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Quarantine Edition.

Last thread: >>10401346

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>mfw a friend of mine tells me I lost opportunites to get laid with cosplayers because I was too fearful of approaching them

I feel like shit. Even with my 'mommy bought his costume and sent him food to eat at the con' face he told me I could find me an attractive lady.

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Obsessing over sex is so baste.

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Try treating women like people. Men don’t do it often so you’ll clean up

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Point is, i've never treated them beyond common courtesy. I've never opened myself up for friendships, too.

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>never opened myself up for friendships
practice on men

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I do that, but they always end up telling me they like me too much as a friend, and eventually tell me they want me to stop being so nice to them.

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That right there is telling you you are trying to hard. Women do not like being sought after by someone they do not find attractive. I don't think you'd appreciate that, either.

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I didn't go to conventions until my late 20s and now that I'm rapidly approaching 30 I feel like I missed out on so much.

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All you missed out on was being broke, drama and awkward parties. You are fine

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Oh no, I know what I have to do. Treat girls like people, talking normally - like we say down here 'throw subjects' away without much of an point.

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I don't try to hard though, I treat them the same as everyone else.

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Found out today that the little fabric store that I go to is permanently shut down, the lady who owns it passed away from the coof.
It really sucks because it had everything you needed and the employees where very kind to me.
The Joanne's is out of the city and the other fabric place is overpriced and only has a very limited selection despite the size of the place.
It just really sucks

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I don't like being sought after even by people who DO find me attractive, it gets annoying and makes them extremely unattractive to me, but maybe that's just me.

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Damn, that's really sad. Almost no one has the coof here (small town in southern Oregon) but it seems like nearly everywhere else it's really bad.

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>be me
>big gay attention whore
>only done low-key cosplays before
>always wanted to do Ira, one of the pillar men, Guts or similar
>want to actually pull it off
>have the physique of slenderman
>lift weights for a year
>pecs and abs introduce themselves
>entering Free! territory
>dreams now feeling a lot closer
>still gonna be years until I look the part
>but I’m loving the changes so i don’t mind
>coof comes to town
>i board the train home to twinkville
>lose ALL the muscle I gained
>put on 2kg of sweets and baking
>can’t even visit boys from gym

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>yfw I recieved a costume that took about 6 months in total to be recieved, costed a good amount of cash, just in tine for a local event, then the coof came in

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>new gyaru
> bought makeup, lens, wig, clothes
> everything is closed so i can't wear it outside

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>boyfriend is trying to work out, gym is closed. He's been making due without weights
>Comes over to me
>"Can you help me?"
>Sure what's up?
>Bends down, lifts me over his shoulders and does a few lifts with me

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Damn... fuck off with that cute shit..

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Why did they nuke the previous feels thread?

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Oregon vs California who would win ?

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I'm the greatest city San Francisco

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Probably because the OP started off talking about George Floyd and everyone just started arguing about it instead of posting actual cgl-related feels. When feels threads get derailed, they tend to get deleted.

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I'm from the greatest city San Francisco


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That's happening in the progressive state of Minnesota

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Why do u hate on the Greatest State called California hhmmmmmmmm

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Are you having a stroke?

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That sucks anon, Hope you're at least spending the time perfecting your makeup and hairstyling!

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>I will never ever be a cute lotita
I want to die

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just dress up at home only and slap a sticker on your face if you take pics. everyone goes on and on about meets like they're the end-all-be-all, but some people collect Pokemon cards without ever playing the card game - so you don't have to participate in your hobby the "right" way. if fat, work on your mental health. if man, collect some figurines like a normal weeb.

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Saw a lolita on my feed yesterday at a protest. SHE WASN'T WEARING A MASK!

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A lolita I follow on instagram and whose coords I really like just bought a new kitten. Yay, kittens are cute! But, the said kitten is a scottish fold. Scottish fold cats suffer extreme pain their whole life because they all have the same mutation. I am debating about messaging them about it, but the truth is of they googled scottish fold even one time, they do know it and willingly got a cat that is sick. I think it is animal cruelty and now I am torn if I will just ignore their cat posts and continue following them or to unfollow them completelty :(

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Just let them know and unfollow.

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Are you sure she bought it? It's pretty rare, but purebred kittens like that do sometimes end up in shelters from, e.g., raids on cruel breeders.

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On Facebook I saw a friend from middle school post about the riots saying that she doesn’t think they should be violent, and that we don’t need more people dying, that not all cops are bad people, that we shouldn’t be protesting in large groups during a pandemic, etc. I agreed with every point she made, but I knew my friends would disagree completely and possibly think less of me for liking it. But whatever, I liked it anyway. Yolo

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I understand your sentiment, but what do you expect her to do really? Put the kitten down? Sell it? Give it to shelter? Letting her know just for the sake of it seems just preachy, and I'm pretty sure her vet had already told her about that.

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It’s true. I had a neighbor who had a beautiful purebred Russian Blue that they found when she was abandoned because she’s was pregnant with non purebred kittens. I’d check to see how they got it before assuming she paid a kitten mill

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Why haven't you make a onlyfans yet? To fuel your dream dress or cosplay.

>> No.10405294

Feels good to not be black

>> No.10405295

Because my body is covered in SH scars :(

>> No.10405298

Because I already make enough money to do those things, anon.

>> No.10405304

Because I don't want my family and gross scrotes to see my disgusting body. And also, i'm not a thot, I'm saving myself for the lord.

>> No.10405308

i have a real job and dignity

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I don't expect her to do anything. If she knows her kitten has a life long illness, that will cause inevitable suffering for the cat for as long as it lives, and still bought or adopted it she is pretty selfish. I just have a moral dilemma for my own actions: on the other hand I like her coords but I don't want to support someone who gets an animal that suffers in pain. I guess I just wanted to vent somewhere. I think I might just keep following her, if the cat keeps showing in her ig I will unfollow her eventually.

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>adopting it is selfish
Oh, so you think they should put down purebred cats because they want ere irresponsibly bred. Get fucked, PETA asshole

>> No.10405346

They didn’t know. You can’t seriously think this
I’ve got like 20 scottish fold pics saved that I searched for and I had no idea

>> No.10405347

you seem like you drank the peta koolaid

>> No.10405350

she's not correct tho, you should do some research instead of listening to crazies.

>> No.10405361

They aren’t good breeding g practices, but they aren’t so bad that they should be put down >>10405346 you should look for a kind and loving cat that needs your help. If it happens to be a fold and you want it, great. But honestly I’d suggest just looking for a cat with a personality that fits yours instead

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Some people like that.

>> No.10405366

>know a ton about sewing and other crafts
>the moment I get frustrated all quality goes out the fucking window
>have almost no patience so I have to force myself to go slowly

Think I might just be retarded

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Stop being a preachy uptight bitch.

>> No.10405399

peak karen

>> No.10405404

I like how animal Twitter went from “oh no is that dog being abused in the funny viral video??” to “please kill your cat/dog it’s suffering, I know because I read it on the internet :(“

>> No.10405407

a lot of the positive parts of specific breeds are because it allows you to get an animal that fits you better.

>> No.10405425

Just unfollow, don't message her about it because that's rude af. I think they're cute but everything you looked up is true, and I wouldn't get one myself.

You sure you aren't the Karens? Yikes.

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Is it back breaking hard labor job
9-5 job a mcJob

>> No.10405473

Answer the question why do u hate california but love the sinful viceful state of nevada

>> No.10405474

Is it a 9-5 job a MCjob

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Decided to look and see if there was anything good on wunderwelt now that international shipping is starting to flow again. I ended up buying a dress in a colorway I didn’t want but don’t mind owning...for more than retail. I feel ripped off by wunderwelt, but I’m still ok with the purchase. The actual colorway I want doesn’t come up very often, and this one suits my wardrobe better. I mulled over it for 3 minutes and after I clicked confirm, I feel scared. I took a huge break from buying anything so I could build my savings. Ever since rona, I’ve actually been able to save even more money so I decided why not treat myself to a few new things. This dress pushed me over into $1k spent on lolita and I’m still good, and need to stop now. But idk if I can...

