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Special Ed-ition

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what's the point of living if all conventions are canceled

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Just found out that "CGL" can mean "Caregiver/Little"

Lolitas will never lose our DDLG reputation.

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There’s is a 200% chance that is bullshit. Why are you trusting Urban Dictionary

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It is what first comes up searching cgl on Google for me in the US sadly. But it's usually typed cg/l like how ddlg is often typed dd/lg. I think it's the adult baby fetishists way of having a gender neutral term that doesn't specify whether the baby or "parent" parties are a certain gender.

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Yeah, because it’s the urban dictionary result dumbass

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No need to be rude. I wasn't saying that other people universally interpret it that way. Just saying that it does also get used by those groups.

Cgl isn't the end all be all of lolita stuff anyway, so it's not like creepy fetishists using the term are in some way going to take over that acronym or whatever. Many if not most people in comms IRL avoid talking about cgl anyway.

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So what you're saying is it's a niche gender neutral term that applies to maybe .1% of people in the group, but is theoretically less offensive. So in other words, it's going to be the term everyone is using in a year or so.

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i had thought this was an intentional joke

it's not bullshit though i haven't seen the term used here much. it also describes ageplay couples that don't have a pronounced dom/sub thing going on that are more into age regression shit.

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On this topic, does anybody know what "egl" stands for when the tag "eglcommunity" is used by southeast-asian normies?

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>Just saying that it does also get used by those groups.
My point is that urban dictionary results get bumped to the top of google regardless of their voracity.

When I search the name Ashleigh this is the top result. Doesn’t mean most Ashleigh’s are actually gingers.

Anyone can edit UD for any reason and it doesn’t get edited. It means nothing.

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I've also run into those people back when I used tumblr using those tags and terms because they illegally reblogged lolita and jfash shit from others all the time.

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Well, not "illegally" except for the underage lolitas and jfash users with inappropriate reblog comments, just, non-consensually.

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Have you never seen those ~aesthetic~ tumblr posts that are captioned "ddlg/ageplay/cgl/nsfw do not interact"??? It's definitely a thing on tumblr and has been for at long time now.

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Ngl since they were always lolitas I assumed they meant us

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Elegant Gothic Lolita

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No, I heard the term used by an actual diaper-pooping thot.

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nope. Just go to any social media site and type cgl.

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Does this mean I can cure corona with a trip to 7-11?

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Really? The overwhelming majority of accounts that use those captions are blogs for slime/stimming/pastel/90s childhood aesthetic collages.

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You misunderstood my question but it seems I misjudged my own issue. I just looked through the tags (egl and eglcommunity) and hardly found any posts like the ones I remember. The tags were DOMINATED by elegant gothic lolita, and I had to sift forth some outliers. Mostly I found "extreme gear L-something" military-fags and this one sporty gamer boy tagging their posts as such. It humours me that the EGL military gear company hashtags their brand with the same letter combination as literal armies of frilly women.

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Trump thinks so

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Ive been wearing lolita a long time but never owned bloomers. I just bought my first pair and I’m very excited to receive them (maybe in 6 months but still excited)

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Congrats Anon!

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Wtf, so you've been going commando? Wearing just the thong diaper for years?

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Yeah it was like wearing a kilt ya know the wind whistling through, doing some lunges sometimes just for the heck of it

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more like retards who don't know the difference between the term disinfectants and household bleach.

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I fucking love kilts, so comfortable

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this meme almost bothers me more than the murder hornet shit. he wasn't being literal.

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I miss cons
I am seriously regretting my "economy" apartment

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Bruh, you could see the wheels turning in his head lmao

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B-but the media wouldn't lie to me anon!

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Sure Jan

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Yay! I need to buy a pair of nice ones. I’ve worn lolita for years but at best have a couple of cheap handmade ones

>inb4 no bloomers?!
Bike shorts work fine and I typically wear opaque tights anyway. Literal bloomers are just for fun and are not as essential as you tell yourself they are.

