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FB has seen a surge in tag groups and the claims that they’re “worse than cgl”... they exist alongside the growing activity in general j-fashion groups that don’t enforce strict fashion guidelines. Thoughts on the FB salt mines? Are they too harsh? Are they warranted? Or we all just sick of seeing every pastel sweater being called jfashion?

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>just sick of seeing every pastel sweater being called jfashion?
this one.

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It's almost like people just want a place to vent about misuse of tags and newbies/ normies who clearly don't know shit about jfashion....

Frankly, the group she's talking about had a few instances of people being too salty, but they were told to chill out. I don't think I've ever seen minors.... and it's been nothing but self posting lately.
I think it's fair for people to want a place to vent about things like this. I know I get pissed looking through the lolita and brand tags; they're full of weird shit now.

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"They take posts from jfashion community groups (which are often people's safe space to talk about their special interest)"

and this post was what ?

here ill help
taken from a jfashion community group (which are often people's safe space to talk about their special interest)

seems a little hypocritical.

also people in this group obviously want to be there.
why would you remove those posts and show them IN ANOTHER GROUP to people who probably dont want to see that?
and for what?
to show people the group exists?
4chan also exists. ita threads exist.
would you go posting those as well?

"Rarely ever block out names"
apparently neither did she.

god forbid people just want a space to vent without
THIS EXACT THING happening..
thats why its a private group...

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Sure and so am I but that's not really a good reason to doxx someone.

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Why would you want to attach your name and face to your salt? You're telling everyone that you're an asshole.

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Right? it's pretty ballsy of them.

Hypocritical maybe but the issue is that they were doxxing people.
Yes there are shit flinging threads on cgl where people get insulted and made fun of but it's against the rules to doxx people here.
If it happens, shit gets taken down super fast.
So far the only repercussion for these bitches is for someone to post that they're doing this.

Let's be real. They had this shit coming.

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No one "doxxed" anyone tho... That's what I'm not understanding, is where did this come from?
I've been in this group since it started, I've yet to see anyone be doxxed.
I mean I guess if you want to count sissies and ageplayers, but that's to warn others so they can block them.

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that's not doxxing.

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Did you read the pic? They said they were purposely posting their names and it's FB so it's easier to do that.
Even in >>10395230 they mention that some people took it too far and then were told to chill out.

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what isn't?

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Yeah I read the pic, and I'm in that group. I've been looking, and I haven't seen anyone's name dropped. Maybe I'm missing some people?

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posting pics with someone's profile name.

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Do you realize that not everyone is going to agree with you Yasmine?
Even if the owner was wrong, so are you. Your post was absolutely uncalled for, and you did nothing but shit stir again.

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Is this being brought up because of that one gothic lolita's youtube video?

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I think it's a compilation of things, but the straw that broke the camel's back is because someone completely jumped down a member's throat for self posting. We all told the salty member to chill out and stop, but I guess all Y saw was someone being bullied.

It also could be because this troll posted about how they were disappointed in a salt group (which why are you there, you know what the group is about...) and a lot of people were asking what was the point of posting the post. Owner stepped in (which the screenshots actually fail to show) and put an end to it, but left it up because the post was a prime example of the kind of content for the group.

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Not her, just calling out the group owner for their obvious bait post. I bet they made this thread.

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Or it's possible someone in the jfashion community who claims to hate drama posting it here?
Could be Y themself.

Either way, the "callout" was stupid and didn't prove anyone's point.

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the group was dogpiling on an ESL person who probably misunderstood the purpose.. the lack of awareness to realize the op was either ESL, retarded, young, or any combination of those, is its own cringe... and crucifying them for everyone to shit on was immature and proving their point. the community has had cgl, btb, lolcow, whatever the fuck else dedicated to venting their petty annoyances, do you know any other hobby in existence that needs so many platforms shit on eachother? any time ive tried to describe this to people IRL they are so baffled that any of it exists. i dont even care if people want to shit talk eachother but we have a bunch of places for that already, btb is dead but cgl is 90% jfashion while cons are being cancelled everywhere

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No one cares about your retarded fb group drama, go back and stay there.

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Wait what's this video? I'm out of the loop with all of this

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Wait nvm, found it. "The Lolita Community Has A Salt Problem", right?

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She’s not wrong because why in the fuck are western people trying to set rules for a Japanese fashion and then make fun of people for not following their self proclaimed rules. You bitches are wacky as fuck go read a fashion magazine or some shit damn

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We get it weeb, you're new.

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No amount of fighting will prove to you Ive worn the fashion for years, but cool. Maybe you should tell that to the girls running the tag groups? What about the general population of sweet lolitas who claim many gothic and old school coordinates aren’t lolita because they said so? You’re obviously a scrote, a newbie, or a sweet lolita, all of which have no valid opinions. God quarantine is like an endless summer on crack

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What does any of that have to do with rules? You're obviously new enough to never gotten in contact with any of the discussion we had for years or any japanese media published so far.
>You’re obviously a scrote, a newbie, or a sweet lolita
Projection won't make you sound more believable. I'm not the one claiming western rules are self proclaimed and totally against glorious nippon.