>> No.10405520

>having a horrible allergic reaction to something I may have eaten
>hives all over both hands, my arms , forming on my lips, cheeks and throat swollen a bit
>worst feeling in a while and depression setting in
>Then what do I see while scrolling cgl I see this image that I made 9 years ago. I don't know why but it cheers me up to see it to just be able to see some contribution I made so many years ago. Thanks anon it also feels good to see my progress over the years. That border lol >>10405501

>> No.10405531

Please make more beautiful lolita meme art

>> No.10405587

This is either some thot flexing on making $100 a month on onlyfans (let's be real, many onlythots still work in mcdonalds regardless). or a scrote who needs to add to his 15tb porn collection. Pathetic either way.

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Posted a friend on the ita thread becouse she is autistic and I am ashamed to give her concrit becouse I do not want to upset her myself beeing autistic as well. She has only one dress she wears with the ugliest flats possible, a normie blouse and an ungroomed wig. I feel shit for posting her becouse she is nice

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I now have almost 30 dresses, but I also only have a 90cm pole in my wardrobe, and I also have to keeps my skirts, blouses and a few non lolita dresses in there too. It's hard to admit that I'm running out of space, and I don't want to have to sells my dresses. I keep racking my brain to see if I can squeeze some extra storage in my room, but it's so tiny that there's only space for my bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and bookcase.

>> No.10406021

Really anon , the problem would be if she goes on a raid and lots AP or Baby's store

>> No.10406042

Cat breeds don't have vastly different personalities like dog breeds do. Cats are generally just cats. Breeding cats is 100% aesthetic.

>> No.10406043

because i'm a guy

>> No.10406044

Scottish folds are one of the more healthy breeds of cats. Only a small percentage have health issues. The same is true of almost any specific breed of cat OR dog.

>> No.10406077

buy some big storage tubs and put them on top of the wardrobe/chest

>> No.10406082
File: 94 KB, 654x665, double-size-your-closet-using-soda-tab-hangers.w654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can try stacking hangers like this maybe? If you can find room for it a dress rack would also be good, but it seems like you've probably thought about that already.

>> No.10406123

You'll be happier with less stuff anon. Consider downsizing, an overstuffed wardrobe is way less stressful to manage (as you have demonstrated) and you're more likely to actually wear your stuff

>> No.10406177

Then why did you post her? Just because she’s ita doesn’t mean you have to offer her to the flames of cgl. And it’s pretty shitty of you too. I love a good salt bath but I made a vow to never post anyone I know on here. Even if it’s in a CoF dump.
You can have a sound moral compass and still use the boards.

>> No.10406185

you are a legit bitch. if she's happy dressing that way and didn't ask for concrit, just leave her alone, goddamn

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got whiplash after seeing this on wunderwelt. i dare someone to make a coord with this

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>over into $1k spent on lolita
Wait. Anon. Are you saying you've spent $1k in lolita in total? Or since the virus started?

Because I'm pretty sure I'm well into having spent 10k (over a period of x years). And now I feel like I'm the crazy one.

>> No.10406263

>be me
>have an Instagram account dedicated to lolita
>use it as a way to escape the terrible things of the world
>open the account today
>full of BLM posts and stories

>> No.10406291

NAYRT but probably 1k during COVID. I bought 4 dresses, 2 blouses, an AP cutsew, tons of jewelry and socks, and a J et J yukata so I feel this in my soul. No money spent on entertainment or travel so it's easily in the budget right now

>> No.10406313

Oh wow that must fucking suck for you, maybe you can try telling the people protesting for the protection of their human rights to shut up so your feed can be kawaii again? My thoughts are with you at this difficult time bby <3

>> No.10406316

You're a literal retard. Leave her and the kitten alone. Eat some meat, your brain clearly needs it.

>> No.10406317

Ma'am, this is a cgl thread.

>> No.10406320 [DELETED] 

Do you really believe those protests are gonna be effective? What’s their demand actually? Besides maybe the petition that articulate an actual problems, it’s vague af. What’s the final point?

>> No.10406321


Black out Tuesday is literally blacking out informative posts and creating so much unneeded noise so good fucking job.

>> No.10406323

Pigs to the slaughterhouse

>> No.10406325 [DELETED] 

Do you guys want some positive change or just anger outlet?

>> No.10406330

i'm getting really tired. been on the force for 5 years for a police department. it's a union so I get paid generously to buy my wardrobe.

however, we do have a bad apple that got reinstated. they used excessive force on a black minor who was 16. physically stomped/broke her arms because she was crying and wanted her mother. she failed to yield at a stop sign on her bicycle. partner reported the incident and was fired, but the union ultimately disagreed. after a year paid off the force. their partner had to leave for another department because of repeated harassment by the union.

there's a happy ending for the minor. she's going to university in the fall to study CS. she won the MLK scholarship. her parents are engineers. i attended the ceremony to make sure the event doesn't get out of hand.

>> No.10406331

I'm glad I follow at least some Japanese accounts so I can see something other than the blackout posts.

Thinking about unfollowing people until this stuff is over and just adding them back.

>> No.10406353

Which JetJ yukata did you get? I'm still debating if I should get one. I love Bosch, but it's not 40,000 yen love.

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File: 129 KB, 250x250, 1568651287287.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>people protesting for the protection of their human rights
I bet half of those people aren't even American

>> No.10406370

Seems like things are fair enough except for the bad apple. The minor is going to get a good future.

Also you know better than anyone hwo people are quick to judge without knowing nothing about you. In cosplay and in life. Sad, but we got to shrug it out.

>> No.10406375

They want to dismantle the police system. Idk in theory it sounds good to give people proper education and jobs so they don't need to crime.

>> No.10406379

I'm so over Instagram right now. The black out posts are still "me me me look at me I'm being supportive." Jesus. With all the bad stuff in the world going on, I just wanted to be left in peace.

>> No.10406391

Point is, the cosplaying community in general is so fucking hypocrite and cattle-thinking that they're doing this solely out of social pressure. We are already living a dictatorship where you are FORCED to have a opinion, or else, you get shunned out of the community, labeled and all of that kind of assasination of your reputation.

Same shit with Pride content. Aside from a few organizations and companies who DO deserve to use Pride symbols (social institutions and charity institutions), mostly everyone else does it because it's the politically correct thing to do.

>> No.10406412

I can't open ig without people messaging me to post some stupid black squares.
I just find it funny that in a month or two everyone posting will have forgotten and moved on. Also where are the posts that condemn the looters and people committing violence?

>> No.10406415

I’m not an American, but even people on my country demand others to show support for riots and donate to charities. I’m not knowledgeable in American charities, if anything I’d like to directly support the family of the man killed. Paying some organization that will do whatever with these funds and supporting riots that do nothing but ruin more people’s lives is not what I want to stand behind, nor is stealing and burning whatever that’s on the angry mobs way. It’s always people who don’t know exactly what’s happening and aren’t involved directly that are the most vocal about stuff, and I know how things get misrepresented and misinterpreted on the international scale.

>> No.10406416

You can’t say that out loud on SM, if you say it you don’t support BLM. So stupid.

>> No.10406419
File: 88 KB, 640x226, 79A84786-007D-4535-8C21-227DB178E8CD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A fine example of why this blackout thing is so dumb, wtf is the point if you’re gonna keep posting after the blackout?!

>> No.10406421

Honestly, I don't even blame people who engage in whole thing just to stay in. I was thinking of that lately how few reposts can help you to make it through.
> We are already living a dictatorship where you are FORCED to have a opinion
You know what's the most weird? I do realise that they mean the good, black people should not be excluded and stuff. I just don't get why doesn't it feel well.

Actually now they post to avoid those because they clog the blm tag, plus doesn't make any impact.

>> No.10406427

performative social politics never feels good.

>> No.10406435

I bought a pair of shoes from Dolls Kill recently and only found out what a shitty company they are later

>> No.10406446

Looting is kinda based tho

>> No.10406450

It honestly sounds like we need to disband police unions more than the police forces themselves...

>> No.10406515

This is racist as fuck lmao

But I don't expect anything else from the chan.

>> No.10406516

I thought the entire point of the black out was to shut the fuck up and let black people post today lmao

Just avoid spending money with them in the future. But they've been notoriously racist for a long time now. Try to do some research before you give a company your money if you care. If you don't care, don't bother.

>> No.10406536

Yeah, I’m gonna do research next time I buy from any company now. I feel pretty gross for giving money to racist design-stealers.

