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share your horror stories.

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Someone had their first alarm at 5am and then like every 10 mins it goes off. They got up after 8am. They didn't even care when people told them to shut it off.

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lol, sounds like an adhd'er
they cant get themselves up

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My fucking sasquatch of a friend and I had to share a bed for our first con and he kept turning in his sleep and slapping me all night so I got 25 minutes of sleep and got mugged on my way home.

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I stupidly let a lolita I met at a tea party at another con room with me for (con redacted). I was planning to stay at the hotel alone, but she asked if I had room for another. I said sure, why not, it'll save me money. Big mistake. This bitch complained that the hotel I picked "sucked", hogged the bathroom for so long I barely had time to shower before we set out for the convention, woke up to make baked fucking potatoes at 3am slamming the damn microwave and robbing me of sleep. Oh, and then ditched me in a dark parking lot before the BTSSB model call at 6am and I had to have some furries help me find where I was supposed to go. Fun!!!

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Might I add that she shorted me about $80 shy of what I quoted her for her share of the room. I didn't even want to confront her about it because within the first few hours of rooming with her I was mentally checked out from dealing with her

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A trip did this when I roomed with her lol and then had her text tone going off every 20 seconds when she did get up (everyone else was trying to sleep still)

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You should've fucked her to assert dominance.

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Roommate snored loud enough to hear outside the hotel. She even coughed her sleep. She was aware of it and told me but damn, if I didn't bring my own headphones there was no way I could have gone to sleep on my own.

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>Roommate snored loud enough to hear outside the hotel. She even coughed her sleep
Is she fat? 100% sleep apnea anyways

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>be at con
>clingy friend from the other side of the country is attending too, haven't seen her in awhile
>she has her own hotel arrangement with some people I don't know
>i stay in a two-person bedroom with four college friends
>bump into clingy friend
>she follows my every step around the con like I'm used to of her
>ok with it
>it becomes night
>i want to sleep
>clingy friend follows me into already packed hotel room
>college friends are already getting ready to go to sleep
>'clingy friend, shouldn't you go to your own room?'
>claims she forgot where it is
>tell her to phone her roommates
>claims her phone battery died
>tell her to charge it
>the charger is in her room
>'anon please help me find it'
>i walk with her through the hotel for an hour, aimlessly
>we get into an elevator
>some dude in a wheelchair and a pleather bikini gets in with us and blocks the door
>dude starts headbanging and moaning
>uncomfortable as fuck
>dude leaves
>tell my clingy friend fuck this, i'm going back to my room to get some sleep
>she follows me to my room, again
>i tell her to figure it out on her own
>slam door in her face

I felt so bad afterwards but I'm no fucking babysitter. I paid to fucking be there

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Damn I hate people like that lmao
You did the right thing

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Had a roommate steal my designer shirt from me one year to only return it the next year with bleach stains,it had shrunk, and had pilling all though out it. “Oh by the way there is bleach stains and some other stains on it, sorry bout it”
Had to throw the shirt out.
Room mate also brought tiny toy figures from the dollar store and scattered them all over con, cuz teehee funny! She was mid thirties and a mother. She declared herself “the big toddler” proudly. Acted like a child the whole con because that was “her cosplay/character” or some bullshit.
I heard complaints form hotel staff and attendees alike about the stupid figures. People at that point just started collecting them to throw them away.
Later she and her friend think it was so funny to scream-sing loudly at 3am in the hallway then barge open the door to the room where I was trying to sleep. Didn’t fall asleep the rest of the night because she choose to take a shower and sang in the shower loudly. Woke up next morning to find the shower blue and all the towels used up and blue. Her shit hair dye came out and ruined the whole bathroom. Left me to clean up her mess. But the bathtub still was stained blue. I was so dead and done with her shit that I just waited till she and her friend left for the con to go ask for new towels so I could shower in the blue tub and get ready in peace. Horrible con that year for me.

Never again did I room with them. Nor will I.

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Kek I feel this as a fellow adhd gull

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I don't know if it's just me and my very specific experiences, but when someone makes their phone being dead my problem it usually means I shouldn't get too involved with them

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>when someone makes their phone being dead my problem it usually means I shouldn't get too involved with them
are you autistic?

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i've shared this before, but here we go again

>be me, 15, first time at a con hotel
>invited by best friend to room with some online friends (around 19-21 year olds)
>seem like nice weebs, offered to drive us anywhere we needed
>one of the roomies proudly proclaims herself to be a monster fucker upon introduction
>unpacking our stuff into the room now
>monster fucker makes conversation by telling us just how badly she wants to suck venom's pp
>me and my best friend starting to sweat a little
>roomies literally just empty out their makeup bags, cosplay, and bags of snacks onto the bathroom counter, vanity, table, ALL SURFACES POSSIBLE
>my friend and i make do with our little nightstand
>night before day 1 of the con!
>roomies have not finished their cosplay so they spend all night working on them
>ok cool, me and my best friend doze off

day 1
>we wake up at 7 am! we're super excited :-)
>gets off bed and steps onto floor
>i stepped on a bunch of sewing needles
>also why can't i see the floor
>oh because it's covered in fabric, buttons, fabric scissors, candy wrappers and chip bags
>there's also like 20 twinky wrappers and one brave twinky half-way eaten, discarded
>but wait the trashcan isnt even full yet
>none of these slobs bothered to throw their shit away in the actual trash can what the fuck
>all of this shit is tossed onto the floor between my bed and roomies' bed
>im starting to feel this thing called deepa regret

>roomies are still passed out least
>my friend and i bust our ass to get ready and out of there asap w/o waking them up
>don't want to hang out with these people at the con anymore
>leave a note saying hehe we left early and we'll see you guys tonight!
>except they tracked us down through my friend's Instagram story
>furiously try to lose them in the artist alley crowds
>literally just running away
>success!!! freedom!!!!!!!
>we make sure to hide our location and we don't see them anymore for the rest of the day


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alright it's about to go downhill

>back at the hotel, we clean up the trash they left on our side
>when roomies arrive, we have an HOUR LONG talk with them (three adults) about cleanliness
>they finally apologize and start cleaning up
>yay! problem solved
>why are they stashing their candy wrappers under the bed and mattress
>me and my friend are too tired. we'll pretend we cannot see. zzz

day 2
>have a wonderful day 2
>im at the hotel with my friend, roomies are at a rave
>we clean the room again
>about to zzz
>we hear giggling outside the door
>roomies burst in at 1 am, hammered out of their minds
>they come closer to us and good heavens
>they stink so fucking bad
>my friend and i hide under the covers and try not to suffocate

day 3
>i wake up to a revolting smell
>oh its monsterfucker walking past my bed
>friend and i come to sinking realization that monsterfucker has not showered since the rave. maybe even since the con started.
>the blanket off of monsterfucker's bed has fell off
>i go to pick it up for her
>monsterfucker's BO is literally imprinted onto the bedsheets + they're kinda yellowy
>muffled gagging
>gonna shower now to cleanse myself of the shit i've seen
>what is this large purple garment i see on the ground
>stained panties
>in the middle of the room
>the smell is wafting up to my nose
>i go outside to dry heave
>there is only one person those panties could belong to
>monsterfucker is the outlier in size between all of us, so they have to be hers
>we confront monsterfucker
>apparently she decided to strip after the rave because of the heat and had flung her panties off
>imagine if they had landed on me
>well ok, please pick them up
>yeah sure! she says
>she doesn't pick them up.

>my friend and i pack our shit and get ready to leave asap
>by the time we're done, 1 hour has passed
>monsterfucker still smells
>her panties are still on the ground, abandoned

never again

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Was your friend that one pastel artist obsessed with venom? Not naming names, but if so now I know not to room with her

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From when I was young and stupid:

>Unable to room with friends at Youmacon 2014. Can only stay one night instead of the whole weekend.
>Ask on the official con forum if anyone can put me up for one night. Someone responds, let’s call him A.
>A says he has floor space and we agree on a set amount to pay him.
>Day of con arrives. Meet up with A after getting my badge to pay him my share of the room.
>First warning sign was that he tried to weasel out of giving me my change. “I thought you were nice and paying me extra.” No, we agreed on a set amount and that's it.
>Find out A is not staying in the actual room but acting as “room head.” He is staying in another room.
>A lectures me on room rules like a little kid who had never been to an anime con before and to follow them or be evicted.
>A takes me to the room and starts bitching about how messy it is.
>5 people are staying in the room and it's honestly not that bad. I’ve stayed in messier con hotel rooms over the years.
>I get my room key from A and go off to enjoy the con, but not before I see A take two boxes of pocky that don't belong to him.
>Later that night I head back to the room to get some sleep and this is when I meet fellow my roommates, who are pretty cool.
>We all share our experiences with A and agree that he is a dick and possibly autistic.
>Find out that A was being a creeper towards one of the roommates, let’s call her M.
>M is asexual and clearly not interested in A. M talks about how A kept hitting on her and trying to touch her when she was trying to arrange her stuff in the room.
>At one point A bursts into the room looking for M. We hide her under the bed until he leaves.
>Don't see A for the rest of the night.

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>It's late in the afternoon and I head back to the room to get my suitcase so I can drop it off at my car and then enjoy my last few hours at the con.
>A is waiting in the room alone. Someone must’ve let him in because he does not have a room key.
>A starts pestering me to room with him again at future cons. I politely turn him down. After the experiences I've had I want nothing further to do with him after the con.
>A then starts whining about people not talking to him in his room and how he wants to spend the night in this room instead.
>He just wants an excuse to creep on M.
>Luckily my fellow roommates arrive and shut his idea down.
>I then have to wait for A to leave so I can give my key to one of my roommates because I don't want him to get it.
>A dicks around in the room for 20 minutes trying to make awkward conversation while the roommates are trying to change and get their stuff together.
>A finally leaves the room so I give the roommates my key and leave.

>After the con ends A makes a whiny post on the con's fb about how he wasn’t trying to be a creeper. He had apparently been creeping on other girls besides M that weekend and several people called him out on it.

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Same. Have you tried meds?
That’s the only thing that’s helped me.

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Note to the zoomers that ask is 30 too old for cons: This is why having an established job with good pay at 30+ is a godsend. You can now afford a room to yourself to avoid these horror stories.

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This. I enjoy cons much more that I’m older and am more responsible and have a good income so that I can fully enjoy buying and doing what I want without feeling guilty or without having to go without / sacrifice something else in my normal life for it. It’s so nice being able to treat cons as a leisurely activity.

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Stayed at a hotel room paid for by my dude friend's parents, seperate rooms for girls and guys, pretty normal considering we were all teens at the time. The only girls he cared about were me (his best buddy) and his girlfriend, but he told us we could invite whatever friends we we want. so the setup was
>Room 1 (girls)
one of my friends
his girlfriend
a couple of his girlfriend's friends
>Room 2 (boys)
my dude friend and his friends

dude friend's girlfriend kept using our room to have fucking GANGBANGS with all of his dude friends behind his back, as well as inviting random men from the convention back to the hotel room to fuck.
By day 2, everyone has walked in on her doing the old bump and grind with a different man at least once, then hiding under the covers and pretending they were "just cuddling"

One dude she kept fucking refused to leave the hotel room in order to let us change into our cosplays. We had an intervention, and by that time even her friends were fucking pissed with her for being a whore. we told her people don't cuddle like that, we all know its bullshit, that's insanely disrespectful to her boyfriend, so on. She told us we were all mean bitches, then left the room to stay in some random guy's room that night.

after the convention, I told my dude friend that he should be careful around her, because I don't want him to get hurt. He told me I was a sack of shit, his girlfriend loves him, told me he didn't want to be friends anymore. I didn't tell him about the cheating.

skip to a few months later, completely different convention. Whore sees me in an anime convention, and makes a scene. "FUCK YOU! I LOST MY BOYFRIEND AND FRIENDS BECAUSE OF YOU! FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOUUU!" turns out her friends dropped her because of her con thotting, her boyfriend eventually found out about the cheating, and she decided to blame me. The situation escalates, she shoves me, and I honestly just deck her in the face out of reflex. 1/2

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she called for her friends (all the men she was fucking at the time) to help her because I'm a mean girl who tired to hurt her, and they end up all holding me down while she claws at my eyes, pulls out my hair, and just beats on me as I'm struggling to get free. eventually convention security pulls her off of me, and onlookers who have seen the whole thing took my side, but due to the conflict we both got kicked out.

I DO have pictures of my wounds and scratched up bloody face from this, but I'm a bit wary of posting them on 4chan (people actually tried to dox me the first time I posted them for whatever reason)

This girl was so pissed at me, that after that event, she started stalking me and setting out her guys to try to attack me, it was a bit surreal. If I was at the mall, I'd see her and the guys she was fucking would start walking at me, if I was at the park? see her, guys would start walking at me. In all honesty, the whole ordeal was traumatic. I was in the process of getting a restraining order, but ended up moving so she's no longer an issue.


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>22 year old Male
>Roommate was female same age
>Enjoy first con with her
>Good well
>Go back every year with girl because she it my girlfriend and trusting strangers around my shit sounds expensive
Rooming is retarded

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Honestly, just sounds retarded.

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This tool place years ago at fanimecon in San Jose. I had to call in a favor because I forgot to get a hotel. I forgot because I was in the navy and it slipped my mind. I had a few other things I had to worry about. I decided to call a friend for a favor and asked if i could stay with her and her boyfriend. She said yes and spent the entire time regretting it. She would nonstop talk shit about her boyfriend when he wasnt around. He had other issues to deal with, that made him sad. She would call him a "tampon marine", because he was a reservist in the marine corp. Even though she never served a day in her life. She did fuck a lot of military guys though or guys slated for boot. She would also cuddle with some random guy I've never met and would talk about fucking his brother. I knew the guys brother, because he and I graduated high school together. She just treated him like garbage and later broke up with him. Was stressful.

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Jesus christ I gagged

>> No.10410461

I can't believe people like this exist. Is she a instagram girl or a casual attendee

>> No.10410463

casual atendee, and I'm going to be honest, she was not cute. I'd say around 3 or 4 out of 10. chronic acne and a birth disorder that made her look a bit messed up. It still baffles me to this day why people would do horrible things for her. but I suppose when she's offering incels free sex they would do anything.

