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What was the latest thing you regret getting?

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I bought a bodyline blouse nwt from a LM seller and the neckline is so bizarre and there are these weird things on the arms of the sleeves.

It was cheap so not a big loss but I could have gotten something better for the price I paid.

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I got a knit camisole but it looks terrible on me without a minimizer bra and shape wear. I don’t even have large breasts- I wear a B-cup just fine, but sometimes lolita clothes make me feel like I’m super busty

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I bought an old school Meta blazer that the seller said was black, but it turned out to be that weird blue-black that looks navy under lights and black only in dim lighting.

I have a relatively small bust size but large cup size, and it's so hard to find lolita clothes that look good over thot tiddies. I wish I could get a breast reduction, but it wouldn't be covered by insurance because it'd be an elective procedure, so that's out of the question.

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Western clothes make me feel flat chested but Asian size clothes make me feel like some hentai titty monster

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I have more stuff I regret not buying than the other way around.
Would anyone be interested in a non-buyer's remorse thread? lmao.

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I'm interested, shoot

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I like this thread idea. Kind of like a "I wasn't sure but now I'm so happy I actually bought this" thread? I have a lot of those items.

I spent like $20 on a Charmmy Kitty Crown from Btssb. I don't even like Btssb. It was purely impulse when it showed up on CC because I like crowns a lot. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I get it (still stuck in Japan from April). Either cover it in rhinestones or sell it at a swap meet...?

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My brain does this dumb shit where instead of regretting my purchases I feel bad for not suiting them better. Like instead of "I wish I hadn't bought this because I'm too tall for it; I'll sell it" I'll be thinking "I wish I were shorter so I could fit into this awesome purchase better; I'll put this aside for later". Wtf I'm not going to get shorter anytime soon

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I circumvented this by going to a regular doctor and having him document shoulder pain and trouble sleeping (stomach sleeper). He was aware I was trying to get the surgery and told me to come for 6 visits to document it was an ongoing thing. Tbh, a good bra prevents pain but it got the surgery 100% paid for so I don't regret it

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I'm also a B cup, but I don't feel too busty in lolita? I think you ribcage measurement matters more than your cup size sometimes. My underbust is ~28in.

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> I'll put this aside for later
lmao, anon

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ribbon berry bunny OP in blue straight from the JP site when I was a babbylita and thought that just because I fit the measurements, it'd be fine. Found out I have a long torso and OPs waists come up to my ribcage, so it sits in my wardrobe, nwt and unworn. I'd love to modify it but I don't have a trusted seamstress and I'm not confident in altering it myself. Sigh.

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AP bags! They are the flimsiest quality that just fall apart from not even using them. The Honey Cake bag in particular. I wanted it because it's such a cool design but I hate it. It baffles me how people can pay hundreds for them.

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What's your climate like anon? Do you have other pleather bags that hold up better?

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Oh damn that's smart lol.

Your underbust, cup size, and bust measurement are all related and are equally important in the fit of clothes. For example, even though my bust relatively small, my cup size still makes clothes that are normally labled as "flattering on people with a small bust" like babydoll cuts look awkward on me.

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Impulse purchase of a beautiful Moitie dress that doesn't fit with the rest of my wardrobe. Now I have to spend even more money to get accessories to match. It will be worth it in the long run, I think...

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Recently snatched up a dream dress that I've only seen for sale twice. Payed extra for DHL shipping due to being in burgerland. See same dress pop up for $100 cheaper and in the states two days later. Mfw.

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I have had AP bags in this material in a hot and dry climates as well as colder humid and not humid climates. It's just the worst material. Meanwhile I have had taobao bags for years doing well. It bums me out because I love AP designs and would prefer to support them instead.

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Darn, that sucks. All my bags are taobao but I have an AP one on the way right now, guess I have to baby it. Do you happen to know if it's the same with shoes?

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Boots that ended up falling apart after wearing them three times. It happened twice. And boots are so freaking expensive to ship.

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Bought a couple of long sleeve cut sews and they are ridiculously small on me, i'm considering getting my friend to turn them into a bookbag or a tote or something that I'd actually use

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I'm in a similar situation. I bought a few designer bags recently and they're beautiful and I got a good deal on them, but I don't usually spend that kind of money on something this frivolous so I have some remorse.

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Been there. It fucking sucks

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Please don't derail another thread with borderline boob blogging.

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I love this. let me know if you ever sell it

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I regret not buying Melty Ribbon Chocolate when I had the money. Oh how I become depressed when I remember...

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This reminded me of sorta non-buyers remorse. I saw these on y!j brand new in my size. I hesitated to buy them and to be completely honest I'm still kinda unsure, but probably I should've bought them. They are cute, basic and people say they're really hard to scuff.