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nta but they do add a little poofiness though

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>ended up cutting my wrists a while ago once or twice
>left me with just enough scars to make me never want to wear short sleeves
>mfw was actually excited to start working out and wearing more revealing outfits this summer
i'm okay now but holy shit do i regret doing that lol

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shea butter and or scar cream everyday you will start to see it fade

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use that shit at night though. Also moisturizing would probably help and even sunscreen.

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are there any particular brands i should be on the look for?

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Me too. I'm so sick of being cooped up in this shithole

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I see kpop idols cover up their scars by just using a wristband/sweatband, assuming you're into j-fashion, a white or light pink one shouldn't draw too much attention

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How large are the scars and how against tattoos are you? Tattooists do scar cover ups if that is something you are interested in.

Otherwise >>10391897 and >>10391864 or just be like me and give up on worrying about it. Most people aren’t that observant anyway

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cerave is fine

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One of my ex-friends keeps trying to contact me and keeps saying that she misses me and that she's different now. I wish I could forgive her, but every time I think of our time together I just think about how she encouraged my eating disorder every time it came up, and I told her that when I decided to stop being friends with her. I'm just not in the right stage of recovery to accept her friendship again, but it's really bothering me that she's so upset without me.

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Does this work for burn scars?

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Nayrt but it should, scar tissue is scar tissue.

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>joann order still on "order processing" for a pickup of like 3 tiny things for TWO DAYS NOW


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my sewing machine broke in the middle of a project. thought it was a timing issue but all attempts to correct it have gotten me nowhere and I'm just tired of tinkering with it now. I technically have the cash to buy a new one but I feel guilty for doing so since I just had a $4000 plumbing emergency I still haven't paid off. guess I'll just rationalize the purchase by saying I'm doing my part to help the economy

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Well yea but It definitely depends on how large the scar is and whether or not you got skin grafts
Moisturizing is the key to most skin issues, the other is getting rid of oils, and that doesn't apply to scars.
For burns though, I imagine sunscreen goes doubly important.

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I like doing this with shit I probably don't need but really want too
Don't feel bad unless you're planning on taking on credit card debt that you're not planning on paying off right away.

If you do that you should feel very bad and put off finishing the project or renting a sewing machine instead.

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i cut myself all up to my elbow on both hands so it's not really something i can cover up with a wristband, sadly. i'll try out the creams you suggested though, tyvm!
i'm not particularly against having tattoos, but i've yet to see sleeves that aren't tacky lol

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>Made a Taobao order since my country has no corona-related shipping restrictions for now
>Everything except one item arrived to SS within a week of making the order
>Been waiting for that single item for four weeks now
>The single item is a goddamn small choker
>It would be insane to ship the rest of the loot to me now and the choker later when it arrives
>Have to continue waiting and it's killing me

I just want my stuff, seagulls

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oh my bad! i didn't realize that was actually a separate thing. that's pretty funny though

i don't really think his intent is that important, you are responsible for clarity in your message when you have a platform as huge as his

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It doesn't help that even when he's clear the media edits videos deceptively and reports on things that didn't happen. If the media can lie and make you look stupid over something as simple as how you fed some fish it's impossible to be clear enough to stop that.

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Been looking at this picture and feeling ugly since a boy looks better than me.

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Is it a boy or "boy" though?

>> No.10392452

Do they have social media? They're trans?

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raised hypertrophic scars will benefit greatly from silicone based scar gels and scar sheets. check them out.

>> No.10392456


Those are what flattened and mostly faded my self harm scars in the past. That and mederma scar gel to fade after it was flatter.