>> No.10406537

Don't beat yourself up too much. I'm sure most people have done so even if they're pretty conscious about that kind of thing.

>> No.10406540

Yeah. One of my friends cares about that stuff a lot but used to buy from there. Now she just buys their stuff secondhand

>> No.10406544

Another day I thought about the person that was nice to me 8 years ago and that I've been thinking about regularly and occasionally stalking since.
Didn't really have any strong feels about that today, but felt like sharing it when I thought about it earlier.

One thing I can think about is all the people I met and never met again, or the people I saw on many cons and haven't seen in many years. I wish I could be friends with more of the people.

Anyway, something completely different is that I really don't like the cosplay community. I'm still in the 2000s and early 2010s mindset, which is completely incompatible with cosplayers today.

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File: 169 KB, 520x853, 1320351294561.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its not your cat, why do you care? fuck off

>> No.10406552
File: 37 KB, 214x213, 1206408164703.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw someone finally posts shoes ive been thirsting for on LM with stock image - load that shit up and of course they are totally fucked.

>> No.10406663
File: 186 KB, 924x1200, 1586960791521.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is etsy good to order props from? Ive been wanting to upgrade my Nero cosplay and get some props

>> No.10406667

do it anon, no one has any excuse to support the exploitation of animals by "buying" a breed whose main draw is the result of a deleterious mutation that people wanted to perpetuate for aesthetics.

>> No.10406674

So what are we expected to do with the ones that are still alive? Just abandon them and let them die?

>> No.10406681

Just check the reviews and photos from buyers. Etsy is all different sellers so every shop will be different. Next time you should post this in the help thread, not the feels thread.

>> No.10406684

If you fucking buy the cat, you're encouraging breeders to keep doing what they do, dingus.

Not buying your pet isn't hard, there's no shortage of cats to adopt out there. Nearly a hundred thousand of cats are euthanized every month.

>> No.10406685

nayrt but like, the ones that are alive could just be adopted out. Not sold for thousands of dollars, perpetuating the sale. There are some pretty simple and obvious solutions.

1. require scrutinous licencing to be able to legally breed animals
2. regulate the sale of bred animals
3. ban breeding of animals whose breeds rely on detrimental mutations

There will still be backyard breeders but if laws are in place about who can breed what animals, it's easier to prosecute those who use poor breeding practices.

There are millions of animals euthanized because they can't find homes. There's no reason to buy an animal bred for aesthetics when there are so many loving animals waiting for a home.

>> No.10406688

we are not entitled to breeding other animals. slaves were bred in the past. why should animals be deprived from their right to not be exploited?

>> No.10406690


Anon said nothing about putting them down. It's called just stop breeding them for the mutation.

As long as people like the scottish fold lolita exist creating demand for designer cats, the breeders will continue to breed them. It's not selfish to adopt one from a shelter or if someone can't keep their pet, but is selfish to seek out a specialty breeder and support the industry.

I don't doubt one of the naysayers calling anon a peta-tard is the owner lmao

>> No.10406691

I woke up with a sore throat this morning and a runny nose. I feel sick. I know even if it's the virus, there's only a small chance I'd die, but still. I have so many more dresses I haven't worn. I have packages that would arrive after I would have died. I jokingly told my significant other who should get my possessions, but I'm serious.

I swear the protests and riots are going to cause a second wave. This is probably the beginning of our quarantine for the rest of the year. No one is talking about how in the midst of #blacklivesmatter, the same people going out and trying to bring change in the world are going to be the ones who kill people by infecting them. Give it two weeks and we're going to see police and protesters dying from the virus. No one is going to win.

>> No.10406693

I mean, that's some full on peta shit and you should stop. Animals are not humans. While I may agree with you on some level, that breeding is wrong, you're kinda taking it to an unnecessary level by comparing it to slavery. Especially with the state of particularly the US these days.

People aren't going to stop breeding animals and that's just a fact of life you have to accept. You need to choose your fights to pave the way for future generations to hopefully change attitudes about breeding so that it can stop outright. Acting like a clown isn't going to do that.

>> No.10406699

>peta shit

when was your imbecile diagnosis made, anon?

>> No.10406700

>why should animals be deprived from their right to not be exploited?
>literally comparing pets to slaves
>but I'M the imbecile

Sure, Jan.

>> No.10406707

The thing is, until you ask, you have no idea whether the owner bought the cat from a breeder or adopted it from a shelter. If it turns out the lolita in OP's post bought the cat directly from a breeder, yeah I'll understand the frustration. But if it turns out she just adopted one, then you'll just have gotten mad at her for no reason.

>> No.10406708

second anon, I'm not mad, I'm just following up on what others are saying. I hope she adopted it, but in the current pet culture we're in, it's not like purchasing would be out of the ordinary. I wouldn't exactly be happy about it, but it's already happened. We can't change that.

>> No.10406730

because I have no way to promote it and no one would want to see content from someone who covered their face. I could make hijab porn I guess but I'm white so the illusion is shattered

>> No.10406746

wear a furry head

>> No.10406753

There are white muslims you know and some arabs looks pretty white anyway. Who's going to know. Or maybe just don't do it.

>> No.10406761

Arabs are white. Persians are white. That’s literally what aryan means

>> No.10406794

I hope you feel better and that it’s not the rona.

I actually would not be surprised if protests were being incited intentionally to spread the virus for political reasons.

>> No.10406795

Teur et Ruban. I love it, the flowers and tower to heaven are so beautiful

>> No.10406798

False. Cats are beautiful assholes no matter the 'breed'. For example my DSH is loud and chatty as fuck

>> No.10406801

I feel like personality is more related to coat pattern somehow. It might just be bias, like how you see zodiac traits in people and it makes you feel like it's legit, but I've noticed cats of certain colors having certain personality types. Probably just imagining it.

>> No.10406832

What good taste!

>> No.10406971

I live in the US. I just placed an order with CC and paid the $20 DHL shipping for a $35 item. I just don't care anymore.

To be fair, $55 is probably a good price on any other platform. But.... still. I'm just a dumb brand whore.

>> No.10407069

How do people get included in things like cosplay groups, collaborations, or activities with friends without inviting themselves along or crashing the party? It seems like my friends make plans to do things with each other but I don’t ever get invited.

When I invite the same people to do the same things, they accept the invitation and seem to enjoy doing it, so I don’t think it’s a matter of me not being liked, although that could still be the case. I feel less like reaching out as time goes on, though, just in case they’re only accepting my invitations out of obligation.

Do people just expect that others will invite themselves and I’m being extremely socially inept here instead of polite?

>> No.10407071

Do you play video games anon?

>> No.10407073

You are a /fit/ crossboarder larping as a gull
I hope I get to do this some day

>> No.10407074

Nayrt, but I had a normie ex who was like this. They exist.

>> No.10407076 [DELETED] 

Can we all take a moment of silence and
>Thank God most of us aren't born black

>> No.10407108

A mix of both. I invite the people I click with the most closely, or who I already know have a knack for that particular genre of costume or series. If you're not super close with them, then that's just a natural consequence of people's thought processes. It isn't really malicious or inherently exclusive.

That said if I had a group and a friend asked to join, personally I would be thrilled. If I asked a friend if I could join a group and they gave some reason that sounded like it was just to exclude me, I wouldn't want to stay friends with them anyway.

It's really not something with a simple answer, but try to hone the art of not giving a fuck what people think of you. Be genuine in your love of those things, invite others to yours, be passionate when it's a solo thing, and shrug off the reality that most people have a clique just naturally, and that's ok.

>> No.10407115

I'm approx 20lbs away from my goal body

>> No.10407119
File: 3 KB, 112x72, wafflzhappy (1).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes they do, spend 5 minutes reading up on it. If you want your fugly street mutt trash then go adopt it yourself. I couldn't live looking and caring about something ugly. Not to mention adopting from shelters can come with all these mental issues that animals bring into your life. Some people can't handle that shit and it should
I myself will invest in a beautiful animal with a personality that fits my own lifestyle. We will be beautiful together.

>> No.10407122

I attended my first con last year at 29. I'm 30 now.

Am I gettin' too old for cons or is there not a "weird" or "creepy" age limit for a guy like me?

>> No.10407127

This girl in my comm insisted that she absolutely needed a pure white Persian for her aesthetic and “mental health” and it ended up pissing and shitting all over her apartment.

