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I know sneakers in lolita is usually a controversial topic but I think the right kinds can really look cute with a coord. So I want to ask:

>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
>If yes/no, why?
>What types would you wear with your own coords?

I’m gonna try to post some coords with sneakers here, if anyone wants to share some examples themselves, that’d be nice!

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I think they're perfectly fine. I'll post if I find any but I don't think I have many saved.

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they don't work because sneakers don't look polished. even casual coords need to have a more polished look, that's why most normie shoes don't work well either. i'm sure some may be okay, but suitable shoes will always look better.

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Angelic Pretty has released a couple different sneakers in the past. I recently purchased these, but unfortunately it'll be awhile since I actually have them since Japan cancelled EMS to the US just a day or so after they were dropped off at the post office.

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ah lucky!! been looking for these for forever, but never seen them for sale in my size. I really regret not buying them when I had the chance to.

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>>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
Yes definitely
>>If yes/no, why?
As long as they look cute, match the coord and aren't dirty I don't see why not. They should obviously match the theme of the coord, wearing sneakers with an OTT princessy coord can look as odd as wearing super fancy shoes with casual.
>>What types would you wear with your own coords?
I like high top sneakers, most of the time they don't look too sporty. I think changing out the shoelaces can add a nice touch too as well as a bit more room for color coordination

Spoken like a true conlita

Oh lucky! I hope you'll get your package soon anon <3 I've actually been thinking about these the other day

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Sneakers only work in sweet lolita that's been inspired by other fashions like fairy kei like below:

In your more historical fashion inspired coordinates, the sneakers look really out of place like these:

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as long as they match they work fine in casual, retro inspired coordinates or fairy kei coordinates.

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I think platform sneakers look best, and the rest of the coord should have casual elements.

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I'm okay with sneakers. If you need to walk a ton they're better to your legs than tea parties or high heels.

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This looks more like fairykei or something. It doesn't scream lolita to me.

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Is that a denim JSK??

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this is shockingly cute? if you described this to me without showing me the picture i'd probably hate it

when a scene kid and a sweet lolita love each other very much

yes, and even more baffling was how it was styled in some kind of denim witch coord for the stock photos

i don't want to like this but something about these lolitas going to an arcade together makes me like it more. does anyone know if the dress has shiny elements in person?

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>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
>If yes/no, why?
They go great with casual. Most people who wear lolita daily don't enjoy walking around in high heels, so having flats and/or sneakers as comfortable options are nice.
>What types would you wear with your own coords?
Sneaks with ribbon details, and/or embroidery. I remember the normie lolita thread had a really cute white pair with red words on it that would go great for valentine date coords

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>Spoken like a true conlita
>literally everything in your post screams conlita
>thinks that polished means ~fancy~
>thinks that casual coords don't look good with nice shoes

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they didn't say casual looks bad with nice shoes, just that sneakers can work in a casual coord. and they can.

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>thinking lolita is about looking polished
did you never see what original lolitas look like? how do you misunderstand the point of the fashion this badly?

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>>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
>>If yes/no, why?
Because most types of lolita targeted heels look like cheap garbage from a hundred meters away. >>10414087 isn't what I'm talking about, that's an example of something that's worth a damn.
I've yet to see a pair of sneakers look like cheap trash in this thread by comparison.

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Fuck, I've always wanted Iridecent shoes like this but held back from buying them because I could never coord anything with them. This is inspiring to me.

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This one's by the same girl, obviously this is on the edge of lolita but it can work.

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Yes. But only with super cute fluffy pastel sweet, and only if the shoes are big chunky kawaii-style. For more mature sweet, classic or goth it will absolutely always look weird.

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>>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
Depending on the coord and the style of the sneaker, yes
>>If yes/no, why?
I think they work well with casual sweet coords or coords that take inspo from other j-fashions like fairy kei. I can’t see sneakers work well with classic or gothic unless it’s like a super toned down, casual look and even then it would probably still look off. I don’t think sneakers with more OTT coords look good. They also need to be clean and be cohesive with the coord too.
>>What types would you wear with your own coords?
Honestly I will always prefer tea parties for myself but I think pastel sneakers with cutesy designs and ribbons work best. I actually think the Puma Fenty Rihanna ones would look really cute with lolita.

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Yeesh, that one is a stretch. I would like to make a jfashion or altfashion coord with that jacket and shoes but it would have to be a different dress. Maybe she should have gone with a white/blue dress that has pink accents? Well, at least she tried so I give her props for that.

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Times change, ita.