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original or rerelease?

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The original. With the beret. Oh god...the regret...

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9/10 of all lolita shoes I have ever bought...
I feel so bad because I know my coords always lack that certain polish because of that, but most pairs I have had were really uncomfortable for any activities which aren't just standing around to have your photo taken. The few brand pairs I have owned literally fell apart on me after 2-3 wears. I'm waiting on a Jane Marple pair now, hopefully they'll turn my life around

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A cobbler couldn't help?

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Mine is pink not the red, but if I sell it I’ll ask cgl first. I’m gonna try to lose weight though, it’s so cute and perfect for summer

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The problem with a lot of lolita boots isn't so much the 'structural integrity' but more so the fact that the material is such poor quality. My brand boots literally have strips of fake leather faking off them. No way for a cobbler to fix that.

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Star Mille-feuille JSK.

It's basically the only Baby dress I own and I bought it before I flat out became an AP whore. It's a nice dress and really good quality, but I really need to get rid of it. I haven't sold it because I'm scared of selling online and getting a bad buyer.

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I’ve seen this on sale on LM quite a few times this past year, I think that would be your best bet.

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Antique Crown. It’s cute as heck, but it’s literally just a printed garbage bag.

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If they’re new they will take a while to break in. But since JM shoes are leather they last forever. Got some that are 10-15+ years old, just need to have the sole replaced every so often

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Taobao jsk that looks incredibly cute in stock photos but like cheap crap IRL. Contemplating whether to re-sell or have it altered. It has potential, it's just a tulle layer that make it look so much cheaper.

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I agree
The plastic/enamel type bags from AP are good but they don't really seem to make them anymore. The soft pleather is hell

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Sounds like you have a problem if you're buying things you don't even want to wear, and are pontificating about how to get rid of it before it's even in your possession.

This is dumb too. Lolita is just clothes, if you're not going to wear them or look good in them, what's the point? Who are you doing this for?

>awesome purchase
couldn't be further from the truth

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damn you sound upset

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Lol. What? Out of all the posts here, you singled out me spending $20 on a crown? Read the title of the thread?

I said it was an impulse buy because it was a crown, and I like crowns, and I've had two months to sit and think about it. Have you ever even tried to buy something during a CC update? You literally just click buy as fast as you can because things sell out in seconds. This was one purchase out of dozens that I regret. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

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nah it's honestly laughable, the trend of bandwagoners buying things because it's popular even though they look awful in it, taking a shitty picture then presumably it sits in their closet collecting dust. You see it with moitie and old school.

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i neither take pictures of myself nor wear oldschool or moitie. if you want them to stop, you should comment it directly on their social media where they will see it instead of attacking windmills and yelling at clouds.

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If they stop, I won't be able to laugh at them and the bad decisions they make because they're desperate for attention. I'm sharing my opinion and observations on a lolita forum in a thread specifically about regretful purchases. It's a conversation very relevant to the online community that I'm glad is happening.

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ok, then i will laugh at you for having preconceived notions about the person on the other end of an anon conversation. at least I'm not that dumb.

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>I won't be able to laugh at them and the bad decisions they make
Sounds like you're just an awful person though?

I rather buy things and regret them later than seek out making fun of people for joy.

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Found the fatty-chan

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I'm not seeking it out, that's just my reaction to an occurrence that's so common it's almost inescapable. and it's more of a schadenfreude than explicit joy. Of course I'd rather people get good use out of fashion that used to have values of self expression and individuality. I'd much rather have somebody be honest with me than hear an endless chorus of "Yaaaas kween you look so good" when it clearly doesnt.

Why would you assume that? My clothing fits and I wear it because I love it and don't care about what anyone else thinks.

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A small usakumya for $35 after I was like why do I need this, I could have bought shoes

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I assume because you sound like you've been hurt your whole life and hiding on an anonymous board and telling people they are dumb is how you feel powerful.

Making mistakes and having regrets is part of the human experience. Now go take a shit elsewhere and stop writing like this is your college thesis.

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I'll buy it from you for what you paid if you don't want it

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>i'm not seeking it out
you're in the buyer's remorse thread. it seems you don't have any buyer's remorse, so perhaps you should hide the thread instead of shitting it up.

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Lol @ the defensive shopping addicts in your replies calling you names for telling the ugly truth. Seems like you've hit the nail on its head.

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You don't even know them lmao, sounds like a cope or projection.

