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>Comment section is nothing but guys trying to hit on me
Can't someone just admire the hard work I put in?

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nope. men have no self control or dignity. i'm a fat slob and still get hit on constantly, even that doesn't work

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Anon your needlework and craftsmanship are impeccable and i really like how you put your own spin on the design while still keeping it near the original

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Cosplay is now a sexual thing to your average normie, you can thank jnig for that

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All young scrotes or boring cumbrains now. They're incapable of seeing anything as a fun hobby, they need to make everything about COOOOOOOOOOM. They need to inject sex into fucking everything they do, I'm sick of it. It's their own behavior and scrote cumbrain shit that attracted camgirls and ruined cosplay.

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We don´t even know how your cosplay looks like OP. How is anyone here suppposed to comment on your "hard work"?

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The fact that minor cosplayers have to put that they're a minor in their bios so there are (less) creeps just makes me want to die.

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I almost forgot about the tiktok cosplayers that are minors too that are constantly sexualized.

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>Comment section is nothing but guys trying to hit on me
Stop doing Thotsplays then

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Try this next time and see if you get any sexual comments. I'll give you 10 bucks.

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don't kid yourself, they could be cosplaying in full knight armor with no hint of being a woman but the second a man finds out they are one they'll find a way to sexualize it

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bitches love bara bodies

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>humblebragging: the thread

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Guys are just a bunch of horndogs, I've gotten a few sexually charged comments for my Lolita cosplay before.

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Are there actually people that humblebrag about sexual harassment and being creeped on?

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I'm sure there's someone shallow enough to do that out there

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I mean, thats basically what this thread is, right?

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Yes. I once filed a hr complaint at my workplace about my coworker constantly talking about my boobs and the hr lady was like “take it as a compliment! I love getting compliments on my boobs!”

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>If a girl hits on me, she must truly appreciate me
>If a guy hits on me, he's just trying to have sex

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Anon, I love that you worked so hard to click buy on a lingerie listing on Aliexpress, put on makeup, take pictures, and photoshop your face and body into oblivion!

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>tfw I always think this is how people would react if I complained about being hit on by old men at work all the time so I don't talk about it ever
>tfw I know it's taking a huge toll on my mental health but I'm still afraid people will judge me
I hate people like you and I hate that I know the second I actually start speaking up about it I will get comments like this from some people. Disgusting comments from men literally make me want to die, I can't stand that people would think I'm proud of the old men slobberring on me while I'm just trying to fucking live.

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Just shut up and let me love you

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>>If a guy hits on me, he's just trying to have sex

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One day you'll hit the wall and the comments will stop
But is being seen as undesirable a good thing?

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As someone who was born at the wall, kek.

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>woe is me; I'm so fuckable

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They don’t if you actually take care of yourself

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Can a guy appreciate a woman and want to have sex with her at the same time?

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As a dude I never understood what other guys think they're gonna accomplish by hitting on girls in social media comments, I see it happen to a lot of my female cosplayer friends and it's always either pathetic or creepy.

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I agree. It actually makes me unfollow certain cosplayers because seeing a bunch of emojis by random Brazilians, indians and arabs with some generic "wow so beautiful" comment under a post grates on me

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yikes. i'm so glad my workplace is 90% women.

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tfw i'm over 30 and men still bother me all the time when i'm out alone

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>tfw male
>tfw sexual humour to me is uncouth and cheap
>having to force laughter whenever some guy makes a dick/sex/vagina/etc joke
>want to die inside

>I work in a store in a very upscale nieghbourhood
>Majority of the clientele are instagram influencers, models, TV personalities, singers, producers, politicians, actors, very successful business people, etc
>All of them obviously very good looking people, lots of skin showing all the time, men and women alike
>Get the occasional transient who comes in
>"Aw fuck me cunt, check out some of the tits on these chicks aye? Fuckin' hell you must be in heaven? I gotta come 'ere and get me a load of those melons more often, like they aren't wearing nuthin' you know what I mean?"
>Meanwhile I just have to grin and bear it less I cause a scene and disturb the other customers and have to chaperone this worm through the store ASAP to get him out all the while making lacklustre jokes about tits for the billionth time


please I just want to do my job

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This. I get hit on all the time and I'm already in my late 20s, and married.

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>tfw the wall just means ugly.

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I'm a lesbian, I never want comments from men in the first place.

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It's not even that for me, it's the local simps who orbit around some of these cosplayers and halfassedly hit on them every time they see an opportunity. The number of times I've seen girls expose these same guys for sending DMs where they get really aggressive and hostile really puts the nail in the coffin too, not saying they're all like that but I'm pretty sure most girls in the scene these days will assume you're one of them if you leave comments like one of them.

Then there's also the really bizarre inappropriate sexual comments that some guys leave in public, too. This one was a prominent and generally well-liked middle aged photographer with a lot of reputation to lose replying to a girl half his age who posted that a bikini she'd ordered from taobao turned out to be way too small to wear, just a picture of it sitting on a table not being worn.

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do men really not realize this is sexual harassment? just because you're on the internet doesn't make it ok to say

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I really don't get it, these kinds of "incel" attitudes seem to be way more pervasive than we'd like to believe and I'm not quite sure how it happened. The guy I screenshotted is older so I don't know his life experience but most of these guys are around my age or younger and they were raised in the same social and political climate I was and yet so many ended up with these batshit insane ideas of what's appropriate, what's effective with women, how dating works, and whatever else.

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Probably in their own versions of reality, they sound really cool, funny and intellectual talking like that. As a woman, theres nothing you can do about men like this, except blocking them and telling them to fuck off. The only people who can do anything about them is their male peers, but even that doesn't work most of them time.

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>so many ended up with these batshit insane ideas of what's appropriate, what's effective with women
>what's appropriate
>what's effective
Do you know who teaches men what's appropriate or effective with women? No one. Neither fathers, nor mothers, nor schools, nor any other type of authority figure approaches this topic. Boys are left to be driven by their instincts, interactions seen in pornography, and wild stories told to them by other boys. And if you have bad instincts, then you're either a loser or a creep.

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>but even that doesn't work most of them time.
Yeah, the second you diverge from their worldview you're immediately written off as a cuck, beta, simp, soiboy, whatever.

Maybe it's regional but we actually DID cover this stuff in school, sexual harassment and acceptable/unacceptable behavior were part of our sex ed classes. That might not be the case everywhere but I'm talking about people who grew up in the same region and school system so they would've had that too. That aside there are just basic principles of decent human interaction that these guys completely disregard when it comes to dealing with women.

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i feel like consent is being taught more and more in schools in these days and that's the most important part. when i was young, i had no idea what consent even was and i was shocked when a guy later in life actually asked for it.

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I think that's a good thing but I also think it's somewhat responsible for why dating/getting laid has become so hard in recent years, especially in more "woke" places like LA where a decent number of men actually make an attempt to do things the right way. The old, broken rules have been thrown out, and good riddance to them, but the problem is that a new dynamic hasn't really developed to replace them and nobody's really confident about how they're supposed to do things. We understand what we're not supposed to do but not how you're really supposed to flirt, initiate sex, or whatever else in a way that's acceptable without totally killing the mood, and I think on the other side a lot of women also haven't really learned how to show clearer signs of interest of consent so that us guys don't have to feel so much like we're playing Russian Roulette when we think about making a move. I think the younger generation will probably figure it out but I'm not sure we millennials will.

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Yeah, I've pretty much given up on romance. I'll just work and adopt a kid or something

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>we actually DID cover this stuff in school, sexual harassment and acceptable/unacceptable behavior
>consent is being taught more and more in schools in these days
The problem is that these are always "How to not be legally culpable of rape" classes that cover all of the things you shouldn't do.
>Don't do this
>Don't do this
>Don't do this
The reason they are focused on this in high schools and colleges is so that the institutions don't have to deal with the legal ramifications of a rape happening on campus.