>> No.10407139

That girl is a total lolcow anyway, crying about how she can't afford rent and the government is stealing from her while buying new overpriced makeup pallettes every week

>> No.10407141


>> No.10407143

Where in southern oregon anon? I'm in a small town in southern oregon too.

>> No.10407144

I'm in OR too, and no one has the coof here either.

>> No.10407145

>breed has no effect on personality whatsoever
I have a ragdoll and I can tell you that's 500% false

>> No.10407147


>> No.10407187

is there a board for nsfw cosplay?

>> No.10407190

hello fellow oregonians

>> No.10407191


>> No.10407213

Google Images

>> No.10407231

>you now remember girlyhoot

>> No.10407255
File: 157 KB, 454x408, mostembarrassing.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any lolita born after 1993 can’t coord… all they know is bodyline , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat macaron & lie

>> No.10407259 [DELETED] 

I really dont like black people I think they are ugly and savages

>> No.10407266
File: 69 KB, 546x700, back to pol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

transparent b8

>> No.10407267

Not him but my problem is that I'm really good at this part but absolutely inept at going any further. I'm oblivious to their interest and not confident enough to believe it when I do recognize signs, and have so much anxiety that I completely drop my spaghetti if I manage to force myself to try and make a move. I've had a depressing number of female friends tell me (or mutual friends who told me) years later that they had been interested and thought I wasn't, or that they thought I was gay, or even that I'd straight up rejected them, one girl I used to know has apparently hated me for like 10 years because I apparently led her on and then broke her heart getting with another girl and I never realized she had any interest in me whatsoever, nor did I feel like I was showing her any at the time.

>> No.10407272

That's hilarious. Still gonna get a purebred cat though.

>> No.10407316
File: 199 KB, 1489x773, [002439].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cry more grandma, the zoomers are coming.

>> No.10407324

Therapists are best at addressing this. This type of problem is above our paygrade. I wouldn't trust rando's advice on this without messing it up even further

>> No.10407387

>one bad apple
>guy gets harassed for trying to oust said apple
Sounds like a lot more than one bad apple

>> No.10407455
File: 34 KB, 441x322, 1489846949443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone said I sound like I had autism. My accent literally makes me sound like I have down syndrome. With the that of >tfw no gf
I slowly feel like I should end my life. I'm not sure anymore. I don't enjoy playing games or interacting with people. It's all drama and politics. I don't enjoy life anymore.

>> No.10407466

> order some stuff from frill, everything as usual
> ss mails me telling they have to charge extra money for tracked shipping
> okay, nbd
> item stays in stock
> item still in stock after few days
> seller claims they might revert the price change if the deal isn't done today
> mailing to ss
> it's out of their business hours

should have I sent a confirmation for extra charge? original mail wasn't worded as question, so I never confirmed it. ugh, fingers crossed they're still able to get it.

>> No.10407475

This is accurate but I’m not even sure if we’re talking about the same person. She‘s not e-famous. It’s probably a common thing in Jfashion circles.

>> No.10407480

Time to go...

>> No.10407508

I'm sorry anon, but when in doubt, always send an email response. I find confirming things, even if it's not needed, saves a lot of headaches from happening. The SS probably needed a confirmation from you in order to charge more money.

Was it a particularly rare item?

>> No.10407512

Not to mention details it was one of these store specials, and the price was low-ish (still a lot, but lower than many other listings).
I had this strange feeling from seeing it up on sale so long, but I thought the seller didn’t get to see the purchase application or something. Let’s hope they happen to get it.

>> No.10407517

> seller claims they might revert the price change if the deal isn't done today
The majority of times this is just a scheme to get people to buy faster and they don't change or delete anything (or just relist), especially when a certain scalper does it.

>> No.10407643

Just pretend you're mute and learn sign language or some shit

>> No.10407683
File: 451 KB, 300x168, 1540207609224.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>had a dream of going to shibuya 109 since I was a really young teenager
>had a huge growth spurt in puberty, went from being 5'6 to fucking 6 feet tall
>finally go to shibuya 109 on a trip to Japan when I turned 25, some of the clothes were just so beautiful, I was so happy to finally be there
>nothing fits
>I look like a joke in everything
>leave shibuya 109
>go back to my hotel room

Its a curse to like Japanese fashion when even american womens clothes don't fit you. Being a tall woman sucks.

>> No.10407704
File: 161 KB, 865x1390, london-uk-21st-may-2016-matas-moroni-arg-being-lifted-up-by-fernando-G215T6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw no gf to help me practice during quarantine

>> No.10407716

I've owned a bunch of different breeds and I can guarantee that you are incorrect. Every cat has a unique personality, regardless of breed.

>> No.10407718

A boy I liked said to me I was kind of a slut becouse of my alternative fashion. He said I want atention and I am kind of a slut but not the sexy type. I feel like cutting again.

>> No.10407735

Suck his pipi to prove him wrong.

>> No.10407741

Well, if he says you're a slut for liking alternative fashion, you're better off without him. Just throw the whole boy in the trash, it's rotten

>> No.10407815

Thanks that made me smile

>> No.10407859

I mostly went to cons back when I was 10-15ish and they were all miserable and awkward because everyone was either a creepy adult who wanted to do adult shit or a kid/teen who fully acted like it in the worst ways possible. At early 20s cons usually suck ass without friends anyway.. most suck in general and have for years. It's all awkward and not easy to socialize or make friends like people like to brag. You didn't miss out.

>> No.10407869

My first con was 2 years ago and I'm 30 now. I always go with a group of friends of similar age and we all have a good time. There's more of us then you might think.

>> No.10407886

>practice on men
Terrible advice, I did that and now I'm gay

>> No.10408003

When are you to old to go to con?

>> No.10408006 [DELETED] 

Over the course of the past week I learned that police somehow aren’t human, but aliens or robots with a hivemind that can be stopped only by killing them all. Not kidding.
I just want to look at coords, not this fuckery.

>> No.10408016 [DELETED] 

It felt so weird when activists squeezed people I was following out of their accounts and filled the space with their stuff. Plus they basically have a typical reply to every complaint why should people suck it up. Is that an actual black person experience they are trying to provide? Such a weird mix of feelings, so any time I see people posting their regular stuff it makes me feel sorta embarrassed.

>> No.10408018

It goes both ways, but I guess you are part of another group of hive minds. George the guy that got kneed, well he had several felonies and history of drug abuse. So of course they would use above average force on him to detain him. Why are people just now fighting for black life? When black people and gang related stuff have been killing themself for years. And no one ever tried to speak up on black on black violence. Which happens more often then any of these current issues.

>> No.10408019

Let's just thank God that none of us are black. I only wish we could cosplay black characters.

>> No.10408027

/fa/ in a shell

>> No.10408031

I think it's very rude not to invite people who have invited you. Maybe it's a cultural difference but I was taught that if you accept someone's invitation, you should invite them next time.

>> No.10408033

>last year of my 20s
>stuck at home and all cons canned
I really regret spending my early 20s with a bitch who hated anime and my mid 20s as a NEET. I missed out on fun con shit.

>> No.10408042

>when your so fat you make better weights than actual weights

>> No.10408111

Would you like some ketchup with that boot

>> No.10408117

I wish I was retarded as you.

>> No.10408120

>weight increases

>> No.10408124

I know the message behind the protests is good, but like you said, George wasn't exactly saintly, so him becoming the poster child of the movement is kind of off-putting.

There is also still no one making a fuss over the black officer who was shot and killed in Oakland. Because apparently being an officer makes you suddenly worthless? The drive-by vehicle shot at both the black officer and the white officer, simply because they were police. They weren't even doing anything - they were standing, guarding a building.

Police have overwhelming saved more lives than taken them. I'm aware it's not a perfect system, but holy shit, I would rather have police than no police.

I'm most pissed at the way people are "policing" each other online at this point. I legit had a friend post on FB that no one should be posting anything on social media except stuff supporting BLM. Like wtf? You don't own the internet, and you sure as hell don't own my account. I'll post whatever I want.

>> No.10408128

I'm in the same situation bro.

>> No.10408197
File: 33 KB, 402x416, 1583480029284-0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All I am witnessing in my local cosplay community is fights over what characters mean (specifically X-men and its character Rogue), because apparently you cannot cosplay her if you're i nthe right-wing spectrum. People have grouped to make big texts indirectly attacking this one right-wing cosplayer, basically bragging that if you are right wing and you cosplay X-Men you didn't watch X men correctly, blah blah blah.

