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What do you guys think of her video about black owned Lolita indie bands.
I personally think some of them offer ITA as fuck items.


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Elegy is pretty legit

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Yeah, I thought they looked good too. But the other ones are meh.

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Lor needs to be removed as a source of "information" that people direct newfags to. She's ugly, has bad coords, and her videos either pander to her sponsors or are a vehicle for her to chase clout by pretending to be woke.

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i honestly usually don't care if they're ugly or not, but lor looks like a wax doll.

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who else would you direct them to? not tyler, that's for sure

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gives me funeral makeup vibes

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I hate this shit in Jfash. It's literally a fashion from japan. I'm gonna buy from japan. Stop trying to virtue signal with overpriced trash.

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the red one in the thumbnail literally looks like a drag costume

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I think it's because she wears full coverage foundation, but doesn't add any contour or bronzer.
Her skin isn't bad, she should just stick to bb cream.

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I agree they look cringy as hell. -___- She seems to dislike people being blunt and honest and seems to get her feelings hurt quiet easily. IDK, she comes off as overly sensitive.

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Tyler makes me laugh. She gets a pass from me for being honest about shit.

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There’s a lot of bad shit going on in the world rn, it was nice to see a positive video.

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Agreed Tyler’s hilarious. I think Anon just meant Tyler makes videos for people who have been in the fashion for a while not newbies

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she's not for newbies though. she doesn't know how to coord herself and just wears fullsets. where else you send newbies for info if not lor?

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It's black owned, so the dresses will look good on black color skin? Or will they just look like they were ripped off bodyline and aliexpress?

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i buy all my jfash from china uwu

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yes and no. i think a lot of it comes down to face shape. people with smaller faces can get by with some blush on top of full coverage foundation, granted it isn’t caked on like frosting. but lors face is not small, so the apple cheeked blush really isn’t helping. i agree and think contour could help, but i think she looks better with temple blush too. i’ve even seen her wear foundation far lighter than her natural tone which doesn’t help her either

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There are so many ways Lor could have approached this and of course she went with the fakest shit.

Like, you want to promote black lolitas? Have some come on your show and interview them about their experiences or ask them about hair styles, etc

Like, black lolitas see this shitty attempt and we already know it's wagon hopping

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No offense to her, I don't have as much of a hateboner for her as others seem to have on this board, but if I wanted someone to learn the coording basics I would never send someone to lor. People are correct in saying there needs to be new lolita guidebook I just wish everyone would stop picking at each other or begging for board approval and just try to make it already because it will probably be better than no current decent guide at all.

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reminder that canada is 2% black and doesn't have blacks all over the place like the usa. you can't just find a black person easily

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B8 but regardless her comm has black lolitas and collabing online exists. She just did what was the easiest and most palatable to a white audience and it's very obvious.

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She has a horse face

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The problem is that no one can decide on what info should go into the guidebook and what the guidelines should be. If people could come up with a generalized table of contents without infighting, it would make things a lot easier.

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it would be nice if a guidebook neutrally addressed certain things that cause a divide and there's no hivemind opinion on them like cat ears, sneakers, design replicas and such instead of saying it's a "rule" to be against those things. i feel like that's what a lot of old guides were stupid about... keep to facts instead of opinions

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I love how she just screen recorded some instagram post instead of taking the 5 minutes to make decent slides haha

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Same, though I wouldn't hate it if the guidemaker gave their own opinion so long as they're frank about their existence in the community. Labeling these as simply "not for beginners" or "highly contentious" should do just fine.

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I'd be down to make a guidebook by myself (been wearing lolita for 7 years now), but I'm sure people will still look at it as inaccurate or bad just because you can't please everyone.

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There will always be dissenters anon, I'd say just do it if only to make it easier for newbies, I'd love to see something I'd be ok with sending my friends with only a few annotations instead of a whole prologue worth of corrections like what currently exists.

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Email me if you're interested in helping, anon. Please excuse the weird email- this is the same account I used to make the Instagram thread sticky back when it was still relevant.

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stop being so thick . . . really

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She's ugly and she sucks now, she's trying so fucking hard to pander to SJW ideologies. Like bitch, I just want to be frilly, I don't need you shoving millenial bullshit down my throat so you can justify your frantic attempts to stay relevant to the zoomers.
Like how detached from reality do you need to be for this to be your response to recent events
>blackman dindunuffin
>politically manufactured riots
"hm, how do I show solidatiry to prove I'm still hip?"
>posts literal garbage showcasing the worst side of a still fairly misunderstood fashion

I have strong feelings about this bitch lmao how white can you get?

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Yeah, she seems like she posted that video just because it’s trending. Like, I wanna see her showing the stuff she ACTUALLY bought. Like she says in other videos, where is the pictures, the proof??
And how does buying from these stores help the BLM movement? Why not just donate to the cause? Idk this video seems disingenuous.

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I like my Elegy stuff a lot, though I've been really put off by how poor the communication is with the owner. I've literally never gotten a response from her despite sending multiple emails over multiple months about multiple orders. She does actually read them though, as one of them I sent asking to make a very small change to one of the dresses I ordered, and while I never heard back from her, the dress arrived with the change. I just wish I had gotten a reply as well.

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Exactly, it's like throwing a single ice cube at a house fire and proudly proclaiming "I helped!". Her disillusion is real man

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Thanks for the tip, I was thinking of ordering from them.

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The guidebook was meant to be open source and to be changed with the times. I’m sure I’d you contacted the owner they would gladly make revisions

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she's gotten more popular since her early days and even then she admitted to me she was overwhelmed by the messages. She should at least have someone on email response duty because it looks more proffessional

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For me it's not so much that she's ugly but that she absolutely refuses to do anything to complement her features. She's not pretty, but she could make herself look good if she didn't make the most unflattering makeup/clothing choices 100% of the time. It makes her a terrible source of information for newbies because it makes them think they never need to take into account how things look on them personally, which I think is a really important part of styling. I feel like she wasn't always this bad about it.

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What guidebook? There's several. The tumblr one is usually the one that gets linked for newbs.

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Why do newbies need to be sent to a YouTuber?

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She also gets hair styling tips from maruchan

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I'm just sick of how racialized people are becoming. I don't understand how people don't get Human Behavior 101 but our tribalistic trendancies get triggered the more and more importance we place on our differences. It literally encourages "othering" (not equating humans with certain beliefs / differences / preferences as equally human) and re-enforces negative tensions between groups.

The fact that Lor is adding to this just bothers me. By making a video about Lolitas based on their skin color she is literally invoking the notion we should not see them as the same as "us" (everyone else) and should judge or treat them as a separate unit. Overall it's unintentionally racist and a bad take; she's encouraging a sense of "us and them" instead of treating them as the collective "us". Lolitas should be Lolitas; calling out our biological differences only creates barriers of understanding.

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Yeah you could just phrase it as "this thing is controversial, here's why, here are some of the better and worse looking examples"

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>I don't see color! You're the real racists!

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In some countries (especially island nations) with a long history of mixture people really don't. Not everywhere is as fucked.

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Dude, I am seriously sitting here broke-ass broke in a mixed communiy and both our groccery stores were raided. Nothing's been set on fire yet, but when you can't buy food anymore unless you drive to the next town over you suddenly get way into the brotherly love thing. I use to not be this vocal, but this mess is on my door step and NO ONE (any color of the racial rainbow) here is having a fun time. Is it cheesy to call for calm? Yes, I would have said that a month ago. But I'd really like my wardrobe not lost in a fire at this point.