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Not a specific item, but I buy tights, thinking they’ll match specific colors in a dress, but when I get it, the colors don’t look quite long me how I expected them to, and the balance throws off the coord I’m trying to make.
As far as dresses, I was disappointed with the cut of the Violet Fane Vampire Hunter dress. It looks cute on the model, but the less structured cut sits weirdly on me. Wish I bought the skirt instead.

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Omg you sound like the anon in another thread who was going on about how if you don’t wear Lolita daily, or if you find it uncomfortable sometimes then you obviously don’t love it at all. That shit was as dumb as what you’re on about right now.

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Got some solid IW jsk at one of their clearance sales and it's torso turned out way longer than expected. I sold it straight aways which was a pitty as the design itself was really cute.

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Is this the one? Do you remember the name? I'm absolutely baffled by how that looks and I'd love to see it worn.

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It is and it's the gislaine jsk but I've never seen it worn outside of the model pics.

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Not lolita, but I bought boots from Dolls Kill recently and only found out afterwards what garbage they are.

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I actually like low waisted things like this
but it's low waisted and short which looks ridiculous on someone taller than 5'4

>> No.10408458

god I'd kill for these to get a rerelease... or decent copies form taobao even

>> No.10408463

I remember this being in my wishlist when I was fourteen years old. I’d buy it from you but I quit some months ago :(

>> No.10408464

i do this too

>> No.10408465

I’d buy it off you, if you do decide to sell it.

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Crown anon here - Would you be interested in the silver color? That's the one that I ordered. Still in Japan right now.

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Honey cake MTO full set.
Idk I'm trying my best to love it but I dont think I will ever buy a new release dress straight from AP ever again

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Just curious, but why do you say that? I know the re-release is polyester and the original was cotton (and also smaller). Is that the reason?

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A black and white Bodyline dress with cross appliques, I can't find the reference but it was about ten years ago.

>> No.10408477

was it the dress that was a bad suigintou cosplay?

>> No.10408478

nayrt but i would be interested, if you drop your email i'll buy it if original anon doesnt

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Its semi autism but I am really not liking their polyster fabric. I even prefer their printed chiffon pieces to this. I don't like the texture, it has a sort of diagonal line weave to the fabric. The print is slightly blurrier to a printed cotton.
Even though they made the bust very accommodating they didn't think to provide enough length to the straps so it still fits weird and tightly if you are a larger bust. And I'm saying this as someone well within the provided measurements (I'm 100cm) the written max measurement was almost 130cm.
Everything about new AP releases feel like they are cutting more and more corners. Cheap material, no more inner tulle, non-double sided waist ties. Also minor nitpick but what ever happened to providing the small printed fabric square? The last time I got one was with marine kingdom.

Not mine but good comparison video for anyone interested https://youtu.be/MvoG_Ks3jY4

>> No.10408492

Okay, I agree with you anon. Like I said, I was just curious. I don't like polyester unless it is used for a structural reason (ruffles, overlays, etc). I didn't even know the waist ties weren't double sided anymore? It's just one piece of fabric?
The last dress I bought directly from AP was Magic Princess and I was sad it didn't have the built-in tulle (not that you wouldn't need a petticoat, it just adds a little extra). I'm sorry your purchase hasn't been what you wanted it to be. I wish AP would scale back on releases and put quality back into them.

>> No.10408495

Here's my throwaway. Feel free to email me your LM name/link. I might not get the crown for another month or two, but I'll let you both know then!

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Oh sorry if I sounded aggressive! Just mini ranting about AP. I agree on scaling back, AP really has become a "fast fashion of lolita". If you look into previous years they never had this type of output.

I miss the structure of cotton and the tulle. The new poly stuff looks so sad and droopy. Marine Kingdom btw has an inner tulle layer. I didnt expect that Magic Princess wouldnt! Isnt that release cotton thankfully though?

>> No.10408511

Yes! The new polyester stuff looks sad and droopy like you said. I'm actually kind of glad I missed out on Ice Cream Parlor because I probably wouldn't have liked it. The print would have been phenomenal on cotton.

Magic Princess was cotton thankfully. It was also a glitter print. I'm sad that glitter prints seem forever lost now and replaced with that 'all over' glittery polyester fabric. Just feels like a cop out.

Your image really shows how downhill it's all went.

>> No.10408516

Holy shit, this image is such an eye opener. I love the dress on the left despite not caring for sweet, middle is whatever but right is straight up ugly.

>> No.10408534

I bought two separate issues of GLB, but then I found a bundle being sold containing both of those issues and now I regretti.

>> No.10408540

This is my issue too, it just feels like the designs and materials are getting cheaper and have been mostly forgettable save for a couple. I don't always mind the chiffon style polyester dresses as much provided they're designed nicely, however the new release horoscope carnival looks cheap to me in a few areas of design.