What these classes fail to teach are
>How DO you properly communicate romantic/sexual interest
>How do you enter into a relationship with someone
>What ARE the stages of a relationship and how should you navigate through them

That's why you still get guys doing awkward shit, or some guys just being afraid to talk to women because every action seems like a potential "don't do that" landmine.

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I see a lot of these guys doing shit they should know not to do, but you've got good points. In a way I guess it kind of parallels the way sex ed spends so much time trying to push kids into abstinence, seems like they're kind of pushing "romantic abstinence" on kid. Probably doesn't help either that most of our parents are boomers who met during that one brief sex and drug positive blip in history that was the hippie era and didn't have anything useful to teach us.

>because every action seems like a potential "don't do that" landmine.
This definitely is a familiar feeling to me. I wouldn't go as far as being "afraid to talk to women," but approaching random women in public places, or trying to move conversation into something more? That's where shit's fucked up.

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kek, this is why I come here for

>> No.10409730

>clearer signs
"yes" is consent. anything else is not. i can't tell you how many times guys just tried to fucking grope me without asking for consent in any way, it is horrifying. a girl consenting to kiss you is not necessarily consenting to more than that, you really need to ask.

>> No.10409732

>approaching random women in public places
no one should still be doing this anyway. dating apps exist for a reason and women don't owe their attention when they're just trying to shop or whatever

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The only people who would see this as bragging are people who never get hit on

>> No.10409741

That goes without saying, I'm talking more about the situations that lead up to that point. The "meta" of male/female interactions still largely boils down to the girl sending subtle hints to the guy that he should make a move himself and I think women really underestimate how terrible a lot of us guys are at identifying those hints correctly. Now that we live in a time where it's pretty well-understood that we can't just act on what we THINK are those hints I think it'd be a lot more productive if women got used to giving us a clearer picture of *their* intentions. It's not like it's only a problem for guys either, I know plenty of lonely and frustrated women who'd benefit from a more straightforward dynamic, and it'd keep either side from wasting their time on people who aren't interested if that's what they're looking for.

Yeah, I probably should've phrased that differently, I was thinking more of social events or places like bars, clubs, parties, etc.

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Men don’t care and just wanna put their dicks in stuff. I’m engaged and they’ll still come from all angles and just be creepy. Do they think they’re being flattering???
Because it’s fucking creepy for a stranger to tell you they’d tap it

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They must assume they're big dick-swinging alpha studs or something.

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Feel like women have a perception bias. Obviously you notice these men a lot because they would be the majority of men you interact with. Whereas the men who don't approach you never come into your perception.

Most guys (In their early 20s anyway) are too nervous to cold approach girls whatsoever. All my single male friends range from apathetic to scared when it comes to the idea of talking to a woman they don't know if it's in a romantic context.

>> No.10409950

>Being praised and called hot is being creeped on
Stop being such a sissy.

>> No.10409954

Do you want sexual comments from women? Is that even a thing?

>> No.10409997

Yes but you to at least be an 8

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> t.creep
Stop sending women creepy DMs you freak.

>> No.10410021

They definitely do. Though I'd note that it's not even guys being scared per se, a lot of them (I'd go as far as to say most actually) just don't see the point in a cold approach. Very few guys I've known would do anything like this shit.

I am also pretty convinced there's a chunk of the male population that does do all this stuff, and they do it so damn much to so many women that the collective experience feels like every dude is a fucking open horndog

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Blame nature

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Fuck off

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No, I have had some strange/creepy interactions with other women too, but men are 10x more frequent and tend to just be... worse. Nothing quite beats a dude older than your dad making sexual comments about your body while you're at your minimum wage job.

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I agree. There are some guys out there that just do it for kicks. If a girl actually said yes I'd bet actual money that they would immediately back pedal and pussy out if a woman took up the offer.

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I've never heard of a man who would say no desu.

>> No.10410355

If a reasonably attractive girl straight up said "let's have sex" to me I probably wouldn't refuse but I've definitely passed up opportunities and shut down girls who were flirting with me before. To be fair in most of those cases it was either because I just didn't want to take the risk of making a move, being wrong, and making a fool of myself, or because I was focused on somebody else at the time.

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Then you've never met me before.
You underestimate just how much of a virgin some guys can be.

>> No.10410378

>If he's ugly it's creepy
>If he's hot it's romantic
Always remember the golden rule

>> No.10410380

the girl who raped me out of my virginity apparently hadn't either desu

>> No.10410383

In my experience, guys usually don't cat call or harass (in person) attractive girls. Because they know what their doing is unattractive but it's funny watching women get so butthurt about it. So rather than forever ruining their chances with a hot girl, they harass an ugly one because it's no loss if the ugly one wouldn't touch you with a 10ft pole.

So if an ugly girl turned around and said, "You know what, sure, I want you to skull fuck me, faggot." No way would a guy accept.

>> No.10410404

as someone who has been both fat and skinny, no they don't do that. i got catcalled zero times as a fatty and now i get hit on almost daily

>> No.10410414

This literally never happens faggot

>> No.10410415

>lolita cosplay

Sit the fuck down

>> No.10410447

Bullshit, attractive girls definitely get it the most. I am pretty ugly and I have never been hit on unironically. It makes me feel better about being a uggo.

I don't think weight has any kind of bearing on this. My sister is fat, but I guess she is good with makeup and looks decent, she still gets hit on a lot.

>> No.10410464

Same. Maybe it’s because I don’t date cosplayers, but I don’t get how guys think,”If I say she looks hot she will get with me!”

>> No.10410479

I know you're baiting but there's a big difference between being given a compliment in a friendly, non-threatening manner and being told by a rando in the street that they'd rail you, or being followed by some guy trying to ask you out who won't quit when you say "no, thanks".

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Every heterosexual male is biologically wired to impregnate any female who exhibits above average breeding fitness. The slightest hint of this is enough to trigger the response. There are no 'good guys', men just differ in the way they go about attempting impregnation. The only way you can avoid it is with outfits that are excessively cute or prudent.

>> No.10410489

Alright, shit I concede defeat.

>> No.10410524

Speaking from experience: Men do all the time. *I've* turned down approaches from women, and I'm not even attractive

>> No.10410525

This wasn't really my point with the "not all men" post, and I disagree with this pretty hard, though there is something to be said about catcalling largely being a power play. My point was more along the lines that all it takes is 5% of men harassing 20 women each over a reasonable period of time and you've got a world where virtually every woman has been sexually harassed

>> No.10410579

Pretty sure they are admiring the hard work you put in.

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No, all your value comes from how attractive a partner you would be.

>> No.10410602

Tits or gtfo.

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Can't be fucked with e-girls ruining cosplay and enabling the creepy old fuckers with their antics. So they think all cosplayers do that. And of course, pointing out that old men perving on you should make you uncomfortable is a "bad look" as long as they have money.

>> No.10410604
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But if the thots did that, they'd make less money and get less validation. Completely defeating the point of cosplay.

>> No.10410617

You can be in a t-shirt and jeans and still get sexual comments. Clearly you're what op is complaining about.

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It's literally the same thing for men. If a healthy male complements your cosplay, unless he's a pro cosplayer, photographer, or tailor himself, the point of the comment is to get his dick up in you. Why is it gross or icky? Don't demean sex workers, because you are one, just softcore.

>> No.10410629


>> No.10410632

So? Teasing with attractive cosplay and then not putting out is sexual harassment too. What if a hunk made you super-horny and then told you that you're dirty because you're attracted to him? That's what happens to guys all the time. Stop being a stuck up bitch and own the sexuality.

>> No.10410633

I mean, space marines are hot sooooo

>> No.10410634


Nayrt and not a costhot but most women wouldn't care about being "teased" because we don't usually feel entitled to men's bodies just because we're sexually attracted to them.