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Maybe if y’all would stop glorifying a barely put together, clown ita wearing, clout chasing, pale ass white girl who only features black lolitas and artists when it will get her clicks and views, she’d go away and we can find a new YouTuber to direct newbies with...

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Who exactly glorifies her here? /cgl/ opinions of Lor range from "meh" to burning hatred.

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The “y'all” was more for the general online/ irl community. This board is not the end all be all for the comm, so that’s where my comment stemmed from

I’m southern, you’ll have to excuse me.

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if you get overwhelmed when working in literal luxury dress making and can't create a simple response then maybe it's not an industry she needs to work in.
Also did Lor purposely choose the laziest brands she could find? Other than Elegy they seem very low effort.

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Ota-Q is currently pissed that she got over 500 orders because of BLM
Imagine being that ungrateful that over 500 people bought your overpriced clothes Lets assume that they bought her $50 shirts
She made $25000 in a couple of weeks
How can she be mad that people want to support her and black businesses

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But is there even an alternative to Lor on YouTube? I think she has the monopoly on YouTube and there is no other Lolita except Tyler to watch.

>> No.10415256

I don’t know what bothers me more
Her pasty peanut butter texture foundation, her under eyes that dont have concealer, the lack of contouring, or her parenthesis smile

>> No.10415260

The Stitchess is good even though she looks a bit more kawaii than she looks Lolita, she still is under the EGL umbrella

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There are actually quite a bit of other lolitas on Youtube. I honestly think that the main draw to Lor and Tyler are that they are not "look at me kawaii uwu" types. By that I mean they are not extremely perfectly cute, with a stupid voice, and dont just do stupid hauls with a "look how cute I am" try on at the end. Yes some of their videos have those things, but its more the accessibility of the regular person I find appealing about them. I love that Lor doesn't have a perfect kawaii face. I love that Tyler has a deeper voice and just says her own opinion. I also like FluffyKawaiiJo for that reason.

On top of that, all 3 of them create videos on actally interesting topics beyond "lolita 101" and "i bought some AP".

I also started liking Pearly Cute a lot. She is actually very cute and does actually interesting content. I can see her blowing up soon.

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Also dollfille commented on that post saying "it feels wrong to post right now" even tho she's been posting the whole time

>> No.10415266

do you really think lor doesn't think she's perfectly cute model lolita?

>> No.10415271

The real question is what should go into the guidebook? Topics like terminology are a must, but what about other topics? Lolita is so much more involved in the actual physical process of wearing the fashion that it can't be described on paper.

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Is she upset because it's a huge amount of work she wasn't expecting/prepared for? Does she think the sudden boost in orders is performative?

All of Callie's stuff looks mass produced so it's not like she needs to worry about hand making anything like a MTO shop. And if she is making them herself and feeling overwhelmed she should look into how to restrict her orders or stock properly like other indie kawaii artists do with limited shop updates and releases.

>> No.10415309

I think she's very aware of how she looks in comparison to cutesy model youtube lolitas and tries her hardest to imitate them but showing that specific type of vulnerability isn't trying really hard to play catch-up isn't super kawaii or something to make you root for her it's just sad and pitiable no matter how relatable it could be so it's not a main feature of her channel.

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Another one of the designers featured in Lor's video complained on Facebook about how all the new followers she's gained on Instagram this month are yt bitches who only just started following her to assuage their white guilt. Like, she's mad that her new followers weren't already following her before she got featured on a bunch of lists of black J-fashion designers.

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Your information is wrong.

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Yes, I mistyped. It happens a lot.

She needs to humble herself. She was just bitching about how the lack of orders and money was making her depressed.
Now she’s mad that blackness trending has caused an uptick in orders? Bitch....

Look, I’m not near on their levels of influential, but recently I got an uptick in followers as well. Am I miffed? Fuck no, because it means I get a chance to prove WHY they should be following me in general instead of just because it’s the cool thing to do right now.
Rather than have a shit fit about why they’re probably following you, give them content that makes them genuinely want to stay.
Tf..... I didn’t mean to go off on a rant but I swear, these influencers can be garbage sometimes.

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Kek at the hypocrisy
Shes mad that shes only getting more support, orders, followers because shes black. People are promoting black owned businesses right now because of the blm protests so it should be expected. I have no clue why shes pissy if she just made over $25000?
White guilt isn’t always going to be the case. Why get mad at dumb shit like “more yts are following me now”
>Now she’s mad that blackness trending has caused an uptick in orders? Bitch....
My thoughts exactly. People are mad that BPOC and POC are not recognized in fine arts and fashion industry and yet when others do recognize it, it’s called white guilt or they get pissy

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Lor is the xtremly boring. She has very bland personality and her coords are so tasteless

>> No.10415374

I’ve said this and was banned for 3 days for vendetta posting
>inb4 lor a yt woman makes a video on black fashion brands

>> No.10415376

This is disgusting.

I hated that post and the "will you turn your back on us when #blm isn't trending anymore?"
Bitch, I never had my back turned. I'm not going to treat black people differently after this than how I had before. I didn't treat you negatively before. I was never against you. Enjoy your fast money and be quiet. You should be grateful that people are spending so much money on you during a PANDEMIC where unemployment in the US is over 10% alone.

People can never be happy. Jesus.

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i disagree, if she was aware she would make an effort to style herself well and not do quirky shit like dress as a clown. only delusional girls do that "uwu i am cute even when being silly" shit.

>> No.10415386

>Bitch, I never had my back turned. I'm not going to treat black people differently after this than how I had before. I didn't treat you negatively before. I was never against you.
That’s how I felt when I saw that stupid ass post. I didn’t suddenly stop being racist yesterday because I never was in the first place.
You bring a valid point: so many people lost their jobs due to the pandemic and shes bitching about getting half of what some people make in a year in just two weeks.
>I wouldn’t be putting any money in my savings account if George Floyd wasn’t buried in the cemetery next door to the post office I ship orders from
This part was the most idiotic shit I’ve ever read.

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oh my bad, it's 3%. lmfao

>> No.10415397

I like Rose Nocturnalia, she's a cool Goth Lolita. She has good content.

>> No.10415403

Same with the “bitches in bows be oddly silent” chick. I personally have made it a point to never be silent or complicit and most lolitas and other jfashion wearers I know are the extract same way. That girl talks lots of shit for someone who doesn’t even wear jfashion. Everything she wears is from western ‘kawaii’ fast fashion bs

>> No.10415433

>That girl talks lots of shit for someone who doesn’t even wear jfashion
Big yikes

>> No.10415444

As a canuck who grew up rural-ish I can remember the first time I met a black person. It took until high school.

>> No.10415450

The number is actually closer to 9% in Toronto, where she lives. And >>10414952 does have a point. Toronto has a lot of black lolitas that she could have used her platform to showcase instead of just listing a bunch of brands that she hasn't bought from.

>> No.10415461

(Also there were maybe two black kids in the whole high school. Way more kids of east asian and native american heritage.)

>> No.10415465

i mean you can't really expect her to buy most of that shit in that ig thread. It's too ita even for her taste LOL

>> No.10415466

>native american
>in canada

>> No.10415467

It's "North America" you dingus

>> No.10415471

nayrt but what you're really wrong about is saying that there's black people everywhere in the USA. They make up less than 14% of the country's population.

