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Lockdown continuation edition

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Rufflechat is so ~politically correct~ it feels like really a lot of hassle to interact with people. How did lj comm survive all the way long? Were we just overly privileged bitches making some exclusive bubble comm?

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The issue is the medium. Forums require more investment and saying things like “search the archive first” to newbs was possible. Now every lolita at heart can participate with a like or quick comment and the most engagements (read: dumb newb questions and drama) get pushed to the top

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I miss milkyfawn =(

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>has lolita best friend since 2015ish
>we always would hang out and talk daily
>best of friends
>friend got too busy to hang out and kept forgetting to reply to messages but understandable around 2018
>less and less time together
>but still consider her my bff
>suddenly last year, replies were only once every one or two months
>kept checking in almost daily or weekly but no replies sometimes
>last full convo was in august
>ask friend how she is still almost biweekly but still no replies
>say happy holidays, her bday passes and no reply back
>all of the sudden in feb, her accounts seemed to have been deleted
>contact her through phone number and no reply
>gets worried and sent letters
>sadly lockdown happens and cant go to her house to see what is up
>time passes and I made a new insta for hobbies and general fashion
>sees her insta being suggested to me
>she's active, has a new bf suddenly that I never heard of
>realized that she has blocked me all over SM and my phone number
>contacted her over the weekend on new fb and insta accounts
>sees her active but no reply back to messages
>even more sadder

What makes it even worst to me is that we have told each other everything and anything and all of the sudden I am blocked all over the place. I want to say it might be influenced from her new current boyfriend but I can't say.

I do not know if to even continue trying to contact her but she was my first actual friend and thought we would be friends forever as silly as it sounds. I just want a friend.

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I decided to be cheap and pay €2 less for a cheaper shipping method than the recommended one. It has been three weeks and it hasn’t even left the country of origin yet. The worse part is yet to come, as I just checked the reviews for this method and besides the fact that it apparently takes over two months, the chance for it to get lost are really high. I wish I had just paid €2 more, I would have had it now. (According to the website of my Shopping Service it was only a week longer than the recommended one.)

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I had that happen to me and it’s hard. But you need to stop and move on. you have to understand that she doesn’t want to talk to you for whatever reason. Constantly contacting her will make her hate you and it will stop you from healing. Delete her number, unfollow her everywhere. Move on.

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Are you Autistic? If someone is not replying, they don’t want to talk to you. Continuing sending messages even after the other person stopped replying is really creepy, I would also block you if you kept sending me messages.

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The good: I'm down to a 68cm waist! I was 75/76 back in November, slowly but surely getting down to my goal measurements.

The bad: I'm really overspent the past 2 months on lolita and I feel really awful about it. It's easy to keep seeing things you want at good prices and just pressing 'buy' once or twice a week... but seeing how much it all is added up is sobering. I'm going to be better.

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There are no pink OTKs on lacemarket so I had to resort to taobao reseller because I'm too stupid to do anything else. Plus, I had many pairs of pint OTKs but I think I lost them in a move or something. Those things are expensive second hand still for dirty sole having ass stretched out pattern looking fall down your knee type shit.

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>How did lj comm survive all the way long

Spirit of the times, people were a lot edgier back then and there was a lot more you could get away with saying. Around 2012/2013 it was honestly like a fucking switch was flipped and suddenly getoffegl's rudest bitches were sworn guardians of political correctness.

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She sounds like a coward. She could at least have told you she doesn't want to be friends with you any more. A decent person would do that.

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It’s true. I’m >>10386612 and when it happened to me, I was pissed because it’s ridiculously immature. But continuing to contact her is also immature, especially when you know she’s a crap friend now. Just giving yourself a minute to cry about it, shit talk about her behavior to a couple of people and moving the fuck on is the best thing you can do

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This made me really sad anon. You deserve better.

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Thanks for the advice, I honestly wish she would have told me to fuck off or something instead of ghosting me while knowing our history together.

And I knew continuing to contact her is immature and kinda autistic like how >>10386615 put it but I was desperate to keep the friendship and wanted some closure but I guess I will never get it.

I will just go cry about it for a bit then pull myself back together after and try to make new friends in time.

Thanks anons.

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She doesn't deserve you.

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I've ghosted people, and it's because of being a coward. Usually something about them bothers me and I don't want to be friends anymore and also feel uncomfortable telling them.
However I've never had someone aggressively check in or ask why, I'd answer if they did that. It's more like slowly ignoring until they got the hint.

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The same thing happened with other rude bitch lj comms like stupid_free and sf_drama. The reason is that these people join social justice because it gives them a whole movement behind them to bully people and act like shit while at the same time feeling morally superior. Not because they actually care about social justice issues.

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Dont cry for her.
Block any memory and wipe her past from your head. Dont let any thought.
Dont block her tho. Always leave a door open

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Tell them anon. Whatever bad it is, ghosting it way worse. Please dont do.
Also try to explicitly tell people what you dont like on them. It is simple and avoids a lot of problems. Nobody will kill you or something.

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What if it hurts their feelings more?
If you don't tell them at least they can think you're just a shit or their boyfriend is influencing them.

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>Always leave a door open
That makes no sense. Don't open yourself up for manipulation by someone who didn't simply ghost but went through all the effort to block you.

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Your advice is really tactless, please stop.