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Search up 2chan lolita conversations translated. There is as much or even more salt than here.

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>Posting someone's public profile with their picture is doxxing
You can't be serious, right?
Japanese have always had rules in lolita. Lolita is formulaic, that's why something from 20 years still resembles modern releases.

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Pretty much this and desu I wish we had more threads about the jp online community again, it's so much drama (every big one makes it onto togetter.com)

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> post was made by shitpost Lolita who always ends up in the ita thread


>> No.10395645

You’re defending a known shit poster and it would be cute if it wasn’t so sad.... but I digress.

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In one thread they we're shit-talking someone at a tea party and discussed her being an old ugly hag, while sitting on the tables of said teaparty. They're freaking brutal sometimes, I wish they would join cgl.

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She's a lying hypocrite, and I hope no one falls for her pity party.

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>Posts whatever will get her the most attention at the moment
What happened to this bitch and her change to gyaru?

>> No.10395682

i always think maybe if these groups weren't moderated by teenagers they'd be better off, but then you get reminded of the habit of mid-30s fatties with mental health issues trying to piggyback on zoomer drama. whole thing is cringe from every angle.

>> No.10395694

>actual Japanese comic about how you're not wearing the fashion correctly just by throwing on a dress you bought at a shop
Thank you for this. I've been looking for shit like this for years instead of more hearsay. We need more images like this for people who believe western lolitas made up ALL the rules. JP rules are definitely more lax and you see a bit more casual coords IRL in communities there, but there are still rules you have to follow. I think the issue is that there's more people in the west who wear it as a "kawaii japanese costume omg!" and Japan doesn't have to deal with that issue as much.

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I wish someone better at japanese would pick up translating magazines and books. Hell, in one of the beginner guide books there's gems like "your bangs should be straight cut, thick and end somewhere between your eyelids and slightly above your eyebrows, long and thin bangs make you look dull and bad".

>> No.10395723

Lol someone is posting screenshots of her engaging in the group and she’s trying hard to give excuses.

This is a mess. Y shouldn’t have been trying to act like a savior, especially if she was active in the group. It kind of negates her entire post.

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It's fine to have rules in JP. But what gives westerners who look like shit the right to be the ones to enforce it? The people who post in these groups are all ita. Have you seen CoF lately? It's a shitshow.

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Please stop glorifying japan.

>> No.10395792

Don't forget that one where the protagonist decides that she's too old for lolita and literally burns all her brand it the woods. ha ha good stuff japan.

>> No.10395812

Stop pretending westerners have any authority over a foreign subculture.

>> No.10395821

>foreign subculture
Please tell me you also despise cultural appropriation.

>> No.10395822

She and a bunch of other failed lolitas joined the gyaru group in hopes of making it there. I wish the gyaru groups were as bitchy as they used to be

>> No.10395852

That's from so many years ago and lolita threads rarely even show up at all on 2ch anymore. You really can't compare.

>> No.10395855

It's the inane rules that westerners added to the basics that's the problem and confusing for newbies. Japanese lolitas wear sneakers and cat ears and whatever, so who decided our side of the community can't do those? It certainly wasn't Japan

>> No.10395878

Show me a japanese tea party where someone has sneakers.

>> No.10395883

You don't have to have recent ones. The argument is that rules were made by westerners, but these threads from years ago somehow mention them, thus disapproving it. What's there to compare?

>> No.10395884

Changing the goalposts eh

>> No.10395894

A tea party isn't the same as daily wear. The lolitas who wear lolita as clothes, during actual life and not just parties or cons, absolutely wear sneakers if they feel like it.

>> No.10395895

most of the people getting shit talked in sneakers are in a casual coord for around town, theres a girl that got posted to the ita thread for wearing a jsk as a summer dress to the beach, with no blouse/socks while standing in the water. idk if she's calling it lolita, but it's a lolita dress, and to be fair, a situation/way ive never seen one worn before. not a bad thing.

>> No.10395903

>implying japan doesn't have itas that people don't shittalk on 2chan
you sound new

>> No.10395905

Again, people haven't shittalked on 2ch for years and years. Idk why you guys hang on to that old content for dear life.

>> No.10395906

you sound like you don't use the site because they still do in the vip board

>> No.10395907

Receipts? They're almost never on the fashion board anymore.

>> No.10395910

>doesn't even know how to use the search function

>> No.10395913

seems like you missed the recent thread about people not wanting to wear high waist skirts anymore over some voice actress wearing lolita in a way they deemed too slutty because she showed shoulders

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Bruh, all these posts are either pedos talking about how they were turned on by little girls in the hot springs or about anime/vtubers. This is some disturbing shit but I don't see fashion drama.