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I like having lolita even if I don't ever wear them. I don't have any rare or special pieces, just old stuff no one really wants anymore because it's what was popular when I was passionate about lolita as a kid that just discovered it (~2006-2012)
I don't go to meets or cons, most activities I do I like to be able to move freely without the weight/mass of petticoats or shoes too cute to scuff up, so I have these beautiful expensive clothes just sitting nicely in my closet that don't get worn.
It makes me a little sad sometimes, but at the end of the day I'm happy to have them there. Maybe someday I'll find an excuse to wear them out, but for now it's just cozy to look at.

>> No.10392511

Consider doing an instagram where you post detail shots of what you love about the pieces. I think that would be a nice way to interact with the items and the community. Old stock photos are blurry, and sellers often post only a zoomed-out view, so having more detail photos of old pieces would be cool to look at.

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2006-2012 is gaining popularity. bet you've got someone's dream dress in there

>> No.10392540


Maybe those dresses are their own dream dresses too. If they're happy to keep them and wait for an occasion to wear them that's totally valid.

>> No.10392541

I think this was debunked to be fake

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nah I have the cash on hand, my credit card is paid off and I intend to keep it that way short of an emergency. a bigger problem I'm running into now though is that I can't even find a sewing machine in my admittedly cheap price range because of all the people making masks. guess I'll take this time to organize my fabric and projects.

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>put on a fair amount of weight being in a abusive long distance relationship
>Have PCOS so weight loss is fucking hard
>finally seeing improvement but not in time to wear anything cute for summer
>everyone is in lockdown and cons are cancelled forever

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What kind of retard stays in an abusive LDR? You deserve whatever fallout there is from it. It’s literally the easiest kind of relationship to break off.

>> No.10392605

I'm starting to really like zoomer trends like the egirl and soft girl looks. I'm 31.

>> No.10392606

Don't cut yourself on that edge there anon.

>> No.10392627

Nayrt but it's so easy to fall out of LDR. If anon is still sticking with it, there's likely other issues, like codependency.

>> No.10392629

OP but I guess I need to clarify since I didn't think I had to spell it out. I have left the relationship. I put on the weight because of the stress from when I was in the relationship.

>> No.10392630

>abusive long distance relationship
Anon, are they beating you through the screen or what?
This anon >>10392598 is correct. Grow some fucking backbone and stop being a dependent loser. Most of the time being alone is better than being in a relationship.

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Nice samefagging, again don't cut yourself on that edge. It's a feels thread not I'm a bitter cunt and need to ree thread.

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I'm trying to get a refund for a con in july and they're making it very difficult. WTF organizers.

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ldrs aren't real

>> No.10392673

Abuse viticms behave in ways that seem irrational or self destructive to an outside observer with alarming frequency

>> No.10392683

>other issues
>like codependency
>implying codependency isn’t a part of abuse
Lmao what

>> No.10392689

Why? Is it because you can’t fuck them?

>> No.10392690

I mean you can... I know this was another lifetime ago but cars and airplanes do exist

>> No.10392691

I mean if you can’t visit them

>> No.10392698

You were replying to someone who said categorically ldrs aren’t real. Most people in ldrs visit their SOs

>> No.10392706

unless you can see eachother at minimum once a month they're not real. and if you're "dating" and don't move in after 2 years it's no good.

>> No.10392708

No one cares

>> No.10392714

Move in at 9 months and marriage at 2 years for me :^)

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god i wish that anon who said they would give someone 10k if they became their friend would give me 10k

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just found one of my DDs online but it’s used and has $150 mark up it’s not even a sought after dress...

>> No.10392783

Rip anon

>found one of my DDs still listed by the same seller after all these years
>price never goes down and I’m sure it’s got some wear to it

What dress was it? I can try and keep an eye out for a better listing for you

>> No.10392809

Maybe you can make them an offer?

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File: 26 KB, 200x200, apps.45782.9007199266731945.debbc4f1-cde0-491b-8c6f-b6b015eecab6.4716cccc-5f37-4bb5-9db1-0c1dbc99003f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I still sometimes think about that viral story about the 9 year old that got his minecraft world deleted by his parent. Makes me think of when my mom threw out my manga collection and burned it to try and make me a more normal child in her mind.