Toy doll box is cotton too and also has glitter on the print, but that doesn't have the built in petti layer either, that release was 2018. Magic princess was 2016 iirc, there was still a fair few cotton releases but many didn't have a built in petti layer either.

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Sometimes I feel like I walk differently than most people.. I have almost exclusively brand shoes and the worst that ever happened was small scuffs here and there.

>> No.10408856

Yeah it kind of looks like a Suigintou cosplay, it's not p072 though and I can't find any picture of it online.

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How bad is it to buy replica bags of AP? Their quality is terribly low, and there's many qualified and good handmade girls who could make them better and I'd be willing to pay them.

>> No.10408883

Don't, just buy original taobao from brands like Berry.Q

>> No.10408886

It's so so. Some people aren't bothered by it, and some will judge you for it. Just know that knockoff bags will look slightly off, and people who have the real one will know.
No one will make fun of you for it though.

I agree. I don't have a problem with poly, but everything is starting to look cheap. Everything is easier to damage now. Like snagged fabric, wonky sizing, etc. Even AP's jewelry isn't as good as it used to be. Everything breaks so easily now

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Thanks god most other brands didn't change much over the years. I wish there was some new big jp brand tho, it feels like nothing new came out in years (Kawaii Holic aside but that doesn't focus on lolita).

>> No.10408912

with the way that lolita is so stagnant and even declining in popularity in japan, we're not going to see that. what we're going to see is new chinese lolita companies keep popping up with the extreme popularity there, not that cgl cares about those

>> No.10408913

>No one will make fun of you for it though.
Buying a replica bag is pretty cringe. Especially if it's something recognizable like Horror Bat. If you don't like the quality just don't buy it. But buying it as a replica just because it's cheaper is dumb. That's like those people who buy knock off Coach bags because they still want the "look."

>> No.10408977

I meant no one will make fun of you to your face. I personally think they're still replicas, but most people don't. Bag and shoe replicas more more divided.

Designer bag replicas are print replicas. Design copying is very common and not copyrighted.

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Feeling so fucking stupid for impulse buying this Wa Meta bolero bc
>>it looks cheap
>>dont have any Wa pieces to coord with it
>>its was over $100
>>it looks cheap
>> its still sitting in japan's postal purgatory.

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Choosing 3 dresses to see how a brand has changed over time is a neat idea. I think it would be really cool do the same with other brands.

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I did them in previous years, im guessing around 2015. But at the time the changes were way less obvious. Now the degradation is so obvious
>pic related old comparison of lucky packs

For me personally, AP began its slippery slope around 2015. I found the prints of this year and onward getting way too busy and ugly. At least we still had cotton and structured quality then. Now we are in polyester and nasty construction hell lol

>> No.10409793

you're making me regret buying this now
it looked good on the paris live at least i guess

>> No.10409807

Idk abt that anon, but a lot of people drag their feet, so I can see how they can get more scuffs to their shoes

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lol sorry. At least the print looks nice. Imai Kira deserved better than this sloppy execution though .

>> No.10409825

Yeah, I feel like there's enough options nowadays that we don't need to buy replica bags.

>> No.10409828

2015 dress still looks like bodyline.

>> No.10409837

Goodness anon, that's terrible! Maybe it'll look better in real life?

>> No.10415802

Iw blouse that too small for me and i knew it but i was like meh it should fit.
Gues what? It didn't.
Im such a fool. Having a diet now.

>> No.10415809

Fame spoils people and, i think, brands too

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>> No.10416251

Are you me?
I really want to wear it out because I wanted HC forever and I'm still head over heels for that print but every time I've thought "Ok, today's the day I finally wear it!" I open up my closet, look at it, feel the same disappointment I did the day I opened it, and choose something else to wear.
It was my first new-from-AP purchase and it definitely discouraged me from ever doing that again, even though they've since released stuff that I would've loved to get, like Neon Star Diner.

>> No.10416584

>the trend of bandwagoners buying things because it's popular even though they look awful in it
I'm not any of those anons but I also buy stuff that doesn't fit and then I just shame myself for not looking good in it... but I don't buy popular prints. I buy stuff I think looks good. It just doesn't look good on me. But I still love the dress so I keep it.
And before COVID, I would get things altered. For the time being, I'm kinda fucked.

>> No.10416717

Nayrt but that's only a slightly different brand of retarded.

>> No.10416966

It's retarded to buy stuff I enjoy even if sometimes I'm disappointed that I can't fit into it or it doesn't look how I was expecting?

That seems to be a common lolita experience though.