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Nayrt but AP themselves have put out sneakers before, and the ex stylist of AP does coord examples with them sometimes. I think they can be really cute if coordinated well.
But sure, live in your little box I suppose.

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Another one for good measure.

They're nice for casual comfy coords, not all of us treat lolita as special occasion wear.

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Nta but polished doesn't mean fancy.

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>blue jean jsk
>high top sneakers
>90s stripe socks
There are components here for some kind of interesting grunge influenced coord, not this one though

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any cute sneaker recs for bigger feet, or am I outta luck? I know brand's basically a no-go since those usually max out at a size 8.5 or 9 US. I wear a 9.5 or 10, depending on how the shoe's cut.

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None of the examples I posted are fancy anon, what I meant was that it doesn't have to look like perfectly well coordinated and polished to be considered lolita.

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that's why they look like shit

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I want to see someone wear Balenciaga's in lolita, I wonder if it's possible to pull off (I think chunky trainers look best in lolita). I lowkey really want pic related, but they're £725 and I could buy brand with that money

Pretty much all trainers come in big sizes, as they're mostly from western brands. For alt brands there's YRU and Irregular choice (they occasionally release cute but normal trainers), but just keep your eye out for cute releases (or shoes that you could customise) from Puma, New Balance, Sketchers, Nike, Vans ect (just by looking at the brands people are wearing in this thread).

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I must've hit a nerve huh :^)

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AP doesn’t automatically = lolita. AP has made stuff for fairy kei.

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Those are fucking hideous, I shudder at what your coords must look like

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this thread is just reinforcing my opinion that sneakers look like shit in lolita. they make coords look like other fashions (mostly fairy kei) or just bad. it's not even like anything but athletic sneakers are more comfortable than flats anyway, most sneakers are flats. also i love how so many people were quick to reeee about the word polished that anon used earlier. choosing specific things to wear instead of throwing on the first clothes you see is literally all one means by polished.

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there are other threads you know, anon
no one is forcing you to look at sneaker coords

>> No.10414474

Read the OP, newfag. This thread is for opinions on sneakers.

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Why dont you go and say that in the next AP Tea party

>> No.10414492

Why even make this thread if you can't deal with anons' opinions?

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what shoes are more comfortable than cushioned sneakers for sweet? tea parties and other pleather sweet shoes (brand and offbrand) are really stiff and hurt after a while. if you have any recommendations, please name them

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You can put as many bows and lace on your sneakers but it still will look off with most of lolita styles. I've never encountered one outfit beside pink were I liked sneakers with. It takes off the elegant from lolita.

People should stop with the argument >but muh comfortable feets!11
There are tons of comfortable shoes for lolita instead of uggo sneakers, besides most of the sneaker designs will still hurt and damage your feet permanently. What's next jersey pants?
Forget that other argument >but precious angelic pretty put out sneakers too uwu
Most of lolitas agree that not everything put out from brands is lolita. Sometimes you have to sell some generic kawaii stuff to lure in future customers.

But please go ahead and wear your oh so comfortable sneakers and call it lolita. Lolita rules exist to be broken and the fashion clearly isn't edgy enough. And if we are at it we should totally encourage wearing those Demonia boots too.

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>There are tons of comfortable shoes for lolita instead of uggo sneakers
can you please list some? for sweet, because that's all that's been posted itt

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Yeah, I'd been searching for awhile. Found them in the pink but wanted blue. Eventually blue showed up on a Japanese secondhand site and I snatched it immediately. With all the shopping service fees and EMS it was really expensive but totally worth it, they were one of my holy grails.


Thank you!


Funnily enough I did mostly buy them for fairy kei, but am also planning sweet ouji coord (AP School March Romper). I think AP releases items that can be used in fairy kei but honestly, I don't think anything they come out with, even if it's more casual, is not intended for lolita. They've never even advertised themself as a fairy kei brand as far as I'm aware, just lolita.

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you sound both new and ita.

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Anon what's the sizing like on the sneakers? AP shoe sizes seem to vary wildly for me

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Unfortunately don't know for sure yet, they haven't arrived due to Japan halting shipping to the US. All I can tell you is I ordered a small and am hoping for the best.

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You know how Google works?

First of all the right shoe depends on how your feet are, how you walk and so on, there are many differences in case you didn't knew. But I'm really not here to educate or convince anyone, especially not to spoon feed. I'm just saying my opinion and I couldn't care less if anyone here destroys their feet, looks ridiculous in their outfit or get shunned by the egl community.

