental to identity. Like, have any of you ever been religious but then had a crisis of faith and ended up having to completely confront and rethink how you though reality itself and your place in it was? Or just had to go through any moment where you deeply examined your identity and realised there's no bottom? I think that's why some people get irrationally mad and dismissive of trans people because it makes them think about the unthinkable.

TL;DR: the whole trans moment is a philosophy nerd fight spilling out onto the wider world, and the people who are less anal about it are the coolest.

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>And then you have the AGPers
Age Players?

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Autogynephiles. It's a fetish where they get off on being "degraded" by being femininzed. The root cause is that being a woman/feminine is something to be ashamed of, so make of that what you will.

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Some of it is sissification and others are men and even a few women at a lesser extent get turned on by the idea of being turned into a woman\man. It's not that they feel like they are actually the opposite sex or in the wrong body, just they want to masturbate/fuck in the body of the other sex. Then they confuse that fetish for an identity and it's all downhill from there.

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Your mental illness is showing. Take your meds before posting.

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Golly gee, I wonder why Freudian theories are getting "discredited" these days?
Trannism totes doesn't have its roots in child abuse, rape and neglect, oh no no! Nor is it supported by filthy rich companies that want good amounts of money for putting pieces of you in another place like a Potato Head toy, nuh-uh!

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I agree for the most part but I think a lot of the fakebois also become trannies because of 'I'm not like other girls' syndrome going to it's absolute height.

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See, this is why they call it [insert group here] Awareness. Because the people who are in it are so blind to their own faults that they think any disapproval comes from other people being ignorant or misinformed. I know trans people and even the ones who are cool about it have otherwise toxic behaviours such as threatening self-harm for attention.
"What people are going through". Does anyone care what I'm going through? I've been molested and to this day I suffer from creepling depression and general anxiety. Nobody cares, it's my problem after all. Why are these people making their problems my problem?

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Reminder all lesbians must have sex with transwomen or they are bigots

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This reminds me I was dating another girl who started taking T without me knowing and just dropped all this trans man shit on me at once and expected me to be fine with it cause oh, they’re still gonna be the same person. I like girls, and if you want to chop your boobs off, grow facial hair and get a fake dick lesbians aren’t gonna like you. They went off and called me a bunch of buzzwords and blocked me right away. That person still leaves a bad taste in my mouth thinking about them.

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Glad to know im the odd one out here. I'm a trans guy and maybe I'm to normal for this but those kinds of people shouldn't transition if they want idealism. My mental health improved when I took hormones and once I passed it is literally a non issue anymore it's not even something I think about anymore. If someone is transitioning because of those reasons they need to get help or talk to someone because I don't think they're trans at all.

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Very rarely do i ever see a disagreement between a trans-person and non-trans person not end in accusations and "SO YOU'RE SAYING YOU WANT ME TO DIE" style retorts. They hide behind their identity like a shield when challenged like >>10424486 described in their third paragraph.It's almost impossible to depend on them to hold each other accountable unless they're grooming/assaulting minors or animals.

Your level of self-awareness is 0. Your assumptions showed your true colors and it shows you are not a person that can be counted on to be honest in a conversation.

What sucks the most is that I want my trans friends to have all the same rights and opportunity as a normal people without fear of discrimination and attack but until some tough conversations and accountability happen (like the people protesting police brutality want) on both sides it's going to be a revolving door or people arguing and shitposting at each other forever.

Shit's cray.

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Yes, but they are all trans men.
Natural born men suck at cosplay, the only reason Sneaky is popular is because he has a woman do everything for him.

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You mean photoshop him enough that it doesnt look like him at all.

No amount of work will let that 6ft2 ogre pass

>> No.10425304

its both

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He's much smaller than that, and he ain't no tranny but just someone who has a gf with a CD fetish, typical of an Asian woman.