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Never underestimate incels and neckbeards

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That's fucking nasty, but I'm not surprised.

>> No.10410934

Deja vu, have I read this before?
Anyways, that hella sucks, sorry that happened bro

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A free hotel room, but at what cost anon

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Told this story before but it's been a while so here it is again.
>Rooming with my coworker and my best friend.
>We're all broke college students so we try to find two more roomies.
>All our other friends aren't going or have other rooming arrangements.
>I end up inviting some girl from my local comm and her girlfriend.
>They're both teens who have never been to a con before and bring trash bags full of miscellaneous shit like manga and their homework (that they didn't work on).
>They make me, my best friend, and our friends that weren't rooming with us drag the stuff from offsite parking to the hotel room.
>The room has one king-sized bed that I share with coworker and best friend while lolita girl and her girlfriend sleep on a blow-up mattress on the floor.
>Every morning after we woke up our bed was piled with lolita girl and girlfriend's shit all day, so I couldn't sit or lie down to take a break in the middle of the day.
>They absolutely strew their shit all over the damn room - I distinctly remember stepping over a dollar store hot water heater and an opened, uncooked pack of ramen noodles every time I entered the room.
>Room is predictably still a wreck on the morning of check out because they refused to tidy up the entire con.
>Room is such a wreck that lolita and her girlfriend are still cleaning up their shit by the time coworker, best friend and I had already had continental breakfast down the hall or coffee in the room, gotten completely decked out in our cosplays including makeup, and had packed up all of our luggage.
>We waited around for a while for the two to hurry up and get their shit packed, then eventually gave up. Once my air mattress was deflated and packed, we grabbed our shit and bounced, leaving them to clean up their mess.
>Stash our shit in our cars and enjoy the rest of the con free of them.
>Luckily we have never had to room with them again.

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>people who I room with seem to spend the majority of time in room
>Their schedule seems to be spending 3 hours putting makeup on, browsing the dealers room for maybe 30 mins, sit in the corner and browse insta or tik tok for another 30 and just go back to room
>in the room its a mixture of shit talking and gossiping about a random cosplayer or maybe a photographer who likely has no idea they exist or doesn't mind their existence much and browsing/making tiktoks
>Also shit talk other cosplayers they've met and talk to, when meeting up with them their personalities completely change into friendliness and whatnot.
>Prob shit talk me too
>every fucking time I go back to the room to rest sincr just shit talking a new person or repeating the same thing about some cosplayer they've talked about for 105939 times
>at night it's more shit talking, maybe with drinking with some of them complaining about "uuu I can't drink tonight because x reason" and proceeding to passive aggressively make us feel bad for drinking when they can't for the remainder of the night
>Whenever I feel bad for leaving them in the room while I go meet up with friends and invite them along, they just bring the fucking mood down, turn a lot of conversations into complaining about something or try to steer a conversation into a pity party for themselves

Back at Katsu I was invited to dinner and joined them, we wasted hours waiting for a table and when I wanted to leave because I wanted to see other friends instead of waste more hours, they started giving me a pretty bad attitude instead of just saying "alright problem see u later :)" Noped outta there, and I guess this was the breaking point as I haven't talked to any of them sans one or two of the people I actually like sincr. I'm done, some of the reasons I keep rooming with them is because I feel bad since they're not the best financially and my departure means it'll be harder for them to pay for the room. Also saying "I'm out" is hard.

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You know what actually, they've sent me some DMs about random stuff but I didn't really give lengthy responses.

When spending time with them individually they're actually not too bad, but maybe it's because they probably know I don't like to indulge in their gossip sessions. Man idk

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Those people just sound like your average toxic pricks to me. Can't let others have nice things because they don't "deserve" it, can't let others have bad things as they had it "worse". Throw them together and they only enable eachother's shitty behaviour. Bonus points if despite all the shit they say they can't handle anyone criticising them and will never let go of ancient shit.

Good on you for cutting them out of your life. I did the same a few years back and every event I've been to has been so much better ever since. No more constant negativity, gossiping or nagging about your mental issues. Now it's just the happy squad sincerely enjoying a convention and having a good time.

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I have two really bad rooming experiences so I'll post this one first and see how it goes.

I was a minor at the time (this is important later) and this was my first time at this specific con since it was local to where my then-boyfriend lived. I was excited to see/meet him irl for the first time. We were rooming with a bunch of his friends and I was the youngest (most of them were 21+, some almost there and bf was 18/19 I think)

Anyways, most of the first day went pretty well, nothing too big in my memory that stuck out to me
Saturday I remember that my bf kept going places and dipping suddenly. Ok whatever that's okay his roommates were pretty nice to me and we talked and got along. I remember eventually almost all of the people in the room had come in for a bit (minus bf) and then left for a smoke break. I stayed behind since I thought it wouldn't take long and am asthmatic so I left the little lock thing in the door so they could just come back in whenever they got back.

After about an hour I hear some people come in as I was washing my hands in the bathroom and when I open the door it was one of the room mates that neither the other people nor I knew really well had come in with a couple of guys and girls about my age or a little older, all already pretty wasted. At the time my anxiety was at an all time high and being in a room of drunk men holding drunk girls on their laps all while trying to get me to drink made me REALLY uncomfortable.

I excused myself to the hallway and tried to call my boyfriend. No response. texted him. No response. I tried calling one of the other people in the room and they answered and told me to go back in and keep texting them. I went back in and waited for them to come back, which very soon after they showed up with a bunch of other people to kick them all out and eventually comforted me.

Still no sign of boyfriend. After almost calming down completely he comes back, (ehh I'm gonna have to make this 1/2 sorry)

>> No.10411878

(2/2 hopefully)
He comes back, and basically pushes me off when I give him a hug, grabs more booze, and leaves without saying much. I get told don't worry about it much by others, since he was taking Molly (at the time I thought it was just weed).

Later on I meet up with him again and try and hang out, but he refused to hold my hand and instead held someone elses right next to me. We were either heading to our room or someone elses where there were more people I had never met before. We were all talking around in a circle and he looks over at me and asks in front of everyone "you mind if I kiss all these people?" at that time I had I hard time telling people no and being asked in front of a group of people I didn't want to come off rude so I told him okay, though it hurt to see him kiss a whole bunch of strangers when he didn't even want to hold my hand.

Sunday he was planning on wearing a specific cosplay that could be couple cosplay so I ended up making a cosplay to surprise him so we could wear them together. I got ready and was really excited to show him since my mom and I worked really hard on getting it done on time. He seemed pretty shocked (I later found out from friends that he was mad at me for doing this).

We go down to the vendor's hall and kinda guilt trips me into buying about $100-150 worth of stuff and the con pretty much wraps up from there. I get home and tell him I had a great time and enjoyed seeing him. No response for about a week or 2 and when he does message me its to break up.

In hindsight, I feel kinda stupid with some of the decisions I made, but I think I'm a lot more secure in who I am now and I'm in a loving relationship and haven't spoken to him much since. Sorry if some of this seems kinda weary my memory isn't the best!

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European? I have kicked the shit out of my friends for doing far less than a single one of those in the states. Drug addicted degenerates are all the same in my experience so it's par for the course

>> No.10411906

No this was in the states as well, I would've definitely said shit now or kicked him out, but I was 16 and didn't have the balls to say anything to him back then.

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>rooming with a bunch of other artists who are tabling
>leave hotel booking to the one guy they referred to as the responsible one
>arrive at the 'hotel'
>it's a fucking hostel above a bar
>mixed gender rooms
>most of the 'secure' lockers are broken
>some guy scratching his ass loudly stops everyone from sleeping
>apparently it is possible to scratch your ass this loudly
thankfully got through it unscathed even if it was uncomfortable as hell. lesson learned to check if the people I'm working with are goddamn cheapskates before leaving any decisions up to them.

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Jesus, that’s fucked. But at least you got with a better person.

>> No.10412302

One roommate complained about the rest of us on her facebook. On friends only, no filter, when we were friends with her. On night 1.

We had been overly accommodating and had even fed her, did everything we could. We called her out on it, on the post, and got an in person apology but she kept pretending she didn't do anything wrong.

>> No.10412435

god why do some people at cons think its okay to not shower through out the whole con thats nasty

>> No.10412436

i'll try and make this as this easy to read as possible since last time i posted this i got off topic somewhat
Friend of mine who hadn't contacted me in a while because of some kind of issue with gf decides he wants to try and be pals again. Attempt to give gf benefit of the doubt. This is clearly not the correct decision and can only really remember spending a little while with them as I was busy with other friends.
The real horror was the gf literally chasing my sibling down the fucking street without warning and they fell and ripped a part of their costume because the nutjob after the gf and my friend decided they needed to talk alone for a while.

>> No.10412443

Get a fucking gun dude

>> No.10412477

They will dox you I'd they think your cute.

>> No.10412482

Two Florida whales brag about fucking in peoples rooms after they leave. They stayed in my room and I smelled some shit when I came back so I am pretty sure they fucked in my room while i was gone. They now run the Florida cgl discord and bragged about it not realizing I was in the discord.

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Once when i was still relatively young
I went to a cons masqurade party where a girl immediately introduced herself then decided to stick her hand up my skirt. I had known her for all of 3 seconds. I got felt up in the literal center of the dance floor and i was so scared that i completely froze up. A group of ouran host club cafe event cosplayers immediately stepped in and one of them (cosplaying as Soul at the time) asked me to dance just so i would be harrassed. The girl continually tried to tip toe back around to me during the night until she finally list intrest. Blackroom Soul cosplayer if your out there I owe you big time.

>> No.10412564

I joined a last minute group to go to a larger con last year. All but one of the people I had met previously, but the last guy was an extreme aspie. Highlights included:
Freaking out about having lettuce on his taco from taco bell after he said "no veggies"
Deliberately freaking out and fucking up his wig because "the people at the cosplay help desk will fix it"
Waking the rest of the roommates up at 5 a.m. (we hadn't got back to our offsite hotel until about 3) by screaming bloody murder because he was having a night terror or some shit

>> No.10412723

I was molested by a "friend" of mine while sharing a bed at a con. She wanted to cuddle, I said no, she proceeded to cuddle me anyways and fondled my breasts under my shirt. I was 16 or 17 at the time and too afraid to make a fuss, I just pretended to be asleep.[Her boyfriend and another friend of ours was also in the room]

>> No.10412775

This reminds me
>be in high school
>“friend” sexually assaults me
>start going to cons after I graduate
>have to see her ugly ass at at least 1 con a year
>have to hide behind friends every time I see her or she’ll try to approach me

I haven’t seen her at a con for probably a year and a half now so I’m hoping she’s done with cons permanently

>> No.10412813

I relate to this.
Said "friend" did some other fucked up and toxic things that made me stop being friends with her. She's really into cosplay and cons still and is why I stopped attending cons all together in order to avoid her ugly ass.
On the flip side, my new boyfriend is into cosplay and when qurantine ends wants to do a couples cosplay with me :)

>> No.10412826

Aww i hope you two have lots of fun!

>> No.10412975

That’s really cute! I’m glad he’s helping you enjoy the hobby again

>> No.10413172

Thank you! I'm really excited to have a body guard if you will.
I do genuinely wonder how many other people have quit the hobby because of abuse.

>> No.10413246

You know what I always hear? “It’s okay, I don’t sweat.” What are you, a fucking mutant?

>> No.10413334

fun fact, Japanese people have mutated to the point they legitimately don't have BO. deodorant is hard to find over there because of this

>> No.10413339


This is the biggest fucking lie I've ever heard please tell me this is bait.

The amount of sweaty Japanese dudes I had to smell on the train when I lived there in summer was astounding. And many other women wear excessive quantities of perfumes and scented products (basically every cheap skin or beauty product is often scented but it's always a heavy floral perfume scent and rarely nice to me). You can find deodorant, and more people, especially dudes should be wearing it desu.

>> No.10413365

definitely not. some asians don't sweat that much but they fucking stink like hell. there are even articles about how women would rather date uggos that smell good than hot stinky guys.

>> No.10413376

Its not uwu magical nipponese sweat genes its a genetic difference in East asians and native Americans vs everyone else
The same earwax type gene controls for the armpit odor causing bacteria. Yes even if you have dry ear wax and no sweat bacteria you'll still smell if you're unwashed or super sweaty, but you won't have that particular stank. And that's why armpit deodorant is not a popular product but those skin refreshing sheets are everywhere because the summers are misery.

Also one year I roomed with a girl who was a friend of my sisters so I said ok and after she used the shower there was some kind of grayish residue (not a homestuck) I just one can't imagine someone's skin being that dirty and two, why wouldn't they rinse the shower for the next person

>> No.10413668

>some kind of grayish residue
thats dead skin, my dude. I scratched off a ton in the shower after taking off an ace bandage i was stuck wearing for like a week.