And all the examples posted here for sweet do look like fairy kei or decora to me imho.

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uh if i google i only get results for garbage pleather and sneakers. if you could point me to a comfy brand that makes pastel pink shoes please do, otherwise i'm gonna assume you're baiting

>> No.10414573


You could look around for Angelic Pretty's sneakers, though they didn't release too many. I'd also recommend looking at sneakers from Swimmer, which you can mainly find on Japanese sites like Mercari and Rakuten Fril. Liz Lisa might have released some that could work too. And then popular brands like Converse, Vans, Fila and Superga sometimes release sneakers in pastel colors. The Toy Story Bo Beep Vans are an especially cute example, but you'd have to find them secondhand and in your size, and they probably wouldn't be cheap. You can find various cute pastel sneakers on Taobao too.

>> No.10414577

thank you, i already know where to get sweet appropriate sneakers but i appreciate it!

was asking >>10414548 >>10414501 because they're insisting they know comfy sweet shoe brands that aren't sneakers

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AP is not releasing shoes that aren’t meant to go with a lolita coordinate. Salopettes And mini skirts were inspired by fairy kei but meant for casual lolita.

>> No.10414581

>It takes off the elegant from lolita.
Not all lolita is meant to be elegant. If I’m wearing a pastel vomit dress covered in candy with candy clips in my hair, I’m not nor ever will be elegant.

>> No.10414591

"AP sneakers aren't meant for Lolita" is one of the dumbest myths on the board. Japanese lolitas have no problem wearing sneakers and flats but AP sneakers secretly aren't ackshually lolita but some other style... right.

>> No.10414595

In all the years I've literally never seen AP say anything like "we are now stocking some fairy kei items" or literally anything implying they're selling anything meant for any fashion outside of Lolita.
"AP sells items meant for fairy kei" is nonsense Westerners invented to cope with AP selling things that don't fit their narrow definition of Lolita.

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>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
With summer casual, yes.
>If yes/no, why?
I think they are on the same level as salopettes, parkas, t-shirts, cutsews. They come in a lot of colours and sometimes cute prints, easy to match. They can be pretty cute with lace topped socks.
>What types would you wear with your own coords?
Colourful converse.

>> No.10414621

Wtf is up with the heels on sneakers these days? So ugly

>> No.10414638

Branch out to other jfashion brands. You don't mind many japanese lolitas on the streets wearing only AP/MMM/etc. and they wear shoes from off brand places quite often

>> No.10414651

How are sneakers that fit a coords theme and even have color-coordinated shoelaces not polished though

>casual sweet coords
You can't even greentext properly, go back to your epic tag groups on fb

I'm also curious about the sizing, I think I'm actually eyeing those you didn't want right now haha

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This thread is really disappointing, I was hoping to get some inspiration for cute sneakers but so far only 4 examples have actually been any good.

>> No.10414678

most of them are perfectly good/average coords but with sneakers. what inspiration would you even need? it's not hard

>> No.10414680

I was hoping to see coords where the sneakers actually enhance the look instead of just being acceptable assuming the person’s going to be walking a lot.

>> No.10414682

An S should be 22/22.5 cm.

M is 23/23.5 cm, L is 24/24.5 cm, LL is 25/25.5.

>> No.10414683

Forgot to mention, I don't own sneakers, but I own some AP and Baby shoes, am 24 cm and fit into L comfortably. So the sizing charts should be about right.

I've purchased AP LL shoes before and they were too large and Super Groupies and Kokokim M shoes and they fit but were uncomfortably snug.

>> No.10414688

It's a joord

>> No.10414711

They can work for sweet, but a lot of attention has to go into what sneakers you use. You can't just pop on some Converse and call it good. You've posted some really nice examples here. For obvious reasons they don't work with classic and I've yet to see a gothic example.


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oh, honey...

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Those boots look like actual trash, anon. You wouldn't catch me dead in those.

>> No.10414775

you do know japanese lolitas wear sneakers all the time right? if they don't consider it a rule than why should we

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>> No.10414779

I'm pro sneaker coords, but western itas wear sneaker coords all the time too, so this is a weak argument.

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I have pic related velvet sneakers for meets that involve a lot of walking

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Wearing sneakers with casual lolita has been a thing for the longest time, I'm sure that most anons that whine about it are just newfags.

>> No.10414795


>> No.10414797

>anyone who disagrees with my shit taste is a newfag

I agree it can be done well but, as most of the pics here prove, it isn't about 80% of the time. The vast majority would look better with different shoes.