>> No.10416972

You should stop buying for now and put the money towards alterations

>> No.10416980

We used to call those Michelin man blouses back when, don't feel too bad, you could use it in an oldschool coord sometime

>> No.10416985

OK, this is funny, but really talk, it's a little silly to not good enough for a consumer product. It's more like the product isn't good enough for you, a human being.

>> No.10416990

>buy stuff I enjoy
>stuff that doesn't fit
>I just shame myself for not looking good in it
>It just doesn't look good on me.
Who exactly are you trying to convince?
>That seems to be a common lolita experience though.
Most lolitas wear what they own and probably matured past their "it sparkles funny me want!!" toddler mindset.

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File: 508 KB, 603x573, Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 6.20.55 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That blouse is actually one of the few Bodyline things I still own because it's useful. It looks nice with Millefleurs and similar dresses like pic related.

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File: 122 KB, 600x700, 1_53_26.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10417076

I have a short torso and this explains why it's one of the most figure-flattering dress in my closet

>> No.10417078

I never understand why this is hyped, it looks so... Hot Topic?

>> No.10417079

it was one of AP's first edgy desu prints

>> No.10417082

My main issue is that it fit so poorly, but honestly it also felt like a trash bag. I wear goth and punk so hot topic is my style.

>> No.10417085

Hot topic is mall goth, and fast fashion is the farthest thing from punk

>> No.10417090

What release did you get anon?
For me personally this is one of my best fitting and flattering dresses but I can imagine thats not the case for everyone.

The one I got was first re-release so Im curious of further MTOs fared

>> No.10417122


I'm pretty small and the chest was just so huge. The torso was also a weird length on me, which isn't usually a problem, but that's a dress by dress basis.

>> No.10417123

this is fashion, not ideology. And I don't literally wear hot topic clothes, I was referring to the aesthetic. HT has always had punk styled clothes.

>> No.10417125

I have one like that. I tend to push the cuffs up closer to elbow and it looks kinda princessy. But yeah, I regretted buying it too. It’s more of a make-do situation than actually liking it

>> No.10417130


>> No.10417140

I think this reduction in quality is due the lack of price increase, which means due to inflation the price of the dress is actually going down. So for a cheaper price you get poorer quality. I own a lot of older dresses but I also own new ones and the quality of the old ones is better, but they’re starting to show their age and the prints are fading and it’sdefinitely noticeable. I would not mind paying an extra 60 or $100 to have a brand new dress with the quality of one of the older releases. If I’m spending $300, I might as well spend 400 to get something that’s really really good

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File: 103 KB, 480x640, 45ebbef0-324c-5028-b053-09b4b2cdd33c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This dress in green. I have no idea why I bought this. It's too long and too large for me, and I wear sweet. I've had it sitting in my closet for 4 years.

>> No.10417240

I have Chateau d’ecume and it’s pretty in person, but I’m deeply offended by how wrinkled/creased the dress was when I got it. I don’t blame my SS, the other dress in the box was fine, it’s just gross cheap material even for new AP.

>> No.10417243

The only cut I like is the special set cut, but that one still goes for above retail and I don’t like it enough to pay that much for it.

>> No.10426584

Got a taobao dress that ended up with fabric that feels like paper

>> No.10426587

the material was awful and i got rid of both colorways immediately lol

>> No.10426684

First pair of tea parties.

Not because I don't want them but because I'm pretty sure I ordered the wrong size. I'm 8.5-9 and everyone told me to go up a half size in this particular pair, but since they only had 8.5 and 9.5 I went with the bigger size. Now I'm pretty sure they're gonna be too long.

>> No.10426698

my whole wardrobe is black and I bought one sax dress cause it was really cute, it doesnt match anything on my wardrobe and now that I have tried it on it looks bad on me
at least it was cheap

>> No.10426790

Just get some insoles, they'll fit nicely. I always buy my bodyline shoes a whole size too big and then put insoles in them bc they're flat and uncomfortable.

>> No.10426949

bought two dream dresses on fril. like im happy i snagged them but it my bank account hardddd

>> No.10426953

>I miss the structure of cotton and the tulle. The new poly stuff looks so sad and droopy.
Exactly why I will never buy poly. Looks and feels cheap.

>> No.10426954

bought my first sack-style dress. i hate it.

>> No.10426955

Also because the limited range of sizes means people are wearing shoes which aren't quite properly fitted to their foot.

>> No.10427001

I wish AP still made things like this.

>> No.10427040

Not sure what you expected from a literal sack.