At this rate when the conventions go back people will literally punch each other on the con floor. I always knew there were drama everywhere and socially inept/assholes/retarded people making the community a hassle to be in, but this? People grouping up to attack someone that didn't do anything but belonging to another ideology, justifying it with another ideology and also because of non-proved harassment the right winger supposedly did. Is that right?
Where are we going to go with such madness, rage, anger, cancel culture for absolutely nothing (for example, the attempt of cancelling done to Adam Driver because he served as a Marine 10 years after Star Wars The Force Awakens)? How conventions and other entities related to cosplaying will react to these new elements?

Is cosplaying going to become a 'careful to not step in eggs' activity? I honestly feel like either giving up cosplaying at all or doing my own thing and not associate with any cosplay group at all.

>> No.10408208

Associating with a cosplay group is a fool's errand to start with. But no, people won't deck each other on the convention floor. People are generally too afraid to start fights in person. It's easy to say things online. Less easy to say the same things in person.

>> No.10408211

>I do realise that they mean the good, black people should not be excluded and stuff. I just don't get why doesn't it feel well

If the cosplay community as a whole wasn't extremely dangerous, full of people with mental problems and also horrible personalities, they would have some credit to push people into positioning themselves. Cosplayers ucrrently have no right to tell people what they should do. They lie, trick, exclude, frown upon and hurt people all damn year.

And the cosplay community is full of bandwagon movements.

>> No.10408216

I am associated with cosplay charity groups, anon. At least within this group, even if people get political on social media, there are rules nad people are generally mature enough to stay respectful.

Also, you're right. Too easy to make posts on social media attacking others. Less easy to face that one person on the convention floor. I'll bet these folks' biggest acts will be just staying away, cry internally, and then later on social media brag about how that one person was there, blah blah blah.

Christ, if it wasn't the charity work I do, i'd drop cosplaying already. It's insane how people fight in social media, ruin your image, but they don't have the guts to do it IRL, and generally they're weak ass bitches.

>> No.10408220

cosplay charity groups are shit. they're full of the worst fame chasers and petty drama. just volunteer in a way that doesn't make you an autistic attention whore.

>> No.10408223

Do you know the 501st Legion? At least in my area we're not attention whores. Also, the command structure shoos away the petty drama people, or at least makes those forcefully quiet.

>> No.10408307

You don't have to wish, anon. Now run along and go beat your wife

>> No.10408364

>So of course they would use above average force on him to detain him
Even if the knee on neck hold was justified, they kept on him after they couldn't find a pulse instead of letting off and trying to resuscitate him. The department fired him that day because they knew he was in the wrong and didn't want him to receive any protection from the police union.

>> No.10408378

Thank you guys for being open to a conversation, I'm quite ashamed that there are more reasonable people on 4chan then on other platforms.
I see your gives view and I do agree with them on alot of levels.

>> No.10408393

>George the guy that got kneed, well he had several felonies and history of drug abuse. So of course they would use above average force on him to detain him
this is what pisses me off the most. this is the news story that gets posted. this sensational lark. we all know damn well people are murdered like that every day. but the media always reports on these felons and criminals to start a reaction and the black community gets played. there's a reason these high profile reports are always on victims that people can blame and not law abiding black citizens. it's a conspiracy and everyone is getting played.

>> No.10408397


Also black women get far less coverage. Ones who have done literally nothing and even a child in the past murdered in their homes by overzealous police with the wrong house or escalating to deadly force unnecessarily (Not just Breonna Taylor, other recent and older cases exist).

Although on the note of the news covering "criminals", even if the people killed had a record, it doesn't immediately mean those people are violent and the penalty for those previous crimes or the one they are accused of committing is never death, and the people who've died aren't properly tried even if they were breaking the law. And yes white people have been murdered similarly by the cops and my response to that is that while blacks often get targeted more, we should be mad about the "white on white" police brutality issues too. Videos of agressive officers beating the shit out of people and maiming/permanently injuring even non-protesting bystanders and media personnel with "less lethal" methods of all races indiscriminately should be evidence there's a problem with the system that should be addressed.

>> No.10408408

>on the note of the news covering "criminals", even if the people killed had a record, it doesn't immediately mean those people are violent and the penalty for those previous crimes or the one they are accused of committing is never death
right, but the fact of the matter is people being criminals in any sense makes people feel better about writing them off as victims. things like "why are the protestors so worried about a criminal?" get brought up just as much as people angry about looting. neither of those things are valid concerns considering how much this happens, but the media is reporting these kinds of incidents specifically, cherry picking and hyping them up. it's not an accident. it's basically bating the black community.

>> No.10408409

I'm nearly 32 and im starting to feel awkward about my age. I feel like I'm still clinging to kawaii uguu anime fantasies and I need to.. move on, find something better to do?

I've had a lot of the same interests forever and feel like I'm stagnating and need to do something with myself besides follow 20 year olds and fantasize about having a kawaii bedroom and posting cutesy pics on Instagram. Literally nothing stops me from doing these things btw, I just feel torn between realizing posting these things won't make me happy but wanting to do it anyway.

It's not like I've totally stagnated as a person, I have a career, a relationship, I have other interests and stuff but part of me is still stuck in 2010 and it just feels weird.

>> No.10408410

>Blacks get often more target
No they actually don't, the truth is there is just more coverage with them. Make it seem like they are being target more often causing an outrage and big money time for news media. And giving people with a social media platform more attention to speak out bringing in even more big buck. And all the supposed victims, yes you guess it right the go fund me goes straight to them plus of minus the fees (plus gov gets a cut and some of the funds go back to the cops they "supposed to fight agents"). In the end it's just about the money. And people taking advantage of those situations.

>> No.10408412

this is how people age, anon, i'm not sure why people seem to think it's not. remember your parents, they liked all the same crap they did in high school, music, clothes, tv shows. why do you think reruns and "80s rock" stations existed? the same reason shitty 2000s pop stations and reruns of friends and hey arnold exist now. people change a bit of their hobbies as they age, but it's not a total transformation.

>> No.10408414

the state of capitalism has 30 as the new 20.
30 is when you should be moved out, have a job. its unrealistic to do these things by the time you are 20. Not to mention, people act like 30 year olds look like 50 year olds.
The reality of things is the 30s are just your 20s now, but with money this time. If kawaii uguu anime stuff makes you happy, keep enjoying it without worrying about your age.
if it no longer makes you happy, drop it and try to find different hobbies. Most people who say women shouldn't dress cute or do ___ past 30 are just r9k neckbeards, and those arent the type of people you should let get to your head.

A part of me is stuck in 2010 too, but hey, its what keeps me happy. I do cardio by doing weeb dances to the hare hare yukai. I too have a career, a relationship, and other relationships. why should I drop what I love f it makes me happy? and why should you?

>> No.10408418

I feel like I might never be able to go to a convention again because I have elderly family members and am worried that there'll always be the chance I'll catch the coof.

>> No.10408427

Everyone know she is loud about her polemical views just to get attention. She supports a guy who openly wants to be a right-wing conservative dictator and then calls herself an antifa for publicity. Choosing a Rogue cosplay picture for the post was just another step on her marketing campaign. People who are low key right-wing don’t get the same hate as her because they are not attention seekers and no one cares that much, is not only about her views. I wish people stopped talking about her just because it’s stupid to give her the attention she wants.

>> No.10408700
File: 44 KB, 313x236, dabfield.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I finally graduated from ita status! I don't have to change the DDLGs' diapers anymore!

>> No.10408753 [DELETED] 

>a relationship, and other relationships


>> No.10408755

what's wrong with serving as a Marine?

>> No.10408764

They eat crayons

>> No.10408816

Nothing, but people found a way to criticize Adam Driver for that. It didn't glue that much. He's based.

>> No.10408817

Do you know who i'm talking about?
Say the country where she lives then.

>> No.10408870

If it’s not the same person it’s a hell of a coincidence, you decide if what I said made sense for your situation or not, I’m not narrowing people searches on her.

>> No.10408873

I wish my weight wouldn’t go to my fucking arms. I’m already broad shouldered, and to have fat arms is just a kick in the pants. I tried doing workouts to target my triceps and biceps but I bulked up more than I slimmed down. I’ll never be able to fit into an AP OP with these double bingo fucks.