>> No.10414811

> vast majority would look better with different shoes
I think it's a matter of taste and perception of what lolita "should be". It's a topic beaten to death here that gulls have a different take on the average lolita fashion than the average Japanese lolita, and that's fine

>> No.10414820

These look pretty bad. Too plain, not the right color.

Those are knockoff doc martens, not sneakers.

Not sneakers, again. Lace up boots aren't sneakers.

>> No.10414825

Clearly those are not Lolita coords but fairy kei coords

>> No.10414836

I wanted this jsk when it was put out, but was poorfag at the time. The fit and the bow call to me.

>> No.10414838

I'm surprised no one has posted creepers. Wedge creepers in general work really well with goth or punk inspired coords.

>> No.10414845

I've never seen it before this thread and I'm vibing with it. Looks great

>> No.10414847

there are itas in head to toe brand too. that doesn't mean we should make a rule not to wear brand. you get my point

>> No.10414849

i don't understand how people think sneakers are acceptable but fuckin flats with bows on them still aren't acceptable?

>> No.10414857

>shit taste
>not understanding the cuteness of casual coords and sneakers

Stay mad pleb

>> No.10414862


>> No.10414869

yeah i just mean saying they're japanese doesn't automatically imply they're not ita. you didn't say lots of good japanese lolitas wear them.

>> No.10414870

most of the coords posted here look like hot garbage. sorry

>> No.10414874

Do those coords look like fairy kei coords to you???

>> No.10414875

They're making fun of the people who don't know what fairy kei is and keep bringing it up because they can't recognize not cookie cutter lolita coords

>> No.10414876

I don't have anything against others doing what they like/is comfy for them but personally I feel flats disappear too easily and you're left with the impression of just the sock, even with a bow. Sneakers with height don't do that.

>> No.10414879

this desu. it's absolutely a western meme

>> No.10414881

Some of them are cute, some of them are garbage. You just need taste to be able to pull it off.

>> No.10414882

Flats look awkward even with normie fashion tbqh

>> No.10414883

Not every coord has to be the most perfectest shiniest version of itself. Sometimes, even in lolita, practicality might win out. It all depends on the situation.

>> No.10414884

This, flats don't have the presence of platform sneakers. They also remind me of normie stuff too much, especially when it's just a plain pair.
I think oxfords or brogues go much better than flats with classic lolita. I hate flats as much as anti sneaker anon hates sneakers.

>> No.10414899

I think flats can look cute if they have a proper heel shape and/or have some kind of strap going on. Not with anything OTT though.

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If AP's sneakers were meant for fairy kei, they wouldn't have released red ones. Red isn't a fairy kei color. Black, while doable, usually isn't either.

>> No.10414944

These are really cute, would buy them if only AP's pleather wasn't shit

>> No.10414965

Flats aren’t (pardon the pun) flattering. They look shit on normies already and worse on lolitas.

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I missed out when converse was selling these satin ribbon converse. I think they would be great in coords.

>> No.10414977

>Do you think sneakers can work with lolita?
So long as you're not planning the coord of a lifetime and you're wearing something with actual shape and not ratty converse it's fine. A better shoe could do a better job but so long as it has shape and matches the color scheme it's always better than flats.
>If yes/no, why?
I think a lot of the issues people have with sneakers is ptsd from dirty itas and larpers/conlitas who cannot conceive of wearing anything short of a head to toe full coordinate much less wearing lolita outside of a meetup. I wear lolita to work very often and while I'm not adverse to wearing heels, if I know I'm going to have a busy day I'm not going to want to wear anything that hinders my movement too much.
>What types would you wear with your own coords?
I have some filas I break out every blue moon, but I feel more ashamed about posting after seeing some coordinates with dirty nasty filas. I know they're not technically sneakers either but since they were brought up on the board, I wear my docs more than either heels or sneakers but I'm also someone with a mostly goth wardrobe so it doesn't clash quite as badly as some boots on this thread have.
On a similar note, I'd like to add that I'd rather see boring sneakers that do just fine enough to blend into an outfit than see some girl walk around in uncomfortable fire hydrant red teaparties that do worse than nothing for the silhouette of her coord.

>> No.10415004
File: 140 KB, 412x423, 1524258561438.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm more of a heels type of person desu but flats aren't the worst thing in the world. Once in a while is alright if comfort is a maximum priority, feels like you're walking with nothing. Overusing them is an issue IMO.