>> No.10414554
File: 50 KB, 757x748, IMG_20191104_013042.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>very broke, poor and desperate, even considering not going to con anymore
>decide to go anyway last minute
>about to book some cheap place
>"friend" tells me "oh anon you can stay with me, it'll be cheaper!"
>ok I'm desperate fuck it
>she doesn't tell me her conditions, payment, anything
>ok I guess she'll tell me later?
>the place has 2 rooms
>first red flag is her complaining constantly she's broke and poor
>DEMANDS we eat out and I pay for her meals
>...ok I guess, as thanks for all she's done for me or something
>she's vegan, organic diet, gluten free, place has to have good reputation and ethically sourced, aka not cheap
>either staring and laughing at phone or ranting about veganism or talking about herself all meals
>go buy some extra supplies at the grocery store
>"oh I have a rule btw"
>what is it
>"please don't eat anything non vegan"
>try to not absolutely lose it, but don't want to ruin everything before the con has even started. just put up with it, I'm sure there's lots of good vegan stuff anyway
>can't find any decent fully vegan stuff, everytime I think I find something there's some kind of minimal animal source in the ingredients
>"lmao anon come on you're an adult, hurry up don't you even know how to go basic shopping for food?"
>she keeps whining and bitching I take too long, eventually leaves without me, leaving me to pay for all the stuff once again
>ok. this is fine.
>back at the place she sets another rule
>don't make noise at night please
>ok that seems fair enough
>tfw later at night she's the one making noise talking to a friend that came over at the door

>day of the con
>I get ready, all excited
>I wait forever for her
>keep waiting
>she takes forever because she's slow and because she keeps chatting with her boyfriend that called her
>she has to take pictures, do tiktoks, post on instagram
>half of the day has gone through
>can we go?
>"Idk im not feeling it today anymore"
>J F C

>> No.10414582
File: 119 KB, 380x270, react_are_you_shitting_me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm absolutely BOILING
>whatever, maybe it was something with her boyfriend, I'll let her be, I simply head to the con and try to enjoy the rest of the day (or what's little left of it), it's ok

>when I come back by night, she's in her bedroom talking loudly on the phone and laughing presumably with her boyfriend
>so much for my sympathy
>I'm exhausted, I head right for a shower
>mother nature surprise
>bleeding everywhere
>fucking shit fuck
>try to clean myself and relax as much as possible
>come out, make a snack
>she comes onto the kitchen smelling heavy of alcohol
>"umm... no offense but you take like, really long in the shower. just saying." and snorts
>about to snap at her but she leaves
>haven't witnessed her shower nor use any towels ever since we arrived either, but ok
>pissed off and depressed, just eat my food and go to sleep crying

>last day of con
>it's ok again all things considered, friend goes as well but doesn't even go with me, she's always with her friends or boyfriend
>end of the day head back to our place ready to leave
>tells me I have to pay her half the rent fee
>ok that's fair I guess
>mfw I fucking realize the half of the rent fee, plus the food I bought her, plus supplies are far more expensive than what I originally planned if I stayed by myself
>mfw I realize I could simply have stayed by myself for cheaper with no hassle and enjoy my con and my trip.
>I pay her but voice my unsatisfaction and sadness a bit
>she goes full snapped on me, telling me how ungrateful and toxic and problematic and immature I am, and that I need to grow up, yadda yadda yadda
>I break into tears and leave
>bawl my eyes out the rest of my trip back home not because of her or my feefees being hurt, but as it sinks in at how much I wasted all my money.

To this day people in our comm have been kind of distant with me and I have the feeling it's because she must have badmouthed me since that day, or maybe I'm just as distant as well lol.

Never again.

>> No.10414592

Yo wtf I would have told her to go fuck herself if she demanded I pay for her meals what the hell is wrong with people?

>> No.10414600

>Go with couple and best friend since high school
>Work with couple and we're starting to hate each other
>For me it's that they fight all the goddamn time and make everything awkward, they think everyone's jealous of their relationship
>The boyfriend is a wastrel when it comes to money, smokes way too much weed, and gets mad I don't bring all of mine when I hang out with them even though I don't smoke as much as him and I'm trying to not spend $40 just to have him smoke it all in one day
>We get to hotel and unload, I go to nearby store with bestie and pick up 2x6-packs of beer and food
>Go to con and fuck around, when I go back to room to drink more, most of my beer is missing
>Don't think too much of it because there's three guys altogether
>Next day I take a shower and bring all my stuff in the bathroom
>Boyfriend asks me why I'm bringing my wallet with me to the bathroom
>Ask him why he cares and he scoffs
>Go back and buy 2x6-packs again because I had at best 4 beers yesterday
>Fucking around at the dealers' room and there are no interesting anels going on, so I decide it's time for a drinkypoo
>Go back to room and girfriend is sobbing, they were in a packed area and boyfriend ended up pushing her out of the way of other people or some bullshit
>I really just wanted to chill out and drink, but ask her if she wants to talk about it
>Tells me to get the fuck out
>Grab two beers and end up drinking on the couches in the hallway of my floor, having to hide it when anyone comes by
>See boyfriend walking back to room, signal to him that it probably isn't the best time go go back in there
>"Oh, she's just being a cunt"
>Uh, okay
>Finish beers and walk back onto the floor
>At night we meet up to smoke a bit before rave
>He wants me to pack first
>Pack everything I have and he torches it all in one hit
>Asks me if I have any more and I say no, then he goes into his usual bullshit about how he's always the one smoking everyone out and we cont.

>> No.10414603

>We never treat him, and he's always the one who has to sacrifice for us and blah blah blah
>Okay whatever dude
>Chill out at rave and hook up with someone, couple was trying to hook me up with one of their friends, but she looked uncomfortable with the idea and all we had were short awkward conversations
>Come back to the room later and the beers are gone, again
>Boyfriend got anime figurines despite blowing his money on KHIII and a bunch of other bullshit right before con
>Day 3 meet back up with my con hookup and we wander around con
>Couple sees me with her and not their friend and they're confused as fuck
>Couples' friend sees me with her and looks crushed
>Feel kinda bad about it
>After ending ceremony we pack up and leave
>We meet back at couples' place and they're making out right next to me, but I'm texting my hookup and not really paying attention to them, and they're pissed about it
>Later on couple and I mutually agree not to hang out again
>Find out from retrospect boyfriend was selling my beer to underages so he could afford the figurines

>> No.10415102

Not really a dramatic horror story but it was the worst con roommate story I've experienced

>it's a 2 person room shared with 4 different people
>share with friends and former classmates because it's cheaper.
>we only have 2 roomkeys so we have to make an agreement when to go to sleep and who gets to carry the keys to prevent situations where one has to bang on the door in the middle of the night or have nowhere to sleep that night.
>one person, M, has different plans
>M kind of does their own thing, hangs out with their own friends and would rather rave all night long
>leading to the situation we tried to prevent in the first place
>the second night, M decided to stay in the room of one of his new friends to not wake us up in the middle of the night
>we still had to pack M's stuff during checkout because M overslept and left their stuff in our room
>M was also late paying for the hotel costs and only wanted to pay 1/4 because they only slept there for one night and had to sleep on a sleeping mat

Could have been worse. After that I've decided to not sneak extra guests in a room to cut costs. I would rather pay the full price than deal with all that stuff again.
Also to make clear agreements before the con and pick roommates more carefully. M was not a bad person but having a party animal as roommate while the rest wants to sleep is not a good idea.

>> No.10416286

why do women act like this

>> No.10416891

rented a room with some (mostly online) friends, and a guy got drunk af on xanax and raped one of the girls like the night before we got there

besides that everything was fine, but still

>> No.10417237

>Drunk on xanax

>> No.10417283

naryt but benzos greatly increase the effects of alcohol

>> No.10417298

Why are you people so okay with others doing drugs or doing them yourselves? Wtf man.

>> No.10417431

Fucking this. I'm 32 and enjoy my hobbies alot more now that I have a stable job with decent pay and a fitter body. 30 yr old wall my ass, I'm at my best

>> No.10417435

This, I'm 26 working 2 jobs so I have a lot more money for cons and stuff compared to when I was 20 and had to room with 4 fucking people just to attend. I'm putting a little bit of money away a month for next summers con season. I'm never rooming with people again unless their family lol

>> No.10417450

I have no issue with people of any age attending cons but you have to stop acting like you can't have a good job before 30. I'm 22 without a degree and even I make good money to blow on cons with my job because I live frugally otherwise.

>> No.10417465

Not saying it's not possible but most 20 somethings are still juggling college and part time jobs and haven't gained those life skills yet. My comment was more aimed at those that think your social youth stops at 30.

>> No.10417581

I almost want to share a room just for the experience

>> No.10417746

how is it autistic to expect people to take a little personal responsibility

>> No.10417780

americans are degenerates with no morals, what else is new

>> No.10417787

Dont do college anon. Ive done a blue collar job and then thought about college. Best. Decision. Ever.

>> No.10417788

>Going to con on my own, got a ticket last minute so no single rooms left
>suddenly someone I vaguely know, Amy, messages me
> "I have a 3 person room and one of the beds is free"
> A whole bed to myself! How can I say no?
> I've never met Amy but at least they're a girl and I knew we had some common interests
> Get to con. Amy seems normal. The other roommate is her best friend Zoe; she's sweet, has some issues with an ex at the con so is a bit anxious
> Me and Zoe are getting on well and Amy isn't getting attention. Amy suddenly announces that she has BPD and thinks she's hallucinating us
> Starts crying whenever we're about to leave room for the convention
> Eventually abandon her and have a nice time for the few hours of the day that are left
> I've started photography as a hobby and bring my camera with me. Zoe asks me to take some photos of her cosplay, we get some done even though the lighting sucks a bit
>Come back to the room for dinner and to get changed for the party
>Amy seems happier now we're back
> She gets wasted on drugs and covers herself in glowpaint, asks for photos. I take some but they don't really come out well so I just delete them when I get home
> Having a good time when Amy suddenly starts freaking out again, screaming at us about how awful we are and how she hopes we die on our way to the hotel
> Can't even remember what it was that set her off but I remember feeling unsafe around her
> Ask front desk to find us another room but they're completely sold out, as are other hotels nearby
> Decide to just give in, go to our room and try to sleep in turns
>Amy shows up the next day nice as pie and pretends nothing happened
> At the end of the con we part ways amicably but I resolve to keep her at arm's length
> She then spends six months asking about the deleted photos of her, asking me if I'm not sending them to her because I'm using them as wank material, sending bizarre messages to my friends about what a predator I am

>> No.10417796

Five years later
> Zoe and I meet up at a different convention
> suddenly Amy appears
> She has a girlfriend with her this time
>Amy's gf is a sweetie just like Zoe
> We agree to talk and Amy apologises and says she's changed
> Feel uneasy but agree to see how it goes
> Should have listened to my gut
> Make friends with GF, start hearing about how Amy is treating her
>Sounds like abuse
>Tell gf to gtfo, after about 6 months gf calls me in the middle of the day
>She's moved across the country to live with Amy and suddenly feels unsafe
>Emotional abuse, threats, physical abuse
> Deja vu, I've just been to this place before
> Give GF a place to stay because she doesn't know anyone else
> Amy calls GF's dad and says we've kidnapped GF, starts sending messages to all our friends to have them cut me out of their lives because I corrupted her girlfriend and ex best friend. Claims she's called the police too
> We call the local police and advise them as the constant phone calls are becoming a nuisance, they send round a cop who takes our details and warns Amy to tell her to stop it
Five minutes after our call AMY'S DAD is on the phone to us telling us it's illegal to impersonate a police officer and that he's reporting us?? I tell him to fuck off and he tells me that swearing is also illegal. Not sure why he's involved in his adult child's life in this way, block his number but am infuriated for being spoken to like a child
>tries to sue us for the crappy contents of a suitcase she dropped off at our house that she claimed was GF's, we should have burned it but can't be bothered dealing with her. Contents was some common magic cards and a teddy bear
>Convention won't ban her because she's harrassing but not dangerous, meanwhile she follows me, Zoe, and GF around every con making comments about us
> Hope she finally ODs one of these days

>> No.10417800

Oh I've gone through college but stopped when I ran out of money and went to work full time. The only thing I regret is not being able to take the classes I actually wanted to take.

>> No.10418079

I wish I could say this but rooms at the bigger cons have gone insane, I could afford my own room at AX or Fanime a decade ago but now I can't justify it despite a substantially higher income.

>> No.10418233

kill her

>> No.10418833
File: 57 KB, 960x784, 1566676058356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy shit some of these stories are completely fucking insane. I thought I had it bad that I barely have people to go to cons with, but this is something else.

>> No.10418846

Found your problem anon. Learn from your mistakes.

>> No.10418850

Time and time again, rooming or sharing houses, why is it guys are only minor to medium problems while the biggest fucking nuclear problems are always girls?

>> No.10418901
File: 24 KB, 553x505, 1585774931648.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>go to a con with some friends
>due to life unsure asked for floor space
>we discuss payment of the room, I ask how to pay back host since my paypal got fucked by some etsy dispute
>tells me cash is fine
>con approaches people talking about bringing drinks/snacks for the room
>throw out that I have extra booze and snacks and could just bring them if I could use that as payment for the room
>agreed that my bottles of booze and snacks would make for my floor space
>con goes on everyone having fun mostly no issues
>roommate #1 starts complaining that we are being an issue by drinking past 2am(fair but okay dude it was friday night)
>roommate #2, didn't bring any cosplay even though we all talked about cosplaying
>wants to ghost badge 24/7
>This is the ass trying to start shit with other gulls and constantly complaining about literally fucking everything. I mean everything, the dominos place I ordered from put too much sauce on the pizza, vendor hall was over priced for his tastes, music was loud in the room, complains about guests and shit 24/7, never does anything more than mope around and go to the vendor hall for an hour then walk around and go back to the room to do shit on his phone.
>complains we are annoying because every 4 or so hours we come back to rest our feet share a drink or two recharge our phones and shoot the shit
>this pisses off anon #2 so mucking much
>stirs up shit on discord and the cgl specifically to fuck with the time there because he isn't having fun
>flake off and leave him be with his stupid shit
>have fun time
>last day of the con anon #2 is like UHH ANON HASN'T PAID ANON DIDN'T FUCKING PAY FOR THE ROOM FEE
>anon #2 says he 'ran the room'
>no one knows what he is talking about
>apparently we were all 'using him' the entire time for our own gains and that I didn't pay even though he never ran the room, demanded money from me
>goes and shit talks me for years about shit I still am finding out about

>> No.10418909

Maybe she just wanted a excuse for sex?

>> No.10418914

This sounds like it, or they have some form of handicap

>> No.10419253

>Host not getting money upfront in case something happens or someone flakes out or they blow it all in vendor room
Retard. Almost as retarded as rooming for a con

>> No.10419287

This message was mostly for the zoomers that shitpost about 30 being to old for cons while simultaneously complaining about rooms and the cost of cons.

>> No.10419315

did you misread the post?

>> No.10419330

Yes I did. I thought for a second he was refusing to pay

Do people actually say 30 is too old for a con? Cons should be 18+ IMO. Cons trying to be inclusive has destroyed cons as a whole

>> No.10420330

>Yes I did. I thought for a second he was refusing to pay
Before the con I said if they wanted payment in cash since my paypal got fucked in a purchase that never shipped. Basically said I could pay in cash if they wanted, but during some shared group chat messages they were talking about picking up booze. Since I was driving to the con and had booze/snacks available, said If I gave them about the equivalent of the room for the floor space I wanted. After some quick discussion my offer to bring about 4 bottles of booze+snacks and agree to order pizza; all was agreed. I lived up to all of it and didn't think much of it till I was heading to my car with some others, the room owner(actual one) was staying another night to sleep off shit.

