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We have one for cosplay, so let's have one for lolita

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Aw that’s sad, is the girl on the right wearing a replica next to the real thing?

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Obligatory Cursed-Chan.

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where is she going?

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whenever i see this i always hope that this was just some kids doing an abandoned house exploration. Not the actual home this girl had to grow up in.

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A queen

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I hope so too but that washing in the sink looks fairly new so I'd guess it's her actual home.

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It looks shopped. The floor meeting her feet look strange

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Voldie, she was a troll on cgl, fa and various forums for many years

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Fuck outta here Sieg

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Jesus I'd repressed my memory of this

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Honey cake... :(

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I guess I'm too new, what's the story here? Is that the Nickelodeon awards?

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It was a Mexican teen-oriented pop band who decided to use lolita (with ultra-shortened skirts) as their gimmick

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Eme15 I think

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never forget

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stop self-posting

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Nightmare fuel

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I remember when this happened. This is definitely a blessed image.

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Also relevant.

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Does anyone have a pic of a***** in that fucking frozen dress

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She made a cool cosplay lolita maid

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my heart hurts still

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wrong thread

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posting some oldies. heres from when egl tried to make scene kid lolita a thing

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Hey, make yourself useful and piss off.

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I couldn't understand why this was cursed at first, and then I saw all the food all over her and cried

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It's just bodyline, nothing of value was lost that day.

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This image led to one of the best stories on this board though

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Fuck I think I’ve met them

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Jesus Christ. The things girls will do for burando money...

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Yiiiiiiiiiikes, she does not want to be so close to that toad

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This isn’t cursed it’s iconic

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it was fake and done on purpose

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That’s double cursed.

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She looks super average herself.

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fake like a replica?

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>tfw this is the way i look in AP without alterations needed

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Abysmal self-esteem detected

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Why are his hands hamsterbearrats?

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Still want my own kawaii ass ironing board

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I was waiting for this

Same. Anon, I hope you are doing well and that your pettis stayed poof

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So? I have a cork board covered in a baby skirt that tragically got paint on it. There’s a Japanese lady who makes and sells pillows from AP prints. Brand isn’t sacrosanct and that ironing board is forever

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definitely cursed but a repressed part of me loves this

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i think the story that image was posted with said that a family member did that with the poster's burando without permission

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*Brando ironing board.
If you dont use it youre ita

>> No.10390849

*burando ironing board

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The teen soap opera had a band and they called it their own invention called "cupcake fashion"

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Do you have caps, by chance? I don't even know what keywords to search in the archive.

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This is only cursed because of her horrid personality.

>> No.10391106

I don't, but the short version is that she posted here, recognized herself, and then a Jojo cosplayer asked her for photos of that coord so he could have a bodypillow made with her photos on it so he could recreate that shot. The madman actually delivered too.

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They also ended up dating

>> No.10391119

Yeah, good stuff. This board is alright sometimes.

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it is a curse

>> No.10391180

Is... is this what I have to do to get a cosplay bf?

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I remember when this was posted. As I recall, it was her real home and she was totally unaware there was anything weird about it.

If you’re out there, house-chan, I hope you got the fuck out and the pretty dresses you deserve.

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Link to this? Or possibly keywords I could type in the archive to find it?

>> No.10391212

how does a man with barely any eyes manage to make an expression like that

>> No.10391216

Reminds me of that gothic lolita and her neckbeard fiance. I think she deleted that photo off CoF though, I can't find it anymore.

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Wow I recognize this girl and used to have a huge crush on her!!! She did some weird scene kid version of gyaru too. In hindsight they were all awful but the nostalgia cushions the blow

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Is this a badly photoshopped bjd? What is happening?

>> No.10391346

This girl's whole shtick is she photoshops herself to look like an uncanny doll

>> No.10391684

>young joseph
good taste

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I just don't understand who thought this would be a good idea

>> No.10391813

It's that normie mentality.

>> No.10391814

Ok I really don't like Orihime but this is just insulting

>> No.10391815

It’s how itas happen. They want to wear the cute unique thing but are too afraid to commit, so they just wind up in the stupid void in between

>> No.10391816

I think I’ve seen that honey cake come up in second hand sales somewhere??

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the only good thing that came out of this was literally that they added those clothes to Stardoll

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Oh damn they really did

>> No.10391978

Did they purposefully have it tailored to be shorter? That's pretty tacky on it's own, but even tackier for a red-carpet event.