>> No.10408878

Then it's one big coincidence, LMAO. I can say I am not on the US, or on Europe. Although i've spoken to her and yeah, she's lost on her own story...and to be quite honest she sought it out. If people only followed their own motto, to not give publicity to crazy people, we wouldn't be having this conversation.

>> No.10408889

I used to have the same exact problem, and here's how I fixed it
1. T pose, and move your arms quickly in little circles 20 times every day, then clap your hands over your head 20 times
this is cardio
2. do weeb dances. this is also cardio, American dancing involves a lot of sexy movement with your hips, and Japanese dancing involves a lot of moving around with your arms
your flabby bingo wings should be gone in no time if you do one or both

>> No.10408894

X-men was literally written as an allegory for the civil rights movement. That doesn’t invalidate this right-winger from cosplaying from it, but it does show ignorance of the source material.

>> No.10408919

Thanks anon!! I feel the burn and it feels promising!

>> No.10408925

glad I could help! you'll be able to fit in those dresses no time!

>> No.10408930

I feel like this board has become completely obsessed with trannies.

>> No.10408931

The only group that is currently publicly acceptable to hate in the US is white people. Social justice warriors aren't the goods guys any more, it's just not obvious yet.

>> No.10408959

>ignorance of the source material

That's the biggest sin you can commit in this community t b h

>> No.10408964

SJWs are fucking retarded and their ideology ironically breeds racism, homophobia and transphobia.

1. anyone who is of any minority status gets an out jail free card to be racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic. "I can't be racist, I'm gay" "its just in my religion to hate gay people" that sort of bullshit flies for whatever reason

2. modern SJWism actively apploauds transphobia as long as you're being transphobic to people who have vaginas. "trans men are privledged since they are men, and men deserve no rights" "those with uteruses opress trans women"
if you don't believe this look up "baeddels" its a trip

anyways fuck looking good to SJWs, they claim to act in the best interest of minorities yet do that sort of bullshit. do whatever.

>> No.10408990

You are being intentionally stupid and my question is why

>> No.10408997

go back to /pol/

>> No.10409005

Go march about it.

>> No.10409022
File: 596 KB, 642x701, A6DEgsOmfmzuolDyfvmSPfCk7lDOc1ihvaLVg6X2B4g.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I own a Highland Fold as well, they only develop degenerative joint disease when they are Homozygous. Heterozygous folds have no correlation to the disease the only affect it can have is mild arthritis in the tail. So just ask her what breed she has and she will know if she's not air-headed.

>> No.10409072

It's a very nice image.

>> No.10409076

>>Blacks get often more target
They definitely do when they loot them

>> No.10409090

>meet gf of 6 years at anime con
>helped me thru recovering from alcohol and other psychological problems
>work hard so I can support her cosplay and lolita clothing (why are these so fucking expensive)
>was going to surprise her with tickets to Japan I've been saving up for 2 years
>covid 19 happens
this can't be happening, why

>> No.10409092

>get on your knees and kiss my feet to have your sins forgiven

>> No.10409093

you should be surprising her with marriage proposal. 6 years is a long fucking time. i would've dumped you at 3 without a proposal

>> No.10409100

Where's the lie?

>> No.10409102


>> No.10409106

>need more blouses/shoes
>look on rakuten/mercari/fri etc
>can't find anything in colour/size/style I want for a price I want to pay
>find main piece that's the same price or only slightly more
>buy main piece
>the cycle repeats
I rackadisiprine

>> No.10409107

Hang in there bro. Just try and have fun planning stuff for the future with ur girl.

>> No.10409110

nah i'm just old

>> No.10409112

>I can't be racist, I'm gay"
Some people speak up against that.
At another hand you don’t have to be actively anti-homophobic or anti-misogynistic so it’s more low key here.

>> No.10409115

yeah, people have started speaking up against it, so thankfully we've been starting to see change recently

>> No.10409150

Most charities are a scam so thats even worse.

>> No.10409164

do you need help crossing the street

>> No.10409203

Don't forget how they coddle brown and black people like helpless children who don't know better... it's insulting

>> No.10409205

Not everyone wants or needs to get married. I love my spouse but wish we didn't other than getting only slightly more in our tax return.

>> No.10409277

kinda jealous of girl's fashion options desu senpai
If I was one Id be an obnoxious goth lolita lifestyler showing up to bars looking like 2b's cousin

>> No.10409315

>follow a couple of cosplayers on the cesspool that is twitter
>Some of them retweeting pics of anime characters holding up BLM signs

Is it racist to find that shit super cringe? The fuck does a fictional Chinese cartoon character have to do with this lmao.

>> No.10409319

it's on par with that anime 9/11 video

>> No.10409320

I've been going through a stressful time lately & lolita & historical fashion had been my main escape. Well not anymore, because anywhere you go now it turns that every single thing you enjoy interacting with or learning more about is 'problematic'. I'm not even American, leave me alone. I don't owe you an apology for existing.

>> No.10409360

First, good thing i'm on the Power Ranger / Star Wars movement. As much as there are nods to political moments and other movements (such as the anti vietnam war - George Lucas has told people about it when he was promoting the prequels), you don't really get to 'use' such knowledge because in the universe the stories play in, there's their own politics and other movements that kinda foreshadow, for cosplayers and people who discuss it, the m,ovements and politics they were based on.

If there were events going on I doubt people would be bickering each other on Twitter. Technically speaking i'm in the center and i've never been bothered by anyone about my positionings. I just guess cosplay drama has found another avenue to get their monthly quantity of drama flowing. If it wasn't politics, it would be something else.

>> No.10409362

I'm with the 501st. Normally we don't handle money or valuables at all. We instruct to deposit money or valuables directly to the chairty organizations (Make a Wish, etc).

>> No.10409379

i just wanted to post im very high right now and will continue to be for some time

>> No.10409381

Curious why you wish you didn't?
I've been with my bf for a decade and don't really see a need to get married

>> No.10409390

This is how I feel with BLM being allowed into unrelated groups such as Lolita Updates that is worldwide and not just the US. I'm expected to hate myself and apologize to people I've never hurt or even interacted with and jump in front of bullets for them. It's very cult like and weird.

>> No.10409405

It was money we could have used for other things, the stress of organizing wedding, and just really everything related. Plus, at the end of the day it's pointless to have a piece of paper that says we're married when we know we love each other.

>> No.10409414

You can get married without a ceremony or even do a cheap one if you wanted. It absolutely does matter in places like the US if you want to be allowed in a hospital room. I personally want to get married because it's a symbol of love. It would break my heart if a bf wouldn't marry me but turned around and married someone else. Even for people who are not crazy about marriage would get bothered because it's still a value statement

>> No.10409416

>piece of paper from faggot government
>symbol of love

>> No.10409419

Different cultures hold importance in different things, anon.

>> No.10409422

I like you anon.

>> No.10409428
File: 39 KB, 500x436, 1585104666451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw a good friend of mine told me that he bought the costume my ex used to have, and that he along with me helped to buy, to give her as a gift

I couldn't be happier. Get fucked, bitch.

>> No.10409456

I am from the US. Agree to disagree, but that viewpoint is becoming more antiquated. Fyi I was hospitalized (emergency surgery) before we got married, he was absolutely allowed in the room because he was on a list of people I listed in my file.
Pretty much this.

>> No.10409462

You’re aware all breeds suffer from various health issues, right? Cats from shelters are actually likely to various issues, too, including Coronavirus. I wonder if you feel the same way about people who reproduce while fully aware they have genetic health issues, do you think their children aren’t worth having, too?

>> No.10409470
File: 362 KB, 720x831, 20200608_093501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Taken from my local community FB page.

Nice coords but get out of my park.

>> No.10409503

Congratulations for being straight I guess?