>> No.10395921

The Sumire one? I feel that has less to do with rules and more with Japan being conservative in general.

>> No.10395932

thanks for confirming you don't know shit about japan, the average person doesn't give a flying fuck about visible shoulders

>> No.10395934


in Japan though you can have short skirts but shoulders and chest/neck are considered more sexual as far as I've been told by people who lived there and my Japanese friends when I lived there (I wore a lot of off the shoulder stuff in Japan)

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I'm referring to Sumire being a hentai actress. That is why they are upset about her wearing lolita. Not because she showed her shoulders.

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File: 18 KB, 1119x284, Sumire Uesaka Anti-thread.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm referring to Sumire being associated with perverted/sexual content. That is why they are upset about her wearing lolita. Not because she showed her shoulders.

>> No.10395941

but the trend has changed to favor thing bangs as time goes on. as useful as "rules" are they do also change and evolve over time and we need to accept that.

>> No.10395942

the basic outfit anatomy rules never really changed tho

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not true, skirt length "rules" have evolved, brands come out with longer and longer skirts.

>> No.10395947

pfft, there have always been brand tea length skirts, it wasn't as popular before though.

>> No.10395950

I saw the plus size discussion thread on RC got deleted. What did I miss?

>> No.10395952

>implying tea-lenght dresses weren't always a thing
is it summer already

>> No.10395954

Not to mention all the yakuza shit

go away

>> No.10395967

not in sweet. the consensus was basically "its ok in classic but its not done in sweet and if its gothic youre just doing EGA then not lolita

>> No.10395972

how's that proof of how the ~rules~ have changed, there never was one about skirts not being allowed to be long

>> No.10395975

EGA is not lolita because it doesn't use petticoats which long lolita still has anyways, you're grasping at straws

>> No.10396036

EGA can use petticoat?

>> No.10396039

But it doesn't need petticoats, tea-lenght lolita doesn't look anything like EGA

>> No.10396127

You already got your answer in another thread retard. Are you really too stupid to type in a search word in the archive?

>> No.10396130

They are 1:1 repeating what said culture told them about lolita. The fact that you ignore and disrespect it just because a foreigner is repeating it while also not knowing japanese is hilarious.

>> No.10396132

>okay japan MAY have said that but it doesn't count if it's old!!
Now that is moving goalposts.

>> No.10396133 [DELETED] 

>takes the word sumner literally
Oh my fucking god lurk more you obnoxious newfag.

>> No.10396134

you seem angry. are you the anon who hates cat ears

>> No.10396135

I’m not disagreeing with it at all though. I’m just saying pulling up old GLB guides as proof the Japanese lolitas had hard “rules” is silly when a lot of them are just as outdated and silly as western ones

>> No.10396141

This is an anonymous image board and you are talking to several people. Again, are you too stupid to use the archive or are you just uncomfortable with possibly being wrong?

>japanese magazines that went on for over 15 years or in Kera's case even longer and are repeating the same guides over and over again are not proof
Yes it is loving goalposts. Your argument was that westeners made rules up, when they just copied the rules that japanese told them for years.

>> No.10396152

That's ancient. There isn't a current thread?

>> No.10396155

You should make a group called the Lolita Police

>> No.10397810

>~wee woo wee woo the retard police are coming to take your lolita membership card away because you wore it in a way they didn't approve of~

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File: 207 KB, 536x557, lolitafashion11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"no cat ears" was never a rule in Japan. this example of "cosplay lolita" from the old lolita fashion.org uses examples from brands the GLB while saying this isnt an accepted lolita style.

>> No.10397817

>No cat ears allowed
But brands come out with bunny and bear headdresses all the time, strange double standard.
I think the issue lays more with the association it brings

>> No.10397821

westerners did in fact make up some of the rules like no cat ears, no sneakers and that kind of shit

>> No.10397839

Yeah bc if we see sneakers in a street snap they’re usually nice looking and aren’t grey beat up ASICS you wore to go get your truck stuck in the mud. Beginners have no taste and so sometimes it’s better to mark these things as ‘off limits’ until they develop an eye for it. Same with cat ears.

>> No.10397841

Do the newbs in tag groups not realize how incredibly cringe they are being? There’s being salty and then there’s trying to prove how much of a bitch you are to look cool

Rosenocturnalia was right. This shit is embarrassing.

>> No.10397848

no. your point was that we "copied what the japanese told us." which is wrong, we made plenty of shit up and those ones are irrelevant no matter what your personal opinion is. we should actually follow japan and not do what we think is "better"

>> No.10397859

are you the idiot from the casual lolita thread trying to define crap again.

>> No.10397862


>> No.10397868

I mean the one who said it’s embarrassing and I’m including whatever idiot is spazzing about rules too. Tho if you post in a tag group I think that’s worse because at least that moron has the common sense to be stupid anonymously.