I don't like to room with others, but the con was a last second thing since I didn't realize I'd have time off and only about 2ish weeks before hand I figured I could actually do it.Dunno what that anons problem was but apparently cons after I heard that dude became a massive asshole who couldn't tell the truth if it was said at him with proof. Maybe it was because I didn't pay the full room cost since I was only asking for floor space?

>> No.10420361

There are definitely people who think it is too old. However, I usually find that most attendees that does panel are usually randos past 25s who just want to have a good time and does a good job at it

It just entirely depends what sort of cons you are going to and how much there is to do

>> No.10420426 [DELETED] 
File: 136 KB, 906x1200, 1574386366221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The people who never worked a fucking day in their life think 30 is too old, which is about 70% I'd say of CGL. I've been cosplaying since I was 26, so about 10 years now and been working since I was 17 or so. Why is this important? because maintaining, and having a job puts a fuck load into perspective on life.

From my expirence
16-25, really care about cosplay as they have a ton of free time and can focus a lot on it. People just wearing those aliexpress, etsy, or ebay shits are cringe because "lol how do you not have time to do cosplay it's my focus"
21-26, depending when you got a job and if you work don't mind as much often just want a drink+laugh and a silly time, most 'annoying drunks' stories found here though
25/26+ usually chill couples or people who generally take cosplay light heartedly or at least know how to have fun. I don't think I've met anyone past 26(unless those thots banking off mens lust or weird NEETs).

Dunno why but I usually think if you know the value of money, you also know the value of time. Most of the insufferable people I've met at cons live with their parents either working below part time or not at all paying no bills/rent, then are completely detached from most of the people there. I know this comes off preachy but so fucking tired of hearing how to live my life when all I want to do is spend 3-4 days dressed as an idiot and chill with people.

>> No.10420428
File: 1.81 MB, 1000x1000, 1563360519418.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The people who never worked a fucking day in their life think 30 is too old, which is about 70% I'd say of CGL. I've been cosplaying since I was 26, so about 10 years now and been working since I was 17 or so. Why is this important? because maintaining, and having a job puts a fuck load into perspective on life.

From my expirence
16-25, really care about cosplay as they have a ton of free time and can focus a lot on it. People just wearing those aliexpress, etsy, or ebay shits are cringe because "lol how do you not have time to do cosplay it's my focus"
21-26, depending when you got a job and if you work don't mind as much often just want a drink+laugh and a silly time, most 'annoying drunks' stories found here though
25/26+ usually chill couples or people who generally take cosplay light heartedly or at least know how to have fun. I don't think I've met anyone past 26(unless those thots banking off mens lust or weird NEETs).

Dunno why but I usually think if you know the value of money, you also know the value of time. Most of the insufferable people I've met at cons live with their parents either working below part time or not at all paying no bills/rent, then are completely detached from most of the people there. I know this comes off preachy but so fucking tired of hearing how to live my life when all I want to do is spend 3-4 days dressed as an idiot and chill with people.

>> No.10420576

I feel this. Me and the boyz still hit up cons, 28 to 31. We all have real jobs and we do lighter cosplay stuff. Zabuza, Constantine, simple stuff. It's a fun getaway, we drink yeah but not blackout level. Too old for that and it's no fun to be a sloppy drunk, or take care of one.
Plus, with financial responsibility comes a total lack of drama. It is wonderful.

>> No.10420619

Finally hit the right groove for cons right before it all shut down. But ideal situation for me (30 F cosplayer make enough to room solo but kind of frugal and lonely) 4ppl max to a room, everyone gets a keycard. Usually all cosplay friends so we are getting up early and going to sleep early. Everyone has real jobs and pay well in advance. We all gtfo on time and tip housekeeping. Take turns ordering delivery for people who want to eat. It was comfy and now I miss my friends

>> No.10420724

>Do people actually say 30 is too old for a con?
They do but the fail to realize that the people running the established cons are all over 35.

>> No.10423440
File: 45 KB, 400x400, 1591726257757.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I know a guy that met a girl while at the friday cosplay at anime north and had a similar situation. They hit it off well when I met up with them after the cosplay event as I was at a panel while they were at the friday cosplay.

So ta the dance later that night she says she's looking for a room as she's like 1.5hrs away by transit and sying she can't stay long. My buddy offers her to room with us to help split the costs down more. Ugh...

1. Bitch hogs washroom

2. I almost wanted to grab her phone and throw it at the wall as she didn't turn off the volume at night and you keep getting facebook/twitter notification alerts and a bunch of text message...like WTF BITCH!?!? People are sleeping yo.

3. Get shorted on payment for Friday night and getting vibes she might bail without paying but my buddy is deaf to my feels on the situation as he's into the girl and I also didn't want to cockblock as well. She says she'll pay up on Sat. afternoon but didn''t but buddy had a one nightstand romp with her which is good for him but I'm still fucked the half payment on the hotel room instead of split 3 way.

Was supposed to go to anime north this year but the con obviously got canceled due to corona and that whole thing has kinda caused a rift in our friendship.

>> No.10423444


Should have shagged her in the stairwell then tell her to check with the front desk for where her room is.

>> No.10423456

>I live frugally otherwise.

Ok we get it...you're a cheap bastard. Probably don't tip for room service.

>> No.10423461

You can still take those classes. I was in your shoes before. Quit and worked full time and just making money to make ends meet and a little left (not much ) to tuck away for entertainment or save it for a con. I missed taking classes in college and would often have dreams of being in class only to wake up to the alarm clock blaring for me to get up to go to work.

I decided to save up more so I could start taking some classes part time. Spring was coming up and the temps were warming up and I used to camp a lot when I was scouts. I lived near a revine. Sold most of my stuff and went back home around Easter to my parents place to pick up some of my old backpacking gear. Bought a cheap mossy oak tarp from Princess Auto and some camo netting from a surplus shop and just setup a low profile camp hidden in the woods. The tarp and the netting broke up the barren scenary at the time as the trees and foliage were just starting to come back.

Thankfully never had a bump in the night or run ins with bush parties tho I've heard and seen some people having a few drinks before in the woods but no one ever saw me thankfully.Stayed that way for months till October going home to my parents a couple times to change seasonal sleeping bags and dodge questions of what I was doing with my gear other then saying going for a few camping trips. Saved enough to take some courses in the fall-winter time as I went back to renting again over the winter.

I know this is not for everyone. I was able to get some help to keep some of the costs down by knowing some people which I was able to get some discounts on some stuff. If I was to make a recommendation for anyone wanting to save a chunk of cash during the warmer/hot months is to do that when the foliage has already come into full like in late spring instead of early spring like I did and needing a heavier sleeping bag. I highly recommend cheap surplus camo netting and cheap camo tarp. It breaks up your outline well.

>> No.10423766

Not going to go about age arguement, but the people who work vs those who don't work annoys me more. People who do the 9-5 grind in some way treat cons completely distant of those who don't.
>poorfag in hs so had to go into a trade, working full time by 19
>most friends did college or chilled at home
>bout 24-25 at the time most of them are graduating college or just have
>waiting for people to shower and get dressed
>crack open a beer because going to be a while
Explain not doing anything but waiting for people to get dressed 2-3 beers over the course of an hour while i wait won't do shit, besides off work today
>that's not the point anon you're going to be drunk at the con
u wot m8
>goes on some rant about drinking that no one fucking cares about
>apparently someone who is about 170 having 2-3 beers and drinking is "drunk" even though by the BAC calculator I am barely holding a buzz if that
>literally will not shut up about alcohol and shit
Go on a small blerb about how I've not had a weekday off in about 2 months where I could just fucking kick it back and relax. 2-3 beers means absolutely nothing over the course of the hour I am waiting, been working without a proper vacation for a while and going to at least enjoy my weekend a little
>insert long winded rant here from anon about how 3 beers is going to be drunk in public, breaking the law, and is a bother to everyone
>tell them that the con is not public AWA even has a bar on the event floor for this and the hotel does too
>just stop caring at this point
>everyone gets ready we walk around for ~3 hours cosplaying doing our group shoot etc
>late afternoon we decided to do lunch or early supper depending how you look at it it's going on 4pm
>order a beer since going to be a while, for fuck all reason we decided to go to the closest place to the con(why do people do this shit? you aren't saving time by going to the place literally everyone else is at)

>> No.10423776

>Said anon proceeds to get assmad again about said drinking even though the wait staff said it would be a while
>goes on long rant constantly about drinking and how alcoholics need to get fucked
>try and ignore it best I can during this time
>lightly drop the fact again I am not having to work and this is the best vacation like thing I am going to get for some time. Needing to take a break from the stress of work and life is something I plan to do.
>Anon fucking loses it starts going off about all those people at the con have full time jobs making their cosplay and don't need alcoholics ruining it especially for lolitas(lol?)
>Proceeds to go off on delusional shit about how people in college actually have it harder than people working/living on their own because tests and pressure
>at this point fucking over it get my meal and go do my own thing
>go have a blast with people at the con solo, hit the bar later that night for actual drinks before going back to the room for the room party
>mood completely weird wondering what is up
>apparently no drinks allowed anon would not shut up the entire time about this shit
>anon apparently wants no room party and threatens to tell hotel staff if we hold a party because "it's not allowed" and "there are panels in the morning they need to get to" even though the room party was discussed well in advanced
>fuck it I am out a buddy of mine comes along have a blast at the con and bars around the con, think nothing of the karen
>rinse and repeat the full con
>after the con anon goes on a complete shitshow on facebook about how people are so inconsiderate at cons and shit about drinking at them
>never room with them again
Huge factors at least for me come from those who work, and look at cons as a kick back and relax deal. Not justifying or defending anyone getting drunk like a frat house then being annoying ass the whole time at the con, but there are people who genuinely don't get a lot of time off and want to relax

>> No.10423781

And just to be perfectly clear, I have no problems with people who choose not to drink or really invest their time into cons, cosplay, and the time spent at them. That's completely fine as it's your hobby and life style, but understand that there are about 10-20 thousand other people all with different walks of life. For me conventions are the best kind of mini vacation I can look forward through the year, along with a bunch of other people I know who after the weekly 9-5 want a weekend to go look completely silly and break from the normal society, if those people want to grab a beer to help forget about the bullshit the week prior fine. If someone is being a drunken retard harrassing people like in a college frat house where someone just opened the keg, then go tell them to fuck the shit off.

>> No.10423809

People who drink at cons deserve all the shit they get, if I was your roommate I'd kick your ass to the curb.

Go stay home you boozehead, there are people who actually enjoy life

>> No.10424042

That's just inflation sadly. the days of $95-$150 per night at con hotels are long gone.

>> No.10424191

found the retard

>> No.10424195
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>> No.10424233
File: 997 KB, 500x352, 1586469598222.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've been waiting for one of these, I have a real one I'd like to share:

>Be me
>The year is 2018
>THIS is the future
>Classmate talk about going to this con in winter
>Requirement: you have to be 18+
>Since as the name suggests
>"Sure, why not, sounds fun"
>Classmate was a weeb who convinced me to go to a few cons
>Was actually pretty fun the last time I went to another one
>Figure she had good taste
>We gather a party of five
>Arrive at 18:00
>Go in
>Con is in a culture house
>Usually rented out for events and such
>Decent size
>Lobby has the ticket guy and a small table with a vendor
>We get our armbands
>Ask the guy what is going on right now
>Says there is a small event
>Someone draws a lot with a small description
>You guess it you go up and draw a lot
>Anime themed of course
>We sit down some girl is already up there performing
>Two women in front of me
>Looks spot on like a depection of a modern femenist
>Crack some jokes with my friends
>Woman in front turns to me
>In a harsh tone says "you'd better be nice to girls"
>"Y-yeah of c-course I will"
>Somewhat supprised and startled
>These are some good friends that I know can take a few jokes
>She was pretty loud
>Room goes silent
>Takes a little to warm up again
>Some time goes by
>Me and my friends start to get into the game
>Almost all of us has been up preforming
>Sometime later
>"You are Simon from Gurren Lagann digging!"
>I get it right
>Time to pull my lot
>Read lot
>Jibril (angel girl from No game no life) does something perverted
>Fuck me
>Somehow mimic well enough for the crowd to understand it's no game no life
>Also that it's Jibril
>Now for the action
>3 minutes goes by
>Somewhat akward
>They don't get it
>Girl says something sexy
>I point but try to motion her tot ry something else
>Doesn't get it
>Few minutes more

Con. 1/2

>> No.10424236

>Real akward now
>She is frustrated that she almost had it
>Goes up to the stage where I stand
>"Do whatever you want, I want to guess it!"
>I am far from a touchy person
>I hate touching and being touched by someone I don't know
>Silently refuse
>She becomes more frustrated
>My heart is being like crazy
>I am flustered
>Someone from the crowd says perverted
>Point at him
>Girl in front of me guesses my sentence
>Sit back down
>Friends still mock me says that I could have touched her tits since she gave me permission
>Still mocked to this day
>Even by one of my friends who didn't even go and heard the story second-hand

The guy hosting the game later came up to me while I was washing my hands and asked me if I was into hentai. I told him no, "yeah, go figure from how you reacted to the game, hahaha". Haven't gone since, and I am not planing to.

>> No.10424259

Boozehead holy fucking shit lmao, and your head seems full of water because you sound retarded.

>> No.10424265

Come to UK cons, we have a nicer drinking culture than the US where outside of shit pubs and football drinking isn't some hardline go-big-or-go-home thing. Most places will do a good mocktail menu for nondrinkers too, and teetotallers don't tend to get so snotty either.

>> No.10424339

>isn't some hardline go-big-or-go-home thing
yes it is lmao

>> No.10424357

NEETs that haven't worked a day in their lives and have never attempted to don't deserve to voice their opinion on anything

>> No.10425015

The small bunch of step drinking floor shitters aren't the thousands of chill people. It's only the kids who don't know their limits who get obnoxiously drunk.(I was one of them 15 years ago!) We definitely don't have the po-faced teetotal culture they have in the states.

>> No.10425281

Oi, you got a permit for that lime slicin knoife?