I know an unmarried couple that had been together around 14 years before one of them died in an accident. He got fucked when it came to the estate. Her family was cunty. Things like this might not happen to you personally but that doesn't mean they're not genuine things to be concerned about

>> No.10409508

Imagine thinking human lives aren't worth more than cats. You're disgusting

>> No.10409509

>GF knows I don't like the way she dresses
>When asked I tell her, I don't like it but you can dress however you like as long as it makes you happy and you are comfortable
>>"But it doesn't make you happy..."
>Gets angry at me because I don't like her clothes
>>"Well what clothes do you like then?"
>Show her typical outfits I like
>She then just starts comparing herself to the girl rather than looking at the clothes


>> No.10409547

Tell her to stop being a pickmeisha

>> No.10409570

Spot fat reduction is a myth. You will not burn fat off of areas by working those areas out. Your body has a predetermined set and order of areas it will store and utilise fat. This is why some girls can be underweight but have DDs and also the reason why some girls can be YUGE but have thin faces.

You have one option and that is to lose fat until your body goes down the list of fat stores and finally gets to your arms.

>> No.10409576

I treat women like people, i want a real relationship some one to share my life,
Women treat me like a simp if im too nice or a fuckboy if im too flirty

I only had two girlfriends in my life and both leave me, the first for a older badboy omg soo he is so badass, i dont care whe just dated half year

The second one leave me after years for being so poor i had to work to pay college (i shit you not) and i had bored her, she starts dating a rich parents fuckboy a week later, the fuckboy throws her to the thrash a month later

I wish women treat me like people, your advise is trash

>> No.10409577

she deserves a better bf. this is such a weird thing to nitpick about

>> No.10409578

Nice larp

>> No.10409580

date fat or ugly girls then, they won't leave you. you keep going after the pretty, thin ones and that will just keep happening.

>> No.10409585

Ok so maybe don't police the clothes she wears?

>> No.10409589

break up with her. both of you deserve to be with people who you appreciate aesthetically.


>> No.10409593

I don't personally care what she wears. I never tell her to not wear something or to change her clothes. I only ever say my opinion when she asks for it which she gets upset about. That's my frustration. She knows I don't like her clothes so I keep my mouth shut because I don't really care that much, wear what makes you happy because I'd rather date a happy person over a miserable one regardless of clothing.

>> No.10409600

she's never going to be happy with you because she's clearly basing her wardrobe around your opinion. if she was more secure she would just wear what she likes and dress for herself, and also understand that you can't hate how she dresses that much since you're dating her. her problems are likely deeper than just clothes.

>> No.10409605

She sounds pretty young or immature, can't really do much except keep reinforcing that she can wear what she wants and you don't need to approve.

>> No.10409607

Funny you assume I'm straight. But fair enough point.

>> No.10409611

Dating people you're not really attracted to is never the answer. I've been there, done that, even had an LTR with a girl who was quite conventionally attractive but just wasn't my type. You have to have that passion or you'll just end up feeling trapped and wanting something else.

>> No.10409618
File: 117 KB, 1004x723, cb2dc284b37a13a92af84914a4dd00c776ad4ce9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are cosplayers forever doomed to wear a mask when they cosplay at cons? Imagine standing in line and having to be 6 feet apart.
Are cons ultimately doomed?

>> No.10409632 [DELETED] 

Why would i larp?
My first girl was 6/10 averange tomboy girl in highschool ended up lesbian some years later no idea after that

My second girl was prettier 8/10 but also chubby wit belly, i still loved her, afert the fuckboy i even tried to get her back a couple times, she changes boyfriends every year i lost count on the 3rd

Im was 7/10 now im 5/10 got fat cause depression, old for work stress im 30yo look older
Women here will say i should aim for 3-5/10, i better just die alone my prime passed women my age are a mess younger women won't even give me the hour

>> No.10409646

This is hilarious, get fucked lmao

>> No.10409660

>Im was 7/10 now im 5/10 got fat cause depression, old for work stress im 30yo look older
>younger women won't even give me the hour
Man, I'm in a similar position but my experience is the exact opposite, I've had more attention from young women in the few years since turning 30 than I've ever had from any group of women in my life. I don't exploit it, though, because I think it's kind of creepy and I don't think I'm really the kind of guy a girl who dates dudes 10+ years older than her is looking for.

>> No.10409665

>fat old guy thinks he deserves the attention of pretty young women

ngl it's because they think you are more likely to have money than broke dudes in their 20s, not because you are suddenly more physically attractive due to age

>> No.10409667

I think they're also looking for emotional maturity and stability. I suppose I'm probably better in that regard than the average 21 year old guy but not enough to feel like I can really provide that for a girl and I sure as hell don't have much in the way of money to offer.

>> No.10409675

it will be sad when they find out that men who are unmarried in their 30s are usually like that for a reason, ie being manchildren

>> No.10409687

I think that's a bit unfair. Economic and job market conditions have made it so that it takes until 30 to live the lifestyle you used to have at 20 and expecting people to somehow have the lifestyle of a Gen-X 30 year old isn't really reasonable right now. That said I definitely know a lot of people who are subpar even by modern standards in terms of emotional maturity, but it doesn't really seem to affect their luck with dating or relationships much, hell I'm pretty universally considered "the grown up" and "the responsible guy" in my group of early 30s dudes and I've been single far longer than any of the dudes who still act like teenagers.

>> No.10409688

If you have a yuppie job you can totally live a better lifestyle.
go get >>>/fit/ if you're having issues ffs.

>> No.10409696

I know a lot of people with degrees and full-time yuppie jobs who are still living shit lives because they're stuck with tons of student debt and rent's going up faster than their salaries. To be fair I'm in LA and we've got it worse than just about anywhere else.

My issues probably aren't what you think they are and I don't have a problem attracting interest from women, I'm simply not able to take advantage of it.

>> No.10409731

This is indeed your problem. Get a yuppie job in a better part of the country. I recommend a major city in an otherwise rural state. Think OKC, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Redmond, etc.

>Can't take advantage of it

>> No.10409737

>self rated 7/10

Yeah nah

>> No.10409801 [DELETED] 

I've spent hours typing and deleting replies to this because it's so hard and painful to explain. I'm going to try a metaphor instead because I don't know what else to do.

Imagine a proud German Shepherd. Reliable and resolute in his duties. He protects his flock and his family. Admirable, responsible, the model of a guardian dog. The thing, though, is that this came at a cost. He never knew the love or affection he should've gotten as a puppy. He was kicked and neglected to make him strong so he could do his job well. And that puppy is still inside him now and he's so hurt and so sad and so lonely and all he wants is to be petted and cuddled and told he's a good doggy.

The big German Shepherd, though, is terrified of this. It goes against everything he stands for to put the burdens of his own past onto somebody else, and he's so afraid that if he ever gets what that puppy wants he'll lose the dog he is now, the dog that can protect the flock. He thought he had it once and left his flock for it but the owner that seemed kind and gentle at first quickly turned into one that beat and screamed at him constantly and didn't even let him see his flock, and when he finally, after years, worked up the nerve to escape from this terrible owner he came home to find his flock decimated and his family in ruins.

Now he's even more certain of his role in the world. He's suspicious of new potential masters, and can't escape the guilt of leaving his flock behind to be torn apart by the wolves. However, that puppy is still in there, and it's still so sad and lonely, but the big German Shepherd, more than ever, has been so hurt and traumatized in his life that even a gentle hand that comes to pet him will be bitten, and he simply doesn't know how to change this.

>> No.10409808 [DELETED] 

I've spent hours typing and deleting replies to this because it's so hard and painful to explain. I'm going to try a metaphor instead because I don't know what else to do.

Imagine a proud German Shepherd. Reliable and resolute in his duties. He protects his flock and his family. Admirable, responsible, the model of a guardian dog. The thing, though, is that this came at a cost. He never knew the love or affection he should've gotten as a puppy. He was kicked and neglected to make him strong so he could do his job well. And that puppy is still inside him now and he's so hurt and so sad and so lonely and all he wants is to be petted and cuddled and told he's a good doggy.

The big German Shepherd, though, is terrified of this. It goes against everything he stands for to put the burdens of his own past onto somebody else, and he's so afraid that if he ever gets what that puppy wants he'll lose the dog he is now, the dog that can protect the flock. He thought he had it once and left his flock for it but the owner that seemed kind and gentle at first quickly turned into one that beat and screamed at him constantly and didn't even let him see his flock, and when he finally, after years, worked up the nerve to escape from this terrible owner he came home to find his flock decimated and his family in ruins.