>> No.10410637

you don't even know your own entitlement because you've legitimately never been turned down in any substantial way compared to what men encounter on a good rejection

>> No.10410641

If I reciprocate male sexual attention then I'm shunned as a slut. I want to flirt more and do sexy things in all my cosplay but I can't risk getting a bad rely to keep my industry connections, invitations to model for live events ($$$!)

I seen girls still basically blacklisted for twerking in one video months afterwards. If I could do lewd without consequences I would.

>> No.10410645


I've been rejected by guys a lot when I was younger (like school aged). I told guys I had a crush on them and was horribly rejected. Once in response to telling a guy I liked him he started a rumor that I had sex with him in a bathroom even though I was a virgin. Later in high school a guy who said he wanted to date me changed his mind and said instead he didn't want to date a gkrl of a different ethnicity and when I questioned his dishonesty he nade fun of me for being a rape victim and said I deserved it and gave my phone number tl his girlfriend so she could harass me and threaten to hurt me. It only stopped when I told my friends in the same group who made then stop and ostracized them for being huge bullies.

I have only ever had 2 boyfriends despite being in my early 20s (both during uni, the 2nd is my current boyfriend) and my current partner rejected me at first after one date, and said he just wanted to be friends. I was okay with that and then he suddenly asked me on a second date a few weeks later and we ended up together after he changed his mind.

Everyone is different and women experience horrible rejections too. So do men, sure, but romance and dating is hard for everyone. I have had guys reject me asking them out and say I was not their type and they wanted me to wingman them for my cuter friend instead. I've never even been into "Chads" so it was just average guys whose personalities I thought would have been nice being awful at times.

Don't pretend that men have everything worse. And don't be surprised when girls want more than just sex and are able to tell by your advance that that is all you actually want.

>> No.10410648

I want to be a booth babe again so bad. I got my first casting call for a late July event but it's basically for an extra in a commercial but not an actual live event.

>> No.10410652

Most girls who hit on me just want to fist me. How is that any different from guys who just want to fuck me?

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>not even knowing boner algebra
with the penis you are admired.
thats how it works.

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hmm its almost like you're doing it for attention
shut the fuck up bitch you love the attention and you're lying if you say you dont
"waaaa im publicly posting pictures of myself in a demographic thats widely sexualized" shut the fuck up

>> No.10410665

Lol just shut up women

>> No.10410684

Real Girl Here.
Gimme!!! More!! Attention! UWU

>> No.10410688

I'm a dude though

>> No.10410694

I hate men so much it's unreal

>> No.10410695

Same. Thank god they don't live very long.

>> No.10410700


As that one anon always says, reminder to abort your sons ladies.

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pornstars are more modest and true to canon these days

>> No.10410707

based, holes are retarded

>> No.10410762

>tits smaller than her gunt
Was that part of the Advent Children or the remake?

>> No.10410865

Both of you are the cancer that are killing this board.

>> No.10410893

>Can't someone just admire the hard work I put in?
No. Post bob.

>> No.10410895

Hahahahah holy shit how fragile. That guy's pathetic but getting upset about this and pearl clutching about how it's JUST NOT OKAY TO SAY STUFF ON THE INTERNET is orders of magnitude more pathetic.

>> No.10410904

Tifa is not fat

>> No.10410913


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Women will be irrelevant once the sex robots become widely available

>> No.10410972


Imagine being such an incel that you think all relationships between humans are only about sex.

>> No.10411013

>a man implying that all men are sociopaths who only care about sex and don't have emotions
well, ok. thanks for confirming

>> No.10411029

Yes, and men will become irrelavent once the artificial womb and IPS is implemented. Then, whoop de doo, we won't have to deal with each other anymore.
But both of those days are nowhere close to now, no matter how hard you want it to be.

>> No.10411045

>woman proving they don't have emotions AND have no sex drive

Truly just a parasite.

>> No.10411122

Or force them to be trans.

>> No.10411123

Looks like you touched a nerve.

>> No.10411155

>t. low test

>> No.10411158

>coomer pic
>lolita cosplay
larper confirmed

>> No.10411180

are there any actual women on this board

>> No.10411224


>> No.10411297

Lose weight

>> No.10411300

>be lesbian
>like cosplay girls
>scared to talk to them since they're probably super jaded from men being gross about cosplay 25/7

why must it be like this

>> No.10411302

it's pretty much all women have to offer

>> No.10411310

I can't help but I can definitely empathize. Creepy scumbags have fucked all of the decent people over and it's become so damn hard to make a genuine connection with girls in the cosplay community, and yet after years in it it's so hard to even consider dating "normies." I don't want some random person, I want somebody who understands and shares my hobbies and understands the con world I've been in for so much of my life, and we just can't have nice things because a few douches ruin it all for us.

>> No.10411314

>looking a gift horse in the mouth
>not becoming a master seductress super dyke and fingerblasting all the straight girls who want to "no strings attached" experiment

>> No.10411323

ew anon, why would I want those, I want a qt gf who actually likes women

don't give up hope anon, I'm actually talking to a TOTAL qt from bumble right now. Only a very casual cosplayer, but she's really into gaming and jfash and she's adorable. Good luck!

>> No.10411325

>has the opportunity to outfuck even douchebag celebrities and rockstars
>doesnt take it
whatever pillow princess, enjoy your attempts at re-enacting romantic comedies

>> No.10411357

Lol, does it upset you that I have potential access to pussy and choose not to use it because I prefer relationships? How sad. I'm so glad I don't have to date untermensch like you.

>> No.10411361

>implying sex isnt a mutual sharing of energy and connection
>implying your relationship isnt anything but a exercise in conceit and self validation

>> No.10411364

That's some impressive projection there anon.

>> No.10411374

>posts self aggrandizing insults
>gets called on it, deflects and claims theyre projecting

>> No.10411375

I wasn't that anon, I'm just saying you certainly sound like you're projecting.

>> No.10411381

He's hilarious because it's not even like I said sex is bad or anything. I'm just over sleeping around. How is that so incomprehensible for scrotes?

>> No.10411382

>projection via greentext

>> No.10411391

Yeah, I'm still holding out a bit of hope, but no cons this year really sets it back and it's a real bummer.

I definitely get this feel too. I guess the push to take advantage of every opportunity you get transcends genders. I never got much out of banging chicks I didn't have much interest in myself.

>> No.10411402


Wow, it's almost like...there are things worth doing in life besides sex?

>> No.10411520

I can handle a slampig but their tits need to be proportionately bigger than their stomach, it's basic math

>> No.10411521

Like what

>> No.10411530

you are blind

>> No.10411531

I may be blind but I can tell the difference between a fat broad and one in shape. Grab their wrists, you cal tell by that.

>> No.10411559

lesbians aren't sociopathic predators who want to trick and use women like men do

>> No.10411561

tfw i'm fat but have tiny dainty wrists and forearms
men need to stop pretending that they know anything about women's bodies

>> No.10411563

>having sex makes you a predator

>> No.10411564
File: 48 KB, 275x182, IMG_8314.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Here's your (you)

>> No.10411568

.. .. .. lolita cosplay

>> No.10411589
File: 287 KB, 1550x2266, __original_drawn_by_wataboku__8e9eaae399d2994ea45084ef79ae6613.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What is this? Misandry for ants?

>> No.10411599

>saving thumbnails

Pick 2

>> No.10411831

no cons makes it more difficult, but dating apps are actually easier in terms of meeting a girl imo- for one, it's a context where they actually want to talk to you, and they're not busy with friends, panels, shoots etc. Secondly, there's little risk of coming across creepy as long as you have some basic social intelligence. The only difficulty is finding them I guess, but keep trying!

>> No.10411843

the other day i had a guy just DM me oppai....