>> No.10415472

ayrt, I think if you spend enough time on the internet you start to forget everyone isn't american (even though only like 4% of the world is american). I find myself automatically using american terms all the time. Good catch desu

>> No.10415485

But we live in an internet age famjam, zoom exist, pre-recording exist

>> No.10415488

I mean, Canadian NA are still native Americans because Canadian makes up North America

>> No.10415489

>trying to admit making a blunder
>forgetting that america is two fucking continents and not just USA
Never change, never change.

>> No.10415491

So funny how black lolita brands always cater to fatties since literally 80% of them are overweight/obese. Sorry, I'm not going to buy your garbage because conservative city cops are mean. Literally everyone's businesses are suffering right now.

Are you serious? Youtube is not the only form of social media. How dumb and new are you?

>> No.10415494

I love Tyler but I don't understand why she refuses to do anything with her hair but braid waves.

>> No.10415495

I mean.... TO A SMALL EXTENT, I can completely understand her feelings.... it’s a little weird right now to have a sudden increase in followers and buyers....

But at the same time.... you daft bitch. You were just complaining about not having money, and now you’re mad because you just got an uptick.... because you THINK it’s white guilt????

Even if it IS, take their money and go about your way. You just made in two weeks what other take a year to get. Fuck all the way off with your entitlement.

(Not you all, but Ota-Q)

>> No.10415496

No, they are not. Only the US uses that term.

>> No.10415498

>You were just complaining about not having money, and now you’re mad because you just got an uptick.... because you THINK it’s white guilt????
I would be thrilled to make that much money. Like holy fuck $25000 in 2 weeks all at once and not spaced out like hourly or salary pay.
I didn’t know she was crying about being broke kek that just makes this more pathetic.

>> No.10415500

At this point you're just being pedantic. "american" is shorthand in Canada for US citizens.

>> No.10415501

That’s her natural hair you absolute walnut

>> No.10415503

Second this

>> No.10415509

really random time to bring this up but why do people on this board use this insult? i've never heard it used anywhere else. sounds like a grade school tier insult

>> No.10415510

Rose Nocturnalia does some pretty good videos.

>> No.10415515

She could...style it...you know?

>> No.10415533

this. she wears her hair naturally like that cause she thinks it's cute enough to not style. it's lazy to wear it like that all the time.

>> No.10415535

at most she'll lazily throw on some clip-on bangs without even attempting to make it match her natural hair

>> No.10415536

it's a leftbook insult because they're afraid to use retarded and get doxxed because of it. Facebook is a cesspool, especially on the left.

>> No.10415538

she can do a lot of cute things with it too since it's so long.

>> No.10415545

Someone in my comm is writing one.

>> No.10415566

She’s incapable of styling it? That makes sense after all she purchases fullsets and doesn’t have an ounce of creativity in her. Oh boy how can she style her hair? That would require her to be an individual and not a cookie cutter.

>> No.10415573

She needs to wear full coverage in order to hide her baggy eyes. She's improved a lot since she started but she needs to learn more from drag queens and add contouring

>> No.10415579

In all honesty it’s probably not even “white guilt”
It’s just that she got more exposure so of course new people are going to go to her page

>> No.10415580

she can just wear concealer then. it's certainly not helping her.

>> No.10415587

I used to see Lor and Tyler glorified so much that even a slight comment of criticism would get you banned in a heartbeat. It’s nice that everyone dislikes her now too

>> No.10415590

Cgl always hates lolitas with efame. where have you been

>> No.10415591

I would be too desu. I can’t even get $300 for the year in sales so idk why she’s being a pissbaby. It’s actually annoying as fuck.

I agree. I mean if it is, it’s maybe 5% of the total traffic. She should just chill.

>> No.10415606

Her last video was a react, not a content and shw was sponsored by a brand that isn't lolita. She said "oh this brand supports j-fashion".

Gurl, you haven't been making content for 2 years now, just stupid reacts to other people's content, they just sponsor you, not jfashion.

And yeah, most of the black owned lolita brands were ita as fuck, kind of made the real black owned stores look like shit

>> No.10415613

This literally isn't true lol. Lor lives in Toronto, which has a 9% black community and 51% overall "minority" community.

>> No.10415616

>Youtube is not the only form of social media
this is a thread about youtube specifically, so it is you who is dumb, friend

>> No.10415617

When it was first used on the board no one had ever heard of it being used as an insult before and the responses were basically "that's beautiful". As time goes on cgl becomes less silly and just overall saltier, but stuff like this pops up every now and then

>> No.10415618

her entire style is lazy. she only wears fullsets ffs. why be surprised with her hair

>> No.10415620

uh >>10415387

>> No.10415622

this thread isn't about youtube it's about lor...

>> No.10415624

That's the population of Canada, I said Toronto. Canada has a lot of rural towns with majority white population that are tipping that scale. Canadian cities are very diverse.

>> No.10415638

>we should treat people of different races differently rather than everyone getting the same treatment

>> No.10415672

The public education of this country has failed a lot of people

>> No.10415688

Okay? My bad I guess, it looks like my hair when I brush out braid waves. She could still do... literally anything with it.
Also while we're talking about her hair, I binged LWLN a while ago and kept running into videos where her bangs were like, halfway across her forehead? Wtf is that?

>> No.10415734

I agree with you on all points except
>her under eyes that dont have concealer

I have the same under eye situation as Lor and it is nigh impossible to get rid of all the darkness, because it's not the skin tone, it's a shadow. Lor and I both have a dip where our cheek meets our eye bag. If you don't have light beaming on it just right, it's going to show up as a dark spot. Even with the best Bobbi Brown concealer, shadows happen.

>> No.10415772

if it's a shadow from your eyes you can make it look somewhat better with brightener

>> No.10415903

Someone here and I both mentioned that if you talked poorly about either lor or tyler that you would get banned
I’m sorry anon and I hope you get more sales
Its not the dark under eyes its the literal sacks under them. Without concealer or like what >>10415772 said, it’ll look bad.

>> No.10415934

It's a prominent tear trough. Make-up can't fix that, only fillers can.

>> No.10415961

I’m not worried. I’m not exactly into what I do for the money, rather than to spread a message. As long as I do that, I’m ok with the small sales lol

>> No.10415986

Something specific about the post must have triggered the mods then or enough angry anons reported it. Gulls never spoke fondly of Lor. Tyler maybe, but never Lor.

>> No.10415989

I really don't understand why lor is ever even discussed on here. She dresses herself like shit despite being in the fashion for years. She's not an authority on lolita, just an attention seeking perma ita

>> No.10415994

I understand why she's discussed because like it or not she's the face of Western Lolita but I really wish we could just collectively decide to make her disappear. She's so painfully uncreative and there's nothing she brings to the table that any other long-time lolita couldn't do better. It's a total mystery to me how she even got this far.

>> No.10415998

First Nations people. Idk if they have a reclaim indian movement like in the US/ American Indian

>> No.10416008

cause youtube is the norm and most young people watch stuff there compared to anywhere else online.

>> No.10416009

I saw it first on cgl around the time hwc was still a thing. I've never seen it on FB.

>> No.10416011

way to miss the point, dumb ass.

>> No.10416012

Do better and supplant her then if you're tired of seeing her.

>> No.10416014

I think that's the point, it's supposed to be insulting but also fairly harmless? I guess someone used it and someone thought it was funny and it spread from there

>> No.10416018

Fuck that, I'll just support lolita youtubers I actually enjoy

>> No.10416051

so are the words "doofus", "dork", "bonehead", "knucklehead", etc. And those already exist. Saying "walnut" just makes you sound like some childish faggot that make up an insult at their elementary school

>> No.10416052
File: 59 KB, 217x485, 229CF273-6EB3-4220-810A-AA24F5DD9FCF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ok numbnut

>> No.10416117

Calm down you cranky lemon.... it’s just a word.