Now he's even more certain of his role in the world. He's suspicious of new potential masters, and can't escape the guilt of leaving his flock behind to be torn apart by the wolves. However, that puppy is still in there, and it's still so sad and lonely, but the big German Shepherd, more than ever, has been so hurt and traumatized in his life that even a gentle hand that comes to pet him will be bitten, and he simply doesn't know how to change this.

>> No.10409838

I had a really fucked up childhood and then a very abusive 5 year relationship in my 20s. I left that relationship with a badly broken heart and a completely destroyed sense of self-esteem and haven't had sex or a date in the seven years since. It's been so long since I've had physical or emotional intimacy that I no longer feel capable of doing them properly and the anxiety and guilt that come from that keep me completely crippled when I get opportunities.

>> No.10409848

Is 7/10 high?
Cgl should make a new infographic with rating from 1 to 10 both in cosplay and regular clothes

>> No.10409849

>fat old guy thinks he deserves the attention of pretty young women
Hey im in my 30's too, not fat tho

>> No.10409853

>is 7/10 high?

Are you retarded?
On a /10 scale, 5 is your average. A 7/10 would mean in the upper 30th percentile of all people.

Most people call themselves 7/10 because it's low enough that people won't argue lower since it would be hurtful so their ego stays intact (unlike a 9/10 going to an 8 isnt really much loss) and it's not too high to be seen as bragging. Most people want to see themselves as above average but they also want to see themselves as humble so 7/10 fits that nicely.

>> No.10409864
File: 1.88 MB, 350x197, 97812893283.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You are the goodest doggo, anony! Just cutest smollest lil pupper!
Although it feels strange not to have a relationship for seven years, maybe you still had some?

>> No.10409866

There have been way too many men (that is, incels) on this board lately. It’s usually where I go to get away from that.

>> No.10409870

Dallas will be the new Cali rent/housing market in a few years with all the tech companies setting up shop there. I don't recommend

>> No.10409901

I can imagine that the spaces will be the same but conventions will value local cosplayers much more because they can pay 20% of the cash they pay to an artist, and won't have to spend cash for his stay at the country. Also, shops will only work in delivery schemes... cons as we know - with waiting lines everywhere - are over for now.

>> No.10410150
File: 1022 KB, 1140x1200, awooo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Damn bro, I'm really sorry to hear that man. I don't have any great advice for you that wouldn't need more information on your situation, but at least getting out of LA would be a start yeah?
Look, you don't have to expound on your life if you don't want to, but are you doing all the right things at least? Y'know, lifting, engaging in non-gendered IRL hobbies, maybe seeing a psychologist for your intimacy issues? Obviously not all of these may be financially attainable for yourself, but I know some of them could be a start.
I don't want to spout platitudes at you or anything, but those should still bring you up to a workable baseline if you haven't been doing them. It might be difficult to do some with Kung Flu and all, but at least getting a plan together would be helpful.

>In a few years
Yeah there's still time tho. Right now you're looking at NYC Suburbia housing prices that are only half an hour from the city center, as opposed to the highway robbery that is any major metropolitan area in california. My rent hasn't gone up in a year and a half and condo prices are as low as 110k
I just hope we never become "culturally" californian.

>> No.10410158

wait until the collapse of California then you'll get a lot of Californian refugees.

>> No.10410167

pls no

>> No.10410245

sorry man
its been 2 years since I recovered when I realized I want to spend the rest of my life with her but we both realized that it's the way we both feel, we don't want to get married for it (that and the costs for doing that is way too much)
technically the trip to Japan was supposed to be the "proposal" instead of buying a ring and so on
I don't think I will ask her to marry me until I'm able to finally find a stable enough job and home for both of us to be happy in

>> No.10410263
File: 372 KB, 1600x1066, rikky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is it bad to wear a thong with lolita?

>> No.10410351

Damn I guess you guys saw that post I felt stupid about and deleted.

Yeah, it really has been seven years, almost to the week. Broke up with my ex just before AX '13. I've met girls who were obviously interested in me and trying to get me to make a move, and I've even been asked out a few times, but whenever I get close I feel like I'm gonna throw up.

A lot of it for me is this particular feeling that I just can't possibly be desirable or attractive and particularly that any kind of expression of sexuality is going to shock and horrify people. I imagine that's the result of a mix upbringing and how screwed up my last relationship was, one thing that really didn't help was that my ex and I had very different tastes and I was never really able to give her what she wanted, nor did she have much interest in what I was into and in fact made it clear that she though my fetishes (which are actually pretty mild and vanilla) were disgusting and would berate and degrade me any time I asked her to do anything.

For what it's worth, though, I DO feel a lot better about things once I've really gotten to know somebody well enough to feel comfortable with them, and I've had a few female friends where I felt like I could have, but they haven't been interested.

I have generally been working myself a lot but the pandemic has definitely been a major setback in a lot of ways. A lot of what I've been doing has been aimed at getting out of CA but that's also been pushed back because of it, probably by a couple of years, and that's really not helping my state of mind.

Not that my opinion means much but I don't think that what you wear under anything should matter to anybody except you or your partner if you have one, and if you do I suspect he/she would approve of it.

>> No.10410376

Just let it happen anon

>> No.10410391

Keep your smelly homeless camps and high cost of living to yourself

>> No.10410493

Covid 19 had through a long domino effect disordered my eating habits. I have a hard time stomaching more than two meager meals a day nowadays...
Now I'm grateful, in a rather twisted way, that a childhood friend had to battle being an ana-chan during our teens. I've seen the methods used to re-make your hunger when you're at the bottom. I'm nowhere near as bad, but I still realise I have a problem.

I will try my best to turn this bad behaviour around. More meals each day ought to help me get back on track!

>> No.10410578


>> No.10410670

>Scottish fold cats suffer extreme pain
That's a myth, only one in three purebred folds are in pain. Responsibly bred folds are not.

>> No.10410671

then keep Californians out of your state next time they move to your state shame them for moving and not trying to fix their own mess

>> No.10410672

You don't need "more meals" just have an extra serving of a high-calorie food like cake or ice cream with the meals you are comfortable with. Or just bread or a pasta dish.

>> No.10410675

or just drink soda

>> No.10410687

I stepped on a scale today and it turns out I managed to lose like 20 pounds since the physical I got in February. I'm almost a concerned.

>> No.10410689

i've lost a lot of weight too cause of the rona. i've only been eating like one or two small meals. it's pretty great.

>> No.10410696

if you get your daily vitamins and protein I wouldnt worry unless you see bone

>> No.10410698

I've been able to just over all eat healthier, drink less, portion better, reconnect with how much I like to cook, and successfully kick my doughnut habit. There's no reason I can't keep it up once life goes back to normal either.

>> No.10410709

My cat which I grew up with has passed away. Like I knew it was coming but damn i miss that little ball of fur so much

>> No.10410816

Goddamn I really fucking hate demisexuals

>> No.10410935
File: 111 KB, 480x640, p.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Soiree is in my wardrobe and now wearing the dress might be problematic because its connotations with the Old South and slavery.


>> No.10410967

I don't see any slaves in this image.

>> No.10410978

I feel you anon. I had to put down my childhood cat who I got when I was 7 about 2 years ago now. Still think about him everyday and it still makes me cry to remember seeing him go. He didn't deserve to die but he was old, he was in pain and he couldn't be the independent cat he wanted to be.

It makes it worse than my cunt of a father has all the pictures of him and refuses to give any up despite having always hated and abused the cat because "He was just as much my cat as yours."

Time will pass and things will make a little more sense for you but rest assured you will never forget them.

>> No.10411032

I feel this anons. My cat that I helped birth had to be put down 2 years ago and the pain is still there. He was 12 and passed from horrible kidney issues and I still miss him terribly every day. He was such a sweet boy and didn't deserve the hand he was dealt. But we will always hold their memories close.

>> No.10411137
File: 644 KB, 160x243, 6h30.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Btw I was thinking recently if liking Gone by the wind is problematic these days?

>> No.10411255

Yes because people want to rewrite history and bury the past like slavery never happen. Main chick had a black maid. So now that movie is out of the window.

>> No.10411649

My cat had issues with hyperhtyoidism. He was an old boy though, 18 or 19 when he went.

>> No.10414579

lol pathetic.

>> No.10418197

I want to cosplay but I don't even know where to start. This town is fucking shit and there's nothing really near me and I don't even know what I'd choose to cosplay as. It feels like such a vast thing that's just out of reach.

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