>> No.10427047

some cheap ass fanplusfriend costume jewelry

>> No.10427077
File: 18 KB, 400x400, Disney-Store-Angelic-Pretty-Marie-Kiss-me-Cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This wallet. tbf I don't really like Marie that much but the style was cute so I gave in.
Even though I made an effort to take good care of it, the image and corners got worn out really fast, and it dented/scratched easily (just like the purses)
I'm surprised it hasn't peeled yet... Also gonna avoid getting things with pearls attracted because they're so delicate and come loose kinda easily.
This! I hate it since AP makes the cutest bags but they just don't hold up for very long. They peel so bad, I've stopped buying them. Kind of have the same attitude with the jewelry, but it holds up a little bit better.

>> No.10427080

all of it

>> No.10427081

Sell it too me

>> No.10427093
File: 83 KB, 788x622, Screenshot_20200622-044541_Chrome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought it was really cute but in person it looks like it was taken from a sexy maid costume or some shit. The fabric just sucks and lays weird on my chest. I wish I would have gotten a normal Peterpan blouse. Not worth the 40 dollars I paid, like at all.

>> No.10427149

They still do cotton mtos for the same price though. The actual reason for the quality reduction is Chinese lolitas. They want the poly cause they don't have a lot of closet space and poly takes up less room than cotton. It sucks because cotton is just so much better than poly.

>> No.10427150


It's actually super easy to take the elastic out of the arms on that blouse if you prefer plain sleeves.

>> No.10427152

>The actual reason for the quality reduction is Chinese lolitas
proof? i think the actual reason is to reduce costs and make more profit.

>> No.10427246
File: 35 KB, 480x640, 9e85d68a-a95e-4411-bd05-0915bc13386c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I bought some random putomayo cutsew. Imagine image related, but with a sliver print (which was crisp and really nice). It was cute, however the lace on it was this horrible metallic lace that is scratchy as fuck and has no stretch at all and cuts off the circulation on my arms. i don't really know what to do with the shirt and now i'm stuck with it unless anybody has some ideas as to how i can re-purpose it, because I don't recommend that shirt to anybody because of the lace.

>> No.10427264

I went in on Lady Sloth's "Tea Time at Grandma's" earlier this year and now in the time I've been waiting for it to ship I've started to completely shift my wardrobe to a strawberry theme so this dress will have literally no place in my wardrobe once I get it and I'll probably turn around and sell it.

>> No.10427271

ooooh I have that blouse and I hate it.
mood. the elastic in the armpit on mine snapped after a couple of wears. I still need to get it fixed.

>> No.10427277

if it was in black i'd buy it off you

>> No.10427346

Just cut the lace off if you want to keep it. It looks like you wouldn’t even have to rip a seam.

>> No.10427365

...Gunne Sax?

>> No.10427473

Saxon blue, new friend.

>> No.10427479

Jesus christ

>> No.10427628

Would also be happy to buy if you decide to sell it.

>> No.10427654

Holy fuck the new one literally looks like some taobao knock off. Can't believe people keep buying AP's cheap bullshit, you can tell they just don't give a fuck anymore, kek

>> No.10427713

Sell it to someone

>> No.10427782

Not Chinese, Japanese lolitas. This was asked at tekko and the designer responded that it was to help save closet space and when it was first introduced, it sold really well.

>> No.10427852

I would be more than happy to take it off your hands, anon. If you wanted to sell it. I can fix the lace.

>> No.10427915

>it sparkles funny me want
wow fuck you, ass hammer.
This hobby is about buying things you like. You wouldn't be buying it otherwise, retard.

I'm not trying to convince anyone. There are only a couple of dresses I have that don't look good that I'm keeping for when I lose more weight. Losing weight doesn't happen over night. I don't have much interest in selling and I do what >>10416972 said about putting money towards alterations.

But even then, I'm going to be buying other dresses so that I have matching fabric to alter them.

But you know what? You're just being a rude piece of shit for some reason. You can rot.

>> No.10427916

how the fuck is it edgy.

>> No.10434872

I regret buying any lolita at all. All lolita's are self entitled, condescending, and hypocritical bitches. The longer I stay in this fashion the more I see it.

Except the like 10% that aren't for some reason.

>> No.10434883

You don't have to interact with other lolitas. Just wear the clothes and enjoy it yourself.

>> No.10434887

It's also a subculture that the clothes are associated with. Im sure Im not the only one lolita's have been shitty to. Worst experiences I've had are with lolita's not even ignorant outsiders

>> No.10434888
File: 64 KB, 500x600, A2EE61FF-1328-4427-88E7-951CC9A473ED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twinkle Sky in black, pic related. I don't like sweet but wanted to try it out so I went for black, now I have no idea how to coord this bitch. I also forgot I look horrible with gold accessories.

>> No.10434898


>> No.10434899

I bought a pair of moitie pleather shoes and the entire foam sole like disintegrated when i tried it on.