>> No.10425357

>typical of an Asian woman
sounds like you don't know women

>> No.10425366

>typical of an Asian woman
What??? As an Asian woman, never heard of this.

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Okay okay, I know I can't and shouldn't generalize, but CD fetish is something that is most often seen with Asian artist women and not that often with Asian artist men so, uh, it is just a pattern that I have seen by myself given I love to research an artist's gender beforehand when it deals with shit I like.

Plus, I literally have never seen such a thing with non-Asian women, so this fact sub/unconsciously validates my hypothesis.

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>thought I was immensely successful and attractive as a woman
>think its actually harder to be a man than a woman
>fought everything I could to not be a tranny
>depression gets so bad I am ready to kill myself
>eventually transitioned to alleviate a medical condition known as dysphoria
>my lifelong depression finally went away and I found happiness, despite people constantly shitting on me for this (both Gender Critical people and Trans women screech at me for ruining my body)

it is what it is

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You're an anonymous person on a Peruvian image board

>> No.10425450

Damn, when did we go from Chinese from Peruvian

>> No.10425557

Don't be transracialphobic!

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Just cringe

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NTA but fyi this is clearly a Nigerian [biological] women's ˢˡᶦᵍʰᵗˡʸ ʰᵒᵐᵒᵉʳᵒᵗᶦᶜ academic feminist (Womanist emphasis) image board, (un?)ironically speaking.
No brainlets (i.e. moids and women without a Master's degree) are allowed here m'kay sweaty?
I love you tho (no lesbo?)

>> No.10425717

But I ~Peruvian~ therefore I am. Don't misrace me you hater. You wouldn't misrace me if I had surgery to look more Peruvian. This is my God given human right

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I love this post

>> No.10425775

>any good transgender
No. Troons are hoons.

>> No.10425782

>real people

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What is a CD fetish?

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>literally just posts ass pics

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Stardust_Fawn's cosplays have all been pretty great.

>> No.10425998

Holy guacamole, those are the most erotic, kissable lips I have ever seen in my entire life, unironically speaking.
「Desire to commit homosexual acts: 100%」

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Isn't it obvious?
All trannys *are* cosplayers. They dress up like something they're not, and play a character

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>All trannys *are* cosplayers. They dress up like something they're not, and play a character

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The best answer to this thread. We can all go home now.

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Wait how is that Asian women only? Most fujos and a lot of dom women are into that as well no matter what nationality and ethniticy.

>> No.10426023

>filtered and probably a shooped pic
I'll be impressed with a candid.

>> No.10426190

That wasn't the question though, the question was are there any *good* ones.

>> No.10426191

>Any opinion that isn't mine comes from a place of ignorance

Yeah no. The fact that I can't even debate any issues around transgenderism without getting called "ignorant" or "misinformed" or even better "priviliedged white male" when people get stuck in their own shitty arguements just tells me that their not worth talking to or considering.

The problem purely comes from there is no such thing as perfect transition. If a person could perfectly transition seamlessly from one sex to the other both physically and mentally, there would no issue. But becasue transition today is imperfect, people usually end up in the twlight zone as an abomination. Then you have these twilight monsters expecting other people, who have very good senses of what is and what isn't a female or male, to treat them as such when they don't look or act like a normal human being. They look and act like a transgender.

>> No.10426288

What would be "acting like a transgender"

>> No.10426314

Not that anon but I imagine trans people have different experiences than both men and women and those turn into habits, mannerisms and ways of speaking. Hesitation of which bathroom to use, how to walk, what posture to keep, sharing memories with other trans people about similar experiences growing up amd finding out who you are, etc. Ways that you have been bullied having an affect on how you view people and picking up different type of ques of what people say based on your history.

Trans people will and do have a different life than men and women, just like gay men, lesbian, black, white, Asian and others do. It's going to be interesting to have a 3rd gender of sorts in society. I for one welcome the difference as long as they don't shit on other people.