>> No.10415009

I think flats are too plain on top. Atleast sneakers come in some kind of cool color or have lacing, and shape the foot in a more flattering way

>> No.10415120

Unless you have really narrow feet, and maybe you do I don’t know you, flats squash out your feet and make them look fat, even if they’re really just normal feet. Flats with support built in are better but they’re not as common.

>> No.10415181

>posts $150 plastic hot topic boots
>talks shit about anyone's footwear
I dunno how you think anybody is gonna take you seriously, but anyway since it's customary to insult someone in every post here; cheap ass teenage ageplayer.
And if you aren't a teenager, then think about what that says about you that you come off like one

>> No.10415182

If you really want these it’s beyond easy to relace any pair of converse with satin ribbons.

>> No.10415197

nayrt but do people really find flats comfortable? Maybe my feet are just weird (I do have a high instep so idk maybe it's that) but I get shooting pains in my arches whenever I walk too much in them.

>> No.10415201

they're horribly uncomfortable to me and my feet are pretty average, i think it might be more to do with your gait

>> No.10415213
File: 1.27 MB, 1440x1948, Screenshot_20200616-111312.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10415214
File: 1.46 MB, 1440x1639, Screenshot_20200616-110855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10415218

They make everyone's ankles look big and their legs look stumpy, even if they aren't. You don't need heels necessarily, even mary janes don't have quite the same unflattering effect.

>> No.10415220

They are for me heels hurt my feet though

>> No.10415228

I find Bodyline shoes without heels comfy and can walk in them for an hour but normie flats kill my feet. No idea what the difference is.
The most comf walking shoes I've ever had are Taos star sneakers.

>> No.10415255

This one pretty comfy!

>> No.10415399
File: 37 KB, 498x664, sneakers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, Anon who ordered the AP Pop Girl sneakers here. Much to my shock, they arrived today, two or three months before expected. God I love Japan Post. Thought I'd provide some info for anyone interested, as I remember at least one person in this thread asking about their sizing. I can only speak for the small though, as that's what I ordered. My shoe size depends a bit on the brand, but I'd say that generally I'm a 5 and a half. These pretty much fit perfectly. Maybe slightly tight? I'd recommend them for a 5 or 5 and a half. But unfortunately, for sneakers, they're not really some of the most comfortable I've worn. Not the worst, but not as comfortable as I'd like sneakers to be. On the even more unfortunate side, the platforms are trying to come off on one shoe already. I tried them on once, wore them a bit (but was just sitting, not walking around), then noticed this when taking them off. According to the original owner, they had never been worn, just sat in storage. So to be honest, I'm feeling a bit disappointed in the quality. Luckily, I don't think this should be too hard of a fix with some shoe glue, but it's still not ideal. Hope this was interesting or helpful for some.

>> No.10415401

The body is satin too, not just the ribbons. The rubber is baby pink too. Converse likes to do that millennial pink and it’s just not the same

>> No.10415413

Flats, like little slipper type flats, just don't stand out against anything. Sneakers are more balanced out against the skirt volume. I think other types of flat shoes are totally fine though. If you have a closed toe shoe with some straps going across the foot or the ankle, that looks much better than just a slipper. Flat oxfords are fine in classic too. I've also worn loafers with classic with a shoe clip.

>> No.10415417

I have a high arch so aside from having no arch support, flats also have no padding so there's no shock absorption. It feels like slamming my feet straight into the concrete when I'm out and about. I used to wear flats with jeans when it was the height of fashion but I think I'm well over them by now.

>> No.10415420

I have no idea why i adore this

>> No.10415421

If dudes can wear smart casual with sneakers they will probably work with colorful dresses

>> No.10415426

I love it because it's exactly how I wanted to look at 13 (and tried with varying degrees of success).

>> No.10415446

Disappointing but not terribly surprising. Quality shoe brands make only shoes, maybe purses and belts or other leatherwork, and not much else, and pretty much any shoes you get from a dedicated clothing brand are going to be meh to crap quality.

>> No.10415449

I think in most of these cases people are talking about ballet flats, anon, not just heelless shoes

>> No.10415460

I am a dumb and forgot there was a structural difference and not just an aesthetic one

>> No.10415468


Yeah, I'm not too terribly surprised either. Although, my pair of shoes from Alice and the Pirates are better quality than these I think; I was actually quite surprised by them.

>> No.10415470

Brand shoes are OK for what they are but they're nothing like a pair of, say, Fryes or Solovairs.