Seriously fuck covid

>> No.10397871

Who the fuck is stupid enough to do this off anon and why, when we have several anonymous places to be catty. Is the goal clout? Someone explain.

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yes and for years anytime brand did release animal years it would posted to wtf_burando and mocked. or they would loophole and say "Well its ok if its on a hood but not on its own".

>"Don't wear cat ears for the sake of cat ears. You might have a cat themed loli outfit for halloween or perhaps you bought a lolita jacket with cat ears, but don't just stick some on for no reason. It will make your outfit look like a costume. The same goes for wings and any other non-clothing item you might add to a costume." - lolitahandbook on livejournal.

black x white was also once considered an automatic ita staple. or any use of raschel lace (and anytime someone brought up MARBLE or VISIBLE back then egl would say "oh well japanese lolitas hate those brands anyway!). the lolitahandbook had "dont wear socks over tights" as a rule for really no reason.

and if you ever brought up that the attitude toward the fashion was different in japan, youd instantly get told "no japanese lolitas are mean! infact they are even MORE mean!" and link to the sole 2ch thread that probably only a small handful of japanese lolitas ever used to begin with.

>> No.10397889

Nigga are you stupid or dumb?

>> No.10397891

The goal is a feature in Tyler's cringe compilation.

>> No.10397898

>your point was that we "copied what the japanese told us." which is wrong
please show where we made up the lolita outfit anatomy rules considering the source for those was glb

>> No.10397899

see >>10397873

>> No.10397900

are you new? the GLB was full of shit considered ita at the time, it's the whole reason behind taking magazines with a grain of salt. gaijin didn't understand that not everything in the magazine was lolita fashion, and took every advertisement blurb as a fucking style. also, we 100% made up the no animal ears thing to deter weebs from the fashion. japan doesn't care about that kind of shit.

>> No.10397906

That's about quality, not the lolita outfit anatomy, show me where we made up the rules of wearing blouses and petticoats.

>> No.10397907

what a fucking fantastic logical leap.

>> No.10397908

butthurt ita detected

>> No.10397909

>responds to post asking where we made up the outfit anatomy rules
>points to unrelated post
are you hard of thinking or something?

>> No.10397910

oh, so you figured out it was also me calling you out in the other thread.

>> No.10397911

not sure which thread you talk about but I didn't post inside any but this and the taobao one, you sound paranoid

>> No.10397912

she was talking about it in that post you autist. if you don't realize that the "rules" were created based almost solely on magazine spreads and snippets from 2ch you have brain damage.

>> No.10397916

I can always link you current japanese articles about ~the evil western made up outfit rules~

>> No.10397926

fb lolitas are getting more and more brazen with their bitchiness. they have no shame and WANT their names attached to it.

>> No.10397927

we're talking about the rules like cat ears and sneakers, not the outfit anatomy. do you know how to read

>> No.10397936

these aren't even rules there are no rules there.

>> No.10397937
File: 2.51 MB, 880x1692, kera-1999-lolita.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Western lolitas absolutely took the guidelines given by the japanese way too far.
Suggestions of wearing a blouse or headbow became hardfast rules for many years, but they were only suggestions, as a coord can be lolita with neither of those things. The community is still trying to get over the "no blouse, not lolita" mentality, it's a question regularly posted on BSoLF.
Same thing with skirts being knee length, livejournal-fags took that too far as well. They used to call anyone with a bit of knee showing an ita, and for a while rectangle headdresses were sacrilegious.
T b h a lot of it just seems like a case of mistaken translation. One of the GLB guides suggests that lolitas carry a bear with them to look cute, and I wouldn't be surprised if some retard said "now we all MUST carry a bear." And finally, don't forget the guides that came out around 2012, where claims that you ~must adorn circle lens and wig or be cast away~ were the hip idea to push. Any time a japanese mag released a guide, western weebs were there to over-analyze and obsess over it, but they didn't speak japanese and relied on google translate to assure them they were going in the right direction.

>> No.10397939

that outfit would be in the ita thread if some1 posted it to COF

>> No.10397941

>there are no rules
>pictures literally list what has to be worn

>> No.10397943

no it doesn't. it doesn't say on there anything about what has to be worn, it's a pictograph of basic outfit anatomy, it even mentions the specific hairstyles. i know you can't read japanese though, so you wouldn't know that. that page also lists kpp as a lolita icon.

>> No.10397944

kek. gottem anon.

>> No.10397946

1. the outfit anatomy of lolita is usually what people mean with ~the rules~
2. I can read japanese just fine different than you because
3. the "celebrities that wear lolita" part lists kpp because of her brand collabs, which is stated there anyways

>> No.10397948

Just admit you're an ott-fag who wears lolita to anime conventions once a year.