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I’m >>10386623 and this is terrible advice. People often drift a part so for the average acquaintance or friend-ish person simply not contacting them is plenty and is way less rude than saying you don’t like them.

The difference between that and what the OP and I went through is that we were very close and talked regularly, and to expect that to go away without explanation is childish and immature. Sometimes you need to say something, but honestly a lot of times you don’t. There is nuance here. Regardless, OP needs to take the hint and stop reaching out for their own sake

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It wasn't even about being edgy, back then people were allowed to mind their own busines without taking this responsibility of strangers.

I run into this discussion on whether older members should protect younger lolitas from predators. Most of people were like totally yes, but there also was this post saying people should not treat people of bigger height/size as human shield. All of these sounded almost equally woke, so I kinda got stuck.

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I don’t want to sound rude, but can you rephrase that? It doesn’t make any sense.

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What part exactly?

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>I run into this discussion on whether older members should protect younger lolitas from predators. Most of people were like totally yes, but there also was this post saying people should not treat people of bigger height/size as human shield. All of these sounded almost equally woke, so I kinda got stuck.

Do you mean that people are saying that physically larger humans should protect lolitas from predators?

I hope not. That’s not “woke” it’s just weird

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>chipmunk mouth
>lunatic glare
Not cute but I feel it

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Jesus if there was ever a larger/crossboarder post

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Girl, I've hit "buy" almost every other day. I already have at least $1k sitting in Japan because of shipping suspensions. Last night I bought a pair of socks from CC, that I already have, just to feel something. Don't be ashamed.

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fucking this. that's when sf_drama and the other communities stopped being funny as well. Myself and a lot of others moved to smaller groups without the sjws, but it was never the same.

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I guess I messed up the human shield part. Some person said that taller people are sometimes expected to be a protection for those who's smaller in height or size. They described how they were getting home from a meetup at night and got approached by drank guy, so some lolita stepped behind them. That comment got some support, but not as much as "women should look out for women" ones tho.

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Believe me, it doesn't.
I myself would prefer this 1000x more than ghosting.
By ghosting you can risk make people suffer forever just like >>10386594, instead of one big punch.
At least this way you have a chance to make things right with that person. Some people change you know.
i've been ghosted before, and for something that could easily be fixed if said person didn't ghost me and told me what is wrong. Good people exist there, anon.

Believe me, it is not tactiless at all. That is the right thing to do.
By ghosting you let the person suffering, and not just that, you also prevent that person from evolving. It will happen to her again and again and she will have no idea why.
Just break the cicle. Have the guts to say to her what is wrong. Explain her what is wrong and if she wont change her behavior you will cut ties with her. Just dont be agressive at all. Be assertive, just like a conversation with your son. Also leave the door open for that person.

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i remember this too. wf was a huge perpetrator of this. she would chime in against other minorities about wa and kilts and everything else.

>> No.10386716

>saying you don’t like them
You dont say you dont like them, but explicitly what in their behaviour you dont like in them

>> No.10386719

As an ex-admin of a lolita comm, i say that one should look after another, but one has to learn how to walk with their own legs also

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I wish there was something moderately sjw, dealing with trads ain't fun either.
At another hand, does it really necessary to mix lolita and feminism together. I might take yes as answer if that's really needed tho, but idk what's common between fucking clothes and politics?

>> No.10386723

i don't think it's necessary at all. tumblr young sjws just mix their politics with every fucking thing and they are the ones attracted to jfash.

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Not calling people to hang out isn’t traumatic for 90% of relationships. This happens with people I really *would* enjoy spending time with. How is it bad when I just don’t want to hang out with them. Again, if they are a close friend you should talk with them. But you really don’t owe that one person you hung out with a couple of times a long paragraph about how they aren’t vibing with you. You sound exhausting. Also lay off the enter bar.

>> No.10386739

>Not calling people to hang out isn’t traumatic for 90% of relationships.

You sure about that? After all, you didn't talk to even 10% of the people you ghosted. How do you know?

Believe me: It sucks.

>How is it bad when I just don’t want to hang out with them

You have all the right to not hang out with anybody if you dont want to, but is not difficult to just say to said person: "Anon, i dont wanna hangout with you anymore because of [xxxx]"
Give the next one a chance, you will not regret.

>> No.10386745

Whyd you get ghosted?

>> No.10386758

lol you sound really clingy anon. also if you approach people like you're suggesting there's often drama.

>> No.10386787

it might help them grow as a person?

>> No.10386788

>Last night I bought a pair of socks from CC, that I already have, just to feel something. Don't be ashamed.
you should not be giving people advice

>> No.10386789

Nayrt, but that is clearly not advice.

>> No.10386792

Jesus I read this and it sounded like me lol. I am in the same boat anon, but Ive resorted to buying tights off amazon

>> No.10386891

quarantine has made me withdraw from everyone in my life and my anxiety has been really unmanageable. having suicidal thoughts for the first time in a while and it just fucking sucks.

>> No.10386893

Same Anon. I was doing really well for a couple of years and even at the start of this thing I thought I'd be OK. But it's wearing on me. All the anxiety I thought was gone was suddenly back.

I've been feeling better the last couple of days though so there is hope.

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It's kind of interesting to see how differently people react to this lockdown. I feel like I got my long awaited break from everything. My job, school, everything was stressing me out.
Now I'm kind of doing better in a wierd way. I'm still stressed and depressed, and scared as hell, but at least I don't have to listen to my boss yelling at me.