>> No.10411888

I'm just horrible at the online thing, I'm a good conversationalist IRL but I just can't do it online for some reason, I guess some combination of having too much time to think before I type, delays between messages, and the lack of real life body language cues etc. I also just tend to find people substantially less attractive in dating site profiles than I do in real life when they're right there in front of me so it's hard to motivate myself for it.

>> No.10412153

What did he say?

>> No.10412179

Make cosplay work that focuses more on the cosplay and less on "How to make myself look hot?"

>Inb4 "But it's not that easy to have a good looking cosplay that doesn't revolve around making me look physically attractive. Yes it fucking is, grow up.

>> No.10412184

Fuck off this isn't your blog you disgusting roastbeef larping troon.
Also cosplay was coopted by jnig costhots years ago. You're clearly one of them if you're getting sexual comments instead of mostly girl followers.

>> No.10412192
File: 81 KB, 460x518, Quotif+im+fast+enough+i+can+dodge+it+and+initiate+_d6b9dc6d1cb5d0e8ff41dff50fc779b0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Wah someone hit on me, I want to die.
Do it. Stop being such an utter pansy. You got hit on by someone who was attracted to you because you wore something that was attractive in some way.
Whoop de fuckin do.
If you aren't prepared to go outside in public and be seen and reacted to by people, then why would you post it or allow yourself to be seen in it. Don't go on a walk through the woods if you aren't prepared to get your shoes muddy.
Yes but she needs to have appreciable traits that aren't bodily or sexual. If she can last without drawing attention to her sex, then she can be appreciated because there's more to her then her sex.
>As a woman.
Fuck off. You think it's easier for men to change a person? To reach in and connect and alter a persons heart and mind, while being connected to the in turn?
It's not easy, but cmon, grow a spine and at least try yourself first.
True. It's only compounded by the fact that a lot of places are single sex, so relationships afterwards are even more strained because no mixed gender relationships in puberty years.
That's just dumb. It's not just a matter of walking up to someone and saying "Hi wanna fuck", but meeting new people at random in public is fully fine. Not everyone out there is purely interested in fucking you.
The issue gets complicated because a lot of women have idealized versions of male interactions and relationships as either the Lover, or the Provider, which men don't have nearly the same understanding of. So while the straightforward 'ask for permission at every stage' path is what many people, especially young men, are comfortable with, a ton of women have idealized views of men and masculinity that act differently, often contradictingly. My first ever partner had both ravishment and gender roll fetishes, and enjoyed being submissive, a concept I at the time, assumed was equivalent to actual sexism and lack of rights, a concept I loathe.

>> No.10412195

>An entire thread about being upset over being hit on and untoward sexualisation of women.
>Nah men would never say no to sex.
I mean, I know you didn't outright state it, but is this seriously your view on the male side of the issue?

>> No.10412196

The average woman on this board and in this thread already thinks all male-female relationships for men are for sex.

>> No.10412198

Neither are men you coward.
Men form deeper, more solid, and far longer lasting relationships then women do anyway.
If anything, women tend to sociopathy and manipulation more.
Hell, the average woman on here seems to think men function entirely from aspiration to have sex with them, and they get stuff from them by hinting at it.

>> No.10412209

Jesus christ the sheer misandry and contradiction exhibited by femposters on this threat.
You can't complain about men being objectifying or stereotyping with wild fantasies, and then do the same thing back.
You can't complain about men being sociopathic or predatory, then make sociopathic statements.
Seriously, if you want people to change, perhaps start changing yourself, and not thinking of them as 'men'. They're not part of some legion of doom, or some shadowy creep organisation. They're each an individual with a history and a logic and a perspective leading right up to that moment, and if you're not strong enough to find that logic, that history, and see things from their perspective WITHOUT scapegoating them or degrading them, giving them the benefit of the doubt as sentient creatures, then you don't deserve to go online and spout this bullshit.

>Inb4 not possible. It is, I've sorted far more complicated, interconnected, and deep seated issues, some that took two years with seven in history, between four parties, that was centered around me.
>Inb5 men don't know what it's like. I do. I've been hit on my my girlfriends best friend who was jealous and tried to literally seduce me. I've been objectified walking down the street. I've been sexually harassed in boarding school more then I can count, and I've been sexually assaulted in the middle of the night, multiple times, once by multiple people.

In all of my experience, none of the female participants were able to solve things for themselves, and required my assistance, as they were pretty broken, but with the stuff I've gone through, of which above was a mere fraction, if I can turn around, put myself through more shit, and fix far more complex issues, you can be a little bit stronger, not be self absorbed, think from other angles and mindsets, take charge, be the bigger person with a bigger spine and actually fix your problem instead of running and coming up with excuses why you can't.

>> No.10412231 [DELETED] 

Misandry is based you dumb nigger

>> No.10412259

No one will ever love you honestly

>> No.10412308

>tfw I just want a qt bf who isn’t insane


>> No.10412314

too bad all good looking men are sociopaths

>> No.10412355

How can you expect them to change their mindset when men constantly act in a way that reaffirms every negative criticism they have. We can have a civil argument about the problem some women have, but the moment you criticise a man for being predatory or sociopaths or porn sick, suddenly we all go to war for hurting mens fee fees. Obviously this thread was created for the sole purpose of pissing fem posters off (because they always are) since nothing of value is going to be had from this discussion. People will believe what ever the fuck they want, talking to anybody about anything doesn't change shit.

>> No.10412549
File: 393 KB, 462x599, 4dEXQBP.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lol this thread

>> No.10412661

>"cosplay I worked so hard on"
>its essentially a tank top and shorts

>> No.10412741

>the wrong color
>sunglasses all wrong
>random nylon straps

>> No.10412780

Oh word, just TALKING online is hell, but what i did is mention in my profile that i wanted people to play animal crossing with- casual games are a nice icebreaker. End of the day dude if a fat homosexual in the smallest dating pool can manage, you can too.

>> No.10412783

That looks like it hurts, there are way better angles to get the illusion of ass

>> No.10413561

lmao, BRUH
what the fuck is going on in here

>> No.10413750
File: 1.14 MB, 1280x720, 34085735.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have never opened /cgl/ before and this is the first thread I saw and read through.
Is the board usually this shit?
It's like I stumbled into a weird mutant form of /r9k/ with more estrogen.

>> No.10413850


>> No.10413852

the sad truth

>> No.10413854


>> No.10413905

/cgl/ is usually not so femcel-y, it's just threads like these that let the lolcow farm users out of thier cage.

>> No.10413916

I think it's part of Indian culture or something.

>> No.10414014

Usually when men can't get positive attention from women, they settle on negative attention by making shit threads like this. The idiot jannies don't bother removing them and women take the bait.

>> No.10414024

this, gulls love shitty bait

>> No.10414037

Spoken like a true scrote that can't empathize and would rather justify creepy actions. Here's some advice; sometimes people want to look good and not seen as a sexual object and want to vent about it instead of staying quiet. I know it's a hard concept to grasp because most think attractive = potential sex partner but try your best to actually think about it and consider it. You might understand people more.

>> No.10414062

This is an interesting read. I am new to the convention scene but I've never cosplayed before. I do love people who actually look like they put in a ton of preparation to their cosplay. Though I do gaze a bit at some places and I need to stop doing that honestly. I do give compliments, while always genuine I do it to spark conversation and practice my social skills because I go alone. I feel like I'd be more relaxed and open if I did cosplay, since I would feel more of a part of the convention.

>> No.10414233

I am a dude, and I visit /cgl/ a few times a week, and there are always a few "all men want is sex" and "all men be like (somehting)" replies. Which is a bit disheartening. But I am not about to let a few of those keep me away, since there is some pretty interesting threads from time to time I like to read through. Even though I'll probably never do cross dressing or wear lolita, I still somehow find that interesting.

But do look out for cursed cosplay threads, those are pretty goddamn good!