>> No.10397950

Outfit anatomy =/= rules and has nothing to do with the argument happening in this thread.

>> No.10397952

it's called outfit anatomy rules for a reason, else we could wear a tee and jeans and call it lolita

>> No.10397954

>part lists kpp because of her brand collabs, which is stated there anyways
glad you confirmed you can't read japanese. it doesn't say that. anywhere on the page.

>> No.10397965

You're clearly new, because there was a huge hissy fit about IW saying that exposed knees were inappropriate for lolita.

Japanese lolitas considered them rules. That's where the west got their rules from. The only reason you're seeing "edgy" coords from japan is because we're seeing less weeded out coords. You see more itas than years ago, hence the no blouse no petti

>> No.10397969

here's your (You)

>> No.10397976

What has to be worn . . .
くま . . .
You know that means bear right. Looks like if you aren't holding a stuffed bear 24/7 it's not lolita.

>> No.10397994
File: 196 KB, 445x450, 1439416971948.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"No dildo glued to your forehead", "no full actual clownface makeup" and "No wearing your Bra over OPs" were also never rules in Japan and now guess why. Japanese lolitas hated to be associated with cosplay just as much as we did. There's several paragraphs about avoiding it on their fucking wikipedia page. Hint: Japanese had a sense of special occassion clothing and had some "costume-y" releases in the Autumn period.
I don't know why you're able to use the wayback machine and find two old Kera pages but somehow are completely unable to just read through some magazine scans of all the publications or go through LJs archive.
Sneakers weren't mentioned in their media, because it wasn't necessairy. Instead, they listed round toed shoes with straps for lolita wear and only ever featured the usual lolita shoes when they wrote specifically about shoes in lolita.
Just learn japanese already if you don't wan't to listen to filthy gaijins (like yourself, btw) anyway.

Holy shit lurk more and/or take your meds. You are talking to several people.

>newfag now pretending to be an oldfag and now straight up makes shit up without knowing the context
>still ignores kotanuki
Just get a hobby if you're this bored.

>> No.10398003

>western lolitas made up the rules, japanese lolitas didn't have them and never shunned people for it
>I-I meant the rules about sneakers and cat-ears!
>Okay but this doesn't count because it's old!!
>Okay they might have repeated it over years but I was specifically talking about cat ears!!
>lalala I can't hear you!! There only ever were old 2ch threads!!
>Okay they may have had rules, but they were only suggestions!!
Kek the goalpost moves further and further. That scan is from an 1998 Kera btw, not a GLB, newfag chan.
>western weebs were there to over-analyze and obsess over it, but they didn't speak japanese and relied on google translate to assure them they were going in the right direction.
Said the weeb hellbent on wearing cat-ears, who can't read japanese and doesn't even bother to use google translate.

>> No.10398004 [DELETED] 

>read rainedragons google translation of said age and now pretends to know japanese
This is slowly getting milky. Please post your sperging on fb so we can have a laugh.

>> No.10398005

>read rainedragons google translation of said page and now pretends to know japanese
This is slowly getting milky. Please post your sperging on fb so we can have a laugh.

>> No.10398016

>You are talking to several people.
you have said this so many times by now kek. you make yourself very obvious, anon.

>> No.10398034 [DELETED] 

This is the second time I'm saying it, because you keep thinking everyone who replies is the same person.

>> No.10398036

>>10398016 #
This is the second time I'm saying it, because you keep thinking everyone who replies is the same person or some random anon from another thread.

>> No.10398106

So... dumbass clout, got it. Based on the nature of this thread it’s probably just a lot of those salty newbs, so if you happen to read this and are one of them: know that we all think you are being cringey cunts and are laughing at you, not with you.

>> No.10398215

who the fuck is that owl supposed to be

>> No.10398231

Actually I other anon is the one doing that, The Kyary section is talking about her streetsnaps.

Can you read? I said it's NOT doxxing. >>10395313

>> No.10398233

>you keep thinking everyone who replies is the same person
you're also doing that kek

>> No.10398236

/cgl/ is masterful at paranoid accusations. If you haven't been accused of being a completely random other poster, you haven't been posting here for long.

>> No.10398240

bitch, you don't need to read the fucking translation to know that you or whoever >>10397946 is, is full of shit. i've not even seen the translation, but i assume that's where the OP got the idea of why kpp was listed even though the post is talking about her pre-fame days.

>> No.10398247

Of course it's newbs
even the veterans that's left want something to laugh at. Every other lolita veteran has been pushed out of the online community. It's only the newbs and I he saltines left now

>> No.10398253

this is the most obvious roleplay post i've ever read.

>> No.10398264

I personally hope we get to see some dramatic flouncing soon

>> No.10398281

>Actually I other anon is the one doing that

>> No.10398283

Yeah, plus half of this thread.

>> No.10398286

Than they sperge all over cgl acting all butthurt that they spoke shit on Fb with there names attached when they get called out.