>> No.10416119
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can you LARPing leftbook faggots leave

>> No.10416127
File: 271 KB, 665x957, 1168642447067.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its less likely to get you fired/cancelled when it slips out accidentally instead of other insults YOU WALNUT

>> No.10416154

AYRT dude, you don't have to say it or enjoy it. I'm just trying to explain it. chillax

>> No.10416178

Emailed, sage for OT

>> No.10416249

If and ONLY if you stop being such a sensitive, pussy ass bitch my friend

>> No.10416582
File: 491 KB, 1055x647, noir.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"they make a lot of beutiful gothic pieces,like look at this dress,this is beautiful"

>> No.10416583

Lor truly is a clown inside and out

>> No.10416589
File: 760 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2020-06-18-09-51-50.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I watch this girl who is Canadian and she did a lolita video. Apparently Lor knows some of the girls in this video and one of them is black so there's a start for Lor to ask someone. She doesn't have to look far it seems.


>> No.10416591

Also sage for replying twice but I just went to noirhaus's insta and they even tagged the post with bodyline, it couldn't be more obvious. Like jfc way to show you know literally nothing about these people's businesses.

>> No.10416604

Either lor has poor taste when it comes to dresses, or she genuinely doesn't care about the quality of the dresses these black creators make and , instead, only care about the fact that they're black and thus can fill a slot in this video. I'm more inclined to believe in the former rather than the latter

>> No.10416629


Lor even reacted to Darcei's video and got whiny and butthurt that she wasn't invited because it's her comm/'friends' and cried about it on camera even though people explained that they didn't want a bigger YouTuber just taking over the video with their presence/also filming, etc.

Honestly Darcei is so cute in everything she tries and I like seeing more non plus sized black lolitas (all well dressed black lolitas regardless of size are cute, I just like having weight loss inspo/aspirational people with similar body types and skin tones to me) so if she were to get more into lolita I would eat her content up

>> No.10416639

I cringed so hard. I can't believe she didn't recognize it, they've made this dress for years.
>sOmE pEoPle jUsT dOnT lOoK aT BoDyLiNe
She just made a video with another dress of theirs like last week.
She literally just scrolled past all the BLM posts on their Instagram and pointed out the first post she saw with a dress in it without even reading it's caption. It's just a coord to go with one of their headpieces. If this ain't performative BS, I don't know what is.

>> No.10416640

I remember that video, I don't really watch Lor but saw that vid in relation to Darcei and wondered what was the drama on that. Oh well.

I understand on that second part. I've been hunting down black lolitas for their make-up and hair styles because the bright stuff doesn't exactly look right with my skin tone. Darcei hass been my favorite not only because she's fun and goofy but without her makeup she looks similar to me and following her makeup helps the most.

>> No.10416721
File: 113 KB, 512x512, 1592274036198_mr1592508258000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think the worst part about Lor after all these years is she has potential to look better if she tries. Hell even Meitu is available to show what contouring looks best on you and what colors flatter your face more and she makes not effort to look her best

>> No.10416725

lor is a constant reminder that red lipstick both looks good on no one and always serves as a constant reminder of the 50s.

>> No.10416727

Darcei is cute and all but why does every female Youtuber try to skinwalk Liza Koshy's personality and facial expressions?

>> No.10416731

I don't know who Liza is, but Darcei's personality reminds me of my aunt and a couple co-workers. The only difference is she makes k-pop and inuyasha refs, so I thought it was just "quirky black girl" personality.

>> No.10416874


Yeah desu her personality isn't out of the ordinary at all, it's pretty similar to that of me and a lot of other college aged relatively educated black girls I know (I mean desu I'm probably far more 'weird' than someone like Darcei); kinda quirky and funny/silly but really normie desu with some weeb/koreaboo interests in there.

I know Liza by name but never watch her content; most famous content creators on YouTube aren't all that special and are usually popular because they are awkard and basic like everyone else or seem relatable in the first place (being attractive by eurocentric standards--or to any specific niche audience--and willing to film yourself doing silly things and post it are kinda all you need to get a guaranteed 100K subs if you post consistently) so it's not a surprise she is really similar personality wise to other people.

>> No.10418882
File: 83 KB, 243x230, numbnut huh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"numbnut", huh?


>> No.10418959

IDK if I'd bitch about it but I'd sure be concerned if i suddenly got a bunch of attention and a huge influx of business. I'd be glad for the money and exposure, but I can also think of half a dozen ways it can blow up in your face when you suddenly get a slew of orders.

>> No.10419149 [DELETED] 
File: 93 KB, 1024x683, 1590871214245m.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why the fuck would I want to give money to joggers?
They already get everything for free plus they burnt down my home town.
Fuck 'em!

>> No.10419283

I’m personally experiencing a fair amount of white guilt and I still won’t buy shit I don’t actually like just because the person selling it happens to be black. I bought some books by black authors because they seemed like interesting books, but I refrained from buying quite a few of the books by black authors I’ve seen recommended because they sounded bad/were not genres I like. I feel like if people just wanted to score ally points they would either just donate OR get something they actually like by a black creator, but maybe that’s not how people in general think idk

>> No.10419284

>I’m personally experiencing a fair amount of white guilt
There's no reason to feel guilty if you, yourself has done nothing wrong. The only ones that should be feeling guilty are the actual racists trying to start shit between everyone.

>> No.10419292

Her undereye blush looks like severe allergy

>> No.10419300

Wow, she looks way better here and those are easy changes. Oh, Lor...

>> No.10419462

No, you should definitely still feel guilty. You benefit from the current system and feel no drive to change it, you should feel guilty and do something about it.

>> No.10419476

Not everyone is going to dedicate their lives to becoming an activist anon, some people just want to live and let live.

>> No.10419481

privilege 101

>> No.10419484

You don't have to go to the extreme and become an activist if that's not in your skillset. There are other ways to drive change.

>> No.10419491

Yes, I am a pretty privileged black woman.
Of course but feeling guilty about it as someone who has done nothing doesn't help. I don't feel guilty for the sins of my family.

>> No.10419498

You think if POCs were in charge and were the ones with privilege they'd give half a crap about white people? No.

>> No.10419506

To be fair, I noticed a pattern when watching "karen" videos that led to Karen types being racists and in all those videos, even with clear evidence of harassment and racism from others, black folks never pressed charges or took legal action when they could. They just post it online, the news catches it, they all laugh and then go about their day. Had it been the reverse they'd be in jail and fined in a heartbeat. It makes me wonder if this is yet another factor in crime statistics; Whites never getting charged and blacks always getting charged.

>> No.10419509

Guilt motivates change. You can't ignore guilt for the rest of your life.

Shut up and read a book.

>> No.10419512


Hot take: privilege is the liberals' answer to original sin and the way they approach it is counterproductive and in the end just leads to more of the 'performative' SJ that they decry.

Learn, be aware, understand, and take action if necessary, but guilt tripping yourself over it solves nothing.