>> No.10415478


Yeah, I certainly wanted these more for the design than any expectations of good quality. I don't really mind how much I spent on them because of that, and what with shopping service fees and all I knew it was inevitable that I'd end up paying quite a bit for them. So I don't personally regret my purchase, I really wanted them and they are super cute, but yeah, I probably wouldn't recommend buying them for a lot of money unless you're like me and have your heart set on them for the specific design. Otherwise, there's probably better quality (and less expensive) sneakers for lolita, fairy kei, or any other styles you might want that for.

>> No.10415550

>flats squash out your feet and make them look fat,
Probably because you're not buying wide(r) when you should.

>> No.10415785

where to cop

>> No.10415828
File: 701 KB, 600x599, 101527.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10415876

Ayrt, I have narrow feet and flats look fine on me but I have a high arch which also makes them extremely uncomfortable, I haven’t worn them since high school. That doesn’t mean I don’t see other people wear flats and how fat it makes their feet look.

>> No.10416259
File: 657 KB, 417x781, kammie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10416416

Cool, you know the details about your size. Obviously those other people you see don't.

>> No.10416421
File: 33 KB, 640x368, 1162859930454.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I mean you are buying 10 year old plastic shoes, they will fall apart if you look at them the wrong way unfortunately

>> No.10416463

not them but so many anons are retarded as fuck. It's really hard to care about any opinions on here.

>> No.10416471


This is one of the reasons I like to take ootd photographs. If nothing else, you can look back on them a couple of weeks later and realise how bad certain items look on you long after the hype of a new purchase has worn off.

I stopped wearing flats a some months after doing this, it has its place but man it's neither flattering not comfortable. I have no idea why I wore them for so long. You really learn to appreciate how perfect all the "typical" cookie cutter lolita stuff looks after having experimented with a bunch of other loliables.

>> No.10416476

i don't really get the argument about uncomfortable brand shoes, the heel is usually only a couple cm, that's not really a heel...

>> No.10417131

I check /cgl/ once every three months at this point and even then I always regret it. It's a cesspool.

>> No.10417302

Sneakers in Lolita is so underrated.
And I love it.

>> No.10417370

Lolita is an inherently public fashion so there's really no way to be sneaky about it. I don't think wearing these kind of tennis shoes would really help you keep a low profile at all, even if they appear comfortable.

>> No.10417377

ebin poast

>> No.10417379

10/10 i kek'd

>> No.10417503

I'm glad I joined the lolita community when sneakers can be acceptable. I can't walk in anything else

>> No.10417505

A few centimeters of heel makes a huge difference in arch support and comfort

>> No.10417553


Same, but I'm someone who has experimented with the full range -- stilettoes, platforms, wedges, boots, sandals, etc.

I think some girls genuinely have feet problems, and there's probably some number that are just fat (in their case strappy lolita shoes probably cut into their ankles, and even a few cm heels may be difficult due to the extra weight).

I have no idea about the rest though. I get it if people are saying the shoes are hard like cardboard, but the heels aren't much to complain about.

>> No.10424127
File: 16 KB, 407x300, download.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think these would look cute with the right dress + coord

>> No.10424177

I have these and they're surprisingly low profile

>> No.10424189

is it not exceedingly simple? just make sure a) the colors match b) IT'S CLEAN. c) an optional but highly preferred amount of lolitaesque flair like ribbon lace or bows, or at least a classy design if nothing else, and it's for a coord with casual elements. basically the same as any other casual coord loliable piece. god damn.

on that note, god i hate itas who use filthy white canvas shoes

>> No.10424196
File: 44 KB, 450x512, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sketchers has these sailor moon satin sneakers too

>> No.10424228
File: 275 KB, 998x1496, EbXXyEjXsAQ32Rg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Going to dump a few sneaker coords from twitter

>> No.10424229
File: 513 KB, 2048x2048, ETnFR3uUYAY7Auo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424230
File: 567 KB, 1536x2048, D5aMN-QVUAcsYZU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424232
File: 1.14 MB, 2160x2160, ER39CxuU0AAdiLA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424234
File: 984 KB, 2160x2160, ER39EUuVUAIcg3B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424235
File: 1.09 MB, 2160x2160, EZMLrjNVcAAk4qQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424256
File: 198 KB, 1080x1512, D34vC1dUEAEFd56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10424294

this nice thread reminded me that we need an ita staples done right thread

>> No.10424320

It's the same problem with the baby heart buckle shoes. The older the shoe, the more likely the glue is dried out.
I find bodyline shoes and also dream v shoes to be better fits for my wide feet with flat arches.

>> No.10424440

These are lovely, where can I find them? I looked them up and it looks like they were only available in Singapore or something

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