>> No.10398291

It’s true. Fucking hell, do you not realize that you are going to go to a meetup and people will KNOW what a horrible idiot you are? Do you really think people WANT to be associated with you or that behavior? Shit I’m nervous because I applied for a couple of groups just to get some caps of y’all’s stupidity for my normie friends. And you guys are out here fucking posting in them. Enjoy burning your entire reputation in the community before you get started. Jesus.

>inb4 but you are on /cgl/ softie!
This isn’t about being mean, it’s about people knowing that you are mean and are stupid enough to do it publicly

>> No.10398293

I don't understand why someone would be this mad about what randos talk about in closed groups. Literally who cares (unless you got posted by them or something).
And no, I'm ain't even on facebook and think this thread is cancer that should stay on fb, far away from this board.

>> No.10398295

I guess I’m not mad, more confused and concerned. Like have the newbs not picked up on the fact that people are making fun of them? And they aren’t closed groups, you don’t even need coord shots to join. Anyone can come in and see how much of a dick you are. It’s not like an invite only discord

>> No.10398342

The people shit talking the most are the same people asking the most basic questions in non-salt groups. They're too busy trying to out-salt each other to see how big of fools they're making of themselves.

>> No.10398344

Correct. Which was more my point I guess. More of a “if you see this stop while you are atrociously behind” thing because it is such a bad look

>> No.10398462

The only upside to them publicly shitting on others is you get to see how gross they are themselfs. Not to mention the efamous Jfashion wearers. Was in that group to lurk and unfollowed so many people. They spoke just as much shit if not more than the others who can't put together a decent coord to save their life

>> No.10398503

Let's be real. It's super pathetic that these groups need to exist. we have so many people coming into our fashion needing safe-spaces for bullying. It's not necessary and frankly immature. Unpopular opinion but /cgl/ is not even that bad- /cgl/ has a lot of salt, but it doesn't exist for salt, and there's a lot of good conversation to be had here. I've learned a lot here and have had very pleasant conversations with many anons. These groups don't have any silver lining like /cgl/ does, they exist for the sole purpose of putting people down.
I don't think it's Tyler's fault, and I'm sure she's a very kind person- but she has influenced a lot of lolitas negatively. While there was once a feeling of justice when she went after fetishists and ageplayers, it now feels like hoards of lolitas want to be the first to call random people out so they can get validation-or perhaps their snark will get on a LWLN video. Most of them are new or young, but many of them are lolitas who have been around for a long time. The admins in these groups are often admins of multiple groups, too. They know the behavior they are promoting.

Look. I hate sissies, and ageplayers, and tag abuse. I get it. But making fun of random people because they wear a petticoat wrong or because they are new is not justice. It doesn't help anyone. No one thinks you are cool for being a bitch, and those same people who commend you for your snark will turn on you the moment you mess up.

>> No.10398504

I think most important to all of this is the strong resentment these people seem to have to the statement "Lolitas are meant to be lovelies". I have never-in my decade of wearing this fashion-heard more than two normies on facebook make that statement unironically. Each time, they basically got dogpiled. The reason that statement exists doesn't simply mean that lolitas have the capability to be cruel too, it exists because lolitas are not a monolith, we all have different hobbies and personalities. The only thing we share as a collective is our fashion. Performative bitchiness and acting like clones of Tyler is the opposite of proving that. Be an individual and stop trying so hard to fit in. This fashion is about being yourself and not trying to fit a mold. . I feel like a lot of newer, and even older lolitas, need to hear this. And stop fucking dog-piling people. I know it feels good to get likes on your snarky gif, but if 40 people are already dunking on someone, you don't have to join in. It really doesn't help, and it just makes you look bad.

>> No.10398507

>I said it's NOT doxxing
what you say doesn't matter.

>> No.10398512

This. All of this. /cgl/ at least serves SOME purpose and so few people use lolcow aside from checking to see who is a documented racist or whatever once every few years. These? They do nothing. They are like the ita thread but even more mean and useless because the ita thread at least tries to stop nitpicks and vendettas. Honestly, I am joining a few just to see who to avoid. Because that behavior is embarrassing.

>> No.10398514

The internet is becoming a pace where middle class society can now impose its values on niche groups again.

>> No.10398517
File: 25 KB, 500x460, i-deliberatley-entered-a-thread-full-of-things-that-i-28308860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a difference between gossip and "bullying". Man this whole thread reads like pic related.

>> No.10398519

What do (middle)classes have to do with lolita being a niche fashion?

>> No.10398521

Cgl = gossip
These stupid tag groups = bullying. People "accidently" leaving names and user names in and people in the comments posting screen shots of them going after these accounts for clout
Rant in op has a point, a massively over drawn out point but even cgl hides names and doesn't post minors. Js

>> No.10398522

It's been heading this way since 2007 anon. It was only a matter of time before they came for lolita too.