>> No.10425299


Eat shit

>> No.10425538

The first time i went to Anime Expo i was super poor so i took one of those "floor spot" roomshares. Got there and it was this really nerdy, arrogant asian dude (shoutout to my asian bros but this dude was obviously a ricecel), his annoying friend, a super fat bitch, and a dude who was like 37 who kept acting like he was a bigshot coke dealer. The fat chick kept talking about her Facebook Roleplaying groupchat and all the dudes acted super interested in it because they were thirsty (not trying to be an ass but this chick was a solid 3/10 with the saggiest tits ive ever seen, and she kept her unwashed cringey kigurumi unzipped halfway so they were in full view).
First morning i was woken up at 4AM by all of them because the asian dude wanted as many autograph meet n' greet tickets as he could get. Rude but whatever i was up for an adventure i guess; turned out to hardly be an adventure and i stood in line with these retards for 2 hours.

>> No.10425539
File: 13 KB, 300x250, 339ED1EE-BFAE-4950-BA5A-54B639AF0453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10425542

Went back, got dressed and didnt see them all day on purpose despite them texting me. Went back that night to get ready for an afterparty and got dressed during an awkward moment when the Asian dude was hitting on the fat bitch to the point he put his hand on her leg lol, she was not interested at all. 2awkward4me so i booked it to the party. Hit it off with a qt azn chick and i went back to her room after the party was over, was going to stay with her the rest of the time (never do casual stuff like that but i was very mentally unwell at the time due to NEETdom). Texted the roomies that i was going to be gone for the night and shit, then the asian dude texted back that they found the weed in my bag (wtf went through my bag?) and said i wasnt welcome back anyways, they put my shit in the hall. So i had to try to venture back to the other hotel while shitfaced and then BACK to the girl's hotel. The rest of the time was great but they would each text me at least 10 times every day afterwards saying that they were sorry they overreacted and to come back lol.

>> No.10426247

>start dating this guy
>he asks me to stay in his room for con coming up
>i'm up for it
>3 other people in the room
>one of them is a brain dead weeb girl
>sounds like a hick
>eats choco cornets like in lucky star all con
>can't pronounce the name of who she's cosplaying
>smells like fucking disgusting infected crotch
>is on period
>doesn't know how to buy her own pads
>has our male friend buy them for her
>gets annoyed cause i don't have pads, just tampons, and i won't buy them for her
>the room stinks all night and she cranks the aircon down to 55F
she tried to be friends with me after the con along with her roommate but i ghosted because they're both cringe.

>> No.10426447

How do you organise yourself in group ?

I mean, There is a lot of story of people rooming and attending con in group of total strangers, while I always have been lonewolfing.

Rooming has never been a issue, I only attend to close con, and there is 4 in my city.

But getting into a group of similar themed cosplay, or like minded people... how do you do that, and still don't know those people ? With facebook cosplay group ?

>> No.10426653

Literally wtf? Was that like her first period or something?
Anyway sounds like you dodged a huge bullet by ignoring her and her roommate

>> No.10426656

it wasn't! we were all over 21 at the time.

>> No.10426663

This thread is 80% stories from pushover doormats letting people treat them like shit without any resistance.

>> No.10426665

>the asian dude wanted as many autograph meet n' greet tickets as he could get. Rude but whatever i was up for an adventure i guess; turned out to hardly be an adventure and i stood in line with these retards for 2 hours.
what exactly were you expecting....?

>> No.10427295

>ywn NTR gangbang some crazy 20yo con slut causeing massive drama while also getting the coomies
ive missed out on everything bros

>> No.10427342

>ywn catch stds in a used hole
Fuck hoes and their beta enablers

>> No.10427453

bitchz b cray cray nigguh

>> No.10427462

id gladly fuck both but the betas need wigs and a skirt

>> No.10427556

Stopped rooming with some friends because of 1 person who was an asshole that barged in hours late, insulted my cosplay and made someone cry. I was awake at 3am and refused to sleep until everyone sorted their shit out and laid down.

>next year
Stay with other group of friends. This was a mistake. Too many people, not enough space. Friend's ex is also there and calls me wrong name despite constantly correcting him. Gets in personal bubble, asks pitifully why I don't like him.
I was showing a commission I paid for and he asked to see it, I straight up ignored him lmao

>This year
Was gonna room with old friends minus asshole. Covid.

>> No.10427795

She was a 3/10 dwarf (she was 4'10) had chronic acne, and a birth condition that made her look.. malformed.

to this day I don't know why anyone ever went to such great lengths to tap that

>> No.10427882

>4' 10''
giant roastie detected
thats IMAGINE-tier

>> No.10427997

Glad your rid of that fucking asshole. Gj

>> No.10428035

>chronic acne
can't tell if trolling or if your standards are that low

>> No.10428097

both those sound like angry roastie posting so was ignored.

>> No.10428100

only a manlet would say this. i don't want a woman at crotch level.

>> No.10428164

>dont want standing blow jobs
gay and faggot-pilled.

>> No.10429089

Wow, a karen, here, on 4chan
There's a story a few posts upwards that mentions you, what a coincidence

>> No.10430647
File: 37 KB, 420x413, are you kidding me.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Rooming with 5 other people. Lets call the guy I'll talk about "Steve".
>Steve drinks WAY too much one night.
>2am hear him saying "ohhh god, ohhhh god, jesus, fuck, god damnit, fuck".
>Starts run-stumbling to the bathroom. Manages to make it to the toilet in time.
>Literally, THE NEXT DAY, Steve has the ball to say this.
>"Man, let me tell you something. I KNOW how to control my alcohol unlike these new dudes at this con"

>> No.10437228


>> No.10437406

One time at AX over a decade ago my brother and I did a roomshare with a man I will call S. We agreed to price and everything before the event 6 people in the room, two on each bed two on the floor. When we show up on on day zero S is no where to be found and not replying to text or emails. Three hours later after our agreed meeting time he texts hes on his way.

We find out he renting three rooms, and when the other people showed up early he collected their money ( the money for the rooms) and went and got Korean BBQ. Which is why he was late for our arranged meeting time. ( During the 3 hours I tried and failed to find a new room or hotel). S then proceeds to rearrange the rooms ( we were told who we were rooming with pre con) so all the females were in his room. Three of the ladies leave the next day because of how creepy he is.

My new roommates are fine but now there are 8 people in our room and one of them we will call A is creeping the others out because he doesn't talk or respond to any verbal queues he just stares. He is clearly on the spectrum. I have three brothers with mental disabilities, so I have no issues with A but he gets moved to our room which puts us at 9 people I bring up that I agreed to six people to a room and now there are 9 I advised S needs to return money to the people in our room he says he will one he figures out what he owes everyone he never does. the first night in the hotel S keep coming into the room Evey hour or so in the middle of the night I'm a light sleeper and am on the floor by the door I wake up and ask him what he wants he says he wants to make sure the room is safe since it's his name on it. He does this 4 more times. I tell the people in the room in the morning and we asked for the room key as we think is creepy and don't want people having access to our stuff he agrees and gives us his key to our room.

We go to day one I decide to head back to the room before lunch to drop off some of the merch 1/2

>> No.10437410

And S is in our room again with his friends he got another copy from the hotel. I was pissed.

I get them out checked my stuff warned the other roommates. I head out I came back around 8/9 aclock at night on day with my brother ready to crash for the day and S has his room door open he is having a room party and he had a female that was staying in our room completely trashed in his room, she was slurring her speech couldn't stand. I go and drop my stuff in my room and go back to S room and walk in and just stand there with my arm folded staring at him and his three friends. They asked if I wanted a drink. I said no I said I was just waiting for *** so I could lock my rooms door for the night. They tried to say she be fine in his room. And I didn't need to lock the door I didn't reply I justed stared I'm 6'4 279lbs so they weren't going to be able to make me leave. Then S has the balls to say she needs something in her mouth, and I flat out asked him want does she need in her mouth and he goes quiet and looks down and he suggests she goes back to our room at which point me and my brother had to let her lean on our shoulder to walk to rooms two doors down. Guy gave me the cold shoulder the whole con and my brother had to be between me and him cause I wanted to beat him to a pulp

>> No.10437424

Most whores are ugly, not pretty. You would know this if you actually fucked, and this is coming from another guy

>> No.10437806

Most times through Facebook, forums, or friend of a friend.

>> No.10438041

My husband Did not go to a con until he was 27. We both worked full time got PTO and roomed in an Airbnb by ourselves and had a nice quiet time.

>> No.10438080

She was a child dude. People take advantage of that.

>> No.10438096

Kinda have a funny age thing
>going on 32
>con coming up my bday weekend decide to go with some friends I know online/met years prior at the con
>Meet up thursday set up the room, have a fine time friday with everyone
>saturday birthday, have fun most the day go to a bar with everyone to celebrate
>either wait staff or something asked how old I was, reply with 32
>Friends gf just glares at me oddly instantly
>after wait staff does their whatever birthday gift thing she pipes up
>You're 32? What the fuck anon, you're that old?
laughed back something like Gee thanks for the warm happy birthday
>she isn't joking and is actually weirded out at this
>goes on about how she thought I was 26/27
>say I don't believe I've really talked about my age all that much don't see how it's super important to cosplaying unless I am aiming for something like the captain of the Space Battleship Yamato
>blah blah that's a bit old for cons don't you think? It's kinda creepy(this girl is 23 or was 24?)
>reply back that up until a few minutes ago nothing was remotely creepy but now being made akward
>her whole mood changes the rest of the night and sunday when packup, clearly more cold towards me
>ask if everything is okay to her bf on the side and he tells me not to worry about it but I freaked his gf out because she thought we were all the same age there about
>slowly said bf stops talking to me keep talking with other roommates
>turns out she is really weirded out by sharing a room with someone over 30

Never understood it, I stay active and don't drink too much while trying to eat healthy, I've seen balding overweight smoking 25 year olds looking mid 30's. just know one day you'll hit thirty and probably still have fond memories of cosplay, if not cosplay yourself just realize how dumb you look bitching about others.

>> No.10438099

People who are into kink and prostitution tend to be unattractive dumpy looking folks. Well adjusted people don't do that shit.

>> No.10438101

The only person I know how is promiscious is a really fat girl who never brushed her teeth. Her teeth had green buildup. Her finger nails always had black buildup on them and she only wore flip flops ever.
She has a series of mental illnesses and was sexually assaulted as a child.

I'm all about sex positivity but people who are sex addicted or promiscious especially at a young age usually have some serious damage. I don't want to say to avoid whores, but extremely promiscious people have a bad rap for a reason.

>> No.10438133

I went to a /cgl/ room pt before. I remember people saying some guy was touching up drunk girls and some seagull dumped her way old sugar daddy bf to hook up with a guy from the /cgl/ ax meet up discord.

>> No.10438517

At first, I thought it was because she didn't have a room in the first place.

>> No.10438563

Proud of you for looking after that girl and keeping her safe from that absolute creep

>> No.10438591

I wish you had beaten him anon, he sounds like a danger to society

>> No.10439463

janice you are shining that flashlight right into my eye cavities you BITCH

>> No.10441421

desu if you are that old and celebrating a birthday at a convention you sound mega creepy

>> No.10441432

>no fun allowed for anyone over 22

>> No.10441712

I guess it's not really a horror story more like, something that would make my friendship weird if I brought it up?
I love my best friend like a brother I never had. I really do. But at Katsucon this year after the Saturday rave he brought a cosplayer he met back to our shared air bnb and I'm certain the two of them fucked on the couch in the living room while I was passed out drunk on the air mattress in the adjacent bedroom because I woke up before him and found a condom wrapper on the floor and just quietly put it in the trashcan and never brought it up. Also on the drive home he told me that said cosplayer was married. He also told me that him and the cosplayer talked until 5am so he thinks I don't know that they boned.

>> No.10441800

>no fun allowed after 29

>> No.10442477

Yes god forbid people not pull out the knitting needles and sit quietly in rocking chairs after 25.

>> No.10442481

You must be over 18 to post here

>> No.10442591

Why do you care so much?

>> No.10442701
File: 196 KB, 320x320, panel-67757028-image-6d1fc51d23283812-320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got one from last year
>Normally just get a apartment alone typically used for business people/tourists who don't like hotels
>grandma lives in the city but haven't stayed with her for the con since I was 17
>Enter friend A who decides last minute to get a weekend pass. Begs me to let her and her coworker to stay
>Alright weird she wants to bring her coworker but hey I can save a bit
>She is more than happy to split the cost with her coworker. Seems like a done deal
>She keeps flaking on paying me fully citing stress with her bf being away for an internship is heavily considering not going/only for a day
>K whatever 2 other friends who work near the con would like a spot to crash inbetween working/attending con can pay right away.
>Let A know I'mma go with them if she's not going to
>She says she'll go but wants to reduce the cost between everyone.Begs me for this so she can 'get away for a bit
>My solo studio apartment is now 5 people FML Fine whatever if it gets bad I can just go to grandma's for a night/I'm really not good with confrontation
>Arrive first get maybe an hour to enjoy the calm before A gets there
>A arrives with some fit guy alright wants to chat with me first
>Admits she's cheating on the BF with him and they may be frisky during the con weekend
>Dis bitch wants to use my room to bang the weekend away
>Too late to kick her out now text the other 2 let them know. They aren't too bothered as the most they'll be doing in the room is sleeping.
>When helping A unpack she lets me know they brought a king size air mattress as they didn't want to sleep on the pull out couch like discussed
>room will be too cramped for everyone's stuff now compromise and say I'll just sleep on the regular couch so the other two can have the bed as this is in no way their fault.
>A spends the whole Thursday inbetween crying about needing to break up with her bf and being kissy kissy with her coworker

>> No.10442705

>Friday was pretty uneventful besides nearly catching A and coworker.
>Come saturday I'm in pain from being cramped on the couch 2 nights in a row
>Seriously considering ditching and just staying with granny bite the bullet on Uber
>A takes forever to get up forcing me and the other two to maneuver around the giant mattress as to not disturb her
>When she finally gets up she wants everyone to help her into her cosplay forcing everyone else to stop getting ready
>Gets impatient when no one else is ready when she is done and leaves
>Other two let me know if I'd like I can take one of their spots on the bed tonight.
>We head out to the con have some fun before A starts blowing up my phone
>She broke up with the away BF and needs comfort cause he called her a slut and so on
>Get back she's piss drunk and half naked as they went at it before she texted me
>She wants to go to the local grocery store to get a break up cake
>Begs me to go for her and gives me money to do so tell her no
>A starts screaming and jumping on the air mattress saying how everyone hates her
>Pops air mattress falls on her ass and wailing coworker is trying to comfort her
>She's screaming some shit that I'm just jealous of her
>Get an uber and go to grandma's with all my shit tell the others just let me know when check out I'll come back then
>A spends the rest of the con telling anyone who'd listen how awful and mean I am
>Ended up spending more than I would have if I just went alone

>> No.10442758

More importantly, why did he touch someone else’s used condom?