>> No.10386914

Jelly. My job got harder, because now i have to answer phones, do curbside pick up and run packages from the back to the front of the store and vice versa. If I could give up the income for the next month I would with no hesitation.

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I remember when I was trying to take a dump when some bitch dressed as Snow White stood outside the stall and started reading Mystic Messenger aloud in a high pitched voice.

I miss cons.

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I wear fairy kei/retro fancy style and am scared of the notion that some small indie brands and artists won't be around after this virus passes. Kiki2 and all related stores closed because they couldn't pay employees and rent. A couple of my other favorite stores haven't posted updates in weeks

>> No.10386978

The lockdown isn't fucking me up, it's my professors who CLEARLY never done anything online who are.

I can't even enjoy the break because I'm stuck in front of a computer 10 days doing school work because most of my professor think more paper assignments= valid online work

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I was really excited to get back into using watercolors with the free time I have in quarantine, so btssb's contest was the perfect platform for me to work something up.
well, I slaved over it, worked really hard and...it wasn't quite what I wanted, but hey, I worked hard, I'll post it.

no sooner do I post it, I click on the hashtag. everyone's art is so so much better than mine. they've got better concepts and cleaner art.

I deleted my tweet. I don't even want to look at the picture I drew. it looks so amateur. I'm so ashamed, I really hope no one saw it. I've been crying on-off all night, I'm really insecure about my artwork and this made me realise there's no point.

>> No.10387016

I'm sure you've heard this a million times, but you're always your own worst critic.

>> No.10387035

So what if you think it’s bad? You still spent the time to make something, which is more than what most people are doing in quarantine. With each new piece that you make, you learn something new, even if you don’t realize it right away. Post the picture again. Keep making art and keep posting even when you think they suck. Keep making things and a year or two down the road, you’ll be able to look back and see how you’ve improved

>> No.10387036

why do you have to be better than everyone else? that seems like a stuck-up way to live.

>> No.10387037

aw fuck, I wish I knew about this contest sooner. I would've drawn something. And I'm seconding >>10387016 but if anything, just keep working on your art and you will definitely get better

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Thinking of selling my sweet dresses. They’re mostly pastel pink and I feel like I’ve grown out of that, except I also feel like I would regret it since I already regret selling one of them... It’s not like I wear them anymore. I usually reach for my classic pieces more. Think I have a problem.

>> No.10387092

wow way to be a cunt. anon wasn't upset other people had good art she was insecure that hers wasn't on the same level. have some tea and calm down.

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I'm 31 (tall and thin though) and I'm starting to lose my love for this fashion because of the stupid Itas and all the people who want to turn it into drag/clown/cosplay inspo/and whatever the fuck else people want to do in order to push the "limits" of this already out there fashion.

Oh well. I'm just butt hurt and hate fun I guess.

>> No.10387108

My fucking package is 4+ months delayed
Like seriously?? You can't make it any less??

>> No.10387111

there is a pandemic happening. maybe pull your head out of your ass

>> No.10387112

>31 (tall and thin though)
is there a reason you felt the need to state that

>> No.10387116

Honestly when I see people over 27 says they lose interest in the fashion are 5'2 300 lbs moms. Thought I would state that I (IMHO) still look nice in all my coords and that's the reason I'm feeling so bummed out about the state the fashion is in.

Why can't I be like Fanny Rose. She's so happy and lovely and is a lonelita and likes it.

>> No.10387129

Why do you even give a fuck what other people do? If you love the fashion it should be because you love wearing it, not because of what other people do with it??? Maybe it's because I'm a lonelita and have always been (since 2003) but seriously? Wear what you want to wear because you like wearing the clothes?

>> No.10387153

today I learned a (kind of semi famuos) lolita I admire is trans and I don't know how to feel about it

>> No.10387157

Fanny complains about everything and doesn't seem happy at all. Don't compare with what people appear to be on social media, just do what you want and be happy.

>> No.10387161

I feel the same and I'm terrified of going back to the office. I get all my work done in a matter of hours because I don't have to help anyone else with their pointless busy work. Going back to not feeling like my time is my own makes me want to fucking die.

>> No.10387162

Can't you just do you and ignore the losers? Personally, it kind of gives me a sick sense of satisfaction to know that most people in this fashion look like shit and I look pretty alright.

>> No.10387163

Fanny is miserable and not aspiring any more. Her coords arent so impressive now and as >>10387157 says she complains about everything and I think regrets a lot of her choices in life. A little bit sad.

>> No.10387170

Practice makes perfect, anon.
Any job will look like shit in the 1st time, and the 2nd, and the 3rd...
But if you keep practicing you will get a point where you don't suck anymore.

>> No.10387191

I ordered some socks from a seller in China 2 months ago through Lacemarket and they still haven't got here...is it safe to assume they are now gone forever?

>> No.10387192

ok but I have literally spent like $500 on closetchild during this lock down.

>> No.10387206

Same, I'd rather enjoy a community where everyone isn't walking on eggshells constantly but I don't care for edgelords either. Asking people that dress like this to act normal though seems like a tall order, the fashion attracts attention seekers.

>> No.10387240

fucking same and it sucks theyre not shipping. but at least theyre willing to hold my stuff.