>> No.10398523

There's a difference between people thinking you are embarrassing yourself and people being whiny bitches. We are on 4chan, dumbass. We can take people being mean. But you doing it with your face attached to no purpose makes you look stupid, and people will judge you for it.

if you are so okay with people knowing what you are doing, why does it bother you that we don't like it? isn't that why you are doing it with your name attached? put your big boy pants on and get over it

>> No.10398524

why are you defending this?

>> No.10398525

oh no is baby upset people don't like your behavior you are so proudly flaunting :(((( I am sorry for being mean I will give you a like next time :(

>> No.10398526

Because they are doing it and they are pissed other meanies on the internet think its cringe

>> No.10398528

Did Tyler give you your asspat?

>> No.10398530

>oh no is baby upset
I'm not on their side and I think doxxing people is shitty as fuck but this is some cringey shit you're doing right now. Not helping.

>> No.10398533

Dude, its not just the doxxing. All of this is extremely stupid. Have you been in these groups? Its a bunch of lolitas at heart shitting on coords just to get likes and hoping Tyler gives them a high five for it. I'm not going to pretend like I think its not stupid to make them feel better.

>> No.10398534

This behaviour isn't exclusive to this thread, it's been an ongoing thing on facebook for a long time.

Sorry people want to vent about the shitty direction that the online community is taking.

>> No.10398535

This. The online community is steadily devolving and newbies making groups to make fun of newbies with their loose (at best) understanding of the fashion as their template is peak 2020 lolita community

>> No.10398536

I know and I understand actually. But you're being fucking weird about it. Like, you're just stooping to their level.

>is baby upset
you come off like a scrote

>> No.10398537

the world has definitely gone to shit. Not surprising that this would happen to the lolita community honestly.

>> No.10398538

It's been going on like this for a while it's just true lolitas would rather leave than stay and do something about it. These saltine bitches love the how its devolving until someone says something about it than they go on a rant and make cgl threads to justify it. Take op for example the only reason this is a thread is someone from that group got pissed off and thought cgl would agree with their retarded opinion

>> No.10398542

Most of the older lolitas have lowkey said its stupid on social media or in Rosa's case made a video. Hopefully Lor or Tyler will say something so they can all can implode because their idols think that they are, in fact, being dumb as shit

>> No.10398548

It's facebook, everyone can see each others name anyway? And how are they going after them? If they would just straight up post whatever they're dumping in the group under the said pictures if the people they made fun of, I'd at least get the argument. But this reminds me too much of newfags deliberately visiting a place they hate and crying about bullying in the ita/cof/any other thread for the past 8 years.

Seems like I really hit a nerve huh. Don't worry, I'm not one of your ebil boolies. Sorry for not being this upset about some retards gossiping with their may-or-may-not-real names in a group.

>the shitty direction that the online community is taking
We always had places like this. If it's lolitaburger, getoffcgl or lolisecrets/btb, they were always there.

>> No.10398549

and most of those were anonymous. there's an extra level of stupid to doing it for attention

>> No.10398556

I don't think your getting the point. All the group's mentioned were anonymous and not shitflinging retards posting anything hashtagged lolita.

>> No.10398558

Do you... really not understand the difference between lolitas being anonymously petty on the internet and people building open groups for social media clout where the entire purpose is to make fun of coordinates (when most of the users have barely made any themselves)

>> No.10398559

This, you said it better than I could

>> No.10398583

Thank you.

>> No.10398586

Why do you think those two were the same anon?

>> No.10398613

>It's been going on like this for a while it's just true lolitas would rather leave than stay and do something about it.
What is there to do besides argue with the cunts on here who help ruin the community?
I mean, I've been arguing with these bitches for years now and they're still the same little cunts as the ones in the past were. Now they just have more restrictions.

>> No.10398615

I’m OP and actually I’m not here to defend the groups, I can’t stand how salty the newbies are. I was just curious how cgl felt about them. Curious if the people who run those groups are gulls themselves or if this is a new brand of salt exclusive to fb.

>> No.10398617
File: 151 KB, 892x590, fapfap.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>ebil boolies
This is confirmed some fucking larper jerking off while their posting.

>> No.10398634

Just joined one of these groups and oh my god... it was so much weird newbie nitpicking and tired jokes that if you've been a lolita for more then ten minutes you would never have upvoted. Saw a post that was whining about how ita it was that a newb decided to buy white shoes instead of pink based on OPs suggestion... for a dress that had white and pink and it. What the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.10398636 [DELETED] 

Its okay, we can smell your rancid fat flaps and know its you even tho you're "anonymous"

>> No.10398639

post caps please

>> No.10398640

I... what

>> No.10398645

I really want to know who this is and why you think they are me. I just think tag groups are dumb which based on this thread seems to be the prevailing opinion

>> No.10398659

>salty lolita
Wow this is so pathetic.