Thank god I got my money back, but it did make me really sad.

>> No.10434909

You talk like an outsider so you'll be treated that way

>> No.10440746

same. I have the ivory and just, nothing to go with it? and half my wardrobe is ivory (i need more gold). its just such a difficult jsk to coord in anyway i like imo.

>> No.10440761

How many times did you get posted in the ita thread?

>> No.10443830
File: 147 KB, 828x1104, 9625D5EF-9B55-4737-A1FE-2A4940174F80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it this dress anon or a different one?
Nta just curious

>> No.10443840

I miss good lp sets from all the brands, I like having an instant coord with pieces I can use in more coords. Not just a main piece that may or may not fit in my wardrobe.

>> No.10443851

lp and special sets are different tho.

>> No.10443926

I know that but lps back in 00s were much better you could pick a skirt pack there was random but you would have accessories, socks and the main piece. They showed what were the possible stuff you would get but the stuff was still versatile to use. Baby did metal hair accessories and necklaces in some of theirs which is tougher and more easily to use in coords.

>> No.10443944

Anon you could wear another layer under it but then again the sleeves will still be tight as it isn’t a stretchy cuff. So you could try to tone up or just sell it to someone else or remove the sleeves and have different one put on it to fit better.

>> No.10443956

That happen to me with a pair of buffalos, apparently it’s due to pressure varying to much from use and non use.

>> No.10444283
File: 497 KB, 676x1014, IMG_20200724_1124054.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>>10408476 here, and no it's not this one. Here you go, I just took a picture of it.

>> No.10445659

That is p233, so if you ever list it you will know the code.

>> No.10445685

isn't this the dress that people bought as a rozen maiden cosplay?

>> No.10445800

Thank you, anon !

I'm not sure, I think p072 is supposed to be the Rozen Maiden cosplay but this looks really similar too.

>> No.10454343

Today was my first time buying new from Angelic Pretty and I was absolutely mortified to find out that my order of three pairs of socks came to a total of 200 dollars with shipping. Never buying new again.

>> No.10454349

Wtf where do you live? I bought 3 pairs socks new from store and it was more like $100.

>> No.10454367

Australia. Granted, our dollar is on the cheaper side and the shipping costs are always high.. but still very unexpected hahah
I'll just think of it as helping out AP's store during covid :')

>> No.10458393

There was a point when LPs from certain brands were basically mini coord packs. You'd get either a jsk and socks or more commonly a blouse, skirt, socks and accessory.

>> No.10469092

Does anyone regret spending over $100+ on AP plastic jewelry?

>> No.10469093 [DELETED] 

I’ve spent $290 on one piece of AP jewelry and have no regrats

>> No.10469111

I put a pair of socks in my cart only to realize they were over $70 yesterday.. nah.

I regret buying a really plain headbow from AP. But I haven't gotten it in the mail yet so maybe I'll like it?

>> No.10469113

The kurukuru one? It's okay. I don't regret it per se, it's a lot cuter when you style the wired part. But it's definitely not the cutest thing ever and if I picked again I'd get more socks instead.

>> No.10469131
File: 76 KB, 750x1125, 006NBGtkgy1gddnosn924j30ku0v94bc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this from Resplendant Galaxy. My friend and I both got one so we could twin, but the waist is just too high on me and I look frumpy and ridiculous. At least it's nice/well-made and was relatively cheap.

>> No.10469140

Ivory is one of the most difficult colors to coordinate. There are so many shades that matching accessories from the print series are a must. I always must use secondary colors to make ivory outfits work.

>> No.10469164
File: 185 KB, 841x1280, 5d345b44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Just giving some ideas to help out. Ivory traditionally goes with white, and you can mix small doses of other light natural colours in (ecru, peach, etc).

Additionally, be careful mixing brand and taobao ivory. Half the taobao brands use light yellow as "ivory" and the brands use a beige-leaning ivory as ivory, which means they won't match. You can still add the yellow as an small dose accent, but not use it as a 'matching' colour.

>> No.10469169
File: 316 KB, 500x600, C9A46E10-2BAC-4F27-B79A-D58DD007FBAE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ve wanted the op in white for a while, but once the pink showed up I impulse bought it. Now I’m wondering if I can even pull off a pink coord without looking tumblr pastel goth...That and it was 500 dollarydoos. I’m getting the bat bag with it tho.

>> No.10469175

i thought mixing ivory and white was a huge no-no in lolita? idk i see people sperg about it pretty often

>> No.10469179

It’s because a lot of people do it by accident, or out of laziness i.e. pretending they’re the same colour. Also it’s mostly sweets who do this, whereas mixing ivory and white is more of a classic look. If it’s done intentionally, and balanced right, it looks beautiful. I wouldn’t recommend it for a newbie.