>> No.10414467

>sometimes people want to look good and not seen as a sexual object
God, who cares what you WANT? Nobody owes it to you to do what you want. What if you're ugly? Then you won't look good anyway and your wish are equally futile. You have to live in the world, you're not the boss of it. Deal.

I don't understand who's raising bitches to be this entitled, or why.

>> No.10414469

lol yep, that's what men sound like alright.

>> No.10414475

You can blame people like this anon here >>10414467
and the people who make really shit fap threads with low quality cosplays.

>> No.10414480

it sucks when sometimes dressing like you want also makes people attracted to you.

>> No.10414522

There's an easy fix for this OP. Make a post telling them to stop being thirsty or reply saying "Hey can we not". But you won't because you like that small social media clout to get your dopamine high. Plus you probably like/heart those comments that hit on you anyways and maybe reply with something like "Thanks!!" Or kissyface emojis.

It's ok to admit you want attention, a lot of us do. Even I like that high of mexicans weebs occasionally commenting "oler" on some of my pics.

>> No.10414525
File: 273 KB, 1121x1200, Yusuke Cringeworthy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is this thread still up? The OP is a blatant troll, the replies are a blatant troll. This thread will produce nothing but more misandry and misogyny than there already was, which I guess is an accomplishment in itself but is it really something to be proud of?

>> No.10414616

It's more about people not keeping that attraction to themselves. Not everyone wants to hear about how someone wants to touch and fuck them.
" You look good."
" Thanks. "
Why is that so hard? Instead you get
" God the things I would do to that body. "
" Imagine what they look like underneath all that "
Keep it to yourselves or talk about it in the appropriate channels. This kind of commenting only encourages more attention seeking thots that people like to hate and discourages others that want to show off their craft.

>> No.10414624

There’s a difference between people liking what you wear, complimenting you and moving on with their lives, and shouting at you from across the street, calling you weird stuff(both catcalling and really over the top compliments are weird), sending you an awful amount of sexual comments and not leaving no matter how visibly someone is feeling is creepy. Really subtle, you see?>>10414525
Yeah, complaining about unwanted sexual attention in cosplay specifically seems like a larp. It happens in normal live, most women would know that much.

>> No.10414704

our current jannies are shit. see also: the weight wank thread that's still up too

>> No.10415059
File: 84 KB, 685x550, 8851B69F-0530-43F6-BAAA-5921C13D264D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10415217

Jesus women are entitled. If you were a 29 year old scrote like me who has never been hit on youd wish you had validation and ego boosting constantly

>> No.10415219

As a guy you literally can't get a girl unless you approach them since women are too scared to. Do you just want all men to be alone?

>> No.10415221

This is easily the worst board on the site there's a reason it's weird and mostly women. It's almost entirely the bottom 5 percent of women who post here. I'm a guy that's met a ton of girls at cons and none of them are awful like here

>> No.10415237

you want 40 yr old men telling you they wanna rape you? or spamming your DMs with pictures of their dicks?
Even if I was some 29 year old forever alone loser i don't think i'd want that lmao

>> No.10415275
File: 36 KB, 500x272, FA6C222D-3182-4D90-859E-F955FE5C83F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw old gay dudes add me on facebook

>> No.10415279

This is what 99% of thots are like. They call putting on a wig and some makeup "hard work" and whine about how people only sexualize them instead of admiring their "work" when they're the ones posing with their tits out and doing the ahegao face.

>> No.10415648

ugly boy cope lmao. attractive men get approached by women all the time. i'm one of the ones who approaches them

>> No.10415649

go to a gay bar. you will get hit on tons. men are just creeps regardless of orientation whereas women are not

>> No.10415675

I think you're confused. People in this thread are complaining about men coming up to them and being vulgar and obvious about their intentions.
Also this. I'll go up to a guy and just strike up a conversation and pick up signals if he's worth my time or not.

>> No.10415686
File: 308 KB, 1288x1304, 1358726933639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>whereas women are not

You haven't been on this board for very long have you?

Not him but I'm sure you do.

>> No.10415687

>tfw this happens to me regularly but I'm too much of an anxiety-riddled sperg to go anywhere with it

>> No.10415706
File: 858 KB, 2000x1335, Arnold-Classic-Europe-2018.1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>attractive men get approached by women all the time.

Lmao no they don't. I personally rub shoulders with a lot of bodybuilders (not your avergae dudebro bodybuilder, think Arnold Classic comps; guys who use inject more testosterone than a bull) and lookism nerds and the general consensus is "Women are fucking pussies."

They will approach a man only if they know no one else will find out about it because they fear the social repurcussions and if they are certain they are more attractive than him because they can't handle the ego blow if a person who is just as or more attractive than them rejects them.

Most of the guys I talk to say the only times they get approached is on tinder because a girl can hide behind their phone.

>> No.10415718

How is talking about your bodies with each other the same as creeping on people? Get better material that makes sense.
Who wants to approach a bodybuilder that can snap your neck when you can walk up to a normal guy? You're comparison is also lacking.

>> No.10415731

how is any of that the same as being a sexual predator?

>> No.10415735 [DELETED] 

spoilers: your friends are actually ugly. look at all the good looking dudes out there who post proof of how many tinder matches and first messages they get. they get absolutely flooded with attention lol

>> No.10415740

>approaching first on dating apps doesn't count!!!
LOL cope harder. women don't approach first in person because we actually have respect for other people and don't want to bother randoms, unlike men who feel entitled to the attention of any and all women. women approaching first on dating apps is extremely common for good looking dudes, and yes it counts

>> No.10415746 [DELETED] 

>Women aren't creepy
>They're not X type of creepy

Women are fucking creeps too, your sex isn't perfect.

>> No.10415754

>Who wants to approach a bodybuilder that can snap your neck

Body builders are weak as fuck and couldn't snap fuck all. Also the comment was against the "attractive men". Normal men by definition are not attractive, they're average. Bodybuilders by classical definitions and most modern definitions are physical attractive.

> we actually have respect for other people and don't want to bother randoms

I can't tell if your the anon who I replied to. If you are, you just suicided your own point of approaching men, if you aren't, read the fucking post I replied to because your comment is moot.

>yes it counts
It doesn't count for shit because 'approaching' on dating apps doesn't risk anything. It's a cope for lack of confidence and saving your own massive fucking ego. It's the keyboard warrior of dating.

>> No.10415764

>doesn't risk anything
it risks being ignored and rejected just like irl, and constant rejection/ghosting does in fact fuck up women's confidence too, stop coping so hard bruh

>> No.10415765
File: 42 KB, 480x600, fc8b89f606492d5e369119f4b4ff841d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bodybuilders by classical definitions and most modern definitions are physical attractive.
According to other men. There's a reason why popular actors and boybands are ottermode pretty boys and average looking guys and not roided out-looking waxed up walking sculptures.

>> No.10415768 [DELETED] 

Body builders a fucking ugly.

>> No.10415769

do you know what board you're on? we like twink pretty boys here, or at the very most lightly muscled

>> No.10415770

Body builders are fucking ugly. The level of male cope going here is juicy and hilarious, keep it up.

>> No.10415775

>oh no I got ignored by someone who I haven't met, been near or has any social connections to people I know, heavens whatever shall I do...My huge ego can't take this...

Get over yourself. Getting rejected on dating apps is the most mundane experience ever. Nobody knows you were rejected except you and the other person. If you think that is a bad experience, you need to try a little harder.

>constant rejection/ghosting does in fact fuck up women's confidence too,
I didn't say it wouldn't, but being rejected on a dating app is nowhere near close to being rejected face to face. You have to put yourself in a very vulnerable and weak position, both physically and mentally when you approach someone because they have to make a very split second decision based immediately on your appearance and how you presented yourself in those 5 seconds.

Whereas on a dating app, you message 'Hey', they don't reply. You move on down the list like nothing happened. You are much more invested in the apporach of a real life person than the interactions through an online platform.