>> No.10420014

That red one in the thumbnail legit looks like a ripoff of a sissy fetish costume.
don't ask me how I know this

>> No.10420020

I mean, in most non-white countries with colonial history the non-white people in charge still lick the asses of any white people that come their way. Just look at how white people get treated in places like the Philippines and Thailand (and yeah you can find some counts of violence but by and large they are absolute rajahs compared to people who actually are from there)

>> No.10420028

Yeah in the Philippines white people are treated good becouse especially filipinas are after white males as a provider. It is just beeing fake becouse of interest

>> No.10420144

this is so true.
I'm Filipina but I don't get the pinoy pride thing cause like, their women just go after white men all the time. A bunch of them move here and go for white guys.
I'm glad I can break the mold and date women instead. And maybe even a non white woman.

>> No.10420145

Empathy and a sense of justice motivates change.

>> No.10420156

I'm a half Filipino woman and I can't imagine being in a relationship with a white guy. I understand why poor Filipinas go after westerners with their powerful exchange rate and all, but when I see an educated, attractive Filipina woman with some fat white fuck, often 15 years older than her, I just don't get it. I've never been in a relationship with a white guy, but I've gone on dates with a few and even I, a super white looking halfie who only speaks English, get exotified. When I say I like to cook they say things like "it's part of your culture to be domestic and caregiving, right?" Fuck. Imagine dealing with that 24 hours a day forever.
>I'm Filipina
>their women
>move here

You sure about that?

>> No.10420158

>When I say I like to cook they say things like "it's part of your culture to be domestic and caregiving, right?" Fuck. Imagine dealing with that 24 hours a day forever.
I know what that's like actually cause I'm also half white/half Filipino.

Also I'm the same one who mentioned that Filipino move here to the states to marry white men. I've seen that a lot in my lifetime. Hell, one of my old managers married an old white guy for his money and she was all Pinoy pride all the time.

>> No.10420160

>their women just go after white men all the time
That's basically all Asian women today. It's fucking disgraceful. I get made fun of for only wanting to date Asian guys instead of hating on them and going for whites.

>"it's part of your culture to be domestic and caregiving, right?"
BARF. Just as bad as the "submissive and obedient" shit.

>> No.10420170

I mean, I think only wanting to date certain races is weird at all, no matter which way it's going. There used to be a girl in my comm who only dated Japanese guys and that's just weird and fetishy to me.

So like, if you only date asian dudes or you only date within your race, you're not much better.

>> No.10420176

>you only date within your race
That's normal and what most people do...

>> No.10420185

is it racist / fetishizing if you feel attracted / repulsed to specific genetic traits? Isn't that just normal attraction / preferences? I'm no woke sjw treehugger and always wondered.

>> No.10420188

Maybe in your circles but not in mine.

Well I think attraction can be based on more than just looks.
The point is that if someone refuses to date certain races, they clearly have trouble accepting those types of people. And only dating one race is being closed minded. Like, I wouldn't say if you only met one black person and didn't want to date them because you didn't find them attractive that you were racist.
But if you said that you just didn't want to date any black people? That's pretty extreme and a weird preference to have.

I have dated white guys as a Filipino woman and it just didn't work out with any men I dated, regardless of their race because I don't just date certain races.
I'm no longer attracted to men because I had such horrible experiences with them but that's a different conversation.

So I think when it comes down to it, really depends on your intent. Like do you not find them attractive because you think those races usually have those genetic traits? What about the ones who don't have those traits? Sure races have similarities but it's never the same across the board.

>> No.10420190

it is normal. sjws use the same rhetoric that racists do. that being said certain things are iffy, like a weeb being explicitly attracted to japanese people.

>> No.10420192

I guess it's normal if you're super fucking shallow.

>> No.10420193

>Maybe in your circles but not in mine.
In every country in the world. It's a fact not an opinion. Even in a very mixed place like America, only about 10% of women date interracially (except Asian women who date out around 30%). Look shit up before you talk

>> No.10420194

>if someone refuses to date certain races, they clearly have trouble accepting those types of people
that's not how that works...
in fact your entire post is gross and sounds like incel speak. skin color is a physical thing like hair and eye color, it's not racist to think that.

>> No.10420196

you sound bitter.

>> No.10420201

No, and humans in general are most attracted to their own race due to how biology works. People are naturally attracted to those with similar features to themselves. Interracial dating is quite rare in relative terms with the exception of white men/Asian women being increasingly more common, which is a cultural phenomenon that has little to do with physical attraction.

>> No.10420258

Sex workers are so open-minded and against sexual racism! More women should be like you! Less discriminatory. Also it's pretty weird and close minded you don't have sex with homeless people over 50, kinda classist.

>> No.10420263

I never said it didn't.

>> No.10420265

Maybe if north america wasn't so obsessed with BQ it wouldn't be a factor.

>> No.10420325

>having physical preferences is weird

>> No.10420332

This is autistic as fuck.

The race of an author should have absolutely no basis on the type of book you buy unless it is autobiographical. Buy shit you want, if black people want to sell things, make things people want to buy or can't get anywhere else. It's like people buying 'handmade indigenous' woven baskets that sell for like $300 in museum gift shops. These baskets aren't fucking worth $300, they are worth $30 at best. Then they complain that nobody is buying their wares and it's because of racism people won't pay $300 for a basket. Like, fuck. Maybe don't spend your entire week making one basket? Steamline your process and make it into an actual business, not a hobby that you expect white guilt to fund. The Japanese figured this shit out like 140 years ago when they realised nobody gave a shit they were outpacing their fuedal society full of MUH BUSHIDO.

I say this because I frequent my cities art museums and without fail every time I leave, there is the exact same 'indigenous' crafts sitting in the exact same spot in the gift shop for months, some years. A fucking hand-woven coin purse is $75 made by some indigenous person! IT'S NOT EVEN GOOD QUALITY! Then I walk out to the train station and get called a 'fucking white dog' because I don't give some indigenous minority money to spend on crack.

>> No.10420441

is this a biological woman

>> No.10420475

Contrary to popular belief in this board, biological women can be ugly without secretly being men

>> No.10420517

>Look shit up before you talk
I am Asian and you're just lumping me into statistics and telling me to look things up and you don't even list your own sources. You're just an anon - why should I believe anything you're saying? (Rhetorical question, don't answer.)

>skin color is a physical thing
Yes and it's not ok to dislike someone based on thier physical appearance. It's only ok to do shit like that here on this board and site because it's expected behavior most of the time.
But outside of this place, a lot of people don't share that ideology anymore.

I'm bitter because I'm tired of being treated like shit because of my race. Even here there are anons trying to make the argument that it's not some how racial to only be attracted to certain races or dislike certain races, but you know, only for dating purposes.
Once dating gets involved, it's magically no longer racist.

>> No.10420575

I am disabled and in my community more boys did this filipina marriage thing. One disabled guy that nobody would want in my country sold his flat in Europe and got a filipina girl , he went to her country and everybody there was so nice fake to him, now he is back here becouse the girl left him after she spent all his money. many undesirable european men get a filipina just like getting cattle from marketplace, the whole thing does not look good.

>> No.10420595

You get called that because you are racist, not because they want your money.

>> No.10420603


I only date within my race because every time I dated outside of it I've been fetishized. Yellow fever is a thing and I'm tired of having to guess if that's part of the attraction to me. I also just like the cultural shorthand and not having to explain every aspect of my culture to guys only pretending to be interested.

I respect other people's decisions to date in or out of the race, we all have different preferences and honestly when it comes to choosing an intimate partner there are so many factors at play that normally don't come into getting along with coworkers or even friends.

>> No.10420604

I'm racist because they give me good reason to be.

If everyone I've ever encountered has been incredibly rude and racist to me for having done nothing other than exist, they can go and die.