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>parcel marked "returned to sender" in the middle of April
>SS still has not received it
>SS allows storage for up to 45 days
>had to ship some things today
>missed out the item that has 20 days left
I really hope my parcels don't all arrive at the same time and I get hit by customs.

>> No.10387269

if she looks good/dresses well enough to warrant admiration who cares

>> No.10387293

I am extremely self conscious about my art and I have started playing a game with other people’s art to show myself that it is mostly my issues. When I see something I like I have myself pretend I drew it. Instantly my eye goes to all the things wrong with it. If it’s true lay professional I might not find problems, but most people’s art has mistakes that would bother you if it were your own. It’s okay to make mistakes while learning. We all need to to improve

>> No.10387299

who lol

>> No.10387301

What does it matter unless you're getting in bed with her

>> No.10387308

Same boat. Keep them until you get sick of having them, even if that’s 10 years

>> No.10387358

>these people join social justice because it gives them a whole movement behind them to bully people and act like shit while at the same time feeling morally superior

This honestly just helped me have a personal revelation about a former friend and why they became an sjw. Back around 2013 I had a cosplay friend who was always a bit of a bully, but was just nice enough to keep people around. Then suddenly overnight she became a holier-than-thou sjw. She had anger issues and borderline personality disorder and she would use social justice issues as an excuse to fly off the handle and scream at strangers.

Over the next few years she did some really fucked up stuff and tried to use her personality disorder as an excuse to get away with it. Luckily everyone we were friends with in the cosplay scene had been getting sick of her shit too. We all had pretty big falling outs with her. She then showed up to the biggest con in our area hoping to make a big scene and either come off as an sjw hero or an uwu I’m a victim give me pity/attention. But everyone just ignored her the entire weekend and we haven’t seen her at another con since then, so I’m glad we didn’t sink to her level and engage her in any form.

>> No.10387371

What kind of trans? Like mtf and passes really well, or "trans"ing into nonbinary or ftm with zero effort?

>> No.10387372

Tumblr BPD attitudes really did a number on a lot of things. I won’t lie, I’m actually really invested in some IRL social justice causes, but internet SJW tumblrinas aren’t worth the time of day

>> No.10387374

It's sad to lose friends but it's kind of nice you all mutually ousted her. Instead of them infiltrating the group and ruining it because nobody wants to say anything.

>> No.10387375

There's always going to be someone better than you. But there are also always those who are worse than you. I'll bet there's at least one person who admires your art if you think about it.

I find that art prompts and "draw one thing a day" challenges are good for getting you back into the art groove. Last year I drew one piece a day for the month of October and it got me more interested in doing digital art after not having done it for several years.

>> No.10387379

Wait same actually. I knew a girl who always bragged/joked that she was top bitch in elementary school and like got a bunch of people to stop talking to a girl for apparently a year. I knew her in high school and she used the "x is abusive/racist/whatever" to get everyone to drop some poor victim of hers every 6 months or so

>> No.10387626

>Fanny is miserable and not aspiring any more.

Aww, how come?

>> No.10387650

Im looking at this thread and im genuinely surprised. How do girls even find 4chan?
The only girl i've ever known to use 4chan was my sister and she hated it lol. How did you all discover this place and how do you tolerate it?[spoiler/]

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>finally stable enough financially to go to a convention in years
>figure out a cosplay to do and start doing research
>quarantine happens
>lose job

>> No.10387669


>>be 16 in 2015?
>>be oppossed with Transformers and mecha porn.
>>internet leads me to find /m/
>> /m/ used to be clank clank red board for TFs and Gundams
>>anons ports >>refpost to something on /co/ about Transformer getting a live action movie whaaaaaaat?

I've been here ever since.

>> No.10387671

There’s no spoilers on this board and we found 4chan through the lolita and cosplay community... which this board is for. 4chan isn’t a super secret bunker

>> No.10387672

Be batshit crazy

>> No.10387674

lolcats > b > d > vg > cgl

>> No.10387676

magic and also the fact that the internet isn't a secret club

>> No.10387677

Fuck off retard

>> No.10387682

Yeah of course 4chan isn't super secret, but it's got a heavy filter to it that makes many normies find it disgusting/repulsive, confusing and hard to navigate or enjoy. Not as many girls are """cultured""" enough in terrible internet tomfoolery to enjoy 4chan.

That's why I was surprised is all. The fashion is cute btw and dare I say attractive and more girls should do it

>> No.10387688

What does she complain about? And where, on her insta?

>> No.10387691

>how the girls even find 4chan
The same way you scrotes do. Women don't live in another dimension you know. However I would never go beyond this board because 4chan fucking sucks.

>> No.10387694

"4chan fucking sucks" you're missing out.

>> No.10387696

i love how a new retarded scrote posts about how surprised he is girls use the internet to this board once a week

>> No.10387697

holy shit you fucking cringelord shut up you sound like a fucking white knight. I bet you owned a fucking fedora

>> No.10387698

don't dare to say it, we're all lesbians and nobody cares

>> No.10387699

Jesus fucking christ you are embarrassing. At least you have your secret 4chins to take care of you at night.

>> No.10387700

Ah yeah, if there are more of you then I really gotta get off board and become “””cultured”””

>> No.10387710 [DELETED] 
File: 2.00 MB, 569x320, r9k wholesome trans.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10387712

Even if I was retared enough to venture beyond this board, it's clear my kind aren't welcome there so no thanks.

>> No.10387713

samefag, but you're probably going to save your edgy gifs for what ever board you came from.