Popular actors like
>Chris Hemsworth
>Dwayne Johnson
>Arnold Schwarznegger
>Brad Pitt
>Christian Bale

I can cherry pick all day, just like you can. I never said ottermode wasn't attractive, it definitely is and I know guys who aim for that aesthetic specifically. There is the idea that steroids=MSUCLEMOSNTER when most of the guys on steroids are ottermode or athletemode. Their experience is very much the same other than a few exceptions.

And I agree there is an appeal for your pretty boys too but in the bodybuilding community there is a very real idea given people's experiences that girls like to cheat on their mediocre looking boyfriends because inside they want that muscle-man archetype. However, they don't want to sacrafice the stability and ease which they control their mediocre partner versus competiting in attraction with their own mudcle bound partner.

>> No.10415780

Of course, I understand different strokes for different folks and /cgl/ is definitely different but isn't it safe to say that /cgl/ doesn't represent the popular opinion?

It all has little to do with the core point.

>> No.10415789

The core point is that women here get annoyed with men talking to them and commenting to them in sexual ways that is not wanted, and that some of us are perfectly fine with approaching men. You got offended by such a thing happening and trying to defend yourself to the point the topic gets changed.
Like this whole post. You are speaking from personal experience not even as the man dealing with women but as a second hand accoint whereas we are speaking from our own direct experiences. All you have is the voice of other men and what you've learned from the internet instead of listening to the women here. How about you talk to the women that are attracted to these bodybuilders that you keep speaking for and hear both sides?

>> No.10415790 [DELETED] 

My core point was, attractive men don't get approached because women are too scared to have their ego get crushed.

>> No.10415791

Yet we have stated we have approached attractive men.

>> No.10415792

My core point was, attractive men don't get approached because women are too scared to have their ego get crushed.

As for the idea about women wanting or not wanting to be approached, I don't have a stake because I'm not a woman.

And I call bullshit simnply because my sample size of attractive men that I have a personal relationship with is much larger than your sample, if we are speaking in general terms. Yes of course there are going to be statistical outliers.

>> No.10415795

And your sample size are bodybuilders which are generally not attractive to the average woman. Anon, if you want to stay in your closet world of greasy men and the bimbos *they* talk about, go right ahead but if you want to understand people more, I'd say expand your horizons. Grow some ovaries and go talk to some girls without mentioning anything sexual and you might learn something.

>> No.10415804

My sample size is not only bodybuilders, I also said lookism nerds. Beyond that I have friends who are also elite athletes including swimmers, rock climbers, power lifters, gymnasts etc. I also have mates who are jolly fat pieces of shit and they know it. My sample covers a wide base of body types. Sure the personalities which determined athletes and bodybuilders have will attract certain types of girls but the physical spectrum is wide and attractive to a wide range of differing female tastes.

> generally not attractive to the average woman
The very fucking vast majority of women when asked what body type they like will say "A little bit of muscle but not too much." Whatever that means. But when given pictures and told to place them in order of attractiveness, yes obviously HGH freaks rank lowly because yeah, they're not attractive. But most girls will go for a guy who has a BMI in the high 20's with a low bf%, which is the aesthetic of most amatuer bodybuilders.

Also in general girls rate the facial attractiveness of a man much higher for overall physical attractiveness than men do for women. So girls generally will match a face to a body type and pick that bodytype even if it isn't their abolsutely preffered body type.

>the bimbos
wew, leaning into the female stereotypes a little far. As if only bimbos can be attracted to muscly men. If that is how you think, that demonstrates a large insecurity and inferiority you experience against other girls.

>Grow some ovaries and go talk to some girls without mentioning anything sexual and you might learn something.
I work in a female dominated workplace, majority of my coworkers are female, my boss is female, my boss' boss is female, the CEO is a female.

Stop acting like because someone has an opinion that differs from yours it comes from a place of ignorance.

>> No.10415815

All I'm seeing here is you proving my point as you continue to widen your range from what was stated and then backpedal from your original generalization. If you work in a place dominated by women, have they told you themselves how they're too afraid to approach men? I work with avid sports fans yet I don't know dick about football nor claim that I do just because we work together. Yet you claim that you've talked with all these attractive men and make assumptions about the women that *don't* approach them and know why...based on what the men have told you. Are you going to change your story and now claim that you're good friends with all your female co-workers and bosses and they've talked to you about it?

>> No.10415818

Imagine trying to change the mind of someone who already thinks you are evil and hates you despite not knowing you. I wish I was as oppressed as male anon.

>> No.10415829

>they're too afraid to approach men?
Yep. I've been asked for advice on how to get specific guys to approach them, rather than advice on how to approach a man successfully. They ask what type of girls that x type of guys like in efforts to appeal to x type of guys to get them to approach them.

>based on what the men have told you
This is just based on the views we have of society mixed with our own anecdotal experience. Society in general places an extremely heavy weight on female physical attractiveness so any real life failure of a female's attractiveness is very detrimental to her mental health (ie. ego) and her social standing with other females since women are by far more socially adept and intuitive than men. Women are also vastly more aware of their own attractiveness against other women. So the obvious strategy would be to never put yourself at risk.

I don't think that it's neccesarily the wrong thing to do but it supports my point that women will not approach attractive men.

>> No.10415859
File: 11 KB, 275x182, CB5A53E2-8AF9-40F1-B155-FBF17448D954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When will gulls ever learn

>> No.10416202

I never have men harass me or make comments about me. I must be super ugly :(

>> No.10416294

what's a gull?
is it a seagull?

>> No.10416307

obviously not you.

>> No.10416317

Post in Indian or Chinese communities.
If you don't get one minimum you are in fact ugly as sin.

>> No.10416319

Dude, that's hot as shit. Praise the fucking Emperor.

>> No.10416323

is that a good thing?

>> No.10416360

Women approach me relatively often and I'm not great to look at, though I'm not bad either. That's particularly the case in situations that are already social, parties and so on. I can just never really tell if they're just being friendly or if they've got intentions beyond that and I'm too afraid of making things weird and awkward so I never really have the confidence to try and turn it into something more than a conversation.

>> No.10416383

You can't be any worse than half the misandrists in this thread playing pretend.

>> No.10416386

I'm a World Eater, but I agree 100%.

>> No.10416395

sign up for tinder. swipe on every guy. you will get plenty of your craved sexual harassment

>> No.10416440

I feel like I'm objectively decent looking, and I get a moderate amount of attention online for someone who's not e-famous, but no guy ever approaches me irl. Not that I want to change this, but Im kinda curious why that is.

>> No.10416441

Couple of things

1. Men don't want to get charged with sexual harassment if a girl turns out to be fucking nuts. Regardless of their innocence, they will be witch hunted to the end of time with their reputation, career prospects and possible their family/friend relationships destroyed.

2. They don't know how to approach girls in real life without being creepy.

3. It's way easier and less risky to just DM a girl. It doesn't put her in an awkward position where she has to immediately evaluate this person and usually given the stress people will just say no. It also allows the guy to save face, it's humiliating getting rejected. It's very easy to just send a message versus muster up the charisma to talk to a girl face-to-face, it allows more time to think of responses rather than getting forced to on the spot.

4. The sheer quantitity of girls you can message over IG or whatever is way bigger than the quantity you can don in person.

5. You probably look better in the pictures you post. Not calling you out but of course everyone only posts photos of themselves from the best angles, with the best lighting etc. So probably IRL you are attractive but not attractive to have a guy overcome his nerves of approaching a woman in person.

>> No.10416444

>every other post gets a rando commenting some foot fetish type crap
These are my least favorite

>> No.10416448

>They don't know how to approach girls in real life without being creepy.
This is a big problem for me. Everybody tells me I'm not creepy but I'm always terrified of being creepy and it holds me back a lot.