>> No.10426318

NTA but probably like having ideas of "masculine transwomen are valid" or some ebin cognitive dissonance shit.
Even their mental illness and illusions are pretty unique the deeper you go into their mentality by lurking on their respective websites; shits pretty hilarious though, and makes me sad that such an existence exists in this world, sort of like how people get sad when they see lonely grandmas in retirement homes that they haven't got a visit from their family in a decade, or so.

>> No.10426349

Acting like a transgender means conforming to the idea of femininity or masculinity which exists in your head, not which society accepts or deems reasonable. Or alternatively being a transgender in nothing but name.

These people are not mentally sound and thereby have some pretty fucked ideas on what is feminine or masculine since they never actually grew up learning from role models. A lot of things someone who grew up as a male knows are completely subconscious and boys learn through osmosis by watching other males, how you hold yourself, how to project your voice, the types of words you use, your pattern of speech, tone of speech, how to hold yourself and then all the psychological behaviours like suppressing emotions and silent contemplation. These things are simply not able to replicated, so a lot transgenders tend to be caricatures of masculinity or femininity which are totally superficial. Everything they do must be gendered otherwise they're not really the gender they believe they are.

Or there are the complete opposite where they don't do anything which conforms to any sort of gender identity by expect to be treated like that gender because they use that genders pronouns. But then they also argue that society shouldn't treat the genders differently because there isn't any different? But they get upset when you treat them the way your percieve them?

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my fucking SIDES

>> No.10426360

Trans men act like caricatures of femininity, squeaky falsetto voices and histrionics and shit. Basically just acting out the grossest stereotypes and prejudices men have about women.

>> No.10426367


>> No.10426416 [DELETED] 

Trans men are delusional that they will ever be women, all they can do is awkwardly imitate one. Trans men need to stop pretending and accept they are women, its unsettling and goes against basic biology

>> No.10426418

Trans men are delusional that they will ever be women, all they can do is awkwardly imitate one. Trans men need to stop pretending and accept they arent women, its unsettling.

>> No.10426423

I know what you mean anon but the way you worded this makes it sound fuck-y.
Trans man/men, TiF, or FtM = female
Trans woman/women, TiM, or MtF = male

>> No.10426425

That's the joke

>> No.10426438

>the way you worded this makes it sound fuck-y.
AYRT and no u. A trans man is clearly a man who is transsexual. Calling a dude a "trans woman" is begging the question and I won't do it. They're not women, end of.

>> No.10426440

I agree with you anon! To many people though saying "trans man" makes them think female.
TiM stands for trans identified male which is the most accurate description imho.

But you do you, I don't want to split hairs with you. I never call men "women" either lel

>> No.10426617

>Is there any good transgender cosplayers?
ARE there any good transgender cosplayers?

>> No.10427114

Maybe women crossplaying as men. But never the other way around

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Truth: the greatest crossplay doesn't come from mentally ill trannies who want to cut off their dicks/tits off but from sane people who just love crossplaying because they like it by itself without any perverted motive.

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Guys pls, I was just correcting the grammar of the OP question lol

>> No.10427489

They are tranny obsessed

>> No.10427865
File: 1.31 MB, 891x1591, 1511645382308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh hey, I can finally use this picture for once.

But, you're a big dummy for correcting him!

>> No.10429383

someone screenshot this

>> No.10429385
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Eeeyyy, were we in the same /co/ thread?
>But, you're a big dummy for correcting him!
No u

>> No.10429436

Oh my god the image

>> No.10431299

Trans men these days are just dudes who started going bald in thier twenties, realised they will never be desired by women and decide thier only recourse is to become one.
Seriously to all the young guys out there, make sure you lose your virginity before you start balding, this is the one major danger factor for becoming a tranny.

>> No.10431857

You mean transwomen. Transmen are girls becoming men.

>> No.10432050

Just use TiM and TiF, anon. Much easier to use and you don't have to memorize their "gender theory" and other shit.