>> No.10387715

no one gives a fuck what you think is attractive

>> No.10387761

>>>/wsr/ is a reasonable board. Makes me feel good when I can actually help people.

>> No.10387781

Listen here you old fuck, you should quit. You obviously care more about what other (younger) lolitas are doing. You have no passion left for your own lolita. Graduate.

>> No.10387782
File: 733 KB, 768x614, 1578097578205.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone here worn anything revealing or sexually teasing as a costume to a convention?
Anything to look out for, or should know before doing this?

>> No.10387788

Are you autistic

>> No.10387792

Its a fairly straight forward question, anon.

>> No.10387796

My question is, what does your question have to do with Alphinaud, Alisaie and Krile?

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Why does every OnlyFans thot have a "daddy" who looks like his name should be Cletus?

>> No.10387808

I dont much get it either, I want to be an onlyfans thot but only with another cute boy

>> No.10387820

I had three dresses that arrived a few weeks before shit hit the fan in my country. I got really busy and felt kinda down about lolita cause I was gaining weight so I put them away and didn’t try them on. Now I’m home all the time I exercise every day and eat better, and just tried on two of those dresses and I love them. They fit fine and look beautiful and it has really cheered me up. I’m saving trying on the third dress for when staying home is driving me really crazy now.

>> No.10387828

this is the inspo i needed right now, good for you anon!

>> No.10387833

because only sad ugly dudes with no self-resect date an ethot.

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>get rid of toxic male in my life that only wanted me as a sex object with none of my feelings or an actual relationship
>he had kept flirting around with the idea of me being his girlfriend and for a while I essentially was and that's why I stayed so long
>mom gets diagnosed with stage 4 cancer
>grandma gets diagnosed with stage 2 cancer
>really missing toxic male because it'd be nice to have someone to talk to that would feign interest even if it was only for nudes
>trying to convince myself I don't need anyone and I'm fine
>dad tests positive for COVID-19 and I can't work because I work at a restaurant
Life is literally always giving me such a big FU and I want to be positive for everybody but it's so hard and I don't know how to keep my head up right now
I've been debating trying to add him back because I'm kinda pathetic and just need somebody to be able to cry to

>> No.10387840

Please don’t go back to that person. Do you have any friends or a blog you can use to vent your feelings?

>> No.10387843

98% of my friends are online because it's hard for me to socialize in person due to previous experiences. I've been talking to them about my dad and some people know about my mom. Convinced now more than ever I need a therapist because I keep a lot of stuff in and it keeps building up. I try to drown it in video games and funny videos but that only lasts for so long

>> No.10387845

I'm so irritated
>friends with boyfriends friends
>one of them gets a gf
>I guess they thought we could be besties because now I'm being dragged to all these double dates
>I just ignore her and vice versa, she makes no attempt to talk to us
>tell bf I dont care about her and he calls me mean
I have had like 2 friends since childhood and his friends and I'm comfortable with that. I dont know if I'm autistic or what but I genuinely have no interest in socializing with anyone else. I'll be friendly but for some reason I dont like her.

>> No.10387857

apply for unemployment and get some help anon, therapists are doing online sessions.

>> No.10387860

I have trouble deciding on what clothes to buy, its like I want to try out several different styles but I don't know if i'll wear it more than once. I really wish I could try on lolita clothes anywhere but of course that's not possible. Sometimes I draw in my sketchbook what I think I'd look like in things as a compromise.

>> No.10387874

It's pretty shitty of them to just assume you'll be friends.

>> No.10387920

thanks for validating my irritation lmfao

>> No.10387921

No, but it is safe to assume that there's a global pandemic happening and your socks are a pretty low priority for postal workers.

>> No.10387922

Anyone else kinda weirdly content but disgusted at themselves at the moment? Being stuck inside most of the time by myself I've just kinda given up on taking care of myself that much, hardly dressing, not shaving, awful hair... But at the same time it's weirdly liberating.

>> No.10387946

>>10387191 dude chill

>> No.10387947

Usually it’s either about her social media engagement or how difficult it is to have randos messaging her that she’s pretty. Or whining about how she’s poor when she only does par time freelance work

>> No.10387948

Is it Connie? LUL I’m a boy with no bewbs now but I still only wear dresses and wigs here is a 5 minutes video of me mouth breathing and tilting my head and 10 pictures but I’m so ugly and awkward and hate how I look boohoo

>> No.10387950

take care of yourself, you're on the road to depression. I know its hard when you have no one to go out and meet and so no real motivation to look nice, but it will help you in the long run to feel better about yourself if you keep up your hygiene.

>> No.10387988

Bless you. I’ve been depressed lately but I should try working out and dressing up more. I have no excuse... I am literally a personal trainer and am making workouts I can just cop for myself. I’m going to work out before I logon today and maybe put on a comfy coord. Thanks.

>> No.10387994

Yes, a few times. It was okay, no issues regarding it being sexually teasing itself.
I got harassed once (by a unrelated reason).
The person thought it would be fun to slap me on the neck due to a joke from the anime. Fucking teenagers.
But overall had a great time.

>> No.10387995

I’ve been fine during most of this lock down but within the last week I’ve started getting depressed. Not even sure why, nothing has changed from previous weeks.