I never DM girls though, if I talk to a girl it's in person, just in some kind of situation where it's not weird to do so, like a room party at a con or she's in a group with people I know or whatever. Never really got how guys can just fire off endless messages to random girls, first of all it's just awkward in general (I find in-person charisma comes much more naturally than trying to seem interesting or attractive in a first written message) and secondly it's probably an account that's traceable back to you and if you say something creepy or stupid there's a permanent record that can be shared.

>> No.10416453

I personally feel you.

I wouldn't call myself unnatractive but when I used to try to approach girls in real life, I would just say "Hey, I think you're cute. Would you like to hang out some time?" or some other variation depending on the circumstances, nothing that I believe would be considered creepy. Most of the time I would get a silent sort of shocked reaction and then a restrained "mmm...no sorry."

So I just stopped ever approaching girls, since I had more success with girls who I already knew through work or university and for most of them I didn't really have to do anything.

>> No.10416458

I never approach girls like that, if I start up a conversation it's just a friendly one about something relevant to the situation. I'm not gonna lie, if I start talking to a girl it's often because I find her attractive, but I NEVER try to make any kind of overtures toward her unless we've been talking for a while and I feel like she's interested. It doesn't lead to me getting laid much but neither would shooting my shot up front and getting rejected endlessly and at least this way I don't make things awkward or uncomfortable for either of us.

>> No.10416484

You see the reason that all feels so stilted and unnatural is because it is. Any social interaction without context is awkward - it’s an emotional intrusion. All the /r9k/ pick up artist autists and Indians in every girl’s DMs are guilty of this which is why they’re so creepy. Flirting isn’t a videogame. If what you’re saying feels unnatural it means there’s traumatic cringe just around the corner

>Hello there Random Person, you seem friendly. I would like to be your friend. Shall we hang out?
This is what you’re doing

>> No.10416495

>This is what you’re doing

IMO it doesn't seem like that. To me it's

>Hey, I find you physically attractive and I would like to get to know if your personality is attractive. Do you find me physically attractive enough to want to learn more about my personality?

>> No.10416499

Hmm ok you completely missed the point. I know what you literally mean. It was an example with a similar vibe

>> No.10416501

I wish there was a way to block all straight men from viewing my egl instagram.

>> No.10416514

I know what you mean and it can certainly give off that vibe in certain circumstances where it's just fucking weird and uncomfortable like on public transport or eating at a restaraunt.

Most of my interactions have just been in the inner city, I spot a girl who I think is cute and I know I won't ever see her again so I walk over to them and just ask. Most are polite in the rejection despite their shock and I walk off to wherever I was supposed to be going. So I intended to always keep the awkwardness to a minimum.

But like I said, this strategy is fucking garbage because I think it places way too much pressure on the person in the moment and even if they wanted to they wouldn't say yes. So I mainly just go through mutual acquantainces at work or university which is much easier since I'm usually being introduced/recommended by someone else.

Just put in your bio

>> No.10416518

I'll wait for you to post it here then personally spam it on /pol/ so you get nothing but the absolute worst incels all over your shit.

>> No.10416523

Lol thanks for the analysis, you hit some good points. I thought about it for 5 seconds and realized it's because I
1. Look underage in casual clothes
2. Am always with a group of friends or family when I'm out
3. Have RBF
4. Just...not that good looking in person

>> No.10416921

This happens to .03% of dudes lol. Even slightly above average to good looking guys don't get approached and I wouldn't consider average ugly.

Do you consider the average 5/10 man ugly? Because that just means you have ridiculous standards like a lot of the entitled young women on here in their prime.

In reality you're just an incel trying to bait the retarded gulls and other incels here.

>> No.10416925

Don't even reply to these dumb gulls, they're LARPing r9k incels trying to get people mad at dumb women. Or they're just dumb women.

I've been told I'm a solid 6 and I've NEVER been approached in my life, are you sure you aren't good looking? I've also been told I'm intimidating looking. I've also never had a girl tell me I look cute or attractive which sucks.

You like the attention. Women make IG accounts literally for it and to be validated because you can be really below average looking but still get a bunch of autistic Pajeets commenting how sexy you are and how great you look.

>> No.10416931

Are you sure you're not the incel? What the fuck are you doing on this board. Duh, of course you have an Instagram account for attention but a fashion account is for attention to our outfits not to how attractive we are to men.

>> No.10416970

>I've been told I'm a solid 6 and I've NEVER been approached in my life, are you sure you aren't good looking? I've also been told I'm intimidating looking. I've also never had a girl tell me I look cute or attractive which sucks.
Maybe slightly above average at best. I look a LOT like Seth Rogen, only without the curly hair. I think it's more about how you present and carry yourself and the situations you put yourself in, if you don't seem approachable people obviously won't approach you.

>> No.10417013

a 6 will not get approached. that's barely above average. 8+ will get approached often

>> No.10417018

well I'm a female who's at least a 7 and possibly 8+ with makeup/cute outfit and I've pretty much never been approached either. Probably depends more on the environment and what kind of vibes you give off.

>> No.10417025

Same here anon, and I had the same impression.

>> No.10417026

My personal experience says otherwise, and I'm sure as hell not an 8+. Girls don't run up and jump on my dick or anything but they certainly initiate conversations with me on occasion and sometimes they show clear signs of interest when they do.

>> No.10417038

Where the fuck do you people live?

I live in the third biggest city in my country (2+ million people) and I am regularly inside the inner city for university. I have never been approached or had a girl initiate conversation. Maybe because I always go to the silent areas to study and I don't sit around like a coffee drinking muppet but fuck I might start.

>> No.10417043

LA. I'm not talking about random women coming up to me on the street though, that shit doesn't happen, I'm talking about social events like cons, parties, music festivals, occasionally at school or work, etc.

I actually had a weird one on campus last fall that stuck with me because it was so out of the ordinary and I still don't quite get what happened. I was waiting outside my professor's office to talk to him about something and this pretty cute girl from my department but not my class struck up a conversation with me out of nowhere and for some reason seemed SUPER into me, like she'd just run into her favorite actor and couldn't believe she was talking to him or something. It was really strange, like I say I'm decent looking but not great and women talk to me here and there but never with that kind of enthusiasm. I'm still wondering what the deal was and kicking myself for not getting her number or something.

>> No.10417045

What Indian comms? And yeah I've never had Indian guys DM me on facebook before lmao.

I get plenty of matches (because I'm female) but I feel like i get a below-average amount of dms from my matches. Also guys on tinder almost send me weird or sexual messages either. I've never gotten a dick pic on tinder lol

>> No.10417164


Larper. How would you get a dick pic on tinder when it’s literally impossible to send pictures on the app?

>> No.10417231


Nayrt, it used to be possible to share photos

>> No.10417257


Could be worse. Imagine if you were a guy. You'd get 4-5 comments at best, none of which would be sexual.

>> No.10417270

Yeah I think I'm getting it confused with the times you could send photos on tinder. I've used it sporadically since 2016, so it looks like you're the larper.

For example, here's a link where it says the option to share photos was removed


Anyways I very rarely get sexual messages. I have no idea what kind of harassment women are supposed to receive there because I get none of it. I've matched with hundreds of guys and none of them have even flat out asked to hook up in their opening line.

>> No.10417390

what to be fucking creepy

>> No.10417391

this. costhots fucking ruined the perception of cosplay for everyone>>10410604

>> No.10417392

>pornhub now has prominent cosplay tag
>it's just random sluts in colored wigs and basic bitch makeup

>> No.10417415
File: 200 KB, 1250x1250, 88e2b1f10f72d77751004d3dba33c726.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw still no good Asuka vid after all those years

>> No.10417418

idk how true it is because I've never been there but I've heard from Indian people that a lot of sheltered middle-class Indian guys have been told that western girls are easy, so they think that means that they can get tit pics if they just simp or beg hard enough

>> No.10417943

>western girls are easy
All of Asia believes this, not just India. And compared to Asian girls, pretty true honestly

>> No.10418352

Omg Indian guys are the most fucking thirsty guys ever, I'm a guy but the way they stare at girls creeps me the fuck out, freaking rape eyes

>> No.10418371

Most indian men are rapists, their culture is misogynistic as fuck and women and girls are treated worse than animals over there

>> No.10418468

This looks like some annoying little boy.