>> No.10420606

So why don't you date people who are severely disfigured? Is it because they don't look appealing to you?

>> No.10420609

being ugly =/= looking like a man.

cope more

>> No.10420616

>If they are rude to me, they can go die
Sounds about white.

>> No.10420631

I'm convinced this is an asian or hapa incel.
>You're just an anon - why should I believe anything you're saying?
Why should we believe you are Filipina? Why should we believe you aren't a Klansman? Are you even cis

>> No.10420648

you know you can like someone as a person without liking them romantically.

>> No.10420684

hey quick question because I'm legitimately curious, and generally consider myself libtard but don't understand this one concept
why are nonblack people supposed to pay random black people though cashapp? isn't my money better spent on organizations like the ACLU because it helps toward lasting change as opposed to paying randos because they're black?
I genuinely don't understand the logic behind this and yet I see all my white friends sharing lists of black peoples' cashapps and venmos

>> No.10420688

>supposed to pay random black people though cashapp?
Hold on people are doing what now? Where the fuck is my money?

Half-joking aside, that sounds dumb and sounds like your friends got tricked into something.

>> No.10420689

it's honestly disgusting that your white friends are trying to act like they're doing anything positive by buying a few randos lunch.

>> No.10420716

>So why don't you date people who are severely disfigured
how do you know I haven't? Where did I say that I didn't?

>I'm convinced this is an asian
>why should we believe you're Filipina?
Which one is it? Sounds like you're already convinced I'm Asian. I am. And yea I'm cis.

Yes, I even said that earlier in my first post that got a ton of replies.
Being attracted to someone should be more than just their looks. You can like people without being attracted to them. Of course.
But if you make the decision to rule out black people or to only date within your own race, that's racist.

Romance doesn't suddenly make it not racist.

>> No.10420718

I don't understand just giving money to funnel charities that don't really do much with the money. I'd rather just give directly to black people who need it.
I think charities are often the way rich people "give back" without actually putting money towards those who really need it. That way they don't have to interact with the poor and they can virtue signal and say they did something good even though they most likely don't even know where the money actually goes.

>> No.10420719

Not that anon
>But if you make the decision to rule out black people or to only date within your own race, that's racist.
So if rule out dating any men does that make me sexist?

>> No.10420727

Reply All (podcast) did an episode about how annoying actual black people find this trend, kek.

>> No.10420746

>actual black people
Implying the ones posting their cash apps aren't Black?
Black people aren't a hive mind.

>> No.10420748

it's not your decision whether or not people are physically attracted to people or not.

>> No.10420750

It's called mutual aid. It's for the same reason why you'd donate directly to a poor person rather than donating to charities. You know exactly where the money's going and you're helping someone in need directly.

>> No.10420759 [DELETED] 
File: 758 KB, 579x703, ars-864915543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking piece of shit jannies erased my comment.

>> No.10420760

The people asking for money are free to ask for money and it’s just as fine to give money to them as it is to give to any beggar on the street. But please don’t give money to any random black friend you happen to have just because they’re black. I can’t imagine anyone taking that well.

>> No.10420762

Obviously anon.

>> No.10420764


>> No.10420777

I didn't say that anywhere and that's not the point.

>> No.10420871

>Getting called a "white dog" or "fucking white raping cunt"

The entire media collective would have a meltdown if the shoe was on the other foot. Stop having double standards of what is not racism and what is racism. Being white does not mean that it's okay to berate them for being white.

>> No.10420904

>to only date within your own race, that's racist.
no it's not. it's a fact that it's not. most people only date their own race and it's due to biology. learn science and get over it

>> No.10420911

that is entirely the point. you're policing people because you think your values are more valid than theirs are. if i want to date someone i find attractive i'm not going to give a shit if a dumb child thinks i'm a racist or a fetishist. maybe if you and more retards listening to you stopped living in a bubble you'd realize how little things you say matters. no one here is going to be shamed by anyone.

>> No.10420937

Awww are you upset little one?

Some Black people find it to be a really weird way to get reparations, but honestly it’s kind of.... annoying. Usually if I’m gonna post my cashapp, I offer an incentive behind it. Watching Black people call it reparations is cringe.

>> No.10420957

sounds to me like they are lazy and mad entitled. And profiting from the white guilt.
>but muh reparashun
i'm not responsible for what my ancestor did. I gave to a BLM centered charity. Unless you're my friend (or a stranger in distress in front of me) i'm not directly giving you money. Get a job.

>> No.10420959

some bitches are never happy with anything. If not that she'd bitch and whine about being an underrated pee ow cee creator and how dare the white bitches not follow her. Sounds like a fat cunt to me.

>> No.10420961

Speaking of white guilt and SJWs,I noticed that girls posting on COF often get more likes and comments if they're black even if their coord is shit. Probs bc they're oppwessed widdle babbies that should be coddled. Fuck that patronizing shit. If a coord is mediocre or shit,it should be called as it is,black people don't want to be put on a pedestal ffs.

>> No.10420973


The people arguing that you are giving directly to 'black people' rather than donating to larger organizations are farcical. Have you ever given money to a homeless person? You're thinking you're doing great until you see them get crack down the street. It's the same principle - I'm sure some people will use the money responsibly but by and large with no accountability and with donation to individuals with no purpose, it's going nowhere. You're literally giving lunch or beer money which is the opposite of lasting change we want. Want to see change? Research your organizations and look into causes you want to support.

There's a fuckton of scamming out there now with BLM, so be careful. But the answer is quite definitely not giving to randos for 'reparations' and who have no purpose in how they will use the money.

>> No.10421036
File: 125 KB, 967x876, 20200620_215417-01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>i'm not responsible for what my ancestor did
Haven't heard that one before.

>> No.10421037

my ancestors were lowly european peasants from a country that didn't have black slaves. should i still feel bad just because i'm white and completely unrelated white people from other european countries did some stuff?

>> No.10421042

Nayrt but this arguement is bullshit and borderline nazism. Precluding this with the fact a big chunk of my ancestors were Ashkenazi Jews in Europe.

Jews in Europe were fucking wealthy through means of generally fucking over people through the finance and banking sectors, buying off politcians and bankrolling the media. They made and maintained their wealth by unscruptulous means. People got fed up with this and then the rest is history. What your ideas and concepts are is fucking dangerous and will lead to genocide, just like what is happening the the white South Africans right now.

Also what about the amount of white labour and asian labour that was forced or stolen from people to build America? Black people weren't the only ones that got fucked over. What amount of money or what demands do you want so that you never mention the issue again? Israel bluntly stated he we want $x Billion dollars Germany and we'll never mention the Holocaust or hold you accountable ever again.

Blacks don't want to give out a $ figure because they know that once they do and it's paid for, that leverage they have over people who suffer from white guilt dissappears.

What about the generational wealth from black people who also owned slaves?

This is just such a terrible arguement and it does nothing but divide people and turn the debate into heresay.

>> No.10421043

But the anon said they donated. The most important part of all this is to try to do what you can to help make a change and that anon did, they're just not going to give money to anyone willy-nilly. I'm black, did some research and found out that parts of my heritage come from cannibals. I don't feel responsible for that but I do my part by not eating people. Sometimes.

>> No.10421098

Wait, What about free black people who owned slaves? Have you factored them into your bullshit assessment?