>> No.10442773

Idk, drugs are retarded, and I am pretty sure smoking weed non stop from your 20s-30s will turn you fat and ugly.

>> No.10442894

people who design games like these need to take into account that people won't all be comfortable with that kind of thing...
hope you had fun outside of that, anon
I don't understand how you could make it to that age without knowing something so basic...did she live at home all her life and have her mom buy things for her or something?
I hope people behave like this
I don't think her behavior is excusable, especially if she started pushing her bf to cold shoulder you, but it is understandable I think. when people have expectations defied they get uncomfortable and start acting negatively until something else puts them at ease (usually distance)

>> No.10442914 [DELETED] 

Me and my friends used to feel each others boobs all the time its no big deal - its not like she fingered you.

>> No.10443076

For a second I thought the group of Ouran cosplayers started harassing you as well, made me confused why you owed the Soul cosplayers big time

>> No.10443093

Sounds terrible. You should've dunked her vegan garbage in the toilet

>> No.10443106

Reading comprehension, he said wrapper (so the silver foil packet).

>> No.10443121

>not dangerous

Real talk, I'm sure having BPD sucks but they are fucking psychotic and no sympathy is given to those they inflict pain upon.

>> No.10443122

anything and everything

>> No.10443124

would have told the bf right away that their gf is here at the con cheating on him with the coworker kek

>> No.10443154

> be 18 with no close friends into anime
> get a package deal for con, all three days and a hotel room for $100
> get two roommates I don't know
> first roommate is chill chick in her mid 20s
> second is a smelly landwhale in her early 20s
> only two beds so we draw straws to see who has to share
> thank god the landwhale gets her own bed
> literally want to vomit from the BO
> talk about our cosplays, cool chick was doing several pokemon cosplays, landwhale was doing that catboy from Loveless
> cool roommate leaves to get food
> Styling my wig for Earl Grey from Kuroshitsuji last minute
> anon, do you want to see some of my art
> sure
> proceeds to show me Ciel and the other kid from the Kuroshitsuji anime shotacon
> Sit there quietly and go back to styling my wig
> landwhale continues to be overtly sexual showing me all the yoai and hentai she bought and talks about the yaoi panel

not that bad, but I got stuck with a gross stereotype. She probably thought I was into that stuff (which yeah I liked yaoi as a teenager, but I didn't share porn with other people, especially strangers), because I used to only crossplay back then

>> No.10443433

Seconded. One of the most evil, fucked up, abusive people I ever knew had bpd. She would use her diagnosis as an excuse to continue abusing people. She would never apologize for anything. And if you finally gathered the courage to stand up to her, she would immediately cut off all contact and go to every mutual friend and spread nasty rumors about you. After experiencing her abuse for years, I will never interact with someone who has bpd again. It’s not worth it

And if someone who has bpd is reading this, go seek professional help I am begging you

>> No.10443844

Damn that word for word describes someone I used to know. I thought she was just a bitch.

>> No.10445112


It's um okay for me tbhh because I technically dont sweat so I don't smell bad. I can go a few days without showering and I would smell fine. My bf can vouch for me. Also technically speaking its actually bad for your body to shower or take a bath every single day. You have to do it within spaces like Monday shower Tuesday dont Wednesday shower etc. Also if you dont go out at all that day you automatically are excused from showering that day

>> No.10445321

>had BPD
>nevery acted anything like that
According to my therapist most BPD stems from living in abusive situations, its something abusers pass down, so you have to fight and unlearn it. After escaping my abusive situation, i no longer show any signs of BPD.
When I was in an abusive situation and did show signs of BPD those signs were shown by me getting too attached to people I just met and bending over backwards for their happiness. So in that case, that opened me up to abuse from people I just met too.

There are different kinds of behavior when it comes to BPD and im glad to have moved passed it, but to stereotype BPD as only the most negative type of behavior makes me uncomfortable.
I never told people I dated that I had BPD when I did have it due to the stigma, and no one could tell either. To them I was just a "insanely dedicated girlfriend who never got upset with them no matter what"

>> No.10445326

A tldr is my BPD just opened me up for abuse.
My mother told me I'd never find love because of it, and if I expressed disdain at her shitty parenting (beating me for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and getting beat, getting locked in my room and let out only when she felt like it) she would go "youre just crazy, im an ideal parent, you just have BPD"
She preferred that the people I dated were the same amount of crazy as her, and she told my exes I have BPD to try to help them put me in my place.
My former boyfriend stole $200 from me, and when I yelled at him he said "youre just being crazy, this is the BPD thing your mom told me about, isnt it"

Turns out getting away from abusers will make me look a lot more sane and like im not getting pissed for no reason. Either way, fuck people that use mental illnesses as a cover up for their shit behavior, and fuck people that stereotype people with mental illnesses assuming they are all on the same level of terrible.

>> No.10445356

>I technically dont sweat
How the fuck does your body keep you cool? Do you pant like a Labrador or something?
>automatically are excused from showering that day
Not if you sweat and it's hot. Heat matters and a lot of bodies generate a lot of heat

>> No.10445357

>technically I dont sweat so I dont smell bad
Do your eyes change color too? Take a shower.

>> No.10445359
File: 260 KB, 1888x1062, NINTCHDBPICT000540613924.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I technically dont sweat

>> No.10445376

Are you going to say your body doesn't shed any skin cells or oils on those days, too? We've found the cure to senescence right here!

>> No.10445381

You'd probably be dead at a con if you don't sweat given large bodies of people generate a lot of heat and you'd die of heat stroke.

Also sweat isn't the be all and end all of smelling bad. Your skin cells die and attract bacteria. Just take a fucking shower.

>> No.10445386
File: 1.17 MB, 620x418, 1591758446636.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>rooming with anyone
>dude don't worry my gf is totally chill she doesn't care about some dudes who are there you won't even notice her

Anyone else know this hell?

>> No.10445439

Why is this hell?

>> No.10445546

That was me. Can i feel you up?

>> No.10445547


>> No.10445551


>> No.10445557
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>> No.10445836
File: 2.03 MB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_2020-07-26-18-19-49(1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your BF is probably being nice, please for the sake of everyone around you, take a damn shower. If you're that worried about your skin, just skip on days you aren't leaving the house/apartment

>> No.10446137
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>tfw one parent with BPD (don't worry the other one was also crazy and a usive in her own special way) and I've got it confirmed that I have genetic disposition for developing it
>Aka I might wake up crazy one day
Amazing. I thought I got away from this shit when I moved but fuck me I guess, thanks RNG of the universe.

>> No.10446235

Meh I wasnt a self pitying tard before I found about this genetics bullshit, and I'll be damned if I let myself become one afterwards.

>> No.10446247


>my bf can vouch for me
sweetie, your boyfriend is just as smelly as you are, only more desperate.

>> No.10446264

Excusing the stank this anon has greasy hair much?

>> No.10446284

I'm >>10445321
>"According to my therapist most BPD stems from living in abusive situations, its something abusers pass down, so you have to fight and unlearn it"
its not a genetic thing, but more of the crazy of others can often affect you negatively.

>> No.10446321

Sweat isn't what makes you smell bad, the bacteria living in your skin folds is. And everyone in the entire world has those bacteria. Even if you don't sweat a lot, the bacteria give you BO. And inversely, someone can sweat a lot, and as long as they're showering and actually cleaning themselves, the skin bacteria stay at enough of a minimum that they don't smell. And you may have gotten the confusion that you don't need to bathe every day from the fact that your HAIR doesn't need to be washed every day. But your body definitely does. You can wrap up your hair and jump in the shower for 5 minutes with a bar of soap and be much better off for it.

By the way, your boyfriend is either being nice or his sense of smell is shot from being around you too much. I guarantee you reek and people can probably identify the places you've recently been by the trail of odor you leave. People like you are the reason cons have to beg their attendees to shower every day and use deodorant. But this is probably gonna fall on deaf ears cause you quite literally think your shit don't stink. Just please stay away from me if we're ever at a con together lmao.

>> No.10447307 [DELETED] 
File: 15 KB, 300x380, Lobster_Johnson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>People take advantage of that.

>> No.10447312

Different anon and I hate to bring race up into this but some races and genetics actually do smell less than others. It's a genetic thing, same with the amount of ear wax produced. You're not wrong, but that anon could very well not smell for a while. I can go two days without a shower before smelling if I'm not on my period. The reason I know is because of my co-workers. About 10 of us sit in a closed off room with no windows sitting at computers and when someone smells, we ALL know it and not afraid to speak up to each other about it. The girls made an agreement with each other to speak up if one of us smells so that we can take care of it.

>> No.10447317
File: 2.84 MB, 1440x810, 1591538600099.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I tell him to fuck off and he tells me that swearing is also illegal

>> No.10447349

less doesn't mean none. and that doesn't mean you're dirty or not. my bf is chinese and barely sweats or smells but he has really oily skin and leaves nasty film in the shower when he washes.

>> No.10447485


You ain't wrong anon. That's why Indian people from India are probably one of the most strongest regarding body order. Like you can even tell if an Indian person stinks in a large crowd like a convention right away due to their unique aroma when it comes to their body odor.

>> No.10447544

I think that’s more about diet, though. They eat a lot of spices like cumin and fennel that have strong smells when metabolized.

>> No.10447590
File: 63 KB, 497x549, nononononono.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Get done with room party and head to bed around 2am
>find some random cosplayer drunk in the hallway
>Doesn't have her room key
>phone is dead
>So drunk she cant remember what her fucking room is
>tired as fuck, take her to room
>Use shower, then let her shower, give her my queen bed and I sleep on the pull-out couch
>Wake up
>Shes embarrassed
>Has no money on her, still didn't plug in her phone despite me telling her drunk self to do it
>Annoyed, but take her out to breakfast so she can charge her phone
>Talk about the con while eating greasy spoon food and drinking coffee
>Finally get her phone charged, pay for our breakfast, drive her back to con
>She gets sick, almost hurls in my truck but i had a trash bag handy
>9.99 wasted
>Drop her off with her friends, go back to my room, grab some stuff I need for a shoot
>Have a good day at con
>go to bed after saturday room party
>hear a knock
>its her drunk again
>"I forgot where my room is again."
>Close door on her and go to bed.

>> No.10447614

She forgot her room number, but remembered yours? Sounds like she was trying to get some

>> No.10447616
File: 10 KB, 230x136, hmmmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dont smash randoms. Could have crotch fauna to rival a jungle.

>> No.10447738

Prom experience: I have a way ebtter time getting flat out drunk in the netherlands than at UK cons, drunk english guys scare the shit out of me at this point.

>> No.10447785

Fact, when you get wasted in the Netherlands nobody starts a fight and you always get to your room safely

>> No.10448086

Ahh, yes. Thank you for proving something everyone’s always known but couldn’t validate. As indicated by this post, some races delude themselves into thinking their particular race doesn’t stink while others do. I hope you know we all talk about you. Every body, and I mean literally if you have a body, you stink. Take a shower.

>> No.10448110

>less doesn't mean none.
Yes. That was said. This post was regarding smell since that was the topic, it never said anything about not being dirty. You say yourself that your chinese boyfriend does not stink.

>> No.10448486

Third this statement. It's fucked up because you simply cannot ever in your life form a normal relationship. But I as an individual don't have to deal with their lunacy.

>> No.10448568
File: 27 KB, 500x375, 966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Oh fuck, not this anon but I actually know who this is and who posted this because she was staying at our room that weekend. It was a nightmare on our end as well.

>She was supposed to meet us on the first day during check-in so everyone could settle and go over our set rules
>She wasn't there and didn't contact any of us
>Find out through her social media that she was going back and forth about going
>Eventually she still decides to go but does this late in the afternoon
>Through all this still doesn't contact us
>We think she flaked so we don't bother with it and go about our way
>Night falls
>Some of us volunteer at the convention so they have to get up early for shifts
>Everyone asleep
>In the dead of the night she blows up someones phone
>Guy finally picks up, it's her and she's at the main desk wanting to get picked up because she doesn't know where our room is
>He sighs and storms out to get her
>When she gets back there's only space on the floor for her (me and others were also on the floor). She makes a deal about it and hasn't brought ANYTHING to sleep on or under
>Ignore her but someone enables her by sharing the bed
>Throughout the entire weekend she ends up being a burden and messing up the room and bathroom with her junk and cut wig hairs
>She doesn't even bother to clean up and goes out to the convention grounds
>Final day and she ended up sleeping in another room
>Her stuff is still in our room and we need to check out
>Was so done with her shit that we decided to leave all her shit there and just check out but again someone ended up enabling her and gathered all her belongings
>He ended up having to babysit her stuff the entire day while she was floating around the con
>He ends up being done with it and the moment he wants to leave she comes storming in to collect her shit

This is the light version of it because too many details but fuck thinking back still makes me seethe

>> No.10449325

In this thread I see mentally ill fat people with poor hygiene lying on the internet about other mentally ill fat people with poor hygiene.

>> No.10449411

I appreciate hearing a part two from a different perspective

>> No.10449453 [DELETED] 

>room with college roommate who was normal during our college years
>come back at 3 am after partying
>find room completely trashed and covered with empty food containers and drink bottles
>no one else was in the room with her (she didn’t have other friends at the con and doesn’t have the social ability to make new friends or hook up with someone)
>go to bathroom to take shower
>lock door
>roommate starts banging on the door
>she had been alone in the room since 5 pm
Never roomed with her again.