>> No.10392889

It’s on Mercari/Rakuten, I don’t think you can make offers through an SS, can you?

>> No.10392892

Not a same fag, enough with the cope.

>> No.10392898

No one cares you're a miserable cunt starting shit in a feels thread anon. Move on already.

>> No.10392906

even better.

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Someone bought Princess in Love for ~$1k. I don't know how to feel.

I was wondering when this was going to happen. Recently there was another listing for the black colorway on Yahoo JP for ~$800 if I remember correctly.

I own this dress in sax, which is probably the rarest colorway, and I bought it below retail about 2 years ago. The salty person inside me is excited that maybe I'm about to own the next "iconic" dress worth some outrageous price. But I'm mostly shocked and sad that this is more proof of how inflated the secondhand AP market has become.

I know this is just one listing, but anyone selling this dress next is going to use this price as a reference.

RIP us.

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Not more miserable then anon being bullied through the computer by her virtual boyfriend :^)

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Ty for representing said image so perfectly.

>> No.10393061

This is just the result of the OTT sweet comeback. I'm glad I bought mostly everything I wanted when it was cheap, but I'm kind of annoyed that stuff that would stay on fril for ages now sells in minutes.

>> No.10393062

God you're so unbelievable pathetic. I guess pathetic people got to stick together. Stop being a perpetual victim.

>> No.10393072

Forgive me, father

for I have simped.

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someone's projecting pretty hard

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cyber bulling isn't real bitch.

>> No.10393106

There's still a few dresses on my wishlist I'm scared will just completely explode in price. Like you, I'm happy I've snagged so much before the big boom, but even getting jewelry now is battle of who sees it first and who is willing to pay $150+ for a necklace. I remember passing on a necklace that was $50 because it was "expensive" at the time. It goes for $200 now. But calculating all that in, the rest of my wardrobe is suddenly worth a hell ton more.

I thought prices would plummet because of coronavirus, but now it seems like prices are up going up even faster. I wonder if Japanese lolitas are pissed at Westerners for driving prices up? Or is it Chinese lolitas more than Westerners? At this point I don't really know.

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I filled out the BtSSB Special Order form wrong. Someone please shoot me. I missed half the item info. Dying of embarrassment.

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Did you stroke out and forget what thread you're in? No one said anything about bullying. please cry more.

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Have been in an LDR for almost a year and a half and still haven’t even met the guy in person oops

>> No.10393170

Now I’m wondering, what even counts as an LDR? My ex broke up with me over living no more than an hour away because it was too “long distance”, and now I’m dating someone who lives on the other side of the world and our relationship is going great.

>> No.10393199

i work at a joanns and frankly, we get 150 orders everyday and we are required to go chronologically. dont bother if you can get it anywhere else

>> No.10393224

any relationship where the distance is a factor in your ability to meet up. if you live 15, 20, 30 mins away, the distance doesn't really affect you. at 1hr it's a factor in whether you can meet up or not, so I'd consider it long-distance.

>> No.10393236

How do y'all even begin to trust someone enough to go into a LDR? Like I was in the military and dudes/chicks couldn't even go two weeks without fucking someone they weren't supposed to. Not to mention the culture shift is gearing away from loyalty, if not monogamy entirely.

Then there's the whole, lacking physical aspect, I've got plenty of internet friends and a girlfriend that you can't hold hands or even go watch a movie with is basically just a lewd internet friend.

idk, I don't really see the point. That probably means I'm either aromantic or just emotionally stunted.

>> No.10393243

You say that, but I know of at least one person who literally went and drank bleach.

>> No.10393246

this is silly and you are silly. I moved in with and then married my LDR whom I saw once a year. Relationship barely changed after moving in.