>> No.10432051

Not a /co/ anon but I'm going to search for that thread since it sounds interesting.

>> No.10432053

Women are used to getting what they want and they expected you to uphold that expectation.

>> No.10432057
File: 107 KB, 775x1100, 1593270010594.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It turned into a monster girl thread. Still had cute stuff

>> No.10432077
File: 682 KB, 673x750, __hakurei_reimu_and_kochiya_sanae_touhou_drawn_by_morinaga_kobato__147ce0a82be6858ff6949b8280f82c3e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Genderswaps are an universal best, I say.

>> No.10432232

Eventually technology will advance to the point where trans people can receive a cheap and accessible transition that is completely indistinguishable from cisgender people.

>> No.10432241

Not all women are Bell Delphine scrote.

>> No.10432248

Good. As long as they actually look like the other sex and not a bearded man in a dress.

>> No.10432265
File: 678 KB, 3327x2881, __jeanne_d_arc_fujimaru_ritsuka_and_jeanne_d_arc_alter_santa_lily_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_greenteaneko__dc38a7ffe35eb0757acf0f3465e45cba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they weren't killing themselves and were starting a new academic field that focuses on making such a goal real, they probably would be able to do that in less than 10 years -including age regression if they collaborated with other scientists- with the funds they get for solely being trannies.
But alas, the suicide rate keeps going up and so does the doctrine of trannism, which the latter will one day make it "immoral" to develop such technologies in a similar fashion to the anti-sex bots feminist doctrine.

fyi pic related is for shits and giggles since trannies can't do that today, LMAO

>> No.10432880

Shh these people don't want the truth that it is 100% easier to be a woman in any 1st world country. All you have to do is look pretty and play nice and you get away with anything with no consequences.

I am ftm and it was shocking to experience when I started transitioning. People care about women, even ugly ones, it's just in our culture. If you are a guy people will ignore you and treat you with indifference.

Transitioning honestly turned me completely off feminism, I was a pretty proud feminist before transitioning. After my own life experiences, literally spending a good 2 decades as a woman, it just seems like women want to have their cake and eat it too.

>> No.10432882

>women want to have their cake and eat it too.
if feminism actually fought for equality, female sex offenders and abusers would actually be held accountable.

>> No.10432887

No such thing as “cisgender”, you mean men and women.

>> No.10432889

What are some good trains to gander at cosplay?

>> No.10432891

Feminism isn’t about equality you absolute smooth brain, it’s about liberation. Women deserve a world where our bodies aren’t considered commodities. Even in first world countries the rape conviction rate is embarrassingly low, men are taken more seriously health wise (I am in immense pain due to my treatment and all they give me is acetaminophen lol, if I were a man they’d give me Oxy or Vicodin without having to ask), on top of other dumb shit.

>> No.10432895

I thought feminism was about womens liberation to promote equality.
When women start holding female rapists, pedophiles and abusers accountable, stop using their female status to abuse others (Karens), and stop selling their bodies for easy money, I'm sure feminism will look less like a joke.

>> No.10432900

You forgot pay gaps too, that’s a big one. I hear you on the medical shit- we get put on antipsychotics and ssris for physical disorders because “it is all in our heads.” Period pain has been normalized when the reality is that is anything but normal. It fucking sucks.

I do personally think it’s about equality as well, and while I think on the whole women have it worse, assault survivors who are male are even more frequently laughed off for example. Women aren’t slammed as badly for having sexual with minors (though seriously, we should just fucking kill all the pedos). Men aren’t allowed to express tender feelings without fear of having their sexuality questioned. The things that harm women about our sexist bullshit system also harm men. If we start addressing the problems women face, I think things would improve for men too by proxy. Just my 2 cents.