>> No.10449527

tipping is an american disease

>> No.10449538

I don't tip room service either... But I do stuff like strip the beds and gathering all the trash.

>> No.10449631

Figured this would fit but I remember in a convention group on facebook there was a girl begging for room.
>needs room for a 3 year old and a crib for the baby
>can't pay but totally pay for snacks!!
>Gets no takers blows up the group saying how everyone's ruining her fun.

>> No.10449872

Who in their right goddamn mind would let a random baby and 3 year old in their convention room. Furthermore, what sort of parent would bring a baby and 3 year old and not get their own hotel room?? I guess the same sort of mom who is too broke to pay for a room but still wants to go play around at an anime convention (wonder what else her kids might need that she's skipping out on getting?) Fuck's sake.

>> No.10449907

I have meet many who eat a American diet, barely Indian food if any. They still smell

>> No.10450415

Ok but did you and Zoe fuck

>> No.10450429

This is how children end up molested

>> No.10450637

This is a trash opinion. At this point, many congoers are pretty much lifers - & they've been going for 10+ years. Are they just supposed to not have fun anymore?

I'm 29 & felt WAY too old at a Danganropa photoshoot. While dressed as Miu Iruma, nervouse as shit about getting involved, I talked to a photographer who was probably 17-18. Said I was nervous as shit because I was so much older. He looked at me, dead square in the eyes & said "You're no less valid than anyone else here." And MAAAN that helped alot.

>> No.10450754

Jesus Christ definitely a girl and not an adult woman at heart. I hope she was able to reconsider her priorities afterwards.

>> No.10450990

>This level of coping
No shit you don't have to stop enjoying things at [x] age but having a birthday at a con is really silly and tactless when over 30, and hanging out with people barely past 20 when you're 32 is weird as fuck, no wonder that girl felt suddenly freaked out

>> No.10450993


>> No.10450998

If there’s a con you always go to and the con dates happen to fall on your birthday are you just not supposed to go?

>> No.10451367

Only had 2 simple ones
>Friend is at con while his girlfriend stayed home.
>She calls him constantly the first night
>Second night she calls him at 3am when all of us are asleep.
>He answers and instead of telling her to call back later- keeps talking to her for like 5 minutes
>I had been waiting for anyone else to say something
>Hang up the fucking phone we're trying to sleep finally comes out of my mouth.
>He gets up and walks outside to talk to her and stays out till like 7am.
He didn't think it was a big deal, rest of my friends were all waiting to see who snapped first. My husband said he could feel the anger radiating off of me (had been woken up by same friend at husbands house before cause he was playing wow battlegrounds at 4am and woke me up)

Other time
>First time entering cosplay masquarade, as Ryoko with a handmade Ryo-okkie plush.
>Set it near laptop because I know it's safe there
>Night before masqurade friends get drunk
>Wake up next morning and go to turn on laptop-red puddle under it
>Lift up laptop and it's dripping wet with energy drink, can left right next to it.
>Start freaking out, husband freaks out since it's his gaming laptop and drinks weren't allowed near it anyway as a hotel rule
>Drunk friend doesn't remember knocking over drink
>Sober friend who is an idiot "Oh I tried to clean it up"
>Fucker there is a puddle under it you didn't try
>Finally see Ryo-okkie plush's paws are stained bright red as well.
>Legit start to lose it and scream into a pillow.
>Other friends make idiot friend help go get breakfast
>Drunk friend feels horrible and offers to pay for fixing it. Though I believe he didn't do it and it was the idiot since he had been sitting in the chair and had his stuff on the table as well.
>Laptop is dead
Both aren't invited back.

>> No.10451376

Imagine being this autistic about something posted a while ago that was just a celebration for someone.

>> No.10451386

If he offered and you didn't take him up on it, you're an idiot. It doesn't matter who knocked it over. There were rules about drinks, someone didn't follow it, he should pay.

>> No.10451408

he did pay, the hard drive was fried though.
He later crashed at my house for a few weeks and skipped out on paying his last week of rent after drinking all of my alchohol and leaving spit bottles everywhere in the room he was staying in.
I'm more pissed that he just stopped being my husbands friend out of no where than the rent money part. Like he just cut all ties and fucked off.

>> No.10451944

Seen this story before, try harder

>> No.10451949

You have, anons be posting other peoples stories

>> No.10452126

Bro wtf, what kind of onlookers would not jump in to defend a woman, we call people in the public potential bodyguards because of his they will jump to a females defence so easily. Anyway you should have told him about the cheating and gangbang straight up not just be careful. I’m not above drop kicking a woman if someone attacked one of my friends like that or even a stranger.

>> No.10452505

Google the bystander effect anon, and prepare to lose what little faith in humanity you had left.

>> No.10452521

I’ve been fortunate enough to not have to deal with stuff like this. Worst thing that I remember happening in a room was a guy bought a hentai game and set it up on someone else’s laptop while they weren’t in the room

>> No.10452700

w-what if that had been someone’s work computer?

>> No.10452770

People who never grew out of their weeb stage. Know another who brought her baby to AB as an accessory for her Danganronpa cosplay. By the time we saw her baby was full on zoned out and her face was covered in marks and gunk. Spend a good 5 minutes cleaning her and even offered to change her diaper. Poor thing probably hadn't been changed in hours. Not really big on kids in general but damn no one especially a kid deserves that. Pretty sure that kid is gonna grow up with a hatred of anything weeb related.

>> No.10452913
File: 33 KB, 604x340, 1568082970894.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>work has me in japan for a few months again (tokyo specifically)
>come back to the us want to go to a con with some friends I haven't seen in a while want to do a con
>room is 2 so kind of large
>Bring a few things back as gifts, some doujins/sake/buttons/etc
>meetup goes fine
>Room #2 that is the womens room hears I am back from japan after breaking open some sake and hikbi
>"they come over at first all cool just basic stuff, show a convention or two I went to down in osaka, didn't change out since short on time back to tokyo
>anon.. you can't ride trains in cosplay"
>lol wut who said that
>"it'd disrespectful to japanese"
>explain the people I met didn't care since I was in an unreserved car and made sure my cosplay didn't go past the arm rest
>ask who told them that
>smacked back with a 'it's common knowledge' shit aka stupid kensama shit
>ask last time they've been since no one really cares and people do it all the time
>well I was in tokyo for a week and we never did that! I know because (vtuber/instagram/whatever the fuck here told me)
>jokingly say 'yeah well sorry not big into the lolita/j-fashon stuff that america does all the time. To most people I met there it was mostly just for fun. Besides most people laughed it off as just silly."
>Hiroshima ain't got shit on how it's like I called their mom a whore.
>constant winded rants about how Japan works from some girls
>try to explain that most people don't give a single fuck as long as you aren't showing up on shibuyameltdown levels of shit
>get karen levels of how cosplaying in japan is some trophy thing
>say didn't mean to offend them but it's just cosplay
>bitches go nuclear at that, explaining how Japan is even though I just got back from yet another time there to me.
>never understand what this japan they are talking about is
>at cons now only discuss it with men because women are landmines about it

>> No.10452919

>look 5-7 years younger than you are
>post never said anything about falsifying age
>just a random meetup for a b day
Believe it or not if you work out and stay active you can look mid 20's well into life, I mean shit look at Tom Cruise. Dude is like going on 60 and looks mid-early 30's. I'd see justification in callouts if there was something to support them lying about age, but it's a fault by a girl from a girl and issue spread by an individual.

NGL women suck at telling mens age, that's not an incel/pol remark that's just how it fucking is.

>and hanging out with people barely past 20 when you're 32 is weird as fuck
Then twitch needs to basically shut down, also when is 24 "barely past 20", fucking lol

>> No.10452921

Even just never drinking/smoking will do wonders for your body.

>> No.10452923

Oh definitely, I'm just saying that most people don't gauge age right. We don't allow smoking everywhere and lead paint on toys, etc.

If you're +30 just don't try and hit on the 18y/o in the room for drinks and lmao you're fine

>> No.10453015

>women are landmines
Moral of the story. I’m a woman and therefore probably a landmine too but I’ve found that I can’t talk to women about hardly anything without them getting offended.

>> No.10453405

>t I’ve found that I can’t talk to women about hardly anything without them getting offended.
me again, left out some shit but holy shit you are right
>get asked if I made my cosplay, no bought it off aliexpress. I wish I had the free time for doing shit like that lol
>O-oh you did? hmmmm.
>get a 10 minute rant about how I need to make my own shit and buying a boboobobo outfit should be done by hand(?!?!?!?)
literally who the hell cares? It's seriously a fucking cosplay to make people laugh, like holy shit
>get "checked" if I am really big down there as I am up top
I was so weirded out by this I didn't even know what to do.
>walking around the vendor hall
>some black chicks walk up near me
>ass grabbed
asked wtf but "haha nice butt"

If there is anything about cons I've learned is that women perform and practice the most sexual harassment shit possible.

>> No.10453408

This begs the question, since been there done that. When I host a room i never charge full rate, I usually ask for 20-25/night that you plan to use it for. I think 25/night is pretty reasonable if not feel free to correct me. If someone were to do tell me they bring all the booze then I think that is fine, who the hell wouldn't?

>> No.10453413

>don't allow smoking everywhere and lead paint on toys
Ok, but China allows those things and Chinese people definitely age better on average than Europeans with all their regulations.

>> No.10453414

Are you saying that for say two nights at a con you would charge someone $50 to stay with you? In my experience that would just be very generous

I've always divided the full cost of the room including parking and taxes/fees evenly among each person staying. I still do this with the three friends I go to every con with and I did it when I hosted rooms for people off coscom or Facebook (which I never do anymore). Getting a decent amount of cash, especially a fair share, is just good insurance in case you get that one asshole who makes your life hell for whatever reason for the weekend (destroys the room with makeup, covers the place with their shit, comes back sloshed at 4am, etc.). It also causes unnecessary drama if person A finds out that person B is only paying $X because "they brought the booze" when person A paid $XX+ instead. I've never truly hosted a party room, but I've brought alcohol and had others provide their own if they want to drink.

>> No.10453418

Chinese people age well because they purposely stay out of the sun as much as humanly possible. White people don't realize the sun is the main thing that ages you.

>> No.10453426

TBF isn't China like the main contributor to air pollution I doubt they see much of the sun as is through all the smog.

>> No.10453427

I usually do 3 nights, so I assume 75 bucks or you throw in for booze or what not. If you are doing a floor(non bed) then I think it's fair.

If you want bed shit then yeah Xnumber of people/Y costs is actually the way to go. but floor space I never feel it's right to charge for shit like that.

>> No.10453431

UVA penetrates through clouds, smog, and everything else that isn't solid. That's why sun protection is necessary even in winter.

>> No.10453498

I always divided it up between everyone, along with parking fees. Usually people that paid first got dibs to bed first, but we would rotate who did the air mattress as well.
Booze was always bring your own, and if you decide to share that's fine. Food was claimed for who would bring what and we'd all pitch in for pizza or breakfast depending.
My friends kind of suck at planning things so I'd have to send out multiple lists from time the room was booked until a few days before, and even then half the time someone would forget basic shit.

>> No.10454331


I don't think you get how seriously some of those Asian girls take their skintones. It's normal for them to keep long-sleeved cardigans in their cars so that they can over their arms from the sun while driving. Chinese tourists in sunny countries will walk around in long sleeves and floppy hats on top of sunscreen to avoid being tanned.

There's even questions posted on chinese forums asking whether UV rays from light tubes and computer screens will give girls tans and whether girls should wear sunscreen indoors.

Their "normal" state is to prioritise staying out of sun the same way other people prioritise breathing or eating. Their "enthusiastic" skincare attitude is to overdo sunscreens, whitening lotions and staying indoors the same way weebs overdo the Naruto run.

>> No.10455033

I have plenty of attractive friends that post shit I never want to see (shibari, etc) on their social media. IDK where this weird bias is from. You never know what people are into, sometimes it's just the dumpy ones that are louder about it.

>> No.10455061

Man, fuck off with that shit. It's only recently in the past decade that the majority of congoers were under 20-25. Adults started cons and you can cry more about all the fun we will continue to have. I have been going since 1998, and I'll keep on going and having fun the way I choose to until I die. Imagine being this self conscious and projecting your fears onto others. I genuinely hope you learn how to make friends in other age groups so you can mature a little.

>> No.10455165

It was a joke jesus christ calm down

>> No.10455880
File: 72 KB, 703x672, spengbab.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bedmate got really really drunk and sh'arted on my leg

>> No.10455920

If anything I'm probably the nightmare roommate. I snore like a mother fucker.

>> No.10456083

she is clearly joking

>> No.10459357


>> No.10459364

Woke up to two intoxicated guys posing with a loaded gun while in cosplay.

Our two bed hotel room that was housing so many people that if that thing went off it would have hit someone. I asked them to stop, they wouldn't, so I went back to sleep claiming I would rather not be awake for this.

>> No.10460202

you couldnt be more wrong

>> No.10462122

... Prince Andrew?

>> No.10462134

I would hang out with you at a con, fellow adult

>> No.10462443

fuck, thats me every morning

>> No.10462572


>> No.10463320
File: 628 KB, 2048x1536, GetImage[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So I recently bought a used box truck similar to this one. My plan was to turn this into my convention survival stealth vehicle. I'm turning the back into a cozy room. Bed, minifridge, sink, tv, solar power and a generator, the works. I've already bolted the rolling door shut and cut a new door in the cabin that leads into the back using and angle grinder, that way I can lock the doors and get into the back without having to get out of the van.

The idea is that I'd drive it to a convention, park within walking distance of the con during the day, then at night drive it to the nearest 24-hour gym where I have a membership. No tickets for over night parking, and I can use the gym to shower and take a shit if I need to. Then lock down and cozy up in my private rolling one person room. An RV or a camper van would be easier probably, but this feels more discreet and I can do it up however I like. It'll be a while before it's fully safe and ready to use, but it'll be worth it. And I'll never have to deal with horror stories like these ever again.

>> No.10463884

What year? This kinda sounds familiar

>> No.10464104

you ever leave your house anon?