>> No.10387997

Are you me? I hate when people force me to be friends with others when I have a small amount of people I'm truly interested. Don't worry, your feelings are valid

Just make it clear to your bf that the other girl clearly doesn't give a shit either so why should you?

>> No.10388004

I feel this. I can't focus anymore, not sure if I'm getting depressed or it's undiagnosed ADHD I managed to suppress until now.

>> No.10388007

Could be both. My adhd gets horrific when I am depressed but I can skate by under the radar when my emotions are in check

>> No.10388008

Meta coming through with their stellar customer service.
I sent an email after the GW Special Set Sold Out over night to see if more would be in stock.
Lo and behold, they email me this morning with a reserved listing for me.
Now I have way too much in the mail but who cares, it's all burando.

>> No.10388014

Meta is the best brand and I will fight people on that

>> No.10388019


Same anon. I'm essential so I still have to go to work but on the weekends i can't even unwind properly.

>> No.10388026

I've been so thirsty to get lolita shit that I've been buying off of taobao. This is a new low.

>> No.10388029

Let me know if it ever arrives. I’m between buying shoes off amazon or finally trying some taobao blouses. I am a broken women.

Someone tell me if CD Japan is shipping so I can try MAM instead

>> No.10388030

Same. It gets bullied for the meme on this site but I honestly love it to pieces.

>> No.10388037


CDJapan is shipping right now. For some reason they didn't let me choose DHL at checkout this time like usual so I picked EMS, but when I emailed them and requested it be shipped with DHL they refunded me the difference (a little over 800 yen, apparently the DHL shipping was cheaper? I only ordered one JSK though)

So if DHL ships to your country and you're not on the completely banned countries list you should be good to order from them.

>> No.10388038

What can I say? I like solids and their basics line is a direct shot into my taste. Plus they are the easiest to order from and have the best customer service I’ve experienced.

>> No.10388039

Thanks. I am American do DHL is fine. I think I’ll pick up something then. I’ve been meaning to try them for years

>> No.10388043

I wish when Japan Post's suspension to the US was announced, our packages were just returned to sender.

I'm worried my EMS package that's been sitting around since the first week of April is literally going to mildew. It's just clothes, but I don't know what kind of conditions it's being kept/stored in while in the post offices. I rather it get lost so I can claim my money, than recieve moldy brand.

>> No.10388044
File: 244 KB, 807x797, BE5620E4-3194-4E44-B229-7E20F753A3E3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I emailed wunderwelt about the exact same problem and this was their reply. I’m not in love with what’s happening but it does help to have a confirmation of what’s going on

>> No.10388049

I had heard that CC, WW, etc can't get the packages back, which really sucks. According to my tracking, basically all my packages are sitting in the same post office they were collected in. Nothing has any movement. All I can do is hope they are being stored in dry conditions and my box isn't next to a package with expiring food.

RIP my Milky Planet and Vanilla-Chan JSK. I think I need to just forgot about them so the pain becomes less real.

>> No.10388058

Oof. All I have ordered are purses and one hat so it hurts less. There is always thorough dry cleaning I guess

>> No.10388087

shit taste desu

>> No.10388105

yesssssssss i love you anon. im so glad another girl feels this way
I did. i told him she doesn't talk to us only her boyfriend when we go out and doesn't seem to care about us and he agreed.
it pisses me off too when he says the things she does for her boyfriend are adorable and he never says that about the 100000000 things i do for him. not to be a bitter cunt or egomaniac but i try really hard to be the best gf and do as much as i can for him and he never gives me that validation.

>> No.10388108

My sleep schedule has gone to complete shit and I am close to being kicked out of uni if the don't bang it out for the retake period since i haven't been bothered to study once.

>> No.10388128

I love that lacy white Edwardian style blouses are trendy in mainstream fashion right now but all the ones I like are as expensive as new burando. I guess I’ll be patient and pray to the thriftstore gods for good deals in the future.

>> No.10388135

One of my normie friends texted me when F21 did a run of knockoff gunne style blouses a few years ago and I ran out and bought a bunch. They are perfect for casual days. Hopefully it will trickle down to cheaper stores and we will both get a shot soon

>> No.10388142

Have you tried asking him to stop comparing you to his friend’s girlfriend?
Communication goes a long way in relationships and if he gets mad at you for explaining that you and his friend’s girlfriend have no chemistry... just say you don’t want to go on double dates anymore, I guess. Him and his friend can hang out by themselves. No need to tote you two along.

>> No.10388151

>I’m actually really invested in some IRL social justice causes

Me too, I’m just glad I know how to be a normal person about it

Yeah and honestly that experience actually brought all of us a lot closer together and now those people are my best friends. There isn’t a day that goes by where I’m not grateful to have them in my life as cheesy as that may sound haha

>she used the "x is abusive/racist/whatever" to get everyone to drop some poor victim of hers every 6 months or so

That is exactly what my former friend would do too! Every time she was about to get exposed, she would try to flip on the victim.

At a certain point I started to gain some confidence to stand up to her. I didn’t even have the confidence to stand up for myself when she was being abusive, but I couldn’t keep watching her do this stuff to other people, so I started calling her out on her actions. The second I did that for the first time I swear I could see a switch flip in her. She was agreeing with everything I said, but her facial expression changed, her voice changed, and the way she normally spoke changed. She didn’t outwardly show anger, but I could see it in her eyes that I was dead to her from that moment on. Within a few months, she had spread a bunch of nasty rumors about me and literally went to every mutual friend of ours to try and convince them that they shouldn’t be friends with me. I’m just grateful that all my cosplay friends knew me well enough to find this shit suspicious and gave me the benefit of the doubt.