>> No.10398669

Oh fair, the first couple replies were in defense of these groups so I just assumed.

>> No.10398684 [DELETED] 
File: 95 KB, 960x960, 78620401_1337352986437595_4423267186131337216_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait, THIS is the girl who runs the salty lolita tag groups? Jesus christ. Blind leading the blind.

>> No.10398688

Most of the people in the groups are worse so why would that surprise you

>> No.10398694

You could say the same thing about the girls who do the same thing on this board.

>> No.10398760

Exactly. Just because they’re anon doesn’t excuse the fact that they do the exact same thing.
I’m willing to bet some posting here are in said salt groups.
Also I really don’t think >>10398684 is the owner. If they are.... Jesus.

>> No.10398800

good thing a lot of people here selfpost and don't look like ass.

>> No.10398818

Same here. The person who was told to chill out was dragging a new member and we told them to gtfo and take it here if they wanna be that bitch. OP was right there with the others dunking on posts and they're being a gigantic hypocrite now.

>> No.10398822 [DELETED] 
File: 20 KB, 275x262, 1589939673147.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People keep saying this but there's only one comment from two months ago venting a common issue everyone has
(Pic from lolcow)

>> No.10398834

Yes I do... understand that the difference is that they're posting with their names attached. Which is retarded yes, but they don't seem to care. I don't understand the amount of offense some anons itt take in it.
>when most of the users have barely made any themselves
Another anons said efamous lolitas are posting there, what is the truth?

Imagine spending years on a website, arguing with people you hate and getting mad about them when you could just leave.

What the fuck? Are you really this new?

>> No.10398841

>this random anon with a popular opinion is this specific youtuber I hate
Take your meds anon.

>> No.10399010

>Another anons said efamous lolitas are posting there, what is the truth?
Its mostly newbies although some efamous lolitas post. the goal is getting clout so its not surprising that these are two groups involved. also, we are allowed to shit on stupid behavior. this is /cgl/ if its not for venting then what? again, they put their names on their posts for a reason. if they don't want us making fun of them here than tough. that was their choice

>> No.10399161

honestly i think a couple of people on there would absolutely eat liquidized chicken breasts if it got them attention.

>> No.10399163

It's like no one understands nuance anymore. The rules are guidelines, but guidelines that still need to be followed for about 80-90% to get a good coord. You can bend the rules to a certain extent - no blouse in the heat of summer, shoulders out okay sometimes, but some rules (no tits out, no normie office shirts) are iron clad. Otherwise we get people like that French moron who combined burando mini skirts with whatever she found from the seventies in her parents' closet.

I remember the halcyon days of the very early 2000s, when burando was still kinda hard to obtain and many people into j-fash and lolita just went with what they thought was "loli-able", including everything from hot topic over renaissance fair garb to walmart trash, and they invariably included things like a purple corset, some striped red and black satin, and ended up looking like saloon prostitutes from the old west. They looked so proud of their coords too. Anyone who still has old Shojo Beats knows what I'm talking about.

>> No.10399377

>Imagine spending years on a website, arguing with people you hate and getting mad about them when you could just leave.
This is so old and tired.
You want me to leave but it'll never happen and you'll never know because we're all anon.
Sucks to be you.

>> No.10399379

lol at all the posts that got deleted in this thread
bet a bunch of newfags from FB came here and thought you could post stuff like that.

>> No.10399381

>What the fuck? Are you really this new?
that image isn't new you fucking mega tard.

>> No.10399434

>you'll never know because we're all anon
>treats replies like she knows anons
Something doesn't fit here.

And neither is the word. Lurk more.

>> No.10399437

>And neither is the word
>the word
the fuck are you even talking about.

>> No.10399444
File: 111 KB, 508x376, 1497320407897.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>why yes, of course I only read one post without knowing the context of the conversation and reply in an angry fit calling others tards
Lurk more.

>> No.10399460

No you fucking rabid assmonger.
I'm the following posts:


Care to tell me which word you're referring to or do you want to keep playing it vague so no one can call you on your bullshit.

>> No.10399476

So you don't read your own posts? There is nothing vague lmao, turning up the aggression levels doesn't make you seem any less retarded.

>> No.10399508

Nitpicking whatever they are on about won’t make people suddenly think they age groups aren’t cringe so why don’t we stay on topic?

>> No.10401960

>There is nothing vague
then tell me what word you're referring to in >>10399434
>And neither is the word. Lurk more.

>> No.10402074

Are you high

>> No.10407407


>> No.10407518

Stop bumping your shit thread just to larp.

>> No.10407941

Which tag groups are the ones considered "worse than cgl"? I'd love to join and see bc I doubt it

>> No.10407985

"Sorry, but I don’t think that’s J-fashion" Is allegedly one of them, which i always find hilarious.

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