>> No.10419411


>> No.10419525

never trust poo in poos

>> No.10419672 [DELETED] 


I can pay like $5 to facefuck a Phillipino/Thai/Viet girl til she pukes.

Japanese and Korean girls are prolific cheaters.

Chinese girls in my experience only care about status and money.

>> No.10419687

I guarantee if you suddenly stopped getting any attention you would kill yourself in record time.

>> No.10419774

women who are ugly, fat, or old don't get attention and still don't kill themselves. they're not entitled like men are

>> No.10419823

>women who are ugly, fat, or old don't get attention

>> No.10419842

*Pajeet eye rapes you*
Pajeet: you dont smell of the poo poo and pee pee of old country want to get into my 1987 sedan.
*EyE RaPe InTeSfIeS*
Normal Becky: no, thank you.
*Throws poop on becky*

>> No.10419849

Guy here, can comfirm. Send feet pics you disgusting whale.

>> No.10419939
File: 251 KB, 720x720, 1561671104426.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>women who are ugly, fat, or old don't get attention

>> No.10419944

Nah, I’m plain looking, don’t get attention and don’t want to kill myself over it lmao. Men are such whiny pissbabies about it.

>> No.10419951

The point anon is making is that they don't kill themselves over it and deal with being ugly and don't go around with testosterone fuelled rage over chad not wanting to fuck them.

>> No.10420135

Lol I'm decent looking and maybe above average and I never get hit on by men. Not gonna get sad over that, it is what it is.

>> No.10420138

incels: *constantly talk about women hitting the wall and losing all the attention*
also incels: nvm the wall doesn't exist, ugly old women are still roasties somehow!!!!

>> No.10420142

You realize how stupid this sounds? /cgl/ isn't full of hot girls who have men at their every beck and call since birth and would die if they suddenly lost it. This place consists of women who either never got much attention to begin with and don't care or actively work to make themselves better and it's usually to looks good for other girls. Lolitas and jfashion girls here step up for each other's attention. Getting male attention is stupid easy because they'll stick their dick in even the fattest slob around. Show tits and that's it. Litterally no challenge.

>> No.10420155

>Completely misunderstanding the point just to get a jab with a buzzword

"The Wall" is nothing more than continual decreased percentages at finding someone to start a family with. Most people are either married or with someone they plan on marrying by the time they're 35. If you're at the age and still don't have someone to settle down with, you still CAN find someone but your chances get lower and lower; and that's not just women, it's men too. All those stories of rich old fucks in their 80s getting married to some hot 25yo bimbo mean jack shit when she's just gonna divorce him and take half his money. Why? Because it shows there might be an underlying problem with you that prevents you being able to form a long lasting emotional relationship with another individual.

This doesn't decrease chances at having sex, just getting married and starting a family. We all know the Tinder game, and to say it hasn't had a negative effect on people forming relationships with each other in general is just straight up bullshit, but it'd also be dishonest to say it doesn't punish men more than women. However, this is all a fruitless point, this thread is still an obvious troll post and it's pathetic that its managed to stay up this long, the faster it hits the bump limit and dies the better.

>> No.10420212

>men have no self control or dignity.
>I'm a fat..

Why is this so hard to understand?
You won't come up to us, even when you are craving cock.
We just always have to ask or the answer will always be no.

>> No.10420213

if we just want cock, we can go on tinder for 10mins and score an absolute chad for the night with no effort. it's getting a real relationship that is nearly impossible for us.

>> No.10420217

And you think you are going to find a real relationship online in the facebook comment section?


>> No.10420222

No but apparently men think so with the comments they make on posts.

>> No.10420229
File: 83 KB, 1200x627, Grant-Amato-via-Seminole-County-Sheriffs-Office.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See pic related?
Obsessed with E-girls.
Spent his family's life savings on cam girls then murdered them after they kicked him out of the house.
This is the kinda guy creeping facebook posts online.
What are you looking for? Some successful doctor who's just as crazy about sewing as you are?
Idk why you expect to meet these people online under your comment section.

Fish in the ocean catch salt fish, fish in the river catch freshwater fish.

>> No.10420239

...what? I don't follow this thought process
>I hate when men try to hit on me online when I want my work to be recongnized
>That's because men that do that can't help themselves. They have no dignity or self control
>Well how else are you going to date someone? Women don't come up to us
>But I don't want to fuck I want a relationship. Comment section is not the way to go
>Look at this serial murderer that proves the original point of this thread

Don't know if you misunderstood the conversation flow or what.

>> No.10420243

>If I wanted to just have a guy fuck me I'd go on tinder, I want a real relationship.
>Stay the fuck off FB comments!

I'm not defending creep's behavior on someone's FB feed, but no one should be looking there either.

>> No.10420249

Yea we are misunderstanding each other.
The point I'm trying to make is you catch the kind of fish you go fishing for.
Creepers lurk on facebook and other easily accessible places looking for fap material, so posting there is going to attract them. That's just given.

If you want to meet men that are not like that, go where men are not like that.

>> No.10420272

I guess that's where I am lost because I thought this whole conversation and thread was about avoiding men and not dating at all.

>> No.10421568

You find them attractive because they are sociopaths, now go and kill yourself

>> No.10421600

if incel culture is any indication, ugly men are also sociopaths. so nah

>> No.10421703
File: 16 KB, 446x334, 50d3273ceab8ea6a3700000b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Very insightful information femanon, now I know what to say when I want to hit on a cosplay girl and look better than all the other retards in the comments ; )

Nice hard work by the way

I feel that though, it's dumb that what should be considered a work of art is put in a catagory that would take it for granted, jokes aside, I like cosplay girls because to me it translates that they actually have a personality, and set of interests besides just TV and magazines.

I'd expect the same repulsion from high value women towards guys who's only two interests are sex and watching football on tv.

>> No.10421972

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.10422043


>> No.10424986
File: 173 KB, 726x816, coom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We coomers are a proud race, we need to rise up

>> No.10424990
File: 70 KB, 446x400, 1540872143302.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Coomers are not capable of achieving anything in life.

>> No.10424998

One time I attempted nofap and lasted 6 whole days, the effort required was herculean and quite the achievment

>> No.10425076

Thanks for bumping this garbage thread that should've died over a week ago.

>> No.10425223

When I was 7 my sister caught me kissing some milf on the lips through the tv. She threatened me with it for the longest time but now i realized it’s not that embarrassing

>> No.10425236
File: 176 KB, 700x1963, 1379034844591.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10425238
File: 2.27 MB, 3264x2448, 1390716464945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

t. OP

>> No.10425241
File: 52 KB, 498x832, 1379020047792.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10425243
File: 171 KB, 726x274, 1379035179818.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10425244
File: 19 KB, 358x136, 1379035144239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10425246

Stop spamming pics I’m still waiting for my (you)

>> No.10425249


Happy now? Everyone wins; you get your precious (You) and this cancerous off-topic thread will finally die.

>> No.10425271

is it really off-topic though. Have you never seen a comment on one of your pics and wonder what's going on in that person's mind.

>> No.10425294

Not that anon but the OP is on topic but thread was ruined by scrotes.

>> No.10431398
File: 35 KB, 522x247, Seiko's Husband.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chicks use 4chan? Talk about a rare breed.

>> No.10431417

Cosplay isn't hard work you dumb bitch.

>> No.10434345

Well then where are hidden those men ?

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