>> No.10469181

It kinda stings when I see the money withdrawn from my account, but then again I'm jaded to the current market.

>> No.10469281


Inside of lolita rules, the big no-no is mixing UP ivory and white as if they were the same colour, not "mixing" ivory and white in one coord.

You have to think of ivory as its own seperate colour, it's a very light beige that's nowhere close to being white at all. So an ivory x white coord works the same as a pink x white coord or a sax x white coord, it's a two-colour coord that you have to balance, it's not a one-coolour "shirololita".

Ivory is simply not white, if you can keep in mind it's a different colour altogether then it's a lot easier to wrap your head around coording with it.

>> No.10469288

Some of their jewelry is delicate and breaks easily. You really are paying for the brand name

>> No.10469301
File: 147 KB, 1080x1080, 96289284_546749416211266_585166388857492715_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

that sucks, these empire waist dresses really do take a certain body type to pull off though. i'm way too short to wear a lot of the long, elegant pieces that i like.

i think as long as you don't pair it with ugly storenvy accessories, it won't look pastel goth. there are some good examples out there of people layering the OP with aprons/corsets or underskirts to help pull more black into it and style it in a more gothic way. i don't endorse this girl's tights, but the apron helps balance the whole look and ofc de-sacks (neuters?) the sack dress.

>> No.10469312

The other JSK cut looks leagues better.

>> No.10469318

Agreed about the original, I owned it and it would flake just by existing. But the new one seems better? So far a lot more sturdy. You do have to be very careful handling them, but the re-release feels stronger.

>> No.10469343

literally all lolita is about paying for the brand name.

>> No.10469348

no because I'm not dumb enough to pay that much. If I just keep waiting, prices will go back down again. Just like last time.

>> No.10469363
File: 1.90 MB, 500x375, excuseu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

so what you're saying is that you're a print-addicted sweetfag

>> No.10469367

NTA but I buy lolita for the outfits themselves not the name. There's too many brand dress releases right now that are just too ugly.

>> No.10469438

Pair of AATP boots. I'm not buying brand shoes against unless they start using real leather. I'm sick of polyurethane synthetic bullshit that flakes I don't give a fuck about cows

>> No.10469448

what if i only buy taobao lolita

>> No.10469470

whenever I see images of people with two tone tights I just remember the feeling of having balled up half tights tied around my thighs or waist somewhere like tight testicles

>> No.10469481

What is wrong with you?

>> No.10469482

no one cares about your testicles. god I hate scrote posting

>> No.10469579

you know these come as one pair right

>> No.10469580

then you're probably ita

>> No.10469589

did you misread? it's weird but not like that.

>> No.10469629

I hope you sell it anon, I’ll buy it

>> No.10469710

That’s a really good idea that I really should’ve thought of sooner lel. I always worry about sack dresses bc they usually drape in the worst possible over big tiddies.

>> No.10470032
File: 140 KB, 480x640, 8D1CE29A-808B-4EF4-82ED-6AC998683209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bought this Baby JSK recently and just,,,, it doesnt really go with anything I own and is waaaay more sweet-leaning than what I normally wear.
I’ll prolly sell when my local comm does a swap meet or something idk

>> No.10470035
File: 35 KB, 300x400, 30ED931D-154C-4AE7-B44D-E0DB09A5EF2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh also this meta JSK that I was a bonobo and didn’t read the measurements. T’was the miniskirt version

>> No.10479454

It's not that I regret buying it, but I regret buying my coat recently because it's a basic black coat, and recently my dream jacket appeared. It's crazy expensive, but it's so rare I've never seen it "in the wild", but if I had not gotten my black one I could have afforded the jacket I've always wanted.

>> No.10479583

Not sure if I outright regret is but I bought a fairly expensive long Miho Matsuda coat recently. It's gorgeous, but it's way thinner than it looked on the picture and it wrinkles just by looking at it wrong. It does have very thin lining, but I still have blouses thicker than this coat, so there aren't many places to wear it. I wish it were easier to judge the feel and thickness of a fabric from closetchild pictures.

>> No.10480163
File: 460 KB, 360x240, random button pushing (2016_09_08 22_03_31 UTC).gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ever had multiple dream items and some are more rare than others?
I bought a lower-tier dream dress recently. After buying it, my dream coat appeared on closet child. It's so rare that I've never seen one on sale before. I laid on my bed for so many hours trying to not hurt so much.

>> No.10480212

an IW op. It hasn't even gotten here yet but I forgot IW is made for giraffes and I'm 4'10 and I know it won't fit me :(