My feel is I barely feel like wearing lolita because I never go outside, thanks coronavirus

>> No.10393252

For me it wasn't even a question because holy shit I've never met someone like that in my entire life. "Soulmate" is a stupid word but it was so easy and fun to talk to each other and we had eerily similar outlooks/values/attitudes plus all the same interests. We've been together about 6 years now and are married. No regrets.

We both value honesty very highly and our rule is "if you're interested in someone else let's just discuss it and decide what to do together". We discuss crushes/sexual interest in other people openly and there's really no incentive to cheat or lie as a result. It took some workshopping of jealousy at first to be completely comfortable talking about that stuff, but it's very easy now.

>> No.10393253

I should add that we're monogamous in practice, but open to that changing if it suits us better in a particular circumstance or in the future.

>> No.10393407

All the fun threads on /cgl/ get killed by jannies, shit sucks.

>> No.10393409


>> No.10393416

wait you're in a long distance marriage?

Also Monogamous in practice is just "Poly but not looking for a third", from the sounds of it " open to changing if it suits (((us)))"

>> No.10393434

>emotionally stunted
Well you're on 4chan so mystery solved.
I had trust issues for most of my life because I was paranoid that everyone being nice to me so they could screw me over at a later point, so I was afraid to get close to anyone, much less date them. Then I started developing mutual feelings for a girl I'd known for years and we started dating and I realized that most people were definitely going to stab me in the back but some weren't. And then she cheated on me, so fuck that shit. I'm in my mid 30s now, anyone my age that's still single is single because there's something very wrong with them.

>> No.10393436

Nope. We were long distance and we've lived together for a few years, married for one.

I wouldn't describe it that way because we actively prefer monogamy right now. Anything else sounds messy/too much work/not actually providing enough benefits.

frog meme

>> No.10393437

oh well that works out.

I mean sure but I love my cats and my family. I get mad, I get bored, I get excited, I've just never successfully been romantically interested in someone since high school.

>> No.10393483

Was it the fish tank cleaner guy? Because that was probably his wife trying to murder him and neither were actually Trump supporters...

>> No.10393543

>only a trump supporter would listen to the president's health suggestions

>> No.10393611

let me rephrase, they actively hated trump and thought he was an idiot... like you.

>> No.10393620

>>what is reading comprehension

>> No.10393638

My reading comprehension is fine, it's clearly obvious what you were implying. You seemed to need the clarification yourself.

regardless anyone who drinks bleach voluntarily deserves it, they're idiots and were not meant to survive.

>> No.10393642

dropped a bottle of nailpolish on my favourite blouse

>> No.10393643

>anyone my age that's still single is single because there's something very wrong with them.
this is such a weird take. a lot of people get dumped because males in their late 20s/early 30s suddenly realise they aren't ready for a serious relationship, or were in a relationship with someone who cheated on them and that's why they are single now.

>> No.10393665

That or their partner straight up died. A lot of stuff can happen.

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Starting to think cgl is just a bunch of farting DDLG TERFs

>> No.10393680

we are not ddlg

>> No.10393683

>they actively hated trump and thought he was an idiot

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what's ddlg

>> No.10393687

Diaper Dom Little Girl

>> No.10393688

It's Daddy Dom Little Girl

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File: 3 KB, 698x1284, retard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10393737

Doodoo loser girl/guy

>> No.10393738


>> No.10393791 [DELETED] 

Always remember the 3 Ts

>> No.10393795

paedophilia role play.

>> No.10393803

I'm so glad you're doing better now anon. While this probably isn't helpful for right now I can say from experience that once they silver over people really don't notice at all - especially if you're wearing something funky like jfash or cosplay. You'll get there!

>> No.10393808

That story makes me so sad. I hope you can rebuild your childhood collection!

>> No.10393810

I make offers through Japonica all the time. They just recommend you don't lowball cus they don't wanna be blocked by the sellers I think.

>> No.10393811

tfw To Alice actually has some prints that look really cute but the fabric they're made from is visibly shitty