>> No.10421101

You’re a better person than I am, anon. If my ancestors were cannibals you can bet I’d threaten to eat people every time they wronged me

>> No.10421131

Your ancestors were white, now gib moni

>> No.10421144

I live in white-ass Eastern Europe, I haven't personally talked with a black person in my entire life, my country hasn't had any colonies or slaves, and we were fucked in both world befode and post WWII. The fuck are we supposed to do? How do we benefit from a minority that is nearly non-existent?
These people somehow think that white is a hivemind, and Europeans weren't ripping out eachother throats for centuries. You don't see individuals yelling at and begging random Germans for money online and then saying that they killed their granny

>> No.10421150

>Europeans weren't ripping out eachother throats for centuries.

I think my favourite quote about the history of Europe is "There's nothing more European than killing other Europeans."

>> No.10421225

If you're sincerely asking: Take a look at how you benefit from the exploitation of black and brown people in other countries.

>> No.10421402

It's pretty obvious you are ignorant about how society in Europe isn't a monolith. You see rich countries, like Germany and France, and say that they exploit POC just because. But it's not a matter of skin colour, but poverty as a whole. Alongside these people are also Europeans from the former soviet block, who work physical jobs for hour on the fields or in the factories for minimal wage, just because it pays better then in their own countries. They are also white. And they are also said to be "taking out jobs" and that they should "go back to their countries". It's not a matter of racism, just how economy works. It's shitty and not how it should be, but to blame it on just on skin colour is just as bad.

>> No.10421446

>most people only date their own race and it's due to biology. learn science and get over it
Explain all the halfie babies. Explain all the mixed people.
Maybe take your head out of your ass and stop defending this made up science you keep siting without any proof to back up your points.
Most people are mixed these days.

I'm not policing anyone. I can't stop people from doing what ever they want.

And being anti-racist is VERY valuable these days. People are getting fired from their jobs after being found to be racist and saying racist things.

You can date whoever you want but if you go around saying you won't date "x race" you're a fucking racist.

>no one here is going to be shamed by anyone
Ah yes. Typical 4chan opinion of being stubborn. So stubborn they will even defend their hatred of others.

>> No.10421447

>The fuck are we supposed to do?
pay up whitie

>> No.10421448

Try other countries outside of Europe anon.

>> No.10421450

>my country hasn't had any colonies or slaves
And what country is that exactly?

>> No.10421451

>You don't see individuals yelling at and begging random Germans for money online and then saying that they killed their granny
Well that's because Jews found other ways to take money from them lol.

>> No.10421455

Any country that isn't the UK, France, Spain, Portugal, to a much smaller extent Germany or Italy, but is in Europe.
Unless you want to go full autismo and say that anything that was once part of the roman empire still owes reparations for slavery, in which case, my gaul ass will demand that you pay up.

>> No.10421458

I don't know if you were that anon or not but I was actually asking what country they're in. They said "My country" and I just kind of don't believe them.
I had a list of articles about slavery in Europe open. But I won't get the specific country out of that anon cause then people could prove them wrong.

>> No.10421464

>You can date whoever you want but if you go around saying you won't date "x race" you're a fucking racist.
So if you are heterosexual you are sexist?

>> No.10421466

No, really, Europe very quickly moved away from slavery proper after the end of the roman era, it only returned when the trading and colonial nations got a chance to exploit the already existing slave trade networks in Arabia and west-Africa. Pretty much all of central Europe was out of that loop, all of Scandinavia, the Baltic nations as well. The southern and Balkan areas were actually enslaved under the ottomans on a very regular basis (hell, that's where the term "slave" even comse from, it derivated from "slav/slavic").
the main perpetrators were the portugese and spanish as they not only did it in the largest quantities, but also for the longest and with the most permissive legal framework. The UK did not actualy trade in slaves that much, the american slaves were imported after the independence, and at that point the UK was actively trying to halt slave trade to bury the spanish hold on commerce once and for all. The french had quite the go in the Caribbeans but not for such a long time as they very quickly went in to abolish that trade as well. The dutch messed around quite a lot though in completely different areas. The germans, italians and expecially the belgians had a short go but were pretty brutal about it.
Still, the main ideas and images we currently have of slavery come from the situation in the US, fueled by spanish trade, and from the Belgian Congo.
So yeah, if you're czech, danish, slovenian or latvian, you and your people have very little history with slavery. If you're ukrainian, greek or bulgarian, your people have quite the history of actually being enslaved.

>> No.10421467

This is my first reply in this chain and I actually am very pro-BLM, but this is a very smug and America-centric reply. Especially in Eastern Europe, there are several European countries that never directly participated in the Atlantic slave trade or had colonies. That's not to say that white people in Europe don't benefit from systemic racism today (sure, maybe there aren't many black people in, say, Belarus, but I'm pretty sure the few black people who do live there aren't having a fantastic time), but it's very frustrating watching Americans treat Europe as one place with one history while simultaneously expecting them to know every intricacy of the American socio-political climate.

>> No.10421468

/cgl/ - Slavery & Dating Advice

>> No.10421470

no one's arguing with you because they know you're right and don't want to admit it

>> No.10421471

I didn't respond to you the first time but since you keep pushing for the (You) - here it is.

My roommate was watching a show the other day called Dating Around.
In one episode a bisexual woman goes out with various men and women and one of the men is poly. However, he has a weird boundary. He only wants to date multiple women who are bisexual, but he doesn't want them to date other men.

THAT is a great example of sexism in relation to attraction.

So yes. It can be sexist to only date one sex.

But again. This is WAY besides the point. I don't consider me being a gay woman to be sexist because I have dated men in the past. I didn't swear them off out of hatred. I swore them off because I had a lot of bad experiences.

That's different from being racist or sexist.
The racist and sexist parts come from the ideology that you as an individual would decide that you wouldn't date black people just because you don't like black people.

This is very different from, I like black people and just haven't dated one because I haven't come across one I found attractive.

The racist part would be the mindset that you don't find black people attractive because you think/assume that they all have the same genetic traits. Which isn't true.

>> No.10421472

Elegy is really nice quality for the price.

I've worked with the owner and she seems a bit airheaded I guess? So I get why her communication isn't great, and I get being put off by that.

>> No.10421473

And she always wears her clip in bangs like they're falling off her fucking head. THey're meant to be blunt bangs, wearing to the side like she does looks absolutely ridiculous.

>> No.10421484

>That's not to say that white people in Europe don't benefit from systemic racism today
Racism in Europe, at least in countries where there aren't many black people, is on a completely different level. Not saying it's necessarily worse, just different. Worst cases are people who are uneducated and just treat POC like caricatures, but these people are usually asses to everyone else too. Some people just feel uneasy when someone that drastically unlike them is near, so they stare as a natural reaction, realise that they were rude and look away. I've seen so many people take that as a sign of racism, while it's something not everyone can control, not when you see a black person once a year or so. Of course racists exist too, but their opinion on POC comes from the media, they can't really form their own opinion because they lack experience with people themselves.

>> No.10421487

You see how your blanket statment of "if you don't date outside your race you're sexist" has a lot of "but if..?" That's exactly what people are getting annoyed about. You don't know the lives of other people and experiences so to say " if you only date your same race you're racist" how do you think someone who only dates black people because they had bad experiences with white people feel? Or me, who is black and I purposely don't date other black people because I have a warped view and see them all as family members? Or someone who just isn't attracted to dark skin? Light skin? Is this racist as well? Attraction is something you can't control and you started to sound like the same people who say "you're a transphobe if you don't date transbians who still have thier dicks." Careful with using absolute statements especially nowadays because saying that in the wrong places irl could get you in trouble.