>> No.10432903

Feminists either knowingly or unknowingly are trying to switch the power dynamic so they are in the position of men. This is something I learned from interacting with many branches of feminism after being a CSA victim who's assaulter was a woman. Some groups were more concerned with trying to convince me my assailant was clearly motivated by men than my actual trauma, others were keen on me embracing victimhood and giving advice for"taking back my sexuality". Only after leaving feminist circles did people actually have sympathy for me instead. Feminists don't realize that women can and will do the same things that men do if given the chance, we just historically haven't had enough power to act like they do without the same repercussions.

>inb4 troon
I've naturally birthed children tyvm. (it feels like the most painful shit you can take, highly recommend epidural)

>> No.10432905

The reason feminism is seen as a joke is thanks to SJWs, trannies and danger hairs coopting feminism and watering it down to “sex work is work”, one million genders, crying about black men, and “TWAW” (they don’t care about transmen because they are female lol). Strangely enough some conservatives agree with the stance that women should be liberated because they typically don’t agree with porn or the sexualization of the female body. Granted it’s for different reasons but I’ll take what I can get.

>> No.10432909

>I’ll take what I can get.
>i will side with people who want to control my reproductive rights and sexuality because fuck da libs!
Spoken like a true moron

>> No.10432913

Nah, I don’t side with conservatives (I’m not even radfem, more like a very radfem/GC leaning libfem), however I can agree with them that porn is absolutely harmful. That’s literally the only thing I can agree with them on. I am politically homeless because Democrats and Republicans both hate women lol. Democrats hate women because they think trannies deserve more rights than we do and Republicans want to restrict reproductive health.

>> No.10432914

>Republicans want to restrict reproductive health.
if you expect people to agree with you, start by not using republican and conservative interchangably.

>> No.10432917

You do know that many republicans try to restrict reproductive health? I mean they are deliberately passing illegal laws restricting abortion to try and get the conservative controlled Supreme Court involved to get Roe overturned lol

Not every republican wants that but unfortunately they don’t vote for moderates like the should.

I’m getting off topic though, I just really hate politics and trannies. There.

>> No.10432920

>many republicans try to restrict reproductive health?
NTA but yes, conservatives lmao. Anon is pointing out that there are different kinds of Republicans.

>> No.10432922

Yeah, you’re right. It’s why I mention that not every Republican wants that.

>> No.10437246

You're a dumbass

>> No.10437296

Nah, anon is right, unless you are a really ugly woman.

>> No.10437464

No it won't, and definitely not in our lifetimes so this argument is irrelevant.

But even if it did, tranny men still don't behave like women, at all, so you'd still be able to pick them out.

>> No.10437468

>Women deserve a world where our bodies aren’t considered commodities.
Do you? How did you earn that? Why is it okay that men's bodies are considered commodities (war, manual labor, workplace accidents), but not women's?

>> No.10437474
File: 183 KB, 454x1600, 1594561340216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10437480

Then fight for it, don't bring women down with you

>> No.10437481

>How did you earn that?
Gee maybe because we were treated as property and not worthy of basic human rights for centuries?

>> No.10437841

FtM - KingKitsu
MtF - the_fantastic_nami

>> No.10437847

Nobody told you to do manual labour or work in a dangerous professions. That's the decision you made. Stop blaming women for your shit decisions and take it up with the men in power who are oppressing you.

>> No.10437976

Absolute God-tier image. Thank you for posting it, anon.

>> No.10437989

Take it up with the MEN in power. Men are the reason why there are wars. The reason why women don’t work manual labor is because we’re treated like kids or a piece of meat. I used to work in manufacturing and was treated horribly by 99% of the men there. I am incredibly strong and built for labor too so it wasn’t because I did a shit job either.

>> No.10438000

Can you believe this person is someone's son? He was birthed and then has the audacity to think women's ability to birth isn't a commodity

Do you live in the year 1900 or? Women do deploy and were kept out of the war effort until they were allowed to support it starting in WWII. I know women forklift drivers and warehouse workers but I guess that doesn't fit your narrative.

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