>> No.10388153

Wear it at home several times beforehand and walk around, climb stairs, sit down, etc. This will give you an idea of any potential wardrobe malfunctions. Other than that you’ll probably be fine, especially if you’re with at least one other person

>> No.10388154

>At a certain point I started to gain some confidence to stand up to her. I didn’t even have the confidence to stand up for myself when she was being abusive, but I couldn’t keep watching her do this stuff to other people, so I started calling her out on her actions. The second I did that for the first time I swear I could see a switch flip in her. She was agreeing with everything I said, but her facial expression changed, her voice changed, and the way she normally spoke changed. She didn’t outwardly show anger, but I could see it in her eyes that I was dead to her from that moment on. Within a few months, she had spread a bunch of nasty rumors about me and literally went to every mutual friend of ours to try and convince them that they shouldn’t be friends with me. I’m just grateful that all my cosplay friends knew me well enough to find this shit suspicious and gave me the benefit of the doubt.

There’s some very cult-y behavior in fandom and post-fandom spaces that uses vague social justice terms to mask their abusive tendencies. What you just described is exactly how it works. Often the things they complain about are moving goal posts that don’t make a hell of a lot of sense and don’t apply outside of fandom areas. The goal isn’t to make any real positive progress IRL but to use “social justice” as an excuse for bullying, harassment and anti social behaviors that get them online clout. You are really lucky you dropped her because that culture is a mindfuck

>> No.10388163

Yep and the moving goal posts are just a shit test to make sure people are keeping up with the cult. Like the ever-changing LGBTQIA2P acronyms and other politically correct language that changes monthly.

>> No.10388176

I will the next time he brings it up. I turn into a huge pussy when it comes to confrontation because bad childhood ofcourse. I dont know why he would even do it in the first place? I'm already struggling to be feminine and dainty bc natural tomboy and her being all 4"9 kneesocks and skirts uwu doesnt help

>> No.10388186

>get rid of toxic male in my life that only wanted me as a sex object with none of my feelings or an actual relationship

Isn't sex a good thing though, as well as emotional and romantic? I don't see how being a "sex object" is a bad thing or how it can mean he doesn't have feelings or care about yours. Are you asexual?

>> No.10388207

Shut up scrote, the adults are talking.

>> No.10388212

>Isn't sex a good thing
Guess how I know you have a penis.

>> No.10388216

Before I started coming to /cgl I was an uwu nice person and almost sjw-y but now I'm just so jaded and bitter. The very existence of itas and attention-seekers annoy me to high hell and now I'm just a judgy bitch.
What happened to that sweet girl I was two years ago who wanted to be kind and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt?

>> No.10388217

Is sex not a good thing to women though?

>> No.10388224

I understand wanting to change some for your partner, it's natural to make sure you look your best for the person you care for. And you should put in the effort to do so.

But if you're struggling to be a different person for this guy and he's attracted to an opposite personality, is it worth it?

>> No.10388233

he really loves me and i understand where he's coming from. i had my femininity repressed as a child and i do want to wear skirts and kneesocks. even though im 5"3 and skinny i still feel like a disgusting brute.
i appreciate your insight though and for replying to me. this is therapeutic in a way
i dont think hes attracted to her either. he seems disgusted and goes "thats my bros gf!" he's probably just a dumbass when it comes to ~fragile women~

>> No.10388236

Is being treated like a living fleshlight with no sense of humanity not a good thing?

>> No.10388237

thank fuck you wised up and stopped being naive.

>> No.10388246

If men as a whole would actually get us off we would probably hate the entire male sex just a bit less.

>> No.10388263

I mean Japan is one of the most organised and safe countries so it could be worse, your packages are in relatively good hands

>> No.10388268
File: 603 KB, 833x767, 1572348688884.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw a girl in my comm starts talking about r/femaledatingstrategy and spouting their incel/TERF rhetoric after going crazy in quarantine

>> No.10388271

Trannies are insufferable so good for her

>> No.10388272

You will kill yourself in 5 years and free your family from the burden, and I will rest easy. Tick tock.

>> No.10388273

You're right and this is the only thing that gives me hope. I respect Japan Post a lot and they know they'll be out some serious money if they lose or damage all these packages. Fingers crossed.

>> No.10388277

Raise that 41% statistic up to 100% bro

>> No.10388278

you're a bit nasty and jealous aren't you

>> No.10388279

Good for her

>> No.10388283

Kill yourself. Do it.

>> No.10388285

You are statistically more likely to commit suicide than the rest of the population.

>> No.10388286

"People who don't agree with me should kill themselves"
Very normal very cool

>> No.10388287

this broke my heart, anon. I really want to support you- do you have a instagram? Don't worry about it, anon. I think you should put your artwork back up. And you can always make more art

>> No.10388289

>y-you're a tranny if you disagree with me!
Low IQ, too. Just do yourself a favor and kill yourself. It never began for you.

Yes, they should. There's too many worthless people clogging up the world for me.

>> No.10388290

I will ruin this thread by male posting and there is nothing you can do about it.