>> No.10421511

That's because it's just a bunch of what aboutisms and obviously missed the point.
Ignoring the blatant racism in general. It's a waste of time to argue with that anon.

>> No.10421539

>see them all as family members
ok but what the fuck is that about.

>you're a transphobe if you don't date transbians who still have thier dicks
I didn't say this and I don't agree with it. Especially as a cis lesbian who has to deal with that kind of shit all the time.

Do you seriously think there aren't fucking racists on this site trying to defend their racism? As a black person, you should be more aware of this.
Like do you realize there are people here who fucking hate you just because you're black? Just because of how you look.

How is that any different.

>attraction isn't something you can control
Yea if you're a weak minded bitch.
I know better than to be attracted to shit heads.

>> No.10421547

Anyway Lor posted a handful of black lolita youtubers on her community tab after the fact, I think some of them are in her comm, so I wonder why she didn't just collab with them as opposed to making a boring ass video running through Instagram pages

>> No.10421549

>ok but what the fuck is that about.
The only black people I knew growing up were family members and I only had crushes on other races as far back as elementary school. When I see a black person, I see myself in a way. I see a cousin and feel weird about dating someone who looks like me, that's basically it. No hate at all and yet I've been called racist by other black people for thinking like this.
>Do you seriously think there aren't fucking racists on this site trying to defend their racism? As a black person, you should be more aware of this.
Like do you realize there are people here who fucking hate you just because you're black? Just because of how you look.
Of course there is but the people replying to you don't give that impression. You gave a blanket statement and reject others who say otherwise.
>Yea if you're a weak minded bitch.
Now that just sounds like the doctors and families in the past that sent their kids to camps to brainwash them into not being gay. Trying to change thier "weak minds."

Look it goes both ways. Just because someone isn't attracted to another race or only dates within their own race does not make them racist. Racism comes from hate. Simply not being attracted to a type of people doesn't always come from hate. You said so yourself that you haven't dated a black person because you didn't find one that was attractive to you. Same shit. I wouldn't call you racist for that at all but you seem to be calling others that. I'm tired of people trying to change the definition of racism.

>> No.10421795

Did she bother purchasing or supporting any of the shops in her video? I'm tired of all the virtue signaling from her and people on IG like tsumiko

>> No.10421877

Some valid points are raised. Calling them "blatant racism" just serves to alienate rather than convert people.

>> No.10421964

>When I see a black person, I see myself in a way. I see a cousin and feel weird about dating someone who looks like me, that's basically it. No hate at all and yet I've been called racist by other black people for thinking like this.
Yeah, I wouldn't say that's racist.. it's just odd and definitely just a thing because of how you were raised and your environment. I'd be curious to know what a therapist has to say about that however.

>Of course there is but the people replying to you don't give that impression
They gave the impression that they need to defend their right to only date certain races or only date within their race. That's pretty close minded. And it's a type of discrimination based on race.

Also that one anon who mentioned races sharing genetic traits. This is an incorrect blanket statement and racist as all hell.

>Now that just sounds like the doctors and families in the past that sent their kids to camps to brainwash them into not being gay. Trying to change thier "weak minds."
I grew up as a Jehovah Witness and they believe in sending people to straight conversion camps and shit like that just like other annoying christians who have out dated ideologies.
I believe people buy into religion because they're gullible. I think it sucks when queer kids get put through that shit. But have you ever looked through gay media?
It's filled with the ideology that if you're not gullible, the straight camp can't actually turn you straight and you should just be your gay self.

So yeah. I think people who based their attraction solely on appearance and genetic traits are shallow as fuck and weak minded as hell.

>You said so yourself that you haven't dated a black person because you didn't find one that was attractive to you.
I did NOT say that. I gave that as an example. The first girl I had a sexual experience with was BLACK.

>> No.10421966

Why expect her to buy ugly shit no one wants other than to stroke their white guilt penis

>> No.10422060

>I'd be curious to know what a therapist has to say about that however.
It's not hindering my life in anyway so I don't mind. Most black men I've met don't share the same interests as me anyway and I'm not seeking so it all works out.
>They gave the impression that they need to defend their right to only date certain races or only date within their race. That's pretty close minded. And it's a type of discrimination based on race.
They gave legitimate reasons as well and it's not your place to call them racists unless they're actively saying they hate other races. Like one anon said, you can still like and enjoy the company of/be friends with other races and still not be attracted to them and that's fine.
>Also that one anon who mentioned races sharing genetic traits. This is an incorrect blanket statement and racist as all hell.
It's...not incorrect. There are outliers yes but people from the same areas and of the same race generally have the same genetic traits. This is why you have a "black" section of hair care products at stores because other stuff will dry out our hair and we specifically need heavier stuff that would cause a white person's hair to be greasy.
>So yeah. I think people who based their attraction solely on appearance and genetic traits are shallow as fuck and weak minded as hell.
Then I have nothing to say and hope you don't try to bully someone out of that "weak mind"

>> No.10422182

I'm not trying to "convert" anyone, this isn't a religion or a matter of opinion. If you don't have empathy and can't learn to listen, I'm not wasting my time.

Calling out racism isn't alienating. Please be less fragile.

>> No.10422226

this, it seemed like such minimal effort

>> No.10422427

C'mon I'm French and I can say that even if people from ex soviet block an romani doesn't get the best treatment, you can't deny that north african and black people get the most shit. I had people saying openly to me that they will never hire a black person and people who have african or arab family name don't get job or rent just because of that.

>> No.10422430

I'm in total agreement with you but people these days really do treat it like a religion.

>> No.10422435
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most north africans are white...

>> No.10422439

Nayrt but that’s why she said North African AND black. Reading comprehension?

>> No.10422461

>It's not hindering my life in anyway
Do you realize that you don't have to have a hindrance in your life to see a therapist? Maybe you should go see one anyways. I'm able to pick up on something being off just from what you're telling me.

>it's not your place to call them racists
Oh yes it is. I am a POC and I know racism when I hear/see it. I've had to endure it my whole life.

And yes, just because you're black doesn't mean you look like all other black people. This is a HUGE misconception that's pushed by racism.

>hope you don't try to bully someone out of that "weak mind"
if anyone should be bullied, it's racists.

>> No.10423050

Are you from Romania, Hungary or Bulgaria? Romanian lonelita here never met an easterneurope lolita

>> No.10423058

I think it's both anon

>> No.10423158

>You need therapy
>Dating only your own race is racist because I said so
You have a very "holier than thou" attitude about you, I hope you learn to love more than hate. I'm just going to end the conversations here.

>> No.10423185

Didn't say "need" therapy. I believe that it's good for everyone, even if they don't have "issues".

It's not just because I said so. A lot of people agree with me about this - they just aren't on this site.

I do love more than I hate. You wouldn't know that just from this conversation so I can see why you would assume other wise because I do hate racists and people who try to justify racism.

>> No.10423485

Most black owned lolita brands are ita as fuck, poorly designed, costume-y and bland. I'm saying what we all know to be true.

>> No.10423519

The owner of mossbadger is black and her brand is pretty universally liked, even here. Though you’ll probably disagree to troll.

>> No.10423647


I think mossbadger and lilith and adalia are really the only two that come to mind for me. Everyone else just isn't to my taste desu, I shouldn't really have to bend over backwards to buy shit I won't wear just to 'support' black businesses.

>> No.10423704


Most indie brands in general are like that imo. It's not about the fact they are black but more that they are western indie. A lot of taobao is this way too.