>> No.10391979

nayrt I think it's either a replica or the girl is just tall af

>> No.10391990

Damn, she's keeping it extra tacky I see, thanks for point it out.

>> No.10392051

Pretty sure it wasn't a replica.

>> No.10392068

isn't that like not ok?

>> No.10392095

As far as I remember none of them were replicas and they did in fact have the dresses tailored to be that short.

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What is this, an ita for ants?

>> No.10392102

I instantly had a rush of memories of coming home from 5th grade and getting on Stardoll everyday.

>> No.10392107

I wish stardoll was still fun.

>> No.10392424

That's just as evil as getting a replica, Honeycake deserves better

>> No.10392429


It would be one thing if they were tailored to fit the girl, but doing it just to show more leg is disappointing to hear, even if they can do whatever with their purchases...

>> No.10392468

If you did that with a normie high-end brand at a TV event, it would be considered an insult to the designer. It's not quite the same situation I guess, but it still feels a bit tacky.

>> No.10393986

If it was just an abandoned house, it's really unlikely all that shit would still be there unless the occupants just left within the last few months. If a bunch of rando kids knew it was abandoned, the bank/mortgage company and/or the city would know by then too and would've at least had the dishes and appliances scrapped.

>> No.10394020

Who is she?

>> No.10394096

Check the farms.

>> No.10394375

I would legit like this without the sketchers and maybe with a black transparent blouse

>> No.10394377

I miss when ultra thin was cool

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are you sure about that >>10394393

>> No.10395004


If you search 'lolita dakimakura' you can find posts

>> No.10395037


>> No.10395042

Eh, it depends. Most cases the management team is supposed to reach out to the brand and get custom clothes done. It's likely they tried and got no response and then decided to just alter pre-existing designs, which happens quite often. Lolita burando isn't exactly high end to most red carpet walkers

>> No.10395130

Give me a name I can't find her

>> No.10395136

This image is more blessed than cursed

>> No.10395163

Yep but I'm not sure if she broke up with him because there's no photos of them together anymore. She did get teased here pretty bad for having a fiance that looked like that though. Typical.

>> No.10395189

i always pictured her as a lesbian. i am disappointed

>> No.10395201

nobody liked you then, bitch

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k8 b8

>> No.10395216

liminal lolita

>> No.10395223

in this case it certainly fits the cursed description

>> No.10395378

Are there still any photos of them up on the internet in general? I'm really curious now but I can't find anything in the archives.

>> No.10395381

You’ve obviously never been in an abandoned building anon. I’ve been in plenty where there are full home set ups. The bank doesn’t want to pay to scrap or sell things, they’ll make the person they sell to clean it up

>> No.10395384


>> No.10395386

Nobody really knows I think, it's just a famous picture that's been doing the rounds for about 8-9 years.

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Weird flex

>> No.10395780

How is this a flex?

>> No.10395781

PICS??? I wanna see

>> No.10395801

>you've obviously never been in an abandoned house
Before you call me retarded, I understand that you weren't actually bragging, it's just that the way you phrased that is funny because people often start sentences like that before they flex on someone
It's just a joke

>> No.10395814

No that anon but ok, senpai.

>> No.10395837

I just don't wanna derail anything

>> No.10395853

What happened?

>> No.10395857

God this pic is so iconic honestly

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Some chick in my comm made this

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Some anon got her bssb dress turned into an ironing board cover.

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She’s not even ultra thin????

>> No.10397404

I guess what anon means as apposed to the thicc trend that's going on with people getting ass and titty implants.

>> No.10397684

all hail mana-sama

>> No.10397770

Nah she broke up with him, even though she boasted about how supportive he was and called him her husband. If it makes lesbian anon feel better, I think she’s dating a woman now, a few weeks after her breakup with the dude. She posted a picture of herself borrowing her partners coat

>> No.10398122

How to make incels seethe.

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That's what bpd smells like

>> No.10398787

>the daki never got made but they got together

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How has piss chan not made it into this thread yet?

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This is the cursed image thread not the blessed image thread.

>> No.10404109

She looks average. Most lolitas are mediocre otaku themselves. This isn't that shocking to me.

>> No.10404112

>ultra thin
>those arms
she's an average sized woman. the fatties you live around have warped your perception

>> No.10404113

uh even if you only rate that girl as a 5, the guy is a 0

>> No.10404125

if he's got the $$ who cares?

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