>> No.10388299

It's definitely a safe assumption bro, and only you men are this unhinged lol

>> No.10388300

ewww i hope one of you guys can talk some sense into her

>> No.10388303

Uh, good?? There's nothing wrong with believing men should actually have to invest a proper amount of effort before receiving sex.

>> No.10388304

>Uh, good??
Kill yourself.

>> No.10388305

You first troon

>> No.10388308

The only real time he would acknowledge me was while I was doing sexual things.
Outside of sex, I was annoying and "clingy". It was manipulative and borderline abuse.
There's nothing wrong with sex or anything but that's all he used me for.
I'm not about to argue about the purpose and impact sex has on a relationship so maybe next time you should consider accepting that someone has labeled someone else as toxic for a reason and stop being such an idiot.

>> No.10388309

There's a healthy way to go about it.

>> No.10388310

We know you're a tranny because you're losing your mind and threatening death at people disagreeing with you.

>> No.10388313

Does sex have any purpose on a relationship?

>> No.10388318

Yeah, it's called making XYs work for it like the rest of the damn animal kingdom

>> No.10388320

Suit yourself, then. Die alone.

>> No.10388323

You people's sperging at each other has been working wonders for my confidence

>> No.10388327

Same. I can absolutely say that I'm a better person than 99% of this board.

>> No.10388340

I already made my Nigel work for it so I'm good bro

>> No.10388346

>the rest of the damn animal kingdom
that's not how that works, anon.

>> No.10388363

Male animals/insects dance like retards, bribe with food or pretty stones, risk getting eaten by female animals/insects or fight other males for the chance to procreate. It's exactly how it works anon. It would certainly be entertaining for me to watch men fight to the death for pussy.

>> No.10388364

It's a good thing I'm gay. Christ, imagine putting up with a meme gender that thinks like this.

>> No.10388366
File: 1.15 MB, 1108x1350, 1588886507304.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thats good to know, I'm typically pretty shy but this year I'm being a lot more open and experimental with a costume of mine, and I hope people like it. Thank you

>> No.10388372

> still have to go to work at a rough job
> money is okay but no hazard pay
> can't hang out with lolitas and people my age
> boyfriend lives in a different state
> phone broke completely and hard to get another one
> can't park in my own apartment complex due to dmv being closed and unable to register car have to park in the street a mile away

it's a rough thursday my friends

>> No.10388373

god you are literally retarded

>> No.10388374

started in /b/, saw a lot of.....questionable things, got into egl, now mostly browse here

>> No.10388375

you sound conceited.
Go get a gf or bf to give you the attention you seek and go study to become a better person.

>> No.10388376
File: 70 KB, 400x400, 1567993384532.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish I could wear all these outfits and costumes day to day, normal fashion is so boring how everyone follows the same trends and we can't have our own unique outfits without being judged or looked at strangely.

>> No.10388383

I go to Caltech so I'm smarter than everyone on this board, especially women

>> No.10388384


Care to share some proof?

>> No.10388385

That's nice, but I'll have you know that I watch Rick and Morty and find it hilarious. Checkmate atheist.

>> No.10388386


>> No.10388387

>I go to Caltech
so you're a kid.

>> No.10388389

Jfc stop responding to the incel

>> No.10388395

Yes, I'm 20, AKA the peak age for a male. Men are worthless after 25+. Neuroplasticity drops to zilch, all important components of fluid intelligence drop significantly, hairlines recede, weaker erections, wrinkles and cataracts develop, Etc.

Any man who posts on an imageboard past the age of 25 is a fucking loser who should off themselves.

>> No.10388398

i'm 6'3"ish
i couldn't be an incel even if I tried, but I haven't had sex for months thanks to the quarantine

>> No.10388410

Thirty years later he could not come to any other conclusion: women were indisputably better than men. They were gentler, more affectionate, more loving and more compassionate, they were rarely violent, selfish, cruel or self-centred. Moreover, they were more rational, more intelligent and more hardworking.
What on earth were men for? Michael wondered as he watched sunlight play across the closed curtains. In earlier times, when bears were more common, perhaps masculinity served a particular function, but for centuries now, men served no useful purpose. For the most part, they assuaged their boredom playing squash, which was a lesser evil; but from time to time they felt the need to change history - which expressed itself in leading a revolution or starting a war somewhere. Aside from the senseless suffering they caused, revolutions and war destroyed the achievements of the past, forcing societies to build again. Without the notion of continuous progress, human evolution took random, irregular and violent turns for which men (with their predilection for risk and danger, their repulsive egotism, their volatile nature and their violent tendencies) were directly to blame. A society of women would be immeasurably superior, tracing a slow, unwavering progression, with no U-turns and no chaotic insecurity, towards a general happiness.

>> No.10388412

every dumbass american lolita posing with pink flowering trees calling them kawaii sakura trees desu needs to be kicked in the arse. they are pink dogwood and you just look stupid.

>> No.10388419

this. we have some sakura trees but most of them are apple trees, pear trees, dogwood all sort of things.

>> No.10388420
File: 42 KB, 639x679, 96290493_10163520733300128_2616381999551610880_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I'm tall, young, AND smart
Wow. Panties are getting absolutely soaked. Get some fucking modesty and stop be a chad on a EGL post.

>> No.10388421

they can still be kawaii trees

>> No.10388424

i didn't give you permission to reply to me

>> No.10388426
File: 26 KB, 400x315, 277133f2fe2849db3664efa711c88cf5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good thing I don't need it.

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