>> No.10464627

Yeah but then you'll be a van creep

>> No.10465558

yes i find people for jobs i am a maritime head hunter i get contracted to again find people for jobs i am constantly out and meeting people so please shut the fuck up you trailer trash sissy

>> No.10465589

nice LARP

>> No.10465911
File: 243 KB, 494x436, bad, sad bad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sometimes I scream at night and can't do nothing to help it

>> No.10465921

women are messy as fuck

>> No.10466111

fish better

>> No.10466148

The college fucks that attend awa are a special breed of retard

>> No.10468638
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I had this exact situation happen one year.

>rent a room with two beds and pull out couch, cost split and paid before the con
>6 people already in the room, all sleeping space full
>everyone brought their own food or was expected to split costs were applicable
>everyone, except one guy, cosplays
>"Oh hey everyone, my girl is having some issues with her group can she come room with us for the night she's only here till tomorrow."
>sure as long as she pays
>she brings a friend and the three play smash brothers all night while we are trying to sleep
>asking nicely didn't work, yelling didn't work, someone eventually just turned off the TV midgame
>the sweet lullaby of passive aggressive bitching and poorly muffled sexual noises.
>demands one of the two room keys for herself
>eats snacks while we are sleeping
>moves our shit while we are sleeping
>uses and destroys some of our makeup (mac palette RIP)
>demands one of the two roomkeys for herself
>uses our room as a hub for all her friends to party
>uses friends card that was tied to the room to order room service without permission, doesn't tell him
>locks us out of the room at several points of the day to fuck or do whatever
>anytime we say shit the BF freaks out and asks us to be cool because it's his first real relationship

He fucking met her the week before online. Jokes on him though because she fucked 3 different guys while there, including one of our other roommates. Worst fucking drama imaginable. Never again.

>> No.10468654

rip your con roomies

>> No.10469205

>met up with some discord group I've met online
>discord talk is all over the place just think it is ironic posting or something
>whatever, cheap room
>12 or so lolitas 2 guys
>some lolita makes a huge fuss about me having beer
>try to make the best
>day after come back to our shared rooms, need to rest my feet and charge me pgone
>have a beer and try to make the best of like 6 girls changing and swapping shit after some tea thing
>mention something about how I don't get lolita cosplay or culture
>1000 responses from 12 different people about it
>state I was just sorry since I just didn't 'get it'
>girls don't care
>proceed to fight against themselves about how lolita culture is
>end up actually more confused at what lolita culture is before I met up
I now room solo

>> No.10469209
File: 188 KB, 860x594, pepe-punch-hd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Discord trannies
Not even once

>> No.10469223

Girl here. Rooming with that many girls, let alone lolitas, is just asking for a fight to break out. It's always over something petty as fuck and someone will keep bringing it up for the whole con. Not even once. Only room with small groups of people you know and never more than a couple girls who already know each other. Room packing leads to bullshit even if it's not a cat fight.

>> No.10469248

What is it with lolitas thinking everyone else has to be super conservative. I've had eye rolls from girls at meets when I order a beer with dinner

>> No.10469430

Control freaks, probably.
Makes sense that the kind of people that would rip a girl to shreds over wearing the wrong accessory would be outraged by someone enjoying a vice they dont.

>> No.10469618

How do you even room with so many people you don't know ? where do you find and connect with them before hand ?

>> No.10471994

Eating ages you. Sun makes your skin more susceptible to wrinkling, but a great skincare routine can keep your skin healthy for a very long time, regardless of the sun you get

>> No.10472245

This is going to be my spicy hot take but here it goes:

Lolita's at con's simply don't fit in or work, they just don't belong there. They have nothing to come together on or meet about other than just being in a dress they made. Oh top shit someone has a 1 hour passive aggressive convo about how, how they went to Joann hancock over hobby lobby and didn't use etsy, is so fucking amazing glad it has it's own room for drunks to sit and rest in while 5 people care. Oh cool a tea party, can't wait for every fucking lolita to bitch about dumb bullshit that doesn't fuckin matter.

Lolita's basically have nothing to centralize with at cons, point of reference, or ability to be anything but their dress which they are showing off for fashion, not for "hey is that a Rem/Chaika/(girl of the season who wears a petticaot)?". So basically anything and everything will result in a 'triggering' event about how awful and hellish everyone is if they don't get x/y/z exactly right or that's not how they envisioned it to be. Bottle this up for all the effort going into a dress + 1000's of people at a con getting noticed and basically not them, just fuck my shit up anon. You are basically walking on eggshells at this point. The straw that breaks the camels back at this point is someone who doesn't take the event, probably the few if not only time of the year the can show it off, seriously for others. So someone cracking open some beers to chill back and laugh about their aliexpress or ebay cosplay about how silly shit it is and laughing it off like nothing. This is where shit always goes south, and blows up and makes drama. Girls can be chill to room with, 12 tho fuck it unless you plan some orgy or shit, but like 2 lolita's is way too many.

Moved down from OR to LA, met up with cgl the past 2 years. simply 2-3 lolita's some how ruin shit, about how crap cosplay was or X was SO BAD because Y, the amount of simps defending them against anything just boggled my mind.

>> No.10472248

Not sure where you are from but my group for Sakura con would book 2 rooms together, usually hosting about 10-12 people, 14 seems pushing it though, I could see it happening.
4 beds = 8 people
2 roll aways = 2 people
floor space = ???

If budget is an issue I've seen some huge shit compaction in rooms

>> No.10472263

>being in a dress they made
>how they went to Joann hancock over hobby lobby and didn't use etsy

It's clear you've never met a lolita.

>> No.10472268

Are you like, trying to prove my point or something? I am not even trying to meme here, I seriously can't tell if you just proved my point or are that detached.

>It's clear you've never met a lolita.
The lolita culture as it stands today is so sub-fractured and echo chamber'd to the point that unless you have a very specific comm(s) you are meeting up with you're like going to have a meh to okay time at best.

Also, nah I've never met a lolita that wasn't batshit insane needing constant simps to re-enforce their shitty dress and design choices like I've met in California. You all seem to be in your own league of stupid. I've never, ever seen a lolita community that clings so heavily to groups of males fore defense and assurance that their dumb shit walmart looking ass dresses need justification.

Don't think too hard about it sweetie.

>> No.10472277

what a shitty copypasta

>> No.10472284

Based. I dont even know why Lolita get together, they all hate each other.

>> No.10472285

I'm getting the feeling someone hit a little too close to home on this. You aren't upset are you?

>> No.10472293

no it just reads like a copypasta. i would agree if he/you didn't sound like a salty incel.

>> No.10472296
File: 294 KB, 328x263, 1553742030747.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no it just reads like a copypasta.
So you mean it sounds like something that could be kinda thought out? and might actually make sense?

>i would agree if he/you didn't sound like a salty incel.
Not sure what this even means because the post basically has nothing to do with sex, or do you mean this line:
> the amount of simps defending them against anything just boggled my mind.
Because I refuse to believe you've never met a lolita who doesn't have some really fucking weirdo male followers willing to bow for m'lady's will.

This post >>10472245
Basically spells it out on shit, I don't know exactly what you want to hear unless you are a lolita who wants attention. Every other cosplay at a convention generally has a focal point, regardless how loose it is to that there is still some commonality. To basically anyone who is not into jfashion/lolita culture or using the con as a comm meetup, yeah someone lone wolfing it or flying it solo is probably going to get irked hard. Scrolling up the thread, and from personal exp, it's on par with things seen.

Misusing the word incel just makes you look like a moody anon who's example you clearly seem to be making for the thread, like it or not.

>> No.10472307

>not sure what being an incel has to do with me seething over women's dresses

>> No.10472312
File: 278 KB, 620x640, 1560971607555.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, okay I see where you are going. But that has nothing to do with incel anything, I am not sure if you know what that term means....

In reference to >>10472245
>how they went to Joann hancock over hobby lobby and didn't use etsy
Yeah that's a fair statement, not sure how you are misreading that since the post, thread, and replies are clearly referring to the kinds of "lolita's" that are "lolita's" at con's only and have 0 comm connections, or anything like the such. That's pretty obvious, not sure why anyone would need that pointed out in a thread about con room horror stories. This isn't Local comm horror stories or tea party disasters, so again not sure where you are going into this.

The people who are doing lolita for cons, and the kinds that actively will go meetups or willing to share rooms with people who drink are what this thread is talking about.

At this point you have essentially proved every gripe about lolita's for con meets or room shares correct. You simply do not understand the situation going on and forcing yourself into it, congrats.

>> No.10472315

1/10 because you not knowing what a copypasta is made me laugh.

>> No.10472316
File: 144 KB, 567x561, 1593589242809.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

whatever helps you sleep at night anon, but feel free to post a reference to the prior pasta.

>> No.10476950

>and calls me wrong name despite constantly correcting him

>> No.10477590


I was past thirty and still roomed. These are horror stories but that doesn't mean that good people/roomates don't exist. Some individuals have saved my butt and wallet plenty of times without me having to deal with the madness that goes on in some of these posts.

>> No.10477591


You say she's joking but that doesn't stop cons and gaming events from reeking to high heaven.

>> No.10477597


You sound like you'd fit right in at DragonCon if you haven't been already. You can get booze just by saying hi to someone. For a guy like myself that worked all throughout the year, DC was the one time where I got to sit back and relax with some drinks and absolutely be with other friends who felt the same as I did. I am in no way going to let someone, roomie or not...tell me how I'm going to spend MY time if It's not affecting them in the slightest. Get the fuck OUTTA here with that.

>> No.10477600


Get the fuck outta here with that shit. Some of the warmest moments I've felt was seeing older people, obviously in fifties and sixties going to cons. I regret not asking this much older dark skinned lady her story when I saw her in a CVS one night because I can only pray I can make it to her age and still enjoy the kind of things she was obviously into (at least from the pins she was wearing anyway)

>> No.10477628

nayrt, I've never been to dragoncon but everything I've heard about it sounds fucking choice

>> No.10477654

If this is real you're fucking pathetic.
Grow a spine you baby. Fuck, there are women with black eyes from "doorknobs" who can stand up for themselves better than you

>> No.10477687


You should certainly make the conscious decision to come then. On one hand, we have no idea what conventions will be like post-COVID, but on the other hand, this is a place that pulls in people from all around the world stretched out across multiple hotels. I know that other all-day-all-night cons like this exist like MagFest but DC has always been my jam since I been going.

>> No.10477723

>how they will jump to a females defence so easily
Against another woman? Hitting a girl, even one who deserves it, is one of the biggest social taboos a man can commit. Most men are even reluctant to fight back when a woman is attacking them. If anything jumping into the fight might open YOU up to being attacked by male bystanders for being the asshole who started swinging at girls.
Granted the situation was weird because it was a large mixed group ganging up on a woman (with the woman of the group doing most of the hitting from the sound of it) so the onlookers probably just defaulted to >>10452505

>> No.10478460

she sounds cute you should have slept with her

>> No.10480347

>selling my beers to under ages to buy figures.

.....but figures are hella expensive.

Wtf? Kids cant be that stupid.

>> No.10480349


>> No.10480350

lol you must be really fun at cons.

>> No.10480351

>so is the rest of the world.

Dont act like your country is any different faggot

>> No.10480352

no you really dont

>> No.10480355

Cause with dudes its either minor to medium problem or rapist. No middle ground. Trans men to qualify here

>> No.10480357

2/10 for making me comment. Have fun getting your ass kicked virgin

>> No.10480358

(You) faggot

>> No.10480359

all that sounds horrible except for the cold room. I keep my rooms freezing

>> No.10480360

lol hello doormat

>> No.10480361

Go fuck yourself

>> No.10480362

Youre retarded people at cons must hate you

>> No.10480363

If youre weirded out by ppl 10 years older than you at age 20. Maybe you should just stay home until you actually grow up.

>> No.10480366


>> No.10480368

Cool so youre just a clean faggot

>> No.10480370

Lol is that what you tell your incel forum?

>> No.10480729

Shut the fuck up samefag

>> No.10480946

poopy pen is

>> No.10481152

samefagging nigger kys

>> No.10481157
File: 145 KB, 600x450, screams internally.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kind of a unique story here. I play FF14 and work in an ERP brothel. A lot of the male/female courtesans are actually super mature/good about not being creeps since we work together regularly and deal with the general populace ingame.

However, everyone should have known getting anywhere near each other in RL would be an issue. About a third of the group met up for the Las Vegas convention for the game. One of the more senior courtesans who showed up was not anywhere near as controlled as ingame. Trying to convince the others and even couples who showed up to go back to their room with them. An MtF who seemed to be particularly frustrated and pent up. Who couldn't understand why others were not as interested in them out of the game.

It resulted in a meltdown where they decleared they'd be leaving the FC after the fanfest. Then they felt people didn't care about that enough either. So they want to the server-meetups paperwall and started angrily crossing off the names of their FC mates. They were asked to stop doing this and got into a huge fuss that it wasn't illegal because the signature wall wasn't official from the con and only from the group that gathered there. Security gets called anyway and does ask them to leave for being disruptive. They leave and everything seems fine.

One of the people who was sharing a room with them however, gets to their hotel room and it seems this person has checked out, stole their luggage (in a somewhat funny way, got the bag that had all their clothes but forgot the pouch with all their money). Wrote "Fuck You" on the mirror in lipstick, and left.

The hotel figured out the guys luggage was actually hidden on the same floor behind the ice dispenser, so he got all the clothes back. But wow. What a trip.

>> No.10481173

Jesus. I also work in a ffxiv erp brothel, funnily enough. I could not imagine meeting those people irl. They're nice enough, but I'm sure I'd shoot myself meeting anyone from there irl.

>> No.10481177

Yeah, that's part of why I was not there. Though everyone was talking about what happened. I'm shocked to meet someone else here though, which server are you? I'll be surprised if its not balmung. I'm actually on one of the servers with less RP. I think that gets us some really strange characters compared to even the bigger servers for such stuff.

>> No.10481202

I was a eurofag for the longest time, and let me tell you it's absolutely dead. Moved to brynhildr recently, and the amount of RP stuff that's on the server, even though it's not Balmung or anything is mind-blowing to me. It's so busy all the time, I really like it honestly. L for the people that went though, but I don't know what they expected.

>> No.10481963

GTFO balmung degenerate.

>> No.10483138

They were these shitty minifigurines

>> No.10483572

always wanted to do something like this

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